C'est mieux la vie quand on est grand (2008) - full transcript

A young boy accidentally kills his alcoholic mother and is sent to live in a foster home.

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Zucchini !

Zucchini ?

If you don't call
he can't know that you love him.

Zucchini !

You bring me a can.

He's going to offer her his apartment?

But no, he is lying!

'Man, there's no more beer.

Fool, look
on the floor next to the stove.

You find ?

Where is this kid?

What are you doing ?
What is this mess?

You are indeed your father's son,
give me that now.

Give me that !

Go on !
- Ouch!

Give me that,
I won't repeat it to you.


Mom ?

Mom ?

There were blows
of fire and I came to see.

It's over there.

He's here, be careful,
he throws apples.

Leave me alone with him.

How old are you ?

Nine years.

Do you have family?

There is my mother.

You are Manu according to the neighbor.

Manu, is it Emmanuel?
Me, it's Raymond.

Call me Raymond if you want.
- OK, me, it's Zucchini.

Zucchini ?
- It's mum, she calls me Courgette.

Won't you sit down? Come.

So zucchini,
what happened ?

Who shot your mom?

Are we going to take him to the hospital?

Was she nice to you?
- Sometimes we have a good laugh.

When you're not kidding?

When I go up to the barn?

It's when I do something stupid
and that I don't want to get beaten up.

With his stiff leg,
she can't go up.

What was your last stupidity?

I do not remember.

Think about it, the last one?

when i was playing
with the gun.

We go to your place ?
- No, we're going to the police.

Mom is coming too?

No she can't come
at the gendarmerie, your mom.

She left ?

Yes, forever Zucchini.

When she comes back,
she's going to give me a big beating.

His father cannot be reached
and he has no other families.

Alright Judge.

Yes, at the social home
Three Fountains, I know.

Here, it's hot
be careful.


Lets' go.

Charlie, the door, please.

We settle there.

I spoke with the judge.

He's the gentleman on TV
who sends thieves to prison?

It is more or less that,
but you're not going to jail.

I will take you to a home.
- What's this ?

A big house where there is
children with educators.

What is an educator?
- Someone who will take care of you.

Are they hitting us educators?
- No, and they're not shouting either.

Yes ?

In the kitchen ?
The toaster ?

Flames how?

Close the doors
and take shelter, I'm coming

You don't move.

Close the door, move on.

How did you do that Victor?

Nothing, I was tasting
and that's the toaster.

Isn't that toast?
- If I swear to you !

Stop lying,
it annoys me.

I wanted
roasting marshmallows, it caught fire,

box of cornflakes
took and the curtain.

It's full
oil these things.

What are you doing here?
I told you to wait in the car.

You go out
from the kitchen, come on!

Did you set the fire?
- It's an accident.

Raymond is your father?

Did you make them?
- No, it's him.

Do you do it too?
- It's for children.

You don't touch
put it back, put it back.

Come back here.

Give me that back
You are not at your home.

What is happening ? Leave him alone.

He stole the plane.
- Nope.

- Let him go, I tell you.

Go to your room,
right away.

How are you ?

Do you like him ?

It is yours.

You want it
or you don't want it?

- Yes, I want it.

Do you ever say thank you?

Where is your wife?
- She left.

Like my mom?
- If you want, yes.

She was sick ?
- No, you stop with your questions?


Why are you looking at me like that ?
- I did not do anything.

You are special too.

- Hello, my name is Madame Desbois.

I am the director
of the Three Fountains.

Say hello please.
- Hello.

The court called.

The children's judge
will receive next Thursday.

here you go
a bunch of friends here.

I've got to go.
- I want to stay with you.

It is not possible.

You live here
now and you'll be fine.

Mom will come?
- I spoke with the director.

She will explain everything to you.

Are you coming back?

I do not think so.

Maybe when you go to the judge,
but we will see with the director.

I have to go.

Where's the TV?

In the hearth,
but it is forbidden during the week.

So when do we watch it?

Just a little bit
Saturday and Sunday.

How do we do the other days?
- We talk with friends,

we play games,

we read
and we do our homework.

There is a lot
things to do here.

Come on, it's over there.

Here we call
it's a place to live.

There are four
at the Three Fountains and you,

you will live here
with eight other comrades.

What are you doing here?
You have nothing to do here.

I was looking for my pencils.

There, you see,
it's the common room where we eat.

