Cascade (2023) - full transcript

A teenage girl's wilderness hike with friends spirals after they stumble upon a crashed drug plane, forcing her to outwit a ruthless gang and face an enemy far worse than drug smugglers.

♪ Won't do no fortune telling
No writing on my palms ♪

Are you ready?

- You ready?
- Yeah.

- Let's go.
- Go, Vince!

- A raised jackknife, baby! Woo!
- All right.

♪ I forgive your transgressions
For I know you are blind ♪

Come on, Vince!

Woo! Let's go!

Go for it! Let's go!

Come on, Vincent!

Come on, jackknife! Let's go!



♪ I wanna kiss ya ♪



- Oh!
- Hey.

Come on, man.

Triple gainer. Let's go.

Perfect right here. Thanks
for the beer, though.

Hey, remember we used to jump
off Mercy Bridge as kids?

Now, that was fucking high.

This man, no fear.

Hmm, no fear, eh?

Still ain't afraid of
your little bitch ass.

- You wanna go?
- Yeah.


Bring it, bitch!

Man, I'm gonna
miss these nights.

Who says they have to end?

It's not like we have
any place better to be.


I don't know about
you cock-smokers,

but I for one do not plan on
sticking around this dump forever.

Are you sitting on some fat stacks
the rest of us don't know about?

Mm-hmm. Do tell.

I'm enlisting.

Be all you can be, fuckers.

Wait, sorry.

You in the army?

- No.
- God, I'm scared for us all.

Ah, ah, the armed forces.

And a paycheck, cool
clothes, and a gun?

Sign me the fuck up.

Please, I can get all that
plus tips at my casino job.

There's no way
you're being serious.


First thing Monday.

Hey, yo, you should
sign up with me.

We could be like brothers in
arms and shit, or whatever.

These guns are for loving, okay?

- Not fighting.
- Right.

- Alex, is that true?
- I'm not that kinda girl.

Actually, Jesse has some
pretty amazing news.

I got hired at the new dealership
over on Parkland as a junior mechanic.

Nice. So what, we have to call
you Mr. Grease Monkey now?

They're even paying for him
to go for technician training.

I give it five months before
you're in the shit with me.

Making kills to pay
the bills, baby.

No. Never.

Alex, do you have anything
that you care to share?



Hey, hey.

You should ask your dad if they
have a bring your kid to work day.

Hey, Vince, don't.

She can ride on the back of his
hog while he shakes people down.

- That was a pretty good idea.
- Yeah?

- Oh, she didn't like that one.
- No.

Fuck you, Vince.

Oh, come on.

It was a fucking joke.

Always gotta be the
fucking asshole.


No sense of humor.

But you're my asshole.

Hey, now you have two.


Forget Vince. You
know how he gets.

I know.

It's just even the mention
of him pisses me off.

All parents are messed.

At least we have that to look forward to.

Ready? Come on.

Let's go! Come on!

Let's go, guys. Come
on! We gotta move!

Let's go, soldiers.

Come on! Move!

Let's go.

Skip, I've got
an emergency on flight controls.

I'm coming down fast…

I don't even know where I'm at.

I'm falling. I'm falling! I'm
in a spin and I can't hold it!

Mayday! Mayday!

Still nothing?

Murphy's fucking law.

♪ It's been a good
life that I've lived ♪

♪ All alone and miles of pain ♪

♪ Mine in the moonlight
And a body of sin ♪

Put your fucking toys away.

♪ It's been a good
life Lord, let me in ♪

Yes, ma'am.

What'd Axe say, Skip?

I haven't called him yet.

Not exactly the kinda guy
you wanna keep waiting.

Shut the fuck up.

All of you.

He'll know when
he needs to know.

We can't see shit out
there this time of night.

First light, we go.

- Get a life, little shit rats.
- Are you seriously gonna take that shit?

Just give him your finger.

I'll let it slide, man.

Seems like just yesterday
he was the little shit rat.

How come you haven't told Jesse
that you're going away for college?

'Cause it's not a sure thing.

- You're such a liar.
- It's not.

Besides, my mom
would be all alone,

or she'd be alone with my dad,
which is infinitely worse.

And Jesse and I are still
figuring things out.

- Must be nice.
- What?

Just that when the
universe throws you a bone,

you don't swat it away like
some mangy cock in your face.

Okay, there's zero guarantee
I'd even get the scholarship.

