Cat Murkil and the Silks (1976) - full transcript

A street-gang member kills the gang's leader and blames it on a rival gang. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(upbeat rock music)

- Those are pretty big letters

for such an itty-bitty boy, Cat.

Are you through, Picasso,

or you got more paintin' you wanna do?

Come on man, we gotta hit the boulevard,

take care of all our business,
perhaps somethin' to eat.

We got a lot to do, let's go, huh?

- Hey, backseat.


- [Punch] God damn it, get in the back.

Come on, let's get going.

♪ Slow down baby, baby slow down ♪

♪ Slow down baby, baby, baby slow down ♪

♪ Always goin' can't stand still ♪

♪ Always searchin' for a thrill ♪

♪ Always runnin' don't know where ♪

♪ Always showin' you don't care ♪

♪ Slow down baby, baby, baby slow down ♪

♪ Slow down baby, baby, baby slow down ♪

♪ Always travelin', flyin' high ♪

♪ Always movin', don't know why ♪

♪ Now they've got no destination ♪

♪ Life is just a big frustration ♪

♪ Slow down baby, baby, baby slow down ♪

♪ Slow down baby, baby, baby slow down ♪

♪ Slow it down baby,
baby, baby slow down ♪

♪ Slow down baby, baby, baby slow ♪

♪ Nightmares chasin', you know why ♪

♪ They'll keep pushin' till you die ♪

♪ Wasted lovers never last ♪

♪ Know your future's in your past ♪

♪ Slow down baby, baby, baby slow down ♪

- [Punch] There's no action here tonight.

Let's make some.

- [Eddie] Christ, looks
like pig alley here.

Let's blow, huh?
- Yeah, you're right.

Now what do you wanna do?

- [Bumps] Hey, why don't
we make to the school?

I mean there's a game goin' on tonight.

I bet there gonna be a lotta chicks there.

(engine hums)

- Hey-hey, hey, will you listen to that?

I wonder what the score is.

- Ah, who gives a shit, man?

The only score I'm interested in

is the on I might make if some foxy chicks

start pilin' out of there.

- (laughs) I can dig it, bro.


I think over there a little
somethin's happenin'.

- Yeah.


We better have a look.

(suspenseful instrumental music)

- Hey, Marble.

You oughta stay with the
car so you're not disturbed.

- Sure.

(moves into uptempo rock music)

- What you doin', dude?

For ya, ain't ya, Poncho?


- Now you tell the rest
of them taco benders

to stay the hell in the
barrio where they belong.

(punch smacks)

- Come on.

Go on.

- Okay.

You get the radio, and you
get the license plates, man.

Those things come in handy.

- [Bumps] Got it.

- Aw come on, man.

You're as slow as them
god damned Mexicans.

Okay, let's split.

- Hey what you got?

- I got about 15, 20 bucks
worth of stuff here, huh?

How about a beer?

- We just polished 'em.

- We poli!

We polished 'em.

Let's go get some more.

(funky uptempo music)

Hey Bumps, stay here, will ya?

And watch for the heat.

- [Bumps] Don't worry about it,

listen, I'm turning the car off.

- [Punch] Come on, come
on, we got work to do.

Come on.

Whatcha doin', Sam?

(object taps)

- Is somethin' botherin' you, old man?

- Yeah, something's bothering me.

- We're shopping.

- Your brother used to shop in here, too.

- [Eddie] And what does that mean?

- You know what I'm talkin' about.

But he's not bothering
anybody anymore, is he?

Not since he's been put where he belongs.

- What'd you say?

- [Punch] Hey man, why don't
you leave the old turd alone?

- [Eddie] I don't like what
he said about my brother.

- Big freakin' deal, man.

Come on, let's get outta here.

- Hey, listen.
- Hey.

I said split.

Go on.

Pay no mind to small fry, here.

He just gets a little excitable, you know?


I like to stay on the good side
of all our local merchants.

Put it on the tab, eh?

- Um yeah, will you put
this on my tab, too?

(engine hums)

(crickets chirp)

- Yeah!
- Ah, the car's rollin'.

- [Bumps] You wanna put
that brake on, yeah.

Come on, let's go man, let's go Cat.

Let's go.
- Ha-ha!

(Marble giggles)

- [Punch] You son of a bitch.

(men laugh and yell)

- Get down here, jump!
(men laugh)

- Come on, man. (laughs)

- I tell ya--
- We got that old fox.

- Oh come on.
(group laughs)

- Hey, I was just buzzin', bro.

All right.

(upbeat rock music)

(group murmurs)

- [Woman] Woo!

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

(group cheers and applauds)

- More wine?

- Wine, and I love the answer.

- You know what we got
here for the ladies?

The candyman cometh, yes sir, baby.

When you run out, come bother me.

- How's that haul, all right?
- Got enough there for me?

- Oh man.
- Want some?

- I thought you guys really scored!

Put it all out.

- Hey, we snatched up
a couple Ruedas, man.

They were strippin' off a car.

- It was out behind the Saint gym, man.

We really beat the hell
outta them beaners.

- Hey, what are you buttin' in for?

I can't talk?

Yeah, we did some ass-kickin'.

That's what I couple of whip-chihuahua!

(group laughs)

- Hey, you want a beer, man?

- Yeah, right.

- How 'bout you?
- No, I'm stayin' man.

- Let's have another one.
- Wait a minute.

What, what about the Ruedas?

They've been real pissed off

since we broke up
Chico's sister's wedding.

- Yeah, fuck 'em.

- You know, you might
have somethin' there.

Those spics might not
take this lyin' down.

- So let 'em try somethin' huh?

The sooner the better.

- Well I think we oughta be--

- You think?

You think, who the hell
asked you to think?

- I was just tryin' to--
- Well, don't!

- Look, I don't dig--
- I don't give a damn

what you dig.

You're always puttin' in your big mouth.

You just try to remember
one thing, I'm the head man.

I do the thinkin'.

- [Deejay] There we have it,

dedicated to all you guys
and gals out there tonight--

- Them mothers know better
than to mess with us Silks.

- Damn straight.
- Yeah.

- 'Cause they know that
we could kick their asses.

(group chatters)

- Try this.
- One way ticket.

- And for you.
- Ooh.

- Yes.

Thank you.

♪ You said you loved me before ♪

- Oh what is it--
- Called?

