C'est ça l'amour (2018) - full transcript

Forbach, Eastern France. Present day. Since his wife walked out to the family, Mario has raised their two daughters of his own. Frida, 14, blames him for her mother leaving. Niki, 17, ...

Pass around the mic,
so we can hear each other.

He's been waiting to speak.

Go on.

Yes, here's the mic.

Hello. Christopher, 32 years old.

I have two children.
A job, a roof over my head.

I get up every morning and there's food.

I mean, basically, I'm proud of myself.

Not being

like everyone else.

Thank you.

Go ahead.

My name's Kevin. 21 years old.

I'm a counselor and dancer.

Right now, I don't have a steady job.

As I say, I keep on keeping on.

I get by.

Go ahead.

Hello. I'm Terek Jema.

Nice to meet you.

I do track and field. I love sports.

And that's all.

Live a dream, like he said.


My name's Mario.

I'm a civil servant
working for local government.

When I saw the ad,
I thought it was to read texts

and play roles.

So I don't get the point of...

introducing ourselves.

Sure, I guess
this doesn't quite fit your bill.

As I said earlier,
it's not really a stage play.

Instead of characters,
you play yourselves.

All that we'll try to put together
in the next two months

involves you taking turns to speak out.

The idea behind Atlas is that the public
has control of the play.

The show is a platform,

a space offering the opportunity

to make yourself heard.

Before you go, everybody,
the show's in two months.

It will fly by.

For it to work, you need commitment.

I need you to show reliability,
loyalty even.

Thanks, everyone!

I have a question of a technical nature.

Go ahead.

The show's lighting,
is that you or the venue?

Tiago does the lighting
with the theatre crew.


Just wondering.

It's good to take an interest,

but let's get our subject down first
before we think about staging.

Ok, Mario?

I stopped by for some stuff.

What do you need?


Why didn't you call me?

You signed up for Atlas?


It may not be a good idea.
I'm working on the show.

I'm not doing it to see you.

The project really interests me.

I need to meet new people.

I'll stick at it if it's ok by you.

Pretend I'm not there.
I won't get in your way, sweetheart.

You looked upstairs?

One hell of a mess.

I noticed.


Take a break from me, ok?

Take a break from all this.

Take your time, my love.

Meantime, I'll look after the girls.

When you come back,
I'll have changed. I swear.

Take your time.


Know what?

Sit and swivel.

Fuck! Niki, he's hitting me.

I'm setting boundaries. Different.

Can we not make a scene for once?

And play happy families?

Not so loud.

He assaulted me!

No wonder mom ran out on him.

What the hell?

She ran out on your bullshit.

So take it back.

That's so mean.

Shut it!

Cut it out, girls.
Stand side by side for a photo.

Pain in the ass! -Stop!

Closer, Frida. Good and close.

Sir, please stop. That's forbidden.

I'll stop, promise.
It goes off all by itself.

I'll confiscate the camera.

You wouldn't do that. I'll stop.

I surrender.

For you.

What is it?


I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry.

Why put that on?

It's got mom's smell on it.

Stinks of cigarettes.

I like it.

You don't sleep in your room anymore?

I can't sleep in there.

I'm not sleeping well either.

Surprising as it may seem,
water's not always best

for extinguishing fires,

particularly those
involving hydrocarbons.

A quick experiment...

If I had kids,
I'd teach them stuff like that.

Useful stuff for real life.


Yeah, stuff to defend
or protect yourself.


how to react to a terrorist attack

or how to extinguish a fire.

It could come in handy.

You want me to do stuff like that
with you, like training?

It's cool.



Thanks. Put it down there.



Hi, you've reached Armelle's voicemail.

Leave a message, I'll get back to you.

Me again. Sorry to call again.

It's about the girls.

They're all good.
Don't worry, I'm coping.

Just keeping you posted, that's all.

There are no major issues.

Just that they're missing you. A lot.

So they're pretty hyper right now.

Anxious, even, over the situation.

Call me back.
It'd be good for us to talk.

Call me, that's all.

Easy does it.


That's great, it's fine.

