Christmas on Repeat (2022) - full transcript

Andrea, are you okay?

Yeah, I just lost a contact.

That must have been tough to do,

'cause you don't wear contacts.

Okay, I fell off
the couch again.

You really should stop
sleeping at the office.

Well, that would mean
I would have to stop

living at the office.

Hey, it's five minutes
until Christmas break.

You'll get to spend a whole week
at home with your family.

- Did you get...
- Gifts for your hubby and kids?

Wrapped and waiting in your car.

What about...

Bonuses for the mailing room
and cleaning crews?

All taken care of.

I just realized
I didn't get you anything.

Yes, you did,

and you were generous.

How generous?

Very generous.

Merry Christmas, Jess.

Merry Christmas.


Andrea, just the person
I was looking for.

Hi, Nick.

Got a minute?

- Not really.
- Great, come on in.

Nick, I booked this time
off in August.

My family's waiting for me.

I'll be quick.
Take a seat.

First, I wanna congratulate you
on the Hedgewear campaign.

The client is ecstatic,

and the sales on the dishes
are just off the charts.

They have charts for dishes.

Everybody's got charts.

So I spoke with Donna Lennon
this afternoon.

She's the, uh, chairman

for the Green, Clean
and Pristine Cleaning Supplies.

That's Will's campaign.

Very good observation,
very astute.

But see, he's spending
Christmas in The Bahamas.


And Layla Brown,
their spokesperson,

is here in Boston.

She was supposed
to shoot a commercial

for us this afternoon,

but she missed her flight
and was late.

And she's leaving for Italy
on the evening of the 26th.

So we're gonna have
to move the shoot.

Let me guess...

to tomorrow, Christmas Day.

It'll just be a couple hours,
first thing in the morning.

It's Christmas.

Christmas morning, yeah.

And it'll be super easy,
super quick.

Will already hired the crew,

we got Paul Selmon
as the director,

who you already know,
which is, which is great.

All we need from you
is just to show up on set.

You know, keep Layla happy
for a couple hours

while she says some lines,

then you get to go
to your family.

You know I wouldn't ask you
if it wasn't important, right?

Okay, I might. But it is.

And what an ideal way
to end your year.

You know we're
considering promotions.

Three hours and I'm out.

Three, four or five, tops.

Yes, then you're out.

What are you still doing here?

Get outta here,
enjoy your time off.

What time off?

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You headed home?
- Yes.

I'm just gonna stop at the store

and pick up some groceries.

I thought maybe we
could make breakfast tomorrow.

- Oh.
- What?

Uh, nothing.

Nothing, just the thought
of you making breakfast.

Always an adventure.

Hey, I've been improving.

Uh, I don't know if making toast

without setting off
the smoke alarm

counts as improving, but...

I can see your point.

How did the, uh,
the Hedgewear campaign go?

Great, I guess sales
were off the charts.

They have charts?

That's what I said.

So listen, uh, tomorrow
I might have to...

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
I know this one.

Go in to work.

It's just...

For a couple hours
in the morning.

- And I...
- You're sorry.

I know the drill, Andy.


No, but listen, I should get
some presents wrapped

before the kids get home.

Save a couple for me,
I'll be home soon.

I love you.

I love you too.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


Well, thank you, Andrea.

Wait, how do you know my name?

Well, I'm Santa.

I know everyone's name.

I know when they're
sleeping or awake,

I know if they've been bad
or good,

or somewhere in between.

Well, thank you, Thomas.

He knows my name,
he knows my name.

I told you
I was being a good boy.

I also know there's going
to be a shooting star

on Christmas night.

There's special magic
in a shooting star,

but a shooting star
on Christmas?

Well, the magic
is off the charts.

I guess everyone really
does have charts.

Don't be afraid to make a wish,

You might get
what your heart desires.

If only were that easy.

I don't really believe
in wishes.

Oh, but they believe in you.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Timothy.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Hey, guys!

- Hey, mom.
- Hey, mom.

Hey, hey.

Ooh, look at that hat, nice.

- Thanks.
- I'm digging it.

Hey, Matt,
Ryder's mom called me,

she said that you weren't
gonna sleep over

with the usual crew?

Yeah, I wasn't
really feeling it.

Well, I guess you have
the entire Christmas break

to hang out with your friends.

Mom, I'm practicing
a new Tiptop dance,

you should do it with me.

Mother-daughter stuff
gets a ton of likes.

I guess I could use
a little exercise in my life.

Yeah, try something new.

Get out of those boring
work clothes.

Hey, your dad and I
used to dance.

She ain't lying.

Your dad had some
pretty sweet moves.

I used to break down like that.

Uh-uh, uh-uh, uh-uh.

Look at that, check the hand.

Dad, they've turned sour.

Hey, hey, don't be jealous.

Don't be jealous,
I can teach you.

As soon as I catch my breath.

So tomorrow, what time
are you leaving?

Oh, not too early.

Wait, you're not gonna
be here for Christmas?

Just a couple hours
in the morning.

Yes! I'm now 20 bucks richer.
Pay up, Matt.

Wait, did you have a bet whether
I had to work on Christmas?

- Of course not.
- We had to bet

whether you'd work in
the morning or the afternoon.

The money's in my room.

Then what are we doing
in the kitchen?

Come on.

Well, Lexi is quite
the loan shark.

She gets that from you.

Hey, hey, hey,
I love her to death,

but I just adopted her.

She's got your genes.

So tomorrow.

Look, Nick gave me no choice.

Apparently the talent
got stuck in Boston.

It's not even my account,
but I have to be a...

Be a team player, I know.

Just remember we could use
you here on the home team too.

- Sorry.
- No cookies before dinner.

They look good.

What the heck is that?

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

Hey, don't get too excited,
all right?

You know, you kids used
to wake us up

at 4:30 to open presents.

