Chrome and Hot Leather (1971) - full transcript

A Green Beret returns home from the Vietnam war to find that a gang of murderous bikers has killed his fiancee. He calls on several of his Green Beret buddies to come and help him take revenge on the gang.

[Guns firing]

(Soldier #1)
hit the dirt!


(Soldier #2)
move out! move out!


get up!

Nice going.

I lose a lot of men
that way, soldier.

Yes, sergeant.
um, i didn't think, sir.

You're not paid to think.
you're paid to follow orders.

I'm paid to teach you
how to stay alive.
is that clear?

Yes, sergeant.

Next time you see charlie
without a bullet in him,
you put one there.

The army can afford
to lose ammo, but we can't
afford to waste you.

Do you read me?

Yes, sergeant.

Now get back
to the marshalling point,
on the double!

Hey, mitch.
how's it going?

Oh, pretty good.

A couple of goofs.
not too many.

How about yourself?

Well, i know
it's the same old story
after each training cycle,

But i sure wish
we could keep 'em
a little longer.

Yeah, i know
what you mean.

(Soldier #1)
all right. let's go.
move it up. let's go.

hey, what's
happenin', man?

Al, hank.
how'd it go?

Oh, fine.
just fine.

Of course one of my boys
with a machine gun tripped

And practically wiped
out his whole squad.

Other than that,
it was fine. just fine.

That's about par
for the course.

How about you, al?

Well, i hate
to tell you this, guys,

But, uh, my squad was just
a-number-one perfect.

That's because
you're super sergeant.

Well, thank you,

Well, let's get the
paperwork done.

The beers are on me.

All righty.

All right.
move 'em out!

♪ It was written
many years ago ♪

♪ The lord said
"children, you can go ♪

♪ Into the world
outside the paths ♪

♪ Down south where the light
is shining, from the heavens
to the forest floor ♪

♪ Open every door ♪

♪ Find who you are ♪

♪ But don't travel too far ♪

♪ Someday you'll want
to go home again ♪

♪ Home again ♪

♪ Back to where
you were before ♪

♪ Back to where you've been ♪

♪ Home again ♪

♪ Home again" ♪

[Car horn honking]

Pull over!


I said pull over
and i'll give you a ride.

No, thanks.

Pull over!

maybe some other time.

Helen, don't
encourage them.

Oh, they're harmless.
they're just having fun.


Pull over now, damn it!

[Banging car]

I think
we'd better get out of here.

I think you're right.

there's a side road
up ahead.

I'll turn off
and lose them.

Now you watch that one
and let me know
when he drops back.


Now! now he's back. go now.

[Tires screeching]


Hey, where the hell
are you goin'?

[Tires screeching]

Let's get that guy
before he kills himself.

Come on.

Faster! go faster!

i'm going as fast
as i can on this curve.

Pull that damn car over!

Pull over now, damn it!

watch out!

[Kathy screaming]

ain't nobody gonna live
through that. yeah.

Hey, what the hell
is the matter with you?

What the hell do you
expect me to do, man?

The 2 chicks ran me over
and then split.
that's hit and run.

So what are you, man,
some kind of an attorney?

What are you?

I'm the guy
that keeps this gang together.

Now you get down there
and see if you can
help those people.

I'll go down
and get my chain.


If those people are alive,
we're goin' to help 'em.

And if they're not?

You got yourself
a problem, boy. now, git!

Casey! come on back up here.

Somebody's comin'.

I gotta get my chain.

Suit yourself.
let's get out of here.

[Motorcycles revving]

Well, that's just great.
now you have $2 of mine.

Don't worry
about a thing, boys.

It's all part
of my system.

What is? losin'?

When are you
guys leaving?

In the morning.

Holy mackerel, boy,
you done lost again.

Only way
we're gonna get rich is
we own the casino.

[All laughing]

don't worry
about a thing, boys.

It's like plucking feathers
off a hot hen.

Hey, where you headed, mitch?

I'm goin' home,
back to leesville.

Why, that little town
up north?

I didn't know
you were from around here.


