Casualties (1997) - full transcript

A woman tormented by an abusive, sadistic husband desperately tries to find her way out of her predicament. She discovers that she may have found the solution in, of all places, her cooking class--she finds out that one of the men in her class is even more of a sadistic psycho than her husband, and she hatches a plan to get him to kill her husband. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(suspenseful music)

(pensive music)

(bass thuds)

- [Annie Voiceover] This
is the story of a murder.

Several murders, in fact.

(bass thuds)

It begins with the
men in my life,

but don't think
it's a love story.

That was my first mistake.

(bass thuds)

In the end it's just
a little fairy tale

about feeling desperate,

and that's what
makes it my story.

I ran away from
home when I was 19.

When I met Bill, he was
the man of my dreams.

Bill used to say it was
love at first sight.


(glass crashes)

If that's we started with,

soon faded.

- Annie!

You left this door
open all night.

You know, somebody
coulda gotten in.

- Oh, I guess that storm the
other night must've warped it.

- Let's get it fixed, huh?

- I got something to tell you.

- Oh yeah? How 'bout telling
me what's for breakfast?

- Cereal.

- Don't they teach you how
to make a real breakfast

in that cooking class?

- [Annie] We haven't gotten
to breakfast yet, Bill.

- I thought you wanted
to learn how to cook.

- This cooking class
was your idea, remember?

- [Bill] So you don't
wanna learn how to cook?

- I didn't say that.

- [Bill] Good.

- I've got something
to tell you.

- 'Cause soggy flakes every
morning ain't cuttin' it.

- I got a job!

You know that grocery
store over by the freeway?

Well, I was there the other day

and they were
hiring, so I thought,

why not go for an interview?

- Is that what you thought?

- Anyway, I got the job.

I can start Monday.

But I said I'd better check
with my husband first.

(Bill laughs)

- It's, that's, it's great,
honey. I'm proud of you.

Don't think I'm not proud
of you, 'cause I am.

It's just that, you
remember what happened

with that secretary
job last year?

All that phoning and faxing

and sitting at the
computer all day?

We never had a chance
to see each other.

Come on, you don't wanna go
through that again, now do you?

- No.

- Tell those losers over
at the grocery store,

you know, thanks a lot,

but you like it
here just fine, hmm?

- Okay.

- (clucks) I gotta go.
I'll call you later.

- [Annie Voiceover] That's
where the trouble begins.

You're isolated.


Murder could be the
last thing on your mind.

- 'Cause you married me
and you're stuck with me.

Like the man said, till
death do us part, baby.

(Bill snorts)

- [Annie Voiceover]
But every day

it gets harder and
harder to breath.

(Bill choking)
The more suffocated you feel,

the more you wanna do somethin'.

- I'm okay.

- [Annie Voiceover]
I didn't run away

because sooner or later Bill
would end up killing me.

I ran away because
sooner or later

I knew that I'd let him.

That's what it's like
to be a prisoner.

All you can think about
is trying to escape.

You'll rely on
anything. Even luck.

You run for the sake of running.

You run even though
there's nowhere to go.

I almost made it, too.

But I always underestimate
how much Bill loves me.

You might say that he
more than loves me.

He needs me.

(sniffles) He'll be right out.

- Hey, Annie.
- Oh, Clark.

You scared me to
death. (sniffles)

- I'm sorry. Is Bill ready?

- Yeah, he'll be right down.

- You know, I haven't seen you

since the award
ceremony last month.

- Right. Congratulations,
by the way.

- On what?

- On being a hero, with Bill
and Beth and everything.

- Oh. Yeah.

- [Annie] Bill made me
have the picture framed.

You must be really proud.

- I'm just glad nobody got hurt.

- Yeah.

- You know, I'm gonna
wait by the car.

- Sorry, Clark.

Annie has us running a
little behind this morning.


Honey, be sure to change
the fluids in the car, okay?


- I'll take care of it.

- How you doin', man?

- [Annie Voiceover] So
there I was. Trapped.

No chance of divorce.

No life.

No way out.

