Chakravyuham: The Trap (2023) - full transcript

Siri, a business partner and a housewife, was found with her throat slit. The investigation officer tries to solve the case. Can he figure out who killed her and why?

'I'm Satya.'

'I've seen many crimes
in my 18 years of service.'

'But the case I'm going to tell
you about is a very brutal one.'

'And I'm emotionally connected
to this case.'




Hey, Sharath!

Siri is dead!


Where are you headed to?

This is a crime scene.
You can't get in.

Take your hand off and talk to me.

I'm the one who called you.

My friend's wife is dead inside.
I have to go in.


What the hell is your problem?

- Why don't you understand?
- Why don't you understand?

You can't go in.


Yes, sir.

What's wrong?

He's his friend it seems.
He's trying to get in.

Sir, I'm the one who called you.
He's alone inside.

I need to be with him.



Hey, Sharath!

Sanjay, control yourself.


Be seated.

Excuse me, sir.

Give me your fingerprints.

Did you get any leads, Durga?

It looks like a professional's work.

I guess there was a robbery.

The wardrobe is empty.

And they sprinkled chilli powder
to not let sniffer dogs find any clue.

There was no forcible entry.

What did the clues team say?

Did they find any murder weapon?

The murder weapon is missing, sir.

But the injury seems like it
was due to a sharp knife.

She even got stabbed in 5-6 places.

Time of murder?

It was around 3-5 pm

When did we get the information?

12:10 am, sir.

Why was the complaint late?

I mean, it was 7 hours.

Her husband saw this first.

They both stay together in this house.

She must've screamed so loud
and no one heard it.

How is this possible?

Why is the volume so high?

Stop it.

I'm sorry, sir.

Take that.

I'm sorry for your loss, Mr. Sanjay.

I know that this is not right
at this moment.

But if this time passes,

there will be chance for us
to miss the murderer.

So, the information you give us,
is very valuable to us.

So, please tell me each detail
you remember.

Without missing any.

Are you not coming to the party?

No. I'm not feeling well.

You go ahead.

Take care.

See you.

Are you sure?
You are not coming?

No, Sanjay.
You can go.

But come back soon.


I called her a couple of times
after going to the party.

She didn't answer.

I assumed that she's asleep.

When did you call her?

Around 9 pm -11 pm.

What are your usual office timings?

I'll leave at 10 am.

I'll be home by 7 pm.

But we have a party tonight.

So I came late.

That means,
you were never late home, right?

I don't usually come late.

What is the party for?

There was a big project.

Did I ask you?

I'm talking with him.

Answer me when I question you.

Please go ahead, Mr. Sanjay.

We have a one billion worth project.

We completed 50 percent of it.

We celebrated its success.

Who's this guy?

He's my best friend.

Sharath, Siri and I
are business partners.

Did you inform Siri's parents?

Siri has no one, sir.

Her mother was divorced.

She married another man
and is staying away from her.

I informed her.

What about her father?

He passed away.


You need to come to the police
station once, Mr. Sanjay.

You already asked him
the required questions.

If you want him to come,
I'll take him once he's fine.

Do you think I'm a constable?

I'm not inviting him to some party.

I'm asking him to come
to the police station.

You have to come when I call you.

Do you get that?

It's just a formality, Mr. Sanjay.

Sure, sir.


Yes, sir.

Siri has no one, sir.

I'll bring him once he's fine.

I called her around 9 pm -11 pm Sir.

Sir. Sir.

5 million worth gold
and 5 million cash are missing.

5 million cash?

He's in the construction business.

There will always be
a cash flow it seems.

Why would they make the DCP call me?

I'm being casual with them.

Their faces are filled with fear
more than grief.

He kept 5 million cash at his home.

Why didn't he install some
CC cameras worth 20k?

It's been only three months since they
moved into this house it seems.

It is a rented house.

Find out about the number of
entries and exits in this colony.

And if there are any CCTV
cameras installed, get me the footage.

Yes, sir.

From the day they moved here,
collect all the details of

people who came in and
went out from this house.

They need to be at the station by morning.

Yes, sir.

I need Sanjay's and Siri's
whole call data of the past year.

Okay, sir.

Tell Sanjay not to be in this house.

- Keep both of them under surveillance.
- Sure.





Sir, coffee.

This shouldn't have happened.

If Ms. Siri had come to the party
last night, this wouldn't have happened.

No matter how far the guy is from me,

I'm not going to leave the guy
who killed her.

I already had a word with Uncle DCP.

He's getting the case investigated
by pressuring the whole department.

That bastard will get caught.

Hello? Is it Mr. Mallik?

Yes, this is he.

This is police constable Ramaswamy
calling from the police station.

Please go ahead.

This morning Mr. CI and I
went to your office.

You were not there.

Mr. CI is asking you
to come to the police station.

When can you come?

I'll be there in an hour.

Okay, please come fast.

It's from the police station.

They called me for an inquiry
regarding the murder case of Ms. Siri.

Good morning, sir.

Our constable Ramaswamy called.

There are 2 entries and 2 exits
in the colony where Siri stayed.

But only one entry has cc cameras.

Since they aren't in the city,

we can only get the footage
in the evening tomorrow.

What about the forensic reports?

