C'est pas parce qu'on n'a rien à dire qu'il faut fermer sa gueule... (1975) - full transcript

Max and Riton, 2 thieves make plan to steal money in a train station office. They will operate through the wall in the public toilets.

From expensive to cheaper.

Of course that's all there is.

At least it rolls.

Yeah it rolls but does it stop?

Oh God surely it stops,
even without braking.

Well then have you decided?

Anyway I have nothing else,

it's the last category

Is this the collector's department?

Yeah well precisely,
that's why it's a deal.

Well for those who love souvernirs.

Retro fashion -
Yeah the exodus the maquis the

liberation, even looks like
it was bombed.

Well it's thirty five thousand.

Are you crazy?

After that I only have
my son's scooter.

Say Max, it's still
expensive, isn't it?

Shit, don't push!

Don't push?

We'll see eh

Was it necessary to to
buy this shit?

In every business, you have to invest.


I am pushing, push push but

push yourself too

And there you go.

Come on

Come on!


You think that it's really necessary?

It is essential,
I already explained.

If we want to have every chance on
our side we must leave nothing to chance.

Come on.

Ah this can't be true.
Come on.

You ok?


Riton, you still there?

Riton, come on.

Riton, are you Riton?

Riton, we're here,
we made it, with you.

You don't want me to
give you mouth to mouth?

There are hotels for that!
- You pervert!

35,000 is too much.
- Yes well it's ok, we'll make it.

Where are we?
- In the casino parking, come on.

We will get our order, come on.

It's no longer useable.

Max! It's open.

Look at this.

Oh my

I swear

Here, look...

Here's what we can have for
thirty five thousand.


What are you doing there?

Excuse me, but this one was opened.

Good well, you can make yourself
handsome later.

Move over, come on, move over.

One hundred and thirty five thousand,

This is a good investment for a father.

It's not the time to do
the math, come on.

Here, get in.

Here, exit ticket.

And gently in the turns!

OK, I will drive like you.

Where's the cigarette lighter

Whoa, my arm!


The fence!

A dead body?

Come on!

Say Max, we have to be really sure.

Yeah, Fano will be really upset.

I ask for an American car

and what do you guys bring me?

some old things and what?

a beautiful pair of slippers and

a moped

A petrolette for a cadillac?

Even with rising gas prices
you think the client is going to be happy?

No, you guys can't be serious

and what do you want me to do
with this?

Look, I'm not selling to
immigrant workers

I can't work with you guys
in these conditions.

Come on Fano you can't
dump us now...

Til now everthing was against us

I don't want to offend you but
you have to admit it...

you guys are made to be honest people.


That hurts Fano you know?

Just say that we are dumb idiots.


Anyway Fano in life, you will only
have a few faithful friends

You can count them with
your fingers.

In any case, you know that

idiots can always be useful.

Fano, help convert us

Give us an opportunity cause in

DIY well we lose our means a little.

Well, what can one do.

You know we would cut ourselves
in 4 pieces for you.

It's already tough with 2 of you.

Yes we were lost, we
messed everything up

Max you make me sad

and what about friendship?
Doesn't it count?

You'll see the two of us now you'll see

I don't believe it because it's
really tough

My God

it's the fifth time like this
I'm not sure what to do.

You will see Fano, will help us.

This time you really got hit by grace

it's a genius idea

but who to trust?

Only the small staff left

we may be great in solitude

alone we can do nothing

Yet for such a plan any
asshole would do.

But how to find this guy

I will need a pair

A pair? I have the pair.

I immediately thought of you
because I highly esteem you.

Yes yes

My grudge is finished,

this is the big promotion,
the top.

I will give you your last chance
and this time

with a jackpot at the end.

You see i don't hold a grudge

You see, it's better to be single
with this new job,

particularly in this case

Why is that?
Because I need guys without any ties.

There are risks,
you're still not a big fan huh?

Straight away you have a
skate drama mentality

Well then, I'll put it away.

Come on Fano you know we
would take a bullet for you.



There are times when i wonder
if you deserve me.

Oh well.

So, this is going to be a hit
equal to the mail train robbery.

Don't panic, I'm the brain
you just have to execute.

The entrance to the station

Here, the sncf pension fund.

Here, the vault in the basement

Double wall tingsten steel

Inside five bricks.
Five bricks?