- Dynamite.
(group laughs)

♪ You're gonna have to find someone ♪

- Tastes pretty good.

- So do I.

- [Man] Say uh, what about that girl?

♪ Find me somethin' by myself or two ♪

♪ Don't know why it is you act this way ♪

♪ Or do the things that you do ♪

- You know that uh, Miss Vicki, eh?

I should that she has
a lotta mileage on her.

Why, I heard she goes down like a headpin.

(group laughs)

- Psh, I wouldn't touch
that Vicki with yours.

- You damn straight you
wouldn't touch it with mine.

'Cause I'd be usin' it. (laughs)

- Oh no.

- Hey uh, I tell ya what, fellas.

Like, follow me,

and maybe we can have a
little bit of fun, huh?

All right. (giggles)


(playful instrumental music)

- Ooh, ah Jesus.
(group laughs)

What'd you do that for?

- Fuckin' faggot, go play
with yourself somewhere else.

(group laughs)

- Jesus Christ.

What'd he have to do that for?

Get away from me ya bastard.

Hey, somebody got a beer over there?

Jesus Christ, come on.

- You got one on your head, idiot!

- Ah, Jesus Christ, past midnight already.

Let's split.

- Mm, Jesus, Punch is
workin' overtime tonight.


Punch, did you save anything for me?

- Nope.

I didn't leave nothin' for nobody.

- Careful now.
- Come on, let's ride.

- Where'd Vicki go?

- Ain't no sweat, man.

She went home with the
dude that brung her.

Come on.

- Okay.

- Oh well, how 'bout you, Cat?

You goin' our way?

- Yeah, you goin' our way, pussycat?

Or is that just pussy?
(Marble and Punch laugh)

- I'm comin'.

(traffic hums)

- (laughs) Wait a minute,
what about that Miss Vicki?

I mean, she looked like
some really hot stuff.

- She's all right, she's all right, yeah.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Is she as good as
everybody said that she was?

- Aw man, she's better, she's better.

- Yeah?

- I'm tellin' ya.

That chick knows what it's all about,

and just how to do it.

(suspenseful instrumental music)

- Move up.

- Thanks for getting me that
radio, I really needed it.

- Yeah we had a good time tonight.

Shit man, it's Ruedas, and they got a gun!

(tires screech)
(suspenseful music)

- Will you move your ass?

(gun fires)
God damn it, move!

Get going!

(tires screech)

(gun fires)

(tires screech)

(tires screech)

(crickets chirp)

(uptempo instrumental music)
(sirens wail)

(sirens wail)

(doors thud)

- Wish they were all this easy.

- What about the other one?

- He's got a laceration to the head.

Looks like a bullet grazed him.

He'll be all right.

Think I can get him stitched up,

probably we'll talk to
him in about an hour.

- I don't expect too much talking.

Well, well, well, if
it isn't Eddie Murkil.

What's your story?

- We was just drivin' along, you know?

And this car pulls
alongside, starts blastin'.

- And I don't suppose you
know who did the shooting?

Just a bunch of strangers, huh?

- Yeah, just a bunch of strangers.

- Take him in.

- Hey, what's this crap?

I didn't do nothin'.

- Sure.

You're just a regular choir boy, ain't ya?

- Ah geez, man.

You must think you're Kojak or somethin'

- Ah, let's see if we get
something outta the neighbors.

- Those god damn lousy cops.

Those pigs.

- Don't use that kind of language, Eddie.

I'd really rather not listen to it.

- Now what kind of language
you expect me to use?

Don't you understand, Mom?

We didn't do anything.

- So you've said.

- Well, what's that supposed to mean?

You don't believe me?

- Yes, I believe you.

- Let us now pray.

Dear Lord, we commit the body
of Alvin Crocker to the Earth,

whence it came,

and we ask that you
bestow your infinite mercy

upon his soul.


(birds chirp)

- Hi.

I don't know if you know me or not,

but my name's Eddie Murkil.

You probably heard Punch talk about me.

- I really don't recall.

- Well you must've heard Punch mention me.

I was one of his closest friends.

- Excuse us, I know you'll understand.

- Oh yeah, I just wanted to
offer my sympathy, you know.

Eddie Murkil, you probably
heard Punch talk about me.

(birds chirp)

- You know, we've gotta do somethin'

about them fuckin' Ruedas.

And I mean slice some ass.

- Yeah.
(engine rumbles)

What are we gonna do?

- I'll tell you what
the Silks are gonna do.

- Oh you, huh?

- You damn right I will, who else?

Now them Ruedas didn't get
Punch and me and Marble here

no chance, did they?

Well we ain't givin' them none.

We're gonna get 'em with their pants down.

With their pants clean off.

Now Davila and Garcia
did the shootin' right?

(tires screech)

(engine rumbles)

You know what to do, we've
been over it often enough.


(funky uptempo music)

(students yell playfully)

- [Man] Yes sir.

We have a game scheduled for
Friday afternoon, five o'clock.

(showers hiss)

- Here.

- Oh man, I don't know about this.

- Would you shut up?

We're doin' it.

(bell rings)

(whistle chirps)
- No, no!

(girls yell)


- [Man] Hey, who turned on the showers?

- There he is, see him?

That's Davila.

That big guy over there.

- That's Garcia.
- Yeah, that's Garcia.

- Sure do keep lookin' at that watch.

I always heard cats are nervous.

- And smart, too.

(men yell playfully)

- What's taking him so long?

- Now who's nervous?

- Let's go!
- Excuse me!

- Hey!

- Coach, you better come quick.

- Take care of business?

- Don't hassle me.

(engine rumbles)

(tires screech)

- The hell do you mean don't hassle?

We almost knocked that god damned coach

on his ass on the way out.

- [Eddie] Did he get a look at you?

- Fuckin' A.

- Not that good of a look, and besides,

that old fart probably doesn't
know one kid from another.

- Hey, you know somethin' little brother?

I kinda like your style.

Okay, you know what to do
about old lady Plimpton?

- It's covered.

(engine hums)

- Get movin'.

- Now, an excellent example
of stream of consciousness

is the famous Molly Bloom.
(student snores)

Which we read last week.

Hemingway presents us
with what is, in effect,

a window into the hero's mind.

Into his very soul.

Soul that is numb and weary
from the conflict of pain

the character has to face.

