C/o Kancharapalem (2018) - full transcript

This is an unconventional love story set in the town and including the people of Kancherapalem.

"What is the nature of life?"

"Where's life headed in this
mighty creation?"

"What's the nature of life?
What's right, and what's wrong?"

"Is this the karma of my previous life?
The Lord tends to ignore my existence"

"What's the nature of life?"

"The Universe is only but God's dream"

"I take the form of a fetus
and embark on the dreadul journey of life"

"Waiting in the darkness
For my birth"

"I come out of the womb
with hands folded"

"I feel the rush to be born after 9 months."

"What is the nature of life?"

"Where's life headed in this
mighty creation?"

"Surviving hell in the womb..."

"Surviving hell in the womb..."

"I desired to stand chivalrous"

"But as various
diseases take over me"

"Chivalry doesn't stand a chance"

"That childhood knows no greed"

"But renunciation wishes
for fruitful pleasures"

"Who would come rescue
me from this illusion?"

"A peaceful world becomes a rare sight"

"A peaceful world becomes a rare
sight when chaos prevails"

Hey Raju, are you going to work?


Look at your cheeks!
You look adorable.

So you've started early in the morning.
- Obviously!

Is it fish curry?
- Yes, fish fry.

Add lots of spices to it.
It'll taste really good!

Ahoy! Brothers and sisters
of the village!

As part of the Clean India programme...

we request everyone to participate in it.

"I marry an angelic
beauty out of desire"

"Hopes about children
come with imaginations"

"Where is this life headed?"

Hey! Wait up.

Hey, man.

Where are you going?
- Office, brother.

Why are you walking?
- My cycle's tyre got punctured.

I gave it to Ghantasala to fix it.

I'm getting late,
I'll see you later.

That's all right. But...

My generator business is
running on losses these days.

Please let me know if anyone
in your office needs us.

Sure, man. I'll let you know.

- Yes?

Can you drop me near the bus stop?

- Drop me at the bus stop.

There's no need of all that.

Walk all the way. It'll at least
help with your hangover.

I'll teach you a lesson tonight.
-Yeah, right. Go.

"No one would ever accompany
us till the very end"

"What is the nature of this life?"

"Where's life headed in this
magical creation?"

"Hail, Lord Balaji!"

Sir, you look fit today.

Is it noticeable?
-Of course.

I'm using a powder called Herba Life.

I'm drinking 2 glasses every day.

I've lost 2 kilos in the last week.

So you're a Complan Boy from now on.

No. I'm a Herba boy.

Sir, the three of you look dapper today.

The woman who has been transferred
from Orissa is joining here today.

That's why the three of us are dressed up.

Oh... I completely forgot!

The manager asked me
to get her a bouquet...

Mom, I'm going to school.

Hey, he kid is leaving without
eating anything.

Yeah, I didn't eat anything.

Today's the first day of school.
They asked us to be there early.

Okay, I'll eat something.

Koti is waiting for me.

I guess they left already.

No, they wouldn't have. Girls take
all the time in the world to dress up.

Are you sure?

Yes, I am. Give me those Rs. 2
that your dad gave you.

Here you go.

Two bananas please.

Sundaram, let's have some bananas.

You can have mine as well.
- That's lovely.

They are here!

Why do you think they didn't greet us?
- Haven't you gotten used to this yet?

Girls only talk to smart guys.
Not with dopes like us.

You didn't even let me finish the bananas.

Isn't this what you waited for all summer?
Now go talk to her.

Not now. The floor is slippery.
- I know what to do. Hey, Sunitha..

Don't shout!
Please don't shout.

I won't shout if you promise to give me
another Rs. 2 tomorrow.

Yes, I promise.
- Alright. Let's follow them now.

Yes, sir.
Hey, Anil!

Yes, sir.
I-I can handle that.

I'll take care of it.

Yes, I hear you, sir.
I'll take care of it.

I'll take care of it.
Sure, sir.

Boss says someone hurled abuses at him
during yesterday's rally.

He put the blame entirely on us
for letting this happen.

Who was that guy anyway?

That guy's name is Seenu.
He lives in our village.

Just like the way we keep
some men on pay roll

Seenu is on the pay roll
of the opposition party.

Whatever. Ask Joseph and his friends
to care of him.

Sure, boss.
- Hey, hold on.

Yes, boss?
- Don't let Joseph know

that he's doing it for the minister.
- Sure, boss.

If he gets to know, he'll start believing
that he is in the big league.

Such a foolish belief
made me what I'm today.

Whatever you say, boss.
- Go now.

How long you've been waiting here, dad?
- Only for a while.

I'm in a rush.
So, hop on.

Are you all set?
- Yes, I am.

Look at those goons rough up a man.
Please stop the vehicle, dad.

Why do you care
what those idiots are up to?

Don't you jerks
have any shame?

Three of you
have rounded up one guy.

Come back now.
- Hold on, dad.

Why don't you guys go find
some job?

You worthless rascals!
- Let's go, my child.

Come on, move it, you idiots!
Get out of here!

Guys like you are the reason why
our country remains backward.

Get out of here!

Good morning, ma'am
- Good morning

I'm Raju.
I'm an attendant.

It slipped my mind
that you'd be coming here.

That's why I couldn't get you
the bouquet on time.

The manager even yelled at me.
Please accept this bouquet.

I'm sorry I didn't get your name.
- I'm sorry. I can't follow Telugu.

I see! You only speak Hindi, perhaps.
- Not exactly. I'm from Orrisa.

My mother tongue is Oriya.
But I can also speak Hindi.

I can follow Hindi a little.

I've learnt it from Muslims
who live in my village.

I didn't follow.
- Never mind.

Please sign here.

Ma'am, if you need anything,
just call my name.

I'll be at your service.
- Sure.

Sir, collect money from him.

Gaddam, how much should he pay?
- He needs to pay Rs. 20.

All those who made their purchase,
please vacate the counter.

Get me a quarter of DSP, please.
- I guess we are out of stock.

Look down there.

Sir, where is the carton of DSP?
- It'll be somewhere there.

Hey, Gaddam.
- Yes, sir?

That girl is here.

Hey, get this man a quarter
from this carton.

Sir, I'm taking a quarter of Mansion House.
- That's fine.

I'll be back soon.
- Better hurry up.

Ma'am, 10 more rupees please.

Starting today,
alcohol prices have gone up.

That's settled.

Get back to your work!

All have set their eyes
on her.

Gaddam, did you talk to her
atleast today?

Yes. I did.
- Is it?

I told her that alcohol prices
have gone up.

By talk to her, I mean
did you confess your love for her?

How could I? I go weak in my knees
the moment I see her.

Bro, give me the keys.

This won't do.
Confess to her as soon as possible.

Only then we'd know
what's on her mind.

Even I want to confess to her.

But, I don't see her anywhere else
but near the liquor store.

Four muslim guys asked me the other day
if I knew where she stays at.

I told them
I had no clue.

See, you've already got competition.

Those guys are in no way my competitors.
My love for her is genuine.

Your love being genuine won't do.
You first have to tell her about it.

Of course, I'll tell her.

He's back.

I'll leave now.

Hey Gaddam, hold on.
- What is it?

You keep walking.
- Talk to him. I'll be here.

Just go. - Don't push me around.
- Keep walking.

You're upto something fishy, I know.
- Move it.

My friend and I
are planning to bring in a hooker

after we shut shop tomorrow.

We can use your place for it, right?

You can join the fun for free.

I was wondering why you were
backing me today like never before.

Now I know why.

Alright, get her. But keep it short,
unlike the last time.

I'll get into trouble
if the landlord finds out.

Sure, we'll keep it short.

Alright. See you tomorrow.
- Alright. Bye.

"The dimpled beauty blushes
as I wink at her."

"The dimpled beauty blushes
as I wink at her."

"She looks at me from corner of her eyes
and then smiles."

"She shies away
when I make any advances."

"She comes by in a Tata
and then bids me ta-ta."

"She comes by in a Tata
and then bids me ta-ta."

"She walks around the town
with that beautiful gait.."

Hey, Veera Babu,
get me tea.

Had you been married,
your wife would've served you tea everyday.

I'll marry the day I find someone
who makes good tea like you do.

