Cheyenne (2015) - full transcript


You're late.

- Not much.
- Still a bit.


You OK?

That's why I'm late.

I bought them from a farmer.

His great-grand uncle
died in the trenches,

in Somme.

"If all goes well, I'll live.
I know it.

"I want to see our daughter.

"Keep my letters. If ever I die,
she could read them later.

"She'll know her daddy loved her."

Hi, Lionel.

Hey, you OK?

- You'll be there tonight?
- Of course.

- Gérard.
- Lionel, alright?

- Saw my Cheyenne?
- Hello sweetie.

- Very typical.
- Yes, that drawing style...

You took long.

- There. That's the zouave...
- The red trousers...

You worked today?

You're crazy? Not a thing.


Hey, you!

Going back to Arras?

No, no. You're mad.

I'll sleep at the hotel.
I need my licence.

You're quite right.

Hey, Milan, Milan.

You like my wife? Huh?

She's pretty. It's normal.

We're chatting.
You're a pain.

I'm a "pain"?

- I'm a "pain"?
- It's OK. We're just friends.

OK. I'm off.


Shall we play table soccer?

No, not now. i'm hungry.


I don't want you around.

- I've come to see my mum and sis.
- You'll see them when you're clean.

What shit did you take this time?

And you?

It's been a while.



You staying, for tomorrow?

No. Dad kicked me out.

I'm punished. I wasn't good.

Where do you stay?

I'm your sister.
I've got the right to know.

Remember where we'd hide
to scare Pauline?

Well, it's there.

You're OK at Nadia's?

- Sure?
- Yes.

- That's the truth?
- Yes.

But I don't see you anymore.

I'll ask dad for tomorrow?

Forget it.

- I've got a date, anyway.
- With who?

- I know her?
- No.

You'll meet her soon.
I'll come with her. Promise.


- Love you.
- Love you.

Really, Laura!

We were having a nice evening
and you started drinking,

chatting up all the men around.

It's just like Max.
What does he think?

I don't want to see him again...

Did you see how he looks at me?

You OK?

You made so much progress in math,

you'll get a surprise.

What is it?

If I tell you,
it won't be a surprise.

Tell me you've already bought it.

Sure, I have.

I can't believe it!


wake up. Come on.

Get dressed.

Let's go.

So, you're back.

Where's dad?

I called Max.
Your father had a heart attack.

The ambulance took him
while you were asleep.

- Where to? I want to see him.
- You can't.

- He's dead?
- Don't talk nonsense.

I'll call to get some news.

Calm down.

Don't panic.

It's not your fault.

It's not your fault, OK?

You'll make up.

Dad's tough. he'll pull through.

There are tyre marks
on the parking,

but nothing proves it's related.

Take the prints.

Pierre, the guardian's wife
has been informed?

I'll see to it.

- Will he survive?
- We don't know. He's in a coma.

I want a list
of all that's been stolen.

Ask the curator to come
to the station tomorrow.

Thanks, Nadia.

Don't worry.

It'll be OK.

Come, let's go.

A burglary took place last night
at the necropolis.

The guardian was hit.
He didn't see his attacker,

who ran away with objects
that date back to WWI...

So? You're up?

...worth 100,000 euros.

We'll come back to this topic
later on.

He might be in a coma.

I didn't even said bye to him.


I'd like the number
of Saint-Omer hospital, please.

Yes, thank you.


Could you give me news
of Lionel Keller, please?

He was admitted last night.

OK, I'll hold.

Hello. Yes.

"Lionel Keller", yes.

A heart attack.

Are you sure?

Did you check in cardiology?

Alright, thank you.

They can't find him.

He said to call later.

Don't worry.

Lunch is ready, everyone!

- Where's your brother?
- No idea.

- Diego!
- Coming, mum.

Your brother gave you pot?

Don't worry her.
Her father's sick.

She's worried.

- Looks like good stuff.
- Léa!

Give me your plate.

Mum, it's me again.

Call back.

Where are you?
I want to have news of dad.

OK, call me back.
Love you.

Mobiles are not allowed in hospitals.

That's why she's not answering.

Going out?

To Julie's.

Her parents aren't home.
She's invited lots of people.

