C'est la vie (2001) - full transcript

Dimitri joins La Maison, a place where people are welcomed for whom medicine can not do anything anymore. There he meets Suzanne, a volunteer who is dedicated to supporting people at the end of their lives.

*Subtitles by JJ*

Holy shit!

Based on the book by Marie Hennezel


Good morning!

Mr. Arsimiev?

- Arsémiev.
- Pardon me...

My name is Brigitte,
I'm a nurse.

And I am Simone, assistant.

Did you have a nice trip?

There was a lot of traffic.

- Come along, I'll take you.
- Excuse me?

To your room.

I am not tired.


Ah, yes!

- Thank you.
- Bye.

It's my mum.

How do you mean "your mum"?

That candle is for my mum.

You coming for lunch
with us, Dimitri?

- This is Thierry, our canteen chef.
- Hello.

If you have any preferences,
tell me.

We eat very well here.

Sit down there.

This is Dimitri...

This is Dominique, Paul,
Vincent, Nora and Maryse.

Hello, Dimitri.

I'm Nora, I am a carer.

- A little wine?
- Yes, thank you.

- Where do you come from?
- From Marseille.

And why are you here?

To rest.

Yes, here you can really
"rest in peace".


Don't worry about it.

It's usually lively here
with what happened this morning...

I don't know what happened.

- You didn't see the candle?
- Yes, but why?

When someone dies,
a candle burns at the entrance,

until they take the body away.

Monique was more like a skeleton!

Thank you, Thierry.

Everything OK?

I'll give the books to Paul
and I'll be right back.

Good idea.

How is it going?

Everything well?

I have your magazines,
and two cassettes too.

Wonderful, thank you!

We have a newcomer.


- Suzanne.
- Dimitri.


Bon appétit.

Thank you.

Who is it?

- Who is she?
- She's one of the volunteers.

I never trust the volunteers.

Where would you like to go?

- To go swimming.
- At the beach?

- Yes.

Well, I've got my car.

Great, but...

We can go.

When do you want to go?

Next week.

Next week?

This time you need to
protect yourself from the sun, yes?

I'm coming.

You've been here
a long time?

- Almost three months.
- Paul is a rare case.

Here in general people stay
31 days on average, and then they die.

Good morning.

My son did not come.

Today he can't.

He will come tomorrow.

Hope is life...

- So how about couscous?
- Delicious.

Thierry is our miracle worker,

he came in as a patient
and stayed as chef.

As always,
you exaggerate, Dominique.

Excuse me...

You're mean;
you scared him away.

Oh, shit!

It hurts so much!


It hurts... I'm scared.

What are you doing here?
I'll take it.

- Can you take me?
- Where to?


Come on.

- I'm going to take you back.
- No!

You're completely soaked.
You need to dry off.

I don't want to go back.

I want nothing to do
with that morgue.

Talk to your doctor.
Find a solution.

Take me away.

You know where to go?

Yes, to Marseille.

- I can take you.
- No, I'll get out here.

I'll take a taxi.

Thank you.

Your boots are well soaked.

We'll dry them by putting newspaper
inside. That's all.

Let's warm you up.

How's that?

I'll help you.

The other one too.

I remember my mother rubbing
me with alcohol.

She believed that all the doctors
were thugs and thieves.

There you go!

Take off your trousers, please.

- Can you turn around?
- Of course.

In a little while,
Jean-Louis will come to see you.

Are you ready?

Like this... nice and warm.

Thierry will bring you a hot drink
with plenty of rum, OK?

Rest well.

[ singing in Russian ]

Dimitri, it's over, calm down...
I'm going to get some water.

You had a nightmare.

Go on, drink.

I'll open the curtains.

Look, it's a beautiful day.

It would be good to go down
to the terrace for a bit.

- What day is it today?
- Thursday.

We were worried. You've been
asleep for three days now.

- I am hungry.
- That's good.

What would you like?

An omelette?

I'll get it.

And to drink?

- I'd love some wine.
- Very good. I'll be right back.

What's up?

Marcelle wants to leave.

It's a real epidemic.

Tell Brigitte, tell her...

Today, I went to her room to change
a switch that was working fine.

