Cold Creek Manor (2003) - full transcript

Wanting to escape city life for the countryside, New Yorkers Cooper Tilson (Quaid), his wife Leah (Stone) and their two children move into a dilapidated old mansion still filled with the possessions of the previous family. Turning it into their dream house soon becomes a living nightmare when the previous owner (Dorff) shows up, and a series of terrifying incidents lead them on a spine-tingling search for clues to the estate's dark and lurid past...

Remember to reset the clock.


- Thank you.
- That's almost 8% up from last year.

Yeah, but that's a nationwide trend now.

What are you thinking? More cutbacks?

l'm not sure.
l'll know more after this afternoon.

l caught the last ten minutes of your
husband's documentary the other night.

Really interesting stuff.

l'll let him know. He'll be pleased.
lt's a real labour of love for him.

He was what? The director?

Yeah, director.

Producer. Writer. Voice-over.

- lt's real low-budget stuff.
- lt's hard to make a living in that business.

Oh, shit. Kids.

Up, up, up, up.

We're late. Your mom
forgot to reset the alarm again.

- Dad, these shoes hurt.
- Well, change them.


Pour your juice, Jesse.
Just pour your juice.

- Shit.
- Dad, where's Mom?

She's in Cincinnati or Chicago -
someplace like that.

Oh, my God, it's late.
l have to be at school early today.

- That's not gonna happen.
- Do they have a Niketown in Milwaukee?

Actually, l'm just gonna call Mom.

- Jesse, she is on an airplane.
- l'm leaving her a message.

Leah, l have to make a very big decision by
this evening, so let me ask you something.

What would you say if...

l offered you the VP slot?


Do l have to say yes right now?

- When do we have to be back?
- We're booked on the six o'clock flight.

Let's stay over...

and discuss this over dinner.

- Tell them l'm five minutes away.
- Dad.

l've got the presentation.
l'm ready to roll.

Look, l'm just around the corner.

- Dad, l really need my lunch money.
- All right, l've got it.

Cooper's office. Jesse speaking.

- Kiddo.
- Hey, Mom.

These new shoes are really hurting.

- OK, we'll go and get you some Vans.
- That's what you said last week.

Jesse, we gotta go.

- See you later. Bye.
- All right, hang on.

Bye, kids. Love you.
Give me a hug.

Hold your brother's hand going out.

Kristen. Hold your brother's hand.

- What are you doing? lt's almost 8.30.
- We ran a little bit behind today.

Someone forgot to reset the alarm...

- Jesse. No, don't go over that way.
- Why not?


Jesse, stop.

- Oh, my God.
- Cooper?

Oh, my God. Jesse?

We've gotta get out of the city.

How are we gonna do that?

- So what about my job?
- Take a year off.

Write a book.
You always wanted to write a book.

Mom, how can we afford
something so big?

We would get a lot of money
for our house in the city.

Big houses in the country cost a lot less
than tiny houses in New York City.

Plus, there are some houses
the bank has foreclosed on.

That means someone's ran out of money,
so the bank sell it at a really cheap price.

- That's screwed up.
- So is your attitude, young lady.

- l was reading the article.
- Sure you were.

l was.

Hi. Could you fill it up
with unleaded regular, please?


l'm gonna stretch.

- You want me to check the oil?
- That's OK.

Great weather.

Yeah, nice.

We're serving lunch.
Do you want me to tell you the specials?

That's all right, we already ate.

Mom, how many more of these stupid
houses do we have to see today?

This should be the last one.
l couldn't get it arranged to get inside,

so we'll just take a quick look
and then we'll be on the way home, OK?

- Promise.
- Where are you guys headed?

Cold Creek Manor.

So if we just go on down the road here,
are we going in the right direction?

Yeah, it's about a mile that way.


- Wow.
- Wow.

- Don't fool with that, OK?
- Look, it's unlocked.

Here, hold this.

- lt's unlocked.
- What are you doing?


Come on, let's take a look.
There's nobody here.


- Kristen, stay close to your brother.
- Stay together.


Kids. Once again, don't go far.

- We are about to break the law.
- Yeah, let's break the law.

We're just gonna look around
for two seconds, then we're outta here.

- Sorry.
- Thanks, Dad.

What are these?

Those are farming things.

- For what?
- For farming.

Yeah, Dad, we got that.

Buy this house, please.
lt's so cool. Can we?

l don't know.
What do you think, angel?

lt's pretty cool.

- Mom, what do you think?
- We'll see.

- We had no intention to break the law.
- No harm done.

l didn't know the property
was on the market yet.

