Castaway on the Moon (2009) - full transcript

After failing to kill himself by jumping off a bridge, the man is washed up on a deserted island in the middle of the river, but within view of the city's high-rises. He attempts to escape, but soon accepts his fate and the challenges in living on the island. A reclusive young woman, who takes close-up shots of the moon and has not left her apartment in years, spies him on the island and comes to think of him as her own alien. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Your principle loan
was $75,000.


But after unpaid payments
and interest...

You owe a total of $210,308.

I see.

Do you understand?


Anything else, sir?

No. You made me
all the more sure now.

Thank you.

Thanks for calling.

Happy Cash Private Loans.
Good day.

Kim's Island


Can't even die.

The 63 Building.
That'll kill me for sure.

What the!

What is this?

What's with this place?

It's... an island.

A ship!

Hey... Hey!

Over here!


Over here!

Help me!

No! Not that!
Help! I'm stuck!

No! Don't go! Stop!

Stop! Please!

Come back, here!

What am I a castaway?

Yes! It's working!
It's on!

Not the battery!

911, how may I help you?

- Emergency?
- Yes.

Sorry to trouble you
when you're busy...

But... ah... I'm stuck
on a deserted island.


- A deserted island.
- A deserted island?

Yes, that's right.

What deserted island?

Well, this island is... ah...

I'm not sure
how you can get here.

It's the one on Han River.

- Han River?
- Yes, that's right.

- A deserted island?
- Yes, on Han River.

- Get out.
- Hello? Hello?


Oh, no! The battery!

Su-jung. That's it!

Pick up! Please!


- Hi, Su-jung.
- We agreed not to call each other.

I know hon.
But I'm stuck in a rut here.

Don't call me hon.
I'm so over you. Bye.

Su-jung! Don't hang up!

Su-jung? Is that you?

Su-jung! Su-jung?

Good afternoon.

This is SK Telecom.
Mr. KIM Sung-geun I presume?

Yes, but I'm a little busy now.

But we have a special offer

for our prime customers
like you.

Our new calling plan will...

It's urgent.
Please call 911 for me?

I'm stuck on a deserted island.

- A deserted island, sir?
- Yes, that's right!

Well, with our offer you can be
anywhere and make calls for only...

Wait! This is no joke!
I'm really stuck on an island!

The one on Han River!

I can see the 63 Building
from here!

And the National Assembly building!

I'm serious, here!

I'm running out of battery!
So call 911!

Help me!

I can do it.

I can make it.

I can do this!

It's okay.
I can do this!

I can do this...


Stop floundering!
That's why you're sinking!

Tread water with your arms.

Everyone else can do it!
Why can't you?

Tread water like the other boys!

Like this!

Aren't you a little old
for this job?

Your TOEIC score's only 700?

Why'd you quit your old job?

The company...


It went bankrupt!

I'm sorry!


I know, I'm mean.

But hon...

Being mean or incapable,
you know what's worse?

I can't do this.

We're through.


Fast and easy loans like shopping.

Don't lose hope.

Fast and easy loans.
Happy & Cash.


Getting out of here
won't change anything.

Attention citizens.

This is the
Civil Defense Corps...

Civil Defense training.

Maybe I should
kill myself after.

Salvia flowers.

I haven't tried it
in a hundred years.

So sweet.

So sweet... I could cry.

I guess I can die anytime later.

It's not so bad.

It's delicious!

The water's great!

Who cares if I die eating this?
That wouldn't be so bad.

Everything's A-okay.
Life suddenly got easier.

Come on.

Come on!

Just a bit more!

It's working! Yes!

Damn it.

They're all lies.

So boring.

Social Security Card
KIM Sung-geun

Are you happy?

A delinquent credit card.

Also delinquent.

This one, too.

And this...

A gold delinquent card.

Can't you hear me!


Can't you see me!


Call this delinquent, huh!

This ain't delinquent!

I'm living fine without
those damn cards!

After 7 years of saving up
for a house...

I finally got my own place.

The duck nestles me.

I am an ugly duckling...

that became a slug
rather than a swan.

Just an ugly duckling...

Almost there!
Just a bit further!

I need some protein, guys.


Freeze. Don't move.

It'll be over quick and harmless.

How can you all be so selfish!

Shut up bird!

Damn bird!

I'm eating it.

I can do this.

Kentucky Fried Chicken,
'Finger-lickin' good'.

Thanks for droppin' in.

Damn, that's hot.