- And then?
- Then I changed it...

and she wanted to change the tap,
so I changed it and left.

- And then what?
- Then she told me...

Doctor, I'm not living in a house where the
electrician is the one changing the IVs!


She is right.
She's really right.

- Prepare an omelet for Dimitri.
- Right.

- He's woken up?
- And he even wants wine.


Thierry... do you have
more salad please?

Every time I go to see him, he sleeps.
I think he's pretending.

I don't think so.

Yesterday we talked a little and
he said that he has no reason to be here.

He is wrong,
I saw his analysis.

- No visitors?
- No one comes to see him.

- Well, let's leave everything here.
- All right.

I'm late too.

We have to do
the dressing of Andrew.

- Oh no...
- Come on, let's go.

- We're going, bye, see you later.
- Yeah

Hey, the omelette!


Excuse me, I did knock ...

- Here's your food.
- Thank you.

- Are you feeling better?
- Well, I'm hungry again!

Can I leave?

Bon appétit.

I'm going into town.
Do you need anything?

Do you do shopping for everybody?

Let me help you.

It's more practical with the table.

- You want? There's another glass.
- No, thank you.

Oh, why not?

Is it good?

What is a young woman like you doing
in a place like this?

Many things.

As you say, I shop,

go to the post office,
help in the kitchen...

There's no lack of work!

Are you masochist?

- Do I look like I'm suffering?
- No!

Who was that woman
the other day?


She loved to hear me read.

Her only regret was...

never having had time to read
great books, great classics.

She would tell me:
"Read more, read more".

Sometimes I couldn't take it anymore.

Have you lost your appetite?
No more?

No, thank you.

- Do you have a cigarette?
- Yes.

Can I help you?

Yes, please.

- Here?
- No.

A little higher up.

Yes, right there...

You have to get out a bit.

Why does everybody think
I must get out?

Well, you shouldn't
stay locked in here.

To go see the zombies?

- They're not going to attack him.
- You never know.

The distressing thing here is that...

everyone is considerate and kind.

Is that enough?

I'm not saying that of you.

- Do you have a light?
- Yes.

I have to go.

So soon?

You haven't told me
what you do for a living.

- Why are you laughing?
- It was your expression!

Also because everyone thinks
you don't like to talk.

Let them continue to
believe that, okay?

- Ah, may I make a request?
- Yes.

To get me some cigarettes,
the same ones you smoke.

Okay, I'll bring them.

See you later.

Thank you.


Are you all right?

- I should be asking you that!
- It's horrible, sciatica.

- You should lie down.
- I know, but...

Lean on me.

You going to give
us the slip again?

I certainly hope so.

- Where are you going?
- To the cinema. We're in a hurry.

Yes, Tom Cruise.

Take care, though.

Don't worry.

What exactly did your doctor tell you?

That we can stop the treatment...

and that not even the
operation is worth it.

I know. Because it
would be too dangerous.


The tumour is too big.

And that means...?

It means that the disease has progressed,

but that you will not die tomorrow.

And the average stay
here is how long?

Thirty-one days?

What's the use of being here?

I do not feel that I am dying.

I should feel it, shouldn't I?

Shall we go to the sofa?

- Let's go.
- Wait... now.

- So, was the result a success?
- Yes it was, everything went well.

Good day.

Get out of here!


- I have your cigarettes.
- Thank you.

Two packets and a lighter.

There - keep the change.

- What's going on?
- Can't you see? I'm off!

You want to pack my suitcase?

You've spoken to Jean-Louis,
is that it?

What do you want?

You're going to tell me I've got a month
to live, and it's going to be wonderful?


Have they told you you're going to die?

So, if that's what they like, go help
others to give up. I'm not that type.

No one is being resigned to it;
it's normal...

Ah well, so much the better if I'm normal!

You can go. There are surely some who
are waiting for your help to pass away.

They don't need me
for that!

A girl goes every day
to the bakery.

"Good morning, Mr. Baker".

"How are you, little girl?"

She says: "I want a cake
for my brother's birthday."

He says: "What do I write on the cake?"

"Happy birthday, Shoveller"

"Oh... and why shovel?"

