Cat Chaser (1989) - full transcript

An American veteran (Weller) of the Dominican Republic intervention (LBJ era) is running a hotel in Miami, and is trying to put the memories of the intervention behind him. He gets involved with a former Dominican Republic general's wife (McGillis). He then gets duped through a series of intricate plot twists into helping a group of people trying to rip the general off. Based on the novel by Elmore Leonard. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[music playing]

[music playing]

NARRATOR: In the spring of
1965, the United States

Marines invaded a Caribbean
island called

the Dominican Republic.

-We are not the interveners
in the Dominican Republic.

NARRATOR: Every so often, George
Moran has this dream

about when he was
in the Marines.

Starts in different ways, but
it always ends up the same,

running down these streets,
trying to kill somebody he

doesn't know who's trying
to kill him.

[music playing]

-Cat Chaser, up here!

chasing too much pussy, Cat

Chaser, huh?

Too much pussy for
you, Cat Chaser!

NARRATOR: Well, he'd have
this dream two or

three nights in a row.

It's got to do with getting
shot in the Dominican

Republic, making democracy safe
for Gulf and Western.

You probably don't remember
that little war.

on, Cat Chaser!

Up here!

Yeah, man!

I'll show you some real
pussy, come on!

how are you today?

You know, you've got a trash can
up there on your terrace


-That's not my name.


Prado's not your name?

Well, that's the name your
husband signed when you

checked in.

-My husband.

You think that guy's
my husband?

He's a Puerto Rican
piano player.

-Well, whoever you are,
we're-- we're

happy to have you.

Want me to turn on some music?

See, we got these little, uh,
outdoor speakers now.

-I'd like you to beat it
and leave me alone.

I don't talk to pool cleaners.

[radio music playing]

[humming to music]

-Jerry, what's the name
of that tune?

-Uh, "Sailing Away
On Your Kisses."

-Never heard of it.

When you get a chance, dumb
the garbage for me?

-The piano player's
back, George.


Yeah, I just passed him.

-He's got a case of champagne.

Gonna be a big night.

-I imagine he needs
it with that dame.

-Honest to God, another dead
soldier in their room.

Brandy touchin' bottom.

You ought to see how they
tear up the bed.

Honky SOB.

What do I get paid for
anyway around here?

-Hi ya.

Looking for a room.


Fill out a card.

-This is the Coconut
Palms Resort

Apartments, is that correct?

-That's correct.

-Then why don't I see
any palm tree?

-Some bugs ate 'em.

-You call this place the Coconut
Palms, there isn't a

single palm tree out there?

Isn't that false advertising?

-That'll be $30.

You're number five next
to the office.


How about if I sit out by the
pool and drink my beer, and I

don't take your room?

How much is that?

-That's also $30.

For the ambiance
and the music.

-I don't hear any music.

-I haven't turned it on yet.

Tell you what, thought.

You can take your 6-pack
on up the road.

Maybe you'll find something more
to your liking, a little

less expensive.

-Being courteous to people who
come in off the street, I

imagine that can be a pain in
the ass sometimes, right?

-Can if you let it.

NARRATOR: Nolan Tyner.

Sounds Irish or made up.

He's got a tattoo that says he's
Army Airborne, but then

again, anybody can
get a tattoo.

Sometimes you see somebody,
and you see yourself going

down a road you could
have gone down.

Sometimes you run a mile,
and sometimes

you take them a beer.

-Here's a cold one for you.

Your's must be getting
pretty warm by now.

-Very kind of you.

Halls of Montezuma, huh?


I take it you're Airborne?

Not by any chance the 82nd?

-That's the one.

-2nd or 3rd Brigade, maybe?


You're leading up to something,
aren't you?

-Matter of fact, I wonder if you
were with the 82nd down in

Santo Domingo during
the rebellion.

-You don't mean to tell
me you were there?

-So you were Airborne?

What the hell did I bring
you a beer for?

-You felt something,
a kinship.

One grunt snippin' another.

-I'm going back there


-Santo Domingo.

-Jesus Christ, what for?

-I don't know.

See if it looks the same.

Look up some people.

Doesn't seem to be anything
going on.

Now it's all El Salvador,

-If there's any place we can
go in down there and fuck

things up, we'll find
it, don't worry.

-You been back to
the DR since?

-Man, I ate that chow
just one time and

got Trujillo's Revenge.

I partied with one girl--


And took home a dose.

I take a vacation,
man, I go to Las

Vegas where it's sanitary.

At least there if you sit on the
john, you only lose your

wallet, you know what I mean?

Well, well!

-I'm not going to say
it's a small world.

-You want to know
how small it is?

You got a couple Dominicans

up in that end apartment.

The, uh, piano player and
the broad, the lovers?

My sheet says the piano player
might be Puerto Rican.

-You're sheet?

What do you mean,
you're "sheet?"

-The uh, ID's of the people
I got under surveillance.

The broad, for example.

She's married to a Dominican
guy by the

name of Andres DeBoya.

Miami big bucks,
and I mean big.

-Wait a minute.

That woman up there?

-They got a house on Biscayne
Bay looks like the fuckin' Taj

Mahal, only bigger.

-That's right.

But that woman isn't
Mrs. DeBoya.

-How would you know?

-Mrs. Andres DeBoya is form
the same place I am



She's no more Dominican
than me.

Her name's Mary Delaney.

She's, uh, a nice
looking woman.

In fact, she's--

she's a nice person.

-Maybe it's a different

A relative.

-How many Andres Deboyas
are there?

He's Dominican.

DeBoya worked for Trujillo.

He's a general in charge of
something or other down there,

I don't know.

-Something or other?

Try the head of the fuckin'
secret police, man.

The Coscos Blancos.

How do you know him?

Lucadendra Country Club?

-I played golf with
him a few times.

