Cat and Mouse (2003) - full transcript

Zhan Zhao is a deputy to the wise Judge Bao. When Zhan heads back home for a vacation, he uncovers a plot to assassinate Bao so that a rebel group can overthrow the Emperor. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
In the Song Dynasty

there lived a famous Judge
Bao Qing Tian

He's got an elite team

featuring legendary Zhan Zhao

Bao has the license to kill

He's renowned for

his dedication and fairness

These are peaceful times

Today is November 7th

A bad day

I can't pull out my sword

Zhan, hurry up. We've got work to do

Zhan, drink your soya milk

before Zhang Long drinks yours too

If you didn't eat my cruller

I wouldn't be drinking soya milk

You don't think he's gone mad?

Damn. What's wrong with it?

Leave it

Judge will be mad if we don't go now

Are you talking about me?

Judge Bao

We're just talking about Zhan

Inspector Zhan
let the proceedings begin

Judge Bao speaks

It is our duty
to relieve His Majesty's burdens


As imperial officials

citizens are our own children

Let's proceed

Justice Bao rules the district court

Justice prevails under Iron Face

Brave men come to promote his cost

Wang and Ma are at his side

Flying Mouse is light as wind

Striding Mouse is a good chap

Drilling Mouse has fists of steel

Diving Mouse fights with might


Judge Bao, two hours have passed


Not bad

There had not been a case
for three months

It's a blessing

Gongsun, what's to bless?

The Guizhou magistrate rapes

The Xuzhou magistrate robs

Judge Bao

please let me go after them

Xuzhou and Guizhou
are not our jurisdiction

Judge, we can't interfere

I knew you'd say that

I'll go arrest them now
and bring them here

and make this our case


Why not?

The Xuzhou magistrate. Coward


You can stop now

Judge Bao is really busy

I've known him as a child

of course I can see him

What's up?

Judge Bao, I've known you long enough

you must help me

He's the one you want

Judge Bao, I've known you long enough

you must help me

Judge Bao, I've known you long enough

you must help me

Grandma Heung, tell me your grievance

I need rhino skin

for my husband's skin disease

This rhino skin is too tough

Can I borrow

Inspector Zhan's sword to help me cut it?

That's Zhan over there

Inspector Zhan
may I borrow your famous sword

Judge Bao

You're joking?

Grandma Heung, but his sword is for...

Judge Bao will not

let my husband itching for life

Inspector Zhan

Judge Bao

Since this is the only case

in the district

What do you say?


Weng, Ma


I know I owe you

Ten years

I know


I said I know

Blackie, ten long years

We've put away many criminals

Everyone knows

our great names

What have we done the last few years?


We've turned into garbage


We are not garbage

This city is like the dipper

We're the water in it

One drop less will make a huge


Doesn't it feel warmer in a tub?

OK. Sit down

Sit down


Do I have a choice?

No choice

Just like you must use soap
when you wash

Just let it go


Why don't you take a vacation

and go see some friends

When you've had enough fun

come back to the dipper

Good idea

Wait for me

Hurry back. Yes, sir

I haven't shown my face
for ten years now

They'll be shocked to see me

I, Chang the Flying Spider

paid a surprise visit

to the Judge's court alone

Guess whom I bummed into?

It is Bao's top man


We fought for

300 rounds


Why didn't the other guards come?


It was before dusk

We fought on the street. Shop, roof

so no one saw us

We had fireworks that night
at the magistrate court

There are people everywhere

How come

no one heard a thing?

Who are you?

Never seen your face before

Where are you come from?
What's your name?

Why are you here?

Call me Pedestrian A

Pedestrian A? Go away

You don't know whom you're talking to

I'm not bluffing. It's true

He is lying

Chang, stop lying


300 rounds?

You creamed Zhan

in less than 100 rounds

I saw it clearly that night

Brother Bai saw everything

I have a solid witness

Great, huh?

Go away kid

Today's the Martial Arts Forum

let's not talk about that old-timer Zhao

Waiter. Yes sir

Tonight's my treat. Everyone must drink



This Bai from Cave Island

He's one of the best

One of the best

Grandpa. Grandpa



You still have to pay me back

I've already repaid you

Do you know who I am?

