C'est dur pour tout le monde (1975) - full transcript

A boss meets a young Turk,Dan, in the toilets of a restaurant. He hires him in his business ,he runs an advertising agency .Dan,the young man ,has strange ideas which disconcert his boss.He calls the owner's decisions into question ,and soon , he is fired .Undaunted, he decides to create his own agency with a revolutionary concept:to tell the truth ,the whole truth about the products .Now, Dan is in competition with his former boss.

I'm good at sniffing out
business opportunities.

Hello, Mr. Tardel.

Goodbye, Mr. Tardel.

Hello, Mr. Tardel.

A scent.

A shout.

Live, by Molyneux.

I'm offering…

Félix Potin

You'll come back

This week, in Paris's Félix Potin stores,

you'll find Félix Potin products
at unrivaled prices.

Félix Potin products stand out
thanks to their quality.

Félix Potin, you'll come back.

Is your wife feeling better, Martin?

Yes, she is, thanks sir.

The doctor said
she might come out next week.

Okay, it's great.
With our social security system…

you get paid back but…
there are upfront costs.

It's tough at the moment,

rents have gone up, so…

It used to be 13,000 bucks per term

and now it's gone up to 111,000 per month.
I can't do it.

Money! It's all about money!


what can we do, Mr. Tardel?

Wages do not keep up with price increases.

Listen, Martin, my friend,
it's tough for everybody.


So, what did they think about our project?

-Is Mr. Gallois happy?
-Very happy.

Actually, your direct rival
did also submit a great project.

With a one-billion budget,
it's a tough decision to make.

No, it's not…

You've got to help us, my friend!

You're the advertising director,
for heaven's sake!

Your opinion counts.

Yes, but… I'm not alone.

No, but you have undeniable authority.

Don't underestimate your role.

A table for two, please.

-Have you booked? What's your name?
-Letellier. Dan Letellier.

Follow me, please.

-Can we sit over there?
-It's not possible, sir.

Would you like to sit here?

That's perfect!

-Thanks. The menu, please.

-Would you like something to drink?
-Yes. Pastis? Two pastis.

-Have you seen who's here?

At the table over there.

-It's Tardel. Paul Tardel.

-CEO of Publistella.

Getting there in three hours
seemed impossible.

But we hired a Mystère 20
and that's how we won the business.

Very interesting. Sorry, I need to pee.
That's my secret to stay healthy.

Don't worry, Paul.

He pees like a fountain.

I need to make a phone call.

The check, please.

Excuse-me, sir, I… It's a bit ridiculous

to meet you in this context, but…

aren't you Mr. Tardel?

-Paul Tardel, CEO of Publistella?

Yes, that's me.

I'm so lucky to meet you here.

I admire you very much.

I have an original copy
of My life, My fight,

signed by you.

It's my bedside book, my bible.

-You've readMylife…
-Myfight,I've devoured it.

That's kind of you.

Mr. Tardel, if I may…
Okay, I'll go for it!

You could do me a huge favor.

A favor?

Yes, I'm asking you because I know
that you appreciate young people.

The chapter about youth in your book,
I know it by heart.

What do you want from me, kid?

It's… Well…
I'm having lunch with someone who…

Who… to whom I've been recommended.

And if I make a good impression,
this person could be useful to me.

-I don't see what I can do.
-Let me tell you, it's very simple.

As I'm having lunch with that man,

you walk by our table and simply say,
"Hello, Mr. Letellier."

Letellier is me. Dan Letellier.

You understand, if this man…

sees that I know you,

he'll be favorably impressed

and I'm sure things will work out for me.

"Hello, Mr. Letellier". That's all.

Listen, kid,
what you're asking for is unusual.

Really unusual…

I usually quite like daring people,
but you…

I'm not sure. I'll see.

Tell me your name again, please.

Mr. Letellier. Dan Letellier.

So, have you agreed on something?

-I'm sorry.

It's a tricky situation,
but I know you'll sort it out.

-My dear friend…

What have you decided about this budget?

-Our fate is in your hands.

In your hands indeed.

I don't see why
I wouldn't be able to convince my boss.

I'm convinced myself.

-Our budget will go to Publistella!
-Very well.

See you next week to wrap everything up?

-Here you go.
-Thanks, Mr. Tardel.

One for the road, Mr. Tardel?

-Hello, Mr. Letellier.
-Hi, Tardel!

Sorry, man, I'm busy. See you tomorrow.

But it's Tardel! From Publistella!

Yes, it's Tardel. So what?

Well, I would have loved
to make your cousin happy but…

there isn't a position
high enough for you.

I'd feel bad to offer you a job
as an assistant.

You deserve better.

You need a job that matches your skills.

Believe me, I'm glad to have met you.

By the way, if you could drop a word
about me to Mr. Tardel…

Yes, why not.

-What are you doing here, Laurent?
-I thought you'd never arrive.

-It's good.
-No way!

You start tomorrow, buddy. Isn't it great?

You'll work on concepts.
You'll assist the assistant.

What will I do?

Fascinating stuff.

You'll bring coffee
to the creative director.

You'll pick up flowers for the boss' wife.

You'll be amazing at that.
And you'll clean the studio.

