Cold Around the Heart (1997) - full transcript

Lovers Ned and Jude snatch a lot of diamonds in a jewelry store holdup, leaving three dead bodies. Ned is captured, but soon escapes and vows revenge on Jude, who pushed him out of their escaping car. Ned is joined in his search for Jude by female hitchhiker Bec.

WOMAN: I'll tell you
what I know.

Most of it, I was there for.

Some of it's the way
I heard later.

The rest is just the way
I figure it happened.

-(motor roaring)

-He's gaining on us.
-I'm flooring it!

This motherfucker
is gaining on us!

I got it wide open.

Ned, we're not gonna
make it, are we?

-Are we?

I don't want to go down
like this.

It's over, Jude.

(horn honks)

(tires squeal)


JUDE: Ned!

WOMAN (on PA):
Dr. Ugida to Cardiology.

Dr. Ugida to Cardiology.

If you do go in,
don't be too long.

Jesus, you
look like shit.

I mean, no offense.
You really look bad.

I heard they dumped you
on the road,

I figured, "All right,
so you got fucked up,"

but you look like shit.

Who are you?

Habbish, your lawyer,

You know,
if you don't have
or can't afford,

then one will
be appointed for you.
Well, I'm the one.

Is that swelling
gonna go down?


What? Are you kidding?
Representing you

makes me a celebrity
by association.

This is a small town,
Mr. Tash,

and you're the biggest thing
to happen around here

since old lady
Washington went crazy,
stripped naked,

and spent 45 minutes
on her roof singing,

"Daddy, Don't You
Walk So Fast,"
and that was what?

That was like back in, uh...
I don't know, like '80, '83.

-Are you gonna
eat that Jell-O?
-What do you want?

Well, you got
a hearing scheduled,

so we gotta
figure out how
you want to plea.

I didn't do anything.

Well, there
are three dead bodies
that will say otherwise.

I didn't kill those people.

Look, when
we go to court,

you can lie to
the judge, the jury,
Buddha, God,

your crystals,
whatever you believe in,
but I'm your lawyer.

I'm the one that you
tell the truth to,
all right?

That is if you're not
too tired of living.

So, why'd you do it?

(train signal clangs)

(train whistle blows)

You know, I went down
to the crime scene
to have a look around.

I was fascinated.
Like I said,

this kind of thing
just doesn't
happen around here.

So, anyway, so I'm
down there, you know.
I'm looking around,

and after I get done vomiting,
I ask myself,

"What kind of a sick
fuck gets involved with
something like this?"

You know, the jewelry,
that I can understand,
but the rest,

what was it, Tash?

What makes a man
go so wrong?

(Jude moaning)

-(high-pitched squealing)

Oh, come on.
Come on now. What?

-I was just thinking.

What if God and Jeannie
got in a fight?


You know the genie
from I Dream of Jeannie?

What if she got
in a fight with God.
Isn't that funny?

Isn't that funny?

-You motherfucker.


You're doing it
again, Jude.

-You're laughing in bed.

Oh, I wasn't laughing
at you.

You weren't
thinking about me.

Of course I was
thinking of you.

I'm always thinking of you.

Sometimes my head
is so full of you

I think the only way
to empty it is
by killing myself.

You want to hear
something funny?

You want to hear
something funny?

You and me together,
that's funny.

Jesus, I was just kidding.

Relax a little, would you?
You are-- you are so tense.

Let's do it again.

Shit. No.

JUDE: One more time?
I want it to be perfect.


Hit the shop at 2:30,
slowest part of the day,

only three employees,
smash and grab,

gives the cops only
three minutes to respond.

No security cameras,
no fancy alarms.
(chuckles) Small towns...

These people would smile
at you while you're stealing
their teeth,

and they'll point out
the ones you missed.

We take what we want,
and we head back west.

Mm-mm. Mm-mm.
No back west.

The most depressing year
of my life.

-I'm not going back there.
-We have to.

There's a guy there that can
fence this stuff for us.

It's not like moving
color TVs.

You know, there's only
a handful of guys in this
part of the country

that can handle
what we're bringing in.

You made it there a year.
You can stand it--

-It's gonna rain tomorrow.
-It will not rain!

It's going to
fucking rain tomorrow!

I'm not doing a job
in the rain.

Too many things
can go wrong, so put it
out of your mind.

And we should
do what instead?

Whatever we want.
We've got the money.

-It's not enough.
-We've got enough
to get started.

Everything that
we've talked about,
we have enough money.

And then what?

Find what? Some job?
Punch a clock?

Do my eight and go home
to four gray walls?

Ha! No, thanks.

I've tried that.
It's too slow.

Ned, $250,000, that's
what we're talking about,

a quarter of a million
sitting no place--

NED: And then?
That's it, right? The end.

JUDE (overlapping): $250,000.

Nothing will go wrong.

After this,
we walk away for good.

-That's it, right? The end.
-Do this for me.

JUDE: It's once in a lifetime.

Just you and me,
straight down the line.

Well, let's do it
one more time.

HABBISH: She's no good.
Rotten like garbage in July.

-Mm-hm. I know.

Well, now, but not then.

No. I knew she was
no good then, too.

It didn't matter.
I left Brice
to be with Jude.

-My ex.

She put a bullet in Jude's leg
as a going-away present.

We're tied together
like that.

Jude is smart, tough,
good in bed.

Great in bed.

And good with a gun.

A woman like that
is just about perfect.

Sure, and why give her up
just 'cause she's crazy?

-How bad is it?
-Armed robbery, triple homicide.

Hell, getting dumped on the
highway probably violates
three traffic laws.

You'll get
the death penalty.

I figure you got, what?
Eight years to live.

Thank God for appeals, huh?

Anything else
I can get you?

A phone.

A phone I can do.

I don't know
who you're calling,

but unless it's God...

...I wouldn't waste the dime.

(doorbell buzzes)



(resumes buzzing doorbell)

You want something?

Johnny Costello--
he around?

Johnny Coke Bottles?

No. He ain't here.

I-- I was supposed
to meet him.

I guess it don't matter.
He ain't here.

What time
will he be back?

Four days.
I don't know, maybe five.

Days? What do you
mean, days?

I was supposed
to meet him today, now.

Yeah. You said.

