Cat in the Wall (2019) - full transcript

South-East London, in the multicultural neighborhood of Peckham, in a municipal building. A Bulgarian family goes into serious conflict with their neighbors due to abandoned cat. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
based on true events

It looks like worms actually.

It looks like...


Some more eggs, because...

More eggs. Are you serious?

You're the one, who does...

I said you're helping me. Stop.

It's sticky!

I'll make chocolate cookies.

More, more, more...

And stop!

- Wait a minute...
- Unfortunately this cake is gonna be on.

We need flour!

What the hell...

Thank you very, very much.

We need flour...


Watch your step, bitch!

- What a fucking idiot!
- Shut up!

It's like...


I need to do something.
I'm not expecting this.

Are you serious, how...?

Jojo, sweetie, what happened?

- Look at it!
- What are you making?


For the boys.

- It's a disaster.
- Is it? Where is your uncle?


What's up, brother?

We're making a cake.

What cake?

A cake for Halloween.

Please, what Halloween?
Have you seen the state of the kitchen?

It's superb! So what?

Let's put it in the oven!

Let's make a train track!


someone pissed in the lift again.

I've had enough! My bags
are dropped all down the stairs.

I can't take it anymore!

- Wait a minute!
- Everything's fine!

To top it all, the Polish woman got
the Bussey Building Renovation Project!

- But easy, next year...
- It isn't your job to clean...

- Let me clean it up.
- Give me the mop...

I'm sick of it... I want to clean it!

Such filth! We'll die in this filth!

The Polish woman got it!
They gave it to her...

It's not your job to clean the lift!

She won the commission,
so I'll clean!

I should have won
the project, but no!

I won't make it

as an architect in this country!

Look, I'm freezing,
I'm going inside.

Wait, go downstairs
and pick up the food.

Come on.

Let's pick it up.
What are you doing?

Come on, man, please.

Quick, people are coming.

Here. It's just me carrying...

Come on! Give me the...

C'mon girls.

Who dropped toys down the toilet?

- Jojo, where's your other sock?
- I don't know where it is!

The frog is in the toilet.

Oh no, the frog.

I'll live there one day.

Better buy something on the moon.

With this gentrification...

Exactly with this gentrification.

you use such trendy words.

- Do you know what gentrification is?
- Of course, I know, it's my job.

- What does it mean?
- Improvements and rising prices.

- Gentrification, sister, is when...
- Yes?

...middle classes move in the working
class' neighbourhoods

and change

the local character.

And you read that
in some Socialist dictionary

in Peckham Library, didn't you?


- You spend too much time there.
- Too much, yeah.

While others kill themselves
working in the zombie apocalypse.

- What are you trying to say?
- What am I trying to say?

- Are you suggesting something?
- Yes, I am suggesting something.

What? That I am a zombie?

Who's paying your bills?

The zombie.

And who's looking after your kid
and deals with the boiler man?



A crocodile.

Nice one.

Do it like an eagle.

Do it like a...

an elephant.

Do it like a cat.

Wait, think about it.

A cat.

Here your Mum will do a project.

What do you think?

- I don't believe you.
- You don't believe me?

- Yeah.
- Look at me.

I will get it, boy.

Can I ask you something?

Why do you think you have
to talk about Marxism, Trotsky,

which is past, which didn't work?

I think those ideas are more relevant
today than they've ever been.

They'll always be relevant

if you talk about
Nietzsche and all these people.

They'll be relevant forever
like Shakespeare and all that.

- Where are you coming from?
- From Bulgaria.

So, could you describe
that as Socialism?

What do you think about east Europeans
coming to live in your country now?

I'm not in the habit of protecting
my workers on national basis.

We're saying that those east European
workers are your brothers and sisters

and your bosses are a shared enemy.

Hi, Irina, I'll just give you
some information about the works.

- Come in.
- No, I'm really busy.

Just for a minute, please,
I wanted to ask you something.

OK, just quickly...

I was just about to come to your
house but you came so that's fine.

Just bear with me a second,
I'll make a cup of tea.

It has to be quick now.

- Have you seen all the scaffolding?
- Yeah.

You know about the works?
- Yes, just a second.

- What do you want - tea or coffee?
- I'd love a coffee, please, two sugars.

- And milk, thank you.
- No problem.

Yes, I've seen the scaffolding,

but I don't know
what they are doing there.

- There's a lot of work to be done.
- Is it?

I killed him there like...

Look, when I spawned in the server
I saw a mini creep he exploded.

Yeah but d'you know,

the biggest creeper ever I killed

in Minecraft is the Spider
and I turned him into a big Zombie.

I think I might be able
to get it from upstairs,

just bear with me a second.


Hello, Ghost!

I am the black witch.

You are definitely

not a zebra, ah...

a cook!

Trick or treat?

- There we go.
- That's a solid treat.

Come on, kitty.

What's up, dear?

Sweet pussycat, what are
you doing here all alone?

Who left you all by yourself?

What's up?

Look what I've found.

A librarian.

Let's see.