There we do
the kitchen and there, we have fun.

Over there are the bedrooms
and the bathroom for washing.


This is where you go to sleep,
I'll let you settle in.

See you soon.

I don't know what he's doing in class,
its results are dismal.

The teachers tell me
to keep in touch with him,

it is a difficult phase,
easy to say.

It doesn't matter
and nearly set the house on fire.

After Catherine's death, he had a hard time.
- That doesn't explain everything.

You made your liter
of whiskey a day, did you forget?

We're not going to go back there.

As soon as we say Catherine,
you don't get angry.

It is not possible.
- You stop !

An orange juice.


It's morning.


I do not have
made on purpose Rosy.

It doesn't matter, man.
- It's because I dreamed about my daddy.

I know Ahmad.

He will come
see me today?

He should get out of jail.
-Simon, shut up.

Every time he does that,
he cries and it wakes me up.

You switch places with Zucchini,
do you agree Zucchini?

Go sit.

Hissam, you can stop
to clown around, eat.

Jujube, what are you doing?
Finish your bread first.

My mother wrote to me
it was good for your health.

Do you want to see my postcard,
she comes from Peru.

This card is six months old and nothing.
- Nope.

She doesn't care about you
you did not understand.

Stop Simon.

My mom writes to me every week.
- The myth.

What is a myth?

That's enough.
- He only tells lies.

one more word
and you go to the director.

They were only missing that.
Simon, go get a mop.

You know she freaks out
when we shout, you did it on purpose.

His parents drank

banged her
and tied it to the radiator.

Go sit.

what did they do to you?

They beat you?
- I'm not talking to you.

Either they were drinking
or they are in prison.

What ?
- Where does he come from?

Here you have
at least for three years.

you have an interest in me
heal or I'll ruin your life.

First of all,
you butter my toast.

You are sick, you will see.

Both are enough.

Leave him alone.
- He's twisting my fingers.


Watch out, Egg Skull!

Ouch my hair!

It is not going good, no ?
Stop that.

Simon, go back to your place.

You're not going to lay down the law here,
otherwise you have to do with me, understand?

I did not do anything.
- Sit down.

Goal, we scored!
- No, there is a fault.

There is offside.
- Offsides are not counted.

So zucchini?
- I do not play anymore.

Come on kids.
- It's time, we put away the balloons.

Wait, take
clothes on the floor please.

Go Zucchini, to bed.

Rosy, when is she going
come see me my mother?

I don't know zucchini.

You think
She's still mad at me?

I do not think so.

If your mom doesn't come to see you,
it's that she really can't come.

Let's go then.

Raymond knows where it is,
he can take me.

We will see that tomorrow.

You have to sleep.

Until tomorrow.
- Until tomorrow.

Come in.

excuse me
to disturb you,

I'm worried
for the new one, Zucchini.

He didn't quite understand
that his mother was dead.

He asked me
when she was coming.

than him
did you answer?

Nothing, I preferred
tell you about it first.

I think nobody
didn't explain things to him.

The psychologist will take care of it.

You are right,

he must not hide
the truth any longer.

Good evening.
- Good evening.

Come in.

Zucchini, how are you?
Do you want to talk to me today?


We have plasticine,
colouring pencils.

I don't mind
look at the tasks.

Works very well.

Sit down.

I'm listening to you.

Okay, is that a heart?
- Nope.

It's a doll?
- Nope.

It's a weapon?
- Yes.

Do you think it looks like a weapon?
- No, it's nothing, it sucks.

Do not say that.

The important thing is to
tell you one thing,

to express what
you feel with words.

It can help rebuild you.
- I'm not broke.

A bit though.

Do you think of your mom sometimes?

When we watch TV

or when egg skull drinks
secret beer in the park.


That's the gun
of the killer of blonde women.

yes and he is coming
where did this gun come from?

From the news.

From TV news.

When will I go to the judge?
- Are you in a hurry to see him?

The constable told me
that he would accompany me.

Tell me, this policeman,
you like it, don't you?

He gave me a yellow airplane.

The judge will soon receive you,
maybe Raymond can take you there.

Please note, for now
you stay with us.

You live here.

Yes, but will he come?
- If he wants to, yes.

He would like,

and after,
we'll go see my mother.

Zucchini, you have to
you understand that your mom

did not survive his injury.

It means she's dead.
- It's not true, she's coming back.