I said he ain't here!

Where the hell
did he go?

Look, I ain't
his fucking secretary!


I gave him a sedative.
He'll sleep for a while.

(chatter on PA)

(door closes)

GUARD: Open the door!

Damn you, Tash!
What are you doing?

Open this door!


It's in the back,
so it's quiet.

You've got your privacy.

That's the bedroom.

Clean. But you can see that.

Got a kitchenette.
Clean, too.

I don't rent a hole
in a wall.

Most people rent
their rooms out cheap

take care of them.

Just 'cause they're cheap
don't mean they can't--

I'll take it.

How long do you
want it for?

Five days most.
If I'm lucky, not even.

Charge by the week.

You can stay five, but
you gotta pay for seven.

In advance.

Thank you, sir.
You'll not soon regret it.

That is a real fine car.

Nobody builds them
like Ford,

doesn't matter
what year.

Real fine.
Built Ford tough.

Happy driving.


You got out-of-state papers?




(brakes squeal)

NED: Where you heading?


Just west.
Get in.

Girl like you shouldn't
be hitching rides.

You never know what...


...what kind of people
you're gonna meet.

Where to?
Just put your hands
on the wheel and move.

You're the boss.

-MAN: Yeah?

I'm looking
for Coke Bottles.

Who wants him?


(lock buzzes)

MAN: Well, lookit here.

What's a fine piece
of work like you

doin' in a place
like this?

That's cute.
Did you come up with
that shit yourself,

or did you steal it
from a greeting card?

That's my own
special brand of talk.

Like it?
Make you hot?

I'm having an orgasm
as we speak.

Where the hell you been?

I've been here every day
for the last five
looking for you.

I don't suppose
it's because I'm
the love of your life

and you want to
get with me?

I could lie if it would
make you feel better.

And I bet you could
make me believe it, too.

Not that I'm not
enjoying this, but--

Ah, Johnny Coke Bottles.

Nobody loves him
till they got
something hot to move.

Good quality.

Nice cuts.

You picked a good
assortment, too.

Oh, yes, ma'am.

These will
get you top dollar.

-And I won't touch them.

You need me to
Helen-Keller it for you?

I won't touch them.

You just said
they'd move at top-dollar.

Three bodies back
at the jewelry store,

and every mother's son
is looking for these pieces.

They got blood
all over them.

Whoever gets caught
passing these

is gonna be looking
at hard time.

Coke Bottles don't
have any hard time
left in him.

Yeah, really?
Well, we had a deal.

You're gonna
fence these for me!

Murder wasn't part
of the deal, princess.

Coke Bottles
don't do murder.

Now, you come back when
those have cooled off.

Maybe six months.

Six months is too late.

Now is when
I need the money.

(chuckles) Yeah.

I'll bet you do.

Yeah, I read the papers.

You left your friend
a short rope to hang by.

You don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

Only he gets out
from under the law.

And I guess you figure
the first thing
he's gonna do

is come gunning for you,

and I'm guessing
you figure right.

Take your rocks
and go, sweet cheeks.

Come see me
in six months.

If you're still alive.


Now, unless
there's something else

Coke Bottles
can do for you...


Yeah, there is something
that Coke Bottles
can do for me.

Coke Bottles can give me
the fucking money.

(gun cocks)

Oh, that's
my sister's boy, Everett.

Dumb as a box of hair.
Only good for two things:

moving furniture
and killing people.

Put it down.



Let's you and me
talk about these jewels.

Where are you going?
Where are you going?

-I gotta take a leak.
-Keep driving!

-I have got to take a leak.
-Keep driving!

We have been at this
for a couple
of hours now.

I am tired and hungry,
but I let that slide, okay?

If you don't go now,
I'm gonna kill you.

Right now, I gotta
take a leak.

So if you're
gonna shoot me,
go ahead and shoot me.

Because one way or another,
I'm gonna take a leak.

Don't get out of
the fucking car, man!

Come on.

Hold it!

Hold it! I'm serious!

God damn it! Hold it!


Have you ever killed
anybody before? Hmm?

That's a pop gun.
You're gonna have to get
a lot closer than that.

You're pointing
at my chest.

That's a .22.
It hits like a bee sting.

Point it at my head.



Now, pull the trigger.

Pull the fucking trigger!


See? No guts.

(grunts, gasps)

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit. I didn't know
it was loaded, man.

I swear to God.
I'm sorry.

Well, it was loaded,
wasn't it?


It was loaded!

(Tash urinates)

And you are
a stupid bitch.

Wait, where you going?

You can't just leave me
here, man. I'm pregnant.


-(cries out)
-Come here. What's this?

Look at this.
What's this, Mommy?

You're not
fucking pregnant.

You're not pregnant.

Come on, man. You can't
just fucking leave me here.

If you are coming,
let's go!

You got a name?


Let me ask you
a question, Bec.

What would you do
a stupid thing

like going and pulling
a gun on me for?

(sighs) I don't know.
I just--

Look, you're gonna
have to stop crying
and give me an answer.

If you wanna
stay in this car,
you gotta stop crying.

I don't know. I just--
you know, hitchhiking
is dangerous,

and, you know, I figured
I should pull a gun
before somebody else does.

Pretty stupid move,
though, huh?

And this pregnancy thing.
You think that was
gonna fool anybody?

Nobody would hurt
a pregnant woman, right?

No. I know men that
would rape you because
you were pregnant,

and if you were
blind and in church,
it'd be better.

Oh, fuck, man, you're
not gonna hurt me, are you?

I want to know what
you're hitching rides for.

I was running away.

From what?

-What do you care?
-This is not about
what I care.

I'm asking you why you
were hitching rides for.

No. What do you care, okay?


(tires screeching)

-Get out.
-Hey, man, this is
the middle of nowhere.

Get out!

Come on, you
cannot leave me here.

Please, all right?

Please don't leave me here.

What were you
hitchhiking for?

Because my father is a drunk,
and he beats me, okay?

Every night
he gets drunk.

He comes home,
and he beats me...

Or, you know...

Does he touch you?

No, he doesn't
touch me, man,
he fucks me.

He fucks me.

-I'm sorry.
-What are you sorry for?

-Are you sorry you asked?
-I'm sorry. No. I'm sorry.

