Centurion: The Dancing Stallion (2023) - full transcript

Ellissia, a college student takes part in a Mexican horse riding competition to temporarily escape her problems. Soon she discovered that her health conditions are to hinder her from pursuing her passion.

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- What time does he get here?
- I don't know.

Send me a photo.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Good morning, sunshine.

So, uh,
I have great news for you.

- Hm?
- Jorge just called about
a white Andalusian stallion.

He's been kicked around a bit
but comes from
a great bloodline.

So I put in a silent bid.

- And guess what?
- Hm?

- We won.
- Really?

- Mm-hm.
- Have you seen him?

Not yet.

My accountant reminds me
I used to have money in cows.

Now I got horses.

And us!

I love when you
do that together.

Daddy, you know
that I need a quality horse

so I can compete with the best.

Persuasive argument, counselor.

Jeff, honey, be careful.

She'll be working
in your firm soon.

Quit badgering the witness.

See that? Now I got badgers.

- That's...
- Dad joke. I know.

Love you. Adios.

- Love you, too.
- Love you.



Careful when you
load the horse.

I always am.
Anything else?


Come straight back here.
No stopping.

Why am I gonna stop, huh?

Not on your time, boss.

Call me when the horse
is in the trailer.



Keep his head up.

That's it.

Use your legs to turn him.

Remember, ten points
for a clean rotation.

'Bout that time.

I'm pulling in.

Hey, boss.
I just loaded up the horse.

I am headed back.

Mm-hm. Right.

No. See you then.

See you later.

Hey, what are y'all doing, huh?

- Excited?
- Let's see what we got.

Yeah, let's see.

- You do?
- Mm-hm.


What's this?


Where's the horse?

I don't know.
He was there.

We loaded him up.

You reek of booze.

I only stopped for one.

Someone must have took him
at the tavern.

Or somebody didn't
double-check the gate.

- I thought I did.
- You're done. You're through.

Go get your things.
Pack up.

Come on, George.

You're fired.

I'll retrace his route.

See if I can find the horse.

Sorry, honey.

It's okay.

Yes, Mr. Hall.

I'll find him. Believe me.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


It's okay. It's okay.

Easy, boy.


Centurion, huh?

Nice name, buddy.

What's going on here?

Where's this horse come from?

Name's Centurion.

Hall Ranch?

There's a Hall Ranch
three or four miles

up the main road.

You want me to take him there?

Yeah! Go!
Just get him out of here.

Okay. Come on.




Que paso?

Is this your horse?

Saw your name on his tag.

Thank you for bringing him.


He's real scared.

He's been badly mistreated.

Yeah. I noticed.

Not by us.

We don't treat animals
like that.

He got lost
transporting him here.

Where'd you find him?

He was in a vineyard
a few miles down the road.

Do you mind bringing him
into the stables?


Come on, boy.

I'm Jorge Rodriguez,
the ranch manager.

They also call me George.

Danny Sanchez.

Where'd you
learn about horses, Danny?

I grew up on a ranch in Arizona.
My father was the foreman.

Yeah, I'll take him from here.

Whoa, whoa!

Easy. Easy, boy.

- It's okay.
- I'm not gonna hurt you.

- It's okay.
- Okay.


Okay. Danny, maybe you
should put him in the stall.

- Sure.
- Number two.

Come on, boy.
Come on.


You're welcome.

You're owed a reward
for finding him.

No, that's--
that's okay, sir.

Are you sure?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure.

- Got some nice stalls.
- Yeah.

We breed and sell
Andalusian and Friesian horses.

- Spanish and Danish breeding.
- Mm-hm.

That's impressive.

You know your horses.

Yeah, it was
my father's passion.

We also train
dancing horses.

You know, my father
used to dance in competitions.

Oh, horses are the heartbeat
of our Mexican culture.

Well, I...
I better get back to work.

It was nice meeting you,
Mr. Rodriguez.

Good to meet you,
young man.

I'll drive you back.

I owe you at least that.

I'll take it.

You know, I fired the idiot
responsible for letting
Centurion get loose.

And not just for that,
he was a general screw-up.

That leaves me
short a stablehand.