No Zucchini,
she won't come back.

It's necessary
you are very brave.

She is angry,
she does this when she's angry,

but afterwards it always comes back.

You haven't forgotten tomorrow,
you monitor the inventory.

Tomorrow I can't.

I go to the judge,
I'm taking the kid, Zucchini.

who killed his mother?

Yes, I don't like it.

Why are you sticking to it?
- I do not know.

It's not up to us to do that.
- Me, I obey.

They tell me, I do.

- You're right, we're going home.

Why are they doing this?
- They're orphans.

The parents
died in an accident.

- Children who no longer have parents.

We have Rosy.
- It is not the same.

If it's the same.
- You are too stupid sometimes.

The ugly bobo.

Stop Jujube, it goes
two weeks, there is nothing.

You saw ?

It's your father ?

He will come and get me
and we'll both go to America.

Are you going to Beverly Hills?
- Yes and even further.

Are you going to flirt with her?

He's in love.
- He's in love, he's in love!

He's in love !

They discovered the fire

and from there,
Many things have changed.

They were able to make
weapons, stone carving,

make a bow
with a tree branch, a creeper.

Our ancestors
were very, very talented.

we will write that in the notebooks.

You have questions ?

sir, do you
Tarzan was a Cro-Magnon?

No. Tarzan
came much later.

Since when
didn't you go to school anymore?

Come to the board.

You know how to read,
write, count?

How many can you count?
- Three billion.

Go ahead, we're listening.

One two three four five six,
seven, eight, ten, 11, 30, 40, 60,

one million, 2 million, 3 billion.

Didn't you forget any?

We will have to review the basics
and many things.

No problem,
I learn fast.

Cro-Magnon, Cro-Magnon!

Rosy, is that my constable?
- Yes, it's your constable.

Aren't you happy to see me?
- Your uniform?

I'm taking you to the judge.

To be the driver,
I don't need a uniform, let's go.

Do you like the Trois Fontaines?
- Okay. Rosy is nice,

but we can't
never watch TV.

TV is your passion.

Do you know the killer of blonde women?
- It's in a movie, isn't it?

He cuts the woman into slices,
but no one finds it.

Why you,
don't you stop it?

It's just a story
a thriller, a series.

Yes, a serial killer.

It's not in real life.
- If I saw him.

He was cutting
the girl and it was bleeding.

I'm not telling you,
a real butcher.

Your dad, do you remember?
- No, I was too young.

He went around
of the world with a hen.

You never saw him again?

I don't understand,
hens do not travel.

Your mom, did you like her?

Yes she makes me
real mash with potatoes.

Do you often think of her?

Did she beat you?

You do not want to answer ?
- I don't want to talk anymore.

you don't want to talk to me anymore?

I do not know.
- Did you hit her sometimes?

my mother, she annoys me.

She watches TV
time and no longer extinguishes it.

I am like an invisible.
- What ?

She only speaks with the TV.

What is he waiting for
this idiot to kiss him?

She dresses
like a prostitute.

Do you watch TV too?
- Yes, I watch everything, even the games.

Sometimes when we look
a movie, mom is crying.

love scenes,
Reminds him of my stupid dad.

Next ?
- She tells me to go up to bed.

Sometimes I come down
and I find her asleep in front of the TV

with its cans
empty on the ground.

If I switch off, it wakes her up
and I take a slap.

So I leave it on
and I go back to bed.

We will note
all in the report.

There will be an investigation

but you will have to
stay at Trois Fontaines.

Mom will wonder
why am I not coming back?

You understood
what did the psychologist say?

Mrs Colette,
she makes me play with ink stains.

She told you that
was your mom dead?

I thought she was doing
pretending and just sleeping.

It's true Raymond
is she really dead?

I'll talk to his psychologist
for her to work there.

He must realize that he will never see again
no longer his mother once and for all.

Zucchini, calm down.

Go ahead, it's late.

In my opinion, they are already at the table.
- I'm not hungry.

Go down Zucchini.
- I don't want you to leave.

I have my job
and I have my son too.

It is not possible.

Look, there's Rosy waiting.
- Zucchini, at the table.

Zucchini, are you eating?
- I'm not hungry.

You won't leave
not the front table.

You have not
still haven't eaten.

You are a mule head.

You fell badly with
me because me too.

I told you
what you are going to eat, come on.

I'm not hungry.

