Collision Course (1989) - full transcript

Tony Costas, a brash, obnoxious, sexist and racist Detroit cop who has long since stopped following the rules, gets told that he will have to work with Inspector Fuji, a straightlaced policeman from Japan. Fuji is in Detroit searching for a Japanese engineer who has gone to America with plans for a top secret car part. The pair naturally fail to get along at first, but as the investigation continues, they almost begin to come close to tolerating each other's presence.

Z95.5. Good morning.
This is Brian Patrick.

Coming up in a couple of minutes
another chance at $95.5 this hour.

Just listen for the touchtone,
be the ninth caller and win!

From Motown's number one
for money winners--

." Z95.5. ."

Z95.5. Good morning.
This is Brian Patrick...

- Gentlemen, gentlemen.
- Yes?

- What station is that?
- You can't get that station.

- Why not?
- That's a black station!

My ears can't pick up
the frequency!

That's right.

Hey, how about a slice
of that pizza?

This is an expensive pizza.
You're gonna have to earn this.

Tell you what, why don't l
earn the whole box?

- What are you gonna put up for it?
- l'll put up 20 bucks.

10 for the pizza and 10 for your little
pizza wagon there.

We in it.
Come on.

Yeah, but you gotta spot me
a couple of lengths here.

- What for, man?
- l'm in a small-block Chevy.

l don't have no big blower.

License and registration,

- Shit, he's a cop.
- Detective Costas?

Nice going, teenagers. l'm working
on a bust for six months

and you two come along
and just screw it up.

- Sorry. We thought it was drag racing.
- Drag racing?

What the hell
do you think this is?!

Tell that to the DEA agents
on the other side of the bridge!

- Look, we're sorry, Officer Costas--
- Sorry?

Tell that to the feds!
l ought to run you two in!

But listen, l'm gonna
give you a break.

ln fact, l think we can
handle this internally.

Give me your
badge numbers.

l'm gonna take care
of this.

G. Bell?

- Give me your home phone just in case.
- 555-1834.

You know, Miss Bell,
you're pretty lucky you ran into me.

and not one of the feds

- Hey, you want my number? lt's 839--
- What?

Oh yeah,
l'll figure it out.

Adequate. l only wish he go
to Hawaii instead of Detroit.



What are you doing?

Where Mr. Madras?

Oh, he gave me
power of attorney.

You were just too tough
a negotiator.

This is not way
civilized men behave.

l don't get paid
to be civilized.

You forgot the prototype,

now you're gonna die.

Please stop!

We didn't bring
the component now, did we?

Stop! Stop!
l'm sorry!

- Please.
- No need to apologize.

- You want to renegotiate?
- Please!

Here's the new deal.
Give us the prototype,

and we don't drop you
on your head.

l'm bending over
backwards here to be fair.

What are you saying,
Mr. Oshima?

Please please.
ln American, Mr. Oshima.

Mr. Oshima?

Now don't make me
come up there.

l think he's dead.

No, he's
playing possum.

He's dead,
l'm telling you.

- l think he's dead.
- l told you he was dead!

Okay okay, you're right.
You happy now?!

Uh, he killed him.

- lt was the heart--
- Shut up.

Get rid of the body

and then find
the prototype.

Search his hotel room.
Do whatever it is you have to do,

but you'd better find it.

On a peaceful evening
in the spring of 1931,

gang warfare had broken out again

with sudden violence
on the streets of St. Louis. the undisputed
boss of the city

was fighting the challenge
to his leadership.

And the challenger
was an upstart hoodlum--




- Excuse me?
- What do you think you're doing?

What the--

Uh, St. Regis Hotel,

Uh, first l go
St. Regis Hotel.

Then l go Riverside Hotel,
visit friend.

Come on.
Hop in, papa-san.

- You going to bust Weston?
- Mind your own business.

This is my business.
He just bought $200 worth of cookies.

Look, kid, it's a police matter.
Tough break.

Yeah? Can't you wait
until l get paid?

- No.
- Weston!

- Hey!
- Weston!

Shut up, will you?!
We'll buy the cookies, okay?

Give me some money.

- What do you got?
- Here.

Come on.
Give me the rest.

There's 30 plus 10--
that's 40 bucks.

- That's more than enough.
- What about the rest?

- Uh...
- Dingman.

Dingman. Yeah, here,
go to this address.

Ask for Officer Dingman.


- Ready to go?
- Yeah.


This must be
a Nielson family.


- Drop it.
- Police. Stay cool.

- Show him the warrant.
- What warrant. l ain't got no warrant.

You were supposed to go to the judge
today and get a warrant.

- Oh, l forgot.
- You forgot!

Then this guy hits us with a big fat lawsuit
is what you forgot!

- l'm sorry!
- l'm sick of your goddamn problems!

Hey! Shut up!

You mean you guys
don't have a warrant?


take me in.

Please take me in.

Don't forget my phone book.
lt's got my lawyer's number in it.

Show him.

- What's that?
- lt's a warrant.

Forgot l had it.
Read him.

lnspector, whatever you want
inside, half price.

l need to talk to you
a minute.

- What's the matter?
- lt's about your buddy Mac.

- What happened?
- He's been shot.

Shot? He's not
even a cop anymore.

- Yeah, l know.
- An accident?

No. lt was
at the junkyard.


uh, yeah.