Utilizing his brilliant style,

Hemingway depicts a hero in the very pit

of existential despair.

A human being who is so frightened,

that he is barely able to go on living.

- [Student] Fire!

(class laughs)

(bell rings)

(students chatter)

- Hey, Ms. Plimpton.

By looking at that, uh, paper,

you've got us marked absent.

Well, as you can see, we're here.

Of course, I know you've got
a lot of things on your mind.

Somebody sick in the family, isn't there?

Your mother, how is she?

Sure would be a shame

if she took a sudden turn for the worse.

- Now listen here--

- Oh no, Ms. Plimpton.

You're the one who oughta
be listening, real good.

There it is.

All fixed.
- No problem.

- We'll be seein' you, Ms. Plimpton.

- [Man] 10-29 please.

Getting it right now,
license one one nine.

Adam, Frank, Robert, Sam.

- [Woman] All right, 10 four.

One one nine, Adam, Frank, Robert, Sam.

(siren wails)

- Garcia and Davila are
in pretty bad shape.

There's a chance that Davila
might not even make it

back to the hospital.

Anybody here ever heard of
a gang called Las Ruedas?

You've heard of 'em, haven't you?

What about you?

What's your name?

- Manuel Lopez.

- Manuel Lopez.

You a member of the Ruedas, Lopez?

- No, I heard of them.

I don't know any.

- What about the Silks,
you ever hear of them?

- I heard the name, that's all.

I don't know any of them.

- Of course not.

Do you happen to know about
anything that took place here?

- Nothing, nothing.

- All right, you can all go.

- Well, they're probably
telling the truth.

I doubt if they saw much.

- Well, I had to give it a try.

- Yeah.

- You think you'd know those
two kids if you saw 'em?

- I only got a glimpse,

but I might be able to
recognize one of 'em.

- There's bad blood
between those two gangs.

Most of 'em call themselves the Silks

over at the Dayton School.

I'd appreciate it if you'd come with us

and do some checking.

- Sure, anything I can do.

Listen, I'll change and be right with you.

- Okay.

We've got good reason to suspect

that these two kids are
members of the Silks.

- You don't have to
tell me about the silks.

They've been raising hell around here

since long before I came principal.

- Do you have a pretty good idea

of which of your students are members?

- They don't exactly make
themselves inconspicuous.

Matter of fact, I have a list
of most of the troublemakers

right here in my files.

- Good, I'd like to look at that list.

- All right.

- We can round up some of the younger ones

and let Mr. Larkin here have a look.

- Some of the younger ones?

- That's right, Mr. Larkin
says the ones he saw,

only about 14 or 15.

Didn't know any of these
gangs used the younger kids

to do the dirtiest stuff.

They figure they'll get off
easier if they get caught.

I've seen killer no older than 10.

- It's not a new problem.

Kids have always had gangs.

- Oh?

But not like now.

All the guns and everything.

- [Lt. Harder] Kids aren't
the only ones carrying guns.

There are trigger-happy cops, too.

(phone rings)

- Yes?

Hold on, please.


- Lt. Harder.



- What is it?

- Davila.

He didn't make it.

(girls chatter)

- Those teachers at bay.
- Ooh yeah.

- Are you sure you can
make it tomorrow morning?

- Yeah, I'm sure.

- Fine.

We'll start with the ones on the list.

We'll take 'em outta class,

and let you have look right
there in the principal's office.

- Sounds good.

(women giggle)

- What the hell?

Damn crap!

- [Lt. Harder] Now hang loose, Al.

- Hey, get that chick the
hell off the Lieutenant's car.

- [Marble] Oh, come on.

- He's wasted enough time over here.

What, that's right there, Harder.

You've just been wastin' time, ain't ya?

That right, Bumps?

Hey, what's the matter, oinker?

Don't here what I'm sayin'?

Hey, I know you got ears.

Even if there ain't too much between 'em.

- Listen to me, you
pimple-faced little creep!

You think this is all
very funny, don't you?

After tomorrow,

maybe you ain't gonna
think it's so funny, hm?

It's murder now, and we
got ourselves a witness.

We're gonna round up every
last one of you creeps,

and when we do, I'll.

You just remember what I said, eh?

You just remember that!

- Let's go, Al.

(engine hums)

- That fuckin' piglet man.

He had no call treatin' you like that.

- Ah, just forget it.

- Eh, he's right, he had no call.

Course, I didn't see
you doin' much about it.

- Yeah?

And what would you have done about it?

- Eh, I might've handled it a little--

- Don't think show me!

- Take it easy, Cat.

- Come on, motherfucker, show me!

- I said take it easy.

- Cool it, will you?

We got more important
things to think about.

- What other things?

- Like what that pig said
about the witness, man.

That asshole that was in the cop car,

that must be coach

that Moss and Brighton were talkin' about.

- So?
- So?

What if he recognizes 'em,

picks 'em up out of a line
up, whatever they use?

I mean, this could be bad.

- Eh.

- No eh, I mean it.

If he got a good look at
them, we're gonna be--

- All right, all right, I
hear what you're sayin'.

- No man, if they pull Moss and Brighton--

- I said all right!

Now shut the fuck up!

Let me think.

- But Cat, you don't understand.

- I'll handle it.

- Now you got something more to say?

Okay then.

Let's get outta here.

Let's go somewhere where
I can think this out.

Fix your act later.

Hey, that's that jive-ass pusher.

- Well, let's see what he's up to.

- I'd say he needs a little talkin' to.

- Okay, let's go.

- What the hell is this?

- You tell me.

- You honkies crazy or somethin'?

- Yeah, all white folks is crazy, Rastus.

Didn't your mammy tell you that?

- (giggles) Ooh!

- He was givin' it to me for nothin'.

- Hey, once he gets you droolin'
at shakin' for that shit,

see how much he gives you.

- What's it to you?

- He's a Silk,

and I don't want no smackhead
in my game, you dig?

- Hey man, you know I
can't have any connection.

- Well hey, why don't
you connect with this?

(Marble giggles)

- You dead, blood.

- Oh!
(Marble warbles)

- You stay away from that smack.

Even if you were a junkie,

stuff that nigger sells
has probably been cut

with Santa flesh.

- Hey Cat, I ain't no Silk.

