Centimeter (2023) - full transcript

A scientist comes back home to finish his father's dream project. With the help of his friends and an A.I Humanoid, he sets up a lab inside a sacred grove and starts working on his subject Parvathy which leads to unpredictable occ...

Everything is going as per plan.

Just like Aladdin's lamp.

A compact genie that makes our wishes
come true at the rub of a lamp.

Our concept is very similar.


Thank you, Grandpa.

Scientist and superstitious, eh?

It's not superstition.
It's religion.

It's for our Centi,
and to keep away all obstacles.

I like it.

Hello, humans.
A big hi to everyone from London.

When I spoke to top scientists
from around the world...

I learned a shocking truth.

All of us use only ten percent
of our brains.

Yes, just ten percent.

But Artificial Intelligence
uses 100 percent of its brains.

One hundred percent!

The reason they can complete tasks...

which takes us hours in an instant
at the press of a button...

is their 100 percent brain.

A world level Artificial Intelligence
competition is taking place in London.

The top geniuses from
across the world...

have come with the latest
and best inventions.

Amongst them, we have a local boy...

who is capable of giving
them a run for their money.

Chennai IIT's student, Krish.

Krish from India takes home the Allen Newell
Artificial Intelligence Memorial award.

A breakthrough in humanoid robotics.

It's first Asian winner last night.


Well done!
Good job.

Sir, as Krish's friend, what do you
have to say about his win?

I am Doctor Subramaniam.

Krish and I studied together
till 12th grade.

He is working on all the things
we used to discuss during our childhood.

Krish and I were classmates.

Ignore him. He studied with us
only till 5th grade.

I became a doctor,
and he became a scientist.

Yes, good morning.

- Sir...
- Yes?

On this happy occasion, what do you
have to say about your grandson?

I am happy and proud.

I dedicated my life to
upholding the security of our country.

And Krish lives to
uphold the pride of our country.

I couldn't be more proud.

He won all these awards.

Before I talk about my grandson,
I must talk about my son.

He is no more.

But he's moulded my grandson
into an AI scientist like him.

All these awards and medals
were won by him.

When is he coming?
- In 2-3 days...

Actually, the dates haven't been finalised.
- Okay, sir.

I'll inform you.

- Hey, watch out...
- You watch out!

Hey, Krish!

Come on!




Give it to me.

Eww! This isn't something
you'd show everyone.

Close the suitcase!

Come in.
We need to talk.

- What happened?
- Just come.

- Let me get that.
- Thank you very much.

That scoundrel!
He's come back with a girl.

He has cheated me.

Sister, what if they are married
and have kids too?

Get lost!

What is it?

- What the hell is this?
- What?

Who is that girl?

Oh, her...

Good morning...

Good morning!

Centimetre is ready now.

Come along...
Come, come with me.

Yeah, coming.

Grandpa, I've got a big surprise.


Yet another surprise?

My whole life is inside this.

Oh, great!
You have another life, huh?

I am metre.


I am a robot.


Hello, Mr. Colonel Nair.

How is retired life?

Enjoying it?

How does he know my name
and all my details?

Does he speak Tamil?
- Nair...

I can talk, I can walk,
I can read...

in three hundred languages.

That's right.
I know 300 languages!

Kim, Kim.

Three hundred languages?
That is awesome!

This is nothing.
Watch now.

You sent good morning messages with
the national flag to 15 people on WhatsApp.

Am I right, Colonel?

He is doing routine

Did you deserve it?

Colonel, your phone has
only 10 percent charge left.

- It is low on charge, just like you.
- That's right, only 10 percent left!

- You popcorn-head doctor...
- He means you!

What were you doing on
WhatsApp all night with Jaanu?

Patient's call.

Jaanu is your patient?

Well, she is the nurse...

Aren't you ashamed to say this?

You sent her a lot of smutty videos.

Rascal, it's playing non-stop
without any ad breaks!

What's confusing about
the human anatomy?

Don't laugh, Ravi!

You were online last night at 1:30.

Jaanu sent you a video,
and you sent her two videos.

All of them were smutty videos.
Look, she is hiding herself.

Is this some kind of
give and take?

- Stop joking around--
- Don't touch, big mouth!

No one can touch him
without his permission.

- He is very keen on his self defence.
- You will get hit!

If I hit you, you won't
be able to sleep for months!

I never keep up my word, okay?

I am Charlotte.
I am Krish's associate.

Oh, his associate?

You scared me for a moment there.



I just scanned this number outside.

The name is Radha.

- She is peeking through the window...
- Who is Radha?

Go get her.

Krishna, turn left.

Come in.

Take your hands off her.

Hold her only when I say the word!

- She is our girl.
- What do you mean?

Hi, Radha.

You look beautiful.

Myself, Centimetre.

Come here.

You said 'big invention',
but he is so tiny!


I might be tiny,
but I am a humanoid.

He talks well.

I know.
Leave now.

Come on!

You remember my army colleague, Subash?
He had a house in Velachery too?

She is his granddaughter.
I sent for her because you were coming.

This isn't for public viewing.
Please leave.

Leave here

Oh, he is trying to set them up!

Krishna, don't waste time.
Tell them about Jack and Jill.

Jack and Jill.

It was my father's dream.

And now, it's mine too.

It will be path breaking
in the tech industry.

We should never let technology
get the better of us.

Damn you, Umbrella Head!

What did we ever do to you?
We obey all your orders.

We read out newspapers in Japan.

We play football in France.

We perform surgeries in Madurai.

What more do you want?

If you don't stop mocking us,

I'll break your funny
face and tape it back.

You box head!

I'd asked for a location
to set the lab up.

Is it ready?

It was ready long ago!

What are we waiting for?

Let's get going.

Kim, Kim.

Come on.

Tamil Nadu - Kerala border.

A quiet place with very low human activity.

Fantastic location!

Air quality between 0 to 50.

Noise level is 25 dB.

The nearest mobile tower
is 7 kms away.

This is the perfect location, Krishna.

Let's rock.

Jack and Jill.

What is Jack and Jill?

It's a nursery rhyme.

Oh, nurse!

Jack and Jill was mainly developed
for education.

When you apply Jack and Jill...

a 5th grade student will gain
the intelligence of a graduate student.

A kind of superhuman effect.

Smoking causes impotency.

Someone told me to say that,
and that made him throw away his cigarette!

Buddy, is this medically possible?

If I'd known this earlier,
I'd have become a doctor too.

- Right, Charlotte?
- Become a doctor, my foot!

Don't touch her, man.
She is your sister-in-law.

Let's see who gets her.

Jack and Jill?

Let's set up shop right across them
and call it 'Jill and Jack.'

If we setup a shop in this forest,
no one will come!

It's not that!

Just plant the seeds.

I'll water it
and let it blossom into love.

Oh, that's your plan?


"Is it here?
Or is it there!"

"Is it there?
Or is it here!"

"It is neither here
Nor is it there"

"Where else do you think it is?
Oh, tell me now!"

"It is neither here
Nor is it there"

"Where else do you think it is?
Oh, tell me now!"

"Invisible as the air
Unseeable as the breath"

"My love remains hidden
Oh, it's true!"

"Is it here?
Or is it there!"

"Is it there?
Or is it here!"

"Is it here?
Or is it there!"

"Is it there?
Or is it here!"

"Look around as you please
Look into the electronic flowers even"

"Edison and Newton are my forefathers
Centimetre, here he comes see!"

