Castle of Dreams (2019) - full transcript

When the mother of a separated family dies, Jalal the father returns to sort things out but he does not want to take the children with him. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
In the Name of God

Castle of Dreams

A film by
Reza Mirkarimi

Written by:
Mohsen Gharaei, Mohammad Davoodi

Hamed Behdad

Jila Shahi

Yona Tadayon

Nioosha Alipoor

Make-up Design:
Mahmood Dehghani

Sound Recordist:
Saeid Bojnordi

Sound Editing and Mixing:
Arash Ghassemi

Executive Producer and Production Manager:
Mohammadsadegh Mirkarimi

Costume and Set Design:
Atoosa Ghalamfarsaei

Original Score:
Amin Honarmand

Director of Photography:
Morteza Hodaei

Producer, Director and Editor:
Reza Mirkarimi


No way. We've already discussed the price.

I'm in enough misery as it is, Mr Fotoohi.

You're the one who should
have faith right now.

Why should I see you?

Don't turn up around here. I'm telling you!

Don't worry about the deal.

No sir, I've given you my word. It's yours.

Just tell the family to stop
calling me all the time!

I need to take care of something now. Bye.

- Hi.
- Hi.

How are you?

- Have you been waiting for long?
- A half hour or so.

I'm sorry I'm late.

I've taken so many hours
off from the workshop.

I got out with the pretext of shopping.

Did you find the address easily?

Why did you give me directions
through the city? This is way off!

I should have taken the ring road.

What are you doing? Don't tell
me you've forgotten the keys.

No, it is the key. I don't
know why it's not working.

This car has been left here since 3
weeks ago when Shirin was hospitalised.

Where is the car key?

Why don't you come in and get some rest?

I'm in a hurry. I've got to go.

It's too dangerous to get back on the road
right away. You've been driving all night.

- Hand me the key.
- I've tied them all together. See which one it is!

Did you go to the hospital?

I'll go on my way back.

He sold that place and moved
to this piece of rubble?

The money from that place covered the
compensation fee and debts.

He chose here to be able
to get his life together.


Bring me the deed.

I don't know what it looks like.

There are some papers in the closet.
Go through them yourself.

I haven't got any time. I'll
send someone to take it for me.

Let me get you a cup of tea. You're tired.

I made some cutlets for the kids
last night. There is some left-over.

Do you want me to warm it for you?

Don't be a nuisance like your sister!

Why is it painted like this?

- Did she have an accident?
- No.

- Wait till I find you the deeds.
- Ms Shirin!

- Hi.
- Hi!

- It's you guys again? What was your name?
- Amirreza!

Didn't I tell you
we didn't need any more vases?

- What do we do with them, then?
- How do I know?

Ms Shirin is no longer here.

No way. I waited a damn half
hour till his sister turned up!

All right. I'll be right back.

Push it! Push hard!

Hey, Jalal!

I told you not to come here just
5 minutes ago. Why are you here?

That's what I'm worried about too.
People keep calling me too!

Worried about what? You're following
me 24/7! Let me tell you something!

Tell this family to stop calling me!
I'm only dealing with you!

Why do you get upset, bro?

I swear I was nearby when I called you.

- I thought maybe you'd forgotten the address.
- Why don't you get it?

I guess the lady is here to see you.

Have a cup of tea.

What's this for? Where are the deeds?


Mr Fotoohi is a friend.
He was about to leave.

I'm sorry I didn't know you were here too.

- Thank you, ma'am.
- Why don't you come in?

You can go now, Fotoohi. You've
got your deal. We'll be in touch.

- You know the way, right?
- Yes, yes. Go ahead!

Bye for now.

The money is not wired into my account!

It will be, Jalal. No worries.


I've written down the phone
number of the kids' teacher.

I left it here so they can call
her if they have any questions.

There's also a lotion for Sarah.

You should rub it every night.
Ali knows how.

Didn't I tell you I can't take them?

What are these? Take them all with you!

We talked about this, Jalal!

- You agreed to it over the phone...
- Did I say now? I only said later!


I drank the tea! It was nice.

Goodness knows when you'll be back again!

What can we do with the kids?

They'll be just fine as they are.

They were doing
fine with their mother!

But don't let people treat
them like displaced orphans!

Has it been that hard on you?

What were you thinking?

After all you've done
in the last 3 years.. really expect Behrooz to
be like a father-figure for them?

- Or my sisters-in-law to be their mother-figures?
- Enough! I did what I did!

I won't take the kids!

Even if I intended to do so, now I won't!

Why didn't you divorce Shirin 3 years
ago, if you didn't want the kids?

It was your sister's fault.

- She wouldn't agree to it.
- Poor thing wanted to live with you. She loved you.

You're now the kids' legal guardian.

They should stay with you.

- Your problem was with Shirin! They are innocent!
- Begging won't get you anywhere!

Look after them. I'll send you money.

Behrooz won't have them!
He says they've got a father!

And that you'll blame us if God
forbid, something happens to them.

Behrooz will agree if you do!

You don't want your kids and
you expect Behrooz to want them?

