Chain of Events (1958) - full transcript

When a clerk tries to dodge paying a bus fare, it sparks all sorts of complications.

Subtitles by Nostromo


There some mail from Mr Stockman

What's his address?

John Arthur Gene Stockman
57 Cranworth Garden

I wish customers wouldn't
use the bank as a post office

He only does it to save money,
you know,Stockman,mean as they come

-He's not the only one

Ah,time to go home

Except those buses will
be as crowded as usual


Look,I've only got a
penny,hit me change

I had to pay my wife's library fine

And at the present, with my goodness
the old man is up

I wonder if you could possibly change

Pound or even 10 shilling

Oh,my God,really

Go up

Hurry up,come on

No standing on top,please,Sir

Full up,full up,a bit nervous

Not you,mate,you get
inside,you're all right

Any more fares

Oh,no lady,not another 10 bob,
that's the second one today

Try and have exact fares quick
ladies and gentlemen,will you?

I don't know

Here you are

All fares,please

Any more

Fares please

Come on

Any more fares,please

Fares please

Try to have the exact fares ready,
please,ladies and gentlemen,will you

No more on the bus please,
let them all off first

I've room for two one,cop

The first two

I'm sorry Madam

Have your tickets,ready,please

Your tickets,please

-Excuse me,Sir,are you getting off the bus?
-Yes I am

-Can I see your ticket,please
-Ticket? Of course

Now where did I

I'm sorry,Sir,full up

Oh,perhaps I put it

No,funny I usually

It's not there either

I seem to have lost it

That's all right,Sir,you
have to buy another one,you know

Conductor give it ten
for another ticket will you

-I seemed to have lost mine
-Lost it? You haven't had it yet,Sir

-I beg you pardon
-I said you haven't had your ticket yet

I shall count your fare now

My dear good man you've seem to
made a mistake,of course I had a ticket

Oh,beg you pardon,Sir,you haven't
had a ticket,I missed you in the crush

Moreover it seems to me
you don't know your job

I distinctly remember

Just a minute

Next thing you'll be saying I
hadn't paid my fare at all

Nobody suggesting that,Sir

Well,it seems like it to me,of course I
had a ticket he doesn't remember that's all

I remember all right

I've been travelling on
this bus for 15 years

my good man,had a good man's report

-Now look,Sir,
-Report me,all right,you asked for it

Inspector,this passenger has
never been issued with a ticket

I beg you pardon,what did you say?

-Is it true,Sir?
-Most certainly not

I've bought the ticket the
moment I came on the bus

-Oh what a pimp,wasn't you fed
-Mind your own business


Really,this is too much

I'm being accused of fraud

That's it,fraudy,fraudy,fraudy

Go to the devil

Now look,Sir,there is no need
to make things difficult

I make things difficult?
All I want is to do is to get off this bus

My bus takes off until this is settled

Hear,we are around until the pubs are shut

You can't tell me I don't know my job

I said nothing of the sort

Oh,what a warper,what would your Mum say

And trying to get me wrong
here with the Inspector


You accuse me of not having paid my fare

And you didn't

-Did you pay your fare,Sir?
-Of course I did

Where's your ticket?

Well,you see I must have dropped it

I see,Sir

Could I have your name and address,please?

Well,what for?

Well,I must make a report

Must you?

I'm quite willing to buy my
fare now,once again,of course

Aha,you're there,they have
got your let down,fraudy

I'm afraid is not as
simple as you think,Sir

The conductor has made a
formal complaint,and I must report it

Well,can't we settle
this little matter without

I mean I'm quite prepare to apologize

Have I, did fail to buy
my ticket as you say

-Getting off here I know
-Will you mind your own business

Can I have your name and address,please?

-If you please

-Look here
-Look,Sir,I can't wait for any more time

We've been held back long enough already

Come on,Percy,tell him who you are

You pipe down,champ


Well,my name is

John Stockman

John Stockman,yes,Sir,the address?

-57 Cranbrook Gardens
-Cranbrook Gardens

Thank you,Sir,you will receive your
communication in due course

Oh, you will have something
to look forward to,will you?

You are John Stockman
of 57 Cranbrook Gardens?

I am indeed

Am I going to understand
that you deny the whole story?

Of course I do,the whole story
as you call it is utterly absurd

Well,then in that case

Am I going to have the
hide of someone for this?

