Coming Out (2014) - full transcript

Yo is a gay university student. He keeps his sexuality a secret. Yo has feelings for Noboru who hangs out within his group. The only place Yo can be himself is at the bar "Bb."

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Wait a moment.



It's good to be together, right?



You guys did well this time.

It's the same as last year.

Much better quality.

You're right.
We got a lot of cute girls this year.

Well, you can see it like that.

"You can see it like that"?
Fool! They must be popular.

So tell me.
Which girl's your type?

Let's see, my type is...

Asuka-chan, I think.

Yeah, Asuka-chan is cheerful and cute.

And you, Yo?

That's tough.

What's tough about it?

Your girlfriend wouldn't like it?

No, it's not that.

Maybe that girl who's with Asuka-chan.

Oh, that's Miho-chan.

She's in Asuka-chan's class.

They're just like you two.

I like that girl in the back.

The one with short hair.


[ Student Hall ]

It's great having cute girls join us.

Can't you be a little more discreet?

Why can't I tell them how cute they are?

I got to know Asuka-chan the other day.


- Hi.
- Hello.

Why are you here?

I'll treat you for dinner,
so let me copy your notes.

Sure, no problem.

You copy too much.

No, it's only this subject.

You must correct this habit.

You still haven't returned the notes I lent you last time, have you?

I'll give them back next time, don't worry.

You will return them?

Of course.

Yo-senpai, can you tell me what your girlfriend is like?

Why that all of a sudden?
Besides, how do you know?

Did you guys tell her?

It's not a secret after all.

We're just jealous.

Do you have a picture?

No, I don't.

Eh? That's a lie.

Yeah, she's right.
I also haven't seen her yet.


I have to go to work.

Then I'll leave with you.

- See you, guys.
- See you.


Oh, Miho-chan, hello!

Are you leaving already?

- Going to work.
- See you.

Bye then.

See you.

They're really close, aren't they?


Doesn't that mean you have a rival now?

No, she isn't my rival.

She is your rival!

You better watch out or she'll take Noboru-kun from you soon.

Oh, Kaori.

Damned old bastard.

Making fun of women.

You're quite upset, aren't you?
What happened?

Are you having your days?

Oops, I guess you don't get them anymore, right?


Give Tsuyoshi a tequila.
A double one.


You must be kidding.

About what? She wants to treat you.
Contribute a little to the sales.

Drink it in one gulp.

I'm home.

Oh, Yo is back.

Hi, Yo-kun. Welcome home.

Akira-san, good evening.

I'm back.

Welcome home.

I'm back.


Were you out drinking again?

Yeah, with the guys from my circle.

Must be nice to be a student
who can drink on a Monday.

Bring your girlfriend along next time.

A girl from college?

I don't know.

He doesn't tell us much.

So what?
Isn't it my business?

Akira, make yourself at home.

Eh? What's this stuff doing here?

I got it from an information session.

It was handed out on an information session, right?

What is this?


Hi, everyone.

Hi, there.

Miho, what are you doing with that?

Senpai gave it to me.

We'll eat it later, okay?

No, this isn't for eating!

It's alright.


Because you made fun of Miho,

you have to treat us for drinks today.

Will you?

This is great!

What's going on?

Noboru-senpai, thank's for the treat.

Thank's for the treat.

Thank's for the treat.


Can this be true?!

I have to work tonight!

Too bad, isn't it?

Did you see that?

Okay, let's drink.



That's good.

So, do you two have a boyfriend?

I broke up about a month ago.

That's recent. Why?

Well, how should I put it?

I needed a change.
And I guess it was just time.

And you, Miho-chan?

Lately, I also had none.

For how long?

It's been about a year.

Then, I guess the only one who's happy is Yo-kun.

Enough of this topic.

Thanks for the treat.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Shall we go?

You two go to the station, right?
Let's go together.

What about you, Yo-san?

I'm staying over at Noboru's place.

How nice!