Yeah, sorry about that.

Uh, speaking of rude awakenings,

who are those boys out there
with Ryder using our hoop?

That's Carter and Gavin,
you remember them.

We were on the town league
when we were in middle school.


Why aren't you out there
playing with them?

It's too early,
and it's too cold,

and basketball really
isn't my thing anymore.


Well, are Christmas pancakes
still your thing?

Because I still have some time
before I go to work.


Hello? The great pancake
debacle of 2019.

The fire department showed up.

It wasn't that bad.

No, it most definitely
was that bad.

It's a nice thought mom,

but I still have
nightmares about that.

It took me six days to get
the smell of burnt rubber

out of my hair.

Trust me.

Maybe we just have some cereal.

Merry Christmas, boys.

Good morning, Mrs. B.

Hey, Larry, Merry Christmas!

That's one opinion.

- Look out!
- Oh!


Don't worry about it.

Being an influencer
can be a messy job.

There's only one product
that I rely on

to keep my whites,
their brightest;

Glean, Cream and Stream.


Really great work, Layla.

Absolutely fantastic.

Just one little note;

The product is Green,
Clean and Pristine.

Green, Clean and Pristine.

What did I say?

Glean, cream and stream.


Okay, well you know what?

That's actually
really hard to say.

Maybe they should change
the name.

Love that idea,

but this product has been
on the market for five years.

So I think it's maybe
a little bit late for that.

Let's try one more.

Remember, Green, Clean
and Pristine.

How's it going?

Absolutely fantastic.

If we were shooting a commercial

for a product called
glean, cream and stream,

or clean, serene and steam,

or clean, green and, uh...

What's this called?

Are we set?

And action!

Hi, I'm Layla Brown

and I wanna tell you all about
one of my favorite products;

Mean, Clean...

That's not right, is it?


Hey, Nick.

How's it going?

Good, good.

Again, you've been saying mean.

Well, you know what?

Maybe you should do it then.

What's that?

Nothing, just rehearsals.

There's no mean,
it's Green, Clean and Pristine!

There, I did it.

For what, Christmas
with my in-laws?

You know what?

You're mean and green,
like the Grinch.

I quit.

So now she gets it right.


Setting up the next shot,
gotta go. Bye.

Layla, wait.

Who are you?

I'm Andrea Bowman
from the agency.

Oh, so you hired that guy.

Technically the agency did.

Well, technically
I'm not working with him.

Find someone else
to sell your soap.

Actually it's detergent.

Right, it doesn't matter.

Paul, wait.

Did you hire that girl?

Technically, the age...

She's like the nightmare
before Christmas.

No, it is Christmas.

She's like the nightmare
on Christmas.

Sorry, my wife is waiting
for me at home.

- I've gotta go.
- Well, can we just...

Sorry, I'm out of here.

Ma'am, this is
a residential area.

Do you know how fast
you were driving?

Apparently not fast enough.

License and registration.

What happened to you?

Layla Brown.

The influencer?

You know about her?

Yeah. Our daughter
has a slight obsession.

Ugh, I wish I had Lexi with me

to advise me
how to relate to her.

Anyway, this smells delicious.

What can I do?

Well, how about you cook off
some stress.

Take it out on some potatoes?

Yes, I think I can
successfully accomplish that.

How's work been for you?

- Eh.
- Eh?

Yeah, I'm a bit behind actually.

I'm home all week,

if you wanna go in and
catch up a couple of days.

Well, it's definitely an idea,

but I was kind of hoping

we could spend some time
together as a family.

I haven't seen much of you
since you took the new job.

I know, this year
has just flown by.

Well, it's been like
molasses to me.

Look, you know I support
your career, Andy, always have.

I just, I just didn't realize
you'd be working this much.

That makes two of us.

It's been... lonely.

For me too.

Sometimes when I'm in the office
late at night

and I know you and the kids
are already sound asleep,

I close my eyes and remember
the first day we met.


Because that day we bumped
into each other

at the restaurant.

Literally bumped
into each other.

Hey, I replaced that sadly
wasted glass of champagne.

You did, you did.

Chateau Seine.

Which is now one of your faves,
by the way.

Yeah, this is true.

What's also true

is when we met there was
just something about you

that felt like home for me,

and I knew I would never
feel alone ever again.

That's how you get
through those times, huh?


John, I don't thank you enough
for changing my life

and for accepting Lexi
so openly and lovingly.

I am so grateful for all
the memories we've made.

I sure miss
making memories with you.

Me too.

Taking time away from you
and the kids

was never what I wanted.

We both agreed I needed
to take the job, right?


We wanted to keep this house,

we had to pay for the repairs
after the basement flooded,

and save for college, and, yeah.

What is it?

Oh, the rolls.

Oh, geez.

Oh, no.

They're just extra crispy.

There you go.

Extra crispy, extra burnt.

Are you ready?

Let's dance.

All right, let's do this.

Teach me how to Tiptop.

Tiptop's the app mom,
not the dance.

I knew that.

Just follow my lead.

Ready? March in place.

Shimmy clap.

And dribble.

And we're driving a car.

Roger rabbit.

Mom! Are you okay?

Ugh, yeah.

I don't really use
that ankle anyway.

Maybe you're past
your Tiptop prime.

Oh, sorry.

I have to take this.

Nick, hi.
I was just about to call you.

You were? Oh, that's good.

'Cause I'd hate to think
that you were not gonna tell me

that our shoot completely
fell apart today,

putting thousands of dollars

and our relationship
with our client at risk.

Yeah, see the thing is...

Actually, Andrea,
let me tell you the thing.

The thing is I spent
the entire day on the phone

with Paul, Layla and our client

and I've convinced them to
give us another shot tomorrow.


Nick, I wasted my entire
Christmas morning on this.

I need to spend time
with my family.

