Close Range Love (2014) - full transcript

A schoolgirl is not doing well and her English marks are sub-par. A teacher asks her to attend after-hours tutoring in order to improve her grades. Jealous of the attention she finds herself bullied and resented, but she develops feelings for the teacher when he rescues her. At the same time, a female teacher is trying to gain the attention of the male teacher the schoolgirl has fallen for. Will they end up together or does fate separate the student and the teacher?

I'm Kururugi Yuni, 18 years old.

What's wrong, Edou?

Something this small scares me.

Okay, deep breath!


Please split into groups
of 2 for stretches.


Oh, right.. we have an
odd number of people.

You'll be fine alone, right Kururugi-san?


I'm Kururugi Yuni,

and something this small hurts me.

Don't put in too much.


What happened?


Suzuki! Are you alright?

Ah, Kururugi.. is fine, right?

Okay, let's head to the infirmary.

It's alright, it's alright.

Please take care of this.

- Get a cloth!
- Okay.

That was scary, hey?

Bring a second one.

Everyone always thinks "Ah, she's fine"

I'm Kururugi Yuni,

and even this.. hurts.

Kururugi's really something.

Her face doesn't change
even with top grade.

She seems like she should be at the top.

Top score really has to be Kururugi-san.

But she's really calm.

She is.

You look super happy, Kururugi.

That cat is your friend, right?

It shares your happiness while you pet it.

So cute.

I mean the cat.

Top grade is getting to her head.

Totally is.

Why is she talking to Sakurai-sensei?

Really ticks me off.

We need to talk - come to
the staff room after class.

She can't even speak English!

Isn't Sakurai-sensei so cool?

- His cologne smells so good.
- An adult's smell!

Sensei, you're so cool!

You're all cuter.

Don't take it seriously.

Close Range Love.

It is in the textbook right around here,

it means something is becoming one's forte.

He asks me to come see him
and then has me wait.

How irresponsible.

What are you mumbling about?

What did you need to talk to me about?

Come to the English classroom
at 4pm after class, every day.

Extra lessons. Your English grade was
the only low one on your midterms.

It's bad for us if a prodigy
like you gets a bad grade.

They'll say things about
me as your teacher.

What's up with you, anyway?

Are you doing it on purpose?

To get my attention.

I understand. Excuse me.


Wouldn't every day be a bit much?

She's preparing for exams and
has other things to study.

Akechi-sensei, aren't you her cousin?

Oh, it's not because of that.

Does a math teacher have a
say in her English studies?

You have extra lessons?


That teacher who started
in April, Sakurai-sensei.

He doesn't seem to like that I did
poorly on the English midterm.

So that's why?

You weren't good at English
in middle school, either.

He says it'll be every day after school.

He's too forceful.

I'm.. really mad right now.

She's mad?

Most likely.

She always wants donuts when she's angry.

Isn't it unusual to eat sweets when mad?

It's not that strange.

Anger releases adrenaline.

Sweets, basically just
sugar, make up for it.

Nami-chan, who is this?

You just noticed me?

Satou Saki-kun from my class.


Is he your new boyfriend?

That's the gist of it.

Nice to meet you.

Nami-chan, I'm going to go home
by myself starting tomorrow.

What, why?

Well, there's the lessons.

But it's also hard to go home with
you when we're in different classes.

Yuni, why are you saying this so suddenly?

Ohhh, are you trying to make room for Saki?

If so, don't worry about it.

He says we should all go together.

It's not that I'm thinking about him.

I'd feel bad making you wait
for my lessons to finish.



But lunch time doesn't change!


It's a promise!

I was so nervous.

Sorry, Saki.

She's not a bad person.

She tries really hard to be strong.

And she's not very frank.

We've been hanging out since middle school,

so I kind of understand how she thinks.

But she doesn't have any other friends,

so I can't really leave her alone.

Excuse me.

As expected, you're right on time.

Let's get started.

Don't close the door.

Have a seat.


The subject and predicate are the same,

so "it" becomes "which".

I don't get it at all.

Are you stupid?


Tell me which part you don't understand.

Why does a single verb have two uses as
both an interrogative and relative pronoun?

Why does a word have a different
meaning depending on its context?

