Citizen Ruth (1996) - full transcript

Ruth Stoops is a poor indigent drug-user (a huffer - inhaling glue and paint for a high) whose down and out existence is complicated once more by becoming pregnant (she has had and lost four children already). When a judge orders that she gets an abortion or face a felony charge, she is befriended by Gail Stoney, a pro-lifer whose husband is president of the local "Babysavers" group. Suddenly Ruth is thrust into the middle of the pro-choice/pro-life struggle, with each side wanting her to take their side as a "message" to others - and the situation escalates... - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hey, man, you said I could stay!

No, I didn't.

Yeah, you did.
You said I could stay awhile!

No, I didn't.
Now take your fuckin' shit...

and get your ass out of here...



Wait a minute, man.
Wait a minute!

I want my TV!

You're not gettin' my TV, man!

I want my TV!

Do you really want your TV?


Fuckin' sue you, now.





Hey, Sinta, um...

It's your sister.


Tony, I really need you.

Is that Mommy?

It's not Mommy.
Sounded like her.

It's not!
Now go eat your breakfast!

Come here.

Are you high?

Yeah, bullshit.

Tony, you got to let me stay
here a couple days.

I don't got anywhere to go.

I'm not gonna let you keep
pulling these kids like that.

It is bullshit.

If you can't stay away
from here...

I'm gonna get a restraining
order like the lady said.

At least you can let me stay
in the garage, again.

I don't got anywhere to go.

You'll probably be in jail
again soon, anyway, won't ya?


Tony, I don't got anywhere
to go, man.

Man, you're my only family.

I'm fuckin' hungry, okay?

What am I supposed to eat?

I don't got anywhere else
to go!


Just go wait over there,
will ya?

You're not gonna give her money,
are ya?


Get over here!

Here. Take this.
It's fifteen bucks.

This is the last time.

Don't you ever, ever come
here again.

You understand me?

How are they?

Mikey tied his shoe for the
first time two days ago.

Can't you give me $20?

Ruth, wake up.

She looks like the Tin Man
from "The Wizard of Oz."



Hey, no!


Oh, God.
Oh, not on the hood.

Still huffin' that stuff pretty
good, aren't you, Ruth?

Oh, thanks.

You know you're pregnant?

Are you thinkin' about having
this child?

Oh, I don't know.
I don't know.

Through informants and

that you are involved in the
manufacturing of the dope.

Whoever told you that is
a liar.

That's gonna have to be
determined by the courts.

Jesus Christ.

She probably doesn't even know
who the father is.

Hell, I'll drive her by
the pound...

on the way downtown and get
her spayed.

Do you know how many times
you've been arrested...

for hazardous vapor inhalation...

in the last year and a half,
Miss Stoops?

Uh... five?

Thirteen... fourteen... fifteen...

Sixteen times.

Do you know how many times
we've given you...

substance-abuse treatment
in the state hospital...

instead of jail?

Uh... three?

Uh, no, no.
Five, five.

Six... six times.

The record also shows that
over the years...

the state has stripped you
of four children...

declaring you, in all cases,
an unfit mother.

Unh-unh, unh-unh.

I was only unfit for, uh,
two of 'em.

First one got adopted, and
I think the second one...

Shut up. Tell me something,
Miss Stoops.

Did you know you were pregnant
at the time of your arrest?

I don't know.

What do you mean you don't know?

Is there any way... you can
begin to understand...

the depth of your

toward your children, toward
the state...

not to mention toward yourself?

You sicken me.

I'm sorry.



You pleaded guilty... again...

and waived your right to
an attorney.

Mr. Barnhardt here, with the
D.A. 's office...

wants to file an amended

And I'm going to allow it...

charging you with felony
criminal endangerment...

of your fetus.

Uh, uh, uh, uh...

Now, I'm not sure...

if I'm setting a precedent

but you've forced me into it.

I'm going to recommend you
be bound over...

for a hearing in Superior Court.


let me talk to her for a second.

Come here, Ruth.

Look, Ruth...

You and I both know you didn't
plan on having another kid...

and you're not capable of
raising it.

So, why don't you just do us
all a favor and go...

take care of this problem?

Do you understand what I'm
talking about?

Talking about me getting
rid of my baby?

Is that what you want?

What I'm saying is...

if you think that you want to...

go to the doctor while you're
in jail...

you can go.

Do you understand?


And then, maybe...

maybe I can talk to the
city attorney...

about reducing those charges.

Next on the left.

Please help me, God.

Oh, God!

Oh God, help me.

Oh God, please, help me.

Let's pray.

Lord Jesus, we know that the
punishment we now suffer...

is a vindication of our

Bless all the innocent

who depend upon us for
their salvation...

and keep them from harm.


Honey, what's wrong?

Twenty, forty, sixty, eighty,
one hundred.

Twenty, forty, sixty, eighty,
two hundred.

Twenty, forty, sixty, eighty,
three hundred.

Twenty, forty, sixty, eighty,

Ninety, ninety-one, ninety-two,
ninety-three, ninety-four...

ninety-five, ninety-six...


ninety-seven, ninety-eight,

Oh, darn.

No, um...

I got it.
No, no, I got it.

Here we go.
Here we go.

Thanks, Diane.

Four hundred dollars.


Sign here.

It's an awful lot of money,

Honey, we'll get it back.


Wow, I can't believe that.

Nobody's ever paid my bail,

I'm Norm Stoney.

Ruth, when we met you and heard
about your case...

I just knew we had to help.

I feel like I won the lottery.

Might sound crazy, but there
are still...

some pretty decent people
in the world.

Mommy, Mommy!

Oh, there's my little miracle!

How was jail?

Well, I met a new friend.

Meet Ruth Stoops.

We just want you to stay here,
you know...

as long as you need to,
to sort things out.

What's ours is yours.

Thanks, 'cause I'm kind of,
you know...

between places right now.

Well, you know what they say...
"Su casa es mi casa. "

Oh, uh, Ruth...

We don't really sit in
those chairs.


Um, you know what?