They are in the process, sir.

And the footprints and the fingerprints

are not matching with
any of the existing ones.

It seems to be a new gang.

And not only Sanjay's, we even found
another 3 footprints in that house.

3 in the living room and 2 in
the bedroom where the murder happened.

We are working on it.

Then what about the post-mortem report?

We will get the report in an hour.

- What about her phone?
- Our technical team is working on it.

Call data?

- Yes.
- Here it is.

There is nothing suspicious
in the call data of Sanjay.

But Siri has been in regular contact
with someone for the past 6 months.

- With whom?
- It's Sharath.


Yes, sir.

Why don't you stay?

- I'm getting late for the party.
- I need to go.



Why did you come back already?

Do you want to have some coffee?

I'll get you the coffee.

Sanjay, coffee.

Why did Sharath come here?

Open it!




After 9 pm they never called each other.

They should feel comfortable talking.

Sanjay will be home at night, right?

She can't talk.

That's it.

Then why was Sharath left out?

Sanjay expected us to arrest Sharath

because we will know about
the affair between him and Siri.

What about Sharath's background?

He's the only son.

He has lots of assets.

Sharath's parents passed
away in a car accident recently.

So he enjoys all he wants.

He got used to ultra-model life a lot.

Sir, Sanjay's manager Mallik
and his maid Lakshmi are here.

- Send them in.
- Okay, sir.

Sir is calling you.

Greetings, sir.

What is your name?


It's Lakshmi, ma'am.

Your name?

Mallik, sir.

It's Mallik, sir.

How long have you been working here?

I've been working for
them for the past 5 years.

I worked for them when they
stayed in the previous house as well.

You were the one who's withdrawing 5 million
from the company's account every week.

How long have you been working for Sanjay?

I've been working for him
for the past 5 years.

I'm with Mr. Sanjay
since he started the company.

I'll take care of all the transactions.

Until when were you here?

I was here until 11 am like I do daily.

Mr. Sanjay was home until
I finished my work.

Lakshmi, get me some coffee.

Yes! I'm coming, sir.

Sanjay said that he was at a party
the night the murder happened

Was Sanjay really at the party?

Did you also attend the party?

Yes, sir. There was a party.
I was there.

What Mallik?
Is everything ready for the party?

Yes, sir.
Everything is ready.

Tell me about Ms. Siri.

Would anyone come home when
Mr. Sanjay went out?

No, no.

No one comes home, ma'am.

Ms. Siri is a very good person.

Only me and sometimes my husband
comes when he drops me here.

When did Sanjay come to the
party and when did he leave?

He came at 4pm and left at 11.

Isn't it, sir?


How were they at home?

Did they have any fights?

They were fine, ma'am.

They didn't have any fights, but a few
days ago they yelled at each other.

Like this.

Sanjay, you are only caring
about the money.

I never expected you to be
so greedy like this.

Don't be silly, Siri.

We are doing business.
We are not running a charity.

Do you get that?

And I do care about every buck.

I want to be right
in the matters of money.

I don't mind what you call that.

Listen to yourself, Sanjay.

This money will separate us.

Money will not separate us, Siri.

People will go away from us
because of money.

I know the value of money.

Don't you dare to talk about the values.

No, sir!

Mr. Sanjay is not such
a kind of a person.

I'll show you how Mr. Sanjay is like.

- Sir.
- What is this, Mallik?

You know how important this project is.

How can you make such mistakes?

What's wrong?

You are not focused on the work.
Are you having any problems?

I'm sorry, sir.
My mother's health is not good.

I was at the hospital last night.

That's why I'm like this.

What's wrong with your mother?

She has a problem with her heart

I admitted her to the hospital.
They are saying that it'll cost a lot.

I applied for a personal loan.

They are saying that it'll take time.

I'm sorry, sir.
I will rectify this today.

It's okay.

How much does it cost?


How much will the surgery cost?

They said that it'll cost
around 0.5 million.

Take this.
Pay the hospital bills.

Take care of your mother.

So, Sanjay is a kind person.
He doesn't care about money.

You are saying that he is not
related to this murder in anyway.

- Am I right?
- Definitely, sir.

Mr. Sanjay loves his wife so much.

He doesn't have any need
to kill her himself.

Mr. Sanjay only knows to work and rest.

Okay, Mr. Mallik.
You can go.

We'll call you if we need something.

- Please go.
- Okay, sir.

Thank you.

Where is your husband?

I'm not sure, ma'am.

He hasn't been home since yesterday.

Call him once.

Put your phone on loudspeaker.

'The number your calling is
currently switched off. Please try later'

Why did you come again, Lakshmi?

I forgot my phone, ma'am.

- Oh.
- Is it? Come on, in.

Come on.


Why are you here?


Tell me where is the gold and cash?

Tell me now!

Tell me.

Catch her.

Leave me!

Tell me now!

Leave me!

Tell me!

Leave me!

Hold this.

Durga, take her fingerprints first.

Do you have a photograph of your husband?

No, sir.

Get her husband's call data and

trace his location
at the time of murder yesterday.

Find out the last active location as well.

Send a constable and search their house.

Take her husband's photograph
and start the inquiry immediately.

Yes, sir.

Come with me.