There isn't a reason.

You just memorize it.

Everything has a rule.

If you can't explain the rules,
I won't be able to learn it.

I see.

Didn't you win first prize
in a math tournament?

The way you think is very different.

It's impressive.

In math, everything has a rule.

There is usually only one answer.

Math's simplicity is beautiful.

So I like it.

Are you not happy?

I was just praising you.

Have you..

Ever laughed or cried?

Does that have anything to do with English?

That's why I asked.

Being able to express things like happiness
and sadness is the key to English.

But people don't always
have only one emotion.

People can think something is
fun while also being bored.

They can find something
troublesome and have fun.

We're complicated.

That's why, unlike math, there aren't
hard-and-fast rules in English.

I really don't understand
what you're saying.

Are you actually a prodigy?

These lessons are pointless.

Please don't concern
yourself with me anymore

I've given up on English already.

You're acting like this
on purpose, aren't you?

You're not running from
this, so prepare yourself.

Your cologne is too strong.


Please back off or the smell will stick.

Why are you acting so tough?

I'm home.

Welcome back.

How was the lesson with Sakurai-sensei?

Nothing out of the ordinary.

I see.

Well, you wouldn't have any problems.


Well, since you have the chance,

why don't you give it your best shot?

You wanted to study under Mendel at that
university in California, didn't you?

I can't do that.

I already gave up on it a long time ago.

I'm going to go change.

Good morning.

Good morning.


Good morning.

How are the lessons going?

We only just started.

She's hard to deal with sometimes.


No, she's interesting.

Girls like her.

I mean, she doesn't really express herself.

Her facial expression doesn't change much.

She used to smile a lot, but
somewhere along the way..

Sensei, good morning.

Good morning.

But she's a kind, good girl at heart.

This is material I put
together just for you.

The example sentences are
separated by situation.

So you can memorize it
all without thinking.

I can't.

Without knowing the rules,
nothing will stick.

I thought it'd come to this.

Starting now, rewrite all
of these sentences 5 times.

Say them out loud while you write.

You're surprisingly obedient.

He was a tzar,

she was a persont.

It's "peasant", not "persont".

That he, for years, had been.

Which one is the principal clause?

This one.


Everything after "that" is
the subordinate clause.

That's why "a peasant" was
omitted after "had been".


Then, the antecedent..

Isn't that Sakurai-sensei?

The girl with him.. isn't that Kururugi?

It is.

She's having extra lessons by herself?

What is that..

You all want extra lessons?


It's not fair for Kururugi-san
to be the only one.

Please teach us after school as well.

You don't need it.

You all got top marks in
English on the midterms.


Because we like you.

We studied our hardest...
because we like you.

- Mei-chan.
- Mei-chan.


Keep working that hard.



Excuse us.

He smiled for us!

His smile is so cool.

Yoshida Mei seems to be getting
close to you on a personal level.

Vice principal.

It is a phase she's in.

She will be very beautiful
after graduation.

She'll go to university, get a
boyfriend, and have a good time.

Students preparing for exams tend to be
somewhat emotionally unstable, you see?

Of course, I don't at all
think that you are wrong.

But to squelch any rumors..

I understand.

Excuse me.

Reading is to the mind.

But food is to the body.

You've gotten into it.

I'm only doing the task you've given me.

If I don't take it seriously,
these lessons will be pointless.

Then why are you feeling embarrassed?

I'm not embarrassed.

When embarrassed, you feel warmer,

and subconsciously want to
touch something colder.

Should I make you warmer, cheeky-chan?

You're easy to understand.

People, you see,

their subconscious actions can't lie.

That's why I can understand you.

Even if you keep a stern face.

I'm not..

Keeping a..

Are you

doing that to suppress your emotions?

Don't misunderstand.

I'm only doing this as your teacher.

There's no special kind of interest in it.

I'm not misunderstanding anything.

Because I hate you.

That's good to hear.



Yuni, can't you take a break at lunch?

I have to get at least 70 on today's test.

Or these lessons won't stop.

I can't get marks on the essay sections,

so I have to do well on the rest.

Do you hate him that much?

Everyone says his teaching
style is easy to understand.

A lot of girls in my class like him.

