Chance at Romance (2014) - full transcript

Samantha, a young woman, frustrated by her unsuccessful blind dates, stumbles into a photo exhibition and sees and likes the photographer. She writes him an email. However, the email is intercepted by the photographer's son, who uses his father's identity to arrange a date for his widowed father, because he does not like his father's blonde manager and fears that she could become his stepmother. The son invites Samantha, still in his father's name. When she arrives, the identity theft is, of course, uncovered, and an embarrassed Samantha turns around and tries to go home. But their fate may still have some unexpected twists and turns in stock for them.

by VaVooM

- Probably Tuesday, right?
- I see, well…

- Yeah.
- Okay, great.

Hi, guys.
Everybody doing okay?

- Yeah.
- Great. Enjoy.

You want a refill there?

Welcome to the drip.

What can I get you?

Over here?
Pastries, okay.

I never want to pour

another cup of coffee again.

When do you hear back
on the chef's job?

Soon, I hope.
Gray sweater?

- Thank you!
- What are sisters for?

And please… tell me
you're not going out

with the vitamin guy again.

No. Blind date.
His name is Joel.

Did you not learn
your lesson the last time?

I have a really good feeling
about this.

You always do.

Go with the skinny jeans.

Maybe I want to wear a dress.

Look, I really hope
this Joel person

turns out to be prince charming,

but in case he isn't…

Do we really need to have
this conversation again?

I just don't want you
to be disappointed

when he doesn't ride up
on a white horse.

He drives a green Lexus,
and I won't be disappointed.

So says his mother.

I just want to be in love.

Is that too much to ask?
I want what you have.

I'm married to the most
annoying man on the planet.

You love him, though.

Yeah. I do.

You are a hopeless romantic.

You don't have a cat, do you?

Because my mom assured me
you don't have cats.

No cats. I'm guessing
you're not a cat person?

- No.
- A dog person.

- No.
- So should we order?

I'm starving.

Not really familiar
with this restaurant.

- Any suggestions?
- Curry. Best in town.

I don't eat Indian.

- The three cheese pizza's good.
- Lactose intolerant.

- Pasta?
- The thing is…

the last time I had pasta
was with my wife.

Your… wife?

I mean, my ex-wife.

Are you all right?

Well, I don't know
if it's the best work,

but definitely staged
a lot of growth,

and I don't know
how long it took him, but…

- It seems like…
- Thank you so much for coming.

I'm so glad that you're here.

Mr. Madsen
is one of the pioneers

of high dynamic range

and we hope
that you enjoy his work.

So Heath, of all your photos,
what's your favorite?

I'd like to think
I haven't taken it yet.

Does that mean we can
expect a new series soon?

I'm always waiting
for that perfect moment

where you see something,

and it just takes
your breath away.

And you say to yourself,
"I'll take it."

Thank you all so much
for coming out.

I appreciate it.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Heath Madsen.

Bravo, bravo!

Let's go.

So good of you to come.
Thank you.


Good, isn't he?

First show in years.

Bit of a shame
it's a retrospective.

- I have this photo.
- Really?

I never knew who took it.

I'm sure you're mistaken.

No, no, it's the same photo.

Mine's a little bit smaller,

but it's the same.

Dear Mr. Madsen,
we have never met,

but I stumbled
on your show tonight

and absolutely loved it.

Just wanted to say
that I've always admired

your high dynamic range

and look forward
to your next release.

One of your fans, Samantha hart.

Dear Samantha,

thank you so much
for your kind words.

I'm sorry we didn't have
a chance to talk in person.

Next time,
don't hesitate to reach out.

By the way, call me Heath.

Hi, Heath.
You can call me Sam.

Now that we're
on a first-name basis,

I should confess that I own

a small version
of your Horse Meadow.

Horse meadow
is my personal favorite,

and you may be the only one

who shares the same view.

Really looking forward
to meeting you

if/when we actually meet.

Okay, well, how do you feel
about Chicago next month?

- Yeah… I don't think so.
- Why not?

The retrospective went great!
Exclamation point.

Superb, in fact.

Yeah, if you don't mind
being in a room

full of old photos
with a washed-up photographer

babbling about nothing.

You're not washed up.

- Well, thanks.
- We need to concentrate

on your brand,
on the Heath Madsen brand.

Why do I have to be a brand?

Everyone's a brand!

Dad, you're home!

Hey, buddy.

Good to see you.



I'll… be at the inn
if you need me.

We're good.

Thank you, Celeste.


As always, you are the best.

Best. Right.

Hi, Heath.

I was just admiring
my Horse Meadow.

Do you mind telling me
where it was taken?

Hi, Sam.

It's not far from my home,

a very special place
where I spent a lot of time

with my late wife and son.

Dear Heath,
I'm so sorry about your wife.

Your bio didn't mention a son.

Does he share your interest
in photography?

His name is Donny, age 12.

He does not have
the photography "bug"

but is very interested
in computers, business,

and finance.

Enough about us…
tell us about you.

Heath, I'm a chef.

Don't laugh…
my specialty is potpies.

Potpies are
no laughing matter…

I love them.

Maybe one day, you'll get
a chance to sample my work.

Any plans for more L.A. shows?

Sam, no plans for L.A.,

but I am showing here next week.

Would you consider
coming out for it?