Why don't, uh, you come
back here...

and I'll show you where to
freshen up...

and then after dinner...

we'll... we'll... we'll get
you all set up...

in the guest room, okay?

Uh, you do like steak,
don't you?

Mommy, do we still have to
wait for that lady?

I'm really hungry.

Yes, young man.
She's our guest.

Gail, this meat is done.

I'm trying to keep it warm...

but you're gonna be eatin'
shoe leather here.

Been in there over an hour.

An hour and a half, for cryin'
out loud.

This is probably the first warm,
cozy place she's been in.

She's been out on the street.

I mean, my God.

You have got to be careful with
the people you drag in here.

You don't know anything about
this woman.

You don't know where she's been.

You don't know what kind
of life she leads.

It takes a long time...
Think of Matthew for once!

Think how long it takes me
to get ready.

I mean, she's just getting

Mom, can I at least have
a little snack?

That does it.

Is everything all right
in there?


I'm sorry.

I, uh, uh...
Dinner's ready.

How do I look?

Clean and pretty.

Wow, I feel like a princess.

Who's wearing all that perfume?

You mind your manners,
young man.


Aren't you gonna welcome your
mother back?

Hi, Mom.

Honey, you're just in time
for dinner.

Grab a plate.

I'm not hungry.

Well, we have a guest...

and we'd like you to join us
for dinner.

Cheryl, get out here.

Honey, I'd like for you to
meet Ruth Stoops.

She's going to be staying
with us, for a while.

You pregnant?

How'd you know that?

Ruth, um...

will you join us in grace?

Everyone, arms up to Jesus.

Lord, we thank you...

for reuniting our family
around this table...

and for the miracle of
meeting Ruth.


We recognize that it was your
divine hand...

that brought us all together.

Oh, yes, Lord.

Ruth is in a very troubled time
in her life, right now.

And we know that through us...

you can show her the right path.

As with open minds and
open hearts...

we can all share and learn
from one another's experience.

So, I go, "Raul, I hate you!
I hate you, man!

"I hate you! I trusted you,
and you let me down!

You let me down, man, just
like all the others!"

Ruth, Ruth, let's... let's
calm down, okay?

He freaks out.

He screams, "You want to see

Right in my face, "I'll show
you blood, you fucking bitch!"



And this is my model plane.

It's my first model.

And those are all my other

This is Noah's ark, and you
can kind of put...

like, that lion and Noah and
the monkey on the roof...

with the pig and the giraffe.

And then, this is what I like
to do...

you pick them up, and you go...

Oh, Ruth, there you are.

Matthew... bedtime.

Say good night to our houseguest.

Good night.

He's my little miracle.

You know, after I gave birth
to Cheryl, I almost died.

The doctor told me I couldn't
have any more children.

Oh, then God gave me Matthew.

Can I watch TV, or...

We don't have a TV.

Ruth, I want you to get a good
night's sleep, now.

Tomorrow, you can tell me all
about your case.

We're gonna help you fight
this one.

Gail and I feel...

very, very strongly about this.

Yeah, I never had a felony before.

I don't want to go back to
jail again...

at least not for more than
a week or two.

Don't you worry.

We've dealt with this Judge
Richter before...

but this time, he's gone too

When I think about what he
said to you...

Norm, honey, you're not boring
Ruth to tears, are you?

She's dead on her feet!

No, no.

We're just getting to know
each other.

Well, you know...

this was my old bachelor bed.

That's an old, familiar sound.

I sure am beat.

You know...

I was...

quite a sinner, before I married

Hey, I have this alarm set
for 7:30...

um, so you'll have plenty of
time to get ready...

'cause first thing in the

we're gonna go right over to
the clinic.

They're real professionals

and I think everything's
gonna turn out just fine.

I've been so lucky to meet you.

Nobody's been so good to me
for such a long time.

You're such a nice family...

and your home is so nice.

You're safe here.
You're safe, honey.

I'm gonna get my life together
this time.

If I could just stop the
huffing and everything...

I'd be okay.
I know I would.

I know you would, too, Ruth.

Well, it's been an emotional
day for all of us.


But we're together now...

in an atmosphere of Christ's

Praise Him.

Oh, give me your hands.

Thank you, thank you.


Good night, Ruth.

Good night.

Oh, fucker!

Hey, it's me... Cheryl.
Go back to sleep.

What do you want?

I'm just on my way out
through the garage, okay?

Don't narc on me.

Oh, where are you going?

Just out... to a party.


Mom tell you about Matthew?


What did she say?

She said he was a miracle.


Cheryl, get over here, quick!

Come on, hurry up!


Come on, get over here!

Jesus, what happened?

I... I don't know.

She... she found a can of
touch-up paint.

Oh, fuck!
Ruth, are you okay?

My parents are gonna kill me.

Well, I don't know what kind
of stuff you used...

but it didn't work 'cause
it was wet.

It's... It's all leaking.

Well, honey...

they've got some new caulking
down at the store.

I'm gonna bring it home...

and we're gonna seal that
puppy up.

Well, here she is.

Well, hello there, little
Miss Sleepyhead.

I bet that's the first good
night's sleep...

you've had in a long time.

Yeah, but we wouldn't want
to miss our appointment.

Anybody got a cigarette?

No, there's no smoking in
this house.

Here are your eggs...

hot, hot, hot.

Now, you eat up.

And I'll just run and put
my face on.

Say, Ruth...

I got a call early this morning...

from a, uh, a reporter...

down at the "Journal American."

It seems like that case
of yours...

might, uh, turn out to be
pretty important around here.

He wanted to chat with you,
of course...

but... I told him that you
were resting...

and that we weren't quite

to make a statement at this
time, anyway.

Is that okay with you?



Now, I want you... to have
a wonderful day.

You know, I don't feel good.
I don't want to do this.

Oh, Ruth, I know it's scary...

but you have to be brave.

You're in the best of hands,

Now, before you know it...

you'll just be right as rain.

Come on.


Your test confirms that you,
in fact, have a baby on the way.

How about that?