I hate him.

Irresponsible and not
serious, yet self conscious.

Someone like that isn't qualified to teach.

Then there's that smell..

Oh, his cologne?

It's a nice smell~~

I hate it.


The effects of a person's smell on the opinions that other
people have of them was tested at the University of California-

I got it, I got it.

Anyway, good luck on your test.

Thanks, Nami-chan.


I know more answers than before..


Could we talk?

You've been

getting things wrong on
purpose, haven't you?

I thought it was strange from the start.

You're the best at everything else,

but somehow you don't know English?

She's obviously after Sakurai-sensei!

That is wrong.

What is?

I hate Sakurai-sensei.

It's ridiculous that I'd fall
for someone so irresponsible.

I don't get it.

You always have the same face.

Yeah, it's impossible to
see what you're thinking.

If you hate him, show it in your face!

I'm going to go.

I'll be late for my-

Hold up!

You actually want to see him!

You piss me off!

He has no reason to make you take lessons!

Mei-chan, let's go!

Mei-chan, hurry!

Have any of you seen Kururugi?

I think she went home already.

She might be too embarrassed to see you

because she did badly on the test.

Yeah, he spent so much time teaching her.

Why are you..

I told you, I know all about you.

I say that, but..

I actually made them confess.

I scolded them and said
to not do this again.

It was hard for you, right?

Are you okay?

I am fine.

Even if you hadn't come,

I would have got out this window.

From that?


You're not fine at all!

Now then, since Taguchi-sensei
has been sick for some time,

a new teacher will be come
in a couple of weeks.

Isn't that Kururugi-san?

That's Kururugi, right?


It's just a small sprain,

but don't move it much.

It'll get better faster that way.


Be more upfront about your emotions.


What happened, Yuni?

I just tripped.

You tripped?

Is that true, Sakurai-sensei?

It's true!

It's not a big deal.

I'm fine.

I understand.

Then, I'll call us a taxi.

Let's get you home.

I'll see her home.

Thank you very much.

That's all for me, then.

Good thing it was just a small sprain.

But that was terrible of Yoshida.

I will scold them the next time I see them.

It's alright, Sakurai-sensei already did.

That's good, then.

By the way, Nami-chan.

What are you here to buy?

A present for Saki.

For Satou-kun?

Yeah, he got a job placement.

His taste is a bit girly,

so I thought I'd give him
something more manly.

When someone you love uses
something you bought them,

it makes you happy, right?

"This is the city which I was born in"

I've included this and others
that you seem to struggle with.

Listen to this for at least
10 minutes every day.


What is this?

It's in thanks for the other day.

I can't take a present from a student.

It'd be bad for me if people misunderstood.

I am not misunderstanding anything.

It's just a thank you.

There is no deep meaning!

Why are you getting so serious?

Did you actually fall for me?

Have you lost it?

Seriously? So dull..

It was nice when you had no interest in me.

I was being nice to you
because it's my job.

I was just..

Trying.. to thank you..

Yuni, food's ready.

You're reading Mendel's book?


Did something happen during your lessons?


I kinda just.. wanted to read it.


Akechi-sensei, Kururugi Yuni's
guardian, made a demand today

for the formal ending of her extra lessons.

Her guardian?

The truth is, her parents
are working abroad.

She has been left under
Akechi-sensei's care.

Ever since the lessons started,

she has been acting erratically.

This weekend was especially bad.

She spent it in her room
reading Mendel's books.


He's a professor of genetic engineering
at University of California.

When something is really bothering her, she has a
habit of going to her room and reading his books.

What has she said?


She has never really been one to
tell me what's upsetting her.

If you're her guardian,
shouldn't you check with her?

I have nothing to feel guilty for.


we don't believe you've
done anything, either.

Kururugi-san's grades in
English have gone up a lot.

She can still do better.

It's enough already, Sakurai-sensei.

With her current scores and
our recommendation letter,

she could get into any school she wishes.

Kururugi Yuni's extra lessons
are, from today, over.


Sakurai-sensei's lessons
have been canceled.

They've been.. canceled?

Your scores have gone up a lot,
so they say you don't need them.

You've done well.


Bye, then.


