Champion (2018) - full transcript

A Korean American arm wrestler goes to South Korea for a competition, and finds a sister that he didn't know about.

Do you know me?

What?! Son of a bitch!

Did you hit me?!

Let go of me!

I got him, I got him. Sorry.

It hurts!

Bro, you're embarrassing me!

Let go of me!

I've been looking
everywhere for you.

I told you I'ma kick you out
if you keep causing trouble, remember?

I ain't gonna cover your ass no more, man!

Come on, bro.

One more, just one round,
nothing more, please!

I can't go back to Korea
with nothing to show for.

I told you I'm not getting my hands
dirty for those a bunch of crack heads.

Just go home, man.

But bro.

You're expelled from
the American league anyway.

Just one round
for the last time.


Come on huh! Hey, Joe! I'm here!

Come on, kid, you meant Mark?

You didn't say anything about
staff members being off-limits.

I thought you lost all your money earlier.

Any bets on Mark?

Come on, anyone?


If Mark loses,
I'll stay put and work here forever.

But if Mark wins, all that dough is mine!

Well, Mark. What's it gonna be?

Well, let's do it.

Okay! Let's do it!

I believe in you!

Win at all costs! Okay!

Come on, Mark! Come on!

Come on, Mark!

Ready, go!

You can do it!
That's it! That's it!



Yeah! We won!

Don't touch!

What's up?
Need some cash for the bus?

We'll do it again!

We're done, man!

Come on!

Bro, behind you!

Get your hands off my money!
Don't touch my money!

Hey Mark!

I'll call you when I get to Korea!

Trust me and wait for me!


I'm sorry for the mess.

Nobody messes with my customers. You hear?

Get the hell out of my club.

Deport all you chinks out of this country!


You touch me again, you're dead.

I'm outta here.

Grab that prick! Grab him!


Ma'am, I can help you out.

- Thank you.
- Where is your car?

- Right over there.
- Okay.

Yeah, this is Mark. Who is this?

Bro! I's Jin-ki.

I fold you I'd call you.

Anyway, an arm wrestling
fournament's starting here.

In Korea?

Yeah! If you reach the finals,
you get a world fourney invitation.

I'll handle the business,
come fo Korea.

This is your last chance
at competing.


Hey Mark!

Holy crap, bro,
how long has it been?

It's been almost a half year since, right?

You lied again about
sending me the plane ticket.

Wait, wait, I'm sorry,
let me go, not here!

Keep it up and
I'll compete by myself.

Things are different here,
if you go by yourself...

You could get scammed.

- Is this yours?
- Of course.

Leave the business side to me,

after a long deliberation,
I planned everything.

Deliver what?



Forget it, would you be
comfortable in english?

No, I'm never uncomfortable.

That's double negative.

Somebody looks comfortable here.

Look at these empty plates.

Where did you get this?

It's good.

- Hello there.
- Good afternoon!

The boy looks so dependable.

She's a daughter.

No wonder, she's so pretty.

Make a fortune
and grow up beautifully!

Bro, say something.

Make a fortune
and grow up beautifully.


Dude, to the baby.

- Sorry about that.
- Thank you for coming.

- Who are they?
- Who knows.

How does he eat so much?

You really know him?

Yeah, we're bff.

I don't think so.

In Korea, it's the thought
that counts the most.

Anyway, I looked into it,

there's a big shot loanshark

named yoo Chang-su,
who's into sports betting.

If we are to do this right,
we gotta meet him.

You mean gambling, right?

Not interested.

Kind of,

it ain't a serious game,
think of it as business.

Just business, okay?

What do you even know
about business, bro.

A musclehead like you
won't know the intricacies of...

Wait, bro, that's a weapon.

Put that down, okay? I love you.

We'll make it big
and go bottom's up.

Bottom's what?

It's like 'cheers',
to wish us luck.

Bottom's up...

If you're done, let's go.

Where? I'm not done.

Real Korean experience,
you know?

What? Again?

Come on, bro! Hurry up!

He's like a sloth.

I'll miss dessert...


Let's take a picture.

Shit, what the...

Don't hold my hand!

Bro, look at the floor,
you're gonna fall!

You thought I'd fall for that?!

One, two!

Amazing, just perfect.

- This feels weird.
- Nonsense!

Could we take a photo too?

- How much?
- No, you misunderstood...

- Of course not.
- Sure thing.

No, I'm not a tourist attraction...

One, two, three!

Come on!

Why is he standing there
like that?

- Who?
- Over there.

Don't mind him,
old habits die hard.

Where's the washroom?

Did you have fun touring
and clubbing today?

Sure, but I'm exhausted,
as if I've just got off work.

Did you ever want to
find anyone in Korea?

Nope, none.

Never wanted to look for
your biological mother?


- Where's the hotel?
- Right there.

A small gift,
your mother's address.

Navigating you fo
Mark's mom's place.


Come here,
you owe a lot of rent.

Come to the roof,
trim that hair.

- Good evening.
- Thank you so much.

- Good evening.
- You look tired.

- Hello, sir.
- Make some money!

I smile when you make money!

You smile when I do.

You're happy because you smile,
never the other way!

I smell something burning,
look into it, Kim.

Same thing for
Hong Kong and Macau.

The dividend is 25%...

