Castle in the Ground (2019) - full transcript

After the untimely death of his mother, a teenager befriends his charismatic but troubled next-door neighbor and becomes embroiled in a world of addiction and violence just as the opioid epidemic takes hold of their small town. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[gentle music]

[gentle piano music]

[somber music]



[Rebecca sighing]

- Morning.
- Good morning, my love. Hm.

[Rebecca sighing]


[train rattling]


[Rebecca groaning softly]

[water rushing]

[Henry praying]

[cellphone buzzing]

[Henry] Mom?

We got to go.

[upbeat music]

[woman] Yo, Stevie. It's on.
Polo Boy is coming.

He's coming.



Fucking phone.

- [Rebecca] Baby, put your seatbelt on.
- Okay.

[Rebecca sighing]

[buckle clicking]

I heard you praying
again this morning.


Well, you never pray.

That's not true.

- What were you praying about?
- Doesn't matter.

I was just, like, praying.

Nothing specific. Just...

You praying for your mother
to get better?

- Mom...
- Were you praying for me to get better?

- Mom!
- You love me.

Why do you have to know so bad?
I don't have to tell you.

I don't have to tell you
every time I pray

- what I pray for.
- [laughing]

[Rebecca] You don't have
to worry, baby.

I'm going to be fine.

Going to be just fine.


- Yes?
- [man] You got to move.

This is where
the ambulances come in.

Can I have 30 seconds, please?

- [man] I'm sorry, man.
- My mom's in there.

- [man] No. You got to go now.
- [knocking]


[switch clicking]

- [knocking]
- Shit. One second.

Goddamn it.

[lock clacking]

- [sighing] Sorry.
- [Rebecca] It's okay.

[Rebecca groaning]

- How'd it go?
- Hm, yeah.

Good, A-okay.




What'd he say?

Said I'm good.

[Rebecca sighing]

Did you look at schools?

[muffled upbeat music]


Did you really?


Swear to God.

I just don't want you
wasting another year.

That's what I've been doing?

You know what I mean.

You get better,
then I'll go to school.

That's the deal.

[cellphone buzzing]

Not at the table, please.

- What's with you?
- Could you just

turn it off, please?


[cellphone buzzing]

Henry, can you
tell your girlfriend...

- Rachel.
- Yes, Rachel.

Please, tell her, Rachel,

that we're eating.

They're giving me
confusing directions.



[cellphone buzzing]

Sorry, Mom.

Sorry. [chuckling]

Mom, this is all delicious.

I'm sorry, but may I,
please, be excused?


[muffled upbeat music]

[Rachel] Hi, sorry
it took so long.

Can't really hear you.

I'm sorry I didn't call before.

Oh, it's okay.

My day was just, it was nuts.

[Rachel chuckling]


What happened?

Nice to meet you too.


Uh, sorry.

Yeah, uh, it was fine.

I met my roommate, and... it
sounds like you're at a party.

No, I have a new neighbor.

So, are you coming?

Yeah, I'm going
to leave in a second.

Okay, I can't wait to see you.

[guy] Yo.


Sorry, yeah, me too, I...

- [guy snorting]
- I'm excited. I love you.

- Love...
- [guy sighing]

Been here a while?

Hope you don't mind me asking,
but, uh, how old are you, man?



No reason. Just curious.

So, why they call you Polo Boy?

No one calls me that.

Oh, sorry, uh. Richard, right?

No. Um, I live right here.


That makes a lot more sense.

Anyways, I'm Stevie.

- Henry.
- Yeah, nice to meet you, Henry.

You too, Stevie.

Well... [groaning]

- [woman] Yo.
- [Stevie snorting]

- [woman] How long?
- [knocking]

[Henry sighing]

[woman] Yeah, yeah,
Steve will be here.

Actually, sorry.

- Can you tell her to turn the music down?
- [woman] Can you hear me?

- My, my mom is just...
- [woman] Can you hear me?

...she's trying to sleep,
and she needs her rest, so.

- For sure, Henry. Yeah.
- [woman] I'll see you soon.

And whatever you do,
don't ever take her shit.


[woman] Stevie!

- Yes!
- Yeah! What's up?

- [woman] Hey, how you doing?
- Oh, so good.

I do need you to turn
your music down, though,

because this young boy's
mother is trying to sleep.


[woman] Hey, Stevie...

[explosions booming]

[Henry] Ooh!


- Hi. Hi.
- Hi.

[gentle music]

[Rachel] Can you come over?

[Henry] I got to get back.

I'll see you tomorrow.


[loud thudding]

[man] Yo, Ana, open up.

[loud thudding]

[Rebecca] Henry, who is that?

[man] Yo. I can hear you.

[muffled upbeat music]

[loud thudding]

[Ana] Who, who the fuck is that?

What the fuck
are you doing here?

[Ana laughing]

Come meet my friend Stevie.

What is going on?


Everything's fine.
Just go back to bed.

I need another one.

When did you take the last one?

You want me to get it myself?

