Cat and Mouse (1975) - full transcript

A very unorthodox police inspector is assigned to investigate a millionaire's mysterious death. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

You've been building high-rises
for 20 years.

This one rises a little higher...

Really love it, right?

You love it enough for two.

What does that mean?

That your mistress surely
saw your new toy first.

Are you starting that again?

I can't start what isn't finished.

You are starting again.

I'd like to finish it once
and for all.

Meaning what?


At least look!
Of all the building I've built,

this has the best view.

You always say that.

Why are you looking like that?

I almost pushed you out.

Love me that much?

Sam, stop! Now stop!

Damn it, he won't stop!

Don't tease him!

Talk to him, not me!

He won't stop.

He's still got a few
things to learn.

Sam, stop. You're teasing him!

Not out of the woods yet...

He's mad at that thing.

Don't growl!

Down, Sam!

Another Cartier?

It's your secretary.

What does she want?

Is it serious?

Did you call a doctor?

I'll go there right away.

Wait for me.

They're beautiful.

How many carats?

8.16 carats.

- What's the price?
- 17,000 dollars.

Not expensive...

Go away, you bother me!

It's really very beautiful.

I can't make up my mind.

Please take your time.

What a cute dog.

They're beautiful.

Bad dog! I'll give him
to my chauffeur and come back...

Get going!

The lady...the Rolls...the dog!


My husband's office.

Hello, Mrs Richard...
Do you feel better?

What does that mean?

Your maid called to say
you weren't well.

What are you talking about?

Where's my husband?

He went home
because you were sick.

When was that?

I don't remember...
about 4:30, I think.

I'm going straight home now.

If my husband calls,
tell him I'm on the way.

Antoine, it seems your wife
called to say I was sick?

She did? It's news to me.

And there's no answer at home...

Perhaps Madame dialed wrong.

If you'll permit me, I'll try...

All they stole was the paintings?

How long were you gone?

An hour.

Is that when you usually shop?

No... Madame called to say
guests were coming to dinner.

I had to make a special trip.

What time did she call you?

Don't you remember?

Not very was after noon.

Did you see his car?

Good idea.

Did he often come home early?


He usually got home
around 8 or 8:30 PM.

4 PM he was on Rue Franklin.

A ticket for parking overtime.
Doesn't everyone?

Looks like murder
disguised as suicide.

Or suicide disguised as murder?

What proves he bought it here?

A dozen paintings?

They didn't just walk away!

A .32 caliber.

A parking ticket and a bullet...

You're having quite a day!

About this bullet...

It was meant to be found.

What do you think?

He's had it.

Get rid of those cops...

They think they're on parade!

Thank you. He won't escape.

Get a stretcher over here...

What's happened?

Rose, what happened? Answer me!

Mrs Richard?
Inspector Lechat...

Doc says between 4 and 5 PM.

Doc better look after Mrs Richard.

What time did the maid call?

About 4 o'clock.

What did she say?

That Madame was ill
and Mr. Richard should come home.

Very Segonzac.

Did Mr. Richard go home?

Yes, right away.

How long does it take by car...

from here to the villa?

In heavy traffic, 90 minutes.

With no traffic,
45 minutes... it depends.

A nice Dufy, too.

Are you free tonight?

Strange police methods...

What did Mr. Richard do?

Builder, publisher,

and more recently movie producer.

No one's allowed in here!

We want the lady in the car.

Well, she's busy!

You saw Mr. Richard yesterday.


He got a parking ticket
on your street.

If you say so...

How long have you known him?

- 6 months.
- His secretary says a year.

Yes, that's right.

He was so charming,
the time passed quickly.

How did you meet?

On a movie he produced.

Was he a producer before that?

I don't think so.

My movie, MANUELLE,
had been a smash hit.

The sequel was bought
by a big company...

not movie people...
Mr. Richard was the president.

Did you love him?

The way you love a man of 50...

Explain, please.

Mr. Richard was getting divorced,
to marry me.

Clear enough?

He loved you.

Yes...madly, you might say.

Sure, but you were the last person
to see him alive.

Please hold yourself
at the Law's disposal.

Don't you mean at your disposal?

You can't manipulate the Law
the way you can a man of 50.

Can't the Law see
that his wife killed him?

Aren't you jumping to conclusions?

She said she would, if he left her.

If intentions were actions
you'd be raped regularly.

I'd like to help you out...
you know the way!

I'm sure she did it.

That's not proof.

How old is she?

That's not proof either.

Excuse me, I have to ask
you some questions...

Shall we make an appointment?

Let's get it over with.

Not asleep?

Not asleep.

In that!

The same as hers!

What's the use!

I'm going to drop her.

She wants me to divorce you.