Someone to clean the stalls.
Exercise the horses.

Maintain the manure pile
for pickup every Thursday.

Know anyone like that?

When do I start?

I have a trailer
in the back of my place

I can let you have for cheap.

I'll take it.


You can start by giving
Centurion a good shower.

- Braiding his mane.
- Sure.

- And his tail.
- Cool. Appreciate it.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

I'll get started.

Think you brought me
good luck, boy.

Oh, my God, Mom.

Who would do that to a horse?


Oh, not yet.

He's got spirit.


You must be the new ranch hand.
I'm Ellissia.

I'm Danny.

Danny, this is Ms. Hall.

She runs things around here.

- Not really.
Welcome to Hall Ranch son.
- Hi.

He's not too bad, huh?

He's amazing.

Danny, that's enough
for today.

Come on. Grab your bag.

Welcome to
the Rodriguez hacienda.

It's nice.

This is it right here.

My wife, Florencia,
just cleaned it.

Been fixing it up

to travel
when my wife and I retire.

Electricity, hot water,
TV, toilet, shower.

This is all mine?

It's all yours.

This is great.

I've never even had
my own place before.

You're welcome
to take your meals
with me and my wife...

or whatever.

If you guys don't mind.
I'm not much of a cook.


See you at seven.

- Thank you, George.
- You're welcome.

So we found him.
He's not dead.

He's not wounded,
but he's not
in too good of shape.

Is that it?

Yeah, something like that.

Poor thing.
How about the horse?


Your father's
talking about Danny.

The new stable guy.

Oh, he's in great shape.


Oh, really?

You know, there was something
in his eyes that I really liked.

I'm sorry.
Are we talking about the horse
or are we talking about Davy?

- Danny.
- Danny.

The horse, silly.

Oh, well, that's encouraging.

Your turn.


Uno, dos, tres, cuatro.

Oh, you're out.

This chicken is delicious.

Thanks, Danny.

I hear you're from Arizona.
Do you have family there?

I did.
Uh, both my parents passed away.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that.

My father like last year.

My mom when I was young.

I have some family
in Mexico, too,
but I don't see them too often.

- We have family there, too.
- Oh, yeah.

Jorge tells me
you know a lot about horses.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, my dad, he was, uh,

he was a proud vaquero.

He always told me
that the Mexicans

taught the gringos how to ride.

And how to cook.

- More rice?
- Please.

- It's really good.
- Please. Thank you.


So, that is
our prize Andalusian?


Not much is he?

Hold your head high.

Show them you're somebody.

Come on.
There you go.

Good boy. Good boy.

That's it, Ellissia.

Slow down the transition.


That was wonderful.


So, honey, you think
you're ready for Uva Blanka, hm?

We'll see.

So the top three
qualify for the Solano.

I mean, imagine that.

- It will put this ranch
on the map.
- Mm.

That'll be you one day, boy.

Welcome to the Uva Blanka.

In the Spanish horse dancing,

the rider with the most points
for the dancing skills wins.

Our first competitor,
Julio Sanchez!

And remember,

stepping off the platform
gets you disqualified.

...David Rodriguez,
from Dumbo Ranch.

That handsome young guy
on the black Friesian
is Francisco Gomez.

He's the next big star.

Wait a minute, now.
I thought Ellissia was.

Yeah. She will be. Trust me.
There you go.

And now please welcome

from American Canyon,
Francisco Gomez.

And for
our final rider of the day,

from the Hall Ranch
in Napa Valley,

we welcome Ellissia Hall.



Hey, how'd I do?

Your rhythm was perfect.


Yeah, thanks, guys.


Thank you to all
of our amazing performers

at this year's Uva Blanka!

The top three ranches qualify

for the prestigious Festival
Del Caballo Solano finals.

This is the most important
event of the year.

Our third place winner...

Ellissia Hall from Hall Ranch,

riding Principe.

Oh, my God!

You made it!

In second place...

...David Rodriguez
from Dumbo Ranch,
riding Coronel.

Our first place winner,
riding Zapata,

Francisco Gomez!

to all the winners.

Take a photo.


- Did you get it?
- Yeah. I think I got it.


You know, I thought you
deserved second, Ellissia.

