C'est la vie! (2017) - full transcript

A hectic wedding party held in an 17th century French palace comes together with the help of the behind-the-scenes staff.

And if we omit the appetizer?
We also do a cocktail beforehand.

Maybe we can directly
to the main course.

We are already in the highest price range.
- No, that is not the case.

You are in the standard price category.

But we can do something
to invent the appetizer.

Then we make it lighter.

Cheaper, so?
- Lighter.

And then about the photographer.

If we have the white border around the photos
omission, does the price drop?

Remove the white border?
- Yes.

I'll check it out.
I'm not sure if it is possible.

Excuse me.

Yes, Adele?

Keep it short because I am
with difficult customers.

Are you already unloading?
Why is the tableware not there?

Where is Nabil?
- Talk to him.

I'll leave it to you. See you soon.

- We have to talk about the flowers.

Maybe they make orchids
the whole a little too expensive.

I have dropped in price a few times.
I want to look at it again.

That would be nice, honestly. - I thought so.

I often tell my clients
that they have a wonderful place.

Heart of Paris, a luxury hotel.
With 200 guests.

It is something big.
A wedding, not a fair.

Then you want a certain level.
And there is a price tag.

I can not keep dropping.

We do not know if you are really with us
looking for solutions.

Is that right? Yet I was still there
to assist you.

We do not find you so resourceful.

Yes that's right. You are not so resourceful.

Resourceful? I understand.

I suddenly shoot
something resourceful.

We leave the appetizer.

- That is a good idea.

But then we do too
no main course.

And now I become resourceful.

Ask people for Tupperware containers
to bring along.

Grated carrots, boiled eggs.
A salad from home.

Ask someone to bring beer and one
another lemonade, for a Panaché.

- Wait a second.

I also know something for the decoration.

My niece makes garlands of orange-green crepe paper.

We put that on the table
or we stick to the chairs.

You take it very cynically.

Sorry, I'm not there yet. For dessert:

We can do without the petit fours.
Forget about them.

Instead: fruit compote.
Apple-pear, apple-strawberry, apple-banana.

Served in cups with ...
What are the names of those little ...

Cats Tongues.
- Yes that one.

And then unlimited.
Is not that resourceful?

I may have more ideas.
Then you come in the lowest price range.

Lower can not.

Well, we'll think about it.

Sorry, I let me go a bit.
- You shall hear from us.

I will make a new quotation.
Also about those white edges.

- Bye.

It can not be otherwise.

I had to leave the truck
and wait until Seb is there.

I have already told Adele this.
Talk to each other.

Grégoire, I have received your message
about the takeover. Valérie Laprade.

She can come tonight.

And my wife really signs.
Our relationship has just cooled down.

Nicole, with me.
A few things that you need to know.

I just spoke to Grégoire.
The acquisition is almost complete.

A lady comes by to watch.
I am there.

Nabil, who has agent
my driving license withheld.

Seb picks up the truck.

I pick up my brother-in-law
and then I see you there.

Then get in too.

What is this for car?
- My driver's license has been withheld.

I have been waiting for an hour.

Are you in your pajamas?
Now you make it fur.

Do you no longer dress for your work?

It is not pajamas, but one
intermediate pants. For home, but also ...

This is a pajama.

Good gracious.
- Do not adjust.

Do you want a wedding without music?

We have to unload three trucks.
And 15 chests of champagne. That makes sense.

You do not know what makes sense.
With your wrong bomber jacket.

Better than that ugly outfit of yours.

What is it?
- Someone has to teach her a lesson.

Bring it on.
- Quiet, Adele.

Teach me a lesson!

She is always looking for me.
They have occupied the elevator for three hours.
And we? Do they sometimes have priority?

We lift a break on the stairs.
Here, look.

Should I start crying now? Stop it.
- You do not understand, pancake.

Am I a pancake?
- Stop now.

I am not a pancake.
- Nobody is a pancake here.

Organize and get started.

- Frankie, hold the goods elevator.


Go and cry with your mom.
- Leave her out. Turn it on, dick.

I can not tolerate this behavior, Adele.
Not really.

How often do I have to say that?

You argue with everyone.

And you're kaffling everyone.
You understand that?

There is always something with his band.

They pretend to be big stars.

They do weddings, just like us.
We are not their slaves. I do not pull that.

They really show no respect,
no decency.

Stop with your respect and decency.

DJ Fab would actually come.

He is ill.
James replaces him.

He is a bit strange.

What do we do then? We... - Fit us.

We remain calm and adapt.

You give the wrong example.

You represent me
if I'm not there.

You wanted more autonomy.
You also wanted to do it alone.

Do you think I can see that
with everything that you stand out?

"Turn it on, dick."
Is that how you represent me?

Do you listen?
- Yes Yes.

If you want to go higher, you have to change.
- He is right. You are too rude.

Shave your way, you.

Much better. A big improvement.
You are really on the right track.

There is nothing like analog.

The sharpness, the grain, the depth.

Digital is faster, but has disadvantages.

Are you there tonight?
- No, I want to buy the castle.

Witty, you know. Do not you think?
We have to continue.

This is Bastien, my trainee.

He walks with me for a week
to learn the trade.

They are the waiters.
- Maîtres d'hôtel.

Seb and Henri.
- Hey.

He is annoying.
- Now I remember.

You must be friendly in this field.
That's why people are allowed me.

If you greet someone, then call his name.

That always works well.

Three at the bar, four outside.
- Seb does the bar.

Mustache could not be today.
- Then Henri and Nico do the dining room.

Roshan and do the extra power
the dishes. And where is Patrice?

I do not know if he is there.

He always says what you already know.

We make the signs,
so I put Julien at Patrice.

And Mirko is missing.
I never know with him.

Is he there?
- Yes.

He's gone again.
Adele sent him home.

Nabil, call Adele.

What did you think?
I scream in his ear?

My heaven, say.

Everything good?

Yes of course.

You do not believe that.

These are the dishwashers.
Very sympathetic. I introduce you.

This is Roshan.

Hello, Roshan.

And what's your name again?
- Kathirkamanathan Pillai.

Then you only say 'hello'.
- Hello, Kathirkamanathan Pillai.

We're going to get ready.

You're doing well,
but it seems like you say 'mallo'.

No, I say mallo.

Say 'savory'.
- Martig.

The photographer is a friend of the boss. He is a bit strange.

And the other one
with that feather duster on his head?

Maybe his son.

Did you send Mirko home?
- Yes.

