Clay Pigeons (1998) - full transcript

Clay is a young man in a small town who witnesses his friend kill himself because of the ongoing affair that Clay was having with the man's wife. Feeling guilty, Clay now resists the widow when she presses him to continue with their sexual affairs. Clay befriends a troubling serial killer.

I can't miss.

You gotta get yourself
one of these, buddy.

Let me see that son of a bitch.

I tell ya,
them fuckin' Germans...

boy, they know how to make
a fuckin' gun, don't they?

It's Italian. Yeah, whatever.

Finish your beer
and hang it up. I feel hot.

All right.

Hey, I got an easy shot for you.

Christ, you know better
than to point that fuckin' thing at me.

I hear you been sleepin'
with my wife!

- Who told you that?
- Amanda!

Amanda. That's right.

Now, why... why would she
say something like that?


I want to know.

I don't think that matters
right now, Clay.

I don't believe she told
you. What are you...

Well, she did...

in great detail,
Mr. Like to Do It from Behind.

You know, Earl, this...
this is fucking crazy.

I don't know what Amanda's
been telling you or why...

I don't think you appreciate
the seriousness of this conversation!

Goddamn it!


Come on, Earl.

You're not
gonna shoot me. No?

Now, I know you, buddy.

You can't kill a deer, so just...

Put the gun down.

Just... Put it down.

You're right.

The fact is...

you're gonna shoot me.

Now I'm a little confused.

I can't stop thinkin'
about it, Clay.

Ever since she told me.

She was a virgin
when we was married.

Nah. I remember her being
a little wild in high school.

You're straying!
Now pick up the gun!

You know, you're making
way too much of this.

I mean, we're both a little too
fuckin' drunk. Let's sober up a little.

This is a little out of fuckin' control,
don't you think?

I can't have the whole goddamn
town knowin' what happened!

And it ain't easy for me,
you bein' my best friend and all,

but you're gon' pay,
you son of a bitch.

Not with your life,
but you're gonna do some time.

That's for sure.

Now, Earl...

You're... You're
a little out of it right now.

- Yeah, you think so?
- You're a little out of your mind.

- Right now, yes, you're a little fuckin' crazy.
- Oh, yeah? Crazy?

Crazy enough to tell people
we was comin' up here shootin' today?

Crazy enough to tell Amanda
that me and you was gonna have it out...

over this here very issue?

Crazy enough to bring
both of the trucks up here?

'Cause it'll be one thing
to hide my body.

It's gon' be another thing getting
both these trucks outta here.

I thought it all out, Clay.

Now be a man
and pick up the gun.

Earl, I'm not gonna
pick up the gun.


Good luck explaining me dying
with a bullet from your gun, buddy.

Put the gun down.

I bet you don't think
I got the nerve, do ya?

You got the nerve.
You got the fuckin' nerve!

But you're scaring
the shit out of me!

Jesus Christ!

Put the fucking gun down!

That's gonna rule out
the suicide angle, lover boy!

It's not worth it!
She doesn't mean shit to me!

I don't fucking care about her!

Just don't fucking do this!


What are you doin'?

She's not worth it!

She's not fuckin' worth it!

Crazy son of a bitch.

There's more.

What do you mean
there's more? Hmm?

How can there be more?

You're not gonna
believe this, but, uh,

he set it up to make it
look like I did it.

And why the hell
would he do that? Hmm?

Because of you and me.

You can leave me out of this.

Leave you out of this?

Amanda, I need your help.

That's the only way
anybody will believe me.

I said leave me out of it!

Don't do this to me.
Not now.

Look, I want nothin'
to do with it, all right?

I can't have people
all over town talkin' about us.

Jesus Christ, Amanda.
Because of us, Earl...

Look, the crazy motherfucker got
what he wanted, it sounds like to me.

I'm sorry, Clay,

and I do hope it turns out
all right and all that.

But as far as I'm concerned,

I didn't see you today
or any other day.

I'll still tell them.

Go ahead. I'll just deny it.

I mean, who are they
gonna believe? Hmm?

You or the widow?

Oh, god-fuckin'-damn it.

You want to catch that, Barney?


Sheriff's Station.
Mooney here.

It's all burnt to hell.

Let's get around the other side.

He went off right over there?

Yeah, over there.

That's his boot sittin'
on the transmission.

Tell me the truth, Clay.

Was he drinking?

Mooney, it's Sunday.


You ever know Earl
to be sober on a Sunday?

Ain't a whole hell
of a lot left.

You want me to call the coroner?

He's in Wyoming, fishing.

Well, we gotta call somebody.

To tell us what?

I always knew that
drunken son of a bitch...

was gonna kill himself one day.

"And I will dwell in the house
of the Lord forever.

Ashes to ashes,
dust to dust."

How about
gettin' me one, cowboy?

Where's your car?

In the garage.

Gotta keep up appearances, baby.

What are you doing here?

What do you mean?
It's Wednesday.

So what?

So we always do it on Wednesday.

- You can't be serious.
- Why not?

Amanda, the body
isn't even cold yet.

Yeah, well...

It got too hot to ever get cold.

You saw to that,
didn't you, cowboy?

- Shut up.
- Mmm.

I'm just teasing you, baby.

I must say you impressed me
though, Clay.

It was pretty, um, slick
the way you handled that.

Yeah, well, I wouldn't
have had to...

if you'd just told
the fuckin' truth.

Mmm, now don't start.

I just...
didn't know what to do.

I figured it'd be better if you did
the thinking for both of us. Hmm?

Now come on.