I'll never forget what you've done for me!

At Publistella, if you do well,
you can easily make a niche for yourself.

-Yes, Publistella. You seem disappointed.

No, but you said it would be at Prénatif.

It didn't work out. They hired
Bardin's nephew. Why? Is that a problem?

Not at all, I'm so glad!

You'll see,
Publistella is a great company.

I've been there for two years
and it's great.

Lend me 10,000 bucks and let's celebrate.

-By the way, the CEO of Publistella…
-It's Tardel.

Hello, Mr. Tardel.

The old geezer's here.

The old geezer's here.

So, are you happy?

-Yes, Mr. Tardel.
-Retiring soon!

Do you know where Laurent is?

I'm here!


-What's going on?

-Eight floors is a lot.
-How about the elevator?

I was late, I took the stairs.

-The boss wants to see you.

It's a tradition.
He always meets new employees in person.

I'll show you your desk.
You can put your stuff here.

-This is my desk?
-Yes, next to mine.

I don't want to see Tardel.

You don't have a choice.
We've all had to do it.

Don't worry!

Look at his cigar.
It's a good sign if it's lit.

If not, you're in trouble!

Don't worry. He doesn't bite. Come on, go!

-I wouldn't like to be you.

Don't listen to these idiots. Hurry up.

He's cute!

His office is at the end of the corridor.

-Smile, relax…

Get a move-on or I'll kick your ass!

-Can I go tomorrow?
-Go now! And you'll tell me how it went.

Goddamn it! Go!


It's what I thought, Mr. Tardel.

As I said yesterday,
we've got a rival on the BLS project.

We'll find out who it is today,

but we need to do something about it.
It's a big project.

-Which ministry's in charge?

-That's good.
-Yes, it is.

-Do you know whether he's got the rosette?
-Let me find out.

Thanks, Bertier.

He's the new employee, sir.

I've met you before.

Me? No, you haven't, sir.

I thought so.

-What's his name?
-I don't know.

Dan Letellier.


Didn't you apply
to the First Chance Prize last year?

No, I didn't, sir.

I know I've seen you before.

You haven't, sir, I'm 100% sure.



Dan Letellier.

Mr. Letellier.


Hello, Mr. Letellier.
How did you get here?

I like you. Go and wait for me outside.
I'll be there in five minutes.


Mr. Letellier. Well, well, well…

I don't know what you've done to the boss,
but he likes you.

I'm likable me at first glance.

-Hi! Can you do me a favor?

The clients of For Ever are on their way.

Let me know when they're here.

How will I know it's them?

You'll be fine,
you seem to be a smart cookie.

They thought the picture was worthwhile,
efficient, perfect.

They just want it too be less dark
around here

and they want bold characters.

Apart from that, they've agreed.


Get rid of the woman in the background

so we only see the kid. Alright?

-Very good idea, Mr. Tardel.

There's a small issue though.

They've been discussing the price.

If we only took 25% in cash,
it'd all be sorted.

No, I don't see why we'd do that!
And the deadline's soon.

Be firm! It'll be half, as usual.

He hasn't got the Pamiers rosette.

Okay. Invite him for dinner at Maxim's
and ask Mrs. Paul for two girls.

-Got it.
-But good girls.

They were crap last time.
Particularly the fat blond one.


Cast result, Mr. Tardel.

Good. What's it for?

Maclubdu chainsaws. Pink button.

I got it, thanks!

How about you?

There's a problem, Mr. Tardel.
It's in today'sLeNouvelHebdo.

What's that?

Ponava… is an insecticide
that doesn't just kill insects.

Friday morning,
three campers were found in a coma.

Tests revealed it was caused by poisoning

due to a Ponava tablet inside their tent.

We've just started the campaign.

-Let's sue them!
-Not sure we'll win.

We won't work with these idiots again.
Let's strip them of our budget.

They agree on advertising Ponava
for 20,000 francs

then stab us in the back. It's a scandal!

They're an important client.
It'll be hard to do without them.

Just work it out, it's your job!

Clients are waiting for you
in the projection room, Mr. Tardel.

Let's go.

Yes, the day after tomorrow. We need two.

But… not Sandra,
the fat blond one you sent last time.

Given how much it costs,
we deserve… Thanks.

Letellier! Bloody Letellier, I like you.

I like audacious young people.

If you only get one idea a month,
I won't be losing money with you.

Come with me, I'm gonna promote you.

Send this to Mr. Bidard.
It's urgent. Airmail.

Here are the impacts of our Bic campaign.

Instant memorization: 11%.
Assisted memorization: 24%.

-Reputation: 6%.
-Not great.

No, it's not. We need to do something.
If we change--

-Who did this survey?

That's what we're gonna change.

We pay them so they tell us
that we do crap campaigns!

Hello, gentlemen. This is Toby.

This is Mr. Letellier,
in charge of your new campaign.

-But I--
-Yes, you are. You'll sort it out, Toby.

I've seen the film already.
If we use it in the right media,

I think it'll be very efficient.

What do you think of For Ever, Mr. Lucas?

Sensational! Just sensational!

My hair grew back in 20 minutes.

Mr. Lucas has just done an experiment.
He's used For Ever on one side only.