I am not entirely without
influence in this town

-I was speaking,Mr Stockman
-I dear say,if you don't mind,Sir

I shall like to say something
in my own defence

You have been doing nothing
else and to very little effect,now then..

This whole case is a
scandalous intrigue against me

Will you be quiet,Sir

No,I'm hanged if I will

I am very well known in this town

And if this business gets out
I shall be a laughing stock

A laughing stock for the rest of my life

If you persist in this attitude I
shall be forced to hold you in contempt

Now,Sir,to continue,
without interruption I hope

-You have heard the case against you

You have heard the inspector swear

that your's is the name and
address he took on the bus

I don't care what the inspector says

And you have heard the conductor
identify you as the passenger in question

They were both bribed

Please confine yourself to
a simple answer yes or no

Very well,yes,yes,yes

Once is sufficient,thank you

Now one moment

You failed to shake either of
them in the cross examination

You have forever chosen to
conduct your own defence

But upon being invited to present it

You have thought fit to

launch an attack upon the integrity on
the witnesses and that of the court

In both cases,unsupported
by evidence of any kind

If you think I am going into
the trouble and expense

of telling my lawyers to brief counsel

for a petty fogging tin
pot little case like this

It would be improper for me to comment
upon your decision to present your own case

But there are numbers of accused
people awaiting their trial in this court

And I do not propose to keep them
waiting any longer than is necessary

John Stockman,have you anything
you wish to say in your defence?

-And what is it?

What I've been telling you

I meant by my question,what
evidence have you to present?

Evidence? The evidence of
common sense I should think

I've been brought here to listen to a
drivelling nonsense of a couple of morons

I have been very patient with you

But I cannot waste the time of the court

listening to a repetition of
your abuse of witnesses

Now,have you any explanation as to
how the alleged events came to take place?

Of course not

In that case,John Stockman,I have
no alternative but fine you 5 £ with costs

Good afternoon,Madam

Good afternoon Mr Cousins

Oh,Mr Stockman is here,good afternoon,Sir

Pound notes

Of course,Mr Stockman,do you
wish to see your account?

You know perfectly well
I wish to see my account

I've been here for every
month for the past five years

cashed the cheque and
asked to see my account

What makes you think I don't
want to see it today?

Yes,Mr Stockman Sir,point,Sir

John after Stockman 57 Cranbrook Gardens

Here we are,Sir

-Thank you
-Your account,Sir

About time

Thank you,Sir

Here,take a look at that the big shot

Oh my Goodness

Forgive me I didn't mean it

I got to see the manager


It's you,Sir?

Well,is everything all right,
you wanted to see me

Oh it's a

It's a

It's a

These old pound notes ,Sir,should
I put them into service?

Why not? They are perfectly serviceable


Oh dear

Hi Jill

What do you think about my story?

Well,if it's only matters
what I think about it

Hunch, that's what it is,
that and experience

Never underrate experience

Believe me I don't

If you ask me why I was in
that court I couldn't tell you

Just like the old days

when I was in police court junior,
just picking stories out of the air

Tom,the editor wants to see you

Yeah,I know he must give me
the extra money for being a clever boy

I'm not so sure he had a tired
and firing face on watch your step

Nonsense,your devotion to my
career makes you too anxious

-This is of course
-Go and find out what he wants

All in good time

And be careful

It'll be a touching interview East
reporter receives Fleet Street's accolade

A great job and a great
writer,says editor Nolan

Tom Quinn modest,magician of
the typewriter declines credit

Will you go in there?

I owe it all to my mother

and my boss's secretary handsome
fresh face,Tom Quinn today is

Tom,something gone wrong,will
you go and find out what it is

Come in

You wanted to see me Mr Nolan


Sit down don't interrupt

Stockman is not guilty

He is,Sir,I was there

I told you not to interrupt

We had his line up in our
legal department for an hour

Oh,he's trying to wriggle
his way out of it,is he?

He doesn't has to wriggle

Quinn,I am letting you have this straight

So you better not interrupt again

Stockman was found guilty

because he was too angry and
too pigheaded to brief a lawyer

Or to bother about establishing
his own alibi

Well,he has now

I see

They ordered a retrial

But our own lawyers tell us there is
no question about it,the man is not guilty

Well,I'd better apologize,hasn't I?

