C'est Si Bon (2015) - full transcript

Oh Geun-tae (JUNG Woo) is a country boy with a booming baritone who is discovered by aspiring singer-songwriter Lee Jang-hui (JIN Goo) and thrust into the bustling world of Seoul's iconic folk music café-C'est Si Bon. Unwittingly, he becomes the third member of the yet-to-debut "C'est Si Bon Trio" and the begrudging buffer between two rival musicians-the vocal genius, Song Chang-shik (JO Bok-rae), and the heartthrob, Yoon Hyeong-ju (KANG Ha-neul). Amidst the smoke and chatter of C'est Si Bon's youthful clientele, they meet aspiring actress Min Ja-young (HAN Hyo-joo) and find themselves completely bewitched. Will their muse inspire them to create legendary music, or tear them apart before they even begin?




Yongdu intersection?

You found your way alright.

Turn right and you'll see a cornfield.

Continue down a little...

No, no... Stop.

Mr. Lee?

How about I just sing one?

I haven't sung in ages.

But you have too many hit songs.

I've just learned that 'Twin
Folio' was originally a trio,

that there was a third member

alongside Song Chang-sik
and Yun Hyeong-ju.

You're right. The band
started off as a trio.

I thought about inviting
him as a special guest.

but no one seemed to
have his contact number.

I heard you two were
close back in the day.

It's been over 20 years
since I last heard from him.

But for the others,
it's been over 40 years.

Ever since he quit.

Twin Folio's...

third member...

Mr. Oh Geun-tae.

C'est Si Bon is Korea's first
live music cafe to open in 1963.

It was a mecca for a new
generation of folk singers

such as Song Chang-sik
and Yun Hyeong-ju

who brought a new sensation to
the existing popular music scene.

Twin Folio, in particular,
gained an immense popularity.

But those who spearheaded
the golden era of C'est Si Bon

took a big hit with the
marijuana scandal of 1976.

There was a time when we were young.

Mugyo-dong, Seoul
Late 1960s

Is that Jo Yeong-nam?

Oh my God, it's him!





Is it because of your old man?

I got tired of singing.

Will we ever see a new star
that surpasses Yeong-nam?

Yun Hyeong-ju! Yun Hyeong-ju!

Then of course, there is Yun Hyeong-ju.

The winner of Student Night for
the last 10 consecutive weeks

has declared that he will no longer

be singing here in order
to focus on his study.


This can't be true.

No, Hyeong-ju!

Back off.

I came all the way from
Suwon to hear you sing.

If only he wasn't pre-med...

We've heard all contestants
for the 24th Student Night...

Sorry, we had another contestant.

From Hongik University,

Song Chang-sik!

- Mr. Song?
- Song who?

I don't see his name.

Ah, there he is. A returning
student, perhaps?

Let's have Chang-sik on stage.

What will you sing for us?

A song of a vagabond?

I don't need that.

Ladies and gentlemen, he
doesn't want microphone.

That prick...

What's he playing at?

I have the name of the winner

right here in this envelope.

Tonight's winner is...

Yun Hyeong-ju

...'s 11th consecutive
victory was just halted by

Song Chang-sik from Hongik University!

Song Chang-sik, congratulations!

That's how the lifetime friends
and rivals met for the first time.

You said you were quitting.
C'est Si Bon needs a new face.


Keep it down unless
you own the damn place.

We're renting because
we're so fucking poor.

Countryside bastards...

Look what we have here...

Come here, you bastard!

Come on.


What the hell? Hey!

Quiet, all of you!

Shut up!

What are you staring at?

I'll gouge out your eyeballs.

Hey you, run along.

Get the hell out of here.

You too.

He knows his guitar, too.

Told you he's something.

Will our new star, Chang-sik,
take home his fourth win?

I just can't believe my eyes.

The last contestant tonight

is Yun Hyeong-ju from
Yonsei University.

I thought our former star had
left to focus on his studies.

Is he here to vent out the stress,
or to reclaim his throne?

Perhaps the new guy's sparked
something in Hyeong-ju's heart.

I'll be damned.

That's what C'est Si Bon is about!

And tonight's winner...

I feel my heart beat
a little harder tonight.

And the king returns to the throne.

Yun Hyeong-ju!

Puts an end to Chang-sik's
three week reign.

Congratulations, my man!

I'm thinking about putting
them together into a duo.

What do you think?


Put two big egos in the same room,
there's bound to be conflicts.

You think?

You need someone who
can act as a buffer.

How about a trio?

A trio? I'm not so sure...

The Beegees who's sweeping the
Billboard's chart is also a trio.

A trio is three.


Three is 'Set'...



C'est Si Bon is a trio! It's destiny.

Who will be the third guy?

The third member?

Jang-hee can be that.

No, his voice's too weak.

Hey, did I even say I wanted it?

Do you know anyone?

Hyeong-ju has a silky voice
and Chang-sik is a tenor.

It'll be nice to have bass or baritone.

Where do we find him?

It's not gonna be you.

I don't want to sing anyway.

I'm more interested in writing
and putting together albums.

What they call 'producing' abroad.

I will make you a producer.
Just find this guy for me.

What the f...?

You freaked me out.

I know you.

You're on working scholarship?
Are you underprivileged?

No, I'm making an extra buck
to upgrade to a single...

Wait, who are you?

You go to this college, too?

Nice and thick.

I knew I saw right.

Wanna become a singer?

What are you, a talent scout?

I'm not looking for a trot singer.

What then?

A folk singer.



Just take the job.