Matter of fact, this summer,

I'm goin' to go home and marry
my hometown sweetheart.

hey, she's a very pretty girl,

There you are!
now i'm $10 ahead.

I tell you i can't lose.

i'll be darned.

All right, nick the greek,
let's go tuck in
our graduating class.

Oh, come on, mitch.
i'm really hot.
now one more time, ok?

I--i can get it this time.

He's got the fever.


[People chattering]

See you in a minute.

♪ All i am is
a part of you ♪


♪ Be with you ♪

Mitch, i just received
a long-distance
telephone call.

♪ To believe you ♪

It was from lt. reardon
of the leesville
sheriff's office.

Tom reardon?

What'd he have to
say for himself?

Mitch, i don't know
how to say this.

It concerns kathy,
your fiancee.

There was
an automobile accident
this afternoon.

Kathy and another girl
with her,

♪ All i want ♪

They were both killed, mitch.

♪ It's just a face ♪


♪ Without a name
then all at once ♪

♪ You were standing there ♪

♪ And i felt my heart ♪

you see there,
i did it again.

I told you, i win every time.
one more. one more time.

what do i know.

Ok, here we go.

all right, line and red, huh?

[Hank laughing]

Ah, i did it, again.

into your hands

I commit my soul.

You have redeemed me,

O lord, god of truth.

Have mercy on me, o lord,
for i am in trouble.

My eyes consumed with grief,

For my life
is spent with sorrow

And my years with sighing.

Be of good courage

And he shall
strengthen your heart.

All you that hope
in the lord. amen.

mitch, i've got to
get back to the post.

Are you all right?

yes, sir.
thank you, sir.

Take it easy, mitch.

have you, uh,

Heard anything
about that bike gang?

The devils?
nothing yet.

We've combed the entire state
and nobody's ever
heard of 'em.

What about the, uh,
chain you found
on the windshield?


We've been matching
fingerprints in washington
and sacramento.


In other words,
since the accident,
nobody's found out anything.

Take it easy, mitch.

We're doing
everything we can.

This witness, uh,
the salesman.

What about him?

Well, i'd like
to talk to him.

Well, he was just
passing through.

We took his testimony
and let him go home.

You let the only witness
leave town?

What the hell did you
expect me to do,
throw him in jail?

The man saw some bikers
leaving an accident.

That's all.

Mitch, i've only got
5 men,

And they've already got
more work
than they can handle.

Look here, tom.
i'm sorry.

So am i.

I'm doing everything i can.
really i am.

Level with me,

Do you really think
you can find these devils?

I really don't know.

We've got to come up
with some evidence,
or probably not.

There's no way
to prove anything.

Well, if the police
can't come up
with something,

I'm goin' to do
some poking around
on my own.

Easy, mitch.

Don't take the law
into your own hands.

I don't intend to.

You know me better
than that, tom.

But i've got to try
to get some kind
of lead for you.

You said
you're short of men.

That's right.


All right.

You report to me
if you find out anything.

And, mitch.


Remember something.
these bikers
don't like policemen,

Or any kind of authority.

They're rough
and uncooperative,

Even when they haven't got
anything to hide.

So play it cool.

And take care
of yourself.


I'll be in touch,
tom. thanks.


[Tires screeching]

[Bikers whooping]

I'd hoped that
we'd finally got rid
of those guys.

I know, i know.

I wonder where
the rest of 'em are.

Why don't you tell them
to get out of town and
stay out, once and for all.

We'll back you up.

How far?

[Bikers whooping]

You bastard!

[People chattering]

what you doing?

All right, t.j.
cut it out.

Damn it, it wasn't
my fault they crashed.

All i was trying
to do is stop 'em.

You stopped 'em.

Man, you really
stopped 'em.

And now every pig in the state
is out lookin' for us.

I'll tell you
somethin', boy.

You give me
any more problems,

I don't care what or why,

You're gonna pack it up
and leave.

The hell i am, t.j.

I've been with this gang
since the beginning.

A hell of a lot longer
than you have, pal.

And nobody's gonna
throw me out.

Well, now, there's just
one leader of this group

And that's me.

Now, you wanna
be the man,

You just take
your best shot.



