Christmas at Grand Valley (2018) - full transcript

"Burned out from the hubbub of the Chicago gallery world, artist Kelly (Danica McKellar) returns home to the picturesque Grand Valley just in time for Christmas. Maybe her favorite town's ...

I'm so glad you called, Dad.

Christmas is coming
and you will be missed.

I miss you too.

I was hanging up some decorations...

I found a picture you drew of
the diner when you were a kid.

So how's my favorite artist?

I'm on my way to see my agent.
I might actually

get my own art show.

Hey, I'm rooting for you.

- But no pressure.
- I'm here.

- Wish me luck!
- Good luck.

And lots of love to go with it.

Love you too, Dad. Bye!

How's Kelly?

Well, she may get her own art
show, which she really wants.

I just wish she was
coming home for Christmas.

You're the best father I know.

Go ahead and miss her all you want.

Kelly, it's so nice to see you.

- Then again, it always is.
- Hi, Sylvia.

I hope you didn't mind meeting me here.

I just love this little gallery.
It's so charming and inspiring.

So, was there something
you wanted to tell me?

I'm sorry.

- I didn't get the show.
- Maybe next time.

It's not defeat. It's just a delay.

- It's OK. It's fine.
- The Kenzie Gallery

was so impressed with your
work. They just don't think

that you're ready for
your own show. I'm sorry.

Thank you for trying.

You know I believe in you.

I just keep second guessing myself.

I'll stare at a canvas and...

I go blank.

I moved to Chicago with this dream...

but I feel like it's not working out.

When inspiration strikes,

I know you'll be ready.

- Hey, that looks amazing.
- Same grilled-cheese as always.

It must be the presentation.

Look who it is!

Hey! Why didn't you
tell me you were coming?

I wanted to surprise you.

This is the best Christmas
present ever! Aw...

The Christmas Festival theme
this year is family traditions,

- and my family walks in the door.
- What about your art show?

No art show right now, but someday.

- Hey, cousin.
- Mikey!

Still got it!

Boy, am I happy to see you!

Tell Kelly your news.

I got promoted.

You're looking at the newly-
appointed manager of the Lodge.


Yeah, for the bad news,
though, I could lose my job.

- The Lodge may be closing.
- No...

Wait, what?

It's underperforming.
Sterry Resorts is sending

some VIP up to see
if we're worth saving.

I can't imagine Grand
Valley without the Lodge.

- Neither can I. Nobody can.
- We're understaffed,

and that place needs to run
like a well-oiled machine.

- I don't suppose that you...
- What do you need?

Nancy runs the kids' Christmas Camp

and she had to go to St.
Louis because her sister's baby

- arrived early.
- Mike, it's been so long...

- You were a counselor there.
- Yeah, when I was a teenager.

- Maybe you could pinch it?
- Let her get settled first!

Look, I wanna help, I just wouldn't know

- what I was doing.
- Don't worry about it, Kelly.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't have even asked.

Now you're going to be

impossibly nice and leave me no choice.

OK, I'll do it.

Yes! Yes! Thank you!

You are the best!

OK, so when does this VIP guy get here?

I don't know, but whenever
it is, it's way too soon.

Welcome home.

Our Miami property

is outperforming every
Sterry resort in the U.S.

- I don't wanna pat my own back...
- Then let's keep moving.

On the other end of the
profit spectrum is this Lodge

in Grand Valley, Wyoming.

- The numbers keep going down...
- Sorry to interrupt.

I know this place.

My parents took me
there when I was a kid.

- It was a good Christmas, as I recall.
- How would you like to go back?

- What, to this resort?
- The occupancy rate

is declining. You can assess
its financial viability.

- Darren, it's almost Christmas.
- You're always rushing home

to see your kids. This way
you can work and be with them

- at the same time.
- I don't know, it just seems...

- Think of it as paid vacation.
- On very short notice.

I don't suppose you want
to... send me to Miami?

Just floating an idea.

- Float the next slide.
- I'll do it.

I'll go. The kids and I haven't
had a vacation in a while.

- I think they'll love it.
- Good. I've already booked

- your reservation.
- I am not surprised.

All I had to do is mention
your kids and you'd be hooked.

I'm sure they'll be
thrilled. Continue, Jarrod.

- Hello, you two. Hi, sis.
- Right on time.

- As always.
- Am I really that predictable?


You come home and I get hungry.

Really? Listen, we're gonna
do something out of the box.

- How far out of the box?
- Are we getting a dog?

- Where is this going?
- I don't know. Wyoming, maybe?

Are we getting a horse?

We are going on a Christmas vacation!

- Seriously?!
- It's a work thing,

but we're gonna have a lot
of fun while we're there.

This is almost as cool as a horse.

Are you hungry? 'Cause Aunt
Toni's made something delicious.

The kids are really excited.

This is exactly what they
needed. They miss their mom.

This is what you needed.
You have the kids,

work... every minute of
every day accounted for.

Tear up your schedule and live a little.

OK, point taken, sis.

But you do realize that schedule
is internal; it goes where I go.

By the way, the Lodge
is in Grand Valley.

- Didn't we go there as kids?
- That's the one.

Sterry wants to unload it.
It's a financial liability.

I looked it up online... the
Lodge has a kid's Christmas Camp

- with all these fun activities.
- Really? Like what?

What am I going to do with these kids?

You'll figure something.
Hopefully, before the guy

from Sterry arrives. I want
him see the Lodge at its best.

You're not helping.

I mean, I can do the standard
stuff... snowmen, an ice rink...

You can do arts and crafts,
heavy on the 'arts' part...

I mean, you are an artist, after all.

An artist in transition...

who would rather focus on
the kids and them having fun.

I'm not really that savvy

in the art world... what
does 'in transition' mean?

It means I'm stuck. Out of gas.

Having no idea what to paint

or why it even matters.

I mean, it matters. It matters to me.