You have to pass an interview.

I mean, it's…

- It's like a whole big thing.
- Well, if it were me,

we wouldn't even be
having this conversation.

What kinda shakes do you want?

Yeah, they want vanilla.

Get out you, fucking perv.


What are you doing?

Could you really see
him joining the army?

I wouldn't put it passed him.

And it's one way out, right?


And who knows,

might even be good at it.

Fucking help me take
these shakes. Here.

All right, come and get it.

Order up. 68.

Remember Bekka Burger as kids?
They were like twice this size.

Yeah, because you were
like half this size.

My mom actually used to work
here when she was our age.

Hmm. You think when
old people say,

"In my day," they knew when
they were in their day?

What old people?

Old people.

They always say shit like, uh…

"In my day
cars used to cost a nickel."

- You know?
- He's tripping.

Like us, in the future,

we'll say…

"Hot dogs were made
of pig lips and…"

- Ew.
- "…and assholes.

Not fucking space
beans or whatever."

- Ew.
- That's really lovely. Thank you.

You mean are we gonna rag
on the next generation

the same way people do about us?

- Definitely.
- No.

Like, this is our day.

We're in it.

We need to do something epic.

We should go hike Migizi Falls.

Hiking? That is
your idea of epic?


Fuck it.

Fuck it, I'm in.

- No.
- Fuck, yeah.

- Guys, no.
- One.

Guys, aren't the falls still off
limits 'cause of Danny Hagel?

What's a Danny Hagel?

He was this older kid.

He went to our middle school and he
jumped the falls on a school trip.

Fat little fucker was found
tits up a mile down the river.


- I heard it was a suicide.
- See?

Everybody remembers how he died.

But how'd he live?


Is this your way of saying
you wanna jump the falls?

You know, the thought
never crossed my mind.

You know what?
You guys have fun.

I'm gonna stay back.

My mom probably needs me
to help around the house.

Help around the house?

Hey, you're only young once.

Then you die a slow, sad… death.

♪ Break it to me gently ♪

♪ Let me down the easy way ♪

You're pretty quiet.

♪ Make me feel that
you still love me ♪

No reason.

♪ Just for one more day ♪

Do you ever think about
leaving Clearview?

Why would I leave?

I know everybody bags
on this place, but…

everything I love is here.



Why? Do you?

I don't know.

I mean, sure I… I wonder.

But it's not like a
burning desire or anything.


Let me know if you change
your mind about tomorrow.



You want me to go in with you?


I'll be fine. Seriously.


Oh, Alex, you're home.

I didn't hear you come
in. How was the bonfire?

It got rained out.

I'm really tired, so I'm
gonna go right to sleep, okay?

Okay, baby.

What? I don't get a hello?

You're back.

What's it been this time?
Like three whole months?

That's not a hello.

So, Nick, are you here on,
uh, business or pleasure?

Got a pretty big mouth to
go with your big brain, huh?

Leave her alone, Nick.

And it's "dad", not Nick.

I am your father.

- Don't forget that.
- Not like I haven't tried.

This might break your heart,

but blood is blood
and blood is forever.

Please. The only reason
you keep mom around

is to make this place your
own personal stash house.

Picking up, dropping off.

Yeah? What do you
know about that?

She may cater to your needs, but
we don't need anything from you.

Better watch your mouth.

Why don't you just take your
shit and get the fuck out?

- Take my shit?
- Yeah.

All of this is my
shit! It's my house!

Because you're never here.

One day that mouth is gonna
get you in big trouble.

- Enough!
- You spoiled brat.



Are you happy? Look
what you made me do.


I'm okay.

I'm all right.

Get your mother some ice.

- I'm fine. It was an accident.
- You okay, baby?

Just, everyone,
please just relax.

- Mom.
- Mm-hmm.

This is what he brings
into this house.

Okay. Um, why don't you
just go to bed, okay?

You need to straighten her out.



Max, we
got some complications.

- What kind of complications?
- He didn't make it.

I'm sleeping.

Alex, it's just me.

You okay?

I want him gone.


Mom, he just backhanded
you across the face.

He didn't mean to do that.

No, he meant to hit me.

No, he did not, but…

did you really have to
push his buttons like that?

Tell him to go. Please,
we don't need him.

I need my husband.

And like it or not, you
still need a father.

So, then why doesn't he need us?

Relationships are built on
things you go through together.