In print

Too late,Quinn

I had the proprietor on to me

Lord Fenchurch

Is it got to him?

It went to him first

You know the circulation was,and the
old man needs money to build it up

-Of course

Stockman is the money

-Oh no,you don't mean to tell me
-Of course I do

I can't keep you,Quinn

You must see that yourself

That's monstrous

Fenchurch doesn't like
it any more than I do

But the fact remains

that you covered a red hot case in police
court and didn't do a follow up on it

Of course I didn't I had to make
a first edition this morning

And what I wrote was true

You should have checked

You didn't get the personal story

If you had waited you'd have the full facts

And missed the first edition

All right

I was wrong

But now we got a better story

Mistaken identity

Could it have happened before?

Following the the miscarriages
of justice in the case of Mr John Stockman

"The Evening Ledger" is carrying out a
full enquiry in the state of the law

The verdict on Mr Stockman will be reversed

Will others be as lucky?

The Evening Ledger will bring you

Take that

Draw your money

I worked for this paper

All my professional life

There isn't a person

or a thing about it I don't know

There's no good,Tom

It won't work,go and get your money

At you Lord Fenchurch

Yes Fenchurch here

Quinn is gone

Oh,how did he take it,well?

-No,Sir,not too well
-I see

Good work,Nolan,an unpleasant
job,I'll do what I can for him asap

We let this thing die down first though

Do you know he plans to do know?

No,Sir,and I wouldn't be surprised
if he going to look for a large scotch

Can't say I blame him

-A large whisky?

Well,all right luv

but we only just opened you had a drop
of refreshment before you came,haven't you?

Oh end of the club

I know those clubs,crabs(?) to reporters
thinking each other stories

No I went to another club

So what about a nice cup of coffee,eh?

You have a nice cup of coffee
and I have another whisky

I tell you what,we both
have a nice ale I tell you

I only just got away

You never get away

I am the one who has got away

You were out so fast so
I couldn't talk to you

I didn't run I was fired

There's a nice light ale for you

and there's a nice light ale for
you where is the whisky for me?


Five for writing a good story

What do you think about that?

Whatever one else thinks,they are furious

That's right,furious

Righteous indignation

Save your conscience save your job

Editor saved his job,all right

Nolan couldn't help it,Tom

I know him

Nobody at that place I don't know

Covered a story up West once

Goings on in a block of flats

Do you know what I discovered?

Old Fenchurch has got a
girlfriend in one of them

What do you mean?

What I say,the old man keeps
a girlfriend in a nice little flat out west


Isn't it our little gossip writer?


The vultures are collecting

No,over the corps of my dying career


-You've heard?

-And I'm
-Don't tell me

You're furious

Yes,I am

I thought so

Written any good smear stories lately?


I too could have been a
gutter journalist if I liked

But I don't like

And that's the difference
between you and me

You got to stop this

All right,Jill,I understand

You understand very well,Freddie,my boy

She doesn't

Just because you had a few of drinks,
there's no need to start insulting people

If you don't leave Freddie alone I am off

Leave him alone?

I wouldn't touch him with the
end of a sterilized barge pole

That's got it,no one can do anything
for you when you are like this

come on Freddie,let me know
when you come to your senses


I have come to my senses

My senses tell me that

I have not that whisky yet,a big one

My dear luv,more whisky

Even so I am worried,Freddie

About Tom? There's a pity

And what was he saying when I came in?

Something about you?


it was about Lord Fenchurch

Oh,you heard that

I must say I was surprised

Tom might be wrong

Oh,no,not Tom,whatever
they say,he always check his facts

Oh,I see

Oh,I almost forgot I get off here

-Then,what for?
-I've got to see a friend

I just remembered

But Freddie


Pick it up I got some news


-It's about Lord Fenchurch
-All right

-He's keeping a girl in
-Don't tell any more now

-When will we meet?
-Call around the morning

-You know the address



Room for two only

First two

Fine that's enough

You are late today

-Late dear?
-Late dear

Yes,yes,of course,you're quite right,dear

I'm late

You are not usually as late as this

Yeah,I shall be later in the future

Later? What?

Oh,it's the buses

They are so crowded you know

More crowded?

No,no I shouldn't say more crowded

That is,you see,if I'd
come by the underground

If you come by the underground
you'll have to change,twice

Well,yes,that's why I shall be later

Then why not come by bus?

