Castle in the Sky (1986) - full transcript

A young boy and a girl with a magic crystal must race against pirates and foreign agents in a search for a legendary floating castle. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
? 1986 Nibariki - Tokuma Shoten


It's a raid!

Hold them off!
Get down on the floor.

It's tear gas!

What are you waiting for!
Break it down!

Where'd she go?

She's here!

She's hiding out here.

Well, get her!

Mama, I'm falling!

There's the stone.
Quick, go next door!

The crystal.

There goes the crystal.

LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky

Executive Producer
Yasuyoshi TOKUMA

Music by

Studio Ghibli


Original story written and directed by

Two meatballs, please.

Working late?

We're finally busy again.

Still working?

What's that?

A person!


What are you up to?
Where's my dinner?


A girl fell from the sky.

Boss, she fell from the sky.

Darn old clunker.

Boss! A girl.

Close the second valve!

Pazu, toss me a wrench.

I can't let go. You do it.

Don't make them wait.

Keep a steady hand.


Any luck?

No silver, no tin even.

All that wasted work.

Should try the east vein.

That's riddled with old holes

Have to start over

Time to go home...

Shut down the boiler
Call it a day.

I'll go under at this rate.

Oil the clunker, Pazu.

Mama, I can't see a thing.
It's too dark.

I hope you really looked!

All right. We'll wait for daylight

Hi How are you feeling?
Hold on there: :.

I'm Pazu. I live by myself

They eat a fter I play.

So you are human a fter all.

I was a fraid you were an angel.

Thanks for helping me.
I'm Sheeta.

Sheeta, nice name. You fell
from the sky. A bit scary.

That's right. Why am I still alive?

I fell from the airship.

Don't you remember?

Say, can I see that?


It's been in my family forever

Lt's beautiful...

Watch this!

So it wasn't the stone a fter all.

Oh, no! Pazu!

Are you OK?

Yeah. Are you?

I'm fine. Sorry, did it hurt?

No, my head's harder
than my boss's fists

The pot's still boiling

Hungry? Let's eat

Wash up over there.

There's a towel.

Thank you.


Where are you?

My father took that picture.

Laputa, an island in the sky.

An island in the sky... ?

They say it's only a myth. .

But my father saw it...

That's when he took it.

There's a Laputa in Gulliver's
Travels: but Swift made it up

Dad drew this.

He said the abandoned palace
was full of treasure.

But nobody believed him.

Until he died, they called him a liar.

But my father never lied.

I m building a real plane.
I'm going to find Laputa...

A real automobile. .

They re pirates!

They attacked the airship.

Are they a fter you?



Hey, wait!

We're in a rush.

Have you seen a girl?

Sure, yesterday...
The boss's kid, Madge: :.

Go away!

They're looking for you.

Louis, a girl's dress!

What! She was disguised!
Tell mama!

No, I haven't.

A cute little girl
... brown hair, braids...


About that age

That's her!

They're pirates, chasing her!

Pirates! Lemme see!

Not one step closer.

Hand her over.

Dola's clan.

Go home. Just poor folk here


Scoot out the back.

I want to fight.

They've got weapons!

What a nice girl. Protect her.

You refuse to step aside?

Use your fists.

Could be interesting

Get him, brother

Show your stuf f.


Who's going to mend that shirt?

You can beat him!

Go! Go!

Think you can fool me?
After them!

Climb on!

There you go

Playing hooky for a date?

Bad guys a fter us...

The Dola clan


Take us to the next town.
The police!

You're on. Stoke the fire


You idiots! Hurry up and get on!

What? But the girl's...

She slipped out the back door.

Get moving!



They're catching up, more steam!

Can't you go any faster?

She's an old-timer.

Move over!

Mama, I'm falling!

More steam!

Here we go!

Sheeta, over here

Stoke the fire.

Don't give up!

Push! Push, I tell you!

Not so fast!

Don't let them escape!
Dump this over the side!

Go, go, go!

I'll do it.

No, let me.


It's them... what'll we do?

I refuse to give up. Move!

This is a surprise. If it isn't the army.

These kids need help!
They've got pirates a fter them.


Good bye



Halt or I'll shoot

An armored train.

Who cares! Smash it!

What is it, Sheeta!

Stay away!

They're gonna fall!

Quiet. Watch closely.

We're floating!

Look! Lt's that crystal!

It was the stone after all!

We'll float all the way down.