You texted: "Dismiss Mirko."

I know very well what I sent:
"Go for Mirko."

I sent him home,
because there was 'Ontsla Mirko'. Watch.

Why did he make that?
I did not mean that at all.

It said: Dismantle Mirko.

Yes, I know that now.
He keeps changing my words.

We often do not understand your text messages.

Last you sent:
"Thank you for the massage."

That is that stupid autocorrection.
And I can not find the punctuation.

Always those idiotic, yellow circles
with their tongue out and their sunglasses.

- That, yes.

Mirko is worthless.
He never takes up and is always too late.

Now I have a waiter too short.
- I thought so too.

But I took the initiative.
Acted autonomously.

I called a replacement.
- Very well.

I want to see him first.
- Okay, but he wants to be on the payroll.
Just kidding. That face, unaffordable.

Very comical.
- That face he drew, Josiane.

She swallows me ...


What is it?
We would see each other yesterday?

I did not want to.
I do not feel like it anymore.

You are joking.
- Do I look like this?

What is wrong?
- I've already said it a hundred times.

I'm fed up with it. I want to be free again.

You know what I feel for you.
I'm trying.

You do nothing. You do completely
not your best. Go for it or not.

I am looking for the right moment
to talk to her.

It's easy for you. The one day
with her, the other with me. And I?

Sign up if you've spoken to her.

Send a text message.
You're so good at that?

So everything is ready.
Tables, linen, buffet.

And what do you think when the party starts?

Blow up.
- I'm about to say something.

What do we see?

Whose birthday was it?
- No idea.

To a dog.
- Do you mean 'from a dog'?

You celebrate a dog's birthday. 'To a dog' does not speak linguistically.

Do you understand?
- So there we were ...

Oh no. A fancy party?
- With wigs and everything. Really shit.

Max can put the pot on, I do not wear a wig.
- Calm.

If he is there, I will talk to him.

Do that, because this is ...

Henri, we trust you.
You really have to talk to him, okay?

I really have a great trick.

It is not a bird, but a family of it.
A kind of cousin. Three two one...

An owl chick.

How are you, boys?

Why are you always too late?
- My service was done.

The road was blocked on the way
by striking farmers.

Delay on the A15 at Franconville,
direction Montigny. At junction ...

And so you give us a moment
a traffic update?

Max, Nico wants to say something.

Yes, Nico?
- No, it was Henri.

I listen, Henri, but quickly.
Hi, Max.

It's only about ...
We were thinking ...

We did not meet.
- But talk.

And we agree ...

It's about the way
on which we become a bit ...
Then, Henri.
- Yes Yes. With respect to...

it all goes very well.

Yes, of course. But?

So nothing?
- No nothing.

Now remember what you want to say,
that is more convenient.

We walk behind at the mise-en-place.
To work.

I'll hear from you.

You said that right.
He really understood it.

This was not the time. I know Max.
I'll say it at a better time.

Watch your reps.
- You can always put my back on, you.

Follow the wall. Do not you see the water?
- Yes, I see water everywhere.

I'm already there.

I told you to shave.
Good, you said.

I had to go to my uncle
to borrow a device.

I've got everything. Even a suit.
- Damn, Samy.

I sent someone away for you.
Then do your best.

This is pretty poor.
- I'm here anyway.

Explain what I have to do
and what it pays.

It will be something extra.

Thank you.
- No, stupid.

That means you are an extra help.

I thought... - I will explain.

If you do it right, you will come
maybe in the fixed brigade.

Which brigade?

I still had one question: what does it pay?
- You work voluntarily during the first six months.

That cup of yours. One hundred euros per night.
- That's not wrong.

Are you going to shave somewhere. Hurry up.
- Thank you, Adele.

One more time with me, Nicole.

Please call me. It is important.

Maximum consultation time reached.

We have a big problem.
- Tell.

The layout.
The table names are completely wrong.

Do you call that a big problem?
- Yes.

They are works by Romain Gary
or Emile Ajar ...

and then suddenly
Le Voyageur Imprudent.

That's not from Romain Gary,
but from Barjavel.

What does that matter, Julien?
Gary, Ajar, Barjavel, three writers.

No, because Ajar and Gary are the same.
- I know, I'm not retarded.

Good. But that has to be different.

Here you come in.
- That's the children's table.

A detail. Nobody cares.
- Me. Sorry.
It is simply not coherent.

Then make it coherent, if it is you
so bothered and then continue again.

That is my proposal.

Are you in for it?
- Yes.

I think we really do
solved a big problem.


Because the Ajar is ...

That's why I...
- It's getting better.

Every wedding is different.
So each location is different.

That's why you have to find the right position.

And of course that does not happen automatically.
That requires experience. A nose.

Is it you who is spreading such an odor?

It smells like caramel.
- No, pomme d'amour.

Say hello to Max.
- Hello, Max.

Just look around
and then come back.

He is doing an internship with me.
- Suitable for you. He is comical.

I have to lose something, Max.
I am currently in a tight position.

- Yes.

So if you have some work for me.

And tonight?
- Yes. You are the only one who hires me.

Exactly. But I will not always be there.
- Why do you say that?

How is your mother?
- Bad.
Did you know she now lives with me?
- No.

She can not walk anymore.
- Shit.

Do you know what she said last?
"Who is Max?"

Her memory leaves her.
- That too.

How old is she now?
- 96.

She has had a nice life.
- How so?

Do you think she should die?
- Not at all.

I do not have the whole day, Guy.

This is not a station hall. Take the stairs.

It takes time.
- That is not my problem.

Tell Bernard, how about that
with that strawberry pie?

Is it on the menu?
- Which strawberry cake?

Stop it. Birthdays,
blowing out candles, that's nothing for me.

Loving you, but no.

Oh no. That is a student
from me who practices.

I did not know at all that your birthday was.

No kiss. Why do you do that?
Now everybody thinks: why do they kiss?

Excuse me. I did not know. Congrats.
- Do not say that now.

What's with your face?
- This is what a waiter looks like.

Come now. Hurry up.
- That's what they look like in the steakhouse.
And your shirt is wrinkled.
- Stop it.

What is he going to ask me?
- Nothing. Just a few questions.

I said you had experience.
If you do not know, you just make up something.

Quiet, there he is.
- I did not say anything.

I can not have more staff
take. Find a trainee.

This is Samy. He replaces Mirko.

Mr. Angeli, or Max.

Adele said you had experience.
- Yes, quick-fast.

