Christmas on Wheels (2020) - full transcript

Upon learning that her uncle sold her Mom's vintage convertible--a car full of Christmas memories--Ashley enlists the help of her uncle's attorney, Duncan, to get it back.

Growing up,

this was our Christmas -

me, my mom and
her red convertible,

driving through town,

delivering gifts to those
who needed them the most.

It was our tradition.

You ready, Ashley?

And it made it the most
special time of the year.

Okay, angel bell,
where are you?

Item 7685.

I'm so sorry. I was just
looking for something.

Looks to be in
pretty good condition.

It does.

Except that I think
that I maybe see a dent.

A dent? Where do you see that?

Well, it's hard to see, unless
you're at the right angle.

But, um, you know, that does
depreciate the value, so...

Well, it says right here
in the description...

"mint condition".

Well, I mean, all it takes
is one clumsy hand,

setting it down
on the table and...


Ladies and gentlemen...

please take your seats,
so the bidding can commence.

Good luck.

Do I hear $600?

$600. How about $650?

$650. $650 going once.

$650 going twice.

Sold for $650.

All right, our next
item up for bid is an 1875

vintage Christmas angel bell,

and I'm gonna start
the bidding at $100.




Auctioneer: $150.




Okay, $250 going once.


Do I hear $510?

$510, anyone?

Okay, going once, twice...

Sold for $500.



Oh, thank you.

I assume you're, uh--
you've got some sort of

sentimental connection
to the bell or...

Oh, gosh no. No, no.

It-- it'll double in
value in a couple of years,

so it was worth the price.

So, you're a collector.

No. Estate law. Here.

You should, uh,

give me a call if you ever
need anything appraised.

Well, anyway,
I gotta run.

Enjoy your day.


Just about forgot.

So, was that bell for you
or for a client?

Well, does it even matter?

It's clearly gone to
someone who doesn't know

that there's so much more to it
than just its dollar value.

That bell has such
a great story behind it,

which I'm willing to bet he
knows nothing about.

Come on, Ashley.

We've been working together
in this industry for what?

Five years?

I know what a hard time you have
letting go

of some of the Christmas
antiques you find.

Well, I'm just collecting them,
you know, for my shop,

which may be happening soon
because there's a perfect space

that might be opening up
for lease soon.

Oh, that's great.
You let me know

when you're ready to make the
move and I'll have my crew

pack and transport all your
pieces for you.

Thanks so much, Gabby.

Of course.

[phone ringing]

Hey, Charlotte.
How are you?

Is everything okay?

Um, it is, except your
uncle broke his foot.

What? What happened?

Oh, he tripped over
a violin case.

He'll be fine, but, um, I'm just
so busy this time of year,

I can't be home
to help him out.

Say no more. Tell him
I'll drive out tomorrow.

Actually, um...
could you surprise him?

Maybe just show up

and say you came
home for Christmas.

Oh, uh, you need me to
come home for all of Christmas?

Oh, that would
be great, Ashley.

Thank you.
It'll be so good to see you.

And it'll be great
to see you both, too.

All right,
I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Great. Bye.





Uncle Tony! Surprise!

I'd say it is!
Come in! Come in!


So, what brings you
back to Robinsville?

Well, I figured,

since I'm always away
at these Christmas auctions,

I thought maybe it was time.

And it had nothing to do
with my little accident?

Oh, wow. No.
I-I just noticed that.

What happened?

Oh, just, uh, a little
music lesson mishap.

Hmm. Well, then,
you should probably

open up my Christmas
present a little early.

Your presence is the greatest
present I could ask for,

but I do love presents.


Now, this...
is a walking stick.

[both chuckling]

Yeah, it was,
uh-- it was used

by a distinguished
British general

after he returned
from the First World War.

And clearly, now,

you could probably use it
to help you get around.

Not that you should
be getting around too much.

Well, how about--[door opening]

No, he should not.

Aha! Uh-huh.
And there she is.


Should I be asking how
Ashley might have known

that I would possibly
need a walking stick?

Don't be so suspicious.
It is so good to see you.

You too.

Let me just, uh, put the
casserole in the oven to warm up

and then you can tell
us all your news.

Sounds good.


Look at this.

Very nice. Very nice.

Yes. It's growing on me.
See? I can do dancing.

Okay, well,
take it easy.

Singing it easy.

Coming around--Oh! Oh...

I'm all right.


I am all right.

Okay, good.


Charlotte, I wish you had
a shop in Seattle.

Oh, I haven't expanded yet.

Speaking of which,

aren't you two celebrating
ten years together?

Yes, we are.

December 23rd marks
the anniversary

of when we first met.

So, why haven't you made it an
official anniversary yet?

Because it's been a perfect
ten years,

so why change a good thing?


Oh! No, no, no.

Don't you go anywhere.
That's what I'm here for.

Ahh. I knew it.


What are you doing here?

Well, it's nice to see
you again, too.

Is that Duncan?
Yes, it is!

Get on in here.


Duncan, this is
my lovely niece Ashley.

Your niece?


Ashley, this is Duncan Morris.

He is my estate lawyer.

Yeah, we've met, actually.

Yeah, at the-- at the--
at the, um, auction.

Oh, well, actually,

Duncan's here to
appraise a few things.

Oh. Well, then, you definitely
have the right man.

So, what are you
here to appraise?

Is it, uh, this clock, maybe?

Uh... no.

I-I-I don't think
that's on the list.

Good because it's been in our
family for three generations,

so you really can't
put a price on it,

but I'm guessing
you probably could

or maybe is it this piano?

I mean, this thing will
probably double its value

in the next few years, huh?

Well, not unless it
hasn't been played,

which I'm pretty sure it has.

Or how about my mom's car?

I mean, that's been
driven before, obviously,

but, really, it's priceless.

Uh, actually...

it's, uh--
the car's not here anymore.

What? Why? Where is it?

It was falling
into neglect, sweetheart.

I asked you. You told me to do
whatever I thought was best.

I-- I did say that,
you're right.

I just didn't think
it would happen this fast.