"Let researches a million upload
Here is a banyan leaf meal, lets download"

"A robot that is only a foot long
Centimetre, here he comes!"

"Where is it?"

"Is it here?
Or is it there!"

"Is it there?
Or is it here!"

"Neither here…"

"Nor there"

"It is neither here
Nor is it there"

"Where else do you think it is?
Oh, tell me now."

"Invisible as the air
Unseeable as the breath"

"My love remains hidden
Oh, it's true!"

"Robot smells the roses
Research lab is a love mess"

"See the two hearts beating
Love as its mutual feeling"

"Look how I unearthed it!
Is there anyone better than me?"

"Tell me if there is anyone better
Come on, tell me!"

"Is it here?
Or is it there!"

"Is it there?
Or is it here!"

"Is it here?
Or is it there!"

"Is it there?
Or is it here!"

Hello Mr. Wheeler.
- Hey, Krish.

Just checking to see
if the lab is all set up.

Yeah, we are ready
and all set to go.

We're really looking forward to see
how efficiently you've used our resources.

Thank you for your support.

I'll keep you posted.


So far so good.

What we need now
is a test subject.

You were testing worms and insects
even during school.

And you still haven't changed
after attending college in the USA?

These days, you can't even
touch a cow here.

Yes, you can't lay a finger
on a cow!

Try touching a cow,
it will kick you so hard!

We don't need a cow.

We need a human.

Turn this guy off.

Does he think we have
no identity like him?

What should we do to him?

- Kick him.
- You empty heads...

There are 1.3 billion people in India.

There is no shortage for humans.

- That's right.
- Fair enough....

but we will have to
spend some money.

Money is meant to be spent!
You misers.

You can't carry out these tests
in the US.

Isn't that why got us all here?

- That's not why...
- Why, then?

I'd already decided
to finish this project here.

My father started it here.

If you are ready to pay me,
I can be the test subject.

We don't need people with no brains.

Can you please shut up?

I will kill him
if he steps out.

I don't mind stepping out.
Are you man enough to step in?

Come in, I dare you.
I dare you to cross this line.

Be serious!

What we basically need is...

someone with the mindset of a child.

We need a blank innocent mind
that doesn't realise we are testing it.

We have to plant knowledge
in their brain without their knowledge.

That is Jack and Jill.

This research needs a human brain?

The human brain is unlike what we think.

We only use 10 percent
of our brains.

Silly humans!

You are only using 10 percent
of your brains.

You are wasting the rest of the data.

And you have the audacity
to demand zero percent wastage from me.

If we can boost this levels,
we can create history.

Creating history will definitely cost
a bit of money!

Money is not a problem.

If you have money, no problem.
I'll get the subject.

He's been this way
every since his wife died.

He screams all night.

And he reads newspapers all day.

Brother Indran!

What are you doing here with a paper
so early in the morning?

I'm reading the papers.
She is dead, right?

- Who?
- Salomi.

I'm taking this food to Salomi.

Come, I'll take you to her.

Take me to Salomi?

- For real?
- Oh, yes.

Come with me, brother.

I see dishonesty in your eyes.

I got that from my father.

Step aside.

Hey, you!

I was looking for you.

You took 400 grams
from me two weeks ago!

Cough up the money.


Who is that scientist
and that woman?

You are hanging out
with a foreign chick!

How did a 5th grade dropout
and a ganja addict like you join them?

My friend Krishna has come from the US.

You smoked up the stuff
and experienced heaven, didn't you?

You know you should pay
for the stuff you bought from us!

Useless fellow

Drinking toddy during the day
isn't a good habit.

Everything that's white isn't toddy.


This is milk,
Good ol' cow's milk.


The secret behind Dhoni's sixers,
Good ol' cow's milk.

Can I see Salomi
if Dhoni hits a sixer?

You can't see Salomi
if Dhoni hits a six.

But take a hit of this,
and you will see her.

Guess what this is?

Answer me!

- I don't know.
- You don't?

You didn't learn it in biology class?


I can slice this open
and show you.

It's biology!

I'll definitely pay you.
Please let me go.

- Yes, brother?
- Baskaran...

What happened to him?

I've got him in a sack, brother.

It should look like a suicide.

Or there will be another suicide here.

Sign here.

I said, sign!

If you'd paid up,
you wouldn't be swimming in there!

If you can't swim,
you shouldn't take the dive.

What are you doing?

Be careful when you
play around with blades.

If you don't pay the balance money...

I'll rip open your stomach
and conduct a biology class.

Get it?

Do you?

Tamil Nadu...
Tamil Nadu!

Come the whole way here, Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu...
Woo Hoo!


Not her.
She looks like a broiler chicken.

What does it mean?


Well, broiler chicken means...

You are beautiful!

Thank you.
That's very sweet.

She is our team member.

She is a nurse.
Her name is Jaanu.

Eww, not her.

Where is Salomi?

Who is Salomi?

I came with you because you told me
Salomi is here!

- Fine, let's try him out.
- Come, brother.

I will take you to Salomi.
Come with me.

Come, come, come.

You are looking very glamorous today!

Oh, come on!

Jaanu, come.

I sent you a video yesterday.

Did you watch it?

Brother Indran, consider this
to be your place.

Be strong.
Don't get scared.

I am Doctor Subramaniam.

Where is the peacock?

- What?
- Peacock.

The peacock flew away.

You said you saw my message.
Why no reply?

Open your mouth.


You swallowed it?

Did he have a stunted growth?

No, they built me a really tiny room.

If I grew any bigger, my head would
hit the ceiling, you understand?

- Oh, I see.
- That's him for you!

Open wide.

Not your mouth.
Your eyes.

- Look up.
- All okay with the tests?

Yes, all okay.

Krishna, I am ready.

Okay, let's get started.

Finally, we are going to start
Jack and Jill.

Attach the wires to his head.

What is he fixing on his head?

Is this really a treatment?
This is medically impossible.

It's possible.

This is the brain mapping process to
increase IQ and concentration in Phase One.

There are three phases in total.

After all these phases, he will become
an advanced human being.

This guy?
An advanced human being?

Centi, you can start.

Okay, Krish.

- All okay.
- Good.

Power level - positive.

The data to be sent to his brain
is all perfect.






Press the button!

Who the hell turned it off?

Krish, check if he is gone!

His jaw dropped.

Check his pluse

- Don't worry, all okay.
- Take the leads off him!

Don't worry, sir.

I'll set you free now.
We have a doctor here.

He became this way
because of the doctor!

He pressed the wrong buttons.


I warned you!

I have a dream.

I have a dream...

that my four little children...

will one day live in a nation...

where they will not be judged
by the colour of their skin...

but the content of their character.

You know whose speech this is?

This is Martin Luther King's speech.

Krish, he has changed.

How dare you!

No, I'm sorry.

This is your speech.

What are you staring at?
Grab him.

Heil Hitler!

Heil Hitler!

If you want to shine
like the sun...

Err, what?

first, you have to burn like it.

- Heil Hitler!
- Heil Hitler!

- Long live Hitler.
- Heil Hitler!

- Catch him.
- He's gone nuts!

Catch him.

Catch him.

Brother Indran, please stop.

Get lost, you idiots.

Long live Hitler!

Looks like he might just run
all the way to Germany!


Heil Hitler!

Can't you see I've planted seeds there?

Heil Hitler!