Well, I need to find out
about getting an abortion.

Well, that's...

I think you're just very
upset right now...

and you don't understand
all the facts.

I want you to talk to me about
whatever is troubling you.

I mean, that's what I'm
here for...

I'm here to listen.


Like I said, I need to get
an abortion.

Let me just ask you
something, Ruth.

Have you ever really taken
the time...

to think about what it means
to have an abortion?


Um, it means that I don't have
to go to jail...

and it means I don't have
to have another baby...

and it means that I can start
getting my life together.

I, I, I, I, I...

Don't you think that's all
just a little selfish?

Isn't there someone else here
you need to consider...

someone who's living inside
you right now...

just waiting to be born?

I think this would be
a good time...

to have Dr. Rollins step in
and just explain...

some of the medical facts
to you, hmm?


Huh? What?
Oh, what? Oh!

Yes, yes.

Dr. Rollins, this is Ruth Stoops.

She's about 8 weeks pregnant.

And she wants to know more
about her child.

Oh, fine, fine.



Here, let me show you something.

Ruth, your baby is already...

well into its journey in life.

At 10 weeks, the baby is just
about this size.

The head, and the feet, and the
hands are all fully formed.

Your baby has a heartbeat.

And you know something, Ruth?

Some studies have even shown
brain activity.

Now, isn't that remarkable...

that even at such an early

your baby is made in God's


I want you to hold it.


It's got a little thing.

Well, of course it does.

That's because it's a little
boy baby.

Now, when you have your baby...

what would you like to have?

Would you like to have a little
boy, or a little girl?

What do you... what do you mean?

Well, we're just talking, here.

Let's say you decided to have
the child.

Uh, would you like it to be
a little boy like this one?

Maybe a girl.

A girl.

Yes, and what are we gonna
name this little pumpkin?

Are we gonna call it, uh, uh,
Mary, or...

or Sally, or Susie, or, uh...



Baby Tanya.

But I can't have a baby
right now.

I don't want another baby.

Man, you don't understand.

I'm in a really bad, bad
situation right now...

I mean bad.

We know it's hard, Ruth,
very hard.

But you have to face reality.

If you feel as though you can't
raise Tanya...

we can put you onto an excellent
adoption agency.

What's the matter?
Are you fuckin' people deaf?

I said I want an abortion!

Ruth, uh, do you like to go
to the movies?

We have a movie we'd like
to show you.

Do you want to see the movie?

Abortion is murder.

These scenes of actual aborted

stand as grim testament
to the American Holocaust.

Like Auschwitz and Dachau...

the abortion mills of America
wage genocide against the...

Oh, how'd it go?

We had a good talk, sorted
everything out...

and I think everything's
gonna be fine.

Just fine.
Right, Ruth?

I slept in some dumpsters.

Maybe I slept on some babies.

Looks like we need a little
cheering up.

Manager to the front counter.


Manager to the front counter.

Here you go.

Now, if you have any trouble
with these...

you bring them right back.



Look who's here.

Well, well. Visiting me down
in the salt mines, eh?

Hey, you know what?
I'm glad you came.

I've got something I want
to show Ruth.


Oh, shit!
I hate that picture!

Oh, now, it's a fine picture.

Why do they care about me?
I didn't do nothin'!

Now, Ruth, I'm afraid, whether
you like it or not...

this article is just the beginning.

A lot more reporters have
been calling...

even from the TV stations.

Some are so antsy, that one
of them tracked me down...

right here to the store.

Now, pretty soon, we're gonna
have to decide...

what to tell them.

Well, tell them... I don't
know what to tell them.


are these your fliers?

Oh, did I leave those up
front, again?


This is the last time, Stoney.

I'm warning you.
And you know what?

Dale's out today.
You collect carts!

Might be those reporters.

I better take care of this.

Hi, how ya doin'?

We were wondering if we could
talk to Ruth Stoops.

Oh, no. I'm sorry.
She's here, isn't she?

Well, I'm sorry.
We're having dinner right now.

Is she here, though?
Uh, no.

We don't need to bother you,
we just want to talk to her.

It's them.
Just let her talk to us.

Ruth! Are you...
Just let us kind of talk...

There she is!
Ruth! Ruth Stoops!

Ruth Stoops!


Who was that?
Ruth! Ruth, open up!

Oh, just a couple of loonies
comin' out of the woodwork

when we're having dinner here.

Why can't these people mind
their own business?


Oh, no, that's it!
That's it! That's the limit!

Get off my property!

Go home!
Get out of here!

We're gonna call the police

We are calling the police,
right now!

My husband is in there,
calling the police!

You better get off of this
property, and I'm not kidding!

Someone is in there calling
the police! If you don't...

Get out of the way, Gail!
Get out of the way!

You people get off my property
right now! Move!

That got 'em.
That got 'em.

Man, are those people crazy,
or somethin'?

Yeah, that's exactly right,
they are crazy.

But you're safe here.

Well, let's, uh...

Let's finish eating.

Pretty soon...

we're gonna have to decide
what we're gonna tell them.


Your test confirms you, in fact,
have a baby on the way.

How about that?

Is there any way you can begin
to understand...

the depth of your irresponsibility?

Your baby is already...

well into its journey in life.

So, why don't you just do us
all a favor...

and take care of the problem?

And you know what?

Dale's out today.
You collect carts!

Baby killer!
Baby killer!

Dirty murderer!

All right, people, get back!

We know where you live!

Do you hear me?

Why did he jump on that car?

Back up. Come on, Kirk.
You did your job.

Baby killer!
Kirk's just very passionate.

He saw a lot of killing
in Vietnam...

and won't tolerate any more.

Get back, get back!

You people know the routine...

either keep moving, or get
back across the street!

You're a paid assassin!
Come on, people.

Hope you saved me a honey-glazed.

Right there.

Ruth, I think it's so wonderful.

Gail's been going on and on...

about how you're gonna give up
drugs and have your baby.

She did?

Ruth, look!

Kathleen and Sandy from jail,

Is it true?

Oh, uh, we're very proud
of her.

