Chemmeen (1965) - full transcript

Karuthamma, the daughter of a Hindu fisherman, falls in love with a Muslim fish trader. However, social prejudices seem to ruin their love life and invite the wrath of their communities. Watch the full movie Chemmeen online, only on Eros Now.

Hey Chembakakunju, shouldn't we celebrate
today for having received a great catch

Such arrogance… his pocket is
full of money but still

Hey! But that’s not for drinking; he is
saving money to buy a boat and a net

But everything in the Sea belong
to the Marakkan (Sea People)

What else would the Marakkan need,
oh Velayudhan?

But Chembankunju wouldn’t quit
until he buys a boat and net.

Then why don’t you all go and "help" him

{All bursts into laughter}


Get this money inside, be very careful!

Are you not going back to sea

No, He is too tired! Let me have a bath

This is the usual attitude of the Marakkan

If he gets some money,
until it’s finished, he acts tired

Achankunjachaya!, here she comes….

{all burst into laughter}

You might be going to the toddy shop

Do u wish to come too?

Need money to buy rice

I don’t have any with me

Then why the hell did you go to sea

Just to get a view…

{All Laughs}

If it was Chakkichechi….

She is a bold and capable lady unlike her

Pha!!! who told you I am not smart!

That’s my dear love ( laughs)

Let's walk

Here goes the evil

Hope you find a dead snake in your liquor!


Are you all dumb to play
in front of the house??

Get out of here!

Where is Karuthamma?

Why do u ask? Sis was not given
to me for being looked after!

Pha!!! Go and look for her!

Chechiiiiii...... (big sis)


Please don’t make me laugh like this
Kochu Muthalali (young boss)

(Continues laughing)

You stare!


Again...please don't

What is this Kochu Muthalali?

(Kochumuthalali laughs)

My dad is going to buy a boat and net,
can you help us by giving some money?

I don’t have any money with me

Is this the wealthy Kochumuthali?

I have told you many times not to call me
Kochumuthalali (young boss)

Then what should I call you?

Call me Pariyakutti

Ayyo (gasp)...I won't call you that

Then I won't call you Karuthamma either


Uhh I will call you
Vallyamarakkathi (Great Sea Woman)



When you buy the boat and the net,
all the fish is for me right?

If you give us a good price

I'll give you the best!

Hard cash!

Done! Deal?






What the hell are you thinking about??

Mommy, Chechi was sitting by the boat
with Kochumuthalali and laughing!

Such laughter!

What the hell am I hearing?!

What are your intentions?!

When I was strolling by the beach
he was sitting by the boat

So you laugh??

I was asking for money for us to buy it

What authority do you have to do that?

Didn't you tell Dad that we must
ask Kochumuthalali for it?

So did I ask you, you brat!

You are an adult Marakkathi girl
(hinting at her feminine body)

Why do you need to deal with these people
from that community?

This wide ocean is has a real effect on us

If the Marakkathis (Sea Women) are
prim and proper

Kadalamma (Sea Goddess) will
give us everything

If not, She will destroy our household!!

Don't tell me I didn't warn you

Those of you who have to cross over
to the other shore of the sea

Those of you who have
to go for unseen gold

Those of you who have to cross over
to the other shore of the sea

Those of you who have
to go for unseen gold

What will you bring when you come back?
What will you bring

When you come back with your hands full?

Will you give me the ruby stones
Of the fisherman's daughters

On the waves of the Ocean of Milk on the
fourteenth night?


When those of you who have to set out in
your Sandalwood boats go, and come back

When those of you who have to set out in
your Sandalwood boats go, and come back

Will you bring me the good, sweet fish
In the big pond on the full moon day?

Will you give me the pearls of shyness
That the snake dancers in the starry sea

In nomads' stories wear?


When those of you who have to set out in
your Flowery boats go, go, and come back,

When those of you who have to set out in
your Flowery boats go, go, and come back,

Will you bring me the pigeon in the
illusory island in the lake of my mind?

On the midnight platform,
on the fifth platter,

Will you give me the divine
virgins' necklaces of marriage?

Those of you who have to cross over
to the other shore of the sea,

Those of you who have
to go for unseen gold,

What will you bring when you come back?

What will you bring
When you come back with your hands full?

Will you give me the ruby stones
Of the fisherman's daughters

On the waves of the Ocean of Milk on the
fourteenth night?

We will get the rest from Kochumuthalali

Shall I suggest something?

We won't have enough money for
the boat and the net

Let's get her married off with what
we have got

We don't need his money!

Yeah right..

Hey listen to me. I know all this

I don't need anyone to make these
recommendations! I'm human too

Oh! Some human!

Yeah keep saying that!

You go after your boat and the net!

Whatever happens, I won't take a dime
from this amount!

Don't even dream about it

You'll get your daughter married off to
some loafer

That's what's going to happen

Oh get lost

I've got a guy sorted

Without money? Must be some disabled guy

You wait and see!

You keep talking trash!
Go drown him in the sea


Who is this damn boat and net for?

Let's get her betrothed to
Vellamanali Velayudhan

No need

What's wrong with him?

Oh he's a simple Marakkan (Seaman)

If not for a Marakkan, whom are you
getting her married off to?

Kochumuthalali, I'd like to speak to you

You've gotta do me a favour

What would you like?

I'm going to buy a boat and net

Please loan me some money

How much will you need?

I'll need around 450 Rupees

I'll return it immediately and I'll and
I'll give you all the catch

I've spent all the money on fish though

Oh no, boss, you've gotta help me

I can give you fish, if that helps


Yeah that will do!
I'll sell it for cash

If then, come at night



What were you doing there?

That's why I called

Girls this age must not
loiter around sweetheart

You'll have needless feelings

Oh let it happen then

Oh don't betray us sweetheart

If Marakkathis (Sea Women) get these
feelings, our community will be ruined!

I was just kidding

This community survives because us
Marakkathis are prim and proper

Ya know?

Why are you saying all this now Mami?