Man, I missed being home,
seeing a familiar face.

You came to the right place.
At the right time, I'm guessing.

Yeah. Christmas is
always so special here.

Alright, let's give these
kids some great memories.

- Yup.
- Yeah, this.

- Christmassy pipe cleaners!
- Loved those as a kid.


This place hasn't changed very
much since I was here last.

- How old were you?
- About your age, honey.

Mr. Williams. I was just
told you had arrived.

- Leo, please.
- Mike Duncan, Manager,

but you already knew that. It's
a real pleasure to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.
- And who might these be?

- I'm Max.
- And I'm Emma.

Welcome to the Lodge.
Could I get the key

- to Mr. Williams's cabin?
- We get our own cabin?

You sure do. It has all
the amenities: TV, WiFi...

- Fantastic.
- I can play all my games and...

No, this is gonna be a real
vacation, not a virtual one.

- I'm so happy we're here.
- Alright, follow me.

So, I hope this is gonna
be all to your liking.

It has bunk beds!

- Really?
- And a fireplace for stockings!

As long as it's to
their liking, I'm fine.

- I like it.
- I like it too.

My office is just down the
hall. Whenever you're ready,

I pulled up some
revised business reports

- from the last several years.
- OK.

- When is the Christmas Camp?
- Not till tomorrow.

But you can hang out in the
Rec Room whenever you like.

- Just across the dining room.
- Be careful.

- I won't be long.
- OK, Dad!

Let's take a look at
this report, shall we?

Well, hello there.

- I'm Max.
- And I'm Emma.

- We're in the Christmas Camp.
- I'm Kelly.

- I'm happy you'll be joining us.
- We're gonna build snowmen?

Yeah, and we're going ice
skating, there's a wagon ride...

- With horses?
- That's right.

I want to wear a cowboy hat.

For Christmas?

Here's a deal. You get the hat
and we'll decorate it together.


Hey, you two, hey, hey, hey!
Daddy isn't done shopping.

- Hi, guys!
- How do you like my hat?

- You made the perfect choice.
- I think so too.

- All you need is a horse.
- I've been telling my dad.

- Yeah. That would be me.
- Hi.

Hi. I didn't know you made
new friends in Grand Valley.

That's Kelly. She runs the
Christmas Camp. We get to do

- all this really cool stuff.
- 'Cool' is his favorite word.


How come the trees have
all these special ornaments?

Well, we like to share
our family traditions.

Every tree is about a family
and how they celebrate Christmas.

- So it's like a little story.
- Yes, it is.

Hey, I got a great idea.
Why don't we buy ourselves

- a Christmas tree for the cabin?
- Yeah!

You know, it's almost time
for the treelighting ceremony.

- Cool!
- Hey, wait up!

Come on, Dad,

- we can't be late!
- Come on, Kelly!

They are gonna love this.

This is our first family
vacation in quite some time.

Their mom passed away a few years ago.

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.

When are they gonna turn on the lights?

- Any minute now.
- This is her favorite event!

Who turns on the lights?

The unofficial Mayor of Christmas,

- also known as my father.
- You guys want to help me?

- Sure!
- I'll stay back for this one.

Alright, you stay back. Come
on, let's go! I love your hat.

So, is Grand Valley
always so... Christmassy?

We're just getting started.

On Christmas Eve, we all come
down here to the town square

and we add our own
decorations to the tree.

- Pull the lever.
- All your 'Family Traditions'.

By the time you leave, I
bet you'll miss this place.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me
have your attention, please!

We are going to make this
a Christmas to remember.

Sharing our traditions
and the joys they bring.

Is everybody ready?

Three... two...


You gotta admit, that's pretty great.

Yes, it is.

Merry Christmas, you guys.

Merry Christmas, Emma.

Christmas isn't Christmas
without you around.

I don't want to make you feel
obligated. You just happen to be

- my favorite company.
- Aw, I feel the same way.

There's nowhere I'd rather be tonight.

This is what I missed the
most. Your arm around me.

Well, I have a long reach.

All the way to Chicago, if need be.

- Hi!
- What are we doing today?

We're gonna do so many fun things.

We're building snowmen and
we're gonna do an art project.

I love to draw.

Ever since she was a little
kid, Emma loved drawing.

- Same as Picasso.
- Does he go to this Camp?

No, he's a famous artist.

- Is that what you'd like to be?
- Maybe. Someday.

- We better get started.
- Bye, guys.

- Have a good day.
- You too.

- Hey, Kelly.
- Hi, Mike.

So I got some of these
records you were looking for.

Thank you. I'm also gonna need
your most recent occupancy data.

- Right.
- Thank you.

- What was that all about?
- Nothing.

Just gotta do a financial
review to get an accurate picture

of the bottom line. What's wrong?

You're the guy from Sterry Resorts.

That's right.

I assumed the employees knew,
I wasn't keeping it a secret.

But I didn't know that you were him.

I gotta go, the kids are waiting for me.

So now I'm the bad guy?

Yeah, you are if your bottom
line means that this Lodge

could be closing.

- Hello.
- Hi.

The kids are watching a movie.

Yeah, Emma and Max

dashed into the office to tell
me how much they like the Camp.

Yeah, they asked permission to do that.

They're... they're wonderful.

In spite of their father and
the job he was sent here to do?

They're great kids.

You know, my folks actually
brought me here to the Lodge

- for Christmas when I was a kid.
- Then you must know

- how wonderful it is.
- I was 9 at the time.

- The world's changed quite a bit.
- Christmas hasn't changed.

The hotel business has.

I should get back to the kids.

Just so you know... this place,
this town, it's very special.

It's magical. I don't know
how you put that in a brochure.

- Do you always do that?
- What?

Walk away and then
doubleback with a zinger?

I guess it takes me a minute sometimes.

I'm more visual, I'm
not as good with words.

- Could've fooled me.
- What does that mean?