Five bricks!

Fifty thousand new francs.

No, five new sticks.

You mean five hundred million?

We're through with small jobs.

Oh five hundred million!


The money will be deposited in the safe on

Wednesday at noon and picked up on Friday morning

which leaves us thirty-six hours to operate.

On the other side of the wall that overlooks the safe,

public toilets.

We're going through this wall

The wall of the toilets?


That can't be right.

That's the great idea

We just have one problem.

It won't be easy,

a comac obstacle

the Chinese wall,

the peepee lady.

The hardest part is going to be putting you in
the client's skin.

To get used to it.

It will require psychology, flexibility

Take for example, like this

I am madam peepee

When you enter, what do you say?

Hello madam, it's a nice day eh?

There it is, the mistake.

Speaking of the sun to an
unfortunate woman passing

her days in earthenware and

deodorant, Start again!
Yes well yes

Hello Mrs. how are you?

Fool! She is over sixty she is

covered in pain and she spends her

days scrubbing the toilets and you ask her

How are you?
So what do I have to to ask her?

Here, take my place okay.

Saucer ... What?

Saucer, there for madame pipi it is necessary

to put a saucer there.

Oh this can't be true,

it would take five of me
to work with people like you.

And you dumbass? What are you waiting for!

Give a saucer to Madame.

There? It's ok now?

Good day Miss.

And there you go!

Ah yeah that's all!
We just want to give her some warmth,

some respect for her femininity.

Ah shit - how much of a tip should
we give as we go out?

I have three francs.

This can't be possible!
One franc maximum!

It has to look real, not too much
and not too little.

Fano, I have to tell you,
you are truly a boss.

Each era has its own sword,
there was Bonnie and Clyde,

hot ferrule, the mail train guy.

Tomorrow Mr Fano will enter the
league of Legends.

We are proud to be
working with you.

Right Max, it's true?

Look, like a programmed robot
here she goes!


Ten seconds to rummage through her bag.

Thirty seconds to open the gate
with a key like this

Another twenty seconds to go down the
twenty two steps.

Ad at eight o'clock sharp
she puts on her apron.

How do you know all this?
- What do you think?

For eight days, every morning I am
here, the stopwatch in my hand, feet in

my feet in the humidity,
and my head in the smoke.

We shouldn't exaggerate, all is electric here.
Why what did you say?

You said bullshit again,

and i don't like to be interrupted

Madame Pipi's life is as regulated as...
Toilet paper!

Like music!
Ah yes right, that's what I wanted to say.

In short, we have a common enemy.

Let's not exaggerate,

This woman looks really nice.

It's not the time,

You never know the hidden
part of the iceberg.

Believe me I know.

Don't worry,

I know women and there are
none that are insensitive.

There are only clumsy people.
You big fool, did you look at her?

She's not the totally honest type.

and then it bothers you, that it isn't

so much to your advantage.

So let's synchronize,

at the top it will be 8:03


In two minutes, you follow me

Hello madam!
Hello sir you are my first customer.

Well then you will see,
I will bring you happiness.

Ah bah I hope so
because things aren't so bright.

You can feel it here,
there is a sort of discomfort.


I don't do politics.

They watch, read and then do nothing.

They hold back

Decadences of a society,
even the churches are empty.

Don't you think this is
a bit much?

Well here we go.

No no no!
I'm telling you, I forgot my money.

That doesn't work with me.
I swear, I forgot it.

I will come back to pay you later madam

Just borrow me for now.
No sir I already said, I don't borrow.

Get out of here!

It isn't free for anyone.

Don't live above your means!

The nerve!

We have to change this.

You were right, she doesn't
seem very friendly.

We will have to be careful.


You're not going to be
scared by a woman?

A woman never scared me.

Me either.

Are you guys done?

It's cabin number three

the one in the middle that overlooks the safe.

Any questions?

Are you ready?


There are imperishable minutes,

I dive.

The Japanese, they copy everything.

In two months, you will find
the same toilets in Tokyo.

Sorry, I got here before you!

Well, there!

Well what? I also planned
for the unexpected.

That is the brain.

Excuse me

Soon they will hire dancers!

It's like the wailing wall.

This one stayed 3 minutes.

I knew a guy who had a hard time

He would take a while.

A maniac?

