Chekka Chivantha Vaanam (2018) - full transcript

A bloody power struggle erupts between three brothers who are vying to take over the family business following the death of their father.

A town's look will change
every once in 10 years...

...just like how
a snake sheds its skin.

New settlements will emerge,
new buildings will come up,...

...bridges will get longer,
governments will change.

New criminals are born
and they indulge... new unlawful activities.

The criminals we have now
are not mere shadows...

...that are only active
when it is dark.

The criminals we have now
come in many forms.

Entrepreneurs, father of
education, real estate king,...

...sand mafia and Senapathi.

Senapathi, a criminal
right from young.

For that, he spent a few years
in juvenile rehab centre.

Then he went on
to became a gangster.

At one point, he became
the gang leader.

Then he became an entrepreneur,
had political support too.

Then he reached heights
where no one could touch him.

The most powerful man
in the city.

You laughed and laughed
and you trapped me...

You blushed while
you read to me a story...

Is this how you sing
to all the women in your life?

40 years,...

...we've been through
highs and lows together.

There were others to accompany us,
knives, daggers and guns.

Other small fries,
not one or two but many.

We had our kids and others.

But in my eyes,
I only see you.

We are going to the temple.
We must not lie now.

What did you pray for?

"I forgot today is my anniversary.
My wife is angry.

I left my job and came
with her to please her.

Please help me appease her
and make her happy."

What did you ask for?

You lie a lot
and commit sins.

I told God to forget
everything and protect you.

What did God say?
–He said He'll handle it.

He told me not to worry.

Vanakkam, sir.
It's sir.



I made a mistake.

Do you mean no one makes
any mistake in this world?

I thought you're my man.
–That's true.

I'm eating because
of your father.

If you eat rice here, what do
you eat in Chinnappa's house?

Don't hit me.

I've admitted it.

Chinnappa's men showed me
money and cheated me.

I have kids.
–How many kids do you have?

Two kids.

One is a good student.
Your father named them.

You could think
of your children.

I'm sorry, I made a mistake.
–There is a call for you.

My wife is calling.

How did she know your life
is in my hand?

Yes? What?
Mom too? Who?

Are they alive?
I'm asking if they are alive?!


Yes, I am at the hospital.
–Tell him there were two men.

It seems two men came there.

What is it?
–The senior doctor just left.

It seems they are critical,
he asked to wait.

How could you let this happen?
–It wasn't in my hands.

He was supposed to go
to the lawyer's house.

It is their wedding anniversary.
He wanted to go to the temple.

He took Lakshmi along.
–Have you caught the person?

He is talking about it.
–I'm talking to the DCP.

They'll catch them.
–We pay them Rs20 lakhs a month.

Each station, each check post,
each officer,...

...they take our money.
Ask them why they let them go.

Arul, I'll talk to you later,
okay? Thank you.

Varadhan, the police did not do it.
They rented the vehicle... saying
it was for a film shoot.

Must be Chinnappadasan.

Wait! Give me your hand.

How are they?
Are they badly hurt?

Why did you bring the kids here?
–Is mom hurt too?

Is there a carnival here?
–I can't lie and raise them.

Instead of finding out from others,
they should find out themselves.

Dad, keep.....
–Lakshmi has more injury than him.

Her face is badly hurt.
–Dad, keep an eye on them.

Come on.

I can't see them
in this condition.

Follow grandpa,
go and get something to eat.

Varadhan, your father is careful
when he has to decide...

...on matters
concerning Chinnappadasan.

Have you informed
Ethi and Thyagu?

It will be better
if you inform them.

It is a network from Kazakhstan
all the way to China,...

...for 1500 miles.
And we have excess to 7 blocks,... 80% of the network.
–Excuse me, sir.

Your wife is here.

My wife is here.
Sorry, I'll be back.

God given boon,
I told you not to disturb me...

...when I'm drinking champagne.
I'm trying to strike a big deal.

Can you only do business with
those girls in skimpy clothes?

This is Dubai, Renu.
I can't make them go naked.

I can't laugh.
Can we just go back?


What was the emergency
to come out here on boat?

Okay, you won.
Tell me what it is.

Call your parents in Chennai
and ask them.

They'll tell you about the attack
that was launched against them.

Renu, what happened to them?

I have work.

Call Chennai and ask.



You will come...

Come and see me...

Win my life...

I am a thief...

I am a thief...

You will come...

Come and see me...

Win my life...

Handsome, Maara,
let me pass...

Handsome, Maara,
don't give in...

Handsome, Maara,

Handsome, Maara, forgive...

Your phone has been ringing
for a long time. Should I answer?

–It's Varadha.

Okay, ask him what he wants.
–He wants to know what it is.

Where are you?
–What does he want now?

He wants to know what you want.
He's been calling for 8 hours.

What is the problem now?
–He wants to know...

...what the problem is.

Your parents are in the hospital.

Chinnappadasan's men
attacked them.

They are critical.

Should I come?


Mother Lakshmi?
She's not in danger.

She is conscious.
But lots of injury on her face.

Want some water?

Driver? Nagendran?

I'll go and get the doctor.

I'll make it alive.

Until I come out,
I want you to take over.

PM is going up.
Our house new PM is here.


Jayanth is watching from behind.
–Let him watch.

He should know
how much we love each other.

I had to stay overnight
to look after them.

Your sister did not come.
No one was there.

You weren't there either.
Where did you do?

Jayanth would have understood
that love only lasts 7 seconds.

Get down and take
the car behind.

You want the PM's wife
to get down?

Shall I take an auto or Uber?

Call Rasool.

Ask him if he knows about
the two men who bombed the car.

I want to know
if the police found them.

Your friend is rejecting the call.
–Call him back again.

Fractured skull,...

...four broken ribs,...

...abdominal tear,...

...multiple fractures
on the right finger.

Yes, madam.
–Are you crazy?

Sir, he is not only
a college student.

He is a criminal,
scum and gangster.

Didn't you see his student ID?
–Sir, if you pay Rs150,...

...anyone can get a college ID.

Which student goes to class
with a gun in his pants?

Rasool, we are in public view.
Everyone is watching us,...

...from the media to politicians.
This has happened...

...when the PM
is visiting the city.

Sir, I asked him for the gun
very respectfully.

He spoke ill about my sister.
I told him not to speak...

...ill about my sister
as she was average looking.

He didn't laugh
at my joke at all.

Then he spoke about my mother.
I spoke to him in English.

I said, "Brother, don't speak
about my mother, she is old."

I even said she has knee pain.
He smiled lightly.

His friends laughed. Then he put
his hand on my shoulder,...

...he said I was his friend
and not a true police officer,...

...he laughed and said I joined
the department by mistake.

That's when I hit him.

I wore a fresh uniform that day.
I collected it from laundry...

...only that morning.
His hands were stained,...

...he messed my uniform.
I got carried away.

So I smacked him.
–What should we do to him now?

He must be locked away.

