Colorado Territory (1949) - full transcript

Outlaw Wes McQueen is sprung from jail to help pull one last railroad job. He doesn't like his new partners - except dance-hall girl Colorado - and anyway fancies Julie Ann newly arrived from the east to set up home with her father. Maybe time to get out. Unfortunately he also has a $10,000 reward on his head, dead or alive.

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Yes, madam?

I'd like to see
my nephew, please,

Wesley McQueen.

Sorry, no visitors.
Governor's orders.

But this is his birthday.

I baked him a cake.

I've come all the way from
Kansas just to see him.

His, uh, uncle Pluthner
sent him the prayer book.

I knitted him the socks.

We'll see that
he gets them, madam.

I wanted to tell Wesley
about his folks

and about the farm.

And, oh, about his horse.

The one he used to ride
when he was a little boy.

You tell him his uncle Pluthner
has broken him to a buggy now.

And he takes
good care of him.

Yes, ma'am. We'll tell him
about his horse.

Thank you, thank you.

It's a white horse.

A white horse.

Tell him we pray
for him to be set free.

He's innocent, you know.

Just a mischievous boy.

He never really done
anybody any wrong.

Never done anybody any wrong.

Only held up four banks.

And the Missouri
and Pacific Railroad. Twice.

Like she says, mischievous.

Hank, cut into that cake.

Nothing in it.

Eat a piece.

Mm, not bad.

Try a piece.

No, thanks.
It might be poisoned.

Here, take the big innocent
rattlesnake his goodies.

Happy birthday, McQueen.

Some presents
from your aunt.

Don't you want to hear
what she had to say?

I'm listening.

She said to tell
you that the white horse

you used to ride
when you was a kid

is now pulling
your uncle Pluthner's buggy.

See you off to Leavenworth
in the morning.

McQueen is not gonna
like getting up this early.

Well, he can catch
up on his sleep

on the way to Leavenworth.

Sound the alarm.
Get a posse together fast.

Where the heck
did he get this?

On the end of this,
I imagine.

But how'd he get that?

On the end of this.

But how did he get that...?

Don't tell me. I know.

And the dear old lady
knitted them herself.

You Pluthner?
That's right.

Pinkerton man, ain't you?

I used to be,
but I resigned.

The old man must think
a lot of you.

Since when's he been hooking
up with gumshoes?

Don't worry, I'm all right.

I handle things
for him at this end.

He's out
in the Colorado Territory.

Oh, here's your route
and some money.

He wants to see you
as quick as you can get there.

I owe him that.

You owe him
more than that.

Cost him a pile of cash
to bust you out.

He's got a big job
set up for you.

- A chance to get rich.
- I've been rich.

When I couldn't get
a breath of fresh air

or feel the ground
under my feet.

Yeah? Well, don't get any ideas
you're through with us.

You wouldn't last long
cut off from the herd, McQueen.

They'll brand you clean
to the bone.

- Hello, mister.
- Howdy.

Who lives here now?

The Martins.

Used to be the McQueen's place.

You heard of Wes McQueen?

Pa says they're fixing
to hang him over in Missouri.

Who's your pa?

Our name's Turner.

Tommy Turner?

How's your sister?


She's gone.


Look at that, Julie Ann.

You can see all the way
into the middle of next week.

It's a new world we're going
into, that's what it is.

The start of a new life.

Saying it won't make it so, Pa.

Great day in the morning!

Well, sir, you had quite
a snooze, didn't you?

My name is Winslow.
Fred Winslow.

This is my daughter,
Julie Ann.

Your name, sir?

Uh, Rogers.

Chet Rogers.

You new to this country,
Mr. Rogers?

It's a promised land, sir,
that's what it is.

My father used to say,

"The sun travels west
and so does opportunity."

My daughter and I, we've left
the past behind us.

Yes, sir, we, uh, had a little
farm back in Georgia.

But then, uh, soil was beat out,
crops poor, prices bad.

So we sold out everything
we had, lock, stock and barrel.

That is, everything except
our household goods.

And we freighted
them out ahead of us.

They're waiting for us now
at Medicine Hat.

Mr. Rogers isn't interested
in our personal history, Pa.


My daughter's still
a wee might homesick, sir.

But she'll be all right

once she sees the place
waiting for us out here.

I used to live on a farm.

That right?

My people were farmers.

I've been thinking I might get
a place out here myself.

Wait till you see
our place, sir.

We bought it from
some agents back in Georgia.

Plenty of fine water.

Best soil in the Territory,

corral for 50 horses.

Five hundred head
of the finest,

slickest cattle you ever laid
your eyes on.

Now, what more can a man ask?

Hey, wait a minute.

Get down.
Get down on the floor.

Get down, honey.
Get down like the man says.

Please, Lord, carry your sinful
children safely

through the journey and take us
across the river Jordan.

Lord, give that young man
strength and guidance.

And, please, Lord, forgive me
for praying with my hat on.


Oh, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!

One hour for dinner.
One hour for dinner.

Where's Charlie and Bill?

They had an accident.

Most stupendous thing you
saw in your life.

Six hold-up men,
and this gentleman

took them on single-handed
and saved us.

The guard got most of them

before they got him
and the driver.

- Did they get the money box?
- Safe and sound. Right up there.

Hey, Marshal, mister you can
tell them what happened.