In the middle of the road?
We're late, let's go!

This is stupid.

C'mon, Frida!

It's stupid.

Come on!

Let's move it, we're late.



Jackets off.

Hi, Raymond.

Our tickets are in my bag. Third row.

I didn't see you earlier.

The girls got the tickets.
I was in the toilet.

Third time you pulled this. Come on!

If everybody did it, what then?

blocking emergency exits is illegal.


Let me talk to Armelle.
I need a word with her.

Michel calling Armelle.

Michel calling Armelle.

This is David.

Ask Armelle to come see her husband.

I haven't seen Armelle tonight.

She's off, isn't she?


Tell her we came by.

I'll tell her.

Let's hear it. What's up?

Alex says mom's at the Ambush.

With Audrey?

With some guys. Playing darts.


It's mom. Look!

What, seriously?

You two are real dorks.

Your loser friend plays paparazzi!

She's trying to help.

Help with what?

I don't need help.

It's mom's life. She does what she wants.

Mind your own business.
Quit thinking about it, butt out.

Stop. Put your thing in.


Don't worry.

Concentrate. Stay concentrated.

It's for yourself.

No judging.


Let's go for it.

Beautiful and so personal.
Let's keep going.

Christopher, in retail.

I want to raise the lack
of cultural activities in my town.

Alright, we'll mention that too.


I'm unemployed.

I want to raise immigration to Forbach,
focusing on my grandfather.

Slimane, bus driver.

I'd like the town
to become more attractive.

Simple as that.

Ok, we'll see. Let's work on it.

Mario, your turn. Give it a try.

Mario, civil servant.

I don't have much to say yet.

No, hold on, Mario.

Today, we're trying to move forward

on the text we'll say in the show.

We're breaking the ice, right?

So just suggest something.

I haven't really had time
to think about it.

Alright, just jump right in.

Don't overthink it.

We're bouncing ideas around.

Nothing's final.
I jot things down to help.

It's not set in stone.
Issues in town aren't my...

As a government employee, I can't...

You don't have to talk about town.

If there's something more private,
related to your family maybe,

something close to you,
look no further.

It starts with you.

Right now, I sleep badly.

Because I'm not used to sleeping alone.

And I worry about my girls.

I wonder if I'm a very good father.

A good father even.
Apparently, I wasn't a good husband.

That's all. I'm not good with women.

Eight on each line, on their faces.

We're only lighting their faces?

You're getting the hang of it.

That was good today.

Super touching, what you said.

Really? Touching? -It was beautiful.

We'll talk later.

It was sincere.

It was moving.

Anyone not comfortable talking
can always dance

or sing,
or anything you want to suggest.


We'll get there.

It's a joke! -Calm down.

I will not calm down.

I'm sorry, sir,

in France, speak French!

If you don't mind... -I do mind!

This isn't your office.

I'm not in the office.

You're a government employee...

That's racist to say that.

Butt out! -So we only hear you?

I'm calling out your bullshit!

I'm not racist.
I just asked him to speak French.

Let me finish!

We're all French here.

Don't touch me!

If I can't finish a single sentence...

Stop! That's quite enough.

Mario, have you gone mad?

Sit back down!

Go back to your seat
or we won't see you.

What are you doing? You're nuts!

We'll put the plant back.

Enough, not another word.

You let them get away with it!

It's me being dysfunctional?
I didn't say that.

It's the subtext.

It's a war zone again through your fault.

It's not my fault.
I was trying to resolve a situation.

People wait for hours
to find out nothing works.

We spend all day getting insulted.

That's our daily reality.

Mr. Messina,
you're an administrative officer,

not a therapist.

Process their files
instead of playing the sheriff.

Every time there's a clash,
you're involved.

Ask anybody who was there.

There were witnesses. Ask them!

I didn't create a situation,
I tried to resolve it.

Come on!

You don't see our distress!
You're riled up.

You don't listen to our cries for help.
You look away.

We're left to deal with them,
so how do we handle it?

I can't do it. I wasn't trained
to handle these situations.

Go home.

Come back calmer.

Don't get wax on the couch.

No worries.