You come up
with ridiculous excuses every time.

Every villager, but you,
wants to see you get married.

I don't care what you say.
Get back to work now.

Neither do I care
about your wedding.

Hey, Raju.
- Good morning, bro.

Good morning.

Is your manhood still intact?

I haven't used my manhood in a while.

I'll put it to use tonight
and I'll let you know tomorrow.

If you don't get married,
and put it to use

you'll have to bid farewell
to your manhood.

This fool has no better topic
to talk about.

He speaks as if he is brimming
with virility.

These rascals
have followed me till here.

I'll teach them a lesson.

Cousin Santosh..

You scoundrels..
- Don't you dare..

How dare you stalk me!

Beat them to pulp.

Teach them a lesson
they'll never forget.

This guy deserves this the most.
He held my hair.

Don't let them run away.

Don't you dare
come this way ever again.

Good morning, Ma'am.
- Good morning. Please sit.

Thank you, Ma'am.

She is Usharani,
the newly appointed Maths teacher.

Hereon, she'll be your class teacher.
Am I clear?

Yes, ma'am.
- You may start the class.

Hey, you,
sit properly.

Miss, my Math book.

So soon?
-Won't you teach us today?

Today's my first day, right?
So let's get to know each other first.

Okay, miss.

My name is Usharani.

My favorite colour is black.

I like playing badminton.

Now introduce yourselves with your name,
favorite color, and hobbies.

Shall we start with you?

My name is Venu.

My favourite colour is orange.

I like skipping.

If I give you an idea to impress
Sunitha, will you give me 2 rupees?

What is it?

When it's your turn say the same things
as her. She'll fall for you.

Are you sure?

Do as I say!

My name is Indira.
Purple is my favorite colour.

I like dancing.

My name is Sunitha, miss.

My favourite color is pink, miss.

I like listening to songs, miss.

Which song do you like
the most?

'A Wonderful Man' is my
favorite song, miss.

That's my favorite song, too.

Will you sing that song
for me?

I can't sing, miss-

Sing whatever you know.

Kids, clap for Sunitha.
She's going to sing for you.


"What a wonderful man you are
You are mine, and only mine."

"I'll always be your slave
I'm yours, and only yours."

Why did you stop?

I don't know the lyrics, miss.

You shouldn't stop
it if you love it.

Next time, I want you
to sing the entire song.

Okay? Go sit.

Miss, my name is..

It never works out
for this unfortunate fool.

I'll listen to the rest tomorrow.
We're done for today..

You still owe me two rupees!

So, Mr. Janakiram,
won't madam join us?

How would I know?

You know nothing.

He knows everything, sir

- Hi. - Hello.

Can I sit here?
- Please.

Please sit.
You're welcome here.

Ma'am, do you like it here?
- I love it here.

Your name is..?
- I'm Janakiram

I see. Yours?
- Myself Koteswar Rao, madam.

I remember your name.
Manohar, isn't it?

Even my brother's name is Manohar.
That's why I remember it.

That's such a coincidence

that both mine
and your brother's names are Manohar.

But I have no sisters.

[ Raju humming a song ]

What's up Raju, you seem jubilant?
- I received my salary today, sir.

Mr Raju, why sit there?
Sit with us.

Ma'am, he's only an attendant.
That is his place.

What if he is an attendant?
I won't tolerate this classism.

Mr Raju, come and sit next to me.
- Never mind, ma'am.

This has been my place for past 10 years.
I don't mind sitting here.

I don't care.
Please come and sit here.

Raju, you heard her.

Come, sit here.

Ma'am, tell us
about yourself?

Like what's your hometown
and what does your husband do?

I am from Rourkela.
- I see.

And my husband is no more.

What did she say
her husband does, sir?

She says he passed away.

Ma'am, I'm sorry.
- It's alright.

I have a daughter.
She is a smart girl.

That's nice.
What's her name?

- That's a lovely name.

Where are you staying at now?

Near by,
in Gavara Kancharapalem.

Gavara Kancharapalem!
That's my neighbouring village.

Cut the crap, Raju.

Where does your daughter stay?
- At my brother's house.

She's been staying there
since the death of her father.

She grew up there.

So, how many children do you have?
- I've got two sons.

They go to school.
- That's nice.

What about you?
- Me?

I've a daughter.
Six years old.

And you, sir?
- I've got 4 kids.

Four kids?
That's nice.

Mr Raju, how many do you have?

He isn't even married yet.

I want the idol to be flawless.

It should be as good as real.

Don't worry, sir.

Rammurthy here
is a master craftsman.

His idols are as good as they can get.

Who doesn't know about Rammurthy?
He used to work for Diwakaram, right?

Now that he quit there,
Diwakaram's idols look so flat and mundane.

Since Rammurthy works for you,
I've come here this time.

I'll leave now.
See you later, Rammurthy.

That idol at the corner is mine.

I want you to make it
even better.

I know what you mean.

You'll take the whole day to say it.
So cut it.

How was it?

It's your turn now.
- It's late already. Send her away.

Get in.
Why waste money?

Hurry up. I've got another client
waiting for me.

Sit for 10 minutes.
Then you can leave.

What do you mean sit?
Won't you sleep with me?

I don't want to.

My friends would chide me
if we leave already.

So, we'll wait for 10 minutes
and then leave.

The deal was for three guys, right?

That's right, but..

Then come do me.
- I don't want to.

Why? You got some problem?
I've got pills if you want.

What! It's not that I got some problem.
- What then?

Well, I'm in love with a girl.

How can I cheat on her?

What nonsense!
Cut the crap and do me now.

You don't seem to understand me.

Say, if that girl cheats on me,
will I tolerate it? No, right?

That's why even I won't cheat on her.

Who is the girl
that you are so much in love with?

I work at a liquor store.

Daily she comes and buys
a bottle of Mansion House.

This has been going on
for a year now.

Is she prettier than me?

I don't know
- You don't know?

She always wears a scarf.

You haven't even seen her face,
yet you love her?

I haven't seen her face
but I've seen her eyes!

They are no ordinary eyes.
They melt my heart.

You fell in love
because of her eyes?

Did you at least tell her?

I lose my breath when she's around.
Forget about me confessing to her.

Even frauds who only want to bed girls

express their love
and then cheat them.

How could a genuine lover like you
not confess his love?

Do you booze?
- Yes, I do.

Down two pegs for courage.
Then go tell her.

Jump! Jump! Jump!

Stop blabbering, will you?

If not play with us
and teach us how to jump.

I shouldn't be jumping at this age.
It'd be hazardous.

Raju, you're 49 years old
and still unmarried.

Why do you care about jumping?
Go and mind your own business.

Every bastard
talks about me being unmarried.

Hey, Raju!
- What?

The astrologer said I'll live
to see the next year.

I wish to see you get married by then.

Is it? Then let's get married.
You still have a year left, right?

Bear me a child.
That'd keep the entire village off my back.

I'm too old for that.
- Then you better shut it and go home.

Everyone in this village
is bothered about my marriage.

What's up?
Why did you call me here?

What's the matter?

Why are you crying?

There is a guy named
Ashok in our college.

Since the first day of college,
he's been making advances towards me.

Is it?
Why didn't you ever tell me?

Hear me out first.
- Alright. Continue.

It was all harmless
in the beginning.

He used to write me letters everyday.

But one day, I told him
I wasn't interested in him.

Since then, he's been torturing me.

He's spreading malicious rumours
about me.

The other day, he asked me
if I'd sleep with him.

Control yourself.

Complain to the college principal
about him.

He is the principal's son.

I fear he'll hurt me
if I complain about him.

Maybe I should tell my parents about this.
Perhaps they'll do something.

Alright. Go running to your parents
like a worthless coward.

If you tell your parents,
they'll first drag you to the temple

and will make you pray to Goddess

to teach that jerk a lesson.

Do you really think
mere prayers would help?

What do we do now?

Continue working out
for six more months.

You'll get into great shape
like our boss.

If you don't
you'll end up like me.

Put the weights down
and relax.

May I help you?
- Is Mr. Ammoru here?

Who are you, ma'am?

My name is Bhargavi.
I've come to meet Mr. Ammoru.


Are you from Madhavadhaara?
- Yes, I am.

Boss has just left!
Please sit..