Marshal got a tip this outlaw,

Wes McQueen, is headed
for the Territory.

Marshal, the stage was held up.

Charlie and Bill were killed.

Here's the gentleman
who brought it in.

Meet, uh... What'd you say
your name was?

Chet Rogers.

You was on the stage?

On it? Mister, he saved it.

He took on six bandits
single-handed. Six!

And he killed 'em all.

I thought
the Day of Judgment had come.

I... Look at that.

Look at that bullet hole.

If that stagecoach had bounced
up instead of down,

that hole would have been
right through my head.


The guard got three of them.
I got two.

The other one got away.

Can you describe him?

Oh, big fella.

About 6'4", I'd say.

Long hair.

Too bad you missed him.

That sounds like Wes McQueen.

You'd have been $5000 richer.

Looks like I had
an expensive morning.

Where'd he jump you?

About 8 miles back,
right after we left the canyon.

Come on.

I wanna thank you, Mr. Rogers,
for what you did.

You're a brave man.

And if ever you find yourself
up around our way,

The Rancho Del Sol,

we'd be mighty glad
to see you.

Wouldn't we, Julie Ann?

You'll be most welcome.

Goodbye, sir.

Goodbye, sir.

Mister, the way I figure it,

you got quite a reward
coming from Wells Fargo.

Just leave your name and address

and our superintendant'll
get in touch with you.

Thanks, but I'll settle
for a good horse and saddle.

You got 'em, mister.



What do they call
this place?

You're in the Canyon of Death,

- What's that up there?
- That?

That's the City of the Moon.

Leastways, that's what
the Injuns call it.

A dead city hanging in space.

How far to Todos Santos?

Oh, that's way north of here.

Sits in the mountains.

Over the top of that ridge.

You ain't headed
for there, are you?

Why not?

I'll tell you
about Todos Santos, mister.

Strictly the back end
of nothing.

The Spaniards moved in first.

Injuns come along
and massacred 'em.

Then the pox come along
and took care of the Injuns.

Left nothing but scorpions
and Gila monsters.

Then an earthquake come along
and took care of them.

Ain't nobody gone
there since, mister.

Less'n some rattlesnake maybe
got himself lost.

Well, I ain't lost.

Who are you?

I'll do the asking.

That's McQueen, all right.

It sure fits the old man's
picture of him.

Glad you got here, McQueen.

We're in old Dave's
setup with you.

I'm Duke Harris.

This is Reno Blake.

Where's the old man?

He stays in Potrero.

How far is that?

About 60 miles.

What do you think
of the hideout?

Looks all right.

It is all right.
I picked it.

Reno's an expert
on hideouts.

Who's boss here?

A debatable issue.

Do you mean physically
or intellectually?

I'll talk to you.

The great Wes McQueen.

Just a big Kansas jay.

Reno and I are quartered
in that broken-down hacienda.

The girl has a room upstairs.

Anything else with a roof on it?

Well, we reserved
the old Indian kiva for you

if you're not bothered
by ghosts.

The tribal council chamber,
Mr. McQueen.

Gathering place
of the medicine men,

the seats of the mighty.

No longer occupied.

You talk kind of fancy.

Only philosophizing,
Mr. McQueen,

on my favorite subject: Doom.

When it's got you marked,
you're already dead.

What's the girl doing here?

You don't have
to worry about her.

- Why not?
- She's stupid, McQueen.

She thinks loyalty a virtue.

Reno met her
in an El Paso dance hall.

There was a bit of shooting.

He cleared out to save his hide
and he took her with him.

For some obscure reason
she's grateful.

Where do you two fit
in with the old man?

A large payroll
is the bond that unites us.

It travels by the Denver
Rio Grande up to Potrero.

A Mr. Wallace,
the railroad conductor,

will tell us the next date
of shipment.

So the details of execution
are in your hands.

Is Wallace in touch
with the old man?

He'll be up to talk
to you on his day off.

I'll do my own
talking to the old man.

That's all.

I take it
I'm dismissed.

And get that girl
out of here.

There are two of you
and one of her, savvy?

To be accurate,
Mr. McQueen,

there are now three
of us and one of her.

Yes, sir.

Pickings must be awful
easy back in Kansas,

a big jay like McQueen
can get a reputation.

I didn't see you
tangling with him.

What're you looking for,
a punch in the nose?

Well, what'd the big noise
have to say?

Very little.

Colorado, you can start packing.

What's eating you?

McQueen's orders.

This is to be a bachelor club
from now on.

Why, that overgrown jailbird.

He's not boss around here
any more than I am.

- He can't come in...
- Keep it up, Reno.

You may talk yourself into
winning this argument yet.

You getting tired
of living, Duke?

Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!

Instead of fighting
with each other,

why don't you go over
and tangle with him?


Trouble is we might
need him for this job.

A rather obvious point.

Well, give my regards
to the girls in El Paso.

I ain't there yet.

I'd like to talk
to you, Mr. McQueen.

Help yourself.

Duke tells me
I have to pull out.

That's right.

What if I tell you
I don't want to go?

I'm telling you,
you do.

But I don't wanna
go back to El Paso.

Why not?

I've been there.

Look, I don't care
where you go.

I don't want you
around here, see?

Maybe you think
I know too much.

Maybe you're afraid
I'll talk.