The director asks you.
- I'm coming.

you lose nothing
to wait, eat and I'll be back.

I'll take care of it.

You had a hard day,
come on, let's go to bed.

You are cold ?
Why do you have this jacket?

If I don't clean
as she wants, I do not eat.

She gives me bread
stale with sticky pasta.

Sometimes disgusting meat.

It's your mother ?
- It's his aunt.

She wants to fit me
and become my tutor.

She does this for the money.

That's the only thing that interests him,
I don't want to go back to her.

She, she wants to take me back.

It's not nice.
- She has no right.

Children, you come,
we organize a game.

Hurry up.

You wanted to talk to me ?
Come back later.

I have an appointment.

Could you call Raymond?
- The gendarme ?

I told you
that is not possible.

This policeman has his own life,
his work, his wife and his children.

Raymond, he no longer has
wife, just her son.

You only saw him once.
- No, two.

What does it change ?

Why would he want to?

Raymond, I like him.

So ?

So with Victor,
he doesn't laugh much.

Zucchini, I'm going to ask Madame
Colette to come see you, okay?

Go take
your snack now.

Rosy, I lost my subscription.
- Search well.

I swear to you, he's not there.
- You must have left it in your room.

I left it in Raymond's car.
- What is this big lie?

Do you want us to
phone to ask?

When we went to the judge,
it was after the pool.

The subscription,
I put it there.

I'll manage.

Rosy? Rosy?
- Yes.

You don't sleep yourself.
- Did you call him?


Sit down.

tell me zucchini
this subscription story,

did you invent it?

I phoned Raymond.
- It's true ?

He searched everywhere.
- He didn't find it.

What did he say ?
He talked about me?

Do you like your policeman?
- I don't care about him.

He didn't say he was coming?
- Nope. Want a story?

I am no longer a baby.

Go to sleep then.
- I'm not sleepy.

You count the sheep.
- There are no sheep in the room.

You are still there.

Go to bed,
See you tomorrow.

Hello, you are well
at Raymond Dutilleul.

A little message after the sound signal
and I will call you back very soon. Thanks.

Yes !

Hello, you are well
at Raymond Dutilleul.

A little message
after the beep and I'll call you back--

A little message after the sound signal
and I'll call you back very soon Thank you.

Hello, it's Zucchini.

Thank you for the yellow plane,
I find it great.

It reminds me of you.

When will you come to see me?

Have you seen Beatrice?

We had to
go to the park.

If you see her, tell her.

You have a message.
- Hello, it's Zucchini.

Thank you for the yellow plane,
it makes me think of you.

When will you come to see me?

How are you ? You ate ?
- Is that the kid from the other day?

He may have had my number
and he is not even ten years old.

Do you find that funny?
- He's clingy, but he's nice.

Madeleine prepared something?
- There are dumplings in the fridge.

What does this idiot want from you?
- Stop Victor.

This kid sucks.

You won't be jealous
he has just lost his mother.

He is not the only one.

She is nice in front of the judge,

but in truth she does not say
only wickedness.

It's the money
investment that interests him.

Camille, what
you say can have consequences.

I do not want
go live with her.

She is still in shock.

She takes her aggression on me,
we can understand it.

Poor little girl,
with such a mother.

You didn't get along
not with your sister?

We didn't have
the same view of life.

speak clearly,
if you have things to say, say them.

She had a lot
charm and she used it.

I don't know if we understand
the same thing.

What you
imply is serious.

I understand myself
and that's the main thing.

Come, the judge is here and Camille
doesn't want to go back to her aunt.

You can go play Camille,
it'll get better.

I do not want to go
and I won't be going back.

He believes everything
what she says.

Come on, get over there.

Get away !

Stop bothering the little ones
every night, the same thing.

Yes, I'm sorry.
No, it won't happen again.

Thanks see you soon.

I was wondering
where was my cell phone.

Did you lose it?
- It was Raymond.

He is fine ?

You don't call people
that you know neither of Eve nor of Adam.

First, it's called
Raymond and I know him very well.

We go to
headmistress and you will be punished.

You choose
the dishes or the yard.

Sometimes it seems
everything is going slow.

What are you thinking about ?

To all the children who
are with their mom and dad.

We are all alone.

Camille, I would like
marry you.

We are too small.
- When we grow up then.

life is better
when you're older?

I am not sure.

Wash yourself better if you want to please him.
- Whose ?