Well,because the buses are so crowded

What's the matter with you?

Has anything happened?

No,no,nothing has happened

Can I have my tea,please?

Come in

Come in and sit down,Freddie

Now you've not done
anything like this before?


Good than you won't be suspected

And I want you to understand,Mr Becket,
that I don't want to do anything now

Then you let it go


If you don't want to use the
information you've obtained

-and go away and we won't use it
-It's blight,I want my cut

-When we met
-No favours,no cuts for anyone

And when we met

you were digging up a pretty nasty
story to hawk around,if I may say so

I said that I was always willing to listen
to anything you might have to say

-So I am
-That's swell

And I also told you we'd split
fifty fifty on anything we got

So we will


If we were to share the profits,
we'll share the work

And you will stick with
me until it's through



All right

That's settled

You did well,Freddie,for hot tip

Yes,but I'm not going to
blackmail old Fenchurch

I wouldn't dream of letting you do that

I also wouldn't dream of
letting you blackmail me

We are in this together,profitable I hope

Yes,as long it is safe

Richard Wilford first baron of Fenchurch,
clubs,drinking habits,routine,love nests?

You see I had my eye on him

But thanks to you,Freddie,we can
remove the question mark

It's a pity we don't know
the young woman's name

But we needn't worry about that

Bluff ought to work now

What are you going to do?

Phone old Fenchurch

Where would he be about now?

-At his office
-Right,I'll phone him there

We are not going to use
this telephone they'll trace it

This isn't the first time I've
done this sort of thing,you know

We'll use the phone box,
a very public phone box

Now is full daylight

Less suspicious

-What will I do?
-You,my dear Freddie

Will remain outside

You will be waiting impatiently
to use the phone after me

if anything suspicious happen you open the
box and complain that I kept you too long

-Yes,all right

No,doctor,I'm expecting him any minute

Oh,hold on he's just come in

Good morning,Jill,anything for me

Good morning,Sir,Dr Meredith,he wants
to talk to you about Lady Fenchurch

Oh,yes,thank you

Good morning,doctor,what's the results?

I see just as we expected

Nothing more can be done I suppose


Well,thank you very much,doctor,good bye

Is there any hope?

No,doctors can't make much
difference now one way or the other

All we can do is just give her comfort

Poor darling being a sick woman for years

It's only a matter of time now

-Any messages?
-There's your mail

And Tom Quinn phoned but
he didn't leave any message

Oh,yes Tom Quinn

Pity I had to give him the sack

A straight journalist

True,he made a mistake but it
was a mistake that anybody could make

He didn't really deserve the sack though

Oh,I'll give him another job just
as soon as the fuss dies down

Old Stockman was after his blood

Oh,I see

The minute the paper is safe,
I'll run it my way

Stockman can take it or leave
it but in the mean time

One martyr must go to the stake

Well,I hardly think Tom
Quinn is fitted for martyrdom

Get him on the phone and
I have a word with him



I am sorry to bother you Lord Fenchurch

for there is a little matter
I like to get straight

Who is that speaking?

Well,that's the difficulty I know you,
of course,but I'm sure you don't know me

I like to say there is trouble,if I may

You are keeping a
young lady in a little flat

I won't embarrass you with
mentioning her name and address

I don't want to embarrass you at all

But there are those who might
make very bad use of the information

I think I can keep them
quiet but not for nothing

If you know what I mean

I can think I can save you a bit of trouble

Come to your friends

to make what they like of any
information they have true or false

And since you have no further
need to worry on my account

don't try and telephone me again

Ah but the information won't be given
to your business associate to begin with

It will start with your nearest
and dearest so to speak

And work outwards

Now you listen to me

you can whistle for your money and you
can tell my associate anything you like

But my wife is a very sick woman
and if she's troubled I'll call the police

I won't have it,you understand

You see Lord Fenchurch,
that's what I am afraid of

If I ring your home,your wife may answer

-Yes,yes I see what you mean
-I thought you would

-But don't worry I can help you

You will leave an envelope
containing 2000 £

at Islington Post Office tomorrow morning

If it is not there 2000 £ won't be enough

You will address it Poste Restante

James Riddle after that you
can set your mind at rest

For the time being

You got that clear?


Good bye Lord Fenchurch

-Were you listening?
-Yes I'm sorry

I was trying to get Tom Quinn for
you I couldn't help overhearing

-I see
-What are you going to do?