Well, if I was you, I'd do
my worrying about Wallace.

The conductor?

He's the gabby one.

Besides, there's nobody
up here to talk to.

I should think this is where
you'd want me to be.

Look, I ain't so worried
about you,

it's those two sage rats
you're tied up with.

Next thing you know, they'll be
throwing lead over you.

I can handle them.

You're pretty sure
of yourself.

That's right.

Can I stay?

You in love
with this fella Reno?


Then what's
the big attraction?

I like it here.

Look, I'm not hiding out,
if that's what you're thinking.

You ought to understand.

You don't wanna go back to jail.

Well, I don't wanna go back
to the dance hall.

That's right.
I didn't like jail,

but I did something about it.

I busted out.

Maybe that's what I'm doing.

All right, we'll give it
a couple of days,

see how it works out.

Thanks, Mr. McQueen. Thanks.

Don't worry about your horse.

I'll feed him and water him.

What happened between
you and McQueen?

Why'd he let you stay?

Maybe he likes the way
she combs her hair.

Yeah, maybe he does.

She never piled a plate
like that for you, Reno.

Leave that there.

If he wants to eat,
he can come in and get it.

You want more?


Get it.

You're losing
your grip, Reno.

She's looking for trouble.

So are you.

Want some breakfast?

Oh, I was wondering
about that.

We don't serve fancy,
but it's hot.

I was trying
to figure you out last night.

Didn't keep you awake,
did it?

Nothing keeps me awake,
Miss, uh...

By the way,
what is your name?


Colorado Carson.

Colorado. You born
in these mountains?

My mother.

She was part Pueblo.

I guess she was homesick
when she named me.

And your old man?

Boss cowhand down
on the Pecos country.

Grew up there.

Pretty tough place for a kid.

It was all right
as long as Pa was living.

After that, it was either
the Comanches

or the cowpokes.

I don't know which was worse.

You know, "Let's go
look at the moon."

That was on clear nights.

Rainy weather it was,
"Let's go inside the barn

and pitch a little hay."

You probably play
that game yourself.


After Ma died, I headed
out for San Antone.

Got myself a job
in a Wild West show,

shooting glass balls
with a rifle.

Riding broncs.

Broke my leg twice.

Looks pretty straight to me.

Straight enough to get myself
a job dancing the honky tonk.

Then the owner decided
I ought to sing.

That's when
the shooting started.

Next stop, El Paso.

Anything else you wanna know?

No. I think I understand.

Just so you get
one thing straight.

It wasn't Reno brought me here.

Maybe it's these mountains.

Maybe there's more of my mother
in me than I thought.

That's the train conductor.

Well, if it isn't old Denver
and Rio Grande himself.

Yeah, and it's too bad they
don't run a train up here,

because I'm no horseman.

And after that long ride...

Ooh. I'm gonna stick
to railroading.

Sit down and rest yourself.

Long haul back to Aztec
and no short cuts.

On your way home don't run
into any mountain goats.

They're liable to bite you.

McQueen, this is our
contact man, Homer Wallace.

Well, it sure is a pleasure,
Mr. McQueen.

Do you mind if I call you Wes?

What's your play, Wallace?

Huh? Oh.

Well, uh, I... I unlocked
the baggage car for you.

Well, you got a gun on me,
of course, what can I do?

I can't do nothing
except act scared...

You are scared,
ain't you?

Huh? Huh? W-who me?

Well, to tell you
the truth, Mr. McQueen,

I never threw in on anything
like this before.

I'm a respectable man.

Well, you can ask anybody
in the town of Aztec.

That's the junction.

Yeah, I live there,
me and my wife.

Well, everybody knows me.

I'm a family man
and a lodge man and...

Gabby old buck, isn't he?

You've seen the old man?

Uh, I... I saw him
just yesterday.

He wants to have
a talk with you.

I wanna have a talk
with him too.

Well, he's waiting for you.

Here, uh... Here's his address
in Potrero.

He wants you to ride
the train in

and kind of size things up
on the way.

I'm sizing things up right now.


Reminds me of a little hoist
we'd planned in West Kansas

about five, six years ago.

One fellow was smooth, slippery.

The other was green and gabby.

The third was just plain mean

from the top of his head
to his boot heels.

Next thing we knew there was
a boxcar of soldiers

coupled onto that train.

Too bad we never knew which one
sent word to the soldiers.

Been better for the other two
if we had.

Their monuments are right
outside of Barksville, Kansas.

Prettiest little bone orchard
you ever see.

Little stone angels
watching over them.

Well, I, uh, guess
I better be going.

Take care of yourselves.

You too.

You sure scared
the pants off him.

I'll ride that train
into Potrero tomorrow.

Hello, Mr. Rogers.

Evening, Miss Julie Ann.

This Indian woman is looking
for water for her sheep.

Yeah, don't seem
to be much water hereabouts.

Then you've seen our ranch.

Rancho Del Sol,
a new life, adventure.

Opportunity travels
with the sun, remember?

I kind of thought your Pa
was expecting too much.

Where's the 500
head of cattle?

Five hundred?
Less than a dozen.

Walking around
like dead things.

Pa sent them ranging
to find water.

Barely enough here
for the horses.

He packed off before sunup
to try digging a new well.

Your Pa's got
a lot of gizzard.

You're lucky
to be his daughter.