Are you done?

Get out! You said what you wanted to say.
Now get out!

I said get out!

You won't?

Let's see how far you'll come then.

What are you doing, Jalal?


I left the door open! Stop!

I told you to get out, didn't I?

All right! I'll get out! Just stop!

You just wanted to keep me around
till your husband turned up?

He just wanted to talk to you.

Where are you running off to?

Go get the kids from the car!

Is that your way of saying hi?

We're not exchanging 'hi's!

Where are you running off to?

Get your car out of my way!

Take your kids and go wherever you want!
Do not defend him!

Poor woman didn't know he'd
only show up upon her death!

Go get the kids! I'm not doing anything.
I'll just talk to him!

Where are you going?

- Where are you running to?
- Get out of the way!

What if I don't? Give me the car key!

You can only take all of
Shirin's inheritance!

You can't just take the car!

I came for the car! I'm not here to fight!
Keep the kids and the car! You got the key!

Hey! Hold on!

You're leaving just like the last time?

You thought there was no one to stop
you from taking the car? Is that so?

The house's owner died a week ago!

You're only keeping her alive by tubes.
Don't make me the bad person here!

We're talking about your wife, idiot!

Go wherever the hell you
want, but with your kids!

Hey! What are you doing?

It's a family affair! Go ahead!

What's going on, Jalal?

What the fuck do you want from me, Fotoohi?

Didn't I tell you to leave?
The deal is off!

- What? What do you mean?
- What deal?

What deal? What's your deal with this man?

- How do you know each other?
- I'm talking with that gentleman!

He's here to buy the car.
You may go now, Mr Fotoohi!

You were handing over
the car just a minute ago!

And you've already found a buyer
for the car? You think I'm a fool?

What were you thinking really?

Sir? How do you know this man?

Weren't you going to buy this beat-up?
How much is it worth?

I've given my price to the owner!
It's none of your business!

- Are you from the Fotoohis in Dehdasht or the ones from Sissakht?
- Neither one!

Are you a cop or what?

- I'll get to the bottom of this!
- Be my guest!

- Bottom of what?
- Go ahead, man!

I don't know what you're
up to, Jalal!

But Shirin's brothers have been
looking for you for 3 years!

They won't let you live
if they know you're here!

There is no Shirin to defend you anymore!
You're not going anywhere without the kids!

Come here!

Do her brothers know their
sister is living in this slum?

- The kids are looking!
- Do they?

What kind of father doesn't want
to see his kids after 3 years?

- I got tired, auntie. Can I come?
- Not yet, sweetie.

Why not? Come here, sweetie.

Come see your dad.


Come with me for a second.

We can't afford to keep them any longer.

Aren't you ashamed of those kids?

They don't even know me anymore.

They don't even remember me.
It's even better for them.

- Where should I take them?
- I don't know! Anywhere!

You're their dad.
Throw them down a valley if you want!

Daddy didn't recognise you
because you look like a mouse now!

It's not a mouse. It's a lamb!

Auntie? Why isn't Ali coming?

You wait here and I'll go get him.

Why aren't you coming, honey?

Why don't we go to visit Shirin?

You know why. She's in a ward
that allows no visitors.

I know. But you said we were
going to visit her today.

Remember what Shirin said?

You should be with your dad now, honey.

Uncle Behrooz is arguing with him?

No, sweetie. They're just talking.

- Auntie?
- Yes?

I promise I won't bother
you if I stay with you.

- You've never bothered me, sweetie.
- Nasrin!

Did you talk?

- Your dad is waiting for you.
- How did it go?

It's all right. I talked to him.

Let them stay with us.
Ali doesn't want to go.

What are you talking about, Nasrin?
In this situation?

How did you become so cruel?
Those kids have no one but us!

Have I had a wife ever since
Shirin has been hospitalised?

Shirin wanted the kids to stay with Jalal!

I'm doing this so that bastard
realises he's their father!

Have you brought the rest
of my stuff, auntie?

I put them in your backpack, sweetie.

Your dad is a bit tired. Don't
mess with him, all right?

- All right.
- Love you, hon.

Say hi, honey.



- Can I have some money?
- I gave you some money this morning.

I spent that. Give me some.

Mr Jalal? I got permission from
their schools for a while.

They promise to be good kids.

- Ali has his Special Talents School exam ahead.
- I've got enough money, auntie.

I made you cutlet sandwiches from
last night. It's in your bags.

Can we just go back for a minute
so I can take my Water Colour?

Auntie has forgotten to put it in my bag.

I'll buy you a new set on the way.

It's not something you can buy. It's
a turtle. Its name is Water Colour.

I haven't got the house keys. Be quiet!

Ali has them. But Water
Colour is home alone now.

I'll ask Uncle Behrooz to take him.

- When will you ring him?
- No worries.

Are we going to the hospital?

Yeah, but it's not the visiting hours now.

Why? I haven't cleaned my
make-up to show it to Shirin.

I'll see if I can get
you inside afterwards.

- Can I have the apple?
- Here you are.

What are you doing?