You know what
it's like to be used.

You don't know
what it's like
to be violated!

No, I'm just sorry.

I sympathize
with your position.

"I sympathize," yeah.
What do you know?

There's a--
there's a woman...

...out there that
I pulled a job with.

And she... pushed me
from a speeding car

in the middle
of a highway

to take the rap
for three murders
I didn't commit

while she escapes with
a quarter of a million
dollars in jewels.

WOMAN: All right.
So you do know what
it's like to get fucked.

(register ringing)

Let's go.

Wait. I've never
been anywhere, man.

I wanna get pictures
of everything.

Then take a picture
of me blowing out
of here.

You think I'm kidding?

(revs engine)

(camera clicks)

There's a Coke in there
for you, too,

a sandwich,
whatever you want.

Where were you headed?
I mean, you were running away.

-Where were you headed?
-(can pops open)

I don't know.
Anyplace, man.

(voice echoing) Anyplace
is better than where
I've been, right?


If you were running away,
where would you go?

I don't know.
I'd go to Canada.

-I'd go to Canada.


Because I've been up there,
and it's beautiful:

wide open spaces,
not a lot of people
crowding you.

You get free healthcare
from the government,
which is good.

You've just got to be
a citizen to get it.

Oh, yeah? And how
would you do that?

The best way
is to marry a Canadian.

(chuckles) You would?

-Yes, ma'am.
-I, uh...

I guess that wouldn't
happen to me.

-Why not?
-Why would it?

You're a pretty girl.

Oh, yeah. Right.


So what happened when you
robbed that jewelry store?

-I was just curious.

What happened.

I don't know.
I don't know
what happened.

I don't know, you know?

It was going as planned,
no problem.

I was heading
out the door,
and then Jude--

That's the girl,
your partner?


Yeah. That's Jude. Jude.

Jude starts blasting.

Three people in the store,
kills them all.

She didn't
have to do that.

She didn't have
to do that.

That brought the cops.

We take off,
they give chase.

Next thing I know,
I'm chewing
on some asphalt

while old Jude is
tearing up the highway,
a free woman.

She just shot three people
for no reason?

I guess Jude
doesn't need a reason.

(sighs) So you're gonna
go and find her?

I'm gonna find her.

I don't care
how long it takes.

I'm gonna hunt her down
and kill her.

You must really
like her, man.

You must really
like her.


Well, I mean, that
is not something you do

because you hate
a woman, you know,

just because
she did you wrong.

You don't hunt
the world for her.

I know I never had
anybody like me so much

that they wanted
to hunt me down.

That's heavy.


Weird, man.

You are weird.

-No, I'm not.
-You're weird.

You just like her.
You like her a lot.

Have a sandwich,
would ya?

(both laughing)

(camera clicks, whirs)

MAN: Hey, Tom, how you doing?

Pick you up another .22?

TOM: I was
thinking about it.

What's the deal
with these?

MAN: They call them
cop killers,

but they're good
on squirrels, too.

TOM: Thanks so much,

TRAVIS: Y'all take
care now. Bye-bye.

Well, how are you
this evening, miss?

Good. Can I help you
with anything?

I want to buy a gun.

Uh, hunting rifle?

-Would this be for yourself?

I, uh... lost mine.

I don't feel safe
without one.

Handguns do make
the best protection.

Now, this here-- now, this
is a very nice model.

It's light.
It's got a hair-trigger,

which makes it easy
for a lady to use.

And it fits comfortably
into a purse or handbag.

Isn't that cute?

Let me see
this Smith & Wesson.

Oh... (chuckles)
Well, that's a big gun.

I don't think
you want a big gun.

This here's a small gun.

What are you,
Captain Kangaroo?

Smith & Wesson, please?

Smith & Wesson,
15-round mag

with one in the chamber.


I know. Nice.

I'll take it
and the Beretta.

Well, now, you know there's
a 20-day waiting period?

Twenty days?

It's the goddamn liberals,
that what it is.

It's the goddamn liberals.

I can't wait 20 days.

Well... there really
isn't anything
I can do about it.

But I-- I just don't
feel safe without a gun.

I understand.
Believe me, I do,


Well, of course,
rules were meant
to be broken, huh?

I think I'm gonna
like it around here.

(crickets chirring)

♪ I can't see me
lovin' nobody but you ♪

♪ For all my life ♪

Wake up.
We're here.

Wake up.

Uncle Mike!

Son of a bitch! Ned!

I didn't think
I'd be seeing you
anytime soon.

I heard what happened.

Hell of a thing,
getting caught like that.

Hey, man,
nice to see you.

-Been too long.
-Jesus, it's good to see you.

-It's good to see you!
-You, too, man. You, too.

And who's this
pretty thing?

I'm Bec.
It's nice to meet you, sir.

Hi. Call me Uncle.
We're all family here.

Real nice. That's yours?

No, she's not anybody's.
She's just along for the ride.

Ah, well, sure glad you
made it through okay.

I thought we lost you
this time.

Me, too.

Well, come on in
out of the dark.

Come on, see if I can't
fix you some, uh...

I think I got some chili
might still be good.

(chatter on TV)

-Be careful now.

There. Spoon that in you

and see how
it makes you feel.

MIKE: Heavenly father,
bless this bountiful feast
we are about to receive

for which we are
forever thankful.

Bless those, too,
who are not here today
to share our tidings.

Keep them until we
may be with them.

We ask this in the name
of Jesus Christ. Amen.



Oh, hey, Ned.

I got something for you.

Might need that
down the road.

Thanks, Mike.

-Hey, Mike.
-(gun clicks)

Are you really
Ned's uncle?

(both laughing)

Oh, no.

No, I just--
I know him and Jude
from way back.

I met them
in a doughnut shop
in Albuquerque.

Santa Fe.

Santa Fe.

We're having some
crullers and coffee

when them two walk in
and decide to rob
the place.

-NED: Jude's idea.
-Well, whoever.

They pulled their guns,
and they started acting

-like a low rent
Bonnie and Clyde.
-Shit. What happened?

What do you think happened?
They tried to rob
a doughnut shop.

They had more cops
on them than a black man
in Birmingham.


Mike got us out.

Oh, yeah?
What'd you do?

I felt bad for the kids.

