Chi La Sow (2018) - full transcript

While Arjun doesn't want to get married, his parents set up a blind date for him at his place. The story revolves around Arjun, how he falls for the girl he's about to meet, why and how he changed his decision to get married.

Shit! Shit! Shit!

What are you doing, man?
What’s with the forehand?

One more…

What the hell, man!
That’s such a rough follow through, idiot!

Not one ball is going across.
And you call yourself a Federer fan?

Is there no pressure in the balls?

Play properly.

Focus, damn it!

You see that guy so frustrated…

That’s me.


I am Salman’s fan and
Lord Hanuman’s devotee.


Get ready.

It’s coming.

Oh, Lord… Brainwash him somehow

and make sure he gets married
this year.

Does she realize it’s Lord Hanuman?

Hanuman, mom visits whichever temple
she pleases.

But I'm not like her.

I am a loyal devotee.

I only visit your temple.

Pay heed to me and brainwash
my mommy.

Make sure she doesn’t mention marriage
for another 5 years.

If I remain a lifelong bachelor
like Salman and Lord Hanuman…

Wouldn’t it be great?

There’d no pressures or commitments.

I can lead a happy life
with no complications.

But you won’t be spared.

No one leaves you in peace.

Good morning, dad…

Good morning, Arjun…


Go ahead, dad.

Arjun, why don’t you get married?

Dad, tell me this.

Why’d you get married?

I was 26 years old back then.

I saw your mom's pictures...

She was quite hot.

I immediately said yes.

Luckily, your mom also said yes
and we got married.

- Right?
- Yeah.

You wouldn’t find a sweeter
person than mom.

And that is why you married her.
- Obviously.

I should also find such
a girl for me, right?

I’ll get married when I do.

We’ll find one for you.

No need.

Even if I do find such a girl…

I’ll definitely not get married
for another 5 years.

End of topic!

What were you thinking?

Only mom and dad will put
pressure on this topic.

Every damn person around me does it.

Every single one tortures me.

Including friends…


What’s with your karma?

Take a look.

You see at least 3 girls in every gang.

Some of them are here with
their girlfriends and wives.

But you are shameless,
having Saturday night beer with me.

I am boozing with you only.

Is that a problem too?

Damn right, it is.

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a girl
in our gang?

You don’t notice that.

What do you want me to do now?

Get married.

Get married.

I’ll have a sister-in-law if you get married.

She’ll be my best friend.

There are a few things…
I mean personal stuff…

I can’t share them with you.

You wouldn’t get it even if I did.

I’ll share everything with
my sister-in-law.

It would be awesome.

You want a girl in our gang,
is that it?

Why don’t you get married then?

My parents brought this up
four years back.

I said it’s too early for me
to get married.

When I go ask them now…

They say, ‘Aren’t you too old
to get married?’

Who can I share this with?
You, of course.

Since I turned 25,

wherever I go and whomever I meet…

This is the only question they pose.

When are you getting married?

When are you getting married?


“Study B. Tech for your parents”

“It’s all right. Take it easy”

“Quit cricket as your teacher told so”

“It’s okay. Leave it, bro”

“Turn the speakers off for your neighbour”

“No worries. Just chill”

“But if you get married on other’s advice”

“You’ll be dead. It’s a sin”

“Your life belongs to you”

“Don’t let them take you down”

“Grandpa might take your word and pass away”

“Aunt and uncle might set a deal of an alliance”

“Relatives might get curious
about your wedding”

It’s my life and my marriage.

Kindly back off.

“No matter what, be your own boss”


Bye, mom. I’ve got a meeting
with the boss.

I’m running late.

I know.

I knew it when you woke up late.

You’d skip breakfast saying
you’ve got no time.

That’s why I made you a sandwich.

Have it in the car.

You’re a genius, mom.


What is it, mom?

I have something important to discuss.

Tell me.

Umm… You go to work.
I’ll tell you on the phone.

Because I can’t react much in the office, is that why?

What’s the matter? Tell me right now.

No! You’ve got a meeting with the boss, right?

Go… Go… You’ll be late. Go…

You’re an evil genius, mom.

I think this should work.

Let me check once.


How long do we settle for the naughty glances and smiles?

We never spoke since I joined this office but…

Our eyes converse at least once in the lift.

It’s a special language like ‘Kilikili’ in ‘Baahubali’.

Will this work out?

Sure, it would.

Your eyes have long told me
what’s in your heart.

Once you say it in words,

we can talk to our families.


It’s true.

I want to marry you.

Waiting for your reply…

Yours obediently…


Yours lovingly…



Looks good.


Where are you, man?
Boss asked for you twice.

I’m on the way.

Okay. Hustle… Bye…


What nonsense, Sujith!

When have I glanced naughtily at you?

I’ll file a case on you. How dare you!



I’ve sent my love letter
to the Business Development team.

Er… You know…

Sujith, what is this?

I thought you were my brother.

No. There’s been a…

I don’t want to tie you a rakhi.



I brag about you being
the only gentleman in this office.

No. I am gentle from the inside.
- I know…

How could you, Sujith?

Sir, how can I undo the email I sent?

I mean I sent a private email
to an entire group.


How shameless!
What’s with that email?

I have a son your age.

How old is your son, ma’am?

Shut up! Shameless!

What was that email, bro?
I was shocked.

I didn’t expect it from you at all.

With the sudden email,

I couldn’t understand
what was going on.

Anyways, I'll need...

Give me 2 days’ time.
I’ll think about it and let you know.

You rascal!

Harassing me via email… You pimp!

‘Kilikili’ language from ‘Baahubali’? Seriously?

You scoundrel!

That was a good line though.

I’ll kill you, damn it!
I’ll roast you alive.

You think you deserve a book?

Guys like you are the reasons
girls don’t step out at nights.

Constitution demands for a change.

Country calls for a revolution.
What do you think of yourself?

I’m not your type of guy, you idiot!

If you are so desperate,
go sigh at guys in a park.

I’ll smack you down, you maniac!

If one more person asks about the email…
- What email?

Oh, it’s you!

Boss asked for you twice. Go meet him.

Okay, I’ll check my mails and go.

Why do you have to do that now?
Meet the boss first.

- Hey, I’ve got important stuff to check.
- Meet the boss first.

Email, what the hell!


Yeah, come, Arjun.

Arjun, do something.

You don’t have to come to work tomorrow.

Come to the client’s office directly.


We have the meeting at 10.


No surprises in the content during
the presentation.