Coming with me?

Cheyenne, it's OK.

Your dad's not going to die
because you're partying.

You can still breathe.


He's stable.

But he's not at Saint-Omer's.

He's in Arras.
He's in cardiology,

since this morning.

It's good he's been taken
closer to his home.

- You spoke to him?

I don't know
if he's unconscious or asleep.

I'll go back tomorrow,
before the garage sale.

- Be brave, sweetie.
- Yes, you too.

Yes, the boys are OK.

And you, how are things?
Wait, hold on.

- We'll watch a DVD at Julie's.
- You're back for dinner?

- No, we're not sure.
- Don't come back too late.

9 pm max.
There's class tomorrow.

OK, promise.

See you.

- Fourth floor.
- Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'm searching for
Lionel Keller's room, in cardiology.

There's no one by that name.

It can't be.
My mother saw him.

She might still be there.

Keller, with a K.

Sorry, no one by the name of Keller
has been admitted.



- Yes, alright.
- Excuse me.

Yes... OK.

Are there other hospitals
in Arras?

Hospitals? No.
But there are private clinics.

Thank you.

Hello. Laura Keller.
Leave a message...

- I'm going to Ablain-Saint-Nazaire.
- I'll get off before.

Police Officer

- Shouldn't you be in class?
- I'm going this afternoon.

We had a stall with my parents,
last week-end.

- What stall?
- My parents are second hand dealers.

My father's an expert on WWI.


"WWI", that's nice.

What's his name?


I'm going to the necropolis.
Ever been there?

- You're investigating the burglary?
- Yes.


You're related to Max Keller?

You can drop me here.
It's fine.

- Thanks. Bye.
- Bye.

Did you see dad?

I saw the houseman.
He's going through more tests.

You went to the hospital?

I'm there.

I was having a cigarette break,
so I called you.

- You're really at the hospital?
- Yes.

I'll leave you.
I'll go back to him.

At the hospital?
You're fooling me?

Why are you lying?

Where's my father?
What happened to him?

He was never admitted in any ward.

It's true.
He never had a heart attack.


He left with another woman.
He left us.

What are you talking?
It's bullshit.

I didn't know how to tell you.

I was too ashamed.

How could I have known that...?

He was so jealous.

- Who's it? Do I know her?
- No.

Me neither, in fact.

I only know she's 35.

It's your fault your husband left.

You're cold hearted,
never there for us.

You can't say that.

- You don't know.
- He always took care of me.

You won't stop me
from seeing him.

He left you, not me.

I'm his daughter
and always will be.

For the next time,
look over chapter 4.

Your last exam was a catastrophe.

Goodbye, everybody.

Cheyenne, can I talk to you?


You're often absent.
Anything's wrong?

No. All's well.

Problems in your foster family?

You're botching your homework.
You need to wake up.

Hear me?


Hello, Cheyenne.

Your lover found another chick.

He's gone.

Bloody idiot.

Cheyenne, calm down.

Lionel Keller. Leave a message
and I'll get back to you. Thanks.

Cheyenne, remember
we've got rules here

that you must respect,
even if you're down.

Otherwise we're stuck.

Don't bang the doors
and answer when I say "hello".

Bad news from your father?


He's still in a coma?


I'm sure he'll come through.

Hey, happy birthday.


Come on, come on!

Happy birthday, Cheyenne

Happy birthday...
Come on, smile!


I've got a gift for you.

I didn't want to give it
in front of everybody.

Happy birthday.


- Where are you?
- Here.

You did this?

Dammit, the cops!

I'll go behind. See you.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Remember me?

We heard some youth
were hanging around on the rooftops.

Were you with them?

I don't go up.
I'm afraid of heights.

You didn't answer the other day:
you're related to Max Keller?

Yes, he's my brother. Why?

I'd just like to know
where he hangs out.

Me too.

When did you last see him?

Saturday, in St-Omer.

He came to say hi
and went to his girlfriend.

- You know her name?
- No.

You have no news from Max
since then?

No, I promise you.

You call him
when you want to see him?

No. It's he who comes.

He's forever changing mobiles.

When he comes, he's on his bike?