I know what it's
like to be in over
your head like that,

so I pulled my piece
and started blasting.

Shot our way out.

Was anybody hurt?

Cop got killed.

You killed a cop?

I didn't say that.

Cop got shot.
There was a lot
of lead flying.

I think another cop
shot him.

MIKE: well, you know,
I always said,

ain't the wild west
out there.

Got to know the score
going in.

That's where Jude
fucked you up.

She shoots first,

and she doesn't even bother
asking questions.

And you,
you just go along,

dragging your tongue
in the dirt
right behind her.

Oh, boy. A lot
of wise talk

for an old man
sitting on his ass
out here alone, Mike.

You weren't there.
You don't know how
we had it worked.

Well, I know exactly
how you worked it.

Jude told me
all about it.

She was here,
you know.

on her way west.

Bad call, Ned.

Three people dead,
and you left to take
the fall.

Once you thought
with your head
instead of your cock.

You wouldn't let that girl
sucker you in.

It's the same
as you let Brice
sucker you along.

Face it, Ned. Some men are born
smart about women

and some
are born stupid and.... were born stupid.

Love you
like a brother, Mike,

but do yourself
a favor.

Never call me stupid again.

(telephone rings)


Ned, did you really
kill a cop?

I told you what happened.
I didn't kill anybody.

Somebody did.

Doesn't that bother you?

Uh... we are not kids
playing games here.

This is real, and if you're
going to hang with us,

you better get
with that real quick.


Ned, it's for you.


Hey, Ned.


I figured you'd stop
at Uncle Mike's.

How are you?

My head's a little sore,
but I'm okay.

How about you?

I'm good.

That dead cop
got to you?

It's just Ned doesn't
seem like the type
of person

that would
kill somebody.


I'm gonna kill you for this.

the killing kind.

If it's their back
against the wall,

they'd pull the trigger, too.

The only difference
between Ned and most people

is he's already
had to do it.

So what's it like,
pulling a job?

Is it fun, exciting?

Only the amateurs
do it for the jazz.
See, a good job--

Oh, you gotta have it figured,
every step of the way.

You come up with 50 ways
you could get caught,

you're still short
by 200.

It's a skill,
but that is the beauty of it.

It's not the thrill
of pulling a robbery,

it's the satisfaction
of a job well-done.

Ned, it isn't like you think.

You didn't leave me
for the cops?

What was I supposed to do?
Who would it have helped

if I'd gone down, too?

But you-- you got it
for him, don't you?


Have I got it
for him?


Maybe. (chuckles)

Your boyfriend
would be awfully jealous
if he could hear you.

Yeah, my boyfriend.
I don't have
a boyfriend.

A pretty girl like you
with no boy?

That don't seem right.

We could've been together.
You don't want to be together?

Would you have stayed
for me?

Three dead bodies
and a sackful of jewels
by your side?

Would you have stayed?

What's that, Ned?
I didn't hear you.

Where are you? Hmm?

Jude, make it easy
on yourself

and tell me
where you are.


Jude, I want you to listen
to me very carefully now.

I am going to find you
and kill you.

-Did you hear me?

I am going to find you
and kill you.

Yeah, operator,
I need to make
a long distance call.

So what is she like?


Now, she got--
she got her good points.

She's smart,

but dangerous,
like a stray bullet.

Women are no good
to have around--

Oh, I shouldn't have
said that in front of you,

but that is
the way it is.

Women are
nothing but trouble.

And Jude is as bad
as they come.

I wouldn't
turn my back on her

if she was two-days dead.

She couldn't be
that bad.

Ned wouldn't like her
if she was.

Maybe she wasn't
always that way.

Maybe she's just
a good girl gone bad.

She was born bad.

Nobody had to teach her
anything about it.

That would be like
giving a kangaroo
hopping lessons.

No, Jude did not go bad.

She just got worse.

MAN: What, that much
for chicken?

I can't believe it.

WOMAN: That's what
it says.

You see what it says,
don't you?

MAN: Yeah, right.
Forget about that.
Uh, I want...

How much is
a cheeseburger?

Three seventy-five.

How much is
a regular burger?


All right. Give me
a regular burger.

You want
fries with that?

How much are fries?

A buck extra.

How much
is a regular burger?

Three. Three dollars.
Same as when I told you before.

-Just the burger.
-Isn't that sad, Inez?

What's that?

A man who
can't even buy fries
to go with his burger.

Yeah, look at me.
My heart's busted.

Man works hard
for what he's got.

A handful of fries
is all he asks in return.

Well, he can ask.
We ain't giving them away.

Politicians promise
to keep the Mexicans out,
cut taxes.

Why don't they promise
a man what he needs?

Fries on his plate
and a woman in his bed.

Hey, fuck you, okay?

Ooh, take a pill.

We were just
having some fun,
weren't we, Inez?

INEZ: Fun or no fun,
we're not giving
the fries away.

Why don't you let me
buy you a plate?

Keep your money,

You're an awful hard guy
for someone who can't
even buy fries.

Bring him a plate
and throw some cheese
on his burger.

INEZ: Big spender.

Order up!
Burger and fries.

I appreciate that.

INEZ: Cheese on it.

Guess it took
a little more money
than I figured

to get out here.

I ran a little dry,
you know?

Can't help
from getting hungry.


Can't help getting
a little lonely, either.

-You mind if I sit down?
-My boyfriend might.

(scoffs) You got that
in quick, didn't you?

Relax. He's a ways away.

What's your name?


-As in and crumpets?

So what happened
to the rest of your name, T?

Oh, that's all
my parents give me.

What about you,
you got a name?

I'm sure my boyfriend's
got a few for me.

Most of the time
he calls me Jude.

Oh. Well, where
is he anyway?

Down around Tempe.

What's he doing there?

Looking for me.

(chuckles) Well,
what did you do?

I pissed him off.

I have a habit
of pissing men off.

So, how do you fill
your days, T?

Or is it Mr. T?


Ah, well, I used
to work in a brewery
in Milwaukee.

-Till I got laid off.

Uh, came down here
looking for work.

(sniffs) Read in a magazine
this place is booming.


It's depressed as hell
around here.


It was an old magazine.

Kind of slow,
aren't you, T?