When I figure it out, I'll
double-back and let you know.

Hey. You wanted to see me?

Yeah. We have a problem.

- We do?
- Follow me.

I'm very precise. The revenue
and expenditures need detail.

I can't identify the problem
without all the information.

I've been working here
forever, but I wasn't in charge.

If balance sheets are unclear
or business is falling off...

It's not your fault. It's not
your fault. It's nobody's fault.


Come on, Mike.

Competition is tough.
It's very difficult

for a place this size to
attract enough business.

So what you and I need to
do is go over there and redo

all those spreadsheets, 'cause I
can't pull numbers out of a hat.

I'll help you any way I can.

You can have my laptop...
You can have my gratitude

if you can find a way to
keep this Lodge running.

It's not my decision, Mike.

It's all about the math. OK?

This looks great. I think
we're ready for the nose.



I think he looks a little cold.

Aw... we can fix that.

- Right?
- Perfect.

VoilĂ ! So fashionable, right?

Where are the kids?

Mike took them inside to get warmed up.

I was just taking a little break.

Mind if I have a look?

It's just a sketch,

- barely halfway done...
- I could close one eye.

Not bad.

Don't sound so surprised.


I'm an artist.

I'm just a little sensitive
about my work right now.

Yeah, I get it. So am I.
Just here doing my job.

I understand that.

Your attitude suggests you don't.

- What about your attitude?
- I'm attitude-neutral.

- You seem defensive.
- Nothing to be defensive about.

So why do you keep defending your job?

- I don't.
- Could've fooled me.

We seem to be out of sync.

- I should get back to the kids.
- What's next on the agenda?

Arts and crafts.

Never mind.

Try to remember how our snowmen looked,

but especially how they made you feel.

- Is it OK if my snowman smiles?
- Yeah, whatever you want.

Yes, Barry?

I don't want my snowman to melt.

That's what's so
special about a painting.

You can always remember

the way he looked today. He'll
be happy and snowy forever.


- OK, Camp is over for the day.
- Just a few more minutes.

That's what the kids always say.

I never grew up,

- haven't you noticed?
- Alright.

I wanna give my painting to my mom.

You know what? That would make

- an amazing Christmas present.
- Yeah!

Max! I think we made

the best Christmas cowboy hat ever.


Emma... It gets better
every time I look at it.


You know, I think it'd be fun

to put up these paintings in the lobby.

- What do you guys think?
- Yeah!

I think that is just what
the lobby needs. Hey, guys!

- Hi, Dad!
- Hey!

- Hi.
- What're we gonna do now?

- I made a little schedule...
- But we're on vacation.

OK, what if it involves
a snowball fight?

You scheduled a snowball fight?

I didn't put in a particular
time slot, but it's on the list.

- Ready to go? Alright, let's go.
- Yeah. Bye, Kelly.

- Bye, Kelly.
- Bye!

I had a really good time today.

Me too.


- Hey.
- Hey!

- I really like that.
- Yeah?

It's a work in progress.

The kids, they... they
make art fun again.

You know, it's about the
joy. Not about being judged.

I think this might be
something I'd like to paint.

So maybe the Christmas
Camp thing is good for you.

Is there an "I told you so"

- in there somewhere?
- Could be.

I think being home is good for me.

Being around people who know me.

And yes, sometimes
better than I know myself.

Isn't that what family's for?

Yes, it is.

Especially at Christmastime.

Honey, you don't have to do that.

Force of habit.

I kinda like it, though.
Feels like old times.

Yes, it does.

Hey, Frank.

I don't think I can take
much more of this smiling.

You haven't stopped
smiling since Kelly arrived.

Don't get all Grinchy
and blow my moment, Vera.

I'm a Grinch compared to you.
You'd make Santa look depressed.

Well, Kelly and Christmas

is a pretty great combo.

How about world peace and an apple pie

- that makes you healthier?
- I'd go for a slice of that.

- Right?
- Well, get it while you can.

Tomorrow we start special holiday hours.

We are only open for breakfast.

I guess he needs the time
to spread more good cheer.

- Who couldn't use more of that?
- I could use more apple pie.

Good cheer and ketchup.
You can never have

too much of either. Care to join me,

- just for old times?
- Sure.

So, what's up?

I'm just happy to see you.

- Also...
- There's always an 'also. '

I bought a new car. I've
been eyeing it forever,

so I bought myself a Christmas present.

Good for you.

The only problem is...
it's too expensive.

I need to make some extra
cash over the holidays.

I could use some backup at the
Kids' Camp when we're outdoors.

Let me talk to Mike.
We'd get to hang out more,

- and the kids are great.
- You don't need to sell me.

- It's the perfect gig.
- Yeah!

Kelly to the rescue once again.

What's going on with you?

Not getting the show
at the Kenzie Gallery

really threw me. Three
strikes and you're out.

I don't think they'll consider me again.

So they got it wrong

three times. You'll get
a shot somewhere else.

You know, I've had all these jobs

since I moved to Chicago,
from selling arts and crafts

to manning the phones at a
museum, just so I could paint.

But it's worth it, right?

I'm not sure anymore.

What about the fun stuff?
Are you still seeing

- what's-his-name?
- No. Word of advice,

do not date artists.

What about you and Mike?

That ship sailed and sank

in high school. And, if you must know...

He never asks me out.

He's here all the time,
but nothing beyond...

"Great grilled-cheese" or whatever.

Maybe you should make the first move.

I am all out of moves.

- I thought she might be here!
- I know.

- She saw you through the door.
- Well, I'm glad you stopped by.

Yeah, the kitchen's closed,
but I can rustle up something.

- What would you like?
- That's OK, Frank. We just ate.

- I'm still hungry.
- Really?

Don't you want me to grow?

- How about pancakes?
- Pancakes at night?

Why not? Really special.

Did you ever have Christmas pancakes?

Well, that's a glimpse
into your culinary core!