Can I go? I've got class.

What's your name?


Happy birthday, darling.

- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday, Cheyenne.

Make a wish, sweetie.

- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.

I'm gone a minute.

- Yes?
- Hi.

- Happy birthday, little sis.
- Thanks.

I wanted to call you earlier
but I was snowed under.

Come on Sunday.
We can have a party.

Mum will need me.
I don't know how she's managing.

Any news of dad?

No, why?

- You knew about the hospital?
- What "hospital"?

We're waiting for you,
for the cake.


Actually, he'd never been admitted.
He left.

I don't get it at all.
He was in hospital or not?

I'll tell you all about it
when we meet, alright?


- Pauline?
- Yes?

No one else called me
for my birthday.

Yet, dad never forgot.
It's the 1st time.

I don't know where he is.

You OK, Cheyenne?

Want me to come?

No, no. There's no need.

Tight kisses.

Cheyenne! Cheyenne!

You're lucky,
he won't press charges.

How old are you?

I just turned 16.

Why did you steal that moped?

You're doing like your brother.

Want to be in trouble, like him?

I wanted to see my sister.

And you need a moped?

She's in Lille
and I have no money for the train.

You said your father's
a second hand dealer,

expert in WWI. Correct?

How can I contact him?

You certainly live somewhere.

In Beauséjour, in a foster family
to do my studies.

Where's your father?

I don't know.

He's not answering the phone
and he never calls me.

My parents
couldn't care a hang about me.

I'll close my eyes this time

but you stop your nonsense. OK?


Thanks a lot.

Let's take care of Max Keller.
I'm sure he's around.

What about the stuff
stolen from the necropolis?

Nothing on the Internet
and nothing on the market yet.

Why didn't you call me
instead of stealing that bike?

I'd have come.

I no longer have a dad.
I'll never forgive him.

I spoke to mum, last night.

She told me everything.

She didn't see a thing.
She was sure he was faithful.

It's surreal, isn't it?

Dad with a mistress.

And she's younger than him.

He's not ugly, but...

He's no Brad Pitt, right?

No way.



I'm in trouble.

I'll have to stay in hiding
for a while.

I won't be seeing you for some time.

Still dealing?

Of course not.

I'm on probation since last time.

If I do it again, I'm dead.
They'll send me down.

But why don't you work with mum?

No. I prefer the army.

Well, I think I'll enrol.

- You're crazy!
- Why say that?

It's super dangerous.
There are wars everywhere.

You did something serious?

I can't tell you.

First dad, now you.

You are all leaving me.

Max, please don't leave.

Well... I'll think about it.

But I can't promise.

What'll happen if I stay here?

I'll be squatting anywhere,
I'll be boozing,

messing around.

In the army,
I'll start from scratch.

I'll behave.

- See what I mean?
- Yes.

Oh, shit!

- What?
- Shit! Your birthday!

Wait, I've got something for you.

What is it?

It's nothing much to look at,
but it works.

You can find lots of things
and make good cash.

And with this,

it's even better.


You must be patient.

Go on.

Give me that.
It's dangerous. Show me.


What will you do with that?

I know a dealer who collects them.

No worries.


I'll drop you back?

You again?

Are you following me?

No need to be paranoid, miss.

I was at the necropolis.

Still investigating the robbery.
Shall I drop you?

No, thanks. I prefer walking.

Those things are forbidden.

Plus, it's dangerous.

You could fall on a mine
or a shell.

It doesn't work.

Come on, get in.

Get in.

What's in there?

It's a gift.

If ever I catch you doing graffiti,

I can give you a fine.
It's forbidden.

Don't look at me like that.

I'm almost certain
your detector's working.

You never stop being a cop.

Must be fun at home.


it would be nice
if you stopped provoking.

Next time, I won't be so lenient.

- Alright?
- Will you arrest me?


You've done something wrong?

I'd like to know
what's in your head.

Go on, go home.

My father's disappeared.
Something happened to him.

What makes you think that?

He didn't call for my birthday.

I know you're sad.

But we don't investigate
someone missing a birthday.

Forget it.
You don't get it.

Cheyenne, wait!

When did your father disappear?

