Chained Girls (1965) - full transcript

This exploitation classic purports to expose the secrets of the 1960s lesbian underworld.

Who and what is a lesbian?

Is lesbianism a disease,

or a natural occurrence?

Is lesbianism reserved
for only a few people,

or is it a common happening?

How do lesbians live?

Are they happy with their lives?

And how does society accept them?

These are only a few of the questions

that are asked by professionals

trained to study this complex problem.

We will make no attempt
to answer any question.

Only to discuss them.

Female homosexuality had its origins

dating back in time to the ancient Greeks.

Sappho, a famous poetess of Greece,

is alleged to have founded
the love cult of lesbianism.

Which derives its name
from the island of Lesbos,

of which she was a native.

According to history,

Sappho was known to have
been a woman lover.

Sappho was a brilliant poet.

And her poems became world famous.

The girls with whom she fell in love

were named after her and called Sapphols.

They became the first
disciples of her love cult.

Many of Sappho's poems
were written for girls.

She would, in some of her poems

ask the goddess Aphrodite

to help the poet in her
relation with a beloved girl.

In one of her poems, "The
Dye," Sappho writes:

"From Scythian wood"

"they brew the dye whose yellow hue"

"turns gold the lovely
hair of Lesbians fair."

In another, "Love's Banquet," she says:

"Grant me this, O Kypris"

"and ever grateful"

"I will bring thee many
gifts for thy altar."

"Doves, a tender kid"

"and the drip of rarest Lesbian vintage."

Medical reports and several
well-known, authoritative books

on the subject of lesbianism

tell us that there are types of lesbians.

The masculine stereotype

known as the butch or dyke.
Many variations.

The bull dyke, the stomping butch,

and the baby butch.

The baby butch is usually
the confused teenager

who's not sure of what she is.

Science tells us

that for every type of
creature who walks the earth

there is a counterpart.

And so it is also true with the butch.

In this case, the feminine
counterpart is known as the femme,

or doll.

Regardless of whether butch or femme,

the majority of lesbians,

though they might slightly
modify their dress or hairdo,

are indistinguishable from
the majority of women

with whom one would naturally associate.

Lesbians, like their male
counterparts, the homosexuals,

are found in many professions,
and master many skills.

They're found in the publishing,
modeling, and theatrical fields.

And they're also found in
many arts and science fields.

Again, they're also found to
be truck drivers, teachers,

cabbies, nurses, engineers,
clerks and secretaries,

representing an impressive
cross-section of life.

Lesbians are usually overly discreet

in their methods of finding or
courting others with the same desires.

However, like everything else

there are the exception.

Wherever girls and young women
are to be found in any number,

it is quite possible that
lesbians can be found.

The modeling business
is one of these places.

Many of the girls who are models
are not necessarily lesbians.

In some cases, it's the
photographer who's the lesbian.

The dyke will try to get as
close to her girls as possible

without arousing suspicion.

She does this until a model comes along

who will respond to her advances.

Quite often, the boundaries of
female homosexuality are so vague,

that women slip into lesbianism

without realizing that they're lesbians.

It has often been said that
lesbians make strange bedfellows.

Cultured, sensitive, refined women

fearful of exposure among
their own patronized dingy,

dirty, off the beaten path bars and clubs,

in search of a love that could satisfy
their never ending yearnings.

It is not uncommon for a
well-known personality

to pay pickups for the pleasure of
their companionship for the evening.

Lesbians have a problem
in adjusting to a society

that is condemning them for being lesbians.

Many teenage lesbians are
prostitutes and drug addicts.

There are countless number of mature women

who seem to have found happiness
in the love of another women.

Many lesbians have their
own special vocabulary.

The phrase "coming out,"

indicates a lesbian's sexual debut.

"Being gay" denotes female as
well as male homosexuality.

A straight is a heterosexual.

And a swinger, an object of admiration.

The following statistics

were compiled from medical reports.

Society has a very great problem

in its understanding of
the desires and needs

if its unmarried women.

Doctor Freud stated,

"Homosexuality in women,"

"which is certainly not
less common than in men,"

"although much less glaring,"

"has not only been ignored by the law,"

"but also by society."