We must nip people like
him in the bud.

How did you become a police
officer? Who recommended you?

Through merit, sir.

What's your father's name?
–AH Basheer,...

...retired chemistry professor.
–He's your uncle who adopted you.

Your father was Ebrahim, a criminal
who was shot dead by the police.

Am I right?
It's all in the records.

–Your mother gave you up...

...and killed herself.
–That was an accident, sir.

Rasool, until the boy recovers,
you need not come to work.

The suspension order
will be sent to your house.

Madam, this is not fair.
–Do you have faith in God?

Madam, my mother's.....
–Call her aunty.

We can't run the family
with my aunt's income.

My uncle is going for dialysis.
–If the boy dies, that's it.

You can bury your uniform for good.
–This isn't fair at all.

Please reconsider.

I won't be able to run
my family if I get suspended.

You can go.

No one told me you're coming.
–I'm here. Where is Varadhan?

Tell him I'm here. Go on!
–Wait, sir.

This is Narasu's Mill,
the squatters surrounding it.

All signed and sealed.

Your Astro City,
factory, lake...

...and mall, all are getting
cleared one by one.

How much did you close
the deal for, Ranjith?

Market rate,
45 for each acre.

But I said Varadhan
could only offer 27.

I asked him if agreed.
Seth was dumbfounded.

He said he wouldn't be able
to afford it.

My brother and I got into
our car. Then he agreed.

He agreed at 27 because of you.
–How much did you quote?


But he's saying it is 27.

You're saying it is 17.
Doesn't add up.

You wouldn't have done anything.
Did your brother do something?

Call him.

He is not reachable.

When you smacked him,
did you destroy his phone?

Open and check.
Hang on.


What have you done?
Do you have any sense?

Hey! It is too noisy.
Kill him fast.

What is this? I'm hearing things
I shouldn't be hearing.

I didn't hear anything.
–What? Come here!

Come closer.
Did you hear that?

Go! Go!

Return the Rs10 for each acre
that you took to Jayanth.


Varadhan! Hey, friend!

Don't do anything when there
is a police officer around.

You're no longer
a police officer.

I heard that you're suspended.

Do you have eyes and ears
in the police department?

You get news at
the sound of speed.

Do you know
why I came to see you?

The Home Minister
is your friend, right?

Ask him to call the lady
commissioner and pressure her.

Dude, when I call you,
you won't answer.

Why must I help you now?

You are my buddy.
You must help when I ask you.

We are best friends forever,
we studied and copied together,... even rescued me
all the time.

If you ever want a kidney,
tell me, I'll give you mine.

Kidney? Are you drunk?

For a good man,
even booze is weapon for him.

Call the Home Minister.

Call the man!

I will talk to the minister.
But I need something from you.

I know. You want to know
who planned to kill your father...

...throwing the bomb at him.
Right? I'll work on it.

6 months suspension?

I'll handle it.
–Thanks, dude.

I'll handle it.

Come here!

–Balla Thyagarajan.

Take it off.

Come on!



Please come with me.

Please come with me, sir.
–Why? What happened?

Please come with me.
–For what?

Please wait here.

My passport.
–Wait here.

Okay, go on.

You got scared, right?

–Hi, kids!

I thought so.

How are you?
–When are you due?

–Ethirajan, you got scared?

Uncle, I got scared.
You are terrible.

Your 3 kids were sitting
here all along.

Did they see me like this?

Why did you bring them here?
–How can I stop them?

They have gone to see dad.
Here, drink up.

Did you come thinking you would
see your dad survive...

...or did you think
I wouldn't make it?

The gap was so close it seems.
You would have died.

Remove this tube.....

Remove it.
I hate the smell of medicine.

I feel like puking.

Make arrangements for me
to get discharged.

They said you must stay here
for a week. You can't go home.

I raised you well.
Why are you going by the book?

Mr. Senapathi,
you may be a powerful man.

But they broke your ribs
and brought you to the hospital.

Will you listen to your father
or the doctor?

He will only listen to the sheikhs
in Dubai and no one else.

One more sip.

Do I look like a demon?
–A bit like that.

Come on, drink up.

You're a bigger demon than me.
–That's how you raised me.

Who did this?

They did it badly.
So I asked.

You guys inherited
the arrogance from your mother.

–Hello, dude, will you come... the Red Light Area
in Pondicherry?

Rasool, are you drunk?
–Yes, I drank water,... and tea. You?
–Okay, I'll call you later.

Fine, you're not in the mood.
Both boys here are in the mood.

They are lucky. Forget it.

Are you married?

Regular customer?
–Only once.

Once every day?
–Hello, which two guys?

The guys who threw the bomb
into your parent's car.

They are having fun
at the brothel in Pondicherry.

Okay, I'm on my way.

–Take your time.

These two guys
are planning to camp here.

They attacked in broad daylight?
How is that possible?

My boys were there.

How could you let
this happen to dad?

Did I do it?
–Were we careless then?

Go back to Dubai
and be a yes–man there.

We'll handle things here.
–Brother, relax!

I am relaxed.

Hello, how are your parents?
–They are safe for now.

They are still in the hospital.
How are you?

Do you miss me?
–Didn't you run with the money?

Your father has lots of it.
If I ever run, it'll be with him.

–Uncle, call Rasool.

Confirm delivery. Okay, bye.
–Okay, I love you.

Say 'I love you'.
–Me too. Yes!

Dad almost died. Why must you
romance over the phone?

So what? Why do you bother?
–If you want to fight like kids,...

...take the next car.
–Okay, brother.

He thinks he is like father,
no wonder he is showing off.

I was talking about work.
–What work? Smuggling monkeys?

I wonder why
he drives this way!

Uncle, do you have Internet
banking on your mobile?

Check my account.

Bank of Serbia.
Show this African monkey.

Brother, there goes if our baby
brother goes into business.

Hello, it's a credit balance.
All in dollars.

Do you know the exchange rate?
–Good heavens!

Where are you getting
the money from?

Why do you care
where it is coming from?

Any money is good money, bro!
–What business are you doing?

It's lucrative.
–Serbian chicken feed.

You're putting everyone at
risk, including father.

Uncle is asking what you're doi
Tell him what it is.

This is the business.

What is this? Ethi!
–This is the business.

Where is it made?
–This is the first time...

...I'm seeing fear
in Varadhan's eyes.

Hold this.
–No, put it down.

He is dangerous.
We must cut ties with him.

Guns, grenades,
explosives, missiles.

What do you want? Name it!
We can deliver anything.

Made in Russia, comrades! Uncle!
–You're going to send us... our graves.

–No problem here?

Are you here?
–Where are they?

One, over here. One, over there.

Saras, where are they?
–How are you?


Rasool! Where are they?

Go over there.
–Check that room.

Why disturb me now?
–Go in.

Is anyone in that room?

Catch him! Thyagu! Ethi!
Catch the man in the red shirt!

He is getting away!

Thyagu, he's up there.