[All clamoring]


stop it!

Leave him alone, t.j.
leave him alone.

i thought you said
you weren't coming back.

Hey, sheriff,
we're not back.

Why don't you
take a look around?

We just left
all the rest of 'em
up in the mountains.



So we gotta take supplies
up to those boys.

We're not going to
let 'em starve, are we?

Your bikers
out in the street,

They're getting
a little out of hand.

How about talking to 'em?

Well, has there
been anyone hurt?

Has there been
any property damage?

No, not so far.

But i've had
some complaints.

Well, i'll tell you
what you do.

You let me know
who's complainin'
and i'll go talk to 'em.

You talk to your people.
i'll take care of the town.

If this keeps up,
somebody's bound to be hurt.

Well, i got a solution,

Why don't you just
get everybody else
off the street?

'Cause my boys,
they're gonna get tired
sooner or later.

T.j., we had
an understanding.

Now, it's very simple.

Are you going to
keep your word or not?

Hear me out, man.

Hey, sheriff.

Look, everybody ought to be
in here drinkin' beer anyway.

We don't want
no hassles, man.

Ok, man.
let's not have any hassles.

Let's go outside.

Get them, tiger.

[All laughing]

♪[Music playing on stereo]

Let's go up
to the house.

You know,
i'll get him some day.

I mean, he'll push too far
and i'll get him.

I know.

You ok?


I mean,
when they knocked us over,

Did you hurt yourself?

Fine. just a bump.

Case, you really didn't
mean to do it, did you?

What do you mean?

They knocked us down
on purpose.

But you didn't mean
to kill them.

[Pool balls clacking]

[People chattering]

Come on.

Let's go up
to the house.

hey, man, i hear you guys have
been tearin' up the street.

[Door closes]

Before kathy died,

She kept saying
the word "devils"
over and over again.

Lt. reardon thinks
that's the name
of the bike gang.

But he's not sure.

No, he's not sure,
but it's all we have
to go on.

[Motorcycle engines rumbling]

What do you feel like
doing next, mitch?

[Door opens]

Try to find the devils.

Where do you want to start?

7 burgers, 7 beers.

why not with them?
watch my hot dog.

hi, there.

I need a little information.

I'm looking for
an old buddy of mine.

Last i heard of him
he was riding

With a bike club
called the devils.

Anybody here know of a group
called the devils?

The red devils?

Yeah, that's it.

About 26 guys
on big choppers.


The leader's name was,
uh, bert something.

Right, right.

Used to hang out
in san berdoo.

Came here about 5 years ago
packin' 7 or 8 mamas?

That's it.

Never heard of him.

[All laughing]

That's a bad joke,
long john.

The soldier boy comes in
looking for his buddy

And you sit there laughin'.

Where are you from, general?

Fort henderson,
and i'm a sergeant.


Well, i thought you were
at least a general

With all those ribbons
and medals.

Fort henderson, huh?

Why, honey,
the way you'll talk,

I thought you were
from fort mason-dixon.

[All laugh]

Hey, where are you goin'?

I was just teasin'.

You know,
havin' a little fun.

Now, let's see now.

There was this gang
out of nevada
called the blue devils.

No. it was the yellow devils
out of wyoming.

No. it was the yellow jackets
out of wyoming

And the green devils
out of new mexico.

No, no,
that's not right at all.
it was-- it was old mexico.

That's it.
it's the mexican devils
out of old mexico!

How about that, general.

Your friend was a mexican
with the mexican devils,

Hank, freeze!

Let's go.

Come on, man.
aren't you gonna hit me?

yeah, come on, hit him!

[Bikers shouting]

You should've let me
knock a couple
of their heads together.

We don't need a beef
at this point.

It sure would have
made me feel better.

Yeah, i know.

Well, lt. reardon
sure called it.

Those guys don't talk
to nobody.

Well, what are we gonna
do now, besides get rid
of these uniforms?

I don't know,
but that's a good start.

Hold it.

What is it?

I got an idea.

I used to be
a pretty good rider
when i was a kid.

What about you guys?

Hell, i was lucky
to have a bicycle.