This is bound to happen
with any experiment.

Success doesn't happen overnight.


The fuse of this bulb
is already blown!

You Popcorn-Head!

Even Edison invented the bulb
only after a thousand failures.

Failure is the stepping stone to success.

Vijay Sethupathy said that!

- Bulb, it seems...
- Shut up!

I think we made a mistake
in choosing the subject.

I think a female mind
will be more suitable.

Of course.



XX chromosome.

This is really good.

Because the female mind
is more sharp.

They've got the brains
of a detective.

Women are the reason why they
came up with passwords for phones.

I am very proud of you, boss.

Just hearing about it
gets me excited.

If we have a female mind...

if we have a female mind,
we will be more interested and work better.

Female, huh?

What is he thinking about?

He is going to say, 'I know someone,
but it's going to cost a bit of money.'

I know someone.

I know you can, Ravi!

- But it's going to cost a bit.
- He is ready to pay!

I told you!

- Welcome, bro.
- Is Parvathy ready?

- She is ready.
- Parvathy...

Let's meet her.

Watch out, bro.

She is Parvathy.



Grandma, is she better now?

She's stopped talking to people
since she returned from the hospital.

They say it's something called amnesia.

- Just like you asked.
- Exactly what we want!

Hi, what's your name?

Who is that hiding under the table?

Stay put, ma'am.
Let me scan your face.

Hi, Parvathy.

Were you pressing clothes just now?

Why do you look at me that way?

Don't look at me like that.

I'm feeling shy.

She is perfect.

She has post traumatic amnesia.

She is the perfect face
for Jack and Jill.

Grab her.

What's going on?

There you go.

I'm just going to take this, okay?

No, don't. Taking it away
from her is the problem.

Let her hold onto that.

She never goes anywhere without it.

I don't know why.

Oh, I see!

Look, a woman.

I can see.

If you just stand and watch,
she will end up marrying him.

Shut up!

Why is she wearing a mismatched
pair of slippers?

So that she can take turns
to hit you two with it.

Her hair is dishevelled.

She's holding an iron box.

She looks strange.

Is she really crazy,
or is this a set-up?

Aren't you the doctor?
Find out for yourself.

Get her ready for Phase One.

Are they giving her a bath?

Nothing untoward will happen.
Don't worry.

She looks like a goddess
and you say she is crazy?

Who told you amnesia means crazy?

And you call yourself a doctor?


Here is some water.

That is sambar.

From the way she is eating,
looks like we will be left with nothing!

You forgot the crispy chilli.
Here you go.

What are you looking at?

Looks like you are enjoying
watching her eat!

Why don't you feed her
with your own hands?

Let's go.

You forgot to have this.

Welcome, iron box lady.

Welcome, Parvathy.

Don't be scared.
This is our place. Sit down.

- Right here.
- Sit down.

I am Doctor Subramaniam.

I am going to check your BP.
Show me your hand.

Let's keep that aside.

Be gentle.

Give that to me for a moment.
I'll give it back to you.

Fine, you can hold onto that
while I check your BP.

No problem!

Did you eat everything
leaving nothing for others?

She ate an entire pot!

If she stays here for a few more days,
we might have to shut the lab!

Shut up.

Don't call a person out
for how much they eat.

Watching her eat was such a joy!

Open your mouth.

Nothing should go wrong
this time.

- What am I going to do?
- Just don't do anything.

Open your mouth.

Here is some water.

Very good.

Show me your eyes.

Hope everything is normal?

You can close your mouth.

- All normal.
- Yeah? Okay.

Don't be scared.

You can't hold onto the iron box
during the treatment.

Leave it next to the steering wheel.

Okay, leave it there.

Parvathy, it's nothing.
Don't be scared.

He's started touching her.

That's it.

It's just a small experiment.

Parvathy, don't be scared.

Stay still.



- Centi, you can get started.
- All the best, Krish.

It will be successful this time.

- It should!
- It will.

Subject name - Parvathy.

Phase One - Jack and Jill.








"Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water"

"Jack and Jill went up the hill
There wasn't a drop of water left"

Jack and Jill, this whole world
Is filled with water on all sides."

"Still there was a scarcity
A world war began"

"The crow caws
Indicating the beauty of black"

"Listen to what the wind says
It's wisdom is loud and clear."

"All that glitters is not gold
Firefly's lesson to us."

"You can if you want…"

Eighty percent.

Ninety percent.

"…Learn it from the squirrel"


Parvathy is at hundred percent.


It's over.

Congrats, Parvathy.

Come on.

- Careful.
- We'll get that.

Watch out.

Why is she picking up the iron box again?

Where is she going with it?

No change at all.

Indran ran away the other day.

And she is walking away
with the iron box.

We need a reboot
after the upgrade.

I think she should take rest.

He needs a rest, not her.

The next test
is on the assistant.

Look at her strut around!

Are you pissed off
you couldn't pick her up.

She is not some phone call
to be picked up!

Come and fix the battery.

- I didn't say anything!
- Fine, I'm coming.

The great Einstein showed us
that the speed of light within a vacuum...

is the same no matter the speed
at which an observer travels.

As a result, space and time are woven
into a single continuum known as space-time.

E = mc2.

Got it?

Did you get it?

Wake up, wake up
The time is 07:30.

Krish, were you loading goods
into the truck all night or what?

Why are you sleeping for so long?

Good dreams.

I don't have any dreams.

Everything is live.

Why did you create me this way?

No food, no life, no chick,
no dream, no booze.

No entertainment, no blood,
no water. Nothing.

Why did you create me this way?


Krish, come quickly.

You got to see this.

Come quickly.

Wait, I'm coming too!

Look how lovingly she is ironing
that torn shirt!

This case is done too.

Tell me honestly,
this robot of yours...

What's his name?
Right, Centimetre...

Didn't he buy him in China?

- Can you please shut up?
- Yeah, right.


Bring her to the interrogation room.

Krishna, why are you staring at her?

I'm talking to you!

What should we do?

We tried uploading all the data
with no success.

Be positive.

She is human.

- You don't know the human mind.
- And you do?

If you need to know more,
I'm the person to ask.

- Tell me.
- In my medical career...

Yeah, sure. I'm sure you haven't done
anything in your medical career.

I don't need advice from people who
failed 5th grade or got a paid doctor seat.


Why are you smiling?

You failed 5th grade.
I passed my medical exams.

You had a proxy write your exams.
I wrote my 5th grade exams myself!

That is why he screws up the operations!

Shut up!
I am scanning.



Fantastic, Parvathy!


This is superb.

Who did this?

Her brain activity is perfect.

It's just her speech.

I'm confused if it is
a failure or a success.

Success if not final,
failure is not fatal.

It's the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill.

Arise! Awake! And stop not
until the goal is reached.

Swami Vivekananda?

Yes, Swami Vivekananda said that.

This is a bit too much, right?

Think before you act.
To act and then think is disgrace.

So said Thiruvalluvar.

I think it's time for
Jack and Jill - Phase Two.


Phase Two?

I am Kim, Kim, Kim!


This is why I hate humans.

They party for everything.

We are here to celebrate the success of
Jack and Jill - Phase One.

We do all the hard work...

and humans get to party for it?



Tender coconut with vodka.

What a great combination.

I can see it in her eyes.

No wonder they queue up
outside liquor shops.

And we are presenting
Jack and Jill to the world.