And I spent my entire
Christmas morning on this.

I need you to be there
first thing in the morning,

before anyone else.

I want you to babysit,
make sure everyone's happy

so that we get this shot.

Then you can spend
all the time that you want

with your family.

Is he still on the phone?


You got it?

Got it.

And Merry Christmas.

Yeah, very, merry.

Grandma Millie.

How long have you been
standing there?

Since about, "Here's the thing."

So you heard?

Your boss
is frustrated with you.

There's a good chance
your husband may be too,

and if I had to guess,

you don't know how
you got into this pickle.

Right as always.

Oh, I'm so glad to see you.

Me too.

Did my son not tell you
that I was on my way over?

No, he didn't.

Come on in, the kids
will be thrilled to see you.

Look who's here.

Well, hello.

Nana, I have to show you
this hilarious video, come on.

Oh, I have to tell you
this joke I heard.

A joke? Oh, good.
A video and a joke, I'm ready.

You're gonna die,
it is so funny.

Look, she messes up
her makeup as this cat comes in.

This is the girl

you've been telling me
all about.

Wait, wait, what is...

All right, all right.

A new drill!

How'd you know?

I watched you break your old one

the last time I visited,

I didn't know the basement floor
was concrete.

Let's open up presents from Mom.

- Great.
- All right.

You shouldn't have,
you really shouldn't have.

Uh... A sweater, yeah.

I don't wear perfume.

Oh, a backup mixer.

Huh, it's pink.

You know, this bathrobe
isn't so bad.

So, you know how the shoot
didn't go so well today?

You have to work again tomorrow?

How did you know?

I'm used to it, I guess.

Well, I'll do it.

I might reverse stress eat

and then hit the real food


All right,
I'll see you in a bit then.

I just wish I could do
this day over again.


I'm late.


Oh, sorry I'm late.

I thought you didn't have
to be in

until later this morning.

No, it'll be the first thing.

Okay, well just make sure
you're home

on time for presents
then I guess.

Got it.

Okay, bye.

- Love you.
- Bye, mom.

Bye, mom.

Wait, presents?

Morning, boys.

Good morning, Mrs B.

Good morning, Larry!

That's one opinion.

- Look out!
- Ah!


Ryder, really?

One day is an accident,
but two days in a row,

it's beginning
to look deliberate.

Ah, okay.

Being an influencer
can be a messy job.

There's only one product
that I rely on

to keep my whites
their brightest,

Glean, Cream and Stream.


I'm so sorry I'm late.

I overslept.


Yeah, right?

No one wants to be here
three days in a row.

But I'm here, I'm on it,
let's make a commercial.


Is something wrong?

I'm just saying,
sorry for being late.

Sorry, everybody.

Who are you?

Andrea, we met yesterday.

Yeah, I don't think so.

Really great work, Layla.

Just try to remember,

the product is Green,
Clean and Pristine.

Green, Clean and Pristine?

What'd I say?

Glean, cream and stream, again.

Well you know what?

That's actually
really hard to say.

Maybe they should change
the name.

Let's just go again.

She's like a broken record,

You'd think she would've learned
her lines after yesterday.

Yeah, I guess.

Are we set?

And, action!

Hi, I'm Layla Brown

and I wanna tell you all about
one of my favorite products.

Mean, Clean...

Wait, that's not right.


Hey, Nick.

How's it going?

Um, not much better
than yesterday.

What happened yesterday?

Yeah, who can remember.

Well, maybe
you should do it then.

There's no mean.

What's that?

It's Green, Clean and Pristine.
There, I did it.

Andrea, what is going on?

Okay? This sounds
like Christmas with my...

With your in-laws, I know.

I am sorry, I should
have gotten here earlier.

I'll fix this.

Is he still on the phone?

- How did you...
- Nick!

Coming, sweetheart.

You know what? You're mean,
and green, like the Grinch.

I quit.

Hey, hey, everybody.

Again, sorry for being late.

Who are you?

Andrea Bowman from the agency.

So you hired this clown.

Oh, come on,

let's not have another repeat
of yesterday now.

Yesterday now?

Is that some other
stupid product

you guys are working on?

- What? No.
- Well, whatever it is,

find someone else to shoot
your commercial for you.

And for Green, Clean
and Pristine.

I'm done with your little soap.

It's detergent.

So now she gets it right.

Did you hire her?

She's like the nightmare
before Christmas?

No, it is Christmas.

- She's like the nightmare...
- Nightmare on Christmas?



- Andrea, you okay?
- Uh...

What day is it?

It's Christmas.

December 25th?

That's usually
when Christmas happens.

My wife is waiting
for me at home.

Are you okay?

I've gotta go.


This can't be happening.

People don't relive their days.

And really if they did,
why this day?

Why not my wedding day,
or when the kids were born.

Is this what a nervous breakdown
feels like?

Ma'am, do you know how fast
you were driving?

I should, but I don't know
if you told me yesterday.

License and registration.

What day is it?

You serious?


It's Christmas.
Why, what happened?


Today is what happened to me,

You and the kids
haven't orchestrated

some elaborate plan,

including my boss
and all my coworkers,

and Layla Brown, and the police,
have you?

Have you met us?

We're not that organized.

Andy, you don't look so good.

Why don't you go lay down
for a while?

I think...

I think that's a good idea.


Keep an eye on the dinner rolls.

Will do.


Maybe it's a dream.

Of course it is.

Days don't repeat themselves.

It has to be a dream.

And if it's a dream,

that means...

I can fly!

Nope, not a dream.

Hey, kids.

Hey, did you wanna try
that Tiptop dance

I was telling you about?

Yeah, but first.

I have to take this.


Andrea, were you ever
gonna tell me

the shoot completely
fell apart today?

Putting thousands of dollars

and the relationship
with our client at risk?

I kinda already knew
you'd hear about it.