We spotted
your little carousel around Camille.

I do not want
go with him, let go of me!

I do not know him,
I don't want to go with him.

Ahmad, calm down.
- No, go away, you're not even my father.

It's weird,
he said he adored his father.

He's not my dad.

Dad, he has a
beard and full of hair.

He is shaved because of the prison.

He says he will
to find a job,

he's coming to get me
and that we will live together.

Me I do not
don't want to leave here.

I never heard that.
- You're the fool.

You're always all alone
no one comes to see you.

You are ugly,
you are the fool.

I am an idiot
you will see this.

Fire me that.

I am an idiot.
- Let go of me.

- Stop Simon.
- I'm the idiot, it's me.

Put your head forward.
Forward, I say to you, here and support.

How he is
aware of all Simon?

I do not know,
he must eavesdrop.

Why is he here?

Where are his parents?
- They are dead.

There, it bleeds more.

Why are they dead?
Because of drugs.

people take
drugs for a better life.

Sometimes they take it
so much that they die.

death is a better life.

Zucchini, what is it?
What is happening ?

You're hurting or ?

Where ?

Go up to your rooms.

tell me where it hurts?

Jujube, go get Rosy, quickly.

It must be appendicitis,
I'll call.

Look at me, calm down.

He is hurt.


I called,
they'll be here in ten minutes.

Those are the
policemen to be called.

You can cancel the ambulance.
- The cops go faster.

you are going to bed
quickly and you too Jujube.

Come on !

station aggression
Snowy service

at the crossroads of the street
Amédée and avenue Félix-Faure.

Attention, the individual is armed.

Welcome, here we go.

I have this little idiot.

Who are you ?
- Sir is a customer.

I arrived on time.

Be careful, he is armed.

Leave it, we'll take care of it.

Come on, come on, come on.

Raymond, no! You're welcome.

You don't have to blame him.

Go, go away.

What's the matter ?
- No, but nothing.

Did you release him?
- Is it normal for him to hit him?

I'm tired of your tantrums.
- He's the one to lock up.

Before it was different.

Before what?
- In Catherine's time.

Stop talking to me about Catherine.

You stop !

You have to take care of yourself.

One two Three Sun,
Watch out Beatrice.

Not moving,
you are under arrest.

Raise your hands.

If I don't want to?
- I will be ruthless.

yes you will kill me
how did you kill your mother?

It's not true.
- You didn't kill your mother?

It's not even true,
you are just a liar.

You pulled the trigger,

you will go
in jail with handcuffs.

You do not have
both finished?

Get up,
you got hurt ? How are you ?

it is not going good, no ?

She was a seamstress
and worked from home.

A bunch of people
came knocking at our door

with a sewing button
or a trouser hem.

Because my mom
had nimble fingers.

Your father ?

Precisely, he did not like
not too all these visits.

Above all
men were coming.

One day,
he got fed up and he killed her.

What ?
Your father killed your mother?


What's wrong?
- No, it's fine.

You are quite pale.
- I'm telling you it's okay.

Do you want us to go home?

Me too,
I killed my mother.

He is right Simon,
I killed her.

I killed my mother
with my father's gun.

Everything is my fault.

They will investigate
and I'm going to jail.

you are too small
to go to jail.

They will wait
that I am big.

I would have deserved it.

I pulled the trigger.
- Stop Zucchini, stop!

Mr Dutilleul,

here Mrs. Desbois
of the foyer of the Three Fountains.

I'm not bothering you ?
- I'm listening to you.

I call you
about zucchini.

What is he
still happens to him?

For three days,
he is not feeling right.

He doesn't speak anymore
and he barely eats.

He refuses to play
with his comrades.

He spends his days in the infirmary
and we are all very worried.

It happened
something ?

We don't know and
to the psychologist, it means nothing.

Why are you calling me?
- We had an idea.

We would like to do something
to help and we thought of you.

You are sure
what is the job of a policeman?

I you
ask that privately.

You help me ?
There is no one in the lingerie.

The director, myself and Madame Colette,
we had a meeting.

We talked about you
and your appendicitis crisis, finally…

you have us
is scared to death.

Madame Colette thought
that might be a good idea

to see your house again.

You might think
to your life before, to your mom?

Too bad, we said to ourselves
only to take you there,

we could have
ask Raymond.

you would like to go there
if it was Raymond?

For that, you need
find your tongue.