She says: "It's because he was born with
a shovel by his side, and he became Shovel"

"And what's your name, dear?"

"My name is Deira."

Do you get it?
More shit... Deira! [French pun?]

Do you see them?

You see them?

See what?

The snakes!

- There are no snakes.
- Look, they're everywhere!


- Attention... they're going to bite!
- Is anybody there?

They come up for me...
Tell them to go.

Tell them to go.

There, I've smashed them all.

They're coming back.
See, they're coming!

- Calm down, let's go.
- They're waiting!

I am here.

There is no more danger.

Yes, there is...

They pass under the door.

- They're climbing on the bed!
- I assure you they are not.

There, that's it...

It's all over.

Where the fuck have you been?

Calm down, Charlotte.
I'm right here.

Drink up, sweetie.


Don't go!

You need to rest.
I'll stay here.

Don't go!

Calm down...

- Don't go!
- Okay, he's staying. Calm down.

He's here...

Slowly, slowly... calmly.
He will stay here.

You're going to be fine...

Just until she falls asleep.

It's because I stink,
isn't it?

The snakes come near me
because they like the smell.

I smell like death,
that's why, isn't it?

Of course not, you smell good.

Now go to sleep.

I am here...
They're not coming back.

Are you sure?

Sleep... sleep...

- That's too much!
- Yes.

I have big hands.

If you put too much,
it gets monstrous.

Don't worry...

At the end I clean the surplus
with cotton, right?

- I like the violet.
- It's beautiful, no?

- Do you like it?
- I love violet, yes.

- It's between blue and red.
- Yes.

- It is true.
- Between fidelity and love.

Fidelity and love...

- Difficult, complicated...
- Ah, yes.

It takes a lot of...
willingness to be faithful, yes.

Thank you for Charlotte.

Do you do the others?

What is it? Is it a concert?

It's Cécile.
Come on in.

...with our guitars
let us weep in memory,

from those who have already departed,

emptying our lives...

He was a dancer
but can't move now.

...her sad fate

that no one can change,

that no one can sing.

Let's not let the story,

Betray our memory.

Let's not let the words,

Turn to shreds,

all that was life,

of those who have already departed,

on the paths of exile,

in the perfumes of April,

They are going to get married soon.
We'll have a big party.

- Here?
- Yes.

It really is an insane asylum.

Turn to shreds,

all that was life,

of those who have already departed,

on the paths of exile,

in the perfumes of April,

no hope of reviving,

all those love novels...

A little yellow?

Today we're going to do a Van Gogh.

- Can we do it?
- Yes.

If he did it,
so can we.

Well, we would need his talent.

Yes, yes...

Well, they only recognized his talent
after he died.

- Yes, that's true.
- Not until well after his death,

so this talent thing...

A little blue?

Let's change the colour.

Change of colour...

Put on red.

- You want red?
- Yes.

Wash it well.

We want the perfect colour.

- How's that?
- Yes, super.

Raise your head,
it's better for...

If I stand up,
I'll lose the cyclist's pose.

Well, that's enough fooling around.
Let's paint.

Let's make a masterpiece.

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday to you dear Dominique...

Happy birthday to you...

Happy birthday, Dominique.

- A little speech?
- Yes, of course.

Thank you.

I do not know what to say...

Can anyone help me?

Do you know the one about the climber?

Do you know it, Thierry?


So, a climber is about
to do the north side of Everest...

He climbs slowly, slowly,
inch by inch.

And suddenly, boom!

His foot slips
and falls 20 meters.

He gets caught in the rope,
hanging in the void.

It's terrible. The safety bolts
start to give way, one after the other...

And yes, there's only one left.
If that one gives way... he's toast.

He doesn't dare move; he swings
gently and around him, just...

the emptiness...

and the silence.

So of course he starts...

murmuring and asking for help.

"Help me... help..."

Nobody answers, of course.

Then he loses his strength,

and starts screaming: "Help me!
Help! Is anyone there?"

And then, suddenly...
a thick voice is heard...

filling all the space
and it says:

"Yes... I am here, my son.
Come, I'm waiting for you."

Then, the mountaineer
says in a soft voice:

"Isn't there anyone else there?"