I spent the entire day
on the phone

with Paul, Layla and our client.

And I've convinced everyone

to give us another shot
tomorrow before her flight.

That sounds good, if tomorrow
actually happens today.

Andrea, what,
what are you talking about?

Honestly, I don't know.

Okay, I need you on set
first thing in the morning

before anyone else,
can you do that?

I hope so, I don't really
wanna do this again.

Is he on the phone again?

Well, you know what?

Just call me and let me know
how everything's going.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Merrier by the day.

Oh, right, hi, Millie.

Well, nice to see you too,

Come on in, Lexi has
a video to show you

and Matt's been saving a joke.

Oh, yes, ma'am.


Santa's elf is here!

Ah, a new drill!

How'd you know?

I watched to break your old one

the last time I visited.

You didn't know
the basement floor was concrete.

Is she okay?

I think she's a little tired.

Let's open our presents
from mom.

Oh, actually I left them
at work.

No, you didn't.
They're right here.

Oh, well...

You shouldn't have.

I know, I really shouldn't have.

Symptoms of depression.

Am I depressed?

No, that can't be it.



No, I'm fine.

I got the okay from the doctor
two weeks ago.

Who are you talking to?

Oh, me, myself and I.

Oh, really, huh?

- Hmm.
- Hmm.

It's not necessarily
a bad thing.

Maybe it is.

Well, I have ruled out
depression and a stroke.



- Look, look.
- It's nothing.

Andy, you know I'm here

if you wanna talk about it,

You wouldn't understand.

All right. You done?

I'll get it, again.

No, I got it.

I know, I'm,
I'm eyeing some leftovers,

it'll make a good dessert

and I'll dispose
of the evidence.



I'll be there in a little.


I wish I hadn't had that day
to do over again.



Not again.



Must be Christmas.

- Good morning.
- Sorry, no time to talk.

I gotta find Santa.

I have no idea.

Morning, Larry!

That's one opinion.

Look out!

- Sorry.
- I'll let this one slide.

Merry Christmas.

Oh, Merry Christmas.

Well, thank you, Timothy.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Hey, you!

Merry... Ooh, Merry Christmas.

Don't try and change
the subject.

What did you do to me?

What do you mean?

I mean, I keep living
this day over and over

and it's not a really good day.

I didn't do anything, Andrea.

You made your own wish
upon a star.

But I...

But I unwished it last night.

You can't unwish a wish.

There are rules to this
sort of thing, you know.

- Rules?
- Well, of course.

I mean, why would
anyone warn you

to be careful what you wish for
if there weren't any rules?

Why, you could just change
your wish willy nilly.

And how on earth
would that work?

I don't know.

I don't know
how any of this works.

You made a wish, Andrea.

What did you want?

I wished...

I wished I could do
the day over again.

I know what you said, Andrea.

But what did you want?

I don't know.

I guess everything just seemed
so messed up, I...

I wanted a chance
to get things right.

Then there's your answer.

Your wish comes true

when you finally get
what you really want.

How do I do that?

When it happens you'll know.

Merry Christmas.

- Hey.
- Andrea, where are you?

You're supposed to be
at the shoot.

Sorry, I had to talk to Santa.

Santa? Is that
some kind of joke?

I wish.

I didn't mean that.

Are you okay?

No, not until I get
what I really want.

Yeah, that makes two of us.

Is he still on the phone?


Heading your way, pumpkin.

Nick, I gotta go.

Same time today tomorrow?

Do you know why
I pulled you over?



Taillight's out.


Ah, I'm flummoxed.

Maybe a ticket for 150 bucks
will make you stop

the next time you feel
the need for speed.


Tomorrow none of this
will matter.

Okay to go?

I have to get to sleep
so I can reset this time loop.

Oh, you're home early.

Yeah, I have to get to sleep.

Andrea, it's 11:00 AM.

Good point, I should
probably take something

to help me fall asleep.

Can I ask you a question?


You remember a couple years ago
when I made pancakes?

Ah, you mean when you tried
to make pancakes

but instead made
a small house fire?

Yeah, I kind of remember that.

Well, tell me if I'm wrong.

When we were outside,
barefoot in the snow,

watching the fire
department inside,

I thought I saw you smiling.


Yeah, yeah, I was smiling.

'Cause of you
trying to make something,

you had no idea how to make,

and no business trying
to make probably,

all because you knew
it was my favorite.

It was so perfect, so,

so, you.

I can work with that.

There it is.

Merry Christmas!

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

Well, don't get too excited.

I know what will make
everyone excited.

Excited is not a synonym
for frightened.

Remember the great
pancake debacle of 2019?

The fire department showed up.

I know, but if I really
think about it,

what I really wanna do is
make pancakes for my family.

So that's what I'm gonna do.

It's okay.

We'll try again tomorrow.

- Gleam, Cream and Between.
- Cut!

Andrea, what is going on?

- Mom!
- I'm good, it's all good.


Gleam, Cream and Between.


What is going on?

Green, Clean...

Is that a T?

What is going on?

Oh, my God, yes, mom.
Shimmy clap.

How do you know this?

Green, Clean...

This is creepy.


Merry Christmas.

So what time are you
going in today?

It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter?

It's all the same,
day after day.

Nothing ever changes.

We get it,
school's the same way.

So you're not going in today?

When's the last time
we built a snowman?

- I got the carrot!
- Do it, do it, go for it.

Go for it. There we go.


Hi, Larry.


Hey, so, uh, so what
do we call him, Frosty?

Lex Luthor.

- Beyoncé.
- Beyoncé.

Um, how about Dennis?

Dennis? Oh, all right.

Well, uh,
nice to meet you, Dennis.

Don't try any funny business,

We got cameras out here.

You wanna join them?

No, it's cold outside.

I'm going inside.

All righty, Dennis. Let's see.