No an intellectual! maniac


We have a small cavity

It's no big deal we'll fix it.

A small intervention

Nothing at all.

Hello Madam Rose!
Hello Gaston

So how are you today?

When it's not worse, it gets better.

When I was a kid, we used to do
distance competitions

So, you're beating your record?


Well? - Four times already.
Yesterday it was five at this hour.

You are kind Madam Rose.

We're going to get noticed.
What is he doing?

Help!! Help me!

Open in the name of God!

Are you presentable?

Not for very long!

Not bad eh?
Too much is too much.

What did you do?
What do you mean what did I do?

You just have to push!
I did push!!

You must have pulled.
I know when I push and when I'm pulling!

I've been using public toilets for a long time.
I'm going to complain about this.

Excuse me, we were here.
The lady isn't responsible for anything.

Be understanding, it's an accident.

You see she's not happy to see you in this way.

You think I'm getting splashed in the face
for fun?

If you complain she will have problems.
At her age, to find another job.

There you go.
It's just mechanical, always mechanical.

It's this cheap stuff.

The other day someone stole my glasses.

I'm sorry sir.

OK ok ok ok

Look at me, what do I look like.

Here sir, go in here and
I'll take care of your clothes.

We have a moment, we can fix it.

We will save you some trouble with the paperwork.
Thank you.

Don't push.

Be careful, be careful, that's easy to say.

I'm ready.

I'm putting a sign,
no one will disturb you.

Thanks a lot.

I feel better now, I had a straight back.


Look, did you see?

I never thought of using the

crapper to date someone.

It is logical as it is a place
where a lot of people go.

It's not the case with me,
it's for those guys who have no success.

They're shy so they have to manage.

It's for those guys who don't have


The what?


You don't know what pep is?

Well you for example,

you're not worse looking than me,

bout you don't have it.

No pep.

I'm going to tell you something

I may not have the pep,
but I have the eye.


I am twenty eight years old I am small blond and

I have blue eyes


I am



and I have pep.

Why Max am I working for
the two of us?

That's it, it is fixed!
Thank you mister, the house is open,

feel like you're at home!

Well, we'll definitely take advantage of it.

After the study of the cubage

given the weight of the rubble to be evacuated,

and taking into account,

two minutes twenty seconds average time

cabin occupancy,

and since I thought of everything

we can't fail.

I won't mention the differential equations

in the complexity of the process is a matter of

math logic.
Okay okay

However, for something
more within your reach,

I have planned for each of you


A viaticum.

A viaticum?

A viaticum

Which will cover the whole operation.

Platform tickets


twenty coins of fifty cents.

I planned big.

Yes it's good

Any questions?

No I don't think so.

Oh I have one.

Don't you think that by seeing us
going in and out,

Madame pipi will eventually spot us?

There you go!

That's the jackpot question,

the five hundred million question

and the answer,

I got it.


I'm in cabin number three

Max, Max he is there on the stairs


And me, no no that's Mrs Pipi

Here you are

Then I will be


I will be

Is it coming?

You don't talk nonsense!

At school it's a slap here it's a

cell, so I'm waiting?

I'll be outside waiting?

Good, the conclusion?

No one must enter the cabin
besides us during the operation.

We agree on the rotation,
it is the easiest.

Good day Mrs.

Good day Sir.

Someone inside?

The next one is free.

That one is busy!

Are you deaf or what?

a music lover

you fall asleep each time

to go
- ah

Sir, Madam.

Somebody is here.

What do I do?

I don't care!



You got the wrong one
it's not this one.

It was busy.

It was?
- It was busy!

What do I do?

- Easy to say.

Get away.


This one

You need anything?

No thanks!


Oh! I planned everything, planned everything!
My ass!

For God's sake are you going
to go out little mozart?

Thank you Wolfgang

It's mine!
It's not for dogs.

About the doctor,

what did he say?

Corrida had the same problem

You see!

Nothing to worry.

It's going to get busy soon.




Crow bar



Can I go out first?

Hey Admiral! You're submarine must
be silent.

We're on track, it's rolling.

Three little guys.

I don't know ask the controller

It's right and another right

Hey you, the saucer please
Saucer? Are you ok?

What's wrong with you,

do I look like a Martian?

People are so vulgar

Don't worry I'll pay for him

Nowadays there are more people for the crapper

Not all people are like that.