- Yeah, Harsha. Tell me.
- Satya.

The post-mortem is done now.

I'm sending you the reports. Take a look.

Was there anything interesting?

She died due to heavy blood
loss because her carotid

artery was ruptured when
she got cut 1.5 inches deep.

But the weapon used was definitely a small
one when compared with a normal knife.

And one more thing.

I don't think that
they did this just to rob something.

Looking at all the cut marks,

I feel that they did this out of
anger or revenge.

- Hello?
- Is it Mr. Sanjay?


This is police constable Ramaswamy.

Ms. Siri's post-mortem is completed.

Please come to the government
hospital and take her body.


"My dear, in the disturbance that's
in my heart, my heart turned into a rock."

"My dear, in your memories,
my past remained as a dream."

"You are in my heart.
You are the story in my eyes."

"You are in my breath.
You are in my path"

"Break the silence"

"Break the distance and
come to me leaving the grave."

"My dear, in the disturbance that's in
my heart, my heart turned into a rock."

"My dear, in your memories,
my past remained as a dream."

"Just like the comfort that the moon
gives, your memories were the sweetest."

"Resting on your heart,
listening to your words I spend my time."

"I want to be in your lap
and live in your lullabies."

"I am burning in the fire.
I am in grief."

"I am empty.
And I am wandering in time."

"I saw your trace I saw your companion"

"I waited for your concentration
And searched for it."

- Hello?
- Sir.

I'm calling from Kasturba Old Age Home.

- Who's that Sanjay?
- Kasturba Old Age Home, it seems.

- Hello?
- Hello, dear. Siri.

- Yes, please.
- It's about the property you are donating.

Are all the documents related to it clear?

- All the documents are clear.
- Okay, dear.

I'll inform you again after I clear
the remaining proceedings.

Okay. Bye.

Who's that?

My grandfather got a property from the
ancestors in the outskirts of the city.

After he passed away,
it was transferred to my name.

I am donating it to the old age home.

What is the worth of that land?

Well... It can be around 50 million.

50 million?

Why did you just sound like
some 0.5 million?

It's 50 million, Siri.

Yes, what's wrong with that?

What do you mean, Siri?

You are donating it to
an old age home after all?

You are donating 500 million?

- After all?
- That's not it, Siri.

Do you know how much profit
we can make with that same property?

I never expected that a discussion
about money will start between us, Sanjay.

And I didn't imagine that
it would come so soon.

I lost so much in my life since
my childhood because of money.

You know everything.

I never expected this
from you ever, Sanjay.

The thing which I saw in you
and loved you, I don't see that now.

You became a money-minded person.

I never thought that you
would be this greedy, Sanjay.

Don't be silly, Siri.

We are doing business,
not running a charity.

I value each and every rupee.

I want to be very particular
in the matter of money.

I don't mind what you call that.

Listen to yourself, Sanjay.

This money will separate us.

Why don't you understand that?

A person should have some values, Sanjay.

You have changed so much after
my grandfather passed away.

Money will not separate us, Siri.

People will go away,
if we don't have money.

No one knows the value
of money better than me.

You don't dare to talk about the values.

"With the pain that you are gone
I am dying"

"Are you the world that is burning me?"

"Will you come to me
in another world?"

Hey, what's wrong?

- Hello?
- Hello, sir.

Where are you Mythri?

I am heading to the office now, sir.

I'm scared of seeing Sanjay, Mythri.

I am afraid that he might do
something if we leave him like this.

It'd be great if there is someone
to look after him when I'm absent.

Where is Mr. Mallik?

Mallik is busy, Mythri.

He has to help me.

Why don't you look for somebody else?

Then, I'll send Shilpa, sir.

Send someone.

I'm getting late.
You hurry to the office.

And don't forget to bring the
estimation file, when you come.

- Yes, I'm getting it, sir.
- Okay, I'll see you there.

Okay, bye.

Good morning, Durga.

Good morning, sir.

What are you doing?

I'm tracing Sanjay's activities.

I'm looking at the CCTV footage of the
traffic cameras on the night of the murder.

Did you find anything interesting?

Sir, this is at midnight 12 am.

There was no one.
But he stopped at the signal.

How can a person like him murder his wife?

Zoom in.

He's not wearing his seat belt.

He's even drunk that night.

He reeked of alcohol.

We can know by looking at his face.
He definitely killed her.

Him and his over acting.

You have seen his house.

The cash and the jwellery
were not protected properly.

He can be that careless only
if he got them all so easy.

Anyway, you've done a good job.

What is this, sir?

Corporator Narsing is my uncle.

Do you know that? Did you see us
when we were teasing the girls?

I saw.

What the hell were you doing in
front of a ladies hostel?

What's wrong Ramaswamy?
What is the matter?

We got a complaint that these guys were
teasing girls in front of a ladies hostel.

We caught them red-handed.


Do you think
I'll open a police case on you?

I'll encounter you, you bastard.
Get lost.

Do you know who we are?

I don't care.
Get lost.

Get out.

- Ramaswamy.
- Sir.

If anyone comes for them,
tell them to meet me. - Okay, sir.

Do you have any doubts on Sanjay?


How was the relationship
between Siri and Sanjay?

Did they ever have any fights?

I have no idea.