Are you happy to come back here?

Even to me
you do not want to talk anymore.

I want to cry.
- You got your tongue back.

That's where I found her
with the remote control and its cans,

coming back from school.

She always said that we would go and see
the sea, but we have never been there.

We never did anything.

These are memories.

You can take things.
- She didn't want us to touch it.

Simon is right.
- What did he tell you ?

that I supported
on the trigger.

I have to go to jail,
everything is my fault.

No way,
you didn't do it on purpose.

If I hadn't played with the gun,
it wouldn't have happened.

I am a policeman
and I know my job.

It's an accident.

Did you know it was loaded?

So you see
that you didn't want to kill her.

It's not your fault.
- Are you sure ?

Do you remember ?
Did you go up there?

It's there that
I saw you the first time.

It was weird to me,

with the shadows on the wall,
I thought you were a giant.

Are you going to go up and see?

I'm hungry, aren't you?

If you want,
you can come and have a snack at home.

What do you have ?
- Victor doesn't like me.

Victor, but not at all.

In any event,
he is at school.

- You do not work ?

Did you skip class?
- The teacher is sick.

Just the day of the control!

Victor, if you slip away
at each math test,

we're not going to get out of this.
- She knows everyone.

- Hi.

He will taste with us.

Where can't you find it?

Geometry, trig?
- Algebra, I don't understand anything.

OK, we'll see that on Saturday.
- No, Saturday, I'm going to Alex's.

You cancel.
- It's been planned for weeks.

You will go another time.
- You can't do this to me.

You do it on purpose ?
- Do you prefer the boarding house?

Yes hello ?
What bill?

Oh yes,
sorry, she's here.

It's your mother ?
How did she die?

What can it do to you?
- She was killed?

- Murdered like on TV?


My dad never talks about it.
- Why ?

They had
an accident and he was driving.

So ?
- Then nothing.

Why doesn't he want to talk?
- I do not know.

You are getting on my nerves
with your questions.

My collection,
you're crazy, don't touch that.

I'm not going to damage it.
- It's expensive.

You've gone too far
you will pay for that.

I can't
leave you alone.

It ruins my comics.
- You could make an effort.

It was he who hit me.
- How old are you Victor?

It's true,
is it you who typed?

You must learn
to use the words rather than typing.

You agree ?
- Alright Raymond.

you don't want your snack?

I'm not hungry.
- I'll leave it for you on the shelf.

I bring the kid back
and I take my service.

You hear me ?

I'm not
deaf and I work.

If you work,
I leave you.

It's my fault.
- No, it has nothing to do with it.

Viktor and me
we never get to talk to each other.

I will take you back.

We are in no hurry,
we can't go back until tomorrow.

You don't lose the North.

Why don't you have a gun?
- If I have one, it's put away.

I don't like guns.

What's this ?
- An old mini-cassette, a megaphone.

Are you interested ?
- I'm not sure it still works.

You have to press
both keys at the same time.

There it works
it's recording, go ahead and talk.

I am
the master of the samurai.

Me, I am the policeman
of interstellar space.

I am
the master of the samurai.

Me, I am the policeman
of interstellar space.

If I hadn't fired the revolver,
I wouldn't be here with you.

I wouldn't have my friends,
Camille, Simon and Ahmed.

What are you talking about ?
- With mom, I was always alone.

I had no one
to talk and to play.

Now it's better.

You can't say that Zucchini.
- Whether.

You are an optimist.
- What is an optimist?

When we see
the bright side of life.

Come on, come on.

He couldn't find a job

and he left
in Tunisia last week.

He didn't come looking for you?
- I'd rather stay here with you.

There's mashed potatoes today.

He's your father after all.
- I do not know him.

You will go see it
when you are older.

Let me go, let me go!

Children, stay here.

Let me go, let me go!

He got caught
rummaging through the director's papers,

he was reading
educators' notes.

That's why he knew everything.
- He's fired.

You don't
don't look at the table.

I don't want him to go.
- Do you like her Simon now?

Yes, he was annoying,
but it was a bit like a big brother.

you imagine yourself
are you going to live with him?

Why not ?

People want
adopt babies well,

we are too old.

Madame Colette says that
people can become your godfather.

What's this
this nonsense again?

it's someone who takes care of you.

It must have mortality.

of morality,
no mortality, you idiot.

There is no one who wants us.
- What are you going to do?