Well, you know me,

I know my way around
any musical instrument,

but not cars.

So, when this
collector showed up,

he offered to
take great care of it,

so I took him up
on his off-- offer.

I'm sorry.

No, it's-- it's okay.
I understand.

You know what?
I'm gonna-- I'm gonna--

I'm gonna get out of here.

Why don't I come back and we
can discuss what we have to,

uh, go over.

Ashley, it was nice
seeing you again.

You all have
a lovely evening.

Goodnight, Duncan.

Here, let's just sit down
and have our dessert,

and, um,
I'll make some coffee.

I'm actually pretty full.

I'm just gonna go grab
my bag from the car.

I was planning
on telling you.


I was just waiting for when
I would see you again.

I get it.

And you did ask me
if I wanted the car

and I told you to do
what you wanted with it, so...

Well, I hung onto it
for as long as I could,

'cause I knew it had so many
memories of your mother.

It was like her
very own Santa's sleigh.

She'd get behind the wheel
so happy and excited,

and then off we'd go,

delivering charitable
gifts all over town.

It made Christmas
pretty special.

It still is very special.

Listen, I should probably grab
my stuff from the car

and you shouldn't be out here,
hobbling around. Come on.

No, maybe...

Maybe we could
get the car back.

Let's just leave it
as a memory.

Come on.

Still lighting up
the town, are you?


Oh my gosh.
What are you doing home?

Well, my uncle broke his foot,
so I came home to help him out.

I saw that big boot of his when
Beatrice had her singing lesson.

Come here,
give me a hug!

Oh, it has been way too long.
You know that, right?

I know. So, are you still
in the lighting business?

I am, except the city
also contracted me

to help put up the decorations.

You and Clayton?

Just me.

Clayton's overseeing
a construction site

out of town right now, but he'll
be back in time for Christmas.

What about you? Staying for
the holidays, I hope.

Uh, well, I told Charlotte
I would, so here I am.

But, uh...

what is going on
with these decorations?

Triangle trees?

What happened to all
the traditional greenery

and bows and tinsel?

It's our new mayor.

It's her way of bringing
the town into the 21st century.

But Robinsville was
built in the 19th century,

that's its charm.

I know, but here we are.

Look, I've got to wrap up a job
installing lights at the market,

but you and I,
we'll make a plan?

-Good because I've missed you.

I've missed you, too.
I'll see you later.


I think they're supposed
to be Christmas trees.

Really? I don't see it.

Yeah, neither do I,
to be honest.

Christmas shopping?

Getting a gift for my mom.

Hey, I'm sorry I interrupted
dinner the other night.

You obviously have
business with my uncle.

Yeah. Hey, for the record,

he had a hard time
selling that car.

Man's got a big heart.

Runs in the family.

So, as his family, you gonna
forgive me for outbidding you?

We'll see.

Oh my gosh.


I think that's the car.

Well, Ashley...

Ashley, hold on.

Hey, I was trying to tell you,
that's the mayor's car.

She's got a thing
for flashy new things.

Yeah, I'm beginning
to see that.

You know, I helped
your uncle sell the car,

I drew up the bill of sale.
I could track it down for you.

No, no. It's fine.

I just thought this was it.
But it's okay, really.

Well, why don't I pull it up?

And I'll drop it by
Tony's later tonight.

Don't go chasing after cars.

Gregory Lawson -
that's who has the car.

Chestnut Lane. That's out in
Perth County, though, isn't it?

It is.
It's a couple hours out,

but it's really
not that hard to get there.

Yeah, but why would this
Mr. Lawson let me see

what's clearly now his car?

I'm sure he's
a reasonable guy.

Take Duncan with you.
They've already met,

so he might be more
inclined to show it to you.

That's a good point.

It's a two hour drive.

I could go as early as,
say, tomorrow.

All right. Then, tomorrow,
we go see the car.


[Charlotte and
Tony chuckling]

Good morning.

All right, I got my car
gassed up and ready to go.

Actually, do you mind
if we take my car?

I mean, your car's a
Mini and I'm not so, uh...

I get it. Don't worry.

All right. Hop in.

Oh, festive.

Yeah, I keep
those in all year 'round.

I just love the smell
of Christmas trees.


Oh, you're, uh--

your engine looks like
it's running a little hot.

Oh, I wouldn't worry about that.

I have an appointment
for a tune-up this week.

Let's hit the road.


Ashley: This guy collects
sleighs, not cars.


Hey, Mr. Lawson.
I'm Duncan Morris.

I helped facilitate the car
you bought

from Tony Warren a few months
back. Do you remember that?

Of course.
It's nice to see you again.

Nice to see you.

And who's this?

Hi. I'm Ashley Warren.

My uncle's the one
who sold uncle the car.


We were wondering
if we could maybe

talk to you about that.

Please, come in.

Mr. Lawson:
Here we are!

Please join me in some
hot cinnamon cider.

Thank you.

Mr. Lawson:
You are most welcome.

For a car collector, you seem
to have a lot of sleighs.

I'm not a car collector.
I'm a sleigh or sled collector.

You see...

I'd heard rumors about a car
that had been used to deliver

toys at Christmas,
just like Santa's sleigh.

So, I did a little research

and I tracked
it down to your uncle.

I just thought it would
be a unique addition

to my sleigh collection.

Well, you're right.

It really was
like Santa's sleigh.

Oh, were you part
of the gift deliveries?

I was, yeah,
for many years.

It's why I was hoping
to be able to see it,

since I didn't really
get a chance to--

Say goodbye.

Something like that.


I wish I could oblige,
but I don't have it anymore.

It seems, no matter
how hard I tried,

I couldn't get it to start.

And then, one day, this fellow
driving past saw it

and I tell ya, the look of joy
on that man's face...

Turns out he remembered
it as a boy.

So, I surrendered
the keys to him

and he brought a flatbed
the next day and took it away.

You just gave him the car?

No paperwork or
exchange or anything?

Nope. I just gave it to him.