Actually, it's twice,
the same foursome.

That was enough.

-Too rich for your
blood, the bets?

Little Nassau?

-Nah, the guy cheats.

You believe it?

-How about Mrs. DeBoya?

She cheat, too?


[phone ringing]

the chatwood.

Go, go, go!

the first down and then some!

The 40!

[phone ringing]



Oh, you mother!

Yeah, Coconut Palms.

I What's wrong?

-Sir, I'm doing the
best I can.

Please, I--


De we have a guest named, uh,
Prado staying with us?

I don't recall such a name.

-Let me see.

-Come on, what is this?

-What was the name, Pravo?


Gimmie those, man!

Come on, let's see
what you got!

-I told him, George, that
they're private property.

I'm not supposed to show
this to anybody.

-That's right.

Besides, we don't want
to show 'em to you.

-George, we're not getting
anywhere fast here, are we?

What you got, maybe
two units rented?

You got lights on in
one unit I can see.

Maybe you're in there
watching a ballgame.

Which I wish I was home doing
right now myself.

We can knock on every door you
got, George, you know, but I

don't want to wake
up any of your

guests, cause a commotion.

Give the place a bad name.

That's where I stand.

What I want to know know,
George, is where you stand,

why you're being

Does he owe you rent money?

-Come on, George.

Cut the shit!


Go on outside, OK?

Go ahead.

I can handle this.

Fuckin' spics.

Somebody told them they have
hot blood, they have

to live up to it.

Don't worry about Corky.

I'll put him on a leash
if I have to.

-Or I could call the cops.


The name is Jiggs.

Jiggs Scully.

I'm an ex-cop myself.

City of New York, borough
of Manhattan, George.

Bet I can talk to the cops
better than you can.

-Business consultant.

-Yeah, now I'm a business

Right now I'm going down
to see Mr. Prado.

Where you come in--

I'm going to knock on his door,
he don't answer it, then

I might have to kick it in.

I mean, the business
I got with him is

that pressing, George.

-You can knock on the door.

He doesn't open it,
you don't go in.

You can talk to the cops.

We'll see how good you are.

-OK, pal.

He don't open the door,
I go home and watch

the ballgame myself.

How's that sound to you?

JERRY [OFFSCREEN]: I didn't like
'em at all, that type.

They come into a place, you
know they're going to take

whatever they want.

-Maybe yes, maybe no.

-At first I thought it was
going to be a stickup.

-You better stay by the phone.

You look up the precinct



or is it 2911?

I don't know what it is,
but you better be sure.

it like my own number.

-Jerry, they're coming down.


wait a minute, 7859--

Mrs. Prado, is

everything all right?

-Everything's lovely, George.

Go on back to the ballgame.

-Mrs. Prado?

-George, you got nothing
to worry about here.

We're gonna go out and
have a few pops.

You have a nice evening.

[music playing]



[banging on door]



Hey, Nolan!

-What's the matter?

-Two guys came in looking
for the piano player.

You hear what I said?

What time is it?

-It's about, uh, 10:30.

They came out with him
and the woman.

They said they're going for a
drink, but I don't think so.

They're putting them into a car,
a red and white Cadillac.

-You paid up?


-So forget about it.

What else can I tell
you, buddy?

-You can cut the buddy shit and
tell me what the hell's

going on here!

Now who's that woman with
the piano player?

-Hey, you were right.

That Dominican broad's
not DeBoya's wife.

She's his sister, Anita.

-There's 1,000 motels on the
beach, they picked this one.


-I don't know.

Come on.

I really don't.

I was hired to watch
Anita, and, uh--

and sort of keep my eyes open.

-For what?

For what?


See who come to visit you.

Jiggs said--

you want his exact words?

He said, "Keep your
eyes open for

a broad." -Go on.

-Sort of blond-streaked
hair, good looking.

-About 32?

-Yeah, well, he said
around 30.

-What else you do for money?

Anything your told, huh?

-There you are!

NARRATOR: George had the dream
again that night, and in the

morning he just headed out,
straight for the airport.

Well, not quite straight.

-George, how we doing?

Hey, your team won
last night, huh?

-Which one was my team?

-The Lions.

You're from the Motor
City, aren't you?

-What'd I do?

-I don't know, George.

Suppose you tell me.

Or, uh, tell Mr. DeBoya there.

He wants to ask you something.

-How much frontage
do you have here?

-Oh, about 120, 130 feet.

I forget.

You're talking about a
difference of about $200,000.

-Numbers aren't my
game anymore.

How's your golf?

much do you want?

The real estate guys
call up every week

are up over $2 million.

-I'll give you $2,200,000.

-You want me to go
away, Andres?

Come on, what's your game?

Well, whatever it is, the
Coconut isn't for sale.

I like it.


I asked you why.

-I live here.

It's my home.

-You live in that?

-I live in that.

I don't know your sister, and
I haven't seen your wife in

over a year.

I want you to understand that.

I never made any moves
on your wife.


NARRATOR: Funny how you
can tell the truth

and still feel guilty.

I guess it has to do with sins
committed in the mind being

sins just the same.

[music playing]

Eastern flight number 907 has

arrived from Miami at gate 6.

[music playing]

-Do we have all the suitcases?

I-- no, I think we already
have them.

Where's the map?


You carried it on the plane.


-Hi, George!




-Yeah, right, Philly.

How are you?

-How are you?

Good to see you.

You remember Marilyn and
Liz from the club.

-Marilin, yeah.

Hi, sure.

How are you all?

What are you doing down here?

-We came for the polo matches.


You, too?

-No, I'm staying in
Santo Domingo.


-Oh you're staying at
the country club?

-No, I'm staying at
the El Presidente.

-Well, if you're in town for a
couple days, maybe we could

get together for a drink.

We'll call you after
the polo matches.