No… No…

The presentation better be bloody good, Arjun.

I’ll just switch it off.


Start right away, Arjun.

And please don’t delay it.
- Ya, ma’am.

What happened?


What the hell!

She calls right after I switch on
my phone.

What happened?

Mom has something important to discuss.

She called twice while I was
with the boss.

I very well know what the important
matter is.

I can’t talk here.
I’ll go to the cafeteria.

It’s usually empty at this hour.
- That’s best. Go…

Dear, are you free?

Can I talk to you for 5 minutes?


Umm… I have good news for you.

Hear it out calmly.

Don’t worry or panic.

Why do you sound doubtful
when it’s good news?

You tell me the matter.
I shall decide the reaction.

It’s nothing, dear.

I arranged an alliance this evening.

You just come meet the girl and leave.

I knew it! I knew it, mom!

I am not coming.

Why won’t you come?

I can’t get a better girl
for an idiot like you.

You’ll know only if you come meet her.

You’ve put me through this hell
twice already.

You say the same thing every time.

Last two alliances were the worst
experiences of my life.

We go to a stranger’s house
where 20 people stare at me.

A girl enters suddenly and offers coffee.

Both of us are asked to go talk
on the terrace.

As we have a small talk and come down…

You ask if I’ll marry her and
stay together forever.

What can I say?

How can one decide like that?

Have you lost your mind?
It’s such a worst procedure.

All guys say the same things now.

But once you turn 45,

you’d curse me.

You’d want me to convince you
at the right age.

You’d feel all alone

thinking what you’d do without me.

You don’t have to worry.

No matter how worse my condition is,
I’ll not come to you.

And I didn’t say I’d never get married.

I said I’d do it after 5 years.

You’ll turn 32 in 5 years.

At that age, your arranged marriage
market shrinks.

Number of options will come down.


You’ve no idea what’s correct in life.

You’re a confused idiot.

But I know very well.

The girl I found this time...

Is perfect for you.

Your life will be settled.

Mom, even if you get me Rakul Preet,
I’ll say no.

Hey, this over confidence
isn’t good for you.

You don’t know this girl.

I bet 10,000 bucks on it.

Within 10 minutes of meeting this girl…

You’d come to me shamelessly

And say you’re desperate about her.

I bet, mom. I’ll reject her within 5 minutes.

I bet on it.

I bet on it too, mom.

- Bye!
- Bye!

So, have I agreed for the alliance?

Let’s go to the terrace.
I need to smoke.

Okay, I’ll get a plate of samosas.
You want some?

No, thanks.

You shouldn’t grab from my plate later.

Hey, I don’t want any.

Okay then.

Hello, sir…

A plate of small samosas…

Only corn samosas, huh?
Don’t you have the curry ones?

Okay. Add it to his account.
- Okay, sir.

Senseless people, man!

Do we have to get married
just because they did?

She says this girl is really good.

I’ll not find a better one.

I will definitely say yes.

My foot!


Tell me something.

You’re around 27 years old.

You got promoted last year.

You have a good salary now.

Luxurious life,



I know how boring your life is.

Been 6 years since your break up


You don’t have a girlfriend since then.

I doubt you’ll ever find one.

What’s your problem then?

Why don’t you get married?

Are you out of your mind?

What’s gotten into you?

If I get married because my life is boring…

There can’t be a worse reason
in the world.

I can go to the movies, shop
or party if I am bored.

I can’t get married and trouble myself.

Don’t ever fix something
that is not broken.

I have a few goals in life.

My wish list…

I’ll accomplish everything and then
think about marriage.


Tell me.

Give me your goals list.

My biggest dream in life…

You know, right?

I have to buy a high-end sports car.

I worked hard to save 12 lakhs already.

8 more lakhs…

I’ll take a loan for the down payment.

Okay, so…

If I am married…

So what?

My wife might agree.

But both our families would say crap like…

‘Hey, you are married now.
You’re a family man now.’

‘You should act responsible, right?’

‘Why don’t you invest the money
in gold or insurance?’

‘It’ll help your kids’ higher education.’

This is your goal. Okay.

What’s the next goal?

I’ve to go on a trip to Europe
once in my life.

I want to explore a
the whole of Europe for a month.

Enjoy it.

I want to go alone.

If I get married and go to Europe…

I’d be the biggest fool ever.

Have you ever seen the Spanish
and Italian girls in Europe?

You should keep your options open, man.

Hey… Hey… Hey…

Lose your classiness and try being sensible.

Do you know how the situation
is in the real world?

It’s really hard to find a perfect girl
through arranged marriage.

But when you do find one,
get married blind folded.

You call these goals?

Okay, everyone has one’s own goals.
I completely understand.

But remember this.

I know your mom really well.

As your mom sounds so confident
about this girl…

This is something you should be
scared of.

If she got you the Miss World,

what would you say?

I have nothing to do with looks.

I already told mom and I’m telling you now.

Even if it’s Rakul Preet, I’ll say no.

Rakul Preet would come for him?

Dude, these alliances make me
really uncomfortable.

Why don’t you come along
for moral support?

- Hmm…


but no one condition.

Can I take a chance if you say no?

I’ll definitely say no.

I’ll also help you get her. Come on…


Sir, the lift is out of order.
You need to take the stairs.

Hmm… Seems the lift isn’t working.

Fourteen floors…

Even with 20 steps per floor,
it’s 280 steps.

My body has the stamina.

But it doesn’t show.

So, I need to run so fast
the body doesn’t realize.

I need to match Usain Bolt’s speed then.

Before my body realizes
I’m using all its energy…

I shall be on the fourteenth floor.

I am on it.

I hope you catch up.


Does Usain Bolt have asthma?

Which floor?

Sixth floor…

Sixth floor?

Are we going upstairs or down?

I don’t get it.


Hey, Sujith!

Sujith, wake up!

Is the milkman here?

Why would the milkman come now?



Can you call my mom?


Thank you.


It's Arjun.

Hmm... Ketchup?
- Yes.

Tell me, dear.

What happened, mom?

You said we have to go to an alliance.
But you're not home.

Did you cancel it knowing I'd say no?

Good decision. I'm proud of you.

Arjun, let me tell you something.

Listen calmly.

What is it?

Give me the phone.
Let me talk to him.

Hello, Arjun...

This isn't my idea.

Yell at your mom if you have to.


Have you made a plan already.

You were right, boy.

We go to a stranger’s house
where 20 people stare at you.

A girl enters suddenly and offers coffee.