-Mr. Lucas?

Look on the other side of his head

where he hasn't used For Ever.

I wasn't sure about it. Now I'm convinced.

Don't do things mid-way!

For Ever.
To be as attractive as you used to be.

Did you like it, gentlemen?
I thought it was great.

I think it's really…

-Well, it's very good.

When he faces the front,

do you think
that we clearly see the difference between

the treated and untreated sides?

I think so, very clearly.

Well, we can add more hair if you wish.

There's no need to
if you think that's good.

I think this film is great
and eye-catching.

It'd be a shame
not to make the most of it.

What do you mean?

I think it'd be great
for a cinema campaign.

Sorry, Mr. Tardel,
I think that it's meant for television.

Go and get the brief in my office.

-Show him the way, Toby.

Yes, sir.

With a cinema campaign,

product memorization
will be more efficient.

Was that intentional?

Tardel wants this film to be in cinemas
for a good reason.

Then money will come out of his
right pocket to land in his left one.

-Tardel owns the cinema network!

-That's the good reason?
-Yes. It is here.

I've got a lot to teach you.

Isn't his office over there?

He was wrong. The brief is in Edmond's.

-On the desk.


Letellier catches the ball,

he avoids the defenders,
pretends he's gonna pass.

Letellier kicks the ball forward
and gets a line-out… in the loo.

Enough now! I'm sleeping.

Did you forget me?

That's 2357 francs and 30 cents.
I'll pay you on my way down.

Are you sure?
You already said that last week.

I will. I just got a great job.

Last time you had a great job
it only lasted eight days.

Don't worry, it's all gonna change.

-It's about time!
-My mail.

Get up, Carole!

So… One ticket, another ticket,
ticket, ticket

-a pain in the ass…

…ticket, leaflet,

bill, ticket, and this is not interesting.
That's it.

I know what you need,
a nice homemade coffee.

Leave me alone!

For fuck's sake, come on, Carole!

Always late with her.

We won't be late today!

Will you take your car?

-Will you take your car?

Of course.

Can you give me a lift?
I've got a photo shoot with Francis.

You'd get there early.

That'll give me time to buy a dress then.

-You look great like this.
-Come on!

-Two cubes?
-Don't you know?

-Your homemade coffee is disgusting!
-It's better if you stir.

What's that? Is that for me?

It was either this or the rent.
The janitor will wait.

-It's pretty! How much was it?
-I'm not saying!

I got it for 200,000 bucks.
It's a bargain!

-But you're crazy!
-It's our engagement ring!

You want to get married?

Get married? No way.
But we could stay engaged for a long time.

-Which one's the ring finger?
-This one.

It's too large. I'll wear it here.

-You can say thank you tomorrow…

-Where are you going?
-To shower.

Hurry up!
I'm always late when you stay the night!

That's it! We made it.

-What's going on?

-Would you mind pushing?
-Again! You have some nerve!

-It's not my fault.
-There's always a problem with it.

Don't make a big deal about it.
I'll get it fixed soon.

Come on…

-Come on, push!
-I'm doing my best!

It's not that hard.
Use your muscles, not your brain.

Put it in gear! I can't push anymore.

Two hours in the shower!

It wasn't two hours.

Oh great! I'm screwed!
On the day I start a new campaign!

A new what? A campaign?

-What are you talking about?
-You don't get it, do you?

The For Ever campaign.

"Use For Ever,
it'll make your hair stand on end."

Working doesn't suit you.
You're funnier when you're unemployed.

Some people really take it easy.

Don't rush, guys,
we're not in a hurry at all!


Tardel's gonna fire me.
But you don't give a damn, right?

Listen, keep the car.
I'm gonna take the train.

I'll call you!


-You need a haircut.
-I won't forget, Mr. Tardel.

-Oh no!

-Get on.
-Thanks, Mr. Tardel.



-Are you happy?
-Very happy.


-All good?
-Everything's good. Sorry.

-How about the project--
-For Ever? It's ready.

I hope it'll be original enough.

I think you'll be surprised.

Amazing! You're good at that!

Did you know that in Yucatan

only the king and his priests
are allowed to smoke cigars?


You're not shy, Dan.
You take the elevator with the old geezer.


Toby's waiting for you in the studio,
on the first floor.

Sorry, I didn't even say hello.


Bitte schön. Danke schön.
Brewed ingroßeStadt.

Yes, but better.
Don't tremble while holding the bottle.

Push your belly out.

Like thisBitte schön!Danke schön!
Thank you very much!

Danke schön!

Look up. Push your belly out. Go!

Let's go. Lights!

Bitte schön, 162th take.

Bitte schönis beer. Left hand.

-Bitte schön.

Danke schön.

Do like this. Go!

-Bitte schön.
-You didn't get it. Cut!

Bitte schön.
And you show the brand to the camera.

Here you are. I was looking for you.

-You've got some lipstick here.


-Still there.
-Still? Is it better?

Yes, great.

Our For Ever meeting has been pushed back.

Mr. Tardel is going to Bidard's funeral.
He committed suicide.

Business is business.

Cut! It's not good.

Toby, your beer is shit.
There's no foam. It's like piss.