- This is it?

- What do you mean?

- I mean...

What about a side dish?

How 'bout some sausage or bacon?

Since when does
anyone serve eggs

without some sorta side dish?

You know, I gotta be
honest with you, Annie,

it appears as if, by the
looks of this breakfast,

that you're not focusing

on the cooking aspects
of your cooking class.

How many men are in that class?

- I've told you a thousand
times, Bill, it's all women.

- You're cheating
on me, aren't you?

- I'm not cheating on you.

- Just listen to me.

You can tell me. You
don't have to lie.

- Bill-

(Annie gasps)

- What? You gonna cry?

You gonna cry like a crybaby?

Just remember
while you're crying

who saved you from that
freak called Daddy.

If I hadn't come along,

you'd still be taking baths
with that sick old fuck!

Without me you're nowhere!

- I just want to make you happy.

- Oh, you want to make me happy?

- Yes.

- Then how 'bout a
fuckin' side dish!

- [Annie Voiceover]
Which way do you turn

when there's no way out?

Which way do you turn?

- Ladies?


If I could have your attention,

I'd like to introduce you

to the newest
member of our class,

Mr. Thomas Nance.

- Ah...

Call me Tommy, please.

- Tommy it is.

(chef chuckles)
- Thank you.

- Hey, Beth.
- Hey, Annie.

How you doin'? Bill said
you'd be here tonight.

Then you realize you're
dying of boredom.

- Eh, it's not so bad.

- (laughs) Yeah, right.

So what are you doin' here?

I told Mike that if
he learned how to cook

I'd be his sex
slave forever, so...

(Annie giggles)

Oh, I get it.

Bill gets a little
variety in his menu,

so you get a little
variety in yours.

- No!
- Yes!

I saw you checkin' that guy out.

- No!
- Well, I don't blame you.

I'd kinda like to
peel his potato.

I'm gonna leave you two alone.

- You need a partner?

I could use all the
help I could get.

You know, to be
perfectly honest,

I've always been a miserable
failure at side dishes.

How 'bout you?

- Me too.

- I didn't get your name.

- Annie.

- That's pretty.

- [Teacher] All right. Now,
tonight we're going to focus-

- Oh.

- [Teacher] On a
plethora of side dishes.

- It's starting.

- [Teacher] Okay,
first I want you all

to break into partners.

- Goodnight, Annie.

- Goodnight, Beth.

- [Tommy] May I walk
you to your car?

- I don't know.

- Who's your friend?

- Beth? Oh, she works
with my husband Bill.

- Isn't she a cop?

- How do you know?

- Teacher must've mentioned it.

- [Annie] So you cook?

- A lotta men cook.

- Not the men I know.

- Oh, so you're saying

maybe I have an ulterior
motive for being here?

- No! I-
- Like maybe I'm here

to pick up girls or something?

- No!
(Tommy laughs)

- It just so happens that
I travel a lot in my work

and after a while
every restaurant starts
to taste the same.

- Where do your
travels take you?

- Oh, Europe, South America.

Last year I went to China.

- China?

- Would you like to go to China?

- No, I...

Well, I'd kinda
like to go anywhere.

This is mine.

- This is mine.

- So you're not cooking,
what do you do for a living?

- May I take your picture?

- What?

- [Tommy] What's your last name?

- Summers.
(shutter clicks)

- [Tommy] Annie Summers.

- How do I look?

(shutter clicks)

- Lonely.

(shutter clicks)

- [Annie] Hmm.

- Sorry.

(Annie laughs)


- I just can't
remember the last time

a man apologized to me.

- [Tommy] I'll have to
do it more often then.

- You never answered
my question.

- [Tommy] What
question was that?

- What is it that you do.

- For a living?
- Yes.

- I kill people.

(Annie chuckles)

(Tommy laughs)

- [Annie] What do you really do?

- Ah, photographer.

I'm doing a project on suburbia.

- What would you say if I
asked to take your picture?

(pensive music)

- How do I look?

- You look lonely too.

(shutter clicks)

- I guess you're
looking pretty forward

to your cooking class tonight.