Oh sweetie, you have a young mind

Just wanted you to be careful

Hey I'll show you a little trick

Every time you get such feelings, just
call out to Kadalamma (Sea Goddess)

And beg her to not destroy us

And then restrict yourself

I used to be like that

Is the count correct?

All good, boss!


Chakki, Why don't you grab everything
and put it inside..

Is Karuthamma sleeping?

She has already slept Kochumuthalali

I'm leaving now

I am worried

Maybe its because you're about to die!

Sadness it seems!



Come to me, dear myna, give me sweetness

In your beloved garden

who are you searching for, who?

Come to me, dear myna, give me sweetness

In your beloved garden

who are you searching for, who?

Come to me, dear myna, give me sweetness

The Nishagandhi flower has bloomed
in the land of the moonlight

The Nishagandhi flower has bloomed
in the land of the moonlight

Have you already forgotten
your old playmate?

Come to me, dear myna, give me sweetness

In your beloved garden

who are you searching for, who?

Come to me, dear myna...

The waves of the ocean
and the desires of the heart

The waves of the ocean
and the desires of the heart

Will never abate, my dear, will never...

Come to me, dear myna, give me sweetness

In your beloved garden

who are you searching for, who?

Come to me, dear myna...

Where is all this from?

Kochumuthalali gave this

Why can't he keep that with himself?

Mind your own business!

You forgot what I said?!

Come to me, my myna...




Did you know?

To buy the boat and the net, I lent cash

I gave it cause you had asked

Isn't all the fish for me? We made a deal.

Why are you crying?

Is it because I came here?

I'm a Marakkathi (Sea Woman)


Oh no! Mom will come now!

So what? I'm standing outside

You must not stand like that

It's wrong

If that's the case, I shall leave

Karuthamma, you love me, right?

Until death!

It's high season for fish
and you are young, boss

So what happened to me?

Not that, just spend your money wisely

Ok I am leaving


When your dad comes, tell him that
brother Joseph was looking for him

Will do!


I am going to Pallikunnen's house

I heard they have a boat to sell

If the deal is fair, I will close it


I will pay off my debt to you
using the proceeds from it

Okay, then I will come back later




Hey, my wife

Oh Nalla-Pennu!

Is there anything to eat?

I am a bit hungry

If you are hungry, swallow me!

Why are you talking like that?

Say something that's sensible

I'm famished!

Wasn't Chembankunju with you all the time
for all the deeds?


He is going to buy a boat and fishing net!

And we don't even have anything to cook

Then you go live with him


So if Chembankunju made money by starving
himself, I'm to suffer the consequences?


It is because of you and
your Marakkathi's mischief!

Don't talk shit about Marakkathis!

What mischief are you talking about?

What's your problem?

Jealousy, jealousy

Haha, towards your Marakkan? That scumbag?

Don't you talk shit!

Better take her with you

What the hell will you do? Piss off!

You better not make
Nalla-Pennu (Good girl), bad

Hey Nalla-Pennu, from today onward,
I'm going to earn well!

Meh, stop bluffing

Now, why are you saying that?

We should buy a boat and a fishing net
to curb their untoward ribald

If only you had thought of this before!

It's not that I didn't think about it

I would have earned something,
if we had kids

But then you don't want a child
even if you are to lose your head

Now, it's all because

Oh then I'll do it!

(Man humming)

What's there in the house of Achankunju,
we heard an orchestra there

Oh lord, what to say?! Chembankunju has
just gone to buy a boat

And his wife has already started
showing off


Who gave him permission to buy a boat,
he can only keep it on the shore

Not only that; isn't there a system
in place here in this shore

Isn't it unusual, here in this shore, to
not marry off a grown woman?

(hinting at her feminine body)

He thinks anything goes here,
let's go meet the Father

Let's see what's his opinion is

Hey, I have a question!

Are you mad at Chembankunju because
he boat a new boat and net?

Or is it because he hasn't married his
daughter off?

Assume we are having a tiff for both!

Ah...there it is. Jealousy!


So you are still on Chembakunju's side

People who love each other
will fight sometimes

We are childhood friends

If that's the case then we should
chase away the two of them

Wait and watch!

where are you from?

I heard that you are selling boat

Yes, we are! Please sit down

No thanks! I will stand here

No need for formalities, please take seat

Where are you coming from?

I'm coming from Neerkundathu

You might be tired after walking then

Hey Pappikunju! Pappikunju!


Bring something to drink for him

He came by to buy our boat

Would buttermilk do?

Whatever you have

Don't you want to see the boat?

I saw the boat on the shore

Then tell me the rate for it

Tell me the rate from your side

Please keep the drink on the table


Take it and drink

If there is any trouble on the shore
how can we not inform you, Father?

So we came

Is it necessary to buy boat when
the girl is now of marriageable age?

So we asked you

Father, you need find a solution for this!

I will teach him

Let him buy the boat and reach here

Let them all know that, not a single
soul is to step on his boat!

I don't want to sound like I'm haggling
but don't we need a mutual understanding?

Please don't say anything and take this!

This is all I've got

The amount that I had
first mentioned, is there

I guess we can agree on this then

I wish you good fortune, Chembankunju!

Dad, I want to go and watch a movie today

Is that all? Then go and watch

Is this your son?


I have only one child

Lunch is ready, please come

Let's go then

Dear did the person who went
to buy boat come back?

Oh who cares!

How can he think of buying boat
when the girl is of marriageable age?

Hey dummie! How can they make money then?

They need to profit from her...


Isn't that your job, you filthy woman?!

Don't you come to my turf and talk crap!

What are you going to do, crazy Paru?

Don't act too smart. You and your
Marakkan will learn a lesson!

The men have gone to the
Father of the community!

And what is he going to do?!

We know what to do with you lot!

Ugh, leave it.

Haha. Kids. Do you see our boat?

Did you?

Ayyo you look worn out!

Come have lunch!

Ah did you make something?