I'm texting Uncle Hadi.

Really? Can I text him too?

Not now.

When will we come back?

A week to 10 days.

Great! I'll be back in
time for my performance.

What's your role in the play?

A lamb in a box with three holes.

But you won't even be seen.
Anyone can play that role!

Actually, I will be seen!

Shirin recognises my voice!

Didn't Auntie tell us not
to tell anything to Uncle?

I know!

The castle dad has built is far from here?

I don't know.

I'll tell mum that dad smokes!

She knows that already.

At least I can tell her he didn't
give me a hug and kiss when he saw me!

Don't smoke in here, man!

What happened then?

We were supposed to visit Shirin.

They said you can't see her for now.

How long will it take you to get
your turtle out of the house?

I'll take it right away.

You didn't call Behrooz, did you?


Are we going home?


I don't know why Water Colour has
got so impolite! Where is it hiding?

Since when did you move here?

- Before New Year's Day.
- Ali! Look under your desk. It could be there.

- Water Colour!
- Come, we're going out.

I've got no idea where
Water Colour is hiding, Ali!

Look around your bed too.

Do you want to be left alone here?

There will be no one here to feed you!

Strawberries! Auntie Nasrin
will come check on you.

I won't be home for a few days.

I'm going to my dad's castle!

I'll come for you when I prepare your spot.

Did you look under your bed?



It's over.

God bless your husband's soul too, sis.

Why is the neighbour throwing
their wedding in your place?


I won't bring the kids.

I haven't lowered my voice!

Their aunt will be with them.
They have a life here.

No, that can't be.

They need to be here for their school.

I won't make it either.

The car needs to be serviced.

It's no good for driving up that road.

You're busy as it is with the wedding.
We won't bother you.

I'll have to drive back all the way again.

I said I can't.

I'll ring you later.

I'll ring you.


Move your car out of the way, man!

Come on! I'm in a hurry!

I found him!

Why do you keep honking?
We were on our way out.


Where are you?

No, I don't see you!

I see the place now.


I'm over here!

Come across the street!

Oh, is this the car? This
is its colour? Here!

- What the hell is this look?
- Do you like it?

You didn't have to rub it all on your face!

I went shopping since you were late.

They did my make-up as a sample.
I didn't pay a dime!

I bought you a shawl too. Look!

- Why is that lad standing there?
- I was 70,000 short. He's waiting for his money.

And then you ask why I won't
give you my credit card?

It's so profitable.
They import them all through Bandar.

The neighbours will take them
all before we even get there.


What is this?

I'll explain later.


We had talked about this.

This is not what we agreed upon.

I've had no agreement with you.
What agreement?

You said you'd consult me
before making any decision.

All right, now shut up!

I said I got stuck! Don't you get it?

Why do you get mad? I'm just
saying I wish you had told me!

I keep telling you I'll
explain when we get there!

Don't you listen?

It was all a lie that you just wanted
to sign a paper and get the car.

(Speaking Turkish) I signed and took the
car. The rest is none of your business!

Don't say anything in front of the kids!
They don't know anything.

You've never talked to me about
anything in the past year!

I've had a fucking terrible day!

If you keep messing with me,
I'll just drop you off at the bus station.

Shouldn't I know what my husband does?

I had no choice!

There was nothing I could do!

They made me take the kids with me!

Lower your voice!

Ali! Water Colour has become so impolite!
It keeps getting lost!

Where should I put Water Colour so
it won't get lost in your house?

(Turkish) Don't be scared!


I'm not bringing them home.

He's gone under the seat. I can't get it!

They don't know.

I'm taking them to their aunt's.

It's really bad that you're
keeping a pet in the car!

A turtle shouldn't be in a car!

This is not a car, it's a company.
This is our workplace!

Yeah? What's with you?

Those animals are so filthy.

A turtle is not a pet!

My leg is itchy!

Will you rub my lotion?

Raise your leg!

Use only a little of the lotion.
We don't want to run out of it.

Raise your other leg too.

- Do it more gently!
- All right.

There's a petrol station ahead. Stop there.

I don't need to. The tank is full.

The fuel gauge doesn't work.

Whenever mummy wanted to hit the road,

...she'd feed Company at
this petrol station first.

Company gets hungry very quickly!

You'd better wash your face!

- Turn off the engine, sir!
- It won't start again if I do that.

I love the smell of petrol!

Wow! The smell of petrol!

Your mum always hit the road on her own?

No, she'd often take us with her.

Didn't you have school work to do?

I go to kindergarten.

And she'd only take me
with her on weekends.

Where would you go?

We planted flowers in other people's yards.


We designed green spaces.

- Where would you get the flowers?
- From Uncle Davoodi's garden.

We had a greenhouse there.

We sometimes did our homework there.

And sometimes we didn't
even do our homework.

- No smoking in here, sir!
- I haven't even lit it up!

Who is this Uncle Davoodi?

- A teacher?
- No, he's our friend.

Careful with your foot.

Did you get all your stuff?

Yeah, I got them all.

I'm going to do some shopping.
Don't you want to use the bathroom?