-Go and get half a pint, Amélie.
-Hang on, wait!

-Give it to me.
-Washing powder, you're crazy!

-Here you go.
-Perfect, it's amazing!

-Go and get some steam, quick!
-Go and get it, Dan.

Sure, where is it?

-On the dolly.
-Hurry up!

You call that a gray shirt?

I don't see the difference
with a white one.

Can I have this?

Have you got it?

-A bit more.
-Perfect. Let's go!

-Yes, I'm coming.

We're screwed, the gray shirt isn't right.

We've got more.

-Can you bring them, Dan?

And you say, "Beer brewed in…"?

-Bitte Stadts, schöne bitt!

-This one or that one?

-That one.
-No way!

-But it's not gray!
-Yellow will work too.


Cut! For God's sake, the door!
What's going on?

The door, for God's sake!

-Are you looking for someone?
-Mr. Javaux, please.

You're in the wrong place.
We're shooting Tarzan, as you can see.

Yes, okay, but I--

-Chickens for Panzanoul, where do they go?

I run a small company

and I'd like to do some advertising.

The secretary told me to come here.

It's the wrong story.
Mr. Javaux, the account manager…

Where's Javaux?

-One floor down.
-One floor down.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

Give me another glass.

-Go and get me a drink.

No! I told you 1,000 times.
"Beer brewed ingroße Stadt".

My glass!

And you say, "Ami washing powder,
the household friend".


-I'm so sorry.
-Go and put a shirt on.

We need to assert the product's identity.

We need to encourage clients
to overcome their potential complexes.

Not only can they buy the product.

I totally agree with you.

They need to feel that they must buy it.

-First they can, then they must.

Blah blah blah.

Paul's right.
It needs to be screened in cinemas.

It'll be more prestigious
and will have more impact.

Okay, we'll buy that.

How about on the radio?
A campaign on RTN would be great.

Good idea, Paul.

How about billboards also?

Publiclair's network would be perfect.

-And newspapers?
-The right target would beIL.

Well, gentlemen,
that sounds like an efficient campaign!

Now let's go and chill out
in the countryside.

Not for me unfortunately.
I've just taken time off.

That's why you look so well, Paul.

And tanned!

-I've got a secret.


If he reveals his secret, it means
you're not just clients, but friends.

Thalassotherapy! But not just any.

It's fantastic!
You look five year's younger afterwards.

It's all Tardel's.

Underwater massages, high-pressure hoses…

And actually for your hair…

Personally I cannot do anything.
I'm too famous,

I cannot change my face.

But ask Marcel.

It's simple, five years ago,
I was almost like you.

I've discovered Quiberon thanks to Paul.

And here's the result.


Give them the leaflet.

Yes, Paul.

If you agree, let's move on to…

For Ever's new campaign.

I had a study done.

According to that study,
which you'll be able to take a look at,

I've made a blueprint for the script.

Let me warn you,
it's a brand new approach.


Here it is.

Out of ten men who are over 30 years old,

five of them have hair problems.

They regularly lose handfuls of hair.

Out of these five men,
two of them don't care about it.

Losing their hair
doesn't make them unhappy.

Out of the remaining three,
two have tried everything they could.

There's no way
you'll sell anything to them.

They'd rather stay bald.

There's one man left.

-Alright, fine!
-No, but I…

Enough, we'll look at that later.

Sorry but this campaign
doesn't seem ready.

-But, sir--
-Stop now!

We've looked at the question
from every angle. Enough for today.

You're wrong.
You should never say things to Dulac.

He influences Tardel
through Bertrand's secretary.

He sleeps with her.

I said it on purpose
so the old geezer finds out.

Gaubert should keep a low profile now.


We've got him! He's gonna regret it.

It's been stuck for five minutes.

Hi, Dan! How are you?

I'm good.

-Hey, you!

Here you go, 3247.

One twelfth of a month paid double,
one sixth of the Christmas bonus,

severance pay, expenses and salary.
Here you go.

Do I finish the month?

Usually you would,
but he wants you to go now

without delay.

-Did you find it?
-Yes, but I got kicked out.

-It's a habit of theirs.
-The director quickly saw me

and said they were already working
for a pen brand.

-You make pens?
-Yes. My name's Mr. Gilles.

The cheapest fountain pen, Plumagyl.

You can write kilometers with it,
it doesn't dry without the cap,

and only costs 2,50 francs.

-I'd like one.
-Yes, if you want.

Two fifty.

-I'm in charge of an agency.
-Don't you work at Publistella?

I just popped in.
Tardel 's a friend of mine.

-Tardel? Who's that?
-Tardel? It's Tardel.

-A friend who works there.
-What's your agency called?

My agency is called… TTC.

TTC. It's called TTC.

I've got to catch a train to Lourdes
in one hour.

I'll come back next month.
We could chat about it.

Next month? Where is your company based?

-In Lourdes.
-It's great.

I'm off to Tarbes next week.
I could come on Monday.

-It'd be excellent.
-So, Monday…

-Here you go.

I cannot do Monday. Tuesday

is full. Wednesday,

I'll be in Toulouse.
How about 11 a.m. on Thursday?

Whenever is best for you. I'm free.