I'm not in the business
of losing money.

Okay? Trust me!

You're Mr. yoo Chang-su?

You are him!

Nice to meet you!

I'm a sports agent park Jin-ki.

Alex once ranked 10th
in the world,

and my boy Mark destroyed him.

Could you lower me?
I'm gonna be sick.

I've done this before,
it's not a moneymaker.


- It's pointless!
- Sports betting!

What if sportsbook gets involved?


It'll be broadcasted this time,

it's also going worldwide
with international athletes.

That's why sportsbook
got in on this.

Think about it.

People'll open up betting sites
and bring in tons of cash,

and if you had a guy
like Mark under you,

it's jackpot waiting to happen.

And he'll listen to you?

Of course! I'm Mark's agent.

If you work with me,
winning is important,

but so is losing.

10% of the profit,
then I'll control Mark.

Where is this guy?

Seoul, joonggu,
jangchong district...

Who are you?

So big, like a beast!

No, he's a human.

I know that.

Is this your place?

It was my grandma's...

Junie, don't talk to strangers!


Who are you?

Did you come to collect?

Yeah, what's up?

Bro, where are you?

I came out for a bit,
I'll be back soon.

Let's go inside.

He looks so funny.

His arms are so thick.

You can't make fun of
people even if they're ugly.


- We're back!
- I'm home.


A huge man came by.

He was so big, like this.

Who was it?

I don't think he was a collector.

Did you eat?

A little.

There he is!

Mom, he's leaving.

- Pass it!
- Why pass to him?!

What's up, bro!

You found here okay,
let's go inside.

Where's the car?

I sold it.

Public transportation
is faster in Seoul.

How's your condition? Hungry?

You're about to meet Mr. yoo,

he's our sponsor,
so be good to him, okay?

Don't frown, smile.

Bro, that's him.

Mr. yoo, good evening!

Mark, I heard so much about you.

Your body is efficient.

I am very...

I am very excited...

I can speak Korean, it's okay.

He speaks Korean?

He grew up in koreatown,
so don't worry.

Yeah? But why is he
being so stiff?

Maybe due to his muscles,
he's awkward at first.

Adorable. Cute, cute.

Cute? What the f...

Sir, why don't we talk
over dinner?

Do I really have to do this?

What's the matter, bro?

We already talked about this.

- What should we have?
- Wait, the table's coming.

Hey! Over here! Put it here.

You even prepped
the arm wrestling table.

But sir, why should I
pay for delivery?

I'll take the leftovers,
how's $15 a piece?

One second.

You nuts? I won't make
a single cent at $15.

If you don't want it,
just go away.

I know you'll slash them anyway.

$20 a piece, deal?

Okay, fine.

Bye ju-yeon.

I'm about to lose my shop.

Just take care of it.

Everyone here's suffering,
go easy on him, su-Jin.

I know, but it drives me nuts
to see all these expenses.

I understand.

Drop the Southern accent,
you're really bad.


Let her be, she'll get better.

Her gwangju and busan
accents have improved.

- Listen to you all.
- I hope it's a good match.

I better wrap up
and go upstairs.


Gambling again? Didn't you quit?

Today's gonna be fun,
it's arm wrestling.

Arm wrestling?

That's so tacky.

I'm thick boned,
I bet I'm stronger than them.

Looks like all the strong men
in the area have gathered.

That must be the arm wrestler
from America.

He's an American?

An adoptee, from what I heard.

He looks like a gangster.


I"m undefeated.

He looks really strong,
this could be fun.

Hands on the grip.

My boy's red, bet on red!



He's good!

No, no!

Another win for Mark?

The Navy seal can't do it!


Is he a viable moneymaker?

Well, you know.

He's an adoptee?

A throwaway.

Being vulgar will get you
nowhere nowadays.

We ain't keeping him for good, either.

Say what?

I can feel it,

this'll be big, if we set up
a betting site, and market it.

If you gather your friends,
I'll take care of the rest.


you talk too much.

I think so too.


You are the man!

Bro, see that douchebag
in the middle?

That's yoo's moneyman,
some silver spooner.

How dare he point
his finger at me.

It's so nice to have a sponsor.

Better than the last time.

Bro, I'm almost done,
give it a go.

Forget it.

I got nauseous with
the vibrating mattress.

This is different,
you should try it.

No, I'm straight, man.

How did you like my
homecoming present?

Should I come with you
to find your mom?

Forget it.

Even the smallest things
piss you off.

Yoo: Win tmrw's 1st match,
lose the 2nd, got it?

Bro, those guys were
a joke compared to you.

Let's go with plan b.

We'll take it easy
with some mercy matches too.

Bro? Sleeping?


Welcome home!

I smell burning,
did you cook something?

It's curry everyday.

Mom, my shoes
you promised to buy.

I was busy and forgot.

I'll buy them next time.

Do you remember my size?

I sure do, size 5, right?

Of course, mama knows,
my sweet jun-hyung.

Me too, hug me too.

Yeah? My June bugs!

Mom has to sleep,
let's go to school.

- We're going to school!
- Have a good time.


Jun-hee, be careful.


Look, that man's back.

What are you doing here?

Junie! Come here.

Hey, wait a minute.

Is your grandma Lee jongsuk?

That's right.

Why do you keep coming back?