She's really turning her
life around.


And we're gonna take care
of that legal... car!

Hey, look!

There's a car!

Come on, Ruth!
Come on, honey!

Don't do it!
Don't do it!

Stop the car!
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Here's my phone number!

I'll take care of the baby!

...sucking right out of your

Take my phone number, I'll
take a hike!

Here's my phone number!

If you think you don't want
your child alive...

you'll be much more haunted
by its being dead!

Why should the size of your

be the only criteria for
loving it?

Don't do it!

Don't kill your baby!
We can help you!

All right, everybody, you did
your job, now get back.

Get back, back behind the
injunction line.

I'm talking about a federal
law, pal.

Now get back.
You know the routine.

Get back!

I know exactly how these
girls feel.

Years ago...

I had an abortion in this place.

It destroyed me.

I think about my dead baby
all the time.

If these women knew what they
were doing...

they wouldn't do it.

No, it's just a business
to them.

400 or 500 bucks a pop.
It's like contract killing.

Ruth Stoops. Hi, I'm Cindy
Lindstrom, Action News 4.

You're a hard person to get
a hold, of.

I have a couple of questions
about your case.

No, I don't want people
knowing my business.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Now, now, wait a minute, now.

Ruth does not wish to speak
to the press right now.

This is a very personal, very
private matter...

for Ruth and for us.

Excuse me, Norm, but I think
she can speak for herself.

Hey, I said I don't want
people knowin' my business!

I told you!


You see?
Now we got people upset.


Honey, what did she say to you?

Can we go now?

We got about an hour and
a half left.

I don't feel too good.
I got a really bad headache.

Oh. Why don't you sit down

I'll get you something to drink.

My stomach hurts.
I wish I could take a dump.

I'm really constipated.

Let's go, uh, have you sit
in the car.

Okay? Would that make you
feel better?

Now, be sure and crack
the window...

if you get overheated.

Y... you sure you're gonna
be all right?


Page 52 of your study guide.

You will see how at no risk
to you...

and with absolutely no money

you can own your own home.

It's only fear that holds
people back in life...

and keeps them from achieving
financial independence.

If you just have a little
confidence in yourself...

and allow the Larry Jarvik
system to work for you...

I guarantee you'll be equipped...

to take control of your own
economic destiny...

in ways you've never dreamed


Come on, Ruth.

We're all looking for you.

What are you doing?

That looks like my model glue.

Is that my model glue?

You're not supposed to smell
it like that.

Get out of here, kid!


Hey, shut up!

Over here!


I said shut up, you little fucker!

Matthew! Honey!
Are you okay?

What happened?
What's going on here?

I found her smelling my model
glue, and she hit me.

You hit him?

What is wrong with you?

Where is this glue?
Where is it?

Give me that!
Give it to me!

Give it to me!

In the name of God...

I want you to get off drugs
right now!

This is the devil.
Do you hear me?

You have got the devil
inside you!

Please don't hit me.

You are full of sin and disease!

We let you in our house!

We reach down and lift you
out of that...

filthy cesspool you live in...

and this is how you repay us?

I'm such a bad person.

We're all sinners!

But that doesn't mean you can
go around smelling drugs...

especially when an innocent
baby suffers for it!

I do not want that woman back
in my house again.

W... what are we gonna do,
put her out in the street?

Do you know how long that
will last?

I don't care.
Put her in a halfway house.

She wouldn't last five minutes
in a halfway house!

Listen, you two, all this

doesn't have to fall on your

Let me take Ruth for a while.

Diane, no.

No, really.

You don't know what you're
getting yourself into.

I worked with substance abusers
back in Wyoming.

Maybe I can control her.

I know.

Are you sure about this, Diane?

Oh, yeah.
We'll be fine.

Okay, Ruth.
Come on.

You're coming home with me,

That's right.
Come on. Up.

Don't forget! Ruth has a
counseling session tomorrow!

Hey, you!

Uh, Ruth.

Ruth, I think there's someone
trying to say hello.

Yeah, you!

I'm gonna kill your fuckin'
ass, you bitch!

Suck the shit out of my ass,
you fucker!

Hey, fuck you!

No, fuck you!

Fuck you!
Fuck you!

Go, go, go, go!


Oh, my.
Who was that?

I don't know.
Some guy.

We're here.

Uh, Ruth...

this might be a little confusing
at first...

but there's something you
need to know.

I'm not exactly who I appear
to be.

The truth is...

I'm not a "Baby Saver."

I work for pro-choice.

You see, Ruth, there's
a war on...

and I guess you could call
me a spy.

This is Rachel.

She lives here with me.


Ruth, Ruth, Ruth.

Hey, hey, hey.

Come here.


Ruth, Ruth.

It's okay.

Don't be afraid, Ruth.
It's okay.

You're safe now.

We're your friends.
We're on your side.

Feel that?

Uh, yeah.
That feels good.

That's your liver.

You have to realize they want to
use you to attack Judge Richter...

for saying he'd let you out
for an abortion.

He's been ruling against the
"Baby Savers" for years.

And now with all the publicity
you're getting...

they want to use you to send
a message.

If they keep you from getting
the abortion you want...

it'll be a big symbolic victory
for them.

Hey... do my spleen again.

But... thanks to Diane's work...

you're safe from them now.

It is always women like you...

who are most victimized by

indigent women, third-world
women, women of color.

I'm not a colored woman.

Yesterday we reported the
tragic story of Ruth Stoops...

an indigent woman charged
with criminally endangering...

the life of her fetus, because
of her drug use.

Members of an anti-abortion
group, the "Baby Savers,"

have paid her bail and taken
her in...

while she awaits hearing.

And today, they brought her
along to their daily protest.

Action News 4's Cindy Lindstrom
was there.

As anti-abortion protesting
continued today...

outside the Women's Health
Services Clinic...

Ruth Stoops showed up...

alongside "Baby Savers" local
chairman Norm Stoney.

Stoops declined to speak with
us on camera today...

but Stoney tells us she does
not plan to have an abortion.