I'm the son of Imperial Councilor Pang

Who dared to hit me?

Great leg work

Of course

If you don't want your leg
like this forever

I'll repay the $50 he owes

You've got $50, you've got women

Yi Hong Night Club is on sale



I figure Bai will go to
the Imperial Councilor's house

this evening

I thought I was the smart one

What's wrong with this world?

Give me a skewer

Sugar beetlenut

Sugar beetlenut

Are you new in town?

What do you want?

Keep your voice down

Look below

Raise your foot. Can you see it?

Can you see it or not?

See what?

That leaf is my reservation

Go away


How much did you spend this month?

Dad. I didn't spend a lot

Dad. I'm a loan shark

I've earned $50 today


I've earned at least $10,000
on every loan

And you're satisfied at $50?

If you want to be evil

you have to do it right

Dad. You're a genius

Satisfied at $50?

Where's the quotation?

Got it right here



Judge Bao's head is only worth $300?

Idiot. Come here

Come here. Why did you hit me?


Weng, Ma, Zhang and Zhao tallied

to $8000

Zhan alone is another $100,000

With Zhan out of the way

Bao is mine

Don't you get it?

Dad, I never learned to read

I can't read, you know that

You're such a disgrace
Why hit me again?

East Wing is on fire

Fire's escalating

Coming to the West Wing

It's gonna burn the concubines

Where's the 72nd concubine?

Dad. Wait for me

I want to get my 42nd

and 36th

So quick?

You again

Dad. Not again


Over here

Bai, his money is all here

You know about the Hebei Drought

I'll make sure it gets there tomorrow

So long

Pedestrian A

Good partner


It is freezing, why does he want a fan?

To block the wind

Nothing is what it seems, right?


Eunuch Kuo, is His Majesty up yet?

Say no more
His Majesty will see no one today

Judge Bao needs to see His Majesty

Go home


Judge Bao, why don't we...


I'm the Head Eunuch
do you really want to hit me?

Yes, I do

Inspector Zhan

Don't, please

Judge Bao

Your Royal Highness

It's been a long time

Please accept my bow

Please, I'm too honored

You definitely deserve it

Without you, there will be no justice

in this country

Mr. Gongsun. Inspector Zhan

Your Royal Highness

Bao, have you met my adopted sister
Yue Hua?

Ms. Yue Hua, an honor

The honor is all mine

I've heard from Eunuch Chen

that you'll be blocked today

I'm here to unblock it

Thanks, Your Highness

Greetings to the Royal Highness
Save it

Eunuch Guo

Where's His Majesty?


Judge Bao, please

Your Royal Highness

His Majesty
will not see any visitors today

Are you minding my business?

As the Empress-appointed Head Eunuch

I've got to intervene

I'll have your head now

even the Empress can't save you

Judge Bao, the same old dirty trick

Your Majesty

Long live Your Majesty

Long live Your Majesty
Long live Your Majesty

You may rise

Thank you. Thank you

Stupid Chen
His Majesty is listening to the music

How dare you bring these intruders?

How ridiculous

Are you trying to cause trouble?

This is not trouble

I'll take the blame

Judge Bao has urgent matters
to report to His Majesty

That's why it's here

Please forgive me


If Bao says it's urgent, it's urgent

Don't worry

Thank you, Your Majesty

Judge Bao, what is the matter?

Your Majesty

Inspector Zhan overheard that

Councilor Pang is scheming

to assassinate me

Your Majesty

As a loyal servant

and father of the Empress

how can this be possible?

Inspector Zhan has got

a target quotation

How dare you

If I attempt such devious acts

I'm guilty as charged

As the Economics Councilor

it's imminent that
I know all the existing rates

The quotation is for my reference

Of course. A quotation means nothing

My name is not here

That's a serious crime

Judge Bao, are you trying

to frame my father?

Everyone just calm down

Let me show you my l-ching plate

it can reveal the past and future

Bao and brother, come with me

Stir it up

Judge Bao, help me

You stir it

Help you with what? Your Majesty

How? Stop stirring up this mess

You're no match for the Empress

But they really want to assassinate me

Pang is my father-in-law

I'm the one who will suffer

You see her once every few months

but I'm stuck with her every night

Come stir it too


You wanna stir me up for good?