- I can do that.
- No, no.

I'll do it. I'll do it.

All right.



[Rebecca] Where's
your girlfriend tonight?

[Henry] She's at some party.

[Rebecca] Mm.

And you're stuck here with me.

[Henry] I'm not stuck
here with you.

[Rebecca sighing]

I want to be here with you.

Sometimes, I'm needy.

I know.

[Henry chuckling]

- Mom?
- Hm?

What's going on with you?


[water rushing]

[Henry] Anyway, sorry
this is a long message.

Call me back, if you can
and you want to

or, you know,
I hope you're having fun.

[loud thudding]

[muffled upbeat music]

[loud thudding]

[muffled yelling]

[Ana screaming]

What the fuck!

[pharmacist] It says
here you missed a UTOX.

[Ana] What? No, I didn't.

Oh, you know what it is?

[Ana clicking tongue]

My phone is busted. See?

[pharmacist] You'll have
to contact your doctor.

But I sampled clean.
It says it right there.

So, can I please
just have my Tang?

[pharmacist] Can I help you?

Hi, uh, pickup
for Miss Rebecca Fine.

[pharmacist] Okay.
Give me a minute.

[Ana] Could you please
fill this, then?

- [Ana sniffling]
- [pharmacist] Where'd you get this?

Where do you think I got it?

I got it from
the doctor's office.

We should call the police.

Okay, yeah.

[clapping] Yeah.
You should call the police.

You should get them
on the phone right now.

I will tell them a little bit

about what it is
you guys do here,

about the croaker scripts
that you filled yesterday.

You're not going to help me out?

Wow. The way that you
treat people is horrifying.

You should be ashamed.

You should be
ashamed of yourself.


- Thank you.
- [rattling]

[pharmacist] Excuse me.

Excuse me, sir?


She can't use these
at the same time

as her fentanyl patch, okay?


Thank you.

[pharmacist] Have a good day.

Hi. Are you okay?

Sorry. I'm your neighbor.


No, I'm not,

because, um,

they are profiling me,

and I didn't do anything wrong.

And, um, my phone,

my phone is busted. See?

So, what am I supposed to do?
It's not my fault.

You know?

Do you think you could,
um, lend me 40 bucks?

- I'm good for it, I swear.
- Oh, I don't have any money.

Just 20, then?
I'm good for it, I swear.

I really don't have any money.


There's someone watching you.

I'm hypoglycemic.
I kept the wrapper so I can pay.

Can you leave me alone?
Or I'm going to post a video

of this bull-fucking-shit

Think this shit shoots video?

[Ana chuckling]


[Ana chuckling]

So, my mom's really sick.

Aw. I'm sorry to hear that, man.

You know, I mean, could you
keep your music down?


Sure. Absolutely.

Of course.

Did you drive here?


Do you think you could
give me a quick ride somewhere?

Real close by.

- Please?
- Oh, uh...

You asked me for a favor

and I said, "No problem."

Come on.

How is being quiet a favor?


So, what did they do,
the pharmacy?

You said they, um, they
should be ashamed of themselves.

What do they do,
they hook you, pull the rug.

They hook you, they pull
the rug. And you have to start

over and over,
and they get paid for life.

That is what they do there.
Oh, and they fuck up your life.

They fuck you.

What have you got
there in that bag?

Just some allergy pills.

Could I borrow your phone?

Thanks, man.

♪ Space, time ♪

[Henry mumbling]

Polo Boy, I'm done.

Be safe. Bye.

Stevie, where the fuck are you guys?
I've been trying to get a hold

of you all morning. Nobody's
picking up their fucking phones

and mine was busted,
so I'm calling you

from some random dude's

mobile device.

And, uh, yeah.

Fucked up, man. Fucked up.


[Henry] You are okay?

I saw what happened last night.

[Ana] What?

- Oh, no, no, no, no.
- [car honking]

[Ana] Don't even worry about it.

Could you stop here?

[door clacking]

[Henry sighing]

[piano chiming]

[Henry sighing]

[Henry] Hello?

[clanking loudly]

[sighing] Goddamn it.


[clanking loudly]


[somber music]

[door creaking]

[Ana] What are you doing here!


What are you doing here?

- I have to go.
- Okay, just one more second.

No, no, I really have to go,

- right now.
- Relax. Your allergy

meds are fine.

- [Henry sighing]
- Okay, can I just borrow your...

No, I don't have
any fucking money.

- I already told you.
- Your phone, please,

if that's okay.

- [Henry sighing]
- [Ana] Hi, can I please have Dr. Hurst?

It's Ana. Yeah, that Ana.


Hi, Dr. Hurst.

Could you call
the pharmacy for me?

They won't give me my methadone
and I'm crawling out.

No, I missed my UTOX
because my phone was busted.

But it's not like
I'm asking for a carry,

and anyway,
I didn't do anything wrong.

Can you write me a scrip, then?

Why not?

So, when I only needed
one to get better,

you gave me a hundred.

