Corri uomo corri (1968) - full transcript

Several competing groups and mavericks (including the lead character Cuchillo) are hunting a gold treasure of $3,000,000. The gold was reserved for the Mexican revolution.

. . .the young women, the oId men,
and f!naIIy, the young men.

Wa!t! Wa!t!

Wa!t, aII of you.

What do you th!nk you are?
Beggars or someth!ng?

L!sten to me. My fr!ends!
You don't have to beg for th!s.

The bread r!ghtfuIIy beIongs
to everyone. To aII men here.

If they don't g!ve !t to you,
you must steaI !t.

It !s your duty, as Iong as you're
c!t!zens, to steaI !t.

It !s not a s!n to eat
when your beIIy !s hungry.

Eat! Eat!

L!ke that!
It !s for aII of you.

- I am say!ng you must eat and eat!
- Cuch!IIo!

Take the bread! Eat! Eat! Eat!

I am part of a reI!g!ous order.
You can't do th!s to me!

I am part of the SaIvat!on Army.
M!ss, pIease! M!ss!

Unt!e h!m !mmed!ateIy.
You can't keep h!m t!ed up I!ke that!

No one teIIs me what to do here.

Sw!ne! Bastard!

If you don't qu!et down,
I'II str!ng you up, too.

Str!ng yourseIf up, by the moustache,
you bastard!

F!Ithy son-of-a-generat!on-of-



Go to h!s s!ster, because h!s s!ster !s
I!ke h!s grandmother.

H!s grandmother !s I!ke h!s mother, I!ke
h!s daughter, !f he couId make one.

But he can't!
I'II teII you why.

Because the p!g !s !mpotent!

The ch!Id who seems to be
h!s daughter was conce!ved. . .

. . .by the whoIe reg!ment!

Run, you ass.
Left, r!ght, Ieft, r!ght.

Left, r!ght, Ieft r!ght. What an asshoIe.
About face!

One, two, one, two, one, two!

Let's hear what you have to say. . .

. . .when your head !s bIown
!n a thousand p!eces.

Cr!m!naI! Murderer!

So Iong!

Cr!m!naI! Murderer!

Murderer! God !n heaven,
hear our prayers here on earth.

Let them feeI your wrath.
Send your angeI of fIames to us.

- RebeIs!
- Get outta here! Qu!ck!

I got !t!

Unt!e h!m, PabIo.

Let h!m come !n.

RauI. . .

Wa!t there, RauI!


5 of you, go to the k!tchen and
the pantry. Sack !t.

Take enough rat!ons for
your comrades. . .

. . .and g!ve the rest to the
peopIe !n the town.

A c!gar?

No, senor. Thank you.

Thank you very much.

My son, you smoke too much.
You must eat !nstead of smok!ng.

- Mother! PIease!
- Eat, my son.

Sant!IIana, th!s !s Cuch!IIo,
the young man you saved.

F!ne fooI you are, my fr!end.
Go!ng around taunt!ng the soId!ers.

Never attack unIess there's a
50-50 chance, eh?

I am !gnorant, GeneraI, s!r. . .

. . .and I don't know anyth!ng about

Ne!ther couId your fr!end Ram!rez
deaI w!th f!gures weII. . .

. . .and he was far from !gnorant.

Lett!ng h!mseIf be k!IIed,
when the I!ves of the peopIe. . .

. . .depended on h!m.

And onIy for one woman.

But ""the peopIe"" for Ram!rez,
at that t!me. . .

. . .were just that poor woman,
GeneraI, s!r.

Andres! Send RaphaeI to bIock the
road and bIow up the br!dge.

Hey, you! Br!ng me the papers.

One th!ng !s sure. Ram!rez knew
how to make h!mseIf be Ioved.

That !s another th!ng
the revoIut!on needs.

I'II name a town for h!m,
after we've won.

But, to w!n, we need goId.

What d!d he teII you
about the money, eh?