When are you gonna stop
letting him push you around?

Is that really all you see?

It's work. I gotta go.

Now? You just got here.

Something came up. I'll be back.

- All right.
- See you, baby. Soon.

I promise. Okay?


I'm in for tomorrow.

♪ In the window, I put a light ♪

♪ So you can find me ♪

Let's move it, bro.

Oh, what? Are you
gonna get a car wash, too?

- Let's get a move on! Let's go!
- All right.

It is way too early for
the whole Vince-travaganza.

Suck it, Clearview!

♪ Look for my sign ♪

♪ So you can find me ♪

♪ Follow my sign ♪

♪ Follow my sign ♪

Let's do this.

Hello. Bright
and early this morning.

- Where you folks headed?
- Uh, nothing to declare, sir.

Sorry. We just came
to do a bit of hiking,

maybe some camping if
the weather holds up.

Okay, if I can just get
your names for the register.

Yes, sir.

A few things to keep in
mind before you move ahead.

Stick to the clearly
marked trails,

campsites are marked
off on the map.

Just sign my name.

Flying of drones and drone
photography is strictly prohibited,

as is the use of firearms.

- All clear?
- Yes.

- Yes, sir.
- Good. All set.

Respect the rules of the park,

and stay out of the
restricted areas.

- Can you see the falls from the river?
- Yeah, you sure can,

just follow the blue trail
markers, you'll find it no trouble.

Water table's a little high because
of the storm, so steer clear.

If you run into any trouble,

just head on over to the ranger
station, we'll sort you out.

Great. Thank you.

- Stay safe. Enjoy the park.
- Thank you.

That guy's definitely got
a huge dick or something.

Holy shit, man.

If you let me drive, I can
get us there a lot faster.

No, you are not
driving. I swear to God.

My dad used to take
me hunting here.

It's really easy to get lost.


He wasn't always a
criminal psychopath.

I had a childhood, you know.

It's just, we never really hear
you talk about him like that.

Yeah, well, didn't say
it was a long childhood.

All right, come on, seriously. Give
me the keys. Stop fucking around.


Fine, but if you
scratch it once…

Then you'll have it looking
new in no time, all right?

So, don't worry about it.


And hey,

I'll take care of Gam-Gam's
car, all right now?

- You better.
- Oh, yeah.

Please don't kill us.

Don't be an idiot!

All right,
buckle up, people.

Hi, there. How you
folks doing today?

Coming to take in the sights?

Well, it's a
beautiful day for it.


Here you go, Bucko.

There's no service.

I'm over this already.



Welcome to Vince's wild
wilderness adventure!

Come on. Let's go!

- It's this way!
- Okay.

Hey, super trooper, you plan
on waiting for the rest of us?

Hold up!

You want us to go in there?

What's wrong?

Big "no entry" sign
doesn't give it away?

That's for like
animals and shit.

Yeah, but only for the
ones that can read.

Hey, come here.

Okay, let's go. I got you.


Let's go.
Come on. Let's go.

- Come on.
- Step it up.

Hey, can we just…

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

- Do you need water?
- No, it's okay.


It's okay.

You can finish it.

Do you wanna go back?

Back in time, maybe.

I think I might be pregnant.


Like for real?

Like for real.

Well, did you take a test?

No, but I'm late.

Okay. But it could be something
else. You don't know for sure.

I'm supposed to go to
the doctor next week.

Don't suppose
you'd come with me?


Yeah, of course,
if you want. But…

what about Vince?

He doesn't know and
you can't tell him.

I'm serious. Swear.

I swear.

I don't know. Like, do I wait?

And now he says he
wants to join the army.

The fucking army?

Yeah, he did say that.

And if I tell him, he's gonna think
I'm trying to trick him into staying.


would you keep it?

I work part-time as a coat
check girl at the casino.

What do you think?


Hey! You guys gotta see this.

Let's go.

Come on.


- I told you it'd be epic!
- Holy shit!

This is fucking crazy!

I've never seen them from this
high, or this close. This is insane!

Jesse, you think I can make it?

Maybe if you grew wings.

You heard the ranger,

water's way deeper now.

Tell me you're
fucking joking.

- Vince.
- Don't be stupid. You're not jumping.

Vince, you would
never make it, okay?

Yeah, you'd die.

- Don't do it.
- Vince.

- Vince, stop.
- Vince!

- Vince!
- No, no, no. Don't do it.