- I was raised on pancakes.
- I'd like some too.

Great. Special Christmas
pancakes coming up.

- So you grew up in a diner?
- Didn't everyone?

Kelly used to sit on that exact stool

and draw all day long.

I still remember every pancake,

every walk to school. Even the lectures.

And if you're really lucky,
they turn out like her.

So, Leo...

He seems very nice.

What did I say?

Leo is the guy from Sterry Resorts.

He's the guy

who could put Mike and a lot
of other people out of work.

- I didn't know.
- I mean,

I suppose he's nice enough, but...

he doesn't get the Lodge

or how much it means to this community.

- Well, maybe...
- I love that place!

- We all do.
- He is so focused on profits

that he can't the happy
memories in the making.


I guess you told him.

Maybe I should.

These are the best pancakes I ever ate!

Seriously, they are.

Well, you come by any time,
even when we're closed.

- I'll whip you up another batch.
- You know, Frank,

- I just want to thank you.
- Hey, hey, hey.

Put that away. It's on the house.

Any friend of Kelly's
is a friend of mine.

It's okay, really.

Thank you.

- Where are you going?
- Back to the Lodge.

What time are you gonna be home?

She's a grown woman, Frank.
There's no need for a curfew.

I won't be long. I just need
to prep for Kids Camp tomorrow.

And you know what? It's
getting late. Let's go, guys.

We can walk back together.

How could I say no?

I'll see you at home.

You know what? I have a little shop

just down the block that I
think you two would really like.

Why don't you come and
see me sometime, okay?

Good night.

- Good night.
- Good night, you guys.


Leo seems like a nice guy.

I wouldn't mention that to Kelly.

Why, what's wrong with him?

He's the one from Sterry Resorts.


How come everyone's so happy?

Because it's Christmas
everywhere you look.

Hey, look!

Can I help you folk?

Your dad said that you live in Chicago.


There isn't much of an
art scene in Grand Valley.

Yeah, I got into the
Illinois Fine Art College

and went for my dream.

I've lived in Chicago my whole life.

I got a job at Sterry
Resorts right out of college.

I don't think I ever
adapted to city life.


But that's where the galleries are.

We live in Chicago

and we had to come here to meet.

I love it here.

This town is like the Lodge.

It isn't just a place.

It's a feeling.

And the same with the people.

Everyone at the Lodge is content.

The guests, the people who work there...

including Mike, who
really loves his job.

I gather you two are pretty close.

He's my cousin. We've been hanging out

since we were toddlers.
He's a really great guy.

Yeah, but is he the right
guy to manage the Lodge?

Nobody knows that place
better than he does.

It may be a moot point,

because I'm not sure the
Lodge has the financial legs

that Sterry is looking for.

Okay. Then we figure out how to fix it.

We can't give up on it.

Do you have any idea how many
families have stayed there?

How many wonderful
memories have been created,

including your own. And your kids!

Look at how much fun they're having.

Kelly, this has nothing
to do with me and my kids.

I was sent here because
this Lodge is losing money.

Don't get stuck on the numbers.

You need to be able to
see the bigger picture.

I get paid to get stuck in
the numbers. It's my job.

And my job is the Camp.

Making sure these kids
have a merry Christmas.

Here we go.

You and I see things very differently.

- Are you done?
- No.

No. You see, I think
that people and Christmas

and all the joy the Lodge can bring

matters more than the money it makes!

Okay, now I'm done.


Some kids forgot their mittens.

We're taking them to the tree farm.

You know, I'm really glad

you're part of the Christmas Camp team.

So am I.

I should go and greet those guests.

And I've got mittens to deliver.

Okay, then!

Who knew Wyoming was this pretty?

At least we can agree on that.

What a relief.

Come on, Dad, we have
to pick out a tree.

Okay, buddy. Just give
me one minute, okay?

Hey, Darren!

- Hello, Darren?
- I'm still in Aspen.

I can barely hear you, man.

Where are we on the Lodge?
What's your gut telling you?

My... my gut says it
needs more information.

Listen, I'm gonna have
to call you back, okay?

- But I need this wrapped up.
- Yeah.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Okay, so look around and
remember what you see.

Because we're gonna be
painting the tree farm.

Here's an idea.

Pretend you're having
as much fun as your kids.

I don't need to pretend.

Then, let's go pick out a tree.

Don't eat all the gingerbread, you guys!

I can't look at anymore numbers,

so I thought I'd take a
break, look at my kids!

- The middle tree is our tree.
- I recognized it right away.

- Nice!
- We can decorate it tonight.

Do you want to help trim the tree?

Yeah, I could... order a pizza.

Well, then you've got to come!

- I guess I do.
- I'll make a list.

We need to go shopping
for ornaments and stuff.

This is gonna be so cool!

Christmas is as cool as it gets.

I can't believe you
guys got me a stocking.

That was so thoughtful.

You need a stocking. It's tradition.

I made these myself.

Do you know what it is?

- Santa?
- Christmas pancakes!

Of course!

I want them every week.

We got this ornament in town

and added the picture.
That's me and that's Max.

And that's my mom.

I think this will be the
prettiest thing on the tree.

I wish I could stay here forever.

Me too.

- Where are you, Darren?
- I just landed in Lake Tahoe.

So many properties, so little time.

Listen, I need a thumbs
up or down on the Lodge.

Jarrod, he wants to pitch
it to some developers.

What happens to the
Lodge if they buy it?

Shopping centers, condos,
whatever they want.

- A shopping center?
- Listen,

I've got a dinner thing.
Let's talk tomorrow.

A shopping center?

Seriously? It's like
something out of Dickens.

Nothing has been decided yet.

We still have to sell it
and it depends on the buyer.

Thank you for a wonderful night.

Hey, Sylvia.

I wanted to say Merry Christmas.

- And see how you're feeling.
- That's very nice of you.

Actually, I'm doing pretty well.