He left my mum for someone else
after the fair at Saint-Omer.

He told me about my gift
the night he left.

He would have at least called me.

Dates mean a lot to him.
Especially my birthday.

He'd never have done that.

- When did he leave?
- Saturday 10, at night.

- What happened?
- We were sleeping at the hotel.

When I woke up, he'd already gone.

His van was still there.

Can you help me?

I can't investigate
just like that.

We need a declaration
for a missing relative.

I'll sign that request.

You're a minor.

- So nothing can be done?
- Not much.

I'm sorry to say, but you know,

your father's allowed to leave.

You can contact the prosecutor
but she might not follow it up.

Lionel Keller, Max's father,
is an antiquarian,

specialised in WWI.

He disappeared when the necropolis
was broken into.

Strange coincidence.

His wife says he left her,

his daughter's surprised
he's not giving news.

He left in the middle of the night
without his van.

His mistress, or an accomplice,
took him in their car.

Or Max.

By the way, I've got news.

Max was hanging around near Pierquin,

boozing and bumming around.

Very well.

Does Lionel Keller have a record?

Let me check.


the antiquarian's here.
- Coming.

See if he's used
his credit card and mobile

since the 10th.

Check the hospitals.
Never know.

Hi, Milan. Thanks for coming.

What can I do for you?

- Lionel Keller, ever heard of?
- I know the family.

Lionel's a real expert on WWI.

- Think he's clean?
- Yes, I do.

A big mouth, but rather friendly.

- Always ready to help.
- How's his mistress?

"His mistress"?
I've only seen him with his wife.


Alright, thanks.

Keller hasn't used his credit card
since the 10th.

Let's talk to the son.

Pierre, come with me.

No wonder he loses it.

Hi, Max.

Off you go, guys.
It's tea time.

I wanted to know
how you were doing.

I heard you're working
with your father.

My father?
The less I see him, the better.

You saw him on the 10th,

in Saint-Omer?


I hadn't seen
my mother and sister in a while.

How long did you stay?

Dunno. Half an hour.

Where did you go afterwards?

Saint-Omer's 70 kms
from the necropolis.

It's 45 min by bike.

Why the heck would I go
to the necropolis?

I met up with my girlfriend.

We stayed together.

- All night?
- Almost.

My mother said
the old man was losing it.

By the time I arrived,
he'd already left, around 6 a.m.

I drove my mother

and sister back in the van.

Your father took part
in creating this catalogue.

That's how you learnt
the value of the pieces exposed?

I didn't do that catalogue.

I have no network of collectors,

and I didn't disappear that night.

You've got the wrong Keller.

My father's got money problems.
See where he lives.

Let's suppose so.

What will he get out of it?

Hardly 100,000 euros?

That's enough to start anew?

- Hi, Gérard.
- Hi, Cheyenne.

OK, sweetie?

- Searching for your mum?
- I've come to help her unload.

That's nice. She won't be long.
She was packing up

when I left the fair.

Wanna buy it?

- Look at the date. 1911.
- Two marks.

It's valued 20 euros.

I'll give you 10,
because it's you.

Had any news from your dad?

I haven't seen him since Saint-Omer.
We're just pals.

I don't know what he does.

Don't worry.
He'll turn up sometime.

There's your mum.

- Thanks, Gérard.
- Di niente.

- Hi there.
- Hi, darling.

- I'll do it.
- Thanks. I'm knackered.

I saw Max.

He's not OK.
He wants to enrol.

- Bye, girls. Have a good day.
- Bye, Gérard. Thanks.

Take the box of shells.
I'll write down the sales

on the accounts books.

"Thursday 2 July, 2015.

"Laura, my love,
I'm sorry for everything.

"I know I'm making you sad.

"I'm upset for I'm ashamed
you don't even have your own house.

"I will soon start building
on the land my grandfather left me,

"my only property.

"If you still want me,

"if you are with me,
I know I can change,

"and offer you a nice life.

"I love you. Lionel."

Pauline called.
She's coming for dinner tonight.

Leave everything in the lorry.

You saw her?

- Saw who?
- The woman with whom he left.

I don't want to talk about it.

He can't have left on foot.
She surely waited somewhere.