- [Cat] You wouldn't
mind being one, would ya?

- You mean it?

- I don't lie.

We've been watchin' you for a while.

What's your name again, Bimbo?

- Pluto.

- Yeah, Pluto.

Hold up, we got stuff to
do, you wanna come along?

- Yeah, sure.

- Hey Cat, what kind of
things you talkin' about?

What about what Marble said?

- What about it?

- What if Plimpton talks?

- Well, we're gonna drop over
to Plimpton's house tonight

and make sure she doesn't.

- Ooh.
- Now let's go.

- All right.

- Mother.
- What?

- Will you turn that off please?

I have work to do.

- I just wanna hear it.
- Mother!

- Oh, if that's your attitude, all right.

- [Reporter] High school gymnasium.

Davila died.

- [Mother] What's going on?

Connie, who are these people?

What do they want?

- Ooh, fancy place you go there.

Nice, nice, plush.

- My, my, my, how tastefully arranged.

- What do you want here?

- Why, you know how it is.

In the neighborhood, thought we'd drop by.

- [Mother] Get your hands off
of that, that's expensive!

- Oh, you know something?

I think that this would
look better, right there.

- Oh no.

- (chuckles) Oh, oh.

Oh no, no!

That's not right, oh, hand
that thing back to me.

(sculpture clatters)

- Aw.

- Accidents will happen.

You know Marble, you'd make
a great interior decorator.

(Cat laughs)

- [Mother] We'll call the
police, that's what we'll do.

(phone clatters)

- Get out of here!

All of you, get out, now!

- Get out?

But we only just got here. (laughs)

- So what are you doin',
holdin' up the wall?

Maybe I was wrong about you.

Maybe you don't got
the balls to be a Silk.

- [Mother] Um, I'm not afraid of you!

- [Pluto] I'll show you!

(Mother screams)

(Silks laugh and cheer)

- Oh God, oh God, oh God!

Turn me around, turn me around!

You let me go, somebody help me!

Help me, oh!

Right now, help me!


Oh, stop me, stop me, help me!

- [Marble] Okay!

- Oh God!

Please, stop it!

- Okay, that's enough, man.

In case you ain't got
the message yet, bitch,

let me spell it out for ya.

Anybody asks, you just remember,

Moss and Brighton were in
class the whole period.

You dig?

I'm glad we're communicating.

Hey, let's go.

- I think you got the message.

(Miss Plimpton whimpers)

- (laughs) Did you get a
look at that old crank's face

while Pluto was shovin' her
around in that wheelchair?

Aw man, I thought I was
gonna bust a ball laughin'.

- [Bumps] Get outta here.

Yeah kid, you did all right.

You're a real silk now.

- You mean I'm a real member?

That's all I have to do?

- [Bumps] Just keep up the good work.

- [Pluto] All right!

- Just drop me off at
the next corner, will ya?

- What for?

- I wanna see Claudine.

(traffic hums)

(horn honks)

(siren wails)

Hi, Claudine.

I've been waitin' for you.

- [Claudine] I hope you didn't wait long.

- No, not long at all.

Hey, I really wanted to see ya.

So how've you been?

- Bitchin'.

- You don't seem too happy.

Somethin' wrong?

- No, everything's great.

I hustle my tail all night long

for a bunch of grab-ass
drunks for two bucks an hour

and all the 50-cent tips I can score.

I wouldn't trade it for a
weekend with Mick Jagger.

- Ha, hey you don't have to worry.

Joey'll be out soon.

- Yeah, Joey'll be out soon.

- What I really wanted to talk about

is my friend Marble's
drivin' me up to see Joey.

Maybe you'd like to come along, huh?

It'll be next Thursday,
that's your day of, right?

- I don't think I can make it, Eddie.

- What?

- Well, I got a lotta
things to do on Thursday.

- [Eddie] Hey, well what's more important

than seeing your own husband?

- [Claudine] He gets my letters, Eddie.

He knows what's happening.

We'll make it some other time, okay Eddie?


- Hey.

Okay if I come up?

Just for a little while.

- Not tonight, Eddie, I'm really tired.

See ya.

- Aw, Claudine, I didn't mean nothin'.

- I know, Eddie.

(door slams)

(students murmur)

- Is he somebody you know?

- That's him.

That's one of 'em.

- You're sure?

- Yeah, that's him.

- Okay sonny, up.

- Hey, what is this?

- Let's talk.

- I ain't talkin' to nobody

till I find out what this is about.

- You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say,
- I've heard that crap before.

- Can and will be used against you.

- Just tell me what you want.

- All right.

Where were you yesterday

between the hours of 10
and 11 in the morning?

- I was in class.

- What class?

- [Moss] English class.

- English class.

- You don't have to believe me.

Just ask Miss Plimpton.

- Miss Plimpton?

You are a Miss Plimpton, aren't you?

- Of course.

- Well I'm Lt. Harder, police.

- What can I do for you?

- I'm here to ask you
about a student of yours.

Edward Peters, I believe
his nicknames is Moss.

You know who I'm talking about?

- Of course.

- Did he attend your 10
o'clock class yesterday?

- Certainly.

Why shouldn't he have?

- Well, it's just that, uh--

- Why he was here the entire period.

The entire hour.

- You're sure of that?

- Yes, I'm sure of it.

If you don't believe me,

you can check the attendance report.

- Oh.

I don't think that'll be necessary.

- I'm happy to hear that.

Was there anything else?

- I guess not.

- Then, if you'll excuse me.

I have work to do.

- Thanks for your time.

There's something about
her manner, her attitude,

that just didn't seem right.

She backed up Moss Peters's story, though.

- Well, I guess that's that.

- Guess that's what?

- You must've been wrong.

- What the hell you talkin' about?

Two hours ago,

you swore that Peters was
one of the kids you saw.

- Yeah, and now his English
teachers says he was in class.

Yo know, I could've been wrong.

You ever been wrong?

You ever make a mistake?

- Look, we're talkin' about murder.

- I know what you're talkin' about.

But I can't brand a kid
with an accusation like that

unless I'm sure.

And uh, maybe I'm not so sure anymore.

- Yeah, yeah, okay.

Let's go.

- Uh look, it's like I
told you fellas before.

Anything I can do.

Anything at all.

- No.
- Come on.

- Her mother was sittin' on the car.