I thought I deserved first.

- Congratulations, Francisco.
- Thank you.

Very nice seeing you again,
Mrs. Hall, Mr. Hall.

You too. Pleasure.
Good to see you, man.

Nicely done.
How are you, son?

Hey. Miguel.
Nice to meet you.

How exciting.
You're both in the Solano now.

I can't wait.
Ellissia's quite formidable.

I'll have to dance my best.

It was a great performance.
Both of you.

Thanks, Danny.
That means a lot.

Well, uh,
we're off to celebrate.

Welcome to join us if you like.

You know,
I'm not feeling too good,

but maybe another time.

Maybe I can drop by
your ranch to say hello.

Thursday's good.


I'll see you then.

Very nice seeing you both.

Thank you.

Fine young man.

Ah, you got his trust.


Maybe we can get him
to dance soon.

Hey, Francisco.

Whoa! Whoa!

Easy, easy, easy, Centurion.

Calm down.

Andalusians can be testy.

Yeah. I don't know
what's spooking him.

I got him.
Go show your friends around.

Usually, he's a lot calmer.

- Easy, boy. Easy.
- You know, we just got rid of

a white Andalusian
like a few months ago.

Remember it, Francisco?
Dumb as mud but, you know,

- I can't remember the name.
- It doesn't matter.

I'll meet you
back at the truck later.

So, Ellissia, show me around.

Okay, sure.

Hall Ranch...

This one is Alicia.

That girl is so hot.

I remember the name

of the Andalusian we got rid of.


Isn't that Ellissia's horse?

Don't say a word.

I raked that plow horse
pretty good.

Ellissia won't like that.

Okay. It's our secret.

It better be.

Ellissia, are you okay?


You're dizzy.

What's the matter?
What happened?

I just-- I'm feeling--
I'm just-- I'm tired.

I just--
I don't feel well.

Mom, I think maybe I've been,
uh, working too hard.

Okay, that's enough for today.
We'll work tomorrow.

Okay, yeah.
Something's not right.

- We should probably
see a doctor.

A doctor just because I'm
feeling a little bit weak, Mom?

Mom, hey, please.

No, no, no, don't please me.

Let's get you in the house.
Thanks, Jorge.

That was delicious, Isabella.

I'm glad you liked it.

Regardless of what
your daughter doesn't eat.

What's wrong?
Why are you...?

I'm just not very hungry.

She's been eating
like a little bird.

You don't know this,
but she became so tired

that she had to
stop training today.

- Really? Really?
- That's... that's dramatic.


Okay, that's it. I'm making
an appointment with the doctor.

- What?
- Yeah.

- Dad!
- Dad?

Mom. Do what your mom says.

She's gonna make an appointment
with the doctor.

Go see the doctor.
I'm sure it's fine.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

Uh, now, while we
have not been eating

for the last three-quarters
of the Rams-49ers games,

may we please be excused
so we can do the wave
in the lounge room?

- Wave.
- Yeah.

Mom, don't you
wanna do the wave?

Yeah, no, no.
No waves, okay.



You feeling better?

Yeah, thanks.


Hi, buddy.

Hey, big guy.

Do you want to go for a ride?

- Water?
- Thank you. Yeah.

Don't stand too close.

You might catch what I have.

I'll take my chances.

I just never had anything
that made me feel like this.

You think you should maybe
take it easy for the day?

I can make sure Centurion
gets his workout.

It's not a big deal.

Yeah, if you don't mind.
Thank you, Danny.

- Hey, help!
- Oh, my God.

Hey! Someone help! Jorge!

Pack more gauze in her mouth.

Set up chest X-rays
and blood work immediately.

Right away.

Hi. Is Ellissia all right?

- What have you heard?
- I'm not sure.

Hi. Uh, we're here to see
our daughter, Ellissia Hall.

She has been
admitted to the ER.

We've stabilized
Ellissia for now.

- Why?
- Stabilized?

What are you talking about?

Your daughter is very anemic,

and also has low
white blood cells
and extremely low platelets.

I am concerned
this is a blood disorder.


I've called in
a blood specialist, Dr. White,

who will give us
a better idea of what this is.