Happy Birthday.

Well, now throw coins
in my hat.

We're here, Charlotte...
we're here.

Can we go?


Frankly, there are places
much calmer.

I love karaoke, don't you?

Do you like to cuddle?

Yes, very much.

- Do you have a man at home?
- Yes.

Is he waiting for you?

I don't think so.
He must be sleeping.

Is he an early riser?
What's he like?

Very handsome.

Brown eyes, blond hair.
One meter and forty-two.

Is he a dwarf?

He's nine years old.

A whisky, please.

You've had enough, don't you think?

Give me just one reason
to not drink any more.

A cognac, please.

Thank you.

It was the first time
I've helped a...

My mother died
when I was eight years old,

and afterwards, my father
wouldn't let me see her.

Maybe to protect you.

I wanted to be with her.

And one morning Liouba said:
"Your mama has gone to heaven."


That was my nanny.

She was Russian, like my father.

I loved to touch her breasts.

She laughed and screamed:
"Enough, Dimitri, enough!"

Of course I kept going, but...
I think she loved it.

Was your mother Russian too?

No, French.
And me, neither one thing nor the other.

What do you mean?

Every time I have a big event
I change countries.

You're not from
around here either.

You say that
because I have an accent?

...a song of Edith Piaf,

"You turn my head"
and I call Dimitri and Suzanne!

This song has travelled the world,

Sung by our grandfathers and our fathers
and now our children sing...

"You turn my head
has already turned my head...

to many boyfriends,

and became famous
as "my carousel".

You turn my head,

my carousel is you

and I am always in party,

when I am in your arms.

If I went around the world,

I wouldn't turn any more than I do now.

The earth is not
round enough,

to stun me
as much as you do.

How happy we both are,

when the two of us are together.

What a life we both have,

when we love as we both do.

We could change planets,

When my heart
is close to yours,

I hear the joy of the feast,

and the earth doesn't care.

Yes, let's talk about the land,

Earth, who do you think you are?

You believe you are the only earth,

and of that it makes so much mystery,

but for us there is no problem,

let's love life,

and even if there was no life,

we would still love each other.

You turned my head,

My carousel is you,

and I am always in party,

when I am in his arms.

If I went around the world,

I wouldn't run any more than I do now,

the earth is not
round enough,

to stun me
as much as you do.

You've turned my head!

That was good!

Would you like to come up for a drink?

Another time.

So, tomorrow?

Tomorrow I work.

Ah, in real life?
I don't even know what you do yet.

I teach drawing in a high school.

Teacher, volunteer...
and what else?

I am a mother...

And right now I'm repairing the
roof of my house with friends

- Are you kidding?
- Not at all, I love tinkering.

Anyway, when I can.

You run all the time.

I don't like
having nothing to do.

Rush, rush, work, work, and then one day,
when it's over, I had no time for anything.

It's like tonight...

went by too fast.

It is true...

but we will have more.

Thank you.

Good night.


The news, Emanuel Colabert.
Good evening the state of emergency...

There are people sleeping here.

- You're dreaming?
- A little bit!

oh, but now it's ruined.

We listen to the callers
at night on the radio.

Today they only spoke of misfortunes.

- Is there something to drink?
- No. Would you like coffee?

You've had too much to drink.
It stinks in here.

You're a real movie fan.

I've always loved it.

Paul films everything here.

What can be filmed here?

A birthday...
A guy telling a joke...

Antoine loved being filmed.

Antoine was my friend,
he died a year ago.

Did Brigitte tell you to film
your daughter dancing?


Maybe, if I'm
less tired, yes.

Oh yeah, you'll be fine...
when your parents leave.

Can you call?
Tell them I'm...

won't be in tomorrow...
that I'm going to take exams...

- No, no.
- Please...

No, no!
They would be worried.


What's wrong with your parents?

I'd rather they didn't come.

When they arrive
he uses the trick of getting sick...

and stays three days in bed,
all faked.

Don't you get along with them?

You know, the visit are...

my mother stays on the chair...

and my father stays three metres away.

No one says anything.

It seems interminable.

It's a visit.
What did you want?

I wish it was
a little less heavy.

