C'est déjà l'été (2010) - full transcript

C'EST DÉJÀ L'ÉTÉ is a portrait of a family, but above all the story of a teenager who's life seems to be pushed of track by the lack of a normal family and desperately, purely by instinctive battle, tries to lift himself out of his wretched, semi-feral existence.

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- Fine.

What are you doing today?
- Nothing.

Your name?
- Bournonville.


First name
- Jean.

- Rue de la Baume 19.

In Seraing. 4100.

Date of birth?
- 23 October 1957.

Family situation?


You live alone?
- With my two children.

You know how it works?
- No.

On this work card you tick a square
for each day worked, okay?

Then you sign it here...

...and bring it in at the end of each month
or put it in the letterbox.

Your health.

Good morning.

Bah ! You stink. Go and wash yourself!
- What with?

Come here with your fresh baby face.
- Faggot!

That fucking coffee.

I'm getting dressed.

Dad, can you lend me some money?
- That's all there is?

This is the last time.
I'm going to work.

And your coffee?
- No time.

Five euro
for two hours babysitting?

Two hours, that's all.

What is 'cancre'?

A bad pupil?

Someone who does stupid things.

That's a bad pupil who bases his life
on emotions...

...instead of on his common sense.

Someone like that is more likely
not to become an aristocrat...

...a prominent person,
a nob in a big limo.

Make sure you know that poem
off by heart before next week.


Michael, I still want that letter
signed by your parents.

Put it on my desk.
I hope you all have a good weekend.

Benjamin, take a seat.
- Okay.

You can put it on the corner.

Miss Maisson told me
you were absent for four days.

How are things at home?
- Not bad.

You went to see Lucas today?
- No.

If anything's wrong,
you should talk about it.

This can't happen again, understood?

Are you happy with it?
- Yes.

- I've nearly finished. I'm coming.

Look what I did today.

Cool, eh? It's pretty.
- You just had that done?

It's great! Did it hurt?
- Yes.

You want to buy cards from me?
- No, thank you.

Thanks and have a nice day.
- Goodbye.

I'll show it to Lucas tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

What will he say?
- No idea.

Really. I hope he likes it.

Isn't it too hot?

I'll turn it down a little.
- Just a bit, please.

What a lovely baby.
- Thanks.

How old is he?
- Five months.

That's lovely.

Is he doing well?
- Yes, fine. Thanks.

Would you like a drink?
- Not right now, thanks.

Watch out!

When I play my tuba for you !

Not with you.

He's the trombonist.

No trombone. Tuba.
Trombone is like this...

Doesn't that make you laugh?
Are you married?

How long have you been divorced?
- I am married.


He's married.

The way he sits there!
Grumpy, because he's married.

I'm not unhappy.

Cheers, friends.
- Not joining in, Anette?

No, or she'll pee in the car.
- It's only my first glass.

Then she'll have to pee, get it?



What do the flowers cost?

Leave me alone.

...on the market.
We'll buy a gun there.

What kind do you want to buy?
- I have to pee.

You and your guns. You want a pistol?
- Yes, and you?

I want a machine gun.
- Yes, and a bazooka too.

What do they cost?

That Uzi there. Yes, that.
- That one is 15 euro.

And I want the other one.

Will you pay or shall I?
- Oh, you're paying!

What you doing there?
Get lost.

Go away, old cow.
- It's dangerous.

So what?
- That isn't a toy.

Go on inside.

Go on.
- I'll call the police.

Where did you get that pistol?
- Bought it.

I'll ask Benjamin.

No, fuck off.
- I haven't said anything yet.

Can you babysit tonight?
- No.

Why not?
- Okay, for 80 euro.

That much?
You really are an asshole.

I'll tell Dad you steal all the heaters.

You do that.

He won't do it.

Paris, Champion.

In your dreams!

He's going...

Go on!

They didn't play that bad.
- No, it went well.

Give me that rubbish, quick.

See you Sunday.
- Bye.

I came to see Lucas Mezmizi.

Any news?
- Nothing special.

I can see you've been bad.
- No, I stopped.

Stopped? What?
- Fooling around...

You've left school?
- No, I still go.

And you, darling?
- Fine.

It's weird to see you.
I missed you so much. You too.