If Pang wants you dead

you better be really careful

I've stirred up this verdict

Last night, Inspector Zhan searched
Imperial Councilor's house

he discovered the quotation

But as a good citizen, he returned this
to the appropriate owner

Good job

Learn from Zhan, return all found items

to their rightful owners

Resume the music

I'm bored with music

Zhan is an excellent swordsman

Why doesn't he demonstrate it for us?

Your Majesty

May I sing instead?

Who wants to hear you sing?

My Empress, I'll dance for you instead

Allow me

I want to watch Zhan


Say something

So Zhan is nothing but a clown

Who hit me?


Let me see how I should reward you

You're promoted to Imperial Cat

Imperial Sword Guard, 4th Class

Thank you, Your Majesty

You don't like it?

Why aren't you smiling?

Gongsun, I think I'm hurt

His Majesty is here

Long live His Majesty

Take me to this famous
Yi Hong Night Club

We're all here

why don't we go tonight?

Should I ask the imperial doctor to come?

He likes to go clubbing too?

Hurry, go and get him

Night clubs are HIV-infested

I just want to be cautious

You always spoil the fun

Let's go

Move aside

I've devised a plan to eradicate Pang

Who would guess

we're plotting in a night club?

This is the perfect cover-up

You think I really want to go?

How painful this must be for you
Your Majesty

You too


Let's go after this drink

Your Majesty

I've shut down Yi Hong Club
three months ago

Don't they have any branches?

My incompetent hands have

dimmed my great sword

Can you smell anything special?

Smell it yet?

I can hear the sword's mourning that

it's not serving its purpose

How can this sword be able to

compare with your legendary
Swift sword?

It's no more than a broken sword

Sword has a gentle appearance

but it's light as the wind

Truly a gentleman's weapon

Now I have the pleasure

to meet the true sword of ladies

If you like it, please have it


Of course not

Zhan, as my gift to you

choose any sword here

But definitely not Yue Hua's


This is not like you

You're always so generous

Your Majesty

This sword

is Yue Hua's dowry

It is meant

for Yue Hua and her future husband

If not

Just like this. Take this

The whore and her pimp

Your Majesty

Freudian slip

It's fair lady and her prince

Inspector Zhan

take my advice, choose one from these

Brother, I think Swift Sword

has found its rightful master

If Zhan will exchange his sword

it won't matter if it's the dowry

Yue Hua, how generous of you

Inspector Zhan

you're a man, accept with grace

If this is His Majesty's order
Inspector Zhan

Thank you, Ms. Yue Hua

Oh no. The Imperial Cat is here

Those rats at Cave Island are doomed

Fatso, fiddling with that thing so early?

I've dubbed this the ''Morning Glory''

a.k.a. ''Lethal Weapon''
My latest invention

Look how thick the cannon is

When I fire this

all the targets will be blown away

That Imperial Cat will become shreds

With this, we'll definitely get Zhan

Sure. He's as good as dead

Not again. Who are you to say anything?

What have you ever done?

What's going on?



We'll go find Zhan Zhao

Looking for Zhan? We'll die

Wait. Let me do it

The Imperial Cat
What kind of title is that?

What did Zhan do to deserve it?


Go to the Emperor to file your complaint

The Emperor?

He'll kill us

Zhan is the root of all problems

He is in trouble this time

Let's go

Should we go together?

Come on

Want to die?

I don't want to die. Not yet


So soon?

Let's get our weapons

What a piece

Smells great

We'll fulfill our end of the bargain

We'll leave in an hour

What's up?

I've got to fetch some anesthesia

to knock him out

Good idea. Go get it

I've left it with little sister
I'll get it from her

Told you not to leave things with her

What to do now?

Did you drink it?


Stop thinking about your country

Think about me

Come on


Told you


Yue Hua


His Royal Highness

and His Majesty against Councilor Pang

A brilliant plan

That's my old friend

You'll have to make some sacrifices

Judge Bao, save me

Judge Bao

Eunuch Chen is in trouble

Slow down and tell me

I've heard that Eunuch Guo

will assassinate Eunuch Chen tonight

I escaped in time

But it's hard to say

if Eunuch Chen will survive the night

What did he say?

