Carry On Jatta 2 (2018) - full transcript

It revolves around the confusing and comic events that arise after Jass lies to Mahie about his family in order to marry her. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
On popular demand,
I present to you.. Carry on Jatta 2!

"Carry on.. hey Jatta!"

"Well known, good natured."

"All the stars respect me, brother."

An ungrateful useless child!
How can anyone feel any pride?

"World knows me as Desi Rockstar!"

"I can do anything for my buddies,
near or far."

"I have never entertained
losers plenty or few."

My dog is a dog and
your doggie is Tommy?


"Carry on..
Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Carry on..
Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Jatta 2!"

"Carry on..
Carry on Jatta!"

"I am respected,
no matter what's my attire."

"World quivers, I am like fire."

Go away!

"I don't need anyone else,
I play well alone."

"They sing my praises,
not a single tune out of tone."

"That's why my enemies
keep a tab on me too."

Daddy, he ran away with choti mummy!

"One, two, three!"

"Carry on..
Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Carry on..
Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Carry on..
Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Carry on..
Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Jatta 2!"

Sir, a touch?

You mean a hand?

The way you talk.. brother-in-law might
enough up touching you for real.

You filthy mouth!

Just because I am a domestic
help it doesn't mean..

..that I will help
everyone with everything.

You say such things and
you say I have a filthy mouth?

Brother-in-law's coming this way,
you better kiss.


- No!
- Damn you! May you be infested by worms!

May you be doomed!
May you burn in hell!

You look like a sick buffalo's dung.

I feel like making dung cakes
and pasting them on the wall.

He wants me to kiss!

Not a kiss,
I am talking about a veil.

Cover your face with the veil.

- Use this.
- You touched me!

Wait, I'll teach you a lesson.

I have a direct
contact with the boss.

The way you talk,
I think you know him closely.

Oh God!


Sir, look at what he's saying.

What's this commotion about?

You better keep your
wife's brother in control.

He says one-day my brother-in-law
might enough up touching you for real.

I haven't even touched my wife!

I have always touched
her in a decent way.

Why would I touch this innocent girl?

I did no harm to your innocent girl.

I was just correcting
her Punjabi language.

Correct her Punjabi?
Why is she from Japan?

Mr. Scholar.

How many times have I
told you not to mess with her?

If she runs away, will your
sister send us food from up there?

What wrong did she say?

I just said sir, a touch.

Heard that?

Even if someone doesn't
think that way.. force them
to think it in that way.

What harm does it do to you
when her intentions aren't bad?

What if your intentions go bad?

Such a disgusting
brother-in-law I have.

He is neither fair nor dark!

A middleman!

- I'll slap you.
- Sir!

- Shut up.
- Brother-in-law!

No matter how angry I am the moment
he says "Brother-in-law" like that..

..all my anger just
disappears into thin air.

They got me late once again.

What are you waiting here for?
Go on.



Don't you want to go to court?

Why wouldn't I want to go?

You didn't let me take an
off even when my mother passed away.

So why would you
let me take one today?

What great deed did your mother do..

..that you sought a
holiday on the day she died?

There's something called as emotions,
you know?

My mother passed away
and you dragged me to court.

You said the one
who had to go has gone.

Don't let the client go away too.

It's because of these
emotions of yours..

..all my work remains incomplete.

Whenever a client
shows up you tell them.

We don't need eyewitness,
we need blessings.

Instead of giving me 50,000,
he pays 5,000 to the priest.

He promises them a win.

Well done.
You will never praise your father..

..who helps people
win cases every day.

Advocate Dhillon wears
the black coat for a reason.

You are wearing it
because your shirt is torn.

An ungrateful useless child!
How can anyone feel any pride?

You know I hate your
disgusting actions.

Then why do you keep doing them?

- Sorry.
- You deserve a beating.

Now will you keep arguing over here or
do you want to go to the court as well?

- I do want to.
- Okay then, drive the car.

How many times do
I have to tell you..

..we have the father and
son relationship only at home.

In the court,
you are just an assistant to me.

Follow my car in your bike.

Follow the great prime minister.

Why are you staring at me?
I said, I am coming, father.

I'll go and have
a chat with my tenant.



- Are you inside?
- Yes.


Jas, your papers are incomplete
but you are good person..

..we are giving you Canadian Visa.

Thank you, white ma'am.

I thank you from
the bottom of my heart.

Tell me..

What will you do for
us in exchange for the visa?

Well white ma'am,
all the Punjabis in Canada..

..who wear knickers
with Canadian flag on it..

..I promise,
I will stop them from wear it.

It is not right that the
flag that should be on a stick.. wrapped around Punjabi legs.

Very nice. Give me your passport,
I'll apply the visa.


Open it.

- Open it.
- Yes I will, right away.

"Carry on Jatta"

Jas, bro, I need your help.

We ended up paying 2700
from our pocket for the case.

I need the rent early this time.

That's why I am here.
I want the rent..

"Carry on Jatta"

You cannot close
your eyes and ignore me.

I want the rent.

Has he gone to sleep?

You still here or have
you already reached Canada?




Right when I am about to get Canadian
visa, you come and break my dream.

Go back to sleep.
I will come back after an hour.

You should wake up only after you get
the PR (permanent resident status).

That day isn't far away.

Of course,
it is not a difficult task for you.

You just have to wake up and say,
I got the PR.

I would have got
it in yesterday's dream.

But when the officer
asked me where do I say..

..that I stay had greedy advocates
house on 3500 per month rent.

He told me to first find
a proper house in India.

You can go to Canada later.

- You say that we are bad?
- Yes.

- You are.
- We live in ruins?

Okay then, I curse you.

Whenever you die, you should
be taken back to the village.

I knew it.

You and your father won't let
me go to Canada because of the rent!

I will send the money
from there every month!

At least don't curse me like this.


Don't cry.

Don't cry.


Look, I am feeling bad.

Look my whole family prays
that you should get your visa.

We'll then be able to say that
someone sends us sandals from abroad.

I knew it.

You and your father
won't think beyond sandals.

I was wondering neither
of you believe in God.

But you visit Gurudwara every day.

Damn you. We pray for
you so that you get the visa.

But listen, you won't get the visa.


Those who want a visa
they work hard to get it.

And you are not even
ready to leave the bed.

The less intelligent ones
say you should use crooked means.

- And you know what the more
intelligent ones say? - What?

Why work hard,
make some else work hard for you.

I don't understand.

What are we talking about over here?

Look, you know how intelligent I am.

I didn't.. explain it to me properly.


I asked Honey to get me
married to a Canadian resident.

Then say it properly, I asked Honey to
get me married to a Canadian resident.

That's what I said! I asked Honey to
get me married to a Canadian resident.

You are saying , I asked Honey to
get me married to a Canadian resident.


Most welcome to
Honey Marriage Bureau.

Tell me, how can I help you?

I am here to find
a match for my daughter.

I will make sure she gets married.

What's your daughter's taste like?

She loves pastas.

But she will eat
whatever the boy orders.

I am not talking about food here.

I mean, what kind of
a boy does your girl want?

Whoever will say yes to her.

- You mean no particular choice.
- No.

Look, I know it is
wrong but I should know.

What's the scene about the dowry?

Look, we will give
the necessary dowry.

One more thing.

We'll make sure that the matchmaker
also gets paid handsomely.

I think you are on the right track.

I have someone in my mind.

Tell me about him.

He owns a marriage bureau.

- He is well settled.
- Okay.

Moreover, he is an actor.

He acts in plays.

Forget the plays.

We don't want to make him act.

Show me his picture.


- Will a selfie work?
- That's what works these days.

Let me show you his picture to you.

Here you go.

He looks a little
different in the picture..

..but he is very handsome
when see face to face.

I like him.

Thank you.

Fine then call your daughter.

Call her from where?

She is sitting outside.

- Oh.
- Why don't you call her?

She comes quickly when
a boy calls out to her.


Please come in.


- That's her?
- Yes.

Be careful, madam.
Those tiles are new.

Dear, he's the boy.

Sit if you can adjust
yourself anywhere.

What is wrong with you?

I am just feeling a little dizzy.

We cannot get married.

Why not?

Actually, I just remembered
that my stars are unfavorable.

That is great!

Her stars are unfavorable as well.


I just remembered again,
my stars are not unfavorable.

My wedding stars down.
I was born on a Wednesday.

Get this straight.

I don't care about your stars.
You are perfect for us.

Look, why don't you understand?

We cannot get married.

Why not?

How do I explain?

The door of our house
is only 30 inches wide.

You daughter won't be able
to go in or out without grease.

It will be difficult,
don't you think?

- Mummy!
- Yes, dear?

I won't apply grease.

Don't worry, dear.

My daughter is a luck doll.

Look carefully,
she isn't a doll, she's a dolphin.

Teach her to spin
a football on her nose.

Her show will be a hit.

Stop joking!

Looking at her I feel as
if you don't have a toilet at home.

She is still carrying whatever
she ate since childhood.

So you don't want to marry her?

Please try to understand
that I am helpless.

I am ill-mannered.
You should reject me.

I will find a very good
match for your daughter.

This is what everyone says.

But no one finds any.

Let's go, dear.

Start the crane. Let's go home.

There you are!

Why have you called me here?

So that I can find
you a Canadian wife.

Look over there!

I am getting married?

You should have at least
shown me who my bride will be!

Hold your horses, Mr. Impatient.

It's someone else's wedding.
I fixed this girl's marriage.

I don't think I will
benefit from it, brother.

Let me explain.

All her relatives live abroad.

You look handsome.

No matter how ugly
you are from within.

I mean I know how greedy
you are from within to go to Canada.

Come to the point.

Now, you will behave like
a nice boy at this wedding.

You have to impress them.

We will find a match
for you amidst them.

I'll behave so nicely..

..that everyone would want
to get their daughters married to me.

- Really.
- Let's go.


- Please come.
- Mr. Bhullar!

- Hello, brother.
- Hi.


Jas, Mr. Bhullar.

Bride's brother.
Elder brother.

I seek your blessings.

He is a very nice boy.

He touched me feet at
the first meeting itself.

- He is here to touch feet.
- What do you mean?

I mean, he has been
brought up that way.

He always touches feet
of those elder to him.

You won't believe it,
he has a servant at home.

He is only a year elder to him.

He touches his feet
first thing in the morning.

Even though he might keep
cursing him the rest of the day.


How old are you?

27 years.

- Such great thoughts at such a young age?
- Sir, juice.

That's great.

- Hey.
- Yes.

What's your age?

29 years.

You are 29 and yet
you don't know that..

..when there are three people stand.. are supposed to offer
drinks to all three of them?

- Sorry, sir.
- Jas, 29.

Waiter, I seek your blessings.

I will take those.

He won't take them out of respect.

- That's great.
- Take it.

Honey, if I had another sister,
I would get her married to him.

Oh my!

There, they have started the music.

- Go and have fun.
- Okay.

Hello, Billa!

Billa? You don't know him.
Come on!

"Handsome lad claps
and she taps to its beat."

"Handsome lad claps
and she taps to its beat."

"How pricy must be her attitude.."

"When worth a million is her heel."

"Handsome lad claps
and she taps to its beat."

"Handsome lad claps
and she taps to its beat."

"If you dedicate your life to me.."

"If you dedicate your life to me.."

"I will follow.."

"I will follow blindly thee."

"O handsome,
I will follow blindly thee."

"Your eyes are a puzzle,
your face mischievous."

"Your complexion is fabulous."

"You are young and beautiful.."

"Your moves are graceful."

"I fear a catastrophe."

"I fear you might hurt yourself."

"I am worried about your waist."

"Handsome lad claps
and she taps to its beat."

"Handsome lad claps
and she taps to its beat."

"I am not scared of anything,
why are you?"

"I am not scared of anything,
why are you?"

"I will dance all night.."

"I will dance all night
if you sing for me."

"O beloved, I will dance
all night if you sing for me."

"Her eyes sparkle.."

"She breaks all barriers
with her heels."

"She is sweet to me, I feel."

"My heart races.."

"My heart races,
how awesome this will be!"

"Handsome lad claps and she taps.."

"Handsome lad claps
and she taps to its beat."

"Handsome lad claps and she taps.."

"And she taps to its beat."

"Handsome lad claps and she taps.."

"And she taps to its beat."

You set the mood wherever you go.

You danced so well today.