How do you mean?
- Fast.

Fast food, you mean?
- Yes, exactly.

At which house?

I have worked more in restaurants
then in houses.

Can you get a tongue or a catfish
to clean?

A sea wolf?

Or a turbot?
- I'm quite technically engineered.

We'll serve meat tonight.
- Tell Patrice to accompany him.

Get those sideburns off.
And you should not sleep in your shirt.

I already said that. I said that.

Josiane says that the customer
there is five minutes.

Roshan, come with me.

Do not you know anything?
Turbot is a fish.

I see. I did not understand it.
Like tongue and catfish. That is fish.

Sea wolf is fish?

I'm going to the customer.
Come to me in five minutes.

What should I say?
- Make up something. An excuse.

Every time you see me with him,
you must disturb us.

Otherwise I will not come out.
He's a bit ...

In five minutes.

Hello, Pierre. Congratulations.
- Unbelievable.

Right today they are hard to do.

What time is it?
- Five o'clock, everything is under control.

For a moment. I'm on the phone.

Keep me informed, we'll call.


My in-laws are stuck
because of the farmers.

Oh yes, that is on the A15. Near Herblay,
but at the node it dissolves again.

Did I ask for a traffic update?

Is this the floral decoration?
- Yes.

I did not expect this.

- I saw something else for me.

I did exactly that
what you said in your letter.

A letter?
- Yes, about the importance of the timing.

That was an e-mail.

No, yes, electronic mail.
- That is not a letter.
Anyway. My speech is a little longer
become so, take that into account.

Is that your speech?
Are not your memoirs?

So we have to adjust the schedule.
- Yes, that will be fine.

I'll let you know the band
and then we adjust it.

It will then become rather tight.
Because you hammered on that in ...

Your letter.

Electronic mail.

But you do not listen at all.

I'm glad you're working tonight.
You are so nice.

What is that? Is that Fab?
- Yes.

Or actually not.
Something small has changed.

This is James.

Fab could not, so James will

Are you serious? You had recommended Fab.

I have chosen for myself
the Fab Live Band DJ Plus Four.

This is the same formula.
The same genre, they work together.

This is the James Five Star Blend Four.

I do not hear anything damned.

He scares me.

I wanted it to be understated, chic and elegant.
- That's it.

James is very modest.

Do you know how long I have prepared this?
I do not want Patrick Sébastien tonight.
No silly fuss.
And no napkins in the air.

That is not at all what he ...

This is very annoying.
Why did not I know this?

Mr. Max?
- I'm busy, do not you see that?

I can not think of anything.
- Excuse me, you know.

It took an hour.
Five minutes, I said. Where were you?

I have looked for an excuse everywhere.

Quietly, James. Brul not so.

I'm not roaring, I'm warming up my voice.
- Soon you'll lose it completely.

I do not know if you know, but the customer
want it understated, chic and pleasant.

- Yes.

Excuse me.


That is a long time ago.
- Is that right? Two years.

In March.
March 17 two years ago.

Are you...
You are not a Pierre family, are you?

Anyway. A little.
- Bizarre.

You suddenly disappeared.
From one day to the next.

That was just after the school trip to ...
- Edinburgh.

I remember contacting me
with you.

With me?
- Yes.

There were so many rumors around.
Do you still know Blasco, that math teacher?

She said she had come across you
in a shopping mall, in pajama pants.

I in pajama pants? Not really.
The people invent everything.

No I was not.
I changed school.

So I was not.


- Yes.

Can you help with the letter?

Wait for me there. At the door.

He's from Pakistan ...

There you are. Are not you yet
dressed for the photos? Hey.

Hey. Julien, family of Pierre.

What kind of mess is this?

Are you shooting, honey?


She searched me.

Two minutes.

We need to talk.

You can not be serious.

Do you really not notice anything?

It is simply dead.

Is there one missing?

Is not it more beautiful
with the same amount of space in between?

You see? Keep the same gap.
Very simple.

What did I say? You should not say anything.

That was a trick question.
"Do you not notice anything?" Sure.

Well done. Perfect balance.

I had to warm up my voice.

Yes hello. Was that Italian? Oh yeah?

You said something. I speak Italian fluently.

They are different dialects.

From the south of the Abruzzo.
The mountains.

It was not Italian.

I am not happy about this at all.
And I do not see a big screen.

Where is it?
- Good point. The big screen.

No. That's right too,
because that is not there.

I had chosen the Fab Live Band
DJ Plus Four, including screen.

That is an option. We also have
the James Live Band DJ Plus Four.

That is another option.

So it's my fault?
- No, it is not.

Open the parentheses:
It is understated, chic and elegant.

And nice. I know.

Did I close the brackets?
- I'm talking about the music, not the parentheses.

I want to emphasize
that it is my wedding.

So no idiotic games.
No chair dance.

And especially no napkins in the air.
- That is not our style.

Perfect. Oh yes, I saw this lying on the table.

How do you find my flyers?
- Well. Get them away.

It's kind of bad, me, me.
That is inappropriate.
Do I have contact? Is it clear?
- Crystal clear.

Good. You control the screen?
And away with that mess.

It's not a mess, you know.
- Yes. Thanks.

17:54 hours

What are you doing, Patrice?
- I'm busy with the torches.

We are so far.
- Okay, Bernard.

Get the rechauds ready.
All right, Nabil?

Riding with those rechauds.

Roshan, it's up there.

The rechauds are put down.

What are you now for figure?

You are right at your doorstep.
Always the same with you.

Calm down.
I'm still looking for a place.

You see that you're in the way.

Get out.

Come on.

It's not what it seems.
She gets nervous from me.

Things are usually what they seem.
That is my motto for life.

What did you hear?

"You see that you do
gets in the way. Get out.

With that stupid e-cigarette from you.
Dumb photographer, just think about it. "

She did not all say that.

I paraphrased her.

I said it intuitively,
as it came to me.

But that's what it came down to. - About, yes.

Good. I'm taking this.
You take the rest.

Bernard, you can cool the scales.

What happens now? Frankie?

What is this now?

That is by the band.
- No, that's because of the band.

Go to the meter cupboard, Patrice.
- No. You stay here, Patrice.

We need someone
for everything ...

I'll go with you, Josiane.

The stops have jumped.
- Thank you, Nabil.

We have to think of something
to prevent power outages.

If we turn on the rechauds,
I'll give you a signal for the dance floor.

Super. Puik plan. So can
we coordinate it together.

That is the idea.