We go to another home.

I know a lot of people there,
it's going to be cool.

I won't stay there and I'm not going
not spend my life in hostels.

You are not allowed to smoke.
- You're not going to do it too.

- Ciao.

- Hi.


It does this to me
when one is leaving.

I am there.

You don't dream
than to leave with your policeman.

I understood well.

You want
iron your shirt?

Wait Monday,
it's my ironing day.

I'm going to put it on this Sunday.
- You leave ?

I'm going to Raymond.

I will see the sea,
I have never seen the sea.

Are you sure you understood correctly?
- We get along too well.

He will take me with him.

you have too much
want to leave my Courgette.

he will not come.

He does not have
Ask permission before.

There is nothing
to do permissions.

Stop, you have to ask the judge first.
- Nonsense.

Stop with the swear words.
- Nothing to do.

I want to see the sea

and I don't want
stay here all my life.


Stop zucchini!
Stopped. Frank!

It is not going good, no ?
What's the matter with you ?

It's yours ?
It's not up to you to do that.

Come with me.

What are you doing
outside at this time?

Come on, get on.

No, just now.

Wake up, wake up.

What happened ?
- She's the right woman.

She dropped me here
and they prevented me from leaving.

Why did you run away in the middle of the night?
- What bothers you?

First you don't talk to me
not like that, understand?

Come on, come on.

Where were you going like that?

In Beverly Hills.
- You don't even know where it is.

I do not care.

You believe you can
leave without telling anyone?

You ran away.
- I do not care.

You don't have any
nothing to do with me

and even if I die.

Calms you.

Alone at night on the roads,
it's dangerous.

You understand ?
I was worried, me.

It's with you that I want to live,
in your house.

I already have Victor and I can't get by,
I am not a good father.

I see him
that I don't know how to do.

I'm on the verge
to put it in pension.

It's not
to take another

then stop
to ask me that.

OK ?

- Thanks.

The headmistress is going to kill me.

She's going to me
send back like Simon.


I'm going to have a chore.

What kind ?

Sweep the yard
every day for a month.

It's the prison.

You want some ?

In all cases,

it's not the runaways
who will fix things.

The judge decided that
you had to live in a hostel.

you must obey
what the judge says.

You understand ?

Let's go.

Can I go up front?
- Yes.

your belt,
never forget it.

I have never been to see the sea.
- It's a shame, it's beautiful and big.

Will you take me one day?
- We'll see.

We will see
what the manager says.

You go to study
while I speak with the gendarme.

You will be punished
of a chore while waiting for more.


We won't get out of this.

This kid needs
another kind of monitoring.

What are you planning to do ?
- The Three Fountains does not suit him.

Yes, the denial of authority,
he is a child who refuses to obey.

It's not that he refuses,
is that he never learned.

zucchini threatens
the balance of the whole household.

It gives bad
ideas to his classmates.

Madame Desbois asked
up to the judge to find a solution

and consider
another establishment.

The longer we wait,
the more it will become impossible.

In eight days,
he's not here anymore,

administrative decision.

Say zucchini,
do you have a present for Beatrice?

A gift ?
- It's almost his birthday.

You have something ?
- Do you think he'll like it?

Don't eat them before the party.

I will not be able to come,
I am punished.

Wednesday I go to court.
- The day of the party?

I will know if I go back
at my aunt's or if I stay here.

The tribunal,
must be too classy.

The manager told me
that she will accompany me.

That's a shame,
i can't come with you

to defend yourself.

Beatrice, Beatrice!

I have never
had so many gifts.

Start with this one.
- Don't piss off.

Stop saying bad words.
- I didn't do anything.

Take this one.

From Jujube.

I'm staying !
- Yes !

I will not go
at my aunt's.

They did a survey
on it and I stay here with you.

I'm staying !

Doesn't that make you happy?
The judge said I stay here.

do you like it
you to stay here?

I'm fed up, I want to leave,
I want you to come with me.

It's just a prison here,
you did not understand ?

If we stay together?

Raymond had said
that we would go to see the sea.

He didn't care,
it was just to talk.

Me, I believed it,
I'm terrible.

He won't come back.

I don't matter to you?

Mister the judge.

You are the policeman.

Yes hello,
I would like to talk to you about Zucchini,

finally Emmanuel Larcher.

I thought about it
and I find it unfortunate

that he leaves the Three Fountains.