Noboru-san, don't get any strange ideas please.

Are you stupid!

Let's go.

Yo, you can use the bathroom now.

- What's the matter?
- Well,

could it be you gained a little weight?

You think so?

Asuka-chan says she wants to go drinking again.

That's good.

You like her, don't you?

Well, yeah.

I'll take a shower, okay?

Come on.

What's wrong?


it's the new girl who joined us.

You mean the girl Noboru-kun is interested in?

What's with her?

Lately, Noboru is showing serious interest in her.

Do you think Noboru-kun could be bisexual?

No, that's...

Sorry, excuse me for a moment.


I'm fine.

Wait a second.

I'm sorry.
Excuse me for a moment.

Is that okay?

I let him take calls from his mother.

His father died when he was still a kid.

I've never heard him talk like a man.

I said, "I'm fine".

I eat properly.

You should take care of yourself too, okay?

He hasn't told his mother yet, right?

Because she'd be upset.

That's right.

But I think he's also afraid that she won't accept him as the person he is.

However, I guess he'll do it.

You said Tsuyoshi's blog helped you, right?

A lot of the people who read his blog are still in the closet.

If he thinks his own coming out to his mom can
encourage others to do the same,

he'll consider it.

I see.

It seems he'll tell her when he visits her next month.

Yeah, next month, okay?

I'm looking forward to it.


Well then, good night.


Oh. Yo-chan.

Coming back from college?

Somehow it looks like the logo of the bar.

You've noticed, didn't you?


He's a regular of us.


I'm Akama Yo.

He designed the logo of our bar.

Atsushi is a tattoo artist.

Wow, that's impressive.

I've never seen tattoos up close.

Did you do it yourself?

He used to scare me at first too.

But he's a nice guy.

Really impressive.

He's working on a new logo for the bar.

I'm anxious to see it.

Well, Atsushi, see you again.

Show up at the bar again, okay?


Are you going to tell?

Tell what?

To your mother.

I see.

Next month, when I go home because of my father's death day.

Good luck.


He said she had an accident.

Why exactly at this timing?

Is it your girlfriend?

No, it's Noboru.

He missed the lecture again today.

Somehow, the two of you are like lovers, right?

What are you saying.

I'm jealous.

Me too.

Noboru, listen.
You're slacking off too much recently.

Yeah. Sorry, sorry.

Speaking of that...

What's up?

You know,

I'll drop out of college.

Yo, say,

can you see yourself in the future?

What's wrong suddenly?

My dad quit his job last month.

He was an executive of a pretty big corporation.

But the other day he said this to me.

Don't lose sight of yourself.

You only live once.

That's why you'll quit college?

To be honest, I don't really know for what I'm studying economics.

Is there anything else you want to do?

Don't laugh.

I want to become an actor.

I'm going to America to study acting.


I've communed with my heart.

Well, I don't know if I'll make it or not,

but I think if I don't try, the possibility is zero.

I don't want to have regrets.

You'll really drop out?


I'll stay till winter since I've paid the tuition.

But I'll focus on English.

I see.

Something I want to do?

[ Homosexual Jobs ]

[ Homosexual Happiness ]

[ Coming out ]

When will Tsuyoshi come back?

I told him he could decide on the timing by himself.

Are you okay?

That stuff is quite strong.

Noboru told me

he's gonna drop out.


He wants to become an actor.

He's going to America to study acting.

Oh, dear.

I tried to think about my own future.

But there's nothing I really want to do.

Work is not the only happiness.

I know that.

There are also things like marriage,

or family.

But nothing I can imagine for me.

At least you're thoroughly thinking about it.

I've also looked up coming out.

But I'm too scared.

That's one step forward.

Japan is still behind when
it comes to gay issues.

We'd rather not deal with them.

But nowadays it's much better than in the past, isn't it?

In Holland, they teach even kids about homosexuality.

Is that true?

But in Japan, we only mention heterosexuality at schools.