Well, anyway, so I get
her, we get in last night,

it finally works out.

It finally works out.

I don't know what it
was, must be chemistry,

whatever it was, it worked.

- It wasn't chemistry Jack, it was luck.

- Hey, sucker.

Hey, there's our man.

- Hey, how'd it go?

- Smooth as us Silks.

- Aw, Jesus.

You know Ed, you sure know where it's at.

Punch would've never had the heart

to handle things that slick.

- [Eddie] Hey, let's go.

(suspenseful music)

(engine hums)
(tires screech)

- So you're the turkey they call Cat, huh?

- Yeah, so what?

- He look more like a kitty cat, don't he?

- Yeah.

- What's this I hear

about you hassling one of
my boys over at your school

the other day?

- What are you talkin' about?

- Man, you know damn well
what I'm talkin' about.

I'm talkin' about my man over there

tryin' to transact a little business

before he got rudely interrupted

by you and your little band of merry men,

that's what I'm talkin' about.

- Ah, now I get it.

That kid he was pushin' was a Silk.

And we don't screw with no smack.

- You don't screw with no smack?

You don't screw with no smack?

They don't mess with no smack.

Okay man, lookie here.

I'm gonna let it go this time.

But you have to understand,

I gotta look out for my
brothers too, you know?

A couple of young whities
been seen over there

snatchin' stuff on Central,

and now you know damn well
that's Cutlass territory.

- You sayin' it was Silks?

- I'm sayin' it just better not be,

that's what I'm sayin'.

Some bad dudes, here.

Hey, I hear you and the Ruedas

been at each other's throats again, eh?

- Hey, we don't take shit from no one.

- Oh my goodness, these
guys are some bad dudes.

- Bad dudes.
- Bad, bad.

Lemme tell you something.

Just as long as you and the Mexicans

keep it between yourselves,
it's all right with me, babies.

Let's get outta here,
fuckin' at Disneyland.

- Ho-ho-ho.

Big time.

(engine rumbles)

Fuck you.

(tires screech)

(midtempo jazz music)

Why you so quiet?

Thinkin' about what
you're gonna say to Joey?

- Nah, freakin' world on fire.

Just him and me.

- Oh, right.

- [Joey] Yeah, food ain't exactly gourmet.

And uh, the mattresses are kinda hard,

but you get used to 'em.

It ain't such a bad place,

especially if you don't have a choice.

- [Eddie] Hey, I can
dig what you're sayin'.

- So how's the old lady?

- Ah, she's a saint man, she don't change.

- See much of Claudine?

- Yeah, once in a while.

- So, how's school?

- (laughs) School?

- Somthin' funny about that?

- Come on man, you know where it's at.

- Yeah.

I know where it's at.

- [Man] Attention, Mark Cruz report to--

- I'm kinda glad you came up.

Save me the trouble of
having to write Claudine

and the old lady.

- [Eddie] Write 'em about what?

- Got the word today.

My parole's comin' through.

- You're shittin' me.

How soon?

- Just a few days.

- Aw geez, man, that's heavy.

We're gonna have us some times.

- Sure.

- I got some scores cased
out you wouldn't believe.

- Scores, what the hell
are you talkin' about?

- Gas stations man, pawn
shops, liquor stores.

These places are beggin'
to have their loot lifted.

- Are you crazy?

I'm walkin' outta here on parole.

I so much as get a jaywalkin' ticket,

and they'll have ass back
in here till hell freezes.

- I don't get it.

- Well you better well get it.

I'm through with that shit.

And you better be, too.

- Ah hey, wait a second--

- I don't have to wait a second.

I've been waitin' four years.

If you wanna end up in a place like this,

that's your hassle, but keep me out of it.

- I don't understand you, Joey.

You're my brother, man.

We used to be close.

- Used to be what?

Eddie, what kinda dream are you livin'?

When I left, you were just a kid.

I never spent any time with you.

Maybe I should have, but I didn't.

- That's not true.

We had good times together, lots of 'em.

- What times?

- You don't remember 'cause
you don't wanna remember.

You've lost your balls, that's what it is.

You're chicken shit!
(slap smacks)

- Nobody talks to me that way.

Not even you.

(Joey sighs)

Hey, I'm sorry.
- Oh forget it.

(gate hums)

- Eddie!

- [Man] Attention, vocational
auto shop will be closed

this afternoon.
- Hey.

What's wrong, man?

Didn't they let you see your brother?

- I saw him, it went fine.

- Well, tell me about it.

- Aw shut up, and let's get outta here.

- Hey man, I just--

- I said move, god damn it!

(midtempo instrumental music)

(engine rumbles)

(tires screech)

(engine rumbles)

(tires screech)

- [Game Show Host] Thank you, Johnny,

good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Yes, it's easy money.

Charlie Ligget and I'm
here to give away money,

ladies and gentlemen.

I've got a wonderful pocket full of money

that's burning a hole in my pockets.

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, you--

- School called today.

- [Game Show Host] Tell us a little bit

about some of the prizes tonight.

- Wanted to know where you were.

- So what?

- [Man] Storing up to
three tons of frozen food

and 12 cases of ketchup.

- Where were you, Eddie?

(playful instrumental music)
(audience applauds)

- Can't you turn that crap down?

- I'm tryin' to relax.

- [Charlie] Our first contestant tonight.

- [Host] Charlie, here she is,

the lovely Gretchen Hanson
from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Back for her 14th Easy Money marathon win.

(audience applauds)

- I asked you where you were.

- What the hell was it to you?

Well not that it's any of your business,

I went to see Joey.

- Joey.

Well why didn't you say
anything about it to me?

- 'Cause he doesn't wanna
see you, that's why.

He told me that today.

He doesn't wanna see you
or Claudine or anybody.

He just wants to see
me, that's what he said.

He said that just today.

- I don't believe you.

- Well that's your problem.

It sure ain't mine.

- [Mrs. Murkil] Eddie.

- What is it now?

- I've been wanting to talk to you.

- [Eddie] You always wanna talk to me.

- If you're not going to go to school,

well I'd just like to know

what you plan to do with your life.

- Oh Christ, here it comes.

Can't I walk into this dump once

without getting a free sermon?

- You might at least
think about getting a job.

- What job?

- Could be a mechanic like
your father, fixing cars.

- He didn't fix cars, he washed 'em.