Lesbians are not nearly as
promiscuous as male homosexuals.

Their meetings with others is
held in the strictest confidence.

The lesbian is on the constant lookout

for a partner with whom
she can live and love

in a so-called normal life.

Few lesbians find anything
that resembles this life.

Some couples have stayed together for
as long as four and five months.

It has been said that
some have lived together

for as long as ten years.

Many, of course, last but
a few days or weeks.

And some dykes pride themselves
on immediate conquests.

Drived out of one-night stands,

as this dyke is about to do.

There are a multiple number
of factors responsible

for the development of
lesbian patterns in women.

Family discord,

alcoholic fathers,

separations and divorces,

neurotic and psychopathic parents,

sexually maladjusted
parents, to mention a few.

Psychiatric examinations have shown that

lesbians have fathers
who were psychopathic,

alcoholic or tyrannical.

Many fathers have often made the mistake of

telling their daughters
that they wish they'd

been born a boy instead of a girl.

In other cases, a growing
daughter's attitude

towards members of the opposite sex

may be influenced by the
character of the father.

Especially if he proves
to be a poor example

of what they think a father should be like.
Especially if he proves to be a poor example

of what they think a father should be like.

Some mothers are also responsible

for the influence they
cast over their daughters.

Some mothers instill a fear
of sex within the daughter.

They refer to sex as something evil.

Of course, there are many cases where
the daughter is further handicapped

if the parents neglect to give
her any sex education at all.

Being misinformed about the facts of sex

is equally harmful.

There are many occupations
that are conducive

to the development of lesbianism.

This, however, is not meant to imply

that most women engaged in a
certain profession are lesbians.

Lesbians, in many cases,
choose an occupation

which brings them into closer contact
with members of their own sex.

Such as the theater, nightclub work,

modeling, women's prison,

secretaries and so forth.

Many young girls of high
school and college age

find companionship among their own sex,

and often share the same rooms on campus.

Women are constantly striving to
prove that they're equal to men,

and also, are fighting to
be independent of them.

Today, women are found
deeply involved in politics,

medicine, sports.

Today's women are more career-minded,

and tend to shy away
from the domestic walks.

It is not uncommon to
find a woman cabdriver,

or bus driver.

In some countries where
there's a shortage of men,

women are in the armed services

and are doing the fighting
and dying for their country.

Ads and newspapers, and on television

depict the women as inclined
to smoking and drinking.

This may be considered a
form of psychic masculinity.

Women are sensitive and
highly emotional creatures,

and because of this, are easily frustrated.

If this frustration is caused by a man,

a woman could become more
susceptible to lesbian advances.

Love and attention are
important facets to a woman.

When they're deprived of love

they are apt to find refuge

in the company of one of their own sex.

Jealously among lesbians
is a common happening.

This is in a keeping with
their emotional immaturity.

Usually, the aggressive lesbian

becomes jealous of her
feminine passive partner.

This jealously is evidence

of the lesbian's sense of insecurity.

The following are actual statistics

compiled from medical reports.

In noting that the lesbian

is capable of a high degree of jealously,

it must also be noted

that there is a high rate
of suicide among women.

And this is directly attributable

to their homosexual desires.

The suicides are usually the result

of the frustrations that are
built up within the lesbian

for her desire of another woman's love

that is not always easily obtainable.

We will discuss this
problem a little later.

Marriages are not uncommon among lesbians.

In her route to establish some form of

permanent relationship,

the lesbian often attempts to

simulate heterosexual marriage.

Rings are exchanged,

they draw mutual wills
favoring one another.

The wedding is held in an atmosphere

resembling a heterosexual service.

The services are usually
performed by a male,

in many cases, a homosexual himself.

Guests are invited, dykes and their femmes.

The services are usually brief,
in which they vow to love,

honor and cherish one another until death.

The death usually represents the point

where one lesbian leaves the
other for some other love.

The lesbian marriage life
is usually a short one,

lasting from one night,
to a couple of weeks.

Some have been known to last for
several months, or even several years.

But these are the rare exceptions.

Aside from purely lesbian marriages,

there are cases of marriages
between women and homosexuals.