Okay. Where-where-where is she?
I'd like to see my daughter.

Of course. Of course.

Hello, everyone.

This is Dr. White,
the hematologist.

- Doctor. Jeffrey Hall.
- Mr. Hall, Mrs. Hall.

And you must be Ellissia.

Well, um, based on
the preliminary blood work,

it appears that
we are looking at leukemia.

Leukemia as in cancer?

Well, there are different
kinds of leukemia,

and that's what
we'll be looking at.

I know this is a very scary time
for you all right now,

but there are some
immediate procedural things
that we can do,

and the first thing
is a bone marrow biopsy.

That'll tell us
the type of leukemia
that Ellissia has.

- So we don't know yet?
- No. We'll schedule that.

I'll have that scheduled
for tomorrow morning.

But until then, uh,

we're going to be
boosting your platelets
to help stop the bleeding

along with other medicines
to help stabilize you.

Now, the most important thing
is to stay positive. Okay?

I'm gonna say that a lot,
so you're gonna get
tired of that.

All right? I'll talk to you
a little bit later.

- You're welcome.
- Thank you so much.

What did he say?

You'll be okay.


We'll get through this, honey.
Okay? Mm-hm?

Isabella called.

They think it's leukemia.


Well, we just got
our first lucky break.

The biopsy results came back
and the type of leukemia

that Ellissia has
is treatable and curable.

Thank you, Jesus.

It's called acute
promyelocytic leukemia or APL,

and for some unknown reason,
this leukemia occurs slightly
more often in Hispanics.

We-we don't understand why.

So what's our next move?

We need to start Ellissia

on chemo treatments
as soon as possible.

- Chemo?
- Yes.

The treatment
is very aggressive.

And you're gonna go through
some very, very tough times.

It will not be easy.

Please wear a mask
if you go outside

and around other people
or animals.

We don't want to risk you
getting sick

with your immune system
so compromised.

And remember,
it's critical that you
do not injure yourself.

We cannot have you bleeding.


Hey, honey, your mask.


Hey, look who's here.


Honey, doctor's orders.
Your mask.

I know. He won't recognize me
with my mask.

- Oh, come on.
- Hi. Hi, buddy.

- It's nice to see you back.
- Thanks.

- Put your mask on.
- Mom.

Right now. Please.

- Did you miss me?
- Jeffrey, come on.

Elli, listen to your mother.

It's just for the weekend, Mom.
I'm going back on Monday.

And Jorge, don't you dare
let her get on that horse

until she's done
with her chemo treatments.
You hear me?

- Yes, señora. Sí, señora.
- Come on!

- Am I being clear?
- Sí, señora.

Honey, I'm going to
take a shower.

- You need anything?
- I'm okay.


My champion's back.

I'd hug you
but you could die.

No one's gonna die.

So you figured out that I'm not
competing in Solano this year.


Compete next year.

Yeah, but...

Just because I can't compete

doesn't mean
that somebody can't.

It's Hall Ranch
that qualified.


Centurion knows him
and he knows the routines.

How about it, Danny?

Think you can do the Solano?

That's my father.
It's not me.

Your father is not here.

Maybe it's time to step up.

What do you have to lose?

We start tomorrow,
and no fooling around.

One of the judges is a top
charrería rider from Mexico.

Very serious business.

Very serious business.

Danny is gonna ride in Solano.

Really? How did that come about?

I asked him.

He said he didn't want to
but he needs this.

But Hall Ranch has a competitor

at this year's Solano.
Isn't that great?

Yeah, yeah, it is.

That is, honey.
That is great.


Good morning.

What are you doing?

I need your help.


I need you
to saddle Centurion.

Saddle him?

I'm going for a ride.

You know you're not
supposed to be riding.

Yeah, I know.

Ellissia, don't--

Don't make me do this.

Okay. The last time
that I was on a horse,

I had no idea
that it might be the last time.

I'm going into
the hospital tomorrow,

and there are no guarantees
that I'm going to come out ever.

So, please,
help me ride my horse.

I could lose my job.

Okay. Then don't help me.

You gonna wait for me?

You're a sweet person, Danny.


You know,
I forget all my problems
when I'm on a horse.