The closest i ever came
was a pair of roller skates.

You'll learn.

I guess we'll learn.

Hi, fellas.
what can i do for you?

Thought we'd buy
some motorcycles.

If the price
is right.

I wonder, uh, can we
get a special rate

If we, uh, say, buy 4
of these things?

Red ones.

Well, yeah, sure.

Uh, we can probably do
something for you.

Now, what do you plan
to use them for,
street or dirt?


[Engine revving]

Ok, hank.

It's in neutral.
why don't you try it?


Now drop it all the way
down to the bottom.

First clutch.

Now let the clutch out,
real easy.

[Revving powerfully]


I reckon you meant
real slow on the clutch.

That's what i meant.

All right,
who's next?

Uh, jim, why don't you
take a crack at it?

[Engine stalling]

♪ If you had
butterfly wings ♪

♪ Child, you wouldn't
bruise anything ♪

♪ If you had
butterfly wings ♪

♪ You'd have a new song
to sing ♪

♪ Butterfly wings ♪

♪ Butterfly wings ♪

♪ Take you to the sky ♪

♪ If you get back low,
if you get back ♪

♪ Know how it feels to fly ♪

[Engine shuts off]

♪ Love to talk to the birds ♪

♪ And a private comes,
a new friend you found ♪

♪ You'll never be lonely ♪

♪ You never have to worry
about what's happenin'
on the ground ♪

♪ Butterfly wings,
butterfly wings ♪

♪ Take it to the sky ♪

♪ If you get back love,
if you get back ♪

♪ You know
how it feels to fly ♪

[Engine revving]

[Engine shuts off]

[Engine revving]

♪ If you had butterfly wings ♪

♪ Child, you wouldn't
bruise anything ♪

♪ If you had butterfly wings ♪

♪ You'll have
a new song to sing ♪

♪ Butterfly wings,
butterfly wings ♪

♪ Take it to the sky ♪

♪ If you get back down,
if you'll get back ♪

♪ You know
how it feels to fly ♪

♪ Butterfly wings,
butterfly wings ♪

♪ Take it to the sky ♪

♪ If you get back love,
if you get back ♪

♪ You know
how it feels to fly ♪

♪ Fly, fly ♪

♪ Fly, fly, fly, fly, fly ♪

we'll each have
an area to cover.

Right here in the center
is the town of rainbow.

A trading post,
a gas station in the front.

All right.

We'll meet in rainbow

At 2100 hours.
day after tomorrow.


got it.

♪ I've been looking
for a long time ♪

♪ For somebody, yeah,
somebody like you ♪

♪ Who can give me
information ♪

♪ About places
that i've never been to ♪

♪ Traveling down
the back road ♪

♪ It's something
that i will do ♪

♪ Should find an answer
to a question ♪

♪ A question that
i've been asking you ♪

♪ Where, where,
does you fly, yeah ♪

♪ Where, where,
does you fly, yeah ♪

♪ Could you
get rid of the way ♪

♪ And i might take a trip
through your mind ♪

♪ Every night
and every day, yeah ♪

♪ I follow
every highway sign ♪



♪ Trouble stirs in my coffee ♪

♪ But you know it ain't
gonna slow me down ♪

♪ But there ain't
no man livin' ♪

♪ Who can keep me
with an ear to the ground ♪

[Bikers laugh]

♪ Where, where ♪

♪ Does you fly, yeah ♪

♪ Where, where ♪

♪ Does you fly, yeah ♪

♪ Somebody tell me
where does you fly ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Some body tell me,
somebody tell me ♪

♪ Somebody tell me
yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Where ♪

You guys wait here.

[Motorcycle engines rumbling]

gabe's out of gas.

Anybody else low,
come with me.

The rest of you go on,
and we'll catch you later.

[Bikers chattering]

over here. they need some gas.
let's fill 'em all up.

go get some beer, puffy.
and fill them up.

ok, ok.

i'll need some water.

check mine, too.

(Biker #1)
yeah, me, too.

ok, ok.

(Biker #2)
and wash the windows.

[All laugh]

♪[Music playing on stereo]

[Bikers chattering]

ah, here you go.