"There's no fool..."

You're here to protect me...
I'm safe!

How old is she?

Just like a woman!

After 30 years, we had become
friends, we were free.

Did you take advantage
of your freedom, too?

It was my way of loving him.

Would you divorce me?

Can't you see he's after your money?

If you agreed,
I'd be very generous.

It's mean to talk money to me, too.

I know...

But I'm very much in love.

Careful, Jean-Pierre!
I have nothing to lose.

If I lose you, I lose everything.

If I lose her, I lose everything!

Since the boy died...

What do you mean?

I don't care if I'm being a fool.

Coffee over there?

That's your maid's version.

He never intended to leave me.

That girl, Manuelle,
was just a plaything for him.

Why would Rose say
a thing like that?

These days, servants tend
to bear grudges.

I think they like me!

What bothers me most is...

your fingerprints on the gun.

I told your assistant!
The gun was in a drawer

and we moved it
when we had to get to other things.

That explains my fingerprints.

My husband began drinking
and cheating on me then.

Our son's death changed him.

The thief wanted it
to look like suicide.

And the alarms didn't work.

So first, who knew
your paintings well?

More important, who knew
the alarm system?

All our friends knew the paintings.

The alarm system?
The servants, my husband, me...

No one else?

What reason would I have had
to kill my husband?

Every reason...

First, revenge for his infidelity.

Second, the inheritance
you were about to lose.

Third, 1,600,000 dollars
insurance on the paintings.

Finally, if my information
is correct,

a 400,000 dollars insurance policy
in your favor.

Life insurance.

Ah, yes.

Good thing you're a cop.

I said: Good thing you're a cop!

I'll call you, huh?

Wait, I'll help you.

My daughter, Miss Durieux.

No! I mean Miss Durieux,
my daughter...

You're not leaving because of me?

No, it's time for my baby's bottle.

Fast workers, huh?

I'll call you, right?

You do all right.

She came on business...
from Headquarters.

You're wearing the new uniform?

How is he?


Your SUV!

The latest?

I ditched him.

A free woman again?

So you're sure you didn't call
Mr. Richard's secretary...

to say Mrs Richard was sick?

I swear it, Inspector.

And you maintain that...

Mrs Richard went to a movie at 4 PM

and came out at 6 PM?


What about before the movie?

At 1 PM I drove Madame
to Dior for a fitting.

You drove her
from there to the movie?


Then what happened
between about 2 PM...

and 4 PM
when you drove her to the movie?

Till tomorrow.

- Where to now?
- to a movie.

What'll you tell him?

- That I went to a movie.
- He'll buy it?

Of course! Good bye.

Mercury Cinema.

I dropped her at the Mercury.

They're showing THE ROLLS,
THE DOG AND...l don't remember.

Can you describe this lover?

I've never seen him,
I just imagine she has one.

She goes to the Galeries Lafayette
daily but buys nothing.

A vivid imagination
gets people in trouble.

Isn't it weird to go shopping
every day and never buy?

People go to big stores
just to look around.

Poor people, yes!
But not the rich...

Anyway, between 4 PM and 6 PM...

when the crime supposedly
took place...

she was at the movies.

Are you well-paid?

Mr. Richard was very kind.

Are you well-paid?

They're kind of stingy.

Mind if I give my dog some sugar?

Now I want you to tell me
the whole story...

very fast, starting from Chez Dior.

Speaking very fast, please.

That's not fast.

That's not fast.

From Chez Dior I drove her
to the movie...

No! To the store first.

It's not hard to say it fast.

It's crazy...20 years
for all that talent!

And the real ones?

Ask me in 20 years.

Why don't we save
ourselves 20 years?

We can place your collected works...

in the police museum.

I've heard of it.

What do I get in exchange?

For the real ones?

We'll forget the fakes.

- Nice sound?
- I told you paper's the problem.

So you don't starve...

It's 6 PM.
At 6 AM the cops start chasing you.

- Split!
- Your hourly rates are high.

But it's a low interest rate
for 20 years.

One more?

No. Split!

That goes to Lost-and-Found.

All that to Lost-and-Found?

On our job, we can do anything.

But it has to look right.

Lost-and-Found, right?

How's he taking it?

He's not happy.

Was he alone?

No, with a broad.

I figured he was gay.

That didn't strike me.

The door...

Spring me or I tell them
we were partners!

They might believe it,
if you weren't here.

We have proof that Lechat
is on the take.

That counterfeiter talked.

Lechat is our best man,

To hold onto him,
we should pay him a star's salary.

If crooks want
to give him the bonuses

that our administration refuses him,
why complain?

I prefer cops on the take,
who make arrests

to cops waiting to retire!

The counterfeiter's in jail.