Woo! Oh, shit!

All right. Yeah, that's
pretty fucking high.

Yeah, no shit.

Okay, cut it out.

- Vince!
- Fucking stop. Stop!

- Vince! Vince!
- No, no, no!

What the fuck?


- Vince?
- Vince!


There's no way.

- Always playing games.
- He's just messing with us.

Well, he's an asshole.

Vince! Vince?


Do you think he went in
and the current took him?

- No way he jumped the falls.
- Vince!

He better not be fucking around.


- Vince!
- Vince!


Vince! You scared
the shit out of me!

Not fucking funny, man.

Where are you going?

Oh, my God!

Oh, nasty!

I think it's recent,

last night's storm maybe.

No, no, no, no, no. You
do not wanna go in there.

Yeah, we should call the
cops or tell the ranger.

I mean, maybe no one even
knows this is out here.

Normally, that's what
the transponder's for.

No. No power.


Em, what are you doing?

Just in case someone asks.

It's morbid. He's dead.

Okay, geez.

Vince, man, maybe you
should get out of there.

I don't think we oughta
be touching any of this.

Fuck you.

I'm serious, man.
We gotta go tell the ranger.

Yeah, this doesn't feel right.

You think there's a reward?


Is that… cocaine?

Only one way to know for sure.

What are you doing?

- You can't do that.
- Why not?

So many fucking reasons that should
be obvious to a normal human being.

Let's all just relax,
okay? Alex is right.

We can't touch this.

Do you have any idea how much
one of these bricks are worth?

Enough to put each of
us away for a decade.

- Do you see cops?
- We're not drug dealers.

And what about the dead body?
I mean, that's a human being.

We'll make an
anonymous call later.

Check it! This…

This could set us up for
a real fucking long time.

It could literally
change our lives.

Em, you're not actually
considering this?

Not all of us are going
away to some fancy school.


- What's she talking about?
- She didn't tell you?

She's leaving you, dude,
for some rich-ass college.

Is this for real?


I mean, it's not for sure.

'Cause that's why I didn't tell
you. Without the scholarship…

You can afford it now.

- If we were to do this...
- Em!

Was I talking to you?

How do we sell it?

Uh, Jesse's got a weed guy, for
sure there's a connection there.

- No, leave me outta this.
- You work at a casino.

And then there's
always Alex's daddy.

Oh, do you want me to text him?

Or take a sample home
for Sunday night dinner?

You're all crazy! I'm
going to the cops.

If you do, I'll tell them he
was the one who put us up to it.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

What happens when he finds out?

Hey, man, back off, okay?

- Just give me...
- I said back the fuck up!

I'm taking mine!

If you call the cops, I'll
tell 'em about her daddy,

so they'll have to investigate and
puts her family under the microscope.

- You're a fucking asshole!
- So you keep telling me!

Em, take her backpack.

We get outta here,

we go our separate ways.
You forget you know us.

No problem there.

Go on.


A hundred.

A hundred
and one. No? Okay.

Hey, baldy.

That's our car.

You kids
are out pretty far.

No one else around for… miles.

We were hiking.

Swimming, too, by
the looks of it.

Tell me,

what is so interesting…
up over that hill?

A waterfall.

Beautiful. Mm.

That all?

- Yeah.
- Nothing else?

More trees?

Look, buddy, we're on our way back
to the ranger station, so, uh,

could you get off our car?

Fucking keep
your mouth shut.

Get the fuck out.

Come on.

We know we're in a
restricted area, we're sorry.

- If there's a fine...
- Shut the fuck up.

Jerry. You wanna come in?

up, Cutter? Where you at?

I'm up on that logging road.

North of the pass.

Found a couple of kids.

Say they've been hiking
near Migizi Falls.

Yeah. I been searching up
and down that river like twice.

Well, maybe you missed
something, Jerry,

because these kids know
more than they're saying.

Yeah, all right.
I'll be there in ten.

Copy that.

What's in the pack?

- Camping gear.
- Uh-oh.

You said you were hiking.

Hiking and camping.

Look, we don't want any trouble.

Honest, we were
just hiking and...

How 'bout you cut
the shit, thank you,

and you open the fucking bag.

How 'bout that?

What's the matter, sugar?

You scared?

What are you scared of?

Come here.

Leave her alone.

You weren't here
to hike, were you?

Get the fuck away from her.

Vince, what are you doing?