Whose wedding would
I dance at if not at yours?

After I go to Canada..

..I need to tell others how
much I enjoyed Sharan's wedding.

You also for your Honeymoon..

'This is called made for each other.'

'I like her and she is from Canada.'

It's all over your brother.

The girl?

- Alcohol.
- Nonsense.

She too will be.

We should just be prepared.

It won't work out.


Because I learnt
from reliable sources..

..that the girl has done MBA.

Is it some disease?


As you didn't even clear high school.

It is a big disease for you.

My brother is a matchmaker.


I won't get into this mess.

Nowadays matchmakers
get thrashed online.

Don't worry.

We will go and ask her right away.


They have such big guns.

They will bullet holes
all across our bodies.

- Really?
- Yes.

Then let's do this tomorrow.

- Okay.
- We aren't in a hurry.

Honey, I brought the buffalo's
status. What do I do with it?

Keep it inside. We won't
make it dance here now, will we?

Honey, why do you
need a buffalo's statue?

Nothing, we needed it for a drama.


I was about to say just that!

I didn't even say it yet!

I was just thinking about it.

Damn you.

It's perfect.

Arrangement has been made.

We will go right away.

And no one will even touch you.

You just stay behind me.


I'm begging you. Let's not do this.

I will find you another NRI girl.

They are yet to gift me a ring.

I don't want to get thrashed
instead of getting a ring.

Why do you worry? I am with you.

We anyway will have to go
to woman's quarters in disguise.

If we had to pretend to be something
then we should have been a cow.

People think twice
before hurting a cow.

Keep quiet.

- Jas?
- Hmm?

Do you know where you are going?
I don't want to end up in a canal.

Keep it quiet.

We will get into trouble
if anyone spots us.

Keep making buffalo's
sound like I am.

Otherwise people will wonder how
is this buffalo making two kind of noises.

Who left this one loose?

Let me see..

Wait.. Wait..

Where are you going?

Come on.

Let's go!

Start walking already.

Come on.

Don't move, Preeto.

Turn the buffalo around quickly.

We will have to turn it around?

Do you think buffalos go reverse?

It has gone loose again?

I think it's time to milk it.

Wait, it's time to milk.

- Jas..
- Yes?

He's here with a bucket.

Keep quiet, and give him some milk.

Do you think I have
packed milk with me?

- Shut up.
- Why are you troubling me?

Let me milk you.

Not in the mood.


Wait, I'll get an injection then.

- Jas!
- Yes?

Run, he is getting an injection.

It's just an injection
and not a bullet.

It doesn't make any difference
to you. You are at the front.

He will administer it at the backend.

Can't you take a shoot
for your friend's sake?

This buffalo is made from cardboard.
There will be a permanent hole in it.

Keep quiet.

Wait, you bloody buffalo!

Wait, you!

Why don't have mood!

It is hurting me! No, no.

Run, Jas!

People have seen buffalo's milk.

This will be the first time
they will one getting exposed.


You better hurry up back.

There is no such thing
as a buffalo with just two legs.

People might think it's
a black horned kangaroo.

Sharan after you,
Meet is next in line.

- I don't want to get married.
- Really?

Once you fall in love, you will
run away in order to get married.

By the way, what kind
of a boy do you want, madam?

I don't care what
kind of a boy he is.

- He shouldn't be alone.
- What do you mean?

I have spent all my life alone.

I was this small when
my parents passed away.

If the boy at least
has a family then..

..I will enjoy the comforts
of a complete family.

The one I have been yearning to have.


Okay, do one should take a
shot when struck by iron..

..and not when struck
by horns, right?

Okay, doctor. Thank you.

Why are you so worried?

I told you,
I'll find you another NRI girl.


This isn't about the visa.


I like Meet.

Buzz off.

She said she wants
a boy who had a family.

Forget her.

We need to find a
way to convince Meet.

Just because no serious damage
was done to my back last night..

..doesn't mean I should
put it in danger again.

You are such a coward.

What makes you say that?

You would know you had to take
that injection meant for the buffalo.

I feel like giving
milk since last night.

Shut up.

She is here.

- Keep this plate inside.
- Okay.

So, is your aunt still angry?

- Aunt doesn't tie Rakhi to father..
- Louder..

- Aunt doesn't tie Rakhi to father..
- Slow..

Aunt doesn't tie Rakhi to father..

How is it our fault..

..that my mother's sister
said something to aunt's husband?

Anyway, we are doing good with my
father's little brother and his family.

You guys get along with his
elder brother and family too, right?


How's your relationship
with your mother's family?

Her brother's family her parents,
they just love me a lot.

Her brother's wife's
father-in-law's younger brother..

..and my father's elder brother's
wife's wife's brother's wife..

That is not possible.

My father's elder brother's
wife's brother's wife..

I mean everyone is fine.

My father's sister said that she
will send a Rakhi for him this time.

- She might send it.
- Wonderful.

It looks like you
have a very big family.

With Lord's grace you
have a big healthy family.

You are yet to met my wife's
husband's aunt's husband's wife.

What relationship is that?

You haven't heard about it, right?

We have relatives which the
society still hasn't given a name to.

Thank God she left.

Otherwise you would have
formed another fictitious one.

At least mention
relations which are real.

Now what will one who doesn't have
any relative talk about relations? Right?

Son, Ranjha looked after
domesticated cattle for Heer.

And here you are domesticating Heer.

Doesn't that sound familiar?

Carry on, Jatta (young man).

- Carry on..
- Greetings.

"I suddenly blank out
while playing with the girls."

"I suddenly slip while
getting water from the well."

"I suddenly blank out
while playing with the girls."

"I suddenly slip while
getting water from the well."

"I cannot forget your face.."

"There's a thought
always nagging me."

"I forget everything else.."

"When I think about you."

"I forget everything
else when I think about you."

"I forget everything
else when I think about you."

"I see your face
in the harvest, dear."

"I see your face
in the harvest, dear."

"I am in love with you,
the world knows."

"Where on water was spilled.."

"My heart doesn't let
me remove that shirt."

"You love is troublesome,
it doesn't let me sleep."

"I swear, love is troublesome,
it doesn't let one sleep."

"I talk to myself when I am cooking."

"I talk to myself when I am cooking."

"I write your name on the
clay and then wipe it away."

"My eyes seek you.."

"My eyes seek you.."

"I cannot take my eyes
off the path to your village."

"I forget everything
else when I think about you."

"I forget everything
else when I think about you."

"I forget everything
else when I think about you."

"I see you veil flying
on the way to my fields."

"I see you veil flying
on the way to my fields."

"I wonder what spell
do you have me under."

"Your dream house.."

"Your dream house doesn't
let me rest in peace."

"You love is troublesome,
it doesn't let me sleep."

"I forget everything
else when I think about you."

"You love is troublesome,
it doesn't let me sleep."

"I forget everything else.."

"I swear, it doesn't let one sleep."

Everyone calls me Jas.

Something has happened to
me from the time I have seen you.

I won't say cheap lines like
I cannot sleep, I don't feel hungry..

..and that I stay lost in myself.

I get good sleep and
I also have a good appetite.

And I am never alone.

But from the time I have seen you,
I feel restless.

It is my reasoning
that I think I am in love.

Have you pledged that
you will always be late?

I got stuck in a traffic jam.

Did you come in a truck that
you get stuck in a traffic jam?

You came in a motorcycle.

So what? Motorcycle doesn't
have red beacons on them either..

..that will make people give way?

You should learn how you
should talk to your father.

I will when I have time to spare.

And you are my father only at home.
Here you are just a senior to me.

Let's get down to work now, shall we?

I gave you Billu Bansal's
case three months ago.

Why didn't he still get a bail?

How will he get a bail,
didn't attend the last hearing.

Billu Bansal's doesn't
respect the court at all?

He attended it, I didn't.

Being an advocate you
don't know.. important it is
for him to attend a hearing?

What do I do?
I was stuck in a traffic jam.

How many times have I told you
to get a bungalow close to the court!

You want a bungalow
close to the court?

And I want you to get out
of the one you are living in.

Forget winning any case, you couldn't
even get bail in a simple case.

How do I get him bail?

First at least let the
advocate reach the judge.

Three times judge gave
me a lift in his car..

..and got me out of the traffic jam.

It ruined my impression
right then and there.

Impression has nothing
to do with a court case.

It does.
Mother used to say that it does.

No matter how a person looks but
the impression should always be good.

You mother didn't
look like Sridevi either.

She looked like a witch.

And who did she marry? A ghost!

A witch and a ghost got together
and gave birth to this monster.

Many times I suspect
that you aren't our child.

Someone exchanged their
child with ours in the hospital.

Why would anyone
give you their child?

The condition you are in, no one
will give you a sleeping dog's bowl.

Keep it down.

For God's sake.
You can come at 12 if you want..

..but don't argue
with me in the court.

We are getting a bad name in
the lawyer community because of this.

Many advocates have written
this outside their chambers.

Come here to fight your case.

If you want to fight otherwise,
go meet the Dhillons.

Don't feel hurt, daddy. Be brave.

Advocate Dhillon is wearing
a black coat for a reason.

He's wearing one because
judge wouldn't let him in otherwise.

- What do you want?
- Get Billu out on bail.

I didn't ask for a bowl for you.

Goldie, my daddy got
arrested three months ago.

Tell me the truth.

If you cannot get my father out on
bail then I'll hire another lawyer.

Don't keep us hanging.

Stupid, you don't get my game.

I am not getting him bail on purpose.

We can meet freely
as long as he is in prison.

- Try to understand.
- What are you saying, Goldie.

You must be the first
lover in this world..

..who had trapped both
father and the daughter.

Look, I can get him
out on bail today itself.

But then we won't be
able to meet so freely.

But this isn't right. I am
out here and my father is in prison.

Sir, can I talk to
my lawyer in private?

No, you cannot.

Fine then you come with me.

You too can hear the cussing
I have in stored for him.

Daddy is here.

Hello, uncle.

Damn you!
Damn your sister's..!

Hey! There are cops with you.
You cannot cuss before them.

Then I shall whisper
them into his ears.

But then it will be no
fun the one who is cussing..

..nor to the one who is being cussed.

Behave properly and talk
to him or else let's go inside.

Tell me, what is my fault?

Let's ask the judge that, uncle.

Why are you here then? To sell eggs?

You don't have many
accusations against you.

You had forgone your criminal ways..

..and started doing
social service at my behest.

Once while distributing
blankets to the poor..

..a poor soul extinguished
his cigarette on your feet.

You got angry.

You covered him in a blanket
and started hitting him. That's all.

- It isn't anything big.
- No.

Tell me, who stays in prison for
three months for such a small reason.

Actually, uncle, it took
me some time to study your case.

Why? Did I get a bomb from Pakistan?

I just hit a poor man.

What study do you need
to do for such a case?

I could have made my
daughter fight my case.. feeding her some almonds.

I would have gotten out by now.

You will get the bail today.
You will be out today. Trust me.

- Fees?
- What fees?


Hello, Your Honor.

Your Honor, he is my lawyer.

Hello your Honor. Good morning.

It's a very simple case.

I am surprised why your
client still didn't get a bail.

This is what I don't
understand either, sir.

I didn't kill anyone..

Milord, you are looking
at the wrong file.

Actually, my client has committed
a very serious, non-bailable offense.

Check the file kept below.

And please don't say that.
He won't pay me any fees, uncle.

Stop calling me uncle
inside the court.

You are extending his hearings
to make a few extra bucks.

No, uncle.
Sorry, Milord.

I am about to marry his daughter.

How is that related to this case?

But it is related to me.

If you say this is a very easy case
then we won't be able to get married.

If you say this is a
very tough case and help me..

..then I will be able
to get married to her.

If the court helps
me I shall help the court.

How will you help the court?

By getting a court marriage done.

Court will make some
money from it, right?

First you need to learn
how to fight a case.

Till when will this drama continue?

Aren't you my daddy's friend?

I had learnt that the law is blind.

But today I learnt that..

Law doesn't have a heart either.



You got the right file now,
Your Honor.

My client Billu Bansal
hasn't done anything so severe..

..that he shouldn't be granted bail.

I have worked hard day
and night and prepared this file.

It's possible that Billu Bansal..

..might have to stay
behind bars for many years..

Milord, you have
gone through the case.

And the file is
right in front of you.

After going through the case, the
court has come to the conclusion..