Please go in and sit.
I'll go get him. Please be seated.

Don't they look great?

Yes, they do.
They look better than movie stars.

How do you know Ammoru?
- That's a long story.

Tell me.
- The night before intermediate exams..

The night before physics exam
to be precise.

My parents left me home
and went to attend a funeral.

I was at home studying.

All of a sudden Ammoru barged in
and shut the doors.

I was very scared.

He requested me to let him stay
as some goons were after his life.

He was profusely bleeding.

I took pity on him
and let him stay.

A while later, the goons left.
Ammoru too was about to leave

when he told me his name

and that everyone in Kancharapalem
knows him by name.

He asked me to seek his help
whenever needed.

Now that you have a problem,
here we are.

How are you, Mr. Ammoru?


There is nothing to worry about.

My men will take care of him.

I'll ensure that he never looks you
in the eye.

Won't you deal with him personally?

I'm set to contest
in the muncipal elections.

It's not wise
that I get involved in trivial matters.

Don't worry.
Like I said, my men will take care.

Is that alright?
- Alright.

Boss, you wanted to meet me?
- Yes, Joseph.

How are you?
- I am great, boss.

You are here too?
- You are here too?

Why is she here, boss?
- Is he the one who'll deal with that guy?

Do you know each other already?

I've been itching
to get even with her.

I'm right here.
I dare you to get even!

I got these guys beaten to pulp
near my place.

You got us beaten
because it was your neighbourhood.

Now you've come
into our neighbourhood.

I'll see to it
that you don't walk out alive.

Hey, what's happening?
What's the matter?

Don't you dare misbehave with her.
Apologize to her.

But, sir, this girl got me..
- Cut it.

I don't care what happened
between you both.

I'm sure she'd do no wrong.
It has to be your fault. Now apologize.

But, sir..
- Apologize to her.

I'm sorry.
- It's alright.

Sit now.

Anil told you what to do, right?
- Yes. He told us.

These girls will take you
to that scoundrel.

After you deal with him,
ask Anil to pay you Rs. 500.

Sure, sir.
- You girls may leave now.

They will take care of him.

If this guy misbehaves, inform me.
I will take care of him.

Am I clear?
- Yes, sir.

Thank you, Mr. Ammoru.

Don't be so formal, my child.
Call me uncle.

Thank you, uncle.

What are you staring at?
Let's go.

Thanks a lot.
- Thank you.

What did you say?
- I said thanks.

She's now thanking us.

The other day, when we thrashed
that guy you abused us.

But today you're thanking us
for beating up this guy?

Well, you ganged up on one guy.
I-I couldn't watch that sight. So..

Not to forget,
she also got us thrashed by her people.

You all were stalking me, weren't you?
That's why I got you thrashed.

Anyways, I'm sorry for that.

And I'm thankful
for helping us today.

A mere thanks won't do
for the help we did.

You didn't help us out for nothing.

You're being paid Rs. 500 by Ammoru
for helping us.

Do you think we are hired goons?

He is a large hearted man.
He pays us everytime we meet him.

Alright then. Why don't we meet
this sunday and have a party of sorts.

What! You girls booze?
- I'm not talking about a booze party.

What then?
- We can meet at the bakers'

and have some soft drinks
and pastries.

Alright. Any party with girls
sounds fun.

Around 10AM this sunday

we'll meet near the laundry shop
near Madhavamurali school.

Is that fine?
- Accept the invitation.

Alright, fine.
- See you this sunday. Bye.

Thanks again.
- You're welcome.

Raju, ever since she arrived here,
you've been moving around like you're an officer

and having lunch
with us officers.

You want me to sit somewhere else?
- She won't like it. You better sit here.

- It was just an inside joke.

He's been cracking jokes lately.

Madam, since you're new to this office,
I brought you a gift.

Here is a sweet
popular in my hometown. Have some.

I don't eat sweets.
I've got diabetes.

What? You're diabetic?
How old are you?

Shut up, Raju.
You've got no manners.

You shouldn't ask women their age.
- Hold on a minute, sir.

Tell me, ma'am.
How old are you?

I'm 42.
- Is it? Look how strong I am.

I'm 49.
I walk, I jog, I do yoga.

Neither do I have diabetes,
nor do I have BP.

You too must start jogging.
- You are right. Even I should.

For the past 15 years
I never had the time for it.

Now that you told me,
I will definitely start jogging.

That's nice.

Didn't I tell you that we'll talk later?
Get back to work now.

Hey, Subbi, come here.

Read this for me.

'For the past one year,
you've been saying the same.'

'My salary is still the same.'

'You are enjoying the fruits
of my hard work.'

Are you jealous
that my business is doing well?

Do you think
you are indispensable?

There are loads of guys
who are ready to work for me.

'Why don't you hire
someone else, then?'

'Without me, your business
would go downhill like that of Diwakaram's.'

Don't you dare
talk to me like that?

Son of a bitch! How dare you lay
your filthy hands on me?!

Sir, please stop!

Get out, you bastard!

You want to quit, is it?
Too bad, you're fired.

Now go and beg on the streets.

'I don't have to beg.'

'I can set up my own business
in this village'

'and make more money
than you will, this season.'

'Then, you'll have to beg
on the streets.'

Oh my god!
He said it!

Go ahead!
Set up your own shop.

Let's see who has the last laugh.

Running a business isn't as easy
as making idols.

Get lost, you son of a bitch!

You want to write something?

Do you really think
business is a good idea?


They're all shrewd businessmen
who've been doing business for so long.

You can't even talk properly.
Will anyone come to us to buy idols?

I-If I make...

Hush! You'll wake the child.

Are you saying that your idols are famous
and hence everybody will buy them?


You're right. But...

Isn't there a saying about
considering the cons before the pros?

Will you listen to my advice?


Since you've stopped working
for Ankal Rao...

Diwakaram must be ecstatic
with this piece of news.

Diwakaram makes 500 idols every year.

Go strike a deal with him
for 100 idols.

Who will turn down someone
as good as you?

You can quote the price you want.

Investing on those 100 idols
won't be a gamble.

Had your drink?


Your girl's here, dude!

- Yeah!

Look! She is standing on the
other side of the road.

Go, man!

You want to go empty-handed?

Good that you asked.
- Give her something nice.

But I don't know what she likes.

I've got an idea.

Gift her a bottle of her
favorite brandy.



I can see that your chick's here.

I'm taking a bottle of Mansion House.

Don't forget the money.


Are you stalking me?

No, ma'am...

I have to tell you something.

What is it?

I've been seeing you for an year, ma'am.
And I like you a lot.

What do you mean?

I mean... I really like you.

But I'm not like the others.
I am a good guy.

I can see what a nice guy you are.
You're drunk, aren't you?

Please don't think that way.

I only had a little to
look confident.

You also drink, right? That
doesn't make you a bad person.

Forget about all this.

If you're fine with it,
I would like to marry you.

There are hundreds like you
who follow me.

Should I marry all of them?

I don't care about them.

But if you marry me,
you'll know paradise.

Ma'am! Say something
before you leave.

You just told me, right?
Let me think about it.

Wait a minute.

What is it?

May I know your name?


Are you muslim!?
Nice to know, ma'am.


What is it now?

May I see your face just once?

Oh! Orissa ma'am.

Hello, ma'am!

Mr. Raju...

Good morning, ma'am.

Good morning, Mr. Raju.

Do you also jog here?

Yes, yes. How come you're here?

I told you yesterday that
I live in Gavara Kancharapalem, right?

Oh yeah!

You said that I should start jogging.
So I started today.

Very good!

Come! Let's jog together.


You should do it like this.

Like this?

Yes. Walk like this.

I get what you're saying, Murthy.

I am not making 500 idols like I used to.

I'm making somewhere between
200 and 250 idols.

Out of that if I give you
a contract of 100 idols...

it won't be feasible for me.

Okay. Since you came
to me all by yourself,

I will let go of my selfishness
and get you a contract.

You don't have to make 100 idols.
I just want you to make one.

Whatever profit Ankal Rao
makes for the whole season...

You can make that
much by making one idol.

How, master?

I'll tell you how.

They are planning to install a 30-foot idol
in our Kancharapalem ground.