It'll easily cover your rent.

What the hell do you
want from C'est Si Bon?

Here he goes again.

This isn't the place for
someone who studied voice.

Singing's just singing.

Teach me how to sing American pop.

I'm a quick learner.

I'm not doing this because I like you.

I'm only doing it because
Mr. Kim promised a record deal.


Didn't you say we'll be a trio?

Jang-hee is bringing someone.

He said I should be excited.

What are you doing here, country boy?

Back at you, city girl.

Maybe you didn't learn
your lesson that night.

Maybe you suffered
a major brain damage.

Want a round 2?

Bring it on.


You're still not it.

I'm not that low of a man.

So, you can't play the guitar?

I'm told I only need to sing.

I don't suppose you read music either.

I'll mark your parts.

Can't believe I even have to do this...

You don't.

What's my part? Bass?

There isn't much anyway.

What? Did I surprise you?

I sang in a choir for 4 years.
Start with your strings.

Come now, chop chop.

Two three,

♪ You were like a dream that ♪
♪ came to me on a spring day ♪

♪ A dream I thought ♪
♪ would last forever ♪

♪ The sand castle of bliss ♪
♪ from that summer beach ♪

That was you, country boy.
Thought you can read.

My choir didn't have guitars.

Is that right?

♪ I love you, darling ♪
♪ I love you forever more ♪

Wasn't that better?

Your voice isn't as powerful as mine.

I should take the melody
and you, the harmony.

Because you don't want to sing harmony?

Oi, country boy.

Which one was better? Mine, or his?

Well you see, city girl, my
part's exactly the same.

You're right, country boy.

Just go with my version.
It's clearly the best.

It really isn't.

Away you go, empty shells.

With April snow, away you go.

Is Mr. Kim here?

Can I just debut as a solo?

Chang-sik is just hopeless.

I entered Seoul Arts
High top of the class.

And the country boy...

What kind of folk singer
can't play the guitar?

What am I supposed to be?

A goddamn punching bag?

This isn't what I bargained for.

Where is my 120 won a day?

Asadal and Asanyeo
shall bow each other...

Hey, Jang-hee!

- I quit.
- Please do.

- You know what? I'm out.
- Right, good bye.

I was willing to work this
out but just look at him!

A drink coupon?

Min Ja-yeong!


What are you doing here?

This is my hangout.

You have a mustache.

Yes, I do. Do I look dandy?

No, it's awful.

- How have you been?
- It's been so long.

My good buddy, Jang-hee!

Is she a friend of yours?

Let me introduce her.

This is Ja-yeong. We used
to go to same church as kids.

We did a play together. I
was Samson and she was...

- Delilah.
- Delilah!

This is Yun Hyeong-ju. He sings here.

That's him?

I heard the poet, Yun
Dong-ju, is your cousin.

A second cousin, yes.

And this is Song Chang-sik.

How're you doing?

The new genius at C'est Si Bon?

Is that right?

Genius, no. Prodigy, maybe.

What about him?

Is he a singer, too?

I thought you were leaving.

Well, I...

I'm Oh Geun-tae. I sing with these two.

I thought you quit.

Yun Hyeong-ju, Song Chang-sik

and me, Oh Geun-tae.

We three are

a trio.

And so the trio was formed.

♪ You were like a dream that ♪
♪ came to me on a spring day ♪

♪ A dream I thought ♪
♪ would last forever ♪

Country boy, two three.

♪ The sand castle of bliss ♪
♪ from that summer beach ♪

♪ got swept away by the wave ♪

♪ You can leave me ♪
♪ You can forget me, darling ♪

♪ My heart will always be the same ♪

♪ The only regret I have ♪

♪ is not loving you more ♪

♪ The sand castle of bliss… ♪

What do you think about the tambourine?

He has a long way to go, right?

There's room for improvement
but he is not bad.


He doesn't try to stand out.

♪ You can leave me ♪
♪ You can forget me ♪

♪ My heart remains the same ♪

Did it untie?


My church friend we saw last time.

♪ Love is nothing but a day dream ♪

♪ A dream that you can't wake from ♪

You sure about that?


Min Ja-yeong.

I heard that name before.

Empress Myeongseong had the same name.

Oh, Queen Min!

It's Empress Myeongseong.

And she has a lofty
dignity of an empress.


Your girlfriend's here.

Come on, boys.

Great job.

Hey, I almost didn't recognize
you with your new...


It's not the hair... It's the person.

So, what did you literature
girls think of our trio?

I want to hear your thoughts.

I think it was a brilliant idea to
put Song and Yun into a band.


But what?

The other guy doesn't seem
to be quite up to scratch.

You can't say that to his face!

No no, it's okay.

I'm just giving a
constructive feedback.

I have a different opinion on that.

Between the two brilliant men,

Mr. Oh Byeong-tae...

- It's Geun-tae.
- Huh?

Oh Geun-tae.

Right... Mr. Oh Geun-tae
is doing a fantastic job.

You think so?

Take The Beatles for instance.

Both John Lennon and
Paul McCartney are geniuses

but could they hold together
without Ringo and George?

It's easy to stand
out for your brilliance.

But being brilliant without
showing is a real challenge.

In that sense, Mr. Oh Byeong-tae...

- Oh Geun-tae.
- Geun-tae.

Mr. Oh Geun-tae is
essential to the group.

Man, I love that chick.

So, he's Ringo Starr.


♪ There is nothing harder ♪

♪ than loving someone ♪

♪ There is no more gratifying ♪

In those days, Myeongdong
was our playground.