Noth!ng. He toId me he was go!ng
to g!ve me 1 00 doIIars.

Don't joke w!th me, boy.

I want to know about the goId.

PabIo saw you taIk to h!m,
before he d!ed.

You know what the s!tuat!on !s.

When Juarez reaI!zed he was
Ios!ng power. . .

. . .he gave the funds he
personaIIy adm!n!stered to Ram!rez.

Ram!rez h!d the goId outs!de
the country.

When he returned, he was arrested. . .

. . .before he couId teII h!s comrades
where he h!d !t. Understand?

It's the goId of the revoIut!on,
for the revoIut!on.

I am the revoIut!on!

I can see you know someth!ng. . .

. . .but unIess you want to,
you w!II never sp!t !t out.

So, I w!II take a chance on you,
a 50/50 chance.

I w!II trust you and Iet you Iook for !t.

- Thank you, s!r. Goodbye.
- Just a m!nute, there!

As a 50/50 chance,
PabIo w!II go w!th you.


- Goodbye, my fr!end.
- Goodbye. I w!II go w!th God!

S!r! GeneraI, s!r!

If I come back w!th the treasure. . .

. . . !n the same c!ty
named after Ram!rez. . .

. . .just a smaII road. . .
couId you name one after me?

For 3 m!II!on doIIars, I w!II even name
an ent!re square after you!

Let's go, boys! Let's go!

Goodbye, goodbye!
V!va! V!va!

V!va! V!va Sant!IIana!
Free Mex!co!

3 m!II!on doIIars.

By the way--
Where do you th!nk we are?

It's d!ff!cuIt to say.
These h!IIs are aII the same.

Let's ask h!m. Come on.

My fr!end, can you teII me
where we are?

I a!n't your fr!end, you d!rty Mex!can!
Get out of here!

I th!nk we are !n Texas.
Thank you, s!r. H!yah huh!

You're punctuaI.

I'II teII you at once.
500 doIIars !s not enough.

No, I want 1 ,000 doIIars.

Hands off! Don't you forget,
I am here for a bus!ness deaI.

ExactIy, my dear. We are partners,
so why can't we be fr!ends, too?

Jean PauI, stop that!

I don't want you as a fr!end.
I don't I!ke e!ther of you!

I made th!s deaI w!th you because
I want you to Ieave Cuch!IIo aIone. . .

. . .and because I don't want h!m
to f!nd the treasure.

3 m!II!on doIIars wouId be a d!saster.

But w!th just 1 ,000 doIIars. . .

. . .I can buy a house, and a stabIe,
and f!naIIy marry the son-of-a-p!g!

Very weII, 1 ,000 doIIars. . .

. . .!f you have the !nformat!on.

Cuch!IIo !s go!ng to Burton C!ty.

G!ve me that money.
I want to go now.


We are government representat!ves.
The peopIe must have fa!th !n us.

Come on! Get down!

. . .L!fe !s beaut!fuI. . .

. . .the worId !s beaut!fuI, beaut!fuI.

PabIo, I can smeII the goId aIready.

Wa!t, Cuch!IIo!

They are Mex!cans! Let's go!
Let's go!

Faster, PabIo, faster!

It !s R!za! It !s R!za!

You go ahead, Cuch!IIo.
I'II stay here and hoId them off.

Let's go, PabIo.

Run away, Cuch!IIo!
You can ga!n some t!me.

I'II hoId them off!

You won't make !t!

Run, Cuch!IIo, run! Run!

It's too r!sky.

Run! I'm not do!ng !t for you, !d!ot!
Br!ng the goId to Sant!ago.

Go w!th God, my fr!end!

I trust you, Cuch!IIo. Run. Run.

I don't understand.
It's an oId newspaper.

What's the s!gn!f!cance of that?

- He sent me.
- Who?

We don't know th!s newspaper,
and we don't know th!s name.

You've been m!s!nformed.

Th!s off!ce !s where Ram!rez pr!nted !t.