Only yesterday the organizers
came to speak with me.

But, they won't give you a
single penny in advance.

Since it's a huge idol...

They are a little cautious.

They will sign an agreement saying that
they'll pay you as soon as the work is done.

Moreover, you have the
money required to invest.

If you like the deal I'll get you
the contract right now.

I.. w-will ask my wife..
and let you know, master.

Why are you following me again
after running away yesterday?

After such a huge shock,
what else could I have done?

If it was someone else,
they wouldn't have come back.

What made you change your mind?

I thought about it the whole night.

I've decided that I will marry
no one but you.

Did you even see my face properly?

Of course I did!

Please stop doing these things.

I will marry you and take
good care of you.


What do you even think of yourself?

Do you think you're a hero to
rescue me from the life I've chosen?

Get out of here!

Go find yourself a girl
and get married.

I don't care what you think.

Who decides what's good
and what's bad anyway?

I'll do whatever feels right to me!


You saw my face yesterday,
and today you want to marry me.

It's not about the face!
Those eyes...

I fell in love with those eyes!

You saw these same eyes
the other night.

But you didn't recognize them because
they belonged to a prostitute.

Fell in love with my eyes, my foot!

Go tell your stories
to someone else.

There's a reason
I didn't recognize you.

But you knew all along that
I was talking about you.

Why did you tell me to
express my feelings to the girl...

and that my love was genuine?

What do you have to
say about this?

Lots of men have asked me
to sleep with them...

But no one ever said that
they loved me.

I wanted to see
what it felt like.

This is what it feels like.

It feels good.

I know. I'm good at everything.

Now...will you marry me?

Since you're so persistent,
let's do something.

I need to be able to trust you.

Let's get to know each other
for a few days.

The day I start trusting you is
the day I will ask you to marry me.

Until then don't ask me to
stop working.

Why do you want to do that again?

How will I know that you won't start
reminding me of my past...

once you've had enough of me?

If you don't like it, leave!
No questions asked.

What else can I say?
Have it your way.

Then I have a few conditions.

I stand at the Convent Circle
every day for business.

And I want you to drop me
there every day.



And about your friends
who sought my services...

I want you to tell them
that you love me.

Is it necessary?


If you can't even tell them that
you love me...

how will I know that
you'll marry me?

Okay. Understood. Next?

I have a few wishes
that I want you to fulfill.

What are they?

I want to eat at a fancy restaurant
and you should pay the bill.

I want to watch a film in a movie theater
without a care in the world.


If I tell you everything right now,
I'll scare you off. Now go home.

Come back at 6PM tomorrow
so that you can drop me.

Okay then. I'll see you tomorrow.


I totally forgot!

Hey, Saleema!

What is it?

There's something that
I need to tell you.

I love you.

A friend told me that I should
gift you something while proposing.

You drink Mansion House, don't you?

That's why I got you this.

Hey, Rammurthy...

This document says that
you won't ask for money

if you don't deliver the idol
before the festival.

Tell him that we won't pay him
if the idol isn't perfect.

I'm telling them the same.

Sign on it confidently.
We'll take care of it.

He is asking for a pen.

Here. I've got it.

Okay. You can start work tomorrow.

The idol should be great, man!

The old woman won't spare
any of us otherwise.

Wait, I'll tell them.

He is saying that the idol will
surely blow your minds!

Oh really? Let's see
what he's really capable of.

Look how supportive
his wife is!

Dad, I want this shirt.

I-It isn't good.

It is good! I want this shirt.

G-Girls wear t-that color.

This is my favourite colour, dad.
I don't want any other shirt.

It won't look good!

If you won't buy this shirt,
I don't want any other.



Tomorrow I want to visit the
Simhachalam temple.

Simhachalam? You want the address?

No. Shall we go to Simhachalam together?


Okay, I'll take you there.

It'll take us 30 minutes
if we board Bus number 28.

I don't want to take the bus.
I want to go there on foot.

Money? It's the end of the month, ma'am.
I don't have any to lend you.

Not money. I want to go on foot.

Oh, like a foot pilgrimage?

In that case there is a shortcut
through Madhavadhara hill.

I will take you there. You
don't worry about it.

It's just that we will have to
start early in the morning.


It's nothing.

Morning 6 o' clock...
Going, going.


Seek blessings from the lord.

Pray to the lord to fulfill
your heart's desires.

My husband is doing his own business
for the first time, lord.

Let there be no obstacles on his way.

Oh Lord, I got into this business
to preserve my self-respect.

Don't let any harm befall my family.

Lord, Sunita doesn't talk to
me no matter how hard I try.

Please see to it that she
speaks with me.

Don't wish for too many things!
The Lord might run away.

Why're you wearing this shirt, man?
Everybody's laughing at you.

Sunitha likes the color pink.
That's why I wore this.

Pathetic! It's embarrassing to even sit
with you. I'll go sit somewhere else.

Hurry up! I am hungry.

Why did you come back?
- Look over there.

Hey Sundaram! Why are you
wearing pink like a girl?

Why are you troubling him?

Sundaram, your shirt looks great!
Pink is my favorite color.

Hey Sunitha. There was a ceremony
at our house today. Have some sweets.


You don't have to be
so formal with me.

It's really good!

Why didn't you enroll yourself for
cultural programmes in class today?

I'm not that good at anything.

But you sang in class
the other day.

I only sang because
the teacher forced me to.

Sing the same song then.

I don't know the whole song.

So learn the song!

You'll win the competition for sure.

I've tried many times.

But whenever I listen to that song,
my dad scolds me and says that...

it isn't a song kids should listen to.

If you have the lyrics to the song,
will you sing?

Then I can definitely try!

Hey! Where are you going?

I have work to do.
Don't tell anyone!


Where's the image we
prayed to in the morning?

Is it over there?

Okay, get back to work.

I prayed to you this morning.

And you made my dream
come true by the afternoon.

You're all-powerful, Lord.

She said that she'll sing
on Independence Day.

I found the lyrics book
with great difficulty.

This isn't due to
my efforts anyway.

I've understood that
you've blessed me.

You did this because I asked you just once.
Had I known I'd have asked you much earlier.

Anyway, I'm asking you now.

Please unite us both.

- Yeah?

Will the idol be built here?

How tall will it be?

Thirty feet!?

Okay. Do it well.

Kids, today's the last day to enroll
yourself for the cultural programmes.

Would anyone like to do so?

Today's the last day.
Don't you want to participate?

But I don't know any songs.

Miss, Sunitha says that
she'd like to sing.


Very good, Sunitha!

I thought there were no singers
from our class.

I don't know any songs.

Why did you do that?

Hey, lyric book!
Where did you get it?

Doesn't matter.
It's for you.

Thank you!
- Don't mention it.

But I want you to sing well.

I will definitely sing well..

but where will I practice?

My dad will scold me
if he comes to know.

I want to register myself for Chess, miss.
- Is it?

Very good. Tell me
your full name.

I have an idea!

Kids, silence!

Let's start the class.

Hey, Sunitha will start
liking you now.

This is all due to the idol
that my dad's making.

Pray to him if you have
someone in mind.

He will unite you both immediately.

I don't have anyone like you.

Jack and Jill went up the hill.

To fetch a pail of water.

I read this
when I was a child.

I'm remembering them
as I climb these steps.

Thanks to you, I've got an
opportunity to climb the hill again.


We just started and
you're exhausted already?

It's only another
45 minutes from here.

I'm too tired.

Let's sit for a moment
before we resume.

Okay. Sit here.

I knew that something like this
would happen.

That's why I brought this.

What is this?
- Sugar water.

You are diabetic, right?

You remembered?

Yes, I remember.
Drink this. You'll feel better.


Shall we start walking?

Mr. Raju...

I can't do this.


We would've reached by now
if we had taken the bus.

How long will this go on?

I should've known.

I shouldn't have
brought you here.

Come, come.

I can't go on
any longer.

I can't do this.

We're almost there.
- No. I can't walk any further.

I shouldn't have brought you here.
- My legs hurt.

I can't do this, Mr. Raju.

I can't do this.
- Come.

I cannot walk any further.
- I will take you there.


I will take you there.

Get up. Come...

Use my shoulders for support.

Give me your hand.


Let's go.

Thank you.