..that Billu Bansal
should be granted bail.

Thank you.

See daddy,
I knew that he would win the case.

A person won't fear the world
if he has such an advocate with him.

I am so proud of you, son.

Thank you, uncle.

Sorry for taking so long.

Son, it takes time
to win the battle of truth.

Naame put the water in flowerpot.

- Water these as well.
- Okay.

- My child!
- Uncle!


I am upset with you.

Why didn't you attend the wedding?

Come on, Meet.
You know he will make excuses.

She is already upset, now you too?

- Dear!
- Yes.

I think we should get you
married before I go back to Canada.

But uncle, I..

But what, dear?
You have completed your MBA.

You are of marriageable age.

You can tell me if you like someone.

Otherwise, I will find one for you.

But we will make sure
you have a grand wedding.

Bhullar, you will make all
the arrangements for the wedding.

The food and drinks should
be of the top quality.

Look at me and say does it look like
I would settle for anything less?

Jas, I wanted to talk to
you about something important.

Yes, tell me.

Why don't you come over
with your family to meet my uncle?

What happened, Jas?
Are you alright?

Your family did you give a
medicinal concoction in the morning..

..but your still
didn't get any better.

Jas, when are you getting your family?


I think you are choking on green tea.

Cough like this.

So Jas, you should introduce
your father to my uncle.

Daddy.. my daddy..

Now he is stuck on daddy..

He has a very choky throat.


- Honey..
- Yes?

I am not taking your name.

Get me some honey,
I have sore throat.

Your condition is very bad. I don't
think honey will be able to help.

You should show it
to your family doctor.


- Family..
- Oh yes..

..your daddy is out of town right?

Yes, my daddy is out of town.

And he is still not back.

And my daddy is still not back.

So when is he coming back?

So when is my daddy coming back?

I think your daddy
is stuck somewhere.

Yes, I think my daddy
is stuck at Uganda station.

He missed the last train.


Since when can we travel
to Uganda in a train?

I said Uganda?

It was a place which
sounds like Uganda.

- Yes. It was something else. Same to same.
- Yes.


- Bareilly sounds like Uganda?
- No.

It was a sweet name.

Something that translate
to sugar tree or something.

- Jharkhand!
- Yes!


That's where my daddy is stuck.

Then ask him to come back soon.

Sure, I will call him right away.

Even if he has to travel
hanging on the back of a bus.

Why won't he come?
It's a family matter.

Uncle will travel hanging
on the back of a bus?

Oh, don't you worry.

He has kept his family hanging.

He's joking.

Very funny.

I had heard that at the time of need
one has to make a donkey his father!

But I cannot even do that.

They will say that both
father and son are animals.

Let's go.

What are you doing?
I am not getting this.

Just tell her that
you don't have a family.

She already loves you.

She is not fully in love with me.
There is still time for that.

I don't even know how
do you guys define love.

Honey, I'd suggest.. should dye your beard
white as come with me as my father.

Shut up.

I just dyed it black.

I still haven't washed the
bowl and the brush I used to dye.

It's Meet.

Put it on speaker.

Hello, Meet.

Hi, Jas. Is your daddy back?

Forget daddy..

Forget daddy,
first you and honey meet.

No! No! Uncle! Uncle!

I mean, let me and
you meet uncle first.

You can meet him too.

But let the elder from
your family meet him first.

What do elders got to do in this?

What do elders got to do in this?

It's you and Honey
who want to get married.

It's you and me who
want to get married.

This is not right. This is what has
been always happening.

Families come together and
fix their children's marriage.

No! No!

I will kill your uncle.


No! I will meet your uncle alone.

I will meet your uncle alone.

Do you want to get
married to me or not?

- No.
- No.


No, why wouldn't I want to marry you?

Of course, I want to.

Then quietly come to
house with your family.

This means you won't marry
me if I don't come with my family?

This means you won't
come with your family?

No! No!

Try to understand, please.

Nothing doing.

Get your family anyhow.

Take it in writing,
she isn't going anywhere.

- I have seen many like her.
- Hey!

I mean I have seen
many cases like these.

I have got more than
100 couples married.

You should stop answering
her phone calls.

When she'll start feeling scared
that she is about to lose Jas..

..then she will come after you.

She'll plead just come,
I don't mind even if you are alone.


'You should stop answering
her phone calls.'

'When she'll start feeling scared
that she is about to lose Jas..'

'..then she will come after you.'

'She'll plead just come,
I don't mind even if you are alone.'

- Meet!
- Yes.

You didn't tell me about any boy.

So should I start looking?

Whatever you feel is right.

'No problem.
Don't take my calls.'

'I understood.
You don't want to marry me.'

'If your daddy wasn't in town..'

' could have got other
members of your family along.

'You were just having fun with me.'

'I am going to marry the
boy uncle will choose for me.'

'Good luck.'

How are you?

You are here early today.

The scheme you told me,
about not taking Meet's calls?


- This is the result of that.
- Of course, you would get a result.

No problem. Don't take my calls.

I understood.
You don't want to marry me.

I am going to marry the
boy uncle will choose for me.

This is how you get people married?

He makes tall claims. He said
don't take her calls and what not.

Jas, listen to me.

You should shut your
marriage bureau business.

Winter's fast approaching.
Start selling peanuts.

He said he got 100 couples married.
He is experienced.

This is your experience?

I can say for sure that all those
100 couples must be cursing you.

It is not so, Jas.

Maybe 10 couples
out of them do curse me.

The other 90 have already
separated and settled elsewhere.

I made a mistake by
listening to you brother.

I will never talk to you again.

I will first delete
your number from my phone.

I had written it in Bold,

It's okay.
Matchmakers are ill-fated.

People might not willingly
give then a ring..

..but they surely curse
them from their heart.


Yes, Mr. Bhullar.

How are you?

- I am fine. Fine.
- Are you fine?

You know Sharan's friend Meet.

Yes, yes, yes.

He is her uncle.

- Oh, hello. Once again.
- Hello!

How are you, kiddo?

Stopped touching feet already?

No, I was waiting for you to be free.

Bless me..

He is younger than you.

Oh, I didn't look at his face,
I just saw his feet.

Honey, like you found
a nice boy for Sharan.. now have to find
a nice boy for his niece.

Sure, I will find one for her.

Why don't you come inside?

- Let's go.
- Come on.

Mr. Bhullar, I have many prospects.

Let me go through them once,
then I'll introduce you to them.

- He has just one condition.
- What?

The boy should have a family.

Give me a few days.

I'll introduce you
to a very nice family.

This is Meet's picture.

Just find us a good family.

No worries. I will do it.

- Fine.
- Bye.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Excuse me, brother.

Bless me..

You had already touched them.

That was to greet you hello.
This is to greet you goodbye.

Be happy.

Let's go.

You didn't leave?

A person sometimes speaks
out of turn, brother.

I was waiting to say sorry to you.

You could have said
that from there itself.

Fine then now that you are
here you should help me a little.

Check these out and let me know
which boy will be suitable for Meet.

I am on medication for depression.

- I forgot to take my meds today.
- It's okay.

We will find such a
match for your girlfriend..

..that you will be off all the meds.

If my family was alive..

Then they would have thrashed you.

You don't know how to
talk to a respectable person.

You kept touching the
feet of those fat men.

But when it came to me,
you wanted to strangle me.

I swear,
I forgot to take my meds today.

And the curses you said..

Forget me, I didn't hear
anyone get cursed in such a way.

Tell me, how's he for Meet?

Oh God, why didn't I take my meds?

I have hurt Honey's feelings.

At least take a look at the picture.

Brother, what size's Kada do you wear?


Well if it doesn't come around my
wrist it should come around my neck.

I will give you a gold brick.

You can melt it and
make whatever you want.

- Move your hand back.
- Why?

Because this match also
has the same condition.

He too wants the
boy to have a family.

Now I know what it
feels like to lose Meet.

I won't lose her again.

Now I just need to think
whose family should I make as mine.

"Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Carry on..
Carry on Jatta 2!"

Will you ever let me live in peace?

Now how did I end up hurting you?

When the judge was impressed
by the way I fought the case..

..why did you have to
say that I flunked in law?

I was going to lose my bar
council's license because of you.

I just follow my mother's teachings.

She taught me just one thing.

"Son, never lie and never
let anyone lie either."

If you want to use your
mothers teaching in the court..

..then why did you even
bother going to law college?

You should have learnt law from her.

If my mother were alive,
I would have been a judge by now.

Show me the judge's face.

I had to bribe to help
you clear high school.

You didn't do me any favor.

People anyway have to spend
money on their children's education.

You treat me as if
as you won me in a lottery.


You are that official sermon
which one has to accept unwillingly.

You argue with me every day.

If you'd do the same in the court,
you would make a good living.

So the cat's finally out of the bag!

It all comes down to money.

You will take the money
with you when you die?

The habits that you have,
I don't think there will be any left.

You give such bad examples.

Do you mean,
you will never earn any money?

Actors earn when young and
advocates earn when they grow old.

I am sure this too was
taught to you by your mother.

My mother also taught me..

..that I shouldn't talk to
people who have lower IQ than me.

Enough. This is the reason why your
mother's soul is still wandering.

She doesn't think Dharamraja
too isn't at par to her level.

That's why she still
hadn't adjusted up there.

As if she was well adjusted
with you down here.

An ungrateful useless child!
How can anyone feel any pride?

I will break your wrist if
you ever do this before me again.

Should I do it behind your back then.

This isn't a drum that
you'll play at the back.

Drum is played in the middle.

Tell that to your mother
who left me in the middle.

I wish my mother had
given birth to me sooner.

I wouldn't have let her marry you.

Did you here that Parvati Kaur?

He wanted to be born sooner,
without my contribution.

Cool down, Mr. Dhillon.

Why are you making
your blood pressure spike?

There is no use arguing with him.

He's hot-blooded.

He is always surrounded
by air conditions.

And his blood is still hot?
I wonder when it will cool down.

I know a way to cool it down.

You should get him married.

If anyone talks to
him for five minutes..

..he doesn't give him a case
so who will give his daughter to him?

Someone gave his daughter to you too.

What nonsense?

I mean he will give
her because of you.

Who will look at his deeds anyway?

You are right.

Honey has a girl.

His daughter is that big?

When will you grow up?

I mean he helps difficult
people get married.


Fine then,
ask him to take things forward.

It is a very nice family.

The groom's father is an advocate.

Groom's mother's
brother stays with them.

His father has two married sisters
too, they don't stay with them..

But they keep visiting.

They have a female servant
who too stays there.

They have a tenant
who also says at home.

So it is a very big family.

Yes, with God's grace
it is a big family.

If they get together,
performers paid them a visit..

..assuming that they
have a function at home.

- Can I look at his picture?
- Yeah, of course.

Why not? Here,
I'll give you his picture right away.

This boy looks..

Isn't he the one I met at your shop?

Yes, yes. That's him.

But then why didn't you
tell us about him that day?

I still had to make his family..

I mean I still had
to convince his family.

I hadn't spoken to his family.


Meet, my child..

- Hello.
- Hello.

Yes, uncle?

Dear, we were finding
you a suitable boy.

Look at this.


You know him?

We met at Sharan's wedding.

There you go. She already knows him.

So should we take things forward?

That's it, Mr. Dhillon.
Stop here. This is their house. Stop.

Let's go, come on.

Come, Mr. Dhillon.

Let's go.

I think we should have
brought Goldie with us.

We would have finalized
everything today itself.

Mr. Dhillon, you know how Goldie is.
He might end up causing trouble.

You should first meet them.
We will introduce him later.

- Hello, Honey!
- Hello.

- Welcome to my house.
- Welcome! Welcome to my humble abode.

He's the bride's uncle.

- I seek your blessings.
- God bless you.

- He's Mr. Dhillon, groom's father.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- That's the bride.

- Hello.
- Come, let's go inside and talk.

- Sure.
- Come in.

Come, son.

- Honey has told me everything about you.
- Okay.

So he works with you?

Yes, yes, yes.

Well, we keep advocating
has much as well can.

What are the groom's hobbies?

He's very good at chess.

He just needs someone to
guide him where to place the piece.

Shall I tell him?

Let him talk or you
will lose your king.

He knows better.

Carry on, Jatta.

I play golf after court.

And when I have expert players
with me then we play marbles.


You reminded me of my childhood.