Don't bother, young lady.
Mobiles do not function in Bellingham.

- Are you folks gonna buy it?
- We'd like to...

We're thinking about it.

Well, if you decide to buy,
better you than some guru and his cult.

We could do with
some new blood in the county.

- You kids put your safety belts on now.
- Seat belts.

OK, folks, take care.

Rather than cherry-pick
the odd nice piece,

l'm willing to make a generous offer
of 1 8,5 for the entire contents.

Excuse me, but l'm from New York, OK?

Go tell your father
l need him down here right now.

- Dad.
- Yeah?

- Mom needs you.
- ln a minute, Jesse.

- She said she needed you now.
- l'm busy right now, OK?

Stan, Declan, this way.

All right. Stan, put that box over there...


- All this goes, too?
- Yeah.

- l think so.
- What about this room?

Oh, God.
There's so many rooms in this place.

- Boy.
- lt's...


Maps and more maps.

''Hammerhand will find the weak

And hurl them down to rot and reek

Smash your skull and toss you in

Your pain is short, your blood runs thin

The strong are spared to breed and spawn

And graze around the devil's yawn.''

- What are you doing?
- Just going over all these papers.

- The kids are starving. You wanna go eat?
- Yeah, l'm hungry.

- Yeah, me too.
- Look at this.

- ls that this house?
- Yes, look at that.

- Wow.
- lt was taken in the '30s. Look at that car.

Aren't they great? Look at the yard.

- Doesn't look like that now.
- No, but it will again.

- Think so?
- After you mow it.

Let's go eat. l'm hungry.


- Kristen, hang up the phone and join us.
- Where'd you get your jacket?

- lt's Grady's.
- Hot drinks. Who ordered the tea?

- You ordered the tea?
- Yeah.

- Will you be wanting cream and sugar?
- l'll take some cream.

How do they have any right
to be dumping his stuff?

They bought it,
they bought everything in it, so...

So, they could rent a locker,
they could put it in storage.

And the cream. Great.

- Everything's... food's OK?
- Yeah, good.

- l'm Cooper, by the way.
- Ray Pinski. Great to meet you.

- This is Leah, Kristen.
- Hi.

- Jesse.
- Hello, Jesse.

- Hello, Kristen.
- Ray?

- My wife.
- l'm Ellen Pinski. Hi.

- This is our daughter, Stephanie.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Do you kids like horses?
- Mom.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Sure.

Stephanie has a horse,
and l think he needs feeding right now.

- Would that be OK?
- Yeah, sure.

- Cool.
- Kristen, why don't you go too?

Go on. Go.

l said go. Now.

Why don't you leave that cellphone here?
lf someone calls, l'll tell 'em where you are.

- They're at that age.
- lt's tough.

Kids love horses, though.

Basically, she loves cellphones. But l'm
hoping she'll move into horses eventually.

Come on. Sit down.

Are you...

Good, they're bonding with the Pinskis.

- ..five.
- Five.

- Then you're locals, huh?
- Well, l mean...

l wouldn't go that far,
but we've been here a long time.

Yeah, it takes time to get there. l mean,
we send everyone Christmas cards.

- The Christmas cards.
- But haven't got one back yet.

Now this is a bit of a sore point,
but l don't think it's anything personal.

Did you guys get a card?
l didn't get a card.

- l got two cards.
- You're kidding.

- l got a card.
- l didn't get a card. l'm so upset.

lt was about to fall down.
lt was empty.

Wait, you're putting money back
into the community.

- Money back into the community.
- Money back into the community.

- That's what we always say.
- Yeah, we always say that.

- How about that blue truck?
- Out front?

- Yeah. ls it for sale?
- Yeah.

- He wants the truck. You want the truck?
- l might, yes.

- We do?
- We need a second car.

- You gotta take it.
- lt is a good truck.

lt's a beautiful truck.
l'll do you a good deal.

- You better.
- l will.

OK, l want you to close your eyes.

l wonder what this could be.

Here comes the step.
Ready? Step.

Here comes another step.
Ready? Step.

OK, our neighbours are here.

- Hi, Ray. Ellen.
- Good morning.

What do you think Stephanie's holding?
Well, take a look.

Oh, my God.
You're the best.

- She likes it.
- What are you waiting for?

See her eyes? They just lit right up.

- Want some coffee?
- l'd love some.

- Come on in.
- She's so surprised.

- Hey, Ray.
- Good to see you.

OK, have fun.

This is my office.

- This is your office?
- Yeah.