You got home pretty
late last time.

- I got home around
the usual time.

- [Bill] You came home at 10:30.

Usual time's 10 o'clock.

- We must've run late.

- We?

- I must've run late.

- Honey, you don't
get home on time,

I worry about you.

- Clark?

- Annie, hi.

I didn't think Bill ever
let you out of the house.

- Oh, well, I sneak
out once in a while.

Didn't expect to see you here.

- Yeah, well...

It's my day off and I figured
I'd better stock my kitchen.

- Well, doesn't Sarah
do your cooking?

- Yeah. Yeah, she did.

- Oh, I'm sorry.

- Well, apparently I'm
too boring. (chuckles)

The fact that I'm a lousy
cook didn't help either.

- Well, I guess

it's not as easy as we thought
to find the right person.

- Yeah, well, we
all make mistakes.


Bill and I go back
to high school

and I know he's not a
prince or anything...

(Clark sighs)

Look, I don't wanna
step on any toes,

but I know people
who could help you.

- I called the police
twice last year.

I guess when it
comes to protection,

they start with their own.

So I appreciate your concern,

but there's really
nothing you can do.

(ominous music)

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

- Hey, Beth, it's Annie.

Do you know if Bill is
working late tonight?

- Uh, yeah. He was just typing
up a report when I left.

- Oh, I guess I'll
just leave his dinner

in the fridge then.

- Hmm. Look, stop
worrying so much.

And don't be late for class,

'cause it's soup
and salad night.

(muffled gunshot cracks)


- [Woman on TV] Why
are we moving so fast?

- Mikey! Honey, can
you turn the TV down?

- [TV] Let go of me! Please!

- Come on!
- What are you doing?

(ominous music)

You're hurting me!
(Beth gasps)

Help! Help!

(woman on TV screams)

- Now, the first step
in preparing the souffle

is a very challenging one.

Again, crack your egg
on the side of the bowl.


Now tip the egg to one side

and carefully pass the yolk

from one half of the
shell into the other.

And there, you see?

It's easy.

- (laughs) You did it.

- Not without making
a mess in the process.


If I lost this,

you never would've forgiven me.

(soft music)

- [Teacher] Has anyone
seen Beth tonight?

You sure?

- [Annie] Where were we?

- My parents.

Pretty much raised myself. I
did some time in the military.

That's where I started
to get interested

in photographing things.

What about you?

- Oh, my mom died when I was 12

and my dad, well, I think
he's alive somewhere.

We didn't really get
along, so I ran away.

That's when I met Bill.

- Coffee and one peach pie.

- Thank you.
- Anything else?

- No.
- Okay.

If you need anything
else, just gimme a holler.

- Thanks.

May I ask you something?

- Sure.
- What would your husband do

if you lost your wedding ring?

Would he hurt you?


Look, I'm sorry. It's
none of my business.

- No, and it's, um,

it's not your problem.

I, uh...

I really,

I really should get going.

- If somebody's hurting you,

they should be stopped.

(somber music)

- Sometimes he hits me.

- [Tommy] Sometimes?

- A lot.

- Have you gone to the police?

- [Annie] Twice. But
they can't do anything.

- Well, maybe I could
offer another alternative.

I knew a woman

who went through the same things

you're going through
with her husband.

- What did she do?

- [Tommy] She had him killed.

- How?

- You don't wanna know.

- [Annie] I do.

- Pretty terrible.

She had him decapitated
with an axe.

- Oh my god.
- While he was sleeping.

- That's so


- See, I'm glad
you feel that way.

I told her... (laughs)

I said, don't do it like
that. It's so messy.

You see, my motto is
keep things simple.

Do your homework, carefully.

The rest is, ah,
execution, so to speak.

(brooding music)

- What happened to the woman?

- I don't know.

I'd like to think that she
lived happily ever after.

- [Annie] So where do you
stay while you're in town?

- Oh, I have this place downtown

I like to stay at
whenever I'm here.

- Uh-huh. Hotel?

- No, that's too public.