Kick off those boots
and come to mama.

What is wrong with you?

What do you mean,
what the fuck is wrong with me?

He's dead! We don't have
to sneak around anymore, baby.

We can do whatever
the fuck we want.

Do you not get it?

Earl killed himself over you.

So what? He was crazy.

I mean it.

You will be, too, if you try
and make any more out of it than that.


Come on. Come on.

We can use the video
camera. Come on.

You know, we are not just
gonna pick up where we left off.

I mean, people would talk.

And I know how you hate that.


But I ain't waitin' long, Clay.

I'm a single fuckin' woman now,

and this town ain't exactly blessed
with eligible fuckin' bachelors.

We never made any plans,
you and I. Never.


Maybe not.

But there's a bond between us.

Earl saw to that.

Now zip me.

Hey, slick. Oh, hey, Glen.

How about a game?

I don't know. Come on, man.

I got no competition here.

You want
some competition? I want some competition.

All right.

- Too good.
- Well, it was an easy shot.

You're drinkin' Bud, right?

You know it.

Ever do it on a pool table?

What are you doing here?

Mmm. You aren't still sore,
are you? Hmm?

Mmm. Let's just, uh,

start fresh.

We're not starting anything.

You don't mean that.

Excuse me.

You're forgettin' how...
good I can make you feel.

Keep your hands off me.

Ooh, someone's touchy.

It's been a while, hasn't it,

since you done it
with a... real woman?

And I know
all the buttons to push.

Don't I, cowboy? Hmm?

Damn it.

Amanda, why can't you
just leave me alone?

You made a big mistake, cowboy.


Fuck you!

Is this table open?

Don't hit me or nothin'.
Just wanna play pool.

That was a nice break.

Guess you're solids.

And you're gonna stay solids.
Nice shot.

I knew a guy
growin' up named Stuff.

They called him that 'cause
he put so much stuff on the ball.

Oh, yeah.
Shooter's line.

Lot of people start off hot.
I'm kind of the fireman.

I cool 'em down a little bit.

Good shot.

When you're done,
maybe I'll just shoot mine out.

Just for the fun of it.
You know what I mean?

Just kinda see how I do.

Last shot right here.
For the game.


You're a fuckin' shark, you are.

I put enough damn quarters
in this table. I should be.

Goddamn right, I guess.

How about I buy you a beer, man?

- Not gonna say no.
- All right.

- I didn't catch your name or anything.
- Oh, Clay.

I'm Lester Long. Lester,
good to meet you.

Lester the, uh, molester.

Couple beers comin' up.

Let me tell ya.

It was two feet long
if it was an inch.

- Goddamn.
- And still I had to throw the damn thing back.

Now tell me, what the hell
was the point of that?

Personally, I never went
for all that "catch and release" bullshit.

You know what I mean?

I mean, they got all this fuckin'
fancy equipment nowadays,

but what the fuck is it worth
if you can't fuckin' keep it?

Why don't you just smoke
a filterless cigarette?

I like it this way.

- So, you get out much?
- Yeah, all the time, man.

I been fishin' since
I was three years old.

Three years old?

I love... I love fishin'.

I guess there's no wedding bells
in the future for you...

and that little miss
that walked in here tonight.

No, no, no. Come on.
The night was so good.

Let's not talk about her.

I gotta tell you, man.
She looked pretty fine to me.

I had my eye on her
the minute she walked in.

Well, you're new in town.
You don't know any better.

Let me tell you something.
You take my advice.

Steer clear of Amanda.

I tell you one thing though.

You sure handled her right, man.

Goddamn it.

Shouldn't have hit her.

Well, you got your point
across, didn't you?

Come on. To your health.

Well, I'm all out, but, uh...

What the hell.


Sure took you
long enough to ask.

Oh, I forgot about Earl.

That was real sad.


You know, Amanda sure seems
to be taking it well.

What do you mean? You should see her.

She walks around town like...
like nothin' happened.

I just suppose different people
handle things in different ways.


I don't like to talk bad
about people,

but I just never understood how Earl
could've married a bitch like that.


Didn't anybody ever tell you
about personal space?

Why won't you answer
my calls, Clay? Hmm?

People need a certain amount
of room to feel comfortable.

It's been two weeks, baby.
Two weeks.

That's just too long in my book.
I've heard somewhere that in other countries,

people don't need so much space.
Will you shut up for a second?

And that might be
okay for them... I said shut up, Clay.

But right now,
I'm not getting enough room.

I'll see you later,
Gloria. Okay?

You come back here, Clay.

I said come back here, Clay!

Call mea bitch?

Oh, yeah.
That's rich, Clay.

You're gonna pay for this,
you bitch.


Well, you do
what you gotta do, baby.

Let's see, just how
should this go, hmm?

"Well, gosh, Sheriff,
I know he loved me, and...

Sure, I mean, he talked
about killing Earl, but...

I didn't ever dream he'd go
through with it, you know? And I..."

911, Clay.
How hard can it be?

Come on.

It's better this way.
You know?

I mean, it's, like...

You know something,

and, uh, I know something.

See you Wednesday. Mmm.

You should take a shower.

I can still smell her on you.

Gotta check the distributor.
You got the key off?


I'll get it.

Hello. Mark's.

Hold on.

It's for you.

Damn. This is pretty country.

I can't understand why the hell
you don't want to come up here.

It's gorgeous.

Hey, buddy.

Yeah? What?

I was just saying how,
you know, pretty it is up here.

I've only been here
a couple times, Clay,

but this has gotta be one of my favorite
places in the whole state, right here.