Sakurai-sensei! Today, after the English club's
activities, will you come to karaoke with us?

I have no reason to go with students.

Get to your studies.

I'm busy, you know!

Sensei, please!

I want to go with you!


"Were" is past tense,
so to match the tenses,

"will" becomes "would".

This is called the "subjunctive past".




Translate this top part.


"He said he was ill, which was a lie."

"This is the city which I was born in."

What are you doing? Go on home.

What's wrong, Yuni?

You haven't eaten at all.

It's nothing.. I'm fine.

Actually, even I don't understand.

I'm not sure what, but..

Something.. in here is.. trembling.


I hate him, but it makes
me sad when he's cold.

I don't want to see him,

but not being able to see him is lonely.

Yuni, that's love.



Loving and hating.

Having both is true love.

Saki and I got into a fight.

When I gave him the present I got him,

he said "I don't like it" so casually!

He really pisses me off!


I still love him.


At first, I felt I liked
everything about him.

But now that I can say I
hate him and love him,

it feels like it's real.

"Real.. love."

What am I saying?!

You finally opened up a little bit,

so I shared a bit too much.


That's not what I mean.

I'm happy.

You're always thinking about other people.

You don't really say what
you're feeling yourself.

I thought that might be a little lonely.


So, who is he?

I can't tell you.

What is that?

Well, if it goes well
let me know right away!


It's a promise.


"The path to the best conclusion
is to confess your feelings!"

Confess? "The path to the best
conclusion is to confess your feelings!"

I see..



Be seated.


What, Kururugi?

I li..

Please start the class right away.

We're 3 minutes and 23 seconds late.

We're starting, cheeky-chan.

I can't say it..

In front of everyone..


Smoking is scientifically
proven to be bad for you.

Is that so?

You're poisoning your body! Stop!


What do you want, cheeky-chan?

Sensei, I li..


I li..

Spit it out!

Please teach me how to spell Spacium Beam!

Stop screwing around.

Is this from that experiment from before?

Ah, yeah, that was done last week.

Why can't I bring myself to say it?




We did an experiment last week, right?

I wrote down some things that I didn't get.

Oh, thanks for coming to me about it.

Can you have a look?

Lets see..

Ahhhh! Basically-

A notebook..

I wrote down some things
I don't understand.

Can you have a look?

At the things I don't..

Sensei's coming! Sensei!



Be seated.

Is Kururugi away today?

She was here a moment ago.

Yeah, she was.

Maybe she went to the washroom.

"I hate you, sensei but I also
like you! What should I do?"

What's the problem, sensei?


Suzuki, read page 16.



This is the class you will be in charge of.

Got it.

About just now..

I'm sorry.

Why are you apologizing?

I was wrong to do that.

Please forget it.

Oh, Sakurai-sensei.

I'll introduce you.

This is the teacher who will
take over for Taguchi-sensei,


Long time no see, Sakurai-sensei.

We've been friends since elementary school.

Oh, you were?


This is so nostalgic!

It hasn't changed much since we here last.

Hey, do you remember?

The tree that your dad said grants wishes.

If you walk around this tree 3
times with your eyes closed,

while repeating your wish over and over,

it will come true.

That story was a lie.

Another one of his made-up stories.

Is that so?

I figured wishes don't come true.


You didn't seek me out to
talk about that, did you?

You're as sharp as ever, Haruka.

That habit hasn't changed.

You always do it after a kiss.

I saw it yesterday.

I saw you in the classroom.

Kissing a student.

Accidentally? A kiss? With a student?

Yes, exactly.

We already talked it over, though.


When we were dating in highschool,

we shared a lot of kisses.

But I always made the move.

Do you remember?

I don't.

You wouldn't.

You didn't really love me, after all.

But I remember.

Because I truly loved you.

What are you trying to say?

That you really do..

Love that student.

If you didn't..

You'd never make the move.

It's like you always say,

"People's subconscious actions can't lie".

You really can't do this, Haruka.

Love between a teacher and a student..

If you were found out,

You won't be able to teach anymore.

If it goes badly, you could be sued!

I know that without you telling me.

Please hand in your list of
university choices by next Monday.


Isn't Takizawa-sensei really cute?

I thought so too! Sooo cute!