Yeah, that's a good one.

Hey, is everything okay?

It's fine.

Are you sure?

I didn't make
the basketball team.

When did this happen?

A couple weeks ago.

Well, why didn't you tell me?

Grandma knew.

I wanted to tell you,
but you were at work.

Matt, I know I'm not here
all the time,

but no matter where I am,

whatever's going on with you
or your sister, or your dad,

that always comes first.

Sometimes it doesn't feel
that way.

I'm sorry.

I love you so much,

and I really do care
what's happening in your life.

as far as basketball goes,

if you ever wanna practice,
I'll be there.

I remember
when we used to practice

before you got that new job,
I miss that.

How about we pick up right
where we left off now?

You're on.


I gotta take this.


How's it going?

Oh, great!

We were down by six,
then Matt scored a three.

He's so good,

I just think he gets
a little nervous.

Matt? Who's Matt?

- My son.
- Where are you?

At home,
we're playing basketball.

You're supposed to be
at the shoot.

That is a true statement.

And then I thought
let's just see what happens

if I don't go in,
as an experiment.

Andrea, I don't think
you understand what's going on.


Nick, I gotta go.

I'm sure we're gonna talk
again tomorrow.

Just spend time
with your family,

they miss you that's all.

Is he still on the phone?


Be right there, sugar plum!

Andrea, you need to...


The number
you've dialed is not...

Did you see his face
when you dunked on him?

He was like, what?

You set me up with the rebound.

Team effort.

You think if I practice enough

I can make the summer team?

I do.
You've always loved basketball,

I'd hate to see you give it up.

Yeah, me too.

Thanks, Mom.

It was nice
to spend time together.

Yeah, I know.

Hey, Lex, what you watching?

Just this influencer.

I'm not sure she's your thing.

Well, I'm up to find out
if you are.


It's Grandma.

Grandma Millie!

Oh, Lexi,

give Grandma Millie
some breathing room.

It's all right.

I live for these moments.

Well, where's that
grandson of mine?

Oh, he's upstairs.

We were playing basketball
all morning.

Oh, I'm so glad
he's getting back out there

after he didn't make the team.

I just found out about that.

That's why he's been
extra charming lately.

It's all he could talk about
for a week.

Grandma, I have to show you

the video that just dropped,
come on.

It's so funny.


Okay y'all, now this part
is very tricky.

You have to be very careful
around your lip line.

Hey, that's Layla Brown.

You know who Layla Brown is?

Actually I do.

I guess my cat, Rico, decided
to make an appearance.

I am so sorry, you guys.

Anyways, like I said,
I love this stuff

because it's cruelty free,
paraben free,

sulfate free, phthalate free,
acrylic free,

and free of any synthetic
colors and fragrances.

How does she do that?

Who, Layla?
She's a natural on camera.

Do you wanna do that?

What she does?

Oh, no way, I don't wanna be
in front of the camera.

I wouldn't mind learning more

about what goes on
behind the scenes though.

Mom used to take me to work
with her, remember, mom?

I had the best time
on set with you.

Of course I remember.

Lex, do you wanna
meet Layla Brown?

Are you serious?

Yeah, I was supposed
to work with her today.

Mom what?
Why didn't you tell me?

I didn't...

You didn't even go in?

There goes my chance.

Actually, you'd be surprised

how often these chances
come around.


Andrea, finally.
Where have you been?

Spending time with my family.

Listen, I don't know if this
is some sort of power play.


Why, would that have worked?

The set was a complete disaster
without you.

Let me guess, Layla couldn't
remember her lines,

had a blow up, walked off.

Yeah, but...

You convinced everyone
to come back tomorrow?

Well, yeah, and I...

And you want me there
first thing to babysit

and make sure
everything goes okay?

- Yes.
- Don't worry about it, Nick.

I think I know exactly
what to do.

And spend time with your family.


Cue Mother-in-law.

Is he on the phone again?


I had fun today.

I did too.

I haven't seen Matt that excited
about basketball in months,

and Lexi building that snowman.

They reminded me
of that first Christmas

that we spent together before
we were married, remember?


I had promised Lexi that
we would build a snowman.


But we didn't get
any snow all winter.

She was so disappointed.

All she wanted was to build
a snowman to welcome Santa.


So you found that old
snow cone machine

and you stayed up...

I remember you stayed up
all night, grinding ice.

Oh, boy.

I still don't think I have
all the feeling in my fingers.

Oh, we spent
the next morning outside

building the world's
saddest snowman.

Which she insisted was
the world's greatest snowman.

You know,
I think it was that day

I decided I wanted to be
a part of this family.

I'd never seen someone
so in love with their kid.

And so in love with you.

Hey, let's just get food
on the table, huh?

Ah, a new drill!

How'd you know?

I saw you break the old one

the last time I visited.

Well, I didn't know
the basement floor was concrete.

Let's open our presents
from mom.

No, no, no, no.

No, no, no.

You're not gonna like it.

How do you know that?

It's a bathrobe.

You're right,
I'm not gonna like it.

If there's one thing
I've learned over and over

from the past day, days,
doesn't matter,

is that I am not paying
enough attention and listening.

So, I'm just gonna ask you
straight up.

What do you want for Christmas?

Uh, Andy?

Don't you think
it's a bit late for that?

Well, sure, today.

But there's next
Christmas tomorrow.

Uh, so, what do you want.

Andrea, you know
that a Christmas gift

comes from the heart.

It's not the gift that matters,

it's the sentiment
behind the gift

that shows that you know
and love that person, right?

And you choose the gift
based on what they like.

Of course.

Well, I'm just afraid
I'll mess things up even more.

Hey, hey, how about
we grab some cookies

and hot chocolates?

- Yes.
- Yep.

Yes, I'll come
help. We'll leave you some.


I thought I'd check in
on you before I head home.