Kid, I gotta hand it to you.

I've had a lot of guns pointed at
me in my life, but…

…never a flare gun.


How about you put that fucking
thing down before someone...

You have to hit him again.

We gotta go. Now!

Em, come on.

We can't help him
now. Get in. Go!

I just smashed a man's
skull with a rock.

Jesse, you
saved us, okay?

Do you know
where we're going?

The road we came from.

Is anybody
even listening to me?

- I just smashed a man's skull.
- You saved us.

We have to go back. What
if Vince is just hurt?

We saw him get shot.

- He's dead.
- Alex, slow down.

- Don't say that!
- Slow down.

Look out!

Fuck, my leg. Ah, shit.


Em? Em? Emily!

I'm fine.

Hang on.

Okay. Easy.

Okay, show me your
leg. Can you move it?

It's okay. Just breathe.

Is it bad?

Looks fucking bad.

No, you're gonna be
okay. Just stay there.

Hold still.

Okay. Gonna hurt a little bit.


Em, are you okay?

Do I look fucking okay?

Look at me.


How's the car?


Hold on.

Jerry, wanna call back?



Fuck. Someone fucking answer.

it's Murph. I heard gunshots.

One of those little fuckers
took a pop at me and fucked off.

They know where the plane
is. I found a couple bricks.

Anything from Jerry?


He should've cut them off at
the bottom of the logging road by now.

I'm still at the clearing.
You want I should go check it out?

No. I'll head down
and see what's going on

as soon as I can see straight.

Guys, we have to go on
foot. Can you stand?

- What about the pick-up?
- It's trashed.

Can't you fix it?
Isn't that what you do?

There's no time!
Didn't you hear?

Wait. The radio.

Maybe I can get a emergency
channel or something.

Mayday. Mayday. Anyone there?

- Mayday. Mayday.
- Jesse, we need to get off the main road.

And go where? We're in
the middle of nowhere.

We can't stay here and wait
for that maniac to show up.

Alex is right. We
gotta keep moving.



We gotta keep going. Come on.

I can't, please.

Okay, okay.


Okay, my leg's numb.
I think it's broken.

Let's not worry about
that right now, okay?

How bad?

It's… it's bad.

All right. Keep still.

All right. That
should help, okay?

- We gotta go.
- I just need a second.

- We're never gonna make it out.
- We'll make it.

Em's right. You guys
should go on without me.

- We're not leaving you.
- You mean like we left Vince?

- That was way different, okay?
- It doesn't matter!

You guys need to find the
ranger and bring him back here.

We don't even know
where here is.

Vince was the one
fucking driving!

The map! The map!
Where's the map?

Vince had it in his backpack.

I ditched the bags when we
ran. They're still back there.

Ah, shit!

It's not far, okay?

I can run and be back
in like 20 minutes.

Okay. Okay, go. Em
and I will wait here.

Just whistle or something
in case you don't see us.

No, no, no! Just go!




fire or ambulance?

Police. Hi. Yeah, I need
help. I'm in Garden Valley.





Climb down, or I
start taking shots.

I got more ammo than
time. It's your choice.

Fine. Have it your way.

No, um, all right.

Don't shoot. I'm
coming down, okay?

Smart girl.

We were just hiking. I swear.

Bullshit, we know you
know where the plane is.

Yes, but we found
it by accident.

We really only came
to hike the falls.

All right.

That's better.

Now, uh, which one are you?

- Your name?
- Alex.

Okay, Alex.

You're gonna take me to
that plane, and in return,

I'm gonna let you
live. You understand?

I need you to say it out loud.

I'll take you to the crash site.
Just, please don't hurt me.

That's up to you.

How far is it?

Uh, it's close.

All right.

Start walking.

Murph, they killed Jerry.

- Looks like they ran off the road.
- Jesus.

All right, I'm here
with one of the girls.

- She's taking me to the plane now.
- Good.

Radio me your location
as soon as you're there,

and no loose ends, you hear me?

Cutter, they're
just kids, you know?

Well, they saw our faces
so they don't leave this forest.

Is that clear?


Yeah. Copy that. Murph out.


I don't see a plane.

Hey! Better not be
fucking around here.

Down there. It's
around a sandbank.

I think you're lying!

I swear. That's how we found
it. I don't know another way.

Well, how do you get down?

Is there a path?

What the fuck!