Look, I like this match a lot.

If the girl and boy want
to talk in private then they can.

Don't make Goldie be alone with her.
It will ruin everything.

What are you saying, Mr. Sandhu.

We might have upgraded to pants.

But we are still follow
the old school of thought.

I don't want them
talking before marriage.

You never know what
secrets get revealed.

So, I believe the elders
should decide. Right?

He is such a nice boy..

..that if in any case the
defendant's lawyer is elder to him..

..then he won't argue him even
if his client gets because of it.

Heard that?

You won't find a more
honest family anywhere else.

I don't think so either.

I accept this match.

- Then give me a hug.
- Congratulations to you too.

- Thank you, daddy.
- You are welcome.

It is very tasty.

But what's the occasion?

It is been 27 years since
we got a reason to celebrate.

Now we can only if you get married.

That's why we fixed your marriage.

Who did you ask before you did it?

The bride's family should
have asked that question.

Why did I have to ask you?

But I haven't even seen the girl.

You have the rest
of your life to see her.

Who will suffer?

That girl.
Because she is marrying you.

Son, elders say that a family
without a woman feels haunted.

Parvati Kaur passed
away 15 years ago.

I know how I spent
my life without her.

Things would have taken
a turn for the worse..

..if Channo hadn't
handled everything.

He means the house.


But I want to marry
the girl of my choice.

Being such a big lawyer,
I could never do as I pleased.

Who would have agreed to get his
daughter married to an idiot like you?

I am not as idiot as I look.

I am having an affair.

Oh God!

What did you say?

Things won't change if I repeat it.
I told you I am having an affair.

With whose daughter?

Very respected person of this city.

Couldn't you say this sooner?

I got your marriage
fixed with great difficulty.

How what will I tell them?

Don't worry, Mr. Dhillon.
We will handle it.

Right, Honey?

She was so happy, that poor girl.

What will she go through
when she hears of his refusal?

Girls are girls,
girls don't have a say.

It's okay.

Girls are girls,
girls don't have a say.

Well, I don't believe in that.

Can you explain? I didn't get you.

Well, when I told daddy
that I already knew Meet..

He got upset.

- Old school of thought.
- Not old, disgusting thoughts.

He thought how would he ask for dowry
when they already know each other.

So this means you two
have come to discuss dowry?

No. I am against dowry.

All the things my
father got as dowry..

..I returned them back to
my mother's parents after I grew up.

By chance,
he wasn't born before their wedding..

..otherwise he would have got both
his grandparents arrested for dowry.

- Because he is strictly against dowry.
- Yes.

You have such noble thoughts.

So how do we take things forward now?

Well, it will take 5-7 years..

..then perhaps daddy's
thoughts might change.

Stupid, we cannot ask uncle.. keep a young unmarried
girl at home for another 5-7 years.

You are right.

The henna Meet was supposed
to apply on her hand..

..she will have to apply
on her hair to hide the greys.

We cannot even tell uncle
to forget the greedy father.

It's me and Meet
who are getting married.

We cannot even tell uncle that after
marriage you two will stay in Canada.

What difference does it make
whether or not my daddy agrees.

Uncle can take you to the
Gurudwara and get you two married.

But we cannot say
this to uncle, can we?

Why can't you?

What's right is right.

And what's wrong is wrong.

Whatever you thing
is alright with you.

I can take you two to the
Gurudwara and get you married.

And as far as your
father is concerned..

Don't mind it, sir..

What difference does
it make whether or not..

..they get the blessings
of such a greedy person?

No, it makes no difference.

- It doesn't matter. - Uncle,
then should I talk to the priest?

"Hail to the God"

"Hail to the God"

Look son,
I have let Meet miss her parents.

And now that responsibility is yours.

Don't worry at all, uncle.

I am preparing to go
to Canada in a few days.

You two talk and let
me know when you wish to come.

I am ready.. I think
we should go with you.




Mr. Dhillon, my daddy!

Daddy had asked me to
be in the court for a hearing.

Take me there quickly, Honey.

Yes, I too got a
call from the judge.. come on time because
they need to close the court.

Sure, son. Work comes first.

This is what happens
in Canada as well.

- We are meant to be in Canada, right?
- We'll leave.

But please excuse me.
We will have to leave.

Bye, Meet. I have to leave..

I am leaving.

Why do I feel that we will
get insulted over here today?


When Jas said that he
would handle the situation..

..then why did we need to come here?

There is difference between
the way elders and youngsters talk.

We are the ones
who refused the match.

So courtesy demands
that we apologize to them.

You insult me 50 times in a day.

You never apologized to me.

You seemed to be a lot
concerned about strangers.

You should think about
the future, brother.

Suppose Goldie's first
marriage doesn't work out.

We can at least come back
to them for his second marriage.

Otherwise he will always
regret for being unable to remarry.

Then spend the rest of
the life with Channo's support.

You think about her a lot.

For God's sake don't
embarrass me inside.

Just think that we came here
for five minutes to get insulted.

Don't worry, brother-in-law.

I'll make such a face inside..

..that it will look that
I am here for a funeral.

Such a disgusting
brother-in-law I have.

- He is neither fair nor dark!
- Brother-in-law!


Mr. Dhillon is here.

- Mr. Dhillon?
- Yes.

- Get him in.
- Okay.

Welcome, Mr. Dhillon. Hello.

- Have a seat.
- Hello.

How do I dare greet you, Mr. Sandhu?

I feel embarrassed.

- He told you everything?
- You know?

How can I not know?

He told him everything!

He cannot keep anything to himself.

You have given birth
to a woman instead of a man.

- Your sister gave birth to him.
- Brother-in-law!

I am really very embarrassed,
Mr. Sandhu.

What's the use of
being embarrassed now?

My dream to have a
big wedding was shattered.

Advocate Dhillon never
allowed anyone to question him.

But you feel helpless
when it comes to your kids.

They never think that whatever
their parents think for them.. the right thing for them.

What is right in what you thought?

You should feel ashamed.

Why is he insulting us so much?

But we knew that he would insult us.

But we should at least
know why he is insulting us.

No problem,
just get insulted gracefully.

Mr. Dhillon,
now tell me what we should do.

What can we do, Mr. Sandhu?

Get your girl married
to someone else.

What are you saying?

This is a limit.

How can I cross any limits when
my son doesn't want to marry her?

He likes some other girl.

Yes, he got married
to the girl he likes.

He got married?

If you don't believe
it then see it for yourself.


God bless you, my child.

Lead a happy married life.

He got married to Meet?

But he said he wanted
to marry some other girl.

She is that other girl.

But when I was ready
to get him married to Meet..

..then why did he
secretly got married?

That's because he said that
my father is greedy for dowry.

Can you tell me where my son is?

He just left.

He said there is some important
hearing in the court today.

There sure is a hearing.

But the hearing he
will have with me today..

Well, you have no idea about it.

Dear, pack your
bags and come with us.

Okay, dear.

- Yes?
- Don't you have any shame?


Because you
disgraced yourself. What else?

What have I done now?

You should have asked
me before you got married.

She is the same girl I
had fixed your marriage with.

Daddy, it's me, Goldie.
Who did you want to call?

To my disgusting son. You tell others
that your father is greedy of dowry.

What are you saying?

Tell me where you are.
I will come there and get you treated.

You mean the girl
and her uncle is lying?

The girl doesn't have any uncle.
Daddy, you have lost your mind.

I will beat you up through the phone.

I am not your son if I let you.
Try touching me.

I will touch you in such a way..

..that you'll have to keep touching it
to know it's still there.

I am at your in-laws' place.

Otherwise, I would have
reprimanded you for this nonsense.

How can my in-laws tolerate
me being cursed in such a way?

I wonder where you are.

Don't forget that Advocate Dhillon
where's the black coat for a reason.

You wear it because it's
the uniform for lawyers.

Have you ever heard
a coolie praise his uniform?

Have you ever heard black knickers
gang praising their knickers?

You are the only one who
keeps praising his uniform.

Fear God! God sees everything.

An ungrateful useless child!
How can anyone feel any pride?

He doesn't agree that he got married.

He must be scared and
wondering how did you find out.

Brother-in-law, let's do
the rest of the drama in our house.

Let's take the daughter-in-law
home with a smile on our face.


What have you done, you idiots!

Now how will I get married?

It's just a matter of a few days.

After that I will go to Canada
and everything will be fine.

We have been to everyone,
but everyone said just one thing.

There is just one lawyer for
such difficult cases. Advocate Goldie.

That's the problem.

Now tell me what should I do.

Buddy, your daddy has brought my wife
home assuming that she is your wife.

We just have to handle this situation.

Daddy just cussed me over the phone.

He will kill me if
I go in front of him.

We told you, we have been to everyone,
but everyone said just one thing.

There is just one lawyer for
such difficult cases. Advocate Goldie.

It is troublesome to be so talented.

I'll think of something.

Why are you guys whispering? Say
whatever you have to in front of me.

It is not something we
can talk about in front of you.

He just got married.

- We need to explain so many
things to him. - Yes.

Disgusting. Shameless.

We are already in a fix and
now we are inviting more trouble.

Forget that and listen to me.

At any cost Meet shouldn't
learn that Mr. Dhillon is your father.

And Mr. Dhillon shouldn't
learn that Meet is my wife.

Wait, wait. Meet,
daddy, who's wife is Mr. Dhillon?

You got confused in
the first hearing itself?

God has given you
an opportunity to prove..

..who is a better lawyer,
you or your father.


But I have never done
such a thing before, brother.

It isn't our business either. And you got
us into this mess in the first place.

Wait, Meet is your wife, Mr.
Dhillon is your father.

- And I got you into this mess.
- You..

- What is all this?
- They are here.

Come dear.

- Hello!
- So you are home.

He is here.

Take Meet's bags and go inside.

Sir, your daughter-in-law
is very beautiful.

Congratulations, Goldie.

Why just congratulate Goldie?
You should congratulate everyone.

Yes, it's a joyous occasion.

- Congratulations.
- Congratulations.

Right, congratulations to everyone.

You should carry your wife bags.
You shouldn't make others carry it.


How can one person carry two bags?

And the groom shouldn't carry a lot
of weight right after he got married.

Why? Did the groom
just take glucose IV?

- Come.
- Come.

- Come.
- Come.

She is our daughter-in-law
and not some pigeon. Let's go.


Welcome. Welcome.

- Come with me.
- Welcome.

- Welcome.
- Come.

Goldie, come out after
keeping the bags inside.

- I need to talk to you.
- Okay, will come.


I think something is not alright.

If you are not feeling
alright then go to the toilet.

You are of no good here.

Not in that way.

- I think..
- Yes, what is it?

You remember you are married
after you saw your wife?

You said I had lost
my mind over the phone.

Forget what I said over the phone.

When I came face to face,
didn't I agree that I am married?

- Yes.
- Simple.

I will slap you.

- Why do you want me to suffer?
- Forget all this, Mr. Dhillon.

- He agrees that he made a mistake.
- How can I forget it?

He got me insulted before her family.

He said that his father wants dowry.

Oh no! Very bad, Goldie.
You said such a disgusting thing.

How dare you!

- No, he could have said that
in a decent manner too. - Yes.

Something like his
dad is greedy for dowry.

As if you just praised me in English.

Okay, I agree.
You say sorry to him.

- Sorry.
- Sorry for what?

I have just one son and I
couldn't even attend his wedding.

You ruined all my dreams.

Daddy, I didn't ruin any dreams.
Trust me.

I told you just say
sorry and end this matter.

- Sorry.
- I won't accept your sorry.

- Sorry.
- Sorry for what?


You never know with him.

He is so stubborn sometimes
and so soft sometimes.

Mr. Dhillon, this is how
it is going to be for a few days.

- You should just stay strong.
- Yes.

You will stay with your wife
on the ground floor henceforth.

We will stay on the first floor.

And you will stay
where you are staying.

I will stay there only.

- Why would I go down?
- Got it?

- Got it?
- Yes.

Got it?

What happened?

Brother, take care of your wife.
I am feeling sleepy. Let me sleep.

Have you lost your mind?
Where will you go?

To your room upstairs.

Won't your father question
what are you doing upstairs..

..when your wife
is sleeping downstairs?

Go when everyone goes to sleep.

This is a big mess
you have got me into.

You mean I shouldn't even sleep now.

What are you two doing here?