I think it's expensive material

That too, one solid piece

This was the boat at Pallikkunnu

What to say? The whole beach is against us

Ask them to get lost. If we have enough
money, the Father will be on our side!

Don't touch our boat

Hey get away kid! What are you doing
messing around with the boat?

Scram! Where are you even from?!

Did you decide on who is getting
on the boat?

Ah it is Achankunju. Everything will
work as you say now

I'll take care of your share too


So are you just staying here? Didn't you
know that Chembankunju had called?

For real?
Guys, why didn't you tell me this?

Did you call me?


You didn't?

Whom all are going on the boat?

Whomever I like to have there!

Oh ho. So it's like that now

What is it Chembankunju?

Is there not a Lord of the House now?

It was out of my foolishness

I'll fall on your feet

Please forgive me

You shouldn't repeat this error


You can go now

That's not enough, Father

When I get the boat going, you should come

Oh, no need for that

You can go ahead

I don't have anybody, oh Father

What if they stir up trouble?

In this beach? I'd need to see them try!

Oh Chembankunju, go off bravely

I'm there for you

The fish (catch) on the boat is all
for me, right?

You won't talk?

Shall I go?

Someone will see

Karuthamma, do you love me?


Just me?


Lemme go


No. Lemme go

What did we do to these people?

Do we need to do anything? Jealousy!

Why did you have to bring
this to yourself anyway?

If only we had married her off
with the money we had

Would we have to go through all this?

Oh shut up

We have a boat now. All we need are
different types of nets now

We'll get that



Now look at us getting the bad eye

If only we had made the gold for her

There is a way

What is it?

That? We need to get that guy

Be quiet! Karuthamma says
he's below her league

If she finds out, we will clash!

Then what else do we have?

Pareekutty must give us 500 rupees!

You must ask!

I can't deal with this

Then the boat will just sit at the shore

Let it go then!

Will you even give all this money back?

I'm on it!

I'll give it back with interest!

Now, go try it out

Ugh, you give me a hard time!

Do I need to go right now?

Oh please do, my Chakki


Did you get it?

You did?

You're a smart one!

Poor kid

There is an auspicious time day after

We will get it out then!

When will you give this money back?

Trust me on this my lady!

Do you have any shame,
oh Marakkaan (Seaman)

For you to go uninvited

Oh you get lost! Our squabble is over

He will definitely want me there

Release the boat!

It's time, oh Chembankunju!

Stay blessed!

Can you push please?

What do you think, Achankunju?

The weight is to the West, eh?

The turn is South

Is that a good thing, Achankunju?

It should be fine I reckon

All the fish is for me, right?

Is that a matter of discussion?

I'll give you the finest price

That's up to you

Once this great catch is over,
we will give you the money

What if I don't want it?

Oh don't say that, my child,
we will pay you for sure

Thinking that I can get on his boat,
I didn't even bother getting on another

Ah then suffer!

You were talking so much about
you and Chembankunju being one!

Yeah my chance will come!

Oh Nallapennu. I will buy it


Boat and net

Go tell that to real men, oh Marakkaan!

I will buy it, woman

Then who am I?
Valakkaaran (Net guy) Achankunju

And you?

Thengakola (Coconut bunch) [BS]

Coming up front is
Chembankunju's boat, right?

Oh that arrival is dramatic

Oh don't keep saying stuff

The catch is sardines!
The crows are feasting on it

Oh there's a queue

Hurry up, Velayudhan!

Mommy, it is sardines! I will take
one from it and will sell it dry!


(Unintelligible curses)

Scram! You dog!

You cruel man (inaudible)

Mom and daughter at it already!
Don't touch this!

Ah it's a good catch!

Would you like to sell to me?

Do you have the dough for it?

Need money for it

Need money, I've got it

Tell me the price

He didn't give the fish to Kochumuthalali

Didn't you discuss the price?

Didn't have hard cash

I could've given the best price

Oh Mother!

I can't tolerate this

Don't cry

We will pay him his money back

You pulverised my child!

You have too much arrogance!

Why didn't you give
fish to Kochumuthalali?

He didn't have cash!

Didn't you take all his money?!

You mind your own business!

God won't forgive you!

I don't need his forgiveness!

Why don't you pay him his money
from this bunch?

Let it wait

You fool, don't we need to enjoy
like that couple in Pallikkunnu?

In this old age?

So what about that?

His wife is as old as you

But when you see her walk
all dressed up, you'll be mesmerised!

I don't want to hear about these girls

I'll fix you up properly
and get you all healthy!

And we need to enjoy!

What is it?


(Indistinct chatter of fishermen)

Chembankunju, could you give me the fish?

Do you have the dough? If not, go!

Either you need to give him his money!

Or fish!

Why is it that you can't do either of them??

I don't feel like it!

Who the hell are you to ask me!?

You're the one who made me borrow money from him

Well then, go give him his money yourself!

Dad, we must give him that money.

Yeah yeah go give it

Pha!!!! Matters between men
will be sorted out by men!

Why should you get all angry about it?

Why is your place so dilapidated son?

It'll all get right once I get enough fish, Father

There's lot of fish in the harbor.
Why are you not doing any business?

Dad, that's because, my business
is not rooting well

Ohh. Then tell me, how much money
do you have with you right now?

Dad, you don't need to worry about it.
I'll try to make my business right

(Drunken singing Folk Song)

Oh, Nallappennu

Hey, don't you have any shame man!

Saving up for a boat and net it seems! Huh!

Coming up all drunk and out of senses!

Hey girl, you wait till the next Chakara
(great catch) I'll have a boat in the sea!

Stop blabbering! You'll get a life only when you stop drinking.

This damned drinking!

Haven't I told you not to say that?? Huh??

(Beats her!)

Why are you not crying girl?

(Scoffs at him in disgrace)

You are the Nallapennu (Good girl)

I can't lie down hungry here any longer.
Take some money and go buy some rice!

Aha, don't you wan't anything else?

I won't take a penny from it,
even if I were to die

Then, go buy some rice from somewhere!

Well, that's a man's job at home

I'll kick you for good, yeah!