Look, ma'am.

It's very important to solve this case.

If you don't cooperate with us,
it's really hard for us to move forward.

Please tell us.
When did you meet Siri the last time?

My parents got me married
to Sridhar because they

believed that he has lots of assets
and is well educated.

He was addicted to gambling

and several things and spent
all the assets on them.

By the time I realised that I made a mistake
by marrying him, Siri was 10 years old.

As I already experienced hell
for 10 years.

I decided to leave.

I only thought about myself and
thought of taking Siri away from there.

If you stay here you'll die.

Dear, Shakuntala.

'But Siri didn't come
with me.'

'She stayed with her grandfather.'

Please listen to me.

'The other day, I saw Siri's eyes filled
with hatred towards me rather than sadness.'

I came out of the house
and divorced Sridhar.

I married Srinivas.

Does Siri own any assets at the moment?

Around three years ago, we got a
property from my father-in-law.

Siri got the property
after he passed away.

What is the value of that property now?

According to the current market
value it might value up to 50 million.

Does Mr. Srinivas know this?

He's the one who told me that.

Is he home?


It's been a week since he left home.

I have no idea when he
comes home and leaves.

I only married him to go
through more hurdles.

Sridhar is only an alcoholic and gambles.

But Srinivas does everything.

Give me the contact number of
Mr. Srinivas.


'The number your calling is busy.
Please try later.'

Please inform us if Mr. Srinivas comes.

Please share with me
the photo of Mr. Srinivas.

Thank you.


I'm sending you a photo and number,

trace him immediately
and bring him to the station.

Okay, ma'am

Does she look like a mother who
lost her daughter yesterday?

I smell something.

I wonder where this world goes, Durga.

Would you like to have some tea?

One strong one.

Your office is cosy.

You may go.

I'll call you back.

Tell me.

How long have you known Sanjay?

Well, for 5 years.

What kind of a person is Sanjay?

Since he is a good person,
we were together for the past 5 years.

We are running this business successfully.

- Didn't you see?
- What about Siri?

Siri is our family friend.

How was the relationship
between Sanjay and Siri?

I mean, did they ever have any fights?

I'm the one who got them married.

Infact, they were the best couple.

They only had love between them.
They never had any fights.

Then, Siri is in contact with you more
than Sanjay for the past 6 months.


That is our personal matter.

It'll be a personal matter
if that person is alive.

She's dead now.

Please come to the police station and
give us your fingerprints, Mr. Sharath.


I don't have enough time to entertain you.

You are not in a situation to believe
me if I say that Siri's like my sister.

I understood that it's a waste
of my time to tell you anything

when you ignored the person who
killed her and made a constable spy on me.

You might've fixed something in your mind.

Talk to my lawyer if you have anything.


Take back the tea, Raju.
Mr. CI is leaving.

- Mr. Sharath must be very busy.
- Pretty much.

I don't want to have any tea right now.
I need alcohol.

I don't change my words
after consuming alcohol.

I planned something
and that will work out for sure.

In a few days everyone's problems
will get solved

and everyone's lives will get settled.

Srinivas is a billionaire.

Brother is saying something after
getting drunk, right?

You are Ramu, right?

- Yes, sir.
- Where are you escaping?

I've been searching for you for
the past 2 days. - I did nothing, sir.

I know nothing, sir.

- Get him into the vehicle.
- Sir, I did nothing.

Enough of the words. Come with me.

- Sir.
- Where are you going?

I came here because he offered alcohol.

He tells some stories while we drink.

- We know nothing, sir.
- Get them into the vehicle.

You are Srinivas, right?

Mr. Srinivas.

Mr. CI called you for an inquiry
regarding a murder case.

Do you have a warrant?

This is an inquiry, sir.
Not an arrest.

I'll come if you give me respect.

Him and his respect.

Please come with me, sir.


Let's go.

My mother passed away
as soon as I was born.

'My father passed away as soon
as I got to know about the world.'

'I grew up in an orphanage.'

'I grew up having no responsibilities.'

'Sharath's friendship filled the
empty void of family in my life.'

'That's why he's not just a friend.'

'We both started a company together.'

'I met Siri and her grandfather
through Sharath.'

'Unexpectedly, I met Siri again

'Our meeting turned into love.'

'My life changed after I met Siri.'


'I was an orphan until then.'

'But with Siri's love I felt that
the whole world is mine.'

Sanjay, I was thinking of saying
something to you for a long time.

That's because we are thinking
about living together our whole life.

So, it's the right time to say this.

What's it about?

It's about my parents.

You should study well.
You should earn a good name.

Are you human?

There is a limit to everything.

Why did you marry
when you don't need a family?

- Move aside!
- Mother!

What's this, dear?
Why did you change like this?

Please don't.

Leave your addictions.

Look, dad.
Every addict wants to come out of it.

But he can't.
I'm the same.

Everyone ignored me when I was a child.

I don't know which friendship
can affect me in which way.

I'm not in a situation to listen
to others now.

- No, dear!
- Please listen to me.

Dear, Shakuntala.
Please wait.

Please wait.

- Grandpa!
- Where are you going?

- We can sit and discuss things inside.
- Enough.

I've been doing the same
for the past 10 years.