We were young, and always together.

♪ There's nothing more electrifying ♪

♪ than touching of brushing hands ♪

♪ A strange feeling you can't ♪
♪ understand when you're alone ♪

♪ A phrase you can't ♪
♪ get sick of, I love you ♪

F chord is so hard.

Then, you just get it one day.

F is a bitch of a chord

but once you get it,
you've got it for good.

Like learning to ride bicycle.

Give me the guitar.

- Catch!
- Hey!

♪ I have something ♪

♪ something to say to you ♪

Man, you're crazy.

Hey, man.

When are you gonna go?

You said you'll only crash
for a couple of days.

♪ I'm gonna stay here ♪

♪ in your place forever ♪

You have a crush on
Ja-yeong, don't you?

Who's that?

Are you playing dumb?

Oh her! The empress...

That old friend of yours?

So you do.

Cut it out, go to sleep already.


♪ Who are you, girl? ♪

♪ You came deep into my heart ♪

♪ and lit up a candle ♪

♪ before I knew it ♪

Where are you going?

Walk me to Midopa dept.

I once walked with her in the rain.

That moment is permanently
etched in my memory.

Which town are you from?

I went to school in Busan.

But I was born in Chungmu.

Chungmu? What's it famous for?

They call it the Naples of the East.

Fishery is a big business.
The food is great. What else...

It's where Admiral Yi beat
the Japanese invaders.

Admiral Yi Sun-shin?

He is my favorite historical figure.

You were born in a really nice town.

I had no idea

that the department store was
so close from C'est Si Bon.

I wished it was just
a little farther away.

♪ The scene I had always imagined ♪

♪ My soul was soaked ♪

♪ after just one look ♪

I wanted the road never to end.

♪ It must be love ♪

♪ O, it must be love ♪

It feels great to finally
get this off my chest.

Thanks, buddy.

P.S. Don't bother looking for
a place to crash, just stay.

I could really use a guitar tutor.

When are Hyeong-ju
and Chang-sik coming?

They must be on the bus by now.

And Yeong-nam couldn't make it?

You should be grateful he's not.

What's taking you
so long? I'm starving!

They have a guitar.

Let's sing.


Let me just finish this.

Oh dear...

♪ When the raging ocean ♪

♪ finally quiets down ♪

♪ Will my baby come visit me ♪

♪ from across the ocean ♪

♪ The stars in the night sky ♪

♪ are shining beautifully ♪

♪ But your lovely eyes ♪

♪ are shining even brighter ♪

♪ But I'll wait only for you ♪

♪ I'll be waiting for you forever ♪

♪ I'll wait only for you ♪

♪ I'll be waiting for you forever ♪

♪ I'll wait only for you ♪

♪ I'll be waiting for you forever ♪

♪ I'll wait only for you ♪

♪ I'll be waiting for you forever ♪

One more time.

Come on, that's enough.

♪ I'll wait only for you ♪

♪ I'll be waiting for you forever ♪

In that short moment, I
prayed with all my heart.

Please let me get the F chord

even only for this one time.

Remember what you
said about the F chord?

That once you get it,

you've got it for good.

Oi, country boy.

I see your guitar's improved.

What's up?

Come join us, asshole.

I have a twin sister.

An identical twin who was
born one minute after me.

Her name is Se-yeong.

She had polio at birth.

So, she never went to school

when I even got to go to college.


I wonder if I stole her
share of luck from her.

I'll always feel in debt.

♪ I'll make a necklace with seashells ♪

♪ and put it around her neck ♪

♪ We'll sit by the fire ♪

♪ and whisper all night ♪
♪ in each other's ears ♪

♪ Moon shadow in the distance ♪

♪ With the sound of wave breaking ♪

♪ the summer night deepens ♪

♪ but I can't sleep ♪

You wrote that just now?

Pass me the guitar.

It was your birthday
not long ago, right?

This is a belated present.

♪ One day she'll talk to me ♪

♪ When is it going to be ♪
♪ When is it going to be ♪

Give me the guitar.

- Something just came to me.
- No, I'm not finished.

That summer, so many songs
were written because of a girl.

Truly, she was our muse.

I envy them for writing
songs on the spot.

I heard weed gets you inspirations.

Maybe I'll try that.

You don't even smoke, dumbass.


you've got tons of songs stashed away.

Can I borrow one?

Lend you a song?



Do I know you?

You must be a friend of my sister's.

Are you Ja-yeong's younger sister?

Yes. I'm Min Se-yeong.

She told me you're twins,
you really look the same.

My sister is way prettier.
She's a city girl, I'm not.

They say you can't take
the country out of the girl.

How do you know my sister?

She's a regular at
the live cafe I work in.

C'est Si Bon, right?

You play guitar and
sing pop songs there.

I heard Jo Yeong-nam used
to sing there before he debuted.

Ja-yeong told me about a trio, too.

Song Chang-sik,

Yun Hyeong-ju,

and what's the other one...

It was Oh...

That's right. Oh...



That's the one. I'm Oh Geun-tae.

Did she tell you about me?

She said she is good
friends with the trio.

That's my bus.

Alright, have a safe ride.

Hey, I'll buy a lunch next
time, for you and Ja-yeong!

You got it!

Take care, sister-in-law.

I ran into Ja-yeong's sister today.
They look so much alike.

Wait, who?

Ja-yeong's twin sister?

She was pulling your leg.
Did you really believe her?

Then, who's that girl I saw earlier?

Ja-yeong! You saw Ja-yeong.