Do it in the bathroom maybe?

Shit, that hurt.

Watch, I'll show you.

Like that.

Get it good and warm.

Hi, mom, how are you?

Hold on, just a second.



Hi, honey, how are you doing?

I'm fine. Good even.

How come? -Great.

I just wanted to touch base.

Hear your voices, see how you're doing.


where are you staying? At Audrey's?

Yes, I'm at Audrey's.

I'll stay with her a bit longer.


Wanna talk with dad?

How is he?

Just great.

It's cool, we're having fun,
doing stuff.

We go out, clean up, cook food.

You're old enough now
to help your father.

Should I put him on?

Not right now, I'm just calling

to check you're all ok.

I'd like the three of us
to do lunch one day.

I'll be in touch when I get organized,
but I gotta dash.

I'll call you about lunch.

Let me.

Like that.

I'm going that way.

Want me to go with?

Home's a few minutes away, no worries.

What are you doing? Hold on.


Don't go getting ideas.

Dating, relationships, all that...

It's not my thing.

You're getting ideas.

I like you, you're beautiful.

But for me to fall in love,
you got work to do.


See you.

Frida's having an attack.

Attack of what?

Anxiety. She needs the nurse.

An anxiety attack?


Come on.

Great job.

You've got smoker style down.

Style's the key, right?

Without style, what's the point?

There's no point.

Wet as fuck.


Sure. You tug on it like crazy.

Take your time.

Your slobber and mine, it's soaked.

Does it disgust you?


I haven't got a style.

I haven't settled on one yet.

Smoke, let's see.

That's like a dude. Totally, a man.

I don't smoke to show off,
it's 'cause I'm on edge.

Slow down.

Where'd your sense of humor go?

What's up? A problem?

All good?

Pull and then push. -Can't do it.

After the crosswalk, keep going straight.

Check it's clear right and left.

Ok, you can go.


Upstairs, all looks ok.


Who was last out?

Was it you, dad?

You didn't lock the door again.

You're a pain.

Clear up instead of bitching.

Clear up what?

It's a mess anyway.

We're working, so you can pitch in.

Get me some garbage bags.

Did mom take her jewelry?

Did she take it?

I don't know.

You want me to call her?

No, I'll do it.

No, leave that.

Watch out, broken glass! Hold on!

I'll just clear a path, to get past.

I already know what I want to say.

Matthieu, police officer.

I just want to say,
every uniform hides a human being.

Quite simply. -Fine.

Can we try it?

Matthieu, police officer.

I want to say,
behind every uniform is a human being.

Good, a human being.
We'll see about that.

Mario, civil servant.

I realize now,
with my wife and daughters,

that love

means letting go, trusting someone.

When you're scared,
you try to keep control.

But people get away from you.

The only thing is to trust them.

This isn't therapy. Stop, will you?

Hold on, let's keep it positive.

It's an inclusive space.

Armelle, did you take your jewelry?

Burglars broke into the house yesterday.

Nothing major, a lot of mess but...

Your jewelry's our only valuable,
that's why.

Yes, I took it.

Alright, that's a relief.

We're good, the kids are safe.
We cleaned up all evening.

And Niki aced her mock exams.

Mario, that's beautiful and powerful.

Love is letting go, all that.

Let's see you find a way

to sum all that up.

Sure, a quick beer with pleasure.

You must know a good little bar.

Where to?

You're the local knowledge, not me.

There's the Ambush.

I'll show you, guys.

Don't put me off.

What a shot!

I know, check it out!

I'm a civil servant,
working in local government.

I'd like to use my time on stage

to tell my wife.

I resent what she did.

It makes me sick.

Hello. My name's Mario.

I'm a civil servant
working in local government.

I'd like to use my time on stage

to tell my wife...

You let her go out. Why not me?

Niki's 18 soon.
There's no comparison, you're different.

I'm no dumber than her.

Not dumber, more fragile.
You remind me of me.

I am not like you.

I'm not like you. -We're the same.

No, I am not like you!

Invite your friend for a sleepover.

Dad, can you get that for me?
I'm not ready.