-I'll be in town a
few days, yeah.


See you then, George.

[music playing on radio]

Como se llama?

is Bienvenido, senor.


I got a friend who was here
with the 82nd Airborne


He says we should have just gone
into the old section, the

rebel area, and ended the whole
thing in 15 minutes.

-Ah, yeah.

I believe it, too.

-You were here?


I always be here.

-What side were you on?

-This side, three
taxicabs ago.

-Bienvenido, you do
something for me?

-Yes, I will.


I want you to put this message
in the newspaper, in "Listin

Diario," all right?

-OK, sure.

-Tell them to put a box around
it, you know with lines around

it so it'll stand out, OK?

-Yeah, sure.

-And English.

-OK, English.

-See if you can read it.

-"Cat Chaser is looking for
the girl who ran over the

rooftops and tried to

kill him." -Muy bien.

You understand?

-Cat Chaser?

-Well, that's the name
of my platoon.


well, anyway, she'll understand,
you understand

what I'm saying?

-Yes, I understand.

You want this girl, but, uh,
if you can't find her, you

want another girl?

GEORGE [OFFSCREEN]: [laughing]



Uh, [spanish].

-[speaking spanish]

-[speaking spanish]

-[speaking spanish]


[music playing]

Oh, here we go.


That's for you, and for you.

And that's it, you cleaned me.

No mas, I got no more.

You got me.

NARRATOR: Doesn't seem real to
think about running and hiding

and never seeing anything unless
you're pointing a gun

at it, in this very street,
these very people.

WOMAN [VOICE]: [spanish],
Cat Chaser!

Cat Chaser!


WOMAN [VOICE]: [spanish], I'll
show you some real nice pussy.

Come on, see if you can
take it, Cat Chaser!



Right here, Cat Chaser!

-Hold on, Luci!

-Oh, no!

[music playing]


MAN [OFFSCREEN]: Luci, look
at your Cat Chaser now!

NARRATOR: He remembered the
feeling of being a hurt

animal, helpless and
disbelieving and frightened.

[phone ringing]



I don't believe it.

Come on, what are
you doing here?

Where are you?

I don't believe it.

[music playing]

NARRATOR: It was true what he
told DeBoya, the he never made

any moves on his wife.

But they recognized each
other from the start.

Mary Delaney and George knew
where they came from and how

they got where they were.

They had a guilty secret.

When they met at parties
and restaurants,

they never said much.

Towards the end, it
was just looks.

-Make up your mind, Moran.

Are you going to hole
me or that beer?

-I think we blew a fuse.

[music playing]

tell-- tell me what you're

doing in Santo Domingo?

-I came down in a lot
with some of the

girls from the club.

Polo buffs.

-Yeah, right.

I ran into them at
the airport.

You're all staying here?


-Not very chic.

-We stay at Casa de Campo.

-Oh, yeah?

What are you doing here?

-Well, Phily told me you
were staying here.



So I thought I'm come say hi.

-You came to this hotel just
to say hello to me?


I came to Santo Domingo
just to see you.

-You said--

you said you came here
for the polo.

-I lied.

I didn't plan on making
this trip.

Phily called me last night to
try to coax me, and told me

that she saw you
at the airport.

I've bared my soul to you.

-It's a nice one.

I'm getting excited
all over again.


what about polo?


Polo's boring.

[music playing]

you're telling me why you

married him.

-I was, um, 28, and all the
good guys were taken.

-Maybe when you married him, you
thought you could change

him, turn him into
a teddy bear.

He's not at all cute, Mary,
I'll tell you that.

Maybe you thought you
could make him cute.

-No, that's not true.

I think I just decided that he
was fascinating, that's all.

-What do you think of him now?

-I think he puts on that front
so nobody will know what a

real asshole he is.

-So walk away.

What's the problem?

-Because I told you before, I
want him to understand why I'm

leaving him.

I don't want him to think it's
for any other reason except

that we shouldn't have been
married in the first place.

-You don't like the guy.

What other reason is there?

-I signed a prenuptial

If the marriage ends in divorce
for whatever reason, I

get a flat settlement
of $2 million.


-So, see?

He could think I'm divorcing
him for the money.

-You didn't want to sign it?

-No, George, I didn't.

I didn't want to make a business
deal with him.

I wanted to marry him.



Well, if it was his idea,
then it's his idea.

If you're worried about what
he thinks, I mean, uh, you

want to prove your sincerity,
then don't take the money.


Except I like being rich.

They dragged

me into this courtyard.

I thought they were going
to go kill me.

Then the girl brings me
a bottle of beer.

Says her name is Luci Palma.

She's 16, skinny, beautiful.

There we were, two kids
in a courtyard.

An hour earlier, she
could have shot me.

Now she's bringing me first
aid and a bottle of beer.

And then you know what
she says to me?

She says, "Who do you like
better, the Beatles or the

Rolling Stones?"

Rolling Stones?"

[speaking spanish]

Luci Palma.

-Oh, man.

No, wait a minute.


-Can I assist you, Capitano?

-Yeah, just tell-- tell
them I'm not the one.

-I would say, you are
the Captiano.

-Yeah, look, look, there's
not one of them over 30.

They're too young!

to go wait in the bar.

-Wait, don't!

Help me!

-No, you're doing fine, George.


Just stay with it.


[speaking spanish]

-If you permit me?

-To do what?

-My name is Rafael, but most
people I'm known as Rafi.

I think your friend should know
that none of those girls

could be Luci Palma.

-I think he knows that.

I think he's just having
a little fun.

-That's good.

-How did it go?

-Well, it was different.


-Well, if you're through
casting, I'd like to introduce

you to Rafi.

This is the, uh, infamous
Marine, Jorge Moran.

RAFI [OFFSCREEN]: You've come
all the way out here to find

Luci Palma.