I came home for the Holidays.

Have you given any more thought

about what direction
your work might take?

Well, I made a sketch of a snowman.

Does that count?

Kelly and Lucy took us sledding!

Ooh, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Guys, into the Rec Room! We're
gonna make Christmas cookies.

So Mike, listen, I'm
gonna have to do some work

after the kids go to bed.
I also need your computer

because I have to access
all the financial data.

No problem. Is there any way

that I can arrange a
sitter to stay at the cabin?

I can do that.

Really? Are you sure?

That would be so helpful, thank you!

You're great!

Just so you know, I'm working this hard

to find some way to
keep this Lodge open.

I'm really happy to hear that.

Okay, good.

I think those two like each other.

They do?

Sometimes, somebody
you like can be standing

right in front of you and
you don't even know it.

Are we talking about Leo and Kelly?

'Cause I honestly did not have a clue.

And you still don't have a clue.

Sorry. I didn't see you.

May I?

It's just a work in progress.

I keep saying that.

Well, you shouldn't.

Lately, I've had painter's block.

Is that a thing?

It is for me.

You know, I know that place.

And you're doing it justice.


I think it's my way of
trying to preserve it.

This town would not be
the same without the Lodge.

And neither would Christmas.

Yeah, I'm getting that.

Are we on the same side?

Yes, we are.

Yes, we are.

I forgot how much I liked this!

You don't go skating in Chicago?

I never seem to make the time.

Hey! High-five!

You know, I am gonna
head back to the Lodge

and set up for arts and crafts.

But you take your time.

They're having so much fun!


Hey! I'm taking a break
from saving the Lodge.

Well, you're in for a treat.

Max learning how to skate

might be the cutest
thing I've ever seen.

Until you see him play soccer.

Although he does have a tendency
to make up his own rules.


- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

Are you okay? Are you all right?

- Yeah, I'm okay. Are you?
- Yeah, I'm fine. Why?

I don't think you're allowed
to go skating in sneakers, Dad.

Sure I am. It's called "sneaking"!

- Okay! Alright, yeah.
- Let's get off the ice

- before I fall again.
- All right.

You're getting pretty good!

They should make "sneaking"
an Olympic event, I think.

It's pretty entertaining.

Yeah, I guess my fatherly
instincts take over

whenever my kids are
hurt. I feel compelled

- to come to the rescue.
- My dad is the same way.

I feel like I'm taking
on the tempo of this town.

I forget to hurry.


You can't schedule contentment.

Keep talking that way,
you could pass for a local.

Can I carry your skates?

You know, in a town this size,
that's a pretty big commitment.

You had me at "sneaking".

And you had me when I saw your painting.

You're a whole lot
better than you let on.

Merry Christmas, you two!

- Merry Christmas, Vera!
- Merry Christmas.


See you.

Very merry, apparently.

I thought I'd take my break.


You care to join me?

I brought you hot chocolate.

Is that on par with
carrying your skates?

It is very winning.

- May I?
- It's just...

It's not done.

I don't get why you're
always so hesitant.

This is really good.

I'm glad you like it.

I don't suppose it's for sale?

You can have it, as a gift...

- Once I finish it.
- No, no, no.

I've got to give you
something in return.

Besides saving the Lodge?


Believe me, I'm trying.

Do you like your job?

I feel like I'm a little offtrack.

My dad was in the hotel business,

management side.

It was all about
customer service back then

and now, it's just about profits.

But he definitely took pride
in everywhere he worked.

I think it's important
to believe in what you do.

You know, the funny thing is,

I always thought I would
follow in my father's footsteps

and be in management.

And then I got hired
at Sterry Resorts and...

I don't know, I just never looked back.

Sometimes looking back
can be an inspiration.

I remember my dad used
to take me and my mom

every single Sunday
for brunch at his hotel.

He really made his
job feel very personal.

I guess everything should
feel that way, right?

Otherwise, what's the point?

Do you have a minute?

Yeah, sure.

Christmas is only a few days away.

And if we don't hurry,
it'll be too late.

And Max would like

to display your Christmas tree in town,

to be part of the community.
Why don't you explain your idea?

Well, our tree is way
too pretty not to share.

And it also looks kind of lonely,

being stuck in the cabin all day.

So where would the tree like to go?

Kelly called Frank

and he says he has room
right outside the diner.

I'll even assist with transportation.

And after we're done moving the tree,

Frank says we can make
Christmas pancakes!

And who could refuse an
offer like that, right?


The kids are almost
as excited as my dad.

This is the perfect spot.

Welcome home.

You two may be my favorite customers.

And this is my favorite diner.

The stars are amazing.

They're incredible.

I know incredible when I see it.

I'm getting kind of hungry.

I was thinking the same thing. Come on.

You know, you were right.

About what?

I'm gonna miss this place.

Me too.


- you are a natural.
- Thanks, buddy.

I think I know what
I want to be. A cook.

Well, you could take over
the diner when I retire.

What about you, Emma?
What do you want to be?

I think I want to be an artist.

- You already are.
- May I see your drawing?

Emma, it's beautiful.

It certainly is, honey.

Talk about a picture
worth a thousand words!

I was thinking maybe we
can hang it in the diner.

Right next to the one that Kelly drew!


You have given me a
Christmas I will never forget.

Hey, I can finish up here.

No, you get the sugar,
I'll get the salt.

- We'll get this done.
- Your mom used to say that.

You know, you get your
artistic side from her.

Those hand-painted ornaments, she made.

I wanted to be just like her.

It's my way of keeping her around.

Well, she'd be very proud of you.

I hope so.

What's going on?

That's what I'm trying to figure out.

The art world isn't easy.

Forgive me, but I'm your father.

I'm more concerned with your heart.

My heart is confused.

That fleeting smile is always a tell.

What do you mean?

This is more about reassuring
me than how you really feel.

My heart is only sure about one thing.

I love you too.