Can we be alone?
- Why?


Don't you say goodbye anymore?

Nice you were here.

I missed you too.
- So did I, a lot.

Take a look.

Lovely, eh?
- Yes, great.

I did it for you.
- Really?

How are things at home?
- Okay.

What's with your hand?
- An accident, nothing serious.

How is your father?
- Okay.

Have you been unfaithful?
- No.

Do you still see Ciska?
- Why?

I don't want you doing anything stupid...

...or playing up.
I know you too well.

I'm happy you came.

You have anything else to say?
- No, nothing.

I suppose you play the hooker at night?
- No.

Are you sure?
- Yes... no.

I do all kinds of things.

I realise I'm a long way away
and that I miss out on everything.

That's why I ask you not to go out
boozing or anything else.

We now have this child and
I learnt my lesson.

Do me a favour and forget the drink
and all that crap. And forget Ciska.

She drags you down.
As long as it isn't your idea.

Very well, it's all right.

Yes, but when you're gone,
I'm left talking to the walls here.


Hey girls, wait for me.

You went for them like barbarians.

What's this? Shut your mouth.
- Stop it.

You ran up like maniacs.

...working hard?

Maybe, mud wrestling with them?

You saw the colours they wore?

If I walked round like that...
- You don't.

I would...

...too young.
- Indeed.

Luxury is no longer an optional extra

Look at your own moped.
- Get lost.

Fuck off.

Sure! For you, asshole.

There are your screws.
- One's missing.

Damn it.

Look for it!
- I have enough to do.

- What's up? I can't see anything.

There's something there.
It really hurts.

You have to drive slowly,
because it hurts.

If you drive too fast and suddenly brake,
the pain kills me.

Does it work or not?
- No idea.

It works.

Hey, I'm driving?
- No.

Go on, let me.
- No.

Come back, scumbag!

That was really great.
- You should've seen us.

It runs well?
- It sure does.

It was great, amazing.
You should have seen us.

That's him.
- I didn't do anything.

Ben, wait. Wait for me.
- Come here, you!

You wrecked my car.

Come here.


How's the baby?
- Fine.

He's drinking well.


Aren't you dressed yet?

I didn't come here to punish you.
I came to help you.

Go and get dressed.

Will you watch the baby?
- Why?

I'm going to visit Lucas.

Ten euro.

- Very well.

And two ciggies.


Bring it back before three o'clock, okay?


Here, to fill up.

Go ahead.

Not bad, eh?

Shall I take off your shoes?


I don't want to. Not here.
- It's not important where, but who with.

You're joking, aren't you.
- I don't want to.

What's the matter?
- Let go of me.

Calm down, relax. I have time.

No, I said. Let go.

Who doesn't want to?

Let go!
- Hit me! Hit me!

What's the matter?

Let go of me!

What's all this?
You don't want me?

Why not?
- I said: I don't want to.

I'll decide on that.
- Let go, I said.

You want to hit me?
Go on then. Hit me.

Are there others? Is that it?
- Let go of me.

Slut, I'll teach you...

I'm sorry.
- What did you say?

I'm sorry.

Benjamin, is Marie at home?
- No, fuck off.

She must be here.
- She doesn't want to see you.

Let me in.
- No, you can't come in.

Fucking kid.

I'm on fire.

My head is on fire.

You haven't done any work?
- No.

Did you look for work?
- Yes, sure.

When do I get paid?
- On the twenty-fourth.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Record your message after the tone.


Why are you here?
- To talk to you.

I don't know if I want that.
- Five minutes.

Is that van yours?
- Yes.

You think I'm a bad person?

Jean, what do you want of me?

I don't know.

Can I come in?
- No.

Are you okay?

We really have to talk.
Shall I sit there?

We had a meeting yesterday and would
like to see you at school more often.

You still have a chance to start over.

It would be a pity if you didn't use it.

Pick up your life again. It's important.

You have dreams,
we already spoke about that.

Now you can realise them,
even though it won't always be easy.

Going to school every day
and sitting still for eight hours.

You know, I realise
it isn't easy at home now.

Especially now Jean has left.
- Stop it!

I'm here to help you.
You can trust me, really.

I believe in you.
- Go away.


What's that? No, wait.