But the other way around. I give it
signal and send them to their tables.

I have an order in my show.
I'm not just doing something.

Realize that we are in the kitchen
have a protocol.

We do not run pictures.
When it is done, we serve it.

And you must know,
with your limited brain ...

that amusement is like science.

So according to you, entertainment is
a science? It is baked air.
You sound like an astrophysicist.

You do not save lives
dance with people.

I can not just cancel a set.

What can we care about your set?

When we turn on the rechauds, you play
a ballad and send them to their table.

That is not possible.

What does everyone have?
- James?

- Yes?

There is a woman for you.
- That's possible too.

Do not mention me Etienne
in public. It's James.

Hello Miss.
- Hey.

Are you DJ Fab?
- More or less.

I'm his mother.
- Crazy. What can I do for you?

Does my son have you
my list of songs given?

Not yet, but we have
everything under control.

I had forgotten Patachou.

- Yes.

Show me a moment.

I know Léo Ferré.

That is for later, if the atmosphere is in it.

Start with Jean Sablon
and Felix Mayol.

You know Felix Mayol?
- Just do not like him.

But we have an archive
with pre-war songs.

We're going to find and play that song.

That's why I have a band taken away for you.

Do you have an autoreverse?

Do we have the autoreverse with us?
- Yes.

Of course.
- I count on you.

Thank you very much, DJ Fab.
- James ...

Punk is not dead.

That's for the cocktails. Above.

Go aside.

Not bad.

It was Samy, was not it? Samy?
- Yes?

Go get some whistles.
- Whistling?

What do we get now.

That guy is totally disturbed.

What is he doing?
- Does he do a bird?

What are you doing?
- I pick up the flutes.

Are you coming?

What are you doing to me with Patrice?
You enjoy your freedom, do not you?

Are you having fun?
- Yes thank you.

Do you want to punish me sometimes?

Very nice.

No, no one in the garden.
There is an old berry there.

That's my mother.

On the side, mama.
- Yes, on the side, mama.

Here we go again.

Yes. Bravo, very beautiful.

Super. That is...

No, I prefer not to.

I am his mother.
- Very well.

You are his mother, I am the photographer.

You get all photos, big and small.
Maybe even as a fridge magnet.
I kindly asked.

Give me to me.
- No do not do that.

He smells of cotton candy.
- Stop.

In the past, the staff ate something
the guests ate. That was good use.

I can not stand it,
those people with their mobile phones.

I do not bother them either
at work?

What did you do before you
came to France? Did you work?

Yes, I am a musician.
In an orchestra in Sri Lanka.

With all dishwashers. In an orchestra.

But I do not care ...

What is this?
- Your meal.

Where is Adele?
- No idea.

Do not eat. She starts me
to work on the nerves.

I really have the plague of people
taking photos with their mobile phones.

Do you understand, Bastien?
- That's a lot of people.

I do not care. It leaves me cold.

Did you know the Académie Française
want to remove the accent circonflexe?

I wish all Jérômes a lot of strength.
- Certainly.

There is a stitch from him.

Did you eat?
- Yes.

This is the voicemail from: Nicole.

Yes, Nicole. I think you have Did not receive my previous messages.

Apparently there was a problem.

Oh, why do not you answer?

I think you see my number
and do not you pick up.

I would almost shield my number,
if I knew how.

I need to speak to you.
Yes, Roshan?

I just wanted to say ... I know that ...
- Say it, because I ...


It is only tomorrow. What do you want?
- I'm moving Tuesday.

Can I borrow the truck?
- The truck? Yes of course.

Your message could not be
included. Message removed.

Was there anything else?
- You are still young.

How old are you? 40? 45?
- Yeah right. Say it now.

May I be free for my move on Tuesday?
- Tuesday? Of course.

For my move.
- Yes, I've got it.

Stop that.
Well done.

You know best. It is black on white.
We eat the same as the guests.

But you have primary school
not finished.

Enough. Come on, Adele.

They eat the same as the guests.
That is in their contract.

I thought they were ... - No. And he is not so on his neck.

It is enough. Adele?

See you.

And think about the drinks.

7:00 PM

I repeat it once more:
this is a castle from the 17th century.

So the electricity is limited.

They did not know any light bridges at that time
and sound systems.

So we do not use all the power
simultaneously. We alternate.

We coordinate, we consult,
we share. So that not everything short-circuits again.

And I would like it
if we avoid tensions.

Stay calm.

As I always say, your behavior is
and politeness our sign.

There will be 200 guests,
that judge us.

This important customer trusts us
his complete wedding.

We are going to make that happen.

I'm counting on that we're right tonight
to make a beautiful evening.


Go ahead, Henri.
- No no...

This is the right time.

I listen, Henri.

Say what you want to say.

Good question. Even more?

Do we really need these costumes?
- We want to know that.

Especially the wigs are ridiculous.
They are unhygienic.
- They really itch very much.

We can not do them all night
to wear.

That was clear anyway: With the livery
a wig, at least until the dessert.

You get a bonus of 47 euros.

It's not about that bonus,
they just stink.

It is not easy
in these ridiculous clothes.

They are hot,
we sweat like otters.

Exactly my point.
- The last time was bad enough.

I put a wig on for 47 euros.

How can I put it this way
that it is completely clear to you?

If you do not want to wear a costume:
no problem.


You go to the dressing room,
takes your stuff and disappears.

For the rest: reception of the guests
in five minutes. Wig on the head.

Go ahead with the goat.

Ah, Henri. That wig is great to you.

It was a good idea.
- See?

All of them.

To refill.
- Yes, of course.

I shuffle the cards
and keep them in a fan.

What's your name, young man?
- Benjamin.

Take a card. - No me.

Is he leaving something for my guests?


I hope you have made a good start.

I need you for something.
- Oh yeah.

I will take care of it.
- Love.

Was that good?
- Perfect.

But I still have no excuse.
- It'll come.

Just ask
how it is with the foie gras.

Guy, you have nothing better to do
then emptying the buffet?

I hardly touched it.
- Go to work.

I can not do a photo session anywhere.

And so do you eat all the snacks?
- Just one.

Come into action and go to work.

And put on a jacket,
something presentable.

The foie gras is not baked.
- I did not ask you anything.

He is half-cooked.
- I did not ask anything.

Unbelievable. The zeal ...

You just asked me.
- Of course. How is the foie gras prepared?

- Delightful. Come with me.

Hold my tray,
I have to go to the kitchen.

Oh, excuse me.