A small cigar?

Take any one,
they're quite correct.




Van Gogh.

And of course, Renoir.

Well, do you have a lead?

Many suspects, no guilty party.

A nice formula.

Well, gangsters didn't pull this job.

Nor professional an thieves.

Professionals immediately
contact the insurance company.

He's a nice dog...

I have a spaniel.

He must smell it.

Because I am the only person...

I repeat, the only one...

who can pay the maximum
for the paintings.

They have made no attempt
to contact me.

Since Mrs Richard
is the sole beneficiary

of the 1,600,000 dollars insurance...

I naturally think she's guilty.

It can't be Mrs Richard.

Her alibi is unbreakable.

She was at the movies.

Her chauffeur swears to it.

Two usherettes
recognized her picture, so?

A movie lasts two hours.

You can do a lot in two hours.

Even kill a husband.

Get going. 4 PM on the dot!

If we make the round-trip
in less than two hours...

I'll file charges tonight.

Go on, pass.

- How was traffic That day?
- Flowing.

Funny man!

So, Champs-Elysées...

Avenue Foch...

out the Superhighway West.

Then bear right and follow signs.

The widow's making us move!

Hey! I said fast
but I meant within the law.


I'd like to have seen you in 1946!

Chasing Crazy Pierrot's gang...

8 hour stretches at the wheel.

They could handle a car...
not like you.

1946? Are you that old?

Yeah, Dad!

What was Crazy Pierrot like?

He was crazy!

I say go fast and you stop.

In 20 years I'll be able to say:
"Lechat could handle a watch".

You bet you will, Dad!

Who was the worst bastard
you ever busted?

There were two of them...
Bonni and Lafont.


Ever heard of Hitler?

That was a yellow line.


I'm not color-blind!

Did you watch TV last night?

I told you I was with a chick.

I thought you looked tired
this morning.

With time-outs...45 minutes now.

What do you call time-outs?

When you brake.

Not working too hard, are you?

Yeah...watching the road.

The watch is doing fine but...

the car may not recover.

Didn't you see that Stop sign?

There it is.

Nothing behind us... Go!

You can tell it's not your car.

On schedule?


Rich bastards...

You're not driving in, are you?

Terribly sorry...

I'll give her 15 minutes.

15 minutes to go in, kill him,

hide the paintings
and set up the suicide.

- Cutting it fine.
- Shut up.

What are you doing?

Waiting 15 minutes.

I can add, can't I?

- Add, Dad.
- Blast off!

Where to?

Back to the movie.

Just multiply by two... Why sweat?

Traffic conditions won't be
the same now. Go!

Break your record!

There, Dad.
The Arch of Triumph on a platter.

Put the brakes on your platter.

The other cop's cousin...

One Unknown Soldier is plenty!

Watch out.

I like it here.

You can start to slow down.

Hit the brakes!

- Wait.
- What for?

For your movie.

Look at that!
Parisians don't know how to drive...

That's illegal. him down.

THE LITTLE DOG...end of the line!

Ready on the left.

The score?

Not good... 2-112 hours.

How else?

Evel Knevel! the grace of God.

Still giving her 15 minutes?

Still 15 minutes.

And back to the movie?

You catch on quick.

Off and running!

Two hours 10 minutes.
Too long and I'm frozen.

Can you see Mrs Richard on a 750?

I've seen weirder things!

I need coffee. . .hot!

Yes, sir!

Give us some room...

What's your name?

This lady is a cleaning woman.

Her gang of cleaning women
was robbing...

office buildings.

For 2 years?

Yes, 2 years!
I forgot they had keys.

You're very photogenic.

Where is he? I'm hungry!

A bad sign, his being late.

Give him a chance!
Maybe he's stuck in traffic...

Where does he live?

A bad sign...

If you don't like him,
you wasted an evening.

Stop stuffing yourself with bread.

Another ticket.

I know I can write them off, but...

The cop who gave it
to me was a goon.

My dear, all traffic cops are goons.

Is he handsome?

No, he's not handsome but...
I like him.

You like him.

That's something.

You don't have to like him.

Why did you invite him?

I just invited a guy I like!

If you don't like him...

I never said that you had to...

I just invited him to dinner.

But you made me stay!
I don't have to, I can go...

Go, my dear. Go!

Sorry, I was in the wrong building...
They all look alike!

Some Cop!

I'm sorry.

My daughter, my assistant.

Pleased to meet you!
Here, I brought you...

They wilted a little because I ran.

I'm sorry.

I repeat...some cop!

Nice place you've got here.

I can leave!

Would you mind calling this number?

Say that Anne Durieux
has a problem.

Yes, speaking... Miss Durieux?

Yes, you can release her.