As you go talk on the terrace
and have a small talk...

You are asked to marry her.

How can you decide like that?


That is why I took a decision.

What is it?

I spoke to the girl's family.

They agreed too.

Agreed to what?

Only the girl will come to our house.

Sit in peace and talk calmly.

Get to know each other.

Have an open talk.

Take your own time, okay?

You can make a decision later.

That is why dad and I came to a restaurant.
- Mom, mom..

Mom, what the hell!

Have you lost it, mom?

How'd they agree to send
the girl by herself?

Does her family have
no cultural values?

Arjun, don't...

Are you fixing an alliance
with such a family?

What's gotten into you?
This is such a bad idea.

This is too much, mom.

This is too much.

Mom, this is not done.

How can she come to our place
all alone?

Don't act so dramatic.

What would you do if you were
going on a date?

You need someone to give her
intro to you, right?

Assume I gave the girl's
intro this time.

Consider this a date.

Don't think of it as an alliance.

Date, huh? I'll leave the house immediately.

In fact, I am not coming back.

You're lucky to have such a broadminded,
progressive mother.

What horseshit!

Horseshit, what?

What happened, man?
- Who is that with you?


Get him on line.


Just do it.

Hey, why'd you come?

What's with all the blood?

Hey... Hey...

Let me go.

Your mom has become a terrorist.

If I stay any longer, she said
she'd make sure I don't get married.

I have my priorities.

Let me go.
- Hey... Hey...


'Put on this new shirt, baby.'

'Mom...' and a smiley face...


I don't need the denims too.

Shorts would do.


The girl is here.

Auntie, I think he's opened the door.

Okay, auntie. Bye...



Mom I’ll deal with you later.

These people are giving me a hard time.

I am sorry, actually...

Okay. No problem.

Hi, I am Arjun.


You've given a bigger introduction
than I expected.

Oh... Are you joking about it already?

Okay, I am sorry.
I am Anjali and...

I will not mention it again, okay?

Can I come in?

Yeah, sure. Come in.

Please sit.

So, Arjun, you work with Dacoit, right?


My friend Ramya...

She's in HR in Dacoit.
Do you know her?

Not really sure.

Arjun, can I have some water, please?

Yeah, sure.

'Anjali seems to like pineapple juice.'

'I've made it for her.'

'Give this if she asks for water.'

A heart smiley on top of that...

I thought water was too much.

Thank you.

Anjali, I'll come to the point.

I don't know how else to tell you.

So, let me be honest and blunt.

My mom and dad called you here
and wasted your time.

I am really sorry for that.

But, I'm not interested in marriage.

I'll definitely not get married
for another 5 years.

It has nothing to do with you.


I just don't want to get married.

What do you mean?

You heard me.

Why'd you call me here then?

Is this some kind of a joke?

Anjali, I tried telling my parents.
But, they don't get it.

What do I do?

Are you a 10 year old?

Aren't you ashamed to say this?

You don't have the guts to argue
with your parents.

So, you felt it's better to waste my time.

Anjali, I am really sorry.
I didn't do this on purpose.

I don't know what to say
when you over react.

Over react?

You think it's my hobby to get all decked up
to impress you?

I am killing my self-respect to do this.

My fate!

My situation is such.

What do I tell....

What do I tell mom now?

I wonder if she'll hurt herself.

Get me more water.

Yeah, sure.


It seems you like pineapple juice.

Anjali, don't mind. But alliances
are all about yes or no.

It's common, right?

And I can't be more decent in saying no.

Correct. What can you do?

I also agreed to the marriage
due to family pressure.

I am sorry I didn't mean to over react.

And I am used to boys rejecting me.

So, it's fine.

How come?

You seem like a sensibly intelligent girl.

And you're beautiful.

Who would say no to you?
- Oh...

What did you just do?

I mean...

Relax, Arjun. I'm just kidding.


You talk about your situation...

And your mother hurting herself.

What's the problem?

Are you also from Anakapalli?

Very good. Very good.

I heard your daughter got distinction
in degree.


We're really happy.

You've raised her well.

It's our fortune to have her
as our daughter-in-law.

Harish will meet Anjali as soon as
he's back from the States.

But you can consider
the alliance fixed.

Not just Harish... No guy would say no
to your daughter.

That's great. I'm really happy.

What else can we ask for?

We can have the engagement
once Harish is back.

Brother would be really happy
if he knows.

He'd excited about my daughter's wedding.

He'd look after all the arrangements.

We've to get the wedding cards printed
and the date fixed.

Mom... Mom...

He'd ask for the invitees list.

I don't know what to tell him.
- Sit. Sit mom.

We didn't attend Raghu brother's wedding.

- Mom... Calm down...
- No, I need to make a list.

Where's the damn pen?

Mom... Sit down.
- No. Why don't you understand?

Tell me the number of wedding cards
you need.

I'll mention it in the list.

I've to find out how many wedding cards
are required.

Get up... Get up...

Why are you made to sit here?

Relatives will be arriving.
What? You think I don't know?

The house is all dusty.


Don't stop me.
- Wait on...

Mom, give that to me.


Uncle, don't be scared.

Mom is bipolar.

When she is too excited or depressed,
these episodes occur.

We are providing her treatment.
So, don't worry.

Oh, take care of her, dear.

We'll call once Harish is back.
Okay, dear?


Sister, your phone...

Is it them?

- Hmm...
- Let me talk.

I've to apologize.
- It's okay.


Yes, uncle. Tell me.


We really like you.

You are a gem.

But the thing is,
we like another girl equally.

If I had to rate you two,

I'd rate both of you 9 out of 10.

But, there are no complications
in their family.

And your mom has a few issues
in your family.

And you don't have a father or brothers.

If Harish becomes your husband...

He has to bear your mother's
medical expenses.

So, we acted a little practical and
finalized the other alliance.

You don't mind. Please don't mind.

Uncle, select any girl you want to.
I have no problem.

To be true, I don't even want to get married.

I agreed just to keep my mom happy.

But, know this.

I very well know how to look after
my mom and family.

No matter whom I marry in the future...
He doesn't have to come help me.

I'm not waiting for a guy to save us.

I'll take care.

Wish your son a very happy married life.

No, dear...


It's a good alliance, brother.

At least this time...


Let's do one thing.

Next time they come,
I'll take mom outside.

Why, uncle? That's not necessary.

I just need a guy who understands mom
and is affectionate towards her.

Otherwise, I'll never be truly happy.