No, I'm telling you.

She had a limp and
spoke with an accent.

Ja-yeong just joined a theater company.

Her first role is a country
girl from Gangwon province.

You understand now?


Then, why did she walk with a limp?

Because her character has a limp!

Mr. Oh Byeong-tae.


Is that you?

It's really you.


They're reunited.

It's me, Yeong-ok.

Your competition is down by one.

Chang-sik eliminated
himself last night.

♪ The foolhardy Chang-sik ♪
♪ got the brush-off ♪

Come live with me, Ja-yeong!

Hyeong-ju and Yeong-nam
are full of shit.

What happened to your face?

I'm Ja-yeong's mother.

I hear you're close with Yeong-nam?

I'm not.

Well, I'm his girlfriend.

Who's calling herself
Yeong-nam's girlfriend?

♪ Player Yeong-nam ♪
♪ also got the brush-off ♪

They were never my concern.

The only one I'm worried
about is Hyeong-ju.


only he got invited to her play.

You should do the classics.

Like Shakespeare,

Chekhov's 'The Seagull' and
Beckette's 'Waiting For Godot.'

There are so many good pieces.

How was my acting?

You're missing the point.

You're better off playing
smaller parts in a decent play.

I'm only telling you
this because I care.

And I'm telling you
this because I care.

You should only give
compliments to girls.

Even it's a lie.

I should go.

♪ The bigheaded Hyeong-ju ♪
♪ also got the brush-off ♪

She didn't reject me.

You never tried.

What do I do, man?

♪ Now, are you ready ♪
♪ for your doomsday? ♪

Since I got separated from
my sister during the Retreat,

I don't know if she lives or not.

Me and my sister,

we've been through
the thick and thin...

Stop being yourself. Be the
character, for God's sake!

Don't recite your lines,

talk like the character,
you understand?

How many times do I have to tell you?

It's the first time you said it.

How dare you!


I'm not that drama teacher
from your church anymore.

So start performing like a real actor.

We're closed for the day.

I said we're closed.

Ja-yeong, is that you?

I saw the light was on.
Why are you still here?

I can't practice at home
because of the neighbors.

I practice for hours every
day with no improvement.

I don't think I have the talent.

Here's another one with no talent.

Don't be silly. Your acting is amazing.

No, you got your leg pulled
because you're a fool.

I meant your performance on stage.

Were you at the theater?

I went on the opening night.

Why didn't you visit me backstage?

I wasn't invited or anything.

It was you who left the
gift in the dressing room.

I wasn't interested in acting
from the start, you know?

There was this guy that I had
a crush on since high school.

I joined the company so
I can see him more often.

As I got to know him,
the fantasy was crushed.

But now I really want
to be a good actress.

Acting is so much fun.

- Want one?
- Huh?

Something I picked
up working in theater.

I see.

You alright?


Can I sing for you? Something
just came to me.

You write music, too?

It's nothing really. So,
don't be disappointed.

♪ I have something... ♪

This isn't right.

Maybe this is better.

♪ I have something ♪

♪ Something to say to you ♪

♪ Out of the blue, tonight ♪

♪ I want to say this to you ♪

♪ For you, there is nothing ♪

♪ nothing I won't do ♪

♪ I will catch the stars ♪

♪ and put them in your hands ♪

Did you write it just now?

Huh? Yeah.

It just came to me.

It's amazing.

You're amazing.

Oh, it's nothing.

Anyone can do this.


You know, I...

I have feelings for you.

I know.

Your next play has a kiss scene?

You fool!

♪ I'll give you all of my love ♪

♪ that's bursting out of my heart ♪

♪ For you, there is ♪
♪ nothing I won't do ♪

What's wrong with you?

Who smiles in their sleep?

Please let me off just this once.

- Next.
- I didn't know.

You ladies have so many excuses.


Please, stop talking.


I absolutely have to get
my hair done today.

- Let us off this once.
- I'm afraid I can't.


- Good afternoon, officers.
- Afternoon.

You all should dress like that.


You there.


Yes, you punk!

I thought the regulation
only applied to women.

I thought it was okay for men.

Come here, you pervert!

But my mom said it was okay.

Don't walk around in that
tiny piece of cloth again.

Don't tell me what to do.
You're not my boyfriend.

Of course I am. We kissed
hence we're lovers.

Give me a break, country boy.

This isn't the 16th century.


Don't fall for me.
You'll only get hurt.

Love is supposed to be painful.
It ain't love, if it's easy.

I can't sleep. Sing for me.

You want me to sing?

♪ I have something... ♪

Not that one. Another one.

Another one?


No inspiration tonight?

I get inspirations all the time.

But I don't have my guitar with me.

Can you give me one second?

Yo, Jang-hee! Wake up.

Come on, man.

Wake up. There's a fire.

Come on, man!

Where's your guitar?

Hurry, Jang-hee, let's go.

♪ In the quiet of the night ♪
♪ everybody is asleep ♪

♪ but I am unable to sleep ♪

♪ It's you ♪

♪ It's you ♪

♪ It's you ♪

This one's really good, too.

♪ It's because of you ♪

You're a genius.

♪ It's you ♪

♪ It's you ♪

♪ It's you ♪

♪ It's because of you ♪

♪ It's you ♪

♪ It's you ♪

- ♪ It's you ♪
- Do you know what time it is?

Yes, you!

We're all up now because
of you, asshole!

Why don't we start selling liquor?


OB's Cabin is fully booked
because they serve beer.

C'est Si Bon is no drink house.

This is a live music venue.