Everything went well,
don't you think?

Yes, ma'am. Good, good.

Why did you refuse to
enter the temple?

Are you asking me why I didn't
enter the temple? - Yes.

I don't really believe in God.

Then who do you believe in?


I believe in people, ma'am.

They are the ones who are with us
during good and bad times.

So do you worship people?


There's no need of all that.

It's sufficient to greet
people affectionately.

They will give you
more than what God gives you.

For example, my friend
who's a barber...

gave me 10,000 rupees within
no time when I needed it.

The owner of my house doesn't bother me
even if I'm late on my rent.

My priest friend..

prays to God on my behalf
for my well-being.

Just because I helped a friend
10 years ago I got the job in our office.

The people in my life have
helped me in many ways.

Is God greater than them?

Your philosophy is very nice.

"I feel tickled"

"By the way she looks at me"

"I held your hands"

"And found limitless joy"

"You are a playful gal"

"And I'm mischievous"

"Both of us are like Radha and Krishna"

"You are a queen,
And I'm a servant"

"I'm the one for you"

"Hold my hand and I promise
that I'll never let go"

Joseph, a moment.

It's okay. Just ask him.

What is it?

This is the first time we've
come outside without our parents.

This was really fun...

Will you take us to the
beach next Sunday?

Tell them that we will!


[ Reading Telugu newspaper ]

Mr. Raju...

I want to learn Telugu.

Will you teach me?

Why not?

I'll teach you.

What do your parents do?

My father passed away
when I was a child.

What do your parents do?

I don't know who my father is.
- How come?

My mother did the
same thing that I do.

Where is she now?

She passed away.



What's that?

Be careful.

"The world criticized
Lord Rama and Sita's love"

"Everyone's envious when
you're joyous"

"Do caste, creed,
stature, or appearance"

"make you fall in love?"

"Both hearts beat as one
And both bodies join together"

"This is what love feels like"

Which god do you believe in?

I don't believe in God.

So are you okay with...

me being Muslim?

I don't care about all that.

"Love is the same feeling.
Be it with kids or with the aged"

"The ways of love remain the same
whether you're rich or poor"

"With eyes longing for love,
Lost in our own thoughts"

"As love sends shivers down your spine"

"What a sweet sensation this is,
I've never experienced this before"

"What's more magical than love?"

"Hold my hand and I promise
that I'll never let you go"

"Be it the short-lived anger
or the naughty gazes"

"Everything is beautiful
When you're in love"

"No matter where I am
or who I'm with"

"I feel like I'm flying"

"Whether I'm walking or
standing still"

"I always feel our boundless love"

"Whether I'm speaking
or in silent thoughts"

"You are always with me"

"Hold my hand and I promise
that I'll never let you go"


Yes, ma'am?

It's been 15 years since
my husband passed away.

I have a 20-year old daughter.

I am diabetic.

At this age,

do you think it's even right to think
of marrying again?

There's nothing wrong with it.

If both of you are committed,
then there's nothing wrong in it.


Are you ready to commit?

"Love knows no boundaries"

My wife and I, too, were about your age
when we fell in love and married.

Everything seems fun when you're young.
- Uncle, please!

Before you lecture us,
please hear us out.

I love Joseph
and I'll marry no one but him.

I plan to tell my parents about this
once I'm done with college.

So, there is no way
we'll change our minds.

Let it be.
You don't seem to understand.

Why did you even fall
for a guy like him?

Why did your wife fall
for a guy like you?

I get it.

But better be careful.

Being in love isn't always hunky-dory.
Bitter moments are bound to follow.

Stay happy
and keep out of trouble.

Am I clear, Joseph?

Never hurt her no matter what.

You needn't run
errands for me any more.

Find yourself a decent job.

It'll help your case when you ask her dad
for his daughter's hand.

Don't get him involved in our affairs.
- Sure, boss.

You guys, too, look for decent jobs.

Then find suitable girls
and settle down.

Now drop her off at her place.

But don't step inside her home yet.
You'll get into trouble.

You guys, too, tag along with them.
But maintain distance.

Give them some privacy.
Am I clear?

Go on, now.

See you later, uncle.
- See you later, sir.

It's a blessing in disguise
that Anil saw us both together.

We now gained Ammoru's trust.

I feared that Ammoru
would rip me apart.

You guys leave now.

I'll go to Mandakini's place
and tell her about this.

I'll walk with you to her place.

You're taking Ammoru's words literally.

You guys leave now.
I'll meet you this Sunday.

I can't meet you this sunday.
- Why not?

This Sunday I've to attend a communion.
- Is it? I'll join you then.

Never mind. You'll find it boring.
- Are you finding it boring?

I converted to Christianity. So..
- Oh, stop it now.

I anyway have to get converted
after I marry you.

So I better get used to it.

Alright. Be at Gnanapuram bus stop
this Sunday by 9am sharp.

I'll be there.

What did you say then?
- I was too scared to say anything.

I ran away.
- What?

You left a girl all by herself?
You coward!

She is no girl.
She is 42 years old.

No molester would want to trouble her.

That doesn't mean he can
leave a woman all by herself.

I merely ran away. Any other guy
would've suffered a stroke right there.

You should've been there
to witness it.

What on earth makes her think
of marrying again at this age?

Does she think she's still a girl.
- What's wrong if she wants to?

Expressing one's feelings is no crime.

What do you plan to do now?
- What will I do now?

Don't you know
what I'll do now?

I'm 49 years old now.

Villagers would laugh at me
if I marry now.

Why do you care
about the villagers?

Do you like her?

Actually, I do like her.
- Look at this idiot blush.

Aren't you ashamed to say that?
- What's there to be ashamed?

Don't pay heed to his words.

You say you like her.
Then why don't you marry her?

Cut it!
She is 42 years old.

She's a widow
and also has a 20 year old daughter.

Aren't these reasons enough
not to marry her?

You speak like you'll get to marry
a damsel. You're already 49.

People are talking behind your back.
Some even say that you are gay.

I'm not lying.

Since you are 49, no woman
would be ready to marry you.

Consider yourself lucky
that this woman proposed to you.

If you let go off this opportunity,
you'll remain unmarried forever.

"My fiancee is fearsome
like Goddess Kali."

"None can tackle her,
not even Muhammad Ali."

"Alluring and bewitching,
that's how good is her body."

"She makes me dizzy,
how I wish she spares me."

"She is vibrant
yet fiery."

"She's explosive
yet lively."

"She's someone
not to be messed with, buddy."

If it wasn't for the gossip mongers,
I'd have married dozens of women by now.

Ma'am, I like you.
But I'm also scared about all this.

You're an officer
and I 'm an attendant.

But I don't care.

I'll marry you come what may.

If someone objects our union,
I'll deal with them.

I'll land flying kicks on them all,
just like how actor Chiranjeevi does.

Ma'am, after we are married,
we'll go to Ooty for honeymoon.

Ever since I was a kid

I always dreamt about going to Ooty
with my wife.

It's finally happening.

Why have you all gathered here?
- Look what your friend is up to.

Raju, why are you sleeping here?

Hey, Raju!

Sir, give this to me?
- What? Why?

You can now have it, sir.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Since Raju is 49 years old
and still unmarried

all women are spreading
rumours about him,

and all men
are keeping distance from him.

So, I request all the villagers
to take part in the meeting

to be held this evening at the library
and knock some sense into his head.

Is it?
I'm starting right away.

Sir, please let the manager know
that I informed you before leaving.

Ma'am, an issue came up at home.
I'll call you later.

Why are you bothered about my marriage?
- Villagers say that you are gay.

This is the kind of treatment
meted out to gays.

What nonsense!
How could anyone think I'm gay?

How could anyone not think you are gay.
You are 49 and still unmarried.

Rumour is that you are molesting
young boys.

- You heard me.

We've got proofs too.

We were told you misbehaved
with a boy at the liquor store

and that you're squeezing
the muscles of the guys at the gym.

You also misbehaved with a boy
who was asleep at Koribilli street.

His mother lodged a complaint.

We have all the proofs needed.
We summoned you only after verifying them.

He loves to play with kids.
That doesn't mean he is a gay.

Why are you getting pissed?
I guess Raju turned you all gay

since you guys always stick together.