He said Eunuch Chen is in trouble


Watch out

Who do they think they are

A letter?

Please lend me the three treasures
Shining Mouse

Three treasures are in danger

Zhang, go check it out

Don't go

The three treasures are still here

The three treasures are still here

Judge Bao, please forgive me

Not your fault

Shining Mouse is just too cunning

Shining Mouse wouldn't have discovered
the three treasures

if it weren't for Gongsun

It's the oldest trick in the world

This Shining Mouse

I've met Shining Mouse

Let me get the three treasures back

Let's catch this mouse

and we'll rendez-vous at the palace

Got it


Pedestrian A?

You came at the right time


I have something to show you

Stole them from the Judge's court

I'm Inspector Zhan from the court

You're the Imperial Cat

Sorry that I've lied to you

You're under arrest

Don't fight

Come and get the treasures

if you can

You are not my league

Forget it

What are you doing?

That's cheating


I didn't even draw my sword


See you later

Still waiting?

I'll wait for the assassin here

If they do anything to Eunuch Chen

we'll catch him red-handed

Tackle the problem at its roots

let me go and kill Eunuch Guo



Who killed Eunuch Guo?

Don't look at me. I was here with you all

Before that?

What are you mumbling about?

Don't let His Majesty find out

Who's talking about me?

Stop mimicking His Majesty

Long live Your Majesty

Bao, what's this place?

This is my neighborhood

You think you can keep a secret from me?

You take me for a fool?


Thank you, Your Majesty

Your Majesty. I do think

murder investigation is always my duty

If Your Majesty finds out

you may solve this before I do

then what'd that leave me?

You flatter well

Your diplomacy
has improved immensely

Bao has become a much better politician

Come, I've got to show you something

What a hypocrite


We've got to snatch

Shining Mouse

What's so special?

Good presentation

You don't say

What a Shining Mouse

He must be so incredible to write

these words on such a high wall

If only he'll help us

to get Councilor Pang

I order you to capture Shining Mouse

within 20 days

Your Majesty, twenty days?

Sorry. I meant ten days

Sorry. I meant ten days

Inspector Zhan

You're the only one who met
Shining Mouse

Make good use of these ten days

In the meantime, only you've met
Shining Mouse

would you like to do a sketch of him?


A corrupt official for sure. No doubt

Look. These eyes

Look how they glow

Look at his brows

It's the perfect color. Perfect shape

That's what I call perfect

And the nose

Look how straight it is. Perfect shape

I like the lips best

Cherry-shape mouth
That's a feminine man

That's our little sister

Really, it's our sister. Wow. Yes

What to do?

Let me hold this. Let me do this

I love the sound of this

Are you joking?

How can you do this here?

Sister is here


What a treat to be here

Let's make this a memorable visit

Tonight we'll

start with the East End

What'll we do?

Like this

East End, freeze


Louder. One more time

No. I want a bit more quiet

East End, freeze





What a sister
It's bloody cold and she's not coming

She's cheating us

Just write something and go
It's so damn cold

OK, this is the last stroke


With your calligraphy
who're you trying to scare?

Give me

What's your plan?

Look. This is more ferocious


That's better

What are you doing?

You should write, ''Zhan Zhao eats shit''

Give me

OK, you do it

How do you write ''Zhan Zhao''?

I'll show you

He knows. Ask him. Sure

Hey. It's just the two of them

Don't hit my head

I don't believe this

You guys should be punished
for trespassing

in the Judge's Court at night


Judge Bao, not the death sentence

What about that Bai intruding my court

what kind of punishment
should I give him?

Wait a second, my brother

He stole my sword

Zhan gave it to me

I did not. I did not

Bai would not do that?

You see

Judge Bao, you see

Lend me your sword
If you want it back

Inspector Zhan should come to
Cave Island alone

Shining Mouse

Inspector Zhan. Yes

Will you go?