- What's all this stuff?
- Things from the family that lived here.

- The family that lived here?
- The Massies.

Holy... What's this?
What's this, final days?

- This is a timeline of the Massie family.
- Ellen, look at this.

lt's incredible. That's incredible.
What a project.

- Well, it's what l do. l do documentaries.
- That's...

- What's this?
- That's the family that lived here before.

That's the pool.

lf you guys want a swim,
just come over to our pool.

- That's Grady.
- That's Lorna.

- Where'd you get that?
- These tapes?

- They were beautiful kids.
- They'll want that back.

- They can have it.
- You found the tapes here?

- They were in a closet.
- ln a closet?

- We bought the house and the contents.
- How much footage do you have?

Miles and miles.

Hammerhand will smash your skull.

And throw you down the Devil's Throat.

Hammerhand will...

Dad, thanks so much for Chester.
l really love him.

l don't want any present
for the next, like, five years. Seriously.

Yeah, l really believe that.

- l'm glad, honey. Are you happy here?
- So happy.

l really like Stephanie too.
We like the same kind of stuff.

What about Jesse? Think he's happy?

l think he's happy. But he's really into
Grady and all his old stuff.

Dad. There's a really, really weird guy
looking at all your stuff.


May l help you?

Excuse me.

l'm Dale Massie.
l used to live here.

- Cooper Tilson.
- Nice to meet you.

- This is my wife, Leah.
- Pleasure, ma'am.

- Hey, young man.
- That's Jesse and...

- Young lady.
- Kristen.

- Hi.
- Can l smell burning?

What's cookin'?

That was so tasty, Mrs Tilson.

Thank you.

OK. Speech time.

Kristen, Jesse, why don't you
go see how Chester's doing? OK?

- Chester?
- A pony.

How nice.

ls it all right if l smoke in here?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

lt's OK.


lt's OK.

l screwed up.

Bank took everything.

You bought it.

You're doing a great job.

This place is gonna be gorgeous.
Really gorgeous.

Look, Mr Massie...

- Dale. Please, call me Dale.
- Dale.

l feel... we feel bad.

And if there's anything in there that you
want to take, just go right ahead. lt's yours.

Please, don't feel bad.

A house is just a shell, right?

When you live in it for a while,
then things change.

Now it's yours.

l do have one question for you, though.

Do you know what
you're getting yourself into?

Restoring this house.


We thought that it would take about
two years to, you know, to get it kind of...

l just got outta jail.

Three years for an accident
that wasn't my fault.

l need a favour.

l'm asking you both for a break here.

l really need a job.

Now, l know this house
better than anybody.

l mean, l could help you fix it up.

We could start with that pool. l mean, that
is one beautiful pool out there, Mrs Tilson.

My grandmother put that in in 1 926.
You know that?

l mean, l could have you and the kids
in there by Friday at the latest.


l thought it needed relining.


Who told you that? That's nonsense.


Why don't we start out with the pool?

And then we'll see how it goes from there.

Thank you.

l think we're gonna be good friends.

l gotta use the rest room. May l?

Yeah, it's right out the hall and to...

Well, you know where it is.

No sweat, Mr Tilson.

Well, thanks again for dinner.

Yeah, sure.

Sleep well.

lt's gonna be great.

Maybe you should offer him a ride.

OK, be mean.

Where the hell is he going?

Back to prison.


Hello, stranger.



l was just making something to eat.


But l ran out of bread.


You want some iced tea?


- l think he's a creep.
- Kristen.

- Do we have to have him around?
- l told him that we'd see how it went.

- So we'll see how it goes, OK?
- Yeah.

- Are you ready, Dale?
- Yeah.


All right, kill it.

- Ready?
- Ready.

- No peeking.
- OK.

1 00, 99, 98,

97, 96...


67, 66...

52, 51 , 50.


Devil's Throat.

- You're it.
- l'm not playing.

- Sore loser, are we?
- Shut up.

Hammerhand will bash your skull
and throw you down the Devil's Throat.

Bash your skull. Bash your skull.

Shut up.

- Sorry to bother you, sir.
- Yeah?

We need to spend a little money
on the pump out there.

- Can l send one of the boys to the store?
- Sure, sure.

Just give me a second, OK?

No problem.


New York, New York, huh?

You got a lot of great equipment.

This room used to terrify me
when l was a kid.

lt was my daddy's study.

- How much?
- A couple of hundred max.

- Here.
- Thank you.

- What do you make of these?
- l don't know.

You're an historian, right?
What do you think they're for?

l have absolutely no idea.
What are they for?