- Are you an only child?
- Yes.

Like me.

They do not understand how I can
I have caught this disease.

They don't want to know!

And since I never saw them,
they thought everything was fine.

When I got sick...

I lost everything and
everyone ran away.

I lost the restaurant,
my friends...

That's the way it is...
It's scary.


- Look at that!
- What?

Fuck, no!
Wake up!

Leave him like this.
He's comfortable.

You're going to spend a night...
from hell!

Good morning, boys!

Did you sleep well?

Everything OK?

Good morning, Dimitri.
Did you sleep well?

He fell asleep in Paul's bed.
If you had seen...

How sweet!

Who are you?

My guardian angel?

You feeling better?

Why are you here today?

I was told that you
weren't feeling well.

And you came...

Don't talk too much.

Shall I raise the bed?

- That better?
- I'm thirsty.

Thank you.

It will be hard to leave.

Is that your wife and son?

Will they come here?

They live far away.

Sacha used to spend
every summer with me.

Now he prefers to stay in Moscow
with his friends.

He is adult now.

Does he know?

His mother doesn't either.
We don't talk much anymore.

Perhaps he'd prefer
to be at your side.

I left when he
was five years old.

What's not been done in a lifetime,
can't be done in a few days.

I'm in the mood for sunshine.

We're not far from

- Have you ever been there?
- No.

My father used to take me there
when I was eight years old.

It was for the
gypsy pilgrimage.

During the procession,
my father carried me on his shoulders,

for me to see the statue
of Saint Sarah.

It impressed me to see those women
caressing the face of the saint...

asking her to give protection
and to keep her promises.

And I prayed with total devotion
to save my mother.

She died three days later.

- Don't tell me we're going to...
- Of course we are!

But it's not possible!

But yes, today everything's possible.
I must fly once more.

So, is everything okay?

- You won't deny me anything?
- Of course not!

There's nothing
more to say, huh?

Victor Delta...

Flight 31, ready for take off.

How long since you last flew?

Two years.

It's magnificent, no?


It's beautiful!

You never know...
If I die, you take over.

If you die,
I'll die too.

A heart attack.

See the sea.


Dimitri, what's going on?



Dimitri, what's going on?

It's completely insane!

Do you want to die sooner?

No, I want to feel alive.

If something happened
and I died, you wouldn't care?

Of course I would.

You're going to die, and the whole
world will disappear with you?

So now you've felt the fear of death.
I feel it every day.

But what are you thinking?

I'm also afraid of what'd happen to my son,
and of losing you too...

I'm sorry, I'm...

You should be!

plus, I'm claustrophobic.
so in your cuckoo clock there...

Forgive me.

Stop apologizing,
it's not your style.

In any case, thank you
for have done it.

It suits you very well, this anger.

That's not much of a compliment!

I'm actually happy
to see you like this.


It's good to see the Samaritan
woman explode a bit!

You'd better give me a cigarette.

And you're okay?

I'm fine.

You want to do
something else today?

I don't know if, err...

Bungee jump!?

I'm so sorry.

- Always late.
- Not always.

Yes you are!

- Have you brought my chocolate?
- Let's buy it.

- Who is it?
- You'll see.

This is Thomas,
and this is Dimitri.

His school bag.

It happened this morning.

His parents have already
taken him home.

- He didn't get to see them?
- No.

They were coming this afternoon.

He had an internal haemorrhage
and we couldn't revive him.


He asked me to give
these to you.

Thank you.

Be careful!
That desk is fragile.

What are you doing?
You moving in?

I missed my furniture.

- Your house is beautiful.
- Really? Do you think so?

It really is.

I feared that it would all be
thrown out on the street when I'm gone.

Sit down for a moment.

Thank you.

- Cigarette?
- With pleasure.

Thank you.

You know, we don't see
Suzanne anymore...

Have you heard from her?


May I?
There's no ashtray.

Hello, big guy!

- Is your mum there?
- Yes.

I thought we'd never get here.

- Do you know the kid?
- We're old friends.

How can you live
in a hole like this?

This is Dominique.
She's sweet and friendly.

- Give her a kiss?
- No.

Oh, it's not important.
It's not important!