The only thing he ever
fixed as another drink.

- Don't talk that way about your father.

- Why not?

Dead people are deaf.

He don't give a damn, why should you?

- I won't have that kind
of talk in my house.

(phone rings)


- What?

Moss who?

- Moss?

A party, your parents' place?

Eight o'clock, I'll be there.

- [Mrs. Murkil] Where are you going?

- Out.

♪ Man in search of love ♪

(partygoers chatter)

♪ Ventures all out on his own ♪

♪ Then in search of peace ♪

♪ Is forced to leave his home ♪

♪ To find a world unknown ♪

♪ Dreams of autumn sky ♪

♪ Descend to mark his way ♪

- [Woman] Fill it up.

- Is that all I can do for you?

How about a lube job?

- Hey hey, this is some gig, huh?

- Hey, where are your parents, man?

- Uh, up north, a fishing
trip, a hunting trip.

Who gives a damn?

♪ And leaves were meant to stay ♪

- What are we drinkin
this slop for anyway?

I got some stuff upstairs,
it'll knock your ass off.

- What stuff?

- My angel dust, baby.

It'll climb your brain
the size of a potato chip.

- Ooh, all right.

- Let's go.
- Woo!

♪ Hope is present all around ♪

- [Pluto] Cat.

I gotta ask you somethin'.

- What?

- That chick over there.

- What about her?

- What does she mean

when she said she was
gonna blow my head off?

(Eddie laughs)

- Don't worry, kid.

We'll notify your next of kin.

(midtempo folk music)

♪ And as fountains grow ♪

♪ In the conquest of today ♪

♪ Today ♪

(suspenseful instrumental music)

(chain rattles)

(record player clatters)

- Where is Cat?

We have something for him.

From Davila and Garcia, where is he?

(Eddie and woman breathe heavily)

Where is he?

- Hey Cat, get down here
quick, it's the Ruedas!

- Get him!
- Ah!

(Marble thuds)

- Hey, what is this?
- Shit!


(midtempo instrumental music)

- So, are the new (speaks
in foreign language).

Toss him a blade.

(knife clatters)

Come on, come on, I cut
your balls off, come on.

Get it, come on, you yellow?

Come on.

Come on, get it, come on.

- Look like your Silk got
yourself a dude with guts

but didn't have enough
balls to fight, even.

- Cat's got balls.

- He's a pussy!

Did you ever see Punch run like that?

Come on, let's leave
these chickenshit Anglos.

They are not worth even hasslin' with.

(partygoers chatter)

- Jesus.

What am I gonna tell the old
man when he sees his stereo?

(partygoers chatter)

- Well look who's here.

- So what happened to the lookout?

What, nobody can hear?

I asked what happened to the lookout.

- The Ruedas jumped him.

He'll be okay.

- So what are you lookin' at?

What'd you expect?

I was suppose to hang around

and let those Ruedas waste me?

- Punch wouldn't have run.

- Punch was stupid, that's why he's dead.

- Punch had guts.
- You sayin' I ain't?

- No, Cat, I'm not sayin' you ain't.

I'm not sayin' anything more to you.

(suspenseful instrumental music)

(door squeaks)

- Claudine.

I gotta talk to ya.

- I can't now, can't you see I'm leaving?

- Aw please, it's important.

- (sighs) All right,
but just for a moment.

Make it fast, Eddie, I gotta be somewhere.

- It's about Joey.

- It's always about Joey.

- He'll be out in a few days.

- I'm happy for him.

- Yeah, but that's the
thing, you shouldn't be.

I saw him today.

He told me he thought you were a bitch.

He told me he never
wanted to see you again.

- He said that?
- Yeah.

And he said that you two
ever havin' been in love

was some just some dream you were livin'.

I asked him about the good
times you two'd had together.

He said there weren't any.

- Is that all?

- Isn't that enough?

- It's more than enough.

- I love you, Claudine.

- Eddie, please.

- I do, I really do!

Joey doesn't anymore, I do.

I swear to God I do.

I love you.

- Go away, Eddie, don't
talk to me about love.

It's a word I've heard too often.

I don't wanna listen to it anymore.

- But I mean it!

- Jesus, leave me alone!

(Eddie breathes heavily)

- I can't.

I can't.

It's 'cause of Joey.

- Get outta here, Eddie.

For your sake, for my
sake, for God's sake,

just get out of here.

- Hey sweet meat, what's the delay?

You got me sittin' around downstairs,

I don't wanna sit around.

Who's the punk?

- It's Joey's younger brother.

- Who the hell are you?

- Listen Carlos, he didn't do anything.

- Garvanza, Carlos Garvanza.

I know your brother, kid.

Your brother Joey, we used
to pal around together,

we had this little game we'd play, see.

You know, he'd call me
beaner, and I'd kick his ass.

And if you don't want
me to do that to you,

you better get the hell
outta here, you understand?

- Suck off!

- Carlos, leave him alone.

- No no, honey, it's okay.

I'm just gonna show him
somethin', that's all.

(hits thud)

- Carlos!
(punch smacks)

(uptempo instrumental music)

(men groan)
(hits smack)

(Eddie thuds)

You didn't have to do that.

- Yeah, I know.

But I felt like it.

Just like now, I wanna go.


(crickets chirp)

(bushes rustle)

(doors thud)
(engine rumbles)

(ominous electronic tones)

- Yes, I know he hasn't
been in in the last week.

He's been sick.

But he'll be back in school again soon.

Thank you for calling, bye.

- Oh Eddie, I was beginning to think

you were never going
to get out of that bed.

- I'm feelin' a little better.

- I'll get you some breakfast.

- I'm not hungry.

Look, there is something I'd
like to ask you for, though.

- [Mrs. Murkil] What?

- I wanna borrow the car.

- I don't know, Eddie, I--

- I'm gonna start lookin' for a job.

That beating I took the other
night taught me a lesson.

You're gonna see a
different Eddie from now on.

- [Mrs. Murkil] You mean that?

- I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.

It's your day off, you won't
really need the car, will you?

- Well, all right.

Here you are.

- How's about a couple
bucks, just in case.

- Oh, Eddie.

Here's one.

And here's two.

Just make sure you're back early.

Joey should be getting home tonight.

- Joey, sure wouldn't wanna miss that.