Hello. -Hello.

She won't be long. -Ok.

Hey! -Hey!

See ya, dad!

What did she post?


On Facebook.
Whatever, it sucked. Forget it.



Still hungry?

No, I'm stuffed.

You mind?

You smoke?


Do your parents know?

More or less.

You mind or not?

No, not inside.


Mom smoked inside.

Show me your fingers.

Show me.


You're a pain.

It's stupid. She can sleep in my bed.

Ok, the floor's a bad idea.

You can sleep on the couch.

So you both have privacy.

We don't want privacy, it's a sleepover.

Put it down and get out.


Pain in the butt!

Wanna come in my bed?

No, I don't feel like it.

Come on.



I don't want to.

I bet your dad's outside the door.
Freaks me out.

I barricaded the door.

Frida, come out. I need a word.

What's up? Back off, will you?

Come on.


I don't want her in your room.

She can sleep on the couch,
take my bed even, but not with you.

You embarrass me
after saying to invite her.

Or leave the door open,
so I see what's going on.

See what?

You're totally nuts! -Let's talk.

We can talk here.


I'm protecting you.

From what?
There's nothing to protect me from.

If you were seeing a boy,
I'd say the same thing.

Work hard at school,
prepare your future. The rest can wait.

Later, you'll see,
you'll meet someone...

A boy, a guy, maybe a woman. We'll see.

You don't get it, do you?
There's no wait and see.

I'm in love. I love her.

What if I'm a dyke?

You don't know yet.

I'm a dyke, screw you!

You asshole homophobe!

If you're homosexual, fine.

It may be more complicated.

More serious.

Maybe you're missing mom.

Shut it, asshole!

You mind?

Go ahead, but open the window.

You're worrying over nothing.

It was just one or two kisses.

It means nothing.

For me, at least.

It's over, I'm done with it.

I don't get it. What's over?

Between her and me.

I'm not a lesbian.

Frida said she's in love with you.

I don't understand. What do you want?

For me to date her or dump her?

I messed up.

I'm sorry.

Don't smoke, please.

I know it makes no sense right now...

I won't stay with you.

I won't stay in this house.

You want to leave?

And go where?

I don't care. Anywhere.

Not with you.

Mom'll come and get me.

You may not like it
but you'll live with me a bit longer.

That's how it is.
You have no choice for now.

Your husband's down here.

Ask what he wants.

To see her. It's private.

It seems urgent. Should I send him up?

No, we're way behind
with the setup for tonight.

Tell him I'll call later, ok? Thanks.

Forget it.

Armelle, he's coming up.
He's on his way.

Fuck it.

Like you don't care.

I do care. But it doesn't worry me.

It doesn't surprise me.

I know my daughter.
I always thought it was possible.

Why make an issue of it?

Her lovelife is not our business.

I've known you to be more tolerant.

I'll call her, if it reassures you.



Can we talk
without constant interruptions?

This is about us.

I'm working here.

Yes, Maxime...

We're spilling onto the rake.
Bring up Bar 4.

Bar 4. Level?

I need wiggle room.


I'm on it.

Look, she's in love.

Let her do her thing,
not cling to us her whole life.

What's scaring you?

Love's beautiful.

Come home.

We need you.

Don't guilt-trip me with the girls.

It's not the girls.

It's me. I can't do it without you.

I screw up, I suck. I'm a loser.


My microphone doesn't work.

It works just fine, but it came undone.

What's wrong?

I'm scared.

Scared with stage-fright?

A little bit.

It'll be fine.

Your mic works just great.

But it fell off. There you go.

I'll tuck it in there.

Look at me.
I watched you earlier. You did great.

You knew your lines perfectly then.


Who's Greg?

You live with him?

Tell me.

I wanted to be sure.

Before telling you, I wanted to be sure.

I'm looking for solutions.


Finding an apartment
with space for the girls.

The girls?

They're staying with me.

Let's take the time to talk.

Now if you want.

I'm not talking to you.


You ok? -Yes.

Where are you?

On the road.

I went to a concert,
skipped the toll road and got lost.


I'll hang up if you're driving.