Amazing! I want it!


I have to get that amazing stone!

Lt's fading. .

Hey, wait!

Just like when you landed

The opening looks so tiny.

I hope the Boss and the engineer
aren't in any trouble.

Aw, don't worry.
Miners aren't exactly wimps

Let's find the way out.

These mines are ancient.
Tunnels everywhere.

I m so happy I was starving

I've still got an apple and some candy.

It's like you have a magical bag
that holds everything.

Gondoa? That's so far north.

Yes. Both my parents died,
but they left me

the house and the fields,
so I was getting by alone. .

The guys with dark glasses
kidnapped you.

That guy was one of them?

Who can they be,
calling in the army?

The Dolas and the other guys,
all want the stone

But I had no idea it
had mysterious powers

It was always in our family.
Mother left it to me when she died

She warned me never to show it
or give it to anyone.

We're both orphans, aren't we?

I'm sorry I dragged
you into all of this.

When you fell from the sky
my heart was racing

I knew something
wonderful had begun.

Little demons... little demons.

Uncle Pom! He's really great

Uncle Pom

We've lost our way.

Now that little demon
sure looks like Pazu...

with a little girl demon beside him.

Pirates are a fter us.

And the army

How very extraordinary...

Drink up.

Thank you.

Have you always lived underground?

Why no, no. The rocks have
been astir...

That's when I like to be down here.

The rocks astir...?

Rocks speak very softly...

Wonderful. .

Look up.

They were ordinary rocks until. .

How pretty.

Here, let me show you...

It's gone.

These rocks contain Volucite


As soon as it's exposed to the air,
it becomes ordinary stone.

It's glowing.

Oh, my gracious!
That's a Volucite crystal, my dear.

I've never seen one before.

That's why the rocks were stirring.

This stone has mysterious powers.

I thought only Laputans knew
how to make Volucite crystals.


They used Volucite to send
a magnificent island alof t...

Laputa did exist, Sheeta!
It really did!

Does the island still exist?

Uncle Pom?

Dear, would you mind covering the
stone? Its power overwhelms me.

What's wrong...

My grandfather told me.

The rocks shif t when
Laputa floats overhead.

If you went up to the sky then,
you'd find Laputa!

My father was telling the truth!

Young lady: :.

Your stone is most powerful...

I know it as one who has
spoken to rocks all my life.

A stone so powerful brings happiness,
but it can also bring misery.

What's more,
your stone is the work of men.

I just thought I should...

It's not true!

That stone's already
saved Sheeta twice!

Amazing! Laputa really does exist!

It's gone.

Let's go back to the ship

When it's this quiet,
it's best to stay put

I'm hungry: :.

It's all clear Let's go.

Thank you, grandpa.

Look af ter yourselves.

Look at those clouds!

Beyond those clouds is an island
we've only dreamed of.

Here I come! I know
I'm going to find Laputa!


I haven't told you everything.

My family had a mysterious
ancient name which came

with this stone.

My name is Lucita,
Lucita Toelle Ur...



So you mean.

It's the army! Run!


Don't move!

How dare you!

Let me go!

Pazu! Pazu!

We've apprehended them

So much trouble

Open up, open up!


Company, fall in!

Shape up!

Squeeze the brat!
: :. She'll talk!

Spoken like a man in uniform

In your haste,
you risk everything.

If we'd mobilized the army sooner,
Dola wouldn't have had a chance.

She managed to decipher
your third-rate code

How dare you!

My organization will handle this

You concentrate on mobilizing
the troops when the time is ripe.

Muska! Remember, I command
the search for Laputa!

Of course But I have my
orders from the government

That pencil-pushing upstart!

Have a nice rest?

Where's Pazu? Let me see him!

No interest in pretty clothes?

Don't fret about Pazu. His
stubborn head is harder than mine

Come, I have something
to show you.


What is it...

A mechanical soldier with vast
destructive power

Had he not fallen from the sky,
no one would have believed in Laputa

He's not of this earth.

Our science can't even identify

what material he's made of.

Don't be afraid.

He's long dead

Look at that.

This insignia was carved on
your fireplace

It's on this stone, too.

The stone works
only in your hands.

It will protect you and
guide you back to Laputa.

I know nothing of this!

Take it if you like
Just leave us alone...

You imagine Laputa's
like Treasure Island...

Fearsome powers
thrust Laputa into orbit.

