Come True (2020) - full transcript

A teenage runaway takes part in a sleep study that becomes a nightmarish descent into the depths of her mind and a frightening examination of the power of dreams.

Yeah, I...

I can ask my mom when
she gets back on Thursday.

I wouldn't ask my dad,
'cause he'll just say "no"

and give some stupid
arbitrary reason why.

You're sure it's okay, though?

Yeah, of course.

What are you gonna
do tonight, though?


Fuck yourselves!

Such a weirdo.


- Hey.
- You okay?

I'm gonna grab a coffee.
You want anything?

Yeah, I'll have another.

Come on in.

Have you ever had
any difficulty getting to sleep

or staying asleep?

Uh, lately. Yes.


Do you drink coffee, tea,

or any other
caffeinated beverages?

And if so,
how many per day?


Usually I'll have about
three to six cups a day.


Have you ever been diagnosed
with any sleeping disorders?

Uh, sleepwalking?
Night terrors? Insomnia?


Not officially.

I used to sleepwalk as a kid,
but I haven't in years.


And you'll be okay to attend
for the full two-month period?

- Yes.
- Perfect.


So, we really just
show up and sleep?

That's it.

Well, uh, we'll have you
hooked up to a bunch of stuff

and ask you a few questions
every morning.

But other than that...

we just need you
lying there in REM.


Uh, Rapid Eye Movement.

It's the stage of sleep
where we dream the most vividly.

Well, thanks for
coming down, Sarah.

I'll send your application
over to our head of faculty

and we'll likely
contact you tomorrow

if you're chosen to be
a part of the study.

When would
we be starting?

Uh, Monday.

I hope to see you then.

Okay, bye.


You okay?

I'm good.



'Cause, you know, it would
be okay if you weren't.

I know.

You have no idea
how good this feels.

Just to be in a bed and...

in a house.

Thank you.


Sweet dreams.

Can't believe it took me
this long to figure out

how to make money
when sleeping.

I'm sure your wife
is more than happy

with the peace and quiet.

- Well, I know I am.

Um, are, uh...

are you the only girl
in this study?

Uh, no, there's
another in my room. Emily.

Oh, cool.

Is this your first
sleeping clinic?


You guys?


I've done a couple.

Oh, hey.

What about you?

I've, uh...

I've been coming to these
things since I was five.

Aaron and I
actually go way back.

I was 16 when I
first started coming here.

I guess ol' Meyer
loves to see us sleep.


Doctor Meyer.
He's, uh...

He's head of the department.
You guys will meet him later.

He, uh, usually does
the exit interviews.

Perfect fit.

Come, sit down and we'll
get your headset on.

Everyone has to wear these?

I'm afraid so.

It's how we get
the information from you

over to us
in the control room.


Excuse me?

Hi, sorry, um...

Michael told me to
come down this way.

Yeah, hi, Emily.

You're in the right place,
don't worry.

You can just have a seat and
I'll be with you in one second.

Thank you.

- Hi.
- Hey.

How many of us
are in the study?

Uh, six.
Two females and four males.

How come there's more guys?

I can't tell you that.

Well, what are you studying?

I can't tell you that either.

I told you to hurry.

Well, Riff had me
installing the new drivers.

It's okay.
You can watch me do Emily's,

and then I'll get you to help
apply the guys' next door.

- Cool.
- Okay.

- Hi.
- Hey.

I'll get Sarah
up and running

so you can start
with Emily now.

Great. Thank you.

- I'll be right back.
- Okay.

You're almost set.

How long till
we're ready to go?

I'd say
about another hour

before everyone's
connected and settled.


Stage one,

the eyes close.

A reduction in activity
between wakefulness.

The patient can be awakened
without difficulty,

but if woken at this stage,

the person will not feel
as if they have slept.

Many have
a feeling of falling

during the first five
to ten minutes of sleep,

which can cause a sudden
muscle contraction called...?

Hypnic myoclonia?

Very good, Lyle.

Now, watch the EEG and the EOG.

Some of them are
entering stage two.

We'll now see
some peaks and valleys

indicating periods
of muscle tone

and muscle relaxation.

The SYNC will also show us
a slowing of the heart rate

and a decrease
in core temperature.

Their bodies are preparing
them for deep sleep.

three and four...

Slow wave...


Wake them now,
and for a moment,

they'll have no idea
where they are.

Now we wait.

In a bit, we'll start
seeing some entry into REM.

It's like clockwork.

Yes. Well, for most
people it is.

Are we ready?



Whose feed is that?

That's in A.
Sarah Dunn.

And... do you
feel well rested?

Yeah, I do actually.

Uh, more rested
or less rested

than you usually feel
when sleeping at home?

Definitely more rested.

That's great.

Now just a few more questions

and then we'll be
done for today.


That good, huh?

I read that
in one sitting.


Couldn't put it down.

It's really good.


There's a...

a kind of...

a haunting sadness to it.

You should definitely buy it.

Have you read much
Philip K. Dick?

No, not... not much.

He was
completely paranoid.

Genius concepts, though.

His stuff will make you think.