Pay I suppose

Another sacrifice for the paper?


No,it's my wife

She mustn't know about this

I just got to pay

I've almost forgotten the other
girl existed these last few weeks

But she does exist

Yes,she does

I wonder how a blackmailer
would find out about these things

Only one person could have
told him apart from you

-You mean Simone?
-Is that her name?

Yes,Simone Day

Now but she wouldn't have told anyone

How can you be sure?

Well,because even if she is
not as fond of me as she

As she pretends?

As she suggests

it wouldn't worth her while to blackmail a
man who has been so generous to her

That make sense

So we are dealing with a man

who has gotten his information
from an outside source

In that case someone must talk to Miss Day

You mustn't now so,can I help?

Thank Jill but there is no
reason you should have to

It's not a question of having to

I wouldn't like to see Lady Fenchurch
hurt any more than you would

So we must keep Miss Day on our side

Thank you very much,Jill

Where does she live?

Lawrence Street a place
called Cumberland Mansions

Flat 4

Oh I thought you got the milk

Are you Miss Day?

-I want to talk to you,may I come in,please?

Won't another time do?

No I'm afraid not

What is it about?

It concerns a friend of yours

All right then,come in

I wish I could help but I am
afraid I don't understand

I am not a friend of Lord Fenchurch

I am sure that he is ever
such a nice gentleman

Are you quite certain,Miss Day?

Gentlemen call us ,of course,same as you
I'm sure,I don't often remember their names

No,I remember a Lord if I met one

I think perhaps you remember
Lord Fenchurch,Miss Day

It's important,you see

because any understanding
between you can not continue

now that he has been blackmailed

I can't understand how
people can be so wicked

They think of nothing else but money

Lord Fenchurch is paying
2000 £ at this moment

to someone he doesn't know
or probably never will

-Yes,2000 £ that he can ill afford

So you see

if you have been receiving anything from
him it can't continue unless of course

Unless what?

Unless he can pay the blackmail

And how could we do that?

We can't unless you agree
to three very simple conditions

We can't be certain even then

On the other hand

we can be quite certain if you don't agree
you must look for other means of support

What were you wanting me
to do supposing I was interested

Firstly in return for a
very large down payment

you must agree not to never
see Lord Fenchurch again

Secondly you must agree to deny
your association with him

or at least it is still continuing

And thirdly you must agree
to leave this flat for another one

far removed from this district

Well,supposing I don't

You won't refuse,Miss Day,but if
you do the blackmailer will continue

The rent form this flat,which I am sure
is in your name,will not be paid for you

And you may be very well be
dragged to the Law Court

I don't think I..

I'm sorry I have to put it this way

but I have no alternatives

Nor I am afraid you

Now,do you remember Lord Fenchurch?

Well,coming to think of it I
do sort of recall a gentleman

like what you describe


Then I can rely on you?

A lady likes to help a
gentleman,doesn't she?

And you're going to?

Yes,will you tell me if they
try the gentleman again

though of course I hope they don't

Why do you want to know?

Why? I think there might be another
way to stop them, I have friends

All right

Good morning all

-One of your friends?
-Yes,this is Jimmy boy,my cousin

-Good morning

I found this outside so
I thought of bring it in

Thank you,how kind of you

Oh,you know me I all for return to anyone

Jimmy has the key so that

You can drop the milk at any time
he is passing,what a good idea


Well,I must be going,remember
what I said,Miss Day

Yes,of course

Don't bother I can see myself out

They are blackmailing Fenchurch

and if you don't think fast Jimmy boy
we are going to lose our meal tickets

Pipe down

OK,let's have it

They have done in the old man


But he is ours

So you've said

Meanwhile someone ask him 2000 quids

I thought you said if there
was always going to dine(?)we would

Who's got the finger on him?

I don't know,he doesn't know himself

But she's going to let me know
the next time it happens

I see

What are you going to do about it?

We'll be there the shot on

I wonder who they are

Who cares

But know it is up to you Jimmy
boy and you better be ready

I am always ready


I've got a job for you

I don't know when but keep sober
and don't hit anyone until I tell you

I'll meet you in the same place

Cheap crooks

Is that the place?

Yes,that's where our good friend
Mr Riddle has a private post office box

I think somebody will depositing a
large envelope for him at any moment

Why did we have to get here first?