I'll only tell them the truth.
- Have you gone mad?

You're right.

Take me outside.

This alliance can't be ruined
because of me.

They just have to understand you.

Mom, no...

Take me outside.

Where have you pursued your degree?

Here in Hyderabad...

Okay then.

It's been a pleasure meeting you, Anjali.

Hope we have a great life together.

Okay then. God bless you.

Let us know when mom is back
from Bangalore.

We'll talk about the proceedings.
- Okay.


We'll leave. - Okay, uncle.

Okay, auntie.

Hey, Rajiv... What happened?
You like Anjali?

The girl's a gem.

We should thank you for getting
such an alliance.

Ah, thank god! I knew you'd like her.

Anjali is a gem.

You are just great.
This is just a perfect match.

You know the last alliance Anjali got rejected
because of her mom's issue.

I felt really bad.

But I know you're really broadminded.

That is why I got this alliance for you.

Her mom's issue?

What is it?

I mean...

They must've told you.

I totally forgot.


Is it them?


Tell me, uncle.

Is mom back from Bangalore, dear?

Yeah, uncle. She's back.

In fact, she's right beside me.

Has your mom gone to
Bangalore in the first place?


Why'd you underestimate Rajiv?

A marriage is not an affair
of two entities.

It's a bond between two families.

If someone in the family is unwell...

We look after them with utmost care.

Rajiv would've taken similar care
of your mom.

We aren't as narrow minded
as you assumed.

We don’t want an alliance
that begins with a lie.

Because every time I look at you,
I’d remembered of that lie.

Please don't mind, dear.

I am sorry, uncle.

I sincerely wish Rajiv finds a great girl.

Your family deserves the best.

I'm really sorry, uncle.


What happened?


I love you.


It's a problem only if I live, right?

Mom, what is this?

Shall I tell you something?

You three are my world.

My happiness lies in
looking after you.

I've got a job now. I will be paid well.

I want to do many things for you three.

Let's buy a Tata Nano car.

Let's shift into a good flat.

Let's stay happy together.

Is life all about marriage?

No, right?


Mom...! Mom...!

Anu...! Anu...!

Mom... Mom...

Go down.

Mom… Please…

Go down. Mom...

Mom, please...

No matter what I tell mom now,

She wouldn’t believe me.

She’d assume she’s the reason this
alliance didn’t work out.

I wonder how mom will react.

I am sorry...

I am quite angry with my mom and dad.

I've told them no several times.

You'll watch this in the news tomorrow.

'A man kills his own parents.'

So sorry, Anjali.

You are nothing.

Some candidates were worse.

A guy said he wants
a tall beauty like Anushka.

One more guy wanted
a milky beauty like Tamanna.

These guys were fine.

There was one more pervert.
He was the worst.

As soon as I stepped out,

He didn't even greet me.

But he gazed at me
from top to bottom.

He later asked me to show
my profile.

He saw me long enough and said...

‘Everything is fine. But her teeth
and pimples drive me off.’

Are we washing machines
to check the features and buy?

On top of that, we have to give the dowry.

Every guy wants Katrina Kaif.

But none of them look like Ranbir.

They broke up.

Catch my point, Arjun.

But give me that pervert's
name and address.

I'll kill him.


you'd kill him and go to jail for me.

But you wouldn’t marry me.

Am I right?


Arjun, I am kidding.


You're a nice guy.

Give me 5 minutes, Arjun.

I'll decide on what to tell mom and leave.

Yeah, sure.

If you don't mind, can I go to your balcony?

I need to catch some fresh air.
- Yeah, sure. Please come.

So, Arjun, how'd you end up
in the arranged marriage market?

Don't you have a girlfriend?

We broke up 6 years back.

I've been single since then.

And Hyderabad guys have a logic.

There are two kinds of girls in Hyderabad.

Either single or interesting...

But never both.


So, how’d you fall into the
arranged marriage market?

Don’t you have a boyfriend?
- Me?

I am the really boring type, Arjun.

I am the first bencher
who writes notes all day.

I'd go home as soon as the bell rings.

I'd have a lot of work at home.

Classmates would call me auntie.

So, I never had a boyfriend.


I am far better.

We girls have a logic too.

Do you know what the handsome guys
in Hyderabad are called?

What do you call them?
- Tourists...

- Oh, please...

Okay, Arjun. I’ll leave.
It's already late.

Mom must be tensed.

As I go tell them the alliance isn't fixed...

They'd ask what I did for so long.

Okay, Anjali. And I’m saying this sincerely.
Your mom will be fine.

You'll also find a really nice guy.

Oh... But you will not say yes, right?

I am joking, Arjun.
You are a such a fool, you know.

I am also telling you sincerely.

You're very sweet.

Whenever you decide to get married...

You'll surely find a great girl.

Okay, bye.
- Oh, you called me home to insult me.

And you want a hug now?
No way. A hand shake is enough.

We are not that close either.

I want mom.

Okay, Arjun.

Are you kidding me?

What do you mean?
- Are you leaving?

What else do you want me to do?

I came here for an alliance.

You saw me and said no.

I am going home.

What else do I have to do?

Hey, no! I felt a connection.

Didn't you feel anything?

So what?

So what, huh? I don't know.

We should get to know each other, right?

Let me take you out on a date. Please...

Lunch or dinner?

How come you sound so immatured, Arjun?

I have to go home and say yes or no.

If it's a yes, we've to be
together for a lifetime.

If it's a no, this will be the end of things.

I’ll go meet another guy in the
next couple of days.

If that alliance is fixed,
I’d have to live with him for life.

You know my situation and
still act like this.

You talk about a date
and getting to know each other.

Anjali, this is not fair.

I can't decide if I want to marry you in a day.

I want to get to know you.

That option doesn't exist.

Marriage or goodbye...

Anjali, wait...

Just one second...


Fine. Let's get married.

Let's get married.

You're such a confused candidate, Arjun.

Just 10 minutes ago, you said...

“I have some goals. I’ve to buy a car
and go on a trip to Europe.’

You said you won't get married
for another 5 years.

And now you say, 'Let's get married'.

Tomorrow morning, you’d be like…

‘Oh, shit! What did I just do?
I made a mistake.’

You’d be confused again saying
we’ll cancel the marriage.

If I go home and tell them you said no...

There's a chance my mom
might be alive.

But if you say yes and cancel later...

Even if you want this marriage, I do not.

I can't weep marrying a confused
candidate like you.

Anjali, this is not fair.

This is not fair, Anjali!