I'll give him a try.

You won't be sorry.

You have to
get me a job there

because I'm practically
a professional sleeper!

If I got paid to sleep,
I can't even imagine...

Wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait.


I'm trying
to avoid that guy.

- Who?
- The...

Up there in the trench coat
and the glasses.

I met him in
a bookstore earlier.

I just...

I just don't feel like being
social, okay? Come on.


You like him.

Shut up!

Okay, lie down.

All set.

Um, Anita will be by in a bit.

Is Emily coming tonight?

Uh, she's probably
just running late.

Or dropped out.

It happens all the time
on these things.

Goodnight, Sarah.


And... this one?



So, you have no reaction
to this image, correct?



To be honest, I can't really
tell what any of these are.

Yes, we know.

Bear with us.

I still don't really see or...

or feel anything.


I mean... some hands,
maybe, holding something?

Is Emily still in the study?

Probably not.

Is something wrong?


People usually lose interest
after the first couple nights.

You know, realize they don't
like sleeping in a strange place

or whatever, but...

we'll have a replacement
in Room A as soon as we can.

So you... you...
you talked to her, right?


But this happens all the time.

There are no-shows
in every cycle. It's just part...


I'm sorry, but we have
four more of these to do

until I get to
go home and sleep.

Okay, Sarah.
Last one for today.


Sarah, are you...?

Get Riff!

Is she okay?

She seems to be now.


I wasn't following you.


Then how come I kept
seeing you everywhere?


You were sitting there...

watching me sleep.

And you just thought,

"Since I don't ever
leave my nerd den,

"this is probably my best chance
to meet the future Mrs. Nerd,

"so if I just
follow her around,

"maybe she'll fall for my
magical fucking nerd charms!"

Please don't quit our study
on account of my actions.

I'm not quitting
because of you.

I'm quitting because I just
had the worst panic attack

of my life and none of you
people will tell me why.

Okay, Sarah.

Last one for today.


Sarah, are you...?

Get Riff!

And what did you
think would happen

when you showed
these images to her?


Dr. MEYER: This isn't
a joke, Anita.

This is the first time
anyone has ever done this.

And we have to be more than
careful about how it's handled.

We'll either be
hailed or crucified

based on our treatment
of this breakthrough.

We never...

There's no more
unauthorized testing, Anita.

I don't care what Riff says.

We just wanted to see
if they remember.

Well, it's obvious
that they do.


let's go back to acting
like scientists again, okay?

Now, that means
collecting the data

and then studying it
within the bounds of decency.

We won't deviate
from your methods again.

Thank you.

I'll be by later tonight
to monitor.




Young lady!
Wake up! Wake up!

I didn't want to wake you,
but those boys,

they stole something from you.


The boys, they took
something from you,

and then they ran off,
so I woke you.

How long was I...


Oh, no, no, no...

Zoe? Zoe!

Please be home.
Please be home.

Zo, come on!

Zoe, come on, please.

Hey, nerd!


What were those pictures
Anita showed me this morning?

I can't tell you that.

I'm not coming back
till you do.

So, you're not quitting?

I won't quit or tell anyone
you were stalking me...

If... if...?

If you tell me
what you're studying.

- It's not happening.
- Please.

I'm starting to
get scared, okay?

Ever since this morning, it's...

I have never felt so weird.

But if I show you, it...

it could completely
compromise the results...

No, listen to me.

I think your science project
is fucking me up!

If I leave, doesn't that
compromise your results?

All right, come on.

Come on!

I'm not kidding.

If I show this to you...

you cannot tell anyone.

First off...

you'll notice that I'm
putting this on my own head...

so that you'll trust me
that there's nothing

to be afraid of.

Now, a few years ago,
some brilliant neuroscientist

from Berkeley figured out
a way to decode the images

our minds process...

um, what we see...

and export the data... a moving image.

No way.

That is so cool.

It is!

And... and I immediately thought
about where we could apply it.

So I spent the last few years
tweaking this loaner

to make it able to see
things even more amazing.

You guys are
watching our dreams?


I can't show you yours,

as we've already seen
what potentially happens

when even a single frame
is recounted by the dreamer.

I think I can safely cue up
a feed of someone else's

from last night.

Those are his dreams?

No, he's still falling asleep.


These are hypnagogic

It's his brain trying to
make sense of the reduced input

it's receiving as he
loses consciousness.

That is so weird.

And fascinating.

Look at the pictures
and the shapes

left floating around
in his mind.

It's actually quite beautiful.

If I remember correctly, I...

I think he had a pretty
scary dream off the top.

I might have to cut it short.

Are my dreams that messed up?


We all have nightmares.

This is nuts.

Don't you ever feel like
you're seeing something

that you're not supposed to?

I... I wouldn't be doing this if
I didn't have a reason, Sarah.

Which is?

Uh, we... we have to go.

Come on.

I held up my end...

See you inside.

That's new.

It is.

Let's clean it up a bit.

How is this happening?

They all have their own
unique hypnagogic

and narrative episodes,
but eventually...

they end up here like this.