To make sure that nobody else
has been sent here before

You don't mean the police?

I certainly do

What happens if he's told them?

Then we drive away quietly

But I think the great Lord
Fenchurch a little too wise for that

There he is,that's him


We'll give him plenty of time for this

Then what do I do?

I told you

Stand in the corner by the post office

While I go inside

if anything unusual happens put your
hands in your pocket when I come out

But don't worry nothing will go wrong

How do you know?

Because only you and I

and the goose laying the golden
eggs know anything about this

We'll give him a little time to get away

Oh,let's get it over with

It's plenty of time,you don't
have to work to the clock

Well,here's the first lot

There's your share,Freddie

How does it feel,though?

But how did he manage to
lay his hands on all this overnight?

He went to the office first,
he's got a safe there hasn't he?

Well,there is an easier way of
opening the safe than blowing them

Oh,what do we now

Wait a bit and don't flush
that money about too much

We are on a good thing and
I don't want you spoiling it

Do you think he is good for more?

A man who's afraid hurting
his sick wife is a sitting duck

Suppose she gets better?

I don't think she will but if she dies
it's the end of the game for us

How long do you think it'll last?

Hard to say but it means we can't
wait too long for the next instalment


Chatty aren't you? You didn't speak
me this morning on my way in

If you say good morning
I should say good morning

That's only because you are a
very well brought up young girl

Oh,shut up

Shut up yourself

How dare you speak to
me like that,kindly leave

At once

-If you have to
-I don't have to

I'm going to be your next door neighbour



From the cradle to the grave by Tom Quinn

Have you taken the job?

Nolan just offered it to me

I knew he was going to
but I didn't think you'll take it

-Why not?
-Oh,I don't know

I just thought you'd think
you were past that sort of thing

Of course I'm passed that sort of thing

I'm five years passed that sort of thing

-But jobs aren't so easily come by nowadays
-You'll get them all right

-Not so near you

Don't let anything awful happen again

It seems the old man rushed in this
morning and told Nolan to offer me the job

I don't either of them thought I'd take it

I know Lord Fenchurch
brushed by me without a word

-You must be on his conscience
-I am glad something is

-I must go,see you soon
-When do you start?

-Until tomorrow then


Another whisky,please,Elsie

Well,I might as well settle
up here,while I'm here,won't I?

Settle up?

-Yes,how much do I owe you?

-Could you pay your bill?

Blimey,laughing the whole
can't believe a word(?)


Excuse me,boys

Are you pushing the border?

Hello,Tom,have a drink

I think so I like a large scotch

Here we are,you see

Six,forty that's 8 pounds and 15sh 6p

Was that all? I thought it was more than
that otherwise I wouldn't have bothered

You bother(?),so what's in the
long run you know

Large scotch

-Thanks,thanks very much
-You are welcome

A large scotch

And I'll cross it all if off now shall
we,and start all over again,eh?

-What did you say,Tom?
-I have a large scotch

Two large scotch,please,Elsie


You've been robbing a bank,Freddie?

You would think that,wouldn't you?

Well naturally

You can't possibly imagine that
I could by this honestly,can you?

There are limits I'm afraid
even to my imagination

Can't tell me the paper paid you all that?

It does,in a way

You'll be surprised

In finding a particular lucrative
skeleton in somebody's cupboard

What makes you say that?

Just an idea

You gossip's type trade
and that sort of thing,don't you?

Now you're fishing,Tom,I can
always tell when you are fishing

But I'm rising to the bait

I'm not sure I wouldn't
throw you back anyway

Well,thanks for the drink,
I'll do as much for you one day

When I meet the right skeleton

Large scotch,please,Elsie

That money is going to
burn a hole in your pocket

Mr Clarke


Mr Clarke,you were late this morning

Is that all,Sir

All,Mr Clarke?

Well,I mean was I late?

You were

For the first time in 13 years

Yes,it's the underground,Sir

The buses were very full

but I had two changes and I
lose five minutes at change

Indeed over the whole journey I
can lose as much as quarter of an hour,Sir


My wife doesn't always call me

Well,she has an aversion
to getting up early

And keep this extra 15 minutes
is very,very dear to her,Sir

Your wife isn't employed
in this bank,Mr Clarke

It is you who should get up early


Good morning,Sir

Hello,Clarke,being late again


You see

If I travel by underground

Mrs Clarke has got to get up
a quarter of an hour earlier


I told you that didn't I,a few days ago?