Anjali, listen to me.


Yeah, tell me.

Sister, where are you? Why are you so late?

What happened?
- Mom had another episode.

She got weak and fainted.
I called an ambulance. You come fast.

Please don’t take…
- Hello... Hello...

Pay me exact change next time, ma'am.

Granny, come fast.

Sister.. Sister... The door...

Anjali, what happened?
- Mom fainted. Damn it!

Anjali, wait. I’ll just get the
car keys and come. Wait!

Car keys...


Anjali! Come. I'll drop you.

Listen to me. This is residential area
and you can’t get an auto or cab.

I will drop you.

Thanks, Arjun.

You can leave after dropping me
at the hospital.

Hey, no problem.

How’s mom?
- No issues. Mom is fine.

Doctor is checking her.

OK. I will meet the doctor.

Grandma...Look there.

What is it?

That’s Arjun whom we saw
in the picture.

Why did he come in shorts?

Is he OK with the alliance
that he came by?

Let’s go and ask.



You didn't understand?

I am your love’s grandma.
She is her sister.

So, tell me. Did you like my sister?
Are you OK with the match?

He came here
because the response is positive.

They come this far if it is a rejection.
- So cool!

I like my brother-in-law.


Arjun! Why did you come in?

I like my brother-in-law.
- Ssh! This is a hospital. Go and sit.

What’s your problem
if we talk with him?

Are you being possessive?

Can you both go and sit?

Where are we?

We’re here to see mom.
What is this behaviour? Go and sit.


What are you doing, Arjun?
Why did you come inside?

I asked you drop me and leave, right?

That's why I denied.

Hey! Nothing has happened.

You came in a hurry.

So, I came in to say Bye.

That’s not needed.
They saw you.

What should I tell them?

I am already tensed about my mom.

They might think about you
in a different manner.

They might think that the response is positive.
Just leave now.

OK...Fine. I am leaving.


Hey! Hi, Arjun.

I felt bad that you left without
saying bye.

How can I leave without saying bye?

Arjun! What do you think you are doing?
- Anjali.

Hey, Arjun! Come…
- Hello, doctor!

I came to meet you. But, you were busy.

Doctor…Meet Arjun. He’s her would-be.
- Don’t worry.

Oh! Hello.
- Hello.

Don’t worry. She’s stable now.

The doctor will discharge her
after finishing the duty.

Cashier Ranga is at the billing counter.
- Ok, doctor.

You night get the regular discount
if you go and pay the bill now. - OK, doctor.

- I will pay.

Thank you, doctor.

Cashless insurance card is home.
I will go and get it.

Will you take her, dear?
- Yeah...sure.

Come. Let’s go.

Bye, Arjun.
- Bye.


Anjali! The car is here.

Anjali! I will drop you.


Anjali! It is already 11:30.

I will stop by an eatery.
Let’s leave after eating. OK.

Arjun! My mom is admitted in the hospital.

Dinner isn’t that important.

Drop me near auto stand and
have dinner if you are hungry.

Otherwise, stop the car and
I will get down.

OK, fine. Relax.

I don’t want to have dinner.
I will take you home.

OK. Stop the car.

Go and eat. But, come fast.

Hey! No...I casually asked without knowing
about the situation.

Let’s go home. That is more important.

It’s OK, Arjun.
It is totally fine to spare 5 minutes.

I’m sure that you are hungry. Stop the car.

Are you sure?
- Yeah...I’m sure.

Give me 2 plates Idly.
- Sir, shall I add ghee?

Yeah, add it.

Anjali! I ordered food for both of us.

Don’t starve because of your anger.
Please come and eat.


Thank you.

“I feel good about it in my second thought”

“There is a chance
that there won’t be any luck”

Oh! No...

“It’s boring to be single
just a partial snack”

“The wedding is a combination that
adds spice to your life”

“No...No! No, No...!"

No, No...No...”

“No...No! No!”

“Hello mister! Life is colourful
and there will be a nuisance suddenly”

“There won’t be freedom
when a girl enters your life”

“I feel good about it in my second thought”

“There is a chance that there
won’t be any luck”

“Oh! No...”

“Bachelor’s life is being single and
it has no link up, my dear”

“Being single is living like a bachelor and
you will have to cheer yourself, my dear”

“Bachelor’s life is being single and
it has no link up, my dear”

“Being single is living like a bachelor and
you will have to cheer yourself, my dear”

“Waking up early and holding onto
responsibilities is not something I want”

“Everything will be suspicious
and fighting on everything”

“I don’t know what to do! Oh my God”

“It’s boring to be single
just a partial snack”

“The wedding is a combination
that adds spice to your life”

“No! No! No, No...”

“Being single is awesome without
any tensions, my dear”

“I don’t marriage because
it is an obstacle of life”

What is she?

She’s always like that.
She will get down and leave.

I will go and ask her.

What do you want?

I want to use the rest room.

It is over there.

Sister...Check the door.

Hey! Who are you?


Arjun, where are you?

Somebody! Help.






Somebody help me.

- Arjun.

Anjali…Anjali, open the door.

Anjali...what happened?

Open! Damn it.

- Arjun!


- Anjali.

Somebody help me. Help!

Hello…Thieves entered neighbour’s house.
- What?

Thieves entered neighbour’s house.
Call the cops. - OK.


Oh, no...

Take care.

- Careful...!

- Sister...Please sister...

Sister! I’m so sorry.
I will not repeat that again.


Is she fine?

- Someone help her.

Someone help her soon.
- Whom should we save?

Sister! I plead you. Please leave me.

Please, sister. Leave me.

Oh, my…
- Anjali…

- Sister…Please, sister.

- Go!

Brother...Please, brother.

Brother! Ask her to not hit me.
I plead you.


Anjali...calm down.

I am here now.

I will take care of it. OK.
Nothing will happen to you.

It’s OK.
- Arjun! I got scared.

He came to me and
placed his hand on my shoulder.

I thought that it was you.

It’s OK.

It’s OK.


Anjali...It’s OK.

Just sit down...

It’s OK.

Hey! Get up.



He is dead, Anjali.


He is dead.

Oh, my God!


I didn’t mean to kill him.
- I know.

It is a self-defence...



Anjali! They must be the neighbours.
I signalled them.

They must be our neighbours.
I will go and check.

You! Listen to me...

You lock this door and
come to the living room.

We shall think about it later.
Lock the door and come.


What the heck!


We got a complaint.

The thief came in and left.