I do business here more and more

so I finally rented a place.

It's really nice.

You oughta come visit sometime.
Do you ever get downtown?

- No, you know. My husband.

- Ah.

You know, in China they have
this saying about women:

"She can live the
life of a prisoner,

she can live the
life of a princess,

or she could be herself."

(pensive music)

Which one are you?

- Oh, this is getting confusing.

- No. This is getting exciting.

(crickets chirping)

- [Bill] You coulda called.

I was getting ideas.

- I...

I'm sorry.

I stayed late to help clean up.

- (laughs) I don't want you
going to that class anymore.

- Bill.

- I know I didn't turn out
the way you wanted me to.

And I know I'm not perfect.

(cylinder clicking)

But you don't have
to go cheat on me.

- I'm not.

- Don't lie to me.

- Bill!

Just give it to me.

(ominous music)

Take it.

Before I do something
stupid with it.

(Annie gasps)

- No, Bill! Bill!

- Who is it?
- No! No one, please!

- Who is it?
- No one!

- You're killing me!

(Annie screams)
(hammer clicks)

(Bill sobs)

Just don't go to
that class anymore.

I don't want you going
to that class, okay?

- Murder-suicide. It's
the third one this year.

Excuse me.

Husband takes her out, then
he sits in his favorite chair

and turns the gun on himself.

Did you know him?

- No, not enough
to explain this.

- It's tough. I
gotta take a piss.

You wanna finish this?

- No thanks.

(police radio chatter)

(bell chimes)

- [Waitress] Here you go.

- Thanks for meeting me.

- You all right?
- Yeah, I am.

I had to wait for Bill
to leave for work.

- [Tommy] Well, you sounded
so upset on the phone.

- Yeah, well, uh...

I can't come to class anymore.

I wanted to say goodbye
to you face to face.

I didn't want you to
think I was mad at you.

- You could leave him.

- He'd find me.

- [Tommy] You could run away.

- I've got nowhere to go.

- You could come with me.


Come away with me.

- I don't even know you.

- You know enough.

I'll be leaving soon.

I want you to go with me.

I want to take care of you.

It's simpler than
you think, Annie.

One day you wake up,

you're someplace new,

someplace beautiful.

No Bill.

Just you and me.

(brooding music)

- I can't.

- I can.

- I can't.

I can't.


(ominous music)

(Zippo clinks)

(floorboard creaks)




You're home early.

- Daddy was right.

Give the bitch an inch

and she'll rip your
fuckin' arm off.

- What's wrong?

- I had a bad day today.

Beth's dead.

- What?

- [Bill] Mike killed her.

- What?

- I came home to tell you,

but you weren't here.

So I went looking for you.

(ominous music)

Get off my fuckin' bed.

(belt buckle rattles)

- Bill, no!


- [Bill] Let go of that!

Let it go! Who is he?
- No, Bill! Please!

- Who, you bitch?

Fucking bitch!

- [Annie] No! Stop it, Bill!

No! (screams)

- Who is it?

Who is it?

- [Annie] No! No!


(thunder rumbles)

- [Clark] Hey, you
got my messages?

- You forgot your faxes again.

- Hey, I'm sorry.

- Try checking your
box once in a while?

(ominous music)

(man whistles)

(mouths silently)

- Damn.



- Hi, Clark.

- Oh my god.

- [Annie] It's gonna be okay.

- I want you to take this.

And you use it if you need me.

Take it.

(Annie moans softly)

(brooding music)

(distant bell tolls)
(thunder rumbles)

(rain pattering)

- You won't have to do anything.

- There's nothing you can do.

- I know.

I understand.

You're the first person
the police would look to.

(suspenseful music)

Whatever happens, it has
to look like an accident.

Tell me more about
Bill. His routine.

He leaves for work
about 9:30, doesn't he?

- [Annie] Every morning.
How did you know?

- [Tommy] I guess his day's
probably spent patrolling, huh?

Answering calls for help?

- [Annie] That's right!

- [Tommy] Pretty
high-pressure stuff.