How dare you compare
us with OB's Cabin?

It is a live music venue alright

but the sound system
isn't up to standard.

The decor isn't all that great either.

It's all oldish.

Yeah, it is.

You gotta put money in it.

But look how slow the business is.

Good job, boys.

Boss, we need a raise.

They pay 90 won per hour at OB's Cabin.

I don't know about these two
but I sing to make a living.

I need to support my grandma.

Yes, I know that.

Did you talk us into a phony
record deal to use us cheaply?

Are you ganging up on me?

Forget it.

How would you know
what I'm going through?

This cigarette tastes funny.


You wanna go there?

Well, sure... why not?

I mean we're both
grown-ups, boys and girls...


you sure about this?

What are you thinking?

You can sleep there. I'll
stay over at my friend's.

Myeong-suk lives around here.

Oh, your friend Myeong-suk!

She lives around here.

So, I'll go there tonight.


You want to stay with me tonight?

Yes... No!


I want to know how you feel about me.

And you need to sleep
with me to know that?

I guess I'm just... anxious.

I am so impossibly happy
when I'm with you

and thinking it might
end drives me crazy.

Sleeping with you won't
make me your girl.

If I decide to leave,

I can leave you whenever
even after sleeping with you.

Shall we run?

Don't want to break curfews.

On three.

One, two!

♪ Big smiling eyes ♪

♪ Long flowing hair ♪


Are you asleep?

Come on, girl.

I'm so sorry.

Go on.

Good night.

Come on, young man.

I'm coming.

Go on. I'll be fine.


But my mom said 10 minutes is fine.

Let's go!

♪ All the memories of us ♪

♪ countless like the stars ♪

♪ Even if they're swept ♪
♪ away by the wind ♪

♪ I will never forget them ♪

♪ I will never forget them ♪


Coming back soon with
a new sound system.

Guess what? I'm hired.
I'm an in-house actress.

I told you you'd get it.

So, I'll be seeing you on TV from now?

It'll be small parts at first
like maids or waitresses.


Why TBC though?

We don't have that channel down here.


Come on, son.

When are you coming back to Seoul?

My old man's business gets
crazy at this time of year.

How come you're...



I'm sorry but Mrs.
Kim is not available.

I'm sorry but Mrs.
Kim is not available.

You picked up the dress that
I had dibs on at Andre Kim's.


Why would a maid
need a dress like that?

I won't say this again.

I want it cleaned and in my
wardrobe by tomorrow.

I heard the drama producer got you in.

Don't think about telling me off.

I got in through the director general.

Your girl?

Let's see...

This one?


This one, then.



Come on, it can't be so hard.

Can't you tell from a glance?

It can't be her.

Is it?

Don't look so shocked.

Holy Mary!


How come you always fall
for someone you can't have?

Silly boy...

You gotta meet someone in your league.

I can see how this will end.

Mom must've been a hell of
an ugly chick to marry you!

Miss Min, your role switched.

Get changed and learn your new lines.

I sincerely believed that
Mr. Kim's wife passed away.

I didn't know he had such
a young and beautiful...

Have you any idea how
I got to where I am?

How dare you!

I can't wait to go back to Seoul.

I miss the stage.

I'm dying to sing again.

Because I don't go to
C'est Si Bon anymore,

my father seems to believe
that I've given up singing.

Jang-hee, do you think I'll
find happiness being a doctor?

If I can heal people's
broken hearts with my songs,

couldn't that also be meaningful?

I'm traveling around the country

and am learning how beautiful

the traditional folk
melody and rhythm is.

Although I'm singing
American pop songs now,

one day,

I want to graft traditional
melody with popular music.

P.S. Send me some money, will you?

Crazy bastard.

I'm surprised how the success
of a movie can change a man.

Do I sense sarcasm?

I still remember you reciting
Lord's Prayer in Sunday school.

Now you're smoking cigarettes.

Do you still want to marry me?

You told me back in high school

to wait for you until you graduate.

Men are such simple creatures.

You honestly believe
that if a girl falls for you,

she'll carry the torch forever?

I saw you on television.

You must have a good eye sight.

My mother calls me 'Miss Blink'
because I only appear for a second.

But you played a bigger part
in the weekend soap opera.

Apparently my director
liked my acting from the play.

Are you friends with
the director of drama?

We were in the same theater club.

You made such a fool out of me.


This is the script for my next film.
It's an adaptation of Choi In-ho novel.

I'm sorry for being harsh to
you in the theater company.

I wanted to discourage
you from entering this world.

You wanted to be an actress
like Audrey Hepburn, right?

I want you to be my muse.

I thought you have to be handsome

to become a singer.

I'm not supposed to tell you yet

but I'm getting my debut
as a singer soon.

Next year, I'll be too busy
to help you with fishing.

Is that right?

Your father's running for
presidency next year.

I'll be watching you on
TV from the Blue House.

But I'm telling the truth.


Min Ja-yeong!



Why did you take the trouble

when I'm coming back to Seoul soon?

I didn't know it was so far.

I took the night train
and arrived only now.

Hey! I can't breathe.

Wow, what's that?

I've never seen a
cassette player that tiny.

It was my uncle's gift from Japan.

You could actually carry it
around to listen to music.

It's my favorite song.

'Wedding Cake' by Connie Francis.

Will you learn it and sing it for me?

It's such a sad song.


But the melody is cheerful.

That what make it even sadder.


what can you do for me?

♪ For you, ♪

♪ there is nothing ♪

♪ nothing I won't do ♪

I will sing for you for
the rest of my days.