I'm on duty, sorry.
I have no money.

Thyagu, catch him!

Don't come close!
–Don't do anything to her!

If you come close, I'll shoot her.
–Shoot him!

Go or I'll shoot.

What did you do, Rasool?
–What am I to do?

Who sent you?
Is it Chinnappadasan?

Tell me!

How is he going to talk?
He is gone.

Why did you let the other man go?
–Do you know what happened there?

I want to meet Chinnappadasan.
–Do whatever you want.

Make arrangements.
Can you hear me?

–Make arrangements.

Did they attack Senapathi?
Are they Chinnappadasan's men?

Did your men shoot him?
What are you doing here?

You haven't answered me.

Give me an answer.
–I'll tell you.

When? Give me a time.

How is your father?

Pull the tube off.

If it was me, I'd do that.
How long does he want to drag on?

Poor thing,
how long will you wait.....

–Lord! Sir!

Senapathi's three boys
are waiting for you inside.

Come in.
–Who is your ruling party...

...and opposition?
–Whoever pays me a fee,...

...they are my people.
Please come in.

DCP! Ages since I saw you.
What's up?

You guys may have
to be quiet for some time.

I came to say that.
–What we should...

...and shouldn't do.....
Can I have this seat?

Say that first.
–The harbour deal, real estate,...

and illegal arbitration.....

I'm on penance for the Lord.
Aiyappa, help me up!

Raise me up!

Lord! How is Senapathi?

When can I meet him
at the hospital?

It seems they have visiting hours
and I can only visit him then.

Is that true?
–He is in ICU. No one can see him.

Two of your men got caught
in Pondicherry yesterday.

One escaped.
–One died.

What are you saying? My men?
Do you know what you're saying?

Yes, I don't know.

There shouldn't be
any problem now.

That is why I called
for this meeting.

DCP, that's an old table.
Father bought it during his time.

Varadha, Senapathi and I have been
working together for years.

We've had many problems,
fights, attacks and murder.

We have been to every level.

But I don't use explosives.

I swear upon my father,
I did not order Senapathi's death.

That is why I called
both of you to talk.

There shouldn't be any
problem between both groups.

Who started it? Did I?
–We didn't do this.

That is what I keep saying.

How can we be sure those fake
police officers are not his men?

Chezhiyan, what are you saying?
–He's saying he did not do it.

Are you deaf?
–Did you do it then?

Calm down!
–What will happen?

Counsel, you brought me here
to talk to the DSP.

Did you bring me here
to talk to these brutes?

What am I saying and
what are you talking about?

The police department
won't keep quiet.

They will destroy
your whole group one day.

That won't be necessary.
I'll handle this group.

I bet! I want to see what you do.
I've been trying to be patient.

They keep stepping my tail.
–Just leave him to me.

What will you do?
–I'll kill you.

Just go.
–Saw him threatening us...

...right in front of you?

Listen to him.

Vanakkam, sir.

Get in! Wipe your tears!

She just arrived.

She is fresh.
She is a young girl.

Thanks, sir.


What have you studied?
Tell me.

Hey, the heart has turned red...

Hey, the heart has turned red...

Hey, the heart has turned red...

Hey, the heart has turned red...

Hey, the heart has turned red...

You did wrong things...

You did them intentionally...

You did everything wrong...


I want answers for three people.

For my son–in–law
who just passed away,... beloved daughter
who is a widow now,... grandson
who lost his father.

Is it me...

Who said and who did it...

Is it me...

Both are different people...

Is it me...

It was me.
Who else could it be?

Your brothers? Uncle?
–Give me the camera.

–My brothers and the rest...

...won't do anything without me.

Is it me...

Who said and who did it...

Is it me...

He has two faces.
He is loving and caring.

He also has another face.

After father,
you must take his place.

If you take his place, Ethi,
it'll be like working...

...with a friend.

I will only come back as the king.
If I come back as the king,...

...I'll have hundreds of friends.
–That's your father's chair.

Let me sit.
–If your brother sees this,...

...he'll be angry, jealous
and he will yell.

Don't tell him then.
–You have a beautiful wife,... have kids.
Why do you need me?

My father is everything there.
I'm just one among the men.

But here, I am a king.

Evil enters our mind slowly
like a tortoise...

It'll kill common sense,
it's addictive...

All the violence...

Our strength is...

The policeman is here too.
–I think the inspector is drunk.

420, I was a drunkard
before I became a policeman.

That is not important. I'll tell
you something as a policeman.

4 men, 2 guns and a vehicle
are waiting for you.

What shall we do?

Charging with baton became
the sound of music... social communities...

Scars in unknown places
of the body...

...has become the identity
of certain people...

They saw us. Two of them.
The policeman too.

Run into the house.



Go inside!
–They are coming!

Get out of here!

Get the kids!

–Go inside!

Thyagu! Come to me!

Where is he?
–Hit them!

Okay. The big fish got caught.

Put them in the car
and send them away.

Do you know
what is happening at home?

What nonsense are you saying?
–They took a shot at Thyagu... our lawn.
–Our lawn?!

Check on him!

The lion will be asked to sit
on a chair in every circus.

I've been reduced to that.
Come on!

Give this old lion a hand.
I'll walk from here.

Thyagu told me what happened.
–It was Chinnappadasan's men.

I'll handle it.
–No, don't do anything.

Chezhi, do you know who threw
the bomb into the car?

We'll somehow
catch the man who got away.

He looks like an outsider.

Did you send someone
from your country?

Do you think I did it?
If you were in my shoes,...

...would you have done this?
Come on!

I'm from your mold.

Whatever you would do,
we will.....

Not only me, all 3 of us will do.
Good and bad, both.

Chezhi, I was arrogant
at his age.

Look how he is talking now.

Tell Chinnappadasan
I want to meet him.

Tell him I'll handle the man.

Tell him I would have met him
if I wasn't hurt.

We are going to look
at the molecular formula.

Reached safely.
–Remember each formula....

–Go! Get out!

The queen of the big house!

She is having breakfast
at a policeman's house.

Your aunt's upma.
I couldn't resist.

Is your father–in–law
out from the hospital?

I heard you've been
suspended 6 months.

You're making ends meet with
your aunt's tuition fees, right?

Or are you using
the professor's pension?

Good point.

–Rs50,000 monthly...

...until the police inquiry
is over.

There are many bad apples.

Why are you tempting
a good police officer?

Senapathi has slowed down.

Chinnappa is slowly getting
out of control.

I don't want yesterday's
incident to take place again.

Your husband
was very lucky yesterday.

If two wives are beneficial,
two cars are also beneficial.

I don't know where
he came from yesterday.

He was in his small car,
they took a shot at his big car.

You are a good woman.
You did lots of good deeds.

It helped to save your husband.

I didn't do lots of good deeds.
I can't save him all the time.

That is why I'm asking you
if you'll be with Varadha.

Long life!

Monthly salary won't work for me.
I prefer contract basis.