I guess so.
I'll give you this.

You got a way
of making dumb look good.


Oh, ooh!


I'm back.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

I just wanna get
close to you,
that's all.

Hey, what are you
doing that for?

I said I wasn't
gonna hurt ya.

Just settle down,
and you'll like it.

NED: Mike! Come on!

Get away from her, Mike.

You shouldn't have
done that, Ned.

You really shouldn't
have done that.

(both grunting)

(panting, coughing)



-(cries out)



Shot with my own gun.

Th-that's what hurts.

I had to, Mike.
You left me no choice.

My own friend shoots me
with my own gun.

I knew having a girl around
wasn't gonna be any good.

She's got nothing
to do with this,
and you know it.

I guess not.

I'm sorry.

I, uh...

Uh, I didn't
mean nothing by it.

I just...

I went crazy for a minute,
you know?

I think living by yourself...

for so long... makes ya
forget your manners.

I just went a little crazy.


...I'm okay now.

Okay now.


Being gut-shot's
a bad way to die. Slow.

Oh, it hurts
like a son of a bitch.

And I don't wanna die
gut-shot, Ned.

Go call an ambulance.

No, no! It's not
like the city, Ned.

It's... hospital is...

It's more than
an hour away.

Meanwhile, I'll just
be sitting here...



Y-you gotta do it.

Don't let me
die like this.

-Get your things.

Go get your things.


Start the car.

-Ned, please--
-Go outside.

Start the car! Go!

(turns radio on loud)



[rock music playing loud]

No! Shit!

I'm not even
gonna ask you

because I know
you didn't shoot him.

I know you called
an ambulance.

I don't wanna
hear about it, okay?

He was right about you.
He was right about you.

If I hadn't have
brought you in there,

this never
would've happened.

What am I supposed
to say to that?

You are not supposed
to say anything.

You're supposed
to shut your mouth.

I can't believe
you shot him for me.

I didn't shoot him
for you.

You have nothing
to do with this.

He left me no choice.

You are not
a part of this,

so you don't need
to talk about it.

I couldn't have
shot him for you.

-If you had to, you
would've, sweetheart.

-If you had to,
you would've, sweetheart.
-No! No!

Is that what
you're gonna do to Jude?

Just gonna hunt her down
and shoot her?

If I have to.

If I had to...

...I'd shoot you.

(engine starts)

(Jude moaning)


What? What's so funny?

My Favorite Martian.

You ever watch
that show?


That's what
you're laughing at?

Jesus Christ.

I'm in bed with you,
and you're thinking
about a goddamn TV show?

You men and your
weak, little egos.

You know all about men,
don't you?

You know all about me.

Not that there's much
to know about,
I admit that.

You ain't
such a hard read
yourself, you know,

about the kind of woman
you are.

Oh, really?

What kind of woman
is that?

The kind of woman
that's good-looking
and knows it.

You always had men
falling all over you,
haven't you, huh?

Always gotten your way, huh?

Should I be
taking notes?


That's it.

'Cept you're smart.


Smart enough to know
someday those looks
are gonna wear away,

and you're gonna be
all on your own, baby.

Huh? I bet that scares you.

Knock it off.

Scares you to think
you're gonna grow old
and normal-looking

just like the rest of us.

And it scares you to think
you're not gonna be able

to get away
with making fun
of guys in diners

just 'cause
they wanna fuck ya.

I never even
thought about it.

Sure, you have.

Hardly ever.

Not even for two or three
minutes at a stretch.

Guess there's really
not much to me, is there?

That's all I am,
a good-looking lay?

Aw, shit.

(crying softly)

Hey, what you doing?

Well, shit,
are you crying?



Hey, man...
I'm just talking, man.

I don't mean nothing
by that.

I'm just
fooling with ya.

I'm crazy about you.

God damn.

I didn't mean nothing
by that.


Huh? Huh?

You're okay, T.

You better get
out of here while
there's still time.

What are you
talking about?

I'm dead.

Don't you know that?

How did you like
fucking a dead girl?


You--- you talking about that--
that boyfriend of yours?

What, are you
scared of him?

He's coming for me.

And when he finds me,
he's gonna kill me.


He thinks I crossed him.

Did you?


Well, maybe you
should talk to him.

(scoffs) I tried.
Talking's not what he wants.

Maybe you and me
could go away,
you know?

Like maybe
we could, like,
run away together.

(soft chuckle)
I've been running.

I can't run far enough
or fast enough.

He's gonna find me.

And when he does,
he's gonna kill me.

And if he
finds you here,

he'll probably
kill you, too.


I'm not scared of him.

I'm not leaving.

I'm gonna stay with you.

I'm gonna protect you.

You're gonna protect me?

An out-of-work brewer
who can't even buy
his own fries?

(laughs) I know you
mean well, T,

but you let one good fuck
go straight to your head.

Hey, I said I was
gonna protect you,
and I meant it.

Would you?

What would you do
when he comes for me?

What would you do, T?

Would you kill him
for me? Would you do that?


What am I
supposed to do
with this?

You're supposed to
shoot it at the crate.

I don't know how
to shoot that gun.

I'm gonna teach you.
Take it.

Aim at the crate.

No, no.

You use one hand.

Get used to firing
with one hand, okay?

It's quicker,
and you have to learn
how to take the kick.

-Don't grip too tight.

Can't be afraid
of the gun.

As long as you're
on this side of it,
she's your friend.

Okay, she's my friend.

Relax your arm.
Hold it steady. Okay.

-Straighten your sights?

Slowly squeeze the trigger.
Don't jerk it.

Even pressure.

Keep squeezing.

Wait a minute.

Come on, come on.

Come on, come on.

God damn it!
You take it.

I don't wanna
shoot that gun.


(casings hitting asphalt)

It's that easy, T,
like using a doorknob,

except with a gun,
someone gets dead.


Jesus Christ!


You said you were
gonna protect me.

Yeah, I know,
but I mean, come on!

You said you wanted
to stay with me,

that we'd be together.
Don't you wanna be together?

Oh, baby, yeah.

Hell, I wanna be together.
I'm crazy about you.

Someone is coming
to kill me, T.

What are you gonna do
when he gets here,

call him names
until he busts out crying?

I don't know
what the fuck
I'm gonna do!