"The British Museum
recruiting librarian".


- A teacher?
- And it's close to here.

That's good. You can be a history
teacher, which is absolutely great.

But you have to take

a one-year training course,


It's called postgraduate.

But I've done all this in Bulgaria.

Here they recognise
our university degrees,

but not our work experience.

And your work experience
was only six months.

They wouldn't accept it.
Study this.

- I have work to do...
- Wait, stay here.

I can't.

Wait, what postgraduate course?

How many postgraduate courses
should I take?

I have a Master's degree
from Bulgaria!

They want you to build a teacher's
profile or something like that.

And if you apply for this scholarship
it won't matter,

because they only care
to take your money.

"Postgraduate course" means
"Master's degree"! I have it!

So do I, but now I have to finish
the damned project...

I'm sick of working in bars,
you know.

Read it. If you don't understand
something, tell me.

Let me do my work.

If it's so hard to find a job here,

what are all these people living off?

Brother, are you pretending
you don't know?

They are on benefits,
that's what.

Why can't we live off benefits too?
And not waste our time anymore.

What are you talking about?
Why did I leave "Bulgaristan"?

Because of the mafia
and arse-kissers.

I didn't come here to be a leech!

I'd rather be a zombie
than live on benefits!

What was that?

The ginger one.

The cat - you saw it too?

- Wait, not that salami! Don't you dare.
- Just one slice.

Don't you even think...
It'll come every day!

It won't!
It's perhaps starving.

This is a cat!
It can find food alone!

It'll start coming every day
and Jojo will see it...

I told you, no salami!
Stop this!

Where are you going?

Good luck with your project.

What's happening?

Could you do me a big favor

and help me with updating my CV?

If you've got some time.

- Now?
- If possible.

Five minutes. OK, come in.

Here you go.

- Careful, it's hot.
- Thank you very much.

How often do you have
to go and do these?

- I just went on courses.
- Like what?

When I'm unemployed I just
go down to those places and study.

Every three months or...

- Whenever.
- Yeah...

They call you and
you just have to go and update.

My God, that's great.

But it's only carpentry?

No, that one was brick laying.

- The other one's...
- One's... through a computer.

Oh, I see!

And then there's...

All different ones.

- Painting and decorating?
- Yes.

- Tiling.
- And tiling?

Yeah... Plumbing.

When you come as a carpenter,
you've got to learn every trade.

- Really?
- Yes.

Wow, I never...

when you go on sites,

you find that the main manager
on the site

is an ex-carpenter.

They've got to know
all these trades...

They do?
...and read drawings.

Basically, we need to give them an idea
when they go for three minutes...

They go - yeah, alright
or no, not alright.

"We're gonna call this man,
because it's easy to read..."

We've got to wash him

and he's got to live with us!

Let's show mum
what we found outside.

This is Paddington Bear.

Very good.

However get out in the other room.
I don't have time for you now.

We must wash him

and he must live with us.

Bravo. Please wash him,
wash yourself too.

Leave me alone.

My deadline is tomorrow
and I'm going mad.

And on top I've got an extra shift
at my stupid work.

- Alright!
- It's not alright.

- And calm down.
- Quiet!

I simply had enough.
I need silence!

This work will drive me crazy.


Wait pussycat.

Ah, where's your home, sweetie?
Go home.

No, no, no...

Don't go upstairs!

I've got to...

Apple and raspberry? Yeah?

Would you like glass
with ice or just a straw?

Yeah, and...

Here we are.


I've not put it on, I will now. Sorry.

Paying on the card, yeah?

Come here, sweetie...

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty...

Let me see where you're hiding.

Kitty, I'll give you something.

I felt sorry for it.

Little bit.

It's dusty down there.

Watch over that side.

It ran away.
In the kitchen.

There he is.

The cat's "traveling" very slowly...

I can't believe this!

I will sleep next to you.

With me? And the cat.


Here we are with the kitty.

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat...

went to the sea.

- ...a...

- ...beautiful...
- ...pea...

- ...boat.


- They took some...
- ...honey...

...and plenty of money...

I have to say "plenty of money".

Oh, sorry. Again.

- They took some...
- ...honey...

- ...and...
- ...plenty...

- ...of...
- ...bunny.

Who is Debby?

You know Debby.
She lives in flat 32.

On the first floor.

- I don't know them.
- You do, you know Debby.

Her son is Jack.
They've got the pit bull.

- Them?
- They've lost a cat, as far as I know.

Right, OK, so...

Are you sure it's them?

They've got all the animals,
it must be.

Because nobody asks
anything about a cat.

There's no big deal.
Just give them 50 quid.

But, anyway, you've got
more important worries here.

All your bills coming up.
You do realize how this works.

- Tell me about this one.
- Hey, Sharon, how is it going?

I'm just delivering the leaflets
about the major works.

- Did you get a new pet then?
- Yeah, just got it microchipped.

And the cat has a passport.

It can go on holidays now.
Oh, how lovely.

- He is a gorgeous ginger cat, isn't he?
- Ginger, you see?