Who's home right now?

- Only mom.
- Stop talking!

If you come back,
I'll call the cops.

- See you again.
- Okay...


Top roll.


As you see, there are
3 techniques in arm wrestling.

Pull the wrist inside to hook.

Twist the other way to top roll.

Using shoulder to press.

These are all
legitimate techniques.

It looks dumb.

This isn't right for me.

You guys are cool?

Boss, it's a call from
someone named yoo.

I heard you're
the top ranker in Korea.

I'm thinking of sending
a man to the tournament...

My apologies,
but I got a sponsor.

What the shit now?

There's a guy I'm backing.

Come and check if he's good.

I already told her that.



It's hard to meet
the quota every month.

If I kept my promise,
you should too.

- Bro!
- Shit, Jesus Christ!

- You know her?
- No, not at all.

- You're being weird.
- Be quiet.

She's looking at us.

You two had a connection,
I'll go talk to her.

Dude, what's wrong?

Why're you being sensitive?
Are you hungry?

Here's your fermented bean stew.

Let's eat!

Oh damn!

My god!

What's wrong with this?
Why'd anyone eat this?

Nothing's wrong,
this is rite of passage.

All that meat turned you
into a beast.

I'll just eat rice.

Don't be a kid,
everyone's eating.

You're an embarrassment.

Holy cow...

So you like it.

You gotta win the first match,
but lose the second one.

I know what happened
in the states hurts,

but this is different.

This is just business,
a gig, okay?

Order me another.

- Another stew!
- Okay!

This has to be done
for us to move up.

So think of it
in the positive light...

Okay, we were gonna
do it anyway.

Yeah? Really?

You can't back out of it,
toss the second round, okay?


There can't be a break
in the meal.

Could you hurry up?
He has to keep eating!

So big, like a beast.

No, he's a human.

I know that.

Didn't we have this
conversation before?

Say what?

Bro, remember to lose
the second round.

You have to win the first one,
you can't lose both.


Grab the grip.

Bro, focus!



Bro! You gotta win!

Yeah, good!

Okay, push it down!

Push it down!

He's using techniques,
was he a pro?


He was in world top 10
about a decade ago.

See? I knew he was good.

Second round.

If you want to bet on Mark,
bet on red.


Came to play?
To pay me back your debt?

You should dress efficiently.

Stop it!

Did you just give me
the evil eye?

Isn't that the girl
from earlier?

I'll let it go
since we're in a crowd.

Remember, toss the second round.

Bro, answer me.

That's enough for today.

Okay, don't forget our plan.

Let's begin.



Oh no, he's no match...

Bro, don't do that! Go easy!

Bro! Bro!


What the hell are you doing?

You wanna die?

Aren't you combo?
Korea's ♪1 ranked athlete?

Yes, hello.

Anyone wanna see
Mark versus Korea's ♪1?

Unlimited betting!

That could be fun!

Combo, fight Mark.

I don't play
at a place like this.


Play against combo.

No, forget it.

What are you talking about?

We'll play.

That's it for today.

We gotta do this...


Are you nuts?
Disobeying your master?

Mr. yoo, the thing is...

I'm so sorry,
I'll take care of it.

Bro, bro!


Don't you know yoo
is our sponsor?

We should go back in there.

I don't like him!

Come on, bro!

Your feelings are irrelevant,
this is just business.

Was it because of that girl?

It totally is.

Be honest with me,
who's the girl?

I don't know!

Let me through!



Looks delish!

Anyone here?


How do you know Mark?


I saw everything earlier!

Just tell me,
how do you know Mark?

Who the hell?


Did we startle you?

I was gonna come see you.

I checked you out of the hotel,

I lost a shit load,
so I'm keeping this.

You little shit!

Please don't do this.

Where's the damn adoptee?
I'm gonna kill him.

Listen to me for a second.

You shouldn't damage
your own merchandise.

- Aren't you his agent?
- Give me some time.

Do I amuse you? Do I look easy?



Yo, Mark!
I've been looking for you!

Get him.

Stay back!

Kim... yes, go.

Come back here, asshole.

Don't make a scene here!

Move your ass.

You'll be kicked out
if you don't pay back.

Piss off.

I'll pay you back, I willl

that evil eye again?

Let go.

Let go!

Come here, come at me.

- Look at this mess!
- That's him.

- Are you okay?
- Over here please!

He did this, give me my cane.

Are you okay?

How many men did he beat up?

- He's ruthless.
- Mr. yoo, please...

Hello? Yes, mom.
There was a big fight!

- I didn't fight!
- I was hit too.

I'm heading home!

He injured his hand
because of those guys!

Why are we getting
all the blame?

They started the fight!

I understand,
please keep it down.

Do I look like a thug?

How can we pass off as thugs...

I see why people would,
it's understandable, but...

Su-Jin, aren't these
those men's?

Mark is an American arm wrestler
who came here to compete.

That's not a real sport.

Fine, I'll verify his identity
at the us embassy tomorrow.

He was an adoptee,
he's practically stateless.

Why are you so chatty
when this is about him?

Can't he talk?

I can.

Why don't you explain
your nationality?


Why is nationality important,
he's Korean!

I don't believe this!

You two can arm wrestle,
you'll believe us then.

Arm wrestle him.