With pleasure

Judge Bao

I want to go too

This will be a dangerous journey

Judge Bao

You shouldn't be fooled by her looks

she is very smart indeed

Inspector Zhan, take her with you

Watch out. This place is full of traps

I've set it all up



No need to thank us

You've helped us too

Our little brother is into poisons
these days

Let's take some antidote first

or else we would all be like you last time

Teasing me? Yes

What's going on?

Really cool here

Ms. Yue Hua

I've told you not to eat everything
that people offer

It's good that I'm here

Don't be afraid

Bai is a true gentleman

He won't touch my woman

I'll do it

I'll slash her pretty face now


Sir what? Get in line

Bing from Honor Court to see Mr. Bai

I told you to line up

I have my master's order

to invite Mr. Bai to join Honor Court

I've brought $500,000
as a token of our sincerity

Told you to line up

Also this virgin here

She's not bad

Who's your master?

I can't say

Master says

he really admires

your recent ''masterpiece'' in the East End

If you'll join Honor Court

to eradicate Bao

you'll be handsomely rewarded


I only want to get
the Imperial Cat right now

I'll speak to you tomorrow

Mr. Bai

One more word and
I'll chop off your head

What about me?
What's going to happen to me?

Let me... Sit down

You still have your limbs

The exit is that way
Do you want me to show you the way out?

What are you laughing at?

Zhan thinks highly of you

He thinks you are a good man

If you change your ways now
your future is bright

Honor Court

is openly challenging His Majesty


pick up your sword

and join us

Worry about yourself first

You still have 3 more days
to deliver me to the Emperor

I will convince you

in three days

Go to bed

What should we do?

He's a good man

Give him some time

I know him

Fatso. What are you doing?

Nothing. Look at this fat pigeon

If it can fly, maybe I can too

Why do you say that?

If the mouse can love the cat

why can't I fly?


Very sure

That sure?

How do I know?


Are you ok?

Here's your sword

I'm coming with you

Thank you

Your Majesty

We've all Five Mice here

Bring them to me

Bring the Five Mice

Five Mice of Cave Island
to see Your Majesty

Who is Shining Mouse?

I'm Shining Mouse, Your Majesty

Five Mice. To reward your loyalty

I make Bai Imperial Sword Guard
4th Class

The rest of you will be Trainers
of the Imperial Army


Thank you, Your Majesty

Inspector Zhan

Yes, Your Majesty

Your achievement deserves a 2nd Class

Thank you

Ms. Yue Hua

You've also done your part
is there anything you want?

You two have been engaged
long enough

You two exchange

your swords as love gifts

I think we should not postpone
the wedding anymore

Inspector Zhan, you would not refuse?


Then the wedding will be
on the First of the coming Lunar Year

Brother, you're in charge of this

With pleasure

Thank you, Your Majesty

Court is recessed

Bai, you're a girl?

How come I couldn't tell

That day at the restaurant

Ms. Yue Hua, congratulations


Congratulations. Thanks

You're welcome

Can I ask you a question?


What is the first thing you do

when you wake up every morning?

Reflect on the mistakes
I've made the previous day



Start the court proceedings?


What'd I do?

Open your eyes

Inspector Zhan

I've finally found someone
who's more ridiculous than me

Judge Bao, you have to see this

Judge Bao. Look

Look. What's this?

Good luck and good fortune

Since we're having fun, let me

demonstrate my calligraphy to you guys

Ms. Bai taught me a new trick

Isn't this fantastic?




Is it cold?


I've made you soup

Come and drink it

Sure. I'll go inside soon

You see, what a shame

Women shouldn't have physical contacts
with men

Kitty, good morning


I out-rank you

Leader of the pack, good morning

What are you up to?

Disguising as a man again

Bai is so much fun and articulate

But a bit strange

I have such fun with her

I can see

I feel sorry for her future husband

behaving improperly all the time

Whoever marries her

Yue Hua, now that's a lady, right?

Sure. Sure

She's from a good family
and with good upbringing


A chicken egg is an egg

A duck egg is an egg

You can choose

This theory again?

It works, right?


Sounds reasonable to me?