Sir, mind what you say.
Show some respect.

A miser son of a bitch like you
deserves no respect.

Don't you dare call me a miser?

You fish out money from our pockets
to run this place.

I'm not a moralless son of a bitch
like you are. - Mind your words.

Quit fighting, you guys!
Calm down and sit.

Don't deviate from the point at hand.
Boy, tell him why we summoned him.

Raju, we know
that you are a good man.

But since you are unmarried,
rumours about you are being spread.

People are taking those rumours seriously
and are lodging complaints against you.

If this situation persists,
you'll be forced to leave the village.

So either you get married
and prove that you are not gay.

Or get banished from the village.
The choice is yours.

You let us all down.
- I let you all down?

Yes, you did.
People think you're gay for being unmarried

and we are gay
for hanging out with you.

Unless you marry,
people won't let you stay here.

Have they gone nuts?
Who'll be willing to marry an oldie like him?

What's done is done.

You better marry that lady
before she changes her mind.

That way, you won't be banished.
- You are right.

Raju, this is your last chance.
If you let go off her

you'll have to face problems.
What do you say?

You are right.
This is the last chance.

There is the sign that I'm right.
The phone's ringing.

It is her calling.
- Answer the call.

What should I say to her?
- Don't you know?

Tell her that you are ready to marry her
and be her husband.

I'm scared.
- I'll talk to her then.

Hey, priest, don't..
- Talk to her, priest.

Get married?
Mom, have you gone mad?

Do you even know
what you're saying?

I weighed all pros and cons
before I took this decision.

This is not just about you.

People are going to talk
behind your back.

I don't care what people talk
behind my back.

What you think about this
is all that matters to me.

Stop all this nonsense
and go back to sleep.

Get your hands off me.
You say you are a feminist.

Talk about double standards.
- Quiet, mom. You'll wake everyone up.

Alright, mom.
Let's talk with calm heads.

Where does he stay?

At R.P Peta.

I would like to meet him.

Tomorrow, his friends are coming over
to have formal talks.

Would you like to join me?

I'd like to meet him alone.

I'll let him know.

He reached
a helpless state

wherein his body was covered
with ash.

These people
are getting on to my nerves.

I better hurry up.

A middle aged man then said

"I created a rule with my eyes."

The bible says ‘Yehova
Man on the earth is honest,

Yehova is honest and practical.
Physically he lost everything.

He lost his wealth
and health.

But his spirit was pious.
His spirit was detatched from pleasures.ù

Mr. Murthy said you needed an insurance policy.
- That's right.

Today being a Sunday,
I thought I'd meet you at home.

That's why I asked you to come home.
- Right.

Shall we start the process?
- Sure.

Every Sunday these worthless missionaries
have a field day.

May I have your full name, please?
- It's Paul Rajesh.

- Rajesh.

I'm sorry for that impolite remark
about the missionaries.

We've got used to it.
Please finish the application now.

Y-Your name again, please.
- Paul Rajesh.

Postal address, please.
- 34721 Gnanapuram Vishakapatnam 8

When one desires
to live like a realist

time and again he has to introspect.

The kind of nonsense
that these people preach.

I'm forging rules
with my eyes.

I've done it in the past.
And I'll always keep doing it.

My dear brothers
and sister

that's why the Lord said

'If one's eyes are pure,
then he is a pure being.'

Are you Raju?

Are you Radha madam's daughter?
- Yes.

Please sit.

Be seated.

My mom told me about you.
- She called me up this morning

and said that you wanted to talk to me.

Tell me, then.

Do you really like my mom?

W-Well, I do like her
and I also..

Sit straight, will you?
And quit blushing like you were a girl.

So, you told my mom
that you'd marry her?

Infact, she came up with the idea.
Later on, I accepted the proposal.

So, you mean my mom
was after you?

That's not what I meant.

Why didn't you get married till now?

Well, I just didn't.
- What do you mean? Be clear.

I just didn't get married.
I can't elaborate why.

I had my own share of problems
and I don't wish talk about them.

Alright. Forget about it.
But I've got other questions for you.

What are they?

Everyday, we get to read it
in the newspapers

that men are duping women
by saying they are in love them.

Why shouldn't I think that you won't
dupe my mom after marrying her?

- You heard me.

You're a mere attendant.
You earn a meagre Rs. 8,000 per month.

At the same work place,
my mom is an high ranking official.

After all the cuttings
she still makes Rs. 22,000.

So, I doubt that you want to marry her
just for the sake of money.

Young people like you
tend to have doubts like these.

Are there any more questions?
- There are a lot more questions.

But first, answer this.
- Sure. I will.

For all the questions that you might
probably ask, I've only one answer.

I'm not a young lad, who'd want
to dupe and cheat a woman.

I'm 50 years old.

The only reason why people
of my age would want to get married

is to have companionship.
Nothing else matters.

You're still young. Once your old enough,
you'd understand me better.

Your horoscope is compatible
with that of Raju's.

If you both marry,
you'll lead a happy life together.

This Monday is an auspicious day
for you to break this news to your brother.

Everything will be fine.

Will my brother approve of this wedding
if tell him on monday?

I'm the best priest in these villages.
My predictions always come true.

If you break this news to him
this auspicious monday

he'll be more than glad.

There is the sign that I'm right.
The phone's ringing.

I'm here with Mr. Raju.

I spoke to him
and I feel he's a nice man.

I guess he'll take good care of you and me.
- Yes, he will.

But do you think your brother
would approve this?

Forget about him.

Tell me if you approve
this marriage?

Yes, I do.
I've got no objections.

That's great.
See you at home, then.

Sure. We can then decide
what to do next.

I gave her my consent.
Are you now glad?

So glad
that I'm actually blushing.

But there is a glitch.
- What is it?

I never addressed
anyone as dad in 20 years of my life.

So, it'll take some time
before I begin to call you dad.

That's no problem at all.
Call me by my name. I won't mind.

Are you cooking potato curry?

Let me have a piece!

Where are you coming from?

I'd gone to Sushma's house because..

Sai Baba discourses were
being conducted over there.

I will thrash you if you lie to me!

Is Sushma's house in Ganapuram?

Are Christians conducting Sai Baba
discourses these days?

Did you see me?
So what?

Yes, I went to attend
a Christian meeting!

Why did you go there?

I went there casually with a friend.
- Who?

The guy who was with you?

Who is he?

Like I said,
he's just a friend.

If he's just a friend, why
were you holding hands?


I wanted to tell you after
I was done with my studies.

But I don't think you can
wait until then.

Listen to me.

His name is Joseph.

We're in love.

I want to marry him..
- Shut up!

Love, huh?

Why are you hitting me?

I should kill you
for what you've done.

Being a Brahmin, you are
in love with a Christian!

Are you not ashamed
of yourself?

Why should I be?

Being a human being, you're discriminating
people based on their religion.

Are you not ashamed?

Look, I'll only
tell you once!

If you ever meet him or
go there again,

I'll kill you!

I am telling you
again and again!

I love him!
And I'll get married to him!

If such a day comes...

Then I'll hang myself right
in front of your eyes.

Are you blackmailing me?

This is what all parents
say to their children.

You think I am blackmailing you?

Do you want to see?

Even someone who's going to do it
won't say it so many times.

My dad isn't giving me any money
I'll play if it is for 5 bucks.

Okay then. Let's play for 5 bucks.

Joseph, what's bothering you?


I want to start working, man.

Looks like Ammoru's words
have reached your ears!

I'm not saying this because he said it.
I feel it myself.

We've led haphazard lives
up until now.

But if we get married...

we'll have to take care of our family.

For that to happen, we need to find a job.

So, what do you want to do?

I have no idea, man.

What will you do?

My dad owns a barbershop.

I'll take over whenever he retires.

I'll make a living as a barber.

That's nice, man.

What about you, priest?

Didn't you just call me a priest?
My dad's teaching me holy chants already.

When I'm done learning, I won't be able to
loaf around with you guys.

He'll find me a job at a temple.
Discard a card, man.

Very nice, man.

You guys have dads who look out for you.

What about me?

Don't worry, man.

Ammoru is looking for a job for you.

Ammoru? What job, brother?

Ammoru knows a man called Narayan Rao
in Araku. He owns holiday cottages over there.