They're killing hammers.

Back in the day,
when Cold Creek Farm was in its heyday,

they had 20,000 sheep here.

Come the season, they were slaughtering
1 ,000 a day. That's a lot of bullets.

So my grandfather and his blacksmith,
they designed these.

Pretty cool, huh?
Check this out. Look at the spike.

Straight into the brain.

Small little clean hole
right through the skull. Bam.

No bone splinters...

and no pain.

The design got better and better
over the years.

Then the bolt gun came out
and it became redundant.

There seems to be one missing.


Hell, what am l doing gabbing here?
We both have jobs to do, right?

- Hey, Mom.
- Hi.

- Come in.
- Yeah, the water's great.

- No.
- lf you'll get in, l'll clean my room.

You never will do that.

lt's really warm.

lt's nice in here.


- Nice job.
- Thank you, Mrs Tilson.

- lt's Leah.
- Like the jet, right?


We didn't know it was gonna be this hot.

l don't think your daughter
likes me very much.

Sure she does.
She's just a bit shy.

- She's a pretty girl.
- Yeah.

Just like her mama.

When do you get to see your children?

Not since the day their mother took off.

lt's a big country.

lf you wanna disappear...

you just disappear.

l'm sorry.
lt must be hard for you.

- Come on in.
- l don't know. Maybe later.

- Yeah, the water's fine.
- l got a lot of work to do.

Just fine.

So you did it.


lt was probably a foolish thing,
but couldn't resist.

And Dale Massie's working for you?


- Can l ask you something?
- Shoot.

Why was Dale in prison?

He had an accident with his car.
He ran some guy over and the guy died.

Massie was sent down for manslaughter.

lt was before my time here.
l was in the army.

- OK, can we go?
- Yeah.

- Have you met my sister?
- Hi, l'm Ruby.

Nice to see you.

Who was Theodore Massie?

Dale's father.

- Well, there's no record of his death.
- lt makes sense.

He's still with us - barely.
He's in the nursing home in Greensville.

He's a big asshole. There'll be
a public holiday when that guy dies.

Nice to see you.
Regards to your family.

Jesse, get out of the pool.

- Jesse, get out quick.
- Mom.

Get out.

- Are you all right?
- Take it easy, guys.

l got him.

He's harmless, guys.

l promise you, Mrs Tilson,
you don't need to be scared of this.

Triangle heads - those you gotta be
careful of. Those are poisonous.

This one here, twisting around,
this one here has got a straight head.

See, Jesse?
You can touch him, l promise you.

Feel his texture. Feel.

- Hey, Mr Tilson.
- Hi.

- You wanna hold him?
- Oh, God. No.

- He won't hurt a flea.
- No.

lf you're gonna live out in the country,
you can't be scared of all God's creatures.

lt's the heat that brings 'em out.

Come on, little fella.
l'll put you back where you belong.

Are you OK?
What happened?

There was a snake in the pool.
Jesse was right in the middle...

Yeah, l was right in the middle.
And then Dale came up and he got me...

Mr Massie.

Mr Massie, you got company.

He's awake.
He just needs time to revive.


- No, sir. My name is...
- Fixed that lower gate?

Mr Massie?

Them heifers get out,
a truck will kill one of 'em,

or hurt it bad enough
l'll have to put him down.

- Well, l'll be sure and check the gate.
- Do more than check, you little bastard.

Or l'll whip you so hard you'll shit blood,
you lazy good-for-nothin'.

Mr Massie.

l'm not Dale.

My name is Cooper Tilson and l'm
studying the history of Cold Creek Manor.

l was hoping that you could talk to me
about the place.

l don't talk to the government.

l'm not from the government, sir.

Chocolate cherries.

- Chocolate cherries?
- Chocolate cherries. Bottom drawer.

What are you waiting for, for Christ's sake?
Come on.

OK, l'll talk.

Wiped everything out.

Maybe we did cook the books
a little bit.

What the hell are you gonna do about it?

Nothing, sir.
That was a long time ago.

Bang went the hammer. Bang went the
hammer, till they were all dead. All of 'em.

- Who was dead?
- 1 0,000 sheep, in three days.

Bang. Next.
Bang. Next. Bang. Next.


He didn't have the stomach for it.
Poop, poop.

Yeah, didn't even kill it.

lt was wriggling on the floor, making noise.
l had to finish it off myself.

You see, you have to hold it like this,
you know.

Pop. One bang on the head.

lt's better than a bullet.
Cheaper, anyway.

Straight into the brain, dead.
Give me another cherry.