I can maybe...

I have a son and they get along
both very well.

Maybe on a Sunday
from time to time…

The sea is very big.

At least the swimming pool,
we see the side.

Damn !
- How did you manage?

Are you stupid or what?
- I'm sorry, I didn't do it on purpose.

Let me do.

We calm down here.

You didn't see what he did.
- You can make an effort.

Are you making an effort?

come see, I have a crab.

He is huge.

Here, put it in the bucket.

Come on, let's get some water.

He's very beautiful.

Is an ice cream
would make someone happy?

We are going to go there.

What are you doing ?
- I'm leaving, can't you see it?

Let go of me.

And Raymond?
- I leave it to you, are you happy?

The kids who were there
you don't know where they went?

Stop following me.

What do you want ?
Why are you following me?

We have to go back to the cafe,
Raymond will pick us up.

Leave me alone.

Go away,
you will end up getting lost.

Go, go away!

I warned you,
this kid is a pain.

You have to phone Raymond.
- Leave me alone.

leave us alone.

Leave us alone!

Leave it!

You, the farm
or I'll pierce your skin.


Let's go.

Zucchini is not bad,
just a little weird, that's all.

He still killed his mother.
- It was an accident.

These accidents
do not happen by chance.


Without you, I passed.

you speak, it is
the road that scared them.

You are brave for a kid.

Victor, your father,
why don't you like it?

Who told you that I didn't love her?
- I think it's great.

I had noticed it.

Edouard Toulouse Hospital,
04 91 46 29 89.

What happened ?
We've been looking for you for four hours.

I'll take you
and you run away from me again?

Victor had no
never run away before you.

Never, do you hear?

You are hurt more,
you fought, show.

Call Croteil.
- Yes.

You say nothing,
otherwise I go to the boarding house.

Me then?
- For you, it doesn't change anything.

Hold this for me.

Why did you leave ?

Put that on your nose.

I don't understand you anymore
you were good with us.

Say something.
- Who steals an egg, steals an ox.

It's you ?
We doubt it.

It's you
what was all up to it?


You will sleep there
and tomorrow morning, I'll bring you back.

It was just a few drinks,
but sometimes that's enough to...

I have not seen
the car in front.

I managed to avoid the frontal impact,
but we rolled over.

It never ended.

Don't you remember anything?

Then I found myself
lying in a field.

The car was returned
on the roof in the middle of the road.

I gone ahead.

You were
both stuck.

Catherine shouted:
"Help Victor, get Victor out!"

I couldn't
not to cut your belt.

It lasted, lasted.

After I have you
deposited on the embankment.

When I returned
to help Catherine,

I saw
the oncoming truck.

He honked like crazy.

There was nothing left.

Just a crushed carcass.

I felt so guilty,
I wanted everyone.

Especially to me.

You wanted me too?
- No why ?

I thought.

Zucchini, it's time.

We have to go there.

Where is he ?
- Who ?

The kid.
- I do not know.

He escaped,
it's a nightmare.


Croteil is Raymond,
give me Dugommier.

Dad, wait.

You don't have to blame him.

It's my fault.
- That's to say ?

Yesterday, the runaway,
it was I who wanted to leave.

Zucchini got scared
for me so he followed me.

It's my fault.

Do you want me?
- It's good that you told me.

There, you have to find it.

Come on, try not to
being late for high school.

It's dangerous
to play with a weapon.

Hands up,
raise your hands, you have to.

It's not a game.

I want to go very far
and I will do what I want.

I know about the runaway,
Victor told me everything.

I know it wasn't you
you should have told me that.

When I speak,
nobody believes me.

Me, I believe you.

Every time I believe you
give me the gun.

We are going to get hurt.

In any event,
one day i will go to jail.

So now or later...

Why are you going to jail?

It's your boyfriend who said it,
when you steal an ox, you break an egg.

It's not true.

brave like you
we can get out of it.

Me, I trust you
and you too, you must believe it.

You don't need me anymore
you are no longer angry with Victor.

It's thanks to you.

With you,
I learned a lot of things.

What ?
- To laugh first.

What now ?
- To be less severe,

to enjoy like you
and also to be less afraid.

Tomorrow, I will go to see the judge.
- To do what ?

Ask if
you can come more often.

I spoke to Victor about it,
you have to agree.

You agree ?

Camille will be able to come sometimes?

We'll see.