-I just came to Santo Domingo
to see it again.

You know, as a tourist
this time, you know?

-You live where,
in what state?


Pompano Beach.


That's a nice place.


Yes, it is.

George owns the Coconut Palms.

-I think I've heard
of it, like the

Fontainebleu in Miami.

A big place.

-Yeah, well, it's not so big,
but it's, uh, very classy, if

you know what I mean.

-Maybe I can be of help, find
out where Luci Palma is.

-Well, I don't think
she's still there.

-Oh, yes, yes, I think so.

She just lives someplace else,
like La Romana, Puerto Plata.


I'll find out for you.

-I appreciate it.

I don't want you to
go to any trouble.

-I just make a few phone calls,
I'll find out for you.

Well, I just--

-Put it in my hands.

Excuse me, but I have business
to take care of.

I'll call you later.

I hope to see the buddy
of the Marine again.

It's been a pleasure.

-I'm surprised he didn't
click his heels.

-Well, you know, your Dominicans
are very, uh, very

polite people.

-Tell me about it.

-That's right, you have one
at home, don't you?


[music playing]

[speaking spanish]



Don't slouch like that.


Hey, you want to be rich?


You got to learn how to smile.

-What do I get?


The world.


You're home!

When did you get in?

-When did I get in.

You're watching me get in.

-How was your trip?


-I skimmed the swimming pool.


-Didn't find any used condoms.

There ain't no alligators.

Two broad from Fort Wayne
left, and the old

couple with the Buick.

Nothing's new other
than that..

-How about old business?

-Latin lovers, they broke up.


-Last time we saw the guy that
broke them up, you were

treating him to one
of my beers.

-Jiggs Scully.

Ah, he's all right.

Nice guy.

-Yeah, good old Jiggs.

Turns out he works for DeBoya.

-Yeah, there's a few things I
got to explain to you, George.

-Will it take long?

-George, that's not nice.

You see, Jiggs doesn't exactly
work for Deboya.

DeBoya just uses him from time
to time for the heavy stuff.

-Prado, the piano player.

That's heavy?

-Jiggs is like a
bill collector.

He's on call.

Some guy has an outstanding
debt, some drug dealer's

skimming, they call Jiggs, and
Jiggs straightens it out.

-What are you getting
into, Nolan?


I'm not getting into anything.

-You going to start wearing a
black overcoat, pack a gun?

-They don't wear overcoats
down here, George.

You got a cold one
in that fridge?

-If you left any.

-I'm just telling you who's
who, that's all.

-If you'll excuse me, Nolan,
I want to rest

and get cleaned up.

-Hey, that's right.

Now was the trip?

-I'll tell you all
about it later.

-You going to be around?

-I don't know.

I may go out.

-I want to hear all
about it, George.

What was you're platoon down
there, Ass Chaser?

You get much this time?

-Get outta here.

NARRATOR: He should have
sent him on his way.

Nolan was a ghost, and
he didn't need that.

Now was when he had to be clean
and clear, to believe he

and Mary could make it,
which is certainly

a lot of make believe.

-It's a Mr. Delaney.

-Who are you supposed
to be, a relative?

Do you have any?

-Not around here.

They're all up in Michigan.

I'm visiting.

I miss you already.

MARY [ON PHONE]: I do, too.

-Can you talk?

-No, not comfortably.

you seen him?

-We said hello, yes.

-Did you kiss him?

MARY [ON PHONE]: Yes, I did.

On the cheek.

Do you know the Hilton
on, uh, Collins?

I know where it is.

-Be there tomorrow.

What time?


-How about noon?

I'll be there.


-I love you, George.

-Gentlemen, I want you to meet
a couple friends of mine.

-We had a wonderful time.

The weather was perfect.

A couple of thunderstorms,
but it didn't last.

-I saw that, um, that
friend of yours.

The one with hair like a lion.

-You mean Marilyn?


-She was with us.

When did you see her?

-Saw her yesterday.

I was going to the club.

-And she told you that I would
stay an extra day.

She didn't say anything
about that.

Talked to me about polo.


-She doesn't know anything
about polo.

She didn't even know who
was in the tournament.

-Well, I guess what we really
like is the atmosphere more

than anything else.


Did you see anybody you know?

Phyllis got us invited
to a-- a party.

Mostly embassy people.

-You see anybody from here?

-Outside of our group?



-You didn't see, um,
what his name?

That-- that guy that was
kick out of the club?

The one from your city.

-Who, George Moran?

What would he be doing
in Santo Domingo?

How do you, uh, know
he was there?

-How do I know he was there?

Because people tell me.

Besides, when I want to
find out something,

I always find out.

You said you were there when he
was there, but you say you

didn't see him.


[phone ringing]


MARY [ON PHONE]: He knows.

NARRATOR: There's nothing like
adultery in rented rooms in

the afternoon to cure that
clean, clear feeling.

They knew after just
one pass that this

wasn't the way to go.

Mary said she'd tell him went
she want home, but George

didn't believe it.

You have to be all
in one place to

do things that straight.

There was something in Mary
that was split, and if he

hadn't known what it was,
there was somebody on

hand to tell him.

-George, how we doing?

You know, you mention Andres
DeBoya's name to people who

know anything about him, it
shrivels their balls right up.

And if you don't have a pair of
the biggest ones in town, I

don't know who does.

What do you say we have
a drink, talk

about this and that?

How about The Jungle
Bar up on Bayshore?

Know where it is?

Across from the yacht basin?


-Not too long ago, I'm at the
track with Mr. DeBoya and a

gentleman by the name
Jimmy Capotorto.

Now, they start talking about
their trouble with money, like

a couple of broads discussing
unruly hair, split ends.

Jimmy Capotorto says in Buffalo,
he used to have a

vault in the floor of his
basement, but they got no

basements here.

