Castle Rock (2000) - full transcript

A teenage girl and her dog are stranded in the desert. With the help of a young illegal immigrant on the run, they try to make it out alive together. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
(upbeat music)

(siren wailing)

- [Police Radio] Five George
is en route to 496 Broadway.

Do you have another
assignment there central?

We've got a 496 for you.

- Where you from?

- Baja, California.

- Where were you born?

- In Mexico.

- And what are you
doing out here?

- Looking for work.

(upbeat music)


- I have a feeling I
might find you out here.

You know you got
away from me once.

No one's ever run fast
enough to do it twice.

Let's go.

Welcome to America, boy.

- Hey, what are you in for?

- [Andy Voiceover]
His name was Antonio.

- Immigration.

- [Andy Voiceover] He
was from Guatemala.

- You want to get out of here?

- [Andy Voiceover] And
in a lot of trouble.

(foreign language)

- You want to get out of here?

It's easy, I did it once.

In the lobby, after
they process you,

just head for the stairs.

You know stairs?

Go up.

Be out in three seconds flat.

- Stairs?

- Yeah just, stay to the
right, go out the back door.

- You.

- Go up stairs.

- Run like hell.

(steel gate scratching)

- [Andy Voiceover] Grandpa
would have called him a wetback

or a spic or something.

(phone ringing)

He told me later
right at that instant.

- What do you got there boy?

I said what do you got there?

Up against the counter!

- [Andy Voiceover] He knew
he was going down the toilet.

- Turn around.

Give me your hand.

Give me your hand!

- It's not mine

- Well, well, well.

What do we have here, huh?

(foreign language)

- This doesn't look
good for you, boy.

Put your hands behind
your back, do it.

(upbeat music)

- [Andy Voiceover] It
was one of those times,

when you don't think
about consequences.

You just go for it.

Did I say he was a
championship runner?

He was.

The day Antonio escaped,

I was trying to do
some escaping myself.

I was in trouble for
breaking my curfew.

I was already on on
probation from juvenile court

and my mom was going
ballistic over it.

Since the divorce, we
were always fighting.

It didn't matter
what started it,

an argument always ended it.

- Do you know your probation
order takes effect again?

- [Andy Voiceover] We
were like strangers.

- Yes, I do okay.

But nobody's even checked
in on me for three weeks.

- Andy that is not the point.

The point is you
are one step away

from losing your probation
and then you are going back.

- Okay, there was no
booze there, okay.

It was just a regular
party and nothing happened!

- Well there are no
regular parties Andy,

there are no parties whatsoever.

You are gonna follow this
probation to the very letter.

Do you understand that?

- This is such bull-

- No, no I don't want
to hear another word.

This is not debatable!

There is going to
be no drinking.

There is no curfew violations.

There is gonna be no parties.

There is gonna be nothing, Andy.

And I mean it.

You are gonna follow
this thing through

if it is the last
thing that you ever do.

- Okay.

I'll stay in my room
for like a week.

- I don't trust you.

You are gonna be with dad.

- What?

All the way to Castle Rock?


- No there is no
discussion here, all right?

- Mom, come on please.

- I'm sorry Andy.

No, you have lied to me
for the very last time.

You are going and you're
gonna go in your room

and you're going to
change you clothes

and you're going
to get a warm coat

and you're going to
take off that makeup.

Now go and change.

Andy I said go change
your clothes now.

Dad, I told her.

- Well I wish you had told
me, I could have brought more.

- Dad, I don't know what to do.

I can't work and take
care of her alone.

- Well I work.

- You're retired.

Part time security is not
going to pay the mortgage.

I can't through to her.

- She don't listen to me any
better than she does you.


- But at least I'm
gonna know where she is

for the next few days.

Okay, I just need enough time
to start at the new school.

- Spare the rod and
spoil the child.

- No, dad, don't start.

You know she's going
through a hard time.

You know when she was small,
you two were so inseparable.

- When she was
small, she listened.

She didn't know any better.

- She listens, dad.

She just doesn't
want you to know.

She needs somebody
to hear her cry out.

And somebody to let her
know that she's loved.

I tell her that I
love her all the time,

but moms they can only reach
their daughters so much.

She needs that man's
perspective too.

- Well all right,
I'll talk to her.