Their dreaded empire
once ruled the earth!

Even you can appreciate
that when such an entity

roams the skies,
it threatens Peace.

I need your cooperation.

You must know how to make
the stone guide us to Laputa.

I really don't know!
Please let me see Pazu!

I intend no harm,
but his fate rests with you.

The boy goes free
if you assist us, Lucita. .

... Toelle Ur Laputa.

But how: :.

Ur means ruler in Laputan,
Toelle means True,

Queen Lucita, rightful heir
to the Laputan throne



Pazu, are you hurt?

I'm fine. You? Did they
do anything horrible?

My dear Pazu, we misjudged you.
Accept our apologies.

We didn t know how gallantly

you protected her from the pirates.

Sheeta, what did you...

Pazu, I beg you,
forget about Laputa.


Sheeta will aid us in our
search for Laputa.

I understand how you feel,
but forget about her

Is this true, Sheeta? But we...

I'm sorry for all the trouble. .

I'll never forget you

I can't believe it...

Sheeta, we swore!

Good bye


Wait, Sheeta!

Be reasonable. Act like a man.


Here's a token of our gratitude.
It's yours.

Only you can recall the words
that will waken this stone: :.

If you keep your promise,
you, too, shall be free.


Mama it's Pazu! He's back!


We were so worried.
You just disappeared.

And the girl?

Forget it


Let me go!
What are you doing!

Put a lid on it!

Nice place you got, kid.

Get out!

This is my house!

Oh, come of fit.

Can't even protect a little girl...

He's got gold!

Sold her for money, huh.

No! I wouldn't do that!

You let them pay you of f...

Sheeta told me to. .


So you gave in and crawled home.

You call yourself a man!

You talk big,
but you're a fter Sheeta too.

But of course, we're pirates.
Pirates hunt for treasure.

They're the strange ones.
What's the girl to them?

You think she'll get out alive?

Sheeta told you to leave?

They threatened her,
so she tried to save you.

How do you know, mama?

50 years of being a woman.

She steels her heart
to save her man. How touching.

Reminds me of my youth: :.

You boys want to marry,
look for one like her.

So... that girl...
Will grow up to be mama?

Don't even bother switching codes...

Calling the battle cruiser...?

They'll pack her up and take off.
Time is short.

Dinner's over. Move out.

Yes, mama.

Going a fter Sheeta?

I want the crystal, not the girl.

The stone's no good
without her

Can't I go with you, Ma'am?

I have to help Sheeta!

Not so fast. Do it on
your own nickel

You're right, if I was clever
and strong, I could've defended her.

Please, I don't care about treasure.

Listen to him: :.

Shut up!

But you could probably
help us with her.

Leave all this behind?

I know

You sure?


You've got 40 seconds.

Be well.

Tie this to your belt.
You boys wait on the ship.

A magnificent vessel.
Has the girl come through?

I need a little more time

Forget it! We'll squeeze
it out of her up there.

We depart at dawn, with the girl.

Hurry up, it's almost dawn!


Whatever shall we do...

Sheeta, listen, I'm going
to teach you

a magic spell for trouble

A magic spell?

Yes. These are old, old, old,
secret words.

They mean
help me rekindle the light.


Just as the ancient books described.
This is the sacred light.

Sacred light... ?

What are the magic words?
Tell me.

It's moving!

The robot it's alive!



It's alive!
It's the robot!

The robot?

It's coming this way.


Retreat! Retreat!


I see!

It's the light!

The sacred light broke his seal!

This is the way to Laputa! Come!


He's going to fly!

It's pointing to the sky...

It's showing the way to Laputa


Use explosives!
But don't blow up the ship!

Hello, hello, hello! What is this!


We're connected

This is Colonel Muska
The robot's cut our lines

I've assumed emergency command

It's a fter the girl on the tower.

Take it down on sight.

Prepare to fire.

Hurry up!



We did it

Get the girl

Is she dead?

Get up!

She just fainted.


It moved: :.

What's that! Must be a battle.

Let's go, Ma'am!

Captain, to you!

Lower, Charles.

Stop! Stop it!


Mama, Goliath's moving.

We're going directly into
the crossfire Regroup!

Look, there's Sheeta!


Straight ahead, she's
on top of that tower!

This is a job for a woman!
Cover me


I'm coming, Sheeta!


Fly closer, lady!


Let me go!






Last chance! Grab her on the fly!


Here goes!