The look of joy
on that man's face,

the sparkle in his eyes, it lit
up as soon as he saw it!

I knew it was
better off with him.

Oh, but...

I do recall
his name was... Mark.

No, it was...

It was... Marcus. Marcus.

I think-- no, no.
It wasn't Marcus.

No, it was. It was Marcus.
I think it was Marcus.

Okay. That's a lead.

It wasn't Marcus.

It was Martin,
that's what it was.

It was Marvin.

You know what?
Thank you so much, Mr. Lawson,

um, for taking the time and
for the delicious cider.

Oh, well, it's my pleasure.

Listen, if you do end up
thinking about that guy's name,

please give me a call.

Oh, of course, I will.


Thank you again,
and merry Christmas.

Well, thank you.
Merry Christmas to you, too.

It was great apple cider.

Oh, good.

Well, that was a bust.

Yeah, unless he
remembers that name.

Yeah, no, you're right.
That was a bust.


Uh, do you smell
something funny?

Nope. Just the sweet smell
of my Christmas tree freshener.



that's not good.

Yeah, we should, uh,
maybe find a gas station.

Yeah, you should
definitely pull over.



When was the last time
you had a tune-up?

I don't know.
A year? Maybe more.

I didn't even notice the light
was on until you did.

Well, now, I know why your
radiator's overheated.

Maybe someone in here might be

So, no luck yet?

Still no luck.

Hmm. Well...

my next student has just decided

that he wants to
learn the recorder, so...

So, time for a break.


I read you
loud and clear. Okay.

-I'll see you later.

-All right.
-Good luck with that.

Thank you.

[car door closing]

What are you doing here?

Just hear to drop
something off for your uncle.

Oh. He's actually inside,
teaching a lesson.


[phone ringing]
Oh. Sorry. One sec.

Yeah, this is she.

Oh my gosh. Really?
Are you sure?

Of course you're sure.

Yeah. Yes,
that would be great.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

I think I just found the car.

Where's it at?

At Griffin's tree farm.

Okay. Come on,
I'll take you out there.

Oh, uh, in your car?
Oh, no. Not this time.

If you're coming,
we go in my car

'cause I keep that
thing tuned up.


Wow. I haven't been
here in years.

It's my first time, actually.


Where'd you guys get
your Christmas tree

when you were
living in town?

'Cause for Robinsville folk,
this is the place to come.

Duncan: Well, when I was a kid,
we would go on country drives

and chop down our own tree.


Is that Ashley Warren?

It is.

A few years older
than I remember you

sitting in that
car you called about.

And you're a few years older

than I remember you
binding up those trees for us.

And here we are,
all grown up.

Well, for the most part.

And you are?

Oh, I'm sorry. This is Duncan.
He's my uncle's lawyer.

And friend of the family.

-Nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

Well, my husband's
in the field right now,

but trust me, he knows all
about that car of yours

from the stories I told him.

Well, thank you for letting us
come out and see it.

You haven't seen it yet.
Come on.

I'll grab my coat and I'll take
you out to the barn.


Nice guy.

Very nice guy.
I'm excited.


Now, keep in mind,

it's been weathering
in the elements awhile

and I haven't had the chance
to give it the once over.

Duncan, would you mind?


Griffin: Now, I have to say...

...when I was a boy,
we were struggling,

after a couple
of poor crops,

well, the sight
of this car

pulling up to the farm
on Christmas Eve was like...

watching Santa's sleigh
land on the roof.

It was really
something special.

So, is it everything
you remember?


Well, here, hop in.


Oh, and I brought the keys, in
case you wanted

to try starting it up,
but I have to warn you,

I haven't been able to get
it to turn over since I got it.

[exhaling sharply]

[engine sputtering]


No. I can't tell
what it is.

I've worked on tractors and all
sorts of farm machinery, but...

I think it needed
some TLC a ways back.

But thank you for
letting me try.


You know, the gentlemen
who gave me this car

said he knew I should have it,

just by the look
of joy on my face,

kind of like the look
you gave when you first saw it.

[chuckling] Except I think your
joy goes a little deeper.

Merry Christmas.

Are you-- are you
giving me the car?

No, I wouldn't say that,

considering it was
yours to begin with.


Thank you.
I'm speechless.

You know, you gifted a lot of
happiness back in the day.

I'm just happy I could
pay it forward.

But now, we gotta get it home

and I don't think that little
puddle jumper you showed up in

is gonna be
able to tow this baby.

We're gonna need
something bigger.

Yup, she's secure.
Good to go.

Great job, man.

Thank you.

Matt, I-- I don't
have the words.

Enough said.

I'm just happy she's back
with her rightful owner.

Thanks. And hey,
thanks for the trees.

Yeah, though, um, I'm not sure
why something needs 12 trees,

but, hey...

I've got a little
something up my sleeve.

So, we'll see you
back at the house.



I'm ready.

Good thing you like
the smell of Christmas trees.


Well, I'll be...

Christmas just came home
to Robinsville.

[flatbed horn blaring]

Thanks, Matt.

Tony: [chuckling]
There she is.

Just like she always was.

Yeah, only
she won't start.

And she's in need of
some serious restoring.

All details that
can be worked out,

starting with
a good cleaning.

I think I still
have some wax

and some leather
polish here somewhere.

I, uh--

Oh, gosh,
are you okay?


I promise, Uncle Tony,
I can manage.


All right. I, uh...
I know she's in good hands.

So, I'm gonna leave
the two of you--

or I should say
the three of you-- alone.

Please, you don't
have to stay and clean.

You've done so much already.

Are you kidding?
I love the process

of bringing antiques
back to their original glory.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah. Anything that means
that much, it's gotta shine.


So, why don't you fill
that bucket up with some water?

-And I'll grab some cleaners.
-Yes, ma'am.

Wow. Now, it looks
like it always did.

Yep, almost like new.

Except you missed a spot.

What? Where?

Right there.


You gotta look real close.

Okay. All right.
I'm not falling for that trick.

All right.

You smell that?

Ginger snaps.

Come on, I have a feeling
Charlotte's baking.