Don't. Stay right there, I'm exhausted.

Talk to me, it'll wake me up.

I wanted to ask if I could have
a birthday party at home.


Cool. So I'll pick an evening
when you have Atlas.

After your rehearsal,
go for a drink with them or whatever.

Just hang out.

Don't come home too early,
so I can have fun.

You don't want me there?

'Course not.

Your 18th's with friends, not your folks.

Hey, sweetie.

Lower your window.

You feeling ok?

Thanks, but I'm not interested.

You think I'm a hooker, fella?

Listen up. That's my truck there.

I can't sleep with your shittyass music.

Switch it off right now.

Switch it off or split.

I don't believe that.

You think I'm a hooker!

Sorry, I don't know why I thought that.

It's dumb, but it was a bit misleading.

Misleading? How am I misleading?
What's the problem?

Maybe your outfit. I'm tired.

Sorry. -My outfit?

What a complete jerk!

Screw you, dipshit!

What's wrong with you?

Take a good look. You see my outfit?

I dress how I want.



And the chicken. Fries coming up.



Even if I'm not home anymore,

I'm still here for you.

You can call if you need advice.

Or some money.

You know you can rely on me.

You ditched us like shit, you mean.

Life's cool without us?
Partying in bars!

Sounds fun.

You can't say that, Niki. -I can.

You have a right to be angry but...

You're old enough to understand
it's not easy for me.

You keep him stewing.

No, I don't.

You have no balls. Coward!

You big coward!

Dial it down.

If I want. -No, dial it down.

20 years with one man
can't be erased in seconds.

There are consequences.

Adult relationships are more complex
than teenage flings.

Cut the crap

and tell us if you're leaving him.

We're separating, yes.

You'll tell him
before the whole town finds out?

I told him.

No, he doesn't seem to know.

He knows.
It's just that the situation is...

He needs time to accept...

You found a place?

Can you step outside
while the grownups talk?

It affects me, too.

When can we move in?
Like she'd take us?

Seriously? Dream on.

That's unfair.
As if I never looked after you.

17 years I've looked after you.
20, for your father.

I get to put myself first.

Sure, you have a right to your freedom.

It's not about that.

Your father never took my freedom.

How much longer will it be?

In a few months...

A few months?

You know dad hit me?

He slapped me. -And he apologized.

You drive him to it right now.

She treats him like shit.

Not smart.

It's hard for your dad.

And fucking hard for me.
I cannot live with him.

Sweetie, be patient.

Support your father.

And my new apartment...

It's taking time because...

It won't just be my apartment.

I've met someone.
I'll introduce you soon.

Someone? What's that mean?

Another man.

What did you expect?
Just us girls together?

No way.

Imagine dad sees us
move in with a guy

she's been banging for months.

It's not like that. -It totally is.

Don't talk like that.

Dad will be alone.
When I go, you're all he has left.

You get on with your lives
and I stay to support him?

Don't bawl out your sister.

I'm not. I'm explaining the situation.

What are you doing?


Frida, please stay.


I try to find the words and you...

It's my fault? All my fault really?

No, of course not. -Precisely.

Let her split if she wants to split.

Want some?

Sure, you bet.

Not too much!

Where's Nazim?

I dunno.

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Here you go.

What's up?


I have a gift for you.

What's that?

See? It's gold.


Honestly, I can't keep it.

I mean, take it back.

It's too much. Sorry.

I really am.

I'm going home.

How come? Stay, it's fun.

I don't know...

I'm not feeling it. I'm gonna bounce.

Come on, stay.


Alex, what's up?

You piss me off, pawing me in public.

Glommed onto me.

I own being with you.

You're not with me.

Don't get ideas, we're buddies.

Pain in the ass!

I'm not yours.

You kissed me first.

I thought you wanted to date.

To have fun.

I'm no fun anymore?

You made me like this.

Get your hands off me, psycho!

Go home!

Stay away from me.


You ok?

Why the long face?

Seriously, Alex is a blockhead.
Forget her.

And she's trashy.
Swear to god, you deserve better.

C'mon, let's talk.