If you wouldn't mind,

I'd like to come by
your house tomorrow.

- [Annie] Why?

- [Tommy] Just to visit. Check
in, see how you're doing.

- [Annie] Oh! You, you can't.

What if Bill came home?

- [Tommy] It would only
be for a few minutes.

- [Annie] No, I,

I can't allow that.

- Doesn't this door close?

- It's warped. What...

I told you not to come here!
- How are you feeling?


(foreboding music)

- You have to leave!

- A very nice neighborhood.

It's a little
quiet for my taste,

but I think it's perfect.

May I use your bathroom?

- What if Bill comes home?

- [Tommy] Are you expecting him?

- No.

- Do you know what ZTA is?

Using the proper dosage,

it can cause unconsciousness
for about 30 minutes.

See, but the trick is to
use enough to be effective

and still not enough
to be detected later,

you know what I mean?

God, you look pretty today.

I just wanted to come by and
make sure everything was okay.

- I'm fine.

- I wish there was more
I could do for you.

- You've already done so much.

- Not yet.

But I will.

- I appreciate what
you're saying, you know.

I really do.

But everything's under
control. It's all right.

- I saw her.

I saw her face.

- Hey, how are you?
Good to see you.

(phone rings)

You know, there's something
my daddy always told me.

Good advice.

He said, "You want to
keep your good friends?

Stay out of their bedrooms."

- Look, Bill, all I'm saying is

if you're having trouble then
you should talk to somebody.

You can talk to me, talk to her,

but you gotta talk
to somebody, man.

- Is she talking to you?

- No-
- No, is she talking to you?

- Listen to me now.

If she's talking to you, she's
giving you half the story.

Did she tell you
she's cheating on me?

- Whether she is or
not is irrelevant.

You're beating on your wife

and you need to
check yourself, man.

(police chattering)

(phone rings)

(Bill sighs)

- [Bill] Okay.

(crickets chirping)
(wind chimes ring softly)

(foreboding music)

(dial tone hums)

(phone beeping)

(line ringing)

(phone rings)

(ominous music)

(phone ringing)

Where are you goin'?

You wanna go to your
cooking class, don't you?

- Yes.

I know you're gonna be mad-

- No, listen, it's okay.

- Tonight's the
final exam and I,

I really have to go.

What's that?

- Well, it's

just a little somethin' I
grabbed for you on the way home.

- You bought me flowers?

- Yeah.

- Um...

There's chicken and potatoes
in the oven for you.

- It smells good. (chuckles)

- [Annie] Yeah. It has pesto.

- What? What-so?

- Pesto. It's kind
of a seasoning.

You mix it up with potatoes.
It makes a great side dish.

- Sounds like pretty
complicated stuff.

You sure you can't stay?

I mean, there's a
ballgame on tonight.

I figured we'd take
it in together.

- I'll be home soon.

I promise.

- Oh yeah, okay.

I'm not goin' anywhere.

(crowd cheering)

- [Announcer] And
knocks the ball away.

A well-timed leap-

- It should be seamless.
- He's a nice man.

- Well, you know,

I guess you just never
really know about people.

Well! Look who's back.
- I'm sorry.

- I'd just about
given up on you.

- I'm sorry I'm late.
Have you seen Tommy?

- Nope, not tonight. Maybe
he's late too, I don't know.

- [Announcer] And Best
makes the second free throw.

(door creaks)

- [Announcer] What
was he last year? 62%?

- [Announcer] 62%, that's right.

And give a little of that
credit to a fine coaching staff.

- [Announcer] Exactly,
yeah, and the fact also

that the team's intact
from last season.

(TV volume lowers)

- [Announcer] When you know
how to play with each other

as much as these guys, you know,

experience builds confidence.

- [Announcer] Okay,
Hazle comes in with 3:15-

- [Bill] Annie?

- [Announcer] Evans is out.

15 on the shot clock.

- [Bill] Annie?

- [Announcer] He skies
to finger-roll it in

and it's down by seven.

(dog barking)

(wind chimes ringing softly)

- [Announcer] Much respect
for his outside shooting.