Why, are you scared?

Let's go.

Is it stuck with glue?

You said you're good!

He's good, he's a pro.

You'll let us go then?

We still gotta ID him.

Why are you here?


Good evening!

Can I help you?

I couldn't tell you earlier.

He's my mom's son.


His name is baek seung-min.

That's his passport!

This is an old photo
of mom and him.

It was so hard on her,
so she left him for adoption.

See? I was telling the truth.

By the way, you had a sister?

She must be a stepsister.

Same mother,
different fathers, right?

- That must be it.
- Yes, sure.

Where's your mother now?

My grandma is in heaven.

She passed away last year
due to cancer.

I somehow got in touch with him.

My husband died early,
and it's hard raising 2 kids,

so he came here to help.

He fought off those thugs
who were harassing me.

Is this true?
Is she your sister?

Did you really come to
Korea to help her?

Yes, just believe him.

Her moving story is
bringing tears to my eyes.

Please help him.

Please help.


Are you really my mom's daughter?

Why else would she
come here to help?

Shouldn't you be
thanking me first?

Even the children helped.

Thank you.

Let's go somewhere.

You've reunited with your family.

It's a heartwarming moment,
let's go have a chat.

Why don't we go to your place?
He's family after all.

Forget it.

What are you talking about, man!

Come on, bro, don't be selfish.

She must be curious about you,
and missed you, right?

Uncle, get in this car.

What's wrong? That hurts...

Uncle's hand is so big.

That kfc's so loud.

Is the door locked?

It's always jammed.

- Hold on.
- What is it?

There, go poop.

Let's go to school.

We're leaving, don't wake mom.

Why do you order adults around?

Isn't that what Americans do?

We're in Korea.

We're off to school, sir.

- Okay, bye.
- Laters.

Cute kids.

Dang, you were a cutie.

Who told you you can smoke here!

Look at these butts!
You're littering!

What's she blabbering about?

You got a death wish?

Should I beat up a chick?

You know him?


- But he keeps coming.
- I'm so sorry.

For what?

For everything,
it's all our fault.

Got something to say?

Not really...

I heard you lived
around here with mom,

a lot must've changed
in 30 years, right?

Yeah, I guess so,
I don't really remember.

When you came by last time,
you should've said so,

could've saved a trip
to the police.

Right, that's my fault.

That's not what I meant,

we got on the wrong foot,
making each other uncomfy.

Uncomfy, huh?

Honestly, don't you think so?
It's a bit sudden for me.

Then I'll leave.

I didn't say it
to make you leave.

Don't wanna make anyone uncomfy.

You got a weird personality.

You can leave
whenever you want to.

You said it's uncomfy...

Junie, what's up?

What's this?

- Did you eat?
- It's okay.

- Let's eat together.
- I'm okay.

Have you seen my money
and passport?

What? I didn't see it.

- What's a passport?
- I don't know.

- Where are you going?
- Somewhere else.

Don't go, uncle,
let's eat together.

I'm okay, you kids eat.

How much further?

This is it, that woman's home.

You two.

Mr. Mark, what brings you here?

Only the kids are in there,
go away.

We came here for business...

We're here for a debt,
it's none of your business.

Wait, be polite to him.

Who's Deb?

- Debt!
- It means,

the woman took out
a loan from my boss,

and we came to collect.

Explain easier for
him to understand.

She borrowed money,
money rental.


I understand, go home.

Let's go!

You think we're playing?

Go away, only the kids are here.

Yes, sir.

You didn't meet him yesterday!

I'm gonna stay here,
so don't come around!

- Okay!
- Got it?!

Absolutely! Take care!

Uncle, let's eat together.


Let's eat something else.

Get your coat,
pull over socks too.


Jin-ki has all my money...

How much do you have?

Have a lot of food.

What if we get kicked out?

Eat plenty before we do.

Will you protect us?

It's the thought that counts.

Eat as much as possible,
and I'll go bottom's up.

What's 'bottom's up'?

It means... it's a good thing.

You're too young to know.

Let's eat.

Guest present goes to ♪37!

Here, we got ♪37!

Congratulations! Come forward.

A round of applause!

Come up please,
congratulations again.

Please take this gift.

One moment, please.

Could you tell us
how you know su-rin?

I'm one of her uncles.

Very good.

Could you say
a few words to su-rin?

Eat plenty of money,
I mean, sorry,

make a lot money
and grow up pretty.

Bottom's up!

Thank you.


I'm park Jin-ki,
we studied broadcasting.

Yeah, how's it going?

Absolutely, do you still work
for the TV documentary series?

- I'm back.
- Welcome home!

- Did you eat?
- Yes.

- Where's uncle?
- He's training.

What's this?

He took us to buffet
and we got a gift.


I'm going to
carry that all the time.

I really like uncle.

That much?

- You too?
- Yes.

Let's go to school.

Take this.

- Have a good day.
- We're off to school!


Good morning.

Are you a pervert?
I was changing in there!

You should've said something
when you came in!

I'm sorry, I didn't know.

I thought you were leaving,
why are you still here?

Yoo's men keep showing up.

You should, um...

Make the kids real meals.

Why is that your business?

I'm their uncle.

Where are you going?
I'm not done!

We're lost...

Combo had a teammate
a long time ago called punch.