An appetizer?
- Love.

Tricky, eh?
What is that little red?

Take the time, I'll be right back.
Pierre. Héléna.

You can probably explain this.
- An accident.

I bump into him
and his phone is falling.

Just ask the boy.
Say it.

I'm going to see what they're doing.
I'll be right back.

What should I say to the customer now?
Did you think about that?

Ask him about the magnets. We
they really have to order before ten o'clock.

Guy, we know each other
for a long time, have not you?

We are friends.
- Of course.

Do you remember what you said? 'You are
the only one who still hires me? "

Do you remember?
- Yes.

See it for you. 'The only.'

I can see it.

Re-pack yourself.
Be polite, explain things.

And take photos, that's your job.

I will not let you hear from you anymore.
Please. I beg you.

No problem.

And pull that jacket off again.

It was your idea.
- I know. I was wrong.

I had something else in mind.
- Good, because he's pretty ...

I see. Is he from your trainee?
Give back.

No, it does not mean anything to me.

Yes, it does. I have the singlet. I'll turn it.

Do you have something from Gaston Ouvrard?

Yes, that's fantastic.
I'm turning it after Patachou.

Come here.
- I'm coming.

I have forgotten something important.
The thanks.

I'm listening.
- Beautiful.

You take the main course
on my character the word and says:

"I want to thank someone
whose contribution was crucial.

Someone without whom this evening
would not have been possible. " Do you understand?

Improvise, but not too much.

Soft light, nice music,
the guests on the dance floor.

And then the napkins appear.

I'm kidding.

Again? Are you listening? You say:
"This is all thanks to Pierre."

"Thanks to Pierre." Fine.

Who is Pierre?
- That's me.

There he is.

Do you have Le Chapeau de Zozo?
- No, I do not have that.

I am a Pierre acquaintance.

Did you greet each other?
Then we can start.

One two Three. Totally perfect.
Thank you.

I already know what you are going to say.

You have no idea.

Let me explain. She is a
a former colleague, a history teacher.
What is your definition of work?

I ran into her
when I was busy with the tables.

A shock went through me.
I started to shake.

Just in between:
Have you seen her white dress?

If I hear you talking like that,
and I really like you ...

then I wonder why I like that
stupid idiot working for me.

You can not say that.
- Excuse me?

"Stupid idiot" is double up.
A pleonasm.

That is something like:
'We start at the beginning'.

Is that right?

Then we start at this beginning.
You have two options:

Or you immediately put on your livery,
with wig and all, and goes to work ...

or you put on your idiotic pajamas again and again
is going to watch the news in your little house.

Hey, that's another pleonasm.
'Little house.'

Two options. Say it.

What could I choose from?
- I've been looking for you everywhere.

What is it?
- Issues.

What kind?
- Great.

Max, I have the pros and cons
weighed. I'm leaving.

Perfect. That way.

Can you play? Not?

It is a disaster, Max. I do not know what to do anymore.

You should see Titi.
That's how I've never seen him.

Titi, how do you feel exactly?
- As if I have a stone in my stomach.

Do you think you get sound out of it?

If I lie, it goes.
But when I get up, that stone is back again.

He can not play lying down.

No doubt: everyone who has lamb
has eaten, is floored.

The food for the staff was fine.
No doubt.

I have one background singer
and the bass player, who is vegetarian.

I can not only perform with the bass.
- Then they have to play back.

9:18 pm

Research shows
that the refrigerated van was turned off.

The meat is spoiled.
- God, say.

We hang.

The plug is probably there
deliberately removed.

There was an electric shaver in it.

I do not want to be premature,
but this looks like sabotage.

They are floored by the lamb.
- The meat is indeed not good.

We must pay attention.

This has the most effect of food poisoning.

What are we giving them to eat, Max?

There you are.

Is everything all right?
- Can not do better.

Then the guests can sit at the table.
- Super.

There we go.

We give them patties.
Defrost everything. Coarse artillery.

We give them patties
and meanwhile, something is coming up.

Quickly, the pasties.
- Get them out. The rest can leave.

Thank you, Antoine,
but I'll get rid of it.

That's how it is. See you, Antoine.

Hubert from Parc Royal
helps us out of need.

Awesome. I drive there.
Adele, are you here?

Roshan, come with me.

I have not experienced this in 20 years.
- I have heard about it often.

I do not get it. Why?

Anchovy sausages.
An old tactic.

In the event of a disaster in the kitchen,
this is heavily on the stomach.

The salty anchovies makes thirsty.

They drink mineral water
and their stomach is blowing up.

Yes, and so?

They are not hungry for two hours
and that's how you win time.

I'll explain it to you one more time.

Put in salt.

Here we go.
Think of the service, do your best.
And do not forget: one pastry,
one glass of mineral water.

The next party.
Think about the presentation.

Nobody can know anything.
Let the groom give his speech.

I need 30 to 45 minutes.
- You can count on me.

Adele, you take the lead.
Let the sausages come.

Add extra salt,
but no interruptions.

Are we equalizing our watches?
- Nerd.

Why are you doing this every time?
- Because you only call nonsense.

It's a good idea.
- Stop.

It is time for a truce.

Give each other a hand.

Yes certainly.
You give each other a hand.

I wait. I do not have the whole evening.

Give each other a goddamn hand.

You do not believe this.

Come on.
- This is good enough.

Come back.
- No.

Come back, they will see us later.

Give each other such a thing. What is it called?
A hug.

Yes, we are a team, James.
Toe, Adele.

If so. That is already better. Fine.

I already believe this a bit more.

That's better. Now you are really a team.

That is really much better.
I feel respect.

You now show a lot of respect
for each other.

It's fine this way.

Are you back that far? Adele?

Enough. Somebody?

The patties, you have an emergency.

Let's bury the battle ax.
I was sitting next to it.

If you need me ...
I know you do not have a driver's license anymore.

That is very friendly, but not necessary.
And you're already half in bed. I'll be fine.

Is he upset?

Roshan? Can you drive?
- No.

Have you made it?
- Yes thank you.

You see it wrong. I was not in bed.
This is a pair of pants.

What are you doing?
- Nothing.

Is everything alright?
- Do you know Roshan?

Julien, my brother-in-law. He works with me.

You really save me from the emergency, Hubert.
- You would have done the same.

I have prepared everything I still had,
and also some pastries.

The latter is not necessary.

Do not worry.
Everything is in the cooling.

Get what we put aside, Siva.
This way.
It is really a mess this evening.