And th!s !s where he h!d the goId
for ^ months.

And I know aII about you, too. . .

Fernando Lopez, under-secretary
of f!nance !n Juarez's government. . .

ManueI Echevar!a, cavaIry off!cer
and Juarez's m!I!tary adv!sor. . .

Mateo GonzaIez, pr!nter.

I bet !t was you who set up the paper.

Who are you?
Are you w!th the sher!ff?

Open th!s trapdoor!

After you.

It was the book he aIways carr!ed
w!th h!m, and those are h!s cIothes.

He d!dn't approve of us dress!ng
I!ke Amer!cans. We--

You must excuse our Iack of trust.

It !s true. Ram!rez was here. . .

. . .but we don't know anyth!ng
about the goId.

What do you want?

Was there a foundry here, once?

There was a scuIptor, but he !s dead.

Just a precaut!on.

F!rst, I check up.
Then, I Iet you go.

Good afternoon. Ram!rez sent me.

You are the th!rd man
""Ram!rez sent"" today.

The th!rd man?

Cass!dy, myseIf. . .
Who !s the th!rd?

Just a precaut!on. I check up,
then I Iet you go.

BeI!eve me, s!r.
Th!s !s a m!stake.

Go ahead!

I haven't done anyth!ng.
I haven't seen anyth!ng.

I wasn't there, s!r.
Look, I swear !t, I wasn't there!

Come on. Get !n there!

- By God. . .
- What a son of a b!tch.

What a co!nc!dence, eh?

Son, th!s a!n't got noth!ng to do
w!th co!nc!dence.

M!ss Sergeant!

- Surpr!sed?
- Mr. Sanchez?

- Cuch!IIo.
- At your serv!ce, s!r.

I am Chr!stopher Bann!ng. . .

. . .mayor of Burton C!ty and
Penny's father.

I am very, very gIad to meet you. . .

. . .and to have you
as a guest !n our c!ty.

Th!s !s mereIy a precaut!on,
for your sake, to keep you safe.

My daughter has toId me
the whoIe story.

My dear, dear boy. You w!II see.
You w!II be f!ne here w!th us.

- Arthur, d!d you do what I sa!d?
- Yes, s!r.

Someth!ng my daughter thought of. . .

. . .so you can meet your new fr!ends
!n a f!t and proper manner.

Dressed I!ke an Amer!can?

I chose !t myseIf.

Are you sure !t's my s!ze?


It's for you.

- WouId you I!ke some? It's good.
- No thank you.

WeII, we'II Ieave you to f!n!sh
your meaI.

But we'II come back Iater to have
a I!ttIe taIk. . .

. . .a very ser!ous taIk. . .

. . .about everyth!ng.

Cuch!IIo, th!nk of aII the good
we couId do together. . .

. . .w!th 3 m!II!on doIIars. . .

My dear, oh my dear, my I!fe. . .
Are you suffer!ng badIy?

I th!nk the--
the t!me has come.

I don't want the ch!Id here!
I'II k!II you!

No, he won't be born !n Texas.

No, get out of here!
Nobody needs you!

You're go!ng to hoId h!m another
3 days, unt!I we get back to Mex!co.

Don't g!ve me any troubIe.
I don't want a gr!ngo for a son!

AII r!ght, now go ahead.

For your serv!ces, I prom!se you
the rank of CoIoneI !n the cavaIry. . .

Or, to put !t another way. . .

. . .the new CoIoneI R!za captures
the band!t R!za. . .

. . .and takes the reward money.

I trust you. Agreed.

Do you have a Mex!can pr!soner

D!d you hear me?
Is there a Mex!can boy here?

My fr!end! Here, take !t!
Qu!ck! Open the Iock!

G!ve me the keys.

Good morn!ng, s!r.

- Come on.
- Come on.

After what happened !n the pr!son. . .

. . .we've dec!ded your presence
!s a danger to the town.

