Church of the Damned (1985) - full transcript

A small town is plagued with satanic murders. Local Investigator Messiah Ward and his partner Barney must unravel the clues and stop the bloodshed. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Hello, everyone.

I'm Mark Polonia, and
I'd like to welcome

you to this first-ever release
of "Church of the Damned."

Now, a little bit of
history is required here.

Our first real shot-on-video
feature was "Splatter Farm."

But we have to go back two more
movies, this being one of them.

Prior to that, we
made "Hallucinations."

It was a 65-minute real
nightmarish quality feature

shot on video that
may end up getting

released through this series.

But before that, our
first foray into video

and our attempt
to make a feature

was this one you're
going to watch...

"Church of the Damned."

"Church of the
Damned" was inspired

by the wave of
shot-on-video movies

that were coming
out at the time.

Now keep in mind, we
were still in high school

at the time this was made.

In fact, we started shooting
this over Christmas break

in 12th grade.

We had just come out of a
Super 8 film background.

So the way we shot
this film was sort of

counterproductive to actually
editing it later, because we

had no means or no
understanding at that time

of how to edit video.

It was that new.

So we tried to shoot a
lot of things in camera

and save ourselves editing,
which did not work.

We ultimately realized
halfway through the shoot

that it did not work.

"Church of the Damned" really
was never officially finished.

We dropped the project
for various reasons,

went right into
"Hallucinations" to give it

another try, something
a little more focused.

And you'll see what I
mean when you watch this.

In this movie, there's
no women, which

explains our dating situation
at the time in high school.

We're trying to play cops.

When you watch it,
we look like kids.

If we were making a sequel
to "Emil and the Detectives,"

that Walt Disney program,
it might have passed.

But we did what we
could with what we had.

And we tried to reach
beyond what most people were

doing at the time...
Shot-on-video stuff...

What little we knew of it.

And you know, it
just doesn't work.

We look like what we are...
A bunch of high school kids.

However, the movie does have
some concrete things in it.

It's got a couple
really good set pieces.

Once I edited this
together, I was surprised

at having just jumped
into the medium of VHS

that we did have a mastery of
how to put a movie together.

That wasn't the case.

The case was our struggle
with this new technology.

I remember the
first scene we shot

with this, which
is the kid getting

killed who's in the kitchen.

John ran outside... we
were going to go outside

and shoot... slips on the ice.

Bam, the camera hits the ground.

I thought, it's all over.

Fortunately, it was a
pretty rugged camera.

We used it to shoot
this, "Hallucination,"

"Splatter Farm," and one
other movie, I think.

But nonetheless, it was
a constant struggle.

Lighting was different.

It was nice to actually be
able to shoot something,

and have the sound
come out and be there,

and not have to re-dub it.

That was fantastic.

The camera had limitations.

You couldn't control the iris.

There were no f-stops on it.

There were no filters.

You basically had a manual
and an automatic focus.

That was it.

And a zoom button, which
we abused regularly

throughout the shooting.

Having said that, watching it
now that I put it together,

it's not as bad as I
would've thought it was.

I wish we would
have finished it.

And we really only had to
shoot, like, two or three scenes

to finish up the movie.

We gave up on it, probably
just because of the frustration

of trying to shoot it on video.

But having not
learned anything, we

jumped right into

and then "Splatter Farm."

And the rest is history.

So it was a real good catalyst.

And I'm actually excited
to have this come out

and have people see it...

The real seeds, the
beginnings of what we kind

of pioneered from here forward.

I do remember a couple
things about the shoot.

It was always gloomy out.

It was always cold.

And it snowed, and it
snowed, and it snowed.

A lot of the movie
took place outside.

And I remember, it was
just a miserable time...

Freezing cold.

We're in blazers and jackets...

Still wasn't enough.

If it wasn't snowing, it was
raining and just freezing.

We were always cold
making this picture,

and that's one thing
that stands out.

The other thing that stands
out is how much fun it was.