It's beautiful here.

It's my favorite place
in the whole world.

Hola, papá.

It's my father.

Your father?

Yeah, he passed...

a few months ago.

Danny, I'm sorry.

I'd like to think he's been
reincarnated as an eagle.

It must be nice to have
somebody watching over you.

I'm so scared I'm gonna die
that I can hardly breathe.

My mother got sick
when I was ten.

It was really scary.

She was the one
who gave me this.

She had it blessed
by her priest to protect me.

I want you to have it.

I can't take this.

Your mom gave it to you.

It's yours.


It'll protect you now.

Thank you.

Well, that's
totally unacceptable.

What were you thinking?
Young lady.

Is it-- and you!

Please, don't-don't
blame Danny.

- It's not his fault.
- Really?

Yeah, I made him do it.

- And where's your mask?
- I took it off.

But, honey, what if you
had fallen off that horse?

- Come on. We gotta go.
We gotta go.
- Mom? No.

You're fired.

Get off the property.

You heard the boss.

Finish the day,
pack your things.

We'll score up before...
before you leave.

George, I'm sorry.

Hello, boss?
I found Centurion on his side.

He doesn't look good.
I called Dr. Vanessa.

All right, uh,
let's see what she says.

Listen, I want you
to get Danny back, okay?

Find him and, uh,
and as of now, he's rehired.

Oh. Good, good.
That's-that's great news.

Keep me updated on the horse.

Let's get this contained. Okay?

Yes, sir.

What you been up to, boy?


Mr. Hall called.
You're rehired.

He really said that?

Yeah. Yeah.

And you can stay.


this job...

the ranch...


it's the best thing that's
happened to me...

in a long time.

I already lost one family,
I can't lose another.

Listen, son, we need you, too.

Centurion's not feeling well.
He needs our help.

There is a major
impaction in his intestine.

I found larkspur in his--
in his mane.

Larkspur flower is toxic.
It could have caused it.

Now, unless you can get him
on his feet and get him walking,

he's going to require surgery.

I tried.
It's too painful for him.

I have to run this
by Mr. Hall.

This is your God box.

So if you ever feel afraid,

I want you to write down
all your fears

and put them in here
and hand them to God.

- Mom?
- Yeah?

I don't think God
is here for me anymore.


Hey. Look at me.

God never left you. Hm?

God's right there.

Don't forget
that you're a child of God.

You have nothing to fear,


Never seen this cross before.

Danny gave it to me.

Danny. That boy.

I'm still not over what he did.
So irresponsible.


what is that thing
that you always tell me about...


You are so smart, missy.

He's got a good heart.

He's been through a lot.

I talked to Mr. Hall.

No surgery for Centurion.

What's wrong?

- Hm?
- Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

What's wrong?

Nothing. Nothing, honey.

Mom, I know you.
What's wrong?

Listen, I don't want you to
worry about anything,

and I want you to focus and
get better, please.

Please, okay?

Is it Centurion?
Is he okay?

He got colic.

Dr. Vanessa is looking after him

so I don't want you
to worry about it. Okay?

He'll be all right?

We don't know yet.

But I don't want you
to worry about anything, okay?

Hey, Doc.

Centurion has taken
a turn for the worse.

Mr. Hall doesn't want to
go through with the surgery.

I'll see you here.

Where is it? Dad.

- Hi, sweetie.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi, honey.


Uh, Mom told me
that Centurion is sick.

What? I'm sorry.
What'd you say?

She told me
that Centurion is sick.
How's he doing?

Angel, he's, um, sick.

You can tell me the truth.

- I am. He's sick.
- How sick?

Very, but the, um,
the vet said that...

that we might--
we might have to euthanize--

- What?
- Really?

- I said that, too.
- You can't do that.

No, no.
We gotta find something to do,

- there's no way--
- Jeffrey, a word outside.

- Sure.
- Now.

- Right.
- We'll be right back, honey.

Exactly-- that's exactly
what I want to do.

What are you thinking, huh?

Your daughter
is in so much pain.

- Oh, sweetie, come on.
- No, no, no.

What are you
gonna do about this?

Come on, George.
Come on. Pick up.

Thank you for coming.