He thinks her unusual case
could set a precedent.

We're amazed that the state
can seek to punish someone...

for endangering their
pre-born baby...

and then allow them to kill
it through abortion.

Now, we hope, and Ruth hopes,
that the absurdity of this case

will make crystal clear...

the fundamental unconstitutionality
of abortion.

This simple woman, this quiet
voice will send...

a deafening message, that
abortion must be stopped.

Oh, man! I never said anything
like all that.

He knew I didn't want anybody
knowing about me.

Stoney said Stoops' number-one
priority right now...

is to get off drugs and alcohol.

Cindy Lindstrom, Action News 4.

That's probably Gail.

deadly explosion at a chemical
plant in Sioux City.

Oh, hi, Gail.

I sure did.

Where'd you see it?

Oh, I kno... I know.

I'm sure it'll send a great

Channel 7, too?

Oh, sh... she's doing fine.

Just fine.
No problems at all.

Well, you know something?

Actually, she just stepped
into the shower.

No, I didn't!

Oh, my goodness.
Here she is now.

Ruth, it's Gail.
I know.

You're okay with this?

Yeah. Give me that.


Yeah, I saw it.
Let me tell you something.

You want to send a message?

I ain't no fuckin' telegram,


Nothing's wrong!
I'm fine now.

You think I'm a fool. You're
the fool 'cause guess what!

This is a war, and Diane's
a spy!

How 'bout that?

Now you're catching on.

Oh, yeah?
Well, you're a cunt!

How'd I do?

I guess we better get Harlan
out here.


Harlan here.




It's them.
Quicker than I thought.

Fasten your seat belts,

Good luck, Harlan.

Evening, folks.
What's the occasion?

Cut the horse manure, Harlan,
you Nazi...

and turn out that light.

Where is Diane?

She's sleeping.

She is not.

Now, I'm gonna have to ask you
to keep your voice down.

You're gonna wake everybody up.

Ruth! Honey, we're here!
Are you all right?


Hey, come on, kids. I don't want
to have to call the police.

We already did.

Ye serpents!

Ye generation of vipers!

How can you escape the damnation
of Hell?

Whew, doggies.

Matthew 23:33.

That's very impressive, Norman.

Evening, Harlan.

Officers, they're holding a woman
captive inside this house.

Is that true, Harlan?

She's in there, Jim.
She's no captive.

You want to have her come
out, Harlan?

Diane, you want to go ahead
and bring Ruth out?



What kind of person are you?

All this time we've been
like sisters.


You don't know what it means
to be a sister.

People, let's get to the point,
so we can all go home.

Ruth, have these people
kidnapped you?


Are you here against your will?


They've brainwashed her!
They've got her all doped up!

Ma'am... I know this woman.

She's about as sober as I've
ever seen her.

Officer, the point is...

that woman belongs with us.

We're responsible for her.
We paid her bail.

Yeah. A... and I bought her
those shoes.

Well, it looks to me like you're
just responsible for her bail.

Okay, folks, let's all just
go home.

There's nothing going on here.

Ruth. Ruth, please. Honey,
please come back home, okay?

I forgive you for this afternoon...

and for everything that you
said to me on the phone.

Please! Your bed is waiting
for you.

And Matthew misses you.

We share a special bond.
We're like a family, remember?

Don't let these... these
lunatics sway you.

For the love of God, don't
believe their lies.

Look at Diane.
Look how she lied to us.

Had us completely fooled.
She's lying to you, too.

She's lying!

So, what's it gonna be, Ruth?


I'm gonna...

stay here.

And I'm gonna have that abortion,
like I wanted.

'Cause I'm a citizen...

and I got my rights to, um,

and y... you're just
trying to...

And, um, I'm a woman... and
my body belongs to me.



Your body belongs to God!

Norm, please don't do this.

Please, please don't pull
one of your stunts.

Let's just all go home.

If you don't all leave
right now...

we're gonna have to start
making arrests!

Back in your cars, now!

Non co-op!

Yeah, this is Bundy and Iverson.

Looks like we're gonna need
some backup out here.

That's all right, Officer.
Never mind. We'll go.

Thanks, Norm.
We really appreciate it.

All right, people, let's go!

Let's leave this... this
death camp.

But mark my words, Diane...

Harlan, and the rest of you

this isn't over.

Come on.
Let's go!

Come on.

Let's go.

Come on.

Get in your cars.
Good work.

So, when can I get that abortion,

Thursday would be the soonest.

We'll make all the arrangements.

Well, does it cost a lot
of money...

'cause I... I don't got
any money.

Don't worry, Ruth.

I'm sure we can find a way
to take care of it.

How would that be?


Oh, my God!

Come here.
You got to see this.

Ruth, you don't want to
miss this.


Look at that moon.

She's right down here with us...

as if to say, everything will
be all right.

Everything's gonna be fine.
Just fine.

You're safe here with us.


And those lights over there
sure are pretty.


Oh, shit!

A vigil.

Come on.
Let's go.

Ah, they're going inside.

Now what?

Well, give me a second.
I can't see through walls.

Got 'em. They're in a room
on the second floor.

Must be some sort of
indoctrination room.

Damn it!

So, I think there's everything
you need.

Let... let me know if there's
anything else, okay?

This is the bathroom...

sort of a combination closet
and bathroom, as you can see.

By the way, you're welcome
to any of these things.

I think they'd probably
all fit you.

Oh, that's pretty.

What, this one?

Oh, yeah. Rachel and I brought
a lot of this stuff...

back from Guatemala, a couple
years ago.

Try it on.

That's okay.

See how it looks on.

I'll wear it tomorrow.


Sleep well.




Oh, yes!

We did it!

Hey, Harlan.

Good morning, Ruth.

Whatcha doing?

Just a little insurance.
You never know.

Hey, who are those?

Uh, they're just some friends
of mine that wanted to help out.

I'm gonna have to ask you to
stay away from those windows.

Look, kid, why don't you just
go in the kitchen...

and get yourself a cup of
coffee, huh?


Good morning, Ruth.