Fuck it.

Down the Devil's Throat.

No spine. That's what happens
when your mama's a whore.

Running off with any old cock of the walk.

Piss for brains as well.

They'll always be there, you know.

Thank the Lord.

Cold Creek Manor.

You know, Tammy, Grady... Lorna.

Give me another cherry.

l'm sorry, sir, they're all gone.

You little shithead.


Now, Mr Massie, what's all the yelling for?

- Thank you, Mr Massie.
- Give my regards to President Bush.

- l sure will.
- He means the older gentleman.

- Yeah.
- lt was lovely meeting you.

Thank you. You, too.

- Good luck with the house.
- All right.

Nice to have a visitor, Mr Massie?

- He's from the president.
- No, he's not. He bought your house.

What you saying, you stupid little bitch?

He owns Cold Creek Manor.

What? He owns...?



- Cock-a-doodle-doo.
- Oh, my God.

- Wake up, sleepyhead.
- Go lay an egg.

- Roosters are boys.
- Shut up.

- Wake up.
- Go away.

l'm gonna make breakfast.

- He makes his own breakfast.
- Morning, Dad.

Oh, my God.



- What?
- There's a snake in my room.

- Jess, be careful.
- Cooper.


Jesse? Oh, God.

Jesse? Oh, God.
Don't move.

- Why?
- There's a snake.

- Oh, my God.
- lt's the wire.

Come on.

Calm down.
Everybody, calm down.

- Up the stairs. Go.
- Go.

Go. Up, up, up.


The snake.


- Everything all right up there?
- No. There's snakes.

- Are you folks all right?
- There's snakes everywhere.

- We're coming up.
- There's snakes up here.

Hey, Chester.

Are you OK, Dec?
Jess is coming down.

- All right, Jess, you ready?
- No, l can't.

You're gonna be OK. My boys are
down there. Hang on to the side.

- We wanna get you out of the house.
- Sure?

You got him, Dec?

- Seriously, no more snakes?
- No problem, come on.

- You can do it.
- Hang on to my hand there.

All right, sweetie.
Hang on to the side.

- All right, Mrs Tilson, are you ready?
- Yeah. No.

You got to. l promise you.
We wanna get you out of the house.

- Hang on to my hands, OK?
- All right.

- Thank you so much.
- You're welcome.

Declan, meet her halfway, OK?

You OK?


- Go ahead.
- All right.

Coming down.
Mr Tilson, take it slow.

You all clear, Declan?

Honey, sweetheart,
they assured us there's no more snakes...

Hi, Dale.

There's more food if you're hungry.

No, thanks, Mrs Tilson.

l really came to say goodbye.

Where are you going?

Listen, l understand how you feel.

lt might have been more manly
to tell me to my face, though.

You're right.

And l apologise.


it was a pleasure meeting you all.

lt was a pleasure meeting you, Dale.

Great job, integrating with the locals.

lt's for the best.

The best for who? You?

- Maybe we should go feed Chester.
- Why?

Miller time.

Jesse, l've told you, like, 1 8 times
that's not what it means.

Then what does it mean?

l thought it was the right thing to do.

What is your problem with him?

That guy put the snakes in our house.

- Why would he do that?
- Because he still thinks this is his house.

- He wants us out.
- Come on.

l'm sorry, Cooper,
but l'm having trouble relating to this.

Well, you don't seem to have a hard time
relating to him.

Meaning what, exactly?

You know exactly what l'm talking about.

Dave Miller asked me to sleep with him.


Dave Miller?

Yeah. Dave Miller.

Hit on me on the aeroplane.

He offered me the VP spot, and then asked
me to spend the night with him in Chicago.

- What did you do?
- l moved out here with you.

l turned into
some 1 9th-century housewife.

Which was great for a while - it felt like
this weight was lifted off my shoulders.

You were the one who was supposed to
carry us through, but that is not happening.

- We're drowning here, and...
- No. That's not what l said.

l said, what did you do?

l said yes.

But then l called you on the phone...

and that was the day that Jesse
was very nearly killed by that car.

Cooper, that was a wake-up call for me.


that's why you agreed to
come out here, right?

- Hey, buddy.
- Ray. How are you?

l understand Steph and Kristen are gonna
go on a shopping spree with their moms.

Yeah. Look, can l buy you a drink?

- No, l gotta get back.
- One beer's not gonna kill you.


Look, Cooper, a word to the wise.
Be cool around here, OK?

- l didn't come here to start a war, Ray.
- Exactly.