Absolutely gorgeous.

Yeah, well, it's no damn good
for fishing though.

They quit stocking it. That's
why no one comes here anymore.

Except for you and me.

I tell you what. I pulled a five-pound
stripper outta here less than a month ago.

Just makes it more
of a challenge. That's all.

Put a little motion
in your... cast there.

You know what I mean?

- What's that for?
- What's that?

- In your ear.
- Oh, this here? Aw, nothin'.

Just bleeds once in a while.
That's all.

I feel a nibble right now.
Look at that. Nibbles all day.

Come on, man.
There's fighting fish out there.

It's like a game of chess.

Jesus Christ, Clay.

Light a match or something,
will ya.

That's not decent
in a boat like...

- Well, fuck me!
- What?

- Man overboard!
- Oh, my God.

Man overboard!

What is that?

That's a person, Clay.
I think that's a dead person.

I can see it's a fucking
dead person. What do we do?

I don't know. I don't know.
This is a new situation for me.

But I guess the right thing
to do would be to bring it ashore.

No, wait.
Wait a goddamn minute.

Now, don't you think
we should report it first?

I mean,
That's standard procedure.

Well, yeah, but we're
a long way from a phone, man.

Well, I don't think anybody
would want us touching her.

You know? Evidence. Her?

Her? Her?

I'm not even sure
that damn thing's a woman.

Of course it's a woman.
It's got long hair.

Well, it could be a rock star. We
don't fuckin' know what it is, do we?

Don't make it like I'm dumb.

Okay. Well, I still think
we oughta report it first.

Let me tell you something.

Let's say we go
and we get some people,

and then
we come back here, right?

And then we don't find it again.


And how do you propose
that we bring it in?

We'll sink a line in it.
We'll tow it in.

- This isn't a goddamn joke.
- I'm serious.

Get your pole. It's a human being,
for Chrissake.

- Yeah, but it's awful gamy.
- It's not right, goddamn it!

You don't put a fucking hook...
Okay, okay! Shut your mouth!

You'll scare all the fish away.

The fun's gone.

Come on now. Take your oars.
Let's just get this over with here.

- Okay, we got her.
- Oh, God.

Oh, man! It gets uglier
and uglier, don't it?

I love the open water, man!

What a powerful smell.

I thought it was you
for a little bit.

I grew up next to
a slaughterhouse, man.

But, damn, it never
smelled that bad.

No wonder them damn fish
weren't biting.

- Can I ask you something?
- Shoot.

Well, it seems like we got
a long day ahead of us.

We gotta go see the sheriff.
Then back to the lake.

Then, you know, answer
a bunch of questions.


Well, I'm due in Billings
this afternoon,

and, uh, truth be told,
I'm not in real good graces with my boss.

If I'm late again, actually,
I could be out of a job.

- We gotta report this thing.
- Oh, I know that. I know that.

I was just wondering, you know,

maybe you could do it yourself.

- What? Do what?
- Leave me out of it.

You know, just say you went
fishing alone maybe.

I think we both ought
to be there, Lester.

Hell, it ain't like I saw
anything you didn't see.

Look, you were fishing, right?
Body washes up.

End of deposition.

I don't like taking chances
when it comes to the law.

You're not doing anything wrong.

You're just reporting
what you saw. You trust me.

I appreciate it, Clay.

Yeah, well, can't have you
losing your job.

Right on, man. Right on.
And I won't forget this either.

All right.
We'll see you now.

Hey, Clay!

What do I say if someone
asks if I caught anything?

Howdy, boys.

- You were out in the middle there.
- Yeah. Just over there.

Man puts a body in a lake,

the idea is to keep it
at the bottom.

Give me one of those.

How's Amanda holding up?

Don't know. I haven't seen her
around much lately, tell you the truth.

You should check in on her.

She always liked you.

I'll do that.

Is, uh... Is there anything else?

No. Go home.

- Promise me something though, will you?
- What's that?

Promise you'll stop
finding dead people.



Yeah? When you're done there,
come on over.

I want to talk to you.


I understand you went out
with Gloria Collins last week.

Yeah. We went out.
Saw a movie.

Hung out a little.

What did you do after that?

That's kind of personal, Mooney.

Answer the question.

After, uh, this wonderful movie,

we went to my place and, uh,
you know, fooled around a little.

Did she stay the night?


She left, I don't know,
around 2:00 or so.

And that was the last
you heard from her?


Why didn't you
tell me about that?

Tell you what?

You knew she was missing,
didn't you?

Yeah. I...

I don't know. I just...
I wasn't thinking.

Sorry. I didn't know how what I knew
would help you out at all.

Next time,

you let me be the judge of that.

All right.

That's all for now.

See you later.

Oh, Clay?

About that business at the lake.


You know, we still haven't
got an I.D. on her.

Did you get
a very good look at her?

Not really, no.

All we know for sure
is she was stabbed to death.

Seven times.

Stabbed, huh?

Hi, Clay. You talking to Mooney?

I'm sorry, but this really
isn't a good time, okay?

Bullshit. He knows Gloria and I
were together that night.

Now, he must have
heard it from you.

- You got any beer?
- I got company, cowboy.

Hey, Clay! How are you, man?
Good to see you.

Lester? Do you know
each other?

Yeah. Me and Clay
are fishing buddies.

Uh, I thought
you were in Billings.

I was in Billings, but just dumped
my load up and decided to come back.

I hate to break this up, but Clay
was just leavin'. Weren't ya, Clay?

- Easy there, vixen.
- We'll talk tomorrow.