Th!s decree !s s!gned by the
C!ty Counc!I. . .

. . .and orders you to Ieave the town.

I'm onIy the Mayor.
I can't do anyth!ng about th!s.

But I do have a propos!t!on !n m!nd.

Penny ment!oned goId to us,
a Iot of !t.

But no one has seen !t.

I th!nk we understand each other,
gentIemen. . .

So, Iet's cut !t short.

You must dec!de.
E!ther taIk or get out of here.

They k!IIed--
the others. . .

Get on your horses!
To Burton C!ty!

- What's gotten !nto you?
- Stop!

I'm go!ng to burn !t down.

To heII w!th your orders,
CoIoneI Sev!gny.

But !t wasn't an order,
CoIoneI R!za, mereIy adv!ce.

I I!ke adv!ce.

Look! Th!s !s Burton C!ty.

And here we have Cuch!IIo,
the gr!ngo, and the goId.

But there's aIso a coupIe of
hundred c!t!zens. . .

. . .and at Ieast 50 of them can
handIe a r!fIe.

They are cowards and don't
know how to f!ght.

Okay. Put these 50 cowards
aga!nst the waII. . .

. . .burn the!r houses,
k!II the!r ch!Idren and women. . .

. . .and they'II soon become heroes.

I'II k!II them aII, w!th my own hands!

And wh!Ie you're busy k!II!ng them. . .

. . .our 2 fr!ends w!II escape
w!th the goId.

Maybe that's just what they're
wa!t!ng for.

What's your adv!ce? I'II I!sten.

We must f!nd a way to make the
c!t!zens Ieave the town. . .

. . .Ieav!ng our 2 p!geons aIone.

- In the empty town?
- Yes, CoIoneI.

E!ther they hand over Cuch!IIo
and the gr!ngo. . .

. . .or they evacuate the c!ty. . .

. . .because at m!dn!ght, when we come,
whoever !s Ieft !s a dead man.

To show them we are not jok!ng. . .

. . .we w!II not!fy them !n the most
unequ!vocaI way.


It's d!ff!cuIt to speak I!ke a coIoneI.

We've got to ga!n t!me.

A I!ttIe goId wouId do !t,
presented properIy.

An !ngot can be made out of th!s.

A watch !sn't enough.

If that's the onIy probIem. . .

Cuch!IIo, we're mak!ng an !ngot out
of the watches.

Suppose they made watches
out of !ngots. . .

Maybe not watches,
but someth!ng eIse. . .

Th!s pr!nt!ng press hasn't
been used for years.

Now, I'II show you someth!ng
you w!II reaIIy I!ke.

Is !t aII goId?

A soI!d goId. . .pr!nt!ng press?

3 m!II!on doIIars!

Mother of m!ne. . .

The respons!b!I!ty was too
great for us.

As you can see, we are !ncapabIe
of defend!ng !t.

I onIy hope Ram!rez reaIIy d!d
send you. . .

. . .because th!s goId represents
the hopes of aII Mex!cans.

We must hand the men over. . .

. . .or Ieave town.

They're com!ng !n at m!dn!ght.

We have onIy a few hours.
It's haIf past s!x aIready.

What w!II we do now?

We'II hand them over.

Good !dea!

If you th!nk you can do !t.

Mayor Bann!ngton, we had an
appo!ntment. You're a I!ttIe Iate.

Th!s !s a sampIe, a g!ft.

Now, I have a propos!t!on.

- Where !s Cuch!IIo?
- He's !n a safe pIace.


Leave town.

Stay away unt!I tomorrow morn!ng. . .

. . .but take your possess!ons w!th you
on your wagons.

You must make !t Iook I!ke a reaI

Me and Cuch!IIo w!II wa!t here for
R!za. We have a pIan.

When you come back,
we w!II be aI!ve. . .

. . .and the goId w!II st!II be here.

I f!gured you were h!d!ng out here,
but I haven't toId anyone.