Let's have a seat.

Mike said you wanted to chat?

Yeah, yeah...

First off, I'm glad you're here.

The kids are out like a light.

They're not used to the great outdoors.

So listen, I was thinking...

To help with the kids
getting back into city life

and me as well...

I was wondering

if we could see each other in Chicago.

I... I'd like that too.

The thing is...

I don't want to put you
on the spot or anything.

- You know it isn't that.
- Okay... What is it, then?

I'm not sure I belong in the city.

I have always felt a little out of place

and it showed in my work.

But being home,

being with the kids...

it's been so freeing.

I'm painting again.

And from my heart.

I don't want to sound corny,

but I feel inspired here.

I get it. I do.

I think I might want to
move back to Grand Valley.

And I want to teach art to kids.

You know, there's something about it...

I feel like I know myself again.

You are certainly worth knowing.

I think you have a gift.

And if you feel that...

if you feel like Grand
Valley is your muse,

then this is where you should be.

That's the nicest thing
you could have said to me.

I want to thank you

for being so kind to my kids.

That's easy.

I'm... I'm really gonna miss them.

- Yeah.
- And I'm gonna miss you.

Let's make the most of the
time we have left, okay?

I thought I'd find you here.

I didn't see you at
the diner this morning.

I have something to tell you

and it's a pretty big deal.

I can see that. Well,
whatever it is, go to bed.

Either way, it's gonna be okay.

You always have my back.

Ah... So it's bad, huh?

I'm moving back to Grand Valley.

Well, that's as good as good news get!

I am crazy about Christmas!

I've been collecting this stuff forever.

This place is like wall
to wall memories for me.

We got your first pair of skates here.

- Yeah.
- I've been here,

when I was a kid and
I stayed at the Lodge.

I thought you looked familiar!

I was here all the time.

Well, maybe we go back
further than we knew.

- This is the coolest elf ever!
- I know, right?

Max was cast as an
elf in his school play.

He obviously identifies with his role.

I played Mrs. Claus.

I felt I was miscast.

Look at this snow globe!

And this little silver Christmas tree!

Look how it sparkles!

Can you put a tree on another tree?

Sure! In fact, if
that isn't a tradition,

it certainly should be.

I've seen this before. This
was here when I as a kid!

Yeah, accordions...
They're slow sellers.

My grandpa had one. He
taught me how to play

when I was about your age, Max.

Let's see if your dad's still got it?

I've got to admit,

I did not see you as the accordion type.

I still don't.

- Did I mention it's on sale?
- Will you teach me?

Of course I will, Max.

This is all about family traditions.

It's pretty good!

So, don't worry about getting
it exactly right. It's more...

That's what you want to capture:

- what it makes you feel.
- Okay.

I'm gonna hang these in the
lobby, I'll be right back.

All right. You want to try again?

Lucy, Lucy!

Can you watch the kids tonight?

Sure. How late are you working?

I'm not, actually. I'm
going out to dinner.

- Okay.
- I think I'm going out

to dinner. I hope I'm
going out to dinner.

It's up to her.


I would love...

to take you to dinner.


And not the usual Christmas pancakes.

I'm upping my game.

What's the best
restaurant in Grand Valley?

Well, Morelli's, I guess.

Morelli's it is! I think
we're going on an actual date.

Well, you did carry my skates, so...

Right, of course.

I'm taking you guys to the movies.

- What are we gonna see?
- White Christmas.

I love that movie.

I must have seen that movie
at least a hundred times.

Would you like to join us?

Yeah, actually, I'd love
that. It would be great.

You really want to see it again?

More than I realized.

That makes two of us.

I hope we're not making a mistake.

- You don't like the Cabernet?
- No, not the wine...

our date.

I think it's going pretty well.

I know. That's the problem.

I'm going to be here and
you're going back to Chicago...

Well, I'm not going tonight.

OK, let's take the pressure off

and just think of each other as friends.

I spent half an hour on my
hair. Friends get five minutes.

And your hair looks lovely.

And so does that dress.

And so do those eyes.

What are we doing?


are seizing the moment.

What happens when the moment ends?

We have something to remember.

Grand Valley is like a...

time-out from the rest of the world.

Yeah. I think that's why I like it.

That's the 'magical' part.

I don't even live here,
and I feel this sense of...


Listen... I'm trying really hard
not to do what I was sent here

- to do.
- I know.

You look so beautiful.

And there's another thing
I was trying hard not to do.

What's that?

Kiss you.

And what are you doing tomorrow night?

Are you gonna tell me about your date?

- It was pretty great.
- I'm happy to hear it.

So was mine.

- Your date?
- Mike and I took the kids

to the movies... and
then later we talked.

Turns out we feel the same way.

You and Mike! Finally!

Darren just has to understand
that the Lodge and the town,

they're a package deal. They
sell each other. I don't know

how to market that to
somebody as rigid as Darren.

- He makes me look relaxed.
- You are relaxed.

Relative to Darren.

Relative to you... and
when you first got here.

Yeah, that's true. I've
got Grand Valley fever.

I'm sure it'll pass. Most
of it is because of Kelly.

- You really like her?
- I do.

I think our timing is off, is all.

- Like me and Lucy.
- What?

- I didn't know you were dating.
- We were, a long time ago.

Sort of drifted apart. We seem
to be drifting back together.

Good. At least you guys live
in the same state, right?

- Yeah.
- I could use a cup of coffee...

- Don't think the diner's open.
- Apparently, it doesn't matter.

- Come on.
- That is a nice tree.

Yes, it is. Come on.

I gotta tell you, I never get
a chance to do this in Chicago.

Drink coffee?

No, just this. Just
hang out with the boys.

Why not?

Every time I'm hanging out
with anybody in Chicago,

it's a meeting. There's an
agenda, you gotta wear a shirt

- and tie, you know?
- I never wear a tie.

It clashes with the apron.