Hey, Clay!

Hey, Clay. Hey.

Hell, you don't mind about
that or nothing, do you?

No. Hell, no, I...

I felt a little bit.
But you're okay with it?

Hell, I figured I was
probably doing you a favor.

You know, smooth out
the pavement a little bit.

How'd you hook up
with her anyway?

Oh, I went over
to that Doc Holiday's...

looking for a little bit
of the shush, the bad.

And, uh, there she was,
you know? Just...

"I'm sorry your dad treated
you like that. That's awful."

Next thing I know, here we are.

Besides, she really ain't
that bad a piece of ass.

After all, I mean, she's...

Are you coming?

Oh, I'm sorry.

Uh, duty calls.
Duty calls.

But I'll talk to you
very soon, man.

Very soon.
Very soon. All right.

Very soon.
Very soon.

Oh. Damn it. Clay?

Boy, she sure falls out of love
in a hurry, doesn't she?

We'll see ya.

All right, vixen.

You see anything
interesting, girl?

So, what were you two
talking about? Hmm?


Well, Miss Amanda,

if I would have
wanted you to know,

I would have
invited you outside...

to join in the conversation.

Well, I'd stay away
from him, okay?

And I sure as hell wouldn't
listen to a fuckin' thing he tells you.

Who, Clay? Are you fucking
laughing at me?

You don't know him
like I do, okay?

Darling, I'm telling you,
he's a hell of a nice guy.

Yeah. You really
don't know him.

I don't want to know him
like you do, girl.

Trust me, baby.
He's bad news.

That means he gets
the golden sombrero, Rick.

That's right, Bob.
Two out now.

And they're doing a great job
of getting Colbert to fan...

after giving up the double
to the leadoff batter Hall.

And McCarren steps into the box.

Mac hitting .278
with 14 home runs.

What am I doing here?

Here's the pitch.

High and way inside!
Ball one.


Come on, cowboy!

Cut myself getting
the bottle open.

You want something for it, baby?

No, darling, it's just a nick.


So, what do you say?
Third time's a charm?

Well, my mama always told me,

"Keep tryin' till
you get it right."

I think I like your mama.

Why don't you turn over?

There she goes.


Here comes daddy right now.

I don't think this is legal
in this county, cowboy.


Boy, that's a bad girl.

Ohh! Oh, my.

How's that, girl? Oh, yeah. Oh.

Feel good, huh?


You like that?

Oh, God.

You like that, girl?

Yeah. Yeah?

Oh! Oh, yeah.

You like it harder?

Oh, yeah.

Do you like it rough? Oh, God, yeah.

Give it to me now.
Give it to me, cowboy.

My name ain't cowboy.

So, with a serious problem like that,
if you don't act like a gentleman...

Hey, I thought that was
your truck outside.

Hey, hey. Clay, how are you, man?
I'm good. How you doin'?

Good to see you,
you son of a bitch. Good.

- You're up awfully early.
- Yeah. I gotta get a lot of miles in today.

Oh, yeah?
On the road again, huh?


So, uh, how's Amanda?

Man, you sure
were right about her, boy.

- She was a mouthy little bitch.
- I tried to tell you.

- You should've heard some of the things she said about you.
- What kind of things?

I don't think you'd
believe 'em if I told you.

Uh, Kimberly? Kimberly? I'm
ready for the check when you are.

No rush.
Appreciate it.

Don't worry about it though. I'm
not going to say anything to anybody.

Just between us, brother.

There you go.

Thank you, girl. Hey, Clay.

- Hi, Kimberly. How are you?
- Good.

Well, I guess you two are
already acquainted then, huh?

He used to babysit me
when I was younger.

Is that right?

Used to babysit you?
That's great.

Well, I think this should
settle us up.

- You keep the change.
- Thanks.

You deserve it.

You thank yourself.
Thank you.

- And could I get a cup of coffee?
- Sure.

Okay, thanks. Thank you, girl.

Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.

She's just a kid.

Whatever you say, man.

I want to thank you again, Clay.

Yeah? For what?

That thing at the lake...

used to be friends would stick
their neck out for each other.

Not so much anymore,
you know what I mean?

- Well, it was no big deal.
- Hell it isn't a big deal.

I wanna let you know that
I really appreciate it, Clay.

All right.

'Nough said.

- All right.
- All right.

All right, man.
A lotta miles on this one today.

See you later.

What happened?

Somebody got killed.

I'm sorry, Clay.
You can't come any further.

What happened?

It's Amanda. What?

Somebody cut her all to pieces.


You're late!

I don't know
what to tell you, Dan.

I've never seen anything
like this before.

Agent Shelby.

- Hi. Are you Sheriff Mooney?
- Yeah.

How you doing?
Dale Shelby, FBI.

This is Agent Reynard.

May we see the body, please?

When was she discovered?

A couple hours ago.

Meter man saw her.

Meter's right outside
the window.

Has the weapon been recovered?


Hey, Sher.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

You're standing in evidence.



Uh, there's a really big crowd
out there.

You want me to run 'em off?

Just keep them off the property.

- Okay, Barney?
- Yes, sir, Sheriff.

Your deputy's name is Barney?


That's great.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Who are all these people?

Well, they're
the state police...

the fire chief, and...

a couple of councilmen.

Why is the fire chief here?

Well, he's done
some police work before.

I thought it couldn't hurt.

And how about the councilmen?

Well, uh...

they wanted to come.

You know, ordinarily,
I say the more the merrier.

I do.
I say it all the time.

But, uh, a murder scene
is not really crowd appropriate.