Open up, will ya?

Open the door, fuckwits!

Hey, this is my sister's room!

We're gonna dip.

Take that shit someplace else.

Want a cap?

It's MDMA.

Like I give a shit. Get out, will ya?

Get out!

We're nearly done.

What the hell's that?

What's her problem?

Chill the fuck out!

Ain't no biggie.

You want one?

Go for it.

Seriously. -Help yourself.

Dude, she's Niki's sister.

Are you nuts? -It's cool.

She's old enough.

I'll prep you one, calm you down.

Eat something.



Answer me, sweetie.

This silence worries me.

Is everything ok?



Just tell me you're ok.

Making herb tea, want one?




How about we talk?

No, I'm going to bed.

Turn it down, please.

What's wrong?

I'm hot. Running a fever, I think.

I'm just a bit sick.
Nothing to worry about.



Are you ok, dad?

Something's not right.

And my heart's racing.

Let's call a doctor.

Hi, you've reached Armelle's voicemail.

Leave a message, I'll get back to you.

Mom, it's important.
Call me back please. Fast!

Yeah, what?

I need you here now.

Dad won't stop puking.

Don't cry, sweetie.
I'm feeling better already.

Look at me.

Don't be scared.

You ok, dad?


Yes? -It was like a spike of fever.

Stay right there, don't move.

I'll be right back,
after a word with Frida.



I don't get why he's like that.

You don't get it? Bullshit!

What don't you get?

I just gave him a cap.

Where from? Look at me!

I got it at the party.

How long's he been like this?

How long's he been like this?

An hour.

He won't stop puking.

What were you trying to do? Tell me!

I want mom to get me.

What's going on?

Nothing, it's cool.

Feel ok?



Frida gave you stuff that made you sick.

It's going to be fine. I'm here.

There's no problem.

She gave you a pretty strong drug.

It'll be fine. I've taken it before,
I know what to do.

Look at me. Don't worry.

We've got this.

I'll get you water. Drink lots.

It'll pass.

It's normal for you to be sick...

I guess you were tired.

My heart's beating fast, too.

Your heart's beating fast?

Ok, that's normal.

You have beautiful skin.

It's so soft.

There, too.

Yours is soft, too.

Keep still, will you?


Tell her to keep still.

Keep still.

I am keeping still.

When you talk...


The sounds aren't the same.
They're distorted.



For example, if I go...

He's not cold.

He's hot.

No, I'm not hot.

Neither? You're just right?

Want me to put music on?

Shouldn't we call a doctor?

Not at all.

He's just fine.

Yeah, fine.

Dad, do you want some music?

That way you'll be totally fine.



Anything in particular?

Whatever you want.


Give me your hand.

I love you, Armelle.

The drug makes you demonstrative.
Pay no attention.


When will it wear off?

He'll be fine tomorrow.

What did he take exactly?

Mom, please.

Frida, come in.

How come you had drugs on you?

Come on.


Come on, sweets.

Come on, baby.

Maybe it's a good idea if you rest up.

Let him sleep.

He is resting.

I'm just fine.

If he wants to fall asleep, he will.

Beautiful girls we have.


It's true. They're ravishing.

They're very beautiful.

They're ravishing.

We did a good job.

We're lucky
to have such beautiful daughters.

He's tripping.

Come closer.

No, I'm good right here.

Stop. -I love you all.

Stop snickering.

We love you too, dad.

I'm nothing without you guys.

I love you so much...

I love you so much.

Yes, dad. Same here. -No, really.

You know...

It's my whole life. It's true.

My whole life is loving you all.

I know, dad.

Isn't this great here?

Yeah, really great.

Yes, it's great.

Frida, isn't this great?

My little sweetiepie.


They can't live with me.
I'm not up to it.

Don't exaggerate. They're fine.

I'm not.

You need to take them.

I'm not doing them any good right now.

I'm tired.

I need peace and quiet.

Take a few days to get organized.

I'll find a solution. I'll find a way.

To take them today.

Say the word.

Yes, take them.

Call you when we arrive?

See you soon?

(All good, don't worry)
(The girls send their love)

Nazim, how are you?