From hand to mouth.

Varadha shouldn't be hasty,
he needs a good friend.

Nice big talk,
but very little money.

I've given another
Rs40,000 to your aunt.

Or you'll use it to booze.
–You are very clear.

Why aren't you married?
–You have no younger sister.

So I didn't get married.
–Even if I had a sister,... can I get her married
to a suspended police officer?

I'll look for someone else.
–God, don't do that!

Let me live alone,
enjoy life and die.

Okay, fine. The naming ceremony
will be held at home tomorrow.

Bring your aunt too.
–Keep an eye on Varadhan.

That's your duty.

You must name my baby today.
Mom and dad are not here.

You must name him.

You must live like a king.

Who is this girl in Serbia?
–Who told you?

Your father has people all over.
Is she Tamil?

Why didn't you bring her?
–I'm the youngest and not wanted.

I don't know if dad likes me.
How can I to bring Chaaya here?

Is her name Chaaya?
Nice name.


Hello, police officer!
How are you?

They locked me up,
but released you.

But you still look strong.

If I bow down before a policeman,
he'll take the upper hand...

...and knock my head.
I have to be strong to survive.

How are you, Sena?
–I'm still alive and kicking.

The doctors tried to keep me
in the hospital.

But I have work to do.

I need to know who left me
temporarily redundant.

I told Varadhan in person
that I did not do it.

I told him I'm not involved.
But he refused to believe me.

Is that why you sent
those gunmen the other day?

God! Your 3 boys are standing
like 3 pillars, Sena.

But my son–in–law
is in his grave.

How am I to pacify my daughter?
Tell me.

You shouldn't have started this.
–I'm telling you again.....

I know you didn't do it.

You have nothing to gain.
I know who did it.

I'll handle it.

A policeman's eyes are bad.

I lost half my si
after I got suspended.

How are you?
–You can't recognise me, right?

You fed me many times
when I was in school.

It's still fresh in my mind.
And I'm a policeman too.

How can I ever forget you?
–No showing off as a policeman.

If you come here,
you are Varadhan's school friend.

That's it. Okay?

Where is your aunt?
–She has tuition.

Eat before you go.
–Senapathi, if something...

...happens to you,
whom should I speak to?

Whom should I deal with?
The oldest, second or third boy?

Whom will you handover
the power to?

Tell me that first.

I'm only expecting
one thing from you. Peace.

Lord, are You listening?

Senapathi, all will go well.
Don't worry.

What is happening
in Senapathi's house?

Why are you asking me?

One call and you'll get
all the information.

Do you know how much
of property Senapathi has?

I don't know.
–Any party that forms...

...the government, he is the
proxy for all the ministers.

Not only that, he has lots
of properties in overseas.

It is a small criminal network.
–I know, sir.

The three boys will fight
with each other to take control.

When it comes to money and power,
siblings too will fight.

Why are you telling me?
–You're following their path.

Your friend, Varadhan, is trying
to take over Senapathi's place.

Am I right? Tell me.
–I won't, sir.

Why is it I don't trust you?
–I don't know, sir.

I'm an honest police officer.

I'll be always watching you.
Be careful.

Yes, sir.
May I go now, sir?

Must we tell him
who will be in power next?

This is why I said don't talk
to him. Did you pay heed?

I'll be in power after my father.
Ask him to talk to me.

Not you, you'll get mad.
I'll handle Chinnappa.

What do you know about this?
–He knows as much as you.

Hey, keep quiet.

You do small jobs. You either
be peddler and smuggle monkeys.

When you were
in the African prison,...

...I went to Delhi to speak
to the minister for your released.

–Brother, what if he reminds us...

...of our mistakes?
–It's okay, he's our brother.

Let him talk.
–You talk very well.

Or would you have allowed
this to happen to mom and dad?

You're a yes–man in Dubai.
I take risk here and work.

If I don't send you money
every month, you'll be...

...on the streets of Dubai.
–This isn't fair.

You're not sending your money.
You're doing what father says.

What did you say?
–Stop it!

did this to instigate us.

Don't make his dream come true.
–Who tried to kill father, uncle?

–No, I'm just asking.

If Chinnappadasan isn't around,
who else could it be?

Ethi, enough.

I'm going about my work.

But this question keeps
bugging me.

Without father,
who would benefit the most?

Not outsiders, but in our house.
–Ethi, won't you listen?


No, mom, I wonder how long uncle
has been mad with dad.

Everyone knows
what dad did to your father.

Your Tamil vocabulary is good.
No wonder you're beating...

...around the bush.
Why don't you be straightforward?

"Uncle, did you try
to kill my father?"

Okay, answer me then.
–Yes, I tried to kill him.

So what?

Everything will go to your
son–in–law after my father dies.

He will take over the seat.

Before that, I'll kill you
and your brother.

Do whatever you can.
–You need not answer him.

Uncle, you're smart.
Even if we shoot you... your mouth,
the bullet will not come out.

Do you know why? Because you
will swallow the bullet.

So many things have happened in
my family because of your father.

My father experienced things
that shouldn't have happened.

But your father
still has respect for me.

He has loved me
more than my father.

I will never forget that.
–Why can't you say that?

Let me go. Go!
–Come on, uncle!

I've been away
in the hospital for 4 days...

...and you guys are
fighting for my seat.

We were talking about
Chinnappadasan's visit.

I'll handle it. I told
Chinnappadasan to talk to me...

...if there is anything.

As long as I'm alive,
I'll be responsible.

After you.

You will know when it happens.

Those who came
from overseas can leave.

Go and learn to make a living.

Come on.

Only surgery wounds.

They will soon disappear.

I know who it is.

I know who ordered the bomb
to be thrown into our car.

Who? The police?
Is it Chinnappa?

My brother?
–No, poor thing, he is loyal.

He isn't smart enough
to think to that extent.


One of your sons.

I don't believe you.
–Satan is not outside.

He lives with us in the house.
–You are gravely mistaken.

Do you know why
your daughter is sharp?

There is a knife behind it.

The person whom we love the most
will stab us at the back.

But you are not close to anyone.
You're kept everyone... the right place.

Shall I tell you who it is?

What are you going to do?
Tell me.

That is what I am afraid of.

The man above
has showed me the way.

Don't worry, go to bed.

Which is first...

Which is last...

Will the endless sky
end at all...

It can't...

Like the human form,
will our soul die too...

The vessel called body
would break...

Oh wailing heart,
do not worry...

When leaves fall,
the tree won't perish...

Like a lower form of life...

Live life everyday...

The world...

Isn't permanent...

Here you are.

What happened?

Can't you sleep?



Varadhan! Chitra!
–What happened?

Go up and get them! Hurry!

Varadhan! Call the doctor!
–What happened?

It's dad.
–What happened to him?

I don't know.
–Dad! What happened, mom?

I don't know.

Call the doctor. Dad!

–Call the doctor fast.

Call the doctor.
Call for an ambulance.

Mom, don't be afraid.