Here you go.

Thank you sir

Must say, it helps.


What's awesome?

I didn't know a little Parisian

speaks German.

Maybe allow a nice customer

go to the misses?

Sir please

You can't do that.

Kidding that is a joke.

Fano, you are a genius.

Going ok?
Yes it is.

Be careful because...
I'll tell on you!

I will tell on you!

You're a little late.

A franc please

You have ID?


Who is it?

Its harlee.


You take your time, you have
your whole life ahead.

It's not my fault, its Riton.


Fano, you are a genius.

What you are doing sir? Come out!

Come out and quickly!

Don't tell me stories

Come on versailles

It's a public toilet here not a reading cabinet

Very well, I'll take my fiancée to the

train station at lyon

with lighting

everywhere me australia canada montparnasse

everywhere, the sacuer please!

Any trouble?

Like you can help me,

I'll tell on you

Sure thing.


I wanted to tell you something..
- Shut up.

Hopefully they haven't decided
on a surprise strike.

There you go.

On the edge of the river...

So now, who am I?

So what is this number three

It's starting again.

if it continues to the game of the seven errors

she will eventually win.

It's not mold huh

Oh the bitch

Constantinople yes yes

I understand you are sure

but me that's what I propose.

Go ahead

It's over!

Oh unbelievable!

Come sir.

I will help you.

The tide will take you away...

Can't you read it says access not allowed!

Excuse me.

Madam I have to pee I don't have

money on me can i go?

Yes of course!

Here go ahead.

What the hell is this jerk doing?


Never on time,

Even at his own funeral.

Oh i have to go pee.

And that's what that is for?

No kidding!

This is perishable?
No more than 1 day.

Otherwise afterwards,
it's like corpses, it stinks

Give me my ticket.

The train thirty two hundred and fifty four...

Excuse me sir

Sorry it's the dust,
it makes me thirsty.

You pay for your drink you go or I kick you!

ai ai

A minute early.

But what are you doing you're early!

Fano, can I come out? I'm claustrophobic.

Is there a traffic jam?

Sir landed too early, he will
wait for a bit on the runway.

Why do you always have the most
beautiful costumes?

Because I have a certain class, go away

you will get us noticed.

See you next time.

Next time Mr. Gaston.

Shit! The van...
it can't be true.

You too?

You're lucky there are open stalls!

What are you doing here you?

Ah shut up, it's dramatic
Someone stole our van!

No, that's not it,

I moved it because there was a
meter maid revolving around it

You should have told me,
I got a heart attack.

Heart attack is on the left and
now the van is on the right eh

Now go away!

What are you doing here?

Get out of here.

Allow me, airmail coming through.

If you want your mail to arrive on time, excuse me

And we at the post

flying through the cordillera of the

Andes it means nothing?

Excuse me


These guys are heroes ,

death awaits them at every step uh

It's unthinkable.

I'd be dumber to listen to him.

Why I always have the bum clothes?

There my little Riton,

you are going to be dressed like a prince.

Oh no

Why did you take my costume?

it's not yours if I'm wearing it.

Thief! I will tell Fano!

I don't care.

Fano, Rito took took my favorite costume.

I wanted to be in Scottish attire.

Well let me allow you a minute to get
your mind back.

Yes but the Scottish, that's me
not him.

We already have a lot on our plate

why does it really matter?

If I'm not Scottish I will stop everything

Very well, Riton will be punished

Give me your bag

For five hundred bricks I would
disguise even as a can delivery guy.

Is it really that difficult?

If there is a grain of sand in the
mechanical, everything falls apart.

It's ok.
Do it for us, for you, for Fano

I was supposed to be Scottish.

They promised me Scottish.

Say, you can't tell him something now?

Are you going to the toilets or give me crap?



Well Frederic, you're talking to hippies?

He's joking, I've never seen him before.
He's a stranger.

Lily, my dear

He's really insisting.

Please edgar,

be nice and do something for this
poor fellow.

More like poor drug addict.

Lily, it's me Max.

Don't cry I told you I'll punish him.

It's not Riton, it's Lily that came by,

She didn't recognize me.

Ah yes, don't worry she'll come back.

When you will be rich, go on!



It's closed.

Who closed it?

What do I do?

You're keeping count Madam Rose?