I think I've fallen in love.

My god..


I heard from Sakurai-sensei.

About you and him.

Are you alright?

You can come to me for advice.

Because I'm your homeroom teacher,

and we're both women.


They're surprisingly obedient.

Their English grades are all going up, too.

They are.

I never thought you'd be a teacher, though!

Hey, hey! Look at that!

I heard those two were childhood friends!

They look great together!

It looks like adult's love~~~.


No way, they're so close together!

Take care.


Kururugi.. what are you doing?


You told me to be more
upfront with my emotions.

I love you, sensei.

So I really can't forget

about what happened.

We can't do this.

Forget it.

Kururugi! Look at me!

Don't get the wrong idea.

The feelings you have right now..
Are temporary.

With some time,

you will naturally forget it.


You don't understand me at all!

Use what I taught you to get perfect marks.


Hey, let's get out of here.

WHOA! WHOA whoa whoa whoa!

What's with this notebook?!
It has a freakin' lock!

Matoba's basically a delinquent
but he has such a cute notebook!

He's already left, right? Let's open it up!

What is it, Kururugi?

Don't just look through
other people's things.

Don't be so stiff! If we put it back
where we got it, he won't know.

What won't I know?!

Ohshitohshitohshit get out of here!


Thank you very much!

This notebook is very important to me.

I'm extremely, thoroughly thankful.

I haven't really..




What's with her?

What happened?

She has a really high fever.

We'll need help to get her home.

I'll call Akechi-sensei.

Please do.

Don't tell her

that I helped her.


Excuse me, is Akechi-sensei there?

Good morning.


So, their friends get all scattered about,

but they do their best
to find them together.

Is it that interesting?



I'll carry your things.

I'm fine, Matoba-kun.

Please don't talk like that.

Matoba-kun seems kind of like a squire.

She protected my notebook.

She's a savior.

Matoba-kun is my savior, as well.

He brought me to the
infirmary when I collapsed.


Here's the list of school
duties over the summer.

Sorry for inviting you somewhere
like this so suddenly.

It's alright, I like sweets.

Thank goodness!

Truth is, I'm aiming to be a pastry chef.

I want to carefully study the
things I eat at places like this.

But it's hard to come in here alone.

I didn't know that!

This book you protected for me before

it's got recipes my dad wrote -
he's a pastry chef in France.

After graduation, I want to
save money, go to France,

and train at my dad's shop.

Sorry, this is probably boring for you.

It wasn't boring at all.

I was moved.

Unlike you, I don't have a
clear dream for the future.

When I was in middle school, I had a dream to
study under Mendel at University of California.

But I wasn't able to speak English..

In the end, I gave up on that.

You can definitely study abroad!

You are super smart.

You still have time!

Over 110 points on TOEFL..

I can't do that..


Summer vacation starts tomorrow.

Have you heard the expression,

"With nodes, bamboo grows strong."

Bamboo grows perfectly straight,

without bending or breaking,

exactly because it has nodes.

You are standing before a turning
point we call summer vacation

and you may begin to question your path-

We can swim in the ocean,

cut up some watermelons,

eat Yakisoba,

and watch fireworks.

I think I'll study a bit..

The mock test was pretty difficult.

I couldn't do it at all.

Matoba-kun, why don't you
hold hands with Yuni?

You like her, right?

What's with you? Not
acting like a man at all!

A man should be more stern!



I like you.

Lucky you!

Yeah, I really wanted it.

So, then, how about we go see a movie?

We only planned for shopping, didn't we?

You always ask for more and more.

I'm going to head home.


Should we..

Start dating again?

What's this all of a sudden?



I know!

Don't say it.

"I can't lie about my feelings", right?

I don't want to hear it again.

You're a bit strange today.



You can't!

You know what will happen, right?

If anyone finds out, you'd be fired!


I'm sorry, Matoba-kun.

There's.. already someone I love.

That's why..

What were you doing?

You, too.. what's up with you?

I've been beaten..

By this kid.


I love you.

I don't believe you.

Saying something like that so suddenly.

It's impossible to believe it!


I.. truly love you, sensei!

But your feelings are probably temporary.

As long as you can't prove they're real,

I simply can't believe you!