Don't tell us you need to go later!

I don't need to go. Sarah went to the
bathroom just before we left home.

Jalal won't stop on the road!

- Careful not to piss yourself!
- I'm careful!

The smell of petrol is making me choke!

- Care for a fuel supplement? It's great!
- No, thanks.

- Don't you need anything?
- A pack of Bahman cigarettes.

It improves the quality of petrol.

- Where are you going?
- Shopping.

- What?
- I need to buy something.

See what she wants and I'll pay for it.

Do you like the smell of petrol too?


- Look...
- What?

Who was the lady sitting
next to you, talking to you?

No one. She's my partner.

Are these fresh, sir?

Yes, son. They are.

- How much for these, sir?
- Add a pack of cigarettes too.

That'd be 4,500 tomans. Yes?

- How much is it?
- Give me a pack of tissues too.

- Here you are.
- I've got my own card.

You were supposed to go clean your face!

I'll pay in cash, sir!

A plastic bag, sir!

- Are you guys together?
- Yes.

Thank you.

- Go sit in the car.
- My card?!

I said go sit in the car!

Here you are, sir.

Anything else?

Check this card's balance.

- Please.
- Its balance?

- How much for these, sir?
- Just a moment, ma'am.

- What's your code?
- 1361.

So, how can I help you?

(Turkish) What's with your son?
He doesn't say a word!

Yeah, I know. It's because of their mum.
He's just a kid.

So bad-tempered. That apple
hasn't fallen far from the tree!


Do we have to sell this car
and buy a pick-up instead?

Why don't we just keep this?
It's really good.

A pick-up will be of more use for us.

If you keep this one, I'll drive it too.
You won't have to work solo anymore.

Do you even know how to drive?

- Me?
- Have you even got a licence?

No, not yet. But I'll get it.

Wow, the sheep!

Don't even think about it! Your
driving is not the least of my priorities.

Look at the sheep, Ali

If I learn to drive, I'll
be able to help you.

And I'll be able to take
care of my own stuff.

What stuff?

Are you a doctor or an engineer?!

Well, no.

I'll go shopping!

I'll take the kids to school.

I already said it!
I'm taking them to their aunt's!

Taking them to school!

Not them! I'm talking about our own kids!

What kids?

There's nothing to it. We'll
have a baby if you want to.

But the colour of this car is funny.
People will mock you!

Company looks so good!

That's the colour we wanted!

A man's car can't be red.

Says who?

And besides, this car is our mum's!

I will only allow dad to drive it!

Isn't that so, Ali?

Aren't you going to say anything to them?

Leave them alone!

Are you a child too?

Daddy, what did your partner just say?
Can you teach me too?

She's saying your car stinks of petrol!

How do you say petrol in Turkish?

- They call it benzin!
- Did you tell them I'm your partner?!

I don't know what I said.

Yeah, the car smelled like petrol till
night every time mum filled its tank.

Look how miserable I am that you can't
even tell your kids that I'm your wife?

You are a partner.

My partner for life.

Our company's name is Sarah.

What's the name of your company?

The Life Company!

Did you hear how she pronounced life?

Why is your brother only
staring at his phone?

He's upset with you.

In your letter, you'd promised to...

Let me tell him!

You'd promised to buy him a geared bike!

But you bought him a gearless one.

A gearless bike?

The one you bought for his birthday.

Yeah, I bought it for you guys to
play with. What's wrong with you?

Give me my card!

Is it even yours?

It's my mum's!

A child can't take his parents'
cards without asking them first!

I had permission.

She gave it to me when she
was going to the hospital.

Ali is also the company's financial
manager. He needs to have money!

What's your position in the company?

I'm the PR Manager.

Mum says it's because I speak really well.

Do you even know what PR means?


What does PR mean?

Don't answer to them!

Do you know what it means yourself?

How about you? Do you know?

It means someone with good PR skills!

Someone who is kind with
animals and humans.

Someone who doesn't lie!

Shut up!

Give him his card back!


I didn't want you to lose it.

What else did you buy them?

What did she say?

Nothing. She wants to know
what else I bought you.

It's their mother's game. Get it!

You tell me you're poor and yet
you buy them bikes and ponies!

If I went to the sea I'd find it dry!

Their mum has made these stories
so they'd miss me less.


Why would you only come visit and bring
our gifts when we were in school?

Why wouldn't you wait for us?

Mum always said...

...that you worked at night and had to go.

I've got a headache now.
I'll tell you about it later.

Why are you treating this little
angel like that? Go on, honey.

I don't want to.

You're going to interview her now?

Don't start again!

You know what? Think I visited Shirin all
the time. It's none of your business!

I'd keep visiting her if she wasn't dead!

What did you say about Shirin?


He says he doesn't love anyone
the way he loves Shirin.

Ali, I'm bored! When will you wash my foot?

Why didn't you wash it
at the petrol station?

I had just rubbed it then. You
should give it an hour to dry.

Cain I wash my foot at
Uncle Davoodi's villa?

No. Not there.