Hot! Hot!

Birds taste better than fish.

Perhaps evolution is the process
of becoming tastier.

So bored.

Nothing else like it.

The perfect boredom.

'Blue bear' went shopping

Chanel pumps.

Save as

I bought 'em at the mall.
Aren't they pretty?

There's no need to go
outside my room.

With a few clicks,
everything can be mine, easily.

It doesn't matter
if it's real or not.

The replies on my site
decide that.

Age, looks, jobs...
Anything's possible.

Are you awake?

Do you need anything?



I'll be a little late, today.

Make sure you eat, okay?

Though I haven't been out
of my room in 3 years...

I keep strict rules here.

First, I get up
after Dad leaves at 8 a.m.

- Bye, dear.
- I'll be home late.

I get ready, then go outside.

172 calories for breakfast.

I put on 3000 steps
on the pedometer before 9 a.m.

I go to work at 9.

I clean.

I wait to go to the bathroom
till mom leaves at 12!

525 calories for lunch.

I put on 6000 steps to digest.

After some fresh air...

Ah... fresh air.

I plan a new life again
and work at self-improvement.

After finishing off at work,

I pursue my hobby.

Taking pictures of the moon.

I take pictures of the moon...

cuz there's no one there.

When there's no one,
you can't feel lonely.

Then I put on the last 1000
on my pedometer.

It's not for health reasons.

After putting on 10,000 steps,
I feel like I had a good, busy day.

It's an all-too-healthy
way of escapism.

- You're home.
- Hi.

I sleep when Dad gets home
at 9 p.m.

Actually, it's hypnotism,
not sleeping.

To erase away the day.

And to start fresh tomorrow.

To be true to each new day.

You're sleepy.

Once in spring and in the fall...

That day comes just twice a year.

Now, for the countdown!

Relax. Stay calm.











Blast off!

Attention citizens.

This is the Civil Defense Corps...

For just 20 minutes a year...

the world seems like
the empty moon.

It feels...

lighter with 1/6th the gravity
like on the moon.

I wish the world would
freeze like this.

So life could be 1/6th lighter...

It's a sign from an alien!

I already tried hypnosis 13 times,
but it's no use.

It's not my fault.
I must forget. I can forget.

You're sleepy.

He's alive!
Thank you!

The alien is a freak.

'Help' changed to 'Hello'.

Good shot!

Instant black bean noodles

12 grams.

Just cuz of 12 grams.

I crumbled.

Black bean powder, sugar, dextrin,
caramel coloring...

Oh, caramel...

Seasoning, flour,
yummy flavorings...

Damn delicious
Modified Glucosyl Stevia.

Damn. I wanna eat this so badly.

It doesn't have to be wheat.

I don't even expect that much.

If I can make noodles,
anything would do.

All the times I was stupid enough
to pass on black bean noodles.

I regret it so much.

Just one bite, dear?

- No.
- Just one bite?

No! No! No!

Eat first.

Eat the noodles first! Stupid!

Black bean noodles, everyone?

Spicy noodles for me.

If I sprinkle this down my mouth...

will the craving go away?

Damn it!

Stop pooping guys.

Eating and pooping all the time.

That's why you'll always be
just damn birds.


Poop! That's it!

That's it! Poop! Poop!

This could work!

Wait, wait, wait!

Think bird brain!
What do birds eat?

That's it!

If they eat and
can't digest the seeds...

What happens to the seeds?


It'll work!
This will definitely work!

Why am I talking to you?

There's definitely a seed
in here somewhere!

Start scraping!

It's working!

This scraps it good!

Finally getting use
out of this card!

It's poop! Poop!

First, I must find good soil.

How can I do that?

Of course.

To make a field,
I have to dig up furrows.

And I also need manure.

Things I need
keep popping into mind!

I'm suddenly getting smarter.

Desire makes humans smarter.

Always constipation or diarrhea...

When's the last time
I made some good poop?

This can't make good fertilizer.

I have to get healthier.

I must make healthy poop.


I have to make a lot.

Taking dinosaur DNA
from a fossilized

mosquito and
making Jurassic Park...

Or finding a wheat seed in bird poop
and making black bean noodles...

which has the higher probability?

I should hope for a miracle.

But it doesn't matter.

I got all the time in the world.

It's salty.

I made this salty taste
on my own.

Maybe it's cuz
I ate bland tasting food.

I couldn't be more proud
of my salty tasting self.

I feel like the
most delicious thing

at the top of the
evolutionary chain.