- Yeah, all right.
- Costas, don't get involved.

You guys get promoted to Homicide?
l thought you were Robbery.

You call Homicide
a promotion?

Hey hey hey.

They must have
wanted him very dead

to use that kind
of artillery on him.

- What kind is that?
- Gyrojet rocket gun.

- A what?
- Rocket gun. Stopped making 'em in '72.

There can't be
many of them around.

lt fires an explosive rocket shell bigger
than a .44 magnum.

No shell casing.
No nothing.

Very hard to trace.

Wanna see
the other guy?

- What other guy?
- Dead Jap.

Would you call a Jap
a John Doe?

What's that?

lt's a hotel card key.


The hell you two guys
doing here?

The other guy that got killed
was a buddy of mine.

Yeah, well, l'm sorry to hear that,
but this is a homicide.

l don't want two jocks
from Robbery messing with it.

Yeah, well you're
in Homicide.

- So who did it?
- lt's an open and shut case.

Jap bashing. Some unemployed
autoworkers got a couple drinks in 'em.

They see this Jap
so they start to work him over.

They get carried away, then they gotta
come here and dump the body.

- Brilliant.
- You got it all figured out, don't you?

lt's just too bad your buddy
the night watchman had to be

- in the wrong place at the wrong time.
- Hey!

What do you think, unemployed
autoworkers are using car crushers

to dispose of bodies now?

ln 30 years, the guy
never fired his gun once.

Then he gets shot
in a junkyard guarding junk?

lt doesn't make
any sense.

l mean, what the hell
is there here to steal?

The sad thing is, as far as Dingman's
concerned, the case is solved.

That's why l want
to take the electronic key

and go down to the hotel
and see what l can find out.

- Do me a favor, will you?
- What?

You don't mind riding home
with Dingman, do you?

l'll make it up to you.

Thank you very much.

How you doing?

Police officer. l wonder if you
could tell me what room this is for?

Hey hey,
we're the Monkees.

Cut it out now!
Get 'em up. Come on.

Get 'em up.

Give me security. l know he's
not registered. Hotel security!

Just hold anybody
who looks different.

Hey you!
Hold it!


Hey! Hey!

Shut up, lady.
You're not on a game show.

Police officer.

- Cover me.
- l'm on it.

l don't think we need
quite this much firepower.

Let the people through.
Come on, folks. Come on.

Welcome to Detroit.
Nice to see you.

- First time here?
- Yes.

Welcome to Detroit.
Thank you. Come on.

All right,
here we go.

Damn! He must have
gotten off at the mezzanine.

Down there!
Down there!

Look at that!

Stop that garment bag!


Get 'em up.
Get 'em up.

Drop the bag.

- Yeah, that's okay.
- You want me to sign this?

l'm telling you--
l've told you four times now.

What do you got for me?

You got some messages
from your girlfriend.

No this one's no good!

- Hey, Dingman.
- Yeah?

You know that dead Japanese
guy we found in the junkyard?

this the guy?

No, this isn't the guy, pinhead!
l found this guy

nosing around
the dead guy's hotel room.

Damn you, Costas.
l warned you.

This is Homicide.
Stay away from this case.

What do you mean ''hotel room''?
What hotel room?

Uh, just took a wild stab.
You know, check a lead.

No, you mean you withheld
a piece of evidence

from a homicide case
from an investigative officer.

Now get your ass
in my office.

l told him to stay out of it, sir,
and not the first time either.

He just doesn't listen good.

What you grinning about?

You let somebody else
solve your case for you.

Now question the prisoner.

Come on.

Do you know my mother
got two TV sets

ripped off
in the last six months?

- RCA 25''.
- You know, l got a lead on that.

Just shut up.

Now do see me
running around

trying to find the sons
of bitches that took it?

No. Because l expect
Robbery to do it.

But where is Robbery?

Out trying to solve
homicide cases!

And in the meantime,
l am the poor son of a bitch

that's got to buy
my mother another TV set.

Speak any English?


Well, that's okay.

l talk some Jap.




What do they
call you anyway? Tojo?



What do they
call you?

Read my ''rips.''


Detective First Class.

Tokyo Police.

Come on with me.

Detective First Class.
Come on.

Amazing, Costas.

You bust another one
wide open.

Come on in.

lnspector Ryerson,
l would like you to meet


- Fujitsuka Natsuo.
- Yeah, right.

Detective First Class,
Tokyo Police.


Are you telling me
that he is a cop?

Wait till the State Department
hears about this.

Costas, you bust
a Jap cop

and you've created
an international incident.

lnspector Ryerson's office.

Hang on.
Somebody order Hunan?

lt's Tokyo, sir.
l called his superior.

l wanted confirmation.
So he wants to speak to you.

Jesus H. Christ. Didn't you question this
man before you arrested him?

- l tried to--
- Just shut up.

lnspector Ryerson here.

Say what?

This is for you.

Thank you very much.

attacking the city.

For the love of God,
stay in your homes.

Will you shut up?

My superior...

wishes to express
great admiration

for world-renowned
Detroit Police Department.

Will somebody ask him what he
was doing in Oshima's hotel room?

Shut up, Costas.


l'm sorry. We have
a bad connection. l call him later.

lf you're so legit,
why'd you run away?

After reading so much
about crime rate in Detroit,

l mistook you for hoodlum.
My apologies.

lsn't that a coincidence?