Can you tell your mother
that we're here?

Mummy, mummy!

Now I'm going to sprain my
sprain my ankle.

I've told you to take it easy!


I'm coming.

- How are you?
- It is well.

- An invasion, eh?
- A bit, yeah.

Good morning...
What's up?

Good morning.

We were wondering
about you.

What a hypocrite!
"We were wondering..."

For 3 days he's only been asking...

"Where's Suzanne, and when will she be back?"
Isn't that right, Thierry?

He even wanted to run away again.

Enough... I only asked,
nothing else

I had conjunctivitis,
but I'm better now.

Would you like a drink?

- Where are the dessert plates?
- In the cupboard downstairs.

I have white wine
and fruit juice, okay?

Are you not afraid here, alone?

We do not live alone.
Three families live in the village.

A real community!
Do you make goat's cheese?

Go on, take it...
Shall we go outside?

Yes, let's go.

- Your flowers will wilt.
- Yes...

These are for you.

You are very kind.

Thank you.

- Where are the glasses?
- Over by the window.

- Bless you!
- Thank you.

I'm sorry, but...
I think I'm allergic.

- To the flowers?
- Yes.

I'll take it.

There you go!

I should have brought chocolates.

- You're not diabetic?
- No, not yet.

One week is a long time.

Did you paint it yourself?

Yes... a long time ago.

It's beautiful!

Mum are you coming?

I'm coming.

So beautiful...

Do you know the one with the bunny?

Not that one!
For God's sake!

Oh yes, tell that one!

I'll tell you later, yeah?

I like children,
but only for a short time.

Tell them what you saw
at night.

- A shooting star.
- Did you make a wish?

- Yes, but I cannot say.
- Of course, it's a secret.

Lucky you.

I have never seen one.

Your passion is the stars, isn't it?

They say that the stars
are dead.

It is because the light from the stars
takes a long time to reach us.

It takes so long, that in the meantime
the star dies.

Are the ones we see already dead?

Yes, when you look
they no longer exist.

But the sun is similar...
It's also a star.

And one day it will die too.

What are we going to do?

Nothing. We will do nothing.
It will be the end of the world.

Luckily for us...
that's a very long time away, right?

How much time?

We won't be here
to see that.

Where will we be?

Are we going to the river?

Yes, that's a good idea. Let's go!

Come on, Thomas.

I'm sorry.

It is not important.

Thierry told me about your husband.

He talks too much.

I was the one who asked.

How did it happen?

A fatal aneurysm.

It was brutal.

Jean and I lived
for painting.

He was the first...

who believed in me
and gave me confidence.

We married very young.


When this happens,

we think about what we did not do
and what we did not say,

Even an "I love you",
I confess that...

we spend years without saying it,
just out of habit...

In Paris, everything made me
think of him.

The flat, his things,
our friends...

So, I came here
with Thomas...

And I stayed.

Even now,
when the telephone rings,

I think it's him
for a moment.

And now, do you intend to continue

I am not alone.

Is he still with you?

It was he who died, Suzanne.
You are alive.

I wasn't really in a good
position to learn such things.

Fair enough.

Are you coming back?

I need you.

It's still early days for us.

I think I'm still
a little afraid.


It's not you who will
still be here...

who will weep over you.

Is that why
you didn't come back?

You are afraid?

They are my eyes...

I believe that today
is a great day...

for you, Cécile and François...

but also for the house...

this place...
where sadness and suffering,

are generally more present
than joy.

What we celebrate is the intensity
of your love,

stronger than all.

Henceforth, you are united by God
in marriage.

You may kiss...

and we can applaud.

We have a lifetime
to prepare ourselves,

but we are never ready.

Adieu, my friends
I go...

And you can see what
it is like the other side...

Don't send postcards,

no wall thermometers,

because the atmosphere
is so glacial,

that even the thermometers stop.

We want more
until death comes,

We want more and more and more,

want more
until death comes,

we want more and more and more.

I don't want to shake your hand
Saint Peter,

nor see the Earth on the other side,

I'd rather lead
a life of hell,

than to be underground.

We want more!


Did you like it?


- Who wants champagne?
- I do! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

Calm down, girls!