He left just now, Sir.
In fact, you can catch him if you go.

You can catch him if you go now.
You can definitely get him.

Try to get him, Sir.

Go...Go everyone.

Yeah. Send them fast.
- OK, Sir.

Why are you still staring? Go.

Come here.

The thief ran away.
We cannot catch him.

- Sir.

Go and check inside.
Write a report on stolen items.

Sir…Why should you write a report?
- Ok sir.

He escaped. He didn’t take anything.

This guy us suspicious.

Go and check inside. Go.
- OK, Sir.

What is it? Do you have black money?

No…There’s nothing like that, Sir.
- Why are you worried, then?


What should we do now?

Don’t say anything no matter what.
Be silent.

No, Arjun. I will tell them the truth.

Listen to me.
- Let’s tell them the truth, Arjun.

Listen to me.
- Sir!

Sir! They killed my brother-in-law.

His dead body is inside.
He is my brother-in-law, Sir.

They killed him, Sir.

They killed him,

Sir, That is..

I will explain it to you, Sir.

My brother-in-law!
- That wasn’t intentional.

He came here to steal.

I hit him to stop him as
he was misbehaving with her.

I hit him on his head, Sir.


He died.
It was an accident, Sir.

It’s self-defence.

When did you hit?
I am the one who hit him.

Anjali! Will you just shut up?
- Why are you lying?

You just shut up.
Why are you lying about it?

Anjali! Don’t complicate things.
- Am I complicating?

Why are you lying?
- Listen to me.

You listen to me first.
- Anjali, what are you doing?

No! Why did you say that you hit him?
- I said that I will take care.

No! shut up.
- What are you doing? Let me handle it?

Hey! Both of you shut up.

What should I say to
my family members?




Call up the ambulance
and forensic team.

Hey, 102!
- Sir.

Get them in the vehicle.
- OK, Sir.

Sir! Anjali has nothing to do with it.
- Hey!

Anjali’s mother is in the hospital.
- Arjun, why are you doing this?

Arjun, shut up!
- Sir!

Who will cover this glass?

Are you both married?


Are you guys in love?
- No, Sir.

We had an alliance today.


At this hour?

But, there were no elders at home.

Sir, it is a long story.

She has no connection to it.

Did you make a decision?

- We haven’t decided yet.
- No.

Forget about that, Sir.

I will tell you what has happened.

Sir! She is lying.

She likes me a lot.

She saying it to save me, Sir.

What nonsense!

He’s not my life. I don’t even know
his surname.

We met today.

What bullshit!

She’s lying, Sir.

No, Sir. I am telling the truth.
- Sir, He’s lying. I am telling you that he is lying.

Sir, No...You should listen to me. I am right.
- Listen to me, Sir. I am telling the truth.


She gave a reply because she likes me.

Say, man.


Let me sleep.

So, tell me. What happened?

I will tell you, Sir. I am the one
who hit him and that is the truth.


Sir, what I am trying to say is..


Shut up.

Hey…She’s inviting me for dinner.

I will kill you.

I will kill you if you wake me up again.

You should sleep or let me sleep.



Tell me..

Who said that he is dead?

Who checked his pulse?

We brought him because
our senior said that.

He is not dead, Sir.

It was something else..
He got up and escaped.


Disconnect the call.

Hey, 102!
- Sir.

Get him out.

You say that you did it.

That girl says the same.

You say that it is a self-defence.

She says that it was an accident.

No matter what...

It is a murder

if the case is filed...

You will be taken to the court
all your life


What should we do now?


Tell me what to do.

I got it, Sir.

I got it.

Sir, I have 12 lakhs.

- Arjun
- I will give everything.

Arjun! That money is your saving to buy a car.

Why will you give?

Anjali! Do you have money?
Can you give?

Then, what?

I am not going away.
You can give it to me later.

We should get out of this situation.

12 lakhs won’t be enough.

Make is 20 lakhs.


Let’s do one thing.

I will give you 12 lakhs right now.

I will arrange the rest within 2 weeks.

What’s the guarantee that
you will definitely give?

Sir, you can put me behind the bars
whenever you want.

How can I cheat you?


My brother-in-law is alive.
He came home.

I just got a call that he’s alive.

Hey! Why are you still here?

Nothing happened to him.

There won’t be any case.
You may leave.


My brother-in-law is alive.


12 lakhs will be enough.
- Sir! But, why?

You won’t get anything.


Do you know who I am?

I am going out.

I am taking Arjun with me.

Try to stop me if you can.

Come, Arjun.

Pick up the phone.

I will call you later.


Whoa! Where did that come from?

But, Arjun! He is alive.

That is why we are safe.

Otherwise, it would be a murder case.

Your life would’ve been spoiled, Arjun.

What were you thinking?

No idea. I haven’t thought
much about it.

I just thought that you shouldn’t be
in remand.

How can I simply leave you, Anjali?


Let’s go.

What happened?

- How?

I don’t know. I just realized.

You cannot walk, Anjali.

The house is around 1 kilometre away.

Shall we ask them for a ride?

Not at all. I don’t want to see them
ever again.

I’ll manage Arjun.


Anjali! Are you sure?
How will you manage?

I’ll be fine if the bleeding stops.

Let’s do this.

Let me pick you up.


Are you OK?

Are you OK?
- Hmmm.

What happened, Anjali? Are you OK?
- What?

Do you need some rest?
- No! I am fine.

No. You look tired.

Take rest…
Check it once.

“This might be the first desire of my heart
that is clueless”

“This moment of happiness brings a smile”

“This conversation goes on
like a cool breeze”

“It is so good even though
it doesn’t stay forever”

“Something has happened to my heart
and I’m clueless”

“This moment of happiness
brings a smile”

“This conversation goes on
like a cool breeze”

“It is so good even though
it doesn’t stay forever”

“Slowly…it brings a smile on my face”


“Slowly… new thoughts arise in me”


“This might be the first desire of my heart
that is clueless”

“This moment of happiness
brings a smile”

“This conversation goes on
like a cool breeze”

“It is so good even though
it doesn’t stay forever”

“An unknown disturbance is created
in me suddenly”

“I have been driven this way”

“These feelings weren’t there ever before”

“This moment of togetherness
cannot be denied”

“The true affection is to be accepted”

“This might be the first desire of my heart
that is clueless”

“This moment of happiness
brings a smile”

“This conversation goes on
like a cool breeze”

“It is so good even though
it doesn’t stay forever”

“Slowly…it brings a smile on my face”


“Slowly…new thoughts arise in me”


Grandma! Is it painful?
Let me get some water.