I'm damn delicious.

I'm good!

I know how you feel, bud.

This suit can turn you
into a scarecrow.

No need for this anymore.

Hopeful retail price: 85 ยข


I've been watching him
for two months.

This is my mini homepage
of the alien

who can only be seen from my window.

He is shy.

Likes dirty things.

Enjoys adventures.

He's a total freak.

And he's very curious about
Earth's black bean noodles.

Will I be invited to join...

this lonely alien's world?

I must go out into the Earth.

Can I do it without NASA's help?

Just once.

Only one time.

the 6 billion people on Earth...

I'll reply to an alien's message.

Since Armstrong...

This is another
giant step for mankind.






Blast off!

See you later, hon.

Didn't you find the note?

Why aren't you replying?

Three Months Later

It's a sprout!

Fast and easy loans like shopping.

Don't lose hope.

Banana flavor.

Don't you think?
It's gotta be.

It has to be meant for me.

Then why else
would it be there?

It said, 'Hello'.
You know what that means?

Think about it.

It means someone's been
watching me.

A freak? A psycho?

After 3 months and 17 days.

I finally got a reply.

The images and sound
are slowly getting clearer.

You're sleepy.

That's right, a pen-pal.
Writing to someone you don't know.

Then you get curious
and imagine who it might be.

It's an international pen-pal
cuz it's in English.

But it's the best
when you don't know who it is.

It doesn't matter who it is.

Hey, pal!
Startin' to ignore me?

What's wrong?
Going through puberty or somethin'?

Corn... Corn!

See this?

We can make noodles
with corn powder!

It's corn! Corn!


Yes, hello.

You know Bam Island on Han River?

How much for the duck boat?

Damn it!

Damn! Why me!


Anyone here?

Black bean noodles delivery.

Black bean noodles...


Ah, some woman sent this.

Regular black bean noodles.

Black bean noodles with onions.

Seafood black bean noodles.

And this is on the house.

It's true...

We're supposed to
deliver anywhere.

But this is going way overboard.

Enjoy your meal and...

keep the dishes.


The woman...

What does she look like?

Man, I'd like to see her face, too.

Hey, wait!

God damn it!

I don't care!

Deliver it yourself,
eat it, or throw it out!

My legs are all cramped!


What's with you two...

That man...

Didn't he say something?

What did he say?

You two are really somethin'.

You're breaking my heart.

He told me to tell you...

a bowl of black bean noodles is...

hope to him.

I'd stay away from him.
And keep the dishes.


I haven't heard that
in 100 years.

I'm tasting the giant hope
the man sent me.

It is truly the taste of hope.



Are you awake?

Do you need anything?

Then I'll be going, now.


I'd like to raise some corn.




Can you get me the seeds,
pots, and other things?

I'll get you the corn.

Me, too.

How long do I have to
keep doing this?



How are you?

Fine, thank you.
And you?

Fine, thank you.

Where are you from?

Korean? Really?

Oh my god!

Me, too! I'm Korean.
From Do-bong-gu.

And... I...

I hope to see you.

Who are you?

What's going on?

Where is it?

Where's the bottle?

This looks familiar.

That's my friend!
Who are you!

This is a fake homepage, people!
I saw the real one!

Crazy bitch! Die!




Fierce winds and heavy rainfall
is expected overnight.

Let's turn to the weather
for the details.

Reporter HAN?

A typhoon warning is in effect
in the southeast.

It's okay! Don't worry!

It'll pass in a flash!
Don't worry!

Don't worry!

Everything will be okay.

I can't even have this?

It's not much...

Just about to start, sir.
Don't worry. Bye.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

You're not allowed to be here, sir.

Must be homeless, sir.

We came to clean...


Stop right there!

What's going on?

Catch him! Get him!

This is my land!

I have to stay here!

Catch him!


This is a conservation area.
It's restricted to the public!

Let me just stay here, please?

I won't do anything bad.

I gotta get the replies.

Put some clothes on him, first.

Give it up, mister.

Let's go.

Come on! Let's go!

Let's just go.

63 Building

He's practically Tarzan.

Like a savage.

Does this go to the 63 Building?

Is something up?

No. Nothing.

Attention citizens!

This is the Civil Defense Corps.

Attention citizens!
This is the Civil Defense Corps.

This is an air-raid drill.

Once in spring and in the fall.

That day comes twice a year.

Something is up.

My... is...

KIM Jung-yeon.

Who are you?