- I'm tired.
- Tell me how it happened.

- You woke up and he'd gone?
- Stop it now!

He didn't leave anything for me?
He didn't say anything?

Bloody answer me!

So, you OK?

- Managing on your own?
- Yes, it's OK.

The people are nice and helpful.
Isn't it Cheyenne?

I just hope I won't
come across him at some fair

with that slut.
I won't bear it.

You'd like him to come back?

It's a bit hard without him.
I'm not used to it.

I miss him.

But sometimes I feel
I'm better off alone.

Dad can't have left her.

I read a letter
where he says he loves her,

he wants to make her happy.

- It must be an old letter.
- He wrote it 3 months ago.

He wrote her lots of letters.

He adored her...

but he'd beat her up.

When it was too much,

she'd run away.

You can't remember, you were 3,

but once, she took
all 3 of us with her.

Daddy would get
so despondent when she left.

I don't know how often
I saw him cry.

He'd swear it was the last time,

that he wouldn't do it again.

Mum would come home...

and it started again.

No, I don't believe you.

It can't be.

They'd argue, he'd shout at her,

tell her harsh things,
but that's all.

I was never scared of Dad.

I'd have sensed it
if he beat her up.

But I was scared of him.

He calmed down when you were born.

He was careful in front of you.

His baby girl, his favourite.

But Max used to get full.

Max got bloody full and plenty.

I wore glasses so he hesitated.

It was terrible
because we loved him.

He was kind.
He had humour, too.

We'd do anything to please him.

Then, suddenly,

just like that,

for no reason,

he'd get mad.

As though there was
a devil in him.

I'm not going back to Nadia's.

I'm staying with you.

You can't, honey.

Now I'm on my own,
I'll be away more often.

Before, your dad would bargain hunt
and I'd do the selling.

But now...

But you could have a shop,

with a flat above.

We'd always be together.

It's expensive to have a shop.

You could take on a partner.

We'll see.

I don't know where I'm heading.

Oh, sweetheart.

This is for you.

You should be happy.

Your father offered you this?

It's yours.

I don't want it.

Want to make me happy?

Then, accept it.

Lionel Keller. Leave me a message
and I'll call you back. Thanks.


I didn't know
dad was violent to you.

You never noticed my face?

Don't remember the black eyes?

The bruises?


That means you really
didn't want to see.

Yes, I saw them.

But I thought
you used to fight in school.

The first time he kicked me out,
I wasn't even 14.

I was a kid.

And I had nowhere to go.

You think he wondered where I was,

how I'd manage to live,

if I needed money or whatever?

No way.

Not one bit.

If he was less brutal,
I wouldn't have messed up so much.

I was so scared of him,
I started drinking

Alcohol, drugs,

I never liked it.
It just helped me.

I don't want to talk about it,

Where is he?

I don't know and I don't care.

There are 3 kinds of texts
for direct argumentation.

Essays, for instance.

Essays are subjective
and personal texts,

in which the author
talks to himself.

Can you repeat what I said?

Can I go to the sickroom?

Go ahead.

The author talks to himself.

He admits the subjectivity
of his speech.

He uses the pronoun "I".

- I'll tell him you're here.
- Thank you.


It was our daughter.

Her name was Juliette.

Sorry. I didn't know.

- I don't want to bother you.
- You're not.

Simon's with the birds.
He's waiting for you.

Oh, wow!

Show me your wing.

Oh wow, aren't you beautiful!

Come in.

We separate the couples
before a race.

Why's that?

The pigeons rush
to join their sweetheart.

- Ever been in love?
- None of your business.

This young one

is a promising champ.

He's yours if you want it.
You could teach him

to race.

There. Take him.

Block his legs,
like that, slowly.

Very slowly. There. Fine.

There you are. He's yours.

Thank you.

If you're gentle to it,

he'll always come back to you.

What's wrong, Cheyenne?

I miss my father.

I love him but I found out
horrible things about him.

He'd beat up my mother,
brother and sister.

How could I still love him?

Don't say that.

- He surely loves you.
- Why was he violent?

I don't know. I have no answer.

But he never hurt you.

I don't know where he is,
or why he disappeared.

but I hope he's alive.