Did you sleep okay?
What's going on?

Oh, we're just making a few

for your trip to the clinic.

Uh, let me introduce you to
a few very good people.


Hi, Ruth.


And Fran.

Remember us?

From the window the other day.

Tryin' to get you out.
Got it.



The "Baby Savers" are declaring
a national alert.

A national alert?

And Jessica Weiss herself might
declare a counter alert

and fly in personally.

Jessica Weiss here?
She's coming here?



I thought you said everything's

It is.
Everything is okay.

It's... it's just a little
different now.

This might be hard to

but you're at the center of
something really big, now.

It's not just about you,

It's more about the choice of
millions of American women.

What'd I do now?

Nothing. Nothing.
You didn't do anything.

Don't worry. We're gonna make
sure you have your appointment...

without any interference.

There may be a few more
people around...

and they may be yelling some
ugly things...

but don't let that bother you.

Ruth, we love you!
Don't kill the baby!

Ruth, don't do it!

Save the baby!


Save the baby, Ruth!

Save the baby!

Please, Ruth!

Ruth, please!

Save Tanya!

Don't kill Tanya!

Listen, please don't kill
the baby!

Get her away from those windows!

He's gonna try to kill me!
I gotta get out of here!

We're not gonna let anything
happen to you.

The safest place for you right
now is right here in this house.

Harlan has everything
under control.

Don't kill the baby!

Save the baby!

You can't show weakness now.
You've got to prove to them...

that you're not gonna give
in to their pressure.

We're gonna have to get her a
special appointment tomorrow.

Let's get a call in to Sarah.

It's ABC News. They want
an interview with Ruth.

Ruth is not giving any

This is a private matter!

We're here!

We're here!

Frank, you old son of a gun.

I haven't seen you since Buffalo.

We took the kids to Florida...

and then we stopped in

to see the tomb of the
unborn baby.

Yeah, this is unit 27.

We're still the only ones
on scene.

We're gonna need some additional
units, out here.

Then there was that time
in Wichita.

We were making the gridlock,
you know.

And Lloyd had to take a piss
so bad...

he started turnin' blue.

That's all right. I've got an
extra battery pack right here.

Right now there's sign painting
in the Garden Room.

The press conference is in
the Heritage Room.

Oh, here comes Norm now.

Hey, Norm, you sure got
a big one on your hands.

All in a day's work.
Just doin' what the Lord asks.

God bless you, Norm.

So, we support Ruth, but we
oppose the pro-abortion forces...

that are seeking to use her
as a symbol by coercing her...

into doing something that she
clearly doesn't want to do...

butcher her unborn baby.

Uh, excuse me, Norm...

but recent national alerts
by the "Baby Savers..."

have not drawn anything like
the numbers they used to.

Now, we know you had a big
disappointment in Akron.

Realistically, how many people
do you think will show up here?

There has been a tremendous

of Christian love and support.

So much so, that concerned

from all across this nation...

including Blaine Gibbons, our
national chairman...

are committed to Ruth.

So, we're... we're expecting
many, many people.

Thousands... in the next few

But, we have something else
very exciting to announce.

And for that, I'm going to
turn the microphone over...

to Dr. Charlie Rollins...

the director of our Tendercare
Pregnancy Center.

Thank you, Norm.

Well, I am very proud to be able
to say that an anonymous donor...

hearing of Ruth Stoops' plight
was moved...

to reach out in a very special

I am holding here a check...

for $15,000 made out in the
name of Ruth Stoops...

to be presented to her, upon
the birth of her child.


The "Baby Savers" also said,
three different couples...

have volunteered to adopt
Ruth Stoops' baby.

Meanwhile, anti-abortion protestors
continue to arrive...

outside this house where
Ruth Stoops is staying.

The house belongs to Diane

an abortion-rights activist.

So, the question on everyone's
mind is...

"What will Ruth Stoops do?"

Only she knows, and for now,
she's not talking.

Don Mattox, Eyewitness News.

What the hell do you think
you're doing?

I'm rich!
Didn't you hear?

I gotta go talk to Norm.
I gotta get that check.

No, no, no.
You're not going anywhere.

Ruth, listen to me.
Listen to me.

You've got to be very strong.

You've made your decision, and
you've got to stick to it.

It's my body, right?

It's my choice, right?
Can't I change my mind, huh?

Can't I?

Yes, of cour... of course
you can change your mind.

That's what this is all about.

Just make sure you're doing it
for the right reasons.

$15,000 might sound like
a lot of money...

but there are more important
things to consider.

Like what?

Come on, Ruth.

Do you think you're ready
to have a child?

Hey, I have four other kids,
and I didn't make a cent.

Besides, they said they got
people to adopt.

And can you stay off drugs
and alcohol...

for the next 7 or 8 months?

Don't forget. You're facing
very serious charges.

You may be forced to spend
your entire pregnancy in jail.

Maybe longer.

I can give up drugs if I want.

God damn it!

How come every time I want
to do something...

somebody tries to keep me
from doing it?

Why can't I ever do what
I want?

Somebody's shouting.


It's okay.

How can I turn down so
much money?

I can't.

All my life I never had a chance.

If I had money...

my life would be different.

I would have been such
a good mother.

I have nothing to live for.

That's not true.

And, Ruth, don't forget.

If you reject the Baby Savers'

you'll send a strong message...

that a woman's choice can't
be bought.

Send a message?


What did I say?

You want me to send a message?

No. No.
Wait a minute, Ruth.

Hold on! Ho-o-o-Id on!
Hold on, lady!

You don't want me to change
my mind...

'cause it's real important
to you!

But what about me?

I don't got anything!

You all got everything!

What are you gonna do for
me, huh?

Are you gonna give me $15,000?


I'll give you $15,000.

You will?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold on here.


You're not fuckin' with me
man, are you?

'Cause if you're fucking
with me...

I never fuck with anyone.

Look, I got my Agent Orange

And if I can level the playing
field for you, I will.

I won't let their fascist money
be a factor in your decision.