I guess he's lucky too.

I try hard.

Well, Mr. Rogers.

Doggone, if I ain't, whoa,
glad to see you.

You're sure a sight
for sore eyes.

How you getting along?

Well, you... You can see
for yourself, sir.

I'm just a hunk of bait
thrown to the sharks.

The, uh, land sharks,
that is.

And I sure got gobbled up.

In me you will see a shorn lamb,

with nothing left to offer you
but his bleat,

but you're welcome to that.

You got stung,
all right.

Yeah. My boy,
never buy a foot of land

more than 5 miles
from home.

And not then till
you've seen it,

felt it, tasted it
and smelt it.

At that, you might
get bamboozled.

I wish we could
go right back home.

Julie Ann, we can't
go right back home.

You know that.

Not a red cent left, Mr. Rogers.

No brains, just chasing
a pot of gold.

You expect to dig
a well with those tools?

With them things, I couldn't
dig a hole in a swamp.

But then a man's gotta
use the tools

he can lay his hands on.

Yeah, don't worry,
Mr. Winslow, you'll make out.

Yeah, Julie Ann,
Chet's staying for supper.

Oh, no, I'm just on my way
to the railroad.

I can't stay.

I got a little business
in Potrero.

Well, let it wait.
Take tomorrow's train.

We'd be pleased if you'd stay.

- Yeah.
- I'll get supper.

Julie Ann's
a mighty fine cook too.

Did you ever think you'd like
to travel a long way off?

As far and as high as the moon?

Stay there for good and ever.

Forget all about
things down here?

There's been plenty of times

I wanted to get away
from where I was.

That far away?

Yeah, that far.

You never talk about yourself.

I don't know anything
about you at all.

There's nothing to tell.

Like you said: Wanting to get
far off from what you been.

This is far off.

I thought we were getting
a fine house, good land.

I thought maybe in a year or so
I could take a trip back home.

Maybe ride the train this time.

With fresh money
in your purse.

How did you know?

I had the same idea myself once.

Might work out yet, Julie Ann.

How fast can this thing go?

I can push her to 25 miles.

Man, that's sure rolling along.

Mister, what are you
doing in there?

Looking for a place to sit down.

Ain't there any seats
on this train?

Plenty of them up
in the passenger coach.


That rube'll
get his pockets picked

before he gets
to the junction.

Board! Aboard!

What's the fare to Potrero?

Uh, $1.80.

What's the next stop?

Well, there's a flag station
at Pine Flats.

Look, if you wanna know...

That's all.

The old man inside?

Yes, in there. He's sick.

Wes McQueen,
you old buffalo.

That call sure took me
back a long way.

Glad to see you, Dave.
You're looking good.

You're a liar.
I know what I look like.

What's wrong with you?


Can't eat, can't sleep.

Doc says I'm paying
for past sins.

Have a drink, Wes.

You supposed to have that stuff?

Oh, why not?

All gotta die sometime.

Me, you, the whole
cockeyed world.

Doesn't make much difference
what kills us.

How about the job I got set up?

Looks good, huh?

Dave, the reason
I came here

was to thank you
for busting me out.

Oh, forget it.

Sorry I couldn't have
got you out sooner.

You like the deal
you're gonna pull?

The deal's all right, Dave,

but it's me, I...
All the time I put in down there

got me to thinking.

About what, Wes?

I'm through with the game, Dave.

I'm quitting.

I wish I was a young buck.

I'd do the job myself.

I can't hardly get out
of this blasted chair.

I'd like to pull
it for you, Dave,

but I've been figuring
on settling down.

Getting a farm someplace.

You ride this one,
you can buy 20 farms.

Aw, don't let me down, Wes.

I'm just about clean.

Spent a lot of money
this last six months.

Busting me out, huh?

Oh, you'd do the same for me.

But I counted on this.

Set me up for life.

Well, I guess one more
won't hurt.

Aw, sure it wouldn't, Wes.

You'll pitch in,
won't you?

I'll ride with you, Dave.

Sure scared the liver out of me.

You meant what you said
about being broke?

There's the kitty, Wes.

Two thousand dollars.

Take any part you want.

I'll take half.

You can have it back
out of my end.

All right.

A thousand for you
and a thousand for me.

Thanks, Dave.

I'll head straight here
with the swag.

Anything happens to me,
you know where to find the wife

back in Joplin.

See she gets my cut.

You'll be all right.

Nothing's gonna happen to you,
you old coonhound.

Sort of making you
my executor, ain't I?

Well, I wouldn't want to leave
it up to Reno or Duke.

What rat hole did you raid
to find that pair?

Friends of Pluthner.

He'd sell you out
for a nickel cigar.

Oh, no,
you're wrong there, Wes.

Once a gum boots,
always a gum boots.

Now, don't you worry
about Pluthner.

He's the one hombre
we can count on.

You both got it straight?

We need McQueen
for the heist.

Keep him fat for it.

Soon as it's through,
so is he.

Well, even Reno
can understand that.

I been saving one
for that big jay.

I'll let him have it
right on schedule.

Hm, not from the front.

But not from too far back.

If you miss, McQueen don't serve
no second helpings.

I won't miss.

I'll drink to that.

You show up at Rickard's
house with the haul,

we make it
a three-way divvy.

What about Rickard?

What about him?

He can't reach for a gun
or stand on his legs.