You'll tolerate him since he's your son.

I don't have the patience
to tolerate him anymore.

Look, Shakuntala.

You should've thought about all
of these when you're newlywed.

Not now.

You have a daughter now.

You should think about her.

I've thought about her.
So, I'm going to take her with me.

Look, Shakuntala.

We might lose so much in our life
due to decisions we make in rage.

This is not a decision
I made out of rage, sir.

I took this decision because I'm sad.

If you stay here you'll die.


Dear, Shakuntala.

Dear, please listen to me.

It's okay.


If you want to cry, let it all out.

Cry out all you want.

After today, you will not get
that chance again in your life.

Hey! Actually, I thought that
girls look cute while they cry.

But you look bad when you cry.

Are you okay, Sanjay?

Have some water.

Thank you.

Tell me.

You have your own house.

Why did you move into
a new house for rent?

Siri's grandfather passed away, sir.

After that we got to know that
Siri can't have kids.

With that Siri was devastated.

She went into depression.

That's why we moved into
a new house for rent.

Do you have any doubts on anybody?

No, sir.

I doubt no one.

Why did you go there?

Whom did you want to meet?

Hey, hey! Sanjay.
Please stop the car.

Okay. Why?

- What's this again, Siri?
- I'll come back soon.

She's so fine.

She looks great, Bro.

Grandfather! Take this.


Ma'am, I'm very hungry.
Why don't you give me something?

What? You have nothing?


Leave him.

Let's go.

Come on. - If you come on
to girls again, I'll kill you, jerk!

There's a local goon called Ravi.

I even told my manager Mallik
to file a complaint.

After that, I became busy with my work.

I felt that he might've done this.

I went to his home.

But it's locked, so I came back.

If you have a doubt about him,
you should inform us first.

You make the DCP call me.

If you told me this in advance,
we could have saved some time.

My mind stopped working
after seeing Siri like that.

I didn't know what to do.

I thought of doing something.

I just went to his home out of
that frustration.

That's what we don't want.

That's why we tell you to come to us

in the first place because
you'll get emotional.

Anyway, you told me now.
I'll take care of it.

You may go, Sanjay.


Do you have any doubts on Sharath?

Sharath is my best friend, sir.

I'm in this position because of him.

For the past 6 months,

Siri and Sharath were talking on the
phones for several hours everyday.

I looked at the call list.

Do you know anything regarding that?

I'll take care of that

Anyway, please take care of yourself.

See you.

Sir, do you recognize me?

I'm constable Ramaswamy.

I called you to inform you that
Ms. Siri's post-mortem was completed.

We are getting the footage from
the CCTV cameras in your area.

- I'll tell you if we know something.
- Okay.

- Ramaswamy.
- Sir?

Keep this with you.

Thank you, sir.

It's okay.

Where is the money?

What do you mean by that, sir?

What did you do with the gold?

- Did you melt it all?
- Sir.

I really know nothing.

If you know nothing,
where were you the past 2 days?

Why did you kill her? Tell me.

Sir, I didn't kill her.




Where are you?


Ma'am. I'm Ramu.



Where are you, ma'am?


When did you go there?

It was around 5 pm.

Why did you go there?

Well, Ms. Siri told me to come.

You have seen her corpse.
You should inform us right away. Right?

After seeing her like that,
I was scared, sir.

Don't leave him.


What, Ramaswamy?
Why did you grow out your beard?

- It's a vow for god, sir.
- For what?

I'll give it to god, if I have a son.

Do you know that in advance?

Sir! I'm Srinivas.

I'm the second husband of
Shakuntala Devi.

Siri is Shakuntala's daughter.

They both were not in touch.

Siri got killed by someone in her house.

Why did you bring me to the
police station,

when Siri and I are not related at all
and I'm living with dignity in society?

What'll be your situation
if your DCP knows about this?

How do you know that Siri
got killed by someone in her house?

It was all in the newspaper.

How do you know that Siri has
assets that are worth 50 million?

Everyone who reads the
newspaper will know it, not only me.

One more thing.
What will I gain from Siri's death?

If there is someone that gain
something, that would only be Sanjay.

Where were you on the day of murder?

- I was in a health club.
- Not clubs or pubs, sir.

He always stays in the bar.

Hey, stop it man!

Sir, look at this.

What are they looking at?

Call him.

Break open the doors.

Ramaswamy, look into that bag.


If this guy killed Siri, who killed him?

For the thing he did,
he can no way enter into Siri's house.

That means,
some insider made him the way.

Who's that?

Durga, by tomorrow morning make sure that

you get the details of the fingerprints
on that weapon.

Yes sir.

- Put some pressure on Harsha.
- Sure. Okay?

- And get his call data quick.
- Okay, sir.

Among the people we inquired about him,

I needed to know immediately
who was in contact with him.

- Okay,
- Sure, sir!

I think there is a master-mind
behind this.

Let's see.

Hey, Sharath.

- Where are you going?
- To the office.

- Today's Sunday.
- I have some work.

I want to have a word with you.

I don't have time right now.
Let's talk later.

What's this Satya?

Why did you make a constable spy
at Sharath's house?

- Sir!
- Why are you taking everything personally?

Just because it happened to you, there's
no rule that it'll happen to everyone.