-You are ?
-Mr. Gilles. L-L-E-S.

Rue de la Grotte, in Lourdes.

-I'll find it.
-Sure. The grotto, in Lourdes.

Great, see you Thursday at 11 a.m.

I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

-Bye, sir.
-See you soon.






It wasn't doable anymore over there.

There were attacks and grenades every day,

the army was in the street.

My shop was on Michelet street.
It's like Paris's Champs-Élysées.

I couldn't do it anymore, so I left.

I only took a small suitcase
because we left in a hurry,

and I settled in Lourdes.
The south felt familiar somehow.

Before that, I used to make this in Alger.

Saucy pens, they are unusual and cute.

But they don't sell here.
Who's gonna buy that here?

It's not… appropriate.

So I've made these.

-A Holy Virgin!

It's unusual.

A divine pen, for inspired writing…

They're little nick-knacks,
but they sell well.

Between you and I, these kinds of pen,
with the Holy Virgin or with naked women,

only attract a few clients.

In order to increase distribution,
it needs to be more serious pens.

It makes total sense!

So I've been thinking about it,
it didn't all happen by chance!

And I've created this work of art,
called Plumagyl.

-Only 2,50 francs.
-It's cheap.

Only 2,50 francs! That's nothing!

It's cheaper than the Super-Pen,
which costs 45 francs!

That's theft, I tell you! Proper robbery.

It lasts longer than Bernol,
which is totally crap.

Let me tell you,
it's way below quality wise.

It's a bit stronger than this Penstil.

That one is proper shit.

And seriously,
it's prettier than this Stilgraph.

This one's awful.

I've got nothing to worry about.
Just compare them!

Yes, go ahead, you can compare them.

We can compare them.

No! TTC means Test, Try and Compare.

Yes, that's great now.

-What a day to do this. It won't last.
-It will.

It's all wet.

We must go fast. There's no choice.

What are you gonna do with this barge?

Do you know how much offices cost
on Champs-Élysées?

-It's very remote here.
-Not at all!

I'll take it between Alma and Concorde.
We'll be in the center.

-I'm clever.

-You're crazy to stand up to Tardel.
-Don't worry.

I think it's great. I like the colors,

yet one thing:
capital letters don't stand out.

-TTC means… Sorry.
-Don't worry.

TTC means?

Test, Try and Compare.

Let's compare.

Do you need a pen?

Let's see which one lasts the longest.

Five hours, 40 minutes and 28 seconds.


-Eleven hours and 32 minutes.

Twenty hours, 40 minutes and 35 seconds.

Which one's the strongest?


Seventeen impacts.


Twenty-three impacts.

Plumagyl's still intact.

Plumagyl never wears out.

You will before it does.

It's innovative. I'm sure it's gonna work.

I'm happy for Dan.

It'll teach Tardel a lesson.

For once we had a fun guy,
the old geezer kicked him out.

If one guy resists him,
he'll say he lacks talent.

His nickname is well deserved.
He's gone totally blind.

Some even say he's going deaf.

That's Toby!

-Who's Toby?
-She works at Publistella.

Take the helm. I can't believe it!

I'm gonna stop there!

Let's stop!

Mooring lines to the port side!

I mean to the starboard side!
I'll never get it right.

Turn, Carole!

Hey! What are you doing here?

-I'm looking for a job.
-I need an assistant.

We're almost there. Watch out!

Yeah, well done!

-She seems lovely, right?
-Yes, really lovely.

-Did Tardel kick you out?
-He did.

-You're not the first.
-Nor will I be the last.

Tell me about it.

We're almost there.

-I'm happy to see you.
-Me too.

Because Ricard's best friend is water…

And the kid's studies.
In a religious institution.

He's at the Christian Brothers.
It's expensive.

How about this! Fucking tricycle!

You want a spare wheel?

TTC! Twats Too Close!

These young people are so stupid!

It's a matter of money.

As I always say,
every man's worth a price.

What matters is to find out how much.

This bastard will be expensive,

he'll want us to pay for his delusions,
which he probably calls "ideal". Anyway…

Do you have the letter?

It's ready. You just have to sign it.

I think you were wrong
to kick Letellier out.

Well, it happens. I'm not mad at you.

You're too generous, Paul.

Forget about it. Where's the letter?

"Dear Dan,
I'm glad to hear you're being successful."

"We could do great things together."

Yeah right!

"Let's start by going for lunch."

"Call me. Kind regards."

The pen's missing obviously.

Not that one!

"Let's start by going for lunch."
Yeah right!

-We've almost doubled this month.

Hello? Mr. Letellier here,
I'd like to speak to Mr. Grignon.



Hey, Dan.

You're comparing again?
It's become a habit!

Have you decided?

I'm torn between the two.

You, idiot!

Can I show you the project for Color?

Yes? I'll call back. Thanks, bye.

-Isn't it?

It's quite… mysterious.

Should we test? Carole!
Come and have a look.

Hey! Testing! Come and have a look.

What's that? I don't get it.

Good start.

-Yes, I think I got it.

If Carole gets it, everybody can.


You'll find me annoying,
but there's one issue: the finger.

Not precise enough.

We can change it. How about the font?

It's very good. All sorted.