He couldn't live
without my mother.


- You OK?
- Yep.

- Wait, I'll help you.
- Thanks.

We could eat together,
the three of us?

Wait for me.
I'll take this to the neighbour.

She bought it one week ago.

Cheyenne, don't forget
we're meeting the judge tomorrow.

What will you do there?

I've skipped class

lately, and...

I got a warning.

I guess he spoke
to the social worker.

I don't care.
She can't do anything to me.

I'm pals with a police captain.


Pals with who?

Well, we talk. That's all.

Are you stupid?

He's using you to catch me.

He's accusing me of the burglary.
Want me jailed up?

I wanted to know where dad was.
I asked him to help me.

We don't want to know
where he is!

We don't want him back.

Understand that?

- He's going to stir the shit!
- I told him to forget it.


I'm getting mad like dad.

And I don't want to.
One second.


Come early in the afternoon.

I'll call you back.

It was dad's. He always wore it.

It must have caught on
to something and fallen.


The clasp is broken.


You think school's optional?

How many times did you miss?

- I had stomach pain.
- There's no excuse letter.

I didn't know.

Who are you with
when you're not in class?

What are you up to?

If you go on, your parents won't get

subsidies to send you
to a foster family.

You won't be able to stay
at Nadia Werbrouck's.

You'll go to boarding school.
That's what you want?

No, but...

Please excuse her.

Cheyenne's been very perturbed
after her father left.

Actually, he left me.

Can you leave us, please?

Want to talk about it?

I think he's dead.

I can't stop thinking about it.

He can't have left
with another woman all of a sudden,

without telling me,
without saying bye.

He never gave news,

not even for my birthday.

We never saw him
with another woman.

I'm sure she doesn't exist.

Mrs Keller,

Cheyenne is overwhelmed
thinking her father could be dead.

My daughter makes up stories.

Some friends came across my husband
at a stall in Belgium.

He's living abroad.

He left his family penniless.
She's always been fond

of her father. She's sad.

So she tells herself stories

so as not to face facts.
- What are you talking?

You've always had
a lot of imagination, darling.

When you were small
you liked to tell fibs.

So I'm the liar?

I'm the one talking nonsense?

I know it's hard, sweetie,

but you must get used to it.

He had it on Saturday night
at the hotel. I remember.

I saw it
when he wished me goodnight.

He can't have lost it.

It was his grandfather's.

He kept it on,
even when he showered.

Then why did I find it in his van?

And this?

Why didn't he take it?

He can't work without his licence.

What are you gonna do?

Call the police?

You realise how it will impact
mum or Max?

Listen, I dunno.

But I need to know where dad is,

if he's dead or alive.

I can't continue like this.

I'm going crazy. Not you?

- You think Max could have...?
- No idea.

I love him heaps.
But I need to know the truth.


They're our family.

Because Dad isn't?

Who is he? A stranger?

Listen, I dunno.

Do as you like. OK?

But I can't.

I don't have the strength.


You OK

Had dinner?

I'm not hungry.

Léa, can you leave us, please?

I know about you meeting the judge.

I'm responsible
if you don't go to school.

We should trust each other.

- I know it's hard...
- It's not just that.

It's Max.

What did he do?

I know him well, you know?

He stayed here for a few months.

For you, it's to study.
For him, it was...

It was different.

What do you mean?

Child protection
brought him here when he was 7.

He was a brave little boy.

He'd sleep in your mum's bed
to protect her from your father.

He never gave up.

That's why he's mad.

But he's not a bad boy.

Dear Madam,

I'm writing to you to declare
that my father, Lionel Keller

has disappeared.

My family says
he's left with another woman,

but I think something terrible
has happened.

I found his pendant
that he never removed

and that he wore the evening
of his supposed departure,

in a place where
he can't have gone before leaving.

I also found his driving licence.

I'm sure he'd have taken it.
He can't work without it.

Her letter's very touching.

You think that mistress
doesn't exist?

We combed through
Keller's phone calls.


- You think he's dead?
- Yes.

I think his son Max killed him.

I'm almost certain
he's responsible for the burglary.