I never killed a man

(sighs) Killing a man isn't
something you work up to.

All it takes
is one good try.

That'll be $19.35.

How much further
to 15?

Couple hours
if you drive steady.

Ought to make it
to town by nightfall.

Thanks a lot.

(couple arguing)

What's that for?

This is where
you get off.

Ned, you don't have to
do this, man.

-Let's just drive.
-Drive where?

To anywhere. Let's go
to Canada, like you said.

You know?
We can go together.

Not like there's anything
between us or nothing.
I'm just saying--

I have to find Jude.
I have to find--

Forget about Jude, man! Leave--
Why can't you just leave her be?

-It's too late.
-What does she matter?

-It is too late.

-It is not too late.
-It is...

-(sunglasses clattering)
-...too late.


This is like
a runaway train.


It won't stop.
It's moving too fast
for me to get off.

I gotta take it
to the end of the line.

But this is not
right for you.



(keys jingling)


Stand up, Ned.

Stand up, or I swear
to God, I'll shoot you
where you are.

Who the hell are you?

Don't move, Jude.

-Put it down.
-(gun clicks)

Sorry to drop in on you
unexpected like this, honey.

JUDE: Oh, Ned,
you're not unexpected.

-Hey, T.
-Hey, Ned.

Thanks for keeping an eye
on things for me.

Wasn't nothin'.

Wasn't nothin'
at all.

You son of a bitch!


Come here.

(breathing heavily)

(whispering) Fuck.


Ouch. I know how you think.

I had you figured
all the way, honey.

She wanted me
to kill you, man.

You wanted me dead?

Oh, it's
not like that.

I wanted some

but it's not
like you think.

Ned, I knew you
were coming for me.

I could've--
I could've run,
but I stayed put.

You knew I'd find you,

I just wanted
to talk things out.

I never wanted
anybody to get hurt.

That's why I wanted
some protection--

No good with
the dancing, honey.

Oh, fuck! It's
the truth, Ned.
It's the truth.

(softly) Bye, Jude.

-Do it, man. Do it.

Yeah. Do it.

Kill me.

Oh, and you do...

You'll never see
those jewels again.

(dry chuckle) That's what
it's all about, isn't it?

Isn't it?

You sure know how to break
a girl's heart. Ohh!

And here I was thinking
you came all this way for me.

-Where are they?
-Put that thing away.

You look like
a dime store cowboy.

Fuck you, Jude.
Where are they?

Who gives a fuck
about the jewels?
Just shoot her!

She wanted
to shoot you, man!
I say shoot her!

Nobody cares what you say.

Why don't you go take
a couple of drop-dead pills?

-I don't have them.

Coke Bottles
ripped me off.
I went to fence them...

-To get money
to get out of town.
-To get rid of them.

Heat's still on and I
didn't want to get pinched
carrying that stuff.

Only Coke Bottles
has another idea.

-He pulls a gun and just
takes what he wants.
-You just let him.

What was I supposed to do,
go to the cops and tell them

somebody just ripped off
the jewels I stole?

That's the chance you take
when you're a woman alone--

Always looking to get
ripped off by some man.

-What's that?
-I'm Bec.

Heard a lot about you, Jude.

Oh, she's cute.
Trained her
on the paper yet?


Where are they?

We can get them back.


Same way we got them
in the first place.

Take them.

Hey, Ned, what
are we gonna do?

"We"? Who sent you
an invitation?

Ned! What are we
gonna do?

We... are gonna eat.


Hey. It's
Cindy Brady.


I'm really glad
Ned didn't kill you.

Yeah. Well, me, too.

I knew he wouldn't, though.
He likes you too much.

What tipped you off?

The way he threw me
across the room,

or the way he holds
a gun on me?

(chuckles softly)
I can just tell.

You like him?

Yeah, I guess I do.

At least the only way
I know how.

What's it to you?
Got a little schoolgirl
crush on him? That it?

Maybe. He's been
good to me.

He did shoot uncle Mike
'cause he tried
to hurt me.

He killed Mike?

-I don't know.

I don't know
if he's dead or not.

I don't want to know.
I just know

that he stopped him
from hurting me,
that's all.

You can't help
but like a man

for shooting somebody
for you, right?

Don't go love simple.
Ned'd shoot you, too,
if you got in his way.

I know.

I know
you would, too.

So why did you murder
those three people?

Yeah. Ned says
you killed three people
for no reason.

Is that what he says?

Yeah, I shot
three people,

but it wasn't
for no reason.

Ned tell you about
the job we pulled?

We hit the store,
grabbed the jewels,

started heading
out the door, and
Ned turns his back.

He turned his back
on those people.

You never turn your back.
One of them pulls a gun.

He would've opened Ned
wide the fuck up
if I hadn't shot him.

What about
the other two?

When things start getting
hectic, you can't sweat
the small stuff.

So, just like that.

Yeah, only he saves
your life, and you
go sweet on him.

I save his,
and he calls me
a murderer.

Sure, I'm the evil one.
Can't be trusted
for nothin'.

All I know is,
I didn't push Ned
out of that car.

Maybe you didn't push
him out. Maybe he just
fell out by accident.

Maybe. Or maybe
he figured he'd do
better on his own

with the cops
chasing me.

Last thing I remember
seeing is his hand
reaching for the jewels.

And I'm the bad guy?
(dry chuckle)

That's a man for you,
little girl--

Always looking
to take a woman down.

That's not true, Jude.
He saved me.

One good turn
a man does you.

How many times
has it been the
other way around?

How many times have you
gotten a man's affection

from the back
of his hand or
the end of his belt?

Yeah. I figured you'd
been on the getting end
once or twice.

My father.

You don't need to tell me.
He's a drunk, right?


Every time
he gets a fix on,

he thinks
he can do anything
he wants to you.

Gets so bad,
sometimes you think...

that you'd
rather wake up dead
than wake up at all.

We've all been there,
one way or another.

There's a war going on
between men and women,

and they got
all the advantages.
It's their world.

The only weapon
a woman's got
is her sex.

Wiggle your ass.
Smile, smile.

That'll bring a man
to his knees.

But use it, and
what do they call you?
A bitch and a whore.

And all we're trying
to do is survive
with what we got,

keep the score
somewhere close
to being even.