Come on.

We should go now
to catch the last train.

I'll get you some seaweed
rolls on the way.

Ours is different from Seoul style.

The rice and the
fillings come separate.

Rice here, fillings here.

All separately.

Come on now.

But I'm not going back tonight.

Carry it with you, so
you can record anytime.

Turn on the lights.

It's modern.

I've missed you, fellas.

Good to see you, man.

You'll fall on your asses when
you hear the new sound system.

Somebody saw you singing at OB's cabin.

That's absurd.

I saw you there, too.


Your drifting ends here.

Following the grand
re-opening celebration show,

we'll start recording your debut album.

Is it all going to be
translated pop songs?

Let's play safe since
it's your first album.

Don't worry, I got you
the best lyricist there is.

Who would that be?

Kim Chun-sik.

Who's that?

You don't know who that is?

You don't know your own boss' name?

My name isn't 'Mr. Kim.' It's
Kim Chun-sik, you buggers.

What do you think?

I'm not too convinced. The
song is in the female key.

'White Handkerchief' is
a Nana Mouskouri song.

I need to hear it a few more times.

Let me borrow this.

I don't think so.

It's a gift from my girlfriend.

You listen on your player.

You call yourself a friend?


Featuring Superstar Jo Yeong-nam
and C'est Si Bon Trio

C'est Si Bon is back and so are you!

It's great to see everyone.

Welcome to C'est Si
Bon's re-opening show.

The place is packed.

I have news for you.
You're going live on air

on a CBS radio show tomorrow.


What's even more exciting

is that you'll go live on 'Music
Grand March' this weekend!

KBS 'Music Grand March'!

'Music Grand March'?

It's going to be a joint performance
with Yeong-nam, but still!

It's 'Music Grand March.'

I'll be damned!

Guess what, ma? I'm gonna be on TV.

No... I'm coming out on
a national television.

In 'Music Grand March'!

Yes, your favorite TV show, ma.


♪ You were like a dream that ♪
♪ came to me on a spring day ♪

♪ A dream I thought ♪
♪ would last forever ♪

♪ The sand castle of bliss ♪
♪ from that summer beach ♪

♪ got swept away by the wave ♪

♪ You can leave me ♪
♪ You can forget me, darling ♪

♪ My heart will always be the same ♪

♪ The only regret I have ♪

♪ is not loving you more ♪

Created and raised in C'est Si Bon

and even named after the cafe,

give it up for C'est Si Bon Trio.

Hold on a second.

We have a special guest today

who's joined us in celebration.

Please welcome the mega hit director,

Mr. Kang Myeong-chan.

He's come here amidst
a very busy schedule.

C'est Si Bon is more than
just a live music venue.

Years from now,

it will be remembered
as a cultural heritage.


I never liked C'est Si
Bon, to be honest.

The girl I love is crazy
about this cafe.

I thought she loved
it more than myself.

So, I felt jealous.

At this very place she loves dearly,

I wish to manifest my love for her.

To my soul and muse.

What is this?

So, this was a proposal event.

The star director and
C'est Si Bon groupie,

I mean, the rising starlet,
Min Ja-yeong were lovers?

We'll carry on this evening of love
with C'est Si Bon's next song.

♪ There is nothing better ♪
♪ than being in love ♪





You're going on air tomorrow.

It's no big deal.

Are you alright?

I'm fine.

To tell you the truth, I hooked up
with tons of girls this summer.

This girl who had a huge crush
on me back in high school,

she got her eyes done and
became a pageant queen.

After a few of drinks,

I couldn't see why I shouldn't bed her.

And there was this other girl...

Where was I? I've known
this one for some time...

Maybe he had an accident.

Does he know the exact time and venue?

He is the one that fussed
the most about this.

Then, why...?

If this falls through...

Don't even...

Okay, okay. I got it.

I never imagined out
of the three of you,

Geun-tae would be the
one to screw me over.

Don't wait for him.


He's not coming.

What are you jabbering about?

Just a day has passed

and nothing is the same.

Was it all but a dream?

The time I spent at C'est Si Bon

was nothing but a dream.

I want to wake from it now.

My reason for singing is gone.

Let's go as a duo without him.

A duo?


wasn't it a duo project initially?

This is an opportunity we can't miss.

Okay! We'll go as a duo.

We gotta change the name first.

The C'est Si Bon duo

doesn't sound right.
Geun-tae, you bastard!

Any ideas?

Urgh! Nothing comes to mind.

What's sheet music called in English?



Duet Folio, it is.


Next, we'll hear a song by Twin Folio.

♪ Enclosed in the letter she sent me ♪

- ♪ notifying of our break up ♪
- A pop song from a classic channel?

Who changed the channel...?

♪ was a carefully folded ♪

♪ white handkerchief ♪

♪ When I left the hometown ♪

♪ she stood on the hill ♪

♪ and in tears, waved ♪
♪ the handkerchief ♪

♪ the white handkerchief ♪

♪ The trace of her tears ♪

♪ has disappeared completely ♪


♪ Now it's my fresh tears ♪

♪ that soaks the handkerchief ♪

Twin what?

Twin Folio.

Twin Folio, okay.

It was Twin Folio's legendary debut.

It's the rookie duo, Twin Folio!

I don't see him.

The little bugger's become a bluffer.

Twin Folio! Twin Folio!

The crowd's gone crazy even
before the album release.

Songs, songs...

Jang-hee, can you pick out
some good pop songs?

We'll need at least 10
songs for a full album.