As usual Mister Gaston.

We will meet again eh

We got it guys, it's there!

How about you calm down my son.

You take the baggage.

I will clean.

Thank you sir!
Youssef the Queen

Don't worry I'll be right back.

Sorry my father, it was open.

Bye Madam.

That damn thing will stir up
the whole station.

You think we should answer it?

And say what? It's Madam Pipi, I'm listening?

Hello Romeo?
- What, it's you?

Everything is going well.

Why don't you use radio?

How does it work?

Wait i will explain it to you.

I don't deserve that.

It's a great job,

pure beautiful artist work.

Stop dreaming shit! I want to know
the progress.

We are moving forward!

Time is money.

Fano is impatient.

And me, you think I sleep in the sun?

Well you are lucky at least you
are doing something.

What do I do during this time?
I just think.

I heard something.

It's surely Fano.

But Fano would have warned us.

Close the door.

We're finished.

Are you there?

Answer me, are you there?

Is it you who has pep?

I'm going to slap you.

Are you there?

Answer you imbecile!

Yes yes,

it's me I'm here but I'm busy

Ah I understand, you have a comrade

I don't want to be indiscreet

See you later, leave me a note.

Yes that's it, later

I will leave you a word.

It worked, back to the job now.

You know huh, I'll tell it to Fano.

Some pretend to be lazy to
be dishonest.


You're turn now.


Yes I need to pee.

What is that for?

How were you educated, in front of

No kidding!

This must be what the anguish
of a father feels like.

Wow it's beautiful.

And they say that money doesn't smell.

Alpha calling Romeo, Alpha calling Romeo

Hello? Answer me Romeo.


Answer me

I'm stuck I can't get out

Alpha Romeo

Alpha Romeo, Hello Alpha Romeo

Riton calling Max!

Son of a bitch

You're caving now oh

It's not time to laugh Max come
I'm stuck help me.

Nothing there, be less proud.

Pull Max.

Did you see all that money?

I have never seen so much.


My goodness.

I'm getting a heart attack again.

New heart attack.


There's a lot here.

I have the impression there's enough.

How much?


I can't believe it.

Police, Hands up!

It was too good to be true.

Never do that again!

Forward in the post in front of the enemy.

We'll fix it later.

Get the suitcase.

You take the money.

Put it in,

and I'll get the car

Come on.

I like that.

You see.

I planned too small.

We can't leave it behind.

Look at all that is left still.

There is only one solution.

Let's go.

Alpha calling Romeo Alpha calling Romeo

Listening alpha

The car is ready.

I am beginning to understand why
we call this heavy francs.

Oh my.

You always have to get noticed.

I have the impression that the suitcase

is transparent

In the name of God!

You could have bought something more solid.

Yes but since it was going
to be used just once,

There was no need to waste money.

Come on let's go.

It doesn't want to start.

Is there something wrong?

He prepared it for the twenty four

hours of le mans!
We can't stay here!

You see,

she will never start!

Let's get a taxi instead.

We should leave this anyway
it's not properly registered.

If we wait a taxi we'll be here forever.

Ok well,

there is only one solution.

To the metro train.

Come on

Come on!

Hey! You three!

Move the car, you can't park here.

You understand? Move it!

Excuse me I have a problem,

silly breakdown, an unfortunate setback a

ridiculous incident
Yes we looked for a tow truck.

I hear this trick ten times
per day, what is wrong with it?

Well it's the starter.
Let me try.

Come on

We're going to get it now.

Well then,

the papers,

car registration, certificate insurance, permit

Don't make the officer wait.

So where is it?

It's hiding.

I'll get you for that later.


It's not the same address.

Yes, I just moved.

I was dropped by a big promoter.

We will put this in proper order

by going to the police station of your

As soon as I have the ticket

I will go and fix it.

Hey Fano, look!

That will be all for this one,

but next time, we will tow it.

Wait! We say Goodbye officer sir

Bye officer!

The car!

Hurry, quick!

Piece of junk!

Mr officer!

She won't start again.

She doesn't want to start.

Well then?

What do you say?

Thank you officer!

Go on.

I plan down to the smallest

detail and what happens? An idiot puts the
suitcase on the sidewalk.