What's Goliath up to!

A smoke screen...

Where's the robot!

Destroyed. The girl went that way.


Put out the fire!
Organize a search party!

We haven't lost the sacred stone.

Its light points to Laputa. .

Inform the General, we'll depart
for Laputa as planned.

How nice...

I can't believe she'll
grow up to be just like mama...

There's your valley...
Back where we started.

Lady, please take us aboard

Call me Captain! What use
are you without the crystal?

We'll work.

I want to see Laputa
for myself.

Don't want any treasure, just
to see Laputa? Suspect motives

for boarding a pirate ship.

Are they coming with us, mama?

One false move and
you're shark bait!

Excellent! No more laundry
or cleaning duty!

Or dish washing!

Or potato peeling!

Can you make pudding?


I like mincemeat pie.

I eat, um, um, anything!

Enough out of you!
When will you boys ever grow up!

Get off!

Canvas. It's made of cloth

And don't tear it.

Hurry up, it's crowded in here!

Hurry, this way!

I hate dawdlers.

You're with me!


I don't bite. Come.

You're not here for fun.

What an engine.

Now where'd he go?
Pops! Pops!

Got you an assistant.

Don't holler. I hear you.

He's tougher than mama. Be careful.

My hand doesn't fit.

This gasket?



The crystal pointed
nearly due east...

You sure about that?

I could see the sunrise from the tower.
Lt's the harvest season now,

so the sun rises just south
of due east.

The light pointed to the left
of the sun rose.

Good answer.
Any luck?

Not a peep.

Blocking their radio transmissions....

Mama, Goliath's faster than us.

We're upwind of them. If we get
a lift on the trade winds.

This is an Asian calculator.

Windspeed is 10: :. And...

I think it'll work.

OK listen up!

Goliath's on its way to Laputa.
We're on their tail

With these winds,
I expect contact tomorrow

Ten gold pieces
to whoever spots her first!


Whatever we find, I m sure Laputa has
riches enough for any pirate gang!

Earn your keep, boys!

Course 98 speed 40

You're useless in that get-up.

Wear these

Your station.


You serve five meals a day.
Go easy on the water.

Get to work, you idiots!


I'm sorry, dinner isn't ready yet

I've never cooked on an airship...

What is it...


I thought I'd give you
a hand in my spare time.

Why thank you. Can you
put those dishes away?

Happy to obli.

You said your stomach hurt...

I've got some free time. Can l: :.


Some stomach ache, jerk!

Hey, can I help...

You've changed, chasing the likes
of Goliath... But it's pointless.

It's Laputan treasure I'm af ter.

They're certainly nice kids...

Get to the point, you crank

They're too upright and honest
to ever respect you

What's that!

No, I mean... Check...

Good: :. Good...

Seconds anyone?

Seconds! Seconds!

Hey shake a leg.

It's your watch

Take it, it's cold.


Darn cold!
Go on up.

My turn.



That was scary!


Get in

Can t sleep?

Nice and warm...

Look out behind.


I'm really, really, scared.

I really don't want to go to Laputa.

I hope we never find Goliath.

The light really did
point that way.

About the robot?

Poor thing.

I never dreamed that
little spell could...

I learned lots of other spells.

To help find things, cure the sick.
And one I must never, ever use.

Never, ever use... ?

A spell of destruction.

I had to learn bad ones so the
good spells had power But not to use...

I was so scared, I couldn't sleep...

That stone should be locked away

They hid it in the fireplace.
Only wore it for weddings

My mother's and grandmother's and
great great grandmother's.

I should have thrown it away.

You're wrong. We only met
because of the stone.

Throwing it away won't
change anything

Airships are improving.
Someone will find it.

I don't know what to do, but if
Laputa is so dangerous,

it's sure not
for the likes of Muska


if we run now,
they'll hunt us forever

But don't become a pirate for me.

I won't become a pirate

Dola understands.
She's nicer than she looks.

Once things are settled,
I'll take you to Gondoa.

I want to see where you were
born, the valley, the yaks...


What's that!

Below us, look!

Goliath, right below us!

Come about!

Do we have to hurry?
I hate to lose them.

We can't catch them in this fog.

We'll get them They won't go far

Steady as she goes

Farther north than I thought.

There's no time, so listen

If we lose Goliath,
it's all over.

Follow them in the crow's nest.

What do I do?

It turns into a glider.
See the crank?