- We will make it so interesting...
- Is there a power cut?

Why is she coming with an iron box?

After I lost my husband,
instead of jumping to his funeral pyre...

I protected my son and ruled Madurai
for eighteen years.

What's this confusion now?


Mangammal the Brave.

She ruled Madurai from 1689 to 1704.
Mangammal the Brave!

You said you'd create something new,
but she claims to be Queen Mangammal!

Wonder what he is analysing!

Parvathy, Veera Mangammal

He is confused

Parvathy, Veera Mangammal

Hey, no different however you the shack

I opened doors and
waited for you.

Devadas, I blossomed for you.

Who is Devdas?

I am a mongrel.

She is Parvathy.

So you must be Devdas!

You are only missing a bottle of liquor.

Sleep beckons for me.

We will met in my dreams.

She is on his bed now!

How are we going to
get her out now?

Shut the door and leave.

Everyone's gaze is on him now!

Maybe she got updated
with Kamasutra?

Shut up!

As the moon shines...

in a mist filled bedroom...

a man and a woman...

a man and a woman...

A man and a woman?

Kim, Kim, Kim!

Kim, Kim?

Kim, Kim, Kim!

Kim, Kim, Kim?

Kim, Kim, Kim...

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,
Kim, Kim, Kim...

"Hear me, my loner in love!"

"Oh, you rare visitor!"

"Hear me, my loner in love!"

"Oh, you rare visitor!"

"I am your Parvathy
Here I come."

"I am all yours
"Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim"

"I fill your dreams
Meh meh meh meh meh meh meh"

Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim"

"Oh, go on
Meh meh meh meh meh meh meh"

[imitates gun sound]



Oh no!

"The sweet smell of Jasmine
Fills this garden"

"Watch the mist cover"

"Why don't you come there, my love!"

"As sandal paste and kumkum
Let's get together in love."

"In marriage shall we unite!"

"Why don't we, my love?"

"Your Parvathy has come
To surrender herself in you."

"Will she give all of herself
Do you know the secret?"

"Oh what secret it is?"

"Kim Kim Kim
Kim Kim Kim Kim."

- Superb, Parvathy!
- "Meh meh meh meh meh meh meh"

"Listen, my love!"

"Hear me, my loner in love!"

"Oh, you rare visitor!"

"I am your Parvathy
Here I come"

"I am all yours
"Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim"

"I fill your dreams
Meh meh meh meh meh meh meh"

"Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim"

"I fill your dreams
Meh meh meh meh meh meh meh"

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,
Kim, Kim, Kim...

What happens in Phase Two?

She'll be put through
extremely violent situations.

We will understand a lot of things.

After the completion of Phase Two,

Parvathy's survival skills
will become powerful.

She will be as strong as a gangster
who just got out of prison.

- Will she start hitting us?
- Your breath stinks!

Go and rinse your mouth.

Please don't get violent!

Centi, initiate Phase Two.

Yes, boss.

Kim, Kim, Kim...
Power level - positive.

Initiate Jack and Jill - Phase Two.





Divided as races, castes, religions,
languages, and ethnicities...

human beings kept
themselves within the borders...

...and wage wars against
each other blinded by rage.

War is a noise heard only till the borders.

When the bombs tear your roofs,
only a piece of your flesh remains.

Wars, in human history, have been fought
in the name of...

nationalism, religion, power,
wealth and for usurping land.

Each day spent fighting a way erases
humanity, emptying us of love.

War is a definitely a
hunt against humanity.

A hunt against humanity.

A hunt against humanity.

Centi, turn it off.

I will, go and remove the wires.

Let's see what the results are.

She didn't reach for the iron box.
Phase Two is a success.

She's picked it up!

Nuclear explosion.

The heights of violence.



Total annihilation.

That was back in those days.
There is no war these days.

Oh, no.

It's happening now too.

Parvathy, history will keep
repeating itself.

Parvathy, are you okay?

Don't worry, everything will be okay
after Phase Three.

It will be a major breakthrough.

This darn thing!


- Krishna...
- Yes?

They want us to vacate
the lab premises.

- What?
- They want it.

- Who? Don't joke!
- The owner said so.

Calm down, boy.

You didn't try talking to them?

I tried to reason with them,
but they are in no mood to listen.

I'll ask them to come.
You go and meet them.

Grandpa, the project has just taken off.

- What will I do now?
- Try talking to them!

Okay, I'll talk to them tomorrow.

Tell me

Why did you come here?

This is a public place, ain't it?

Who are you looking for?

I'm here to meet the lab's land owners.

What's the matter?

My grandpa asked me to.

What a coincidence!

I am the land owner.

Wait, what?

It was my grandfather's property.

Now, I own the place.

The project is only half complete.

But now...

Now what?

What is your problem?

I need to complete the project.

I need the land.

Tell me you like me,
and you can have it.

If you don't like me,
that's okay.

Oh no!
I am okay with it.

Ice cream?

Just the land will do.

Hello, Mr. Scientist!

- How are you?
- I'm fine, thank you.

Let me introduce you to someone important.

Yeah, please.

Brother, he is the Colonel's grandson.

A scientist from America.

Oh, he is the scientist?

How are you doing, scientist?

- I see you often on TV.
- Yeah.

What's the next project?

Jack and Jill.

Oh, that's nice.

Jack and Jill went up the hill...

and came back with a daughter.

This is my dear daughter.



We are going to host a singing programme.

A lot of people are going to sing.
I'm also doing a magic show in it.

- Try to make it.
- Sure.

Let's celebrate.


You can bring your girlfriend along.

Yes, sir. Definitely.

- You should definitely come.
- Sure, sir.

I got invited to a party tonight.


It's going to be loads of fun.

Krish, I've never attended a single party
in my life.

I'm going to party for the first time.

I'm going to dance,
get drunk and have fun.

I am waiting!

- No, Centi.
- Why?

I'm just using this as an opportunity
to see how Parvathy reacts in public.

I want to know how she
interacts with people.

Let her interact with the public
in one corner.

Let me drink and party
in some other corner!

What if Parvathy gives a speech?

Give me some topic.

Tell her to talk about freedom.
Something we lack these days.

I am talking about your dictatorship, too!

I hate you!

I like it.


Yeah, it's a good topic.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to the world of magical head chop.

By Stephen Tharagan.

Does your father have nothing better to do?

Doing magic at this age!

Hi, good evening.

Parvathy Sister...


Oh, no!

Her head...

And watch now.



I know that guy.

Parvathy, leave it.

Concentrate on your speech.

This is a show.
Smile, my daughter.

I'm not giving a speech!

But I can dance.

"Oh, so many intoxicants
So many intoxicated!"

"It isn't the glass
It is in your thought"

"Oh, so many intoxicants
So many intoxicated!"

"It isn't the glass
It is in your thought"

"The bottle is shut tight
The intoxicated laughing unaware"

"Freedom is the ultimate intoxicant
Taste it, revel in it."

"Laugh, come on!

"Buddha's intoxicant is just one
A life without wants"

"The holy man laughs intoxicated
Brimming with knowledge."

"Intoxication is a lie
The path to love, is the truth!"

"Come, let's see everything
Life is to be lived."

"Intoxicated on temporary happiness
Leaves you when the sun rises"

"A rich man's intoxication
Leaves him when death comes."

"Liquor intoxication
A life of desperation"

"Power's intoxication
A threat against togetherness"

"Lose a lover
Sink yourself in liquor"

"Women and liquor are not to fear
Intoxication of power is the danger"

Here! Look!