Good, and you?

It's not for me, it's for her.
For a renewal.

It's all there but 3 times now
they've called her back in.

I dunno why.

Is she your mother?

My father's aunt.

So, is something missing?

Trouble is, this is a copy.
I'll need an original.

I'll process the application
but make sure I get it.

No worries.

It's fine, ma'am.
Just one document required.

Nazim will bring it to me.

I was wondering...

How's Niki doing?

Tell her from me she's out of line.

Dumping me with a lameass text.

Seriously, I don't deserve that.

I treated her right, I came through.

Tell her to take my calls at least,
please, Mr. Messina.

I keep my nose out.

I'm sorry. I can't help you.


For the application, I'll do all I can.

She won't join us?

No way, she's a pain in the ass.

She's still mad at me?

That's not it.

She's just ashamed.

It'll blow over, don't worry.

Tell her I'm not angry.

I'll tell her.

How are things with your mother?

Not bad.

She goes out, does stuff, goes to work...

We don't see much of her.

The apartment sucks.

The decoration's gruesome.

And with her guy? Ok?


He's harmless.

But it's all ok, don't worry.

Even school and stuff, all good.

Now, when you bump into a partner,

you hug them. Same as before.

Hold them as if it were a dance move.

Quite simply.

Meet someone, take them in your arms...

Just feel the person's warmth
from the dance.

The heart beating.

No intentions, no comments.

Breathe together, that's all.

Let's finish the rehearsal
and keep questions for later.

Go ahead, Daniel.

Daniel, construction site foreman.

I'd like to say
I'm the son of Italian immigrants,

born in the projects in Wiesberg.

And I made something of my life.

Daniel, construction site foreman.

Born in the projects
but I still made something of my life.

Slimane, bus driver.

I'm bored here
and I want Forbach to change.

Slimane, bus driver.

I'm bored here
and I want Forbach to change.

Much better!

Let's keep going like that.

Rescue me, Mario!

Over to me.


Hold on, I'm all wrong.


I'm closing up.

Closing time!

Dance somewhere else, you hippies.

It's all over, we're closing.

No, no more. I'm tired out.

Not in France. -Never ever?


Don't bother, it's cool.
So you can sit down.

No, forget it.

Let me get a corkscrew.

Need some help?

I've got it.

Want a toke?

Is he asleep?

Yup, he's nodded off.

You're together?


Are you together? -No.


We're friends.

And you feel good about Atlas?

You've thought about your text?
Found something?

I wanted to read

something by a German poet.

I wrote it down earlier.

A German poet? -Yes.


"Our children will be more beautiful
and happier than us."

You think it sucks?

No, I think it's...

It's lovely.

To talk about your kids,
what would you say?


I'd say...

I'd say I don't have any.


I don't know
if I have long left to have some.

When I travel like this,

in a strange town far from home,
sometimes I think,

maybe I didn't make the right choices.

I mean, I spend a lot of time on my own.

That's life.

Armelle's my wife, you know.


I know.

I got that.

It's over, we've split.

I'm wrecked.

I really need to sleep.


Sleep in my room downstairs.
I'll show you.

I'll sleep in my youngest's room.

Don't put yourself out, Mario.

We have lots of rooms.

It's no problem?
Not at all. He's alright there?

He adapts.


Goodnight, possum.

A kiss to tuck you in.


I'm falling asleep, I'm talked out.


I'd have liked to kiss you.

It wouldn't be a real kiss.

You'd like to kiss me
but not a real kiss?


It would be a way for me to...

To restore something.

And then you'd feel better?

I think so.

Did it work?

Has something changed?

I'm not sure.

Maybe when you wake tomorrow morning.


See you tomorrow.


civil servant.

I'd like to say...

I'd like to say I kissed a girl.


Hello. I'm Antonia.

See you later.

You ok?

Are you ready?

Go for it?


You first, Niki!

No, hit it from above.

Go, Frida!

Hit it!

Harder, like it's someone.

Like this.

Watch out, dad.

It's still burning.

The point is to do it without me.

We'll try again, farther on.