And now, I need a
hundred just to get well

and you won't even give me one?


[Ana] Wow, okay.

I hope that you are so
fucking ashamed of yourself.


[Ana] Doc fucking Oxy.

[Rebecca] Henry?

Hello, doctor.

Take that silly thing off.

Feel a little sick.

Every little thing counts, Mom.

[Rebecca] Mm.

[Rebecca sighing]

Promise me you'll go to school,
or I'll come back and haunt you.

That's not funny.

I'm not, I'm not being funny.

You get better,
and then I go to school.

- That's the deal.
- Yes, but, um,

we have to prepare
now, uh, Henry,

for every outcome.

What does that mean?

It means that, um,

things have, have not gone

the way that we hoped.

I've relapsed, and they want
to do everything again.

All of it, plus stem cells.

When do you start?

I don't know yet what
I'm going to do, Henry.

What does that mean?

Mom, we have to get
ahead of this. We got to

start right now
if we want to do anything.

What "we"?

Henry, listen to me.

- Yosef and his wife...
- No, Mom, what are you saying?

- You're going to get better.
- the event, in the event that things

don't work out, listen...

- Mom...
- ..listen to me!

I need to say this.

In the event that
things don't work out,

Yosef and his wife,
they will help you.

All right, my love?

I'm really tired.

[Henry praying]

[gentle music]

♪ I blame myself ♪


♪ It's all on me ♪

- [Rachel sighing]
- ♪ And the water's ♪

♪ Way to go ♪


♪ I've finally had it ♪

♪ With taking over ♪

♪ So waste away ♪

[Rachel] Hey.


Don't do this, okay?

I'm leaving soon.

I know you're leaving soon.


[Rachel sighing]

Yeah, you know when I'm gone,
nothing's going to change, right?



So, what's going on with you?

Hm? What aren't you telling me?



Just going to...
just going to miss you.

♪ Enter the pain ♪

♪ Watch how you rise ♪

Going to miss you too.

[Rebecca groaning]

[Rebecca] Henry?


- [Henry] Mom?
- [Rebecca sniffling and sighing]

Get me a patch.

- What? You can't take them together.
- Oh, it's okay, it's okay.

Just... [stuttering] bring it
to me, okay, please?

Mom, you're really not supposed

to take both of
those at the same time.

I do it, I do it
all the time, baby.

All the time. It's okay.

It's okay.

[Rebecca sniffling]

I'll make the appointment,
okay, to start,

and I will do the stem cells
and I will do everything.

Okay, my love?

- Deal?
- I don't think, I don't think it's a good idea...

Get me the fucking patch now!

[Rebecca hissing]


It's okay, doctor.

I promise.



[somber music]

[train rattling]

Um, I'm going to play,
uh, her favorite song.

[switch clicking]

[gentle music]



- [thudding]
- [water rushing]

- [thudding loudly]
- [groaning]


[crying softly]


[Henry crying]


[gun firing]

[machine] Prepare
to defend your assault.

Are you ready to die?

[gun firing]

[somber music]

[Henry breathing deeply]

[Henry groaning]

[Henry hissing]


[Henry crying]

[loudly sobbing]




[Rachel] Are you doing okay?


[Rachel] I suppose
that's a stupid question.

[Henry] No, it's okay.

[Henry sighing]

I leave tomorrow.

Yeah, I know.

I could come over if you want.

[Henry] I don't think
that's such a good idea.

- [clattering]
- Okay.

I'll come by tomorrow,
then, before I leave?


Don't push me away, Henry.

Say something, okay?


I don't think we should see
each other anymore.

I hope you have a really
fun time at school.


[somber music]


♪ Or when you may ♪

♪ I'll fall for you ♪

♪ Time is a good mise ♪

♪ Of never knowing ♪

♪ About you ♪

Sorry. I got locked out.

But you got keys in your hand.

♪ I surrender ♪

They're the wrong keys.

♪ I surrender ♪

[both chuckling]

♪ I surrender ♪

- What? [chuckling]
- You owe me now.

Big time.

♪ Love isn't easy ♪

♪ Easy ♪

♪ Easy to find ♪

♪ Easy ♪

♪ I'll stay for you ♪

♪ I'm trying hard, baby ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Too tired to fight ♪

♪ Baby ♪

- ♪ For you ♪
- ♪ For you ♪

♪ I surrender ♪

♪ Surrender ♪

♪ I surrender ♪

♪ Surrender ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

Keep staring.

I'm going to turn you
to stone, bud.

I'm not staring.

And my name is Henry,
by the way.

Stop staring, Henry.




Can you give me
your phone, please?

♪ My heart is a prison ♪

- [thudding]
- ♪ The whole in this ♪

♪ Come close to me ♪


Stevie, it's Ana.
Where the fuck are you guys?

I keep trying to call you
on your phones.

No one's fucking picking up.

Please, can you give me
a call on this number.

What, what is this number?




705-555, 5...

705... 705-555-8326!

Call that number, bye.