Help me. Choose for me

I'm only good at solving cases

I'm no good when it comes to women

If you call off the wedding now

you may offend His Majesty

I understand that

But to have fun

An egg is an egg. Hey

You're not allowed to see each other

until the wedding day

If you two got anything to say
just say it now

Judge Bao, please

Remember the past

forget all quarrels

I miss the times we're together

I'm unable to slow down

will I ever forget him?

Will I ever forget him?

This one is really good

Who are you talking about?

Zhan, are we brothers?


Can I ask you a question?


Do you love me?

If I say I don't, would you believe me?

Don't sidetrack

And you? If I ask

I do

I'll never lie to you

Thank you for your love

What's that sentence?

I'm useless

Not only I failed to invite Bai
but let him chased us in return

It's not your fault

I misjudged Bai

Let it be for now


if Zhan has found out about Honor Court

we will be doomed

In order to smoothen everything

we've got to kill him

Honor Court's fighters
will overthrow the useless Emperor

and restore harmony to the land

Honor Court's fighters
will overthrow the useless Emperor

and restore harmony to the land

Where's Ms. Bai?

Ms. Bai?

I don't think she can make it

Let's go. Go

Yes sir

Let's go. Let's go

Do you think Sister will

I do. What'll she do?

Whatever women do
when they are rejected

She's lost the guy, not her cherry

Hard to say

Take care

Bingo. One dot

Red Dragon

Bingo. Bingo

Three at a go

A Trio Flush too


How come you've all got flushes
but I have nothing?

Forget it

It's just a one-time thing
There is always hope

Don't be sad

If you can't be the wife
settle for the concubine

Yes, you can still be his concubine


Where is your dignity?

I love him is my own business

He doesn't love me
is also my own business

Being a concubine?

I can't share him with others

Chang the Flying Spider

Why didn't you use the front door?

Don't you know there are
two guards at the front?

You know

I'm not used to the front door

Who knows it's so slippery here?


No, I've come to report

Prince Xiangyang

wants to kill everyone

at the wedding feast tonight

Are you kidding?

I am serious

He's already pre-ordered
the imperial robe

And I know that Mona

No, that Honor Court

That's the basement at his house


there are maps already

Ms. Bai

Judge Bao, don't attend the wedding

It's Prince Xiangyang's trap

He's using his sister's wedding

and he'll kill everyone tonight

He's pre-ordered an imperial robe

Brilliant plan

How detailed. Yes

I told you not to exaggerate

What if it comes back to haunt us?

Ms. Bai

Ms. Bai. We've settled this, right?

Even you don't believe me?

I thank you for your love

Mr. Gongsun

Brother Bai

Why are you here?

Why are you wandering around?

How come the map
has written instructions?

Certainly, I'm sophisticated

I can only write

but can't draw

Why can't we find our way?

Coz you're reading it the wrong way

Let me show you

First, walk 30 steps to your left

Then, turn right for another 30 steps

Left, right


This is left

Then this is right, of course
You know that, right?

No problem. Let's go

Brother Bai

What's up?

Not like this

Like that

1, 2

3, 4

5, 6

7, 8

Bai, do you want to go in alone?

Together. You and me

Wait a minute. I thought you'd

recruit at least a few hundred men

This place is full of traps

and full of guards

No one has ever escaped

You've been there before? No

How do you know then?

I heard

Cheers everyone


Your Majesty

Judge Bao, you'll have to

bottoms up all the way

I can get drunk

but he can't

Yes, Your Majesty

I haven't slept for three days

investigating this Honor Court

I can't work if I get drunk

I remember that

You've been investigating
the Honor Court for a long time

Any news so far?

What should I punish you?

I deserve the death sentence

for my inefficiencies

Not the death sentence

There's a saying

the blind leads the blind

Bao, I'm not surprised you have no leads

Your joke is not funny

I'm not joking

Look what you've done to the empire

How can I laugh in this moment?


It's poison

Your Majesty. Your Majesty


Protect His Majesty

Take them out to the guillotine

Brother, stop

His Majesty has been kind to us
You can't do this

Shut up

Kill me first if you want to kill the others


Killing hundreds
can save the whole world

If you want to die first, I'll help you


Ms. Yue Hua

Thank you

Brother, we're of the same parents

Why do you hate me so much?