I'll vouch for her...

The lady I met here?


Have you solved the an theft?

Mrs Richard is Suspect N ° 1.

Her fingerprints were even
on the gun.

Wasn't she at a movie?

Movies have exits.

Your father and I don't agree
on the case.

I see... James Bond
versus Inspector Maigret.

This is really delicious...

Very good, really.
Did you make it yourself?

No, it was all prepared.

Yeah, you can get great stuff now.

Well, maybe it does taste a little...

It's really delicious...

I mean...not bad!

It was a good idea to...

I love it.

Don't you like him?

All right, what have I done now?

Since he's wearing a tie...

Article 212: "The spouses
shall be mutually faithful,"

"helpful and kind."

Article 213: "The spouses
shall provide for the needs..."

Want to marry me?

I'm quitting in 30 days.

Why in 30 days?

Because when I started
I made a vow

to quit with 100,000 dollars
and buy a farm in Normandy.

But why in 30 days?

Because I'm up to 98,000 dollars.

Pierre Alexandre Chemin,
will you take for wife

Christine Irene Lechat
here present?

Christine Irene Lechat,
will you take for husband

Pierre Alexandre Chemin
here present?

Just between us,
what is your "profound conviction?"

We tell him?

You're the boss.

Well...she has a lot of charm.

- May I ask him?
- By all means.

What is your "profound conviction?"

I've bought my daughter a car.

Can you insure it for full coverage?

Of course!
Have her come in tomorrow.

She can ask for me...

A little present.


The first 3 races on Sunday.

We insure 2 of the horses...
they're in top form!

Mrs Richard...

The insurance company
refuses to pay for the loss!

They quoted your
"profound conviction" of my guilt.

Then they lied.

They asked me...
l told them I had no proof.

Why do they have doubts?

When asked to pay
1,600,000 dollars...

doubts are natural.

You do think I'm guilty.

I can tell you the truth...

- Yes.
- You've no proof!

Your alibi is too good.

You know the thieves killed him!

I don't know that.

Why would they lure
your husband there

when they had the house
to themselves?

To have someone cut off the alarms.

Your maid could have
done that for them.

She was out shopping!

They found no one home

so they made up a story
to lure my husband there!

Why make it look like suicide?

So the police would suspect me!

And to give them time to escape!

Do you like my paté?

How did you meet Papa?

There was a robbery
at the company...

where she works and so we met.

I don't remember that.

Who rang your bell?

Speaking of bells...

No, not tonight...
I have friends for dinner.

Tomorrow we wrap up
the contractors.

We're not ready!

I'm ready.

You're ready...

And the an theft?

The lady is more and more clever.

And more beautiful.

- Can we go on?
- She's on the phone.

Ready for the cassoulet?

Sorry! It was business...

Executive secretaries
are always on call.

Attention, everyone!
You stop eating.

No hands, only the voice...


Sam, stop!

- Well-trained!
- Go ahead, laugh!

You do as well!

Sammy, guard it.

Try to take it.

That's a booby-trap!
I'd lose an arm.

Sam, stop clowning around.

Lechat, you're one
of our best detectives.

I value your services.

I've read your report on those
contractors, Le Grand Sud.

Your guilty party isn't...
a good choice.

Not good for an indictment?
Or for the government?

A small cigar?

I've quit smoking.

As a reward, I'm being retired
ten years early.

You're just young for your age.

But what are you really saying?

That if one "client"
on a Normandy farm is enough...

I'm your man.

I don't have 100,000 dollars.

I have.

A robbery?


You are now in charge
of the Richard case.

When Lechat left,
he had a lead.

He said the murderer belonged
to a militant-left organization.

They seek publicity
by personalizing their actions,

attacking rich
and well-known people in France.

We would very much like
this lead to be followed up closely.

Yes, I understand...

- a small cigar?
- With pleasure.

Take any one,
they're quite correct.

I left my tail-pipe up there!

Little Bo-Peep!

You making it?

I've learned a lot in a year.

It really gives you an appetite!

Still writing your book?

- You've had a year to fix it up.
- And you're late.

I followed your directions!

- You got lost again!
- Wasted 45 minutes...

Our tumbledown shack...

For your book on the Richards...

- I've got news.
- Great!

No memory, huh?
I'll refresh it for you...

This painting belonged
to a Mr. Richard.

He was killed
when it was stolen a year ago.

Remember now?


Your new model?

Answer the question!

I tell you a friend painted it!

He specializes in copies.

Watch it!
I've got other friends, too!

Be careful!

It took some persuasion

but William Daub confessed
to murder and theft.

He said he disguised
it as suicide

to throw suspicion on Mrs Richard.

All in the name
of a left-wing group, of course.