So could we just make sure
that nobody touches anything?

Thank you so much.

Anybody seen this?


- What do you suppose...
- He cleaned up afterwards.



How well did you know Amanda?

Pretty well.

What was she like?



Amanda wasn't the nicest
person in the world.

I told Dr. Jaffe
to meet us here.

Did you catch somebody?

The wounds were all made
with the same knife,

probably a standard
kitchen knife.

The fatal blow entered
just below the shoulder blade

where it pierced her heart
and her left lung.

How long has her husband
been dead?

Oh, about a month.

Has she been seeing anyone
since that time?

Not that I know of.

Excuse me.
Any signs of sexual assault?

No. But she did have intercourse
within two hours of her death.

How many of the wounds
were postmortem?

Almost all of them.

I counted more than 40 points
of entry in all.

Let me show you.

The first thing that
I'm gonna do when I get back

is to get some decent food.

I've tasted better,
you know what I'm saying?

You pound down the stuff
like there's no tomorrow.

Now you know what it's made of.

I don't wanna talk
about what it's made of.

I'm eating this.

Small cheese pie.

- Okay, what do I owe you?
- Uh, 7.50.

Whatever floats your boat.

Keep it.

Oh, thanks.

Ah, Go...

Why don't you start
by describing

your relationship with Amanda?

- We were friends.
- Nothing more?


Do you like movies, Clay?

And can I call you Clay?


Sure you like movies,
or sure I can call you Clay?

Sure you can call me Clay,
and I like movies.

I mean, you got to living
in a town like this, right?

Amanda was quite a fan too.
Did you know that?

No, I didn't.

She had a very extensive
video collection.

Most of the stuff
was not really my taste.

Low-brow comedies, action junk,

things of that nature.

But I was very bored in my motel room,
so I decided to borrow one of her videos.

- You ever seen Alien?
- I think so, a long time ago.

It's a great flick.
Very empowering.

Although small screen, shitty dub,
is not really the way to experience it.

But I was just watching it, minding
my own business, and guess what happened.

Let's find out.

Oh, God!

So you're a full-service
garage, eh?

That was really impressive,
Mr. DeMille.

When did you shoot that?

A couple of months ago.

She said she was gonna
record over it,

but I guess she didn't.


Why didn't you tell me
about you two?

We were having an affair,

That's not the kind of thing
you talk about.

What do you know
about Carol Pierce?

Who's Carol Pierce?

The woman whose body you found
floating in Bear Lake.

I've never heard
the name before.

She's been missing about two,
two and a half months.

She was last seen
in the Great Falls area.

Do you ever get up there
for any reason? Great Falls.

Wait a minute.

Mooney, what's she trying to do?

I'm not trying to do anything.
I'm trying to tell you something.

She was stabbed...
just like Amanda...

and just like
seven other women...

who have turned up dead in this
state over the last two years.

We've also got five women missing,
including Gloria Collins.

So why don't you quit
dicking around...

and tell me
what you know about her?

This is crazy. This
is really fucking crazy.

Mooney, tell her
that this is crazy.

You were the last person
to be seen with her.

I'm not answering
any more questions.

- You got to admit it's a big coincidence.
- What?

You're sleeping with one victim,
you're dating another,

and you actually found a third.

Come on.

We're a little curious.

You know, I'm not
talking anymore.

All right, Mooney,
I want a lawyer.

You don't need a lawyer, Clay.

You're not being charged
with anything.

But I do think you can help us.

There's bound to be
something you saw or heard...

that might lead us
to the killer.

Look, why don't you go on home
and think about it.

Maybe you're
forgetting something.

If anything comes to you,

you give me a call.

Hey, Mooney?
Do me a favor?

You make sure that tape
doesn't get out. Okay?

You've got my word.

He's not your man.


Let me ask you something.

Why would he lead us
to one of the bodies?

That doesn't make any sense.

We're not talking
about rational thought here.

Sometimes people
want to be caught.

Sometimes they're
crying out for help.

Sometimes they push the envelopes,
they taunt us.


Clay is a nice guy.

They're all... nice guys.


Hey, buddy.


Yeah, one and the same.

Listen, Clay. I think me
and you should get together.


Are you there?

Y-Yeah, I'm here.

I'm gonna be up your way later on tonight.

So where's a place
me and you can meet?

You know, something comfortable.

Um, what about Doc Holiday's?


No, I don't think so, Clay.

You know, I don't think me
and you should be seen together.

Do you?

Hey, Clay.

I didn't think you'd show.

Just had to make sure that...

you weren't followed, my man.


Boy, don't this
bring back memories?

Why? Why? Easy, buddy!
Easy, buddy!

Don't get all riled up
on me now! Why?

Don't get riled up
on me now, boy! Get your fuckin'...

Go slow, son.
Take it slow.

Take it slow.

Take your ass slow, boy.
I told you now.

Play nice
with your big daddy here.


Why? I was doing you
a goddamn favor.

I never asked you
to fucking kill her!

Well, you're not sorry
she's gone, are you?

They think I did it.

No, they don't.They think I did
all of 'em.

They don't have nothing on you.

It'll all blow over in a week.

Jesus Christ.

Bring down the temperature
a little bit.

It won't take that long
if I tell them about you.

- But you won't do that.
- Yeah? Why not?

Well, you already
had your chance, Clay.

But you didn't do it, did you?

I think you're a little worried
about what old Amanda told me.

I mean, here you got
two guys fishing,

and then out of
the middle of nowhere,

all of a sudden,
a body washes up?