I could send you a ticket

and book you a room
at the local hotel.

That way, you can see the show

and maybe honor us
with one of your potpies.

It's the least I can do
for my Horse Meadow enthusiast.

What do you think?

Triple latte, extra foam,

and I saved you
the last cinnamon muffin.

And we're celebrating why?

Because… I met someone.

What? When?

A little while ago.

And you waited this long
to tell me.

You know that photo
in my living room?

- He took it.
- Starving artist.

He's not starving.

He's… thoughtful,

talented, gorgeous.

Even his name is perfect.
Heath Madsen.

Heath like…
Wuthering Heights Heath?

Is that not
the most romantic name

- you've ever heard?
- What's his real name?

That is his real name.

And he has this amazing son.

You should hear the way
he talks about him.

- So he's married.
- His wife died three years ago.

A widower.
That could work.

They have a high rate
of remarriage.

You're awful.

I'm practical.

So… when do I get
to interrogate him?

Actually, he's from out of town.

How far out of town?

I don't know…

500 miles?

Where'd you meet?

Okay, so we haven't
technically met.

But we did make eye contact,
and we've been emailing.

- Eye contact?
- He's got this show coming up,

so he's booking me a hotel room,
and he sent me a ticket.

That's a train ticket.

Tell me you're not going.

- Full house.
- I think you're cheating.

- You're thinking wrong.
- I was thinking.

Maybe you should have some of
your buddies over from school.

It's been a long time.

Funny. I was thinking
the same thing.

- Having someone over.
- Some of the guys?

- No, it's a her.
- Okay, Donny.

- We've talked about this.
- I just think it wouldn't hurt

to meet someone new, you know,
get out there again.

- I've been out there, Donny.
- If this is about Celeste,

I urge you to keep that
strictly business.

It is strictly business.

- Does she know that?
- Who are you?

Someone who's looking out
for you, Heath.

What happened to "dad"?

Sorry I'm late.

There was a last-minute snafu
with the car.

- Donny Madsen.
- Donny!

I heard so much about you
from your dad.

I hope your ride here
was satisfactory.

From my dad.

They're your favorite, right?

Yes, thank you.
That's very thoughtful.

Sorry he couldn't be here
in person.

He got tied up in a project.
He's painting.

I didn't know
he was a painter too.

Can I take your bags?

- It's okay, I got it.
- I insist.

Sam, this is my driver, Jackson.

Nice to meet you.

Thank you.


Gotta go.
Good luck.

This must be Sam.

I'm May.
I take care of the house,

the boys, stray cats…
whoever turns up.


Thank you.
It's nice to meet you.

Heath will be here any minute.

It's such a beautiful place.

It's just the three of us here,

but we like it.



Well, I'm here.

You sure are.

- Do we know each other?
- What?

I'm sorry, I just…

I take it we met somewhere?

We've been emailing.

You got me a train ticket.

You got me a hotel room.

Dad, remember that lady
I told you about

from your website?


Well… this is her.

She's an Aquarius, a chef,

never been married, no kids,

likes tulips and black licorice.

And her specialty
is chicken potpies.

- Isn't that right, Sam?
- I'm sorry.

I don't quite know
how to tell you this,

but I didn't email you.

I'm not sure I understand…

Someone else runs my website.

Please tell me I haven't
been pouring my heart out

to a sixth grader.

Seventh grade.
I skipped a year.

I should go.

I'll deal with you later.
Both of you.

Look, I am so sorry.

He misses his mother.

You know,
he's never taken it this far.

He must really like you.

Why am I not reassured?

Look, you can't walk back.

At least let me
drive you into town

and get you that hotel room.

Thank you, but the only room
I'm going to is my own.

And I'm never coming out.

Well, that's the thing…

Next train out
isn't till tomorrow.

Where do I sit… the back?

Here we go.

Get that out of the way.



Got it all in there.

Thank you.

That sticks sometimes.


Thank you.

I cannot believe
they don't have a room.

Somehow I can.

My kid's grounded for life.

It's okay.
You can go.

I'll just… I'll sleep
in the lobby tonight.

You're not sleeping
in the lobby.

You're staying at the house.
Okay? There's plenty of room.

It's one night.
I insist.

Hey, as long as we're in town,
you mind if I grab a few things?

- Sure.
- Great.

All right.

Shouldn't you lock that?

Beauty of a small town…
no crime.

Come on.

It's usually
really quiet around here.

Are all these people
here for your show?

What were they thinking?

More importantly,
what was I thinking?

What do you mean?

Well, my rep promised
a new series.

The money's gonna go
to the kids' art center.

That's really nice.

It would be
if I had a new series.

You don't?

Well, truth is,

I haven't picked up my camera
in a long time.

Just haven't felt anything
in a while.

What about your paintings?

What paintings?

Donny said you were a painter.

Yeah, yeah.

Houses, barns, garages.

Stuff to keep me busy.

Is that one-ply or two?


You know… this is like
one of my dates.

Yes, Roz, I'm still alive.

For now.

I… okay.

I'll call you later.


My sister.
She's convinced

you're either a stalker
or an ex-con.

That's my track record.

- What's up, Mr. Madsen?
- 'Sup, Robbie?


I can't believe this.

I forgot my wallet
in my other pants.

Exactly like one of my dates.

I'm sorry, Mr. Madsen.