In the sound
of human's warfare...

Where could
the koel's sound be heard...

Where could
the koel's sound be heard...

When a fish cries in sea...

Will it be heard
in the shore...

In the blue mountain valleys...

Where the gentle breeze
does it's weaving...

While the sky bends
and touches the land...

I was understanding love...

In the vast silence
where even music freezes...

I was gathering knowledge...

I had spread my heart
wide open...

I was engrossed
in nature...

A sparrow
with its friendly glare...

Sitting on a round rock,
it asked me to join her...

Chirp chirp, she said...

Come closer, she said...

Without any words,
she asked if I liked her...

Chirp chirp, she said...

Come closer, she said...

Without any words,
she asked if I liked her...

In that small sparrow's drama...

I was a little engrossed...

Wrong number.

Where have you been?
I've been trying to reach you...

...for a long time.
–What is it, uncle?

Your father passed away.

Heart attack.

Your mom found him.

Please come immediately.
–Why all of a sudden?

He was recovering.
So many of you were there.

What were you doing.....
Couldn't you get a doctor?

Why didn't you rush him
to the hospital?

Both of you
must come immediately.

Uncle, tell him
I'll be there tomorrow.

Thyagu will arrive tomorrow.
He wants you to wait till then.


He has a meeting with the Arabs.
He can't come now.

Must we wait
till the meeting is over?

Meeting and contract are
not our responsibilities, right?

Don't send.

I don't what any money sent
to Thyagu without my knowledge.

Do you love your father that much?
–I don't love anyone.

If I love someone,
something happens to the person.

So I always keep a distance.

Can you take me to your house?

Not this time.
–Why not?

Will they think misfortune
fell upon the family... soon as I walked
into the family?

Where are you going?
–Where am I going?

You are going home without me.
I'm only going to smoke.

Ethi, do you at least love me?
Or am I at arm's length too?

I love you.


Chaaya! I love you, Chaaya!

Who sent you?

Tell me!

Is it Thyagu?
Is he coming? Hello!

Did you stop the money transfer?
–Your father's funeral... going on here. Why are you
in a meeting with the sheikhs... Dubai
instead of being here?

Didn't I say
I'll take the next fight out...

...after you transfer the money?
–I can't transfer now.

That is father's money.
He promised to send me the cash.

I'll give you 15 minutes.

Tell me you'll transfer
the cash by then.

I'm going to scatter
father's ashes in the sea.

Brother, you must
send me the money.

Or you're going to see
the end of you.

You should have
been here, Thyagu.

Okay, the money is here.

Thank you. It'll be here.
Need some time.

One chapter is over, right?

That's what life is, right?

Did you hear about Ethiraj?
–Heard it was a sniper attack.

And she was a Tamil girl.

I'm thinking
about sending my uncle.

How did that happen?
Could it be your work?

You have no siblings.
You won't know these things.

Even if I'm suspended,
I'm still a police officer.

My job is to
be suspicious of everyone.

If you are in
Ethi's place,... will have suspicions,
you will feel angry too.

Why would I want to be
in Ethi's place?

He didn't even come
for his father's funeral.


Thyagu didn't come either.
Why are both of them busy... the same time?
Think this way.

The man who does the last
rites will be the heir.

If they come, I'll lose importance.
Could Chezhiyan have thought...

...this way and
could he have done it?


Why did the sky fall
on the ground...

Why did directions melt
in the rain...

I lost the direction
in which the sparrow flew...

I got separated from her,
carrying the burden of sorrow...

I parted with her...

My life drenched...

I parted with her...

My life drenched...

Will that little bird
wander around...

...strain itself and struggle...

Ethi, I heard about Chaaya.

It didn't even occur to you
to call me, right?

I didn't know how to pacify you.

I'm sorry, our family
is going through a rough patch.

Do you know Varadhan has taken
over the business back home?

Uncle is with him, right?

You must take dad's place.

But father
did not think that way.

Hey, go to bed.

Very good!

Who are you?
–Where is Thyagu?

Emergency. There are
4 armed men in my house.

Varadhan is not as smart
and brave as father was.

He only followed orders.

But you have a balance,
you are brave and...

...and have commanding power.
You have a distant vision.

Ethi, I've been praising
Arabs and Englishmen for years.

So, don't try
the same trick with me.

If you talk this way,
I'll have to ask myself...

...what you'll gain from it.

Saw that?

Varadhan doesn't have
this intelligence.

If he had told this, we would have
hugged him and felt happy.

Where is Thyagu?
–How would I know?

Do you tell your wife
before you go out?

Okay, guys, come fast! Let's go!
–Run! Go!

The cops are here! Go!
Run, you thieves!

Go! Run!

The guys who came just left.
–What's the problem?

I don't know.
4 guys came here.

They just left.
They are down there.

You can go and check.
–4 guys?

What's your name?
–My name is Renu Thyagarajan.

Excuse me! What are you doing?
My kids are upstairs!

Excuse me! What are you doing?
You can't go there!

Are you scared, Thyagu?
–I'm happy.

Renu, kids, my business.
I'm happy.

Can't you see?

You can go home.
You can fight all you want.

I won't get involved.

I was mistaken.

I thought you'll make us
global players.

Yes, you were wrong.

You've been
a yes–man to the Arabs,...

...your head is empty now.

–Okay, enough!

Let Varadhan handle everything.

They have done it,
the guys who came in just now.

No, this is your bag.
–No, I don't know.

The guys who came must have.....

No, it is not mine.
Please understand this.

Okay, if I come with you,
this is my condition.

You must listen to me.

If we go together
and secure the seat.....

We will.
–If we do secure it,...'ll be my seat.
You have to listen to me.


–What happened?

Without any knowledge...

...of our destination...

The raindrops falling over...

One over the seed...

One over the dead...

It is destiny...

The search for fate
is indeed destiny...


It surrounds...

When its heartless,
blood surrounds...

Blood surrounds...

You are where
I am supposed to be.

I am where
you are supposed to be.



Your mother is
looking after them.

Send them to London
with my mom.

Varadhan is behind this.

I won't let him go.

Until then,
you'll be safe here.

Why don't you stay here too?

I've been slandered.

Jayanth, put the phone inside.

Come with me.

More salt.


I'll handle it.


I'm shivering as if the college
principal caught me.

Won't your parents
feel ashamed of you?

When I was 5, mom left us
and went with another man.

Take a seat.

When I was 18, I left my dad.

My sister is a doctor,
CMC Vellore.

Brother is in US, software.

I'm here alone.
Varadha, look who is here.

How much does he pay you
every month?

How much do you think he pays me?
Not even one paise.

I earned everything.
He gets everything free here.

But he cooks
fish curry very well.

Varadha, come and see who is here.

My nuptial chain
may last another 2–3 days.

Rasool, I'll call you ba

Both your brothers are on their
way back. Do you know that?

Did uncle tell you?
–I bet you can't see.

You can't hear.