That's how we should
have called him.

Ginger, not Goldie.

Because he's golden.

He's golden. Isn't he gorgeous?
He's very soft, isn't he?

Young lad,
he has his reasons.

- Come, you.
- Did he like the vet?

The cat's running away.

Come back, cat.

Want some more tea or coffee?

No, I'm fine, thank you!
I'm going to have to go soon.

You've got all these bills coming.

You do understand
about your charges?

What is it?

OK, right...

What's happened is

some of the balconies have collapsed,
so they have to rebuild them.

The windows have to be done,
there's new doors...

The Council will charge the leaseholders

for a portion of the works.

You're going to have big bills coming.
You do know that, don't you?

Have you written to the Council?
You need to write to them and ask...

God, how can they do that?

You must've known this
when you bought your flat.

No, I didn't.

They'll actually top it up...
My bills are gonna be like what?


It is going to be a very big bill.
It could be 25,000,

20,000, 30,000,
I don't know.

So, basically all the flats
will get the new windows,

and only few people like me...
We're gonna pay for all the flats!

No, you're not going to pay
for all of the flats.

You're going to pay
your share of the bill.

But not all of the people
living in this block will pay...

No, tenants don't own their properties.
It'll add value on yours.

That's what I mean.

What am I supposed to do with this,

if I don't want that to happen.

I didn't ask for it.
Why do I have to pay for it?




Cold War warning
as Russia hits back at Britain


I'll take your guns
and I'll put an end to this war!

- Do you hear me?
- Yes!


- Do you live here?
- Yes, 49.

Who always wee-wees in there?

Is it a dog?

Right in the corner
there's a stain.

- Is it a dog or is it a person?
- It's a person.

A couple of weeks ago...

You see, this side of the lift?
That's my kitchen.

- There.
- It happened there.

But why they do it in the lift?
Inside it.

Why do people kill people?
I mean, you know, just brains.

This lift has become a toilet.
I'm sick of carrying bags up the stairs!

- What's happened with the project?
- Nothing.

- Why?
- I've had enough!

My pathway project
went down the drain but...

I'd better win
the coffee shop project.

You'll get something eventually.

Even if I do, I don't know
how much it'll help with the bills.

£26,000 for the repairs!
I don't know what we're going to do!

That's it. We'll be paying
for these scroungers!

They lie about all day,

get their benefits, smoke weed!

I always thought that this bill
is for the whole building.


The entire bill is a million and a half.

This is divided between us,
the flat owners.

The ones on benefits pay nothing!

That's the situation.

And they receive new bathrooms
and kitchens for free!

I'll call Kiro for the job
with the TV aerials.

Nice to know Kiro.

You can be installing aerials
all your life, till retirement,

till you die
you won't be able to pay this.

For two windows -


As if they are made out of gold.

And they say - Bulgaria is
a corrupt country.

The Council launders money freely.

It's because their lower-middle classes
don't dare to oppose.

They can put their pants down...

You know, like the Russian

when the White Army came

and then the Red Army...

In both cases - you bend over
and take it!

Very strange.

What is the next number?

Next one is 27.

Why is this 4, 5, and then 26?
What's the logic?

Why have they burned this thing,

what kind of people live here!

Have you got a letter like this?

Are you renting,
because I've got the names...

What number are you, 65?

I'm not on your list.

The bill about all this work?
The bill that came from nowhere?

- No consultation, nothing?
- Yeah, exactly.

I'm organizing a meeting with all
the leaseholders, if you're happy to join.

Excellent idea.
I'm more than happy to join.

So that'd be great,
if you just put your e-mail here.

I work in the week.

It could be in the evening
or in the weekend?

Weekends it's better.
Maybe on the 4th.

- In the afternoon.
- That'll be absolutely fine.

It's insane the way the Council
is treating us as cashpoints.

- They do, don't they?
- Absolute madness!

- Absolutely disgraceful!
- We got a lot to talk about.

- Yes, exactly.
- Hello, young man.

- Thank you very much.
- Good to see you.

See you soon.

- I found 45!
- Where, show me!

We just had our windows done...

Did you, how was it?

They were really good

but it will take a long time
to get the dust away.

They were good, and it's nice
to see something positive.

But yeah, let's go.
So, after three.

Yes, thank you very much!

- Bye-bye.
- Bye-bye.

Don't think you, little...

It's a subway.

What the heck just happened?

Guys, take a look at this.

You'll see, we'll be next.

They wouldn't do such costly work,

if they were planning on
demolishing the building.

They'll recoup their money easily.

My cat.

I came to take it.

So you like climbing...
You like it!

Nice to meet you.

I eat you.

Oh, my God,
he wants to go on me.

Oh, my God...

Boys, what are you doing there?
Get back here, quickly!

- We took the cat for a walk.
- Come up quickly!

We'll fix a spool on the wall
and put him in a basket

and we'll lower him
down from the window.

Basket? Home, now!

I am not coming home.

Don't you talk back.
Come home, now.