Told you.


Ashley: Was I right?
Are those ginger snaps I smell?



I figured we needed
something to celebrate.

That's right,
to the return of the car

and my niece this Christmas.

Duncan: All right,
I should head home

and leave you to your

Not so fast. You, my friend,
have been a big help

with this whole car search,
so stay, have a glass.

Can't say no to that.

Besides, now we have a fourth
for the Christmas Game.


I haven't played
that game in years.

I figured this
would be a great time

to bring back old traditions,
wouldn't you say?

I hope you guys
brought your game

because I have
the luck of the dice.

Well, I don't mean to boast,
but I got my own little

board game win streak
going on right now.


I sense this is
gonna get rowdy.

All right, so,
what are we playing for?

Ginger snaps, of course.

Okay, let's do this.

Ashley: Okay...

Not bad.

Oh, you get a card
from the Candy Pile.


"What would you get
in your stocking

if you were naughty,
not nice?"

A lump of coal, of course.

You got it.

Not that you ever had any
coal in your stocking.


Oh... All right,
Duncan, you're up.


Come on, Santa, Duncan needs
some lucky sixes.

[Ashley chuckling]

All right!

Now, if you get this right,

you've got a whole lot of
ginger snaps to take home.

I'm ready.

Ready? Okay.

"What would you traditionally

"put on top of
a Christmas tree?"

"A piece of fruit,
a reindeer, or an angel?"

Fruit. Say "fruit".


It's an angel,
of course,

and I'll even tell you why.

Angels are considered to be
protectors and messengers.

And, if you're lucky,

they'll bring you a message of
joy that you won't ever forget.

Uh... yeah, that's right.
I think you won.

[Tony and Charlotte chuckling]

Well, Duncan, your winnings...

Well, I'll let the
house keep the winnings,

but I will
have one for the road.

Okay. Here you go.

Thank you, and thank you
again for a beautiful night.


No, no, no.



Okay, great.
Thank you so much, Vince.

Hey! How was
the singing lesson?

Your uncle says she has
the voice of an angel.

I think it's a voice
only a mother could love.


So, what did
the mechanic say?

He didn't find any major work,

other than replacing
a rusted tailpipe.

What's not so great

is that he couldn't
figure out why it won't start.

Then, I'd start
with that tailpipe.

That's easy enough, right?

Hmm. Not if I want to restore
her to her former glory.

But finding vintage
is kind of my thing,

so I'll find it.

Yes, you will.

Okay. Yep. Yep.
Thanks so much.


I can't believe it -
I can't find a single one.

What about Duncan?

If there's an
antique in this town,

he's probably
appraised it.

And besides, I need
something delivered.

What is it?

It's a secret.
You'll find out soon enough.

The address is
on the envelope.

All right.
I'll see you later.


Oh. Hey, Ashley.

Hey. I'm just dropping
this off for my uncle.

It's the, um--

yeah, what is it again?

I see what you're up to.
It's not gonna work.

confidentiality and all that.

He also mentioned

that you might be able to help
me find a vintage tailpipe.

Oh, I don't know about that,
but, uh...

I'll look into my books

and see if I have
any estates with old cars.

Thanks. Is this thing
temperature controlled?

Yes, it is, to keep
everything in mint condition.

Keep your hands off
the class. Thank you.

Do you even know the story
behind this bell?

No, I don't, actually.

It belonged to
the wife of a farmer.

He spent his days herding
sheep with his sons.

And then, one Christmas Eve,
a winter storm blew in,

and they got lost
trying to find their way home.

So, the farmer's wife stayed up
all night, ringing this bell,

until, finally,
the sound of the ringing

led her boys home on
Christmas morning.

That definitely makes you
see it in a different light.


Here, have a seat.


That's why I love antiques -
for the stories behind them.

Is that the only reason?

That, and that we get to hold on
to these precious few objects

that means so much,

even when so many other
things in life just leave us.

Any luck with that tailpipe?

Yeah, um...

No, I'm not seeing
anything here.

I'll just keep searching.

Why don't we have it made?

There's a metal worker
down at the Christmas market.

We can see
if they'll do it.

Yeah, that sounds great.

Okay, let's go.

It's the middle of the day.

These are holiday hours.
Want the tailpipe?

-Let's get it.

-After you.

[People chattering]

What is that
and where are all the carolers

that usually
serenade the shoppers?

Well, that sounds like
a question for the new mayor.

Ah, more out with the old,
in with the new, huh?

Something like that.
Here we are.

Wow, these are amazing.

Thank you,
and all made from old scrap.

So, is there anything in
particular I can help you find?

Uh, there is, actually.
I have this old 1960s car

that needs a new--
well, rather an old tailpipe.

Is that our famous old
red convertible

that's rolled
back into town?

That's the one, although it's
not really doing much rolling

around at the moment.

Hm, leave it with me.
I'll get it done.

Great. Okay, great.

I mean,
I can leave you a deposit.

Don't you worry about that.

I know all about that car
and the good it did.

So, you just come back here in
a couple of days to pick it up.

Thank you so much.

My pleasure.

Can you believe that?


It's like the car is
bringing out this, like,

amazing Christmas
spirit in everyone.

I noticed.

I have an idea.

I think I know how
to get her attention.

Do you want to help me?

It involves grabbing your car
and waiting until nightfall.

That sounds covert.


Alright, I'm in.

Okay, let's go.

Perfect. Nice and quiet.

Yeah, I still
don't know what for.

All I know is we got
a couple of cars full of trees.

Robinsville used to have real
Christmas trees decorating

the streets, not these
weird triangular things.

I mean, I get that they're new,

but that doesn't
mean that they're better.

As Charlotte says,
"Why change a good thing?"

Alright, let's get to it.

Do you wanna
help me with this one?

Yeah, let's do it.

Okay, well,
that should do it.

You're right. This is the way
Main Street should look.

The only thing that's missing
is a red convertible coming

around that corner over there.

Hey, listen. I noticed the last
name Morris in one of my mom's

old log books that had
the names of the families

that we used to
visit on Christmas Eve.