Cutter, that crazy bitch
just jumped the falls.

Are you at the plane?

No, no, no, she was gonna
take me to the plane,

and then she jumped
the fucking falls!

How 'bout you
get the fuck after her?

Get after her.

Get after her.


Fuck that! Hell no!


Hey! You trying to
get yourself killed?

You gonna shoot me?

I don't see a plane!

Do it!



The current's too strong.
She must have drowned.

What about the plane?

Still no sign of it.

Well, I've got
the other two, so…

we'll know soon enough.

Copy that.

They aren't going…


Need a little haircut?

Just one or two?

What about you, huh?

Just a hair or two.


- You're alive.
- Yeah.

No thanks to any of you.

But we looked for you.

Hmm, I bet you looked
real fucking hard.

Where's Em And Jesse?

Jesse hit that
asshole with a rock,

which only pissed him
off, so we took off.

Got real far I see.

Jesse and Em are hiding down the
road, but I went back to get the map

and I ran into
another one of them.

Oh, the map's gone, along
with everything else.

How'd you get away?

I jumped the falls.

Like for real?

- Like, like from the top top?
- Yeah.

You're fucking crazy.

Oh. Ow. Fuck.

Look, they're probably
looking for me, so…

Oh. You know, a please or
a thank you would be nice.

- You're such a dick.
- Love you, too.


A little warning next time.

Next dead body, promise.

Who are you?

That should hold.

What are you doing?
Give me the keys.

Dream on, gimp.

- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?

What the fuck did you
think was gonna happen?

I saw an opportunity
and I took it.

An opportunity for free drugs?

World doesn't work like that.

Yeah, well, my world
doesn't work your way.

At least you have
options. Me, I'm…

I'm another fucking Danny
Hagel waiting to happen.

That's not true.

- You really need to talk to Em.
- About what?

Whoa. Look.

Oh, fuck.


Thank God you're here.
There are these guys.

They have guns. They're after us.
They're drug runners or something.

Whoa, slow down. Slowly.

We heard the gunshots.

We've already got
patrols in the area.

You're safe.

What about Em and Jesse?

Yeah, they're our friends.

Emily and Jesse. Yeah, we know.

We picked them up a while back.

Yeah, we got them at
the ranger station.

They're getting all patched up.

Come on. I'll take you to them.

I think you need a
call for back up,

'cause these guys are killers.

We saw three of them,
but there could be more.

Oh, okay.

Hold on.

Yeah, I got the other two.

I'll contact you from
the ranger station. Over.

Copy that. Over.

You think you'd be able to…

describe these guys
if you saw 'em?


One guy had some, uh...

Come on, rise and shine.

There she is.

You ready to talk?

Where am I?

You're alive.

Whether you stay that
way is up to you.

My friends?

Where are my friends?

Cutter, missy here
wants proof of life.

Copy that.




Where's my plane, Alex?


- I'll tell you.
- No, you'll take me.

And this time, we'll
stay on dry land.

You make one sound,

I'll take one life.

We clear?


We're looking
at a lot of mudslides up there.

If you're coming
up from the north,

I'd say you're looking
at a lot of detours.

And it's best to stay clear.

Hi there.

If you're looking for a day
pass, you're outta luck.

Park's closed for maintenance on
account of last night's storm.

I'm not here to sightsee.

Well, then, what
can I help you with?

I'm looking for Skip.


Don't know no Skip.

Something I can help you with?


I was told I'd find Skip
at the ranger station.

Well, like I said,

nobody's been by all day on
account of last night's storm.

Trails are pretty washed out.

- Is that right?
- Afraid so.

But if your friend
Skip shows up,

I'd be happy to
give her a message.

I never said Skip was a her.

- Lucky guess.
- Yeah.

Hands on the counter, now.

Okay, we don't keep
any money here.

Shut the hell up.

You bitch.

That's on you.

Nolan, come in.

Been waiting
on you. What's the hold up?

Bit of a complication.

You stay put. I'm coming to you.

You had to be a rebel, huh?

We're going for a ride.

Keep moving.

You're so fucked.

Oh, is that so?

When my dad finds out
what you guys are doing,

he's gonna cut you up
into tiny little pieces.

Mm, that's precious. Your
daddy can't save you now.

You just killed a Saint.

Now you've one of
their kids hostage.

I'm talking to a dead woman.

Nice bluff, kid.

I'll take my chances.

Get in.