Yeah, but you
can't go around trying
to get even all the time.

Two wrongs don't
make a right.

You gotta give people
what's coming 'em
and take what's yours.

What goes around,
comes around.

It's like talking
to a fortune cookie.

You know,
it may sound stupid,
but I believe it.

I do. You have to
believe in something.

Don't you believe
in anything?

Where's Ned?

He's tired.
Went to bed.

My bed, no doubt.

Go on in there. I got a couple
sleeping bags in the car.

And lock the door
behind you.


Hey, sorry about the way
things turned out, Jude,

'cause I thought
you and me were
real good together.

Put it in your diary, T.
It'll help keep
the memories alive.

Hey. Hey.

You and me could keep on
being good together.

-How's that?
-Well, I don't know, uh...

I don't know how much
those jewels you stole
are worth,

but I know that two
can go a lot further
on them than three.

You cutting Ned
out of it just like that?

Wouldn't you?
Come on, baby,
what am I talking here?

You already tried.

If I did,
look how far it got me.

It's gonna be
different this time.

You got me
backing you up.

Ooh. Let me buy
some of that stock.


You know what?

I don't know whether
to kiss you or slap you.

What's the difference?

Just because
you got it once...

don't think
I give it away.


What did you call me?


Called you a slut.


Do you know
what the difference

between a slut
and a bitch is?

A slut is a woman
who will sleep
with any man.

A bitch...

is a woman who will
sleep with any man...

except you.

Is this him?

I said Coke Bottles
is a pasty fuck
with glasses.

Does that guy look
like a pasty fuck?

Doesn't even
have glasses.

Well, where the hell is he?
We've been here all morning.

If you got someplace else
to be, T, don't let us stop you.

Hey, you gonna eat
that chili dog?

Good arm.

You know, I have to admit,
you guys really put one over
on me.

The way you set me up.

Didn't see it coming.

Not for a second.

Good one, really.

Hey, Ned, how long
you and T been friends?

What difference
does it make?

I don't know.
Just want to know
how close you two were.

T tell you we fucked?

When he was
supposed to be watching me,
he was fucking me,

but I guess
you already know that

'cause, you know,
you're good friends.

I was also wondering
if he told you

that after last night
when you went to sleep,

T was trying to sell me
on the idea

that, you know,
once we get the jewels back,

we ought to just
cut you out of the picture.

(awkward chuckle)

Yeah, he probably
told you that, too.

He was probably
just testing me to see
if I'd cross you.

Of course if he didn't
tell you,

then I wouldn't trust him
as far as I could throw a piano.

Would you shut
the fuck up?

Hard to get good help
nowadays, isn't it, Ned?


She's lying.

What, are you gonna
believe that?

After what she did
to you?

Hey, this is T
sitting here.

I'd never
cross you, Ned.

Come on, man!

It's not gonna work,

That may work
with some of the boys,

but you're not
going to get any mileage
out of me with it.


Hey, hey, that's him.

-Told you.
-(car door closes)

Pasty fuck.
Look at those glasses.

Strong enough
to make the dead see.

I'm not talking about
a lake in Israel.

That bastard.

Pay for what he did to me.

I'd like to cut him
to bits myself.


Hey, how about we get
another round of smoothies?

JUDE: Here's the setup.

The front door works
on a buzzer,

security camera covers it.

Coke Bottles is on
the second floor.

Two flights of stairs.

They're narrow with not
a lot of room to move.

Bad place to get stuck.

Coke Bottles' office
has got a fence around it.

That door works
on a buzzer, too.

After that?

Just an empty loft.

T: Not much
of a setup.

He's a fence.
He doesn't keep a lot
of merchandise around.

He's got to keep it moving.

NED: How do you know he's
still got the jewels?

Told me they're
too hot to move.

He's still got them.

Okay. Here's how
we work it.

(camera whirring)

I set up a meeting with him,

tell him I've got some
merchandise to move.


NED: T comes along
for backup.

We got to sneak you
past the camera.

T: Oh, that's not a problem.

NED: Once we get inside,
we play it straight

till we're sure
everything is cool.

Any trouble, T is
half a step behind me.

The last thing I've got to do
is take care of the fence door.

(lock buzzes)

If the rest of it's
like Jude says,
then we hit him.

Then beat it back down
to the car, and I'll get
us out of there.

-What do you mean, no?

-As in you're not driving.
-You got to have a car.

I know that.
She's driving.


-(scoffs) She can't drive.
-Turn the wheel and go fast.

Have you lost your mind?
What if something goes wrong?

She's not gonna be able
to get you out of there.

-She's driving.
-You're crazy.

Will you stop it
with those goddamn

I've never seen
a crime planned before.

Bec is driving.
That's final.

If Jude wants to drive,
it's okay. Really.

I think my driver's license
is expired.

Thank you very much.

But I've had enough
of Jude's driving.

You're behind the wheel.

And what am I
supposed to do
until you get back?

Why don't you
catch Ricki Lake?

She's always talking
about some shit.

(T and Bec chuckle)

How do I even know
you're coming back?

What's to keep the three
of you from, you know,

lighting out of here
with the jewels?

You don't,
which will give you

something to think about
while we're gone.

Coke Bottles.


-I'm Taylor.
-(chuckles) Sure you are.

I don't care
what you call yourself.

I'm only interested
in what you got to move.

I want a good price.

Best on the market,
minus 35 for my cut.

If what you got is
as good as you said
on the phone.

I think you're going
to like it.

Let's take a look.

Ooh, gun.

-Ooh. T!

What? What are you,
some fucking cop?

I didn't do nothing.

Now, I want the jewels.

Uh, what jewels?

A lady came in here
to fence some jewels.

You took them off her.
I want them back.

You're her guy,
ain't you,

the one that got dumped
back in Arizona?

That's me.

The jewels.

You're a fucking idiot.
You know that?


(grunts) Aah!

Son of a bitch!

Shoot him in the leg.
He'll talk.

You don't know
what you're doing!

Shoot him
in the fucking leg.

-(gun cocks)



You killed Alfred!



Now, give me the jewels.

Man, you really are
a fucking idiot.

You said that.

You don't get it.

I don't have them.

Never did.

She came in here,
she tried to get tough.