Why not? I miss our greenhouse.

Shirin will get upset if she finds out.

Who is this Mr Davoodi?

Shirin's partner!

Listen to your daughter!

Where is this man's greenhouse?

We passed by it.

This is uncle Davoodi's house!

Where are you going? Let me park the car!

It's been a while.

- Who are they?
- My dad.

- Hi, uncle!
- Hello, sir. Welcome.

- Hi!
- Good to see you.

- Thanks.
- I've heard a lot about you.

- It's good to have you.
- Thanks.

- Hi, ma'am. How are you?
- Uncle Davoodi!

How are you, my girl? Come here!

How come your foot is still creamed up?

Come on in, please.

I'll wash the kid's foot while
you're finding your way in.


Wash your kid's feet yourself, then!

Come in, please!

Hi, Baloot!

When did dad come pick you up, honey?


Careful, Ali! That horse is grown now.
He might kick at you!

You haven't seen our
latest Dubsmash, Uncle!

- We practised so much. It's perfect!
- Really?

Yeah, you should watch it!

Turn on the water pump!

All right.

Thanks, man. I'll wash her foot myself.

I won't trouble you.

What trouble?
This little girl is a blessing.

I'll get some sweets and
tea for you guys, then.

You must be so happy that
your dad has come, Ali!

None of you knows how to wash
my foot the way mum does!

Auntie Nasrin's long nails hurt me.

And your hands are weird!

- What do you mean?
- It's like a hedgehog!

Have you drawn this on your hands?


Will you let me draw on them next time?

All right.

Where is Fatemeh?

She's with Aida.

What a lovely place!

I told you not to get out of the car!

I brought her shoes.

Get up! You got her clothes all wet too.

Does your mother keep any
clothes for you here?

I don't know.

Their aunt has put her
clothes in the bag.

I thought they might have some clothes
here since they came here frequently.

Raise your leg.

I'm going to see Baloot!

Tell Mr Farmani that I'll only have red
flowers tomorrow. Does he want some?

I've told him so many times.

Thank you. And thanks for the walnuts.

I'm sorry for being a bit too busy today.

Don't let Sarah get too
close to the horse, Ali.

Let's have tea and fruit together.

No, thanks.

- Are you sure.
- No, thanks.

Thank you.

I'd better go.

You've got smart kids.
I hope you'll always be there for them.


Wasn't the road too busy?

The road? No, it wasn't.

Didn't the car bother you?

Does it?

I don't know. I just said
it because it's an old car.

Of course the oldies are still
much better than the new ones.

- Have you had lunch?
- Yes.

Then I'll leave you guys alone.
Think of it as your own place.

You can have some rest inside.
I'll go check on the greenhouse.


- Come see how your flowers have grown!
- Jalal!

Their house is so beautiful.

They've got a bedroom overlooking
this side. You should see it.

Why are you looking around
someone else's house?

It was just a look!

Their greenhouse is right in the back.
Shall we go have a look?


- Is it going to take you long in here?
- Take me long doing what?

As soon as they mentioned Uncle Davoodi,
you turned around. I thought maybe...

They'd keep nagging at me if
I hadn't brought them here.

You only came back to wash the kid's foot.

- There's nothing wrong with that.
- With what?

What could be wrong?

She wasn't your wife anymore.

Shut your mouth!
Just shut it!

- I just don't want you to bother yourself.
- I won't!

I didn't care about her when she was alive!

He's got wife and kids.

Ali! We're about to go. Get in the car.

I'll go get Sarah.

Bring the pesticide.

- Are those roses for me?
- Yes, sweetie. They're all yours.

Where is that wide flower, then?

That one wasn't feeling well. We took
it to... Oh, your daddy's here too.

Go sit in the car with your brother.

- I wanted to show you my roses.
- Get out.

How is the business?

Well, this is more of a habit for my
retirement. Just to keep myself busy.

But the greenhouse and land is mine.

I created jobs for needy
and single mothers.

Your business is good, then.

It took a lot of effort to make this.

But it's getting profitable.

How did Ms Ghassemnejad end up here?

I was Head of Green Spaces
at the Municipality.

She used to work with us as a contractor.

I thought... since she was
having a hard time...

It was hard for her to work as a labourer.

So I offered her to create this basement
and started a partnership with her.

That's great and wonderful!

She always said she wanted you to come
see what she's done with this place.

What else did she say?


Go upstairs and help the others.

Yes, sir.

She told me about how you met. How her car
broke down on the road and you helped her.

The way you'd decorated
lorry for your wedding.

And that you'd travelled all over
the country with it. That's all.

Enough about me. Tell me
about how you two met.

How we met? I just explained it to you.

Say it again. I didn't
understand the first time.

She was a municipality contractor.

I gave her a job.

You bring all your contractors
here to do a job for you?

No, sir!

Your wife is really such
a hard-working lady.

So knowledgeable.

She just had a diploma in agriculture. You
couldn't find a more knowledgeable woman?

I didn't say she was the
most knowledgeable.

What did you say, then?

She had a really good mind. She suggested
planting flowers here instead of mushrooms.