I don't know what happened,
if the father got to know,

or if Max freaked out
when the guardian was assaulted,

but there must have been
a severe row, another one.

Max didn't give in.
Things got ugly,

and the father died.

- Maybe by accident.
- And the mother?

She knows,
but she's protecting him.

I need proof.

- You've got nothing solid?
- Not even a body.

My only lead
is a number in Germany

that Max called many times
before the burglary.

It's a collector.

That won't do.

If you allow me to tap the family,

we might learn more.

If Max Keller is a murderer

and he hears that
Cheyenne filed a complaint,

she's in danger, too.

I know.

OK, alright.

But Cheyenne shouldn't know
an investigation's underway.

Thank you.

You didn't play truant?

One day, you'll be my champion.

You're killing yourself.

Just one from time to time.
Want one?

No, no.

I'm not allowed.
I promised Hélène.

When I was small
I wanted to smoke like my dad.

So he bought me some chocolate ones,
wrapped in paper,

and we'd smoke together.

I did that too with my daughter.

What happened to her?

She got a lymphoma.

She died when she was 18.

She'd be 30, today.

She wanted to be a pilot.

It was her dream.

So I took her for her first flight,

before she could...

No CCTV at reception?

To watch who?
The hotel's been empty lately.

It's the crisis,
even for the hotel business.

The Keller family,

rings a bell?


There's no one at night.

We give a code to the clients
who come back late.

I never saw them.
But they're not clean.

The next day, when we did the room,

we noticed they'd taken a lamp

and a counterpane.

They took a lamp like this one?

Exactly the same.
It made a pair.

There's another exit?

Yes, the backdoor.
It's for the deliveries.

But it's usually locked.

- Cavalier, do you hear me?
- Yes.

I've got the recordings
of a CCTV facing the hotel,

where the Kellers slept
from the 10th to the 11th.

Never know.

- I'll take a look.
- What news of the tapping?

Laura Keller called her son.
Suddenly she said:

"Cheyenne spoke nonsense
to the judge.

"I hope it won't cause
a catastrophe."

Max didn't answer.

He stayed silent and hung up.

By the way, the girl

is in your office, captain.

Tell her I'm on my way.

The prosecutor read my letter?

- Hello.
- Yes, sorry. Hello.

That's better.

She'll order an investigation?

She didn't get back to me.

So she doesn't care.
Why don't you call her back?

Hey, there! Calm down.

- She's not convinced.
- Why?

Because your father's not among
the unidentified bodies.

We checked all over France.
That's some good news.

I'll extend the research,
but it could take time.

But his licence
and the military medal is proof.


He could have made up his death

to disappear, and get false papers.

But who're we talking about?
A criminal or my dad?


Coming for the pigeon release
on Sunday?

I don't care about your pigeons.

We'll talk
when you start investigating.

You're a pain.

I know.

I've been told that often.

It's not what I meant.

You're not all that nice,
in the end.

You came alone?

Diego'll be coming in 5 minutes.

He went to buy us kebabs.

I won't be long.

What got into you
with that judge? Huh?

What will you get
by talking, you idiot?

Who will help you live afterwards?

We're your only family.
We must stick together.

Because of you,
the cops will be on my back,

and they won't leave me.

I'll go down
for something I didn't do?

Oh! I have no alibi,
for Saturday evening.


what happened to dad?

- Did you fight?
- Don't you repeat that!

Come on, give me his medal.
Where is it?

- You gave it to your gendarme?
- Leave me!

Leave her.

What's your problem?

What's your problem?

You just mind your business.

Bloody idiot.

Stop it, Max. Stop it!

Keep quiet.

I'm telling you.

Keep quiet, Cheyenne.

Max Keller
comes to the hotel on his bike.

It's 4 a.m. He lied
about the time he arrived.

The backdoor was open.

- Or maybe both doors.
- Yes.

It's to take or drop something.

You need both doors open
to get a body out.

3 people leave
but they're not the same.

One's missing.

Lionel Keller.

He didn't leave the hotel.

- You bastards.
- Stop it.

You're caught.

Get out of there.

Get out of there, I said.




What, "Max"?

There's no "Max".

Calm down.

And listen to me, please.

Give that to me.