Get in!

Nolan, come in.

Change of plans.

A Saint showed up.

Had to do what I had to do.

- Jesus Christ.
- Couldn't be helped.

- You had to?
- Now, this changes things.

I'd say that's a major
fucking understatement.

We can still
get ahead of this.

Gotta move fast
before more show up.

I'm on my way to the plane now.

I'll radio a location
when I'm there.

And what about the kids?

You know, just keep
them breathing.

After that, you can
give them to Cutter.

Man, this is fucked up.

There's a way you can
still get out of this.

You take me to that plane,

I'll let you go.

Simple as that.

Maybe I'll even let your
little boyfriend keep his leg.


This can hurt… just
as well as kill.

Do you understand me?


Now, where are we headed?

Just around the bend.

See how easy that was?


I'm gonna fucking kill you!

Big mistake!

I'm gonna make it real slow
and painful for your friends.

First, I'll do missy.

And then I'll set your
boyfriend on fire,

just a little bit at a time…

until the forest fills with
the smell of burning flesh.

Tune in if you don't believe me.

It's up to you.

Cutter, don't lay a finger on those brats
'til you hear from me, are you clear?

Wouldn't dream of it.

- Leave him alone!
- What's the matter with you?

You feeling
left out, huh?

- I'm pregnant!
- Hey!

You heard what Skip said.

They're just kids.


You're right.
Little kiddies, huh?

This one smashed my fucking
head in with a fucking rock!

Hey. Hey.

You take orders from me,

not the other way around.

You understand?

You get that?

Yeah, I gotcha.


Hey, guys,

I'm feeling generous today.

So, tell you what.

I'm gonna let one of you…

…go free.

And the best part is,

you get to decide…

who it is.

Or I can decide for you.

What do you say?

Who's it gonna be?

Who's it gonna be?

What are you doing?

Uh oh.

Cock it.

Em, he's lying. He's
not gonna let you go.

I'm sorry.


- I'm sorry.
- No.


Please. Please, don't!


At least we know which
one of you has balls.

How about
another round, huh?

I don't know about you, but
I could do this all day.

Here. Take it again.

Quit fucking around, Cutter.

If the little bitch
doesn't show up,

we're gonna need
one of these two.

We're losing daylight here.

I'm just saying.

Yeah, well, this isn't over.

And I'm not leaving
empty handed.

My money's on
that old mine dump, huh?

I say we send Murph
out there again.

There's ten miles of bush-whacking
between here and the dump.

Fuck this.

The Saints are on
the way, it's getting dark.

Either she takes us to
the plane, or we're done.

We're done when
I say we're done.

Oh, fuck.

Oh, shit.

Now, who's ready
for some fireworks, huh?

Fuck. No.

Oh, fuck.

Maybe then
she'll talk, yeah?

No. No, no.

No. No, no, no. No.

Please! Please!

♪ All the good times
Have passed and gone ♪

♪ All the good times are over ♪

♪ All the good times
Have passed and gone ♪

♪ Darling, don't
you weep for me ♪

♪ Oh, don't you see
That passenger train ♪

♪ Coming around the bend ♪

♪ It's taking me away
From this lonesome hotel ♪

♪ Never to return again ♪

♪ All the good times
Have passed and gone ♪

♪ All the good times, oh ♪

♪ All the good times
Have passed and gone ♪

Move and I cripple you for life.



I figured you'd be
long gone by now.

That's wishful thinking.

- Try that again…
- Fuck!

- …I put a bullet in your ear.
- All right.


Yeah. Yeah. You are fucked,
'cause the Saints are coming

and no way they're gonna let you
live after you fucked up this bad.

Didn't realize you and
the Saints were so tight.

We are.

So what?

You really think they're gonna
trade me for your friends?

They'd sooner kill
me right along with you.

There's a way we all
get out of this alive,

provided you help me.

Why the fuck would I help you?

Because my guess is you're
in this for the pay day,

not to kill a bunch of kids.

We already know what your
life's worth to Skip.

Well, if it came
down to them or me…

It's definitely them.

You have no idea what
you're up against.




Still not getting through to Griz,
just his last text, that was it.

- Could be bad reception.
- Yeah, could be, could be.

Could be something else.

How do you wanna handle it?

You know, if you want
something done right…

All right, boys.

Come in, kid.

I know you're out there.

Thirty seconds and I start
putting holes in people.