She was always waiting for you, and
I kept telling her you'd come back.

How did you know that?

Am I even back?

- You know what? Forget it! My mistake!
- What mistake?

What mistake?

That I told her you'd be back!

I know where you were and what
you're probably feeling now.

Where was I?

You ran someone over
and had to go to prison.

And now you've got a new life.

Is that it?

She said all that to you?

No, I get to the bottom of the
people who work for me here.

It's not just one or two
people working for me.

One or two wasn't enough for you?

- I don't think you understand, sir.
- Don't touch me when I'm talking to you!

I've got problems now too.

I'm selling her flowers and
I haven't paid her yet.

I can't find her now. She's not answering
her phone since she's gone to the hospital.

I haven't heard from
her for two months.

But she's been at the hospital 3 weeks. Why
wouldn't she answer your calls before that?

I don't know. I didn't tell her anything.

We really need her here.

How is she doing now?

You didn't tell her
anything and she just left?

- Her side of the story is different.
- How so?

I want to hear it from you.

- Are you forcing my hand now?
- Do you want me to force you with my hand?

Tell me what happened!

Your wife is just too sensitive.

She's the one who kept calling me.

I had nothing to do with Shirin...

Your partner died this morning.

She won't be back.

I'll be back to get her money.

Your phone is ringing.
Why don't you answer it?

It's uncle!

Who is it? Give me the tablet.

Give it to me.

Give it to me!

Why did you hang up?
I wanted to talk to my Uncle.

Was it Uncle Esmaeil?

No, it was Uncle Hadi.

They'll get worried if they
hear we're on the road.

Call him when we get there.

You're not allowed to
overtake cars from the right!

Ali! Ali!

What's written on that lorry?

Everyone's looking...

...for a lover...

I don't know if it's...

Ah, what was the rest of it?

Ali! I'm hungry! What do we eat?

Your sister has made you something.
Let's eat that.

Water Colour is hungry too.
Stop somewhere so I can feed it.

Is that all?


I'll buy something on the way.

I'm not hungry.

Don't get sulky. Let's eat a half each.

It's an extended line!

The only thing we were missing now...

It's late. It'll get dark soon.

Our bodies should shake just because
Jalal wants to get there before dark!

Slow down! What's the matter with you?

Wow, it's a policeman!

Where did he pop up from?

Get out. Put a rock under the wheel.

Go over there.

I wrote you a lesser amount of fine.

Hi, officer.

- Stand aside, sir.
- You have no morality!

I was driving at a max speed of 60-65 km/h.
Isn't 75 the limit? Why did you stop me?

Licence and registration, please.

Stop the Mazda!

- Can I come too?
- What for?

- I want to see the police officer.
- Stay in the car!

Come with me, sir.

You're driving carelessly.

You've changed the car's colour too!

Is that a problem?

Where is your insurance?

My insurance?

My wife has it.

Take it from her.

No, not this one.

I might have driven a bit too fast.
What's all the fuss about?

You shouldn't drive too fast.

You also overtook a car illegally.
It's been recorded.

He did that before too. I saw him.

Here we go! No seatbelts, no insurance!

- Your car will be impounded.
- Just because it doesn't have insurance?

Yes, in my area. Private!



Sorry, bro!

I miss my mum. But she told me to be
strong, so I'm not crying anymore.

Great! It's great that you
listen to what your mum says.

Do you know your mum's number?

What is it?

But she's in the hospital now.

I know. I need it for something else.





If you can't fix it, tow it to a garage.

It's no big deal, Major. I can fix it.

Let us go too, officer. I'm with my family.

Leave your car here.

There is an insurance
office in 20-30 kilometres.

Get a confirmation from
them and bring it to us.

Stop pulling the gas wire!
It's not just any car!

- Have you had a Maxima?
- I had a Mercedes!

- A Mercedes lorry.
- That's different.


You've had the engine washed and the
water has gone into the fuse box.

It wouldn't even start
if that was the case!

Can I have a look, Major?

The gas weakness is
because of its air sensor.

Where is its air sensor?

Give me the screwdriver.

Oh, God...
you think you know better than me?

- I am a mechanic, man!
- Officer, tell him to turn off the engine.

- Turn it off.
- What do you want?


Go get my cigarette pack, Mr Police-Aide!

Give me a glass of petrol.
I need to wash this.


Why are you crying?

You miss someone too?

I think she got a sad text from someone.
That's why she's crying.

I'm in a hurry. I need to go.

I'll come by your aunt's to get my stuff.

We're not going to my aunt's.

- We're going to daddy's castle!
- What castle?

The air sensor is Chinese. Replace it
later on. Have the ECU checked too.

- Where did she go?
- I don't know.

What's the matter with you?

- Where are you going?
- What do you care?

- Something happened with the kids?
- I'm leaving you alone with your kids.

I said why are you leaving?

Taxi! Do you pass by Semirom!

You don't, man! Go ahead!

- Wait a minute!
- Let go of me!

Go ahead. She can't even pay you!


Is it still over a dead woman?
Why are you so crazy?