- [Announcer] Right now
he's forced Adams to commit.

Here comes Delwood
to pick him up,

leaving Richards free for
the easy pick-and-roll.

Nice pass from *. Very good.

And Michaels dribbles
across the time line.

(tense music)
(crickets chirping)

Now rewarding him,
takes and drives.

Reverse layup
blocked by Delwood.

(dog barks)

(TV announcers chattering)

Sure it is. Tough defense
is what it's all about.

Delwood intimidates Donovan
into a difficult shot,

he knocks the ball away.

Double-times it, leak right,
Adams blindsiding Dawson,

leaving the possible
three-point play.

Oh! It's a bad foul there.

Yeah, he should've just taken-

(air whooshing)

Now Christie's taken
out and Kennedy is in.

Stewart makes the free
throw. They're down by two.

Coming in is Evans for Mike
Lewis. He's got 14 points.

(tense music)
(students chattering)

(phone rings)

(line rings)

(coin rattles)

(ominous music)

(line rings)

(phone ringing)

(faucet running)
(phone ringing)

(ominous music)

(water splashing)

(phone ringing)

(phone ringing)

- I'm comin'.

(shutter clicks)

(body thuds)

(tense music)

(TV announcers chattering)

(engine cranks)

(tires squeal)

(chilling music)

(Bill screams)

(crickets chirping)

(Bill groaning)

(Bill grunts)

(Bill laughs hoarsely)

(Bill shouting)

(tires screech)

(dramatic music)

- No!

(blood splatters)

(tense music)

(Bill grunting)

- Annie.

- I told you I'd save you.

(gunshot cracks)

(heartbeat thumping)

(TV announcers chattering)

(heartbeat thumping slowly)

(clock ticking)

(distant traffic honking)

(soft jazz music)

(dishes clink)


- Where's Bill?

- I made crepes. Just like
the ones we made in class.

Fresh-squeezed orange juice.

And look what I
found at the market.


It's what you wanted.

- Where are my clothes?

- Everything will
be all right now.

- I need my clothes!

- You can do anything you want.

- Don't say that.
- You'll be safe with me.

- [Annie] I have to go back!

- You mean leave?

- Yes!

- Leave me?

- Yes!

- Fine.


Whatever you want.

(dial tone hums)

Wanna turn yourself in?

Be my guest.

- You had a knife.

- Your knife.

Your fingerprints.

Your home.

Your marriage.

- But you...

- I wasn't even there.

You can't go back, Annie.

(brooding music)

Why would you want to?



(dark, pensive music)

Drink it. Please?

Is it good?

- [Annie] Mm-hmm.

- I got a surprise for you.

- What is it?

- [Tommy] A present.

As long as you're with me you
have nothing to worry about.

Nothing at all.

- We have a corpse.

We have a knife
wound in the abdomen,

not to mention a gunshot
wound in the chest.

What we don't got is a wife.

Call me a novice, but
I think it's a safe bet

that the prints we pull
from said .38 and said knife

are gonna fit her like a glove.

You knew her, didn't ya?

- We spoke a few times.

- You were friends?

- Not really, no.

- Bill's car's in the garage.

- So if both cars are here,
then how'd she get away?

- On foot? I don't know.

- Maybe with someone else.

- Look, Clark, I got
murder in the first

with a vicious fuckin' intent.

You got a theory about your
friend, fine, give her a call,

but don't her fuckin' husband
to answer because he ain't in.

(soft, pensive music)

- Would you like to go away?

- Where?

- China. We leave in 48 hours.

You miss him?

Are you sorry he's dead?

(Tommy sighs)

This is my last job, Annie.

All I want now is you.

(pensive music)

(shutter clicking)

(rain pattering)

(thunder rumbles)

(thunder rumbling)
(rain pattering)

- The search continues
for a Santa Clara woman

whose husband was found
brutally murdered in his house.

Santa Clara police
are looking everywhere

for the wife of the victim,
who has all but disappeared.