All l'm saying is
come in, buy a round of drinks,

show there's no hard feelings
between you and Dale.

What do you say?

Come on, l'll buy you a beer.

Come on.

- Drinks on Mr Tilson.
- Thanks, Mr Tilson. Take care.

Take the shot, man.

Give me a kiss.

All right.

- Are you still buying?
- Yeah.

- What are you drinking?
- Vodkas.

- Two.
- Two?

One for me and one for you.

Right. Cheers.

Two more.

- lt's Cooper, right?
- Yeah.


You're a funny guy, Cooper.

- Yeah?
- Funny...

Here, let me help you with that.

Such a gentleman.

- Did you hear what l said?
- No, l didn't.


Don't fuck with him.

He'll rip your fucking head off.

You got another one of these?

lt's my birthday.

What do you say?

- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.

Another round.


One more.

No, not for me.

l gotta get going.

That is true, Mr Cityslicker.

Mr fuckin' Coop.

Get outta my face.

And get outta my home.

l know you put the snakes in my house.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Why don't you try and prove that?

Let me give you some advice.

Don't you ever...

come to my house again.

And if you harm one hair
on my family's head, l will kill you.

Did you hear that, Sheriff?
This man's threatening my life.

How much?


- l'm trying to play a game right now.
- You know...

You ever fucking shut up? You just
never shut the fuck up, do you, Ruby?

You're not a man.

- You're not a fucking man, Dale.
- You're gonna keep talking to me?

- Dale, don't.
- What are you doin'?

- Dale, stop it.
- Enough.

Back the fuck away, Massie.
Back up.

Step away.

l got enough to throw you back inside
for the next five years, you piece of shit.

- Annie.
- You touch my sister ever again,

l swear to God,
it'll be the last thing you ever fucking do.

Annie, he didn't touch me, OK?

l fell.
l've been drinking, and l fell.

He didn't touch me, OK?

You made your point.

- Are we done?
- Get the fuck outta here.


l'm fine. lt's not...



What happened to the car?
lt's, like, all bloody and broken.

Everybody's out there. Mom's out there.
She seems a little bit mad.

Did you have an accident?
Did you hit something?

Did you hit another car?
What happened?

- What did you hit?
- lt was a deer.

l couldn't stop.
lt jumped right in front of me.

- Must have been doing quite a clip.
- What happened to you?

- Mom. Dad. Come here.
- What?

Hurry up, there's something over here.
Come on.

- What's going on?
- What's wrong?


What is it?

Oh, my God. Cooper.

- Chester.
- You killed my pony.

- No...
- Kris, wait up. Wait for me.

- Oh, my God.
- No. Kristen.

You want us to take care of this, Mr T?

l didn't do this.

l didn't hit the pony. l...

Just leave her alone. She's crying.

lt was Dale.

Last night at the bar there was this thing.

- lt was a fight. And Dale and l spoke...
- Were you drinking?


But l did not kill Chester.

How many?

So you were drinking, and you hit a deer.

- You were absolutely sure it was a deer?
- Yes, l was absolutely sure it was a deer.

You have got to believe me.

Last night Dale would have killed Stan
if the sheriff hadn't drawn a gun on him.

And he punched out his girlfriend.
lf the sheriff hadn't been there...

Let's get outta here. Right now.

Whatever is happening.


We promised we would never
put these kids at risk.

Let's just go back.

Go back to what?

We already sold the house.
There is no place to go back to.

This is our house.

So what?
You're not gonna do anything about this?

l didn't say that. l'm gonna talk to him, and
l'm gonna give him an unofficial warning.

l'll tell him to keep off your property.
Hopefully, that will cool things off.

That will not do a damn thing.

Then maybe you should
take your family back to the city.

l will not be intimidated by a thug.

You have it your own way, Mr Tilson.
l am just trying to help here.

Why don't you call me
when you got something to show me?

- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, son.


Listen, honey.


l know you think
that l did a terrible thing.

l swear to you, l didn't do it.

On my life, honey, l didn't do it.

Dad wouldn't kill Chester.

- And he'll probably kill whoever did it.
- All right, that's enough, Jesse.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

Dad, who would do such a horrible thing?

- Hey, fellas.
- Hello.

ls that you, Janice?
My, you're looking good.

Dale Massie. Now when are we gonna
have the pleasure of your company?

Soon. l've just been so busy
sorting everything out at the house.

- Right.
- Are you walking?

He seems like a nice man, Mr Tilson.

He's married, Janice.
He's got kids.

l didn't mean like that, Dale.
l just meant he seems like a nice guy.