DeBoya says, you don't
need a vault.

There's a lot of places
to hide money.

It'll be safe.

-Now I missed some of the next
part because I'm out shagging

drinks for the two of them.

I come back, and DeBoya's
saying, put away what takes

you a year to make and keep
it close by so you cant

take it with you.

Now George, how much do you
think a guy like DeBoya has

put away in ready cash in case
he has to slip of into the

night and show in Mexico
as Mr. Morales?


I don't know.

How much?

-Couple if mil, easy.


-What do you want me to say?

me where he keeps it.

-How would I know?

could find out.

Ask his missus.

-Why would she tell me?

-'Cause she thinks you're
cute, George.

'Cause she thinks her husbands
a bag of shit. 'Cause she'd

like to dump him and play
house with you.

'Cause if I knew exactly where
it was, I could be in and out

of there in two minutes, and
your troubles would be over.

-Oh, yeah?

Why would they?

-Because Andres DeBoya would be
dead, George, and you and

the missus could sail
off into the sunset.

Now I can get the guys and go in
there blazing six guns, and

tear the place up.

We'll find it, but that's
the hard way.

And I can't be responsible if an
innocent bystander, if you

understand what I mean,
gets in the way.

-Yeah, you must have been really
thinking about this a

long time, huh?

-Walking it around, scratching
my head.

And you come along, and I think
here's a chance to do

something for the
happy couple.

If they'll do a little
something for me.

What do you think?

-This, uh, money DeBoya's got,
it's like emergency an fund?


In case he has to bail
out in a hurry.

-Well, if he's ready to do it,
like at a moment's notice, why

don't you spook him?

Turn in some kind
of false alarm.



He runs with it, you're
waiting for him.

Saves tearing his house apart.

-That's not bad, George.

That's not bad at all.

Sounds to me like you're
in the wrong business.

-The casual Hilton
Hotel attire.

-Capitano, so good
to you see again.

-How'd you know I was
at the Hilton?


-Mr.Moran, I've come here
important because I have bad

news to tell you.

-Wait up there, Nolan.

-Loret Encana, this young lady,
has so much to tell you.

-I am the sister
of Luci Palma.

-You are?

-Luci's dead.

-She is?

-I found out the day you left.

I found out about Loret--

-Wait up there, Nolan!

How did she die?

him how she died.

She was killed.

wait a minute, Nolan!

-She was killed,
shot to death.

-What are you doing, Nolan?

-Hey, I hear we're
in business.

Is that right?

-Four years ago, I think.

-You're over your head, man.

-It was yesterday.

-So what else is new?

-She was so good to me.

-You better stick to drinking.

-I live with her.

-That's what I'm doing, man,
what's the difference?

-She sent me to school.

-Shut her up for a
second, well you?

-Now I got nothing!

-OK, OK.

-I live in a terrible place!

-How long has Jiggs been
following Mrs. DeBoya?

-Tell him how was killed.

-Since the guy's sister's been
shacking up with the piano


-Tell him how she was killed.

-What a minute!

Whoa, whoa, God damn it!

Just a minute.

You know what he
asked me to do?


They take her!

-Come on, yo know
what he wants?

-He wants--

They take her.

-He wants you to ask your lady
where he hides the cash.

-Don't call here my lady.

-What's so hard about that?

her from her house!


Call her on the phone
right now!

shut up for one second?

-I live on the Ozama River!

It's terrible place!

-OK look, take your hooker and
get the hell out of here, will


-My hooker!

-Listen to me, you dumb
son of a bitch.

--I swear--

-This is a no-win situation.

The best you're going to get out
of this, if you're lucky--


-I mean if you get out
with your life,

it's 15 to 25 at Raiford.

George, I swear--

-Hard time, you hear me?

-I swear to you on my
mother's honor!

-Keep your mother out
of this, pendejo!

-You think the wrong thing
about me, my friend!

-You better wise up, Nolan.

do you think I want?

-You know this fat fuck
is a knee-capper, man.

do you think I want?

-Not what.

How much.

-You accuse me?

-Yeah, I accuse you.

-DeBoya's sittin'
on top, George.

Look at the guy!

He's a fucking walking death
squad all by himself!

-You make it sound ugly!

-And he's married
to your lady!


-I'm not the one fucking
DeBoya's wife!

-Oh, yeah?

What do you mean by
that, asshole?





-I can't fuckin'--

I can't fuckin' swim!

I can't--

I can't fuckin' swim, George!

-There you go.


-Just take it easy.

Take it easy.


-Just take it easy.


Fuck a duck, George.

-How the fuck did you ever
get to be Airborne?


you got a cold one, George?


-What's the matter with you?

First you come rolling in
like a medicine show.

Got your little helper
with you, fine.

Except every guy to her
is like a trick.

You can see it in
her eyes, man.

She can't wait to get
your fly open.

Second, you picked the wrong
guy from the standpoint you

didn't pick the right one.

You follow me, Rafi?


-It's right there in front of
you, and you done even see it.

You tried to shake down Moran
and his girlfriend.

What about the girlfriend's

He's the guy with the
prize, not Moran.

Moran's one of the good guys.

-The husband.


You want to score today,
partner, you got to get into

the action that's going down.

You got to spread a little
terror, get people scared,

man, like you're part
of some wild-ass

revolutionary movement.

You understand what
I'm saying to you?

-Get people scared.

-Remember the revolution?

-Of course I remember
the revolution.

I could have fought senor,
but I was too young.

-Yeah, well, Che, your time
has finally come.

[latin music playing]


-Shut up.

First I want to show
you something.

Read this, and then
make a decision.

-Let me understand this.

The, um, the divorce settlement
is now an option?


-And it's up to you whether you
want to honor it or not?


It is up to me.

-Andres, before you insisted on
a $2 million settlement no

matter who ended it.