The victim was a
local police officer,

best known for his involvement

in what has become known
as the doll shop drug raid

that caused major damage
and subsequently shut down

a large South American
drug operation

known as the Buena
Ventura cartel.

(rain pattering)
(thunder rumbles)

(somber music)

- Nine months ago I got a tip

that a doll factory
was using slave labor.

Bill and Beth check it
out. Only, surprise-

- Yeah, I know, I know.

And they were making
heroin instead of dolls

and you guys are heroes.

You put the Buena Vista cartel

out of business
for a couple weeks.

- Buena Ventura.

- [Polito] Whatever.

- Bill and Beth are dead.

- So you think maybe
the Buena Adventure

put out a hit on Bill and Beth?

- Two domestic
killings involving cops

who both took part
in bringing down-

- Bill's no hit.

Professional hits don't
normally use a kitchen knife.

You don't think the wife did it.

- I don't know.

(haunting music)

- I miss ya, honey.

(spoon clinking)

I'll never let you go.

(gunshot cracks)

(chilling music)

(chimes ring softly)

(keyboard clicking)
(soft jazz music)

(dishes clatter)

(shower running)

(ominous music)

- Good morning.

Sleep well?

I know it's confusing.

You can't go back.
Your husband's gone.

And as far as the
police are concerned,

I don't even exist.

(distant siren wails)

It'll be over soon.

And we can go away.

And we can forget any
of this ever happened.

(chilling music)

(Annie yelping)

- Don't!

- It's all right!


(soft, brooding music)

It's all right.

Everything is
gonna be all right.

(Annie breathing heavily)

(chains rattle)

There, you see? Plenty of room.

You can go anywhere you like.

- What if I want to leave?

- [Tommy] Every relationship
has its boundaries.

- Are you...

Are you gonna kill Clark?

- I have to make arrangements
for your passport.

Tomorrow morning
we leave for good.

- Tommy?

Have you ever killed
anyone you loved?

(brooding music)

(motor whirs)

(engine cranks)

(chain rattles)

(Annie grunts)

(somber music)

(Annie groans)

(pensive music)

(suspenseful music)

(jars clinking)

(tense music)

- [Tommy Voiceover] Do
you know what ZTA is?

Using a proper dosage,

it can cause unconsciousness
for about 30 minutes.

See, but the trick is to
use enough to be effective

and still not enough
to be detected later.

(brooding music)

- So.

They found another set
of prints at Bill's.

- Whose?

- Yours.

You go there a lot?

- No.

I mean, I've picked
him up for work

every once in a while.

- Ever seen this?

- [Tommy] Sure.

- [Polito] You and Bill go back.

- So?

- Why don't you tell me what
happened here the other day.

- That was personal.

- Anything to do with the wife?

(Clark sighs)

- He was beating her.

- So she killed him.

- No. No, I don't think so.

- Then who did?

(police chattering)

- Are you calling me a suspect?

(distant traffic honking)

(garage door clanks)

(gate clangs)

(motor whirring)

(chain rattling)

(elevator clangs)

(gate thuds)

(silverware clinks)

(keys jingle)

- Annie?

(cuffs click)

(chain rattles)

Do you forgive me?

- Yes.

- Will you go away with me?

- [Annie] Yes.

- Really?

- I'm sorry about before.

I should've trust you.

I know you were only looking
out for our best interests.

- What's this?

- I made us lunch.

(cork pops)

(soft jazz music)

How is it?

- Delicious.

- Good.

Tell me about China.

- What do you want to know?

- Oh, um...

Where will we stay?

- Well, we'd have to find
a place to live first.

They have residence permits
that are called hukou.

They're difficult to get, but...

Especially for
women. (chuckling)

We'll get one.

- Will you be finished
with your work tonight?

- Yes.

(ominous music)

(Tommy groans)

(both shout)

(dishes crash)

(Annie screams)

(tense music)

(keys jingle)

(suspenseful music)

(Tommy shouts)

(Annie shrieks)

(elevator clangs)

(Annie screams)

(Tommy shouts)

(Tommy shouts)

(Annie panting)

(motor whirs)

(elevator thuds)

(Annie panting)

(gate clangs)

(elevator rumbling)

(ominous music)

(keys jingling)

(elevator groans)

(gate rattles)

(Annie yelps)

(chain rattles)

- [Annie] Are you
gonna kill Clark?