So you met him?
Where at?

He came by to visit your father
the other day.


He was making a documentary
about the house,

wanted to ask some questions.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

You are a piece of work, man.

Accusing me of trespassing.

Did l say anything when it was my house?

When l was in jail and you were caught
red-handed, going through the place,

did l say anything?
No, l didn't.

l didn't say a goddamn thing.
l wouldn't do that.

Not what l'd do.

He had all my personal photographs.

Lorna and the kids.

All laid out on the table.
On bulletin boards.

Real personal stuff to me.

Ruby, can l get a check, please?

Ain't it cool?
You come tap-dancing in here,

you grab the property out from under a guy
who's late on a few payments.

Guess what he paid
for the property and the contents.

Joe, take a guess.
What do you think it was worth?

- Your place is about the same size.
- A million, five?

Try 21 0 grand.

How about that?

How much are you getting
for that movie about my family?

Don't worry. l'll be sure and buy the DVD
with that $50 l got for fixing your pool.

l mean, here l am,

l'm doing my level best
to try and be a good neighbour, right?

And you accuse me of being
some kind of sadistic prick.

Well, l guess you're just trying to protect
your family the best way you can.

But when l've done wrong, l own up to it
like a man and l set things straight.

That's what l do, Cooper.

- Let's go.
- We'll have our time. This isn't it.

l think you're full of shit, Cooper. Why don't
we go outside right now, you and me?

- Hit him, Dad. Knock his brains out.
- Jesse.

When your man starts pointing fingers,
he'd better be ready to back it up.

Ruby. l got no beef with Mrs Tilson.

- Go out to the car.
- Kristen, get in the car.

lt's that motherfucker right there
that's pissing me off.

Hammerhand will smash your skull.
Hammerhand will bash your brains.

Throw you down the Devil's Throat.

He killed his children.

l want you to get the kids outta here.
l want you to take 'em back to the city.

- What?
- To New York. Just get 'em outta here.

- Stay with Tina.
- No. You have to come.

Look, just pack enough clothes for
a couple of days. l'll come as soon as l can.

- What?
- l just have to find...


- l have to find more...
- What?

More evidence.

Bye, Dad.

Bang went the hammer. Bang went
the hammer, till they were all dead.

Cold Creek Manor.

Always there.

Tammy, Grady... Lorna.

Straight into the brain, dead.
Give me another cherry.

Fuck it.

Down the Devil's Throat.

Jesus Christ.

- What is the Devil's Throat?
- l have no idea.

Mr Tilson, this here,
this is all circumstantial.

This won't hold up in a court of law.

You think they're buried somewhere
on your property. Which is how big?

1 200 acres.
l'll search every inch of it if l have to.

Well, there are two issues here.

Both are relating to Dale Massie.

Now he's a piece of shit, all right?

But l don't think he's a murderer.
l don't wanna believe it.

l don't wanna believe that he murdered
his wife and his two small kids.

But, l mean, he is onto you.
You have absolutely pissed him off.

And you should be careful.

So here's what l'm gonna do.

l'll give you a walkie.

lt's a secure channel.

Keep it with you.
And if you need anything, you just holler.

l'm gonna check in with you
on a regular basis.

l will check this all out, just to be sure.

Johnny Roth
does everybody's teeth around here.

l'm gonna run that engine number,
all right?

All right.

- Hey, Mom?
- Got it.

- Cooper.
- Hi.

So you made it.
Everyone OK?

l am so close, l swear.
Then everything is gonna be all right.

Cooper, this is destroying all of us.

Leah, do you remember in the diner
when Jesse shouted something at Dale -

something about the Devil's Throat?

Do you remember that?
l need to talk with him about that.

Cooper, we can't drag the kids into this.

They've been through enough.
They're traumatised.

Just this one thing. lt's the key
to everything. lf l can find...






Sheriff Ferguson, come in.

Sheriff Ferguson, can you read me?

Hi, Mr Tilson.

Listen, something strange.
My phone just went down.

ls your phone working?

Yeah, it is. But maybe not for long -
we got a storm blowing in. Listen.

l ran that Honda number, and it matches.
That's Lorna's car all right.

Now, don't get too excited.
lt's just circumstantial.

Yes, but maybe l'm not crazy?

- Possible?
- Anything's possible.

l'll swing by later on. Over.



- We have to talk to you.
- Sure.

Show her.

You fixed that front gate?

Yes, sir.

l took care of it on Tuesday.

l've put in three new hinge bolts.

She's good as new.

And look.

l brought your favourite.