-I've change my mind.


[music playing]

-Wait here.

I'll be back in about an hour.

-Mrs. DeBoya?

Mrs. DeBoya!

Please wait!

I'm supposed to be with you!

Mrs. DeBoya!

-Excuse me, sir.

You have to move the--

[music playing]

[tires screeching]

-You better love me, Moran.

-Look at me, I'm dying.

-I mean you better be
in love with me.

-You bet I love you.

-The dock blew up.

The police have been in and out
of the house all morning,

questioning me, Andres,
the help.

Mostly Andres about what
political groups would

threaten him.

-There's a guy named Jiggs
Scully works on and off for

your husband.

You know him?

-Yeah, I've heard of him.

-He's been following you.

He knows what we're doing.

He knows Andres got a couple
million hidden in the house.

He says if we tell him where it
is, he'll go in the house,

he'll take the money, he'll
kill Andres as a favor.

-A favor?

He must be pretty sure that
we'd go along with it.

He can always deny it.

If something did happen
to Andres--

-Mary, we don't need any help.

Come on, we don't have to hope
that the guy has a heart

attack or falls off his boat.

All we have to do
is walk away.

-I know.

I'm not hoping for anything like
that, but it would make

it easy, wouldn't it?

NARRATOR: There's always a
moment when things change,

become something else,
for better or worse.

what would you do if you noticed
it when it happened?

Nothing, probably.

JIGGS [OFFSCREEN]: I never seen
so many dead tough guys

on one wall.


I guess you knew 'em
all, General.


-I asked around.

-What did you find out?

-I got a contact in Little
Havana, guy named Benigno.

He says it's the Democratic
Revolutionary Front.

-That has nothing to
do with me, Jiggs.

That's a Salvadoran movement.

-Evidently they don't give
a shit you're Dominican,

Nicaraguan, whatever.

You come from the
ruling class.

You're a bad guy.

-Why the dock, thought?

-Get your attention.

A little terrorist foreplay.

Then when you aren't lookin',
whammo, they hit you a good

one for real.

Get their initials
in the paper.

I wanted to ask you, I, um,
I locate any of the party

responsible, General, you're
going to want to

prosecute, I take it?

-In my own way.

I'd feel about it myself.

You have 'em arrested,
they're back on the

street in 24 hours.

I understand, from what I heard,
you were the livin'

expert in getting people to tell
you things they didn't

want to back in the old days.

-You want information.

When you're questioning someone,
the trick is not to

ask them any questions.

-You don't ask them anything?


Just always take a person's
clothes off.

you always do that.

When they're totally naked,
sometimes that's enough.

And if it isn't, then, uh,
subject the person to--

to an unpleasant experience.

Increase it little by little.

After a while, he will be
pleased to cooperate with you

if you stop the unpleasantness.


-That's where we left her!


You meet Che?

Shake hands with Che Amado, one
of your premier fanatics.

-I bet you know that!

You think I come here to
bite you for money.

I had you fooled!


-Yeah, you had me fooled,
all right.


-Which one of you goofballs did
the job on the boat dock?

-That was Nolan, the powerman!

-That's "powderman"
in the trade.

-Aw, shit.

-Hey, nothin' to it.

Slip in there in a Donzi,
half-speed all the way, me and

my shipmate who steered in
12 pounds of plastique.

Drift in, boom!

The dock's gone.

Could have done the
whole house!


-Who did the graffiti?

-Did you see his work?

Che's ace with the spray
paint, right, Che?

-No es nada.

-We're going to publicize
DeBoya's past sins.

Unless he pay!

-Tell George what the man did
when he was in charge down


-What he did?

-Tell him what DeBoya
did to people.

Tell him!

-He liked to sew their eyelids
to their eyebrows.

And women, he liked to cut
their nipples off.

And men, he cut everything

Now you call those
big, uh, tijeras?


-Yeah, cheers.

Cut all your business off.

I had an uncle he--

it happened to.

-Well, shears, have
another drink.

-No, no.

I don't feel so good, Nolan.

I don't like to think
about it.

I think I go lie down.

I don't feel so good--

-Don't throw up on
the floor, Che.

You hear?

Use the bano!



He's using you.

-Jesus, I hope so.

I need to be used, man.

-Come on, Nolan.

This isn't your kind of thing.

-Is that right?

Tell me what I'm saving
myself for.

-How does Jiggs know she
won't tell her husband

what's going on?

How does he know I
want tell him?

-Well, shit, there you are.

Because I told Jiggs
you're my bud.

We see eye to eye.

I told him your the old
Cat Chaser, George.

Jiggs got a kick out of that.

He sees the humor in life.

-Hey, look.

Hey, look!

You listening to me?


-I'm not in it.

-What happened?

You changed your mind?

-I never was in.

-Well, Jiggs says you gave
him a hell of an idea.


shit, man!

I'm not in!



I didn't give Jiggs anything!

See, what he's doing, Nolan--

what he's doing, he's using you,
and by God, he's going to

dump you when he's
through with you!

He can't afford not to.


We made a pact, us against
them, shirts against the

skins, man!

-I don't know what I got to do
to get something through to

you, man.

-I'll live.

-Yeah, until you die.

Jerry'll hum it for you while
you're going down the tubes.

-Ah, fuck you.

-Another week, you'll be
down to Thunderbird.

-Ah, shit, is tomorrow's
the big day.

-What happens tomorrow?

-We hit DeBoya, that's
what happens.


George, wait, wait!

You don't want to
go over there.

Deboya'll kill you!

Just tell me-- tell we one
thing, and be honest.

Tell me you don't want
to see the man dead.

[music playing]

NARRATOR: That same dream
was different now.

Mary was in it trying to be Luci
Palma, and other people

were shooting at him.

And when he woke up, one of them
was there, and after that

it was all a dream.