That's true!

The textbooks say

when you reach puberty, you pay attention to the opposite sex.

Whereas I was interested in the boys only.

Do you see those nice older gentlemen over there?

They're all our regular customers.

They all have families,
are married to women,

and have kids.

There are many married gays with families.


They love their wives and kids,

and they say they're happy.

I see.

Life goes by quickly.

You can't wait forever to do it.

But there's no need to rush as long as you're honest with yourself.

[ Minorities in Society ]
[ 2nd Lecture on LGBT ]

Today's topic is LGBT.

Some of you may not have heard of LGBT.

Does anyone here know anything about LGBT?

It's an acronym.

What does it stand for?

I think it stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Transgender.


This is a private subject so just
answer if you feel comfortable.

Do you know anyone close to you who's LGBT?

Or maybe you know someone from your school time?

Or do you possibly think
you might be one yourself?

Is someone like that present?

Do you know anyone?


- You?
- No, no, no, no.

You will have heard the metaphor of the world as a village of 100 people.

If the world was a village of 100 people,

11 of them would be homosexual.

However, some of them were bisexual, I guess.

Statistically, 2 - 10 percent of the people are homosexual.

That means in every class one person is homosexual, right?

Eh, it's so common?


But most of those people hide that fact.

Why do you think?

Are you sure about this?

Because people think it's gross.

Is that how you feel about them?

If it's two pretty women, it's okay for me.

But to be true, two men gives me the creeps.

No way.

Then let's begin.

Today's lecture was about sexual minorities.

Like homos and perverts?

Well, something like that.

Do you have an idea how many people are like this?

If you ask me how many...

Speaking of it, in my middle school times
there was a guy who got bullied for being a homo.

Hi, everyone.

Oh, here they are.
Our own ambiguous guys.


These girls learned about homos today.

Is that what you think of us?

What's wrong?

Actually, since a long time,

I love you.

Stop it!
You're giving me the creeps!

Come on, don't be so stiff.

Don't call them creepy.

I have nothing against them.

It's not their fault.

They can't help it.

Speaking of it,
are you guys free this weekend?

Why do you ask?

When you hear summer...


Yes! Beach!

Yes, that's correct!

Will you take us to the beach?

But it's only June.

We have to do a pilot survey!

I'll get the car.

I wanna go!

Yo-senpai, you'll also come with us, right?

But, there's one condition.

We have to wear swimsuits?

That's gross.

It's still too cold.

Oh no!

Oh, Yo.

Sayuri-san had a baby.

Time just flies.

I can't wait for our turn.

Mom, don't put such a pressure on us.

Wouldn't it be nice?

[ Letters about Coming Out ]

[ Noboru-senpai and Asuka-chan went home together today. ]
[ Suspicious~ ]
[ Miho ]

Seems Kanai isn't coming.


An Alfa Romeo?

Is this your car?

Alfa... Romeo?

It's an Italian car.

That's why you wanted to take us out.

Isn't this a MiTo?

Oh, you know a lot about cars.

Somehow this car makes even Kanai-senpai look cool, doesn't it?

This isn't like him, right?

Can I take a photo?

Feels great, huh?

It's still too early for the crowds.


You know, I...

I'm going out with Asuka-chan.

That's great, isn't it?

Thank you.

Did you tell her?


About your plans regarding America?

I see.

Speaking of it, Yo, what do you think about Miho?

What do you mean?

I think Miho-chan has cast an eye on you.


Please come both here to us!

We're coming now!

Let's go.

I'm going to the toilet first.


What's with Kanai-san?
He could have taken us home, couldn't he?


Then, we're going this way.

Okay. See you.

- Bye.
- Good night.

I'll walk you to the station.

- Thank you.
- Let's go.

Asuka and Noboru-san make a good couple, don't they?

That's true.

How is it going with your girlfriend lately?


this girlfriend is rather a boyfriend.

Actually, I'm gay.