They intended to liquidate
the ten richest people in France!

Crap you wouldn't dare put
in your book!

That's the latest.

When was he arrested?

A few days ago.

You might have called me.

Why? I knew I was coming today.

- There's no fire.
- That's true.

Is August still okay?

We'll stay the month.

Good! It's getting
a little boring here.

I wouldn't have liked that.

Maybe you're not having
such a good time!

Want to read my book?

You bet! It's about time.

It's very rough...

Just the facts...

It needs polishing.

You'll have to read
my handwriting.

It's good for laughs.

What I just told you is in here!

One of two things...

Either I'm a hell of a cop,
or I've got a best-seller.

Or you got it via the grapevine,
like me.

I just used my head.

Here is the check
with our apologies for the delay.

Naturally we deducted...

the sum for the painting
that was recovered.

Want it wrapped?

Yes, please.

Don't move!


You recently got a check
of 1,200,000 dollars

from your insurance company,
didn't you?

Tomorrow when the bank opens

I'll go with you to cash it...

in exchange for your liberty.

I see.

It simplifies matters
when the hostage is the ransom.

You even stole my car!

Who would stop Mrs Richard
in her own car?

Don't worry, Madame,
I'll drive carefully.

May I see your face?

Why not?

And yours?

No, I'm afraid that's too much.

- All in bills of 500?
- Yes, please.

Do you want a guard?

No thank you, I have one...

I don't want a police portrait.

He was no taller than you...

and he was almost totally bald.

And the other one?

I never saw his face.

But his voice?

His voice was...


Inspector, I think that's enough
for today.

Mrs Richard is tired.

Excuse me, you're right...

Am I that tired, doctor?

I thought you might appreciate it.

When can I leave the hospital?

There's a police portrait
in the paper...

I know...the kid called me.

Pack a bag for me.

- How big?
- For 3 days.

Remember when I said
I wanted a farm?

I'm no farmer.

You've had it with cows?

Maybe I've had it with my book.

What do I think I'm doing?

I'm not a writer, I'm not a farmer.

I'm not a cop... Could I be a pimp?

Why not? You were a cop!

Don't smoke around me.

My cancer is my business.

Henri Lacombe.

You're sure, 4662 ZR 75?

Henri Lacombe, please.

In the back on the right.

Come on down, I found something.

How about this? .32 caliber!

- How's Lechat?

- Still on his farm?
- Yes.

Tell him that since he left
nobody's been arrested.

He'll like that.

I'll tell you
about the gun tomorrow night.

Not tonight?

I said tomorrow night.

I know some collectors
who'd be happy here.

You need 48 hours
for a ballistics test?

The hand.

The musical score.

Especially the musical score.

So it's not the one stolen from you.

I lived with the original
for 5 years.

Are you sure?

Are you still hungry?

More than ever.

I hope you'll like it.

I hope so, too.

Don't look at me like that.

Blame the candles.

It was between 10 and 10:30 PM.

You were alone?

You're certainly unlucky
with paintings.

I couldn't agree more!

Shall I have someone
drive you home?

No thank you, I'll take a taxi.

And you say that the Renoir
is a fake?

That's right.

Want a ride?

I thought you'd retired.

My offer is still good.

A cop without a police car
is highly suspect!

How about an ex-cop
who located your Renoir?

Don't look at me like that.

Blame it on the candles.

How am I looking at you, exactly?

Like a man...

I can't forget that Philippe
is my son's age.

What does that mean?

That, since he was my son's
best friend...

I take great pleasure
in seeing him, that's all.

But from what you've told me...


doesn't see you as his mother.

When you lose someone you love
you need to find someone

to replace him,
to make him live again.

I'm sure you understand.

You lost your wife, didn't you?

We were getting divorced.

Philippe is not my lover.

Not yet!

What if he were?

Why do you spy on me?
You aren't a cop any more!

Because I like you.

Even though I think you killed
your husband.

I like you anyway!

That's not funny.

Some wine?

I've no glass.

I didn't kill my husband.

I came close to it once.

I almost pushed him off a tower.

I considered it for 2 seconds
but didn't do it.

Been to Etretat?

Yes, I know the cliffs there.

I almost pushed my wife off one.

But I didn't do it.

I didn't do it, either!

I'd like to help you.

You're being used.

The case is closed.

William Daub confessed to the crime

claiming it was political.

Then why did you get back
a fake Renoir?

How do you know?

I took it from you last night.

You're a gangster!


I know the painting
and I was fooled at first.

How did you spot it?

By looking at it,
finally with a magnifying glass.

Magnifying glass?

So the guy who did it is good.


I'll bet I know him.

There are 5 or 6 in Paris...

With such skill...

But why keep investigating

when there is a guilty party
who has confessed?