-Sign this.
-Oh yeah.

Thanks, buddy.

-Can we go out for dinner tonight?
-I can't tonight.

I'm having dinner with a client,
I's gonna be long.

Are we still going out tonight?
We meet at 8:30 p.m.?

-Is that your client?
-Yes… I mean…

She's coming with me to meet the client.
She's in charge of the project.

What are you talking about?

Yes, I'm telling Carole
about tonight's dinner.

There will be several of us. You can come.

That's very kind but no!

I think you'll actually be on your own
for dinner tonight.

Thank you.

I've got good news for you. It's over!

Carole! Can we be friends?

No way.


Lots of turnover today!


This compares grip on different surfaces.

I'll call you back! Show me.


Yes, it's good.
It's gonna be very successful.

-Look, it's about your car!

"The Danton 1300
is dangerous at any speed."

Oh great! You bought a crappy car.



You know it's a 800-million contract?

-Old francs?
-Yes, of course.

Well I'm flattered you've come to us.

Yet… test results don't--

But we're ranked second on that market!

Second? That's unfair!

Give me your budget and you'll be first.

-Do you think?

I know exactly
what the product's positioning should be.

It's not about selling coffee,
everybody knows how to do that.

It's about selling dreams.

Sunshine in the tropics, samba…

So the poor guy drinking his coffee
at home feels he's in Brazil,

even though he knows he'll never go there.

Yes, maybe.

This kind of film rather promotes
travel agencies, don't you think?

-I'd like to ask you something.

I've heard about comparative tests lately.

What do you think?
Couldn't we set up a few tests

that would turn out
to be advantageous for us?

Your coffee
is the best in the world, period.

There's no point comparing!

If you're not fully convinced,

entrust me with your budget
and I'll convince you.

See, I'm not lying.

I never drink anything else
but your coffee.

No thanks, I don't drink coffee.
I get hyper.

So what should we do?

I'll think about it.

I might go
for a traditional campaign with you.

I'm not sure though…

Anyway! I'll call you next week.

I guess you know
that we partly own a restaurant chain.

Quite a big one actually.

We'd obviously serve your coffee there.

-I'd appreciate it.
-I bet.

Bye now.

Can you see him to the door please?

-My dear friend!
-See you next week.

-I'll wait for your call.


That's it, I've screwed him over!

A huge contract! It's in the bag!

-Rida coffee?
-How do you know?

-Are you sure it's confirmed?
-Of course.

You're optimistic.

If you do get it, do you know why?

You'll get it
because TTC has turned it down.



The little bastard you've kicked out?

We've missed three other opportunities
this month.

You've got to understand
that the business is changing.

We need new ideas.
Or rather… only one idea!

A great one,
like you've had before in your life.

An idea that would propel us
on newspaper front pages.

Mr. Tardel.

How did you find out about the fire?

They just called me, I was at home.
I don't know anything.

-Do you think it's a criminal act?
-I cannot say.

Is the building insured?

Well, just let the firemen work,
they're amazing.

I know this is your job, I understand,
I used to be a journalist.


I'll never dare.

You're right.

We're tired.

We're too old.

We don't work as well as we used to.

There's only one solution left, Marcel.

You should retire.


Was it you who recommended Letellier
to Publistella?

I mean… yes, sir.

I want to see him this week.


You brought him in
when I didn't want him, so find him now.

-Otherwise I'll…
-Got it, Mr. Tardel.

-Is it fine here?
-Yes, great.

It's gonna be great.

That's it.

Wait, let me adjust.

That's it. Is it okay? Is it high enough?

How long do you need
to set up the tracking shot?

At least a quarter of an hour.

Hurry up, the sun's high already,
it's gonna ruin our close-ups.

-Let's do them now.
-We're rehearsing.

Okay, let's rehearse.

Let's rehearse. Everybody in position.

I'm gonna push the car. Is Dédé ready?

-Come on! Tell us when to go.

One, two, one, two, three. One, two. Okay.

Okay, come forward! One, two!

One, two! More hips!

One and two!

Come on, forward! One and two!

What are you doing here?

I've come to see you.
I've traveled 800 kilometers, buddy.

Hey! That's Carole!

Yes, that's her.

-She's with me.

Yes, I see!

-I mean, Carole and I…
-You mean that you and Carole…

-She got over it quick.

-She's a good rider.

-A rider?
-She's just changed horse.

-Very funny.
-Congrats, buddy.

Did you come here to let me know?

Not really, no.

I'm here because I want to continue
paying rent and taxes in the future…

What's going on? Do you need money?

I don't. Thanks, Dan.

I'd like to keep my job at Publistella.

I'll get kicked out
if you don't meet Tardel.

No way.

-Did you see?
-Yeah. They're going?

They're off to the West Indies.

Dan, I've helped you find a job,

and now I'd like you to help me keep mine.

-You'll find another job. Work with me.
-No, that won't work.

I'm gonna tell you something.

I'm not like you, I'm not talented.

I make people believe I do.
It's a full-time job.

I'm quite chilled with the old geezer.

Another job would be hell for me.

Please, do me this favor, go and see him.

You can ask anything from me but…
not this.