What are you working on?

Christmas gift list.

Better late than never.

Lexi, likes Tiptop
and Layla Brown.

Well, "likes" really
isn't a strong enough word.

Matt likes basketball,
dislikes jellyfish.

Well, now we're
getting somewhere.

- Grandma Millie...
- Oh, maybe I should...

likes red wine,
wealthy bachelors, fast cars.

True. Dislikes...


Oh, I don't dislike you.

Well, that's a relief because...

If I'm being honest...

perhaps I dislike the way
you've been overworking yourself

the past year.

I took the promotion for them,
for all of us,

so that we wouldn't have to
worry about money for college,

and the house, and,
and everything else.

And what good is the money,

If you're not here
to take care of them with it?

You have a beautiful family
who love you so much.

I'm doing my best.

Are you?


I know your intention

is to show the people
you love the most,

that work is not your
top priority, they are.

So I'm not the one
you need to convince.

Put me down for the red wine.

And save the bachelor
for New Years.

Andrea, what are you doing?

I'm making pancakes.


Uh, hello? The great pancake
debacle of 2019, remember?

The fire department showed up.

Today is different.

Why is that?

Because I stayed up
all night practicing

to get it down perfectly.

If you stayed up all night,
why are you so chipper today?

I have no idea.

Uh, Andrea.

- I got this.
- Okay.

Get the fire extinguisher ready.

I heard that.

Dig in.

Wow, impressive!

Oh, my God.


That is amazing.

Easy, easy son.

Oh, my God.

They're good.

These are good, good.

These are so good, Mom.

They're awesome.
Look at this.

John, I'm gonna need to steal
one of your gingerbread men.

It's for a good cause.


Come on, Matt, Lexi, eat up.

I have big plans for us today.

What kind of plans?

You'll see.

Larry, do you have
plans for Christmas dinner?

No plans. Why?

Join us, there's someone
I want you to meet.


Yes, you.

See you at six?

Yeah, six.


We've lived next door
to that man for 10 years

and I've never seen him
smile before.

First time for everything.

Mom, what are we doing here?

You're here to play basketball.

With those guys?

They're not even here for me,

they're just here
because they feel bad.

Trust me, not only
are they your friends,

they've been here all morning

wanting to play basketball
with you.

- Hold this.
- Okay, but why?

Look out!

Totally cool.

Mrs. B, can we have
our ball back?

I'll make you a deal Ryder.

If I miss this shot, then
I'll give you your ball back.

If I make it,
I get to play with you.

All right, you're on.

No way!


Wait, aren't you gonna play or?

Oh, I have to get to work.

Matt can play for me.


Mattie, finally!

Where have you been?
We missed you out here.

Spending Christmas time.

It's cold outside, you know?

- Alright, okay.
- Cool, man.

Two v two?

Being an influencer
can be a messy job.

- There's only one product that I rely on...
- Is that who I think it is?

To keep my whites extra bright,
Clean, Cream and Stream.


Paul, can I talk
to you for a minute?

Just a second, I have to explain
to our spokesperson

what our product is called.

Let's take five, it's important.


Everybody, take five.

Paul, this is my daughter, Lexi.

Nice to meet you.

Lexi is a huge fan
of Layla Brown's.

Actually, she has a video

that I think you're
gonna find interesting.

Lexi, will you pull
up that video

you're gonna show
Grandma Millie later?

How did you know about that?

I have my ways.

Anyways, like I said,

I love this stuff
because it's cruelty free,

paraben free, sulfate free,
phthalate free, acrylic free,

and free of any synthetic
colors and fragrances.

How did she do that?

She's been stumbling
over simple lines all morning.

I don't know, but I think Lexi
can help us figure it out.

What do you say, Lex?

Mom, it's Layla Brown,

I don't know what to say to her.

Just be yourself.

You are smart, you have
an infectious personality.

So just be you.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I am so glad you're mine.

Here goes.

Wait, Andrea,
do you have any idea

how much we're paying
for this shoot?

I do.

I also know we have absolutely
no idea how to fix this.

So let's just see what happens.

Well, what are they...

Just wait.

Well, that was unexpected.

What are they doing?

What did you just do?

Nothing, we just talked.

You made her cry.

Not me, you did.

Not on purpose, but you did.

Wait, what?

Layla's whole career has
just been her in her bedroom

with her cat and her camera.

This is her first big shoot.

It's Christmas, she's all
alone in an unfamiliar city,

she misses her cat

and you've got all these
lights and cameras and people.

She's overwhelmed.

What should we do?

Being an influencer
can be a messy job.

There's only one product
that I rely on

to keep my whites extra bright,
Green, Clean and Pristine.

No mess, no stress
and no harsh chemicals.

Try Green, Clean and Pristine,
the better detergent.

And cut!

That's a wrap!

That was a miracle.

No, that was my daughter.


That was so cool.

Can I get a picture with you?

Yes, of course.

Hey, Nick.

How's it going?

You know, for the first time
I think we got it right.

Well, Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.


Well, it was so good
to meet you, Lexi.

You too.

I can't wait to see how
the commercial comes out.

Uh, I'm thinking good,
thanks to you.

Before she goes.

Lex, why don't you show her
the Tiptop dance

- you're working on?
- Mom?

I'll do it with you.

But you don't know it.

I'll follow along.

I'd love to see it.


- You ready?
- Hm-hmm.

Oh, my God, I love this one.

How do you know this?

I have my secrets.

You're better than us.

Come on, ladies.

I can't believe I met
Layla Brown.

But when did you learn
that dance?

Well, technically today.


No worries, I got this.

I'm so sorry, officer.

I guess I wasn't
paying attention.

See, I just brought my
daughter with me to work

and she solved this huge
problem we were having.

I guess I was just
so proud of her.

I couldn't wait to get her home
to tell her dad about it.