"A life without intoxication
is the actual dream to cherish"

"Come, the sky welcomes you
It is only an arm length away."

"A life without intoxication
is the actual dream to cherish"

"Come, the sky welcomes you
It is only an arm length away."

"Intoxication is danger, a mirage
Ooh ooh ooh!"

"Intoxication is danger, a mirage
Bah bah bah!"

"Intoxication is danger, a mirage
Ooh ooh ooh!"

"Intoxication is danger, a mirage
Bah bah bah!"


Oh, dear! Why did Parvathy
break his nose?

- Call for an ambulance.
- Lift him up!

Move aside

Where do you think you are going?
Come with me.


Shall I dance?


You broke his nose with the iron box
and you want to dance now?

But we were only dancing, right?

If this continues,
we are going to end up behind bars.

Oh, shut up!
Krish, check on her.

I think something went wrong.

Stephen, let me say something.

As you sow, so you reap.

Stop joking.

Stick to your doctor duties.

You got hit by some random woman
with an iron box...

and you still have no shame at all?

You will never learn.

What kind of father are you?

Give that.

You don't have the guts
to hit the woman who hit me.

You are all talk!

I've seen her somewhere.

- Baskaran...
- Brother?

I need to meet her.
Bring her here.

That's why we've got him.

I'll give you one hour.

Leave immediately and come back
with the woman who hit him.


Hey, what are you doing here?

No, nothing.
I was just...

Krish is calling you inside.

Oh, okay.
Thank you.



My Queen...

I need something from you.

Why do I sense deceit
in the messenger's words?

Is our country facing any danger?


Actually, yes. We are in big trouble.
The king sent for you.

What's the problem?

Tell him to come here.

It's just that the king
has a stomach upset.

He's sent a car for you, My Queen.

- Oh, he sent a chariot?
- Yes, a chariot!

Let's go.

Let's go, My Queen.

Please sit.

Charioteer, turn the AC on.

Let's go.

Start the car.

Send for the king.

You did what was asked of you!
You are awesome.

Go in.


I was waiting to meet you in person.

So you are the king?

But you look like a joker.

Joker, huh?

But my jokes can kill!

Our royal dynasty only fights people
in a fair face-to-face battle.

We don't attack from behind.

Now I am before you.

Let's go to the next step?

Whatever it was,
hitting him was a big mistake.

When he gets angry,
he is worse than me.

Daddy, looks like you are talking about me?

Go away!

I'm more gentle.

According to National Crime Data...

there are 106 rape attempts every day.

Let's add one to it
and make it 107?

What say?
Are you okay with it?

Let go!

Die, woman!

Is she dead?

Looks like she is gone.

Bury her in some deep pit.

Even if she isn't dead,
she will die.

Where is Baskaran?


You said you only wanted to talk!

But she is dead now.

Take her away.

Put it down.

So heavy!
What next, brother?

We need to bury her.

He will do it.

Why should I bury her?

Why do you think you are here?
Go and start digging.

Make it quick.

I hope I won't get caught.

That's exactly why we are
making you bury her!


It's very clear in the video,
that you are the one doing it.

Go and tell your scientist...

he is next.

That's it.

Half the chapter is over.


Wake up, wake up.
It's 7:30 already.

Krish, you should wake up and meet the
49 people gathered outside your house.

Who is Parvathy?

They've filed a complaint against you
for the disappearance of Parvathy.

Who has disappeared?

Step aside.
Make way.


We've received a complaint that
someone called Parvathy is missing.

What are you saying?
Parvathy is here.

Then show her to us.

- Do you have a warrant?
- A warrant?

Why do you need that?

Who the hell dares enter
without a warrant?

Step aside.
Let me go in and check.

If you come in,
I'll rip your mouth apart.

Krish, call the police.
We need them to--

Oh, dear. It's the police
who are coming in!

What are you looking for?
Go in.

Who is this?

She is here, huh?


Buddy, wake up.

Wait, Parvathy is coming out.


She is inside.
Get going.

Leave now.

This is Parvathy,
who apparently went missing.

What's the matter?

- Is it this girl?
- Did something happen to you?

How did Parvathy become
famous overnight?

Were you kidnapped?

Did something happen to you last night?

I overslept.
What about it?

Does anyone have any other questions?

Is your freedom under threat?

What is freedom?

Good one!

We never had it before
or after August 15.

Freedom isn't about crossing a line
that isn't meant to be crossed.

Stopping at red and moving at green
doesn't mean we are enslaved either.


This is the result of Phase One.

You talk really well, Parvathy.

And they brand you as crazy!

We got our freedom in 1947, right?

The freedom we won that night
is sold out during the elections these days.

Oh no, this doesn't come
under my purview.

Looks like she might get
beaten up for speaking out!

Anything else?

Thank you.
Let's go.

What's going on?

Uncle, we buried her last night.

You saw the video, too.

Then is that her corpse over there?

No, uncle.
I don't know.

You don't know?

You don't?
Who is this?

You don't know?

You don't get to keep my property
in your wallet.

Boyfriend, huh?

That's a ghost!

What ghost?
Were you smoking up all night?

I swear I didn't smoke up.
That is a ghost.

What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

You've invited a ghost inside.

- Go and test for yourself.
- Go and touch her.

Go on, touch her.

- I have to do everything?
- Go on.

I swear on my mother,
I took her there.

Stephen's men asked me
to bring her.

Where did you bury her?

Near the cemetery.

We should have never trusted you.
You are going to land us in prison.

I swear, I didn't do anything.

Jayaram and Baskaran
made me do it.

- Trust me.
- Shut up and get in.

Was it here?

Show us the spot.

I think it was here.

- Heil Hitler.
- Oh, no. There he comes.

Salomi is fine.

She woke up and left
before she could be buried.

When they turned up with crowbars,

like they were going to take
down the Berlin Wall...

my heart was shattered.

There was a coffin.

There was a cloth outside the box.

Inside was a woman.

It was my Salomi.

This gentlemen dragged the coffin
without Salomi to the pit.

When I saw him first,
I could only see deceit in his eyes.

But I didn't know he was an idiot.

Keep it up!

The waste will get collected here.

We will have a waste treatment plant here.

It will reduce the emissions by 10 percent.

Why do we need that?

You are an architect from around here!

Waste treatment plant, huh?

No need for that.

Maybe we can put up a board there.

The waste can get washed away
with the water.

No one would care.

The water will get polluted!

Get lost.

Destroying nature will result
in disastrous outcomes.

Do you live here?


So keep your mouth shut.

Uncle, a peacock.

They'll give me trouble
if I don't finish them

This is how you get a job done.

Get it?

You can't even kill a woman
and bury her properly.

You are always drinking milk!

Yes, we will start the next phase
as soon as possible.


I can't get any signal.

Which network are you using?

Radha, please don't disturb.



The media have left.
You can go now.

Who the hell are you
to ask me to leave?


- You hit me.
- Let go.

I like it.

Hit me again.
- Let me go.

- I said let me go.
- Once more, baby.

Let go!

Stay still.

- Sorry, brother.
- Krish...

So she is your sister then?

No, more like a prospective bride.

But that doesn't concern you.

Take your hands off her.

And if I don't?
What will you do?

Since you ask...

Don't worry, kid.
You will be okay in two hours.