Did I tell you why she finds
it difficult to get up in the morning?

No,I mean yes,yes

No I didn't,no,no,it's a

-It's her blood pressure
-Fancy -Yes

So it isn't good for her you see

Then go by bus


I might risk it

Not much risk,if you are worried about
hitting anything the bus is bound to win

Oh,no,no I am not worried about that

Yes I

I think I will risk it

-Good morning,Lord Fenchurch
-Good morning,Jill

I did what you told me,Sir,about Quinn

You did,quite right,thank you,
how is he getting on?

I don't think you should keep
him on obituaries too long

or he'll start making them up

There is a lot from he took the job

That will come now

I don't think Tom will be down for long

Oh,yes,of course,you know
him,don't you,Jill?


For a long time


What are you going to copy?

One postmaster struck by
lightning in the Midlands

No,he couldn't been struck in the Midlands

he must have been in the Midlands
when he was struck

Item two Mr Langley retired station master

who received a decoration from the Shah
of Persia passed his siding in 1928

He's died of old age


What's happen to you?

Don't tell us you've risen to
the dizzy heights of junior subeditor

No,I've just had a bit of overtime

You never made enough
to buy all that cloth work

-Well,I did
-What have you been doing,finding oil?

Finding skeleton in other peoples cupboard

and promising not to publish
the story for five pounds

Oh,steady,Tom be a good boy

Jill,I'll be in the newsroom for a bit,
your men is alone in the office

Better go back in case he wants something


Why don't you two kiss and make up

-Well,why don't we

When you tell me where
you got the money from

I've already told you

And I can get as much
as I need the same way

Not from journalism

Why not?

I can get your old job too if I wanted it


Oh,I have ways and means

All right,Jill,thank you

Has there been another
attempt of blackmail?

No,but I expect one very soon

The next time you mustn't pay

My dear,if there was any chance
of my wife recovering I'll tell her myself

As it is,I know she won't

and they get all they can get
out of me while she is still alive

Oh yes,they put the whole
thing up very thoroughly

But I told you about Miss
Day she's on our side

I've spoken her to her since and
she seems genuinely worried about you

She wants to help so why
don't you call their bluff

I can't there's no fool
like a lonely old fool,Jill

And I must pay for it

As for Simone I can't even see her

And I'm not so sure that you should either

Tell me,Freddie,do you
ever go in for horse racing?

No,I could never run fast enough

I couldn't keep up with them

Oddly enough I meant do
you ever back horses

-Any big wins lately?

Quite the reverse I haven't
had a win in months

Bad luck

Anything else you want to know?

No,not at the moment

Good,you know what curiosity
did to the cat,don't you?


Oh,talking of fairy stories,whatever
became of that goose that laid golden eggs?

How should I know

Only wondered

Yes,I'm off

Oh,BTW,ask Jill to collect my
pay check and keep it for me,will you?

You don't look like as if you need it

Has its uses

-Where's Freddie?
-He pushed off

He wants you to collect
his pay cheque for him

What's wrong?

I do wish you settle down

It's enough here to
get on my nerves as it is

Lord Fenchurch worrying himself sick

Listen,Jill,I maybe going out
on a job,unofficially,of course

If I do,hold the forth
here for me,will you?

Make some excuse if I'm wanted

But you only get the sack again

I've got the risk of losing a bad job on
the chance of getting back a good one

What is it? And what are you after?

It's just hunch

-Not another one
-Yes,another one

A kind of hunch that has
never let me down yet

I got to follow it,Jill

Can't you tell me anything?

Yes,I can

I think,only think,mind you,that Fenchurch
maybe worried about his girlfriend

The one I told you about in the pub

If I know about it,others may

You probably mentioned it to Freddie

I certainly didn't but he overheard

You should be more careful,Tom

Or more sober

You mean he was there when I told you?

Yes,if you hadn't been so
drunk,you'd remembered

What? Don't you see what I mean?

-It may have got around
-Well,what are you going to do?

I am just going to wait and watch points

Like everybody else

Tony come over here

I want you to look at this,Tony

What's that?

What what?

What you got your finger doing there?

-It's a map

Oh,listen I'm hungry

Can I have another cheese roll?