As much work as it was and
as much experimentation

that it was, it really was fun.

We got to do a lot
of different things

as far as makeup effects go.

Yeah, it was a much longer story
than we had ever made before.

I believe the original title of
this was called "Fallen Angel,"

and then we kind of
whittled it down.

Todd Smith came up
with the original idea.

And then I think we sat down,
brainstormed, and typed...

I typed the script
with a typewriter

because that's all we had.

And I don't know
where the script went.

I know years ago I
saw it somewhere,

but it probably got pitched out.

It was quite involved, lots of
dialogue, and just a good time.

Looking back, I
remember how free

you are at that time to just
go out and shoot a feature.

When you're in high
school, all that mattered

were girls and making movies.

And we made lots of movies,
so it was a fun time.

And I'm proud to have this
presentation here for you.

[creepy music]

[non-english singing]

[creepy music]





[creepy music]

Who's there?

I said, who's there?

[creepy music]


[non-english singing]

[music playing]

[creepy music]


What's wrong?

Is it my beans?

Chill out.

The winds kind of funny, though.

Farmer Sam had a few cows
mutilated a few days back.


And what did it?

GUY 1: Report said
wolves done it.

GUY 2: Wolves my ass.

That damn city cop
they brought in

don't know his ass from
a hole in the ground.

Messiah Ward's a good man.

Maybe a good man,
but definitely stupid.

Those weren't wolves.

Those were devil worshippers.

GUY 1: What the hell
are you talking about?

GUY 2: Brotherhood of
Darkness in that old church

near the rundown cemetery.

Some folks even seen people
coming out of there lately...

Weird people and noises.

It's them, all right.

Just can feel it.

They found the
traitor it all began.

GUY 1: Really?

Then what happened next?

Well, the comments
began, and then

some even weirder happened.

Even weirder?

GUY 2: Then they
put him in a coffin.

I guess they were
the ones responsible.

I don't.

It's nonsense.

They may hear you.

Grow up.

[creepy music]

Why don't you stop being silly?

Come over here and help.

[growl] [evil laugh]



[evil laugh]

[suspenseful music]


[phone ringing]


Yeah, who is it?

Hello, Frank.

What's up?

The only time you call me is
when something really messy

turns out.

Two murders?







Up the old Cali
Road, three miles?

OK, thanks.

I'll get right to it.

Great way to start the day.

[non-english singing]

Come here, captain.

What for?

Possible evidence.

Let's not get excited.

Could be one of those
flatlanders' piece of debris.

I'll do a rundown
on the damn thing

when we get back to the office.

Good for a part-timer.

Let's go.

Paramedics will finish up here.

[heavy breathing]

You fools!

[non-english singing]

The police have grabbed
one of the medallions

of the Brotherhood!

You'll will all be
struck down by Ismodus

for this foolish act.

You, watch this Messiah Ward.

Don't let him out of your sight!

Bring that medallion back, or
you shall hang besides Thomas!

Nothing must stand in our way...


We must get that medallion back.

We must!

You said the
customs department

couldn't track the identity
of this medallion anywhere?

That's right.

What the hell is it?

Some kind of strange
writing on here.

I can't make it out.

I don't know, but
here's the missing

persons report you asked for.


Now let's get started.

[creepy music]


[evil laugh]

Who's there?

Who's there?

[creepy music]


Hey, you!

What the hell?

Come here.

Who are you?

Get the hell out of
my barn, asshole.



[evil laugh]



[evil laugh]



[non-english singing]

[creepy music]

The ritual massacre
is going well!

Soon we will have the
medallion and a very nosy cop.

All this we owe
to Brother Thomas.

[evil laugh]

Hi, Ward.

Hi, Barney.

Figured out what
the hell that is yet?

Not one of them knows what
this thing means, unless...

Unless the murderers
that would wear this

belong to some
kind of group that

would use this for a symbol.

You're saying
murderers in the plural?

That's correct.

How can you be so sure?