I always have to come up with an excuse.

I can never come up with such an excuse.

Your language sounds very musical.

Ladies and gentlemen,
may I have your attention, please?

I want a very special person
call me.

An exceptional person,
and unique.

A generous person
and very pleasant.

Without him, we were not here tonight.

He has this beautiful evening
meticulously prepared.

Friendly, attentive and modest.
All of you stand up.

Give him a thunderous applause:

Just stop.

Come on, Pierrot.
- Stop it.

Come on stage, we wait.
Encourage him.

Will I, will not I?

Do not try to get out of it.

What a jerk, say.

- No not now.

Otherwise the napkins are coming.

Forward, Pierre.

We have a full program.

He does it. Give him an applause.

Come on stage.

One more applause once more
for Pierrot.

I do not want you to keep getting Pierrot
Very kind. Thank you.

Thank you. I did not have this at all
expected. Do sit down.

I am not a big speaker, but I want to
still a few words to you.

Pierre has always liked to talk.
As a little boy already.

Héléna and I have agreed
that I would speak on behalf of both of us.

It's like that, honey?
I love you.

So it is up to me to ...

I do not remember who said it,
but I heard that you wanted to stop.

I am considering that.
- For real?

Not seen me. Retired:
I am already depressed when I think about it.

Will not you miss it?
- I do not think so.

If I have a few guys
can take over ...

Yes, maybe.
But tonight I'm going crazy with them.

There was an uprising
because they did not want a suit.

A lot of hassle about a wig.

The customer wanted everyone to be a lackey
dressed up, so I understand.

- Yes.

Come with me.

Take one.

With me all the staff have been dressed up.

But also all guests.

All around Kevin,
for his bar mitzvah.

What a face, eh?

The Apache rabbi is perfect.

I'll look at your post, Siva. And then
I'll give it to Roshan, okay?

He is very friendly, a former teacher.

He can help you with your post,
but the poor man is depressed.

Are you saying something bad about me?
- I said you're a good teacher.

That's good to hear.

Hence those pajama pants?
- He calls it a pair of pants.

That was about me. I do not speak
Tamil, but I heard 'pajamas'.

If I have forgotten someone ...

then know that there is no hierarchy
or ranking.

Tonight I am somewhat
overwhelmed by emotions.

And who knows me well, I know that
feeling difficult to control.

I would like to have said, and why
nor that I love you.

I appreciate you all equally.

What an evening, friends.

Have you heard anything from your sister?
Did not she ...

Did not she say anything?

About what?
I have spoken to her, but
she does not call back. Nothing for her.

Make use of this break,
to catch a breath ...

Look around you, meet new people.

Why do you say that?

I do not know.

I do not understand why
you are still together.

I do not understand what you hold on to.

We are together, we are a couple.
I hold on to that.

Oh yeah. You are a couple.

That is very strong. Those are arguments
where I can not compete.

I'll tell you something.
- Do not.

Your marriage is over the date.

You are bored.

Your relationship is a little ... pathetic.
I can not find the right word.

I get what you want to say, Julien.
You know me.

Death, that word I was looking for.
- Pay attention to the road.

That's what I was looking for. Your relationship is dead.

I really enjoy this.
Nice to talk to you.

You're welcome. It does me good too.
- That's what it's all about.

Does it work well for you, Roshan?
- Yes.

That hat is good for you.
- Cowboy hat.

I would also like to thank everyone who has come from afar.

From Compiègne, Marton,
Fontainebleau ...

Porchefontaine, Boislieu, Goualières,
my niece from Buc ...

And then those who could not come ...

They stuff them inside.
I'll get even more.

What are you doing here alone? I was looking for you.

I could not hear him anymore.
In which year did he start?

I just see the children grow.
- He is indeed terrible.

I received a text message that they are coming.
- Yes, me too.

Let's do it like this.

I let them dance. And on your sign
I make sure they sit down.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the food is ready."
It'll be fine.

Do not bother.
- It's no trouble.

When we are late and you are halfway
your set, then take it easy.

We adapt,
it is not exactly that.

You decide. You have priority.

I know how it works in the kitchen.
So give it up.

That is really not necessary.
It is thoughtful of you.

I would like to be attentive.

No, you first.
- No, you first.

No, you guys.
- You.
I do not care.

Can I quote Racine?

"Burrus knew it was not true.

Shy virtue
it came in handy. "

There is always a moment when I
terribly get bored. That is now.

Then I have something that always works.

Do not you want to know what it is?
- No.

Ask anyway.

What is it?
- You want to know everything, do not you?

I look at a woman
and ask myself questions about her.

Is she ... Is she married?

Is she happy?

Does she want me to step on her?
Things you do not know.

There is a way for that.
- What for?

You can search for someone
that is registered.

Who is married, who is single.
- What do you know about that now?

Very much. There is an app that dating sites
links to geolocation.

Do you know what geolocation is?
- Yes.

But just tell it once.
And what is an app?

An application.
- Right, yes.

With GPS you know in real time or a woman
is interested and if she is nearby.

In this room for example.

How do you know she is here? - That is geolocation.

Does that really exist?
- Of course.

The app calculates your distance.

If you like her profile,
you can send her a heart.

And then you can chat,
do things, go on.

To do things? I want that.
Do you hear me? I want that.

Why do not I have that app?
- Give your phone a call.

Beware, this is the newest iPhone.
- Not really.

Send some hearts.

You must first create a profile.
- That will come later. First those hearts.

Then I'll change myself.
- Good plan.

- Everything under control.

Good news, bad news.
- The sausages were a success.

The groom talked them in a hush.

Max, it will be small portions.
- Then you halve them.

Or in threes. Extra sauce and vegetables.
What else should we do? Exactly.

And the bad news?
- An old man is stitched in a pastry.

Death. He is in the cold store.

That face...
- Stop it, Adele. No jokes now.

Josiane and Patrice
take care of him.
Again that face, but I mean it.
- I did not make a face.

I'll talk to the groom for a while.

I want to conclude this speech ...

with the words of
Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais ...

those in 1775, or thereabouts ...

these rules wrote down
The Barber of Seville:

"I hurry to laugh at everything
for fear of crying. "

And so, friends:
let the party go on.

Thank you.

That was wonderful.
- Yes?

Thanks, but no more patties now.
- They are from the house.

Where is the main course now?
- That's really coming.

We wanted your strong speech
do not interrupt.

Was it not too long?
- No, it flew by.

What did you like best?

That is difficult to say, but the end ...