Turn it clockwise.

Once it's locked, the upper
lever spreads the wings.

Use the wire to stabilize them.
Figure out how to steer as you go!

Sheeta, you there!

Get back down here


Because you re a girl!

But so are you! Besides, I'm
a mountain girl with sharp eyesight


Please Pazu agrees.

Once you're alof t, the voice tube
won't work. See the head set?

You mean this...


OK. I ll give it a try. Release us

Here goes

They re gone

Slipped behind clouds.

Stay alert. They could be anywhere.

Hold on tight

What's wrong!

We're fine

Ran into a gust of wind.

We'll keep watch



I'm getting the hang of it.
Rough skies ahead

Get the rope from my bag, Sheeta.

Tie yourself to me.

The mercury's sinking mama...

Lousy luck. Storm coming up. .
How long 'til dawn?

One more hour.

It's dawn.

Strange that the sun's
rising on that side...

I know! We're supposed to
be heading east Bridge!

What! We're heading north?

The compass is pointing east.

The shif ting winds must have
put us of fcourse.


What is it? Goliath?

Lt's a cloud. A huge one: :.

A cloud?

It's headed for us!

A castle in the sky: :.

We're headed into
a low pressure system.

Turn her away, full speed!

It's sucking us in.

Hold tight, we can't help!

I can't steer!

Where's your brute strength.

Engine's burning up

Stop whining! Do something!

We're clearing the clouds!

Sheeta, the ocean!

The Dragon's Lair!

So this is the Dragon's Lair...

Dad said, that wind
blew in opposite directions.

Look out, a wall of wind!

Help! It's sucking us in!

Don't give up! Be a man!

Bridge! Laputa's inside!

What was that!

Dad saw Laputa inside
the Dragon's Lair.

Ridiculous! It'll blow
you to smithereens!



Just what we need.

Let's go! It's the path dad took.
He made it back

Into the Dragon's Lair we go!

Got 'em!

Our ship's in danger. Retreat.

Stay the course

The light's pointing
right for the clouds.

Laputa's in there.

Stay the course.
We ll find a way in.

Here we go, Sheeta!

Sheeta, Sheeta!
Are you all right?




Wait. I tied it really tight

My hands are shaking...

We did it!


Where is everyone...

Coming to greet you?

But I don't have the stone

I'll use a knif e.

What are you doing!


Please don't break that.
We need it to get home

A flycatcher's nest!

He's protecting the nest

I'm glad no eggs were broken.

The birds aren't afraid.

- Follow.
- You understand?

I feel it.

It's a city. .

But we're inside.

You can see the sky...

A city so advanced...
Why did it: :.

A grave...
I wish I could read the writing.


Do you tend them?

Another robot!

It broke a long time ago.

Must've been the gardener...

...who protected this place ever
since the people went away.

You picked flowers for the grave.

Thank you.

Are you all alone? Are there
any other robots here?

He doesn't seem to be lonely

He's got friends and
birds'nests to look a fter.

This way!

This section's been destroyed

They got Tiger Moth.

I hope the pirates are OK


They're prisoners!

They hang pirates.

We must help them.

Let's go!

We found a way in.

Mountains of treasure.


Want some?

I'll give you plenty... of rope.

Have you reported we found Laputa?

Just about to.

Make the code good and complicated

Hey! No looting!

The perfect distraction for those idiots.

What amazing roots

Can you climb trees?

It looks sa fe

How horrible...

If they reach the garden.

The only way to save this.

Is to get the stone back

I see why the clouds parted.

Otherwise they never
could have landed

Was it my spell...

Muska was right.
The seal's broken, and

the kingdom's waking up.

It's welcomed the visitor
with the stone

But Muska will become the king.

He's got much worse in mind

But what do I do with the stone
when I get it back.

That spell: :.

Spell. you don't mean.

I see a way

I'll go first.

It's here somewhere.

Please God. .

This is it!

Lt's that kid.

Oh, no!

Don't shoot, capture her.

Well if it isn't the little princess

Sheeta! Shoot!

What is it, Colonel?

The last of the pirates
There's one right under you.

Yes sir! Search!

Wait for me, Sheeta!



Must be Pazu.

What was that?

No, it wasn't.

The General is over there.

Militia, assemble!
On the double!


They've got Sheeta I'm going a fter her
I'll cut your ropes. Escape.

Get out of here

Hey, wait!

Take this.