That's not the kind
of thing you see every day.

But yet, neither of us seemed
all that surprised by it, man.

You know,
what I can't understand...

is how come, after
you dropped me off,

you didn't just
come back here...

and throw her ass
right back in the lake.

would have known. I didn't kill her.

I believe you. I said
it. I believe you.

I believe you, Clay.

But I don't think
that anybody else would.

How many have there been?

Oh, come on now, Clay.

Oh, let's not get
into that shit.

I want to know.

You wouldn't be trying to play
detective or anything with me, would you?

You know if I go down,
you go with me.

So why not tell me?

Well, there's a few
they don't know about.

But that's just
the way it is, Clay.

Some people can just, uh,


Nobody misses 'em.

What, Mama Lester
didn't love you?

Don't lower yourself.

Don't lower it!
Don't lower yourself!

Seems to me like you're the last
person in the goddamn world...

that should be asking me
a fuckin' question like that.

I saw you that night, Clay.

I saw the way...

you handled her like that.

What, because I slapped Amanda?

I didn't mean to hit her.

Sure you did.

But who knows, Clay?
Who knows?

If there hadn't been a bunch
of people around you there,

well, you might
not have stopped...

just with
a little old "whacky."

You're fucked.

Am I?

It's all very simple, Clay.

There are some people
out there...

that need... needkillin'.

You know, you should've heard
some of the shit that she was saying after.

You know, she even tried
telling me that, uh,

you had something to do
with her husband dying.

Now, can you fuckin'
believe that one?

That little bitch got me
so fucking pissed off, man!

That's why I lost
fucking control with her!

That's why I made
such a goddamn fucking mess!

Usually I'm pretty clean
about it all.

But, uh...

Aw, hell.
That's all over with now.

Well, it isn't for me. Patience, buddy.

Can you try that?

The big "P" word?

Hell, Clay,
I don't blame you for being sore.

man. I put you in a spot. I know that.

But one of these days, Clay,

you're gonna look back,

you're gonna realize I did
the world a great service that night.

You think about it.

Yeah, he did seem a little nervous
the other day when he came in.

All right. Okay.
Well, thank you.

You're welcome.

Hey, Clay.


Get dressed.


Could you not poke the body
with a stick, please?

I was just seein' somethin'.

Thank you.

It's time we dragged the lake.




I'm missing work, you know.


Well, this won't take long.

The woman whose body you found
floating in Bear Lake.

We've also got
five women missing.

There are some people
out there...

that need... need killin'.


Right in here.

Disgusting smell, isn't it?

What do you want?

Gloria Collins
isn't missing anymore.

His name is Lester Long.

I met him over at Doc Holiday's
a couple weeks ago.

I know he's a truck driver.

He works for a company...
Scanlon something.

Scanlon Van Lines.

Something like that.


I don't know.

So why do you think
he killed her?

He thought
he was doing me a favor.

A favor?

Apparently he's got
a real dim view of women.

Well, hell,
who doesn't around here?

Why the fuck did you
wait so long to tell us?

Wait until you meet him.



Where have you been? Just trying to make
an honest living.

Any messages, dear?

Who'd wanna talk to you?

There was someone calling for
that Lester Long fella though.

Oh, yeah?

Did they, uh,

say who it was?

Said she was from the F.B.I.
They got women working there now?

What did you tell her?

I told her there was no
Lester Long working here.

Mm-hmm. I did right,
didn't I, Bobby?


You sure did.

Where's my sugar, darlin'?

Thank you.

Who is that Lester Long anyhow?

Well, I am.

Sweetie pie.

Hi. This is a warrant authorizing
a search of these premises.

All paid admissions...

will receive a free poster
of the entire team.

Folks, you're not gonna want
to miss this special team event.

You know, I don't know what...
what you're doing here.

I told you where
you could find him.

We called Scanlon Van Lines.
There's no Lester Long working there.

Did it ever occur to you...

that maybe there's more
than one Scanlon Van Lines?


We're investigating
all our options.

'Cause, you know,
somewhere out there,

there's a big truck with "Scanlon
Van Lines" written right on the side.

I just figured with all the police
and F.B.I., you might...

He's hitting
a very anemic .126.

That's not gonna get it done.

And here's the windup
and the pitch.

There's a smash to the shortstop.
Makes a great play and... Ohh!

Would you come in here, sir?

What? What happened here?

The floorboards are coming up.

Yeah, the, uh,
piece-of-shit water bed broke.

That happened to me one time.

What a mess.

No kidding.

The entire lineup is going
through this entire...

Go right down the lineup. There's one hitter
out of the starting nine that has...

You know,

I don't really believe
you think I did it.

Why not?

Well, I'm no F.B.I.
or anything, but...

I don't know, you've been looking
for this guy for a long time.

You're probably pretty
obsessed by him by now.

If you really thought I did it,
I think I could tell.

I'm not obsessed.
Nor am I that easy to read.

- So how long have you been with the F.B.I.?
- None of your business.

Well, it's... it's a pretty
small piece of information,

considering that right now you're
searching through everything I own.

Fair enough.
Twelve years.

Twelve years.


So that would make you what?

Very good at what I do,
and 32 years young.

Thirty-two. That's a great age,
I would imagine.

Just trying to make
a little conversation.

I appreciate that. I do.
But, um, it's not necessary.

So why don't you go finish
watching your sporting event?



In here!

You're up early.

Yep. Any news?

I sent his mug shot out
last night.

We'll see if anybody
recognizes him.

Tell me something.

Is he like you pictured?

I don't know what I pictured,
but, no, he's not.