Come in, come in.

Well, hello, Chet.
I'm glad to see you.

It sure was nice
of you to drop back.

- Give me your hat.
- No, I can't stay a minute.

I got a long ride before dark.

Well, have you had
something to eat?

- Yeah, sure.
- Hello, Chet.

I brought you something.

What is it?

Go ahead, open it.

Oh, Chet, you shouldn't be
spending your money that way,

to bring us presents.

We... We...


Look at her, boy.
Look at her.

You put the light
of life into her face.

Oh, it's beautiful.

I hope it fits.

We'll soon find out.

I'll only be a minute.

Now, sit down, Chet.
Sit down.

That dress sure must have
cost a heap of money.

I got lucky in Potrero.

Fell onto a poker game.

Here's $900.

More than you'll need
for well digging.

Nine hundred...

No, I... No, it's...

I don't know what to say.

No, it's no use.

I... I can't take it, Chet.

Why not?

Because I know why
you brought it.

It's on account of Julie Ann.

I know, I know,

but it's all on account
of her.

You see, there's a little matter
that you don't know about.

About Julie Ann?


I got to be honest
with you, boy.

There's a fella back home,
name of Randolph.

Randolph sells the bell cows
back there.

Martha's in love with him,
is that it?


I meant Julie Ann.

Well, I don't know.
She still writes to him.

They figure
on getting married?

No. Randolphs don't marry
with river bottom folks.

You got to live it
to understand it, boy.

That's why you brought
her out here.

You can't blame her, boy.

She's not bad,
she's just...

Just young, that's all.

She sure did want to live up
in that Randolph mansion,

way up there on the bluff.

You know, a girl gets
crazy ideas sometimes.

Anyway, I... I sure thank you
for the offer.

I'm not giving the money to her.

I'm giving it to you.

You like her, don't you?

Why don't you tell her so?

Maybe you could get that
Randolph fella out of her head.

She likes you too.
Yes, she does.

Well, look at her, look at her.

She's as cute as a bug's ear.

It fits perfect.


Thank you.

Oh, I'll unsaddle your horse.

You're gonna stay
to supper, aren't you?

No, no. I... I can't stay.

I'll be coming back, though.

We'd always be glad
to see you, Chet.

Remember you said I never talked
much about myself?

Good reason why.

I got another life to get
done with, once and for all.

It won't take but a few days.

Then I'll be back.

We'll be here, Chet.

Thank you, Julie Ann.

Goodbye, Mr. Winslow.

Goodbye, son, goodbye.

You will come again
right soon, won't you?

Remember what I said that day
back in the stagecoach?

The Promised Land, I said.
And I was right too.

You won't find a man
like Chet Rogers back home.

Is that you, Wes?

What's going on?

What happened?


He went crazy.

Got to drinking with Duke.

You know how Duke is.

He likes to hurt people.

Took it out on me.

Well, I couldn't stand it
no longer.

I threw a bottle at him.


Reno wasn't any help.

He said I'd been
looking for trouble

ever since you came here.

I thought you said
you could handle them.

They went crazy,
I tell you.

Reno hit me,
then waded in on Duke.

I ran over here
and locked myself in.

Where are they now?

Out by the church somewhere.

Reno didn't have
his gun on.

Duke did.

Reno had to take
to the dark.

Duke is hunting him out
like a rabbit.

You stay here.

Let them alone, Wes.
Let them kill each other.

Come on out, Reno.

Come on, move.

Who do you think
you're bulling around?

Move, I said.

Colorado, come here.

You two had fun
mussing her up, huh?

Self-defense, McQueen.

You slapped her around.

She had it coming to her.

You stinking rats.

Here, work them over.

Oh, what's the use?

You don't get off that easy.

Don't, Wes. It don't matter.

Now, wait a minute, McQueen.

We gotta start pulling together.

The heist comes off Friday.

Who told you?

Some crony of the old man's.

All right. Turn in.

I'll give you the layout
in the morning.

Get out of line again,
I'll kill both of you.

Get your bed roll
and bring it in here tonight.

Where'd they get the bottle?

Pluthner brought it.


That's what they called him.

He's the big scissor-bill

that brought the message
about the payroll.

You know him?

Yeah. I know him.




Wait. Don't go.

Don't go.

Where d'you go?

I'm getting out
of Todos Santos.

Come on back here.

Who's Martha?


You was dreaming
out loud.

Must have been.

Are you in love with her?

We was gonna get married.

What stopped you?

She's dead.

It wouldn't have done
no good.

What do you mean?

Marrying her wouldn't
have helped none.

You bust
out of jails maybe,

or mud holes like I was in,

but you can't
bust out of what you are.

You can if you're set on it.

Can you?

Me. Hm.

I was born under a chuck wagon.

Never got much higher.

Anything was a step up.

Even getting hit by Reno
was all velvet.

He won't do that again.

He had a right to.

He knew Duke was right when
he said it was you I wanted.

Hold me, Wes.

Hold me.

It won't work.

I've got plans.

There's no room
in them for you.

Not for the long pull.

Maybe there won't be
no long pull.

Maybe it all ends
Friday on that train.


Yeah, that's where it ends.

Everybody takes
his own road after that.

Reno. Duke. Rickard.

You and me.

We're all through then.

There's the railroad.