♪ I surrender, I surrender ♪

♪ Surrender ♪

♪ To you ♪

[Ana sighing]

♪ I surrender ♪

Jimmy, it's Ana.
What the fuck's going on?

I keep trying to call you,
guys, and nobody's

picking up their fucking phones.

Can you please
give me a call back?

This number is...


Give her a fucking call.

[muffled upbeat music]

Hey, Mom, it's me, um.

I was just calling, check in.

My phone's broken,

so can you please give me
a call back on this number?



When do your parents get home?

I can just leave now
if you want.

No, you can take it easy.

Henry, Henry.

It's cool.

Just be cool.

I'm cool. You be cool.

What's wrong with you?

Are you up right now?

Are you high? [chuckling]

No. [chuckling]

You're not popping any

of those allergy meds?

I didn't take anything.


- Hm. Hm.
- I didn't take anything. [laughing]

- What?
- [Ana chuckling]

Can I have one? Come on.

Can I have one?

Have you got any more?



Go check.

Come on, you owe me.

You owe me, remember?

[Henry sighing]

♪ Mm, baby got
to keep that flame burning ♪

♪ Keep that flame
burning forever and ever ♪

♪ Dream, baby, dream ♪

It's the guy
with the shiny hair.

[guy] Yo, Ana.

Open up, I need to talk to you.

Please! Yo, yo,
I'll hook you up!

Called you like 10 times.

My phone's busted, Polo Boy.

Please don't call me that.

Who's this kid?

[Ana] That's Henry.

Henry, come meet
my old pal Richard.

Everybody calls him
Polo Boy or Gator Nips,

on account of
the fact he used to wear

these nice, little shiny shirts

with an alligator
right above his heart.

- Funny.
- [Ana chuckling] I'm being quite serious.

- Have you talked to Stevie?
- [Ana] No, Polo, because my fucking phone is busted.

- Well, use mine, then.
- [Ana] I can't get a hold of him.

[Richard] I thought
you were on the program.

I am on the program, Dad.

27 days and not a jab.

I just need a little tide-over,

so could please
give me a fucking pop?

I'll give it to you in the room.

No, fuck that. Get out.

Banana, please.

She said get out.

Who the fuck are you again?

- That is Henry.
- My name's Henry.

I'm trying to be nice to you.

Yeah, so am I.

That's it, guys,
fill your destinies.

[Richard scoffing]

Don't snoop, Henry.

- [Richard] Okay, listen up. Are you listening?
- [Ana] Mm-hm, what's going on?

[Richard] We need
to get that bag back.

[Ana] Well, I'm sorry
to break it to you,

but your precious
bag is long gone.

[Richard] I don't
think you understand.

We need to get that bag back.

[Ana] No, no, no,
there is no "We."

I did you a favor, right,
but now I'm done,

so you give me my fucking pop.

[Richard scoffing] Sorry,
it doesn't work like that.

[Ana] Rich, you can change your
shirt, right, change your hair.

You can carry your little
taser toy around with you now.

But you forget, I used to babysit
you, so you cut the shit.

Banana, as soon as I get here,
there's a guy holding us up.

That doesn't seem
fishy to you at all?

[Ana] Okay,
I had a gun to my head.

My door was busted in,
and you think that I set you up?

[Richard] No, not you, Stevie.

[Ana] Rich, you got jacked

because you were on
permanent fucking broadcast

about your big bag of beans,
and you are a fucking amateur.

You are a small, small person.

You need to accept that,
you need to move on.

I can't.

That was not my bag to lose.

- What do you mean?
- I mean you need to help me find Stevie.

Or what?

[Richard] Or we're going
to end up in the back

of a white-paneled van lined
with cardboard, you feel me?

[Ana laughing]


[cellphone buzzing]

[Ana laughing] You and me
in the back of a paneled van?

[Ana laughing]

Yeah, that's going to happen.


- This is Henry.
- [Ana laughing]

Who's this?

[Ana laughing]

[Ana] Your hair's
all out of place, Rich.

You can't get in the panel van

with your hair... [laughing]


Sorry, this is for you.


Hi, Mom.

No, I'm on a friend's
because my one's broken.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, no,
I am on lockdown house arrest,

I'm keenly aware.

I was wondering if you could
wire me a couple hundred

so I can get a new phone.

[Richard chuckling]

[Ana] Yeah, no,
I haven't touched a needle

in 67 days and counting,

and I am on the methadone
and I have a job,

even though they treat me
like a walking flashlight.

Yeah, but I can't get a new job

when they UTOX me
every two seconds,

and I can't make my UTOX
without a phone.

Yeah, no, I understand.

I know.

Okay, I love you.

You give me my fucking pill.

You going
to help me find Stevie?

On our friendship.

Okay, how much you got?

You said you'd hook me up.

Hook you up, not front you.

You know how much I can get for
this right now? There's a panic.

You are a shiny
fucking capitalist, Polo Boy!

I don't like being called that!

- Should I fucking go?
- No, no, relax, relax, relax.