No need to pretend any more

You didn't take our antidote first

That's why you're feeling so sick

Our antidote can neutralize all poisons

If you use it as face cream
it even prevents wrinkles

Antidote can prevent poisons
and wrinkles

Where can I buy some?

Everywhere, only you can't have any

Treason is the worst crime

You have to suffer death sentence
for the entire family

Brother, do you feel guilty?

I underestimated you, Bao

Come people

Protect the Emperor

Protect the Emperor


Zhan, your sword

Protect the Emperor.
What's up, Your Majesty?

Where's Zhan?

Watch out, Your Majesty

Judge Bao

I deserve to die

Protect the Emperor


Where are you?

Judge Bao
there are so many people below

can Zhan really fight them all?

You're sure he doesn't need any help?

No problem. Look

Sharp shooter, get that emperor


Miss has gone to get the list





The Fortune God is here

It's not the New Year yet

It's the code

Why didn't you write it on the map?

Codes should be memorized

Where's he?

Traps everywhere

You think I was joking?

Watch out

Bai, be careful

Can you come out?

Get out of here

Come on



Ms. Bai


Don't try it. Get out of here

The list is here
Don't you believe me?

Get out. Hurry

I believed you

Are you OK?

Why are you still here?

You think I want to stay?

How can I leave. Emperor?

It's here

It's here

Good, open the door

I can't. Judge Bao

He needs the code

I said Kung Hei Fat Choy
Happy New Year

But he won't open


I know a popular code
from the Westerners

Let me try

Open Sesame

Doesn't work

Why don't we blow it up?

Good plan


Wrong code

you've got to answer the question
to get in

OK. Shoot

How many words in ''the dictionary''?


How come no one got wet when
five people are sharing an umbrella?

It's not raining

Looks like we'll live happily ever after

Watch where you put your hand

What's wrong?

Can't you be gentle?

Like this?

No need to be scared

I'm not scared

Why wouldn't the cow plow the fields?

It's a milk cow

Why didn't the fall hurt?

It's a waterfall

What kind of melon doesn't grow
on land?

A watermelon

Which kind of door never opens?


If no one turns up
what kind of meeting can they have?

Answer me

Postponed meeting

Take him

Don't move

Take him

I'm hiding well. How to tke me?

You take the upper body

I take the lower

I found the name list

What have you got to say?

There will be no rebels

if His Majesty serves his people

This name list is really good

Hundreds of officials have come together

We've got no choice

Your Majesty

I thought laissez-faire

would be good

to my people

I can't imagine it will turn you against me

I want you to help me rule the lands


I'll spare your life

Your Majesty, you can't let him off

Really. Your Majesty

You're the worst. Shut up

I know you've gathered


All come from corruption

I am too generous not killing you
and your company

Otherwise, all of these wouldn't happen

If I'm not forgiving, I'll execute you first

Why are you coughing?

Where's my allowance
that you've been secretly

keeping from me?

Don't you know it's our people's money?

You have no right to do that

Judge Bao. Yes

Do you think I am too lenient?

Your Majesty is truly forgiving

it's for the best


I have my faults

From now on

tell me if I make a mistake


I'll spare no corrupt officials
from now on

Stop corruption. Good

Your Majesty

Please take my life


Shining Mouse has been killed
in the basement

There is no Shining mouse from now on

so I can walk the earth anew

You are free to go
I'll not retain you anymore

Thank you

We've been through a lot

Tell me what's on your mind

Don't sulk, I'll order a good banquet and
we'll have some fun

You're the best

We're brothers

Even if they all abandon you

I'll be by you side

What if I give you one more chance?

I'm Inspector Zhan from Judge's Court

Brothers always

Your Majesty, I've something to report

Your Majesty, Yue Hua has a request

There are so many guys in the world

but Zhan is really unique

He's too fussy at his age

I am afraid I can't stand Zhan anymore

Actually, I can't stand him right now

So, Your Majesty, please allow me

to cancel the wedding

Thank you for your love

I choose you

Don't you have something to say to me?


What a special way to start the new year

especially when a mouse loves a cat