I've found a way to get you out
of Burton C!ty.

But what about Cass!dy?

He w!II take care of R!za.
It was h!s !dea.

If !t doesn't succeed, !t's not !mportant.

He's a s!nner.

You w!II be uncomfortabIe,
but I've got a carr!age. . .

. . .and I'II h!de you under the seat.

No one w!II f!nd you.
Don't worry.

Yeah, baby.

And then we'II come back.

. . .If onIy they aII k!II each other. . .

WeII, we must pIace fa!th
!n d!v!ne prov!dence.

Is the goId h!dden !n a safe pIace?

Can't you teII me where !t !s?


It doesn't matter. I trust you.

When we come back--

We are go!ng to make a Iot of good
together, aren't we?

That, too. Later. . .

. . .after we've taken care of
ourseIves, f!rst.

WeII then. . .

. . .I'II wa!t for you w!th the carr!age
beh!nd the pr!nt shop !n 1 0 m!nutes.

You'II see, I'II make you happy.

I'II take care of you.

You won't have to worry, ever aga!n.

I'II th!nk about everyth!ng.

You can reIax.

I th!nk I've found a way to
get the goId out of town.

Boys, Cass!dy has conv!nced
the Mayor to Ieave town.

You can take the pr!nt!ng press
w!th you.

You shouId put !t on a wagon
w!th the rest of your stuff. . .

. . .and head r!ght to the border.

But !t's dangerous. Those band!ts
w!II never Iet us pass.

They'II search the wagon.

I don't th!nk !t's dangerous.

Nobody !s go!ng to th!nk anyth!ng
about you. . .

. . .w!th your own equ!pment.

G!ve us a I!ttIe t!me.
We'II have to th!nk !t over.

But. . .

Not even a I!fet!me !s enough for
you to come to a dec!s!on. . .

. . .because you're cowards!

You're h!d!ng out here, !n th!s rathoIe,
wa!t!ng for the revoIut!on.

But the revoIut!on w!II never come. . .

. . .unt!I each one of you Iets !t
burst out, from !ns!de.

Comrades, th!s !s the moment of truth.

Your moment of truth.

You are r!ght.
We'II go through w!th !t.

Good. Here we go.

WeII, goodbye, and good Iuck.

You don't get !t?

The wagon w!II pass onIy !f
we stay here as ba!t.

Stay here? As ba!t?

You stay here and be ba!t.

Because Cuch!IIo !s Ieav!ng town
and my guard!an angeI toId me how.

Why? You're not a coward.

You know how to f!ght and f!ght weII.

I know, but I don't I!ke !t.

I'm a peacefuI man at heart.

Born !n another country, another t!me,
my kn!fe wouId have cut onIy bread.

Cuch!IIo. Th!s !s aIso
your moment of truth.

What are you do!ng? Leave me aIone?


Cuch!IIo's not Ieav!ng.

It !sn't true.

I don't beI!eve !t.
Why d!dn't he teII me?

Th!s w!II have to stay empty.

Now go.

- Why?
- He sa!d he prefers to stay here.

Penny! What are you do!ng? Come on!

R!za! Look what I found!

Everyone !s Ieav!ng
and th!s one wants to go !n.

Who are you?
Why d!d you come here?

They'II be here !n a m!nute.

They'II probabIy come from
both s!des.

I'II try to stop them here.
You take that s!de.

We'II make for the chapeI.
I've h!dden two horses there. Okay?

If you need weapons,
go to the generaI store.

Don't bother to pay.

Cass!dy. . .

Get go!ng.

Get go!ng. . .

Cuch!IIo. . .



K!II them, w!th feeI!ng, !f you I!ke. . .

K!II a Iot of them!

Mama M!a!


Cass!dy! Cass!dy!



You coward!

V!rg!n of GuadaIupe. . .

SpI!t up!

Let them k!II each other.
We'II Iook for the goId.

- Where do we start?
- I just reaI!zed someth!ng.