Get up first. And then kick me!

Girl, go buy the rice!

The Sea Goddess seems unhappy

Now, when will we get a good catch?

We are all about to die of hunger!

Do you have the mind to work?

If yes, no one will stay hungry.
I'm gonna take the boat to the sea.

Would we get anything though?

If we don't, then we go where we do

I'm going into the outer sea. I just can't afford to not work!

We gave it despite our lack of it

I know sister, but we are in desperate condition

Hey sister, you can keep this with you

Ah 'Nallapennu', you've come too?

I'm done. We are completely out of money here

Don't say that to me, sister

Alright, I can give, because it's you.
How much do you want?

I just want 2 Rupees

Don't take the utensil mom.
Give her the 2 Rupees

No need, it's alright.
Let it stay here as a collateral

Mom, why did you accept that vessel?

Of course I will, we need to be sure.
It is two rupees!

Then, without any guarantee someone is
giving a thousand rupees as well Mom

There you go again.
I'm not saying anything now

Y'all coming here like I'm printing money

Sister, it is because we don't have
money for food

Ah now everybody needs Chakki's money!

Since when did you get rich?

Get off my property!

I should sanitise myself if I enter it!

Pthoo! Pthoo!

Ah just who I was looking for!

I need 150 rupees master

I have a boat. i will return it with
the rate of interest you ask for

Come home tomorrow

Hey Nallapennu!

Get that matchstick

Hey Nallapennu!

Matchstick it seems! It's been days since
I even lit the stove!

You should think of this
when you drink away all your money

Don't worry, we will get
a great catch again

It's so cold!


Are you crazy? What are you laughing for?

So you didn't know. I'm going to buy
another boat and net!

Got an opportunity!

Oh then let me show you something as well

Ah a cot?

Yes I got it from a woodworker for
4.75 Rupees

Is it worth it?

So you've decided to enjoy life!

It's good

We need a mattress like the one at
the Pallikkunnu house!

All you talk about is that
Pallikkunnu house!

I think all you think about
are those ladies!

Who wouldn't fall in love with them?

I will get you fixed up and "healthy"
like them

Come sit here, lemme see!

No need to see now!

Oh come on! We need to enjoy!

O' those with the brand new nets!

O' the dwellers of the shore

At the Purakkat shore we now
have a great catch!

A shoal! A shoal! A shoal!

As the South West Monsoon ends,
the skies are now clear

As the South West Monsoon ends,
the skies are now clear

We waited and craved this great catch!

A shoal! A shoal! A shoal!

O' Oarsman who seeks the mystical fish

O' Oarsman who casts the golden net
over the sky

The fish that slumber in the endless
waves over the horizon still won't do

The fish that prance to the sweet
rhythm won't do either

O' give us the milkfish that hail
from the ocean of milk

Give us the flower tailed shrimp!
O' give it to us!

A great catch! On the shore hereafter
it is a festival!

Hey great catch! On the waves hereafter
it is a competition!

A great catch! On the shore hereafter
it is a festival!

Hey great catch! On the shore hereafter
it is a festival!

Thamara, Panchami, weave the nets!

Sew the sweet golden nets, sweetheart!

Onam (Malayali Harvest festival) has come

O' Onam has arrived!

Our Onam! Our Onam! Our Onam!

Isn’t today the day for
fountain fireworks for our sea!

Isn’t today the eve of Onam!

O' folk song singing nightingale

Have you seen the dance
from across the seven seas

O' Sea Goddess
let the boats sway on your waves

Let the boats rock to this rhythm
(Atthilum Itthilum)

A great catch! Our nets are
filling up with mackerel!

Hey great catch! Pockets are
ringing dear brothers!

A great catch! Our nets are
filling up with mackerel!

Hey great catch! Pockets are
ringing dear brothers!

Venture forth and return,
all you who stand at the shore’s doorstep!

Venture forth and return,
I have no more fish to give you!

Eliya! Eliya. Eliya. Eliya. Eliya
(rowing rhythm)

You truly are the son of the sea!

Well-done boy!

Where are you from?

From Far South

Enough! You are not good enough
to trade on the beaches!

You need to wind up your
business and come home!

No Dad, I'm not coming home

If you want, give me my share
of the property

So now you want your share eh?

Your sister needs to be married off

There is hardly 40 cent of land left

How much share do you want from this?

Then you can leave father, I'm not coming

Chakki, Have you noticed that boy?

He looks very smart

Who is he?

He is suitable for our Karuthamma

We will invite him for lunch tomorrow

We can't let him go



What's your name, son?


Aha! Why are you laying down here?

Would you like to come to my house?



Go and give it to them, my child


Have it!

Eat well, my child, eat!

So, you don't have a house?

Why do I need one?

Where will you sleep then?

I sleep on the beach

What kind of a life is that, my child?

What do you do with the money you earn?

I eat it up!

Oh that's not right!

It is time for you to get settled

Live in a home!

I have found a suitable bride for you!

Have you seen my daughter?


Would she do?


Then ask someone from your side
to come and see her!

But I don't have anyone!

Would that be the right thing?

Oh it's enough!

The guy just needs to like her

Do you like her?


Will we ever get such a good guy!

The Sea Goddess has blessed us!

Why are you like this?

Is the boy for you?

Oh is he for you?

The two of us will conquer the seas!

You'll see!

Chembankunju has bought the second boat!

Here is someone just sitting at home!

Get up and go!

Am I sitting here bothering you?

Isn't it?


This monster!!!

How dare you!

Hey! A true fisherman does
not own nets and boats!

Chembankunju is fake!

Ahh! Keep saying that!

Now he's going to marry off his daughter!

Now that too!

Whom do we have to marry off here?

Do you want to get married again?

You and your banter!

We won't get a nice guy like this again!

Did you like him?

Mother, why are you asking me all this?

You just need to send me along with
somebody to live on this beach

So, you have no interest in this alliance?

Whatever it is, I want it only after our
debts to Kochumuthalali are paid off

Here she goes torturing me again!