- Very good.

"I do not hurry to cry ..."

There is Corinne.
- I'm selling him a blow.

I forgot to say that. That guy
came in half an hour ago.

He only observes,
takes pictures and asked for you.

How often do you go now to fool?

I mean it, it's no joke.
It's him.

Who is that?
- No idea, but he is weird.

Why the attaché case?

- What?

A match. She just answered.
30 meters away.

How does she look like? Do you have a photo?
- The profile is hidden.

Send a heart.

A hidden profile
is usually not a good sign.

Do it anyway.

Henri, tell Max what you just told me.

It is also not so ...
- Come on.

For the thread with it.

Sabbatini, the Italian caterer.
A friend works for him.

He suddenly got
visit the health inspectorate.

He got a fine,
I believe something of 40,000 euros.

He paid a lot of people in black.

Rumor has it that they are currently
to invade unannounced.

That's how they often look.

- Space.

Put him in the resuscitation position.

Give him sugar.
- You should not have started about it.

Is everything alright? Is that better?

Stop it now.

You are on an empty stomach
entered the evening.
And then the stress becomes fatal.
- Especially at your age.

You just became unwell.
We should not exaggerate.

Another one?
- No, those things are salty, say.

Why all stress?
Maybe it's just a late guest.

A guest?
At a wedding with an attaché case?

The attaché case can be seen
as a piece of evidence ...

Yes, exactly. Josiane?

Who will be outside
the books held?

We, our story is not in the books.
- Stop it, say.

Three or four, maximum.

Who is there tonight
not on the payroll?

Do not raise your hand so high.
Until here is enough.

Still so much? Put on a jacket
and you go among the guests.

But discrete.

Hup, ahead.

Shall I change clothes?

I do not think you were feeling well.

That could be best.

Hello, children.
- Hey.

- No thanks.

They are also very salty.
- I know.

I've been looking for you already. I'd like a photo
from every table with me.

Of course, we can later on, just do it.

Rather now, if you do not mind.
- A little bit.

Anyway, let's just do it.

Let's start here. Come with me.

All together.
How are you?

With or without glasses?
- Does not matter.

There it goes.

Very nice.
Oh, jee. He vibrates. I have hearts.


Excuse me.
Can we have some wine?

Certainly. Also coffee and the bill?
- No, thank you, young man.

This is Julien,
a former colleague and friend ...

who is also family of Pierre.
- From very far, you know.

Everyone is all family at once.
- You can not say that ...

Excuse me?

Cheers, everybody.

What are you shaking me. You work in white
and is here to slurp champagne.

Everyone drinks. Can I do something about it?
that I work in white.

Back to the back. And fast.

It is a sultry evening.

Come on the dance floor.

I do not want to see anyone at the table anymore.

Stand up, or I ask Pierre
to have another speech.

Pierre and Héléna. Héléna and Pierre.
In ups and downs.
For us, here tonight.

All together.
For love and for music.

Let's dance for them.

Hands in the air.


Everything good?

It will be a wonderful evening
with the James Live Band.

Did you happen to have a ...

My mistake, nice evening.

Skin against skin.

And now let those napkins flutter.

The wicks of love.

Enough now, you are looking for me.
But let me have my say.

We are a small company,
that always needs staff.

I want to hire everyone,
but that is complicated.

If I pay someone 100 euros,
it costs me 200 euros.

Logical that I pay them black.

If no one helps the little boss,
are going to cheat people.

In addition, they inform us
gasping continuously in the neck.

We have already lost the tax exemption
if you hire new people.

And only complain about it
youth unemployment and internships.

But nobody does anything.

Inspect, check, you do it.

Empty the tent, I think it's okay. Do you want my shirt and jacket?

Wait a second. Keep your clothes on.

I am Valéry Laprade.
We have texted.

I am here for the possible takeover.

Laprade? Valéry ...
Are you Laprade?

I did not understand it.

About those costs, youth unemployment ...

I was scared to death.

I just did not understand.

I did, you say.
- You sure had me.

What do you do with a briefcase,

I work for the social
insurance bank.

- Now you have to stop ... False alarm.

Excuse me. But I had
expect a Valerie.

Your first name is very original.

That probably happens to you
not for the first time.

It does not matter.
- Can you stop for a while?

Nobody knows yet
of the takeover plans.

Of course.
You do have a great job.

It's magical,
all that happiness around you.

Yes, really magical.

Can I speak from the heart?
- Yes of course.

A large part of the turnover
is fixed cash.


Are you really Laprade? I'm not telling this to someone from the insurance bank.

Do I look like an inspector?
- No no. You look very ...

- Good.

You look fine.

You also do not look wrong.

Thank you, Valéry.

You did receive my text message?
- Yes, and I answered.

You wrote:

'If you are there, ask me,
then I'll immediately lick you. "

You are kidding me.
What a disaster, that is the autocorrect.

I do not check it.
I should do that.

I thought so, because we know
each other not yet well.

No, that is true.

Here is my bid.
- Thank you.

Let us see the details shortly
discuss. We'll keep in touch.

We can text.
With or without autocorrect.

Very well.
- See you soon.

I hope so. Bye.

Valéry? Valéry, so.

23:54 hours

We are going for a nice final.

Are you really enjoying the fireworks, Samy?

I have done July 14 for years
when I worked at the town hall.

Everything is ready.
I hardly have to do anything.

Seb, stay with him.
We coordinate everything.
As the surprise of the groom
is over, the music stops.

And only on my sign
we'll take it off.

So keep an eye on your phone.
I call you and say: Go.

Is that clear?
- Or a text message.

Too risky.
- Yes Yes. Of course. Well done.

So I call and say: Go.

Is it better with that girl
from the helium show?

Something. She needs some help
to hold the ropes.

Adele and Julien, you help her.

Then I see how it is with the dessert.
- I'll go with you.

No. You go at the entrance
from the castle ...

and you see if the fence is strong enough.
Whether it does not move.

Do I have to guard the gate?
- Yes.

You have to be endless everywhere

To work.

Then I'll go.
- Yes.

It is a kind of air show, so pull one
parrot suit with orange feathers.

What? That does strike
nothing at all.

That face of you.
You see, I can do it too.

Do I have to dress up again?
- Well.

We serve coffee
and then we can go to bed.
Are you ready? Time is running out.
- No, my mother has lost.

I can not start without her.

I want to find her,
But then they see me.

I get it, but we can do it
municipality until half past one.

Not now.