And being awake didn't
help one little bit.

-If you're not doing
anything, I'd like

you to come see somebody.

DeBoya wants to have
a word with you.

-You serious?

-Put your shoes on.

I'll take you, bring you back.

-What about?

-George, come on.

You get there, you can play
it any way you like.

In the front seat, George.

-[speaking spanish]


I don't want to go anywhere.

Tell them.

Tell them, please!

-It's OK, George.

Get in the car.

-Sit back and shut up.

[music playing]

-So the Italian guy says,
keep the dog.


-What do you call the worst
blow job you ever got?




-George, all I did was
write something.

-Hey, daddy-o!

What's happening?

Some party, George.

-OK, Andres, what's going on?

-Hey, Jiggs, where's
the girls?


I can't swim!

-Hey, he can't swim!

-Where you goin', asshole?

I can't swim!


-He can't sw--

-We're gonna get out
of here now.




General, I have information.


Santo Domingo.

Your wife and the Marine.


I can tell you everything
about Santo Domingo.

[speaking spanish ]

I know, General!


[music playing]

-Let's drag this piece
of shit out.


Get up.


-Get out of bed.


What are you doing?

-Take your clothes off.

Come on!

Take your clothes off.

Lay on the bed.

Come on, lay down.

So you like to fuck in
hotel rooms, huh?

He stick it here?

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth, God damn it!

Hold it right here?

[mary crying]

-Or here?

Or here?


-Please don't!



-I haven't finished yet!

Get in there, you
fucking bitch!

Get in here.

I don't give a fuck if
you read it or not!

Sign it!

Sign it, God damn it!

Now pack your stuff and get
that fuck out of here.

Get the fuck out!

[music playing]

NARRATOR: Truth is we're
animals, all of us.

If you forget that, you're
lying to yourself.

It took Nolan having his
last cold one to get

that through to George.

A small price to pay
for enlightenment.


[music playing]

[knock on window]

Coconut Palms.

-Yeah, Jerry, call the cops.

JERRY [ON PHONE]: Who they
coming for, George?

-Well, they're coming
for me, God damn it.

Oh, God!



-Wait a minute, George.

Well go inside.

-No, I got a lot
of work today.

A lot of work.


[speaking spanish]

-Mucho trabajo.

Much, mucho trabajo.

-Nah, you don't work
today, man.

It's too hot.

We go inside, huh?

You got, uh, something
for Senor DeBoya, no?

-Yeah, you think I'm going
inside with you, you're out of

your fucking mind.

Look, asshole, you know there's
people watching here.

You sabe

"witness?" -Oh, yeah?

I don't see nobody.

Yeah, testigo, comprende?

All the ventanas?

-Yeah, well, I say
we go inside.

-Come on!

Come on!

NARRATOR: Like I said,
we're all animals.

-Sergeant Roscoe, it's to come
to my attention that there's a

bomb out at, uh, 700
Arvida Drive.

The DeBoya place.

And you may not have noticed
this, Sherlock, but this is an

anonymous call.

Just get your ass out
there, will you?



[speaking spanish]


-Boy, am I glad to see you.


-Mary, just--

-Don't touch her, God damn it!

I'll snap his fucking neck,
I swear to God!

You're going to die, you know?

You're going to die, and I
with to God I could do it

right here, right now.

You tell him yet, Jiggs?

-George, you got a problem?

-Yeah, see that slob
works for you?

You see him?

He's going to take
you down, Andres.


-George, you been drinking?

-And I don't know why in God's
name I'm telling you.

-George, please get
in the car.

-You'll get it, Andres!

He'll kill you if he
gets the chance!

evacuate the area.

Please evacuate the area.

-Sir, you're going to
have to evacuate the

premises right now.

I want everybody out
of the house!

What happened to

you, a train wreck?

like that.

What happened to your mouth?

-He hit me.

-Is it sore?

-Not bad.

-The way your lower lip
sticks out like that,

it's kind of sexy.

-You want to bite it?

-I think I might.

You hit him back?


I hit him first.

It only made him madder.

-First rule in a street fight,
never throw a punch unless you

can finish it.

-What are you, Moran, my
trainer or my lover?

Come here.

-Get the bags.

-Hey, this is it, huh?

I'll tell you, General, you'll
be a lot more comfortable in

this place than Boca Raton.

Got a sauna and everything.

-What you got in there?

-I got a .44 mag Browning
automatic, 12-gauge pump, some

flares, and a 5-gallon
can of gas.

What else you want?

I thought you might need
some protection.

-Let's go inside.

-Help you with the
bags, Corky?

-That's OK, Jiggs,
I can handle it.

-I was gonna say, General, I
don't think you needed to pack

those bags.

-You never know, my friend.

-Bomb squad'll take the day.

You shouldn't be gone
more than one night.

You can call 'em now.

You got a phone.

See what they found.

-We can do that later.

-I wondered, uh, cops
say who called 'em?

-No, they didn't.

They don't know yet.

Jiggs, I've been thinking
about what that

guy Moran said before.

That, uh, that you want
to take me down.

What did he mean with that?

-The only thing I can figure
out, he was trying to confuse

you, General.

Get your head turned around
so he could run

off with your wife.

You want me to, I'll
go pay him a visit.

Where's the can in this joint?

I got to take a leak so
bad I can taste it.

-In the back, to the left.

[music playing]



-Something I learned along
time ago, General.

Never take out your joint with
guys you don't trust.

Now drop the guns
in the toilet.

Go on, go on!

That's the way.

You too, Corko.

In the toilet.

That's it.

Now I want you to take
your clothes off.

That's what you do,
right, General?

Strip 'em bare ass.

Come on!


-How much you want for
my life, Jiggs?

-I'm gonna make it easy.

Only take your suitcases.

You're gonna love
this, General.