Then what about me, mom?

Because of me, there is a man wandering
penniless on the beach!

When I see that, I go crazy

You have no business now, right?

I will give you your money

But for that, you haven't
borrowed money from me

But, I'm the one to state it

Why is it that way?

I'm the one who ruined you!

After giving you the money...

After giving me the money, you'll
get married and leave the shore, right?

O' Karutthamma, will it be
possible for you to leave me here?


Oh woman, with eyes like pearl spot fish

Oh woman, with eyes like pearl spot fish

Oh, girl like a blooming lotus

Oh, girl like a blooming lotus

Oh woman, with eyes like pearl spot fish

Aren't you the pearl that the Sea gave us

The pearl that is found in the cold

The girl for the fisherman
with a nice boat!

Oh the Red Eagle flying in the sky!

Oh the Red Eagle flying in the sky!

What's on the menu today?
Sardines or prawns?

What's on the menu today?
Sardines or prawns?

The festival at Arthungal church has begun

The festival at Arthungal church has begun

Please give me a good catch oh Sea Goddess

Please give me a good catch oh Sea Goddess

Once a fisherman went out to sea for pearl

He sank in the westerly wind

The fisher woman sat in penance

The Sea Goddess brought him back

When your husband goes out on the boat

You need to be his guard on the banks

I swear by you , swear by me

Or else your husband wont see the banks

Oh woman, with eyes like pearl spot fish

What you saw in the sky is not pearl

What you saw in the sky is not pearl

What grew from the ground is not pearl

What grew from the ground is not pearl

On the first wave of the first sea

On the first wave of the first sea

Oh dear pearl, come to me

Oh dear pearl, come to me

Once a fisherman went out to sea for pearl

He sank in the westerly wind

The fisher woman went astray

The Sea Goddess took him away

When your husband goes out on the boat

You need to be his guard on the banks

Oh woman with eyes like pearl spot fish

How is it now? Did you see how things are
going the way Chembankunju wants it to?

Tomorrow after Karuthamma's marriage then

Then you tell me what next

Then that Muslim boy...

Shush, that scoundrel

Then you tell me what next

Then we are going to enjoy our lives

I am going to give the boats to the boy

How is that possible?
Won't he go to his house with the girl?

For what? What is there for him?

He will stay here

If he stays, well and good

If he doesnt stay, we ll make him stay

Who else would give their daughter
in marriage to an orphaned man?

Well, we don't have sons

Yes exactly. If he stays with me,
then I'm the king of this beach!

Mother, won't you let me go from here
even after my marriage?

whats wrong my child?

I don't want to stay here, mother.
I need to go.

So you don't want your parents
since you got a man now?

It's not that.
I can't live on this beach.

I don't know who else
to share this grief with

Are you ok my child? Is there any danger ?

No mother, but I'm scared.
My heart is running wild.

My dear child, if that is so,
you should go from here

If i stay here, this beach will be doomed!

The waves of the sea
and the desires of the heart

The waves of the sea
and the desires of the heart

Won't settle down my beloved,
won't settle down

Come to me dear Myna, come to me

Give me pinches of sweetness

In your garden, who are you
searching for, who?

Come to me dear Myna, come to me


Guess you've come to bid goodbye, right?

Until now, we were together

But from now on, I will be all alone

Don't kill me like this, Kochumuthalaali

Even if you leave,
I won't leave this beach

O' my Kochumuthalai, why did we ever meet?

Because God wished for it.

In your memory, I will sing
every single day

And I will hear it from my new place,
and wail in your memory

And like that, I'll sing and die
from heartbreak

And before that happens,
my life will drift towards you

And then, on a well lit night,

our bodies will embrace each other
and sing all around this beach

O' my Kochumuthalaali

Is it just men who are here
to be part of the function?

What kind of a feat is that?
Just men to take the girl?

Shall we enter?

Yes, please do

Who are here from the groom's side?

Set 75 Rupees for the girl

Is there no one here?

O' Patriarch! Yes, you are in charge of
the traditions

But shouldn't you have
asked us to bring money

Are you guys that impoverished?

O' Patriarch! We too are from a place with
rich seafaring tradition!

Is there anything wrong with what I said?

This is a top quality woman. Why can't you
set the 75 Rupees like I said?

Oh don't tell us about her quality!

What's her flaw?

I've been to this shore before!

You're just marrying her off to save
this community!

O' my child!


It's fine, just sprinkle water on her!

There's 75 Rupees

Give it to the Patriarch

Let the function go on!

I will not be part of this deal!

Come here everybody!

Here is the fee

Let the function start!

Everybody sit down

Shall I get the girl?

Yes, get her

Everyone stand here

Over there

So do you want to
take the girl today itself?

What kind of a question is that?

Her mom is ill and Chembankunju had
suggested that they could go along later

Has there ever been such a tradition?!

Don't tell me about traditions!

If that is the case, it shouldn't just be
a group of men taking the girl away either

Is that our fault? Why did you marry the
girl off to such a group then?!

Stop it!

We shouldn't be talking,
let him say what he wants!

What do you say?

Tell him that you're staying

I need to go

My dear son, take a look at the mother
and then decide

I need to go now!

Now ask where the girl is

Where is she?

Ask them if you really need to go now

How can I go, seeing you in this condition?

So now you don't want to go, eh?


No need, I'll go

I need to go now

What do you have to say?

Do you want to go?

I must

My child!

Tell them you don't want to

Who else is there to help your mother?

But still, I must go

You want to go?! Your not my daughter!

You miserable soul! I curse you!

Hey Chembankunju!


I’ll take my leave now (sobs)

There might be stones in the rice

There was no sieve to strain it.

I went to Vadakkathil (market)
to sieve the rice

Oh really?

I also bought the Wok from there


We need to buy some utensils


Enough! That’s plenty

Oh! You don’t have to finish it

I could have made one more
dish if I had a wok

Is the dish not good?

It's delicious!
I’ve never had anything like it!