[sirens blaring]


- [Richard] You up to date?
- [Ana] Yeah, I'm up to date.

[Richard] Uh, sorry, can...
[sighing] can you brush your teeth?

And maybe put on
a little makeup, please?

[door thudding]

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Fuck! Fuck!


[cellphone ringing and buzzing]


[phone buzzing and ringing]

[Henry sighing]

[Henry sighing]

[Henry sighing]


[hammer thudding]




[heavily breathing]



[man speaking in Hebrew]




[group] Amen.

[man speaking in Hebrew]



- [thudding]
- [group] Amen.

[pills rattling]


[man] Henry.


I was just thinking,

why don't you come
stay with us tonight?

- Just...
- Oh, no, thank you.

Oh, for a few days, you know,

- until things settle down.
- Mm-hm, yeah, no. I...

No, I don't think so.

I made a promise, son. I can't...

I can't just leave you here
all on your own. [chuckling]

Yeah, you can.

[soft music]

So, Miss Peatree was your aunt?

My mom's aunt Dodo.

She's the only one
in my family who isn't a narc.

It's because of her I get to
stay here, at Aunt Dodo's detox.

[clearing throat]

♪ Waiting for you ♪

- [mumbling]
- ♪ I watch the moon hang in the air ♪

This... fucking sucks.

♪ My eyes blind
by headlights glare ♪


Want to split this with me?

♪ Waiting for you ♪

I knew you were holding out.
Where did you get that?

It's my mom's prescription.



♪ The ground beneath me ♪

♪ Dead and dry ♪

You sure you want to, man?

I'm just looking out for you,
because when I was your age,

I was smoking weed
and that was it.

I want to.

♪ But I won't cry another tear ♪

Lick the "loli" off,
and then chew.

It's a quicker, better high.

Can I do it, can I do it
how you're doing it?

The razor?

No, you don't catch a habit.

And if you do, you, you stick
with scripts as long as you can,

and you do not binge-use.

That's the quickest way
to O.D., you understand?


[Ana sniffing]

[Henry] So, what's he want?

The Polo Boy guy.

Hm, I told you not to snoop.

I know.

- I snooped.
- Stay out of it.

Are you in trouble?

No, shut up.

- You shut up.
- Okay.

♪ In search of the unthinkable ♪

- So, are you in trouble?
- You...

Maybe just delight a little
in your lovely allergy meds.




♪ In a game that can't be won ♪

♪ I took a chance
and had to run ♪

[people chattering]

♪ The river was the only one ♪

You're missing the party.

Oh, it's not a party.

It's my mom's shiva.

♪ Water rushing
through your mind ♪

Do you know what a shiva is?

♪ The river's thirst ♪

♪ Is so unkind ♪

Yeah, I know what a shiva is.

♪ Waiting for you ♪

I'm really, really sorry.

That's okay.


Take this.

It's good
for another few months.

Is this your mom's phone?


I can't take this.

Yes, you can.

Take it, please.

Just don't answer it
when it rings.

Unless it's you, right?


Thanks, Henry, man.


I really, really appreciate it.

Sure, um.

What's your name again?

- Ana.
- Ana.

[cellphone buzzing]

[somber music]


[hammer thudding]

[Henry sniffing]

[gentle instrumental music]


[cellphone buzzing]

[cellphone buzzing]

[gentle music]


[Ana] Hey.

[Henry groaning]


I was surprised you messaged me.

Why, you texted me.

No, yeah, I know.

Plus, we're friends, right?

- Is that what we are?
- Well, I like to think so.

Why, you don't?

Yeah, sure, we're friends.

You look like shit,
do you want to eat something?

You hungry? It's on me.

Don't get the lasagna.

Don't get the meatballs.


I'll just have
the apple pie, please.

- [Henry] Please.
- [Ana] Okay.

♪ And I will love you
till my life is through ♪


All right, say when.

[whip cream sputtering]

Did I say when?

[can hissing]


[whip cream sputtering]

All right, when, when, when.

- [Henry chuckling]
- You didn't say when.

[both laughing]

[Henry] When.

[man] Hey, sweetheart,
can I get my bill over here?

[Ana] Yep, yep, yep,
yep, yep, yep, yep, yep.

For vous.

[man] Thanks, babe.

[Ana] Fuck you.

♪ And I will love you ♪

♪ Till my life ♪

So, how is it?

It's good, thanks.

Oh, it's just good?

It's real good, really good.


[Ana chuckling]




Nothing, it's just,
it's really nice to see you.


Did you bring your car?

[Ana sighing]

- You want to go have some fun, man?
- I am having fun.

I know, but do you want
to go do something?

Let's go.

Let's go do something.

[Henry chuckling] Okay.

Have you got any more
of those allergy meds?



Are you sure?

Because you hesitated.

Did you just call me for drugs?

No, man!

I did not, Jesus!

Come on, Henry.

[cellphone ringing]

[cellphone buzzing]


I got a new phone.

I'm not dodging you, I text you.