Having heard about the crime
rate in Detroit myself

l mistook you
for a criminal.

Enough foolishness.

lnspector Ryerson, Mr. Oshima
embezzled a great sum of money.

l was sent to convince him
to return to Japan

and possibly save face.

But unfortunately,

in trying to save
Japanese face,

l also tweak nose
of American law.

Hey, pal,
l've seen your face.

- lt ain't worth saving.
- Costas, out.

Am l wrong here?!

- You heard the inspector, right?
- Out!

Look, check this out.

- You know that dead Japanese guy?
- Yep.

Turns out he embezzled
a ton of dough

from some big company in Japan
and they sent Tojo to investigate.

Here's the part
that doesn't make sense.

The guy's got all this money.

Why does he come to Detroit
for a good time? He never heard of Rio?

Look, l want to know
everything this guy did.

- l want to know if he had a rent-a-car.
- He did.

Budget. Picked it up
at the airport.

No, we haven't located it.

Yes, l will go over it
with a fine-tooth comb.

Look, l'm gonna
follow this guy, okay?

While Ryerson and Dingman are playing
Kabuki theater with Madam Butterfly

l want to know everything
that this guy does.

- Unofficially.
- Unofficially.

lf l lose my pension, the wife
and kids move in with you.

Hey, that's okay.

- Your wife's a piece of ass.
- Hey, cut that shit out!

That's my wife you're talking about!
A man's woman is sacred.

Can you spell that, please?


- And what's your address?
- Tokyo, Japan.

Well, sir,

these should be ready
in about an hour.

Here's your receipt.
Just bring this back when you come.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Those photos that guy
just dropped off,

- can l take a look at 'em, please?
- l'm sorry, sir.

- We're not allowed to do that.
- Official police business.

He just put 'em in.
They haven't been developed yet.

Why don't you give me your number?
l can give you a call

- when they're ready.
- They'll be ready in an hour, sir.

- ln an hour?
- Yeah.

Excuse me.

- Thank you for waiting.
- Sure.

l get out here, please.

- Keep the change, thank you.
- Thank you.

As all of you know,

l've been in the auto
industry most of my life.

l've developed some of the finest cars that
have come out of Detroit.

But l'm here today
to tell you

the Jarryd Starburst
tops them all.

Mr. Jarryd, thank you.
Tell me...

what makes you think you can
go up against the Big Three, sir?

The Jarryd engineers

have just had a revolutionary
technological breakthrough

that's gonna take
this industry by storm.

- What is it?
- That's all l can say about it now.

l can't tell you more
about it now.

- Mr. Jarryd.
- Yes, ma'am?

From all reports,

you are an
undercapitalized company.

With your limited resources,

how can you possibly
mass-produce this kind of car?

l didn't come here today

to answer questions
about a balance sheet.

l came here
to show you a new car.

The Jarryd Starburst.
The car of the future.

A car built up
to a standard,

not down to a price.

Thank you. You wonder what that
Japanese fellow there is scowling at?

You're gonna be
out of a job, fella.

That's all l have time for,
ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you very much.
Thank you.

You were supposed
to negotiate with him, not kill him.

He had a bad heart.
Want something to eat?

Our relationship
is over.

Your loan will be repaid in full.
l'll find a way.

- Who do you think you're kidding?
- l've instructed--

l've instructed my
attorneys to inform you

you're not to have
any further contacts

with the Jarryd Motor
Company, understand me?

There is no partnership.
There never was. There never will be.

Don't do anything
rash, Derek.

Oh, you--

you think you can
scare me with your thugs?

Do you know who you're
dealing with here?

l'm Derek Jarryd. l have
a lot of friends in this town.

l can get the governor
on the phone

and the chief
of police.

Sounds like a threat.

lf you want it
to be, fella.


l'm not finished
talking to you yet, Derek Jarryd.

Mr. Motor City.

You're right.
There is no more partnership

because you are out.

- l'm out?
- Yeah.

Only you don't have to
be too depressed about it.

You can go on making
your speeches

and getting your picture
in the society page,

but we're gonna know
that you're just my little puppet.


Go sell some cars.
Make us some money.


Oh, and by the way,

Scully here's gonna be keeping
you company,

just to keep you
from getting lonely.

Although we need some
kind of title for him,

maybe a vice president.
Something in public relations.

Naughty naughty.
Must not read that kind of stuff.

Only gossip.
Film, please.

Sure. Mr. Fujiski?

- Fujitsuka, Tokyo, Japan.
- Oh, okay.

Just a second.

Okay, here you are.
That's $14, please.

Oh, yes, $14.

You have a $15 smile,
so you keep the change.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome. Thank you very much.

Thanks, babe.

You'll make a swell
cop someday.

How's it going?

Hi. Costas,
Detroit P.D.

Just doing a little
spot check--

doors, windows,
checking your bushes for people.

That kind of stuff.

Nobody told me
about any spot check.

lf you knew about it
it wouldn't be a spot check.

That would ruin
the surprise.

- Hold on, let me get my supervisor.
- Wait a minute.

You don't need
any supervisor.

l just wanna take
a little look around.

When you got the best
security in the business,

nobody gets in
without clearance.

l guess it would be pretty hard for
somebody to sneak through here, huh?

Hard? lmpossible.

- Must be something metallic.
- Oh, probably my gun.