If I meet Tardel, I won't be able
to see myself in the mirror anymore.


Yes, that'd be terrible.
I can't ask you for such a sacrifice.

Never mind.

I'll have to pay for it then.



Can you come, Dan?
I've got something to show you.

Can we shoot now?

Yes, we can set up the zoom lens.
I think it'd be better.

-Up to you.
-Let's go for the zoom lens!

Has Laurent gone? What did he want?

Nothing. He told me he's engaged.

With Carole? Really?

You seem sad. Did that hurt you?

Me? I don't give a damn.

Bye! Safe travels!

What are you doing, Dan? We're ready.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Let's do it for real now.
Keep the same rhythm.

I tell you, the game is over now.

Either he gets back into the line
and works for me

or I'll give him a hard time
and he'll give up in two weeks.

Delicious! You should have
ordered that. Try it.

Delicious. You have good taste, Paul.


Not you, you're too dumb.

Number one, almost perfect.

-Number two, traces of antibiotics.
-That's a problem.

-Pierre! Do you have the file?
-Which file?

-About the milk.
-I don't.

We need to hand it in tonight.

Toby's in charge.

-She's gone to the First Chance Prize.

Tardel's thing.

Jesus! The file hasn't been corrected!

It's a big mistake.
I hope she hasn't submitted it yet.

Go back to the office.
I need to sort this out.

-Mr. Letellier!

Hey, you! Have you got your invitation?

-I don't.
-You can't come in.

Don't worry, I'll only be five minutes.

I know the trick! That's just enough time
to eat all of the petit-four.

-Let me go in.
-You won't.

Yeah alright then!

-Hi, Dan!
-I'm happy to see you.

I am too. I knew you'd come.

Don't get me wrong.
I'm not here to see Tardel.

I've come because I need to see Toby.

Let him come in.

Mic check. One, two, three…

One, two, three… All good?

…all of these problems
come from deontology.

What's this gobbledygook? Who wrote that?

I did, Paul.

You can wipe your ass with it.
I'll improvise.

Lots of people. It's a success.

They could select the candidates though.

A proper bunch of fruitcakes.

The blond one isn't that bad.

I'd like to fuck her.
I wouldn't be good at it, but I'd like it.

Paul? Did you see who's here?

-Over there, right in the middle.


Dan Letellier.

To my right is the first candidate.

-Hello, what's your name?
-Sophie Darcin.

-How old are you?
-I'm 21.

-What idea has brought you here?
-Studying insects.

Can you tell us more about it?

-I'd like to go to Uganda.
-Why there?

Because that's where…

Have you got a collection?

-I've got butterflies.

Hey, Laurent!

Dan was looking for you.

Dan? You're crazy, he's not here.

I didn't tell him I was coming.
I wanted to see my friends.

I swear he was looking for you.
He got here five minutes ago.

He had no invitation, I helped him get in.

He wants to see you.
He said it was important.

I'm worried now. Where is he?

Follow me.

You! What are you doing here?

Hi, Étienne.

Entering enemy territory on your own
is quite bold.

-Don't worry, I have a gun.
-Good, 'cause it's war here.

Have you noticed?

Advertising and war
share the same vocabulary.

We write reports, make plans,
conduct campaigns.

We've got a strategy to reach a target.

-Have you lost something?
-I'm looking for Toby.

Toby? I saw her going this way
with Laurent.

He didn't want to stay downstairs.

He said he'd wait for you in the office.
He's here.

He's coming.

-Come in, she's here.
-Thanks, Laurent.

Dan's not here!

He's just gone downstairs. I swear.

Would you believe it! What a surprise!

I'm so glad to see you,
most particularly today.

Hello, Mr. Tardel.

I just said that to Marcel.
Have you met before?

I was saying,
"What a shame Dan's not here!"

He's the best example
of what young people can do.

-You're so kind.
-No, I'm not at all.

I'm very proud to have helped you
make a name for yourself.

We're gonna do great things together.


Of course.
Cigar? Like in the good old times.

No thanks, I quit smoking.

Good for you! When did you quit?

Five minutes ago.

Listen, Dan.

I can see you don't like me anymore.

You don't.

I'm upset.

Very upset.

I won't try to outsmart you.
I'm gonna be honest.

As honest as I've ever been.

Don't get me wrong,
it's not out of dismay.

You're too smart to think that.
It's rather that…

I see you are, despite…

you look so innocent…

as great as I am.

Do you know what I think about our job?

Advertising is a big circus.

Barnum, who's invented advertising,

had made no mistake about it.

He invented advertising
and then the circus.

Do you know what he used to say?
It seems shallow, but it's very deep.


Sit down.

Barnum used to say…

"There's a sucker born every minute."

So there's two of us.

You and I.

Let's meet halfway.

Mr. Tardel, I quite like you actually.
It's true.

I even feel a bit sorry for you.

I'm gonna create a prize too.

The Third Age Foundation.
You stand a great chance.

Don't talk to me like that.
You don't know this market.

Don't bother with irony and feelings.

Do you know
why so few people died in Prague?

Soviets were shooting in the air.

Aim lower, you'll get more people.
If clients bring me shit, I'll sell it.

Bon appétit, Mr. Tardel.