Was that your family?

Yeah, that was us.

Hey, listen. I got some
paperwork I bailed on earlier.

I should probably
get back to that.

Of course,
and thank you for humoring me.

Yeah, I had fun.

I wish I could see
the look on the mayor's face

when she sees all this.

Me, too, but she's kind
of like Santa Clause.

I can't seem to catch her.

Well, don't wait by
the fireplace.

I doubt she's coming
down the chimney.

Goodnight, Ashley.

Goodnight, Duncan.


There you are.

You know how
to install this now?

I will figure it out.

Well, in case you're
having some troubles,

I added some wings.

Oh, that's perfect.
Thank you, and merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas, and I hope
I get to see that car again.

We'll see. Bye.

Take care.

Make sure nobody finds this.
Keep this in a safe--

Uncle Tony.


What are you two up to?

We were just
talking about--


It's a fantasy draft.

Yeah, paperwork
about football.


[clearing throat]
What are you doing?

Yeah, what do you got there?

Uh, this is the brand new,
yet vintage tailpipe.

I'm dying to get it on the car,
but my mechanic's all tied up

on another job.

Well, that's not
a problem for you.

You know your way
around four wheels.

Well, I know some things.

Why don't we do it?


Yeah, you know, you just
tell me what tool you need,

I'll-- I'll hand it to you.

Great idea.

Okay, let's give it a shot.

Yeah. Okay.

Come on.

-Grab your coat.



Thank you.


Almost. Almost.

Okay, one more pull, I think.

Okay, I think I got it.

Alright, let's see if this
tailpipe brings us any luck.

[engine sputtering stalling]


Well, so much
for angel wings.


[engine stalling]

I just-- What could it be?

I mean, Vince said that
there didn't seem to be

anything wrong.

Don't give up.

Give it another try.

[engine rumbling]

I don't believe it.

Well, you know
what this means, right?

We need to take this
baby for a ride.

Yeah, buckle up.

Wow, she drives smooth.
Like a sleigh through snow.

Just like Santa's sleigh.

You know, you look right
at home behind that wheel.

Yeah, feels pretty good.

Think you'd let me
drive this sleigh one day?

I don't know. I've driven
with you before, remember?

You gonna hold me
to that forever?

I don't know.
We'll see, we'll see.

Well, she still has
the same pep to her.

You really missed this car,
didn't you?

There's a lot I miss.

Is that it'd been so long since
you came home for Christmas?

It just didn't feel
the same after my mom passed,

and, I mean, my uncle
did keep the charity alive

with the toy drive
through the church,

but I never took
the car out again.

And then,
after I moved to the city,

I would come home
for the holidays

and it was just a reminder of
what Christmas used to be.

I guess the stories behind some
antiques are harder than others.

When I was about five,
my dad lost his job.

And it was tough
for a few years,

but not during Christmas,
because every Christmas

that car would come rolling
down our street, full of gifts.

It would bring me, my sisters,
my entire family so much joy.

But it wasn't the car
that I was watching for,

but the girl sitting in
the car next to her mother.

She looked just like an angel
to me, and when we moved,

I thought I'd never see
her again, but here she is.

So, as hard as
some stories might be,

maybe they're not over.

Maybe they're still unfolding.

And eventually, maybe they'll
have a happy ending.

[radio turning on]

How did that just--

I don't know.

♪ Christmas in the air

Well, it's gotta be something
with the electrical, right?

Yeah, that's gotta be
electrical, for sure.

Okay, well, just in case,
I think we probably should

get it back to the garage.


[engine rumbling]

Okay, well, I'll have Vince come
and take a look at the wiring.


-Let me help you with that.

Well, I'm honored to be
able to go on the inaugural ride

since the car's been back.

Well, I'm honored that
you shared your family

story with me.

Yeah, but to be honest,
those few years we struggled

is probably the reason
why I value things

in a more material way.

You're doing a good
job of changing all that.

I'm happy to hear that.

I'll see you later, Ash.

See you.


Hi, Ashley.


How was the drive?

Amazing, actually.

You know, I was thinking,

maybe I should do it again.
The toy drive.

What do you think?

I think if you do,

Robinsville will be
the most joyful place around

this Christmas.

There is one problem, though.

My mom would start fundraising
for all the gifts we needed to

buy right after Thanksgiving,
and we only have a few days.

What should we do?

We can have
a Christmas bake sale.

That's how we'll do it.

We can get
the whole town into it.

Charlotte, this is incredible.
Thank you.

No need to thank me,
because just like everybody else

in Robinsville, I was
hoping for the day that car

would get back on the road.

Now, I'm going to get going,
and when I get back,

I want you to have some
help here to get baking.

[phone ringing]

Sorry, this is
a friend from work.

I gotta take this.

Oh, yeah. Sure.

Gabby, hi.

Ashley, I'm standing
right outside of that shop

you've been eyeing,
and it's just gone up for lease.

Do you want me to send
you the realtor info?

Yeah, sure. Why not?

Okay, I'm sending it right now,

and if I were you,
I would get on it,

because it's not going to be
available for long.

Yeah, no, I will definitely
look into it. Thanks.

And hey, I'll see you
when I get back.

Okay, bye.


Sure looks like we
have our hands full here.

[Charlotte laughing]

Oh, there she is.

I wasn't sure if you'd pull
yourself away from that car.

I'm just making sure
it's in good shape.

Oh, let's be honest. You love
tinkering around in that garage,

just like your mother did.

And that's okay,
but today,

we have about
eight dozen crullers to make.

So, I'm putting you on glazing.

So, Beatrice and I
saw what you and Duncan

did on Main Street.

Was that you?

It might have been.

Duncan and Ashley are
a couple of little elves.

Your uncle told me you two

took that car out for a drive.

Oh, a drive?

Actually, we did.
It was nice.

He told me all about
his family, and...

And what?

It inspired me.

You know, to get
the Christmas drive going again.

Well, did it inspire you
to maybe think about

staying here in Robinsville?