So, I'm gonna give you $15,000,

and you can do whatever it is
you want to do.

Stop this, both of you, right

Does that mean if I have the
baby, I could have $30,000?

Wait... wait a minute.

Now, let me rephrase this.

$15,000 from them if you have
the kid...

and $15,000 from me if you don't.

Now you can choose freely, again.

You can't do this!

I just did.

Blaine... here.
Let me help you.


I can't tell you how much
it means to me...

that you declared the alert
and came so quickly.

No, Norman.
I'm grateful to you.

When you told me what was going
on, over here...

I was outraged.

More outraged than I've been
in a long time.

And there's a lot of things in
this country that outrage me.

Hello, Gail!

Oh, God bless you, Blaine.

Come on.
The car's over here.

If this gets out, it'll do
irreparable damage to us.

You know how it'll be perceived?

Like we're paying her to have
an abortion.

The "Baby Savers" will have
a field day.

Look, girls, this has got
nothing to do with anybody...

except Ruth and me.

You know, I've been providing
security at the clinic...

for a long time, free of charge...

because I believe in personal

And because I believe in
personal freedom...

I'm gonna do what I want.

I'm acting as an individual,

Okay. So, you're promising that
Women's Health Services...

and pro-choice have absolutely
nothing to do with this?

Because we'll deny we ever...

Don't get your panties in
a wad, okay?

Who do you think you're
dealing with here?

I was in the Special Forces!

That's why the FHA makes home
ownership possible...

for low-income people in the
first place.

Take out a pencil and paper.

Good. Now, make a column down
the left-hand side...

listing all your assets.



We need to talk to you.

Hey, do you have a pen and

'Cause I need a pen and paper.

Yeah. Could you step in here
for a minute, please?

I need a pen and paper.

The thing is, Ruth...

about this, uh, deal between
you and Harlan...

you know, w... we've been
talking, and, um...

w... we just want to make
sure that you understand.

They don't want you to tell
anybody where you got the money.

This is very important.

You can't tell anyone, ever.

Because if you do...
I won't.

Thank you, Ruth.

We really appreciate it.

Now, can I have that pen and


You want to get me some ice?

Sure, Blaine.

You're a great kid.

Did I ever tell you about Eric?


His mother was standing...

on the steps of the abortuary...

about to go in and kill her baby.

And she heard a Christian voice,
and that voice said...

"You don't have to go in there.

God loves you.

God loves your baby."

So, she stopped, with tears
in her eyes, and she said...

"I'm an unmarried woman.

I cannot afford the expenses
of having a child.

No one cared enough...

to give me the strength to
accept this baby.

No one, but this one Christian

And that Christian man... was me.

Ha ha ha!

Years later, at a rally...

I saw the young lady again.

And I said to her...

"What's this young man's name?"

And she said, "This is Eric."

And that was the proudest day
of my life.

Hey, Harlan.


Thanks for that money.

No problem.

Are you married, Harlan?

No, but I got a couple of ex's
on the payroll.

You got a girlfriend?


Are you comin' on to me?

Because if you're coming on
to me...

you can just forget it.

I'm not comin' on to you.

I just wanted to thank you.

Well, I don't need your
gratitude, okay?

As a matter of fact, I hate


Tell me something, Ruth.

What are you gonna do with
all that money?

I know a way to get a house.

A house?

With the rest of the money,
I'm gonna buy a car.

And, uh... set myself up in
a business.

Or, go to California.

I never saw the ocean.

Ruth, I don't want to burst
your bubble...

but you and I both know that
money'd be gone...

in three days, tops.

Fuck you, man!
You don't know anything!

What's the matter, Ruth?

Can't you take a little
tough love?

Fuck you, loser.

Why don't you tell me about
this... $15,000?

We just thought... well, you

how the pro-abortionists are
always accusing us...

of only caring about the baby
while it's in the womb?

Go on.

Well, we wanted to show them...

that we're committed to the
child after birth, too.

Ruth, uh, well, you know, she
can barely support herself...

let alone a baby.

And we didn't want money to be
a factor in her decision.

Well, what a nice thought.

Of course, it would have been

had you passed it by me, first.

That's enough.

Have you got any idea how far
$15,000 goes today?

Our fax bills just for a month
are over $2,000.

Has it ever crossed your mind...

have you ever thought about
the fact... thank you...

that maybe some people might

this is some cheap attempt
to buy this girl...

that we are trying to bribe

A few of us pledged all that
we could...

to raise that $15,000.

And we all agreed not to have
the picnic, this year.

We might seem like small-town,
unsophisticated people to you...

but we've got our pride.

I know.

Maybe I am a little too

but that's who I am.

That's why I founded this

That's why I lead this ministry.

I lead it with every pore and
every fiber...

and every muscle in my being.

And if we really want to
demonstrate our compassion...

and our commitment to saving

then maybe we should offer
this girl at least $30,000.

Government foreclosures, bank

and estates in probate, to name
just a few.

This is the end of tape one...

side two, of the Larry Jarvik

To continue, go to tape two,
side one, now.


Baby Tanya doesn't have
a voice, Ruth!

Only us!

Abortion is murder!


I'm Carol Stoops.

I'm, uh, here to talk
to my sister Ruth.

Sorry, lady.
Can't do it.

But Ruth's my sister.
Just tell her I'm here.

Just remember, it's a child,
not a toy!

And give her this note.
It'll prove to her who we are.

I'll see what I can do.

Now, move the vehicle off
the property.

We'll park and come back.

Hey, Harlan!

There's a woman here that
says she's Ruth's mom.

If you're gonna crack an egg
to make over-easys or...

Some of those jugheads have
been online...

at the box office for two days.

Hey, Blaine.

Excuse me.

Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!

Good afternoon.

God bless you.

I'm Stan.
God bless you.

God bless you, sir.

I appreciate all your time.
God bless you.

Nice to meet you.
Thank you, thank you.

Hi, Blaine.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Oh, looky here.


Come on.

Mr. Gibbons?
Yes, sir.

Mr. Gibbons?
God bless you, sir.