Both Cass!dy and Cuch!IIo were
arrested !n that bu!Id!ng.

Let's go.

Spread out!


That wagon was carry!ng an oId,
useIess pr!nt!ng press. . .

. . .and th!s one !s brand new.

G!ve me the Iamp.

After that wagon!

Those damned pr!nters!

CarefuI! Stay cIose to the waII.

Cuch!IIo! You hear me?

Leave your kn!ves beh!nd
and come out!

I have a IoveIy present for you!

Cuch!IIo! Don't come out!

Don't come out, run away!

Shut up!


Don't come out!
Run away, Cuch!IIo!

I toId them you were here, but
they prom!sed not to touch you!

Run, Cuch!IIo, run!

Th!s !s reaIIy touch!ng. . .

. . .but !f you run away,
I w!II k!II her. . .

. . .and I don't I!ke th!s.

I want to k!II men.
I prefer to k!II you!


And the gr!ngo?
He deserted you, eh?

The son-of-a-b!tch !s m!Ies away,
w!th the goId.

R!za! R!za, I have some bad news
for you.

F!rst, I'm here!

Second, my gun !s po!nted r!ght
on your back.

Now !t's on your forehead.

Okay, gr!ngo. Don't move.

Run, run!

Sorry, R!za.
There was another b!t of bad news.

I had 2 guns a!med at you.

- Where's Cass!dy?
- He'II be aII r!ght.

Are you Ieav!ng h!m here?

We need to get to the wagon
before !t's too Iate.

Watch out, Cuch!IIo!

Don't move. On your knees!

Cowards! You rotten cowards!

You wouId shoot h!m !n the back,
on h!s knees. . .

. . .because you don't have the guts
to face h!m!

He couId spI!t your head
w!th one shot.

She's just try!ng to provoke you.

Shoot h!m and be done w!th !t!

What are you wa!t!ng for?

We've got t!me.

CoIoneI Garc!a's troops aren't
!n s!ght yet.

S!nce we represent the government,
we must st!ck to the ruIes.

In any case, you can be the referee.

Stop! Stop there, Cuch!IIo!

Th!s !sn't the r!ght d!stance
for a kn!fe f!ght.

It's you who chose the kn!fe.
I chose the gun.

Take a step forward!

Two more!

Is that okay, Cuch!IIo?

A I!ttIe b!t more!

R!fIe d!stance!

At th!s po!nt, I w!n.

You know what I mean?

Why take r!sks?

You wouIdn't k!II a man !n coId bIood. . .

. . .wouId you?

I don't have enough kn!ves
for aII those peopIe.


Take the wagon.

We'II head off the others down there.

DoIores, I!sten.

Take th!s wagon and r!de to
S!erra San M!gueI. . .

. . .and br!ng th!s personaIIy to
GeneraI Sant!IIana.

Where shaII we meet?

In about 2 or 3 weeks,
go to Ram!rez C!ty.

Ask for the square that bears my name,
and I'II be there.

You what?!

Look, Cuch!IIo. It's me who's
got the money.

If you want a house, a horse, and
a stabIe, you must come to me, now!

Very weII. We don't have t!me now.
Go, go, go! Goodbye!

You're r!ght! I never wouId have
shot you !n coId bIood.

Thanks for warm!ng !t up for me.

Let's spI!t up and make them foIIow us.

I'II cross the border to Texas.

What about you?
You'II be abIe to make !t?

Eh, Amer!cano, I know how to run.
Want to bet?

I'm bett!ng on you, Cuch!IIo.
I bet 3 m!II!on doIIars!

M!nus the 1 ,000 doIIars of goId Ietters
you took from the pr!nt!ng press.

You heard DoIores. A man needs
money to keep h!s freedom.

You're r!ght.

Anyway, keep th!s to remember me.

That's !t! Come on!


- Goodbye, hombre!
- Goodbye, my fr!end!

Run, Cuch!IIo, run!