There's a good stand of trees

at Pine Flats
you can hide out in

until I signal you
to board the train.

Colorado, if we make this haul,
you're in on it.


There's a small bridge
at Luckman's Pass.

You wait there
with the extra horses.

That gives you just about four
minutes to get that safe open.

It'll be open.

I only hope those train guards

give us an argument.

If there's anything I hate,
it's railroaders.

Don't be getting a trigger itch.

I don't want any funerals
on this picnic.

Did, uh, Pluthner
have anything else to say?


You forgot to mention him,
didn't you?

You know, the bird that brought
you that whiskey yesterday.


Was that his name?

I just knew he was a friend
of the old man's.

Nice, private hideout
you picked.

Ain't supposed to be
anybody around here.


I'm glad to see this old bell
has a small voice after all.

A sky pilot, uh?

I am Brother Tomas.

Year in and year out,

I travel the trail
of the missions,

keeping the chapels in order.

Stopping often to ring the poor,
old broken bell of Todos Santos.

Not that it can be heard
very far.

Well, that's good.

The ways of the Lord
are strange and wondrous.

In the... In the foundry at Aztec
there is a bell cast of bronze.

Its tone is clear,
its call will carry far.

Ha! For 10 years
it has lain there.

Aztec's not far away.

It is not a matter of distance,
child, but of money.

When we receive enough offerings

to pay for it,

then it will hang high
and sound its call.

Perhaps, then,
the Indians will come back.

We will even rebuild
the mission of Todos Santos.

Oh. Thanks be to the travelers
who dropped this offering here.

Nothing is too small.

I didn't know it was there.

I'm quite sure you didn't.

Nothing is too small.

Time to be riding.

Good luck, Wes.

Do you travel far?

Far enough.

May God be with you.

Vaya con Dios.

Mrs. Wallace?


Is your husband at home?

No, he's down at the train,
about ready to take her out.

Oh, I guess I'm too late for
that job I was hoping to get.

What job?

Guarding the payroll shipment.

I figured they might
need some more guards.

They ain't short.

The marshal himself's
riding the train.

Homer had four of his deputies
in for poker last night.

He think that's enough?

More than enough,
if you ask me.

The hold-upper they're expecting
is only priced at 10,000.

I told Homer he'd be sorry

he took them other
fellers in on it.

Just makes less for him.

You're right, ma'am,
you're right.

Don't forget, Marshal,
I'm the one that tipped you off.

The big end of the reward
money's mine.

You'll get it.

All right. Get aboard.

Board! Board!

There's a flag stop
at Pine Flats.

Maybe he'll get on there.

Maybe Pine Flats.


Good heavens above.

One more double shuffle,
you're dead meat.

Call those two guards
out here.

Tell them the marshal
wants to see them.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Dan. Johnny.

The, uh,
marshal wants you.

Heist them.

Get rid of their guns,

Yes, sir.

Now jump.


Get over
on this other platform.

Oh, yes, sir!

All right. Now, pull that
coupling pin.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Your wife seemed awful
interested in that reward money.

My wife?

Maybe if she don't
skin you alive

for not bringing it home,

I'll drop in
and take care of you.

McQueen's outfoxed us.

He's run off
with the baggage car,

tortured the guards
and massacred the engine boys.

Blood's a-running
down the track.

Don't go out there.

This is the smoothest
run we ever made, friend.

We're breezing along
like a race horse.

When I fire them,
ha, they snort.

Keep it snorting.

Straight ahead
and don't look back.

And don't stop
until I tell you.

All right. Get it open.

I'll go up in front
and cover the engine crew.

I always did want
an engineer's watch.

What for?
They're never on time.

This wax is as hard
as your head.

Ah, those cracks
are sealed good enough.

Give me the chisel.

This'll put us right
back on the plush.

You still got McQueen
to take care of.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Now's your chance while
he's up there

covering the engine crew.

Trouble is, he might not have
his back turned.

Yeah, I knew you never
had the guts

to shoot it out with him.

I could cut this car loose,
leave him up there.

Reno, you do have a brain.

With this car loose,

it'll take a mile
for the engine to stop.

That'd leave McQueen stranded

where the marshal
could pot him easy.

Go pull the pin.

The big country boy's
on his way.

The only thing he'll get

is the engineer's watch.
Gimme that fuse.

Well, don't blow yourself
through the roof.

Say, did you look
on top of this car?

What for?

He might have doubled
back on you.

Don't judge his brain
by yours.

I knew he wasn't up there.
Now, we'll deal Pluthner out.

Let old man Rickard
die in the poorhouse.

Yeah. Give your girl
back to the Indians.

Heist 'em!

Keep 'em up.

You and Pluthner had everything
rigged pretty, didn't you?

On your feet.

Here. Put these on.

Now, hook them to him.

No, to his shank.

Now, get over there.

Come on.
Get on your feet.

We can't.
We're shackled.



Here's the other two.

Yes, sir.
Mr. Duke Harris

and Reno Blake.

They're guilty. They're guilty.

Look, marshal.
You don't want us.

We're small potatoes.

McQueen's the one
with the price on him

and he's got the haul.

Yeah. Make it easy on us, we will
tell you where to grab him.

Go ahead.
He's headed...

Headed for old
Dave Rickard's house,

just outside of Potrero.

Wes, don't go in.