Thank you.
I'll pay you back.

There you are, Heath!

I've been looking
all over for you.

Why… aren't you working?

You've got a big show coming up.

Celeste, this is…

- Samantha.
- Samantha.

Celeste Jeffers-Johnson.

Are you a… friend of Heath's?

I'm really more
of a friend of Donny's.

How sweet.

Okay, so tonight can come by

and you can show me some prints?

Yeah, tonight's not good.

You've got a show on Sunday!
Exclamation point.

Believe me, I know.

Please tell me
you've got something.

How do you feel about recycling?

I have reps coming in
from all the major markets,

and they're expecting to see
a new series, Heath.

- Okay?
- I'll think of something.

It's London.

To be continued…

Dot, dot, dot.

Wanna grab lunch?

You won't have to pay here.
I have a tab.

Sorry about forgetting
your name.

It's okay.

Well, now you won't feel bad
when you forget mine.

I wish I could forget your name,

but unfortunately,
Wuthering Heights

is kind of my favorite book,

weren't you named
after Heathcliff,

the character in the book?

No, the candy bar.

My mom was eating a Heath bar
when she met my dad.

Well, that's…
romantic, I guess.

Jackson, what's the special?

Well, if I told you,
it wouldn't be special,

now, would it?

- Hey, Sam.
- Hi!

This is my place.

How do you know her name?

Jackson picked me up
at the train station today.

- You were in on this too?
- Hey, take it up with Donny.

I was just the wheelman.

Anyway, it looks like
the two of you

are hitting it off nicely?

She's only here
until tomorrow morning.

Well, you should
come by for karaoke.

Maybe you can even
get him to sing.

Have you ever heard

the cry of a wounded coyote?

You're a sad little man.

Hey, Jackson, just so you
know, she's a chef,

so you should probably
apologize in advance…

- Okay.
- For this.

Just so you know,

your tab just came due.

And Millie called in sick,

- so I'm short a waitress.
- No, no…

just for lunch rush.
It'll only be 45 minutes

- or an hour, tops.
- I burned a table of six

last time,
or have you forgotten?

No. I don't think anyone
will ever forget that.

Okay. I'll do it.

I totally get
what Donny sees in you.

Hi, guys.
Okay, one special

and one chicken and fries.

Let me know if you need
anything else, okay?

Those nachos okay, guys?

I'll be with you guys
in just a second.

All right, you had the ribs,

- Thanks. Yeah.
- Okay, enjoy.

Hey, guys!

Welcome to Jackson's.

Been here once or twice?

- You're new.
- Yeah.

Hey, guys.
There is your mustard.

It's so amazing, right?
Killer sandwich.

All right, here I am
to warm up your coffee.

- All right.
- Great.

Let's make this happen.

Let's get you caffeinated

so you can enjoy
the rest of your day.

Thanks for helping out Jackson.

Yeah, sure, it was…
it was actually pretty fun.

- Excuse me.
- Yes.

I have that exact same sweater.

Really? I love it.
I just bought it.

10 bucks.

You're kidding.
I paid 70 for mine.

Well, you need to check
out this van down the street.

This guy's selling women's
clothes really cheap.

That's crazy.

I know.
Right out of a suitcase.

The inn was full.

Well, welcome back.

Didn't you have a suitcase?

It was stolen
from the back of his truck.

$1,000 compressor back there.
They didn't take that.

'Course he didn't.
'Cause there's no crime here.

Well, come on in.

I'll show you the guest room.

Is that paint?



- I'll go with them.
- Oh, no, you won't.

Donny, I know we've had
a rough go of things,

but what you did here today
is not okay.

I didn't do it for me.
I did it for us.

I know you think that, pal,

but we're doing okay.

We don't need anybody else
to be a family.

But she's perfect for you.

- We don't even know her.
- I do.

What's that?




They're the ladies
who contacted your website.

Tell me no one else
is showing up here.

- They're not.
- Okay.

- No computer for a month.
- Dad!

It was excruciating.
He had no idea who I was.

Can't really say
that I'm surprised.

Anything other than that?

Other than that,
he's named after a candy bar,

and I'm pretty sure
he has a girlfriend.

Sam, it's me.

I found some stuff
for you to wear.

I'll put it by the door.

I'm making you a potpie
to say I'm sorry.

An apology pie, huh?

All right, I'm gonna
have you scoot over.

Go on, scoot.

Okay, so…

the key to success
in this situation

is the crust.

The best thing about a potpie
is it's a comfort food,

and you can really put
anything in it you like.

Okay. You take over.

- Storm's coming.
- Perfect.

Speaking of storms,

there's this
Celeste Jeffers-Johnson person.

She shows up everywhere.

I'm sure you've already
ran into her like six times.


He thinks it's business,
but she has an agenda.

She's already talked him
into a dinner,

two long lunches,
and a double cappuccino.

He should be
with someone like you.

I'm afraid
that's not gonna happen.


I'm sorry.

Hey, did you know

that they had potpies
in ancient Rome?


And in old England,

when the king would
cut into the crust,

a live bird would fly out.


You're so silly.

We're not gonna get
any cooking done like this.

You have flour on your face.

- Stop!
- You gotta get it off.

All right,
you keep stirring that.


That's the sauce that's gonna
make this potpie delicious.

It's looking really good.