No, green. The red
you gave me at the apartment

barely tided me over.


Okay, why there?

Yeah, yeah, I know
where it is, all right.

Can we make
a right at the light?

It's just a quick stop.

Can you change that ringtone?

Sure, yeah. Fuck, I'm sorry.

[cellphone ringing]

[cellphone barking]

[upbeat music]

Stop staring.

[Henry] How do you
know these people?

I don't.

Hey, can I have 20 bucks?

If you don't want to give it
to me, don't give it to me,

but I did give you the pie
for free, man, right?

Ana Banana!

And her little sidekick.

Fuck yourself, asshole.

What's that?

I said,
"Fuck yourself, asshole."

Cool. That's all you got?

Well, sure we can
figure something out.

Come on, Rich, you've given
me a lot more for way less.

It can't go on
like this forever.

Yes, I am keenly aware.

- [Henry] Let's just go.
- Shut up, Henry.

- You shut up.
- Okay, so we good,

or we go someplace else?

Short girl in the flak jacket
in front of the pink room.

- Okay.
- That way.

Okay, do not leave without me.

[Richard] Oh, hey,
can I tell you something?

She would sell your soul
for something this big

that's probably
going to kill her.

Just in case
you didn't know. [chuckling]

What the fuck?

[upbeat music]

[people cheering]

[Richard] Chill, I can get it,
no, I can get it!

[man] Fuck you!

[muffled yelling]

[man] Where the fuck is she?

[Richard] Hey!

[punch thudding]

[Richard] Man, she's here,
I'm telling you!

I'm not fucking lying!


- [punch thudding]
- [Henry panting]

[Richard] I'll show you.

[intense music]

[Henry] Damn it.

[door thudding]

[chain rattling]


Ana, I think we got to leave.

- What's up, man?
- I think we got to go right now.

- I'm fine.
- No, no, now, Ana.

- We have to go now.
- Just give me two minutes!

[Henry] Ana, Ana, please?
There are people here,

and I think
they're looking for you.

Oh, did you bring your car?

Yes, that's how we got here.


Is that your coat?

[Ana] Yeah, it's my coat.


[Henry] Wait! Wait!

[upbeat music]

[Ana] What did you mean there
were people looking for me?

[Henry] Well, there were
these guys with Polo Boy,

and they were surrounding him.

[Ana] That has nothing
to do with me.

Sorry, but that's what you get

when you try and act
all tough and hard.

The guy thinks he's a player,

but he's a cock,
you know what I mean?

No, what is going on?

Oh, don't worry about it.

What are you looking at?

[tense music]

I don't know.

Speed up.


We're being followed, speed up.


Okay, take the next exit.

Turn your headlights off.

Should we go?

[stuttering] One sec.

Is your car running?


Okay, keep your
headlights turned off.

Ana, please tell me
what the fuck is going on.

Who the fuck?

Fuck your white-paneled
van, you pussies.

Oh, shit, shit!

[car revving]

[tires screeching]

[lock clicking]

[Henry] Ana.

I didn't leave that light on.

[Henry] Wait, Ana.

What are you doing?

[Ana] I have a knife.

If you don't get out in three
seconds, I'm going to stab you.

[Henry] Ana, what
the fuck are you doing?

Ana, stop.

Put the goddamn knife down.

[door thudding]

Oh, guess maybe
I did leave the light on.


[electricity crackling]

[Henry humming]


He's here! He's here!

The guy in the mask is here!

[upbeat music]

Oh, Jesus, Jimmy.

What the fuck, take off
your mask. Think that's funny?

[Henry] You know him?

Jimmy, take off
the fucking mask.

Dude, what happened?

♪ Moments of love ♪

[Ana] Where's Stevie?

Stevie's dead.

Well, that's not funny,
where is he?

He O.D.-ed.

Those pills we stole

from your friend,
Polo Boy, they were fake.

♪ Feel you for the first time ♪

♪ Need you for the first time ♪

[Ana] Fuck.

♪ Far too involved ♪

[Ana whimpering]

♪ To cancel the care ♪

♪ Don't you recognize
yourself in the mirror ♪

♪ Far too involved ♪

[Ana] Shit.


Sorry if I scared you
back there, um.

I thought you were someone else.

You didn't scare me.

[Ana sobbing]


[Ana] Fuck.

Please don't hurt her.

What if she hurts me?

She's vicious.

Would you protect me from her?

She's coming.

[Ana] Jimmy, man,
do you have anything?

Please, just anything.

Come on, man, I need something.


Please, come on. [sobbing]

♪ Viewing for the first time ♪

♪ Value for the second ♪

♪ I have seen you
through the years ♪

♪ Worn by different faces ♪


♪ Don't you recognize
yourself in the mirror ♪

[Ana] Look, I hate
to have to ask you,

but... have you still got it?

The bag?

[Jimmy laughing]


- [Ana] Where is it?
- [knocking]


[Ana] Shit. Jimmy, come on.

Jimmy, what are you doing,
don't answer the door.