Keep this.


It will help you.

We are going to finally
start Jack and Jill

Kim Kim

What is it?

Go and sit inside the car!

- Parvathy...
- What is she picking up?

Oh, no.

She's got the gun!

- Take it away from her.
- Parvathy, relax.

Parvathy, calm down.

No violence.
You can't pick up guns.

That's not an umbrella.
It's a gun.

Snatch it away from her.
She is aiming at me.

Don't say anything.

If she shoots at you,
your heart will explode.

Shut up!

- I beg you, please spare me.
- Parvathy, no!

Please calm down.

Oh no, she is coming at me.

Hello, brother!

No, Parvathy.


We are friends, right?

Doctor, give the iron box
to the child.

- Why me?
- Just do it!

See, he refuses to give you
Shoot him

Iron box...

Give it to her.



Why do you look sad?

We were so close.

We can think about success
only if we complete Phase Three.

Don't expect to encounter success
all the time.

You win some, you lose some.

The winners and the losers
have said that.

That's surprise element
in the life of humans.

Get it?

Maybe doing the first two phases
back to back was the mistake?


It's a human error.

Machines didn't make the error.
Did we?

Listen, artificial intelligence didn't just
happen by itself.

The same humans who make errors
created it. I hope you got me.

Krish, you might try to hide it
but I can see you are pissed off.

We did our job perfectly, right?

Fine, let's reach at a compromise.

Let's split it equally.

Happy now?

Who is that?

Krish, another number has been
activated in my mind.

Someone new is here.
Go and check.

Hurry up.

- Why are you stressed out?
- Centi scanned some new number.

I think somebody is here.

Wait up.

Where did he go?

Where did you get this?

Looks good, right?

There is a lot of random stuff in here.

Look at these anklets!

An anklet!
Here you go.

One more is here

Shall I dance?


A nectar meant to be savoured by every human
being born on the face of this earth.

Do we really need a dance now?

We don't really need you either!
Learn to appreciate art.

Parvathy needs a mood change.

'Ba' refers to expression.

'Ra' refers to Raaga.

'Ta' means beat.

Combine all three…

…is Baratham!'

"This is the song
From Kannan's flute."

"His eyes"

"Wandering messenger clouds"

"See the garden"

"Parijatham flower is in bloom."

"Within the blades of grass"

"Is the hidden snake."

"This is the song
From Kannan's flute."

She is getting away.
Stop her.

Oh, no!

"His eyes"

"Wandering messenger clouds"

"This is the song
From Kannan's flute."

"The women are
messenger clouds."

"Bad things hide the truth"

"True love will attain its destiny"

"Truth will triumph finally"

"Baghavadhgeetha will prove itself true!"



"Come as an explosion"

"Come win this!"

Where are you going?
Come here.

Who is that?

This is Shahid.
Joesph's friend.

How did this happen?

This is a suicide.

Don't provoke me!

- Should we call the police?
- Stop saying that!

You might just cuff us
and take us to the police station yourself!

Don't touch.

- Take here away.
- Parvathy, come.


- Is that your phone?
- Don't touch. Let's go.

Let's pull that rod out?

I'll slap you!
Move it.

Someone is calling him.
Poor guy.

God is angry with us.

Parvathy, tell us what happened last night.

I'm taking to you.
Answer me.

What's wrong with her?

Uncle is asking you.
Answer him.

- That was a suicide.
- Oh, yeah?

How can someone commit suicide
by driving a crowbar through his chest?

In my entire medical career...

I've never heard or seen such a thing.

Then why don't you try it
by piercing a crowbar through your chest?

You fool!

Who is a fool? All I need to do to survive
is put up a board that says 'Doctor'.

Even if you put up a board,
they will know you are a fake doctor.

- Cut your hair and become a delivery boy.
- Tell him to shut up!


- You are taking his side?
- Centi, shut up!

Let's do a prelim scan.

- Yes?
- Yeah.

What comes to mind
when you see this?

I think we can pawn it
for a few bucks.

- Shall I dance?
- What?

Your dance will instigate a riot here!
Please don't.


Scanning and searching.

Her activities look normal.

I'm not saying it.

The scan says so.

They killed our man, brother.

But this isn't the handiwork
of any local gangster.

- Then why did the news say that?
- Say what?

They claim Shahid was killed
by the Idukki mafia gang.

No chance.

But why should the media cover this?

Because they need some news
to sensationalise things.

An unruly and limping horse
will brake upon the sight of waters.


What is it?

Stop and talk properly.

You are not married and you are
already gasping for breath!

What happened?

The news says some gang
killed Shahid.

- I knew it.
- Told you.

- You said Parvathy killed him.
- But she was the only person there.

We got out of this only because
I offered two coconuts at the temple.

You fool of a doctor.

What does offering coconuts
have to do with the case there?

Look here.

No matter what crime one commits...

no god will save him.

That's divine justice.

How dare an artificial person like you
sermonise a spiritual person like me?

You beak face.

Very soon, we will be the gods.

Shut up!

What's left now?

Phase Three? Facebook?
Face cream?

Let's do it.

- Phase Four.
- Oh, great!

Parvathy, what are you looking at?

These poor fishes.

They live their entire lives
in this little circle.

This is no way to live.

One should aspire to live like the birds.

We shouldn't let anyone else
make decisions for us.

With no one getting in our way...

we should soar high
like a free bird.

What does that mean?

Nothing. I was just
getting philosophical.

Who got in the way of Parvathy's freedom?

Oh, right!

Someone is an obstacle, right?

Sir, courier.

It isn't anyone's birthday today!

This was the address given, sir.

RIP Joseph.

You got a courier.

RIP Joseph!

Sir, please sign here.

- Who is that?
- Dad...

We've a bouquet.
RIP Joseph, it says!

For me?

It's for me!

RIP Joseph.

This isn't the work of the drug mafia.

Someone close to us
is doing this.

Look into this.

Make him stay elsewhere
for some days.

We can't let this scare us.

Just do as I say.

Who asked you to sit inside?

Get out.


I am not stepping out
until I get an answer.


Do you like me or not?

Tell me right now.

You've put me in a spot here.

If you don't like me,
that's okay.

I won't disturb you.

That's not what I meant.
Come out first.

- Let's talk.
- Krish?

Is it love?

But before you get dumped...

- One minute.
- Where are we going?

I can't bear the heat.
Let's have some ice cream.

Ice cream?
Right now?

What's the problem?

It's just ice cream.
I'm not asking you to marry me!

Come on.

Parvathy, I am busy.


The boss says he is busy.
Stop torturing him.

Oh, no!

What are you glaring at?
Aren't you too old to be eating ice cream?

- Stop her!
- Parvathy...

Take her somewhere
and get her some kulfi, man!

Come with me.
I'll get you your ice cream.

I'll see you?

Radha, you are going to
end up with just ice candy!

Looks like both of them
are going to end up together.



Radha, they've left together
as a pair.

Why don't we become a pair?

I'll pull your teeth out!

We hardly spoke for 5 minutes.
And he's gone already.

Sorry, Radha.

At this rate, one day she is
going to say she wants to marry him...

and he'd go after her
and marry her?

Oh, he will!

Look at how he runs
for just ice cream!

He might run away with her
if they get married.

How will Krish marry a woman
who is much older than him?

Much older?

83 percent of the men across the world
fall in love with women older than them.

A hungry man would eat anything he gets.