I let her go.

Big mistake.

She set you up.

(starter turning over)

Set us both up.

And you bought it.

She played you
like a record,

and you bought it.

You are an idiot, man.

You are an idiot!

Start the car.
Bec, start the car!

(engine starts)

My God, you're shot!


(tires screeching)

Yeah, I need a cab.

Taking a trip?

-I knew you'd cut out.
-I was going to go look
for you--

-Lie. Lie!
-Yeah, what the hell happened?

-Lie, Jude.

-Where are the jewels?
-What are you talking about?

-You are a fucking liar.

Coke Bottles took 'em--

Oh, my--

Jesus Christ.
Lay off the face!

Jude, you have
one more chance at this.

Where are those
fucking jewels?

I went to coke Bottles,
and he ripped me off,
just like I said.

Wrong. Let's work it
another way.

You went to
Coke Bottles, and
you took some heat,

but he didn't take them
off you, did he?

So you sent me
over there to kill him

or he was going
to kill me,

or better yet,
we were going to kill
each other.

That would be the best.

But it didn't work out
that way, did it, Jude?

You planned
this whole thing.

Just like you planned
on never coming back
for me.


(whispers) Honey, so help me,
I'll kill you for this.

We've been here before, Ned.

You pull that trigger now,
and you walk away
with nothing.

That the way
you're gonna play it?




(trembling breath)
That's better.

Now you're thinking
with your head.

We can work
something out.



-The jewels?

-(belt cracks)
-Oh, God!

Come on, Jude.

Oh, God!

I'll beat it
out of you.

Ned, stop.
You're going to kill her.

Stop! (screams)

Ned, stop!


-(Ned grunts)


What the hell
did you do?

I shot him.


You saw how he was.
He was just like my father.

I had to shoot him!

Let's go. Come on, I gotta
get us out of here. Come on.

(engine stops)

Come on. Come on.
Come on.


Let's go.


Hey, Jude.


You little bitch.

I'd like to think I learned
a few things from you, Jude.

Toss 'em.

Do me a favor, okay?

Just not
in the face.

Do it!

Go on and do it!

(Jude crying)

(uncocks gun)


What the hell
happened to us?

Oh, God.
I don't know.

(sniffles) Guess we just
sort of lost our way.

The bitch of it is
I love you.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Shh. It's okay.

It's okay.
Doesn't matter anymore.

No, Ned. I mean it.

I'm sorry.

-(knife clicks)
-(inhales heavily)

-(Ned groans)


-Looking for these?

I'll do it quick.

You won't feel a thing.



Take 'em.

Take the keys
and go.

(car engine starts)




I was thinking...

-(opens lighter)


and Jeannie... a fight.

fucking funny.



BEC: That's it.
That's all I know.

That's how it happened.

Pretty much, anyway.

Maybe I made it
sound better in parts.

A little more romantic.

(light chuckle)

But that's pretty much
how it happened.

(police radio chatter)

MAN: Captain.

What have you got?

We found enough of 'em
to make a positive ID.

It's the two
we've been looking for.

We also came across
a few of these.

The rest are probably
scattered around.

Doesn't look like much
worth dying for,
does it?

You want I should
book the girl?

What for?
It's not worth it.

Call her father
and arrange for her
to be sent home.

Here you are.
It's a one-way ticket
back home.

Your father will be waiting
when you get there.

I really ought
to wait here with you.

I'll be all right,
you know, if you
have to go somewhere.

Heh. Yeah.

I'm not gonna run away.

I have no place
to run to, so...

MAN (on PA): The Rocky Mountain
Limited from Denver, Colorado,

scheduled to arrive at 4:30,
will be delayed 30 minutes.

Remember, if your father
gives you any more trouble--

I know. Call the cops.

You guys are real helpful.

MAN (on PA): The train
from Denver will now arrive

on the west track at 5:00 p.m.

MAN (on PA): The Coast
Starlight train number 418

to Vancouver, B.C.,
with stops in San Francisco,

Portland, and Seattle,
now boarding on the east track.

I want to cash this in
for another one.

-To where?


Got a train that leaves
in about eight minutes.

Makes a couple of connections,
but it'll get you to Vancouver.

I'll take it.

All right. Run you
an extra $42.38.

I don't have $42.

(scoffs) What do you think,
we're giving rides away?

MAN (on PA): The Coast
Starlight train number 418

now boarding
on the east track.

I have this.
It's worth $2,000.
Maybe more.

It's real.

Well, if it's not,
then I'm out 42 bucks.

And if it is, you don't
have to come to work
next week.


(printer humming)

One-way, Vancouver.

Thank you.

MAN (on PA): The train
from Denver will now arrive

on the west track
at 5:00 p.m.

(♪ The Turtles:
"Happy Together")

-♪ Imagine me and you ♪
-(train horn blowing)

♪ I do ♪

♪ I think about you
day and night ♪

♪ It's only right ♪

♪ To think about
the girl you love ♪

♪ And hold her tight ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ If I should call you up ♪

♪ Invest a dime ♪

♪ And you say
you belong to me ♪

♪ And ease my mind ♪

♪ Imagine how
the world could be ♪

♪ So very fine ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ I can't see me
lovin' nobody but you ♪

♪ For all my life ♪

♪ When you're with me ♪

♪ Baby, the skies'll
be blue ♪

♪ For all my life ♪

♪ Me and you
And you and me ♪

♪ No matter how they
toss the dice ♪

♪ It had to be ♪

♪ The only one
for me is you ♪

♪ And you for me ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ I can't see me
lovin' nobody but you ♪

♪ For all my life ♪

♪ When you're with me ♪

♪ Baby, the skies'll
be blue ♪

♪ For all my life ♪

♪ Me and you
And you and me ♪

♪ No matter how they
toss the dice ♪

♪ It had to be ♪

♪ The only one for me
is you ♪

♪ And you for me ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum
bum-bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum-bum
bum-bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ Me and you
And you and me ♪

♪ No matter how they
toss the dice ♪

♪ It had to be ♪

♪ The only one for me
is you ♪

♪ And you for me ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪

♪ And how is the weather? ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ We're happy together ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ So happy together ♪

♪ Bum-bum-bum-bum ♪

♪ So happy together ♪