Come on, quickly.

Come on, Jojo.

Let's go.

Jump down.

Jumping down.

What's up with you?

- Are you retarded?
- What's your problem?

How should I know
not to take it out?

It's a cat, not a dog!
Where do you think you are?

someone's knocking on the...

Do you live here?
Do you have a cat by any chance?

Sign here. This is for the lion.

The mail.

What? We have cat's litter!

I'll tell you what!
I've had enough of you!

Go. You go too.

It's a bit boring -
you pay for petrol,

waste time,
you can be at another address.

- You make an agreement...
- They don't care.

I've no idea where we are.

In the middle of nowhere.

A Roma guy calls you
and asks you to come now.

You say - I can do it
next week Tuesday.

He says fine but can you
do 10 in the morning?

I say - 5pm.

He says fine.

I've got two men drilling here,
and making noise.

They're ruining the building.

No, the girl hasn't let them do so.

Can't tell me where they're coming from.
They're rude and aggressive.

If we don't get a signal...

It'll be a typical disaster.

You're not allowed to come here
and make noise...

A typical Roma disaster.

I'm going to talk to the neighbours.

Because I need to
find out who ordered it.

This is outrageous.
You haven't even asked my Dad.

It doesn't work like this
in this country...

You never know which of the darkies
are going to stir up problems!

Come to the door
and ask the girl together.

Why should we come to the door?
We've already been upstairs.

I was upstairs talking to this girl.

She can't tell me
what you're doing here.

- The neighbours hadn't even ordered it.
- Speak with them again.

- You don't have a permission.
- We have job to do here.

My dad owns the building.

Here is the notary of the property.
I'm calling the police.

And the local authorities.

You've got the baddies' accent!

The darky hated it.

Where did she spring from?

Do you think there
are going to be problems?

No, it's their problem
if they have nothing to do.

- If the police comes?
- What can they say?

The Owl and the Pussy-cat
went to the sea...

in a beautiful pea-green boat.

Let's take turns?

- They...
- ...took...

- ...some...
- ...honey...

- ...and...
- ...plenty...

- ...of...

- ...wrapped...
- ...up...

- ...a...

- ...five...
- ...five...

No, you're copying me.

Sorry, I copied you.
Let's start over.

We've got the owl and the pussycat.

Are we gonna marry them?

You are making...

Go and get the fucking cat!
You did steal it!

- Listen to what you're saying!
- The cat was on the stairs!

It costs 10 pounds, yeah...

10 pounds to get a cat.

But no - you fucking thieve it!

Go get it!

- The cat was on the stairs!
- Look at me!

- Go get the cat right now!
- Go and get it!

- Are you being serious right now?
- Arsehole!

- What's going on here?
- He's taken the cat!

- You have taken our fucking cat!
- The cat was here on the stairs.

In the middle of winter
and we kept him warm and fed!

- Get lost! Get our cat!
- It's not your cat, actually.

Go ge'it!

- Has he called me a gay?
- No, he said, "Go get it!"

It's not your fucking cat!
Give us the cat!

- What are you doing?
- What do you mean?

- Give me back my cat!
- You've taken our cat!

- Give her the cat!
- This is ridiculous.

- This is not your cat!
- Go and get it!

- Go inside and get the cat!
- This is not your cat.

- Give us back our Boo.
- You're scaring my baby.

- That's ridiculous...
- What's ridiculous? That's our cat!

Don't be scared,

just stay here and play.

Don't shout at my face.
Step back.

Now, listen...

Right, legally I'd say this cat is ours,
because we've put a chip in it...

But did you leave a note
about a cat?

- To whom?
- To us!

Can you fucking read?

Who do you think
you're fucking talking to?

College kids, racists!

Go back to the country
you came from!

- Racists...
- Go back...

Which part of Africa
do you come from?

Yeah, which country
are you coming from?

I was born in Essex!

Give me back my cat!

- Can you bring out my cat!
- Shut up!

Don't talk to her like that!

You come over here,
you suck up our benefits.

- And now you take her cat as well!
- What? Oh, my...

- Go back home!
- Oh, my God!

Now, listen,
you're talking about benefits?

You're talking about benefits to me?

You're sitting all day
on your fucking arse,

and scratching your balls there,

and I'm working to get your benefits
in your freaking pocket,

you know? So shut up!

I'm calling the police, man.
You're in for it now!

- This is not your cat.
- Yes, it is.

Now we're screwed.
Give them the stupid cat!

I'll give you the fucking cat!

No, don't!

- Let's call the police.
- Hold on!

Go and call the fucking police!

Police will deport me?
I just got some work...

I'm here with my wife
and my 8 months old son.

And my sister is shaking with fear.

Where exactly?

We're in front of flat 49,
on the top floor.

First entrance on the right.

You guys, are in for it now.

Yeah, Whitby Street, SE14 7JN.

We didn't have to do this,
but you didn't bring out the cat, did you?

Let's see who has actually
left the cat for three days...

Three days staying over there.

Wet, shitting itself - nobody cares.