[Bikers continue chattering]

[All laughing]

(Biker #1)
come on,
let's get back to piru.

(Biker #3)
you ran out of gas once,
i remember, in phoenix.

♪ Making love ♪

(Biker #2)
your reserve
switch busted, gabe?

[All laughing]

(Biker #4)
we gotta get a big gas
truck to follow us around,

You know,
like those big...

[Phone connecting]

leesville sheriff's office.

Ah, lt. reardon, please.

He's not on duty now.
can i help you?

Listen, it's very important
that i speak to him.

Have you got
a home phone number?

We're not allowed to give
that information out.

Sgt. hacker's
on duty right now.
i'll get him for you.

No. no, that's ok.
forget it.

♪ In the night ♪

[All laughing]

(Biker #2)
i bet you didn't
smoke grass then.

♪ So that all you
couldn't give ♪

that'll be $4.50, fellows.

♪ Someone else has been
with you and she is taking ♪

♪ Oh, my sweetnes
put to shame ♪

Hey, listen.

[Woman giggling]

Can you do me a favor?


Some friends of mine
are comin' by here
in a couple of hours.

They'll be wearing
sergeant stripes,
like mine.

Now, i want you to make sure
they get this note.

Yeah, i guess so.

Hey, look. it's important.



Sure thing.

(Biker #2)
here, let me take a look.

Yeah, she's all loose.

Funny-lookin' bike.

I busted up my chopper
a couple of days ago.

Well, you sure look
all right.

Oh, i picked up
a few scratches.


♪ Making love ♪


♪ In the night ♪

♪ To a stranger ♪

(Biker #3)
maybe we can
pull it together.

Susan, get your butt
over here!

Where are you guys from?

just up the road.

See you around.

♪ Making love ♪

♪ To a stranger every night ♪

♪ But here i am ♪

♪ Still with you ♪

You like that?

♪ Every morning ♪

♪ Making love to a stranger ♪

♪ Every night ♪


yeah, case?

[Bikers continue chattering]

Haul this back.

Puffy, vern, come on.

[Engines starting]

♪[Music playing on stereo]

[Engine starting]

[All chattering]

♪[Music playing]

pull it down, pull it down.

Come on, man. come on.

that's it. come on.

Come on.

Come on!

[Woman laughing]



[All laughing]

oh, boy.

Hey, man, what are you doing,
following us?

[Pinball machine rattling]



Gabriel, can't you see
we're menacing someone?


Oh, i'm sorry.

How's this?

So what do you want?

Well, i was just riding by
and i saw the bikes out front.

Thought i'd come in
for a beer.

Was that
what you thought?


Hey, look, man,
if--if it's a hassle,
i can leave.

Now you leave
when you are excused.

Now say it:

may i be excused?"

[All snickering]
say it!

Come on, t.j.,
he hasn't done anything.

Hey. hey,
what's your name, man?



Well, now, you just
finish your beer, mitch.

Ned. ned, this here
is mr. mitch.

And mr. mitch is gonna have
a couple of beers.

As a matter of fact,

Anything mr. mitch wants,
i want you to put on our tab.

You just make yourself
at home, mitch.

ok, puffy,
i got you next.

you're on!


For what?

You've been accepted.

Look, isn't there somewhere
where we could

Go and talk?

About what?

Oh, i don't know, just...

Just talk.

[All chattering]

Go ahead, let's talk.

Well, it's--

It's so noisy in here,
i can't hear myself think.

[Bikers continue chattering]

Come on.

Where are we going?

We've got a house
up the street
where we can talk,

And talk,

And talk.

c'mon puffy. c'mon!

watch it puffy!

I wonder
where casey is.

come on, tom.

[All continue chattering]

[Motorcycle accelerating]

[Man yodeling on radio]

(Announcer on radio)
yes, sir. yodel le he he,
the tennessee yodeler.

Well, here's the weather

For those of you
who are interested

Out in those
drive-ins tonight.

It's going to be
a very warm friday,

With patchy low clouds
in the morning,

Clear to hazy sunshine
early afternoon.