He asked Ammoru for a reliable guy
to look after his business.

He's thinking of recommending you.
Will you do it?

Why even ask, brother?
I'll definitely do it!


You might have to go there in 2-3 days' time.
Be prepared.

Come to the gym tomorrow.

Sure, brother.

Hey, you guys keep playing.
I'm leaving.

Will see you guys later.

Walk slowly, brother. I think the earth
is shaking a little bit.

See you. Take care of that belly of yours.

What are you waiting for?

Go give her this piece of news.
She'll feel happy about it.

She's in the middle of her exams.
She said she can't meet me for a month.

She asked me not to disturb her,
and that she'll come see me if she wants.

She just left.

I'm thinking of joining the job without telling her.

Then I'll meet her with my salary in hand.

She'll be elated.

Meanwhile, if she comes to the gym,
you guys should cover for me.

Hey, Sunitha! You're next.

I'm so nervous!

Why? Stay confident.

You sing so well in front of me.
You can do it.

Okay, let's go.


"What a wonderful man you are,
You are mine, and only mine"

"I'll always be your slave
I'm yours, and only yours"

"My heart's secret has revealed itself to you
Play me as if I'm an instrument"

Hey, Bhadram. Give me a soda.

Make it fast.

The school looks busy today, eh?

They're organizing cultural programmes
on the occasion of Independence Day.

The dancing competition just got done.
Now they're singing.

This girl's singing really well.

Her name's Sunitha, it seems.

How many times should I tell you
not to sing?

Why are you hitting her?
-Is this a song suitable for kids?

It's just a song, sir.

For now, it's just a song. Soon, she'll
want to know the meaning of the song.

Don't teach me how to raise my child.

I should slap you first!

Please speak with respect, sir
- Why should I?

I should teach her a lesson!

Hey! Stop him. He's taking her away.
-Have you seen her dad? He'll beat me up for sure.

What a coward!

I'll kill you if you utter another word.

Why? What mistake did I commit?

Oh, you're speaking Telugu!
Did he teach you himself?

Do you understand what you're saying?
What will people think? They'll spit on you.

Why? What have I done?

Are you asking me?
Are you out of your mind?

You have a daughter who isn't married.
What will people think if you get married?

My reputation will go down the drain!


What is it?

I'm in love with a boy.


Yes, uncle. I am in love with a boy.

What's wrong with the both of you?
Have you gone crazy?

What's wrong with falling in love?

You're so young! What do you even
know about love at this age?


So, I'm too young to fall in love.

Okay, I'll forget him.

But my mom's old enough
to know better, right?

Or do you think she doesn't
know any better?


A girl my age doesn't have the right to
take her own decisions...

And neither does a woman of mom's age.

Is that what you mean?

Will a woman ever be able to live life
on her own terms?

Come with me.

Why should I? Move!

Answer me!
-Why should I?

Listen to me...

I raised your daughter since her childhood
because you were widowed.

I know that Raju!
He's an orphan.

You have no one else but me.

If you get married to him anyway...

I'll never let you or your daughter
inside my house ever again.

Do you want to orphan your daughter?

Think about it carefully.

Come with me.


What are you doing here?

Hush! Stop laughing.

Why did you come here?

The thing is...

I did everything that you asked of me.
Will you do something for me?

What is it?

I want to...

...have a drink with you.

I thought that it was something else.

All of that's only after
we get married.

But there's no alcohol at home.

I came prepared.

Got whiskey.

Soda or water?

Only water.

Stay right here.
I'll go get omelettes.

Pinch me.

Pinch me here.

This is the first time I'm
drinking with a girl.

But this isn't my first drink
with a guy.

I know. I've understood everything
about you.

What do you understand?

Not in a bad way...

In a good way.

You're fortunate to have found
a guy like me.

Have an omelette.

The first time you walked into
our wine shop...

Everybody was giving you
weird looks.

But you didn't care about all that.

You bought your bottle and left!

That very day I fell for you.

You live life on your own terms.

I'm the same.
I live life the way I want to.

Never change.

I used to become restless if I
didn't see these eyes for even a day.

You didn't come to the shop
29 times in the last year.

I would roam the streets
looking for you.

But I never found you.

"As hope makes me her prisoner"

"Time plays its game"

"Which shore will my life reach?"

"The distance between us
is increasing by the second"

"When will this end?"

"Will I ever be free
of this confusion?"

"There's a desperate struggle
in my heart"

"As I move on..."

"As chaos fills up your entire world"

"Your heart is struck by grief"

"As the full moon hides behind dark clouds"

"Your destination becomes obscure"

"As you are left hopeless in desperation"

"Will this feeling ever pass?"

"Who can explain the reasons
behind one's destiny?"

"You'll have to wait and see for yourself"

"There's a desperate struggle
in my heart"

Lord, why didn't Sunitha come to
school today?

You shouldn't have let me find the
book if you knew this would happen.


Make sure Sunitha comes
to school tomorrow.

"As hope makes me her prisoner"

"Time plays its game"

"Which shore will my life reach?"

"Who knows what's lurking
in the darkness?"

"Your destiny is your shadow"

"Who knows what's hiding
at the next turn?"

"Find it out for yourself"

"The drama of Life unfolds
over the entire world"

"But the plot remains unknown
to the characters"

"As your faith abandons you"

"Your tale remains unfinished"

"Go with the flow of life
and move on"

"You will have to wait
for tomorrow to unfold"

"There's a desperate struggle
in my heart"

You've just been transferred here, ma'am.
And you're asking for a transfer again.

Let me try.
Wait for 10 days.

We'll get you married at 10AM
in the morning on the 16th.

Things like flowers, fruits, holy thread
will have to be brought by yourselves.

Got it?
-Got it, sir.

Who knows about
this matter?

A few people know
about it.

The whole village must've
known by now.

Go give it to everybody.


He's worked very hard.
-Indeed, brother.

He is this year's Mr Andhra
for sure.

Why not? After all, he's worked
hard for 2 years.

Go. You can workout inside.

Take care of all his expenses.
-Sure, brother.

Dieting and all...
-Sure, brother.

Take personal care.
-Okay .

Hey Bhargavi...

I told you to let me know
if you had any problems, dear.

I didn't have time, uncle.

Let's go.
I'll speak with your dad.

You won't be able to
convince him, uncle.

I'll beat up your dad
if I have to! Let's go.

He hanged himself to
convince me, uncle.

What about Joseph?

I'm leaving, uncle.

How can you leave
without saying anything?

He's doing well at his new job.

Crazy guy!

Wait a second.


Call Araku and ask
him to come immediately.


Didn't he tell you?

Why didn't he tell you?

He's working in Araku
for a friend of mine.

He is earning well, too.

He's changed for you.
He's not what he used to be.

What's the use, uncle?
I'm getting married in the evening.

What? Today?

And you're telling me now?

Had you told me earlier,
I'd have done something.

I didn't have time.
- Bhargavi...


What's your dad's problem
with him?


Religion, uncle.

It's high time
she learnt her lesson.

We have to confront her today.

You're right. We'll teach that whore
a lesson she'd never forget.

She's a girl after all.
Let's be gentle.

Yes, bro.
That's what I meant too.

Omar, keep your temper in check
when we confront her.

He'll do the talking
and we'll make no noise.

Here she comes.
- Let's go.

You visit the dargah at Gandhi Nagar, right?
- Yes, I do.

What's your name?
- Why do you care?

Karim said her is Saleema.
Isn't that your name?

We know that you are a muslim.

We see you daily at Convent Junction.
Why do you go there?

I've never been there.
- Don't lie.

We see you there everyday.
- What's your problem?

Aren't you ashamed to be a prostitute
despite being born as a muslim?

Didn't I tell you to stay calm.
Let him do the talking.

Bro, carry on.
- You are a muslim.

Prostitution is a sin.
So quit it right away.

I don't even know you.
And I don't care what you say.

So, you better get lost.
- How dare you push him?

Why isn't she here yet?
- I got no clue either.

She should be here by now.
- By when should we be there?

By 10AM.
- It's already 9:30AM.

We'll be late.
Let's check at her place.

She won't like it. She says
her neighbours would gossip.

What would they gossip about?
After all, you're going to be her husband.