- Try it now.
- Let's see.

Yep, that was it.

Funny how that works,
isn't it?

Your boss Lieutenant Shortcake
says you check out.

Oh, terrific. You guys
are certainly professionals.

l don't know how anybody
could sneak past you two.

You know, we both t ook
the test to be police officers.

Law enforcement.

Yeah, that civil
service examiner,

- he had it in for us.
- Didn't work out.

Probably some
personality thing.

- A lot of times they get jealous.
- Yeah yeah yeah.

Let me ask you,
a guy like that janitor,

l imagine this would be
a pretty tough job, huh?

All our maintenance personnel,

we screen them pretty
carefully, yeah.

Access codes
change daily.

Really really?

- Now that room he's going into now...
- That's R&D.

Research and development is top secret.
Mr. Jarryd, myself, this gentleman,

we're the only ones
who know where it is.

l'd be curious.
Where is that?

Third floor, last door
on the right.

l'm gonna go take a little look.
ls that okay?

- No problem.
- Oh, great, you fellas are terrific.

ln fact, l'm gonna call
the civil service people.

l'm gonna speak to them
about you two.

l think you deserve
another chance.

- Thanks a lot.
- l'll make a call. Let me look around.

- Hey, thank you.
- Detroit P.D.

Motor City's finest.
A plainclothes dick. A gumshoe.

you talk to me.

What's the matter, pal?
Out of quarters?

- Oh, Detective Costas.
- Little late for Pac-man, isn't it?

Just the man l need to help me
with investigation.

Help you? You know,
l oughta stir-fry your face.

l don't know
where you come from,

but around here, breaking
and entering is against the law.

l make bargain
with you.

You help me, l help you
find man who shoot your friend.

Bargain. You got nothing to bargain
with. l'm gonna bust your ass.

Bust my ass no good.

You arrest me, somebody new come
from Japan. Then you have nothing.

l'll arrest them too. l can arrest people from
Japan all day long.

You know why?
Because l think you're a spy.

l think you're stealing
industrial secrets from Jarryd Motors.

No, no spy.

This much l tell you.
Story about embezzlement not true.

Not true?
l am shocked.

l tell you rest
on need-to-know basis.

Need to know? l'll tell you
what l need to know.

l need to know why l shouldn't put
my foot up your ass.

Reason very simple-- most uncomfortable
position for both parties.

Now you know why we do
these spot checks once in a while.

l think you both learned a little
something here tonight.

Come on.
Come on.

Damn, those guys
are good.

Detective Costas,
you give me one day,

l show you man
who shoot your friend.

You want a day?
l'll give you a day.

You can have
last Wednesday.

Destiny bring us
together, you know?

Destiny? Your destiny is
one-to-five at Jackson State.

They're gonna love a guy
like you down there.

They'll dress you up,
play house.

Enough of this!
Stop, police!

- l don't need this.
- Take off cuffs. They going to escape.

Don't tell me how
to do my job.

Thank you very much,
Detective Costas.

- l could be of assistance.
- Yeah, you can watch the car.

What you did
was not nice, young man.

Old people must be treated
with kindness, respect.

Someday you will
get to be old.

Yeah, man, okay.

What the hell
is going on here?

Get the hell
back down there.

l took the liberty
of apprehending suspect.

Detective Costas,

l told you
we make great partner.

l could have run away,
but l did not.

You need me
for investigation.

l need you. Together we bring
murder suspect to justice.

All right,
cut the theatrics.

You got one chance,
pal, one shot.

That's it. We're even.
That's it. Come on.

- Come on.
- You have the right to remain silent.

Come on, let's go.

Oh, Tony-san.
Where this?

This is not my hotel.

That's some pretty clever
detective work, Natsuo.

This is my place. Come on.
l'm not letting you out of my sight.

l see.
You no trust me.

You think maybe
l run away.

Where l gonna run away to,
huh? We are partners.

Yeah, we're partners.

We're partners in the way Sears
& Roebuck are partners.

What you mean
Sears Roebuck?

You know Sears,
the big department store?

lt used to be
Sears & Roebuck.

Then Roebuck one day
took a three-day vacation,

came back, found his
name off the building.

- Really?
- Yeah, tough break, huh?

What are you doing now?

Take off shoes.
Show respect for house.

Suit yourself.

you have pet?

l had a dog
a couple years ago.

l think better
l show respect for foot.

Come on, sit down.

Let me clear some
of this stuff here.

l didn't get a chance to clean up this
morning. ln kind of a hurry, you know?

Look like you in hurry
every morning.

This baby is
1 2 years old.

Same age as pizza.

You're quite a comedian.

- To my new partner.
- New partner.

- Oh!
- You like that, huh?

- Very good.
- Here we go. Here's another one.

- 1 2 year old.
- You must be exhausted, huh?

- Yeah, very tired.
- Quite a day, partner.

New partner.

Hey, look at you.

- Here we go.
- Oh, very good.

l was a little curious.
Those photographs l saw today.

- Oh yes.
- You got 'em here?

l find roll of film
in Oshima's hotel room.

And that's why
l make picture.

- You found these in Oshima's room?
- Yeah.

Breaking and entering.
Withholding evidence.

l think you make a better crook
than you do a cop.

You like that, huh?

- You have big sense of humor.
- Oh, yeah.

We must do...

must do banzai.