I wear a tie now that I'm a manager.

Ties are kind of a funny thing
when you think about it...

A little piece of silk
knotted at the neck,

separating the blue
collars from the white.

That's profound, Frank.

My diner wisdom piles up over the years.

Uncle Frank is a great talker.

He's like a bartender, but
instead of a gin and tonic,

- you'd get a burger and fries.
- Well, I'll tell you what,

if I have to pour my heart
out to you or a bartender,

it'll probably be about your daughter.

I'm afraid I can't offer
an unbiased opinion,

except that... whatever
the issue, she's worth it.

Tell me about it.

I just did.

The kids aren't back yet.

Yeah, actually, I'm here to see you.

Last night was...

Yes, it was.

Emma finished her painting.
Would you like to see it?

I would love to.

- You were right.
- About what?

Wanting to teach art.

You've given my daughter a gift, Kelly.

And you gave me one too. Thank you.

What do we have over here?

It's my... it's a work in progress.

What do you think?

Well, I think it's...
it's wonderful, Kelly.

I like it too.

I don't know if it's the artist,

or the town... but I
could look at this forever.

You know, when you grow
up here, you can forget

how special it really
is. Then the lights

and the promise of the city
obscure your perspective.

It really is special.

And the Lodge is the heart of this town.

I wish I could convey that to my boss.

In business, he...
he's so cut-and-dry.

You think you could
get him to come here?

No, not a chance.

But I have an idea. I would like
to post all of your paintings

on the Lodge's website, Sterry Resorts,

and travel sites. What do you think?

When? I usually have time to prepare.

I thought art was supposed
to be about the joy of it.

That is what you're
teaching the kids, right?

Well played.

OK. Anything for the cause.

Good. OK...

This is going up there for sure.

Absolutely gorgeous. I mean...

Ever since we were little
kids, she always had a crayon

in her hand... And look at her now.

Yeah. I gotta move on this.

Mike, I gotta post this
stuff online, like ASAP.

- To increase business?
- Eventually, hopefully.

I don't think it will make
a difference right now,

but it'd obviously help.
I have to appeal to Darren

before the holidays end.
He gets in that board room,

I don't stand a chance.

Hey, Kelly! Hi.

My niece and her family
are coming for a visit,

so I told her to stay
over at the Lodge. Anyway,

she went on the website
and she saw your paintings.


That was fast.

She was impressed, and so
was I. She's gonna stay there.

Thank you...

- and thank her.
- I will. Are you okay?

Just a little nervous, I guess.

People actually seeing my work.

Well, when you're done being nervous,

try being proud. I know I am.

Really beautiful, Kelly.
Like, really beautiful.

It's cold. I have to get back
to work. I'll see you later.

OK. Thanks.

Hey, Darren.

I'm glad I caught you
before you went home.

I just got back into town, in
time for the Christmas rush.

I just wanted a few moments
of your time to make my case.

I really think the
Lodge is worth keeping.

I thought this was settled.

It's not like our other
properties. You can't market it

- the usual way.
- The usual way usually works.

It's not just about the Lodge,

it's about the town and
how it makes you feel.

Feelings do not resonate
with a quarterly report.

Look, I just posted some
pictures on the website.

Let me know. I have no idea how
else to tell you what I mean.

I appreciate you going the
extra mile, but I'm selling.

I sent out some feelers and
I already got some takers.

I think you guys are
making a huge mistake.

Go home and enjoy
Christmas with your kids.

I'll see you when you're back.

I wonder what's got into him.

I couldn't even get him to take a look.

You did the best you could.

I got a call from a buyer
who was going on vacation.

He saw them on some travel site.

Why didn't Kelly tell me about these?

This is the best work she's ever done.

I love the one with
the kid and the snowman.

And the Christmas trees, and the town...

That's the one the buyer likes best.

I need to talk to her.

This could be big.

I don't want to miss a moment of this.

Horses and Santa at the same time...

That's my kind of Christmas!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Who wants
to go for a wagon ride?

Pete gets more and more 'Santa'

every Christmas, doesn't he?

What does he do the rest of the year?

Besides waiting for
December? He's a doctor.

He delivered half the kids in
Grand Valley, including Kelly.

When her mom passed away,

the town rallied and
helped me raise her.

You did a great job.

I think she's passing on the favor.

That was my favorite wagon ride ever.

It's the only wagon
ride you've ever been on.

So far.

- Can we come back here next year?
- I want to come back too!

You know what?

That's what we'll sketch
today in art class...

- Christmas wishes.
- Yeah!


I wish every Christmas
was like this one.

Well, talk about meant to be.

- My sentiments exactly.
- Yeah.

- Hey.
- Hey.

We are just sketching
our Christmas wishes.

- Whatever they want.
- I couldn't resist a peek.

This art class is the best show in town.

This is you, me,

Max and my dad in Grand
Valley next Christmas.

It's beautiful, Emma.

You're really good at this.
I hope your wish comes true.

Me too.

Everything OK?

- No, it's not.
- What's wrong?

My kids have never been happier, Mike.

And that's a problem because?

Because we're heading
home in a few days and...

Chicago is starting
to feel awful lonely.

And then there's Kelly.


She wants to move back here
and... I'm heading home.

- That's just geography.
- Geography and my job.

You could always get a new job.

You're absolutely right.

Looks like I might need a new job soon.

No, no, not necessarily.

What do you know that I don't know?

I'll let you know when I know, buddy.

I need to talk to you about the Lodge.

Leo, give it a rest.
It's almost Christmas.

No, this can't wait. Did
Jarrod find a buyer yet?

He has an offer from
a developer in Denver.

- Tell him not to take it.
- Why would I do that?

I know this is way out of
leftfield, but hear me out.

- Hi, Sylvia.
- I'm so glad I caught you.

This is an unexpected
surprise. Merry Christmas.

Not nearly as merry as it's about to be.