No, it was a joke. A joke.

Don't shock me like that!

For a short moment I thought it was true.

It's going well with her.

I see.

Miho-chan, is there someone you're interested in?

At present, there isn't anyone special.

I see.

You can't be serious.

What do you see in this Peter Pan?

Don't be jealous please.

I'm not jealous at all.


Hey, there.

Yo, is it alright that she snatched Noboru from you?

Senpai, being in love isn't the only happiness.

Shut up!

You're the only one who loves me.

You two make a nice couple.

I want a girlfriend, too!


It was tough, huh?

I caused you trouble.

Come back when you're ready, okay?

Why was I born in Japan?

What happened?

I had my coming out.

Since I lost my dad when I was little,

people around me used to give me advice.

A neighboring lady said

I should find a wife as wonderful as my mom.

Then I would become happy.

Well, I should have ignored what she said.

But I was emotionally stressed.

Other people also kept asking if I had a girlfriend

and why I wasn't married yet.

Nothing but questions like that.

In the end, I just didn't care anymore.

So I told her.

And then,

guess what that woman said.

Don't talk nonsense.

You'll make your mother sad.


Things got worse from there

when the story spread in town.

They all wanted to have no business with me anymore.

The right time I was waiting for never came.

I wish I had told Mom before she died.

I wonder if it had made her sad.


I won't have regrets anymore.

Bring your girlfriend along next time.

Yo-senpai, what's your girlfriend like?

I think Miho-chan has cast an eye on you.

That's not true.

Stop it!
You're giving me the creeps!

It's not their fault.

They can't help it.

I should have told Mom before she died.

I don't want to have regrets.

When I think about my future,

homosexuality is always a part of it.

Will they accept me?

I must accept it myself first.

Haven't I always wanted
to come out one day?

I know they'll think I'm gross.

But I only live once.

Once I come out, I can't take it back.

I'll put a burden on my family for life.

They may end up blaming themselves.

But I want to trust in them.

I think I should give it a little more time.

But I can't wait forever.

Only I can make it happen.


It's not

something that serious.


I'm gay.

What do you think about homosexuality?




Get up already!

What about school?

Today's lecture got cancelled, so it's alright.

I see.

Then I'll go shopping now.


[ Sis, will you work long tonight? ]
[ Can we meet for dinner? ]

- Hi.
- Hi.

Seems they're gone for dinner tonight.


That's unusual.

What's wrong?


do you think Keiko really has the intention to marry Akira?

Probably she has.

She dropped such a hint.

I see.

What is it?

Don't you like Akira-san?

No, it's not that.

It will become lonely, right?

But, I want to see my grandchildren soon.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

What's up so suddenly?

Well, I wonder if you're going to get married soon.


We're not at this point yet.

I see.

However, I think eventually we'll do it.

But not in the near future.

I see.

What about you?

You have a girlfriend after all.


Could you leave for a moment?

Then, I'll go to the toilet.

Go ahead.

Hello, Akira-san?

Today, I've gone for a drink with Yo.




Actually, I'm gay.

Actually, I'm...

Got it.


- It was Akira-san.
- I see.

What did he say?

Nothing really important.

Lovey-dovey talk, huh?

Don't make fun of us.

So, what's with you?


I don't have a girlfriend.


What's the matter?

You know, I...

I'm gay.

Is that so?

Mom and Dad, do they know about it?


you're the first.

I see.


It's my treat tonight.
Drink as much as you like.


Well, we drank a lot, huh?

Thanks for the treat.

We've never done this before.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

I think you don't have to worry about Mom,
but Dad's got a hard head.

You have to get your timing right.


Thank you for telling me.

If there's anything, you can talk to me anytime.


It's the first time I think you're a nice woman.

That's rude, isn't it?

I'm quite popular, you know?

Sis, can you go home without me?


Oh, Tsuyoshi!


Long time no see.

Sorry I made you worry.

Are you okay?