- Banzai!
- Yeah, nice Japanese banzai.

- Banzai!
- Banzai!

- Banzai!
- Banzai!

- Banzai!
- Banzai!

1 2 year old.


- No no no no.
- Huh?

- What's the matter?
- l'm not drinking with you.


You're my partner.
You don't tell me shit.

l tell you shit.

l tell you all the shit.

Full shit l tell you.

Everything shit now--

You tell me
everything right now.

Everything right now.

Yesterday, l come office.

l get assignment from--

Wait a minute.
Hang on. Hang on.

Just sit down a minute,
will you, pal?

But l like go Hawaii.

He don't care.
Nobody care.

l get on airplane,
come Detroit.

Now assignment
to Detroit--

Hey hey hey,
start again.


Hey hey.

What the hell's
the matter with you?


Homesick. You stupid
son of a bitch. Hey!

Snap out of it.
Oshima, Oshima.

What the hell is that? Some kind
of code, huh? Hey, huh?

Oshima, Oshima.

My wife's favorite song.

- Oshima.
- Yeah.

l tell you truth,



Oshima, Osh--

Where in the hell
are we?

Oh, Jeez.

Tony-san, good morning.

Here here here here.

l make you a nice
cup of coffee.


You know, today,
l read newspaper

about auto show.

Come on, Natsuo, what am l,
a tourist visa?

l don't have time
for a goddamn auto show.

No, you remember you
tell me about l have one shot.

Today, l take shot.

Ow ow ow, shit! What did
you make it so hot for?

God damn you.

Hot hot, God damn.

You know you problem?
You need wife.

A wife?

l just think we oughta
live together for awhile first.

Detective Costas,

very bad neighborhood.

Bad neighborhood, huh? This used
to be a great neighborhood.

When l was a kid,
this whole area was alive.

And then you guys came along
with your tin can cars and slave wages,

put everybody out
of business.

Now l know why
you don't like me.

You blame all Japanese
for problems of Detroit.

No, l don't blame
all Japanese.

- l just blame you.
- Huh?

Blame ourselves for getting fat
and letting it happen.


...sophisticated engine
in a sports car today,

with an onboard computer

that continuously monitors
operation as you drive.

The result-- uncompromised
performance at all operating speeds...

Now let me
get this straight.

What you're telling me is Ford
held the gun and GM pulled the trigger.

- ls that what you're trying to say?
- Patience, Detective Costas.

You know something?
l think l see our suspect now.


The production team assembled
the car with ultimate care...

- Don't make joke.
- l'm gonna question her.

...operation as you drive.

A 5.0-liter, V-6 engine
and F-body chassis--

Miss, police officer. Just doing
a preliminary investigation here.

l need to ask you a couple questions.
Just take a second.

ln fact, you know,
you're kind of busy now.

Listen, why don't you
give me your home number?

l'll give you a call later in the week.
We can get together then.

Under the hood is one of the most
sophisticated engines

offered in any
sports car today.

The brochures are
back on the table and--

- Excuse me. Excuse me, Mr. Jarryd?
- Yes.

ls it true that your
turbocharged model

has rotary ceramic blades?

That it can go
from zero to 60

- in 5.1 seconds?
- No no, we can't make those claims yet.

Excuse me, please.
l believe we have a mutual friend.

My business partner,
Mr. Oshima.

He suggested perhaps
we could talk.

- No no, l'm afraid
l don't know that name.

Mr. Jarryd is late
for a meeting.

Perhaps l can
help you, Mr., uh...

Duane Johnson.

Why don't l get your number
and we'll get back to you?

Duane, is it okay
if l call you Duane?

Yes, of course.
Thank you very much.

No need to go
to all that trouble.


Well, nice going, Duane.

Who's your next suspect
gonna be, Lee lacocca?

l wanted
to make him panic,

hope to force him
into error.

Error, what kind
of an error?

Look at man
he arguing with.

Do you want to stay
with the program,

- or do you want to embarrass yourself?
- Don't make a scene.

You may be
onto something.

That guy didn't look like he had anything to
do with cars.

Also, president of company
must not be treated like piece of shit.

l think we should get to know tall
skinny fellow better.

''Piece of shit''? Where do you
pick up this kind of talk?

Over there.

Sir, it's an Oriental

who claims to be
a partner of Oshima

and someone whom l suspect
to be a Detroit policeman.

Shake him but don't do
anything illegal.

lt's done, sir.

Do me a favor, run a make.
Michigan 5084PG.

Roger, 2370.

Why you don't just pull him
over for questioning?

You want to scare Jarryd.
l want to scare this guy.

We'll make him nervous.
Maybe he'll do something stupid,

run a red light,
spit out the window.

Then l can fry his ass.

Fry his ass?

Very severe punishment
for just spit out window.

Yeah, well, you're in
America now, pal.


Go ahead.

2370, car registered H.W. Scully,
no known residence.

Only address--
P.O. Box 25047, Detroit.

lllegal u-turn.
Turn on that fryer.

Check this out. l don't believe this.
What do we got here?

Come on, Fu.

Take care of him.

Somebody order sushi?


We got a score
to settle here, mister.

- Hey, look, pal--
- No, you look.

l want to know when you guys
are gonna do something

about the balance of trade.

You brought those
heavy tariffs on yourselves

by dumping underpriced
computer chips on the market.