- Thanks daddy.

Just don't talk to her
like a longshoreman.

- You know you don't play fair.

- No, I don't but I
learned it from you.

- Yeah yeah learned it from me.

Hey, we're burning daylight.


Hey, you're gonna be needing
something warmer than that.

It gets cold up there in
that high desert you know.

- We have a camper
shell, don't we?

Well I'll be fine.

- Hey, freeze your butt
off, see if I care.

- Listen be careful.

Did you bring some
clean underwear?

- Geez.

- Don't look at me,
I don't wear it.

Farley come on.

Come on, come on.

- All right, you stay
close to grandpa.

- Who else am I going
to stay close to?

Do we have to take him with us?

- Farley goes with me.

- Well then, you don't need me.

- Fine.

- All right, that
is enough you two.

We are a family and we're
going to act like one.

Do you understand?

Here you forgot your backpack.

You two try to get along, please

- See you in three days.

- Okay, bye.

- [Andy Voiceover] I thought
it was the worst day of my life

and I had had some bad days.

But that morning as grandpas
and I started for Castle Rock,

I had no idea how bad
it was going to get.

- So Mathew, going
out after him again?

- No Frank,

I was thinking I just might
let him get away this time.

Of course, I'm going after
him, what do you think?

- Which way?

- Going to head down
to Jalisco Wash.

If he's not there, then
back up around Castle Rock.

- Castle Rock huh?

I hope he's a fast runner.

- Frank are you just trying
to piss me off today?

- Oh, no no.

No that's just where
the coyotes are.

- What coyotes?

The real kind or the kind
we chase all day long.

- Real kind.

Got a report from
the BLM last week.

Rabid animals.

Not exactly an INS
issue weapon is it?

- Nope.

- You may need it.

- You sure about
the rabies, huh?

- Yep.

Nobody's ever gotten away
from you twice, right?

You know, third time's a charm.

(upbeat music)

- You need anything?

- Yeah, I wanna go home.

- Besides that.

- No.

- Fine.

- [Andy Voiceover] It's funny
how your whole life can change

in a single moment.

My life changed right there
at that convenience store

and I didn't even know it.

(car engine roars)

The road to the old Castle
Rock Mine was about 70 miles

from town.

Grandpa's part time job,

was to do a security
check every three months.

If you went in a straight line,

the mine was only
about 12 miles away.

But this far out in the desert,

birds were the only things that
traveled in straight lines.


- Boy I'm hungry, you hungry?

- [Andy Voiceover]
Not old pickups.

- I could eat something.

- Yeah?

Well, I know just the place.

It's about an hour from here.

- Wake me up when we get there.

- Oh, well of course,
your highness.

Wake me in about an
hour, "Yes," she says.

Oh, man!

Look at that scene up there.

Isn't that beautiful?

(upbeat music)

- How you all doing today?

Thanks for stopping.

- Oh, no problem.

What do you need?

- I got a runaway.

- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah, young Hispanic boy,
dark hair, 5'11, six feet tall.

Seen anyone like that?

No, no, not a soul.

We're on our way
up to Castle Rock.

I'll keep an eye out, though.

- Appreciate that.

Pretty desolate country
up where you're headed.

- Yeah, I suppose.

I do security checks up there
at the old Castle Rock Mine.

- Oh, is that right?

- Yeah.

- Well, I might be
seeing you again.

I'm heading out to Jalisco Wash

and then back
around the mountain.

Oh, by the way, the
Sheriff's Department,

got a report of some rabid
animals up near Castle Rock,

probably coyotes.

You might want to
keep your eyes open.

- Well, I wonder if
they'd be up that high.

Well, thanks for the heads up.

I'll keep my eyes open.

I appreciate it.

All right.

Hey, I hope you get him.

- Oh, I will, I will.

(upbeat music)

(dog barking)

- Okay, okay, all right.

Come on, come on.

Come on; get in
the back over here.

I'll bring you something,
don't you worry.

Come on, get in here.

Up, come on.


I'll bring you something good.


- Looks like a pretty good one.

- Yeah, so what is this place?

- Look, I got a name

and it wouldn't hurt you
to use it once in a while.

- Okay, what is
this place, Nate?

- Nate, my foot!

It's grandpa!

- Grandpa.

- That's better.