- I only have two glasses.
- That's enough for us.

The bride and groom are beautiful.
They are magnificent.

That's enough.

Leave some for your sister.
That's it, very good.

Grandma, where will you go
when you die?

- Julie!
- Let...

A ship...
as it disappears over the horizon,

can no longer be seen, but you know
that it is there and that it exists.

With me, it will be the same.

You will see me no more,
but I will always be by your side.

Give me a kiss.

Where are
all my lovers?

All those
who loved me so much,

in those times
when I was beautiful,

Adieu, unfaithful hearts,

I don't know where you are,

no doubt jumping
from love to love,

but my heart
has not grown old yet,

where are
all my lovers?

In the sadness of the night
that is coming,

I am alone and isolated
without support,

no obstacles, but no love,

I have a broken heart,

that was once so happy,

in joyous celebrations
surrounded by admirers...

Now I am slave
of my memories...

- Don't you want to dance?
- No.

- Don't you like to dance?
- Yes, yes.

but I'm rather tired.

Do you want to dance?

but my heart hasn't aged yet,

where are
all my lovers?

The night ends
and at dawn,

a rose weeps with all
my suffering.

Those who loved me
and that I loved,

With the light of day they disappeared.

I see the mist passing
before my eyes,

all the ghosts I see
are they,

fighting in a supreme effort,

I still manage to embrace them all,

where are
all my lovers?

all those who loved me so much,

in those times
when I was beautiful,

Adieu, unfaithful hearts,

I don't know where you are,

no doubt jumping
from love to love...

Jean Louis!
Jean Louis!



At lunch, Thierry made a paella.

We all got a little sick.

Dominique has hooked up
with a new resident.

He wore a leather jacket and earring
but she didn't like it.

Thomas now only thinks
about the end of the world.

He has many questions
to ask you.

Perhaps it won't end like that!!

I'll be home
when you wake up.

I'm going to give you
you a lot of big kisses.

Sleep well.

- Do you want to take the dog?
- No, thank you.

- You keep him, he loves you.
- No way!

- Would you like some cake?
- No, not now.

What do we do with this wretch?

Rodolphe's family
doesn't want him?

Forget it, they're unfit.

Your daughter would love to have him.

Oh no! She would never
take him for a walk.

Well, I'll take care of Dominique.

Be brave!

Stop following me!

Call me if it gets worse, yeah?


See, I'm not running anymore.

I am at your side.

"At the Albert Molot residence,

"They celebrated the 102nd birthday
of Mrs. Lantier.

She was in top form,
surrounded by her 26 grandchildren."

"A man went to turn himself in
claiming to have murdered his wife.

In the house, the police were surprised
to find the woman safe and sound,

Washing the dishes.

One can imagine the scene
that must have followed."

I'd like you to see the sky
and those colours...

I started painting again...
It's been so long...

It was as if I were...
a little rusty.

But I feel the need.

Calm down...
Calm down...

- They want to make some crepes.
- Yes.

- That's enough. Come here.
- Me first.

- To Mum!
- To your mum, go!

- To Mum.
- Bravo!

- This looks like a battlefield
- Like Beirut, yes.

- You want me to take them away?
- Yes!

No, it's okay.
They make me happy.

- Do you want something?
- I came to get a Coke.

Now you, Martin.

Come and see.

Hold on tight, like this...

Go... one, two and three!


Suzanne, come quick!


They didn't want to take me.

And Thomas?

I told him you're getting better.
That you're happy.

He asked me if he could come
here to see you.

Don't let him be alone.

You're exhausted.

You can see?

Be quiet now.

I cannot even eat.

It was nothing.
You almost finished, look.

There you go!

What are you doing?

I'm ashamed...

I'm ashamed...

Don't be...


Not bad.


What is that?

A heart.

Of course...

Don't you want to write
to Sacha?

I can hardly hold the pen.

I can write for you.

I am terrible at writing letters.

I phoned Elena.

She will come with Sacha.

Thank you.

Leave me.
Go away!

- You want me to...
- Go away!

- Dimitri?
- Go away!



Well played.

It is you...
You always stick.


Play the ten again.
I pass twice.