You will have to eat more now

Or else... I’ll feed you

Feed me? Yeah right!

Now I’ll serve you some rice

No don’t

Oh that’s enough

Women shouldn’t eat a lot of rice

Says who?

Let the tummy grow a little

For what?

A baby needs its space [says playfully]

Oh dear!

I have never thought of building
a home until our marriage was fixed

We will have to build a big house now


I don’t need a pillow.
I cannot sleep with one on

I’ll help you fall asleep



Hey, Karuthamma

I think the woman has engulfed him

Hey Palani (shouts)

Hey Palani (shouts)

Hey wake up


They are calling you from the beach



DIrectly going to the fishing boat?

Yes, why?

You can't go to fishing directly like this

Huh! why

You need to be clean and tidy

Oh! I should take a bath right?

Ok, then come

Uh! it's already late



Yeah! That's enough

Ayyo don't do it

Hey Palani (shouts)

Hey palani, did you bathe?

Oh yes

What all did the new bride tell you?

You shouldn't misbehave with her, alright?

It's not good

Look at this shy guy having
taken a bath so early

Stop teasing me brother

Let's get going


Hey you

Come here

Please come here

What's your name dear girl?


My mom calls me "Meenu"

Then why were you standing there?

I wanted to see you, sister

I also have a younger sister like you

Oh! then where is she?

She's back at my parents place

What rubbish are you saying?

The new bride's parents have fishing boats

Then why would they marry off their
daughter to palani?

By the way! Does she have
eyes, noes, ears and all? (normal)

Only Palani would know!
(everyone laughs)

The girl is hot!

Then she's a slut for sure!

Will she ruin our community?

Will decide when I see her
(everyone laughs)

I'll tie your hair for you everyday, okay?


Oh hey! Mom!

Oh you got here?

Hey Sis! This is my mom

We came to see the new girl

Oh I don't know anyone here

We are your neighbours

Oh come inside

No worries, we'll just stand here

None of us thought that Palani
will get married like this

You're blessed to have him

His life is now your responsibility

Mom check this out, she tied it for me

Wow it's nice!

Do you have a birth mark on your tummy

Birth mark?


We are so exhausted.
Could you fetch us some water?

Do you have utensils?

He said he'll get it

Such a shame for manhood!
Taking a shower and all!

It is the women of our homes
who buy utensils

You don't worry about that,
this is for my woman

How about that

This is what happens when a man who has
never been with women get married!

Shouldn't have gotten this type,
it's too wide at the top

Oh no! This isn't good at all!
It's bumpy

You should've checked before buying

Oh please, like I'm some utensil expert

My mom had purchased a couple of
large vessels for the wedding

It looked like bronze!


I left her in that condition

You were ready to leave?


Let's go see mom

Let your dad come here first!

He won't

Then you won't either

Your father is greedy!

There's no one who would come seeking me

You have me

I have the Sea

Drink this, Sis!

What bothers you?

Oh nothing

I just wanted to see my Karuthamma

She'll definitely come, you're her mom!

He won't send her. He's stubborn

I'm going to the healer's house.
Is there anything you'd like to convey?

I don't want healers or medicines!

Go bring my daughter

Which daughter?!

Haven't I told you that I disowned her?!

Daughter it seems!


Hey Karuthamma

Hey Karuthamma

Just heated up the water now

Check this out

Is this what you trawl from the sea?

Put it on!

Let me see you in these clothes

I'll wear them later

Come on. Just wear it .

Do as I say

Put it on!


Come on

I am covered in sweat and dirt

Do you know what this is for?

It's what we will wear for the
festival in Mannarshala

Just go and put them on

I'd like to go home in these

Not right now

People ask me why I don't go for the feast

Even people ask me why none
from your side visits us

Well, did anyone visit from yours?

Don't you know I got none?

I don't have anyone

I don't need anything

I was deceived and was given the girl
who was ostracised

isn't that what happened?

(expresses sorrow)

This isn't what I say.
That's what people say

No (sobbing)

I am not an outcast

You are my God

Waves of the sea, the desire of my heart

Waves of the sea, the desire of my heart

Hey Panchami

What's up mom?

Please ask Kochumuthalali to come

For what mom?

Please call him, my dear

Mom asked you to come home

Why, Panchami?

No clue

He won't return the money. Kochumuthalali

He was cheating you

That's alright

He cheated our daughter as well

He basically pushed her into the sea

My child, please hurt Karuthamma,
she has a husband now

Promise me. You won't, right?

No. NO!

I am unable to go to the beach.
People laugh at me

Telling me that you're a slut

No. I have not gone astray

Then what are they saying
about that Muslim boy?

I don't know.
Both of us grew up on the same beach

Nothing else is there, yes?

I know the duties of a fisherwoman

I will believe you. It's a sea with
cyclones and whirlpools

With strong and uncontrollable

I know. I know that the life of my husband
is in my hands

Please believe me


Give food for your father, my child

I don't want now, dear

Chakki, I fell from my boat Chakki

My leg got weak Chakki

Don't go on the boat from now

Sit at home for a while

Please take care of her




If I go, what will you do with me?

Dont tell like that Chakki, what will I do
with you?

(inaudible mumbling)




Someone should go get her

No need

No matter what, that was her mother

She must not enter our household!

When her mother was well, she left

She left not wanting anything
to do with them

Let her go

Where is Palani's home?

There! Near that shack

What's up

Lady Chakki passed away

Oh dear


This morning

You came here to inform them?


It's me, Pareekutty

Is Palani not here?

Oh God

You won't leave me in peace

Open the door, Karuthamma

No, I won't

He has gone to the Sea, with the
cyclones and whirlpools!


Karuthamma, I came to
let you know something

Lady Chakki passed away

I shouldn't have come here

Oh my mother!


Hey Palani, go home quickly!

Kochumuthalali had visited
your home this morning

I saw him on the beach

Your mother in law died

So hey, if a Marakkathi dies,
Muslims come and inform us?

I asked him that too

What did I say on the day of the wedding?