He was actually
the ♪1 ranked arm wrestler.

I was gonna work with him,

but he got kicked out of the team
for steroid abuse and disappeared.

I looked around
and found him in jail.

You wanna know what's funny?

He tends to crush the hands
of his opponents.

Get inside!

Totally my style!

Hey, what's up?

Bro, whatcha doing here?

You look lonely, come sit down.

Where's my passport and money?

I took the passport to
register you for the tourney.

And I'm using the money
as business expense.

I'm not using it for myself.

Eat your sandwich.

And my medal?

- What medal?
- My medal.

I don't know.

Bro, I've been thinking,

you've never competed
against a pro here, right?

So I have something planned.

- Let's go to busan, uncle!
- Not now.

Never mind them,
what I'm saying is,

there will be a small
arm wrestling event in busan.

Is that gambling too?

Come on, bro,
it's very family friendly.

I'll never mention
gambling to you again.

So trust me
and participate in this,

and focus all your energy
on the tournament, okay?

Let's do this!

Now, do it now.

Let's go to busan, uncle!
I wanna see the seal

you heard us?

You were listening?

Busan! Busan! Busan!

Bro, let's go to busan!

Come on!

Why are busan people
so rude on the road?

Your driving is rude.

You said you got the license
a long time ago.

Some things don't improve
eveh with time.

My hubby died in a car crash,
I got injured then too.

Thankfully, the kids weren't
in the car.

When mom was alive,
she drove for us.

You actually have a bad habit.

Your foot is on the brake,
so the car keeps stopping.

Just put it on the gas...


- The right pedal.
- You mean the accelerator?

- Yeah, accelerator.
- But it's scary.

It's okay,
control it confidently.

- Control?
- That's it.

A bit more, just a bit.

Like this?

The car's supposed to
go like this.

Good, nice, that's it.

Press it down a bit more.

- It's not too fast?
- No, this is just right.

Or we'll retire by the time
we arrive in busan.

Okay! Very good.

That's how you do it.



Sashimi meal, and $1,000 prize!

It's going, going!

- Good luck!
- Good luck!

Break a leg!

Good, you can win,
you're so strong!

No, no, no!

Good job.

Challenger ♪26, go!

What a gentleman.

Next is challenger ♪27.

♪ 27, over here! Let us through.

Looks like we finally
got a real challenger.


I put a spell on it
so that you'll win.

Bottom's up!


- Good luck, uncle!
- Thanks, honey.


Battle of grips, I love it.



Good! Good!

Uncle! You can win!

The challenger's challenge!

Get a family shot!

My uncle's so good!

Come on, twist your body!

The challenger is coming back up!

The challenger defeated combo!

My uncle won!

That was incredible! Oh, busan!

You're the best!

- Here it comes!
- It's sashimi!

It looks so good, bro, dig in.

It's got eyes,
it's looking at me.

I don't want it,
I'll just eat this.

Try it, you even ate
fermented bean stew.

The kids are eating too.

Even so,
I won't eat living things.

It's dead.

Dip it in sauce,
it's so savory, try it.

- Try it.
- Okay.

How is it? Good?

- Octopus on the house.
- Thank you so much!

- [T's alive!
- It's dead.

But it's moving!

It died a moment ago,
give it a try.

It's good for the muscles.

Combo told us you once competed.

So what?

What are you doing?

I'm sorry, they're a bit drunk.

This event was for regular folks,
why did you get involved?

My uncle's regular too,
just a bit ugly!

Sure, sorry to bother you.

- Let's go, leave them be.
- Sorry, sweetie.

It's not fair,

you wasted energy
on other challengers!

Act your age! I got kids here!

We're not that old...

These guys are
actually in their 20s.

What? Who's in their 20s?
Why are you still 20s?

Ready, go!

Okay, okay!

Jun-hee, just a bit more!

Almost there!

Mom, I won!

- Very good!
- Nice job!

What are you doing alone?

I was thirsty.

Very thirsty, apparently.

You like arm wrestling that much?


It's the only thing I'm good at.

Wanna go to mom's
charnel house in Seoul?

What's that?

It's... like her grave.

- In english...
- I got it.

But not right now.

Mom wanted to see you
even on her death bed.

Why abandon me then?

It's hard for a woman
to raise kids alone.

Will you toss them
if it gets too hard?

Of course not...

But I thought many times
about running away.

Because I was so exhausted.

I miss her.


Will you arm wrestle me?

Come on.

- Now?
- Yeah.

- Teach me.
- Okay.

We go on three.

One, two, three!

So strong! Way too strong!

- I won!
- You're too strong.

Mark was bullied in school
for being the only Asian,

and he wanted to become strong.

Your uncle looks so handsome, no?

You look good!

He came across
Sylvester Stallone's

'over the top' and became
obsessed with arm wrestling.

He eventually won Ohio's
arm wrestling contest.

But racism led fo accusation
of match fixing a few years ago,

which resulted in assault
and his expulsion from the league.

He lost his foster parents
a few years after his adoption,

and he led a lonely childhood,

and perhaps arm wrestling
was the only thing he relied on.

So an upcoming tournament
in Korea could be

Mr. baek's last chance
fo achieve his dream.

It's a bit too much...

Su-Jin, I studied
marketing in America.