Here.. nothing..

You got married today.
Go and be with your wife.

- Okay.
- What do you mean by okay?

I mean, of course
he should be with her.

Why won't he? Why aren't you going?

Yes, go.

Yes, go.

Yes, yes.

Why are you looking at him? You
have spent your whole life with him.

Go to sleep.


I am very sleepy.
So I am going to sleep.

- Jas..
- Yes?

He is a married man now.
Please leave him alone now.

You too go to sleep.


Where are you going?

You were the best man only
till the time he got married.

I was just turning from here.

Turn? This isn't a circle junction.

Here's your big circle.

Why are you dragging me into this?

Goldie got married.

But he is the one who
seems more happy to me.

Stupid, during our time..

..the bride's family was more excited
about the wedding that the bride.

And he is his buddy.

Can I say something if you permit?

I think Meet is having
an affair with Jas.

I'll slap you!

You say anything even
without giving it any thought.

You will learn a lesson
when it will be too late.

You are here?

I am looking hot, right?

Yes sister-in-law, very hot.

And they say he is naïve.

Brother-in-law the naïve
ones are more naughtier.

Parvati Kaur..

Why are you dragging sister into this?

I am telling her to be
ready to enjoy some sweets.

They have confectioners up there?

Why? Do you think all
confectioners go to hell?


- What are you doing here, Gulabi?
- Goldie.

What are you doing here, Goldie?

I.. I came here to..

Decorate the room.

- With what?
- I.. with what? Flowers?

With flowers.

But they are fake flowers.

Well, so what if they are.

Sister-in-law, there is something
special about these flowers.

They never wither.

You should move these
flowers away and sleep.

For how long will this continue?

We will have to as long as it can.

You should leave with
her as soon as possible.

According to her this
is her in-laws' place.

She will now only leave
for Canada from here.

Then go to Canada with her.

I cannot just leave.

- Sit down.
- Okay.

You have spent some time here,
now you can leave.

What nonsense!

Look brother, everyone goes to abroad.

You too make an excuse
of some illness..

..and go away from her
with sister-in-law for treatment.

Where are you going now?

Why? Won't I be sleeping in your room?

The owls are awake.

- They can't see anyway.
- But they can hear, can't they?

You are right.
You have invited big trouble here.

I just invited it.
I didn't take advantage.

That's why your back is still safe.

You should sit with me
till they don't go to sleep.

Let's go.

I did marriage but you are in hurry.

What are you doing, brother-in-law?

I heard someone trying to
open the stairway gate and I woke up.

I thought someone
is trying to come up.

That's why I came to find out.

The latch doesn't
make that so much noise..

..that it wakes someone up.

Tony, you know that from
the time your sister passed away..

..I hardly get any sleep at night.

Then why don't you say that you are
making arrangements to get some sleep?

What nonsense!

I might not be an advocate
but I am always surrounded by them.

You know where this comes from.

You too speak from
where everyone else do.

What happened, sir?
What are you doing here?

Yes, what are you doing here?

Why don't you say, don't knock
the door, just walk straight in.

- What do you mean?
- Let me explain.

This idiot doubts us. He thinks
you and I have something going on..

That's why I came to meet
you in the middle of the night.

May you rot in hell, you scoundrel.

If I had bad intentions then..

..I wouldn't ask him to come here
where there are so many mosquitoes.

I would go inside,
where there is air conditioner.

- Heard that?
- I don't believe in what I hear.

I am only talking about what is saw.

Get this straight, brother-in-law.

I won't let her ruin
my sister's family.

How will she ruin it?
Is she carrying a hammer?

- I have seen many trying to ruin.
- You..

I won't be able to
tolerate this anymore, sir.

You should settle
my dues in the morning.

You are waiting for morning?

I thought he would
settle it right away.

Such a disgusting brother-in-law
I have. He is neither fair nor dark!

You think I am a fool?

You said you hear someone
moving the latch of the gate.

- But the gate is closed.
- I just closed it.


May you rot in hell, damn you!

You ruined the honor
of a woman who was sleeping.

"My eyes seek you.."

"My eyes seek you.."

"I cannot take my eyes
off the path to your village."

"I forget everything
else when I think about you."

"I forget everything
else when I think about you."

"I forget everything
else when I think about you."



My Meet! Meet!

What is wrong, Jas?

Meet, I couldn't sleep a wink last night.
But both my legs have gone to sleep.

I feel as if there is
no blood flowing to my legs.

One gets cramps sometimes, Jas.

- No! No, Meet.
- Sorry.

I am been trying to move
them since past two hours.

Anyone would wake up by this time.

But my legs aren't.

I think I am suffering
from the thing.. suspected would
happen two months ago.

What are you saying, Jas?
I don't understand.

Your husband lost his legs, Meet.
Your husband has become leg out.

And there is no cure
for this illness in India.

We will have to go to Canada.

We will have to go to Canada?

Yes, we will have to.

What will you do with a
husband who cannot use his legs?

It is not right for husband
to move like this with you.

Don't worry. I will apply
for your visa today itself.

See, there is some movement
as soon as you mentioned Canada.

Now there is hope of
getting some treatment.

I will submit the
documents today itself.

Whatever you do, keep it quiet.

If anything happens to
father after he hears this news..

..then I won't be able
to run around to help him.

Good morning.


Yes, daddy?

Where are you going
so early in the morning?

Nowhere, daddy.

Why do you look so upset?
Is everything alright?

Nothing is alright.

What happened?

Daddy, his legs stopped moving.

His legs stopped moving?

I cannot believe it.

He had kicked the midwife
as soon as he was born.

She had said he is thick-brained
it might stop working anytime.

But there is full
guarantee for his legs.

His brains are working fine.
But his legs aren't.

- Really? Let me go and check.
- No, don't. Don't go inside.

He told me not to tell you.

You shouldn't worry at this age.

But as I was worried,
I ended up telling you.

But you shouldn't worry.
It can be treated in Canada.

I am going to apply for his visa.

- It can be treated in Canada?
- Yes.

There's nothing that cannot
be treated in India these days.

Trump keeps visiting
India for a reason.

- Really? - I know a well-known Hakim
(Muslim physician).

He gets arms and
legs moving in no time.

- Really?
- Let's go and meet him.

For the moment only
his legs have gone stiff..

..I hope his whole
body doesn't go stiff.

- No! No!
- Let's go.

Here is Hakim Mangalchand's clinic.

Don't worry, dear.

This quack looks like one
of those who sell Shilajit.

He can't able to move his leg.

Okay, so you mean there
is no moment in his legs.

None at all.

In the morning when he tried to place
one leg above the other, he couldn't.

I had to do it for him.

You see, the movement in his legs
have stopped but his desires haven't.

Tell me, do his legs make any noise?

- No.
- What are you saying, Hakim?

Since when did legs
start making noise?

Yes, I have heard people
making noise while being kicked..

..when we pass through
the police station.

I can hear legs making noise
even when not at the police station.

I deal only with legs.

Will he get treated here
or will we have to go to Canada?

Why do you need to go to Canada? I even
get calls from Canada for treatment.

It isn't anything serious.
Don't worry, Mr. Dhillon.

Just tell me where the legs are.

We couldn't get the legs with us.

The question you should
be asking is where is my boy.

I only see my target.
Fine, I will do it your way.

Tell me where is
the boy with those legs.


- How are you, Jas?
- I am fine, Goldie.

What are you doing still in bed?

I have made arrangements
to take Meet to Canada.

Wow, very good.

- You just need to do me a small favor.
- Tell me.

If your daddy asks that
you cannot move your legs..

..then you will have to say yes.

What is this new mess?

Brother, we will dance
when I will get the visa.

I have convinced Meet to go
to Canada to get the legs treated.

Now you mean, one cannot
even walk before his family?

How can we let that happen?

I told daddy in spite
of you asking me not to.

He has brought a Hakim with him.

Come in.

Don't worry, son.
Hakim will cure them right away.

Yes, I will cure them.
But first ask all women to leave.

Are there 10 women standing here?
There is just one woman standing here.

Whoever she is, ask her to leave.

Because the treatment
is a little out of the box.

She won't be able to tolerate it.
Be strong, everything will be fine.

Now listen to me.

Tell me which one
of you is the patient.

Him. I mean these legs.

I can even make the mute talk.

I can make the deaf hear.
I can make the lame walk.

Now tell me since when
are you having this trouble.

This morning. The movement
stopped and the legs went numb.

Don't worry, son.
He has cured very serious illnesses.

Mr. Dhillon, Goldie cannot
be cured using these rustic methods.

You cannot be cured.

- Yes.
- Yes, yes. I won't be cured.

Why do you feel scared, my boy?

I agree that the treatment
is a little out of the box.. won't be able to tolerate it.

But I will do it, with guarantee.

Your body might stay back but your legs
will start running like Milka Singh.

Then don't complain that the
legs were given a ticket for speeding.

Stop explaining the traffic rules,
Hakim. Do the work you are here for.


Here, can you feel this?

No. No, he can't.


- Now?
- No, not at all.

- Now?
- Not at all now. No. No!

Hakim, get involved only
if you understand the problem..

..otherwise be blunt and let us know,
we will still pay you.

- Right?
- Yes.

I understood.

You don't need to worry.
Don't be scared.

If you feel restless,
press your tongue under your teeth.

If you feel it then let me know.

- Did you feel it?
- No. No..

Did you feel it now?

- Jas!
- Goldie!

It doesn't hurt.
It doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt.

It doesn't hurt.

If you can't feel it
then why are you screaming?

It doesn't hurt,
but I screamed because of his actions.


Jas.. I think the stand is here.

But you won't leave your stand.

If you cannot feel it then
tell him that you cannot feel it.

- Right?
- Yes.

No! No!

Now tell me.

I won't get cured, you may leave.

He is telling you he doesn't
want your treatment, you should go.

- Yes.
- How is that possible?

I won't let my client go to Canada.

I will cure him here itself.

- Now do you feel it?
- No.


- Jas!
- Goldie!

Bring your legs forward!

- Bring your legs here!
- Goldie.

- I can't!
- Tell me if you don't feel it now!

Wait! Wait! Wait!

They will stop working for real now.

They will stop working for real?
What do you mean?

He means that they might
be temporary gone numb..

..but he might end up
doing some permanent damage.

- Bloody devil!
- He said I am a devil?

I come from a family of Hakims.

He said I am a devil?

Come on, stand up.

Help me! Stop him!



Wait! Listen to me!

I am fine.

I am cured. I am fine.

Stand up. Stand up.

I am fine. I am fine.

Here. "I am crazy for my beloved!"

Oh Good Lord!
My son is cured!

- My son is cured!
- See that!

I even made a man with no legs stand!

Meet, my child!

You husband is absolutely fine.
Thank you, God.

Otherwise people would
have taunted me that..

..his was already not
working well in his profession.

Thank you daddy for getting
him treated here itself.

Otherwise, we would have
to leave for Canada immediately.

There is no need to go to Canada.

First let Advocate Dhillon
give his son a grand wedding.

"Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Jatta 2!"


Yes, daddy?

What's the use of getting
his legs treated..

..if he spends the whole day in bed?

I didn't get it.

When we got married,
me and your mother-in-law..

..didn't stay at
home for a whole year.

Whereas you two never go out.

If nothing else, why don't
you two go visit our farmhouse?

Okay, daddy.

By the way, our first meeting
was also in a farmhouse.

How is he naïve?

- Bye.
- See you.

"I can't sleep these days,
my beloved."

"I always keep thinking about you."

"The water of village's
well tastes sweet."

"That's why keep
standing in big queues."

"That's why keep
standing in big queues."

"Dear, your kohl is a lethal weapon."

"Slowly it become deadly.."

"Dear, your kohl is a lethal weapon."

"Slowly it become deadly.."

"Your veil is something
to watch out for."

"You have them dyed in
so many different colors."

"Oh he looks so handsome,
like a blushing sun.."

"He dresses so up well."

"Oh he looks so handsome,
like a blushing sun.."

"He dresses so up well."

"Oh he looks so handsome,
like a blushing sun.."

"He dresses so up well."

"I carry a bag of wheat
to your village's flour mill.."

"You don't know how
out it is in the afternoon."

"You are always busy
with your friends."

"And here I have blisters on my feet."

"I keep my moustaches
twisted sharp for you."

"I wear golden sandals."

"I keep my moustaches
twisted sharp for you."