Looks like your little
girlfriend cut out and ran.

Fuck you!

I'd stay off that
if I were you, huh.

You should see his
face right now.

Any he last words for your
little fucking boy toy, hmm?

Or maybe he's not the
one you're worried about.

Alex, run! Do you hear me?


There's our girl.

take you to your drugs.

But first, you let
Jesse and Em go.


I kill one.

You take us to the plane.

And then after that, maybe
I'll let the other one go.

The Saints are
already on their way.

Adding a couple kids to your body
count will only make things worse.

Family's funny that way.

I'm listening.

Once they're on the main road,
I'll take you to the plane.

- I'll go.
- Not him.

What's the matter, sweetie?

You afraid of the
big bad wolf, huh?

Come near me and I kill you!

Where's Murph?

He's off taking a piss.

Nolan'll go with you.

As soon as he sees
the plane, I'll let the others go.

Are you seriously gonna let a
fucking kid call the shots like this?

Cutter, shut the fuck up.

That wasn't the deal.

The best one
you're gonna get.

Put Jesse on the radio.

Alex, you okay?

As soon as you can, you
get the hell out of there.

Do you understand me?

I'm… I'm not leaving you.

Just do it.

take the other guy.


I kept up my end.

Tell Skip to let them go.

Not just yet.

Now, start tossing out bags.

I'm not playing around here.

Drop it.

Backstabbing little rat.

That's a compliment,
coming from you.

This is taking too long.


Nolan, what's the hold up?

Skip, she's got it.

She's gonna burn it.


You're not the only one who
likes to play with matches.

Little bitch.

You touch Jesse or Em…

and I burn it. All of it.

Let them go.

What the hell you talking about?

We don't need 'em,

besides they won't get far.

You heard her.

Let's go!

Get the fuck out. Come on!

Be seeing you real soon.

All right, they're gone.
Put my guy back on.

The plane's at
the bottom of the falls,

about 40 yards in
behind a hidden bend.

Follow the logging road
till you come to your jeep.

Hey Skip, I'd hurry
if I were you.

I just… I just need
a second.

Alex, are you there?

We're on the logging
road. Jesse's hurt really bad.

I don't know how much
further we can make it.

Em, I'm here.

Thank God.

About Vince, um…

What? You're sorry?

Stay where you are, okay? I'm
gonna… I'm gonna find you.

- Come on.
- Okay. Okay.

We're here.

This better not be some
kind of fucking trick.

Might wanna
tell your boy to keep still.

Murph found that
out the hard way.

Don't move, Cutter.

Just stay put.

She can't cover us both.

Smart ass.

Drop it.

You're a tough little
cunt, aren't ya?

Probably not tough...

You should probably
stay off of that.

Good for you, kid.

Are you gonna finish me?

Think I just did.


You fucker!

Oh, you fucking son of a bitch!


Let's go get Jesse and Em.

Don't worry.
They can't be too far.

You get what I asked for?

Shit. Fuck.

Both of you. Out.

Uh-uh! No!

Hi, Dad.


These belong to you?

Let them go.

Hmm, thought we were
negotiating here.

Your drugs and the others are waiting
for you about a quarter mile back.

Just follow the smoke.

Hmm. And him?

He helped me out.

I'm alive because of him.


No, little girl,

you're alive because of me.

You know, I put up with a lot of
shit growing up, but I'm done.

- Watch it.
- Why? You gonna hit me?

Like you hit mom?

I bet you think the whole world
is pretty black and white,

don't you?

I'm willing to guess there's a
lot more of the old man in you

than you're willing to admit.


But just in case,

I uploaded a shit ton of
incriminating evidence

from Skip's phone to the Cloud.

Anything happens to us,
it all gets released.

You can go.

Next time,

get your boys to
lock their phones.

No, no, no. Not him.

That's… He was…

He chose this,

and I'm not asking.

It's okay, Alex.

He's right.

See you around, Nick.

Let's go.

Leave him.


I'll be seeing ya.


Your transcripts
are clearly impeccable.

It's obvious you were
diligent in your studies.

Thank you.

But we like to get to
know each candidate

on a more personal level.

It helps to give us a sense
of what kind of contribution

we can expect from
our serious students.

Character counts.

Of course.

So, then, could you please tell
us about a time in your life

that best exemplifies a moment
where you had to overcome adversity,

and how that experience has gone on to
shape the person that you are today?