I took care of Heath
when he was a kid.

And now Donny and I
are both raising him.

As I recall, your last husband
threw food at the wall.

Or was that husband number two?

No. That was Tom.

How many husbands have you had?

- Three.
- She's working on number four.

- Eddie.
- That reminds me.

I owe him a text.

You said no phones at the table

except for emergencies.

This qualifies.

He was A.T.D.

At the doctor.

See you A.T.S.C.

See you at the senior center.

- Oh, no.
- What's wrong?

Eddie says the highway
washed out again.

How bad?

Shut down in both directions.

Which highway?

The one from town
to the train station

- and everywhere else.
- But they'll clear it, right?

Well, could take a couple days.

Last time it took a week.

Okay. But there's gotta be
another way out of town.

Not without a boat.

So you're saying I'm stuck here?

Oh, no.

I'm still here.

Good morning!

Good morning.

Would you like some coffee?

Yeah. That would be great.

- How do you take it?
- Black. Thank you.

You're welcome.

And… yes.

The road is still closed.

Trust me, in 20 years,

you'll be more disappointed
by the things you didn't do

than the things you did.

One can only hope.

I forgot!

I have some things for you.

What's all this?

This is too much.

Tell Donny I can't accept these.

Donny's in school.
And you can accept these.

They're from Heath.

They are?

He went over there this morning.

Had the owner come in,

open the shop early.

I shouldn't interfere.

But I have already, so…

why stop now?

Sit down.

I love Heath.

He's like a son to me.

But he's stuck.

You know, I'm the type
that just keeps getting married

until I get it right,
but not Heath.

He was just gonna do it once,

now he has to start over.

But let's face it.

He's a guy.

And, you know, they're all
really pretty clueless.


you know, just give him
another chance.

Sorry to interrupt.

Trust me, you're not.

I wanted to thank you
for the clothes.

They're nicer
than the ones I came with.

Well, I had some help
picking them out.

Although, the pink scarf…
totally me.

So this is your studio, huh?

Yep. This is where
the magic happens.

Or at least used to.

These are really good.

These are really good.

Thanks. They were better
when I took 'em.

Long time ago.

But enough about my glory days.

I'm worried about Donny.

- He's a great kid.
- That's just it.

I want him to spend
more time being a kid

and less time
trying to find me a wife.

- He wants you to be happy.
- I'm not unhappy.

That's the same, right?

I think he just misses things
the way they were.

I was like that
after my dad left.

All I wanted was my family back.

But Donny's smart.
He'll be okay.

Are you happy?

I'm not unhappy.

I'm sorry this thing
turned out so badly.

It's okay.
It's not a total loss.

I've been waiting
pretty much my whole life

for a guy on a white horse
to come along,

and now,

because of you,

I finally realized
he doesn't exist.

So I ruined
your romantic dreams, huh?

Yeah! But that's good.

- How's that good?
- Well…

I need to accept the fact
that I'm alone

and I may always be alone,
and that's okay.

So those are your choices…

being alone
or a guy on a white horse?

Mr. Heath Madsen.

- Hello, Celeste.
- Hello!

- Hello.
- Hi.

I see you're wearing
the new clothes.

Heath, I told you they'd fit.

He thought you were
a little bigger.

I didn't say bigger.
I said taller.

To-ma-to, to-mah-to.

News bulletin…
there's interest from London.

Clive Clark is in the States

and interested
in coming to your show.

You're kidding.

Although the road
will have to open up first,

which it will,
if I have to dig it myself.

All right, where are they?
Show me the prints.

And do not tell me
they're not ready yet.

Depends what you mean by ready.

Oh, man.

- I have an idea of…
- Okay.

What I want to accomplish,

and the… well…

what I considered
the road to nowhere.

I think another
retrospective would work.

Another retrospective!

Come with me.

Where are we going?

I want you to meet somebody.

Okay. If he's not
in eighth grade

and doesn't have a camera,
I'm in.

Hi, everyone.

- This is Sam.
- The young lady

Donny picked out.

Donny has impeccable taste.

- Does everyone know?
- And then some.

And may I just say
you look even better in person.

Sam, this gentleman is Eddie.

And I use the word
gentleman loosely.

- And this is Jim.
- My pleasure.

So how do you like our hangout?

It's great.

Heath fixed it up.
Used to be a real dump.

Worked three weeks on it,
night and day.

Never asked for a penny.

Here. I saved you
a couple of seats up front.

- Thanks.
- Nice meeting you in person.

You too.

Thank you.

- So that's number four.
- That's him.

I approve.

Don't leak this, but…

he asked me
on a Barefoot Cruise to Mexico.

How romantic.

- When do you set sail?
- That's a good question.

I don't think it's a good
time to leave the boys.

Why not?
Donny seems so mature.

It's not Donny I'm worried
about… it's Heath.

By the time I get back,

that shark will have turned
my room into an art gallery.

- What?
- Celeste Jeffers-Johnson.

She's the type of person

who gets what she wants,
no matter what it takes.

- Am I right?
- I don't know her very well,

but she seems like
a nice person.

And by nice, I mean pretentious,
and by person I mean…

- bingo!
- What?

Yes, sir!

Every time!

Jim's won again!


I pick up food once a week
for the boys.

They really love it.


Why aren't you in school?

I got out early, remember?