It's called Ransburg.

And it's the only town with
people this side of Castle Rock.

It's been here over
a hundred years.

- Yeah, well, it's a dump.

- Yeah, it kind of grows
on you, doesn't it?


Oh, you know that fellow I was
talking to when we stopped.

He's from immigration.

He was after some taco bender.

He's going to get him, too.

- You know, why do
you hate everybody?

- I don't hate anybody.

- Oh, right. As long as they're
not from the reservation

or from Mexico, right?

- Oh, I don't hate them.

I just want them to
stay where they belong

and that ain't here.

They're taking our jobs
and guzzling up our welfare

and then, no, no, no, no.

Besides, I like to mingle
up there at the ranch.

- You know, you are amazing.

- Thanks!


Hey, let's take a look around.

How come you hang
around with those losers

that you hang around with?

- [Andy] Okay,
they're not losers.

- [Nate] Well, they're freaks.

- [Andy] They're my friends.

- [Nate] Yeah, well,
you need new friends.

- Yeah, well, you know what?

They're just different, okay?

That's all.

- Well, so are baboons,

but I doing see you
hanging around with them.

- What do you know?

- Well, I'll tell you one thing,

I know that that lady judge
is going to hang your butt out

to dry if you screw
up on this probation.

- Well, you know what?

That's old news because
I don't care anymore.

- Well, you should!

- Why should I grandpa?


Everybody's telling me
that I should do this

and that I should do
that. Well, you know what?

I'm tired of it.

I'm old enough to make
decisions for myself.

- Well, you ain't
proved it so far.

- Well, who gives a
rat's ass what you think?

- Nobody.

- What?

- Nobody gives a rat's
ass what I think.

You're going to do what
you want to anyway.

I already told your mother that.

- What do you mean?

- I mean that you got too
much of your dad in you, kid.

Yeah, you're a chip
off the old block.

Personally, I don't mind that,

but your mom sees
things different.

- Yeah, well, tell me
something that I don't know.

Did you like him?

- [Nate] Who?

Oh, your father?

- [Andy] Yeah.

- [Nate] He had his good points.

Of course, living with your
mom wasn't one of them.

- I know, I wish he was back.

- Yeah, I guess she does too.

- Really?

- Yeah, but don't
get your hopes up.

It ain't going to happen.

- No, I know,

I just been meant, do you
think that she still loves him?

- Yeah, she loves him.

She just can't live with
him anymore, that's all.

- Yeah.

- So, how come you're
giving her so much grief?

You trying to get even?

- I don't know.


- It makes sense.

After all, they didn't
ask you, did they?

They just went ahead and did it.

- Nobody asked me anything.

- Yeah, that ain't fair.

- Damn straight!

- Now, where'd you learn
how to talk like that?

Those freaks that
you hang out with?

- No, from you.

- Same difference!

- Look, just because
I don't fit in

with your idea of a woman,
doesn't mean that I'm not.

- What woman?

- Me.

- You, a woman?

- Yes, me a woman!

- Bless me, I'm a pope!

- That'll be the day.


- You know that game we used
to play when you were little.

- What game?

- You know that game-

- Best years?

- Yeah, best years; do
you want to play it?

- [Andy] Why you want
to play that game?

- [Nate] Oh, it's the
only time I can win.

Get in.

All right, come on.

Get in the cab.


(upbeat music)

- [Nate] Okay, I
got one for you.

The best year?

- [Andy] The year
that I was born.

- [Nate] Hey, now here's one.

Best kiss.

- [Andy] (laughing) right,
like I'm gonna tell you that?

- [Nate] Well, I'd tell you.

- [Andy] Don't, please, don't.

- [Nate] Ah, come on!

- [Andy] Farley, move
over a little bit.

- [Andy Voiceover] I
think I said more to him

in those first two hours,

than I'd said to him in
the two years before.

It was like when I was little

and we used to go on
camping trips together.

The way we used to be.

(car engine roars)

I wish I had said more to him.

- Foster McAllister,
you old dead beat!

- Nate Harbor, you
old horse thief, you!


- How are you, uglier than me?

- Yeah, would it do me
any good to complain?

Hola, Domingo,
(foreign language).

- (foreign language), Nate.

- That-a-boy.

- Are you going back to
the mines already, huh?