But why aren't sponsors
interested in him?

Give it some time,
this will ring nonstop.

I saw you on TV!


You two don't
look like siblings though.

He's totally my style.

You're weird.

Why do you like that ugly beast?

- I'm back!
- Welcome home!

- Doing the dishes?
- Um, yeah.

Mom, my shoes...

Hold on a second.



Why should I pay for delivery?


That's not right.

- Kids left?
- Yeah.

I was gonna surprise him.

I'll give it to him later.

- June bugs!
- Uncle!

You were here?

Here, surprise.

Mom thinks about you a lot.

I know, uncle.

Mommy, did you hear that?

That's their uncle.
He looks like a gorilla.


Andrew, what did I tell you about pointing
and talking about strangers?

He could be a thug.

Excuse me.

I'm not a gorilla or some thug.
I'm a professional athlete. Okay?

You speak english,
you're smarter than you look.

Not all english speakers
are smart!

He's an arm wrestler,
he was on TV too.

That's right!
We watched it together.

He even beat Korea's ♪1 player.

Mom said arm wrestlers
are stupid people showing off.


When he wins championship,
he'll go to world contest.

Whatever, that's super hard.

- Right, mom?
- Of course.

Becoming a champion isn't easy.

No, my uncle's gonna be
a real champion!

Right, uncle? Promise me.



It's all organized.

It's my hand that hurts,
my head is fine.

Hold still, it doesn't hurt.

I think this one's slipping down.

Don't complain, it doesn't hurt.

Jin-ki, how's your father?

He has tons of business trips,
but he's well.


your eyes don't look well,
I'll treat you too.


No way, I drank too much
last night, bro!

This one keeps slipping.

Don't make me laugh,
it hurts more.

I'm gonna pay back.

Get regular treatments,
or it's useless.

I forgot about a meeting,
I'll head out first.

- Wait for me.
- No, I'll see you later.

Do you have to see them out?


- Dinner?
- Not interested.

Who are you?

Why are you after my son?!

Are you okay?

Let go!

It's my debt,
don't harass my son!

Stop it, he's my friend.

I'm so sorry about that.

Dad went bankrupt thanks to
a backstabbing friend, mom fled,

and all my friends stopped
answering my calls.

I was doing some labor work,

and when I saw arm wrestling
gambling, I thought of you.

I knew you'd trust me
and come over.

Please take good care of my boy.

Jin-ki is doing really well.

Thank you so much,
you look so pleasant.


Excuse me.

Good bye.

I'm just as desperate as you.

I want to make a fortune.

I don't know when I can eat,
you should go ahead.

It's okay, I waited this long.

Let's eat together.

He looked like a good person.

Is that why you grabbed
his collar and threatened him?

But that's...

And I don't trust anyone
other than those who pay me.

Jin-ki, trust goes both ways.

You shouldn't be giving
advices on trusting people.

Are you ashamed of me?


- Your change...
- It's okay.

I'm off.


Pay for a decent meal with that!

Excuse me.

What do you want?

You left something.


Your goddamn manners, asshole!



What's wrong?

What happened?

Don't cry.

Don't cry, baby.

It's okay, don't cry.

It's chicken!

Chicken, uncle's the best!

You got a dog's nose.

It's old style fried chicken.

- Where did you get it?
- It looked good.

Look at that.

Uncle, what's this?

Um, something went wrong.

Let's eat.

She's sleeping.


How's day trip tomorrow?
Somewhere better than the sea.

Yeah! Sounds great.

Good night.

You're so good on the computer.

Grandma and I had
typing contest too.


Oh yeah, I saw grandma
typing an e-mail to you.

- E-mail?
- Yes.

I gotta poop.

Thank you for fixing
the washroom door.

Any reaction fo the doc?

Just 1 segment
won't change the world.

Mr. yoo, it's been a while.

Did you see the broadcast?

Combo lost to Mark.

All these sponsors are
pestering me after that.

But you and I have
a working relationship.

I wanted to give you
some time to think it over.

You think Mark is the only one
who beat combo?

Combo's the top national athlete.

Mr. yoo, don't try to
sell me snake oil.

He's punch.
Released from jail today.

He looks pretty strong.

But you shouldn't put
all your eggs in one basket,

you should diversify...

You talk too much, piss off.

Mr. yoo, think it over.

This is the last chance!
Wait, let go!

Keep it up, Mark will win this.

Don't change your mind later.

Seung-min, it's your mom.

How are you?

I'm sure it's uncomfortable
fo receive my e-mail...

Could you contact me
when you read this?

I'm not sure if you'd ever read it,
so I'm writing it like a diary.

A young shopkeeper started
in the next booth last month.

Su-fin is raising 2 kids
by herself.

She lost her parents as a kid,
so I really feel it for her.

For the time being,
her family will live with me.

- Say hello to grandma.
- Good evening.

I's chaotic around the house,

but it feels like
I've gained a family.

I don't think I can
keep my promise

fo find you and bring you back.

I didn't mean to lie to you...

I'll feel heartbroken
until the day / die.

Why is everyone so down?

We're going on a trip,
we should be excited.

Be excited! It'll be fun.

You okay?

How could you cut in,
I got kids in the car.

- You dumb woman!
- What the hell?