The best example for that is
those two people.

Do you get angry often?

Do you have any road sense?

Sorry, sir. I wanted to
ask for directions.

You don't get to block
my vehicle for that!

Sorry, do you know where
Chettinad Palace is?

I don't know.

Okay, fine.
Thank you.

Heil Hitler!

If you want to shine
like the sun...

first you have to burn like it.

Who said that?

My god, Adolf Hitler.

We will face problems.

We shouldn't spare Japan.
We will face problems.

Salomi is gone!

Salomi is gone!


Who is it?

Let me go.




Why have you got blood
on your hands?

I got hurt.

It's blood.

Let's have ice cream now?

I don't want ice cream.

Heil Hitler!

This is for Salomi.

Joseph, don't you know who hit you?

You want some water?

Drink very little.

You can't even take a leak.

It's all swollen down there.

How is your investigation going?

We are on it.

Don't you dare use your
police language with me.

Why is the investigation taking so long?

We are interrogating everyone
on our list.

What for?

Someone is specifically targeting me
and my family.

Whoever hit him is a good craftsman.

He knew exactly where to hit
to cut his fuse.

Are you working for me or him?

It doesn't matter.
A good craftsman deserves appreciation.

- Baskaran...
- Brother, I'll take care of it.

Whoever is behind this,
I will nab him.

All that's white isn't milk.

Is that so?

All that's black isn't coffee either.


the bleeding is only as bad
as a mosquito bite.

Don't over think it.

Let's go to the next level.
Don't waste time.

No, Centi.

I think the mistake must have happened
while triggering combat skills in Phase Two.

Even I think she is the one
who killed him.

Stop pouring fuel into fire, man!

I think this is why my father
aborted the Jack and Jill project.

Quite possibly.

No, this is just self-defence--

I am hungry.

Get her something to eat.

Or she might just kill and eat us.

I thought we were done
with this problem...

but the next one is already here!

You go ahead and eat, miss.
Eat heartily.

Oh, no.

Look, she's got a knife.

Run away.
She might chop any of us!

Just a watermelon!

Why did you serve Idli for her?
See, she is getting angry

Give her the iron box
and take the knife away.

Here is your iron box.

Thank you.

That's all!

Don't laugh and get us into trouble.

Let me make one thing clear.

We brought Parvathy here
so that we could test her.

But she is the one testing us now.

Parvathy is a question mark.

But Phase One was perfect.

The problems started after that.

Her ventromedial prefrontal cortex
is greatly affected.

Maybe that's what affected her.

Krish, if this continues,
it will end in danger.

Krish, are we going on a trip?

Yes, something like that.

- Welcome.
- Please be seated.

Who is she?

She is Parvathy's friend.

What happened to Parvathy?

She is fine.

I want to know more about her
for her treatment.

I don't know where to start.

Their family lived a good life.

She changed after her father
and younger sister died.

Where is her house?

On the other side
of the farm.

I don't know what happened
to Parvathy's family.

I couldn't find why she became like this.

Who is Stephen?

What problem could he have had
with Parvathy?

That's my doubt.

I have the same doubt.

There is some connection between
Stephen and Parvathy.

Stop blabbering.

Just speaking my mind.

If Stephen is a bad person...

we must save her from him.

Before that, we need to
know everything about Parvathy.

- Krish...
- Charlotte!

What are you doing
with the ape?


He isn't looking at me!

You started drinking milk?

This is milk,
Good ol' cow's milk.

The secret behind Dhoni's sixers,
Good ol' cow's milk.

Call Parvathy.

We worked so hard to
send her to that hospital.

But you are being a pain
by bringing her back.

Don't make things worse.
Call her now.

You cowboy!
What do you think of yourself?

All that cow's milk
has made you so arrogant!

Don't laugh!

Looks like you've brought a gun.

Who is this big guy?

Is he a RAW agent or something?

I am the only one
who is allowed to laugh here.

Yeah, sure!

You heard me--

God bless you.
Laugh now!

Drag him away.

Oh, no.

Call the police.

Yes, scientist?

Section 354 - He sexually harassed
a foreign woman.

I am willing to take the stand anywhere
and bear witness.

- You ready?
- Who is that?

Oh, no.
It's the police.

If they knew I am made of iron,
they might just strip me and scrap me.

Sir, it's a soap on TV.

Oh, this guy!
He is a big fraud.

We were looking for him.

Be careful with Stephen.

I'm saying this out of respect
for the Colonel.

Get it, scientist?

- Bring him.
- Okay, sir.

I was about to invite you to sit,
but you couldn't wait...

I knew, that's why I sat anyway.

How is Jack and Jill?

I get your concern.

The project is going really well.

You don't need to send your men
to supervise it.

I'm not sending my man
to your chemical factory, am I?

Oh, so you know everything!

I know all about
Stephen's magic tricks too.

Oh, is it?

I do know a bit of magic.

But one little mistake came back
to hit me like a boomerang.

You should focus on
getting back to the US.

I'll go back when it's time.

But Parvathy isn't alone any more.

We are there for her.

Let's meet again, Mr. Stephen.
See you.

You escaped that day
because of that little demon!

This is my turf.

I know that.

Tell that white woman
I said hello.

I'll see you.

Doctor, my palm is itchy.
I don't know why.

Does it mean money is coming?

You want more, huh?

- Who is it?
- I need to meet Sister Parvathy.

How do you know Parvathy?

She is like a sister to me.

We were always together.

Her father treated me like his
own daughters, Parvathy and Shalini.

Deepak is Shalini's boyfriend.

Their father showered equal affection
on all three of us.


It's a blank cheque.

Write any number you wish.

I've heard about your magic.

You've only heard about it.

I came here to show you in person.

You don't have to.
I know everything.

You turn the lakes into land, and turn that
into money and cheat the locals.

Don't assume no one knows
about your magic.

Is your magic number more than the wealth
you grabbed by killing her father?

Your dream chemical factory
isn't going to happen, get it?

Is he your boyfriend?

Aarthy, go and get into the car.

Let's not have anything to do with them.

Don't try to scare us.

Did you get scared?

I haven't done anything.

I was only adjusting my suit.

Baskaran, we still have time
before we start scaring them.

Let's go, girl.

Come on.

[sloganeering] Save earth!

Save us!

Save earth!

Lakes and ponds
are our wealth.

Shut down the chemical factory!

Save us!

Save us!

Looks like we might
lose the site.

I'll put an end to this now.

No, let Baskaran handle it.

I wish that day had never happened.


Oh, no. Dad...

Poor guy committed suicide
with this blade.

Stop it.
I'll smash your face in.

I'm warning you!

Stay put.

Let me go.

Let me see you enjoy it.

I'm recording it.
Make some noise and cry out!



- Shalini...
- Sister!

- Two...
- Shalini!

Let go of her.

Let her go!

Let go!

Let me go.

Please let me go.






Let her talk.

Sister, it's Aarthy.
You don't remember me?

Aarthy, how long have you
been with Stephen?

I've been with him
since Dad died.

Stephen is Dad's partner.

Initially, he treated me
like a daughter.

He made me take part
in his magic shows too.

I used to call him 'Dad'.

Then one day, he came to me...

and said, 'Don't call me Dad anymore.'

Because it creates a distance between us.

He tried to marry me
to grab all my wealth.

It's a small magic show.
You will surely love it.

Turning a daughter into a wife.