- It's been three months.

- No, not possible.

Three months since I
looked at your ugly mug?

- With a puss like yours,
you're calling me ugly?


- Hey, you see anything
going on up there.

- Not unless you count two
jack rabbits and a coyote,

a rabid coyote.

- Yeah, yeah, I heard.

I heard, yeah.

So, what do you doing now,
you going up over the hill?

- Well, I lost three
strays about a week ago,

up by the mountains and amigo,

he needs some exercise,

we're gonna take a look see.

We're gonna take the shortcut
and go straight through.

- Yeah, lucky you.


I still got 20 more miles
to go before I get there.

- Hey, when you hit the camp,

I might be in a generous mood

and have a cold one
waiting for you.

I said might!

- The day you get
generous and you treat me,

that will be the day
that hell freezes over

and you get handsome!

- Today, yeah, and today!

- Well, you keep away
from my horse's ass

or I won't be able to
tell you two apart!


(upbeat music)

- [Andy Voiceover] If you
had to pick a place on Earth

that is the farthest
from anything,

it would have to be Castle Rock.

It's a bumpy, hot, boring drive

that nobody in their
right mind takes.

Nobody except my
grandpa and Farley.

And this time, me.

By the time we got
there that afternoon,

I was mad all over again.

- All right.

You crazy dog.


Come on, you coming?

Ah, come on!


Yeah, there she is.

I'll tell you what,

I'll go up and check the mine
shaft and you make camp, okay?

- [Andy] I can't make camp.

- [Nate] Why not?

- [Andy] Because
I don't know how.

- You used to do it all the
time when you were little.

- Well, I'm not little anymore.

- Oh, come off it.

Just keep your eye on
Farley and I'll come back.

(dog barking)

Farley, Farley, come back here.

(dog barking)


I'll tell you what,

you go get Farley and I'll
make camp when I get back.

- But he's almost
Already over the hill!

- Oh, what do you want from me?

So he's stupid, all right?

Stupid, go get him, will you?

- Stupid dog.






Where the hell have you been?

Okay, look, here's the deal,

you don't try and run away.

And I won't Try
and strangle you.

Do you understand?

Come on, you stupid dog.

- Nate!

Come on, don't die on
me now, you horse's ass!

(foreign language)

- No, but he ain't good.

Get over here!

Help me get him in the truck

and then you take
the horses back.

(gentle orchestral music)

- Where's the camper?

Where'd he go?

- [Andy Voiceover] I
waited for someone.

Nobody came, nothing I
could think of made sense.

I didn't know where grandpa was.

I didn't know why he left.

I did know that
something was wrong.

And if I went back
the way we'd come,

It was nearly a hundred miles.

I waited all night.

I would have cried,
but I was too scared.

It was like Farley and I were
the only two living things

in the universe.


Until I heard the coyotes.


- Hey, Hart, what's up?

- Libby.

- What?

- Something's happened.

- Hi, I'm Dr. Francis.

- Hi, nice to meet you.

So, what is my
father's condition?

- Your father suffered
an extensive stroke.

- How extensive?

- Most of his lower right side.

He may not regain consciousness.

- Wow, my daughter, do you
know Where she might be?

- According to emergency, your
father was admitted alone.

- What?

- Hold on, I'll go check.

- Just a minute and the
doctor will be right with you.

- Okay, thank you.

Hi, daddy.

Don't try to talk.

I'm here.

- [Andy Voiceover] I left a note

in case someone
came looking for us.

I had only one choice

and that was to walk back the
12 miles through the mountain

and desert.

I knew I could make it.

If I didn't get lost.

(upbeat music)

(car engine roars)

- What?

Go kill something.

- [Andy Voiceover] The first day

I was having second thoughts.

It was harder than I
thought it would be.

I kept thinking,

"Maybe I should have
stayed at the mine

"and waited for help."

(gentle orchestral music)

- Oh, no, no.

No, no, no, I not hurt you.

Oh, no, no, no.
- Stay the hell away from me!

- I no hurt you.

- Damn straight, you won't.

Who the hell are you?

- I leave now, I leave.

- [Andy Voiceover] I was afraid
until I saw the backpack.

That was grandpa's backpack.

I was so mad I didn't even
think about what could happen.

I just charged him.