I can not act without her.

We're going to find your mother.
Leave it to us.

Yes, Roshan?
- It is a pity.

I had found an excuse.

Very good, hold on.
You never know with him.


What are you doing here?
- I have to guard Guy from the gate.

It apparently belongs to my internship.

Mom? Where were you?

I had to take a breath.

We've been looking for you everywhere.
- Oh yeah?

What do I smell? A bizarre smell.
- Pierre.

Do you smell that? That funfair smell?

You smell like churros.

We really have to start.
- Sit down, Mom.

He has a sensitive nose.
He already had that as a boy.

Ladies and gentlemen,
May I have your attention?

Yes, it's me again. Do you want to get up ...

Where were you, Geneviève?
- I made a detour.
Are you coming?
It is a surprise.

I did not know anything about that.
- That is why it is also a surprise.

Of course you did not know.
- What did you concoct?

It is about poetry, beauty and love
tonight with Héléna and Pierre.

That is pomme d'amour.

Tell them you did not do that.

She also searches via GPS.
That is revolutionary. Geolocation.

That is an app. I'll explain it.
- You are sick.

What is happening?
This was not the intention.


What are you doing now?

Do not pull like that, idiot. Julien.

You screw up my show.

Well, damn it.

Oh no.
You can not be serious.

They can do something about it, those French people.
You have to give them that.

They are very inventive and
know how to build a party.

- No.

- No.

Hearts woman?
- No, you do not know.

They release the balloons.

Do I have to quit something?
- He would call. Did he call?

Just take a few off.

Where is my son?
- I think that he...

The fresh air will do him good.
That is a problem.

What is he doing?
I did not say 'go'.

Good gracious.

Did you not say 'go'?
- No.

What did I say?

We coordinate it, I said.
Did I say that or not?

But nobody listens to each other here.

I can always make up for your mistakes.
I drive kilometers to save the evening.

We do everything,
but we save it.

And then you ruin it
in one minute.

Shall I say something? I already have it
months, with you for years.

You there, with your shit all the time.

I asked you a hundred times
to set a good example.

And you are talking about respect and decency.
Where is your respect for me, Adele?

Where is your respect?

But knocking for the
truck, a day off, money ...

a job for a nephew. That good,
old Max will arrange it for us.

But what do you do for me?

Where have I got you
earned my whole life?

For you it is a summer camp here.
You there. You eat a little bit
at the buffet.

Offend the customers.

Is that the way
you show your gratitude?

Shall I tell you something, Guy?

There is no one anymore
to work with such a mum as you want.

And then that other imbecile.
Who is going to decorate the bride.

Are you wise?

You are a bunch
klaplopers and losers.

But nobody has that me
risk my skin. Every evening again.

You do not care.
Nobody cares about me.

Let the boss figure it out.

Are you fed up with my head?
Then I have very good news.

It's over.
You will not see me anymore.

It is over.

He is 500 meters away
landed in a field.

Good news: he is unharmed.
I'm sorry it happened.

But we are still at least
an hour in the dark.

Max? What must we do?
- That is not my problem anymore.

Find it out yourself.

I think Max is angry.

Not then?
- Yes.

Ah, Nicole. No, you do not disturb at all. I enjoyed a quiet moment.

I have to speak to you, as I said.

How do I say this?
No, go ahead. You called me.

You wanted some distance.
That is how I understood it.

Oh, that kind of distance.

For how long?

So long?

Yes of course.

Who is it? Do I know him?


Good. I had to go again
go back sometime.

Everything is going very well. See you.

But of course.



I have a theory, Max.

If everything seems to be wrong, remember
then that you can also look at it differently.

Maybe it is going very well with you.

Good theory.
- Absolutely.

And do you know why?
Because he is positive.

I know you're angry,
but everyone makes mistakes.

Even I sometimes make mistakes.
It is true.

My whole career is based on it.

I would become a reporter.
- I did not know that.

Shall I tell you?
- No do not bother.

You know, Guy ...

We are so close to each other
that I have to tell you the truth.

I wanted to tell you before, but then I was ...

Then it did not go well. But...

It is increasingly difficult to hire.

Customers no longer want a photographer.
Their nephew can do it too.

They no longer want a photographer.

But I'm doing my best for you.

I know that.

They need you.
- No, I'm going home. I'm exhausted.

What is this?

5:18 am

Do you know what I thought up there?
- I have a suspicion.

"I'll kill him, that jerk."
- I thought so, yes.

They only needed two ropes
to hold on. Even that did not work.

Where did you find them? That must
really have been very difficult.

It is really beautiful.
A great moment.

So graceful, so harmonious.

What your team did,
is just really extraordinary.

No, we are really enchanted.

That is exactly what Pierre said,
in his words then. More or less.

And did you see your mother?
She is another woman. She is shining.

Yes, she looks happy.
Fortunately, even.

Thank you.

I really mean that.
- That is very nice.
We must say goodbye to the Lemants.
- I'm coming.

Thanks then.

I had Nicole on the line.
It is pronounced.

So no more mysterious stuff?
- No.

Will you stop kissing Patrice?

Yes, I keep it up.

And? How did she react?

Nicole knows the right way

Do you have a minute?


Do not worry,
I will not hold a long sermon anymore.

I just wanted you
thank you for tonight.

I was really ... moved.

Yes, deeply stirred.

If you sit down with something from now on ...

A problem or a question,
then turn to Adele.

She will inform you from now on.

Go ahead.

On Tuesday I see you at two o'clock
in the Salon de la Reine in Boulogne.

Half two for the department heads.
As usual.

See you. Until Tuesday then.

Thank you.

Hello, honey.

Till Tuesday.


I will take you home.
If you are good, you get a jacket.

I stop with weddings, Max.

For real?
I want to become a reporter again, smell the danger.
There is no buffet there, is it? - I want to go back to the real thing.
If you want to go for it, that's good.
Just kidding, I'll see you Tuesday. - Guy, right.
Till Tuesday.
The age difference is too big.
And she is an independent woman. Not a uniform for her.
Are Max and Josiane together?
Yes, but everyone does if they do not know.
Why are you doing that?
That is France. You have to integrate something else, you.
Shall I put you on the corner again? Otherwise they'll see me with you, an agent.
Yes, on the corner.
Is there no one who brings me home?
Yes. I, if you want.
That would be very nice.
Where are you parked? - I am on foot.
So you bring me home on foot? - Yeah.
I do not like walking very much myself.
That sentence is syntactically incorrect.