I shouldn't laugh.

At least I make you laugh.

You don't really think I'm guilty?

Really really?

I think you're guilty.

You're not serious.

I think you're guilty.

And you don't care?

I'm an ex-cop writing a book
and I think you're guilty.

I'll do nothing...

to denounce or arrest you.

But I think you're guilty.

You killed your husband.

No, sir.

You're adorable but you did it.

I did not kill him.

Sorry, but the bullet
and gun don't match.

How would you know...


Actually, it's almost
incest by proxy.

I'm ashamed.

Besides, you're mean.

Why are you ashamed?

You have too much
in common with my son.

You slept with him?

Don't be idiotic.

When did you first think
of sleeping with me?

Right away.

Thanks to your son.
He introduced us, remember?

He told me that,
besides having big blue eyes,

you were a terrific lay.

How could he know?

If you can't get along
with Mom, divorce her.

Impossible! She's a terrific lay.

You're old enough to know.

Would you like to live here?

Not here, but with you...yes.

You aren't joking?

We'll have to agree
on the conditions.

By the hour, month or year?

A lump sum!

Small denominations, old bills.

You're horrible!
Aren't you ashamed?

No, those are my terms.

I'm well-known in Paris
and usually...

Liar! It's not true.

Usually the ladies agree to them.


It'll be a best-seller.

As you predicted

William Daub has escaped.

You Okay?

The murderer has escaped.

What are you saying?

See for yourself.

I'm scared.

You ought to be!

Stop joking.

I'm not joking,
I'm getting scared myself.

Name's not Daub, it's Alfonso.

Even his Central Records
file was phony.

We protect law-abiding
citizens like you.

I've got protection.

That's what we want to talk about.

Not me...

Tell us all about your escape.

I've got very big connections!

He's got very big teeth.

He's cute.

Your escape!

I'm not talking.

Sam, go to work.

Quiet, he wants to talk.

Sadistic, aren't you?

Quiet, I said...he's talking.

The escape?

Are you talking or not?
Just talk loud!

My dear Alfonso, it seems
you're in for 10 more years.

Here's what I propose to offer you.

We're going to lend you a Renoir.

I repeat: "To lend..."

You'll be stopped
and questioned by the police.

You'll be arrested and at first
you'll refuse to talk.

Then you'll break down
and say you're a leftist.

That you've decided to attack
the ten richest people in France.

Mr. Richard was the first victim
on the list.

A small cigar?

Take any one, they're quite correct.

You'll stay in jail 6 months

during the pre-trial investigation.

Then we'll help you escape
and forget about the 10 years.

Who's going to guarantee that?


Could "France"
sign a piece of paper?

Did you get the paper?

- Want to see it?
- No, I believe you.

Sorry we interrupted
your breakfast.

And not a word
about our little talk.

It sounds more
and more like your book.

I doubt if it'll hold true
till the last chapter.

Going back to the farm?

No more farm.

Any special reason?

Three guesses...

Miss Durieux done you wrong.

You're getting good.

A client, maybe.

There were to be no more clients.

Besides, I found
out the guy didn't pay.

It figures... Just doing
what comes naturally!

Don't you have a tie?

Carry one in your pocket, like me.

We're out in the country!

We're visiting a lady!


- Is Mrs Richard here?
- She's out.

Sorry, but it's urgent.

But she's not here now.

This is really very urgent.

Very urgent?

All right, come on.

It it's really very urgent,
follow that stream.

It'll lead you to the river,
the Seine.

She's on the boat with Mr. Philippe.

In this weather?

This won't last long.

It's about 300 yards to the river.

- I Can show you the way.
- No, thanks.

I have something important
to tell you.

I'll be right there.

That's the story.

So they're using all this
as a publicity campaign.

A publicity campaign aimed at those
who might vote for the Left.

Why do you want to help me?

Since you believe that I'm guilty.

Someone like you
wouldn't kill haphazardly.

If you killed your husband...

you must have had good reasons.

If you think I did it,

the authorities must think so, too.

And they're shutting
their eyes to it.

They figure it this way...

Better a criminal at large...

than a change of regime.

Ask your reporter friend.

He should understand...
if he's really a reporter.

Sam, I've got it!

I've got it, Sam.


Training him at night?

He's bugging me
with that dumb dog.

Train him some other time!
What's wrong?

Get dressed! I got it.

Got what?

I'm telling you I got it.

Hurry UP!

You sure it's here?

It's somewhere over there...

It's slippery, damn it!

Writers! I prefer cops any day.

What do you mean by that?

A cop would wait till morning.

Come on, we'll have fun on a boat!

Which one is it?

Just follow Sammy, he found it.