- Give it.

- No, no!

I borrow this.

- Wrong.

That's not borrowing, poncho.

Now give it back!

- I must keep,
(foreign language).

- Oh, no, I understand
and you don't.

It's not yours
(foreign language).

- I am leaving, (foreign
language) alone.

(dog barking)

- It's infected.

- I need food.

- Me too, pal.

- [Andy Voiceover] When I saw
his leg, I knew it was bad.

I figured if I helped
him maybe, he'd help me.

- I could help you with that.

- [Andy Voiceover] It
seemed worth the risk.

I knew aloe vera would
reduce the swelling.

- No, no, (foreign language).
- I have to clean it.

- No, no, no, no
touch, no touch.

It's good.

- No, it's not okay, Fernando.

You've got, like a major
infection going on here, okay?

I've gotta find something to
sterilize it, like alcohol.

- Okay, (foreign
language), tequila?

- No, not tequila,
rubbing alcohol.

Well, maybe tequila.

To clean, you know?

What's your name?

- Oh, (foreign language).

I am Antonio.

- Andy's my name.

- Andes?

- Not like the mountains in
South America, just Andy.

- Just Andy.

- That's close enough.

Where'd you get these anyway?

At the gas station?

(foreign language)

- Yeah, I know it's necessary.

It's necessary for me, too!

Okay, you don't just go and
steal something from someone.

- I, you have never
steal something, huh?


- We're not talking
about me, here.

- You have steal.

- Stolen, okay and it's
none of your business.

Which way are you heading?

- There.

- Me, too.

Look, we may as well travel
together for a while.

(foreign language)

- Yeah, (foreign language).


(foreign language)

Why are you here?

- I don't know.

Okay, look something
happened to my grandfather

and he disappeared, okay?

That's why I've got to get back.

- [Andy Voiceover] I wasn't
sure if he understood me,

but something about
his eyes bothered, me.

I liked them.

(gentle orchestral music)

(car engine roars)

Wait, I think we
have to go that way.

- No, uh-uh.

- What do you mean no?

- No, we go in circle.

- We're not going in a circle.

- Yes, look, all
these looks the same.

We go in circle.

- Well, why didn't
you say so earlier?

- I say now.

- No, but that is southeast.

- No, it's there.

- How can you be so sure?

- I know.

Come on, it's this way.

- This is Cade, I'm
down at Jalisco Wash

There's no sign
of him down here.

I'm going back up to Castle
Rock up to the mine out.

- There's maggots.

Did you know that they
only eat dead flesh,

not living tissue?

Grandpa told me that.

(foreign language)

- Yeah, but it's effective.

Hey, go easy on the
food there, okay?

We don't have a lot.

(foreign language)

- Yeah, well, join the club.

What are you doing?

- You take.

- Thanks.

(foreign language)

- So, where are you from?

- Guatemala.

- Guatemala?

- Yes.

- What do you do there?

Like work or (foreign language).

- Ah, yes, work, work.

No, no work.

I am an athlete.

- Oh, you're an athlete.

- Yes, I run, long distance.

Look, I have win this.

Santa Maria helped me.

- So why are you here?

(foreign language)

- I have lose my passport.

- You lost your passport?

- Yes, I lose my passport
and me identification.

- And your id?

- Yes, yes, I lose my id.

- So you're here in the
U.S. without any passport

or identification to
prove who you are?

- What?

- You're up a creek!

- What creek?

- No, it's like an
expression, a saying.

Forget it.

- And you?

- Me?

- Why you here?

- Well, my grandpa,
(foreign language),

he's gone, he disappeared.

- Oh, (foreign language).

- Yeah, if something
bad has happened,

then that's why I've
got to get back to town.

You know, town?

- No!

No, no, no town.

- What?

But they can help you.

- (foreign language), no help.

- Why?

- (foreign language) I'm not
able to go to town again.

- What, are you in
trouble or something?

(foreign language)

The cops, huh?

So where you going to go, then?

(foreign language)

- I go to east then
to south, to Mexico.

- It's a long trip.

- Yeah, long.

It's long, but I must go.

- Look, I think my
mum can help you.

- No.

- Look, she knows
a lot of people.

Look, it's better than
taking a 200-mile trip.

- (foreign language) help me?