(uptempo instrumental music)

- Well there.

How you been?

Keepin' yourself kinda scarce lately.

Of course, I can understand why.

- A Mex jumped me, name of Garvanza.

You heard of him?

- Yeah.

Yeah, a couple of years ago,

wasn't he the baddest ass Mexican in town?

- Well I want that son of a bitch.

I want him mashed like
a bug on a windshield.

- Hey, the Silks ain't backin' me up?

- Damn right.

- Since when do you speak for the Silks?

- Since you turned woman
in front of the Ruedas.

- Ah, is that the way you see it?

- Yeah.

- All right.

I don't need you, I don't need anybody.

I got me a friend.

(uptempo rock music)

(Eddie knocks)


(Eddie bangs)

- [Landlady] Just what do
you think you're doing?

- What's it to you?

- Well, I happen to be the landlady here.

Now what do you want?

- I'm lookin' for Claudine Murkil.

- She moved.

Day before yesterday.

- Moved?

- Yeah, probably with that Mexican guy

she's been hangin' around with.

Oh let me know when you find her.

She left all her month's rent.

(coins clink)

(phone rings)

- Department of Motor Vehicles.

- [Eddie] I was a victim in
a hit-and-run car accident.

(dishes clatter)

- Hi, Ma.

- Joey.

Oh Joey, I'm so glad you're home.

- This is something my grandmother made,

it's like a Mexican spaghetti, it's good.

Try it.

It's good!

Try it.

What's the matter, Joey
was never rough with you?

(door thuds)

What the shit?

- No shit, Garvanza.

Just ashes.

- Eddie.

- Don't say anything, either of you.

Just die, just die quietly.

What's the matter with you?

- Shut up.

- What are you doing, what do you want?

- You ask me that?

My brother away in prison,

you spreadin' your legs
for this taco bender

and you ask me that?

- What am I supposed to do for four years?

- Shut your whore mouth and tie him up!

- What?

- You heard me, tie him up.

Turn around!

Come on.

Let me do that.

- Man, what are you crazy?

What are you tryin' to do?

- I am looking for Claudine Murkil.

- She moved out.

Just like I told that other kid.

- What other kid?

- Some blonde kid about 16 or 17.

- [Joey] Thank you.

- So what happens now?

- What do you think?

- Get outta here, Eddie,
get the hell outta here!

- You haven't caught on, have you?

You're ask good as dead.

You and your cholo boyfriend.

- What are you talking
about, are you crazy?

- You're scared, aren't ya?

I'm not just Joey's little
brother anymore, am I?

- Eddie--
- Am I?

Get your things.

- Why?

- You wanna live?

- You mean I have a choice?

- You're gonna forget the Mexican,

and you're gonna get Joey.

You're my woman from now on.

- What about him?

- I think I've made that quite clear.

The hell you think you're doin'?

- Get your filthy hands off of me.

- Say that again.

- You heard me the first time.

I don't like you, Eddie.

I used to feel sorry for
you, but I never liked you.

- You wanna die, is that it?

You really wanna die?

- No, but I'm not gonna crawl anymore.

I had to crawl for Joey,

and I had to crawl for him,

and I'm not gonna crawl

for some rotten little
son of a bitch like you.

(slap smacks)

- Shut up!

- Why should I?

You poor, sick little bastard.

You actually think that gun's
gonna make any difference.

- I said shut up!

- Go ahead, shut me up, shoot me!

What's the matter?

Or can't you use that thing either?

- I'll show ya!

You think not?

Can I show ya, huh?

(suspenseful instrumental music)

(gas splashes)

(can clatters)

(flame whooshes)

- [Joey] Hi, Eddie.

- Hi.

- Out kinda late, aren't you?

- Yeah, what about it.

- Oh, nothin' about.

I was out kinda late myself,
lookin' for Claudine.

- You find her?

- No.

I wasn't the only one lookin' for her.

Landlady said there was somebody else,

a kid about 16 or 18.

- You tryin' to say that I was that kid?

- I wouldn't know about that, would I?

- Well, I can tell you right
up front that it wasn't.

- [Joey] All right.

- It could've been anybody.

I didn't wanna say anything about it

when you were in the slammer.

But for the past four years,

she's been ballin'
everybody she could find.

- Yeah.

- Niggers, Mexicans, you name it!

- That's enough.

- [Eddie] Aw, she was a whore, a fuckin'--

- That's enough!

- What's the yelling about?

- Nothin'.

- Why were you so late?

What's that smell?

- It's gas.

That's why I'm so late.

Got a job as a relief man at
an all-night service station.

- Well you could've called.

- I could've, but I didn't.

I'm tired, I'm gonna get
some sleep if nobody minds.

- [Joey] What gas station
did you get a job at, Eddie?

- What is this third degree I get

every time I walk into this place?

- Just askin' a simple question.

- Simple-minded question's more like it.

I'm pilin' outta here in the morning.

I'll come back and get my stuff later.

- Eddie.

- I hope you enjoy staying
in my room, brother.

At least you won't have
to sleep on the couch.

(engine hums)

- Hello.
- Hi.

What can I do for you fellas?

- Ah, maybe you can help us.

I'm Lt. Harder.

You got a Joey Murkil working here?

- Yeah, he's outside now
working in the service area.

- Hey, Joey.

(tools hum)

My name's Harder, maybe you remember me?

- Yeah, I remember.

Claudine dead?

- Along with Carlos Garvanza.

You and he didn't used to
get along, as I recall.

- Where were you about
10 last night, Joey?

- I was looking for her.

Looking for Claudine.

- Maybe you found her, huh?

- Lousy pig, you're not sayin'--

- Wait a minute, nobody's saying anything.

Would you slow down?

We're just checking, that's all.

- I wouldn't have killed her, I loved her.

How'd it happen?

- [Lt. Harder] She was shot.

The whole apartment was
saturated with gasoline.

- Gasoline?

(traffic hums)

- (sighs) We should've taken him in.

He's guilty as hell.

- I don't think so.

You saw his face.

He didn't even know Claudine was dead.

- All right, if Joey
didn't waste her, who did?

- I've got some ideas on that subject.

I've been having a lot of
ideas on a lot of killings

that have been happening
around here lately.

- What ideas?

- Take a right at the next corner.

There's somebody I wanna talk to.