Now the upper desert high
is going to be near 94.

And the lower desert...

♪[Music playing]

[Door opening]

[Door closing]

Make yourself

You'll have to
excuse the light,

But they wouldn't
turn the juice on for us.

Hey, uh, wait a minute.

What's wrong?

Nothing. i just,

I just thought we ought to
get to know each other first.

That's nice.

Square, but nice.

You feel good?

It's been a long time
since i really
wanted somebody.

I thought i saw you guys
in leesville
about a week ago.

We've been doing
a lot of riding.

♪[Music playing]

Gabriel! how you doing, gabe?

Oh, sweet willy,
i never played better
in my entire life.

Hey, man, how did you develop
that flipper action?


Oh, that's heavy.
that's really heavy.

Can i play
the next game, gabe?

Sorry, man, but i'm playing
for the championship.

Who are you
playing against?


Well, uh, you be sure
and let me know who wins, huh?


[Bell dinging]

Hey, man,
you're an hour late.

[Man chattering on radio]

Did you see the others?

Nope. what did you find out
about the devil?


Seems like
nobody's ever heard of it.

Same here.

Hey, ned, wake up.
give us a couple
of beers here.


Casey, where the hell
have you been?

The way you raced out,
we thought you was mad.

Over on the flats
doing some riding.

[Pool balls clacking]

What the hell
is wrong with you?

What are you
staring at me for?

You're sure
gettin' touchy.

Well, i am just happy
to see you.

As a matter of fact,
we are all happy to see you.

Ok, t.j.,

Where is she?

Where is who?


Come off it. where is susan?

[T.j. laughing]


You mean that chick
that used to be
your old lady?

What do you mean
"used to be"?

Well, you know mitch.

Mitch? mitch who?

Well, you remember that guy
she was talking to
at the rainbow station.

Well, you see,
he stopped by here

And we all had ourselves
a couple of beers.

So what?

about a half an hour ago,
he left with susan.

Oh, that's real clever, man.


So how'd you do?

Couple of times i thought
i was on to something,
but i drew a blank.

That's why i'm late.

I don't see mitch.
where's mitch?

He didn't show yet.

What happened then?

About what?

The car.

Oh, that.

♪[Music playing on stereo]

Well, casey tried
to get down to it,

But another car pulled up.
so we split.

Did you see them
go over the cliff?


They were really moving.

that car just kept
going faster and faster.

When they hit the bottom
they must have been going
at least 80.

[Mitch grunting]

reese, come on!

[Mitch groaning]


Eddie, get t.j.
we got a problem.

What are you
chewing on, pal?

Give me some.

[Crickets chirping]

now, friends,

You've heard me
talk before about
the beautiful plastic jesus

This station is offering
till the next month.

I mean to tell you
they're beautiful.

I have one sitting on
the dash of my own car.

And i wouldn't think of
goin' anywhere without it.

Neither will you,
when you get this masterpiece
through the mail this month.

Now, if you are really
a believer, you'll have
to have...

Hey, is this, uh,
for you?

Only $1.

Let me take
a look at it, pal.

...For a plastic jesus

That will bring you
joy and comfort
in your hour of need.

It's from mitch.
he's on to something.
he's in piru.

Where's that?
next town north of here.

Let's go.
right on.

[Engines revving]

thanks a lot, carl.

[Susan screaming]

Now you listen to me.

I want to know
everything you told him.

I told you,
i didn't tell him anything.

You lyin' bitch.

[Susan sobbing]

Hey, leave her alone.

This guy here
is probably a cop.

If you hadn't smashed
the windshield of that car
like an idiot,

None of us here
got any problems.

Oh, t.j.

This guy ain't a cop.
he's a sergeant in the army.

what do you think
he's doing here?

He's probably after you, gabe.

'Cause he knows you
burned your draft card.

[All laughing]

Oh, yeah.

All right, soldier boy

What's your action?

What're you doin' here?


What are you asking questions
about the car wreck for?


There's his bike.

[Crickets chirping]

[T.j. grunts]

[Biker whistling]

This isn't
gettin' us anywhere.

All right,
everybody start packin'.