I have a daughter as well.

Her name is Cindy, she's two.

I can see the resemblance.

Okay, I, I guess I can let
this one slide,

but just this one time.

Thank you so much, officer.

One sec.

I just wanna thank you
for working so hard for us

to keep us safe
on Christmas day.

A little token
of our appreciation.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Wow, that was pretty smooth.

Well, I've had
a little practice.

Dad, you're not gonna
believe what happened.



Layla Brown is our spokesperson
for Green, Clean and Pristine.

I thought today was a good
bring your daughter to work day.

She was so cool, and she told me
I have flawless skin.

Oh wow, the height
of human achievement. Hmm.

I have to go call Madison,
she's gonna flip.

Oh, I love her.

And, wow, look at you.

Someone's racking up
the mom points today.

First Matt, and now this?

What did Matt say?

Well, he said you helped him
get back in the game

with his friends.

I think he was embarrassed
after he didn't make the team.

He thought they wouldn't wanna
hang out with him anymore.

Well, they played basketball
all morning.

Oh, that's wonderful.

So, you wanna help me
get dinner ready?

Actually, I have
some last second

Christmas shopping to do.

If I run out now then I can
be back in time to help.

You haven't finished
buying Christmas gifts yet?

It depends, how much
do you want a new mixer?


I'll be back
in a couple of hours.

Yeah, okay.

And we need another
place setting for dinner,

I invited Larry.

Larry, our neighbor?

Larry, our new friend.

Oh, all right.

Well Grandma Millie
is coming at 3:30.

3:28, I'll see you soon.

Man, she's good.

Nick, I totally get it.

When your in-laws
disrespect you,

it can make the holidays
really difficult.

Yay or nay?

Um, it's not your color.

Why don't you go
with the brown dress?

And use the white scarf
as a belt.

Um, where were we?

Right, so you didn't just
marry your wife,

you married her entire family.

But you just have to set
some boundaries.

Let them know that they
are guests in your house

and they can't walk
all over you.

You deserve respect.

But at the end of the day,

reminding them that
they're important to you

and that their time matters

will give you everything
that you need in return.

What do you think?

It's a winner.

Look, I know you're right,
but they scare me.

I mean, what are they gonna do
when I stand up to them?

The question is, Nick, what
are you gonna do if you don't?

No more excuses.

Stand up to them,
but with a big bear hug.

Red dress with silver
or gold shoes?

Why don't you go with both?

I'm giving you a raise.

Is he still on the phone?


I am on the phone,
but I'll be right out.

I'll try them on first.

Well, thank you, Susan.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

It's shaping up to be.

Oh, your wish
is coming true then?

I'd say so.

My kids think I'm a hero.

I think I found a gift
my mother-in-law

will actually like,

and I'm about to win
my husband back.


Yes, really. Why?

Why do you say it like that?

Oh, I'm just happy to hear

that your wish is coming true,

Is there something
you're not telling me?


Oh, did I say Merry Christmas?


Then no, that's everything.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.


Oh, Millie!

Oh, Merry Christmas.

You look so sharp,
I love that on you.

Thank you, the kids
will be excited to see you.


And later on...


Hubba, hubba.


How did you know?

Lucky guess.

Thank you.

Oh, nice, yeah.


Thanks, Mom.

You're welcome.

This is beautiful.

But what's it for?

I thought you should have a
professional looking briefcase

if you're gonna keep
spending time on set.

What about dad's gift?


Chateau Seine.

Why don't we go
into the family room

and leave your parents

to have a little space together,

Let's go. You too, Larry.

No, no, over here.

- Oh, sorry.
- There we go.

Here we go.

Go, go, go, go.
Larry, wrong way. This way.

- Sorry.
- Here we go.

You'll have a key soon.

That's all right,
you'll figure it out.

And one more thing.

Oh, boy.

I love this.

Me too.

It seems like a long time ago.

Yeah, and sometimes
it feels like just yesterday.

I was a widow
with a young daughter,

I didn't know if I'd
be able to find anyone

to share the insanity with me.

I must have been the same myself

because I couldn't wait
to share it with you.

Marrying you was the best thing
that could have happened to me.

Look, Andrea.

I was thinking we're in
a pretty good position

with my Christmas
bonus financially.

What do you think about us
taking a few days

and going somewhere warm
like you've been talking about?

Look, I didn't wanna do
this on Christmas.

I was gonna talk to you
about it tomorrow,

bu I don't think it can wait.

Things haven't been working
between us.

I know we've hit a rough patch,

but we'll get through this.

- We always do.
- Yeah, I know.

We always did, Andrea, but...

I don't know how to be married

to someone who's not here.

I know I haven't been here
as much.

No, it's not just that,
Andrea, it's...

even, even when you're here,
you're not here.

John, I love you.

I love you too. I just...

I don't wanna wake up
resenting you, or resenting us.

Don't I get a say in this?

You had a say in this

when you chose work
over your family.

I didn't choose work
over my family,

I chose work for my family.

I think we need some space
and time apart.

It's what's best for us.

Please, John, you're,
you're my best friend.

I wanna fix this.

We can tell 'em tomorrow.

For now let's, uh...

let's go celebrate Christmas.

Knock, knock.

How'd it go with Larry?

Well, I made him promise
to call me tomorrow.

And I thought maybe
you could use some of this.

He told you.

He did.

And what did you say?

I said, it's gonna be
hard on everyone,

especially the kids.

What did he say?

He said it's already hard.

What am I supposed to do?

Promotions are in January.

If I walk away now,

I'll, I'll just lose everything
that I've worked for.

What will you lose
if you don't walk away?

I love John
with my whole heart...

and I know you do too.

It might be
time to let that be enough

and just trust that as long
as you have him and the kids,

that's all you need.

I'm just so close.

I, I can fix this,
I can convince John.