Those Indians singing
mean trouble.

Robbing the dead, huh?

You didn't expect me?

No. I, uh... Well, sure
I expected you, Wes.

Don't look at me like that.

I know what you're thinking,
but it ain't true.

Old Dave died natural.

Well, you got the stuff?

Was there any trouble?

A little.

The marshal picked up
Reno and Duke.


Aw, that was a tough break.

They were good boys.

But that's the game for you.
All a part of the game.

You and me, Wes.

Just you and me left out
of that fine parcel of men.

Of course, we end up
with the money, you and me.

But that's how
the cards fall.

Look, Pluthner,

this deck's had so much bottom
dealing it's dog-eared.

Too many jokers turned up.

The bank ain't cashing.

You took your divvy
out of the old man's poke.

The game's over, gumshoes.

Put your hands up
and turn around.

Just keep looking
in the mirror.

You'll see a coyote that just
done himself out of 50,000.

Wes, what happened?

He got me in the shoulder.

It's like I said.
I ain't never seen Wes McQueen.

Come on, let's cut up through
the Canyon Del Sol.

That's, uh... That's $765
for the well digging.

That leaves us over a $100
for winter feed.

Thanks to Chet Rogers.

I'll be needing
some of that money, Pa.


I'm leaving here, Pa.

You're what?

I got a letter
from Carter Randolph today.

He wants me to come back.

Does he say anything
in his letter

about getting married?

No. And I don't care if that's
the way it's gotta be.

- I'm going to him.
- Not by a jug full, you ain't.

If I can't go one way
I'll go another.

But I'll get there.

You won't get...

Who's there?

It's me, Mr. Winslow.

Well, what's the matter, son?

What's happened to you, Chet?

There was a shooting in town.

He got a slug
in the shoulder.

It was an accident.

It was no accident.

And my name's not Chet Rogers.

I held up
the Denver and Rio Grande.

I'm Wes McQueen.

You don't have
to take me in.

Sit down, son.

Colorado, this is Mr. Winslow
and his daughter, Julie Ann.

Let's have a look.

The bullet's in there,
all right.

We ought to have a doctor.

He's got one.

Get me a sharp knife.

I got my veterinary kit.

Well, get it.
And boil some water.

Right away.

Colorado, you better
hide those horses.

I told you I had a past
to get done with.

I never figured it would
end like this.

I had it all figured different.

There's 100,000
in those bags.

I figured with a stake we could
start a brand-new life,

go anyplace you wanted.

You can't go anyplace.

Not now.
You've got to get well.

You mean it don't make
any difference I'm Wes McQueen?

I knew it.

I knew I could
count on you, Julie Ann.

Who's that girl?


She's all right.
She was in on the holdup.

Tomorrow she gets her share
and goes her own way.

We'll put him in my room, Pa.
He'll be more comfortable.

Here. You got it out.

Go ahead.

You know what to do.

Give me the powder
from one of those bullets.

Where are you going?

Well, I'm not gonna
let him lie there and die.

He's got to have a doctor.

I'm riding into Aztec.

You're gonna stay
right where you're at.

Nobody's leaving the house.

You do like she says, Julie Ann.

If he ain't better come morning,

I'll hitch up a team
and drive to Aztec myself.

Hey, you, in there.

It's the marshal.

Then I'll be right out,

Just as soon as I get
my britches on.

Oh, I rousted you
out of the feathers.

Blessed little sleep a man
get around here.

First a fella comes riding
through hob-leather,

bleeding like a stuck leech.

He's the one we're after.

Say, ain't...
Ain't you the one,

that we saw
on the stage holdup?

Yeah. I thought
I recognized you.

Well, you're sure playing in
hard luck, mister.

Two chances you've
had at Wes McQueen.

Wes McQueen?

That's right.
Which way was he heading?

He was heading north

like he had an antelope
by the tail.

It's too bad you didn't know
who he was.

You'd have been $20,000 richer.

The railroad's offered
a reward too.

Get out of my way.

If you hear anything,
get word to us in Aztec.

Let me go!

Talk and I'll
pull your tongue out.

Here. What's going on here?

Take her off me.

Quit that. Quit that.

Hold her here, and I'll catch up
with the marshal.

We'll be rich, Pa.

Twenty thousand dollars.

We can leave
this horrible place.

You heard what the mars...

Shut up.

Come on, Colorado,
we're leaving.

You thought
we was your friends.

I wish you could have gone
without knowing different.

You've been a good friend,
Mr. Winslow.

Good luck, Wes.

What did Martha look like?

The girl you were dreaming
about that night.

Well, she was pretty,
all right.

Tall and willowy,

turned-up nose that wrinkled
when she laughed.

She had dimples too.

That's Julie Ann.

That's funny at that.

All the time I was planning
to marry Julie Ann,

I knew it didn't make sense,

but there was something
about her.

Just Martha's ghost,
I guess.

How'd you figure it out?

I'm a woman.

Duke Harris, Reno Blake,
hung by order of district judge.

You see that the Territorial
governor gets that.

And tell him the crows will be
pecking at McQueen too

before another 48 hours.

Curley, Jack, Grey Eyes,
come here.

You ride out to Indian Springs,
he might head up there.

Seeing that he's wounded,
he'll need water.

You take your men
and head down south end

to the Canyon of Death.