Well, I don't
know about that.

I mean, I just got a call about
that shop I'm hoping to lease,

and it just became
available, so...

So, maybe you'll find something
here to convince you to stay.

Well, it looks like
the last batch of crullers

is ready to be boxed.

Oh, no. Charlotte,
you've already done so much.

Please, I can take it
from here.

-Oh, sweet.

Crullers are ready.

Yes, they are,
but they're not for you.

Now, we have another
really big day tomorrow.

So, I think we
should get some rest.

Goodnight, Ashley.


Goodnight, angel.




Oh, great.
Can you put those on the table

and I'll put them on a tray?


-Ashley: Sorry.


Hey, have you seen
the petition going around?

What petition?

The petition to bring back
all the traditional decorations

to Robinsville. Almost half
the town has signed it already.

Yeah, I just signed it.

Thanks to you two,
this town's going to be

kicking it old school again.
I'll see you later.

See you.

Wow, I didn't know
we'd start all that.

Yeah, I hear that's not the only
thing that's starting up again.

You heard about
the drive already?

It's a small town, remember?

Right. Well, I guess it's
a good thing word gets out

so fast around here, because if
this drive is going to happen,

we're going to need to do
some serious fundraising.

I can help you keep
track of the numbers.

That'd be great. Thanks.

Okay. Well, then,
let me buy one of these crullers

so that we have something to
eat while we tally it all up.


Take these.
I glazed them myself.

I might have gone
a little overboard,

but that just makes
them better, right?

more sugar's always better.

That's what I said.

What would you like?
I got scones.

Lovely. Thank you.

-Thank you so much.

Ginger snaps?
Great. Great choice.

There you are. Lovely.
Oh, thank you so much.

What would you like?

Yeah? Okay.


-We're making a killing.
-That's amazing.

I mean, that's a decent number.

Yeah, but it's still not
enough to fund the drive.

We'll figure it out.

Hey, so,
I noticed that my uncle got

my great-grandmother's
ring appraised.

Well, he may have
had it appraised,

but you should know
that ring is priceless.

I'll say.

Did he ever tell you that
she got married on Christmas?

He also said it was
her favorite time of the year,

and that was the reason why
your uncle Tony and your mom

loved the holidays which
I guess got passed on to you,

'cause I saw that in
you when we first met.

What do you mean?

I saw the look in your eye
when I outbid you for

the Christmas bell.

I like the story behind it.

Oh, so if it was just
a regular old teapot

you would have been
just as disappointed?

Well, I don't know,
it depends on the teapot.

Okay, what if it was a Santa
teapot or a snowflake teapot

or a Christmas tree teapot?

Okay, alright. I might have
a thing for festive antiques,

but I mean, honestly,

who doesn't love
a Christmas auction?


Oh, my gosh. That's it.

That's how we'll
raise the rest of the money.

An auction.

Okay, I'm sorry, I can't stay,

but I got to
make some phone calls,

I gotta get Uncle Tony
to book the auditorium.

Do you think you could
give me a hand setting it up?

But where are we going to
find the items we need

for an auction?

Don't worry about that.
I got it covered.

Okay, but we got
to get the word out.

Um, "Christmas On Wheels
Charity Auction.

December 23rd."

Oh, my gosh.
This is going to be so great.

I'll see you later.

Hey, Gabby. It's Ashley.
Remember how you told me you

could help me pack up
my Christmas antiques?

Well, I actually need them
all shipped to Robinsville ASAP.

"Jingle Bells" on violin]

Thank you.


Merry Christmas.

"Jingle Bells" on violin]


Hey, how are you doing?

Good, yeah.

This all for the auction?

It is.
So, we better get cracking.

Where did all these come from?

They are mine, actually.

I told you I might have
a thing for festive antiques.

Just a thing?

Come on.

Bravo. That was fantastic, Zoey.

It's coming along quite well,
wouldn't you say, Ashley?

Yeah, it sounds great.

There's no need for you to have

any jitters at your recital.

But, if you do...

...this is a German nutcracker
that was built about 100 years

before you were born.

They're thought to bring
good luck. So, here, take it,

and remember to have it with
you for your recital for luck.

I'll walk you out.

Merry Christmas,
and hey, break a leg.

[horn honking]

Oh, that's Charlotte.
She's here to pick me up

for my, uh, choir practice.
I'd really love to help you both

with all of this,
but, uh, have fun.

Did you see the look of joy
on that little girl's face?

Now, that's the look you're
going to inspire all over town

this Christmas.

I gotta tell you.

This is actually
a lot more than I remember.


But, all we have to do
is go through everything,

and then I'll write a short
description for each item,

and we'll be good to go.


Do you want to
take a little break?

Maybe go for a car ride?

I'd love to.

[both laughing]

One sec.


Now we can go.

You sure you're okay giving up
all your Christmas antiques?

Yeah, I think the reason
that I was collecting them

was to fill this void,

and now I don't feel
the need to do that,

and sharing them
makes them feel more alive

because of all the new
stories that'll be created.

Oh, my gosh.
Mr. Cooper's train set.

It's still here.

[Duncan chuckling]

This was my very most favorite
memory of the charity drive.

Coming to Mr. Cooper's toy store
and buying up all the gifts

we would deliver.

I still have a toy train
from one of those years.

You do?

Yeah. It's my most
priceless antique.

That's sweet.

I should probably get home

and start writing up
those descriptions.

Yeah, I got some
work I gotta wrap up.

I thought you said you
were working holiday hours.

Or were you just playing hooky?

Oh, maybe a little bit of both.

That's weird.
The headlights are on.

Oh, great, and a bulb's out.

That's gotta be an easy fix.

Well, you'd think, but it's got
to be one of these old bulbs.

Well, maybe we can
find one in town tomorrow.

I hope so, because I can't
be riding around like this

on Christmas Eve.

Or now, although
I have a feeling that

if you got a ticket,

this car would
charm its way out of it.

Just the car, huh?

I guess you can be
pretty charming, too.


[engine rumbling]

Okay, Vince.