- What do you mean?
- I saw the paintings

- you posted online.
- You did?

Yeah. I was really impressed.

I showed them to the Kenzie Gallery.

They want to give you your own show.

- Kelly? Kelly?
- Yes, I'm here.

But you need to be
here as soon as you can.

- OK, I understand.
- This is your moment,

and I want to create
all the buzz that I can.

Your dream when you came to
Chicago is finally coming true.

- Leo, I have some news.
- Me first. Me first.

- Wanna tell me what's going on?
- No, I want to tell everyone.

- Can we go to Town Square?
- Honey, we can go every day

if we want. You wanna know
why? 'Cause we're moving

to Grand Valley. I
just bought the Lodge.

- We get to stay here?!
- That's right!

Darren and I are financial
partners. You, my friend, are

- right here running the Lodge.
- My Christmas wish came true!

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

So we can live in the cabin
and go ice skating every day?

And we get to have pancakes
for dinner whenever we want?

- Sounds like a plan.
- Awesome.

I love you guys.

I'm just really happy for you guys.



What you did was... wonderful.

Well, it just felt right.

That's my new bottom line.

- Amazing.
- What did you want to tell me?


I don't want to rain on your
parade... or your Christmas.

Listen, Kelly, just because
I'm living here, doesn't mean

I'm assuming anything more than
friendship. If it becomes that,

great, but I don't want to
pressure you for anything more.

No, I would like more. I...

I wish it were that simple.

Hey, whatever it is, you can tell me.


I just got a show at
the Kenzie Gallery...

which is in Chicago.

It's one of the most prestigious
galleries in the country.

That's great. How long do you
think will you be gone for?

No, I...

I'm moving back there. I have to.

It's an amazing opportunity

and my agent says that we
need to make the most of it.

It could lead to more
galleries and more shows.

This is what I've been
working for my whole life.

Kelly, you certainly deserve it.

I'm so sorry.

I'm moving here, you're moving
back to the town I'm leaving.

- I'm gonna miss you guys.
- We're gonna miss you too.

Sylvia says there's a ton
of interest in my work.

She's been talking to
high-profile dealers and...

a show like this is a real
game-changer in the art world.

I'm very proud of you.


You're not too disappointed
that I'm going back to Chicago?

I only care about your happiness.

- What?
- I haven't said a word.

Which speaks volumes.

If you really want

- my opinion...
- Lucy, tread carefully.

It's OK, you can say it.

Let me see if I have this right.

Leo is moving to Grand Valley,
where he thought you would be.

For his children, and
he didn't like his job.

You teach art to those kids,

and suddenly you can't stop painting.

That becomes your
ticket back to Chicago,

- where they no longer live.
- It's a complicated situation.

Maybe you should take
a chance on this guy.

Lucy just wants

what's best for you, and
only you know what that is.

What he said.


We have a chance to put
the Lodge on the map.

We can preserve its past
while building its future.

I get a chance to be on
management side, like my dad.

He would go to work with a smile
on his face, came home proud

- of the day he put in.
- That's the way I feel.

- I know, and I... Hey.
- Hey.

I can't believe this
is the last art class.

I want to make it really special.

Kelly, you've made
every art class special.

- I've had a really good time.
- Yeah, you...

- You made it mean so much.
- It's meant a lot to me too.

Have you told them yet that
I'm moving back to Chicago?

Not yet.

- Let's wait after Christmas.
- Sure.


We went to the Town Square and
Frank let me shovel some snow.

The square is beautiful.

Family traditions as
far as the eye can see.

And in two days, we get
to decorate the big tree.

Cool! Alright, guys,
head into the Rec Room.

- Let's get started.
- Have fun.

I'm gonna miss this.

- We'll talk later.
- Yup.

Just for the record,

I think Kelly's making a mistake.

Yeah, but she's gotta
figure that out for herself.

Christmas traditions can be
anything you want. Old ones,

- new ones...
- That's the diner,

and that's me and Frank
making Christmas pancakes.

That's my favorite family
tradition. But it's your family.

Is that OK?

You can borrow my
family anytime you want.

- What are you going to paint?
- Gosh...

You guys and this art class.

It's one of my favorite traditions.

Mine too.

I'm painting the same thing.

- It's wonderful, Emma.
- Thanks.

Hey, Kelly.

I just wanted to see how you were doing.

That says it all.

I'm gonna miss it here.

I can see why.

But I am very excited about Chicago.

What is that look?

Forget me. What is that look?

This is what I've always dreamed of.

OK, then what's the problem?

I'm afraid if I go back...

I'll get lost again.

And what does that tell you?

This isn't twentyquestions,
this is my life.

I know, but you're the
only one with the answers.

Yeah, right.

Thanks, but I would
really appreciate a hint.

What am I doing? This is my
life. And I wanna be here.

I can live here, I can paint
here where I'm inspired,

and I can commute to
Chicago whenever I need to,

and if it costs me a few
opportunities, so be it.

Good talk.


- I have something to tell you.
- What is it?

How happy I am.

Are you saying you wanna
stay in Grand Valley?

- Yeah.
- You sure it's what you want?

Every artist I admire

has one thing in common: they stay true

to themselves.

That's why they have something to say.

This is my truth, in here,

with you and the kids

and my family, in this town that I love.

My heart is right here.

So is mine.

Merry Christmas to one and all!

That's a bit over-the-top,
even for you, Frank.

- I'm starting a new tradition.
- Dare I ask?

Yeah, I'm putting Christmas
pancakes on the menu.

The Grand Valley Special.

And no one-liner. Learn
to live with the joy.

I'll do my best, Frank. I'll do my best.

It's a perfect day for
trimming a tree, huh?

And making more memories.

Definite keeper.

I gotta tell you,

this town really knows
how to do Christmas.

Grand Valley has never been grander.

I can see my elf!

All of those families
and all those traditions.

- I never want Christmas to end.
- Then you should paint it.