I've been seeing these
things in my own dreams

since I was six years old.

There's countless records
throughout history,

across varying cultures
and yet for some reason

we always figure out a way
to simply discount them as...

just dreams.

It's fucking scary

finding what really
makes us tick.

Lyle, can you grab this in 4K?

- Dunn's coming out of REM.
- Fuck!

Her pulse is
really fucking elevated.



Sarah, are you okay?

Fuck this place!
No, I'm not okay!

Look, you
just had a nightmare.

I know
I had a nightmare!

What was it about, Anita?

Did you see them?

Yeah, I know what you're doing
so you can shut the fuck up!

I'm fucking done with this!

I'll be right back.
Keep watching the others!


Your eye.

What is going on, Riff?!

- Nothing.
- Meyer's coming in at 2!

What do I tell him?!

Keep monitoring the others!
I'll be back before then!


Is Zoe here tonight?

Might be.
I just got here.

Can I go in and check?

- He has two minutes.
- Yep.

Then he's gonna explain to us
how she knew.

Yes. He is.

I think one of
the guys in C is waking up.

It's Will.

They're both waking up.


Look at the room...

Their vitals.

It's happening.

Lyle, get Riff.
Right now!

What's going on?

Where's Riff again?

He had to run home
for something,

but he should
be back any minute.

Well, I just
don't want him to miss this.

This is exactly what
he's been waiting for.

Is she okay?

I feel bad about having
them go through this.

Must be horrible.

It is.

But this is a natural function.

And if we're going
to understand it,

we need this data.

These images...

they prove a kind of a primal
connection to this icon.

A unified fear of
this shadow with eyes.

Their vitals
aren't changing.

Discreetly get in there
and re-connect their SYNCS.

Should we wake them?


No fuckin' way.



Michael, what is it?

Wake up!

Wake up!
Wake up!

You gotta wake up!
You gotta wake up!



Um, I'll be right back.

Oh, weird question.

Can I sleep on
your couch tonight?

Of course.

I lost my phone.

And I have nowhere else to go.

Why "Riff"?

You ever see
the Rocky Horror?

Of course.

You remember Riff-Raff?


I get it.
You're Meyer's Igor.

You know,
you're smart for your age.

I'm 18.

I saw your dream.


Oh, Sarah...

Are there any relatives,
next-of-kin we can contact?

I don't know.
I don't know her very well.




Where is everyone?

On the second floor,
I... I...

I have a friend that's
being treated up there

and I don't know
where she is now.

There's no nurses
at the front desk.

What's your friend's name?

Sarah Dunn.

- Sarah...
- Dunn.

Sarah... Dunn.

She's in 237.

No, she's not.

She's... that's what I'm
telling you, she's not there!

Sir, please calm down.

We will find out
where she is.

Let me call a nurse
on the second...

But there's
no one up there!

I'm tell...
I'm telling you.

Jerry, can you run up
to the second and

find Rachel or Kiki for me?

This gentleman's looking
for a patient's whereabouts.

I told you there's
no one up there.

probably had to move her

due to tonight's
staffing shortage.

Um, why don't you take
a seat over by the desk

and I'll give you a call
when we have her new location.

Okay, thanks.
I just...

I'm... I'm just...
I'm worried about her.


It's me, Jeremy!




It's me, Jeremy.

Wake up.

Wake up.


Where the fuck
have you been?!

Look, I can't explain right now.
Are you at the lab?

Yes! I'm here
and I'm cleaning up your mess.

I... I really
need you right now.

No! No! You have
fucked up all of our lives!

We'll be lucky if we
ever do another study...

I know, I'm sorry,
it's just...

something's happened
to Sarah Dunn and I...

I just really need
you to come out...

What did you do?

I really fucked up.

Just one more thing
and we're done.

Anita, please.

Then we're done.

- What the fuck, Riff?!
- Where's the stuff?

The trunk.

Why don't we take
her back to the hospital?

she's not safe there.

They have no clue
what's happening to her.

No more than we do.

It's up.

It's a nightmare.

It's... it's good.
It can help us get her out.

You keep watching her.
I'll make sure that she's safe.

So, we try to wake her at
the height of her nightmare?


The body tries to
reject death in dreams.

You wake up.

What if you're wrong?

I don't know.


Nothing yet.

Look, how much further should
we really let her continue...

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

This isn't
making any sense.

I thought she was headed
somewhere familiar, or...

I see something.

I've never seen or
dreamt of this many before.

When one of them comes
close or touches her,

she'll expel herself
from the dream.

Riff, I don't want
to do this anymore.

Let's call a cab, okay?
Let's get out of here, leave!

just keep watching.


Hey, I'm right here.
I'm here.

What happened?

I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

We couldn't wake you...

We couldn't wake you.

You saw?

- You saw?
- Yes.

I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.

Are you certain this
is the way that we came in?

Where did you get this?

I found it
out in the field.

This is my phone.

You lost it out here?

I've never been here!

Look, maybe you've had
an episode like this before

and you came and you dropped...

What time is it?

What the fuck?

What time
does it say it is?



Just keep breathing.


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