There are various agreements
which they agree upon

before embarking on marriage.

In some cases, they decide to
offer each other companionship.

Agreeing not to attempt relations.

Each one retaining the right
to do as he or she pleases

about their private sex life.

Marriages to homosexuals seldom succeed.

Where the marriage does survive,

it is more the exception than the rule.

There are many cases where
lesbians marry and stay married.

Even when the marriages
proves to be unsatisfactory.

It is not typical for the lesbian,

being the passive member of the
marriage, to stay indifferent.

Staying at home, she can make
friends among other housewives

without raising suspicion.

Lesbians, the possessors
of an abnormal jealousy

over their femmes,

sometimes get very upset

and sometimes get very violent

when another dyke makes advances
in the wrong direction.

The dyke will fight,

in some cases to the death,

for the affections of her femme.

The femme is always flattered
over their show of affection,

and usually encourages the dykes to fight.

Once committed to lesbianism,

the lesbian seldom shows
the same guilt feelings

that the male homosexual shows.

The following are statistics
compiled from medical journals.

Society has a very great problem

in its understanding of the desires
and needs of its unmarried women.

Doctor Freud stated,

"Homosexuality in women,"

"which is certainly not
less common than in men,"

"although much less glaring,"

"has not only been ignored by the law,"

"but also by society."

In a fashionable part of town,

several dykes were getting together
for the purpose of planning a party.

This one would be a very special party.

One that would bring new
faces in, and most of all

a coming-out party for a new girl.

A girl makes her coming-out
only once in her life.

She will be introduced to the other
femmes and will meet the dykes.

In most of the cases, the new girl

has only had very limited
relations with a lesbian,

and is looking for a closer association.

The new lesbians, as
well as the older ones,

are always on the lookout

to find somebody they
could love or love them.

This is a struggle that never ends.

That homosexual components
lie dormant in every women,

and could under certain
conditions, find release,

are substantiated by
federal prison records.

The number of sex starved women

who submit to homosexual relations

as a result of their confinement
within prison walls,

is much greater than is supposed.

A fair percentage of all women inmates

is made up of those who have
been apprehended by the police

on charges of prostitution.

In other words,

prostitutes, who were deprived
of their heterosexual relations,

because of prison walls,

now give way to their hidden desire

for homosexual cravings,

find themselves literally in a haven

that is made up exclusively
of members of their own sex.

The hostess of the affair was
a women in her late twenties,

who has been a dyke for the
last sixteen years of her life.

Even when they think and live like men,

lesbians, for the most part,

generally enjoy the chic look of womanhood.

Because her homosexuality is easily hidden,

the lesbian mingles very comfortably
within the bounds of society.

But, it is at affairs like these

that the lesbian can relax
and feel her true self.

The guests arrive one at a time.

The hostess is very efficient.

It's all important to have everything
running as smoothly as possible

for the convenience of
the new girls coming in,

and for the dykes to be able to move around

and select a femme for themselves.

Parties of this nature are
kept in the strictest secret.

Fearing exposure, the lesbian is
often at the mercy of everyone.

At work, or wherever she may be,

she's always susceptible to blackmail.

Discovery, in most cases,
could mean instant wooling.

Lesbians have their variations
from one group to another.

There are those women who
are cultured and refined,

who sneak away to some dirty bar

in order to meet a trampish
looking woman to make love to.

Some women break up homes,

forsake children for the
love of another woman.

Then there are the teenage
lesbians, or baby butch.

They roam big city streets in large gangs

assaulting everyone who
falls within their path.

Some of the weapons that they use

run the gamut of fists, lead pipes, chains.

Many of these girls eventually
end up as alcoholics,

drug addicts, and prostitutes.

Regardless of what the lesbian
does or where she goes,

her life is a very difficult one.

The lesbian must always be on
the alert and avoid detection.

She, like her male counterpart,

leads a very lonely and despairing life.

It is a fact that the suicide rate

among male and female
homosexuals is very high.

A lesbian making her debut
within her own society,

reacts as any other girl would

when she's doing something
for the first time.

And knowing that she
will be in the spotlight

and possible the main
attraction that evening.