- And you came here?
- It's business.

Excellent news.

I brought our pie samples
to Jackson,

and he's putting them
on the menu.

- It's so good.
- Busy weekend.

He'll take as many
as we can make.

So we're a "we" now?

We'll talk percentages later.

Donny says that you can deliver

- 4 dozen pies by tomorrow?
- What?

I'll have the tins
and vegetables

delivered to our house
by the end of the business day.

I'm still working a deal
for the chickens.

This would go a lot faster

if we could invite
some kids over to help us.

We don't need anyone else.

I hate to break it to you,

but you're not
a 40-year-old CEO.



you know,

when I was your age,
my parents got divorced.

My mom was really sad,
and my sister was a mess,

and I felt like
I had to take care of them.

- Did you?
- Yeah.

I tried.
Cooked them dinner every night.

That's actually
how I learned to cook.

But I spent all of my time
worrying about

grownup stuff.

Stopped hanging out
with my friends,

stopped being a kid.

That doesn't sound so bad.

The thing is,

you really only get one chance
at being a kid.

Like a limited offer.


Mind if I snap a few shots?
Light's perfect.

For marketing your pies.

I guess not.

What do you want me to do?

No, just keep doing
what you're doing.

It's great.

Just be natural.


You look right at home.

Look how pretty.
Guys, look.

Aren't they pretty?
Look, look, look.

- You did such a good job.
- You're geniuses.

So glad we got help.

We only have, like,

another hundred to do?

- Yeah, just another thousand.
- I'll put a little more on.

Did you just toss flour on him?

It's getting kind of brown.

These can go in the pot.


Hey, guys.

Hey, Jared.
How you doing, Tommy?

You guys need some help?

Yeah, that'd be great.

- Like this?
- Okay, just move it forward

on the knife and then just…
like that,

so you don't actually have
to leave the board.

Thank you.

I haven't seen Donny
like that in…

in a while.


Are you kidding me?
I had a great time.

Used to have those kids
over every day before…

I don't know
how you managed it, but…

I appreciate it.

I really didn't do anything.

Except bake a pie or two.

Or 48.

You know, they were good.
Really good.

You ever think about
opening a restaurant?

I thought about it.

Potpie cafe.

I have all these recipes.

Mediterranean, Greek olive,

vegan, sweet and sour chicken.


Of course, chocolate.

But my sister
talked me out of it.

She said I was being

I'm a dreamer.

Is this the same sister

that thought I was a stalker
or an ex-con?

The very same.

Although, in my case,
she's probably right.

There's too much risk.

It's much easier just to work
in someone else's restaurant.

What about an online business?

That's less risky.

it was an online situation

that got me here,

so I'm gonna have to say no
on that one.

I'm serious. It'll be
like a fruit of the month club,

but only potpies.

So you would subscribe
to something

called the potpie
of the month club?

Yeah. I would.

And you wouldn't be
embarrassed about it?

I might use an alias.


Thank you.

He's not as bad as I thought.

Excuse me, but we have
a one-time humiliation rule

in our family.

I'm not saying
anything's gonna happen.

Oh, no.

- You like him!
- No.

And even if I was starting
to semi-think he was okay,

I'm coming home
as soon as the road opens.

Get off… oh, man.

- Come on.
- I got news.

The road is open.
And that means tourists.

- Which means cha-ching!
- That's great.

- Is it?
- Why wouldn't it be?

Well, I guess your camera
must have taken this picture

of Sam all by itself.

What can I say?
The camera loves her.

Just the camera?

You haven't taken pictures
like this in…

a very long time, man.

What's your point?

My point is that you're
starting to feel something.

Yeah, that would be
annoyance, so…

why don't you just get out
of here and let me sleep?

Okay. So this whole thing
may have started off

a little sketchy.

Yes, she was chosen
by a 12-year-old.

Yes, she thought
you were someone else.

But she's here, and she came
all the way here for you.



now she's leaving 'cause of me.

Ask her to stay the weekend.

- I can't.
- Always an excuse.

Donny, work, no work.

Will you just get up and help me
with these pies, huh?

- Anything else?
- Yeah.

Put on a different shirt,

pull yourself together,
and, for goodness sakes,

at least give her
a good-bye kiss.


I'll be right there.

Did I wake you?

Why would you say that?

Your shirt's on backwards.

You have a little

piece of toilet paper
stuck to your…

Yeah. I tried shaving.

Didn't work out so well.

It's two-ply, I assume?

You'd assume correctly.


was there anything else?

Yeah, I got some news.

Jackson came by.
He said the pies look amazing.


One other thing.

There's this place
I wanna show you.

Word on the street is
you're headed to the meadow.

What street is that?

Can I help?

Don't you have school to get
ready for or something?

I've got plenty of time.
Come on, let me prep the mule.

Done it a million times.

Go, get your gear.

All right.

Don't top it off.
I already put gas in.

Got it.

There's a place
I want to show you.

So, where we going?

You'll find out.

Here we go!

First time I came up here
was with my dad.

He worked for
the forest service and,

we used to camp out
under the stars.

- That sounds really nice.
- Yeah, it was.

You know, I thought
I'd follow in his footsteps.

I got my first camera,
and that was it.

Look familiar?

It's where I took that photo.

It's beautiful.

Yeah, I thought you should
see it in person.

Of course, there's no horse now.