"I wear golden sandals."

"I hold anger for any guy
who tries to gets close to you."

"I keep them away from you."

"Oh he looks so handsome,
like a blushing sun.."

"He dresses so up well."

"Oh he looks so handsome,
like a blushing sun.."

"He dresses so up well."

"Oh he looks so handsome.."

"He dresses so up well."

- What happened?
- What is this?

It keeps evil away.

I am scared of ghosts.
This is perfect.

Meet is very scared of ghosts.

This is the only way
to get her out of this house.

Don't worry. We will make
ghosts dance in this house.

Play such a game that she
feels this house is a graveyard.

- Yes.
- She is here.

Here's piping hot fritters for you.

What happened?
Is something bothering you all?


What's the status of those two dancing
ghosts which still haunt this house?

Now don't start saying
everything before her.

Why shouldn't I say it before her?
After all, she too stays here.

Now she will live here..

And die here.


Two dancers got ganged because of Mr.
Dhillon's mistake.

I mean because of his dad's mistake.

They still come to this
house on their death anniversary.. that they can take
revenge from Dhillon and his son.

- It that true?
- What are you saying?

Don't worry, Meet. Why are
you scaring her with the truth?

Don't tell her about
the month visits now.

Why shouldn't we?

She is a member of this house.
Now she will live here..

And die here.

he lied about the death anniversary.

They spend the whole month
in which they were hanged..

..dancing in this house like
there is some youth festival going on.

- And by this, this is that month.
- Yes.

I agree that there
are ghosts in this house.

But tell me something,
have they hurt anyone in this house?

Didn't the gardener's wife die?

And these ghosts also
made your maid disappear.

They died because they
used to keep their hair untied.

But Meet..

You leave your hair untied?

You didn't tell me.

You should keep your hair tied.

Meet? Meet?

Jas.. Jas,
I don't want to stay in this house.

Really? For sure?

For sure?

Meet. Meet.

What did you say?
There are ghosts in this house?

Yes, daddy. I saw them.

Dear, these often scare people
so that they don't venture out..

..and they can steal scooters
and bike from outside.

No, daddy.

Didn't two dancers get
hanged because of your mistake?

You can call it my
mistake or my carelessness.

I agree they had brought
evidence of their innocence to me.

But I misplaced them.

That's why they got
away from their family.

I mean they got hanged.

This means what happened to the gardener's
wife and the maid is also true.

What is this new nonsense?

Nothing, daddy. I have decided
I won't stay in this house.

I don't understand one thing.
You two got married just two days ago.

Your husband doesn't have
anything else to tell you..

..apart from his father's mistakes?

He told me about them because
those ghosts are the same two dancers.

That is great.

Those dancers' ghosts ended up in this
house who just lost their case recently.

And Parvati Kaur who had lost her
heart to me still hasn't showed up.

I call out to her every day.

Anyway, these ghosts that you saw..

..did you see them before
or after you heard about them?

- After.
- That's it, I understood everything.

He told you about those dancers.

It stayed in your subconscious
mind and hence you saw ghosts.

Now keep one thing
in your conscious mind..

..that there is now
such things as ghosts.

Henceforth, forget seeing a ghost..

..I challenge you,
you won't even dream about them.

Advocate Dhillon wears
the black coat for a reason.


We will have to teach this
Advocate Dhillon a lesson..

..that the ghosts
wear black for a reason.


Daddy! Daddy!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Why don't I shoot..

- Run! Run!
- Get them! Get them!

- Come, come..
- Ghost..

- Stop
- Come on, hit them.

- Go!
- Hurry up!

- Come on!
- Daddy! Don't shoot!

- Don't shoot!
- Stop.

- Don't shoot!
- Damn you!

Daddy. Let it be. Leave.

Don't kill them.

They are not any ghost.

They are running away.

Come on.

Daddy! Daddy!

Let me see how far can you run!

- Ghost has run outside.
- Stop.

Come on catch him.

- Catch him.
- You can't escape me today!

Come on, catch from outside.

- Come. Catch.
- Coming.

Daddy, let them go.

He will fall down. Leave him.

Go fast from here.

Daddy, let him go.

You go. Come on.

Poor guy stuck.

Go. Daddy, let him go.

Daddy, don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Hey stop.


If sister-in-law sees
the ghost run away like this..

..then she will never
feel scared of ghosts again.

I don't care if she isn't
scared of them anymore.

But the way he is shooting at us I fear
that we might become ghosts for real.

Nothing will happen.


You can't escape me today!

You are addressing
them as brothers-in-law?

Why is that hurting your feelings?

Then my sister becomes a witch,
doesn't it?

Shut up!

If I knew we would
have to run so much..

..then I would have
made these costumes loose.

My dress is torn from the seat area.
Oh God, please save us.

God too must be running for his life.

Advocate fired a few
shots towards Him too.

So we don't have that hope either?

Stop it, daddy.

You will be dead in a few years.

If these ghosts die again then..

..they will keep haunting
us for the rest of our lives.

I won't become a judge after I die.

I too will become a ghost. Then
I will see how they enter my house.

- I am sure they are just thieves.
- Sir, I am tired. Can I touch you?

You want to touch him
even when he is tired?

And they are male ghosts.
Why did you have to come with us?

I didn't know that you
old men could run so much.

I thought you would
return from the next turn.

I'll teach you a lesson.

Daddy stop. Let them go.

Daddy! Stop it.

- You want to drop them home?
- Wait, wait, wait!

One minute.

Jas's purse.

- Daddy, let me explain.
- What will you explain?

Do you think I am a fool?
I don't know anything?

I told you they are thieves.
They stole Jas's purse.

Daddy, I don't know whether
or not they are thieves.

But today I learnt one thing.
You are very intelligent.

See thieves, Advocate Dhillon
wears a black coat for a reason.


See dear, I had told you that
there are no such things as ghosts.

- Yes.
- They were thieves. They ran away.

You can sleep without any worries. You
don't need to leave this house anymore.

Okay, daddy.

Goldie, should we talk to our
families about getting us married..

..or should we ask
someone to talk for us?

What's the hurry to get married?

Let us enjoy the romance phase.

We will keep fighting after
we get married. So what's the use?

The whole world fights.

There is love in that as well.

You should talk to your family.
Don't make excuses.

No, I am not making excuses.

Actually, we did some work at home
some time ago. We spent a lot of money.

And we don't want him to spend any
either. We will go for court marriage.

No, I am anyway always in coat.
And now you want me to marry in court.

I will get one day to be outside
and you don't let me do that either?

Then what should I do?

Daddy is looking for
prospective matches for me.

What should I tell him?

You should keep making excuses
and keep rejecting the boys.

Okay then, I will marry
the boy daddy selects for me.

I won't let that happen.

Look, you know that
I cannot live without you.

At least let me gather some money.

We have visiting so many marriages.

We will have to feed a few too.
Don't you think.


Why did you let go of her hand?
Did I ask you to?

I just came to ask since
when is this going on?

Daddy, from the time you got arrested.

Thank you, God.

I was worried about only
one thing when I was in prison.

That my daughter is all alone outside.

But I feel relieved now.

That he is with you.

- Dear.
- Yes daddy.

If I knew about this then I would
have spent a few more months inside.

Son, does Mr. Dhillon know about this?

That you were looking after
my daughter along with my case?

No, don't tell daddy.

Why? Are you still a kid?
You have to get married some day.

Son, if you want to go around,
I have a car for that.

My daughter is someone you
are supposed to get married to.

Don't go around with her.


- Let's go and talk to Mr. Dhillon.
- I..

Uncle! Uncle!
I spoke to Daljeet.

Let me gather some
money for the wedding.

Oh no, why do you need money?

We will go for cheap catering.

And the money you have to give to cut
the ribbon and for hiding the shoes..

..we will keep some of
it and return the rest to you.

- Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
- Uncle! Uncle!

I will talk to him as soon as I can.
I swear, I will talk to him, Daljeet.

Mr. Dhillon!

Mr. Dhillon!

Hello, Mr. Dhillon.

Billu? What are you doing here?

Billu has not come alone,
a daughter's father is here today.

Then call him as well.

I am that daughter's father, sir.

Have a seat.

- Who is he?
- My girlfriend's father.

So, tell me.

Well, I have here for
my daughter's marriage.

But I am not a matchmaker.

Albeit, I do break matches.

If I get a divorce case.

You didn't get me.

I have come here to seek
your son's hand for my daughter.

Damn, just because
his son has two hands.. doesn't mean he can give
his hands to two different people.

What is he trying to say?
I don't understand.

He means to say that
my son is already married.

So we are really very sorry.

What are you blabbering in English.

Sir, your son loves my daughter.

One inside and one outside?

That's bad.

You must be mistaken.
He must love her as a client.

Since when did you
start loving your clients?

That too like this.
While holding hands like this.

What nonsense are you
talking about a married man?

Your son is doing all this
and I cannot even talk about it?

What are you saying?

One man cannot lose his interest
from his first wife so soon.. how can he show
interest in another woman?

Some are like revolving gates, they
entertain many at ones, brother-in-law.

First wife, second woman,
what are you talking about?

I am telling you that
your son promised my daughter..

..that he would get married to her.

your daughter must be mistaken.

Please reconfirm with
her whether he's the same boy.

I told you, I saw them holding hands.

My son is so naïve that I have never
seen him holding his wife's hands.

That's enough.

Now will you leave on your
own or should I throw you out?

Well done.
Well done.

This is how you educated lot behaves.

I think you are wearing this
black coat by bribing them with grams.

What do you mean?

Let me explain.

When we were school children..

..many boys bribed giving corn,
jaggery, peanuts to clear the exams.

So I mean, you too bribed them
with grams and wore this black coat.

I'll uproot you if
you utter another word.

How will you remove my roots,
I have already removed them.

Here, have a look.

Back off.

But you will see if anything
wrong happens with my daughter.

If your son is married
then I won't spare any of you.

What have I done?

I am not going to do
anything to you, brother.

I will see you two
father and son in court.

You can see us. We are always in coat.

Fine then, it won't take me long to
drag you from your chamber to the court.


Billu Bansal?

Yes, sir?

Take your box with you.

Think over it.

- Out!
- Not out!

Brother-in-law, you should
have at least accepted the box.

Shut up!

You got cussed instead
of getting sweets.

Such a disgusting brother-in-law
I have. He is neither fair nor dark!


We are in trouble, Jas.

If matters exaggerate
then I won't lose anything..

..and you won't be left with anything.

If God is merciful, even the
matchmaker won't be left with anything.

Don't cry, Daljeet. It is a lie.

What is a lie?

I heard your father
say that you are married.

Forget believe in him.
Do I look married to you?

I don't look married either, do I?

No, you have a daughter
standing there as a proof.

Sit down, dear.
Now do I look as married?

Forget it, what are we talking about?

Why don't you tell him the truth?
Why are you feeling shy?

- Actually, his father has lost his mind.
- What?

Try to understand. It will still stay
in the family. He won't tell anyone.

- Yes.
- Yes.

He has lost his mind?
How so?

Well, he says anything
to anyone without a thought.

You too should contribute,
I can't always know everything.

Yes. He thinks it is true even
though it is not true.

Like yesterday he brought
the polio drops administrator home..

..because he wanted Goldie's
childto get polio drops.

They searched the whole
house but couldn't find his child.

They gave him the drops and said give
them when you find them.


If Mr. Dhillon is
facing so much problem..

..then why didn't
you show him to a doctor?

- We have shown him to a doctor.
- Yes.

Doctor said to show
it to someone more learned.

Yes, then we showed him to an elder..

..and he said to show
it to someone more experienced.

- Fine then I will go and have a look.
- Do you think you are very experienced?

I mean they will handle the doctors.
Why do you need to worry?

- It's true.
- Yes.

Honestly speaking,
after meeting him I too felt.. if he has lost his mind a little.

He also think.

What will I tell others?

My elder daughter
is married in Khanna..

..and my younger daughter
in a mental asylum.

Dear, will you be able
to adjust in such a crazy family?

Yes, daddy. I will.

But he slapped him and threw him out..

I don't get slapped by anyone.

I run away before that.

Fine. Anyhow he insulted you..
Goldie, he serves a sorry for that.

It's okay, dear.

You cannot complain about
a squeaking bed and crazy men.

Let it be.

You should just get them
under control at the right them.