I got it.


Don't beat down your guitar so hard.

Be gentle as though
you're caressing your lover.


♪ There is nothing better in ♪
♪ the world than the one I love... ♪

Stop smiling.


I really like this seaweed roll.


Oh Geun-tae.

No one's ever made me

laugh as much as you did.

Thank you for that.

And sorry.


I really like this seaweed roll.

Seaweed roll?

♪ The handkerchief she waved at me ♪

Stand back everyone!

Lee Jang-hee.

Lee Jang-hee, right?

Did you see Yun and
Song smoke marijuana?

As far as I'm concerned, they
never touched that stuff.

Are you trying to protect your buddies?

I'm not protecting anyone.

We can get them without your testimony.

I only did it because my friends
said it was a cigarette.



You smoked it at C'est
Si Bon on November 2.

You smoked with Song and
Yun and the other clowns.

This cigarette tastes funny.

It's gotta be a misunderstanding.

We have a witness. Just admit it.

Your friends gave you up. Confess.

Are you trying to use
my friends against me?

We never smoked marijuana.

Possession alone is a criminal offense.

Damn it, who's framing us?

- Bring the bastard to me.
- Shut up!

You know Oh Geun-tae?

Your friend.

He told us everything.

The truth didn't matter.

It was a crazy time.


With C'est Si Bon closed,
our youthful days were over.

No one's heard from Geun-tae since.

No one asked about him.

Twin Folio was disbanded
in just one year.

It was difficult for me
to remain in Korea.

So, I started a new life in America.

Los Angeles, 20 years later

You're listening to Lee
Jang-hee's 'A Letter From LA.'

It's raining now in Seoul.

Over here in LA, we get just
a day or two of rain in a year.

Sometimes, I miss the rain
from my home country.

It's a beautiful night everyone.

What are you thinking
about on a night like this?

You have a guest waiting outside.

You own this restaurant, too?

I heard that you're the
owner of the radio station.

You're making the most
money out of all of us.

I'm the worst singer. I'd better
be good at something.

Are you in touch with
Hyeong-ju and Chang-sik?

It's hard to meet Chang-sik
because he only works at night.

Hyeong-ju wants me to come
to church, so I try to avoid him.

No, thanks.

I quit since I moved here.

I heard you live like an
ascetic. I see that's true.

I could easily stop drinking
but smoking's a different story.

Weed is not addictive but this...

You used to smoke weed?

People in my world experimented
with it at least once.

It wasn't illegal back then.

Look at you...

You guys at C'est Si Bon
took the fall for everyone.

They wanted to control
you folk singers.

They even passed a new
legislation to do that.

It's all in the past.

What about Geun-tae?

Did you hear from him?

Oh Geun-tae?

Even you haven't heard from
him. Of course we didn't.

You should come on my
show while you're here.

The 70's star of the silver
screen visits Los Angeles.

Forget it. No one remembers me.


I'm taking a trip with a friend.

Where are you going?

Las Vegas and San Francisco.

If you lose all your money,
call me, I'll loan you some.

- I'm gonna take off.
- Okay.

Have a safe trip.

Let's go easy on the first night.



What's the matter?

That's my old favorite.

What is it?

'Wedding Cake.'

That's the original of
the Twin Folio song.

Twin Folio's 'Wedding Cake'?

But that's a sad song.

You used to sing with the Twin Folio?

I'm telling you.

It was originally a trio.

But I quit and they became a duo.

You could've sung that song.

I guess so.

If I didn't join the army, maybe.

The original lyrics is about
an ordinary house wife.

How come Twin Folio's
version has such sad lyrics?

That's the charm of translated songs.

You want to go to LA?

My aunt lives there. I want
to drop by to see her.

I booked your rental car.

You can pick up the
keys from the office.

I'm flying straight to San Francisco.


Drive safely.

Lee Jang-hee's 'A Letter From LA'
Radio Korea

You're assigned to San Francisco?

Our company lab is in Silicone Valley.

Silli... what?

Why wouldn't your wife come with you?

It would've been good
for your daughter, too.

You're listening to Lee
Jang-hee's 'A Letter from LA.'

The time now is just after 8:20.

Do you know the feeling of

time and place jumbling up
in company of an old friend?

Although I live in LA 16
hours away from home,

I've just met a friend from long ago...

I was so happy to run into
an old friend in America.

Let's record three day's shows.

I'm taking a few days off for air.

Where are you off to?

Sedona, Arizona. It's a good
place for meditation.

I've been living here for 10 years
and have never been there.

What's there to life? You
gotta follow your heart.



You look exactly the same.

I never grew up, that's why.

You've become an old man.

I'm a company man after all.

You're married?

I married the prettiest one
of the girls that wanted me.

Why did you cut yourself off?

You didn't have to do that to me.

There was a rumor that you gave us up

but we all knew that it wasn't true.

Disappearing like that
only made you look worse.

It's good that I came to see you.

Of course.

We're friends, back then and still.

Can we drink soju?

Jeez, wake up!

Someone's calling.



- Oh, you're here?
- Hello.

I promised a radio appearance?

I don't remember.

You're lucky it's a pre-recorded show.

Thinking back, you did
miss a live show before.

You're listening to 'A Letter From LA.'

We have a special guest in the studio.

20 years ago, he sang alongside
Song and Yun as a trio

until he quit the band
right before their debut.

Please welcome, Mr. Oh Geun-tae.

Hello. I'm Oh Geun-tae.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed
to be on the show.

I reconnected with Jang-hee
last night after 20 years.