State of the art.

Factory modified.

They call it a Hush-Puppy.

Come on, General.

Take it off.

Take it all off, like
the broad says

with the shaving cream.

You too, Corko.

Drop your jockeys.

Keep an eye on the General
there, he don't try to cop

your joint.

Shoes, everything.

It's got a slide lock
here on the side.

You fire once, it doesn't eject,
so you don't hear the

slide kick open.

You guys ready?

Just leave your clothes
where they are, there.

See they don't get wrinkled.

OK, get in the shower.

Come on, move!

-Both of us?

-Both at the same time.

Watch yourself, Corko.

Don't drop the soap.


Turn the water on.

Get it how you like it.

-What the fuck, you
son of a bitch?

-Just turn the water on,
will you, please?


[music playing]

-The lady.

One step ahead of all of us.

-My settlement.

You love me?

What's the matter, cat
got your tongue?

You're looking at it, but you
can't believe it, huh?

-Nah, I believe it.

How much is in there?

-I don't know exactly.

But anything over $2 million
Andres gets back.

I only want what I have
coming to me.

-You didn't count it?

-It's the first time I've
ever even seen it.

I made the switch when Andres
was downstairs.

Come on, George, don't
be like that.

Money make you nervous?

-Where'd he hide it?

-The bed.

-Come on, just lying there?

-Inside a marble safe
that looks like the

pedestal of his bed.

-He showed you that?

I mean, he trusted you?

-Why not?

Something to impress the broad,
a fortune under the

marriage bed.


-Then I got worried that he'd
get suspicious when I left and

go upstairs to check, so I
packed two suitcases with some

old magazines and shoved
them under the bed.

-Wait a minute.

You planned this?

How come you didn't tell me?

-I didn't plan it.

I just did it.

I was mad, my mouth hurt.

You see a problem?

-Do I see a problem?

Oh, baby.

I don't think "problem"
is the word.


If Andres comes, we just won't
give it to him, that's all.

I'll tell him to see
me in court.

-And if Jiggs Scully
comes, what are you

going to tell him?

-I'll be God damned if he's
going to get my money either.

NARRATOR: Mary Delaney DeBoya,
one of life's mysteries.

They sat out by the pool like
they were on a vacation from

reality, a not so young couple
with money under the mattress

and their golden years
ahead of them.

Mary read a letter from Luci
Palma, and she didn't seem to

be scared of Jiggs
Scully either.

-"He is glad you did
not kill him.

I wish I had seen you, but
I tell people I know

you here in the war.

You did not sit behind

You came to find us, and I'm
very glad I did not shoot you.

Do you still like the
Rolling Stones?

Affectionately, Luci
Palma de Valera."

-Hey, you getting fan
mail, George?

That's not hard to understand.

You got a nice way about you.

Mrs. DeBoya, how you doing?

-Where's Andres?

-The General?

Last time I saw him, he
was in the shower.

George, you got a toilet
I could use?

That morning coffee goes
right through you.

-In the house.

-Thank you.

Appreciate that.

Be right back.

-No, no, no.

I, uh, I have another cup, I
might as well stay in the can.

I was hoping we could have a
talk, just the two of us.

You understand?

Not get emotional.

Why do that, huh?

I thought, uh, maybe we could
lay it out, come to some kind

of understanding what
we got here.


What do you want?

-Well, you got a couple of
suitcases, and I got a bunch

of magazines I'll never read,
so I'll trade you.

But first, you got to tell me
because the suspense is

killing me.

How much are we talking about?



Here's what we do.

You keep the $200K
for yourself.

That's yours, for
your trouble.

And give me the rest.

I mean, that's $200,000 for
sitting on your butt watching

the ocean roll in.

So what do you say?

MARY [OFFSCREEN]: And what if
we don't give it to you?

-The you got a big
fucking problem.

Let me explain something
to you.

I put a lot of time into this.

I'm relying on that
for my retirement.

I get in trouble, I can't go
to the Social Security.

I worked my ass off, put up with
all kinds of abuse from

your husband.

Incidentally, where'd
he keep it?

The money?

-Under his bed.

-You're kiddin' me.


Under the fuckin' bed?

Where's it now, under yours?

I can not believe it.

I should believe anything now.

So what do you say, George?

-Mary says no.

You don't get it.

[music playing]

-Being realistic, George,
what do you say?

-It's her money.

-I'm gonna show you something.

What's that over there in the
corner, looks like a vase?

-It's a vase.

-Ta da!

That's my magic act.

Hardly a sound.

Not even a pop.

You're walking along Collins
Avenue, all of a

sudden you fall down.

People right next, they
didn't hear a thing.

What's this?

A good lookin' broad have
a heart attack?

Understand what I'm saying?

It'll happen anywhere,

Or you could give me
the suitcases.

We can part friends and
with each other luck.

-You're saying we don't give you
the money, you're going to

kill the both of us.

It's just that simple, right?

It may not be right now.

-Nah, probably wouldn't now.

-But it could happen any time.

-You got that way with
words, George.


That's all I wanted to know.

Coconut Palms.

Jerry speaking.

-Jerry, call the cops.

-George, am I hearing things?

What are you going to tell 'em,
some bullshit about I

threatened you, I
did the General?

There isn't anything you can
give the cops they can put on


-I didn't call them for you.

NARRATOR: George understood
Jiggs better now that he'd

killed him.

It wasn't really all that
difficult, not once you pulled

that trigger in your head.

He'll never be as good at it as
Jiggs was, but he won't be

George Moran again, either.


George, you OK?

NARRATOR: Sure he's OK.

He's just made the
dream come true.

He's killed somebody he didn't
know who was trying to kill

him, and he's scared and
doesn't know what the

hell's going on.

But they've got to each
other, and $2 million.

What's not to be all right?

[music playing]