Let's go fetch her.

Is my bride all dressed up?
Why are you so serious?

Hurry up, bro.

She had a death which every whore deserves.
Why even bother investigate?

Go and bury her somewhere.
If not, we'll inform the municipal office

and ask them to cremate her body
in the electric box.

Focus only on people who've voting rights.
- Alright.

Don't bribe the people
who have no voting rights.

If needed, we'll deal with them later.
Go answer the door.

How are you doing, bro?

Come in, Joseph.
I'm doing good.

Be seated, Joseph.
- How are you, sir?

I'm good.
Be seated.

Sir, have some sweets.
- Why? Anything special?

I got my first pay check.
- That's great.

Do you like your job?
- You helped me land that job.

It's as good as it can get.
A month passed by real quick.

Are you being treated well?

Very well, indeed.
Mr. Narayan Rao takes good care of me.

Of course he would. He's a fine man.
He respects me a lot.

Alright, sir.
I'll take your leave.

Where are you going?
To meet your friends?

No, sir.
I'm going to meet Bhargavi.

I didn't meet her for a month now.

Now that I've received my salary,
I want to meet her.

Sit down.
I want to have a word with you.

Sit down.
- What about, sir?

It's about..

Bhargavi got married!

Let's finish it in two days.
- Excuse me.

Who are you?
- I'm Sunitha's classmate.

My name is Sundaram.
Is Sunitha home?

Why do you ask?

My social studies notes are incomplete.
So, I want to refer her notes.

Sunitha missed school for 10 days, right?
- I missed more than that.

Students miss notes
and teachers don't even care.

What a worthless school this is.

Which notes do you want?
- Social notes.

Here you go.

Isn't Sunitha at home?
- Why do you ask?

Just to say thanks
for lending me this book.

Not needed. You needn't return the notes.
- Won't Sunitha need it?

Sunitha is now attending
another school.

She's attending another school?

Yes, she is.

Since I work for the government,
I made Sunitha attend a government school.

But that is pathetic school.

That's why I got her enrolled
at an english medium school in Delhi.

She's in Delhi now?
- Yes, she is.

She'd stay there in Delhi at a hostel
till she completes her studies.

You are still here?
Get going now.

Once we get paid tomorrow

we'll go to the market
and buy new clothes.

Shall we offer prayers to the idol
you made, on the day of the festival?

- Just look at your pride.

It's been long
since you had a good night's sleep.

Sleep now.
I'll wake you up early tomorrow.

W-Where's Sundaram?

He must be hanging out somewhere.
He'll be back soon. Sleep now.

Not now.
Get some sleep.

How could you be so mean to me?
I had blind faith in you.

I pleaded you
to unite me with Sunitha.

Sunitha's father sent her away to Delhi.

I want to meet Sunitha.
Bring her to me.

I believed that you possessed
divine powers.

But now I realise
that it's all crap.

Sunitha has gone
miles away from me.

D-Did you like..

If you don't deliver the idol by noon,
we won't pay you a penny.

How could you be so reckless?

It served us right
for trusting an imbecile like him.

He screwed us up big time.
- What an idiot he turned out to be.

Allegedly, the best craftsman in town.

Get out of my house you two!
You've brought me disgrace.

Don't even think
we've nowhere else to stay but here.

Get out then.
- That man is crossing all limits!

Take it easy.
Calm down now.

How could I take it easy
when he's crossing the line?

It's all my fault.

If I hadn't come here,
I wouldn't have met Raju

and none of this
would've happened.

I know what to do.
Give me your phone.

Whom are you calling?
- Raju.

- I want him to elope with you.

If I elope despite being so old
I'll become the butt of jokes.

You should've thought of that
when you fell in love.

Whatever. Don't call him now.
Give back my phone.

Give me the phone.
- You be quite and sit here.

Aditi, give me the phone.
Open the door.

Aditi, open the door.
Open the door.

Why is Radha calling me
at this hour?

- Hi, Dad.

Who is this?

Don't play innocent with me.

Who else would call you up from this number
and address you as Dad?

Is this Aditi?
- Yes, it is me.

Tell me, Aditi.
- I want you to run away with my mom.

Run away with your mom?
What do you mean?

Hell with this old chap!
I want you to elope with my mom.

What rubbish!

People will laugh at us.

Now I know why the entire village
thinks you are gay.

They call you gay
for being such a coward?

Mind your tongue. I'm older than you.
You better show some respect.

Don't get so pissed.
Like they say, truth is always bitter.

I won't tolerate
your taunts anymore.

Your male ego got bruised
by my taunts, is it?

If you're really man enough,
prove it by eloping with my mom.

Don't you dare challenge me.

I'm gutsy enough to elope
and marry your mom right away.

Don't big talk.
Come here and prove your worth.

I'm coming right away.
You've crossed all limits by provoking me.

It's high time
I showed you my true mettle.

With fancy AC stores coming up,
my business took a big blow.

I'm forced to borrow money
to make ends meet.

And also..

Hey, Raju!
Where is he headed?


Raju, wait up!

Why is he crossing over
to that village?

I guess he is upto
something dangerous.

Hey, you two, follow me.

Aditi, what are you making us do?
This will cause many problems.

If you're really scared like you say,
you wouldn't even attempt climbing down.

Why don't you listen
to what your heart says?

I know you want to do this.
So, hurry up and climb down.

Get down, ma'am.

Your daughter is underestimating us.
Let's prove her a point.

Shut up, Raju!

I won't tolerate
another word against my daughter.

Hurry up, mom!
Uncle would be here anytime.

Manohar should be
back home by now.

Hold on to the rope tight.

Oh my god! Manohar is back.
- Ma'am, hurry up!

They are almost here.
Let's run.

Ma'am, keep moving.
- My stomach is hurting.

I shouldn't have fallen
for you daughter's bait.

You are too sick and I'm too old
for all these adventures.

Ma'am, they are here.
Let's go!

My village is beyond that level crossing.
We'll be safe if we get there.

Hurry up.

There are almost here!
- Oh, no!

Oh, no!
They are here.

This serves you both well.

Why don't you come closer
and sit here?

This is the first time I'm consummating
a relation. So, I'm shy.

Aren't you shy?

Why would I be shy?
This is the second time I'm doing it.

Don't be shy.
Come sit here.

I'm too shy for that.

Hadn't it been for the people of this village,
we wouldn't have got married.

Yes, ma'am.
That's true.

The entire village
stood by us.

My fellow villagers were always more concerned
than I was about me getting married.

I don't know why though.

Do you mind if I ask you something?
- Not at all.

Why have you remained unmarried
till this day?

It just so happened.

Were you in love
with anyone?

Yes, I was.

While I was in school,
I fell in love with a girl named Sunitha.

She was so pretty.

I was around 23 years old

when I fell in love
with a Brahmin girl named Bhargavi.

But she was forced
to marry some other guy.

I was about 33 years old

about the time
my hairline started to receed

when I fell in love
with a muslim girl.

She got killed.
- What! How did that happen?

I got no clue
how she got killed.

Since then, I was in no mood
to fall in love, until I met you.

I hardly ever ventured out of this village.

But, I keep seeing my past
and myself in my fellow villagers.

Whenever I see a school kid
or a 20 year old lad

or a man in his 30s,
I can't help it but stare at them.

That's the reason why
I'm considered gay by my villagers.

Quit laughing.
It's not funny at all.

I'm sorry.
- Whatever. Get some sleep now.

If not, we'll be late for work.

Oh no! There is a power outage.
- A power outage?

I'll see what I can do.

Silence, guys. I've got a phone call.
It is from Raju!

I guess he wants your advice
about how to consummate the marriage.

Cut your nonsense!
Yes, Raju, any problem?

A power outage!
What can I do about it?

You need an electric generator?

You maybe my friend,
but I can't lend you my generator for free.

Since, it is your first night post wedding,
I'm charging you a mere Rs. 2,000.

Rs. 2 was your price as a kid.
Then it was Rs. 200.

Now it is Rs. 2,000.
Wonder why you love the digit 2 so much.

Alright. Rs. 2,000 is fine with me.
- Cool. I'll be there then.

Raju wants me to set up the generator
at his place. I'll leave now.

Alright, guys.
Have a good one.