Hey hey. That's it.
l got it handled here.

Hold it just a minute.

Everybody must understand
Japan is a very small country,

and we only do what
we can to compete in world market.

Yeah, but surely
you can't compare--

What do you think
is this, ''60 Minutes''?

What he mean
by ''60 Minutes''?

''60 Minutes'' is a popular news
and entertainment program--

You shut up.
Hey, man.

Every American should be
an ambassador of good will.

- Yeah, that's right.
- Yeah.

And you, how do you expect
to improve the relations

with other nations
if you show 'em no respect?

Shut up, asshole!

The trouble with you is you
got too much mousse in your hair.

- Moose in hair?
- lt's a popular styling solution--

Would you please shut up?

You know something?
You make me laugh.

lt's guys like you
with attitudes like yours

that put America
in the situation she's in right now.

Kiss off, Kissinger.
His ass is mine.

Hang on, pal.

- Police officer!
- Criminal!


Karate this.

Just my luck, l get the only guy
from Japan who doesn't know karate.

Not true. My brother
not know karate, either.

Come, let's get Scully.

- Yeah, let's kick some more ass.
- Okay.

Ah, Tony-san,
you're hurt.

don't worry about it.

No, l'm not worried.
You very honorable man.

You could have captured

but you stayed
behind to help me.

Yeah, well, l make mistakes
like that all the time.

No, not your mistake.
My mistake, 'cause l don't trust you.

Now l tell you
whole story.

Whole story.
Gee, l'd love to hear the whole story.

Not that kind
of story. Truth.

You see, Oshima stole
revolutionary new turbocharger.

l think he want
to make deal with Jarryd.

That's why they send me,
bring him back to Japan.

You got proof of this, or you
just make it up as you go along?

No no no. l see guilty look
in Jarryd's eye.

Guilty look in eye?
With that kind of hard evidence,

we should get a conviction overnight.
Guilty look in eye.

What kind of Mickey Mouse criminal
justice system you got in Japan?

Mickey Mouse
American invention.

That's right. You guys aren't
clever enough to think about it.

We have Disneyland
now near Tokyo.

- Do not.
- Do too.

- Do not. You lie.
- Do too. No lie.

Just picked up
Oshima's rental car.

They're going over it now.
lt's clean.

Anything on that
guy Scully?

This guy's done everything
but rape Bambi.

There's several weapons charges,
assault and battery,

beat a murder rap in Sarasota
for insufficient evidence.

He used to run
a survivalist camp.

Survivalist camp?

You got an address?

1943 Central.

That's great. Thanks, pal.
l'll talk to you later.

Nice house.
How many family live here?

- One guy.
- One guy?

Oh, 1943-- good year.
My nephew born then.

American door,

Excuse me. You really studied your
handbook, didn't you? There you go.

Ha ha ha. Doorbell.

American house,

We don't have doorbells.

- l'm gonna have to take a look inside.
- How we get inside?

- We break in.
- Break in. We don't need warrant?

You don't need a warrant
if you have probable cause.

- Probable cause.
- Probably cause.

You don't smell that gas?


- You don't hear the baby crying?
- Baby crying?

Oh, probable cause.

Must hurry.
Neighbors hear alarm, call police.

ln America, when people
hear an alarm

they just yell,
''Turn that shit off.''

''Turn that shit off''?

Hey, turn that shit off!

Oh, that's better.

- Jesus.
- Holy shit-o.

Do you think this guy
was into home protection?

Too many guns.

No, all Americans
live like this.

- Really?
- Oh, sure sure.

- You're putting me on.
- No, no.

Hello. Hello!

- lt's Scully here, sir.
- What is it now?

- l have cornered the enemy.
- You've done what?

They're in my house.

ln your house?
l told you to lose them.

You got rid of that
murder weapon, didn't you?

Excuse me, sir, but the for mentioned
item is in the house.

Now you get rid of it.

l don't care what you have to do.
You get rid of it.

Done, sir.

Excuse me.


- Look what l find.
- What do you got?

Strange looking weapon.

- Hey, it's the gun that killed Mac.
- How you know that?

Here. Been reading
all about it.

Scully. We got
a surprise for him.

l think he have
surprise for us.

- Get up! Get up!
- l think we make him angry.

Follow me.

Take this gun
and cover me.

Cannot. Japanese police
don't use gun.

Shut up. Get out of Benihana's now.
Just cover me!

No good, no ammo.

- l got him.
- You got him.

They got me.

- Go!
- Good idea. Not safe here.

- Give me that. This is empty.
- Oh, yeah.

Now take this.
Take this and cover me.

Cover you, yes, sir.

Shoot anything
that moves, all right?

Now listen, there's one shot left
in there. So we gotta make it count.

l understand.

You asshole!

l'm sorry, Tony-san.

- What are we gonna do now?
- l don't know.

Ha ha.

lnteresting culture. You won't carry guns,
but you carry grenades.


Scully, let's talk
about a deal.

Look, l got
the rocket gun.

lt's the only thing the cops
can use to link you to the murder.

l'm gonna throw it out.

Wait a minute!

That's not
the whole deal.

Look, l got the plans
to the turbocharger.

l'm gonna wrap it
around a rock

and throw 'em out.

You'll be a hero to Jarryd.

l sense your interest.