Do you know how to handle a boat?

Don't worry,
I've even got a license.

Who's getting on first?

After you, Gaston...

- Watch out, it's slippery.
- Don't get hurt.

Start up, I'll set the stopwatch.

- You say "Go!"
- You'll know when I go.

I think you're onto something...

25 minutes!

Add 5 minutes
to take a cab to the movie.

30 plus 30. Round-trip: one hour!

That leaves her an hour
for the dirty work.

A very clever lady...

I've got it!

- But it wasn't in your book.
- It will be.


Now it's really urgent.

You said that last time
and I caught hell.

Sorry, but I must see her.

- She said not to disturb her.
- Let's go.

I'm sorry, but it's...

very urgent.

You again!

It's very important.

What is it now?

I didn't expect to find you so sad.

He left me last night... Satisfied?

We have to have a quiet talk.

You insisted on coming
aboard the boat...

Would you mind explaining?

A boat-ride will do you good.

Forget your reporter for awhile.

He's not a reporter, he's a robber.

Now will you tell me what
could only be told on this boat?

Head for the Eiffel Tower.

Stop playing games!

I feel very bad, I need help!

That's why I'm here.

Though what I have to say first...

won't be good news.

Must you talk in riddles?

I can prove that you killed
your husband.


Head for the Eiffel Tower.

Full throttle.

Now that you can "prove"
I killed my husband,

what are your intentions?

Well, since I'm more and more...

attracted ...

It's the only word.

...attracted to you...

I thought it could be our secret.

I'd feel more attracted to you,
to use your word...

if you'd find the real murderer.

I'm not going to turn you in!

I just wanted to solve it.

I even thought I might amaze you.

Well, I'm not amazed.

And you haven't solved it.

Where to now?

I could use some hot tea.

Now I'll tell you why it's not her.

Because you're in love.

Listen! Whenever I've confronted
a murderer with proof...

he or she has always cracked.

She just laughed in my face.

I start from scratch.

It's not her.

You putting on weight?

Looks like it.

Your roastbeef is...something else.


May I discuss a domestic problem?

I got hit this afternoon.

Domestic! How'd you get it?

I mean the car, of course.

The guy took off...hit-and-run.

Good thing I got you full coverage.

Just call that insurance man,
Mr. Germain.

I did call him.

It seems he's not there any more.

He won at the races.

Well, damn Germain!
Some guys are just lucky I guess.

The races...

Another 500 yards!

Lechat! ls this a coincidence?

You might call it that.

Anything I can do for you?

Answer this question...

How can an insurance man
buy racehorses?

By winning at the races.

He really thinks we're clowns.

Sam will make you talk.

Sam, attack!

Is this a joke?

It usually works. Sorry.

He knows I like animals...
I have a spaniel.

You can choke on him!

You can really get hurt that way.

Now that you have what you want...

perhaps you can set me free?

Why did you do that?

I don't want a police portrait.

How can you be such a creep?

Man, are you a creep!

I mean, you really are!

Our Lady of the Creeps,
pray for him!

We're riding high
with a million in the trunk

and you screw it up!

I'm sure you'll recognize this.

You begin to amaze me.

It's incredible.

I should've guessed!

He was the only one who knew
about the check and the amount.

He made sure of that...

Sam! Excuse me.

It's all right, really.

Down, boy!

Obedient, isn't he?

- Yes, he's...
- a police dog.

No, he's not a police dog.

Those are usually...

German shepherds trained
by the police.

I trained him myself.

He only obeys me, son of...
He's a Belgian shepherd.

A Belgian shepherd?

A rare breed.

I thought you were no longer
with the police.

To tell the truth, I was never...

really with the police...

if you see what I mean.

Oh, there's some money missing.

He promised to sell his horses.

He'll reimburse you.

Is it indiscreet to ask
what you do now?

You're acting like a cop.

Turnabout is fair play.

Yes, it is indiscreet.

It is? Why?

Because it's rather special...

I write.
But that's an overstatement.

Let's say I'm trying to...
bring forth a book.

What's your book about?

Now that's really indiscreet.

Do you need 3 guesses?

I think I have an inkling.

Is that it?

You think it might be about you?

I don't know...perhaps.

A little bit.

You were going to say?

Nothing special, except that...

We still don't know...

who killed your husband.

That's true.

I'll bet you have an idea, though.

The beginnings of an idea.

What I'd like to do...

is question the servants
you had then.

Do you know where they work now?

What's the matter?

That really hurts...

- It's a nail!
- I nearly broke a tooth.

It's insane! Are you hurt?

Come here right away please...

My gums hurt...

What is that?

- A nail.
- But it was in the cake!

- Who's the headwaiter?
- I am.

Then get me the owner.