That's not it, sir. Please listen...

I already assigned you case and you made
me a fool by saying that it's a murder.


We are almost there, sir.

Give me two more days.

It'll be over.

Do something.

Okay, sir.

The blood marks on
the weapon are Ms. Siri's.

- What about the fingerprints?
- They are Mr. Sanjay's.

I was right.

I assumed this when I saw Sanjay.
I know that he killed her.

- What if someone is trapping him?
- Come on, Durga.

Did we get Ravi's call data?

We'll get it in an hour, sir.

We don't have much time, Durga.

I'll go and get Sanjay here.
You take care of that.

Yes, sir.

Sir... Ms. Mythri sent you breakfast.


Are you eating Ravi's funeral food?

I trusted you for just 2 minutes.
You made me a fool already.

Sir, what are you saying?

You made me hear a crime
story saying it's a love story.

Sir, what's wrong?
What are you talking about?


If you say another word,

I don't know how I'll beat you up
and bring you to the police station.

Get into the vehicle
when I tell you to come respectfully.

What did I do, sir?

You killed Siri and Ravi.

We have the evidence.

Sir, no.
Something is wrong.

There must be some mistake.

Give me some time.

I'll clear everything.

What will you clear?
Will you clear the evidence?

- Let's go to the police station and talk.
- Sir, sir!

Get him in.

Sir, Where are you taking me, sir?

What evidence do you have?

It's the murder weapon, sir.

What else will we have?

We can learn from you on how
to kill people with a paper-cutter.

You tried in a very new way.

What's the use?

You got caught.

Sir, this is looking like
something to trap me.

Sir, sir.
Please let me make a phone call.


Yes, sir.
First take his phone off him.

Sir, he doesn't have his phone with him.

Thank goodness.

We'll be fine now.

We got new weapons from the
higher authorities recently.

No one will know if I do something to
you taking you somewhere, you scoundrel.

Sir! He's escaping!

Hey! Hey! Stop there!

Hey! Stop there! Hey!


Sir, can I make a phone call?

My phone's battery is dead.

Please, sir.

Thank you, sir.

- Hello?
- Sharath, this is Sanjay.

Where are you?

I'm in the office.

Whose phone is this?

From where are you calling?

This CI arrested me
and is taking me somewhere.

I escaped from him.

I don't get anything.

Someone's trapping me in Siri's murder.

Tell me where you are!
I'm coming.

We don't have much time.

- He must be hiding somewhere here.
- Yes, sir.

Search everywhere.

Look at the footage of secret CCTV camera
in our cabin just before Siri's murder.

- I'll come to the office.
- Sanjay!

Sanjay, wait!

Sanjay, wait!

Go and catch him!

Look into the details of the call
he made now! - Okay sir.


Yes, Durga.
Tell me.

On the day of Ravi's murder, a man
and woman came out of his house it seems.

The neighbours saw them.

And those two come to Ravi's
house regularly it seems.

Ravi has been in regular contact
with a number for the past 5 months.

Especially, from a week before Siri's
murder they called each other many times.

Whose number is it?

Surprisingly, this is Sharath's too.


When Siri's murder happened,

Sharath's and Ravi's phone locations
are in the location of Siri's house.

But they are not answering the calls.

I have no idea of what's happening here.

Do one thing.
Go to Sharath's house and be there.

I'll come there.

- Yes, sir.
- Okay?

- Whom did he call?
- He made a call to Sharath.

The phone's location is in his office.

Come on.

Here, thank you.


look at this.

Sanjay is in the cellar.

Move, move, move, move.


Where is the footage of CCTVs?

Footage of CCTVs?

- Where is the hard disk?
- We couldn't find the hard disk.


Yes, Durga.

I came to Sharath's house.
The house is locked.

How can you find him?

He's dead.


Sanjay killed him right in front of
my eyes and escaped.

We can find some evidence in his house.
Stay there.

- Inform the forensic team.
- Okay, sir.



Kill, kill him!

Stop it!

Stop it!

How dare you trick me when I'm being
soft with you since you are well educated?

You killed Siri, Sharath and Ravi!

You and Shilpa planned to kill Mallik now.

What's your relation with Shilpa?

No, sir!
I killed no one!

All this was done by Mallik.

Mallik came to kill me.
Shilpa saved me.

I am no way related to Shilpa.

Please trust me.

If you want, please check the
CCTV footage on that phone.

Please, sir.

Look at it, once.

Show me the footage of the cellar
area at the time of Sharath's death.

Why did you kill Sharath?

I killed no one.

Why did you kill Ravi?

I killed no one.

Then who is she in this video?

Why did you kill Siri?

Tell me.

Speak out!

'I started liking Sanjay
the moment I saw him.'

- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning, Mallik.

Hi, Ms. Shilpa!

'But I felt sad after knowing that
Sanjay is already married.'

'I always felt that Sanjay
was looking at me.'

'I used to spend my time with
Sanjay's thoughts.'

'Sanjay became my everything.'

'I felt that it'd be good if Sanjay
stayed with me forever.'

'I started liking Sanjay more
and more every day.'

'I thought that it'd be nice
if I was in Siri's place.'

The party was great!

We had loads and loads and loads of fun!

Me too.