I wouldn't stay with you if I wasn't crazy!

Aren't you going to say what this is about?

Aren't you?

Aren't you going to say anything?

Your kid said you bought them toys
and you said it was their mum's lie!

She said you visited her
during the day and you said...

You said their mother just lied to them.
I accepted that too.

That was the truth!

You slapped that man in
the face at the greenhouse.

You've still got feelings
for Shirin, right?

You'd hit me too if they weren't around.

Do you call yourself a man, Jalal?

You had no mercy on those innocent
children. How can you have mercy on me?

Have I ever raised a hand on you?

He was bullshitting? Should I
just stand there and watch him?

Why don't you have this woman's
name omitted from your ID booklet?

How many times have I told
you that I wanted kids?

Why can't we have babies?

I told you I loved children.

I've had enough, Jalal.

- How can I count on you?
- All right!

I said later. I didn't say no!

I said we should wait till I
get my life together a bit.

Your life isn't together now?

I work so hard to help you out.
You get my own money from me.

And give me so little to spend.

Where did you get the 50
million in your account?

From where? What money? What 50 million?

I saw the bank text message on your phone.

Is that why you never give me your card?

I'm less than a 10-year-old
who has his own card!

(Speaking Turkish)
God damn me!

That's not even my money.
It's someone else's.

Why do you lie to me?

Haven't I done enough for you?

Haven't I?

Who is Reza?

Reza? What Reza?

Reza texted you,
"I'm dying. Come to the hospital."

"I want to see you before I die."

When you can't even delete
Shirin's number from your phone...

...and have changed the name to Reza...

...why did you make me fall for you?

You had no right to go through my phone!

You want to go? I'll get you a car!

Is there a problem, sir?

This is not your area anymore, man!
Go ahead! It's my wife!

You ask me to talk and
yet you never listen!

Why can't we just talk?

- Do you pass by Semirom?
- Yeah, hop in.

- How much per person?
- 15,000.

Here you go!

Go through the city. Don't
let her off on the ring road.

Go ahead! Go get in!

Where do I go?

You were already getting a taxi!

- Sir, we're waiting.
- Just a moment!

- Go ahead!
- But I've got no one.

I've got no one either. Reza is
dead now too. So don't worry!



Why is daddy mad at his partner?

I don't know. I think
they've gone bankrupt!

Wear you jacket, get your stuff,
and don't forget your Water Colour.

Where are we going?

We're going home.

How about dad? Won't he get upset?


How about us, man? Give me
my documents so we can go.

Here you are.

But you've fined me!

Don't block the camera, please!

You had to pay me 100,000
for fixing your car!

Give it to me. I'll take care of it.
Just give it to me.

With no insurance, the
car has to be impounded!

And that's not a tone to
speak with a policeman.

My wife just ruined my day.
You saw that yourself!

You shouldn't drive if
you feel anxious or mad.

- What do you do?
- I used to be a lorry driver.


Why such a hurry? We're just talking.
I didn't say anything.

Yes, sir?

The SUV.

All right, I didn't rush it!

What are you saying now?

I say you just...

Double check the documents. You may have
written the wrong licence plate number.

Bribing a man of law?

No, it's just a gift.

Why did they take away
your lorry-driving licence?


I killed a man!

Where are you going?
Your car is over there!

I'm going to see the Major!

What for?

I just want to thank him. No worries.

I didn't get anything from you, man!

Aren't you a team?

No way. He's not into this stuff at all.

- Then it's just you!
- Look!

He won't take your side. Bribing
me will get you in trouble!

I gave it to you and you
put it in your pocket!

Your colleague even filmed you! You
know he's too sensitive on these issues!

There's no bullshitting him!

- Here's your money.
- I don't need the money!

I've got a family too.
Don't take my job from me.


Yes, sir?

- Your car is all right?
- Yes, thank you.

- Remember to always have your insurance with you.
- Yes, sure.



What are you doing here?

I brought Sarah here to feed Water Colour!

Why didn't you feed it next to the car?

- She needed to piss too.
- Why didn't you tell me, then?

Who told you to get out of
the car without asking me?

Why did you take your bags?

No reason.

Are you lying to me?


Get in the car!

You too!

I pissed myself.

I pissed myself.

It's all right.

Don't cry. It's all right.

I just got worried about you.

My Water Colour!

Aren't you guys hungry?

One of you, come sit in the front!

The seat is empty!

I pissed myself too once when I was a kid.

I was Ali's height.

We were migrating with the tribe.
My dad told me to stay in the back. no goat or sheep would get lost.

I was playing and got distracted...

A couple lambs were left behind...

...and I don't know... got lost.

When we got to the summer stay, your grandpa
jailed me till morning in the stable.

I was shaking in fear the entire night.

Every minute felt like a year to me.

And then...

I pissed myself out of fear
in the middle of the night.

If your aunt hadn't come to help me...

I'd be dead by morning.

What happened to the lambs?

I don't know... eaten by a
wolf or something, I guess.

How can you know that for sure?
The lambs could still be alive!