Now look

Hey Karuthamma

Hey Karuthamma!

Who came here?

In the name of God, believe me

Since nobody would come from home,
he came to inform me

Am I not a human being?
Don't I need to live here?

Oh God


No worries

Shall we go to my place?

Do you want to go?

We should both go

No need!

You go alone!

And don't come back here!


Oh Mother

Hey get me some tea

Quickly! It's time to set sail

I want a strong tea!

Strong coffee for me!

Give it quickly!

What's there to eat?

You're going to have a good time!


Kochumuthalali is setting up shop here

Does he have the dough for it?

Why does he need that? Palani and
his wife will sort that out for him

He's her childhood friend

(everyone laughs)

Why would you talk trash? Come here!

He's lucky that I didn't
have a knife on me!

We'll mark him for later!

Did you get into a brawl today?

I heard about it!

You won't tell me?

I'm hungry! Get the rice ready

Shall I tell you something?

Shall I go for work at Kizhakkaatu?

Only if you like

Can you carry all that load?

Why not?

You don't have anything?

Oh. That

I don't have that kind of burden yet

Do what your mind tells you

Brother, get up and eat

We had rice here, Nallappennu

You won't eat our rice?

Where is Panchami?

She is sitting there in the
house and having lunch

Okay then you keep the plate over there

When are you going to get up?

I am not hungry, darling. That’s why


Come here

Ugh. By what name should I
call this guy to make him come

I am telling you to come here

Come here

Why are you shouting your lungs out?

What happened over there?

I thought you were running after the goat

Force your buddy to eat his lunch!

I am fed up!

Is that it?

Then hold this

So I have a question

Did I get married for
my sake or for your sake?

My wife does not have time
to make lunch for you

If you want, get married again

I told her not to bring food for me

You nim-com-poop! I was putting
some wisdom into your head

Speaking of which, why can’t you get married again?

Why should I get married
again, Achankunju?

So what?

Everyone does that

Now, your wife has left

Even an old lady would want to get married

Do you think I will get a woman
like Chakki again, Achankunju?

I will tell you something that can be done

Not for you

But for Panchami, someone should be there
to look after her

Why do you need a woman at this old age?

First you eat

Then you can think

Why did you come for this job?

I'm a fisherwoman too

Girl, this is a gruelling job

Where is your house?


You haven’t been into this business before, right?


Thought as much

There was a lady who used to come here to
sell. You come from tomorrow, okay?


Sis, can I also come with you?

Will you also teach me how to sell?

Once you are old enough,
we will go together to sell

You girl, didn’t I tell you
not to go with her?

What were you thinking selling fish
at a cheaper rate? We won't accept this

Maami, that’s because I do not know

I am going through all this difficulties
to earn something for myself

Wherever you go, there is a
line of men waiting for you

Lady, this ain't good

Mother, don’t talk about her like that

You get lost from here

Why? Are you planning to be like her?
Spoiling the name of the shore?

Don’t you ever talk to her again!

I know what's going on. I'm worried
about losing my boat

We are afraid of losing our lives

So, what should I do about it?

If Palani is around, we aren't going

But how will I say this to him?

We will handle that

Do as you please

Have you got no fish?

Didn't you go for work?

I'm selling it underpriced cause
I don't know the trade, ain't it?

Who has the loss?

They're telling me I'm out to seduce men!

Don't worry about that

Don't go for work anymore, okay?

Palani is coming!


Push fast!

Hey! Stop!


Did you tell them not to take me?

Am I not good for it?

They say your wife is not good!




Get rid of her Palani!


Didn't you go?

What's wrong?

Didn't you go on the boat?

They say I'm no good unless
I get rid of you


Everybody is talking about that Muslim guy

You still don't believe me?

I do

But why is everyone talking about this?

To kill me

Don't be sad

Just because they didn't take me
on the boat, doesn't mean I give up

Without going on the boat,
how are we going to survive?

This Sea is mine too!

Nobody can beat Palani at this!

As long as the Sea exists,
Palani and his wife won't starve!

Dear Lord!

It's so hot!

There's no breeze either

Ah, it's your house!

Your life! Start living!

Don't you cry, my child!

Did her husband die?

I'll kill Chembankunju!

Nothing good comes out of her mouth!
Shut up!

The house is small

Chakki was content with this

I wanted to build my own house

Couldn't make it

We must build a good house

This is my daughter, Panchami

Come here, my child

Go sweetie

She's your step mom

No, I'm not up for it

Hey don't say that

She's young, let her get used to it

Hey Karuthamma

I'm going fishing in the sea

Oh! Alone?

Then what?

I can beat all big whirlpools

Even with strong undercurrent,
Palani makes it

I grew up in this Sea!

But then, what will you do for a boat?

What sits on the shore are all boats

I'll push it at night and set sail

Oh no! What if someone sees?

Yeah like I'll make them see it

I can only manage this
right now till I make some money

And then I'll rent one

We need to live

Hey did you know?


Your dad got remarried


I heard it on the beach

What's wrong?

My Panchami will only
have sorrow in her life

Why did you come here sweetie?

I'm not going there anymore Maami,
let them live

Isn't she a kind person?

Kind! You should look at her strut!

I feel like stabbing that guy!

Now now don't start talking like this

Why did he bring her in?

Let it go

Don't cry now

Please don't chase fish in the far seas

I have put a price on a small boat today

It's very old, but that's okay

Then you shouldn't have got it

Why keep giving boat fee to keep it?

Yeah need to buy

But I need 75 rupees more

Can't you get 75 rupees with this?

I don't want that

That's from your dad.

But still, it's all ours

To go out, you need
at least a small neckalce

To go to the sea, you need
a small boat at least

If only that Kadhal landlord had
given me the money he owes

But he ran away

Either way, the boat can't
stay like this on the land

It will just break again

But we can't take it out to the sea
without mending it

When Chakki was around, I'd never run out
of money

Anyway, I bring bad luck

Wherever I go, I bring bad luck

Ey no, it's not because of thou


I always get that wrong

I don't know why

Like my Chakki...