It was freezing
in the middle of the winter.

I'm not gonna set a foot inside
this place, until the police get here.

I ain't thief.

But we're getting attacked
in our own block of flats.

We're not attacking you.

You learn five English words
and now you're top dog.

Who the fuck, is that your mum?

Sorry to trouble you.
Are you wrecked again?

Let me settle this
with the people quietly!

Now sorry that your kid's upset,

but that cat was a present
to my daughter Phoebe.

She's only a kid too.
She's only 12.

Don't you remember

that Jojo used to play
with her in the backyard?

Phoebe, you remember,
don't you, Phoebe?

You used to play
in the backyard with Jojo.

They don't understand.
They don't realise.

- They do understand.
- They don't understand.

I need to talk to them.

- The cat's gone.
- The cat's gone?

Not my cat!
Wait a minute, it's not.

- It's really gone, darling?
- Yes.

Let's go and find out. I'm sure
it's in the flat, it's not gone.

- It better not be true!
- We're going to have a look.

So, not there...

- I'm not sure it's gone actually.
- Boo! Boo!

I think he's in here.

Alright, OK.

He's in here.

- Boo!
- Boo.

I'm gonna fucking lose it.

Calm down, the police are coming.
Don't go in there, stay out here.

I don't want any more trouble.

This is a piss take, Jack!

A freaking piss take.

We'll sort it out, alright.
I don't need any more trouble.

We looked in that drawer,
it's not there.

I don't know where to look.

Where is he?

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!

Jojo, is the cat there?

Did you see it?

Jojo, can you see anything?

I'm gonna go and get Chucky,
he'll sniff him out.

We'll be back in a minute.
Come on, Phoebe.

Right. Let's do that.

So, who's Chucky?

That's their pit bull.

I've nothing to say.

- Jojo...
- Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!

Hide in your room.


Close the door and stay there.

C'mon, Chucky, c'mon darling,

let's see if we can find Boo.

Get him out here.
Allright, OK.

In here, love?
Yes, if you can...

You see Boo?

Where's Boo?

Where's Boo, our cat, gone, hey?


Find Boo, go on, Chucky!

What can you see, Chucky?
What can you see?

There's something
going on up there.

You can see there's nothing there.

I can see that, but...

Why would he be like that?

- Something's going on, isn't it?
- What is it?

I don't know.
Oh, my God!

Oh my God, why is he barking?

I don't know, we need to check.

Something's going on up there.

- Right, Chucky!
- Can I go?

What is it, darling, let me see.

- There is a...
- What?

- What's there?
- Is Boo there?

There is a freaking hole
behind the boiler, Vlado.

Well done, Chucky!
Is it Boo?

Yes, it is.

Get your arm in,
have a go, love.

- The boiler.
- It's really, really deep, actually.

Goldie, come here! Wait a minute.

- C'mon, c'mon.
- Grab him by the neck!

I'm trying. Come on, darling.

Grab him by the back of the neck.

- You can't get him?
- Let me try and get him.

Let Phoebe have a go.

I think we've got a problem, Vladimir.

C'mon, Boo.

Boo! Come out, Boo.

Boo, come out.


He's not Boo, he's Goldie.

No, he's Boo, he's my cat.
He doesn't have another name.

He's not gonna come.
It's not coming, Phoebe?

Because he's using his claws.

If he won't come for Phoebe,
he won't come for anybody.

- Come on, Boo!
- No.

Come on, Phoebe,
come down again.

He will come down
in his good time.

You tried your best.
He just doesn't want to come out.

- But I want my cat!
- And how you gonna get it?

And he will be happy when he comes out
and sees you properly.

What a shock, hey.

I think he's gonna come out
at some point.

What we'll do, Irina

we'll come and have
another look tomorrow.

We'll get him out, don't worry.
But he's not doing any harm.

- Yeah, I know...
- You know...

I think the cat

had a spoon... the mouth and dug there...

Yes, yeah...

with the spoon a hole.

- Really?
- Yes.

- And who told you that?
- He.

Your uncle dug a hole there

or actually, didn't do the hole properly
with the boiler man.

They've scared their own cat so badly.

Poor him.
He's probably still frightened.

I'll leave food here

by this little hole.

What little hole, brother?

This is an architectural wonder

behind my boiler!

What have you and Ian created?
Such a shitty job.

Listen now.

Listen to what?

- Ian is not a brick-layer.
- Then what is he?

Ian is a plumber or something.


the old boiler was much bigger
and it fitted further inside the wall.

- This one doesn't!
- This doesn't...

- No one's going to climb up there...
- This doesn't matter! check is there a hole or not.

Just be glad the police
didn't turn up, because then

it would've been me in that hole
to be left food there for the night.

Why the hell did you put
the cat litter here?

We have to find a way.
I can't believe there's no other way

to find...

Questions have been asked
in Parliament.

The Council is the Government

and the Government will be taking
itself to Court, and it can't do that.

Any attempt to fight is just doomed.

There must be
some success stories, right?