What's wrong, Yuni?

Is it the heat?

No, I'm fine.

Thank you, Kazuma-kun.


I want some donuts.

Donuts? Now?


I'll be back.



Where are we-

Don't worry. Just sit and be quiet.

This is a hidden place
even locals don't visit.

It's pretty~.

What is it?


This place is nice, isn't it?

Kururugi, listen.

Have you seen a blue sunset?

A blue sunset?

How could there be one, right?

Even you don't know.

You'd never see one
unless you went to Mars.

But my dad would say he saw one.

He could boast about these things to kids.

He was a salesman for a trading company.

He would always go overseas
on business trips.

Everyone in the company
knew he was a workaholic.

But sometimes when he was at home,

He would make up stories like that.

With a smile on his face.

And then,

when I was 12 years old, he killed himself.

He was lying to us all
the way to the very end.

He was actually worrying about the
losses his company was suffering.

And that's why

I really hate lies.

I've never talked about this before.

You're the first.

You can't really follow it, can you?

A story like this.


After you graduate,

Let's get married.

This is the first time I've
fallen for someone on my own.


I thought, I could go
anywhere if it's with you.

That's the reason?

Isn't suddenly talking about
marriage quite a bit of a leap?

You're the one who said to prove it.

That's.. true.. I guess.

Anyway, what do you say?

This is more or less a proposal.

If you're going to go that far..

I can say yes.


I love you, Kururugi.

If it means being with you,

I could quit being a teacher.

But if anyone learns about this,

You would be expelled.

So until you graduate,

we have to stay just student and teacher.

Got it?


Don't worry.

I'll protect you

no matter what happens.



Come here.

Let's go.

Be careful~.

Hold up!

Caught you.

When the time is right,

I'll tell Akechi-sensei

that we will be married.


You really like that, don't you?

Kazuma-kun gave it to me
when I was in middle school.

So that, even expressionless,
I would look a little cuter.

You don't need something like that.

From now on,

I'll be looking right at you.

Sensei~ Sensei~~

I reeaaally can't understand
this translation, teach me!

If I must..

Please do! Pleeeaaaase~.



Hurry, let's go!


I'm sorry about that day
after the mock exams.

For leaving so suddenly.

I.. thought about chasing after you, but..

I decided not to.

Because that person was..

Sakurai-sensei, right?

I could tell by the cologne.


Sakurai-sensei is the one
that you love, right?

And he probably..

It's okay, you don't have to tell me.

I'm sorry.

Please don't apologize.

I'm the one who should apologize, anyway.

Sensei told me to keep it
to myself, so I kept quiet.

But, the one who took you to the
infirmary the day you collapsed.

It wasn't me.. it was
actually Sakurai-sensei.

When you fell,

He suddenly came through the door.

He.. was really worried about you.

So that's what happened.

Oh, you're pretty chipper.

It'll be done soon.

You've been putting a lot of
effort into cooking lately.

But you can make simpler
food like before, you know?

Since you're preparing for exams.

It's no problem, this is good for my mood.

And there's a lot of things
about cooking I want to learn.

Something's strange here~~.

Nothing's strange.

"Graduation Ceremony."

"This is the city which I was born in."

Seriously? I already.

"Sakurai-sensei" "Come to the Career
Guidance Office after school."

"Got it."

Yu~~~~ni! What's up?

Nothing, really.

Sorry, Nami-chan.

Something's come up so I can't
go home with you today.


We had plans to go eat
donuts together for once!


Ah, I'm sorry, I have to get
ready for my next class.


I saw the results of the
national mock exam.

Your English grade has gone up a little.

Thanks to the study material you gave me.

You're not satisfied with only
that much improvement, are you?

You can get even better at English.

This.. is why you got a hold of me?

Yes, it is.

What's wrong?


Excuse me.


Are you alright?

I'm sorry.

For hurting you.



Not okay.

That cat.

You've decided to put it back on.

You noticed?

I told you.

I'll be looking at you.



Um, can I have a minute?


Um, you see..

This is about Kururugi Yuni.



She's... seemed a bit strange lately.

Suddenly saying she wants donuts
and running out of the house.

She's gotten absorbed in cooking.