It' not even me who messed up with the

car no? It's bad luck.


the cherry the scoumoune

the black day yes

well I don't give up I'm planning one


Hey what did i tell you, there!

Get on the bus and take the suitcase down.

What about the driver?

Make yourself small.

Hurry up!

Easy for them to say, I'm the
one taking the risk.

You gonna leave him alone you thugs?

Shut the hell up!

Leave him alone you little idiots!

Aren't you ashamed,

screaming vulgarities to children?
There messing with us!

Come on there.

Yeah come on.


Come on pass them down


Yes that's it

What are you doing




Throw it down here!


Throw, come on already!

Good for nothing.

You going to give us or not?

There! All done!

Come on!

Wait for me!
Hurry, go, quick!

You guys cannot get any dumber.

You cannot say that Fano, we
really earned this money.

Careful, put your seatbelts on.
What for? It's not like your going to fall
into prudence!

We're almost there!
Look, over there!

Slow down!
Are you trying to pass them up?

Oh no, tell me it's a nightmare.
We're back to where we started.

It's full of cops.
What do we do Fano?

With your stupidity, we're good
for a suicide mission.

We need a volunteer. Come on!

For Frankfurt! Place 804, 42

Go ahead. Hey! Your ticket!
I'm just accompanying them.

Without a ticket you can't go.

Hey! I need a ticket.
I don't have anymore.

Some coins quick!

I'm taking note. You think I'm the
one that is suppose to have coins?

I'll go get some.
Here, I have some!

Hey! Come here!

There, Frankfurt, go quick.

This time, hmm
I'll be good.

What do we do?
There's no reason to make trouble.

Place 42 remember?

Keep them for me.



You bring this to the lady

From me


Excuse me, this is from the gentleman over there

What is it?

I don't know it's surely a mistake.

Fuck mistakes I'll show you!

Excuse me sister.

I haven't even left yet!

That'll teach you!

It's not my fault!

Where did he go?

It's nice of you guys to have
come get me.

It's crazy how much we get attached to things.

Come on, Come on

You think that's for us?

Allow me, give me the suitcase.

You shouldn't carry that it's too heavy

for you grandma.

I got it

Would you please hold my suitcase while
I get my ticket?

You OK aunt?

You had a good trip?

What's new in the country?

Let me hold your basket.

It's heavy huh?


That's good now it's over

Finished, ah yes give me back my suitcase

Come on let's go, that's good.

A point for you, come on.

Look at him, we forgot to load the meter.

You can't escape your fate.

Implementation of the back up plan.

Damn suitcase but it's your fault if

in the meantime a setback will end in


To think that with all this dough

we have to take public transport.

Money reveals bullshit.

That's it yes here you go.

It is done.

Ok so that's four hundred and sixty eight

million five hundred and sixty thousand old francs

I was told five hundred, they live well at

the pension fund.

Oh yes then that makes one hundred and forty nine

million five hundred and twenty thousand each

The minimum wage.

But you forgot the odds and ends.
- What?

Odds and ends.

I will explain.


provisions for identification investments,

model tooling,

purchase of three wallets,

dock label,


Six bricks.

Cost of living increases every day.

Good, with one hundred and forty seven units

I will try to make do.

That's not the end.

What else is there?

The fines,



for throwing the suitcase in spite of the,

common sense. Forty thousand new francs.

We don't leave Riton, Riton.. Riton

For the car that did not start,

for using the phone at a critical time,

for stealing the costume and,

upsetting his comrade,

I had a bonus point too, right?

I know, I took it into account.

The bonus, four units.



and don't complain,

I didn't count my brain.

It's a good thing we aren't.

Well let's share because I want

to go home it's been twenty four

hours that we've been sitting on this money.
- The money will not move from here.


You are really amateurs huh?

If we change our habits,

the palaces the champagne,


we will get nabbed by the cops.

This money must be forgotten,

let it sleep for six months.

It will be in hibernation.

Then I agree to the social evolution

but until then,

I'll give you three hundred and five

per month.

Where is my bedroom?


I sleep where the money is.

You are wary of me?


Taking advantage of me sleeping.

What is this?
You can't even go pee now.

Seeing how we are, we're good for
depression, a nervous breakdown

What do you propose?
We don't know who will press the button first.

Let's have a truce. We should be friends.
Who will do what?

Ok but I am not doing the cooking!