I just need one more shot.

So you think taking on
more work is the answer.

I'm sorry, Millie.

I have to get to sleep.

I can fix this.

I just need one more do over.

One more, Andrea.

One more do over and you'll
get everything you wished for.


No, no, no, no, no.

John, where are the kids?

Matt's still in bed

and Lexi went over to
Madison's this morning, why?

John, what day is today?

Yesterday was Christmas,
so December 26th.

Listen, I was thinking
we could tell the kids

before you head back to Boston.

I think we owe it to them
to tell 'em together.

This isn't what I wanted.

This isn't my wish.



I know you can hear me.

Where are you?

Ooh, hello, Andrea.

What are you doing?

Well, I'm enjoying a day off.

This is a busy time of the year,
you know.

What gives?

What gives what to whom?

Don't get clever.

I'm about to lose my family,
that's not what I wanted.

Are you sure?

Am I sure?

Of course I'm sure,
they mean everything to me.

You know, Andrea,
I've been around a while

and every year kids from
all over the world come to me

and tell me what they want
for Christmas.

Oh, children are
marvelously straightforward.

They know what they want.

And whether that's a doll
or a new baby brother,

or a live T-Rex,
they'll tell you.

Grownups, well,
grownups are more complex.

They say they want one thing,

but when it comes down to it,
they choose another.

I was just trying
to take care of my family.

This is a huge misunderstanding.

Please, I just need
one more day.

Your wish is complete,
it came true.

I'm afraid
I can't change it now.

It's not enough.

John, he's my everything.

A wish isn't going
to bring him back, Andrea.

A wish can't do what you
won't do for yourself.

Now's not a good time.

Oh, not a good time?

Andrea, now is an amazing time.

The clients saw
the dailies from yesterday,

they are over the moon.

They wanna commission
a full campaign

with influencers
from all walks of life.

Like gardening, dancing,

basically anywhere you can get
dirty, which is everywhere.

The best part is they want you
to spearhead the campaign.

We're talking a raise,
a promotion.

- I mean, isn't this great?
- Yeah, great.

We need to meet
with the clients,

and come up with some ideas.

So could you put some
visuals together tonight?

'Cause we need to meet with them
first thing in the morning.

Oh, and I can't even wait
to tell you

about what happened
with my in-laws yesterday.


Andrea, this is... Hello?

I'll be at Jill's
if you need me.


John, I'm sorry.

You don't have to
apologize anymore, just,

I'll tell the kids tonight

and you can call 'em after work.

And, hey, congratulations again
on the promotion.

So this I get to do over.

It's starting to become
a regular thing.

You have no idea.

Do you know why
I pulled you over?

I made an illegal turn.

But do you know why
I made an illegal turn?


Matt, he's a great kid.

He has the biggest heart
of anyone I know,

but a bigger heart
is easier to break.

I mean, he needs someone
there to pick him up

and remind him
what a great kid he is.

And Lexi, who you met yesterday.

She is whip smart, fearless,

or at least she likes
to pretend she is.

She still doesn't fully
trust herself.

She needs somebody there
to remind her

that she can do anything
she puts her mind to.

And John, my better half,
my everything.

A man I love more
than life itself,

and I'm gonna lose all of them.

I'm gonna lose everything
unless I get back home.

Wow, that was,
that was beautiful.

Although I did let you off
with a warning yesterday,

so I'm gonna write you a ticket.

License and registration,

Andrea, I thought you were...

Have you?


Now that you're home,
though, um,

your mom and I have
something to tell you.

- Your mom and I, uh...
- Can I?


Kids, what your dad and I
have to tell you

is that, uh...

I messed up.

I messed up over and over,

every basketball game, or joke,
or funny video I missed.

Every moment I wasn't here
to cheer you on

or cheer you up.

Every time I paid more attention
to things going on at work

than to things going on
in my own home, I messed up.

I love you more than anything,

but I guess I got so caught up
in providing for you

that I, I lost sight
of being there for you.

For all of you.


John, you have supported me
since the moment we met.

You have helped me
chase my dreams,

even when I chased them too far.

And not because you had to,

but because it's just
who you are.

And I guess I just
got used to that

and I took it for granted.

I didn't realize
that I could lose it.

Andrea, I really don't think...

But this Christmas I realized

that my dreams
are here with you.

And without you
I don't have any dreams,

I don't have anything.

Look, I don't care
if we go broke.

I don't care if we have
to sell the house.

I don't care if we have
to eat ramen for every meal.

I don't care if I have
to trade in my car for a bike.

I don't care about any of it.

I will let everything else go

if there's even a chance
that I can hold onto you.


Don't make any decisions now,

but I'm not moving out.

If I have to sleep in a tent
in the backyard, I will...

just as long as you're there
when I wake up.

Please don't make any decisions
that you can't take back,

I've made enough of those
for the both of us.

Andrea, I can't have
you sleeping in a tent

in our backyard.


as long as I wake up
with you beside me,

I'll be forever complete.

Welcome home.

Welcome home.

Just trust me.


Hey, where are you?
You on your way?

I'm not coming in.

Not coming?

Did I not make myself clear?

Nick, you've always
made yourself very clear.

That's one of your few
good qualities.

But it's time for me
to make myself clear,

I am not coming into the office.

Okay, but the client...

Specifically requested me
for this campaign, right?

So tell them
that I am not available

until after Christmas break,
an extended Christmas break.

What if they say no?

I don't care if they say no.

But, Andrea.

I am not available to work
with them until next month.

I'm taking my family

on a well deserved vacation,
somewhere warm.

It's been far too long since
we acted like a family.

Andrea, you can't do this.

I just did.


I am really starting
to like her.

That's my girl!


That's what I'm talking about.

- Did you hear that?
- Merry Christmas!

That was great!

So, where are we going
on vacation?