Hi, Anu.

Hi, grandma.
- Hi, Arjun.

What is it? Why did you take so long
to get the card?

You guys went to our house
and there’s no one home.

What happened there?
- No… There’s nothing like that.

It is a long story.

I will tell you later.

Oh, my!

What happened to grandma?

She’s got acidity problem.

She won’t stay awake for
such a long time.

That is why she got a stomach ache.
- What to do?

Shall I get something to eat?
- No!

Juice is better than food for
acidity problem.

Is it?

OK. I will go and get it.

Where will you get it from?
I already checked for it.

The hospital’s cafeteria is closed.

We should adjust for today.
We’re are helpless.

OK. I will get it from outside.

It is 2:30 am.

Where can you find juice?

Don’t worry, grandma. I will get it.

Grandma. Have some water, please. - No.

Leave me.

Have some water...


Where is Arjun?
- He left.


He left…

Please, grandma.

‘Did he leave?’

Grandma! Don’t irritate me.

Please drink.

I don’t want to.

No chance.

What is it?

The doctor said that your mom is fine.
Don’t worry.

Grandma! How did you feel
when grandpa died?

I felt so bad.

I couldn’t bear it.

There is something stronger than love.

It is our habit.

I was habituated to live with him
for 48 years.

He’s the only one to love or fight with.

It is hard to stay without such a person.

I don’t want such habit, grandma.

It will be a weakness to emotionally
depend on someone.

I don’t want that weakness.


Why did you take so long
to open the door?

What the..! It is 11:30 pm now.

It is not 11:30 pm. It is 3:45 am.

3:45 am? Are you out of your mind?

Why did you disturb be at this hour?
- Hey! Leave it.

It is a life and death matter.
There’s a medical emergency.

I need orange juice immediately.

Orange juice?
- Yes.

Why will a bachelor have orange juice
at home?

I got some beer.

I told you that I need orange juice

You are free to take the beer.

Hey…That isn’t for me.

I told you that there’s a medical emergency.

I got a beer. You can take it.


They might have it at their house.

They will definitely have.

Hey…They’re your neighbours and you should ask them. Come.

I will not come.
- Hey!

Hey, Sujith! Come.
- No way.

No, buddy. No!
No, please! Don’t do that.




Is it you?
- That’s me.

- Why did you ring the bell at this hour?
- I got some work.

Hello! I didn’t call you baby.

I’ve been waiting for my husband.

He’s coming on an international flight.
Why did you come?



It is a medical emergency.
Life and death matter.

I need your help.

What do you want?

I want oranges.

Orange juice?
- Please.

It is a life and death matter.
Please try to understand.

OK, wait. I will get it.
- Thank you.

Take this.

Thank you… Thanks a lot.

Please leave.

My husband will come.

It won’t be good if you stay here
when he comes. - Sorry.

Please leave.

What now?

I actually need orange juice.

This is too much.
- It is a medical emergency.

Please…try to understand.

Thank you. God bless you.


Thank you so much.

You may leave now.
- Believe me.

I wouldn’t trouble if it wasn’t
a medical emergency.

You helped me at this hour.
That’s so sweet of you.

- Take it.
- I tell you that you’re so adorable.



Hello, Sir.

She calls you baby, right?
I just found out.

That’s so cute.

By the way, don’t mind, Sir.
It is a medical emergency.

It is a life and death matter.

Tell him, madam.

Never show me your face again.


I am confused.

It would be nice if you come along.

They’ll say it tomorrow
or day after tomorrow.






Orange juice.

How did you get it, dear?

I will get anything that you ask.

But, where did you find it?

Where else would it be?

It will available at 5-star hotels
at this hour.

That’s right.

Am I right, Arjun?

Yeah. That’s right.

So sweet.

Just a second.

Come here.

Did you get it from the 5-star hotel?

Did you get it from the 5-star hotel?

It doesn’t matter, dude.

Try to adjust.

I am the one who got screwed.

You said that you got it from a hotel
and they think that you’re great.

Who am I, then?

OK. You are great as well.


You can make it favourable to you.
- Dude...

Can I talk to you for a second?

Hey! I will be right back.

Let’s go.

Let’s go.
- Hello!

That was for me.


Is your leg fine?

Does it pain?

Thanks for everything, Arjun.
You may leave now.

Should I leave?

What happened, Anjali?

Why are you behaving
like this suddenly?

What did I do?

I am normal.


That’s unbelievable.

You’re just unbelievable.

What is your problem, Arjun?

Do you love me?
- What can I say if you ask me that?

Do you love me?
- No. And that is exactly my point.

There’s nothing to talk.

So, are we done?

Is that right?

I don’t want a commitment for 5 years.

But, it is hard to give a commitment
if you remain to be like this.

This is me Arjun!

I don’t like to have expectations
or depend on someone.


Will you marry someone without
having any expectations?

Am I right?


It’s nice.

Try to live your life.

You just got one life.

Arjun! Try to be serious with your life.

You just got one life.

Sister! Uncle is here.

Is it?
- Yes. I called him up.

They said that she’s fine.

What is it? How is your mom?
- She’s stable, uncle.

Sorry, dear.

The weather condition wasn’t good
in Vijayawada.

I came by road. That is why I am late.
- No problem, uncle.

Mom is fine. They’ll discharge her tomorrow.

Anu called you because she thought
that the situation is serious.

She did the right thing.

I planned to come here, anyway.

Where is the doctor?
I will have a word.

I will go and check.

There’s no problem. She is stable.

They gave her medicines.
So, she should be fine.


See you, grandma.


What happened, Arjun?

Is he the one from the picture
that was emailed?


Yes, uncle.

I am Anjali’s uncle.

I stay in Vijayawada.


What are you doing here?

Is the match fixed?
- Obviously.

I have to talk to you personally
for five minutes.


Sir! But..



But, this is a hospital.

This is an open place.

What do you do?

I work for this firm called Techart.

Basically, we provide business processes.
- You need to know few things, Arjun.

I’ll be frank. So, please don’t mind.

You are one lucky bugger
in the world.

I don’t know much about you.

But, let it be anyone in this world.

Nobody deserves her.

What do you know about Anjali?


It is about Anjali.

Anjali’s dad died when she was
13 years old.

The value to word dad…

The one who loses their dad knows
the value of relations.

Anjali got to know that
while she was young.

I took a loan and started a new business.

I told Anjali that I wasn’t in a position
to take care of them.