The dyke is telling her how to
behave in front of the others

and how to act like a femme.

Initiation rituals

might vary from one affair to another.

At some affairs,

the evening would be spent
in drink and general talk.

While at some other affairs,

it was quite different.

The bull dyke enters the affair

followed closely behind by the femme,

ready to make her initiation
into the daughters of Lesbos.

Butch and the femme are completely
different in appearance,

yet many lesbians

feel that this dissimilar role
were easily interchangeable.

The fact remaining is
that the butch of today

could become the femme of tomorrow.

One reverse is often possible.

Records show that there
have been many butches

who have actually become
feminine in manner,

and some have apparently
returned to normal femininity.

It is virtually impossible

to tell how many lesbians
there are in the country.

However, lesbian vacation paradises

are well-known to the more informed.

Fire Island.

The California beaches.

The tropical islands of Jamaica.

On Long Island, they have the Hamptons.

And the New York City set have Riis Park.

The international set always have

Paris, Rome, Switzerland
to mention but a few.

This gay party was worked out in a manner

that would allow the guests
to all mingle together,

or singly as they chose

in an atmosphere of privacy.

These girls chose to develop
a slow relationship

before getting down to the
more serious lovemaking

that all were here for.

This type of play is a form of teasing,

a way of stimulating their inner senses.

The introduction room, as
this place was called,

would allow them the
privacy that was needed

in order for them to play this game.

It was at times and places as this

that the lesbian was allowed
to feel her true self

without worry of detection.

It was here that she found
her love and contentment.

The bull dyke was at her best when
she was working to make a femme.

Not all bull dykes succeeded
in their attempts,

so the going had to be slow.

The ultimate conquest for the dyke

would be to have the femme
become dependent on her.

In this case, the dyke
would support his femme.

In a more literal sense of the word,

the femme would become the
mistress of the dyke.

The dyke, as records show,

are very dominant and possessive,
and extremely jealous people.

The femme in her desire to break
away from the grip of the dyke,

often found this an almost impossible task.

A strange occurrence happens

when a lesbian has to turn to prostitution

in order to keep her female lover.

The johns that normally pay

fifty and a hundred dollars
for the privilege of love,

would pay an additional fifty
dollars to be with a lesbian.

The logic being

that the men were highly
stimulated to think

that they were able to draw a response

from a woman who was known
to be indifferent to men.

In prostituting herself to
finance her woman lover,

the lesbian finds it ironic

that it's a man's money that's paying
for her pleasure with a woman.

Men, unknowingly,

sometimes use lesbians
as procurers for them.

And in many cases,

the lesbian usually samples the girls

before she turns them over to the man.

It is not uncommon for a lesbian
to do what she hates most:

Prostitute herself to a man.

It is also not uncommon for a prostitute

to turn in moments of
despair and loneliness

to the warm, soft arms of another woman.

Many lesbians, as a rule,
are heavy drinkers.

Some are alcoholics.

At parties, such as this one,

girls are trying to escape from reality,

and drinking usually helps.

Young dykes will always try

to get their femmes high on drinks.

They become more responsive
with a few drinks in them.

These affairs, as a rule,
take place on weekends,

so as to last for several days.

After the party is over,

these girls will all go
back to their daily jobs,

some as clerks, secretaries, hostesses.

The lesbian looks upon her job

as a means of contact with other girls.

Lesbians are always on the
lookout for new recruits.

After a few drinks,

the dyke has been able to get the young deb

in a receptive frame of mind.

Being a new experience for the deb,

she's not sure what will happen to her.

Suspense and excitement are
usually built up in her.

But she dares not say or ask anything,

fearing that they might not want
or accept her as one of them.

So she's willing to wait it out

and accept what comes.

After some drinking, the
girls decide to split up.

Each couple going their own way,

each dyke planning what she will
do with her property, the femme.

The kitchen is not an unfamiliar place.

It is the femme's duty to
take care of the house.

Cook and wait on her lover, the dyke.

Many lesbians have, at one
time or another, been married

and, for the love of another woman,

forsaken their homes and families.