You're a ticking time bomb
on the road!

What are you doing?

How could you drive
like a mad man?!

- Look at this man-child!
- Let go of me!


Kids are in the car.

- Do you not see them?
- Dude, it's alright.

Kids? There are kids?!

I'm so stupid! So stupid!

You're so right!

You should always
drive safe with kids on board.

My apologies.

Let's go.

You okay?

Is there something
you didn't tell me?


Now's your chance.

How did you know?

You're so clued in.

Right, we're almost there.


I'm sorry I couldn't
come often, mom.


Uncle's so good
at arm wrestling,

and I got used to his face.

You said he looked
like a beast at first.

Bro, got anything to say
to your mother?

Do it in Korean,
she can't understand english.

Let's go play over there.



If you ever meet seung-min,

tell him I'm sorry,

and that I love him.


You'll have to do it yourself.

It's too late.

But I'm so thankful
that I got to meet you,

jun-hyung and jun-hee.

I'm just as happy, mom.

Be strong.

It's okay, you can cry here.

- I cried all the time too.
- Why did you lie to me?


You're not my real sister.

Did you get the kids to lie too?

No, I was gonna tell you
everything here today.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for not telling you.

I just...

I really thought
I gained a family, so I...

In any case,
you're not her daughter.

I am mom's daughter!

I'm her daughter!

Bro, dude!

You can't just leave.

I'm sure she had a reason.

I don't need it,
you should leave too.

Why are you always so selfish?!

I did so much for you,
listen to me for once!

You did it for me?

Of course!

Can't you see what I did
to get you to compete?!

Jin-ki! This is all about you
using me to make money.

I knew it from the start!

Then why are you here?

Why did you do things
the way I wanted to?

Because you're like a brother to me, man!

But now, this!

I had enough, man.


My family

It's next week!

See? It's all possible!

Yo, punch!


We really aren't going today?

I'm sorry to both of you.

I wanna see uncle.

I made a mistake, so we can't.

We can't live with
uncle anymore?

No, he's not our family.

He could go back to America.

Mommy, only families
can live together?


But grandma wasn't
our family too.

I'm so sorry, honey.


It's okay, mommy.

It's okay.

Thanks, honey.

Dad: Going to your friend's match?
I always believe in you.

Mark, why are you late?
How's your condition?

Bro, take this.

It's an analysis of other
athletes' strategies.

These guys are no joke.

Bro, wait, please.

I really want to do this right,
please trust me and help me.

Let's win this together.

Come on, smile.

Did you smile?


- You totally did!
- No, I didn't...

You did, I saw crack of a smile.

Let's focus on the match, okay?

Come on, bro!



- Hey guys!
- Mark!

Have you been well?

Did you train well?

Punch's sacrificial offerings
are all here.

Who are these bald stooges?

Are they sacrifices t00?

We'll find out
who the sacrifice is.

It's pretty obvious, asshole.

Mark's nervous.

It's been a while.

Bro, that's punch.

Prize money for this year's
tournament reached $100,000,

and the venue's heating up
with rise in fanbase.

Top 2 athletes from here will be
invited to world championship.

Joining me today is
daegu awa's nam tae-woo.

I'm the author of
'this is arm wrestling'.

As the first academic look...

As we speak,
the athletes are entering!

It's Mark! Mark!

Many star athletes
are in attendance also.

Major leaguer oh seung-hwan.

MMA fighters Kim dong-hyun,

bae myung-ho.

Yoo seung-ok's here too.

I'll do my best.

I see.

Wait, Mark!

How about a word to your family?

I have none.

We saw you on TV
with your sister and her kids.

We have to get ready,
could we wrap it up?

Then how about a word

fo your mother in heaven?

No, I can't...

Just one comment.

Mark! Please!

Mark must be quite shy.

- He looks weak.
- I'll try again after his mafich.

Maybe because we took this?

Oh yeah, it's important to him.

What do we do?

Mom said not to go.

Shouldn't we still get it to him?

We have no choice.

I know, we have no choice.

Right, no choice.

This is the scene of
preliminary matches.

Preliminaries are held
below the stage,

while round of 16 and up
will be held on the stage.

When the hand slips,
it'll go into a strap match.

Yes, the hands are tied together.



Combo, punch and Mark!

They're the dominant players.

Punch's acting up again.

These bets are just for fun.

Jackpot's coming up.

Baek sung-ryel's wrist is down.

He's coming back up.

By shifting his power,
he's using his shoulder.

It's known as
'dead wrist' technique.

Mark lost the game!

No, that's foul.

His elbow was in the air.

Is that so?

His elbow was up,
it's a do-over.

Slam it down! Mark!
Just a bit more!

Good! Nicely done!

Make sure Mark
won't be a problem.

You know how much
my guys invested.

Of course, don't worry.

I have other plans
in place, okay?

Stay on course,
keep concentrating.

Let's do this! Good luck!

Here's an advance of $100,000
for giving up the match.

Another $100,000
after the match.

Are you kidding me?

I distinctively remember
giving you a chance.

It's too late. I'm off.

Your dad got a ton of debt, no?

Jin-ki, look at what's
in front of you.

This is the real shit.

Things are heating up
in the round of 16!


Medic! Medic!

He seems to be intentionally
injuring his ex-teammates.