Yes, I'm feeling much better now.

Thank you.

Give me your special.

That's unusual, isn't it?

Did something good happen?


Don't get any ideas, okay?


I told it to my sister.



That's good, isn't it?

To Noboru-kun and your parents, too?

I think I'll tell Noboru,

but I'm not ready for my parents yet.

But I will tell them eventually.

What are you worrying!

Take your time.

You can decide it by yourself.

Miho, what a face are you making?

No, it's nothing.

Oh, thanks.

It's unusual for you to skip class.

Somehow I couldn't get up.

I see.

She stayed over last night.


Speaking of it, introduce your girlfriend to me already.

Tomorrow is a long day so we should get some sleep.

I'll turn out the light, okay?


Good night.

Good night.


Are you awake?

Can I talk to you for a moment?

What's up?


What is it?

What's the matter?




For real?

I see.

Sorry that I didn't tell you.

Why do you apologize?

Are you shocked?

Well, yeah.

I thought so.


Don't make an assault on me.

Don't be silly!

Thanks for the meal.

Are you coming home late today?

No, at the usual time.

What's wrong?


are you happy?

What's gotten into you?

Nothing really.

Yes, I'm happy.

I see.

Have a nice day.

I'm leaving.

You only live once.

The right time I was waiting for never came.

Okay, I got it.

My regards to Akira-san.


It was Keiko.

She'll stay at Akira-san's place tonight.

I see.

Yo has never brought his girlfriend home.

That's right.

Aren't you

curious what type of girl he likes?

Not really.

I'm home.

There he is.
Welcome home.

- I'm back.
- Welcome home.

Were you playing around with your girlfriend?

No, you're wrong.

Bring her along next time.

I said you're wrong.

Yo, say, will you miss your sister when she gets married?

Sis is getting married?

It's not decided yet.

So why do you ask?

By the way, the son of the people next door...


Do you have a moment?

What's the matter?


and Mom too,

I have to tell you something.

What is it?

What's wrong?

Sis already knows it.

Knows what?


I'm gay.



Did you say you're gay?

When you say "gay",

do you mean like those entertainers on TV shows?


TV conveys a slightly misleading image.

Are you saying

you like men?

Of course not, dear.

You must be kidding.

After all, you have a girlfriend.

I'm sorry.
That was a lie.

You're still a kid.

You don't know much about yourself yet.

He's right.

You'll get over it soon.

What do you mean by "get over it"?

I'll always be like this.

Is it my fault?


It's not like that.

I'm sorry.

Let's decide it by "Rock, Paper, Scissors".

And the one who wins three times...

The one who wins three times...

Let's go over it again.


The loser has to buy juice, okay?

- Okay.
- Ready? Rock, paper, scissors!

I made my mother cry.

I see.

Do you regret it?

Coming out.

It's too early to tell for me yet.

They're important persons to you.

So you will have thoroughly reflected on it.

Yeah... I did.

From here it starts, right?

Someone told me

there are things in our life we can't change.

We have to learn to cope with them.

Life is full of hardships anyway.

We have to learn this before it's too late.

We're lucky that we found out early in life.

You're right.

We must look forward.

[ Association of the Families and Friends of LGBT ]

Yo, are you awake?

Can I come in for a moment?

As for the other day,

I'm sorry for crying like that.


I'm also sorry for telling you so suddenly.


is not an option for you, right?

You mean with a woman?

Of course with a woman!

Probably not, I think.

I see.


I won't have grandkids, right?

There's still Sis!

That's right, but

I wanted to see your kids too.


Read it if you like.

[ Three months later ]

Now that I'm about to leave, I feel sad.

What's that?
It was your own decision.

That's true.
But can't you say it nicer?

What is it?

I'm in love.


With you.


Thanks for that.

Are you going to tell the others?

When I think the timing is right.

I see.

It will turn out all right.



a new life is starting now, right?


Find yourself a good man, okay?

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