We have a few questions
for you.

You are, uh, network affiliated,

It's Action News at 5:00...

with Tom Daley and Barbara

Harv Kent at the sports desk...

and Skip Kirschner with weather.

Now, Ruth, if you can hear me...

and I hope you can...

we are with you.

We've been praying for you
both day and night.

Earlier today, a generous donor
offered to help you financially...

so that money would not play
a part in your decision.

People all over the country...

have been moved by your plight
in the same way...

and their pledges are
pouring in.

The phones have been ringing
off the hook.

You're offering money?
That's what I'm saying.

The fund for Ruth and her baby
now stands at nearly $27,000.



donated by Americans...

who will not stand by and watch
a baby die needlessly...

because her mother is poor.





I gotta go talk to Harlan.
I gotta go talk to Harlan.




Get her in the chair.
Let me talk to him.

Get her down.

Where'd you get this bottle?

I found it.

Yeah, like maybe in the liquor
cabinet in the kitchen?

You know you're not supposed
to be drinking.

What... for my baby?

You don't give a fuck about
my baby.

You want me to kill my baby!

But they want me to have
my baby...

and they're gonna give me
$27,000 for it.

I'm gonna go talk to Harlan!

Shut up! Enough!

You listen to me, and you
listen good.

I have spent nine months in
a secret life...

among people I hated...

and I've blown all that work
on you.

We have been up for thirty
six hours...

making all the arrangements...

trying to make everything as
easy as possible for you...

and this is how you repay us.

Fuck off!
I don't care!

My body belongs to me!

And if you don't let me talk
to Harlan...

I'm gonna go have my baby
right now!

I want to go talk to Harlan.

Sleep it off.

Eat me, dyke.

Don't give up on us.

We all love you.

We're praying for you.

Oh, God.


How you doin' today?

I don't feel too good.

I feel kind of strange.

I'm sorry I lost my temper,
last night.

So, what do you think?

You still considering their


Okay, then.

Okay, well, listen, whenever
you're ready...

come on downstairs, okay?



There's somethin' important
I want to tell you.

This morning, when I woke up...

Diane, do you read me?

Yeah, Harlan.
What's up? Over.

She's coming in.
Have Ruth stand by.

Oh, boy.
Uh, yeah.

It's earlier than expected, but
there was nothing I could do.

We got to get her out of here
right away.

Uh, so, I'm sorry.
What were you saying?

Oh, uh, I just wanted to know
about that money.

Did Harlan tell you where he
was gonna leave that money?

That's between you and him.

Where did he say it would be?

At the clinic, on the bottom
right shelf...

behind the front desk, in a
black bag.

Then that's where it'll be.

It's Jessica Weiss.

Just like old times.

Green light, ladies.

Here we go.

There they go!

Ruth, no!


You must be Ruth.

I'm very pleased to meet you.

You're a very brave and special



Ruth, honey, don't do it!


Ruthie, honey, don't do it!

I seen you on TV, and I came
right away!

Ruth, you listen to me!

Don't you do it!
What if I'd aborted you?

At least I wouldn't have had
to suck your boyfriend's cock!

Don't you bring that up again!

That's ancient history!
I've been saved.

Fuck you!

Ruthie, don't you do it.

Take the money!
Fuck you!


Tanya's on the move!

Move it!

Move it, move it, move it!

Come on, let's get to that

We'll stop them at the clinic!

Come on, now!


Ten minutes, everybody.

They're at the airport.

Oh, we're going in this?


This is all wrong.

No, we are not going in this.

This is sending entirely the
wrong message.

Do you have any idea how many
strings I had to pull...

to get the only bullet-proof
vehicle in the state?

Come on, you guys, let's go!

What are they doing?

Well, they've got to turn...

Norman, move it!

Move it, move it!


Move it!

M... move!

Yeah, yeah.

All right.

Let's go.

Jessica Weiss, it's an honor
to have you.

I'm Sarah Schneider.

Oh, Sarah, we've spoken before.

I've been looking forward to
meeting you.

Well, Dr. Cary Milton.
How do you do, Doctor?

So pleased to meet you.

Oh, you must be Ruth Stoops?

Ruth, I'm gonna ask you to go
fill out some papers...

and have a blood test...

and then you'll meet with
another woman and myself...

for counseling, okay?

You'll be fine, just fine.
You'll be all right.

Y... yeah.

Where's the bag?

Ruth, don't start this.

I'm not giving fuckin' blood
without that bag.

We loved it.
God, it's great!

We read it from one cover to
the other, and back again.

You got a bag for me?
Well, thank you.

I had a great deal of help
with the research on it.

There you go.
That's it.

Oh, I'd be happy to.

Oh, well, thank you.

Pull 'em in.

Line 'em up.
Line 'em up.

Okay, in the last seven months...

have you visited any of the
following countries...

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan,
Burkina Faso?

Excuse me, um, where's the

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Come on, man.

Baby killers!


Ruth, is everything all right
in there?

Yeah, just need a minute!

All right, take your time.

Save Baby Tanya!
Save Baby Tanya!

Hey, what are you doin'?

Shut the fuck up, or you're


I told you to shut the fuck
up, you big fuck!

Pro-choice, now!

God won't forgive you for
this, Ruth!


People, get out of here!

Go on!

Get out of here!

This is tape two, side one...

of the Larry Jarvik system.

Welcome back.

We've discussed the difference...

between liquid assets, frozen

and what I like to call "Captive

And by now, you've filled in
the chart on page 113.

Keep the chart handy while we
figure the capitalization rate...

on your investment.

You'll see how simple it is
to turn short-term paper...

into long-term, interest-free

I'll walk you through one

and you can go back and do the
calculations again...

substituting your own numbers.

Say you're buying a fourplex...

with an asking price of $150,000...

and your net operating income
figure is $9,000.

Divide the operating income
into the asking price...

and what do you get?

That's right... 6%.

Now, do your own calculations,
and when we continue...

I'll finish talking about asset

Remember to bear in mind rule

of my "Seven Golden Rules for