McQueen might take off
for Mexico.

Grey Eyes,

you take a look
around Todos Santos.

And now, remember,
you men,

if you flush him, don't try
to shoot it out with him.

He's quicker than
a black-headed snake.

Just send up a smoke signal

and we'll spot it.

Yeah, it's a nice sight

for anybody with
a train-robbing itch.

What is it, Wes?

We're going to get married.


I bought this ring for...

Maybe you wouldn't
wanna wear it.

I wouldn't care.

Oh, don't put it on now.

It's bad luck before
you're married.

Who's afraid?

You won't be sorry, Wes.

I'll make you love me.

Maybe I did all along.

Maybe that's why
I let you stay here.

Maybe I had the real thing
alongside of me all the time

and didn't even know it.

You're sure you're not
a little blind?

I knew what I wanted.

Wes McQueen.

You don't aim very high.

I'll see if that
Padre is around.

Oh, children,
I'm so happy to see you

back at Todos Santos.

We want you
to marry us.

But I'm not a priest.

I'm only a brother.

I have no authority
to perform such ceremonies.

But... But you yourself told
me once that

Aztec is not far away.

It is for us.

We don't wanna turn back.

Then go forward,
my children.

Follow the trail over the pass,

beyond the Canyon of Death.

It will lead you to Old Mexico.

There at Rosario

is our mission.
A beautiful church.

See Father Esteban
about getting married, huh?

And, uh, when you're happily

pray sometimes
for Todos Santos.

That it too may live again.

- Thank you.
- Bless you.

We'll hide out here
for a couple of days, and then...

Then where, Wes?

Old Mexico.

Do you think
you'd like it there?

I like it just hearing
you talk about it.

We'll be safe there.

I'll send the old man's
widow her share

and then we'll get
a place all our own.

What kind of place, Wes?

You could hold your head up
as good as anybody

married to a farmer,
couldn't you?

Whatever you wanna be.

It's what I want you to be.

As good as anybody.

This time, Wes,
we can really bust out.

We're in the clear now.

We just head out
over those mountains...

What is it, Wes?

What does it mean?

It means
we're a couple of fools

in a dead village
dreaming about something

that will probably
never happen.


What are you doing?

Fixing it so you
can't follow me.

Bury the money, Colorado.
I don't want you caught with it.


I'm going with you.

What do you wanna do?

Stay with me and get killed?

We got to split up
till this blows over.

They'll take you.

They'll never take me.

I've seen all the jails
I'll ever see.

This time
it'd mean the rope.

It's our only chance,

I'll head over the pass
to Old Mexico.

I'll wait there for you,
I promise.

We'll meet at Rosario,

do all the things
we talked about.

Goodbye, Colorado.


Good scouting, Grey Eyes.

You catch where he's running?

He take trail
through pass to Mexico.

That's how we figured it.

Fan out and we'll corral him
in the Canyon of Death.

First man spots him,
give the signal, three shots.

Then we'll tighten
the cinch on him.

He start for City of Moon.

No way out.

Move it.

There's only one way up there

and he's got it
right under his guns.

Hey, McQueen!

You got no chance!

Come on down!

We don't want no shooting!

Come and get me.

We'll starve you out!

Go ahead.

I wonder if he's
out of ammunition.

Let's see.


I don't know.

Do you think you could
work your way up there

to the top of that rim?

I never heard tell of nobody
ever doing it.

Well, we'll take
a try at it, anyway.

If we can get him
to show himself,

we can take a shot at him.

What are you doing here?

Who are you?

I'm... I'm Wes McQueen's woman.

We got him trapped
up there.

You the marshal?

I know where the money is.

You'll never find it.
Not unless I tell you.

Come here to bargain, huh?

Let him go
and you can have it all.

Now, you've got to understand
it's the law you're talking to.

It don't make bargains.

Then you won't get him.

Well, I might be willing to go
a little ways with you.

You get your man to come down
here and we won't shoot.

What would you do?
Hang him instead?

I'm offering you the money
instead of Wes.


Come down.

We got your woman here.

That's what you say.

He won't fall for that.

Start yelling, you.

Go on,
or I'll cut you up.

Go ahead.
I won't call him out.

If he's gotta die,
he'd want it this way.

Take it easy.

All right, if that's
the way you want it,

let him die up there.

You don't wanna
leave him up there.

Buzzards picking
his bones clean.

Call him out and we'll split
the 20,000 reward with you.

Long time ago,
my people live here.

Me know way in City of Moon.

Go around mountain.

Come in back way
on other side.

How far?

Long way. Ride horses.

Curley and Jack,
you stay here and watch her.

We'll go around and get him.

Well, he wouldn't let us
in the front door

so we'll go around
the back door and get him.

You made it sound so good

I almost believed it
myself, Grey Eyes.

Do you think
she'll call him out?

Maybe so.

Anyway, Eagle's got
the daylight for his target.

Now, if Curley and Jack do just
like I told them,

this might work.

Get them up.
Both of you.


You. Go over there
and fetch me those two horses.

Keep your hands up.
Both of you.

Now, start walking
and don't look back.


- Wes!
- Colorado.

Wes, they're coming at you.
They found a back way.

Come down, Wes!

Hurry, Wes!
I got horses!



Brother Tomas, who has brought
this new life to Todos Santos?

A happy couple
who passed this way.

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