Doesn't that bother you?

It all bothers me.

Chow time.

Not hungry.

Well, I heard that,

but you gotta eat
something, boy.

Any luck finding him, Mooney?


Well, keep trying,
won't you, Mooney?

Oh, hell, you know I will.

If you get hungry later,
tell Barney.

He'll heat it up for you.

Morning, glory.

How are you?

Where's Barney?

Oh, you mean Sleeping Beauty?

What are you doing here?

Well, you're a friend
of mine, Clay.

You know ol' Lester Long
would never forget a friend.

That's not your name. No, it's not.

It is not my name.

But, brother, I've always liked
the sound of it. Know what I mean?

So how are they treating you?

You doing okay back there?

Well, I'm charged with murder.

Only one count.

Don't be such a fuckin' pussy
all the time, please.

You want a cigarette?

I got smokes.

Come on.

That's it.

So, got yourself a lawyer?

Nope. Don't worry, brother.

You ain't gonna need
a fuckin' lawyer.

- I'll see to that.
- Oh, yeah. You've been good to me so far.

- Don't start with me, Clay.
- You set me up.

You set yourself up, goddamn it!

You crossed the line
with me, boy.

What kind of man would I be
if I let something like that go?

That's behind us.

Thing we gotta
think about now...

is getting you out of there.

You out of your fucking mind?
I'm not gonna try to escape.

Oh, I know that,
you little fuckin' cunt.

Did I say that to you?

Did I say you were supposed
to try to escape?

I got something else
in mind for you, Clay.

Now, let's face it.

They all think
you killed a lot of women.

And I think...

the only way they're
gonna stop thinking that...

is if they know...
if they know...

that the man
they're really looking for...

is still out there somewhere.

Still out there somewhere.

Hey, uh, you wouldn't happen to have
that Kimberly's number on you, would you?

You leave her out of this,
goddamn it.

Man, what the fuck am I saying?

You know,
she already gave it to me. We're good.

Don't fucking do this.

I am not gonna let you
spend your whole life in jail.

You leave her out of this.

All right.
Well, I gotta run.

- Lester.
- Train's a-leavin' the station.

You fucking listen to me.

Hey, listen, man.

I am sorry that you gotta
spend the night here in jail.

But all this is gonna be
over with soon enough.

Couple months from now, after everything
dies down, cools off a little bit,

maybe you and old L.L. here
can get together.

Fuck that.

Maybe go fishing.

Don't do this.

Don't you get sassy, goddamn it.

You area wild one.

Adios, amigo.

Don't go.

Listen. Lester.

Lester, get back here!

It's show time. Please, Lester.

Lester, come on!


Wake up, Barney!



Barney, get up!
Wake the fuck up!


Wake up, you lazy ass!

Barney, wake up!

Excuse me.

Can I get another one,
please? Thank you.

Oh, I got it.
Right here.

That's okay. I can buy
my own drinks. I got it. I got it.

Well, do tell.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.


Good-lookin' girl.

Drinks Johnny Walker Black.

Even pays with her own money.

I can't wait to start
dreaming tonight.

You're very colorful.

Oh, you don't know
the half of it.

I'm like a big fireworks
show. I'm very bright.

Like Lite-Brite.

You know what?

Um, no offense,
but this seat is saved.

Who for? First guy
not wearing denim.

You're not from
around here, are you?

What makes you say that?

Well, you don't look
like the town much.

You don't.

My name's Lloyd.

I won't bite you.

That's a plus, Lloyd.
How you doing?

I'm good. I'm good. That's good.


Wake up!

Come on, wake up, man!

Wake the fuck up!

Jesus fucking Christ!

This is a joke.

Jesus Christ, Clay.
What do you want?

Are you trying
to fucking starve me?

And turn up the fucking heat
or something.

Wait a minute.

This music is driving me crazy.


Well, I guess, uh,

country can be kind of
an acquired taste.

No. No. I didn't like it right off the bat,
and I still don't.

Scotch is an acquired taste.

Well, drink enough
of the scotch,

you might learn to like
the country-western music some.



Are you into the stars at all?


What about those...
those stones things?

You pull them stones out? Rune stones?

Could I see your hand for a second,
please? Why?

No, I don't mean to...

give you cause for alarm
or anything, but...

I think your aura's
a little bit cluttered.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Oh, man.

Let's see here.

Well, it's just as I expected.

Says here that you like
country-western music.

Small towns.

What do I know?

That you like
a whole lot of things...

you never gave yourself
a chance to like.

- Oh... Mmm.
- Would you try my hat on for me, please?

- Do you think it'll help?
- I don't know, but it'll be a lot of fun at the bar.

I gotta tell you, I'm not... Hey!

Hey, girl.
How are you?

- What took you so long, there, little girl?
- Well, there was a line.

- You know.
- Yeah, I know.

We almost sent a posse out to look
for you. Let's have a look-see.

No, not a bit different. I can't lie
to you. I'm not much on fashion.

It's been a pleasure, ma'am.
Sorry I have to run.

Real nice
to meet you. Nice meeting you.

meeting you. Pleasure meeting you too.

Come on.Bye.

You taking care of this?


Do you want
anything else? No.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

Goddamn, Clay. You can't
keep yelling like it's a restaurant.

I got paperwork, man.

Can't call every 10 minutes.
This ain't corn dogs on Sundays.

This is big time.
Here. Push, push.

You're not in a Chicken Dilly
or the Pork Stop.

Give me the fucking keys.
Your car keys. Now.

Look. You ain't
gonna shoot me, Clay.