Some lesbians remain married
to their male husbands,

and when the opportunity presents itself,

leave home to go to their female lovers.

Though many lesbians
marry and have children,

others, who never marry,

feel a strong, maternal void.

There are many sacrifices
that a lesbian has to make,

and one of them is the fact that
she can never bear children.

Lesbians, being women,

pass through the child-bearing years.

And even though she might carry on

in lesbionic harmony,

she often regrets

that there are no children in her life.

The dyke is a very selfish person.

She's out to get all she can,
and as often as she can.

The dyke often takes unjust
advantage of the young femme.

After feeding her drinks all night

she becomes very receptive to the
dyke's suggestions and advances.

There have been cases where
the inexperienced femme

developed guilt feelings, and was
ashamed of what she had done.

However, this is not always the usual case.

School girls of all ages are not immune

to the society of the daughters of Lesbos.

Girls on many a college campus

live together, share each other's clothing,

talk about their dates,

discuss many mutual problems,

their likes and dislikes.

They spend more time together
than with anyone else.

Often these girls find
consolation and sympathy

within the warm touches of each other.

Some girls, after leaving school,

also leave their lesbian loves behind.

Others continue in leading
a life of a lesbian.

The dyke is always the dominant figure

among lesbian groups on the school campus.

For as the saying goes,

"For every dyke who walks the earth,"

"there is a femme for her."

Some girls freely talk about
their lesbian habits,

while others would rather die
before admitting their lesbianism

even to their closest friends.

Even among lesbians that they can trust,

some never reveal openly
what they really are.

Many lesbians don't want to think
of themselves as lesbians.

During the course of the evening,
the party had reached a peak.

The dykes had all assembled
in the main conference room.

The purpose of the meeting
was to reach a decision

on what to do with the young deb.

Each dyke had her own ideas of what
the initiation test should be.

But only one suggestion would be used.

A vote was being taken on the suggestions.

And the straws were being drawn

to see who would carry out
the initiation as decided.

The dyke had sufficiently mellowed
the young deb for her ordeal.

Still not knowing what
she was about to undergo

went willingly upstairs with the dyke.

A decision finally being reached.

And the dyke to carry out
the initiation picked.

They all left the room ready and
eager to assist if necessary.

The dyke and the young
deb enter the bedroom

and the suspense begins for the deb.

The dyke is in no hurry.

She has all evening

and the deb has no place to go.

At times like this, every
dyke is out for herself.

She would like to be the first
one to initiate this young girl.

It would give the dyke great satisfaction

if she could be the first to have her.

The young deb realizing now
what they've worked out for her

begins to show fear.

She tries to escape. That doesn't work.

Desperately, she fights.

But the dykes are too strong for her,

and eventually she's overpowered.

The bull dyke will now do her work.

The dyke never feels remorse or
shame for what she has done.

To her, it's another conquest.

One to be remembered for a short
time, and then forgotten.

Soon, the party will be over

and she will return to
the heterosexual world

that she so violently rejects.

A world that she must constantly
be on the guard against.

A world and its male inhabitants

she must pretend to accept.

A world, that if it
discovered her true identity,

would turn against her and destroy her.

The path of a lesbian is
truly a hard and lonely one.

A few, if any, ever find
what they're searching for:

True love.

Someone that they can love
and who will love them.

Love that will last in the
rest of their natural lives.

Not all lesbians are masculine

in appearance and personality.

Many of them are feminine,
married and have children.

Their marriage is a coverup
for their lesbianism.

As long as human beings are interested

in their own sexual satisfaction,

there were always be inverts.

The following are some important statistics

in the study of lesbianism.

The problems of the male
and female homosexual

are of a complex nature.

There are answers to these problems,

and these answers can only be found

through competent medical advice.

Society, as a whole, is responsible

for this ever-increasing social problem.

It is therefore, up to us

to be understanding and forthright

in our desire to help those in need of it.

Lesbians can be cured

if they show a strong desire to be cured.

They cannot cure themselves entirely.

Sound medical treatment and advice

is necessary to effect a permanent cure.

Medical authorities state

that lesbianism is a symptom
that affects the personality.

Treatment is aimed at changing
that personality structure.