- Remember David Cameron's nanny?
- It's true.

She had about 20-25,000 to pay.

She contested it, went to court,
did the whole thing

and ended up paying £160,000.
And I think she lost her flat.

This is David from 67.

Pleased to meet you.

I'm David from number 67.

We're from 22.

You know, a few years ago
I had a flat in Hackney.

I had squirrels in the roof
that were everywhere.

They destroyed the brickwork,
the wiring, everything.

I went to the Council,
I explained the problem.

They've sorted it out.
They put a scaffolding up.

- 13 months that scaffolding was up.
- For squirrels!

The work was so bad,
I took photos, I took everything.

I showed it to them
and I got a compensation for it.

The whole amount?

Not the whole amount.
It took a long time to get reimbursed.

There was something,
I'm a bit vague on this

but we did query it

and I think, but please
don't quote me on this

they did do a repair job

but they didn't do it well
and they didn't pick the right materials.

They get the budget for the year.
If they don't spend it they lose it,

they can't put it to next year.

That's what's ridiculous.

They've got a set amount,
it's got to be gone or they lose it.

To compensate you for the problems.

It's very hard to know
what their plans are, but...

This is Alma.


Daniel from 52.

Hi, I'm Claire from 60.

- Claire?
- Claire.

Camilla, 73.

- We're from 22.
- I remember you. We've met before.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- And you're Roger.
- Yes, I am indeed.

At least we're not being knocked down.

- That remains to be seen.
- Well, not imminently.

Repair seems the minimum
they can put in place.

I'm still for
they want to knock us down.

They could sell part of the freehold

to some rogue or dodgy landlord
who holds a freehold.

We're on their list of places
to knock down.

They submitted that list.

Agenda 20 or something like that.

Essentially it gives guidelines
for regenerating

city areas, expensive inner-city areas.


Gentrifying, if you like,

but it really means
taking indigenous population -

likes of you, me,
social housing especially,

and moving them out.

You can't just march them out.

You've got to give them incentives
to move like high service charge costs

or poor road development,

- Urban cleansing?
- Absolutely!

Who is the boss, by the way?


- You're the boss.
- No, I'm just a foreigner here.

I feel like a foreigner now.

- Anyway, take care.
- It's allright.

- Thank you, David.
- Why do you feel like a foreigner?

I'm in the process of being stripped
of my European citizenship.

Brexit issue.

I'm applying to become an Irish, actually.

It won't make any difference.

Brexit will give us
a little bit of democracy.

Well, I agree.

If the Union had listened to Cameron,

and given him a few...
at least treated him with respect,

showed that they were
capable of flexibility...

I voted to leave because of that.

I believe in expansive identity.

The thought of being trapped
in Britishness is appalling.

Trapped on our island,
as we will be.

I'm looking forward to becoming
an Irish citizen actually

throwing away my British citizenship.

I don't think Brexit
is the return to nationalism.

This country's always been
a multinational country.

We've always been and remain
an international country.

We just want to take some
of the decision-making process back.

We've been in Europe for a long time.
It hasn't been a successful project!

- This will be part of a national debate.
- Can I just say something?

Let's say this block
is built in 1950s

and it wasn't when the EU
was in as it is now.

My question is, English people,
Irish people, whoever was here built it,

why they built balconies
on the first floor,

not on the last one?

Why is this?

They ran out of balconies.

I think you should train
English people as well...

If you're on the top floor
you've got a balcony in the roof.

There were people
living in that roof space.

It's like a cathedral
in there, it's huge.

I think it was a bunch
of Albanians, actually,

and they were having
open fires in there, camping.

They eat squirrels anyway.

I'll see your squirrels
and raise you an Albanian.

Don't tell David,
don't say that to David.

- No.
- Oh, my God, this is insane.

This building used to be
something special...

I've always thought it has
the grace of an ocean liner.

Really, the good ship
Juniper house.

If I want to sell this flat...

I don't want to sell it.
So what they can do about it?

If it's true we're being knocked down.
They'll do a compulsory purchase

at market value.
Not the actual price.

Probably about half of what
you can get if you sold it privately.

Still if I refuse to leave the place -
what, they can't do anything.

They'll probably end up
bricking you into your own flat.

There's not much you can do.

Seal you in.

Like a cat in the wall.

Goldie, kitty.

Here, kitty, kitty!

Goldie, why man?

We can catch Sky TV.

I'm a minicab driver. A taxi driver.

- Time has just flown by.
- Yeah...

Time flies when you're having fun.

I wish time flew in Bulgaria...

and not just other places.

Yes, not just elsewhere.

When you get...
a moment's break...

Yes, I've already got
a holiday planned.

Be careful here. Be careful.

Be careful, there is a ladder.

Yeah? You're good to go, yeah?

Be careful.


No, no, they've come home.


- Mother.
- Have you finished?

Yep, no more work for today.

Channel 11916.

Hi, Irina.
Thanks for coming. Come in.

Yeah, alright, Chucky, pack it up!

Don't worry about the dog,
come through.