There's a box in the dashboard.

That's for you.

You played an important role
in the success of this project.

I gave it to everyone.

That's for you.

Thank you so much, sir.

"I'll come after you.
Without questioning you."

Are you a fan of A.R. Rahman?



Your favourite actor?


Same here.

- What's your favourite food?
- Chicken biryani.

Oh, no way!

Same here.

We have so many similar tastes.

I don't have many similar tastes
with Siri.

It would've been great
if I met you before Siri.


I was kidding.


Your apartment is here.


Yes, Shilpa.
I'm downstairs.

Sir, please come upstairs.

Let's have a coffee before we leave.

- We are getting late, Shilpa.
- Please, sir.

- My flat number is 103.
- Okay.



I'm sorry.

I'll wait in the car.

I've got no problem.

Please be seated, sir.
Just wait for two minutes.

I'll come.

It's okay.
Come fast.

- Excuse me, sir.
- Yeah.

If you don't mind...

Shilpa, what are you doing?

- This is not right.
- What's the problem, sir?

Don't you like me?

Shilpa, I have a wife.

- So what?
- You better understand that.


'From that moment, the love I have for
Sanjay started to turn into an obsession.'

'I decided to make Sanjay
mine no matter what.'

- Hi, Mr. Mallik.
- Hi.

My car broke down.
If you don't mind, can I join you?

I don't know where you reside.
I stay in...

It's fine.
You are going to Gachibowli.

I'll get down at Hi-tech city.


This is Mr. Sharath's car, right?

Yes. It's Mr. Sharath's.

Extra key of Mr. Sanjay's and
Mr. Sharath's cars will be with me.

We never know when we need it.

You are very comfortable, sir.

How's the project work going on?

What's this, sir?

Why are you asking
about the work even now?

Don't you and your boss have any thoughts
besides work?

I'm sorry.

I just don't know what to ask.

Tell me something about you.

Or tell me about your wife.

I'm not yet married, Ms. Shilpa.

Tell me about your girlfriend then.

Oh no!

I don't have one.

I don't believe you.

You are so handsome.
You don't have a girlfriend?

Stop it, Ms. Shilpa.

If someone hears you, they will laugh.

Are you really serious?

We don't get that much time.

I got it now.

We never think about our personal life.

We are becoming robots by thinking
about work all the time.

There's nothing like that.

What are your plans this Sunday?

I'm free.

Shall we go for lunch?


With you?

Won't you come?

That's not what I mean.
I don't think it'll look good.

Please, Mr. Mallik.

I'm bored being alone every day
in my house.

Please, please.

Okay then.

Thank you.

Okay, thank you.

Please come here tomorrow morning.


Okay. Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye!

Hello, Mr. Mallik.

Where are you?

I'm downstairs near your apartment,
Ms. Shilpa.

Sir, I'm getting ready.

Please come upstairs.

I made a sweet.
You have to taste it.

My flat number is 103.




Ms. Shilpa.

We were working together for the
past 2 years and you never saw me.

You asked for a ride last night.

You are in my bed today.

What do you want?



He's so crazy about his wife.

It's hard.

That's why you are in my bed.

How long have you been working here?

Has it been 5 years?

You know everything in this business.

If I can have Sanjay,

I'll give funds for your business.

For that to happen,

we have to get rid of Siri.

What's the plan?

This is 2 lakhs INR.

I'll give you the remaining
3 lakhs after you finish your task.

You should not miss the target.

- Mallik?
- Ma'am. Is Mr. Sanjay home?

He said there was some party after
the office hours and didn't come home.

He asked me to go with him.

It's fine, ma'am.
I'll go to the office.

- Bye, ma'am.
- Okay.

Can I have some water?

Oh, sorry.

Have some coffee before you leave.

Thank you.


Why is he here?

Hey! Get out!
Get out!

Kill her with this.

After the task, drop it here.

Please don't.

No. Please spare me!

- If you want, I'll give you money.
- Money?

Where is the money?

Over there in the upstairs.

Please don't.

Come on.

Show me.


Hey! Is she dead?

Yes. She died.

Did you drop the knife there?


Come to me at night to give
me the balance amount.

I'll come tomorrow.

Just go back in the way you came.


Why did you kill Ravi?

Sir, our constable Ramaswamy called.

There are 2 entries and 2 exits
in the colony where Siri stayed.

But only one entry has
CCTV cameras installed.

Since they aren't in the city, we can only
get the footage in the evening tomorrow.

Hey, Mallik.
Come and have a seat.

Would you like a peg?

Hey! From which lane did you come out?

There are CC cameras
in the colony it seems.

You might've got captured
on them, definitely.

Do one thing.
First, leave this place.

Otherwise, everyone will get caught.

When I'm talking with you here,
why are you looking there?

Excuse me.
I know what to do.

You don't have to give me
any free advice.

Put the balance amount there
and get the hell out of here.

Oh, baby!
Go and get me some water.


We unnecessarily killed that girl.

It would be great if we killed Sanjay.

Die, you scoundrel.

You idiot.


You left the evidence there when
we asked you to kill the girl.

You dare to say that you'll kill Sanjay?

Die you scoundrel.

Let's go.

Sharath was also involved with you, right?