I haven't been up here
in a long time.

Too long.

I was a struggling artist
when I took that photo.

And now?

Well, I'm still
a struggling artist.

- That's disturbing.
- It really is.


Maybe this'll be your comeback.

The road to fame and fortune.

Let's hope not.

It didn't work out so well
the first time.

What do you mean?

Let's just say I didn't like
the person I became.

When Donny was born,

I decided to put the people
I love first.

We used to make jewelry
out of these.

What are they?

- Porcupine quills.
- Sounds painful.

I made a necklace
for my third grade girlfriend

out of these quills.

As I recall, she required
medical attention.

At least you left an impression.

Yeah, probably
some scarring too.

Been there, minus the jewelry.

So you've had dates
worse than this?

Not that this is a date.

I've had worse just this month.

There was Voldemort,

and then this guy who sold
hair products out of his car.

And Joel…

although he was really
more of an incident.

Yeah, well, at least
you're braver than I am.

You're out there.

At least you don't get
invited to showers.

I generally shower alone.

Wedding showers.
Baby showers.

And then, when every single
person I've ever met

is married, they start
renewing their vows.

Is that really necessary?

How dare they?

Thank you.

Well, they're not back yet.
That's a good sign.


Or a bad sign.

It's all good.
Trust me.

So what's with you and Eddie
and that Barefoot Cruise?

- That a done deal yet?
- How do you know about that?

Eddie asked me about tickets.

I told him
I could get him upgrades.

You are unbelievable.

Okay, now just trust me,
all right?

There it is.

Now, just turn… turn away.

Turn away…
and just look back at me.

Don't even think…
there it is.

Now just turn slowly
towards the camera.


And just look at me in the eyes.

Don't even worry about
a smile or anything…

just what's natural.
That's it.

Nice. Beautiful.

That's it. See?


I don't know what I'm doing.

No, you're a natural.

It'll be dark soon.
We should head back.

I had a really good time.

Thanks for bringing me here.

I'm glad I did.

What the…

It's impossible.
I just filled it up.

Maybe there's a leak.

No. No leak.

I never should have
let him near it.

- Him?
- Donny. He siphoned the gas.

Just enough
to leave us stranded.

That kid's relentless.

Well, good thing
I brought my gas can.

Empty… gas can.

There's no signal.
He thought of that too.

but kind of a genius.

It's also
a 15-mile hike back tomorrow.

Well, let's make camp.

It's really getting late.


You know dad.

He's at home in the woods.

Even if
he has to stay overnight.

Why would he have to stay

Who knows?

What did you do?

I may have siphoned
a little gas.


I packed provisions.

They have everything they need.

Well, I hope you have
everything you need

in your room,

where you'll be living
for the next year.

Old Halloween candy.

I'm sorry about this.

I don't mind.

I love licorice.

Were these straws
always this small?

I'm pretty sure you grew.

I guess so.

Yeah, I forgot how nice
camping can be.

Well, except for the…
the hard ground,

the lack of indoor plumbing,
and TV.

It's nice.

You can have the sleeping bag
if you want it.

No, I'm good.


You're welcome.

Heath's in the studio, I hope.

He's sleeping.

I'll tell him you came by.

- Well, just wake him.
- He's not here.

- Well, where is he?
- Camping.

- Camping? Where?
- We don't know.

He doesn't go anywhere
without telling you.

Isn't that right, Donny?

Okay. They went
to the meadow.


Oh, don't tell me

he's with that person
who lost her clothes.

- Wait, let me go get them.
- Don't trouble yourselves.

I'll get them.


Good morning.


How long have you been up?

Not long.

- How'd you sleep?
- Pretty good.

Thank you.

Why does Donny think that
we'd be perfect for each other?

Probably because he's 12.

I think he's just afraid
I'm gonna end up with Celeste.

Are you?

I could never be with somebody
that Donny doesn't like.

We should…

we should probably head back.

Sometimes things
can start one way

and end up another, right?

I'm just gonna say this.

I want us to be
more than friends.

You do?


I know I'm not exactly
what you came here for,

and I don't have a white horse.

You do drive a white bronco.


Thank goodness you're all right.

And you're both here.

I thought you would have
left by now.

Just waiting
on the road to open.

Well, it opened yesterday.

- What?
- Heath didn't tell you?

I didn't know.

Well, now you know.

Anyway… gasp…
guess who I spoke to?

Clive Clark.

If he likes what he sees,

he will have you in
one-man shows all over Europe.

This is a big break.

For both of us.

The implications
are just enormous.

All right.

Well, I don't need to remind you

that we'll be setting up

You don't, but you will.

Well, I can drive Sam
to the train while you work.

That won't be necessary.

No, it's no trouble at all.

Sam's staying for the show.

Aren't you?

- I am.
- Yep? Great.

The more the merrier.

See you tonight.

- Drive safe.
- Of course.

You're back.
I was worried.

Worried you didn't pack
enough candy bars?

- Are you mad?
- I should be.

But you're not, right?

Sam, our pies sold out
at Jackson's.

They need more inventory asap.

Guess we're in the pie business.

You took her to the meadow.


You haven't been
up there in a long time.


Guess you must be happy.


I don't know how
you girls roped me into this,

but I kind of like it.

You better.
We're gonna be here all day.