Give that to me.


Come on.


You will be heard

for the investigation
on the burglary at the necropolis.

Take him.

Why did you steal
those pictures and medals?

What did you want to do
with the money?

Get out of here,
start from scratch.

Shared with you mother,
by chance?

She told you where to find them.

She never set foot
in the necropolis.

You father had listed them.

So she knew their value.

What did you and your mother talk
on Saturday?

There was no reason
for you to come.

I already told you.

My mother texted me

because that damn idiot
was losing it.

She was scared. So I went.

You arrived at 4 a.m., not 6.

Why did you lie?

- Bullshit.
- We've got proof.

A CCTV video.
You arrived at 4 a.m.

At 5:20, you, your mother
and sister left the hotel,

in the van.

Was your dad there
when you arrived?


He'd already left.

I'd already told you that.


Then what the hell did you do

between 4 and 5:20?
- Nothing!

My mother was shattered.

My sister and her were crying.

I was there.

I held them in my arms, that's all.

You killed him, right?

You defended her?

I'd have done the same,

if someone had hurt my mother.
- I didn't kill him.

My father's alive.
He left with his lover, that's all.

If I ask the forensics

to check the van,

I'm sure they'll find blood.

What would that prove?

It could have been
when settling his stuff,

a bit plastered.

Isn't it?

Where's the body?

Oh, dammit!

I don't know where it is.

I didn't kill him.

I didn't kill him.


for your sisters,

for Cheyenne and Pauline.

So they can bury him properly.
You owe them that.

I'm a rogue, not a murderer.


Pauline just called her mother.

If you know, tell me.

I need to know.
I beg you, mum.

After all we've both
been through with dad,

you know you can trust me.


I won't say...
I won't say anything,

not even to Cheyenne.
I swear.

It was an accident.

Was it Max?

Lionel blasted towards your brother
to hit him.

He'd become totally crazy.

Max defended himself.

But he didn't want to.

Where's dad now?

Where is dad?

Mum, tell me, please.

He's where he always wanted
to end his days.

The letter.

Laura, my love,

I'm sorry about everything.

I know I make you miserable.

"I get mad for I'm ashamed
you don't even have your own house.

"I will soon start building
on the land my grandfather left me,

"my only property.

"If you still want me,

"if you are with me,
I know I can change,

"and offer you a nice life.

"I love you. Lionel."



Your father's dead.

We've just found him.

Cheyenne was knocked out.

she was lying down
in the room next door.

I removed her shoes.

"She was knocked out"?

Because of the sleeping tablets.

I often put some

in my husband's beer,
before he could get annoyed,

so he wouldn't become violent.

That evening,
it's Cheyenne who drank it.

Max, what you doing here?
Get out.

I've not come to see you.

I've come for my mother and sister.

Come on!

- It's been a while.
- Hi, handsome.

When I came at 4 a.m.,

they were still awake.

Dad was in a fit
and mum couldn't cope.

He was violent?

He didn't want me
to see my son again.

He couldn't stand me
taking up for him.

He was jealous of him.

When Max came,
it only made things worse.

- Right. Where were you?
- I was here.

And you, where were you?

I was there.

Get going, Max! Go!

Don't stay with that shitbag.
Aren't you tired

of hurting everyone?

How dare you!

Get out!

I hit back.

It was a reflex.

I'd never dared hit him before.

Never. It was the first time.

When I saw him flat out,

on the ground, not moving,

I freaked out.

He was dead.

What did you do?

Well, I...

I panicked.

According to the coroner,

the bang on his head
when he hit the radiator

wasn't fatal.

But the blows on his temple
and forehead were.

All in all,

his skull was smashed in.

You know what I think?

You took the lamp, here,

the same as this one,

and you hit your father

many times.

Go ahead.

It's not Max.

What did you do with the body?

I managed to drag him down,

the best I could,

and put him in the van.


I could never have left him.

I'd have always gone back to him.

It had to stop.

I'll take you to your sister's?

I'd rather stay at yours.

Shall we?

Ludo, go ahead.

This film was based on facts,

that had a strong media
and legal impact.

The story and characters

are fictional.

Subtitles: ECLAIR