Oh, man.

Girl's name is Kimberly Turner.

She lives at 224 Madison.

I can be there in five minutes.

Listen, I was just there.
There's no sign of them.

When you get there, you need
to wait in case they show.

I'm on my way.

What... Wh-Wh-What...
What... What is this?

Where did he go?

I don't know.

He's got my gun.

You ever run out
of conversation...

and not know what to say?

I read somewhere...

that if you were to fly faster
than the speed of light...

and you went way out
into outer space...

and if you had a really
powerful telescope,

you could look back
at the Earth and see dinosaurs.

Isn't that somethin'?

Now, that is somethin',
ain't it? Dinosaurs?

Oh, my God. Clay!

You scared me.

Clay, Clay, Clay, Clay,
Clay, Clay, Clay, Clay, Clay.

What am I gonna do with you?

Maybe I didn't explain myself right here,
but in order for this here to work...

had to stay in jail.

See, that's kind of the, uh... Well, it's
sort of the key to the whole fuckin' idea.

Y-You know what I mean?

I didn't agree to this.

Well, that's
your problem, buddy.

Don't fuckin' think straight.

I'm thinkin' just fine.

That's all right.
That's all right.

We'll just do this
another time then.

I'm gonna let the police
sort it out.

That's your plan?

This is a little
too weird for me.

This feels fuckin' weird,
too, don't it?

It's gonna get fuckin' weirder!

- Let her go, Lester.
- Oh, you know I can't do that.

You know I can't.

I said let her go.

You know, a lot of fellas
would be real angry right now.

I have taken a lot of chances
for you, Clay.

Goddamn it,
I'm takin' a chance right fuckin' now!

But that's all right.

'Cause me and you,

we got a special kind
of friendship.

I am not your friend.

Sure you are, fishin' buddy.

Now, why don't you just,
uh, run along or something?

I got a little romance in mind.

I swear to God I'll kill you.

You gonna kill me?

Have a seat, baby doll.

You feelin' sorry
for yourself? Huh?

Come on.

Come on,
Clay! Let's see what the fuck you got, boy!

You got some shit
on your mind, boy? Show me!

Show me, goddamn it!

Squeeze that fucker.

Like you did with your friend?
Squeeze it.

Who you fuckin' kiddin', huh?

Now, for you...

Look, Clay.
Come on. Come on.

You know I can't have that Deputy
Dawg wakin' up with a loaded gun.

Use it.
You got one. Use it.

Goddamn, Clay.

You were gonna shoot me,
weren't you?

Let her go, Lester.

You know, if I go down,

you go with me.

I swear to God, Clay.

Just let her go.

I tell you what.

Clay. You all right?

You okay?

Where is he?

Come on.
Where is he?

I didn't mean to hit you
so hard, partner.

You did the right thing.

You did, Clay.

You did the right thing.

this is beautiful country, ain't it?

Does all this land
come with the house?

Sure does.

Trouble is, so does the town.

We're gonna find him.

Is that right?

There's nothing you want
to talk to me about?

Nothing you want to tell me?


There's not.

Take care of yourself, Clay.

I'll try my best.

What can I get for you?

Do you use, uh,
real ice cream in your shakes?

Sure do. I'm talkin'
the real McCoy.

Yeah, they are real.

Can I have
a strawberry shake, please? Mm-hmm. Yeah.

A strawberry one?
Okay. One strawberry.


Jesus, how the hell they
expect to do any business...

with that behind
the counter, huh?

Li'l happy boy.

They know what you look like.

What's that?

She saw you in the bar.

She bought you a drink.

Yeah, well, uh,
I saw her first, didn't I?

There it is.
Thank you.Strawberry.

Yeah, we spin it around.
Keep your hands off my straw.

I thank you not to touch it.
Thank you. Thank you, captain.

I'm sorry.
Thank you.



Well, that was
quite a pickle back there.

You know, it, uh, took me
two hours to hitch a ride.

Nothin' you couldn't handle.

Well, I notice you're all packed
up. Where the hell you headed to?

None of your business.


Well, I'll tell you
where it soured.

We didn't communicate.

I mean, uh,

hell, you're off.

You know,
you're doin' your thing.

And I'm off, uh, doin' mine.

We'll do better next time.

Damn. That's a beautiful
animal you got there, man.

It's a quarter horse,
right? Uh-huh.

Hey, girl.

You a racer?

On my way to Ruidoso right now.

Goddamn it! Ruidoso?

Man, this is much more than a hobby then,
ain't it, slick?

Well, it ain't like
racin' thoroughbreds.

Well, why the hell would you
want to race thoroughbreds?

You can get more action on them
short tracks. You know what I mean?

That's where the fever's at,
brother. Anyone'll tell you that.

You spend much time
around horses?

What, are you shittin' me?
Take a look at me, son.

I been ridin' horses since I was three years
old. Just put me on, watch me go.

Oh, you know.

Pick up quarters and shit.

Trick rider.

No rodeos though.

I could use an extra hand for a few days.

You got the time?

Nothin' but.

Name's Lyle.

Lyle, nice to meet you.

Aw, Bobby. Nice to meet you.

You're an angel.
You're an angel.

Grab your bag
and throw it in the back. Okay, Bobby.

You got a nice swagger, Bob.
I like the way you walk, man.

Don't get personal.

Just dumb luck
picking me up, huh?

You ever bet any money
at the track?

I'm not much for talkin'
when I travel, Robert.

Onward, brother.

We got a long way to drive here.

You got a good sense of humor.
I like that.