You have any other music?
This gives me the heebie-jeebies

I used to love sacred music,
now I can't stand it anymore.

Is that better?

It's certainly much faster!

There you go - that's a biggie!

There, you've got
it all wrapped up!

Now, you've got me!


and five... you have good cards.

Your turn again.

Tell me why everybody dies,
except me?

What am I still doing here?

And what would I do without you?
Play Solitaire?

Let's play!

Come on...

I feel better.

I believe that it already passed.



The pilgrimage of Saintes-Maries.
Do you remember it?


We said we'd go together.


And we will go.

You'll see, it'll be really something.

And Thomas?

He is waiting for us.

- He goes with us.
- Yes?

Now I'm going to rest a little more.


We have all the time.


We had fun.
We did so many things...


You will be happy, yes?

You promise?

Promise me.

I promise.

I love you.

To: Sacha





- What's wrong, Mum?
- Nothing.

Nothing. Let's go.

- Can I sit in the front?
- Sure.

Hold on, I'll be right back.

A sweet song
That my mamma used to sing to me
Une chanson douce
Que me chantait ma maman

While sucking my thumb
I listened as I fell asleep
En suçant mon pouce
J'écoutais en m'endormant

This sweet song
I'm going to sing it for you
Cette chanson douce
Je vais la chanter pour toi

For your skin is soft
Like the moss of the woods
Car ta peau est douce
Comme la mousse des bois

The little deer is running
La petite biche est aux abois

The wolf is hiding in the wood
Dans le bois, se cache le loup

But the brave knight passed by
Mais le brave chevalier passa

He took the deer in his arms
Il prit la biche dans ses bras

The little deer
Can be you, if you like
La petite biche
Ce sera toi, si tu veux

We don't care about the wolf
Le loup, on s'en fiche

There'll be two of us against him
Contre lui, on sera deux

A sweet song
That my mamma used to sing to me
Une chanson douce
Que me chantait ma maman

A sweet song
for all the little children
Une chanson douce
Pour tous les petits enfants

...from the lullaby
Une Chanson Douce (Le Loup, La Biche Et Le Chevalier)

"One Day You'll See"
"Un Jour Tu Verras"...

...sung by Jacques Dutronc himself!
(i.e. Dimitri)

One day you'll see
We'll meet
Un jour tu verras
On se rencontrera

Somewhere, anywhere
Guided by chance
Quelque part, n'importe où
Guidés par le hasard

We'll look at each other
And we'll smile at each other
Nous nous regarderons
Et nous nous sourirons

And hand in hand
Through the streets we'll go
Et la main dans la main
Par les rues nous irons

Time passes so quickly
The evening will hide well
Le temps passe si vite
Le soir cachera bien

Our hearts, these two thieves
That keep their happiness
Nos coeurs, ces deux voleurs
Qui gardent leurs bonheurs

And we'll arrive
On a grey square
Et nous arriverons
Sur une place grise

Where the cobblestones will be soft
To our grey souls
Où les pavés seront doux
A nos âmes grises

There will be a ball
Very poor and very commonplace
Il y aura un bal
Très pauvre et très banal

Under a sky full of mist
And melancholy
Sous un ciel plein de brume
Et de mélancolie

A blind man will play
Of the barrel organ
Un aveugle jouera
De l'orgue de barbarie

This tune for us will be
The most beautiful, the prettiest
Cet air pour nous sera
Le plus beau, le plus joli

Then I'll invite you
I'll take your size
Moi, je t'inviterai
Ta taille je prendrai

We'll dance in peace
Far from the city people
Nous danserons tranquille
Loin des gens de la ville

We'll dance for love
Eyes deep in each other's eyes
Nous danserons l'amour
Les yeux au fond des yeux

To a deep night
Towards an end of the world
Vers une nuit profonde
Vers une fin du monde

One day you'll see
We'll meet
Un jour tu verras
On se rencontrera

Somewhere, anywhere
Guided by chance
Quelque part, n'importe où
Guidés par le hasard

We'll look at each other
And we'll smile at each other
Nous nous regarderons
Et nous nous sourirons

And hand in hand
Through the streets we'll go
Et la main dans la main
Par les rues nous irons