Why did you kill Sharath?

Mr. Sharath is no way
involved with us, sir.

Then why was Sharath's other number
is in the location of Siri's murder?

Mr. Sharath told me to get
a sim for Ms. Mythri.

But I took two sim cards.

Sir, what happened actually?
What are you talking about?


If you say another word,

I don't how I'll beat you up
and bring you to the police station.

Get into the vehicle when I tell you
to come respectfully.

What did I do, sir?

Let's go to the police station and talk.


Hello, Mallik?

Why is the police taking away Sanjay?

Shilpa, please meet me once.

I need to tell you something.

Before that,
tell me why the police took Sanjay.

Tell me.

- Relax, Shilpa.
- Tell me.

Sanjay will be fine, don't get tense.

First come to the office
and give me a call.

Sir. I need to give medicine to my mom.

I'll go home once.

Thank you, sir.

Look at the footage of secret CCTV camera
in our cabin just before Siri's murder.


Yes, mother. Tell me.


Hey! Why are you getting
so worked up?

What do you mean?

Just right in front of my eyes,
the police took Sanjay away.

First let's go and tell this matter
to Mr. Sharath.

I'm afraid now.

Relax, dear.

Answer the phone, you idiot.

Hey, Mallik!
You scoundrel! Where are you?

Sir. What's wrong, sir?
Why are you talking like that?

Do you think I don't know what you did?

Why did you change
the paper cutter in the cabin?

Where the hell are you?

Tell me!
I just came home, sir.

You scoundrel! Stay there!
I'm coming for you.

What happened?

Something is wrong.

Wait, wait, wait.

What are you doing?

- Hold his hands.
- Hey, Mallik!

What did you say?
Die now, scoundrel.

Let's go.


Hard disk.

This is linked to the cloud.

Where is Sanjay's mobile?

Sanjay's phone?

It's in Sharath's house.

You thought that Sanjay
would be yours if Siri died.

Why did you involve Sanjay in this?

Tell me now!

Shilpa wants Sanjay.

I want Shilpa.

'To have Shilpa for me forever.
I decided to get rid of Sanjay.'

'That was why I made sure that'

'Siri was killed with the paper cutter
that has Sanjay's fingerprints.'

'I also made sure that Shilpa
doesn't know this.'

'In that way, I thought that Shilpa
would be mine if I get rid of Sanjay.'

'I have no idea that Mr. Sanjay's cabin
has a secret CCTV camera.'

The advance money I gave Ravi
to kill Ms. Siri was the one

which I took from Mr. Sanjay
saying my mother is sick.


Do you feel this, sir?

That Shilpa did all this for the love
she has for Sanjay?

There is nothing such as love.

She only wants to have
his status and money.

- What about Mallik?
- Lust.

They betrayed their boss
who treated them very well.

Why are these humans like this?

Recently people are killing their
parents and siblings for money.

We are in a society where people kill
their own children for other men and women.

When compared to that,
this is nothing, Durga.

I wonder how a naive person
like him lives in this society.


You got a courier.

Where is our new manager Prakash?

Sir. He is here, sir.

Ask him to come.

Okay sir.

Sir. Did you call me?

Give this to Kasturba Oldage
Home tomorrow morning.

Okay, sir.

Sir! Such a big amount?

What's wrong with that?

A friendship that doesn't comfort you,

the money that doesn't come to you
at the right time are of no use, Prakash.

Sir, you are giving such a huge
amount to the orphanage?


Humility is a characteristic of
a fool, Prakash.

What did you say, sir?

It's nothing.

You may leave.

He's a big shot.

He wants to come into
our construction business.

I saw him somewhere.

My grandfather got some property
from the ancestors.

I am donating it to the old age home.

What is the worth of that land?

Well... It can be around 50 million.

50 million?

Yes, what's wrong with that?

These are the phones
with very advanced bugs.

You'll know very easily about what happens
around the phone and on the phone.

Your money.

Don't come to me ever.

That's for you.

Thank you so much, sir.

It would've been great
if I met you before Siri.

Shilpa, I have a wife.

So what?

You better understand.






Siri? Tell me dear.

It's nothing, Brother.

What's wrong dear?

Sanjay's behaviour is
a little different lately.

He's not even caring about me.

Hey, is that all?

Don't worry about this. You know him.

He's a workaholic.

He forgets about the world when he works.

Do you have anything else to say?

That is all, Brother.

Okay, okay.
I'll take care of it.

Don't you worry about him.


What is the progress of
the task I assigned you?

That old man installed CCTV cameras
around the house. It's highly secured.

As long as Siri is in that house,
it's impossible.

Are you sure?
You aren't coming?

No, Sanjay.
You go ahead.

But come back soon.


What's wrong with that?

Damn this life!



Hey, Sharath!

Siri is dead!

What's wrong with that?


This happened.


Hey, Sharath!
Sharath! Sharath! Sharath!

Hey, Sharath!


Sir, the task is completed.



'Sanjay did all this for Siri's assets'

'and the insurance money of
Siri and Sharath.'

'Sanjay didn't think that someone could
actually solve this Chakravyuha.'

'People who want to commit a crime without
getting their hands dirty...'

'forget that there is Arjuna
who can solve Chakravyuha.'