- Yes, my mum.

- Okay, (foreign language).

- Is that all you have left?

- Oh, yes, that's all.

- You ate all of that today?

Antonio, we gotta save, okay?

- Ow!

- Oh, man.

- No, no, ow.
- Just let me touch it, okay?

I have to see.

- Clean, yes?


- No.

This thing needs
more than cleaning.

We need something to get
rid of the infection.

I mean your leg is bad, look.

I need something to get
rid of the dead flesh,

something my grandpa
told me about.

- I no understand.

- You've got more than an
infection here, Antonio.

It's turning into
something else,

something more dangerous.

(foreign language)

- Okay, it's gangrene, okay?

It will kill you.

Okay, I'm gonna go.

You stay here and make a fire.

(foreign language)

I'll be right back.

(foreign language)

- Oh, grandpa better be right.

- [Andy Voiceover]
While I was gone,

Farley heard the coyotes.


They were close.

I think he was trying
to protect Antonio,

but he didn't come back.

- You passed out.

Okay, hold it there.

Don't move, no
matter what, okay?


(foreign language)

No, it's okay, just don't talk.

Farley's gone,
have you seen him?

- Huh-uh, no.

How long I sleeping?

- Not very long.

- Ow.

- No, I know, I know.

No, just leave it alone, okay?

- It's burning!

- I know.

- Ah, no, take off!

- No, okay?

Just leave it alone.

- Take off!

- No.

Just leave it!

Leave it alone.

It's burning.

- They eat dead flesh,
not living tissue, okay?

Look, I know that it hurts,

but it's the only way to stop
the disease from spreading.

Don't move!

Stay still.

Okay, you've got to let the
maggots eat the dead flesh.

It's the only way!


- Yes, this is my
daughter's handwriting.

- I've been out

with the Sheriff's
Department most of the day.

We had to stop when it got dark.

- Did you see any signs of her?

- No, just the note.

But we'll be out First
thing in the morning

with county search and rescue.

Mrs. Harper, there
is one other thing.

- What?

- I've been tracking an
IA, an illegal alien.

Escaped my custody yesterday.

- What does this
have to do with Andy?

- I found two sets of
footprints up near,

where I found the note.

Did your daughter
mention anything

to you about a Hispanic
boy, anything at all?

- No, and she tells
me everything.

No, why?

- Oh, it's probably nothing.

I think he might
be in the same area

and there's a possibility
they may have crossed paths.

- What?

What do you mean by they
might have crossed paths?

Who is this boy?

- No, no.

We think that his
identification papers,

may have been forged

and he may be a runner
with a drug cartel.

- Oh my god.

So, you think that the both
of them are somewhere together

and that-

- Mrs. Harper, I didn't
mean to alarm you.

I just have to follow all
possible leads, I'm sorry.

I really should be going.

I have an early start tomorrow.

- Okay, I'm gonna go with you.

- I don't think that's
such a good idea.

- One way or the other I
have to go with you, sir.

- 7:00 A.M., county
search and rescue.

- County search and
rescue, I will be there.

- Good night.

- Good night, thank you.

(phone ringing)

- Hello.

Yes, I'm on my way.


I love you, daddy.

I don't feel like
I've told you enough.

And I love you for
always loving me.

You just can't leave me.

You've always been
there for me, dad.

Can you hear me?

Oh, dad.

- Hell of a deal?

- Save your strength.

- Where's Andy?

- Oh, we're looking for her.

- Yeah?

Some kind of grandpa?

- No.

- You find her.

- I promise.

- Find her.

- I will.

- She's a good girl.

I love you, Libby.

- I love you, too, daddy?

Daddy, no, no, daddy!


No, no, daddy!


- Now don't get any ideas.

We're not sleeping together.

You know, I always thought
it would be different.


- Last known whereabouts
of the young woman

is right about here.

- Please call her Andy.

Her name is Andy.

- I'm sorry.

Her name is Andy Harper.

Her last known whereabouts
are in the Castle Rock area.

Now we're going to split
up into teams of three.

We're gonna start at the mine,

go up over the mountain
and down the east side.

That's the path she's most
likely to take if she's on foot.

Now as far as the IA,

if he's a mule, he'll be
heading straight for the border.

If he's not, then your
guess is as good as mine.