Where we headed, t.j.?

We're going
to the superstitions,

Take the back roads,
and we'll join
the rest of the gang.

Gabe, tie him up.

And when he comes to,
you stay with him.

We're going to keep him
with us and get
some answers later.

I thought
i said start packin'!

[Gabe grunts]

[Willy groans]

(Al whispering)
our bikes are
at the parlor.


Hey, you girls,
meet us at ned's.

Let's get 'em.

Head for the woods.

Those street choppers
will bog down in there.

Split up!
we'll meet at the gas station
by the rainbow.

Let's get 'em!

get over here and help me get
this thing out of the mud.

man, we are all down.

It'll take us forever
to get out of here.

we'll push 'em out.
let's go!

T.j., maybe we ought
to head for the border.

Are you kidding?
now that he's free,

I guarantee you
he'll go to the cops.

We'll get our old ladies

And we'll go up
to the superstitions.

And we'll wait for a few days
until things cool down.

Come on, let's go.

come on, let's go!

Where are we going?
a field bivouac.

a field bivouac?

hey, soldier.
which one is sgt. mack's tent?

It's that one.
right over there.

oh, mitch.

hey, hi, mack.

What are you doin' here?
i thought you're between
training assignments.

We were.
but the old man pulled us out

To supervise
a training mission over
on superstition mountain.

I didn't see it
on the schedule.

It was
a last-minute change.

It wasn't posted, mack.

Uh, mack, look,
we got a little trouble

With a deuce-and-a-half.
some clown rolled it.

Anybody got hurt?

no, but it messed up
our equipment.

Mack, i need a favor.
and the old man said
you could help us.

For the old man? sure.
name it. what is it?

Oh, we don't need much.

A few explosion simulators,
some smoke grenades,

And about 10 mini-rockets--

All right, all right.
let me get them.

you'd better write this down.

you're really charming fellas.

thank you.

Now, start with, um,
explosion simulators.

Explosion simulators.

All right, uh, what else?
smoke grenades.

Smoke grenades.

tear gas.

Tear gas and masks.

Tear gas and masks.

Right. uh...


10 mini-rockets,
all right.

map supplies.

Yeah, map supplies,
so i can make my own.

Oh, and i'll need a block
and tackle and some rope.

I tell you what.
better make that about
15 rocket launchers.

15 rocket launchers.
and some k-rations.

And i'll need some--
i'll need some hand lines,

Some hand lines, and,
uh, picks and shovels.
maybe 3 each.

3 flashlights.

With extra batteries.

2 batteries--
2 flashlights.

Mitch, we need a radio?

and a walkie-talkie.

A radio
and a walkie-talkie.

We better have
a command post tent.

Yeah, hey, can you get us
something like this?

Uh, don't forget--

Don't forget the k-rations.

Hank, you'll eat.
you'll eat.

K-rations. um,
guys, will you let me
get this down?

Uh, k-rations.
i got k-rations!

All right, then.

And a 2-and-a-half-ton truck
to carry it in.

2-and-a-half-ton truck to...

You can handle that,
can't you, mack?

Sure, sure.


How are you fixed
for pro kits?

[All chattering]

[All chattering]

[All cheering]

♪[Music playing]

[Girl exclaiming]

oh, yeah!

[Biker shouting]

[Woman whooping]

go, honey, go.

We'll set up a c.p.
right here.

i used to ride a lot
in this area.

These canyons
are pretty well concealed.

Take a look.

Now here's our
command post right here.

Now just on the other side
of these ridges

Are 3 canyons
where the wizards
could have ridden their bikes.

Further on up,
it would have been
too dangerous.

Now, al.

i want you to get
your climbing gear.

Establish an observation post
here at foxtrot 13.

yeah, will do. it's all packed
and ready to go.

Ok. now you'll be able
to see these 2 canyons

Easily from this position.

If they're not there,
we'll move in
a little further.

Take this map with
the grid coordinates.


Your feet don't fail
you now, brother.

Thank you, brother.
mitch, i'll radio back.

Take care.

Say, mitch.

Do you suppose
they could've gotten away

On this small trail
right up here?