Somebody I should've talked
to a long time before this.

(cans clatter)

- So?

- I told you I'd get
that Garvanza, didn't I?

I told ya.

- You're tryin' to tell us you did that?

- Well fuckin' A, who else?

- Well, Joey just got out.

You're always tellin' us
what a badass Joey is.

(table clatters)

- You callin' me a liar, man?

I wanna hear that.

I just wanna hear it once.

- Hey man, I ain't callin' you nothin'.

Really man, I'm not.

- Hey, there's nobody that's
callin' you a liar, Cat.

There ain't nobody at all.

- Well nobody better.

Now we've been pissin' around too long.

Things are gonna be different.

Now I got us some plans.

Let's split.

(Bumps sighs)

(can clatters)

Tonight, there's a big shipment
of TVs and radios comin' in.

We're gonna rip 'em off, no sweat.

- [Brighton] How'd you
find out about this?

- They got this rent-a-cop
works here at night.

He tilts the bottle so much,

he's got Ripple in his
veins instead of blood.

We get rid of 'em, and we
score like sons of bitches.

- What time?

- I figure we get here about 10:30.

- You sure about this?

- Funny thing about you, Bumps,

you just never seem to
know when to shut up.

- Oh, if that's the way you feel about it,

might just include myself out of this gig.

- Well who invited you in?

- No one, Cat.

No one at all.

Take me home.

(engine rumbles)

- Aw, Joey, I read about Claudine.

I'm sorry, it was horrible.

- Where's Eddie?

- I don't know.

- Don't con me, Ma.

You've got some ideas.

- Joey, surely you don't think that--

- Don't tell me what I think.

Just tell me about Eddie.

- I don't know, he's got this friend,

Marble, I think they call him.

- Marble DeMur?

He still live on Damon Street?

- I'm not sure, I--
- Give me your car keys.

- Joey--
- Give me the keys!

- I don't know why we have
to go over this again.

I've told you, over and
over, both boys were in class

for the entire period.

- Why do you get so nervous

every time you talk about it, eh?

- I don't have to tolerate
this kind of cross-examination.

I think you gentlemen had better leave.

- [Mrs. Plimpton] Who
are these people, Connie?

- Go back to bed, Mother.

This doesn't concern you.

- I asked who these men were.

- We're police officers, ma'am.

- Police?

I wanted to call you from the very first,

and she wouldn't let me.

- I said this doesn't concern you, Mother.

- Call us about what?

- The hoodlums that
barged in here last week

and threatened us.

- Hoodlums?

- [Mrs. Plimpton] We could've been killed!

- What hoodlums, Ms. Plimpton?

(Lt. Harder knocks)

- You James Edward Sturgess?

The kid they call Bright?

- So?

What about it?

- Would you mind stepping
out here, please?

- What for?

- Now listen.

If you're gonna be a bad dude,

you're gonna have to
learn to move quicker,

like your friend Moss.

We missed him.

- I don't get it.

- Let me put it to you
this way, sweetheart,

you know the alibi you had
for the Davila killing?

You don't have it anymore.

- Uh.

- You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and
will be used against you

in a court of law.

- I didn't kill nobody.

- Okay, let's go.

(phone rings)

- Yeah?

Damn right, I wanna
find out where that is.

Yeah, I know where is graveyard.


Hey, who the hell is that?

(engine rumbles)

- Ah, this is gonna be like
crashin' in a phone booth.

- Oh no man, it's not that bad.

- Well I don't plan to
be around long enough

to let it get on my nerves.

Once we unload what we rip off tonight,

I'm gettin' my own place.

- Hey, maybe we can get an
apartment together, huh?

- Yeah, sure.

- Anyway, I'm kinda tired
of the hasslin' I'm having

with my folks.

- Let's move, we got things to do.

(birds chirp)

(tires screech)
(engine revs)

- Hey, Joey, look who got--
(slap smacks)

(suspenseful music)

(club smacks)

- [Joey] Hey!

- Don't man, don't!

You're my brother, man!

Don't Joey, please, don't!

We used to have good times together.

Don't you remember?

- Bastard!


Don't you move.

And don't say a word.

There's on more thing you don't do.

Don't make me lay my
eyes on you ever again.

You're alive now.

If I ever see you, you'll be dead.

(uptempo electronic music)

Lousy punk!

(engine revs)
(tires screech)

- Jesus Christ, man, that
was some hardcore scene.

- I should've killed him!

You saw it, I could've killed him!

But he's my brother.

We've had some good times together.

That's what he said to me. (whimpers)

Let's go.

- Go?

Go, did you see what he did to my car?

- It'll still drive, won't it?

- I can't take that anywhere.

The cops'll pull me over in two seconds.

- Aw, it'll still drive.

Anyway, after tonight, you'll
be able to buy a new one.

(suspenseful music)

(guard groans)

- If I wanted horse piss.

(bottle clatters)

Hey, give.


Now I'm the rent-a-cop.

Let's go, watch it.

(engine rumbles)

- Jesus Christ, it's Ruedas!

Let's get outta here!

(men yell)

(moves into dramatic instrumental music)

(hits thud)
(gangsters groan)

(kick thuds)

(hits thud)

- I've got you now.

I'm gonna kill you!

(gun fires)

(men yell)

(hit smacks)

- Bumps.

I thought--
- oh, I wouldn't be here?

Cat, you stupid son of a bitch,

I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

- What are you doin'?

- Nothing.

Except this.

(gun fires)
(Eddie groans)

(tires screech)

(guns fire)

(sirens wail)

- [Man] What are you doin' man?

Watch it! (yells)

God damn pigs!

- [Officer] I got 'em.

(birds chirp)

- Excuse me.

I, um, I just wanted to
tell you how sorry I was

to hear about Eddie.

We were very close friends.

They call me Bumps.

I'm sure you've heard him mention me.

- Come on, Ma.

(door thuds)
(engine rumbles)

♪ Slow down baby ♪

♪ Baby you're movin' too fast ♪

♪ Slow down baby ♪

♪ Baby you ain't gonna last ♪

♪ Nightmares formin', you know why ♪

♪ It keeps hauntin' till you die ♪

♪ Too late now the die is cast ♪

♪ All your future is in your past ♪

♪ Slow down baby ♪

♪ Baby, baby slow down ♪

♪ Baby slow down ♪