That 13 years old kid said that
she will take care of everything.

She took care of her family since then.

She took classes for lower grade
students after school hours.

She took care of her family
with that money.

I went to them after I got settled
and asked them to come with me.

She said that I am stable
by God’s grace.

You should be like that.

She questioned me if I can handle it
when the situation changes.

She said that it is better to not
get habituated to that.

She said that she will take care of everything.

That’s my Anjali.

Anjali is the strength of their family.

So, she got habituated to handle every situation
by herself. Be it sad or happy.

Uncle! The doctor is here
and waiting for you.

OK. Let’s go.

“There’s a smile on your face”

“There might be tough situations
that can’t be seen”

“It showers from above and
the earth rejoices”

“There’s something in between that takes
the responsibility to give happy outcome”

“There are many ways to
hold your overview”

“It is not easy to be stable
after knowing your story”


That’s right.

Don’t worry, Anjali.

Doctor! She got up and
wants to see everyone.

Is that OK?

Yeah, sure.

You may go and see.

- OK.

Let’s go.
- Ma’am! Just a second.

I will give you the diet chart
and the list of medicines for a week.

You should follow that.

OK. Tell me.

-What happened?

Did the guy say yes to Anjali?

Take rest. We'll talk in the morning.
-Did he say yes?

He didn't just say yes.

He came all the way here.
For you...


Call your brother-in-law.
-Okay, uncle.


I mean... Can I call you that, son-in-law?

Ah, come on! You don't
have to be so formal?

Call me Arjun.

Son-in-law is meeting me for the
first time and I am on the bed.

I feel bad.

It's okay.


Don't let the thought of me scare you.

I am just a burden in Anjali's life.

Don't fear the burden will fall onto you.

I'll take care of myself

I'll go somewhere.

I'll not spoil your life.

I just want Anjali to be happy.

She's a really good girl.

I understand now.

I now understand why
Anjali is the way she is.

Anjali is just like you.

So selfless...

She's always thinking of you.

In fact, she totally forgot what
it is to think for herself.

Like you said, your Anjali
is a really good girl.

But I realised it after I met you.

It's in your upbringing.

After I met Anjali and spoke to her...

I understood something.

You are no burden to Anjali.

You are Anjali's strength.

Go to sleep.

Take rest.

Come on, everyone. Let's go outside.

Let her rest.

Good boy.

Where's Anjali?
-I don't know

She left angrily without saying a thing.

Why'd you come back?


What else do you want?

I'll have many problems
from tomorrow because of you.

I don't know what to tell everyone.

Didn't I ask you to drop me
at the hospital and leave?

What have you done?

You came to the hospital.
Met granny and Anu.

I asked you to go home once again.

But you came to my flat.
Everyone in my flat saw you.

You came to the hospital again.
Met uncle and my mom too.

If I tell them this alliance isn't fixed...

They'd assume you must've said yes.
And that makes me the villain.

You only said you didn't
want marriage, right?

Why did you complicate things then?


Good morning, dear.
-Is it dawn already? Give me a minute.

Dear, it's okay.
I'll go home and get another litre.


-Don't touch me!

You men, I say!

All the men break trust and leave.

Dad, uncle... Everyone...

But when I ask you to leave...
You keep coming back.

I love that you come back.
But I hate that I love it.

Don't irritate me, Arjun. Go!

I said, go!

Sorry, Anjali.

Oh, are you leaving? Go... Leave...

What's your problem, Anjali?
What do you want me to do?

Do you want me to stay or leave?
-You wouldn't understand, idiot!

You only said I keep coming
back when you ask me to leave.

You love that I come back but
you hate that...



Arjun, go!


I'll not go.

I understood something.

I shouldn't listen to your words.

Only your eyes speak the truth.

Look at me and ask me to leave.
I'll leave.

Look at me, Anjali.


You wouldn't wake up and
change your mind, right?

You wouldn't think this
was a mistake, would you?

If that's the case, tell
me right now, Arjun.

I can't take it.

Will you marry me?

Come on then.

Let's get married.

Come on...
-What? Right now?

Yeah, Anjali. I'm being serious.

I want to stay with you hereafter.

That's what our parents wanted anyways.

We are just getting married in advance.

What? Are you crazy?
What are you saying?

I am talking with a lot of
clarity for the first time.

Think about it.

If they fix the wedding
5 months from now...

Think about the tension
your mom would feel.

But if we get married before
she is discharged and home...

She'll be really happy.

There's no more tension.
No wedding expenses borne too.

We've already decided, right?
Why do we have to delay this?

If we get married right away,
we can be together starting now.

What an outstanding plan!
I am a genius.

I'll go get the car. Come fast.

Hey, what do you mean come fast?


Arjun, stop it! Wait...
Arjun, come inside.




It's such a ridiculous idea.
What's wrong with you?


Oh, god! Arjun, stop!

Arjun, why did I get into the car?
I made a huge mistake.

So, your name Anjali starts
with 'A' and so does mine.

Are we naming our kids with 'A' too?

No. Baby boy will be named Mahesh.
-Hey, are you Mahesh's fan?

Me too, you know.


Arjun, I don't even know who
your favourite hero is.

I know nothing about you.
How can we get married already?

Please stop the car. Please...

Look, Anjali...

I've long decided I'll marry the
girl who sees me without pants.

The first girl broke up and left.

You are the second. So, I'll marry you.

So, she saw you without pants?

You mean, you got physical?

It was a three year relationship.
I mean... Quite a few times...

Stop the car.

I said stop the car!

I only want a virgin husband.
Stop the car!

I also didn't want a virgin wife.

Aren't I adjusting? You should too.

You cheapo!

Anjali, let me drive.
-How can you say that?

Where's your phone?

Hi, Mani... Tell me.

Hi, mom...

Arjun, where the hell are you?
I'll kill you.

I asked you to meet me
once but you ran away.

Your phone is ringing at home.
Anjali's phone is switched off.

No one at their place answers the call.
You irresponsible idiot!

What do I tell them, huh?
You've embarrassed me.

This is too far.

So irresponsible of you!
-Mom... Mom...!

-Open the door, mom.

Oh, you are here. Coming...

I would've just killed you.

Hi, mom...

You won the bet, mom.
I love Anjali.


The patient in this room was
discharged yesterday. Yeah.

-Who's this then?

I don't know, doctor.
-How can you be so irresponsible?

Check if he's alive or dead.

What were you admitted for?
Is it diarrhoea?