Thanks so much
for looking into it for me.

-So, any luck?

No old bulbs at the car
lot or the scrap yard. You?

No, the dealership says
they won't be able to

get one in time.

Okay, uh, bulbs. Who would have
a collection of old bulbs?

Oh, my gosh. Of course.

I can't believe I didn't
think of this already.

I know exactly who
would have one. Come with me.

There's my lighting lady.

There's the two of you again.

Yeah, we were just gettingOh, we was just helping me with

the thing for the-- for the car.the stuff for the car.

Which is why I tracked you down.

I actually need a headlamp
bulb for my mom's car.

Wait, hold on. Give me a sec.

Okay, so Clayton thought I was
nuts for hanging onto all these,

but he did a garage reno for
a couple who bought a house

in Pembroke,
and this guy, you know,

he never threw anything out.
I mean, his garage was

full of old things.
You would have loved it.

He just, you know,
had all these bulbs,

and this might work
for an early '60s model.

Hannah, this is incredible.
Thank you.

Well, I knew there was a reason
I should have hung onto these.

So, do you need
a hand installing it?


She's--I think we got it. Yeah.

But I think we should probably
run because the Christmas Eve

countdown is on.

Don't worry,
we'll all be watching.

-Thanks so much.
-Take care.

See you.

Alright, should we try it out?


Alright, thank you, Hannah.

Looks like she's good to go.

You just called the car a she.

Yeah, she's so sleek,

and stunning,

and one of a kind.


You know, I should
probably charge this battery

one more time, just in case.

Okay, yeah, um...

Maybe I'll go by the auditorium.

Make sure it's
ready for tomorrow.

Great. Thanks.

Goodnight, Ashley.

See you tomorrow.

Alright, this is the last box.

Oh, great.

Wait, but these
are your antiques.

I know.

But all the proceeds
go to the charity drive.

I know that, too,
and I'm okay with that.

Only, I didn't
bring the angel bell.

That's just way too valuable.

This is really generous.
Thank you.

That car has a way of
making people pay it forward.

This is my way of doing that.

Who's going to lead the auction?

-I should.
-I will.

I didn't realize you had any
experience being an auctioneer.

I don't, but I know
how to address a room.

At least a courtroom.

Why don't we
hold a mock auction?

We'll see how you both do.

I'm okay with that.

We could, um,

pretend to auction
off this Santa.

I love games.

Let the bidding start at $20.

And, go!

Alright, the bidding is
starting at $20. Do I hear $20?

$20. I hear $20. How about $22?

$22. Santa deserves a little
bit more love than that.

Can we get a $25? $25 over here.

Guys, we can do better. Come on.

$27? Do I hear $27? $27?

You got money in your pockets
and I know you want to spend it.

Can I get a $$30? $$30 over

$$30 going once. $$30 going

$$30. Sold.


Hey, why don't
you do it together?

It'd be more fun that way.

She's right.
That might be kind of fun.

I'm game.



Oh, we'll see you tomorrow,
Duncan. Bye, Ashley.

Okay. Now we're done.

So, what are your plans?
You know, after Christmas.

Uh, well, I guess
I'll go back to Seattle.

I mean, Robinsville is great

and holds a lot
of memories for me,

but, um, I think I'd better
get back to the present, right?

Yeah, right.

Car Radio:
♪ Christmas in the air

What the--

Somebody in there?

♪ The time of year
when love is everywhere ♪

That's weird. I mean,
how does that just happen?

I don't know, you know
more about cars than I do.

I tell you, this car sure
has a mind of its own.

I'll go around the back.
I'll go around the back.

Yeah, go around the back.

Well, I think I'm going
to head home, 'cause I have

a feeling tomorrow's
going to be a long day.


But listen,
thank you for helping,

and thank you for being my
lucky charm, and thank you--

Ash, you don't
have to keep thanking me.

I'm enjoying this.


I'll see you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


I'm doing it. I'm getting us
back out there for Christmas.

I don't know what
else you want from me.

How you doing? Nervous?

A little. Any tips?

Yeah, let's just
have fun with it.


Hi, everyone. Thanks so much
for coming out to support

the return of the Christmas
On Wheels Charity Drive.

[applauding, cheering]

Now, for any of
you who aren't aware,

all of the proceeds from
today's auction will go

towards providing gifts.


Our first item up for bid
is this beautiful vintage

1950s sleigh.

Can we get $50 on this
beautiful vintage sleigh?


$50. Do we hear $55?

Going once.

$50 going once.

$50 going twice.

-Sold to Mr. Lawson.

Thank you for coming out,
kind sir.

Now, can I get $40 for this
festive hand-stitched

ensemble from 1952?


Alright, can I get $45?


$50. $50 going once.
$50 going twice.

[banging gavel]

Next up we have the vintage
Christmas tree from the 1950s.

We'll start the bidding at $60.
Do we hear $60?


$60 in the back. Do we hear $65?

$65 in the back. How about $70?


$70 there. $70, going once.
Going twice.

-And sold to Matt Griffin.

A lovely addition to
your tree collection.

Now, we have this lovely
porcelain Santa Clause

from 1942.
We'll start the bidding at $30.

Do I hear $30? $30. Do we hear--

$40 in the front?
$45. $45. How about $50?


$50 in the back. $55?
$55. Do I hear $60?

$55 going once.
$55 going twice, and sold.


Our next item up for bid
is this delightful set of

Christmas cookie
cutters from 1963.

Do I have a starting bid of $20?

$30. $35. Do I hear $35?

$35. Okay.

Christmas cookie
cutters going once.

Christmas cookie
cutters going twice.

Christmas cookie cutters sold.

Now, for our last
item up for bid.

A 19th century Christmas clock
built in the same year that

Robinsville was
named an official town.

We will start the bidding at--

The bargain price of $100.




I'll gladly pay
$150 for this clock.

I'll bid whatever's required

to make the Christmas
drive complete.

[all gasping, whispering]

Isn't that the mayor?

[banging gavel]
Sold to the mayor
of Robinsville.