- You're lying.
- Sir?

You lost the farm.

Where'd you hear a crazy thing like that,
sir? That's not true.

Here, have a chocolate.
l got the ones with the dark choc...

Don't you lie to me, boy.

You're the corrupt spawn
of your whoring mother.

l saw it. l saw you.

Shut up, please.

Please, just shut up.

l saw everything.

Everything you did.

She told you she was leaving you
and taking the kids.

They weren't even your kids.

You couldn't even make babies.


You're not even a man.

Not even a man.

You couldn't kill an animal...

but you killed them.

What did you do with the bodies, boy?

l buried 'em, sir.

ls that what you did, boy?


Are you ready for a cherry, sir?

l'll get you a good one.

Here you go, Pop.

You've got a little chocolate here.

She was doing it with everyone.

You hear me? With everyone.
She told me.

With everyone.


Oh, my God.


Leah? Are you all right?

l know where it is.

- What?
- The Devil's Throat.

The kids found it when we first moved in.

l got two speeding tickets
trying to get here.

l'm so sorry l didn't believe you.

God, we have brilliant children.

Yes, we do.

- Annie. l'm going for a smoke.
- All right.


This is Sheriff Ferguson.
l had a question for Dr Roth.

No, l understand.
Are you his assistant?

What l wanted to know was did he treat
the Massie children, Tammy and Grady?

Look, there's an edge.

Take this off. Help me lift it.


Oh, my God.

Oh, Jesus.

Annie, l'm here.

- Hey, Rose.
- Hi, Ruby.

l don't know. She must have stepped out.

l'm gonna lower the video camera,
see what's down there.

lt's on.


You know, it's getting dark.
Maybe we should come back tomorrow.

Five more minutes. All right?
Then we'll go.

Night vision.

OK. Hold the light.



OK. lt's down.

Wait. l saw something. Go back.

- Where?
- Just back a few frames.

- What's that?
- Oh, my God.

- Do you read me?
- Yes, Sheriff, l read you.

We've found the Devil's Throat.
They're down there, the bodies.

l'm at the house. Where are you?

We're close by.
Listen, just take the back road.

Cut across the first field and you're gonna
see my pickup truck. l'll come meet you.

OK. Over.

Sheriff, l don't see you.

Oh, my God.

Sheriff, do you read me?
What is your position?

Devil's Throat, Mr Tilson.

Hi, Leah.



Hang on.

Cooper, it's Dale.
Look out.



You're gonna be all right.

Grab that vine.

l'm here, honey. l'm here.
l'm not gonna let you go.

Cooper, he's up there.

Don't worry about that.
Just get out of here.

Take another step, honey.

That's it.

Come on, honey.
Grab the rope.

Keep holding the rope.

That's it.

Come on, baby.

l got you.

Come on.

We'll take the Jeep.
We'll get to a payphone.

Call the Sheriff.

l saw them. l saw them in there...

Oh, my God.

Son of a bitch.

Let's get in the house.

What are we gonna do?

Let's have a look at your ankle. Come on.

Get on the table.

Let me see it. ls it cut?



You motherfucker.

Give me the flashlight.
Go upstairs. Hide.

Come on, motherfucker.


lt's me.

Let's go this way.

You scared the shit out of me.

- Open it.
- lt won't open.

Come on.

You guys should have stayed in New York.

This isn't a place for you.
You know nothing about farming.

Dale, what are you doing?
What do you want?

lt's a little too late for want, Leah.

''Do'' is something, though.
What am l gonna do?

l'm gonna smash both your skulls in
and throw you down the Devil's Throat.

That's what l'm gonna do.

How did you like it down there, huh?

Did you see my family down there?
Did you meet them?

Are you gonna throw those at me?

Try and hit me.


No good, Cooper.

l could have fucked her
any time l wanted to.

Just like the rest of 'em.
Bunch of fucking whores.

Did l hear a bone crack, Coop?

Let me tell you what's gonna happen.

lt's only fair that you should know.

lt's gonna be real quick, real painless.

A blow to each one of your heads, then l'm
gonna throw your bodies down that hole.

l got a question for you, though.

Do you think l'm nuts?

- Quick, yes or no?
- No.


l got another question. Yeah.

You know what?
Fuck it, let's just do this.

Get up. l said get up now.

Got anything you wanna say?
Any last words?


Keep it tight, Leah.

Looking for this?

Keep those legs down.

What's the matter, Dale?
Did l hear a bone crack?

- How does it feel, Dale?
- You fuck.

Get out of my house.