Hey, Jackson.
It is really hopping in here.

- Hey, Jamie, couple sodas.
- All right.

So when are you gonna show me
your photos?

At the show, with everyone else.

Special treatment…
thanks a lot.

All right,
welcome to karaoke night

at Jackson's griddle.


Thank you.


Now, I couldn't help but notice

that among us we have
the town's worst singer.

My very good friend,
Mr. Heath Madsen.

So let's bring him up
with a big round of applause.

Heath Madsen.

All right.
All right.

Thanks, pal.

Thank you. Thanks.

All right, Heath!

I mean, we may have
a winner after all.

All right, who's ready
to get up here next?

Notice the eye contact there?

That was awful.

I loved it, thank you.

Bravo, bravo.

Thanks, Celeste.

We have a show to set up for.


We're just gonna grab
a bite to eat first.

Well, I've got some edamame
and kale chips at the gallery.

It's okay, go ahead.

- I'll be fine.
- You sure?

Yeah, I'll be great.

I'll see you back at the house.


Yeah, I've known Heath
my whole life.

I gotta say,
you bring out a side of him

that I have not seen…
in a very long time.

He's different than I thought.

Well, that's good, right?

You know, I don't think
he would mind

if you wanted to stay
a little longer.

Or a lot longer.

You know, I do have a job
to get back to.

That coffee's
not gonna pour itself.

You don't know how things
are gonna shake out.

I mean, when I told him
yesterday the road was open,

I thought for sure
you'd be long gone.

Wait, you told him yesterday?

Yeah, yesterday morning,

when I came to pick up
all the pies.

And speaking of pies,

I hear that you and "The Donald"
are starting an Internet business.

Potpie of the month club.

Potpie of the… I love that.

- You do?
- I would subscribe to that.

- Get out.
- No, that's a great idea.

Thank you.

Are you gonna do wholesale?

For you, Jackson, the world.

The world.

Potpie of the month club.

That is a genius idea.

You could do Mexican,
you could do Italian.

They're… brilliant.

Exclamation point.

Why does that sound
more like a question mark?

The photography is fabulous.

American retro.
I love it.

I'm just a little…

at the subject.

You know, Celeste,

Donny thinks I'm giving you
mixed messages.

Does he?

I'm sorry if I gave you
the wrong idea.

But the truth is,
I am having feelings for Sam.

Heath, you barely know her.

Well, it's like these photos.

Just kind of happened.

Well, I'm sure you're just…

caught up in the moment,
that's all.

No. No, it's more than that.

Look, I'm not gonna lie.

I think that we make
a good team,

and I'd hoped…

well, I guess
that's pretty obvious.

I've probably made
an idiot of myself.

No. No, not at all.

It wouldn't be the first time.

All right, well, let's hang
these brilliant things.


Come on, come on.

Come on, hurry up, I wanna play.

- Come back over here.
- Yes!

- Oh, dude!
- See?

- I found it!
- The mother lode!

Oh, yeah.

You know…

Heath can fend for himself.

I'm telling Eddie we're going
on that cruise.

You go, girl.

He makes me… so happy.

I didn't know what I was looking
for until now.

What are you looking for?

Someone I can share
a bowl of popcorn with.


It's so romantic.

I think we did it.

Looks perfect.

See, we do make a good team.

Yeah, we do.

What's… this?

Actually, I made that

come on, it'll make up
for breaking my heart.

I suppose I could make another.

Oh, goody.

But whatever you do,
do not wear it.

Why not?

Because the last person
I made one for

ended up in the emergency room.

It'll just be
a conversation piece.

I'll see you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

This is the closest Anna
has gotten to the herd,

and she's taken a chance
in doing so.

Her acceptance by the mustangs,
especially roughhouse,

has taken many long weeks
to establish.

Now she slips closer
to the horses

at the edge of the pasturage.

She risks it all.

Suddenly Missy,
the four-year-old mare,

alerts to Anna's presence.

Missy swivels her ears forward
and steps toward Anna,

putting herself between
her foal Alfonse

and the human interloper.

This is the moment of truth
for Anna

and all the work she's done.

Meanwhile, across the valley,

Nick watches Nola in the corral.

The mustang is completely healed

but doesn't want to leave yet.

There are several
possibilities why,

most likely, that Nola likes
the easy food and water

that's been available.



So how'd it go?

Good, I think.

That's great.

What's next?

We go see your show.

I mean after that.

- There's an after?
- I hope so.

Isn't there?

I hope so too.

I'm going to shake a few hands,

sell a few prints,

and we can figure this out.

I can come and see you or…

or you can stay.

Sam, we need to confab
about P-P-O-T-M-C.

And he's back.

P-P-O… what?

Potpie of the month club.

Are we actually
gonna call it that?

So we are a "we".

I guess we are.

I have a good feeling
about this.

Let's go.

Potpie of the month club.

They're all of me.

I-I hadn't noticed.

What do you think?

I think you're crazy.

You look beautiful.

Go ahead, check 'em out.

It's gonna be a sellout.

You are back.

I thought I told you
not to wear that.

Don't be silly,
they're fabulous.

I've got nothing
but compliments.

Here, there's a few people
I want you to meet.

This quote-unquote "gentleman"
is Clive Clark.

So nice to meet you.

Very impressive work.

It's Americana at its finest.