Well, let's take the evidence.

[creepy music]

You have a kid sawed
in half, a severed head

in the refrigerator,
two butchered campers.

I won't even repeat
how they died.

What teenage campers?

One's in the coroner's office.

Found him about
6:00 this morning.

What a mess... two couples.

Christ, the situation keeps
getting worse and worse.

Every day, more people die.


And this is our [muted] clue.

The way I figure it, there have
to be more than one murderer.

You just don't kill two
couples without some sort

of a struggle.

Surely don't just let
someone do that to you

without putting up a struggle.

But who would do
this group killing?

Sounds like some
sort of bizarre cult.

Hey, I'll go
down to the library

and check out some books, see
if I can find anything of value.

[creepy music]

Good job.

You found something.

Not only that, but I
found a lot of things.

I think this is the
answer right here.

My god.

This is it.

Brotherhoods of Darkness,
history of the death cult. It's


It's got to be them.

This book is full of facts.

We can build a
really strong case.

Let's read first, find
out what we're dealing with.


The Legion of Brotherhood
and the Disciples of Satan.


Sounds like we've got some
devil worshippers on our hands.


BARNEY: Go on.

Frequent sacrifices
are offered

to the great one consisting of
animals and innocents of God.

The dark one saith that one
who commits thou deed of death

serves thy master fully.

[creepy music]

[non-english singing]

The prophecy is true.

We are degenerating.

What is it?

One of our members was
taken during the camp slaying.

Have you brought
the body back?

Yes, it has been done.

Look at us.

We only have a few more days.

We must have more raids.

Send out the entire flock.

The Brotherhoods of
Darkness must survive.

Do you understand?

Thou shalt serve the
master and do his bidding.

The ritual of massacre
will bring a new tomorrow.

Our time shall soon arrive
on the wings of a fiery demon!

You will again be with
us, Father Jonathan.

Brother Thomas has
paid for his sins.


There's sacrifices
to the master.

That would explain
all this mayhem.

Hell, the papers would
have a field day with this.

Question is, how
many people have they

already gotten this very day?


Look at this...

A church, place
where they worship.

I don't recognize it.

Me neither.

This is I do recognize.


[creepy music]

WARD: The house of Jonathan.

Are you familiar
with this man?

He's been arrested so many
times it isn't even funny.

For what?

Even attempt to
murder his wife,

which I think he was guilty of.

Wasn't even found guilty.

I have an idea.

What do you say we pay
a visit to the house

of Father Jonathan?

It's about time we
crack this case open.

[creepy music]




Where are you?

Where'd you go?


Come on!

I'm over here!

[creepy music]




[non-english singing]

WARD: Hey, that's
a for-sale sign.

I thought you said
he still lived here.

BARNEY: Last I knew of, he did.

Hey, ain't this
breaking and entering?

Let's just just call
it police business.

If that guy comes
in and finds us...

Then we'll arrest him.

You take that side, and
I'll take this side.

All right.

We'll meet at the
end of the hall.

[creepy music]


[creepy music]

Nothing here.

Same here.

I'll check out the cellar.

I'll go check the upstairs.

[creepy music]

What's behind the door?

[suspenseful music]

[dramatic music]

[creepy music]




[creepy music]

Where's the medallion?

Aw, Barney.

Give me the medallion.

No, Ward.

Don't give it to him.

Give it to me or die.


You have what you want.

Kill him.




BARNEY: You all right?


This is fucking weird.

Coroner's gonna shit
when he sees this.

This whole night's
been a disaster.

Not really.

Now we finally have
some concrete evidence.

What, the stiff?



A map?

What is it?

Possibly that
church in that book.

I'm sure if we go over
the evidence again,

we can locate it.

Come on, Ward.

Let's get the hell out of here.

[creepy music]

[non-english singing]

The time is approaching.

In a few more hours, this
very night, our leader

shall rise from his coma
state and again help us

battle that God of the Earth!