[loud thudding]

Jimmy, do not answer
the fucking door.


Jimmy, don't answer...

- Fuck.
- [chain rattling]

[door clacking]

Oh, Jesus fucking Christ!

Is he here yet? Where is he?
Where's Stevie?

[Ana] Oh, he's right behind you.

Oh, fuck! Fuck!

Stop, right there!
Take the fucking mask off.

Take the fucking mask off.

- [Henry] Ana.
- [Ana] Shut up.

[Richard] You.

You cop from me?

You burned me.

It's not me who burns people.

Not so fucking tough
now, huh, bitch?

Yeah? Want a taste
of your own medicine?

[Henry] Ana, come on.

[Ana] Shut up, Henry.

Did you know
the pills were fake?

[Richard] What?

Did you know
the pills were fake?

No, the pills weren't fake.

[Jimmy] Yeah,
they were fake, yeah.

How do you know?

Because 40 milligrams of
oxy will barely get you up,

let alone kill you,
which means they weren't oxy,

which means they were
fucking fake. [sighing]

What the fuck is
he talking about?

Rich, Stevie's dead.

He O.D.-ed on one
of your shady pills.

No, actually, Ana, on half.

I took the other half.

Jesus Christ.

What was in it?

[Richard] I don't know.

- Where did you get them from?
- Don't worry about where I got them, okay?

Worry about giving the bag back!

- Help me out here!
- [Ana] No.

[Richard] Okay, what?

You stole a fucking
bag of drugs from some people

you shouldn't have
stolen them from,

okay? Is that what
you want to hear?

Because that's where we're at!

Do you have it?


Yeah, I got it.

But not here.

[Henry] Ana.

What I do have is this.

And what do you want me
to do with that?

I want you... [clicking tongue]
to take it.

Taste of your
own medicine, right?

- [Henry] Okay, Ana...
- [Ana] Henry.

[Richard] You're fucked.
Bana... banana.

Don't "Banana" me,
motherfucker. It's cool.

Okay, how does
this suit everybody?

Now, you're going
to do the other half.

[Richard] No fucking way.

Come on. Come on.

It was the best high
I fucking ever had, right?

That's the whole fun of it.
You never know, right?

Take it!

[Richard] No.

You killed the love
of my fucking life.

You're going to take it.

[cellphone buzzing]

[cellphone barking]

Okay, okay, you had your fun.

My fun?

Jimmy, fuck!

Okay, not another
word out of anyone.

Hi, Mom.

I was napping.

- No one's here.
- Whoa, there it is. [sighing]

Okay, okay.


One sec.

You wanted your bag?

[bag zipping]

- Oh, fuck, man! Shit!
- [Henry] Whoa, Jimmy, Jimmy. Take it easy.

Go on, stay there and shut up.
Just, just please, shut up.

Put the gun down.


[Henry] Okay, okay, okay, okay.

- Sit down.
- Okay.

Oh, come on.

Come on, you can't be
more afraid of a pill

than this gun, right?

At least with the pill,
you stand a chance.

- Take it.
- [Henry] Jimmy.

- Take it, take it.
- [Henry] I'm begging you, please.

- Put the gun down.
- [sighing]

I promise it's going to be okay.

Just take a deep breath...

[Richard] If you fucking
shoot me, man, your life...

[gun firing]

[high-pitched humming]

[Henry crying]

[Ana] I don't know!

I don't know, fireworks?

[Jimmy] Oh, my god.
It's not real.

It's not real.
It's not real, it's fake.

Look, you see the red tip?
You see the...

[breathing deeply]
oh, you see the red tip?

That means that it is, uh,
that means that it's fake.

There's nothing in here
that's going to hurt you.

- Nothing.
- [Ana] Mom, what!

But this on the other hand,
oh, this will.

[Ana] Where do you
want me to go?

[Jimmy groaning] Fuck.

[Ana] Where am I going to go?
What's happening...

- [Jimmy groaning]
- unfair. Please.

[Jimmy sighing]

- [door clacking]
- [Ana] Mom.

[door thudding]

[Henry panting]

You fucking junkie.

You lost me my roof.

And you, what the fuck
are you still doing here?

I'm not your mother. Get out!


[pill rattling]


- [thudding]
- [sighing]

[Ana crying]

[door creaking]

[Ana sobbing]

[panting loudly]

[gentle music]

[pharmacist] Um, sir?

Hi, is it ready yet?

[pharmacist] I can't
fill this for you.

Why not, we have
another refill left.

Yes, but who's it for?

It says here
the patient is deceased.




[heavily breathing]

[gentle music]

[people screaming]


[door clacking]

[tense music]

[taser crackling]

[Henry groaning]

[Ana] Henry, Henry.




Henry, you're okay.

You're all right.

- [Henry groaning]
- Hey.

[Henry groaning]


You're wearing
my mother's dress.

Sorry, I pissed myself.

- Where's Jimmy?
- He's in the shower.

He pissed himself too.