In a minute,mate

Now listen carefully

This what they did it last time

The post office you see

It's a good place for them

Because they can see if they being tailed

I reckon they are going to use that again



Where who done it last time?

Where did?

Never mind forget it

Now look,if I got to bash someone

you show me who I'm going
to bash,see?And I bash him

Right,I'll show you,when we get there

When is that?

It shouldn't be long now,Tony

It shouldn't be long

All you got to remember
is to stick by me,right?


Simone knows where we are now

But if we move,we got to know
each new telephone number

That's all


Now can I have another cheese roll?

Yes,you are going to
have another cheese roll


I am going home by bus today


There's two changes,you know

Yes I do know

Well,won't be long now


I wonder if you could change this for me

Thank you so much,you know what it
is when you can't give the correct fare

How can you sit there and
playing that stupid game hour after hour

Called patience

-I know that
-You could do with some

We've got to move on
we are wasting time

-Fenchurch might get away
-He won't get away

Well,how do you know?

You can't always know what
the master is going to do

When are we going start
pulling the pressure on again?

When I say so

I'm getting short of cash

You shouldn't have spent
the last lot so fast

I know,I know

I told you,didn't I?

Yes,yes,you told me

Don't see any halos around your ears

It isn't a question of right or
wrong,it's plain common sense

One day you can't afford
the price of a drink

The next day you are kicking the whole bar

That's inclined to make people think

And when people start
putting two and two together

it's surprising how many
of them make five

Well,cut out the preaching

When are we are going to get our
hands on some more money?

Any moment now

And when is that?

-Let's ring him up straight away

I thought you wanted it,isn't it?

Ring him up at the office and tell
him to bring the stuff over at once

as one of his trusted employee
is short of cash etc..

You are not going to tell him
anything of that,are you?

What is it worth?

I was only kidding,come along

Have you coppers for the phone?

-Trust you

Who's that?

Listen,this is very important
Lord Fenchurch

Mr Riddle is expecting the same
place for the same purpose within the hour

If you are late you may lose the deal

and it will be very expensive
to buy us in again

Good bye

Do you think there's any
chance getting my old job back?

What is the state of the
old boy's temper these days?

I leave it for a while if I were you,
he seems a bit worried lately

What about the papers is doing fine

It's his wife,she doesn't get any better
and I think he dreads the fatal day

-Poor devil
-It's him

Oh,Jill,I just had another
call from those people

-Just now?

You aren't going to pay them again,are you?

Yes I must

They can keep asking for money

I know that's just what I am afraid of

-I'd better call,Miss Day
-No,don't do that

She can't help

She asked me to let her know

She said she has some
friends that could help

I've caused enough trouble without
involving her,now forget it Jill

I'll just go on fending them
off with this for as long as I can

-Please let me call,Miss Day

Thank you,but it's no use



Oh no,Miss Mason

How can people be so wicked

He is not going to?

Oh dear

I'll see if I can get my friends to help

All right,dear,bye,bye


-Is that you,Jimmy boy?


-Those rotten ?? are at it again
-Are they?

Yes,the girl just tipped me off

Nice little thing she is too

Is the oldie let her to have the money?

Of course oh Jimmy boy all that
lovely lolly going down the drain

It won't go down the drain
cause I won't let it

If it does I'll dive in after it

Jimmy boy can you do anything to help?

Such a pity to lose a
nice gentleman like him

You'd better sweep livelihood

Where is the rendez-vous?

Same place as before

Right,Cherie,you leave it to your Jimmy boy

You are clever

Is that out of flattery?
It's work to be done

-I'll see you
-All right,love,bye


Come on,Tony

That's him

Go on bashing him


Lucky for you I spotted
him someone is on to us

You mean someone is on to you

Look,chap,we are both in these
together now,let's call the truce

Now drive

-Did you get my money?

Freddie,what's happened?

-Never mind what happened give me the money
-Where are you going?

Let you know it,I am clearing out

Come along please,one two,three

That all set,bus full up

You,I want to see you for a long time


Then you got your job back


And for a story I can never publish

Oh,Tom the old man
would like to see you later

Funny he seems like his old self again

He tore up your story and
would not let me read it


And that was the only copy in existence

Have you given him the envelope?



There were two dead weren't there?

No,three,bystander name
of Clarke,work in the city

The innocent always suffer

Subtitles by Nostromo