Have you noticed anything
as her homeroom teacher?

No, nothing in particular.


How about asking her?

If she figures out I'm worried,
she won't say anything.

She's always been that way.

That's why I've always thought I should
try and stay one step ahead of her,

but lately I just have no idea what to do.

Thanks for your time.

No problem Thanks for your time.




What is this?

I am

going to marry Kururugi.

Soon after she graduates.


Are you serious?

I'm the only one who can protect her.

What are you saying? She's
still in high school!

I will never accept this!


Why are you making such a scary face?

Uh, it's nothing.

Did you see the results for
the national mock exam?


Kururugi-san got over 65 points
in English for the first time.

65? Really?

It's amazing for such a short period.

With these scores,

she could even aim for
a national university!

Study abroad?

At University of California?

Yes, exactly.

Your score in English on the
mock exam was much better.

So I thought that leaving University of
California as just a dream would be a waste.

But that's just because I
had been preparing for it.

It will be fine - your scores in other
subjects are far beyond the cutoff.

If you keep doing what you're doing,
you will pass the English test.


It's been your dream for a
long time, so give it a shot.

Something like studying abroad..

What should I do?

Yuni~~! I'm going to take a bath first!


Being able to take one of Mendel's lectures..
Am I dreaming?

But.. if I do this.. Sakurai-sensei and I..


Kururugi? Can you talk right now?


Open your window.

You even keep that face
when you're at home, huh?

Did you come all the way
here just to say that?



I suddenly just wanted to see cheeky-chan.



After you graduate,

I will for sure

give you a reason to smile.

Good night.

Good night, sensei.

I have decided not to study abroad.


There isn't any reason.

I'm going to wash my face.

Have you heard the rumor about
Sakurai-sensei and Kururugi-san?

Kururugi-san? Have you heard the rumor
about Sakurai-sensei and Kururugi-san?


He was with a girl, just the two of them.

Sakurai-sensei was?
He was with a girl, just the two of them.

Yeah, just them.

But he's my councelor!

And I like him!

So risky..

I really liked his classes..

I did too!


He makes them fun and easy to understand.

I think so too.

He does.

Such a shock..


I heard from Akechi-sensei!

You're going to attend University
of California? Awesome!

If you really do, Saki and
I are going to come visit!

I.. decided not to do it.


You've wanted to do that
since middle school!

It doesn't matter!


You've been.. a bit.. strange lately.

I don't know why, but you feel.. cold.

When you said things like that before,

I never thought you felt cold.


Yuni, are you hiding something from me?

I thought I understood you
at least a little bit..

But I..

I don't get you at all.



Could I have you come to the
principal's office with me?


Listen, there's been a rumor
going around the school lately.

About why Kururugi-san's English
scores have been going so high.

"Sakurai-sensei has been continuing
Kururugi-san's English lessons in private."

Of course, I don't think that is the case.

But a student is now claiming

that he saw you two together alone at
a shopping center over summer break.

This is a problem.

If a principal hears things like this..

No, that can't be true.

I can guarantee it.

Can you?

Well, if her guardian is
guaranteeing that this isn't true,

I can rest easy.

But, Sakurai-sensei.

You are walking on eggshells,
so take care going forward.

Exams are getting closer and the
students are especially sensitive.

Yes, sir.

Thank you for today.

I didn't do it for you.

I did it for Yuni.

Yuni is giving up the
idea of studying abroad.

She wanted to study abroad?

At University of California under Mendel.

It's been her dream since middle school.

Her English scores have gone up,

and I thought she'd finally be
able to realize that dream.

You understand why now, right?

Could you try and convince her?

I don't want to ask you to do this.

But in thinking about her,
it feels like the only way!

I can't do that.

I can't convince her to go.

Why not?

She.. won't do it unless we break up.


She is still a child!

You.. Are you okay with that as a teacher?

As an adult?!

Are you?!



Weren't you supposed to
be with Nanami today?

We got into an argument.

She was my only friend.

But it's fine now

because I have you with me.


I've been learning new recipes.

For you to eat once we're married.

Shouldn't you be studying for exams?

My studies aren't a problem.

They're saying I could get
into whatever school I want.


Might still be a child.


Kururugi, I can't.