Our uncles are here!

Wow, hey, uncle!

- Uncle Behrooz is with them too.
- Yeah!

- Stop the car, dad!
- Hi!

Why don't you stop?

Is something wrong, Ali?

Stay in the car!

- Hi, Uncle.
- Hey, sweetie. Here, I fixed it.

How are you, Ali? Why are you upset?

No, I'm fine.

Should I tell Auntie what you've done?

- Behrooz!
- No, don't tell her!

You did it eventually?

Get out, they want to talk to you.

- Aren't my uncles coming?
- I'm here if they want to talk!

What's wrong with you?
I said to wait by the car.

But he's not coming over. We want to talk!

The kids are watching.

No, don't roll down the window!

- Hi, Uncle!
- Let's talk outside for a couple minutes.

Hey, honey. Get out of the car!

Why don't you get out of the car? We
can't talk a couple minutes after 3 years?

Come, I actually missed you. Come!

It doesn't open. Will you open it for me?

- They called me from the hospital.
- Was it the hospital or Nasrin?

Look! Stop your show! I'm not here to talk!

- I'm telling you!
- Answer him!

Who were you to tell them
to get the tubes off?

I'm her husband. The law says I
have the right to make a decision!

To hell with that law!

Where was the law when you left
her to succumb to death in 3 years?

I'm not seeking a fight, Hadi.

I am here to fight though!

Let him talk!

I'll fix it right away.

It's just stuck.


- Your dad hasn't told you anything about your mum?
- No, nothing.

But the lady, dad's partner
kept asking about mum.

Where is the lady now?

I don't know. She left!

Stay in the car! I'll be right with you.

- Go ahead! Hit me all you want!
- I'm going to kill you!

Don't hit him!

Why shouldn't I kill this bastard?

Stop it! Go away!

You were just supposed to talk!

- Don't!
- Let go of me!

Whose side are you on?

Nasrin sent you to defend this dog?

Those kids have already lost their mother!
Are you going to kill their father now?

The doctors had rejected her.
It's not his fault!

I'll be less of a dog if I don't kill him!

You won't stop till you make them orphans?

She got sick because of you, bastard!

He's a wild man. You can't tame him!

He's hurt me a lot too!

- Don't hit him!
- You're such a bastard!

What's the matter with you?

I'll fix you!

- You're killing him!
- Get lost, you bastard!

Got it?

Get up!

You think he can't fight back?

Get out of my way!

Let go of me!

Let me finish him!

The kids are watching!

- Let me do my thing!
- Get up here!

- Get up here!
- Let me kill that bastard!


Oh, he died!

Oh no, it died!

Yes, I got 4 points! I'm winning this!

2 points!

Yes, I won!

Play again!

My little sister...

Get up and go to the car.

God bless your sister's soul.

Get up, man!


This boneless man didn't even wait a
couple days to bury her properly.

God knows I only let you live
because of Shirin's kids.

Go away!

Look, Jalal!

What else could Shirin have done for you?

You left her and now have brought
your new wife on a honeymoon?

She paid the compensation you owed
after your hit and run accident!

Don't say it like that!

It was an accident!

Hadn't Shirin tipped them
off on my whereabouts...

...I'd be living a normal life
with my reputation intact.


I still haven't told them that
you've even sold Shirin's heart!

I swear to her soul they won't
let you live if I open my mouth!

That's what she wanted herself.
She called me before her operation.

She told you to get 50 million
from that lad, Fotoohi?

What are you?

It's a pill for headache.

It's for mum.

Don't you take water with it?


I sent our location to my uncle.

That's how they found us.

It's all right.

You're just like your mother.

She gave my location away once too.

Why didn't you go with your uncles?

I don't want to see them again.

Let me see that!

Can you play the song, Nasrin?
The usual one!

What's that?

It's a Dubsmash.

We recorded it in the hospital
just before mum's operation.

She said she'd send it to you.

She didn't.

What you heard from your mum..

...she's just told you that
stuff to make you feel better.

I haven't got a castle!

I know.

I didn't buy you the bike either.

I feel worse than all, these days.

Everyone just broke my naive heart.

Promise you'll never leave me...

Love is a one-way street for me...

I'll die if you go, O my last breath!

Instead of being caged, I got breathless...

I'm all alone in the world without myself.

Tell me the truth. Is this just a game?

Or maybe you're just making up
the stuff, just like others.

You hit a fox!

It was a rock.
There're no foxes around here.

Go help him.

For God's sake!

English Subtitles:
Bahman Nooraei

Castle of Dreams

A Film by:
Reza Mirkarimi

Hamed Behdad

Written by:
Mohsen Gharaei, Mohammad Davoodi

Director of Photography:
Morteza Hodaei

Original Score:
Amin Honarmand

Costume and Set Design:
Atoosa Ghalamfarsaei

Make-up Design:
Mahmood Dehghani

Sound Recordist:
Saeid Bojnordi

Sound Editing and Mixing:
Arash Ghassemi

Executive Producer and Production Manager:
Mohammadsadegh Mirkarimi