Now, we had a report
from some hikers,

saying they saw a boy
matching his description,

somewhere about three
miles from the mine.

That puts him in the
same area as Andy.

Okay, let's move out.

You ready?

- Yes.

- Sorry about your father.

- Well, thank you.

Thank you, agent Cade.

- Call me Matt.

- Matt, thanks

- All right, let's go.

- He's cut.

- No, no.
- What the hell are you doing?

(foreign language)

- (foreign language),
what is that?

(foreign language)

- Sick?

- Yes, he's sick.

- He's not sick; he's cut.

- No, no, no.

(foreign language)

- Bites?

- Yes, yes, yes, bites.

No touch.

He's dying.

- He's not dying!

- Yes, he is dying.

(foreign language)

- [Andy Voiceover]
Antonio was right, rabies.

It was the first time in my life

that I ever watched
an animal dying.

(foreign language)

- Okay, look I
know you're tired,

but we gotta keep going.

(foreign language)


- Come on, we gotta keep going.

I think it's that way.

(foreign language)

- Town.

- No, (foreign language).

- What?


- Wait, Antonio.


Look, okay, you can't make
it all the way to Mexico.

- Look, I not go to
carcel, to jail, not again.

(foreign language)

- That's not the point!

Look, I know you're not a
thief, but you'll die out here.

(foreign language)

- Yeah, well I think
your life's important.


(foreign language)

It bit me!

(foreign language)

Okay, (foreign language).

- What?

(foreign language)

- Fire?

(foreign language)

- Oh, you've got to try and
cut it to bleed out the poison.

- Don't move, okay?

- All right.

- Don't move.

- You've done this
before, right?

(foreign language)


- Okay, okay, no touch.

No touch.

- Oh, god!

- I know, I know.

Don't move.

Okay, come on.

We've got to go, man.

- [Andy Voiceover] I didn't
realize how the deadly the bite

of a Mojave green
rattlesnake is.

The venom travels through
the body very quickly,

eventually attacking the
central nervous system.

At the time,

I knew I was in trouble,

but I had no idea how much.

I think that Antonio knew,
but he didn't say anything.

I guess he didn't
want to worry me.

- (foreign language) no walk?

- I can't.

(foreign language)

(dog barking)

- [Andy Voiceover]
It was Farley!

He wasn't dead.

(upbeat music)

(dog barking)

He was infected with
rabies and coming after us.

I couldn't what
Antonio had done.

He had actually risked
his life for me.

- Antonio, how did you?

- Don't talk.

- You have to go, Antonio.

- No, we must go together.

(foreign language)

- No, you alone.

- The dog is coming.

Come on, we must go.

- Leave me and get help.

- No, (foreign
language) impossible.

- Antonio, I can't walk.

You (foreign language),
now go get help.

- You can't stay here.

- Yes, I have to stay.

Okay, alone.

Now go get help!

- Okay.

Be careful.

- [Nate] Andy.

- [Andy Voiceover] A few
minutes after he left,

I started to hallucinate.

- Andy, climb now sweetheart.

- Grandpa.

- Higher, higher, Andy.

(dog barking)

- Grandpa, I can't.

- Doggone it, Andy climb now!

(dog barking)

Climb, Andy!


- [Andy Voiceover] Antonio knew,

he was in his most
difficult race.

He measured the sun
as he went for help.

One hour, two hours,
time was running out.

- All right, Frank,

I want you to take your boys up

this way towards Seven Falls.

We're gonna go back
around Castle Rock.

I think we'll find them
somewhere right about here.

So, you think they're
together, then?

- No, frank, I don't
think they're together.

I think they're
in the same area.

- Okay, Matt if we run
into this IA of yours,

what's the SOP?

- If you find him,
you arrest him.

- Armed?

- Doubtful, but he's been
at large for about 72 hours,

so don't take any
chances, all right?

- Okay.

- How big is this area?

- Well, ma'am, about a hundred
square miles give or take.

- So what would be the chances
of you finding them in,

say, the next 12 hours?

- Not great.

- Frank, you wanna get started?

- Cade, what do you
mean by not great?

- We'll find her, let's go.

(car engine roars)

- If she came this far-

- If she came this far, what?

- She should have
been here by now.

- Okay, if she
almost came this far,

where do you think
then she might be?