So? What brings you here today again?

I heard someone open
the latch once again today.

I had come to check that.

People almost stop
hearing at your age.

And yours hearing power
keeps on getting better.

I am the owner of this house.

I have to keep my ears
open to keep the thieves away.

Those who have to steal,
they steal and leave.

They don't perform rehearsals.

Like they came yesterday
and then today as well.

Come to the point,
what are you trying to say.

The same that you wish to do.

Here, I fold my hands in front of you.

Before any of the neighbors sees this,
you should take her inside.

I'll slap you, you dirty mind.

What is wrong today, sir?

What could have happened? I heard
someone open the latch so I came out.

He says that I have come to meet you.

I am making a humble request to you.

Whether the gate opens
or a bombs blasts.. should not come out.

The way he yells,
you will stop getting cases..

..and it will affect the
offers I get to work elsewhere.

You are working over here,
day and night.

And yet you seek more work?

You always had a dirty mind.

Such a disgusting brother-in-law
I have. He is neither fair nor dark!

I feel like killing him right here.

- I'll slap you!
- Sir!

- Shut up!
- Brother-in-law!

Oh God, this scoundrel will
make me infamous while I'm asleep.

Hello, Mr. Dhillon.

Oh damn, he is back.

They way he keeps frequenting our
house he looks more of a salesman..

- ..than the father of the bride.
- What do you mean?

He means if you don't
marry his daughter soon..

..he will have his daughter delivered
here. That's how eager he is.

I would have easily gotten married.
You two got me into this mess!

Hello, Mr. Dhillon.

You are back?

I heard that you aren't well.

That's why I came to
enquire about your health.

Why? Did I get a caesarean done that
you came to enquire about my health?

Why did you come empty-handed.

You should have brought
some fruits or flowers with you.

Sir, I don't know which
fruit would suit you.

By the way, there is a
stall selling sugarcane outside.

Shall I get some sugarcane juice
for you? Or you can eat sugarcane too.

You are joking with Advocate Dhillon?

You got bail for the first case.
You won't get bail in this one.

What kind of an illness is this?

You remember all the
cases but you don't remember..

..whether or not your son is married.

Which dog says that my son is single?

Forget these things.

Tell me, how are you feeling now?

I was feeling alright until now.

But you will surely
make me mentally ill.

I don't understand who told
you that my son is still single?

- Your son told me.
- Fine.

Now my son will clear everything.

Wait right here.
Don't move.

- Goldie!
- Not everyone is crazy.

- Oh damn!
- Oh double damn!

Yes, daddy? Yes?

What is this new mess?

- What happened, daddy?
- First take care of the first one.. can embrace the other one later.

Other one? What do you mean?

Your Billu..

He wants to force Advocate Dhillon to
get his son married to his daughter.

Daddy, why are you believing
that lunatic?

- He has lost his mind.
- He has lost his mind?

Daddy, from the time
his court got into the court..

..he is unable to
get his daughter married.

Due to this mental stress, he keeps
wandering to get his daughter married.

Does he always have to wander
and come back to our doorstep?

You should tackle this with love.

When he gets angry,
you should agree with him and hug him.

He anger subsides.

Now we have to tackle
old men like we tackle kids?

Be grateful, you sometimes
also have to change their diapers.

No. I will somehow give him a hug.


You are back?

You told me that Dhillon is unwell.

That's why I came to
enquire about his health.

When even the doctor
doesn't come back to ask him..

..whether he is dead or alive
after giving him a few meds.. actually dared to
come and ask him how he's doing?

Really? Is he really so far gone?

Then he can also hurt someone.

You should do this then.
Put a warning outside.

There is a mental patient
staying in this house.

I thought Goldie's father is
the only one who has lost his mind.

But I think his father-in-law
has lost his mind too.

Who writes that outside his house?

Then do one thing.

Hang a moving board outside
which has Dhillon written on it.

It will be a hint to the smart ones.

The more you argue with
him the more crazy he will get.

He many at times also bites people.

- Blow over it.
- I am talking to you.

I shouldn't even
ask him to blow over it?

He will blow you out. We sometimes
have to hit him to calm him down.

I would have killed him if I didn't want
my daughter to marry into this family.

- He is here.
- Give me something to hit him with.

- You said we have to sometimes hit him.
- Use this paperweight for the time being.

Otherwise, throw flowers at him.
Along with the flowerpot.

Mr. Billu, here's my son.

Let's sit and talk
and clear everything out.

Everything is clear to me, Mr.

You should ask him.

Daddy, forget it. Why repeat
the same thing over and over again?

Son, then you should tell him that you
aren't married. You are still single.

Mr. Dhillon, what do you have
to do whether he is married or single?

You should go inside,
take a blanket and rest.

I don't need rest.

Albeit, you surely do need it.

Let's go inside and rest together.

I am absolutely set.

I know how set you are.

Mr. Billu,
wandering around won't help.

If you want your
daughter to get married..

..then you should
stop doing such things..

..or else she will
never get married anywhere.

Why anywhere?

I will get my daughter
married into this family.

You should get well first.

Goldie, if you want your father
not to lose his mind for real.. should have ask not to come here.
Otherwise, I will be his worst enemy.

Why? Do you kill someone
everyday before you go to bed?

I don't have the stamina
to argue with him.

You should send away such
lunatics from outside itself.

I am keeping quiet because of him.

I would tell you who is lunatic.

Why are you keeping quiet?
Just say it.

Stop it, uncle.
We are not here to fight.

No, who is fighting?
He is going to be my relative.

Hey, Mr. So Called Relative!

The truth is that from the
time you have returned from prison.. are unable to
get your daughter married.

And hence, you have lost your mind.
Get yourself treated, Bansal.

- What did you say?
- Should I repeat myself?

Uncle, the stone you are holding,
you won't use it?

Here you go.

- I said you won't use it!
- I understood.

- He is getting worse, daddy. Run.
- Why do you need to run?

Are we dead? Uncle,
we told you not to use the stone.

Now don't use the flowerpot kept here.

- Yes, uncle. Don't hit with flowerpot.
- Daddy, run!



Uncle, you couldn't even hold the pot.
Thank God!

Now.. now we won't
let him get the bat!

- Which?
- It's kept there.

- Uncle, I won't give you this bat!
- Yes, we won't.

- Just keep instructing me.
- Don't, hit! Don't, hit!

- Hit! Don't!
- Stay away! - Hit!

Hit! Hit! Hit!

Oh no, he is beating
up brother-in-law.

Hey! Don't you dare
touch my brother-in-law!

I will hurt you with flathead pins.

You will learn a lesson we
you will bleed from small holes.

Now don't have fun while hitting him.

Hello, police?
Someone is hitting my brother-in-law.

do you want my father dead?

- Daddy, just hug him and end the matter.
- Yes.

- Yes!
- He is fine! He is fine!

Mr. Billu! Mr. Billu! I now understand!
You are right. You are right.

Now he agreed.

Boys, your treatment
was absolutely right.

Mr. Dhillon, when should I come next?

You can come after I
recover from these injuries.

Mr. Dhillon,
I apologize for this treatment.

But I cannot help it.

This is the treatment
doctor has suggested.

You feel the difference, don't you?

I think so.

- Okay.
- Okay, bye.



Forget it.
I think they stopped fighting.

I don't know what to do. He comes here
every day to get his daughter married.

Sir, you should sell this bungalow.

He will find the new address too.

Mr. Dhillon, I have an idea
by which you can get rid of him.

You say that Goldie
has committed rape.

This is not right.

Or say that Goldie got raped.

For God's sake,
just stick to paying the rent on time.

Don't give me any advices.

God, I had made a lot of
mistakes because of bad company.

Please save me.
I won't do such a thing ever again.

Don't worry. We will do something.

"Hail to the God!"

Goldie, there is a
solution to this problem.


What's the solution?

Tell me.

Should I tell you in private?

You are elder to them.

You should talk like
this inside God's abode.

I made a mistake.

You got me insulted God's abode also.

This was the only place
I had never been insulted.

You got me insulted here as well.
Why don't you two leave me alone?

What is the solution
you were suggesting?

We can escape this mess if
I get married to Billu Bansal's wife.

- What are you saying?
- Just in your daddy's eyes.


Fine, but what if
we still get into a mess?

If we get into a mess then
we will ask God to help us.

Then why wait?

God, save us if we mess things up.
Please help us.

- What's this?
- Sweets made from milk.

I mean Khushi (happiness)?

I couldn't go to Khushiram, so I
brought it from a local confectioner.

I mean what's the happy occasion?

Oh okay.

You know Billu Bansal, Jas
is getting married to his daughter.

Thank you, God.

Now he will leave my son alone.

He is such an adamant person,
he is finally getting..

..his daughter married
to someone who lives here.

Billu Bansal is like the customer..

..who entered the confectionery for
one sweet and came back with another.

Forget it, daddy. Why should we care?

You can leave the shop
with whatever he wants.

Right, I am very happy today.

Daddy, I had a request.

You know that Jas
doesn't have a family.

If you could perform
all the responsibility.. a father during the wedding?

Brother-in-law is regretting
being your father.. want him to be
the tenant's father as well?

He is my friend.

Then keep him your friend.

Why are you making brother-in-law
his mother's friend?

Such a disgusting brother-in-law
I have. He is neither fair nor dark!

- Troublesome!
- I will slap you!

- Daddy! - You are jealous
because you are surprised..

- can I be a father
again at this age. - Yes.

Tell Jas that I can arrange
for a mother too if he wants.

I will die,
I will get ruined, I will be doomed..

But I won't let another
sister enter this house.

Let him blabber,
you arrange for the other one.


I mean ask Jas to
prepare for his wedding.

I don't understand why did
you get married to his sister!

You are joking with me?
I am your mother's brother!

And I am his father.


Mr. Billu,
forget what happened in the past.

Congratulations on
your daughter's wedding.

Mr. Dhillon,
congratulations on your sons wedding.

Wait, I am his temporary father.

I am here only to do
the duties of a father.

Fine then, let's go back to duties.

Mr. Dhillon, I spent a
lot of money for this wedding.

Your son told me to spend
lavishly at the wedding..

..he will get me half
the money from his father.

I am here only to perform the duties.

I didn't come here to become pauper.

I never even gathered
that money from him as rent.. much as you want
me to spend on his wedding.

Calm down, Mr. Dhillon.

A daughter's helpless
father is pleading you.

I can serve the guests.

But it won't be right
if I start hitting you here.

People will say that
you were asking for dowry.

That's why he is getting beaten up.

I think the matter is getting serious.

It was fine when it
was happening at home.

We will lose our reputation
if father gets beaten up publicly.

What reputation do you
have that you will lose?

Before more reputation gets on stake..

..end this quickly
and start singing already.

"I had dedicated my life to love."

"I had accepted my faith."

"I couldn't just leave."

"I had exchanged rings with love."

"I have had a few drinks,
that too neat."

"And I am high on love fever."

"I have had a few drinks,
that too neat."

"And I am high on love fever."

"Don't be stubborn.
Fear the world."

"Don't cause trouble."

"Let's play peppy songs.."

"Let's hold each other's
hands and dance to the beats."

"Let's play peppy songs.."

"Let's hold each other's
hands and dance to the beats."

"Let's play peppy songs.."

"Let's hold each other's
hands and dance to the beats."

"Your wheatish complexion allured me."

"You made me lost my mind in no time."

"Your wheatish complexion allured me."

"You made me lost my mind in no time."

"You are a drunkard.."

"That's why you are creating a scene."

"What have I gotten myself into?"

"Let's play peppy songs.."

"Let's hold each other's
hands and dance to the beats."

"Let's play peppy songs.."

"Let's hold each other's
hands and dance to the beats."

"I have had a few drinks,
that too neat."

"And I am high on love fever."

"I feel like eloping with you."

"I should always treasure you."

"I feel like eloping with you."

"I should always treasure you."

"You spell trouble,
always ready to rumble."

"Why should I trust you?"

"Let's play peppy songs.."

"Let's hold each other's
hands and dance to the beats."

"Let's play peppy songs.."

"Let's hold each other's
hands and dance to the beats."

"I have had a few drinks,
that too neat."

"And I am high on love fever."

Who is it? Who is it?

Who is it..

I am doomed!
I am doomed!

Why didn't I die
before seeing all this?

Sister, you in spite
of being in heaven got ruined!