In the end,

I can't marry you.

Why not?

Where is this coming from?

Whenever I go home, I
somehow forget about you.

That made me realize it.

I've already..

Gotten over you.

So.. this is the end.


What are you doing here?!

Nami.. chan?

I asked Takizawa-sensei and
she said you're away today.

And Akechi-sensei said you
ran off in the morning.

I've been so worried!

Matoba-kun told me.

About you and Sakurai-sensei.

That's why you gave up
studying abroad, right?

You're cruel.

Why wouldn't you come to me about it?

You could have said it so many times.

You promised to tell me if
you'd made a boyfriend!

You're so distant.. doing this.


I'm sorry.

But.. we've already broken up.

He so plainly said he
doesn't love me anymore.

He was so rude.

He said that's the end of us.

I'm.. extremely hurt.

He's an awful person.

The worst possible.

Yeah, he is.

He's the worst!

What a guy..

But.. that's not the most painful part.

The worst part is I still love him!

A lot.

Even though I hate him and
think he's a terrible person.

That is.. very painful for me right now.

It hurts..

Why are you crying?

Because you won't.

So I'm doing it for you.

Hey, there are parent-teacher
meetings next month, right?


How is it dealing with the parents?

Many of them are quite zealous.

Hold it!

Matoba-kun? What is it?

What the hell is this?

I believed in you and kept my mouth shut.


Don't come near Kururugi-san ever again!


Leave him!

It's fine.

I'm sorry, Haruka.

The one who told Akechi-sensei about
you and Kururugi-san.. was me.

I knew it.

If anyone but you had taken that photo,

the vice principal would
have seen it right away.

You were thinking, "if I tell Akechi-sensei, he will
handle it gently without telling anyone", right?

You are still as sharp as ever, Haruka.

But.. I'm not that good of a woman.

I was thinking.. Akechi-senpai
would force you to break up.

I'd hoped.

So you got what you wanted, then.

I don't think I did.


I've come to believe

that if you have to turn
your back on your feelings,

Kururugi-san doesn't get what she wants.


I've decided to study abroad.

Good to hear.

Strange, I thought you'd be happier.

I'm happy.

Is it that difficult?

No, it's not difficult at all.

I want to talk with a lot
of fluent English speakers.

Isn't it about time?

I did tell Sakurai-sensei about this.


I don't think how I feel about
sensei is ever going to change.

So I'm going to go to
California and study very hard.

I'll do my best so that he
really falls for me next time.

Do your best, Yuni!

I will save money and come
visit you in California!

Has Kururugi safely made it to California?

Yes, thank you for asking.

But the difficulties have only just begun.

Until she starts classes in September,

she has to attend an English
conversation class.

But! That's Kururugi Yuni for you!

In such a short time studying English,

she got into University of California!

That's thanks to
Sakurai-sensei's extra lessons.


Thank you for everything.




There's something I really
wanted to show you right away.

But.. what about university?

I'm skipping some classes..

Sensei, come with me.

Look at that!

Come here!

Look, look!

Who's that?

What what?

What what? Who?

That's Sakurai-sensei, isn't it?

It IS Sakurai-sensei!

It's still the middle of
school, why's he leaving?

Who's the other person?

A blue sunset..

In English, it's a "blue flash".

It happens right before the
sun dips below the horizon.

Though it seems to be extremely rare.

They really do exist.

Those blue sunsets.

I felt that I really had to show you
this in person, no matter what.

Did you.. come back just
to show this to me?


Thank you, Kururugi.

But still,

it doesn't change the fact
that my dad was lying to me.

But could it mean that he really wanted you
and the rest of the family to be happy?

Like why you lied to me.

I realized after I'd gone so far from you.

You saying you didn't love me anymore
was a lie to make me to go California.

That's why I will study more and more,

and come back to you as
a more suitable person.

So.. please wait until I've done that.

I'm sorry, Kururugi.

I won't lie for your sake anymore.



I will love you my entire life.

Let's get married now.

W..we can't do that right now!

I'm still..

You are fine the way you are.

You don't need to leave school.

I love the Kururugi Yuni that is
standing in front of me right now.


Could you possibly.

Stop calling me that?


Come to me.