- Up there.

- Up there?

Okay, then that's where
we're gonna have to go.

- Mrs. Harper, it's
a real long shot.

- Call me Libby, okay?

- Libby, we might be wasting
our time if we go up there.

I think we need to go back.

- All right, you go back

and then I'm gonna
go up to the mountain

and that way we not going to
be wasting any time, okay?




(upbeat music)


- Andy!

- Andy!

- Andy!

(dog barking)

What was that?

- Stay here.

I'm going to check it out.

- Get down!

- [Frank] Matt, where are you?

- Frank, up here!

- Is he conscious?

- Barely.

- Do you know where
my daughter is, Andy?

- Something about old Indians.

- What do you think, Frank?

- The anastasi pictographs?

- Sure, red rock cliffs.

- Anastasi?

- It's the only Indian
place I know of around here.

Unless he's talking
about the tribal lands.

No, it's a hundred miles
the other direction.

(foreign language)

It's got to be.

Sam, take care of him.

- Andy, Andy, we're here.

Honey, sweetheart.

Hi, Andy.

I'm so happy we found you.

Are you all right?

- Where's Antonio?

- He's all right.

He's going to make it.

We've been looking for you.

Are you okay?

- [Andy Voiceover] Grandpa
died the day I saw him

in my dream.

I believe he came
back to help me.

It was a small funeral.

Not many people came.

He never knew that
he'd changed my life.

I wished I could have told him.

- [Minister] He was like
Job in the Old Testament.

- [Andy Voiceover]
Antonio was there.

Agent Cade let him
come to the funeral.

- Nate, we loved you.

You will always be in our heart.

And now may the soul of Nate

and the soul of
all the faithfully
departed rest in peace,

both now and forever more, amen.

- I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry, too.

I love you.

- I love you, too.

Go, go.

- I will remember.

- Me, too (foreign language).

- Always,

I will be back, I promise.

- [Andy Voiceover] Antonio
had to go back to Guatemala.

It was the law or
regulation or something.

That's what they
told us, anyway.

It wasn't fair.

But life isn't fair.

Mom started dating Matt Cade.

That didn't surprise me either.

I could see it in their eyes
when they were together.

I guess it's because I know

that look pretty
well myself now.

(car engine roars)

A few weeks after grandpa's
funeral, I went back.

- How long did you know him?

- Oh, better than 40 years.

- [Andy Voiceover] Mr.
McAllister took me.

- He was the best,
your granddaddy.

I mean, the best.

- I miss him.

- Yeah, I know.

- It's hard to believe anybody
could miss that ugly puss

of his, huh?

You know how I met him?

- How?

- He threw me in the hoosegow.

That's the jail.

He had just joined the
Sheriff's Department

and I was having a little
too much fun one night

at a saloon and he took
me in on a d and d.

- What's that?

- Drunk and disorderly.

Picked me up with that
big beefy arm of his

and carried me to the
car like a little baby.

And we just hit it
off, Nate and me.


And have ever since.

He was the best man I ever knew.

Look, I don't much
like funerals.

He knew that.

I didn't mean no disrespect.

I just couldn't go.

I wanted to remember him.

Like he was, the
Nate that I know.

- Me, too.

- [Andy Voiceover]
That's what happened.

Telling this was part of a
deal to end my probation.

Judge Coniver, my
judge, heard about it

and said if I wrote the
real story in my own words,

she would suspend the
rest of my sentence.

So I did.

But this isn't the whole story.

Just the first chapter.

I got a job as a teacher's aid

at the school my mom works for.

I'm saving the money
I make for a trip.

I've never been to Guatemala.

* I know this road is long

* It's getting pretty dark

* The sun has left
me all alone *

* And I know I'm pretty far

* Just want you here with me

* To know things
will work out fine *

* Just let me hear your voice

* Bring me on home

* Bring me on home

* Bring me on home

* I know you're a prayer away

* Bring me on home

* I need to know you're there

* Give me a sign or two

* Each day I'm pressing on

* I know that's what you want

* But I feel I
have lost my way *

* Bring me on home

* Bring me on home

* Bring me on home

* I just wanna be with you

* Bring me on home

* Bring me on home

* Bring me on home

* I know you're a prayer away

* Bring me on home