Yes, allright, Chucky!

Come through, come through.

- Make yourself at home!
- Thank you.

Still behind the boiler, is he?

- Yes, he is.
- Oh, dear.

Would you like a cup?

- Sorry?
- Would you like a cup?

- No, thanks.
- No?

No, I'm fine.

Would you like one?


Not today.

I'll use it for medical purposes.

Pain relief.

See, I suffer from severe depression

and I can't get out of bed
in the morning for tears.

You know that adventure playground
at the bottom of the street?

We go there with the little one.
He loves it.

You better keep your eyes peeled.


Six boys took turns
with Phoebe in that park.

And that was just the beginning.

Did it for months
and I didn't suspect a thing.

At that time, I was trying to stop
her father from leaving us again.

And how did you find out?

- Sorry?
- How did you find out about it?


I began worrying about her weight.

She was gorging herself
day and night

and then having these fits.


Jack was being a pig.

- Knocking us both about, regularly.
- What?

And then he came to live here

with that woman and the baby.

We could say nothing.

What you gonna do with Phoebe?


I try to distract her.

Enrolled her on an IT course.

But that cat

was her only joy.

A present from her father.

Give me one.

- You want one?
- Yes.

Yeah, my pleasure.
There you go.

It's only a little one.

Not very strong.

Three or four more toys
to arrange...

There's no more room.

Boo, come out!

Hello. Good evening.

Mister Goldie Ginger
please appear now!


If you give him wine,

he won't drink it.

This isn't wine.

This is lemonade,
made out of grapes.

Wait a minute.

Did he fall asleep?
What's going on?

Nothing. He's fallen asleep.

Do you see a cat?

Come and see.

Oh my God!

- What?
- That is amazing?


You're a big boy!

Do you see the violets?

- Yes, I see him.
- What did he tell you?

That he won't come out.


He's turned into a dog.

South East Peckham rescue.
What's your emergency?

Yes, it's about the cat I've got
in the wall behind my boiler.

This cat is gonna die.
Probably it's dead actually!

Your pet will come out
of its own accord.

No, I'm sorry,
but I need somebody urgent.

It's an emergency!
Can somebody come urgently?

We're not sending services
out today in this snow.

I know it's snowing, darling,
it's not a real snow there, is it?

It's just some flakes.
Do you know what snow is?

I'm sorry, are you telling me...

I need you to calm down, madam.

Ok, I'm just gonna calm down
and I'm just gonna ask you.

Are you telling me, because of the snow,
the whole country is now...

As I have explained madam
we're working with reduced services...

It's gonna collapse, isn't it?

Because of the freaking snow outside!

That means the police
is not able to come,

that means the fire people
are not able to come

and save other people dying!
Do you know what's happening now?

If somebody's stuck in their house,
not able to come out because of the fire

they're gonna die.
Is that what you are telling me?

No, you listen to me, lady!

Now listen to me!
Because of this freaking snow,

you're telling me somebody's
fucking shot in the head outside,

nobody's able to come
and save them, is it?

And somebody's raping somebody
at the moment in the fucking park

and because of this freaking snow
you're not able to move!

Is that what's happening
in this country?

I need you to calm down.

No, I'm gonna calm down,
if you calm down!

For fuck's sake!

Let's plug the hole,
because I can't let him go!

Here, here, here...


Give me a tissue.

I'm sad too.

There's no other way.

Joe, you got a rubbish bin, mate?

Quite fairly lights out, boys.

Save the frame, same whites out.

You look so worried.

It's just such a good wood.

It's shame that...

You know,
they could've left these ones.

It's all about maintaining,
that's what it is.

But that's still working,
the others maybe not.

They haven't got around to painting
them but they're too old,

that's what they're saying.

You'd never paint them,
would you? Too high.

That's what they're saying about them.

It's not about painting,
they were absolutely fine.

For 30 years they've been here.

And I don't understand
why the Council is just wasting money.

Uh. Just...

We live in a bloody wasteful society.

Go through it. Hit it.

The same thing
happened to my great granddad.

After the Second World War,

the Communists came
and wrecked his house.

You can't live in a nice house,
if you're a true Communist.

So are you also taking...
Is it just going to be one window?

Yeah, all this frame comes out,
the whole lot comes out.

I've got a new frame going back in.

A nice new frame.

Do you have the same frames at home?

- Sorry?
- Do you have the same frames at home?

Yeah, yeah...

You never knew him. Grandpa Doko.

He's your great-great-grandfather.

- Screwing away.
- What?

- Screw it.
- Where?

Hammer it in.

You're too fast.

I don't know what they're teaching
in school, but you're too fast.

- I tell you what.
- What?

I use the lift,
you race me up the stairs.

Whoever's first
gets the chocolate in the fridge.


I won!

Again - to the next floor.

- I'm really sorry.
- I should've known it was you!

- I'm sorry, is the kid okay?
- Yes, just fine.

- We were just playing this stupid game.
- I don't care!


Please, can I come to your place
and stroke Goldie?