Sirs, to our collaboration.
And to the conclusion!

Happiness is certainly something.

Hello! The ministers are leaning towards a reform
for jails. The middle east is still a barrel of powder.

But first of all, the theft of the year.
Let's go to our reporter who is on site.

Last night, some thiefs got a hold of
460 million francs from a retirement fund safe,

in a Paris warehouse. The gangsters must
have been disturbed during their job because

they left behind 50 million.
- I planned too small.

We will deduct that.

The brains behind this seem to have planned
everything down to the smallest detail.

It must be the Brittish behind that.

Brittish? Why would they look elsewhere
for what we have here?

Mrs Rose, what did you notice?
Look at the camera

I have nothing to say, there's
a lot of people that go by here.

Anything suspect, suspicious?
I know nothing, saw nothing...

Saw nothing, heard nothing,
that's super.

Not even a guy who saw anything,
totally anonymous.

What Max? Are you absent?

I don't like it when you
are absent I talk.

Shut up

You know who you are talking to?


Did you see a ghost?

Worse guys, worse.


Hello my little plumbers,

what a good surprise!

Your excellent education will certainly

push you to offer me a chair?

A gentleman remains a gentleman in all


What's up?

What is the honor?


Imagine that just last night

someone broke through the wall of my



We saw on tv

you didn't see anything,

and have nothing to say.

Yes, but

it's not because we have nothing to say

that you should keep your mouth shut, right?

Well then what do you want?

We will see soon,

but not here.

If you don't mind I'd rather

go to your house tomorrow

At five 'o' clock?

No need to give me the address,

I know.

Why 5 o clock, why not dinner?

When there is enough for three,
- There's enough for four.

And Fano is right, in life you have to know
how to compose.

If she wants a share, it's not
coming from mine.

We must give her.

Careful, here she is.

I used to spend winters in Cannes,

but not for climatic reasons.

Casinos in general.

You were a player?
Since birth!


If you had seen the powerful of this world

the great players, the virtuosos

joking on a

green carpet

loosing millions oh!

It was beautiful, it was good, we wanted

to applaud.

You're trying to reassure us?
Ah on the contrary

I learned a lot.


That the customer never wins.

What I understood is that it is better

to be on the side of the bank.

And all you needed was?
- The funds.

Yes, and you guys arrived like the Messiah.

It was you I was waiting for

Already in my plan,

which lacked only a hand that would guide

us towards a bigger cause.

When people play,

money comes in, transforms,

goes from hand to hand.
We don't know where it comes or where it goes.

Enough to simplify your little problem of


And then,

it would be so painful to be forced to

bring you oranges to your health.



It's easy to say.

Good Riton!

Stephane, perfect!

Ah Max, I recognize your taste.

Your attention to detail in clothing,

but we will have to change it a bit.

For the client you must be colorless,

odorless and tasteless.

And now gentlemen,

let's grow your small capital.

Fifty thousand

Five thousand

With the table

Ten thousand, banco gentlemen.

Going well?
Sir is asking 80 thousand.


Forty thousand in the banco, closing

It's okay Rito?

It's ok ma'am thank you

We pay

Town flag

Yes Madam

The hand is good tonight

But yes thank you not bad

One, two,

three, four, five

we're not too far ahead

Here but it is, sure. Two lines please

Fano, say what you will but
atleast we didn't steal this money.

Yes, well.

Five and seven here sir you forgot the swag.


What did you say sir?


One thousand, two thousand, thank you

Good evening sir


You promised me.

It's good.

You see the most difficult,

well, is putting the paperclips.

There is two thousand in the banco

thousand three thousand one hundred thirty three

one thousand four hundred twelve

seven thousand

How you do it?


It's finish!

For the staff, thank you.

Go from nina to davidoff

I hope you like it.

Hold on

Sorry thank you

Dear friends,

as power of attorney,

I am happy to announce that in six months

we will have quadrupled our small capital.

We are going to proceed this evening to the first


I'm happy because like this

we will be able to reimburse the retirement funds.

I had it on my conscience.

As soon as we hear bullshit we know that

you're not far away.


The law of cause and effect.

Oh say so.

What a hole.


Bullshit is like taxes,

you always ends up paying.

Sit down



the toilets of the palais-royal metro station,

where I'm doing a temporary job.


the Bank of France!