No chance.
not at night.

No, if they are here,
they think they are safe.

And we've got
the element of surprise.


[All laughing]

♪[Music continues playing]

[Biker whooping]

Unit one to leader.
unit one to leader.
come on in.

This is leader.

we're in luck, mitch.

I spotted 2 groups
about 15 to 20 yards apart.

A few at the mouth
of the canyon,
coordinate charlie 9,

And the rest of them
in the center at juliet 7.

Right, unit one.

Let's keep them apart.
stand by.

Ok, now look at this.

The main body
is here at juliet 7.

And the rest of them
over here at charlie 9.

Now, set your trap here
by the road.

At bravo 13.

We'll lay down our firepower
in a central area

And try to drive the group
at the mouth of the canyon,

Back in your direction.

Divide and conquer.


Casey, come on
over here.

What is it now, t.j.?


You're going to leave us.

I've decided that, uh,

You'll have
a much better chance
if you are alone.

It's for your own good, kid.

You've decided, huh?

[Crickets chirping]

All right.

Come on, susan.

Come on.

Forget it, casey.

She ain't
your old lady anymore.

fight! fight! yeah,casey!

[All clamoring]

in the belly!


kick him!

All right, unit one,
we go in 30 seconds.

Watch your coordinates.

I don't want to kill anybody.

[All clamoring]

[Woman screaming]

(Biker #1)
what is that?

(Biker #2)
i don't know.

What the hell
was that?

[All clamoring]

Let's get out of here.

All right,
let's move up the canyon!

[All shouting]

All right, everybody,
listen to me.

we're going to be
all right here.

I know a back way
out of this place.

And we'll make a try
for mexico in the mornin'.

What about him?

He's on his own.

You just keep
clear of me, casey.

Oh, lordy,
they sure are movin' fast.


Boys, do yourselves a favor
and stay right
where you're at.



This is leader
to unit one.

this is unit one,
go ahead.

How are we doin', al?

Fine. how about you?

We got 4 of them secure.
where are the rest?

They are moving up
further inside the canyon.

Can you give me
grid coordinates?

Looks like somewhere around
sierra 4.

all right, al,

I want you to establish
a forward observation post
at romeo 13.

We'll move our c.p.
to quebec 14.

[Footsteps approaching]

The army is after us.

now what do you want?

I'm telling you
the united states army
is after us!

He's whacked out
of his head again.

Look, i saw 'em.

I heard 'em.
i had a fight with 'em!

How many?

Look, i didn't stop to count.
i don't know!

Uh, that guy that was
with susan was with 'em.



You take
some of the boys

And you go up in those canyons
up there and get up above us.

Get some boulders.


Large rocks.

Oh, yeah, sure.

Anybody comes through there,
you smash 'em.

No problem at all.

I can see it now.

Comin' along just fine.

It should be up
in 3 or 4 minutes.

I'm sorry, t.j.

For what?

For everything
i said.

And did.

Oh, yeah?

Are we gonna be
all right?


Hey. hey,
everything's gonna be ok.

Does he have to
leave the gang?


What do you think?

Look, susan,
you know you can leave
if you've changed your mind.

It's up to you.


Are you stayin' or goin'?

Do you want me to stay?

I'll stay.

[All chattering]

hey, t.j., what's this?

[Engine revving]

Get him!

come on, let's go!

[Grenades exploding]

[Bikers coughing]

[Women screaming]

[Women continue screaming]

[All clamoring]

[All coughing]


[Biker groans]

Come on!

[All coughing]

i can't see, i can't see!

[All continue coughing]

[All clamoring]


look out! look out!


all right! all right!

He's the one you want.








I take it you found my chain.

♪ It was written
many years ago ♪

♪ The lord said
"children you can go ♪

♪ Into the world,
outside the paths ♪

♪ Down south where the light
is shining, from the heavens
to the forest floor ♪

♪ Open every door ♪

♪ Find who you are
but don't travel too far ♪

♪ Someday you'll want
to go home again ♪

♪ Home again ♪

♪ Back into your world ♪

♪ Back to where you've been ♪

♪ Home again, home again" ♪