Look, here it comes.
Good faith and all that.

l know you're basically
a pretty decent guy.

Here it comes.

Oh, Tony-san,

l think you avenge
death of friend now.

Wonder if there's any way
to figure out who Scully was talking to.

Very simple.

ln Japan we have
recall button.

Oh, see, number come.

Hello. Huh?

What means ''flee crinic''?
Sounds like Polish name.

''Free crinic''?
Maybe a restaurant or something.

Hi, to whom am
l speaking, please?

Sir, this is
the Free Clinic.

The Free Clinic, you idiot.
Come on.

- Let's get down there.
- Oh, Free Clinic.

l was born in a neighborhood

very much
like this one.

That's why l can't
turn my back on it,

like a lot of other
people have, right?

This check

for $15,000

will go toward

- Who we looking for?
- l think we found him.

See the guy at the mic?
That's Philip Madras.

- You know him?
- Everybody in Detroit knows him.

Come on.

- As well as...
- Excuse me, guys,

as well as the proceeds
from the sale of the work

of these fabulous
local artists of yours.

Let's give 'em a hand.

l'd like to present
this check

to Mr. Albert...

- That's, uh...
- Yeah yeah, l know who it is.

lt's starting to come together
a little bit, isn't it?

...from your new
Free Clinic.

Step right over here, folks.
We're gonna start the groundbreaking.

He's a great man, your mayor.
Shall we take some pictures?

Come on, come on.
There they are.

This guy Madras, he's a real
American success story, boy.

He started kinda small,
you know, racketeering, extortion.

So how does a guy
like you get his claws

- into a man like Jarryd anyway?
- Tony-san, not here.

What, are you lending him money,
3% interest per day?

- ls that how it starts?
- What's the matter with you?

You on something?

- No, not on something.
- No, l'm on something, pal.

l'm on your ass.
That's what's l'm gonna be on.

You're sick, buddy.
You're sick.

- Get him out.
- Officers, l want these men removed.

Get 'em out of here.

l'm gonna nail
your ass!

Yeah, l'm gonna nail ya.
You're a goddamn murderer.

Yeah, yeah, l'm gonna
nail your ass.


You got it wrapped up in a nice
neat package, don't you?

Jarryd is tied up
with Madras.

Scully is the man
that killed ''Awshima.''

- Oshima.
- Will you just shut up?

Scully killed Oshima
and shot Mac.

Except that Scully's
been blown to bits,

along with
half the city.

And you ain't got evidence
to back up anything.

You had a search warrant?
No, l didn't think so.

lt's the first time you ain't
got anything smart-ass to say.

Now, damn it, Costas,
l am within one inch

of putting your
ass in jail,

along with your little
kamikaze pal out there.

Now let me have 'em.

The gun's mine.
l paid for it myself.

l doubt it.

We gave it a pretty
good shot, partner.

lt's a long way
to go for nothing.

you a good cop

and honorable man.

- Dingman, get your cuffs on this man.
- Yeah.

Put him in
a holding cell,

'cause he's gonna be our guest
until his flight tomorrow.

Get him out
of my sight.

Dingman, show you're a human being.
You don't have to cuff the guy.

You got nothing
to say here, Costas.

You're not even
in Robbery anymore.

Come on,
give him a break.

lt's not like the guy's
gonna try to escape.

He's not gonna escape. No way.
l got my eye on this little guy.

- Come on, move it.
- Get out of that, Houdini.

Come here.
Down here.

Excuse me.
May l go bathroom?

- Weak bladder, huh?
- No, full bladder.

What kind of physical
they give you over there, huh?

Not over there.

All right,
which hand you want?

- Right hand.
- The hell with you.

lt's gonna be the left.
Come on.

All right, you got a short bat,
you step up close to the plate.

And hurry up.

Banks, can you hear me?

Oh, there's too
much paperwork!

Hey, Tojo,
what are you, shy?

- Costas, beautiful car.
- Hurry up!

- What this?
- Toyota.

No, really?

- Yeah.
- No, this Corvette.

- What took you so long?
- Had to take leak.

- What year this?
- '59.


Look, Jarryd and Madras
don't have the prototype, right?

- Hmm.
- And it was at least, what, 36 hours

between when Oshima got here
and when he got killed.

So if we can figure out
what he did in the 36 hours,

- then l'd know where the prototype is.
- Where the prototype is.

- What?
- l just say that.

No, you didn't. You heard me
say it and you copied it.

- No, l just say it.
- No, l said it.

Tony-san, please,
no time for bicker.

- Where we start?
- First, we get off the street.

First, we get
something to eat.

No, first we look at the photographs
Oshima left behind.

Then we get something to eat
after we get off street.

What else you got?

All Japan.

All Japanese stuff.

Just family pictures.

Oh, great,
there you go.

Hey, that's American
quality for you.

Tony-san, you must
count your blessings.

You know, when l was
young man, my first job

was to make umbrella.

Paper and wood umbrella.

Yeah, well, those things probably
don't work any better than these.

Now not our problem.

Now made in Taiwan.

- Hey, come on.
- Tony, how are you?

l haven't seen you
in a long time.

l want you to meet my friend Natsuo.
He's from Japan.

- Japan!
- Detroit native, very beautiful.

Take him out there
on the dance floor.

Oh, yeah, come on.
Come on and dance.

- No, Tony-san, l don't dance.
- Come on, it's fun.