He is waiting for me to turn eighteen.

The mere sight of him scares me.

He shouldn't be spared.
He should be lined up and shot.

I'll deal with him.
I'll show him who I am.

He shouldn't be let to live.
I'll sort him out.

Let me come along.

No, you stay here.

Let the girl be here.
Take care of her.

Aarthy, you have nothing to fear.

We are here for you.

I'll be back.

Brother, he doesn't know
we planted it.

We need to let him know.

Relax and cool.

Is the inspector around?

This is the Colonel.

Tell him I'll come in person.

I'm coming to the station.

Grandpa, what happened?

What happened?

A blast...

I am okay.

Call for an ambulance.

You should have told me
before you were going, girl.

That's why I had to
give this gift to them.

If something happens to them
because of you...

that's really bad, right?

Come back, girl.

I will come.
Don't harm any of them.

Parvathy, the girl is leaving.

She might get into danger.
Stop her!

Grandpa, how are you feeling now?

Nothing to fear.

Don't get stressed out.

No one is stressed out!

It's not a major wound.

It's just minor.
It will heal quickly.

I've faced a cannon head-on
with my chest out!

If I get hold of Stephen...

I will bury him alive.

Don't talk much.

He doesn't deserve to live.


Aarthy and Parvathy are not here.

I don't know!


They are gone.

Heads or tails?

Wow, a ring!

It's for you.

Take a bath and freshen up.


Don't forget.

Nice candle light romantic dinner at 9.

Hello there, you ice-box head!

You African dabba!

You might be the top guy
in magic shows.

But you are such a lowly human being.

How can you kill another human?
Do you have no compassion at all?

You are destroying human race.

Sit down!

I'm not doing a comedy show here!
Why are you laughing?

Fine, go ahead and laugh!

This will be the last time you laugh.

I've scanned all your trickeries, deceptions,
dirty dealings and chicaneries.

Your close friend's daughter.
She is like a grand-daughter to you.

And you want to marry her?

To hell with your laughter.

Bloody paedophile.

You should be jailed under POSCO Act
and executed!

The girl is eighteen.
Can you even get it up?



Remember this?

Should I describe what I did
to your sister on that day?


Aarthy, please stop.

No, don't!

Where is Parvathy?

There is no use trying to run away.
You will be running in circles here.

Call the police now.

Stay here.

Are you going to come out by yourself...

or should I make you come out?

I told you.

You can't escape anywhere.


I'm going to...



Parvathy, what happened?



Look what your experiment
has gotten us into!

You said you were going to create history,
and now you've landed everyone in trouble!

This is medically impossible.

No one can make the
brain function at 100 percent!

My friend is capable of doing that!

No way.

He won awards in the US.
You think he can't do this?

Buddy, don't pay heed
to this fake doctor.

You are a raging tiger! A flying tiger!
You can do it.

I don't care if you end this project or not,
but end his friendship right away!

I can't continue here.

We escaped only
because she is mentally ill,

and your grandfather
is a Colonel...

and because Deepak, who committed
all those murders, is dead now.

I'm done!

I'm going to go to the USA
and put up a clinic there for survival.

It will be really helpful
if I have an assistant like Charlotte.

- What do you say, Charlotte?
- What happened to him?

Just ask and tell me

Did you think I'd fall?


A bolt has come off.
Come here and fix it for me?


Sister, hope you are okay?

She is okay.
It's just a small wound.

Sister, be strong.
We are here with you.

Sister, I killed Stephen.

He should have suffered
a painful death.

Girl, you need to come
and sign some documents.

The advocate is waiting.
Please come.

You finished off every single one of them.

This is how Stephen must have died, right?


He should have lived
the rest of his life in agony.

The scientist knows the truth.

I'm a scientist, right?

How did you not know this?
You idiot!

My suspicion started after we
left the bag in Deepak's house.

And the blood stains on your hand
when you were in the car.

When I asked around about you,
I was completely clueless.

Tell me the honest truth.

When did you regain your memory?

I regained my memory
after Phase Two.

But I hid it from you.

I had to hide it
to get my revenge.

I planned everything with Deepak.

As per plan...

Shahid fell first.

It was Deepak who killed Jayaram.

They put him through
a lot of suffering.

Shalini meant the world to him.

I went to Stephen's bungalow
to kill Joseph, who killed her.

I wanted to torture him to death.

Are you scared?

This is just magic.

I won't let you die so easily.


You need to know
the agony of grief.

When you go up,
ask your sister what agony is.


Your father should watch
and enjoy your death.

Jack and Jill isn't a failure.

The old Parvathy had several limitations.

But the new Parvathy...

has the license of being labelled 'crazy'.

I can use that
to do as I wish.

I won't misuse it.

No matter what we find...

It's very hard to find out
what goes on in a woman's mind.


It is hard.

Humans have existed for 300,000 years.

They've invented and discovered
all sorts of things.

But they've never been able to find out
what goes in a woman's mind.

Even we haven't been able to do that.

How can mere humans like you do it?

'A Santosh Sivan's movie'


Go and check on him.

I can take care of myself.

He says he's made some discovery,
and he still has more to do.

He is always running around
trying to find something new.

Find him and grab his hand quickly
before he runs away yet again!

Trust me.
Go on.

Welcome, Radha!

I can watch some hot stuff
for about 10 minutes!

- Hello!
- Hi...

You are looking beautiful today.

Is that so?

Parvathy hasn't improved, right?

You tried so hard,
but to no avail.

It happens.

We need new subjects
for our experiment.

How about me?

You look perfect,
but I have another plan.

What is that?

I only have one plan.
I want to see Junior Krish.

What say, Senior?
We can't be this way forever.

Set that thought aside for a moment.

Krish said I have a father.

He promised he'd show me
who he is.

But he's been fooling me,
just like he's been fooling you.

You want to talk to your father?
One second.

Yes, I want to talk to him.
Call him!

Hello, Kilometre!

- He looks exactly like him!
- How are you, buddy?

- Do you still remember me?
- How could I forget you?

Last time I saw you was on TV!

I was on TV, too!

I took a boat to the middle of the road
and saved the lives of a hundred people!

I proved my mettle
as a fisherman from Madras!

The media made a video of it
and spread it all over!

I saw it in the TV news, too.

- You are the real superstars!
- I have a surprise.

- Is that an army chick?
- She is my girl.

Oh, sister.

Good evening, sister.

Do you know my invention
is based on you?

What are you saying?

He is exactly like you!

Why are you talking to my father
for so long?

Let me see him!

Here you go.


Who is this guy?

He looks exactly like me!

Kim, Kim, Kim!

This is your father.


Your son...

Who did you just call Father?

I'm not married yet.

Pass the phone to him!

Kim, Kim, Kim?

Kim, Kim...

Kim, Kim?

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,
Kim, Kim, Kim...

Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim,
Kim, Kim, Kim...

"This is the song
From Kannan's flute."

"His eyes"

"Wandering messenger clouds"

"See the garden"

"Parijatham flower is in bloom."

"Within the blades of grass"

"Is the hidden snake."

"This is the song
From Kannan's flute."

"His eyes"

"Wandering messenger clouds"

"This is the song
From Kannan's flute."

"The women are
messenger clouds."

"Bad things hide the truth"

"True love will attain its destiny"

"Truth will triumph finally"

"Baghavadhgeetha will prove itself true!"



"Come as an explosion"

"Come win this!"