You're having fun
with a television girl...

...during the day. How will you
know what's happening around you?

Look, anyone can shoot you
through this window.

But you're here at this girl's
feet like a sacrificial lamb.

What are you going to do?
–I'll handle it.

How are you going
to manage your brothers?

What will you do?

I've made the arrangements.
They are trying to come...

...via Kathmandu
without our knowledge.

They won't reach here.
Rasool will handle it.

Yeah, Bay Three.

Passport please.

Please step aside.

Officer, I think
you're making a mistake.

Nepal police officer,
you're doing a big mistake.

Don't treat Indians badly.

Do you know who they are?
Ethiraj, from Serbia.

Thyagarajan, from Dubai.

They are gangsters.

No, take them.
–Take them.

Hey, don't touch me.
Officer, you're making a blunder.

Stand up.

Look there.

Look there.

Are you happy?
Where will this end?

You told me to be careful.

Can't you hear?

Where are you, darling?

Come, lots of work in my town.


Brother! You started this!
Don't forget!

We are coming.

Take care!

What does the suspended
inspector want?

I heard the tea you serve is good.
I came to have a cup.

Get me a cup of tea.
It's as good as him saying it.

Get me a cup.

Are you still on the take
from Varadhan?

Varadhan is a miser.

He won't pay
until you do the job.

You know him.

I know why you came to see me.
–Look, you've made my work easy.

Tea, it's for me.

Go and tell Varadhan
it won't happen.

You just gave me a cup
of tea lovingly.

Before I could finish it,
you're driving me away.

Is this fair?
Shall I ask what I want?

Varadhan's brothers are coming.

We don't know
who is going to die.

Varadhan wants my support?

Have you finished your tea?

You and Senapathi
agreed on something.

You can go now.
Don't come back here again.

This is not a tea shop.
Go on.

I'll come to this house,
drink tea, I'll meet you,... 5 minutes to you,
then I'll leave.

Do whatever you want to do.


Thyagu, I didn't agree as you
came to my house and asked.

I'm not such a kind man.

One day, we'll become business
partners in Dubai.

We'll do very well.
That will happen.

I want my accounts settled.
That's all.

When the 3 of you fight,
the oldest must fall.

That's your responsibility.

Varadhan, DCP Aruldas.

Vanakkam, DCP.
–Control your brothers.

The police department
is not like before.

My brothers?

We received information
that you are gathering...

...all the local rogues in town.

We won't know
what the brothers are doing.

I'm saying this
out of respect for your father.

DCP, my brothers are educated.
They won't do anything wrong.

I'll handle this.
–Don't say I did not warn you.

That is why I am saying.
–You've said it. Forget it.

How many men to send?
–Jayanth and his men stay here.

Send the rest with Kurup.

Before something happens,
we must crush them.

What if Thyagu and Ethi
are with them?

Make sure
nothing happens to them.

Kurup, where are you?

Who is that?

Sir, there isn't anyone here.
But someone has locked us in.

Come on!

Stop it!

I said stop it!

It's his brother.
Don't touch him!

What did my brother say
when he sent you?

To shoot us, right?


Hey, put that down.
–I'm from Dubai.

Dubai was a desert.
Nothing will grow there.

There was no water or oil,
there was nothing there.

But now, the past 25 years,
look what it has reached.

We are the same.

You can stay here and continue
to fight Varadhan's battles.

Or you can think, be smart...

...and come up in life.

I'm not going to lock you.
Here's the key.

But if you want
to progress in life,... me right now, leave
Varadhan and stand behind me.

Mom! Old woman!
I'm hungry!

Old woman!
Where did all of you go?

I'm going to eat so much today.

Mom, I'm hungry.

Professor, if I catch you,
you had it!


Okay, I'll eat out.


Have you joined my brother
and turned into a gangster?

Whom did you ask coming in?
–I rang the bell.

Your father opened the door.
I came in. Am I right, sir?

Give that to me.

Trying to scare me?

Shoot me.
Try shooting a policeman.

You know
what will happen to you.

He is a college professor.
This is my aunt.

And you tied up an old woman.
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

Will any policeman come into
your house without a warrant?

Will he tie up the women
in your house this way?

That's the difference
between you and me.

God, you sure can get angry!
–Are you fine?

–We are animals.

We grew up loving blood.
Go inside.

It was like watching
Sivaji Ganeson's movie.

How is Varadhan?
–Are there bullets in that gun?

Hell! Hey!

It is loaded.
–It is an old building.

And I am drunk too.
I'm hearing double.

What do you want?

How much do you want
to expose Varadhan?

I can't do that,
he's my friend.

I have something else for you,
which is special.


Someone threw a bomb into your
parent's car dressed as cops.

We found them in Pondicherry
Red Light Area, right?

One man was shot dead.
The man who shot him is Veluthambi.

I caught him.
–Where did you catch him?

If you want anything, ask me.
Don't create a scene for nothing.

If you pay me double the amount
your brother is paying me,...

...I'll expose him.

Hey buffalo, come on!

Who is it?
–I'll go and check.

Don't know who it is.
–Who is he?

Who is he?

Go and check.

They wanted to kill our boss.
–He is still alive.

Don't just watch!
What are you doing? Give!

Don't shoot, he's alive.

Here! Bring him down!

The police are coming!
–Go inside.

Police! Go inside!

Bring him down.
–Welcome, sir.

What is happening here?
There are women living here.

They are hung a corpse
in front of the house.

What are you doing?
I want an answer.

Call the Commissioner.
Bring him down.

Take him away.

Hello, Nawab, good morning.
–Listen to me.

Tell me you love me
and I'll listen to you.

Nawab! Wait, I'm coming.
–Listen to me,...

...where are you going?
–Can you be patient?

Hello! Don't open the door!
–I'll open the door.

Parvathy! Hello!
I said, don't open the door.

We haven't met before.
I am Ethiraj.

I know. What's up, Ethiraj?

Is my brother on the line?
Give him my regards.


Where is uncle?
–Gone to see the Commissioner.

Get the kids. Get them.

This shouldn't happen
in your city, madam.

How would we know? They tied
the corpse to our gate at night.

12 of your men
work at the station in my area.

Everyone is saying
they did not see anything.

I'm coming to your house now.

Buffalo! We were supposed to go
to the Commissioner's house.

Where are you going?
–Please forgive me, sir.

I have kids.
–I'll call you back, Madam.

What happened to you?


What are you doing here?

Where did I ask you to go?

Thyagu, what is this?


This is for sending
my Renu to jail.

Did you do it or not?
Tell me.

Sit. Put on your seatbelt.
Sit properly, belt up.

Let me go.
–What is happening here?

Take care.
–Can you tell me at least?

Be patient,
don't be like the kids.

Where is Babu and Alwar?

The guards are gone.
–Belt up. Look after the child.

Where is uncle?
–Look after the baby.

–Be careful.

Where are you sending everyone?
–For protection.

Next 2–3 days will be bad.
–I don't understand anything.