Come on, all right!

l'll get someone
to dance with you.

Get up and dance with him.
Go on now.

Fu, Fu!

l think we got a clue.

- What?
- This picture.

lt wasn't taken in Japan.
lt was taken in Detroit.

See the Michigan license plates
in the background?

No no no no.

No Michigan license
plates in Tokyo.

Dance not finished yet.

- Come on, we gotta go.
- Huh?

We gotta go.
Come on!

- Sayonara.
- Sayonara.

Sayonara, baby.

See, this not Japan.

Yeah, it's a Michigan license plate,
but that doesn't tell us where.

Let me see
the Pepsi machine.

Oh, yes, graffiti.

What mean ''Dukes''?

- That's bad news, guys.
- lt's a street gang here in Detroit.

- Dukes.
- Where they stay?

They hang out around Woodward
and 8 Mile. Somewhere in that area.

Oh, getting close.
See, Dukes.

Recognize doorway
in picture.

Must hurry. Daybreak
come pretty soon. Owner be here.


And l'll bet you
one of your fish heads

that prototype is
inside here somewhere.

Now technically, we're gonna need
a warrant to get in this joint.

No, no need warrant.
Have probable cause.

- Probable cause?
- Yeah.

- You hear baby crying?
- l do hear a baby crying.

- You smell smoke?
- You know, l smell something.

Good morning, Detroit.
This is Dick Burden with you

on a perfect race day. The annual
Grand Prix is just getting underway.

Sunny skies
and beautiful racing weather

and by the way, l wanna give
a big Motor City welcome

to all the racing fans
who are in town today.

lf you don't have tickets
to the race, no problem.

We'll have details on how you can
win some coming up shortly.

- Just keep it right here on...
- ." Z95.5. ."

He's here.

Man, what the hell
you talking about?

He don't even
speak Japanese.

Look, we're
police officers, okay?

We're trying to find out who broke into
your building and made a mess here.

Now just bear with us.
We got a lead on a guy.

Have you ever seen
this guy before?

Yeah yeah yeah.
He was here a couple days ago.

l don't even know his name
and l don't know what he's done,

but whatever it is,
l don't want any part of it.

Look, just tell us
everything you know.

Yeah, don't leave anything out.

The Jap saw him.
He knows where the component is.

What did he say to you?
Did he give you something?

Hey, look, who are these guys?
These guys aren't cops.

- Organized crime--
- Do you ever shut up?

He gave it to you, right?
He left it here with you. Where is it?

Look, l told you,
l don't know anything.

- l don't even know his name.
- You better start talking.

Now l promise l won't hurt you
if you tell me what you know.

- Now talk!
- Listen, he was a strange dude.

He came in and rented one
of my bays to fix his car.

- What kind of car?
- lt was a Toyota.

- The rental!
- He put the component in the car.

lt was there
all the time.

l hate this part
of the business.

Back off!
Back off.

Your friend's gonna get it.
l'm not kidding.

Come on.

Cover me!

Come on!

Tony-san, behind us.

Hang on!


They're going to the car rental.
Come on.

l got a map here for you
just in case you get lost.

Nothing fancy now.
Just good solid transportation.

Thank you.

Just one moment, sir.

Excuse me. Excuse me.
Police business.

l want to know about a car
that was brought in yesterday.

We have many fine cars
available, sir.

No, rental cars brought
in from police impound.

- Economy or luxury?
- Toyota.

- You got a name on that?
- Oshima.


- O-C?
- Shi. S-H-l.

- You okay?
- l'm very sorry.

- You all right?
- l barely touched it.

- l didn't know it was gonna be heavy.
- Okay.

You'll be all right.

- My purse!
- Block the ramp!

Give me my purse,
you shithead!

Hey, get out of the way!

Move it or l'll blow
your head off.

Come on.

Get the prototype.

lnside here.

No, not here.

- Tony-san
- l'm okay.

Go! Go! Go!

- Get up.
- Go! Go!

Get out of here!

The other way!
The wrong way!


So tell me, what's going
to happen to Mr. Jarryd?

Oh, Jarryd?

Oh, he's got some kind
of immunity, as usual.

lf it was Japan he would
have to commit suicide

to save family honor.

Suicide? You do something
wrong in America

you don't commit suicide. You hire
the best lawyers money can buy

and then they murder
everybody else.


Come on, cheer up.
You're going home.

l no like go home.
Look at me, broken leg.

Maybe no career.
No prototype, no Oshima.

Not true. Oshima's
on the same flight you are.

Come on.
Lighten up.

l could get into a lot
of trouble for this.

You're not gonna
get in trouble

Look, just go to the house and l'll call you
tomorrow. All right? Just go home.

Look, a friend of mine
works in duty free.

l got you a little gift.

No, please.
l don't want gift.

ln America it's an insult
not to take a gift.


No Japanese home should
be without one of these.

The prototype.

- Arigato
- Don't flash it around.

Thank you very much,

But you, what kind
of police officer?

You bribe colleague.
You break, enter,

maybe steal
police evidence.

You make better crook
than cop.

Yeah, tell me about it.


Thank you very much.

But why for you do this?

Hey, it's more
Japanese junk to me, pal.

Japanese junk?

Hey, Natsuo.

ls this how they do it?

No, this how they do it.

- See you later, pal.
- Sayonara, my friend.