It is written on the
parchment bound in human flesh

that we must take
the life of an elder.

But there is a place
that I know of,

and it is here that we shall
fulfill the ritual of massacre.

And our lord shall send
us our beloved brother

Jonathan to restore us
and make us powerful!

Now we must give
thanks unto our lord

and give him prayer and
forgiveness, for we now

hold the key to eternal
damnation of this Earth that

will make the Brotherhoods
of darkest stronger in body

and in soul!



Here you go.

BARNEY: Oh, thanks, Ward.

Find anything yet?

Oh, yes.

I've looked through
the book and the map.

Found a few things in here.

Well, if I knew what language
these were written in,

I'd had news a long time ago.

That I know.

Now tell me something
I don't know.

These are mines in the backs.

Then look at this.

That's a symbol
for all the mines.

That's it.

BARNEY: The only mines
located around here

are in the Blackwoods.

Shouldn't that be
where the church is?

WARD: Great.

Let's go nab 'em.

[muted] take a backup patrol?

Who said anything
about an arrest?

What are you talking about?

These murderers don't deserve
a fair trial, where they

can get away with anything.

Sometimes a person has
to do what he has to do.

Do you understand
what I'm saying?

Yeah, we're going to save
the taxpayers a little money.


By the way, you had several
calls while you were out.

The coroner called.

Then your mother called.

What did she want?

I don't know, but
the coroner said

you were supposed
to get your ass

down there as soon as possible.

Did he do an autopsy yet?

That's just it.

He wouldn't touch
it, sounded drunk.

One look at that would
jar anybody's nerves.

We've got a lot to do.

Grab the book.

We'll go get a bite to eat
before we see the coroner.

It is time [muted]
will be fulfilled.

[non-english singing]

We will take the
life of an elder.

All rise and come forth
to choose the weapon

of your fiery destiny.

Come forth and receive.

ALL: [chanting]

CORONER: Look at this.

There it is.

There we go.

Jesus Christ.

Is this your boy?

Yeah, it might just be.

It was like this
when we killed it.

That's OK.

CORONER: There we go.

Find anything?

CORONER: Everything looks fine.


Now comes the fun part.

Now, that wasn't so
bad, was it, Barney?

CORONER: OK, we'll
cover this [muted]..

[creepy music]

[suspenseful music]

Mother of God!

My God!


That's mighty fine
shooting you did, Ward.


The church is down
here a few miles.

Take the next turn.

Hey, you missed a turn.

No, I didn't.

Just where are we going?

To see Ma.

[non-english singing]

[creepy music]

Well, McGuire,
Did you get my call?

Yeah, Ma.

Oh, excuse me.

This is Barney.


Hello, ma'am.

He's my new partner.

Can we come in for a while?

Why, of course.

[suspenseful music]

Is all this you say true?

Afraid so, ma'am.

Devil worshippers,
Brotherhoods of Darkness,

it it's all so awful, just
like all those murders.

That's why we want you
to be especially careful.

Well, if any of
them fruit loops step

foot on this
property, they's gonna

get an ass-full of buckshot.

Just be careful.

OK, Ma?

I can take care of myself.

I know, Ma.

We'll see you later.


[creepy music]

We'll be back later.

OK, Ma?


See you, ma'am.

Now we got to
find that church.

[creepy music]


ALL: [snarl]



I haven't begun yet.

I will destroy you by
the powers of hell!

But first, you are truly ours!




[creepy music]




[suspenseful music]

Damn you!


I smell you!



You haven't won yet!




[suspenseful music]


I don't have the rage!


[dramatic music]

Come on.

Come on.








You son of a bitch!

I'm gonna bash your
fucking face in!


Now I'm going to
tear your heart out


How's it feel?

[creepy music]

DEMON: [groans]


[creepy music]

I'm tired of you.

[snarl] [groan]

[creepy music]


Now you're going to fly
across the room like an angel.


Good wins over evil!

DEMON: [screams]

[dramatic music]