It's horrific, I hope
the injury isn't too bad.

Next up is Korea's Mark
and Canada's Tom...

As we speak,
the match is starting.

Ready, go!

Tom is quite impressive too!

But Mark is overpowering him,
he's truly amazing.

He played in the states,

- so his physicality is...
- He's on a different level!

He's in full control!

Tom is leaning back!

Mark took the match
with a hook, incredible...

Mark had hand troubles,
but it looks worse.


Is it bad?

No, it's fine.

I got something to tell you.

Go on.

When we...

Defeat combo in the semi-finals,

let's stop there.

What are you talking about?

Bro, try to listen
without getting mad.

If we let punch win in the finals,
they'll pay us $200,000.

I already got an advance.

That punch bastard
is a total psycho.

You could get hurt.

Jin-ki, return this money.

This is not a bad deal.

- Return it!
- Bro!

I hear you,
but we can't do this.

Can't do what?

No one in the world
cares about arm wrestling.

What's so hard about
tossing a match?

Is it so important?

It is to me.

Even if I don't have what it takes,
I can't give it up like this.

I just...

I've gotta keep on fighting and
prove to myself that I'm still standing!

That's all, man!

This is my last chance!

And I gotta keep
my promise to the kids.

My uncle is in there,
we have to go inside.

No way, not without a guardian.

You're a meanie!

I'm not a meanie,
you just can't.


Begging won't change anything.

June bugs, you two came alone?


- Hold on.
- What is it?

The kids went to the match.


Lee su-Jin!


Your kids are at the match.




How could you go there alone?!

We had to bring back
his medal, we had no choice.

I'm sorry.

We'll stay with ju-yeon.


Stay close to her, okay?

Can you watch my shop?

Where will you go?

I also have no choice.

I'll treat you later.

- Something expensive!
- Have fun!


Where's your mom?

They just showed up
without telling her.

To give uncle this.

Can uncle become a champion?

He said he'll live with us
if he becomes one.

Players, enter!

It's starting!

Not coming?

I'll be there in a bit.


Mark and combo's
semi-finals match is starting.


Focus please.

Ready, go!

We got a slip.

Mark's hand must be
in a bad shape.

I think he's getting worse.

Ready! Go!

Mark's power and
combo's technique, amazing.

That can't be,
the strap has snapped.

It's a strong strap
I've never seen it happen.

The two athletes are
neck and neck.

Let's do this!

Combo is always a gentleman.
I've never seen him like this!

He's not a player
who usually does that.

He knows Mark is no easy foe.

Ready, go!

Stop! Winner!

Mark secures his spot
in the finals!

You're the best!

Mr. yoo.

I'll just return this to you.

So please...

Let Mark play for real,
I'm begging you.

I'm moved to tears.

How will you handle this?

- Did I say that or not?
- What?

Watch your step.

Come inside.

Speak of the devil,
nice to see you.

Did you hear the plan?

You're getting paid
to lose to punch.

No need to think about it.

$200,000 is enough to
cover your sister's debt.

Did you know Jin-ki"s
dad had a debt too?

Shut your mouth!

Don't listen to him!

What a mess over arm wrestling.

Wrap this up.

Don't you worry.

I'll take care of it,
so go on ahead.

Go with him.

Don't worry!

Mark, think efficiently,
what makes sense here?

Look at what's in front of you.

I'm sorry, bro.

Mark and punch's
final match remains.

But why isn't Mark showing up?

He'll be disqualified
if he doesn't show up...

Over there!

Mark is finally
entering the stage!

Mark is here!

He's bringing down the house!

That's incredible'


Bro, over there.

Uncle, good luck!

Bottom's up!


Initiate plan h.

Win at all costs.

Mark and punch's final match

is about to begin.

Punch slaps Mark's hand away.

No stinking manners.

Incredible display of nerves!


Wrist, wrist.

Ready, go!

Punch intentionally slips
and pulls Mark's thumb!

Referee! He slipped out
on purpose!

Strap match!

I tripped and fell, no big deal.



Mark's wrist is in an angle.

He has to bring it up
and straighten it.

Mark has to concentrate!

But he's holding on!

His hand must be in bad shape,
it's an incredible feat!

He's giving it all!

- Watch your wrist!
- Let me through.

- June bugs!
- Mark!

He can't use his wrist
in his current position.

He's at a disadvantage!

Just hold on!


Mark's hand is bad,
punch's gonna kill him.


- Get out of there!
- You can do it...


He won!

Mark won the finals!

Rise of a new champion!

Bro, we really won! We did it!

We won...

We did it!


Mark! Mark! Mark!

Baek seung-min, you did good!

What's up?

Mark, now that you've won,

can you say something
to your mother?

Um, well...


I'm sorry I got here so late.

Thanks to you,
I gained a new family.

Thank you.

Mother, I miss you,
I miss you terribly.


Thank youl!

Thank youl!


I miss you.

Champion trophy please,
come back home.

Speak in Korean.

Good luck!

Don't get hurt, okay?

Yeah, okay.

- You're up.
- Okay.

No need for plans this time.

Then what?

Win at all costs.


This is the real beginning,
come on!

Now, let me introduce
the Korean arm wrestling champion.

Beak seung-min!

Don Lee

Kwon yul

han ye-ri