I'm gonna bring you into the line.

If you refuse to work with me,
it'll be war and you can't compete.

We'll see.

You think you're rich now that
you've earned two or three millions!

Do you know Bleustein-Blanchet's turnover?

It's 2,3 billions!

Provost? Three billions.
Dassault? Five billions.

Have you heard about Roger Martin?

They're worth 6,1 billions! Old francs!

Money! Alright! Great!

It helps buy cars and private mansions.
And then what?

For us, money is to bribe men.

It helps manipulate them.

Remember, every man's worth a price.
Even you, who're supposedly not for sale.

Stop, it's not good for you.

You're an amazing actor.

You think you've been creative.

Alright then!

Let's remind ourselves!

No fool gets fooled, that's me.

Unleash the powder, that's me.
Bold is gold, that's me.

Grumpy geezer, that's me!

Don't get into a state.
It's not good for you.

I'll quell you, kid.

I don't give a shit.

I'm gonna kill you!

Calm down!
We're in 1975, not in the Third Republic.

Calm down, Paul. What's the point?

It's the flu. Give me my cough syrup.

Bring out the big guns
to fight this snotty-nosed kid.

I want to know the name of his bank…

the amount of his overdraft,

how many credits he's got,

his tax situation,
criminal record, everything.

He wants to play the wise guy.

Give me his accounts,
everything you can find.

Look if there's a dead body in the closet.
Or we'll put one there.

-How did you get this idea, Mr. Duval?
-I live in an urban environment and…

How can you enjoy such an atmosphere?

How about you?

I've come to pick up the Lactel file.

Well, we hope you'll be successful.

He's gonna steal everything from me!
Even my secretary!

Some fresh air, that's good.

Here's the man you've been waiting for,
Mr. Paul Tardel!

Ladies and gentlemen,
once again I'm here tonight

to award the First Chance Prize,

because I believe
in young and upcoming French talents.

Are you unwell?


If I didn't believe in them,
they wouldn't be young talents

and they wouldn't be French.


self-control, good method and…
nothing unplanned.

Let me do it.


Is that all?

What a shame.



Have fun, little bastard.
You won't laugh afterwards.


So, the problem's simple.

We're gonna open branches in provinces.

So we need an account here.

An important account.


Very important.

I see… Very good.

I'll get straight to the point.

In exchange,

cancel all of TTC's credits.

I see…


I hope you didn't catch a cold here.

It's not very hot, but…

No, I have chronic flu.

Chronic flu?

-Can I get a piggyback ride, dad?

-Get on!
-On the floor.

Come one, giddy up!

-That's it.
-Again! I got good grades this week!

Get off, darling.

Here you go!
Enough to bring his company down.

Accounts, addresses, everything.

Dan has taken risks with tax authorities.

A company in Panama,
a few tricks with VAT,

selling lands to himself, fake invoices,

wrong exchange rates…

Dan was wrong to do illegal things.

He's as dumb as he looks.

The ball is in your court, Paul.

Thanks. You've been perfect again.

You're so kind, but I didn't do it alone.

Edmond has helped me a lot.

It's really nice here.
Much calmer than the office.

Tell me about it.
Nature, life, there's nothing like it.

And kids, of course.

-What's wrong?
-I've got cystitis.

-I've got cystitis, I need a wee.

This way.
I've been thinking about what you said.

This job is tiring indeed.

You've been working for a long time,
you should enjoy life now.

But I'm very happy.

Go out and play, kids.

Thank you very much.

Marcel is about to retire.


I'm gonna kick him out.
His position's free.

Mr. Letellier, you cannot stay here.

You must pay this by cash right away!

Mr. Letellier,
I need to check your accounts.

Where are you going?

Cast off!

Cast off now!

-I'm gonna put an end to your problems.
-Leave me alone.

If Tardel's sent you, you can swim back!

Tardel… Read this.

Have a look at this and it'll be
the beginning of the rest of your life.

What are you plotting?

Just have a look here.

Here you go.


Very interesting.

That's a different story.

It looks like I'll be fine
for the rest of my life.

Why did you do this?

I've known Paul for over 40 years.

He was your age when we met.
And I've been hating him for 40 years.

And also… I'm just like Tardel,
I really like young talents.

It's the beginning of the rest of my life
for me as well.

Come on, Dan! The future is ours!

Hi, Mr. Tardel? Dan Letellier speaking.

Guess who's standing just next to me.

It's Marcel.

My new right-hand man.

Let me explain. Do you have five minutes?

I'd like to speak about a file

that Marcel's been kind enough
to bring to me.

The file's orange.

Reference number 813AC.

I can read you the first page.

No, you don't want to…

Mr. Tardel, I've been in trouble lately.

I wanted to ask
whether you'd be kind enough

to use your influence
to sort this out for me.

Thanks, Mr. Tardel.
I knew you'd understand.

Bye, Mr. Tardel.

I had no choice.

My humble respects, Madam. Mr. Letellier.

Madam. My respects, sir.

The menu, please.

Excuse me.

I need to make a phone call.

Excuse me, sir. Aren't you Mr. Letellier?

-Dan Letellier.
-No, I'm not.

Subtitle translation by: Lucille Teppa