We had some drinks.

He tells me that I got wasted
and begged to be on the show.

I don't remember much about that.

You want me to what?

You said you wanted to.

From what I saw last
night, you still have got it.

Are you making it up
because I was wasted?

Like you said, once I
got it I got it for good.

Even after 20 years.

Let's ask Geun-tae to sing for us.

What will you sing?

I had a friend who used to
believe that I wrote this song.

Not any more though, right?

I released it a few years later.

Now the whole country
knows that it's my song.

♪ I have something ♪

♪ Something to say to you ♪

♪ Out of the blue, tonight ♪

♪ I want to say this to you ♪

♪ I will give you everything ♪

♪ give you my all ♪

♪ I'll give you my love ♪

♪ that's bursting out of my heart ♪

♪ For you, there is nothing ♪

♪ nothing I won't do ♪

How about you sing together?

Not a chance. I haven't
sung in over 10 years.

We have someone who hasn't
touched guitar in 20 years.

Thanks, buddy.

The show will go on
air tomorrow evening.

When are you heading
off to San Francisco?

Tomorrow or the day after.

Drive up the Route 1 along the coast.

It's a detour but it's beautiful.

I'm returning the rental
car and taking the plane.

Sentiment is a luxury for
a company man like me.

Hey, listen.

Ja-yeong is in California now.

I wasn't sure whether
to tell you or not.

But I thought it's
stupid to not tell you.


the rumor that I ratted you out

20 years ago when it happened...

It's true.

I gave up your names.

But why?

I was never one of you.

Shall we go straight to the hotel?

You'll need to pack for
your flight tomorrow.

Who's singing this?

I don't think it's the Twin Folio.

It sounds like Jang-hee.

But I'm not sure about the other one.

♪ In tears I leave ♪

♪ for someone that isn't you ♪

♪ After this night, I leave ♪

♪ for someone I don't love ♪

I sang for the first time in
a while thanks to a friend.

A man who could've been
a Twin Folio, Oh Geun-tae...

Oh Geun-tae...?

We were young and clueless
but because we were...

Can I help you?

I'm here to see Jang-hee.

Can I wait until the show ends?

I'm afraid this is recorded.

Mr. Lee is in Sedona now.

Oh, really?

You have kids?

I have a daughter in kindergarten.

Did you get married late
or had your baby late?

I read about you in magazines
from time to time.


I've divorced and am raising
the children on my own.

The night before my wedding,

you left a cake outside
my house, didn't you?

How did you know it was me?

I just did.

My army colleague was a baker.

I got him to make it for me.

So, you joined the army.

We all kind of assumed.

I remember the seaweed roll.

It was the first time I had it.

Now you can see it everywhere.

You can easily find it in Seoul, too.

That's true.

I gotta board now.


Take care of yourself.

You, too.

Did you have a good time in Sedona?

I'm boarding my plane now.


Guess who I ran into at the airport.


So, you met after all.

Good to hear you two got to catch up.



it just occurred to me
while I was in Sedona.

The incident from 20 years ago...

People in my world experimented
with it at least once.

It wasn't illegal back then.

If you tried it couple
of times like you said,

how come you were never
called in for questioning?

I mean, even the innocent
ones were implicated.

I was a nobody back then.

Miss Min,

in the Marijuana scandal two years ago,

there's a rumor that your name

was originally included in the list.

What can you do for me?

I will sing for you for
the rest of my days.

I gave up your names.

Do you think...

Do you think there is a chance

that Geun-tae gave up

C'est Si Bon friends' names

because of...

♪ I will give you everything ♪

♪ give you my all ♪

♪ I'll give you my love ♪

♪ that's bursting out of my heart ♪

♪ For you, there is nothing ♪

♪ nothing I couldn't do ♪

♪ I will catch the stars ♪

♪ and put them in your hands ♪



Did you...

Did you do it for me?

You sold out your friends

to protect me?

Why did you do it?

Why did you do it?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Oh Geun-tae!

Oh Geun-tae!



There's someone here who
doesn't belong to the list.

I think you should cross out that name.

I guarantee you, Min Ja-yeong,
shouldn't be on this list.

Who's that?

We're not looking to
catch a few small fish.

I'll make sure her name
is taken off the list.

You have my word.


...along with Yun Hyeong-ju, Song
Chang-sik and Lee Jang-hee...

You did cross out Min Ja-yeong
from the list, didn't you?

I mean

she's only starting out...

Her dream and everything...

♪ The night is deep and quiet ♪
♪ I hear tapping on my window ♪

♪ Unable to sleep, I look outside ♪

♪ There is no one outside but ♪
♪ a wedding cake on door step ♪

♪ Who might've left it there? ♪
♪ I am going away, my love ♪

♪ After this night, I'm going ♪
♪ to someone that I don't want ♪

♪ In tears, I'm going to ♪
♪ someone that isn't you ♪

♪ After this night, I'm leaving for ♪
♪ someone I'm not in love with ♪

♪ Please let me see you ♪
♪ one last time, my love ♪

♪ From afar, the morning bell tolls ♪

♪ over my broken heart ♪

♪ I keep looking out the window ♪

♪ hoping to catch a glimpse of you ♪

♪ but you're long gone ♪
♪ nowhere to be seen ♪

♪ Only the endless tears ♪
♪ stream down my cheeks ♪

♪ As I gaze at the wedding cake ♪

Even after a long time,
friends were the same.

They had become old men
soon turning seventy,

but they had the same faces
from when they first met.

People who love

never grow old.