- Changed the reservations.

We leave tonight.

Then tomorrow we start over.

You got a problem with that?

- No.

(light buzzing softly)

(ominous music)

(suspenseful music)

(Annie grunts)

(wrench squeaks)

(Annie gasps)

- Little elves down at
the lab found a surprise

in the blood samples
gathered at the scene.

Lab results confirmed
the blood of the victim

along with the blood
of someone else.

- Annie?

- I already checked
her out. She's type O.

Found type A and
type B at the scene.

Bill's type A.

- I'm type B.

- So far I'm the
only one that knows.

In the meantime I'm having
forensics run a comparison

between your blood and the
blood found at the scene.

You got a problem with that?

- No.

- The way I see it, we got
three questions left to answer.

If the blood found at the scene
is not yours, whose is it?

What does Annie
have to do with it?

And where is she?

(pensive music)

(keyboard clicking)

- Going home?
- Yeah.

- Forgot your faxes again.

- Sorry.
- Try and check your box

once in a while.
- I most certainly will.

Thank you. Thank you.

(foreboding music)

(microwave beeps)

(shotgun cocks)

(haunting music)

- Why are you smiling?

- How do I plan on doing it?

- How do you mean?

- My suicide.


- You'll be sitting
when it happens.

- What if I don't want to sit?

- You'll be standing
when it happens.

Shall I assume it's loaded?

- You shall.

May I ask you a question first?

- [Tommy] What?

- Where is she?

- [Tommy] Who?

- Annie.

Oh, you didn't know
about us, did you?

Well, she tells me everything.


intimate detail.

- Anything about me?

- Well, let me think.

Does 1187 Hundertwasser
ring a bell?

(microwave beeps)

(chilling music)

(gunshot roars)

(gunshots crack)

(tense music)

(car engine cranks)

(tires squeal)

(suspenseful music)

(tires screech)

(wrench rattles)

(Annie grunts)

(pipe squeaks)

(elevator rumbles)

(Annie gasps)

(tense music)

- Did you kill him?

(Annie gasps)

(Annie shrieks)

(Annie growling)

Did you kill him?

Did you kill him?

- Yes!

(Annie sobs)

(ominous music)

(faucet running)

(helicopter buzzing)

(haunting music)

Do you still want
to go away with me?

Do you want to stay here?

I could help you.

(shotgun cocks)

(shrimp boiling)

(soft jazz music)

I could make it painless.

(glass crashes)

(tense music)

(Tommy grunts)

(Tommy screaming)

- Oh my god!

He said you were dead.

- Are you all right?
- Yeah.

- Where is he?

- He's downstairs.

(ominous music)

- Okay, let's go.

(soft jazz music echoing)

What's this?

Annie, watch yourself.

(gunshot cracks)

- This way.

(ominous music)

(gunshots crack)

(both grunt)

(dramatic music)

(Annie shouts)

(ominous music)

(soft jazz echoing faintly)

(floorboards creak)

(shotgun cocks)

(chilling music)

(dramatic music)

(shell casing rattles)

(shotgun cocks)

(ominous music)

(soft jazz echoes faintly)

(tense music)

(Tommy grunts)

(Tommy groans)
(gunshot cracks)

(Annie yelps)

(chilling music)

(glass crashes)

(Annie shouts)

(gunshot roars)

(tense music)

(Annie yelps)

(ominous music)

(water splashing)

(suspenseful music)

(Annie whimpers)

(tense music)

(Annie shouts)

(gunshot cracks)

(glass crashing)

(haunting music)

- [Annie Voiceover] In China

they have a saying about women:

"She can live the
life of a prisoner,

she can live the
life of a princess,

or she can be herself."

(gate clangs)

(soft jazz music)

(dark, pensive music)