You're okay to do this, right?


I'm sorry
it has to be this way.

Yeah. Me too.


Am I too late?

We're just about to
administer the euthanizing.

Don't do that,
'cause Ellissia needs him.

She can't fight without him.

There you go, boy.


But you need to
keep him walking,

or he's still
gonna need surgery.

All right.

Oh, we'll keep him walking,
all right.

If it takes all night.

Mr. Hall?

I'm good.
I'm good, Jorge.

Have a seat.
Thanks, man.

He says he's good.

You're good.

You must be exhausted

after spending all night
with Centurion.

I'm all right.

Life is precious.

The way I figure,
we're all here for a reason.

Sometimes destiny
can surprise us all.

What-- What is it?

What is it? What is it?

Honey, what is it? Nurse?!

Honey, what is it?


Nurse! Someone, please help!

Hey, George. George!

- Mrs. Hall...
- Dr. White.

The CAT scan results
show that she has bleeding

on both sides
of her brain so, um...

What is it?

She has pressure on her brain
due to the bleeding.

Now, due to her
low platelet count,
that procedure,

we would have to go in
and drill.

- No. No.
- It's the standard--

it is a standard procedure

but with her
low platelet count,

it is a dangerous procedure.

No, no. Is she--
is she not gonna make it?

- No, no, no, no.
- What is he talking about?

Ellissia's... Ellissia's
condition is critical,

but we are doing
absolutely everything we can

and we have
a tremendous team of surgeons.

They are assembled.
They're standing by.

This is one of those
very tough times.

So, uh,
you might wanna get some rest.

It's gonna be a long night.

No. We're not moving from here.

- Can I talk to you?
- Yeah.

We'll be right back.

I'm not sure he's gonna make it.

Daddy, I can't do it.

Can you take me home?

I just wanna die.

There you go, boy.

Good boy.


Hey, peanut.
How are you feeling?

- Mom?
- Mm-hm.

Am I gonna die?

No, you are not going to die.

The swelling in your brain
has gone down, honey.

You're gonna be just fine.

Now, you made it through
the hardest part,

so you get to rest now, okay?

I'll leave you with your family.

- Thank you, Doctor.
- Yeah.

And Jorge called.

He said Centurion's
gonna pull through, too.

- Really?
- Yeah.

"May the Lord answer
you in the day of trouble;

May the name
of the God of Jacob--"


Hi, Danny.

Hi, Mrs. Hall.

Okay. I'm going to grab a tea.

Can I get you anything?

No. Thank you.


I miss you.

I miss you, too.

How've you been feeling?

You know, I've been better.

Well, I hope to see you
at the Solano.


I'm kidding.

I'll be at Solano...

to watch you ride Centurion.

- Centurion?
- Mm-hm.

I know that he's not
where Principe was,

but if you work with George,
he'll get there.

Ellissia, I-I don't know.


It's your dad.

Look, if there was a time
to overcome fear, it's now.

He would be so proud of you...

And also, I might be
a little impressed.

This is KVYN 99.3
in the beautiful Napa Valley.

Up next it's "Family" by
Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors.


Ladies and gentlemen,
Maribel Guardia.

Our next rider,
representing American Canyon...

Francisco Gomez!

You don't deserve to be here.

Riding Cardo!


I hope Danny
knows what he's up against.

Now, representing Hall Ranch,

Danny Sanchez!




They look good together.


Oye, Ellissia.

Would you like
to dance with me?

Let's get this, boy.

Number 19 has
stepped off of the platform

and is disqualified
from placing.



What is he doing?

- This is
serious competition, honey.
- I know. I know.



After Danny and Centurion's
amazing performance,

they would be given
the Audience Award.

George and Danny would continue
their special bond.

Miguel's conscience
got the best of him,

and he turned in videos
of Francisco...

abusing horses.

Centurion went on
to become the darling

of the horse dancing community.

Mom and Dad fell even more
in love with each other.

I became
a spokesperson for APL,

and after finishing my two-year
treatment protocol...

I am leukemia free.

Danny and I became
more than just friends,

and Rancho Centurion
became the center of our lives.

Oh, Ellissia, would you
like to dance with me?