The boy has become a man.

What's that!

Muska destroyed
the radio equipment.

Yes, while the ship
was short-handed.

Some of the guards
are badly wounded.

The Colonel is in a
black sphere down there.

There's a witness.

That upstart's finally
showing his colors.

Hunt down the spy!

Company assemble!

Hey! Hurry!

Shoot if he resists!

Find the entrance

Where are we, Colonel...

Laputa's core. The castle
above is just a trinket.

All of Laputa's knowledge
is crystallized here.

You two wait here.


Only royalty may enter
the sacred area

What is this!

The roots come this far...

Eventually, we'll burn it all.

Come, this way.

I found it!

This is it!

Here, too!

Found it!

Behold the giant crystal!
Source of Laputa's power.

Fantastic. It has awaited
a king for 700 years

700 years...

Your family even forgot that?

The black rock!
As the epics described!

I can read, I can read it!

Just who are you?

I, too, have an ancient,
secret name Lucita.

My name is Romuska Palo Ur Laputa

We are descended
from the same royal family...

. that split in two down on earth.

Not even a crack.

What's the catch?

Deploy all our explosives

Force won't be necessary,
Your Excellency

Muska, where are you!

Why hesitate, General?
Please enter.

Darn it! Follow.

Follow His Excellency


What is this! Muska, where are you!


What on earth!

Watch your tongue You're in
the presence of Laputa's king.

Are you insane...

Let's celebrate Laputa's resurrection
with a display of its power.


Behold, Laputa's thunder.


It's the heavenly fire that
destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

It's the Ramayana's Arrow of Indra.

The world shall bow down
before Laputa once more!

Wonderful, Muska You're a hero.
A monumental achievement.

I've had it up to here
with your stupid face.

Run, everyone!


Lt's those monsters!


Check our Flaptors.

They're ready to fly!

Let's hurry!

Quiet Keep your voice down

What are you two doing!
I'll have to leave you behind

I advise you not to anger me.

We'll be alone together here.

They should've escaped.

You think you can fight me?




A marvelous display, no?

Aha, some human garbage.

How dare you!

Be a good girl, give it back.

Please, open!

Just where will you go?

Open it!




I'm coming.

Get back!

Take this, hurry!
Muska's coming, quick!

Throw it into the sea.

Hold onto that stone
I'll trade her life for it

Stand up! No time left for hide and seek.

How delightful that it should end
in the throne room Come here!

The throne room?
This will be our grave Ours.

What is a king when his
country lies ruined

I won't give you the stone.

You'll die, trapped here with me.
There's no escape

This is why Laputa died out.

There's a song in my valley. .
Put down your roots in the soil

Let us live together with the wind

Pass the winter with the seeds,
sing in the spring with the birds:.

No matter how powerful your weapons,
or numerous your poor robots,

you can't survive apart from the earth

Laputa will not die. It will revive.

Its power is the stuf fof
humanity's dreams

Next, I shoot off your ears!

Beg for your life Make the kid
hand over the stone


The stone's hidden You can shoot,
but you won't get it

Stay away, Pazu.
He'll kill us both.

I'll spare her lif e if you tell me
where the stone is.

Or do you intend to conquer me
with that cannon of yours?

Let me talk to Sheeta alone.

Don't come.
Throw it away and run!

3 minutes

Sheeta, calm down and listen.
Repeat the words of that spell.

I'll say them with you.

Put your hand in mine.

I cut the pirates'ropes

Time's up. What do you say?

My eyes, my eyes: :.

Mama, it's collapsing!

We've no choice, escape!


Look, the bottom's falling out!

Sheeta was such a nice girl...

They used the spell of destruction.

Those kids saved Laputa
from those idiots.

It's stopping!

A crystal! A humongous one!

Lt's rising.

The tree... it's carrying
it away Chase it!

You're heavy get off

You're crazy!

The roots protected us

We can still use this

Here goes

What are you doing,
we're not moving.

Of course not, we're overloaded.

It's Sheeta!

She's alive!


Thank God you're alive!

You guys OK?

Oh, no! My galleon's wrecked: :.

Oh, stop blubbering.
We'll make a better ship!

You poor child, the worst is
having your hair hacked of f.

That hurts, Ma'am

Pathetic. All that work,
and only this to show.

Ran out of time...



English translation by

English subtitles by
AURA and Sony PCL

Studio Ghibli


Original story written and directed by