I said I'll handle it.

Where is my father?

Where is my father?

Where is uncle?
Where is he?

–Chitra, don't.


Hey, who did this?

Remove this!
–Ethi or Thyagu?

I'm asking you.
–This is Ethi.

Will you be happy?

Will you be happy?

Will you be happy?
–What did you do to your uncle?

We didn't do anything
that your husband didn't do.


Why did you do this to him?
He's your uncle.

You're saying that.
You started this game.

Where are you right now?
–As if you don't know.

I'm in your girlfriend's house.
Wait, I'll turn on the video.

Come on!


Can you see us?
I'm waiting for you.

If you have the guts,
come on.

Varadhan, where are you going?

Chitra, get down.
–If you go, things will get worse.

If you want to go,
I'll go with you.

I'm asking you to get down.
–You'll kill each other.

Enough! I've lost too much.

Give me the gun.
I'll go and talk to him

Don't take that.
–If you say that,...

...the more I want it.
–It doesn't belong to you.

Pictures of Varadhan?
Your intimate moments together?

Maybe. Must you watch it?
–Can't I watch?

It belongs to your brother.
You can't take it.

I had someone.
They took her away from me.

So? Will you take whatever
that belongs to your brother?

If the need arises, I will.

Your secret lover is here.
Go on!

It's not Varadhan,
it's your mother.

We were worried about you.
What are you doing here?

Ethi is upstairs.

What is it, mom?

Your elder son
has no guts to come here.

Has he sent you as his messenger?
–Will you only talk to me... front of everyone?

Mom, don't cry.

I have never seen you cry.

Don't make me see my own children
fight with each other.

Have you come in support
of Varadhan?

I'm talking for all 3 of you.

Then why did you come?
–To beg for alms.

What do I have?
I only have a cell phone...

...and your eldest son's
secret lover. That's all I have.

Come with me, that's all I want.
–You can't buy me over.

I lost my father
in a cruel manner.

Then my husband.....
–I lost my Chaaya too.

Did anyone come then?

Did anyone cry for me?

In this house, everyone is selfish.
Dad raised us that way.

You're a cruel man.
What should I do now?

Give me back my mother.

Don't take me away from here.

I want you, mom.

You've never stayed
with me at all.

Stay with me.

Just for a short while,
be my mother.

Only for me.

Are you going to keep me here
as a captive?

I'll keep my mother with me.

With me, for my protection.

I told you I'll come.

I'm here now.

Where are you?


Isn't anyone here to welcome me?

Where is everyone?

Come on!

Okay, Varadha!

No matter where you are,
we'll come looking for you.

Bear that in mind.

I shouldn't have sent mother.
I should have gone instead.

I made a mistake.
–Don't make another mistake.

You have no more men,
no more muscle power.

You are weak,
you'll get caught. Careful.

Let them come looking for you.
We'll plan something else.

You took money from me,
now you're asking me to hide.

Whom are you working for?

What do you want now?

Do you want me to save your

...or do you want me
to kill your brothers?

You have nothing to lose.
–Right, I have nothing to lose.

You are siblings,
you can do whatever you want.

I'll sit back and watch.

What did the poor ladies do?

Hi, Ethi.
–I'm outside your house, Rasool.

I see Varadhan's car here.
You could have hidden it.

How would I know you would come
with a ticket for his car?

If you're outside, come in.
Where are you?

I'm here.

Where is my brother?
–Which brother?

I know one brother of yours who was
yelling from the roof of the house.

The security called me.
–Where is my elder brother?

Ethi, what did you say?
I couldn't hear you.

You couldn't hear?

You've seen everywhere.
–I know that.

Did they run away
after eating a few idlis?

The sound of Earth revolving...

The sound of ocean roaring...

The sound of human's warfare...

You would hear the koel chirp...

You would hear the koel chirp...

When a fish cries in sea...

Will it be heard
at the shore...

Nellore route.

Ethi, Rasool's information
is correct.

Near Renigunda.
It's our jeep alright.


Front seat empty.
Backseat is empty too.

Back is empty too.

Innova, small boss.

One minute, boss.
Boss is in the truck.


Shall we open?

Oh my God!

Sorry, boss, great escape.

You, silly heart...

You burnt cotton...

Ashes doesn't remain
in cotton...

I told you to go to Coimbatore
with the kids.

Leaving you here alone?
–Only until Kadapa.

Then I'll manage.

Malik Bhai men
from Hyderabad are on their way.

I am here with you.
I won't let anything happen to you.

Don't worry.

Tell the trust to the heart...

It can hear you...

Where are you...

I'll be there too tomorrow...

Hey, give him. Don't be shy
just because I'm here.

Eat properly.
–No, we are eating well.

Don't you like my cooking?
–Come on, sister.

Is it that bad?

Or we can ask him to cook.

It seems he makes
good fish curry.

Someone told me.
–No, this is great.

I'm worried I'll overeat.
We must be alert, we can't sleep.


Keep an eye on things out there.
Don't just think about eating.

Abu, don't worry.
I've kept some for you.

It's okay.

Turn off the light.

They must have left thinking
we won't take shelter... a school on a rainy day.

–I was in 8th Grade three times.

I didn't sit for my 9th.
–Turn on the light.


Give me the cloth.

Eat. They have left.

Get our weapons!

Come on!

Go! Go!

Hey, stop it!

Hey Varadha, my brother!
If you're inside, come out!

I want to talk to you.

I'm calling you only to talk.
Look how many are dying...

...because of you.
–What do you want?


Madurai leaf...

Beautiful fragrance...

Rose water from Sivagangai...

When they are combined...

When they combine...

One feels shy...

When the arrow hits...

A beloved heart...

The light goes off...

Heart feels shy...

When the arrow hits...

A beloved heart...

The light goes off...

I thought I died.


Why are you apologising?
I insisted on following you.

I thought I was Kaali
with a weapon in hand,...

...I thought I could rescue you.

Leave before your brothers
come here, Varadhan.

Listen to me.
Who will look after the kids?

No, Chitra.

I don't want to see my husband
get hurt before me.

Listen to me, go on.
–I won't run.

It's a sin I did.

No, your father's sin.

Sin your brothers did.
–What I did is unforgivable.

Do you mean getting
married to me?

He kept me with him
for 15 years as his henchman.

I was like a useless son.
My brothers had freedom, but I...

...was serving a life term.

He didn't allow me
to decide on anything.

I was like a slave all my life.

After a while,
I lost my patience.

I called Jayanth and arranged
for those 2 men.

My father, big boss.....

At that time,
I felt it was right.

Then I had blood on my hands.

I couldn't get it off.

The sin I did started
haunting me.

What am I supposed to do?
Tell me.



Don't leave me, Chitra.

I miss you...

Please look at me.

Don't go, Chitra.

I lost my sleep...

Without seeing the lady...


–Help me, dude.

Where are you?
–In Kadapa.