Imagine! A nail
in a 3-star restaurant...

It cut into her palate.

No...just the gums.

The gums!

Sam, don't you eat any cake!

Is he coming or not?

Don't laugh! It's serious...

It hurts.

Serious...very serious!

I can't help it...

Now you're crying.

Drink something.

Here he is...

A nail in the cake!

Is anyone hurt?

I don't think so.

We'll soon see.

It's a small world.

Really small.

I know someone who'll be happy...

Go ask Madame to come and join us.

So you work here now?

No, l...I'm the boss.

All this is yours?

Yes...mine and my wife's.

You're having dessert already?

If it hadn't been for the dessert
we wouldn't have known...

that you owned such a lovely place.

Like it?

It's ravishing!
It's big, isn't it?

I know someone
who's in for a real surprise!

I said she'd be surprised.

She's astonished.

Have a seat, Rose.

Do you know Sam?

Rose looks positively superb.

Things are obviously going well.

So you came here to eat.

And very well, except for the nail.

Antoine was telling us
you bought this place.

It's marvelous...terrific!

It's wonderful,
you've really succeeded.

Well, we're getting there...

We're wearing the same outfit.

Yes, Christian Dior.

Well, Rose...see you again soon.

Let me know,
so I can change outfits.

I don't care.

May I? For old time's sake.

I ride in front now.

Tell me, Antoine...

How were you able to afford this?

An inheritance, Madame.

Yes...from my wife's father.

Now, stop putting us on. Talk!

About what?

Stop, Inspector!
I'll tell you everything.

I'm listening.


Madame is sick?

But she's here?

What is this nonsense?

What nonsense?

This is insane.

You did call my secretary
to say Madame was sick.

Are you sure?

All right, get me a drink.

Mrs Richard car.

Rose, what are you saying?

But Rose...suicide?

You're sure? You looked?

Madame is at the movies.

Hang on, I'll go get her. Hang on!

Rose, it's me... Listen closely!

Do exactly what I tell you. Hello?

Don't panic, Rose!

Listen to me, my love...
this is the chance of a lifetime!

Hello, Police?
This is the Villa Renoir.

Someone has been killed...

and some paintings stolen.

Yes, all right, I won't budge!

What are we doing, Antoine!

That's all, Inspector.

But I swear I didn't kill
Mr. Richard.

It really was suicide.

What name did he ask for
on the phone?

Mr. Manuel.

Mister Manuel?
Or just "Manuelle?"

I don't know, sir.

Do me a favor
and sell your place fast.

Reimburse Mrs Richard...

or you're in real trouble.

I'd like to talk to the lady.

I'm listening.

We're here to listen to you.

I told you everything 2 years ago.

Beware of my dog...

He's made others talk.

If he bites you,
in your profession...

You want it all,
in front of Mrs Richard?

That's why I'm here.

Hurry up, I've got a surprise.

I'm at Orly.

I'll be with you in 30 minutes.

I'll cancel my hairdresser
just for you.

That's sweet!
Hurry up for the surprise.

This is Rose...

Uh, I'm calling because...

well, Madame isn't well,
she feels ill.

She's here and, uh...

Mr. Richard should come right home.

Shall I call a doctor?

You'll take care of it?

I'll tell Mr. Richard.

Hairdresser canceled for today.

I'm glad.

You haven't started?

I waited for you.

Just a second... Turn around!

Turn around and close your eyes.

The surprise!

From Cartier!
Do you love me as much as that?


Another Cartier?

It's your secretary.

What does she want?

Is it serious?

Did you call a doctor?

I'll go there right away.

What's wrong?

I don't know.

My secretary says my wife's sick.

Is it bad?

I have to go...

That's it.

Then what?

I never heard from him again.

I may have to turn
my dog loose on you.

To continue...

Anything the matter?

You look great.

Is this for me?


Who is it?

Who's calling?

Tell him I'm out.

She's gone out.

I heard her voice!

He heard your voice.

Say I don't love him.

She doesn't love you.

Thank you, I heard her.

He heard you.

Listen... Robert is back.

You said that was finished.

Well, it's not.

Manuelle, if you leave me
I'll do something crazy!

I can't live without you.

He says he'll do something crazy.

If he does, he's not a man.

If you do, you're not a man.

He did it!

It's a trick.

An old man's kind of blackmail.

Hang UP-

They have these for men?

I tell you he did it!

Now you know as much as I do.

Sorry I had to tell you like this.

Excuse me if I don't show you out.

Not all cops are stupid.

Do we tell
the police or the press?

Both...just to be sure.

I'd rather have told it in my book.

You're really a peculiar kind of guy.

These are peculiar times
so you meet a peculiar guy.

It would happen to me!