[Henry sighing] Shit.

Why'd you come back here?

We need your help.

I'm sorry, but I really
just don't think

I can do this anymore.

[cellphone barking]

[cellphone buzzing]

Where are you, you Judas fuck?


Who is this?

Why do you have Richard's phone?

Prove it to me, put him on.


It's okay. Richard, it's okay.

It's okay. Shh.

Can you just put him,
put him back on.

Okay, okay, okay, okay.

We'll get it for you,
but we only give it to Richard,

in person, alive and well,

or you're never
going to see it again.

Tomorrow is fine.

Can you put...


If we could just stay the night.

Just stay, that's it.

[Henry sighing]

And a ride, just a ride,

and then we'll be done.

If you don't want to,
then I totally understand.

Just they know who you are now.

[door clacking]

You can put us anywhere.

Please, man?

Jimmy's got a couple good pops.

We'll share them with you, okay?

[Henry] Why does
anyone care this much

about a bag of
stupid fake pills?

Well, uh, you can sell it for,

for a lot of money right now.

that's why, a lot of money.

We're just going
to give it to them?



And then what?

That'll be it, they'll, they'll
just leave us alone after that?

Yeah, yeah.

You don't have to worry.

[Henry] How do you know?

Well, because all they want
is the fucking bag,

and they're going to get it.

I know it doesn't seem like it,

but everything's
going to get better.

[Henry] Oh.

Are you okay?

- She okay?
- [door thudding]

Yeah, she's fine, she's fine.

[Ana coughing]

I just want to say that I'm,

I'm sorry that you got
roped into all of this.

You seem like a good kid.


[Ana coughing]

I kind of thought
you were a piece of shit,

but I'm realizing you're
actually a pretty nice guy.

[Henry sighing]

Stevie was your boyfriend?

[Jimmy sighing]


I'm sorry for your loss.

I really appreciate that.

[Jimmy sighing]

[bag zipping]

[objects rattling]

What are you doing?

[Jimmy] Do you mind if I...

[Jimmy sighing]

[Jimmy sighing]

[Jimmy sighing]

[bag zipping]

[gentle music]

[Ana] You going to go back
to your family?

[Henry] I don't know.

Maybe not.

Well, what are you going to do?

[Ana] I'm going
to move in with my mom.

Going to get back
on the program.

I can't do it here.


It's not good for me here.

[Henry] Yeah.

Yeah, I don't really think
it's good for me here, either.

[Ana] Henry... you're okay, man.

It's my fault that my mom died.

[Ana] What do you mean?

I put the patch on.
I'm the one who killed her.



It's not your fault.

[bullets clicking]

Hey, you said
you'd be cool, man.

It's just
a precautionary measure.


There's nobody in there.

Nobody gives a shit about
your fake movie gun, either.

Who said it was a movie gun?

Henry, I never want
to see your face again, okay?

You're a good kid.

He's a good kid,
he's a good kid.

Back in a second.

[Jimmy groaning]



[men chattering]

[tense music]

[man] Surprise, surprise.

[Jimmy] What the fuck are you
guys doing here? I didn't know,

I didn't know you guys
would fucking be here.

Yo, put the fucking guns down.

- [Ana] Jimmy, be cool.
- [man] Where is it?

[Jimmy] I am being cool.

I'm cool, okay?

Yo, listen to me.

I haven't got it on me.

- I'm here to get it.
- [man] What the hell?

- Get it.
- [Jimmy] Fuck, I don't have it!

- [Ana] Jimmy, calm down!
- [Jimmy] I can't fucking get it now

- because you've got fucking guns in my face!
- [man] No, I'm done with this,

- I'm done with this!
- [Jimmy] Put the fucking gun down!

[man] Get us the bag
and we're good.

[Jimmy] How do
I know that's true?

[man] You're just going
to have to trust me.

[Jimmy panting]

Okay, the bag's
just in this room, okay?

Put your fucking
gun down and go get it.

You understand?



Ana, I need you to run.

[Ana] Henry, run!

[gun firing]


- [Ana] Run!
- [man] Fuck you, you piece of shit!

[Ana] Run!

[gun firing]

[man] Where the fuck is it?!

[man] I think
she went down there!

Keep looking, man!

[man] Fuck, it's an open bag!

[Henry] Jimmy?


[tense music]


[Henry screaming]

[hammer thudding]

[Henry panting]

Come on!

[tires screeching]



[tone ringing]

Hi, you've reached Rebecca Fine.

Please leave
a message, thank you.

[voicemail beeping]


[tone ringing]

Hi, you've reached Rebecca Fine.

Please leave
a message, thank you.

[voicemail beeping]

[door clacking]

[door thudding]

[chain rattling]

[door creaking]

- [Henry sighing]
- I need to get well.

I need something
to tie off with,

and I need
something to cook with.


Ana, where'd you get that?

Is that from my cupboard?

Is that the fake one?

It's okay, man.

Everything is gonna be okay.

[lighter firing]




[gentle music]

[gentle music]