Which part of Kadapa?
–Bishop Hospital.

Sir, this is for.....

What happened?
–No, next to the hospital,... the sub–registrar's office.
–Who is with you?

Only Chitra and I.
–Okay, don't worry.

I'll leave now
and be there by morning.

Okay? Be safe.



Hey, sit! Sit!

You're hasty
just like your brother.

What happened?
–Don't know if he's lying or not.

It could be a trap for us.
Let's think and decide.

This is not Bishop Hospital.
It is Venkateswara Hospital, sir.

The sub–registrar's office
is 3 km away from here.

I know.

Do you have any old friends?

Don't trust them.



Your brothers want to see you.
Shall we go, sir?

Where are Ethi and Thyagu?
–They are on their way, sir.

Is Rasool there?
–No, where are you?

How many of you are here?
10 or 15?

Nothing of that sort.

Ethi told me to bring you
and Madam Chitra.

What do you want? My life?
–Nothing of that sort, sir.

Don't talk that way.

Life means nothing.

We can lose it
within a wink of an eye.

It is just a show.

If you look,
you'll know the meaning.

A big zero.

You, me, your grandpa,

...those who are born,
everyone is a big zero.

Come one, zero.



Smack him!

Smack him!

Smack him!

No, we must be
grateful to him.

Boss, you've left me
in a difficult position.


Boss! One minute, let's talk.

Without knowing our destiny..

Varadha! What happened?

Where is Chitra?
Why are you all bloody?

Varadha, listen to me!
Let's talk!

Varadha, wait!
Listen to me!

We can talk!
Varadha, wait!

Listen to me! Okay!

Are you tensed?

–Take me to my brothers!

Your brothers offered to pay me
twice the amount you paid.

What am I to do?

I said we'll come, right?
–Drive, Rasool!

–You wanted to see your brothers.

That is why I bought you here.
–Drive, Rasool!

Where is your wife?

Where is your wife?
–Chitra is dead. That's it.

Rasool, drive without stopping.
Keep going till he says the truth.

What truth do you want to know?

I want to know
who tried to kill father.

Tell us!
–It was me.

It's Varadhan. Veluthambi gave
a statement before he died.

Didn't I admit it?
–We have reached the peak.

Don't stop.
Go in circles.

Uncle Chezhiyan
made all the arrangements.

Rs800,000. Rs100,000 advance.
They tried their best... put the blame
on Chinnappadasan. Right, Varadha?

You sent someone to kill
your father, then you sent mom... make peace with me.

How did we become like this?

We are brothers.
We are like animals!

You started it, Varadha.
Bear that in mind.

What you started
will come back to you.

Fine, what do you want now?

Money or power?
We'll split the business.

I'll handle Chennai.
You can take the rest.

No, it won't work out.
–Buzz off!

Okay, tell me, how do we split it?

What do you want?
–This is for sending Renu to jail!

This is enough!


Open the door and push him out.
–Nothing doing.

He is our brother.
We can't push him out.

Rasool, drive.
Keep driving without stopping.

I'll stand up then.


Ethi, we are at the peak!

There is only one way down
from the peak.


When I look down,
I can only see you.

What problem do I have?
–Only one problem.

I speak Thai very well.
–What do you mean?

A man from Thailand killed Chaaya.
I chased and managed to catch him.

And when I questioned him,
he answered me in Thai language.

What did he say?

He didn't say anything.
But you're saying everything now.

What rubbish are you saying?

You asked Varadhan
about your wife.

Did you ask him
why he killed Chaaya?

Hey, I.....

How will you ask?
Because you sent the man.

I didn't send anyone.

Don't pretend!

Look here.

If you throw
a gun which has no bullets,...

...does that make you an angel?
You are still pretending.

It was a mistake.
I didn't ask him to shoot anyone.

I only asked him
to start a spark.

You make us fight.
We'll kill each other,...'ll clap in joy!
Must I watch and keep quiet?

Don't sit, I'll shoot!

I made a mistake.
I didn't expect loss of life.

It's my bad.
You know I'm not a ruffian.

You know that.
If we join hands.....

No need to join hands!
There shall only be one king!

You have 2 choices.

One, you can die like them.

I'll decide how many
bullets you shall take.

Or you can join me.

It can be left or right,
you'll earn well. You decide.

Ethi! 2 minutes.

I was 7 at that time.
My mother took me to the airport.

We went because my father
was coming back from Dubai.

I stood on a pole and started
looking out for my father.

My father was tall and strong.

He was surrounded by the police.

Suddenly someone fired a shot.

People started running everywhere.

My father was missing.

My mother started running too.

The car park was all bloody.

The ambulance left very quickly.

We went to every hospital.

Then finally,
one hospital said,...

..."A gangster who was
shot was brought here,...

...he died
as soon as he arrived."

They took my mother in
to identify him.

Only then I knew
my father was a gangster.

He wasn't like you guys.
Small scale,...

...he was a small–time gangster.

My mother didn't let me
see my father.

She was afraid I'd become
a gangster like my father too,...

...she gave me away to my aunt.
I begged her.

I told her not to give me up
as I won't become like my father.

I begged her.

My mother
didn't pay heed to me at all.

She put me on the train,
she killed herself.

Since then, I hated gangsters.

Gangsters, criminals, terrorists,
I hated them.

That is why
I joined the police force.

I'm still with the department.
I'm still an inspector.

Inspector Rasool Ebrahim!

The sound of Earth revolving...

The sound of ocean...

The sound of warfare...

Hello, madam, good morning.
I've done the task given to me.

Yes, madam.

I write the report
and leave it on your table... the morning.

Everything did not go
as planned.

Some backfired on me,
I thought I was going to fail.

Yes, 3 men.

DCP of Kadapa
is on his way here.

Yes, madam.

I'll report to work tomorrow.
Yes, madam. Thank you.

Good day.

My heart...

Will my heart endure it...

Will my heart endure it...

Will my heart endure it...

Will it endure it...

The sound of Earth revolving...

The sound of ocean...

The sound of warfare...

You won't hear the koel chirp...

The face of a town...

...changes 10 years once
like snake shedding its skin.

Rasool, you can go.

Dude, can you come to
Red Light Area in Pondicherry?

Evil enters our mind slowly
like a tortoise...

It'll kill common sense,
it's addictive...

All the violence...

Our strength is...

Receiving and giving...

Anger at its peak...

Gain on betrayal
only if killing is the policy...

Charging with baton is the sound
of music in social communities...

Scars in unknown places have
become the identity of people...

Charging with baton is the sound
of music in social communities...

We'll do it...

Hey, the heart has turned red...

The heart has turned red...

Hey, the heart has turned red...

Asked you to change your ways
and make a living...

You opted for weapons...

The heart has turned red...

You did wrong things...

You did them intentionally...

The heart has turned red...

Tell me...

Is it me...

Who said and who did it...

Is it me...

Both are different people...

Is it me...

Who said and who did it...

Tell me...

Tell me...