[crowd applauding, cheering]

To a successful
fundraising auction.

-Cheers, everyone.


Now, before we commence
with our pre-drive tradition,

I have one more toast to make.


To our anniversary.


May I?

Thank you.

These have been the best
10 years of my life,

and you're right.
I wouldn't change a thing.

As much as I would
like to take a knee.

Would you,
Charlotte Walton, marry me?

Yes, of course I'll marry you.

Oh, it's beautiful.

It was my grandmother's.

She was married
on Christmas day.

So, I thought that
this would be fitting.

So, I guess
it would be fitting if we

made wedding plans
for next Christmas.

That would be perfect.



Thank you.



You've known about
this the whole time, yeah?

I'm not at liberty to
discuss that information.

Yeah, yeah.

for the pre-drive tradition.

To the piano.


Another tradition?

Yes, another tradition. Come on.

♪ Deck the halls
with boughs of holly ♪

♪ Fa-la-la-la-la,
la-la-la-la ♪

♪ 'Tis the season
to be jolly ♪

♪ Fa-la-la-la-la,
la-la-la-la ♪

♪ Don we now
our gay apparel ♪

♪ Fa-la-la,
la-la-la, la-la-la ♪

♪ Troll the ancient
Yule-tide carol ♪

♪ Fa-la-la-la-la,
la-la-la-la ♪


This year may go down as
one of the best Christmases

this family has seen in a while.

I'd have to agree, and the big
day hasn't even arrived.

Oh, but it'll get
here soon enough.

And there's all that
last-minute Christmas shopping

to do tomorrow.

Exactly, so I think we
should all get some rest.

I'll get my coat.

Charlotte, that ring
looks beautiful on you.

Commercial lease?

Hey, Duncan.
Speaking of the big day.

Why don't you spend it with us?

I mean, unless, of course,
you have something else planned.

Uh, actually I was thinking
about taking a last minute

flight out to my sister's.

Really? I--

I thought this was
a Robinsville year.

Yeah, I did, too, but I think
it's best I flew out.

You know, do the family thing.

Okay, well,
let me walk you to the door.


Merry Christmas.

So, does this mean you're
not going to be at the drive?

I guess not, but the drive,
that's your moment, you know?

You should enjoy
every minute of it.

Yeah. It's just,
you've been such a big

part of it up until now.

Yeah, you'll do great.

Just don't forget to get that
toy train tomorrow morning.

Of course.

So, I guess this is it. I might
not see you before I go.

I guess not,

but merry Christmas, Ashley.

This has been a good one.

Merry Christmas, Duncan.


That was a beautiful proposal.

Charlotte was just glowing.


It was, wasn't it?

Hey, what about you?

You excited for tomorrow?

Yeah, actually, I am.

It's just...


This void I've always
felt at Christmas,

I realize that I'm the one
who created it by running away

from spending
the holidays here at home,

because the last few weeks
I've felt more fulfilled than

I have in a really long time.

Something's still missing.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just
too caught up in it

and feeling
a little overwhelmed.

Just remember that sometimes

change is for the best,

even if it means revisiting
the past along the way.



[bell ringing, door closing]

Is that everything?

That's everything.



I think we're good.


I can't believe
we got it all in.

Somehow we always do.

I'm surprised Duncan wasn't
here helping. Where is he?

Oh, uh, Duncan's actually
trying to find a flight to

his sister's overseas,
and I can't expect him to say.

I mean, look at me.

Gotta get back to
the Seattle, right?

If that's what you want.

Hey, uh, it's almost time.

I should go. Clayton should
be home any minute

and Beatrice can't wait to
catch a sighting of this car.

Have fun.

Thank you. I'll see you soon.

Okay, should we warm it up?

You go right ahead.

You're not coming with me?

No. I, uh--

I think this is your time,
but I'll be watching for you.

Now, get in there,
start her up.

Thank you.


[engine stalling]

No, no, no, no, no. Not now!

[engine stalling]

I don't get it.
What is going on with this car?

♪ Leaves are gone and carol
songs are finished-- ♪

What the Dickens?

I think I know
what's wrong.


This car,
it's missing something, too,

and I know what it is.

What's that?

A good luck charm. I just hope
it's not too late to find it.

[radio turning off]


Thank goodness
you haven't left yet.

I wasn't able to
catch a flight out.

What are you doing? Aren't you
supposed to be on the road?

I should, but I can't
because the car won't start,

but it's okay,
because I figured out why.

It's the same reason why
I've been feeling that even

though this has been one of
the best Christmases I've had

in a really long time,
something's still missing,

and it's not a tailpipe,

and it's not
an electrical issue.

It's you.

You're what's missing.

The car won't go
anywhere without you,

and I don't want to either.

I already left Robinsville
once with a broken heart.

I don't want to do that again.

I'm not going
to let that happen.

What is that?

Oh, this?


Let's talk about that later.
We got to get you on the road.

-Yeah, let's go.
-Should we take my car?

We should definitely not
take your car. Come on.

I'll ride with you then.

You got that list?

Checked it twice.

Let's do this.

[engine rumbling]

[crowd cheering]

Beatrice, merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

It's for you!

Merry Christmas.

[all chattering]

Hi, merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you.

Oh, thank you.

Happy holidays.

[all chattering]

Merry Christmas, guys.


Merry Christmas, everybody.

[all cheering]

Well, we did it.

We delivered them all.

Actually, there's one last gift.

It's for me.

You should open it.

The angel bell.

I was on my way to drop it off

when you headed out
for the drive.

Well, then I guess I'll never
lose my way home again.

Merry Christmas, Ashley.

Merry Christmas, Duncan.

♪ We're cuddling by the fire
'cause I want to be-- ♪

May I have this dance?

Of course.

♪ 'Cause girl, I miss you,
your love and kisses ♪

♪ Ooh, taking me high

♪ Get under the mistletoe
when it starts to snow ♪

♪ Honey, I'm coming home

♪ This time I promise you

♪ I'll be there for Christmas

♪ I'll be there
for Christmas ♪