And I am enchanted
with your model.

Me too.

Okay, thank you!

Everyone, thank you so much
for coming

and supporting
the children's art center.

We really appreciate it.

And I am thrilled to announce

that the very prestigious
Clive Clark gallery in London

has just offered
our very own Heath Madsen

a solo show.

Amazing, right?

In fact, he leaves
for the U.K. Tomorrow,

and I will be stuck to him
like glue.

Heath, I would love
to talk with you

about some of the ideas I have

for how we might do this
when you get to London.

Fantastic news.

Enjoying yourself?

Gorgeous, isn't it?

Heath made it for me.

This really is
a second chance for him.

I know.

It's really wonderful.


And the last thing he needs

is to be tied down
or distracted.

So I hope you've had fun
on your holiday,

but he's done now.

So you can go back
to wherever it is you came from.

I don't think
that's any of your business.

He lied to you about the road
to get you to stay here.

What, you think that's

because he fell in love with you

in five minutes?

No, silly.

That's because he needed you
for the pictures.

And they are magnificent.

Really, mission accomplished.

We'll make sure you get
to take home a signed original.

I think it would really help
showcase the pieces

in a more individual light.


To London.

And beyond.

Think my hair is caught
in this clasp.

Would you get it?

- I told you not to wear this.
- I know.

- It's still caught.
- Stand still.

You're not getting it.

- What was that?
- Heath.

We were celebrating.

I'm dying to know:

Which is your favorite photo?

If you only got to choose one.

That one.


Sorry, sister.

What? Never mind.

Do you have a driver's license?


You've reached Sam's phone.

Please leave a message.

Hey, Sam, it's Heath again.

Call me.


Congratulations, man.

I heard you sold out.

Have you seen Sam?
She isn't answering her phone.

No, but Donny was in here
looking for her too.

Is everything all right?

She's not back at the house.

- What did you say to her?
- Nothing.

You sure? 'Cause you can say
some pretty dumb stuff.

Okay, let's just split up
and find her, huh?


Robbie, remember the girl
I was here with?

The Chiquita who paid
for your stuff?

I just dropped her off.

- She was crying all over my whip.
- What?

She saw you macking
the art babe, bro-seph.

You kissed Jeffers-Johnson?

What? No!

No. Yeah.
I mean, she saw that?

In 3-D.

Where is she?

Sam, it's Heath.

I've tried your cell
several times.

Please tell me you didn't leave.

Just… call me.

Sam, it's me, Heath.
If you just…

that kiss with Celeste
is not what you think.

We need to talk.

I'm swearing off all contact
with the outside world.

Maybe there's an explanation.

You were right about me.

I'm unrealistic,
and I'm hopeless.


Since when do you listen to me?

You are not hopeless.

You're hopeful.

And there is someone
out there for you.

I know it.

Doesn't matter, I'm done.

You're gonna be okay?

I can't believe
you're giving up.

Have I taught you anything?

Donny, I called her
a hundred times.

She doesn't want to talk to me.

But you like each other,
I know you do.

Look, I'll be back in a week.

I'll call her then.

But it could be
too late by then.

The moment could be lost.

Look, we'll be fine.

Don't worry about us.

- Thank you, May.
- Bye-bye, sweetie.

Don't know
what I'd do without you.

All right, give me a hug.

I love you, buddy.


It's gonna be okay.

Ready to cross the pond?

You're making the right choice,
you know.

This is the opportunity
of a lifetime.

And nobody would throw that away

for a 72-hour "relationship",

Can you not talk like that?

You're mad at me.

Don't worry,
we have a long flight.

Plenty of time
for you to forgive me.

And in first class, might I add?

Besides, you can fix things
with her when you get back.

If you even remember her name
by then.

Sam, it's Lynn.

I'm having twins.

Shower on the 20th.

Save the date.

Sam, this is Joel's mother.
He asked me to call.

You two kids owe it
to yourselves

to give this another try.

All right?

Bye, dear.

Hi, Sam, it's Donny.

I know what you think you saw,

and I totally understand
why you're upset,

but just please give my dad
another chance.

Just think about it.

Here you go, guys.
Have a nice day.



My mother said
you haven't been in.

She thought you'd quit.

Still here.


Actually, I'm not much
of a hot-beverage guy.

Okay then.


What I really came in
to ask you is…

do want to go out again?


I'm gonna have to say…


I will not
go out with you again.

But thank you.

Good, you're alone.

I met someone.

I can't believe I'm saying this.

But I actually think
he's perfect for you.

Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no.

Look, you know I'm a skeptic,

but this guy is different.

How is he different?
You're acting crazy.

- He's right outside.
- Outside?

What, did he sleep
in the gutter?

No, he was awake.

And very good-looking.

He may or may not have a car.

I didn't see one.

He has a job.
Sort of.

- Not a job-job, per se.
- Roz.

Look, before you say no…
he's right outside.

I already promised him you were
gonna go out there and meet him,

so you really don't have
a choice at this point.

Are you kidding me?
I'm not going out there.

Oh, yes, you are.

Roz, no!


This isn't at all
how I pictured it.

Well, it's the best I could do.

I know what you saw
at the gallery.

There's never been anything
between Celeste and me.

But what about London
and your show?

Come with me.


You will?

I will.

Oh, my gosh,
that is so romantic.

by VaVooM