You can't see me like her, can you?

For thou... no, how is it like for
Pappikunju? Does he see me like his dad?

What kind of a question is this?

Be honest, do you think this wedding
shouldn't have happened?

Did I say or do anything to make you
think like that?

I was just asking

Leave that

We need to take the boats out to the sea

Let's ask Joseph, he will give money

But when we take the boats to sea,
won't we start getting money?

So give his money then

Hmm yeah we'll do something like that

Or both boats will go

Look at your paunch!
In all its glory!

What are you staring at, fatass?

What did we do to you dear?

No, don't, don't call me dear

I don't like this

Come eat rice

What if I don't

Why did we come here mother?

It was for you, my son

It was for you

It was better to stay in our own home

If we had a choice,
would we have come here?

I won't stay here longer

If you can, get me some money

What is going on?

What should I do with this boy?

What is going on I said!

That girl is not letting him stay here

She's been like this since we got here

Hey Panchami!

Hey Panchami!

Come here!

I will-I will---

Father! Don't slap me!


She ran again

It's the neighbours that ruin her

What is this woman

Telling the girl lies and spoiling her

Who are you to ask?

You are the one who taught
her all these bad habits

Be careful what you say to me

I play dirty!

Shut your mouth

Fisherwomen haven't spoken up
in front of me yet!

I'm from a good family in
Ponnanithura, did you know that?

The caste might be high,
but you eat stolen stuff!

Keep that trash to yourself

Did you marry me and bring me here so some
low class fisherwomen can abuse me?

What should I do?

Did you hear Palani bought
a boat like he said?

Yo, those are real men!

My Velu, if I have a wife like his,
I'd buy a ship itself!


Don't speak ill

That Muslim boy still keeps coming,
brother Achu!

Probably he may have given the money
for the boat.

Yeah, otherwise from where will he
even get the money?

I've been thinking why we're having
the low tide

These baits are not so great

Why so?

I'm not content with this job

I'm not getting good enough fish

i have fished in the high seas growing up

Ah, I want to buy a big boat now!

If it is a big boat, can you take it out
on your own?

If we have equipment, then all of these
gossip mongers will come begging!

Ah, how are you feeling Karuthamma? Are
you tired?

If yes, make sure you ask someone for
help. Ok? Alright.

Kochumuthalali, what happened?

Are you not planning to do business

Yeah... will Karuthamma not come anymore?

Dad will not bring her back

If you tell him, your dad will bring her

Will you ask him to?

Ok, I will ask him.

Oh... mother...

You go inside, I need to go for a bit

Where are you going?

Just go to her


Wow - are they all good?

Shouldn't you have read it, Chembankunju?

Why are you so quiet?

Read. Let's hear it

Here, look

Both of you are the same

So I can say it

Keeping your boats and home as assets,
I'll give you 750 Rupees

If you don't pay it back in a year,
all of the cited items are mine

That's the law

Can you make the installment period
two years instead?

Oh dear, that's too long

Where do I sign?


Here! 750 Rupees!

That's the money to fix the boat

How can I give that to you?

If that's important for you,
live comfortably

No, my child. I've done all this for you

I'll do this one last thing

Your mother has never stolen

Here is 200

Is that enough?

That's enough, my child, don't make me sad

I shall take your leave

When will I see you again?

I will come


My child

Did you take money from the case and
give it to your son?

I did


Get out of here!

Where will I go?!

Get out!

Never come back!

Why can't you speak sense
into him, Achankunju?

To whom? Chembankunju?


Yeah right

I'm hiding from him


I married him off!

Now it's a problem

We shouldn't waste time here talking

We should go speak to the Patriarch

Good idea

Let's see what he has to say

That's good

What will you do?

But still, we are women

How can we tolerate this?

This will spell trouble

Someone will take her

Nothing good comes out of her mouth!

Are you going to just sit here?

Let the Sun set, Nallappennu, I'll leave

Come to my house

(sings lullabies)

Hey Karuthamma

Don't you hear the child cry?

Is this how you hold a child?

Yeah like that was my job in the past

Don't spoil her too much, she's a girl

I'll take care of her

Oh Daddy's love

Let's go home

Let everyone see her

I can see Panchami too

Along with her you want to see your
Muslim guy, right?

Don't say such things!

You feed the child!

It's time for me to set sail





Come here, my child!

Come here

Come here

My child!

Acha, let's bring sister here

She's kind

Whom do you want to bring?

They're still in the shore!

You want to be like her?!

Bring her into this house?!

Get lost!

What is it, Panchami?

Dad yelled at me

I can't stay in that house anymore

I'm going to my sister's house

Tell her I asked about her

You go, Panchami

(laughing hysterically)

How much do I owe you?

Don't you hear me?!

I don't want it

That's not feasible

Here, take it

If it's too much or too little, this is all

Stay blessed!

Let me be ruined!




My sweet Panchami!

It's been so long!

Did you come alone?


Where is your daughter?

Do you know me?

What is her name?

We haven't named her yet

I'll do that

You look thin

Did you have anything to eat?


Then come

Nice timing to have a child

Has anyone seen her?

I did

What does she look like?


Looks identical to that Muslim guy

The eyes, the nose!


I'll kill you all!

Don't you know where dad is now?

At the beach somewhere

He's now wandering around like a madman

Does Kochumuthalali still sing
around in the beach?

Yes, sometimes

What's wrong?

Nothing sweetie

I saw Kochumuthalali recently

Did he ask about me?


What did he ask about?

He asked when you'll go there

Do you love him?


Does he come, when I'm not around?!

Is this child his?!

My child!

Come to me, dear myna, give me sweetness

Oh Karuthamma

Oh Karuthamma


Who am I to you?

You are my everything! My pot of gold!
(To the fish)

Oh, So you are trying to take me to
the castle of the Sea Mother?

I will not let you go

Karuthamma! Karuthamma!

(Calling out loud) Sister! Sister!


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