It's Boo.

No, he's golden.

They don't live here anymore.
They've been moved to Zone 6.

Hopefully they'll do
the same with you soon.

We're the owners of the flat
and we pay for all this.

And to be honest, we can stay here
as long as we fancy.

Do you know where number 72 is?

- That's me.
- Rhianna Stevens?

- Here Miss, this is for you.
- Thank you.

they'll get rid of you soon.

And we can have
some peace around here!

We already gave you back the cat,
why hold a grudge?

How was work today?

Not bad,

but too much work for 35 pounds.

I think I'll soon quit these antennas.

I quit my job.

And now what?


I realised I haven't fed my soul.

And I haven't done
any drawing for ages.


Are you happy?

Are you happy?

I know you're not happy
with that picture in front of you.

I don't know,
I'm too busy to actually...

- Worry about it?
- Yeah.

To realise if I'm happy or not.

I'm always happy.

I think I'm happy now doing this...

This is what's good for me.

This bloke's been caught
wanking out of his window.

What a tosser!

What's his name?

All right!

Here he comes.

Did you forget your keys?

Mr. Vladimir Tossoff?

- Toshev.
- Toshev, sorry.

We run allegations
from a neighbour of yours.

We gave them back
that cat a long time ago.

It's nothing to do with a cat, Sir.

What's going on?
What are you doing?

Mr. Toshev, we're arresting you
for indecent behaviour.

- You don't have to say anything...
- That's ridiculous.

...but it may harm your defence...

Excuse me, what's going on here?
I'm his sister.

Yeah, what's going on?

- You understand what I'm saying.
- No, I don't. What's going on?

Excuse me, is this your child here?

Jojo, go back to bed at once!

Sit down.

Look at the camera and answer clearly,
do you understand?

Sorry, we've been trying to call you
for... Do you know how many days?

Alright, Mister Tossoff...

What? Toshev.

Sorry, Mr. Toshev,

we've had a complaint from a neighbour
across the way, Rhianna Stevens.

That's what we've been trying
to call you for.

I told them so.

Yeah, this bloody cat, isn't it?

You've been accused
of aggressive explicit behaviour.

What a nonsense!
She's grassed me for the cat.

We've just argued
a little bit for the stupid cat.

- It's nothing to do with a cat.
- What is it about?

In this country
it's a very serious offence.

More serious in fact,
he can go to prison for this.

We just found their cat,

we gave it back to them,
we argued a little bit.

You should be getting on
with all the crimes out there, really.

This is Peckham, man.

Everybody's going out
naked in this place.

It's full of perverts out there

and she probably
is one of them, anyway.

It's full of idiots out there
exposing or whatever they're doing,

raping children and stuff, you know.

- Can you be quiet, please?
- Yeah.

My colleague here is gonna
ask Mr. Tossoff,

Toshov, sorry, sir, some questions.

Be quiet please.

Sir, where was you between the hours
of 9 AM and 11 AM this morning?

I was at home.

- Do you work, sir?
- Yes.

What do you do?

I install TV aerials here
but I'm a historian.

He's a historian. Sorry.

You wouldn't be installing aerials
in the evening, would you, sir?


Where was you on Tuesday,
the 21st, in the evening?

I can't remember.

- You can't remember, you're sure?
- I can't remember.

And I still don't understand
what I'm accused of.

What am I being accused of?

Just, let me...

- They are accusing you of exhibitionism.
- What?

That you flashed
your dick to the neighbour...

Tell them it's because of the cat!

I already told them a thousand times
it's because of the cat.


Keep in English
or I'll do you for obstruction!


If you speak
in a foreign language again,

I'll arrest you for perverting
the course of justice.

It's a very serious offence as well.

In this country

this man is gonna go down.
We gonna question him about it.

No, but that is ridiculous
because this is not true.

You've got the wrong man,
this is ridiculous.

Or she's a liar
because it's full of idiots like that...

Someone might get killed
while you waste your time here!

We understand this.
Ma'am, can you be quiet, please?

We're gonna take you down to the station
where you'll have further questioning.

You can't take this man out of here.
You have no evidence.

This is an innocent man,
academic first of all...

We take him down to the station...

You can't take him out like this.
You don't have any evidence.

- We'll take him to the detention centre.
- What do you mean detention centre?

He'll be questioned by the detention
officer and will be held over.

This is an intelligent man.

We're European citizens!

You're treating us like garbage!

We have the right to stay here
as European citizens,

we're not bloody refugees.


C'mon, we're going to bed.

Take it easy.

I want to know if uncle is alright?

He's alright. Nothing's wrong.

Where did these policemen take him?

I will sort it out.
Sleep now.

Sleep now.

What is he doing?

- Who?
- Goldie.

- Goldie?
- Yes.

He's probably chasing mice.

He is a cat
and they chase mice in the dark.

I've not even seen
a mouse in my life.

- Never?
- Never.

And I've not seen a dolphin either.

A dolphin?

And even...

And even...

I haven't seen a dolphin either.

Let's sleep now.