Tony, let me explain.

I told you, you should keep the
neighborhood in mind and call her inside!

It is not so.
You are getting it all wrong.

I slipped and fell on top of her.

Sir, if you had to fall you
could have done so here or there.

Why did make me fall with you?

I complain to my mother!

She would have given
birth to a girl instead of me.

I would be your sister-in-law
and keep you entertained.

You would at least not go for her!

- Sir, don't stop me today. I want to
jump. - No! Don't, Channo!

- I want to jump! Let me go!
- No, Channo! You won't die alone today.

If you die then I
too will die with you.

Don't die together.
One person should die a little later.

If sister sees you
two together up there..

..then she won't spare you.

What are you doing here?

What's the commotion about?

Why don't you let me
and my wife Meet sleep?

What happened here?

What do I say? Nothing happened.

Why are you lying, brother-in-law?

A lot would have happened
if I hadn't showed up.

You keep saying disgusting
things to each other.

Why aren't you telling me?

I will tell you.

Both your son and your daddy's
son will go to school together.

Daddy, really?

He is lying.

No one lies without a reason.
I can see the truth in his words.

You too are siding him now?

Siding? What are we playing here now?

You two will be the death of me.
I won't survive today.

Channo, do you like my father?

Forget about them. What if
I find you someone else like him?

- Sir?
- Now I will die for sure.

Daddy, please don't die.
Channo is yours! Channo is yours!

Oh God.. how do I explain it to you?

Someone opens this gate every day.
I just come to check that.

And my brother-in-law
wants to ruin my reputation.

Uncle, believe it or not,
I think he is telling the truth.

Why do I care?
If this honest person gets naughty..

..your property will
get divided into two.

Look at this, Parvati Kaur!

Parvati Kaur would have
hit you if she could see this!

Instead of finding the person
who opens the latch every day..

..he is drawing the attention
to something completely different.

Daddy, does uncle open the latch
and run away in order to defame you?

- Hey!
- Why would I do that?

Sir, I suggest that
we should remove this gate.

If there is no gate, there
will be no open latch to worry about.

It is decided!
I will keep an eye on brother-in-law.

- I will sleep with him.
- You stink.

And the maid doesn't stink?

Such a disgusting brother-in-law
I have. He is neither fair nor dark!

- He has a monkey face!
- I will slap you!

- Sir!
- Shut up!


Channo, you too go to sleep.

I won't sleep.
Now I am even scared to go to sleep.

You don't need to feel scared.
Go to sleep without any worries.

And I suggest you should keep
the latch open and go to sleep..

If there is no noise,
no one will come here.

Come on, Channo, go to sleep.
Lie down.

I suggest you cover your face
and sleep. I still have a lot to do.

Go to sleep already.
Cover your face and lie down.

Cover your face and sleep.

Sleep. Good. Go to sleep.
Oh sorry.

Go to sleep.
Good night.

Good night.
Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

- Britishers!
- Quit India!

Say it from inside.
Louder! Feel it.

My life has become dramatic
because of this idiot.

Why do you worry? No one caught you.

You managed to escape.

Should we wait to get caught?

Get the Britishers uniforms
ironed they are all wrinkled.

Mr. Revolutionary,
stand up and rehearse.

We didn't get freedom
through Whatsapp. Go.

So, why didn't you guys leave?
What are you still doing here?

We don't know where to go.

You leave the house,
I will show you the way.

Till Meet doesn't
agree to go to Canada..

..why don't you shift
her to someone else's house?

That is not possible, brother.

Father-in-law and daughter-in-law
get along so well..

She says how can we leave
daddy alone at this age?

So Mr. Goldie if they didn't
get along, you wouldn't be in trouble.

So here too it is your father's fault.

Yes, now blame my
father for everything.

My father and I have
become your scapegoats.

One you are fooling one of us
knowingly and the other unknowingly.

Heed my advice, brother.

Try causing a rift between the
daughter-in-law and the father-in-law.

You can blame me if Meet
still wants to stay in that house.

Of course, as if they will fight like a
mother-in-law and daughter-in-law fights.

The way we are in trouble, we
can make anyone fight for our benefit.

I will instigate Meet.
You start instigating your father.

- What do you mean?
- I mean lift and fire daddy up.

I have already lifted him
high enough because of you two.

Now I fear that any higher
and he will be with mummy.

Hey you idlers,
either go and do some work.

Or come on the stage and help me.
I am falling short of two Britishers.

What are you saying?

We should sell the
property we have in Canada?

Yes, daddy said that
what's Meet is mine.

We should sell everything and invest
in India. We will reap the benefits.

Daddy is so greedy?

When he didn't spare his
in-laws then how will he spare mine?

How so?

My mother belonged
to a rich affluent family.

My father made them paupers.

I caught my uncle begging twice.

That's nothing. When my grandma
was pregnant with my father..

..people say she was
actually carrying twins.

But fearing that he will have
to share the property with him..

..daddy killed my
uncle in her womb itself.

Only uncle's dead body came out.

What nonsense!

I am so fed up from this person
that I can say anything nonsense.

He asked for dowry during
our wedding as well, didn't he?

Of course.
But you didn't give any.

So he is trying to get it now.

I say we should sell everything
and shut him up once and for all.

I will make him shut up.

That is not possible.

- Meet can never say such a thing.
- Do you think I am lying then?

She told me to sell everything
can go to Canada with her.

And I should go to an old age home?

You dye your hair.
They won't keep you.

Think about where you will stay.

Don't ask me that question.
Ask it to your wife..

..who keeps giving
you such bad advice.

You are the one encouraging her.
Meet, my child. Meet, my dear.

She just said that
we will go to Canada.

We will he do with
such a big bungalow?

After a year he won't even
be able to walk around the house.

Why? I will get arthritis next year?

Not arthritis,
she has thought of something worse.

Why do you want her to curse you?

And God always listens
to a beautiful woman.

If you say,
shall I call the property dealer?

Look Parvati Kaur, after
you left I didn't even sell scrap.

Because your memories
were linked to that as well.

And your disgusting son
wants to sell the bungalow..

..because his wife
has asked him to do so.

You can do that long distance call
later. First handle this local call.

Tell me, what should I tell her?

Tell her to stop dreaming
about selling this bungalow.

I have already told that. She
said now I will handle the old man.

Now I dare him to do any work for him.

Meet isn't that bad that
she would refuse to do any work.

Daddy, please ask for tea.


Meet, my child!

Dear, please make tea for us.

I am talking to you.

Make tea for us.

I am reading a novel.
Cruel Father.

You can make it yourself.

What such have I said that you
are refusing to even make tea for me?

You don't know what happened?

You have grow old now. What
will you do with so many properties?

Where will I stay, in a Gurudwara?

A person with such a filthy heart
shouldn't even go to a Gurudwara.

See, she has started
showing her true colors.

What is wrong, Mr. Dhillon?
Your daughter-in-law was quite rude.

How does it concern you? It is our
personal matter. We will handle it.

I was just being sympathetic.
You got insulted in front of me.

Then I should too. He got
insulted in front of me as well.

Shut up. First tell me who
are you siding, your wife or me?

I have spent all my life with you.

Now let me spend
some time with her too.

You'll lose your house but you will
at least get a chance to be a grandpa.

You will stay with her,
but who will I stay with at this age?

You should sleep in the court itself.

As if you mother had laid
a bed for me there to sleep on.

Forget that I would
let you sell the property.

There's a reason why Advocate
Dhillon wears a black coat.

If she acts herself then you will
lose both your coat and your knickers.

An ungrateful useless child!
How can anyone feel any pride?


Meet! Meet!
How can anyone be so greedy?

- What kind of a father is he?
- What happened now?

He told me to stop supporting
my wife and support him instead.

Tell me, will he act so cheap because
we didn't give him our property?

Here I am wondering..

..if I was too rude to him yesterday.
I should go and apologize to him.

I don't want to stay
at such a man's house anymore.

I've been telling you since
so long that we should move to Canada.

But it will take time
to get Canadian visa.

I don't want to stay here for
that long. Take me away from here.

- For sure?
- Yes.

Let's go and stay at my uncle's house.

No, he can find us at uncle's house.

He might even cheat you
into signing the property papers.

Jas, take me to such a
place where he cannot find us.

I don't want to see
that person's face.

Don't worry.
I will take you to such a place..

..that he'll forever
miss his daughter-in-law.

Oh damn.
What is this that I am seeing!

Thank you, Jas. You are standing
with me in such a situation.

I will go tell Goldie!

Goldie! Goldie!

Goldie, you have lost everything!

Why are you shouting, uncle?
What do I have that I can lose?

You had a lot, but not anymore.
Come with me, I will show you.

- Uncle, at least tell me what's wrong.
- Come with me.

Look. Why are you looking at me?

Look over there you idiot,
see what your wife is up to.

I love you, Jas.

I love you too.

What is wrong?
Nothing is wrong.

- This is nothing?
- She just said I love you.

Anyone can say I love you.
She didn't hug him.

There, she hugged him.
Now tell me.

Uncle, she loves him like he
is my brother. You are old fashioned.

I am not old you are old.

That's why she is
going to someone new.

Her heart is clean.

If she had any bad intentions then
she would have drawn the curtains.

- Look over there!
- Why are you looking over there, uncle?

I think you have more filth
in your mind than my friend does.

You have gone mad.
You got ruined.

How can I get ruined?
My wife got ruined.

Still you are the one who got ruined.

- I'll go and tell your father.
- Uncle! Uncle! You won't go anywhere.

Why are you trying to say?
That my friend betrayed me?

Maybe it is.
So what's the big deal?

It is possible that my
wife wishes to have an affair.

Good that the matters
stayed inside the house.

We should be grateful to Jas.

Once Jas lets my wife go,
I shall worship him.

I will slap you!

If sister were alive today,
she would have died once again.

- Brother-in-law!
- Uncle!

- Brother-in-law!
- Uncle!

- Jas! Jas!
- What happened?

Just because she is your wife.. will romance with
her without drawing the curtains?

- What happened?
- Uncle saw you romancing Meet!

You should run away
if you want to live.

Brother-in-law! Brother-in-law!

- Brother-in-law!
- What is it now?

Your daughter-in-law disgraced us.

- She is hugging our tenant.
- You never bring any good news.

I saw them doing this.

Back off! If there is any
truth in what you are saying..

..then I shall kill them both!

- Goldie!
- What will you tell Goldie?

He too saw them together!
He is okay with it.

- What nonsense!
- He said this is common..

..between a sister-in-law
and her husband's younger brother.

- Look, Parvati Kaur!
- Forget my dead sister.

Stop the brother-in-law
who is going crazy down here.

How can I stop them when my
son has given them the green signal?

Now Advocate Dhillon
will be like an Express Train.

He will live his life like he wants.

He will also do what he hadn't
done so far! Get out of my way!

Brother-in-law! If both of you derail,
who will get you back on the track.

- Hey! Where are you taking Meet?
- Jas.


He is taking my daughter-in-law!

Channo, keep the scooter running.
Keep it running.

- Why?
- I want to ride it.

At least let me keep
the vegetables inside.

Forget the damn vegetables, we anyway
won't be cooking anything next two days.

- What is this?
- Goldie's wife ran away.

Brother-in-law, wait! Stop!

Stop or we will be ruined.

Double damn!


What is it, uncle?

Your husband is having
an affair with Meet.

What are you saying?

Your husband is having
an affair with Meet.

What are you saying?

Your husband is having
an affair with Meet.

Why don't you understand?
They were hugging each other.

Oh God!

Because of that brother-in-law
ran away with our maid.

- Come on!
- Wait, I am coming!

- Goldie!
- Damn you, uncle!

- I won't let you run away.
- I am not running.

- I am on a bike.
- I won't let you go on a bike either.

- Wait, I'll teach you a lesson.
- Uncle, I am not running.

- I will also come along with you.
- Stop! Where are you going?

- Goldie!
- I won't let you go!

Listen! Goldie! Goldie!


- What is wrong, dear?
- I got ruined, daddy.

Goldie was hugging the tenant's wife.

Don't cry, dear.

Come on,
we will talk to Goldie's father.

What will you tell him?
He too ran away with the maid.

Hop on, dear. We will catch them.

Wait, let me lock the house.

Why do you need to lock it now?
What's left to lose anyway?

Get in or it will be too late.
Hurry up.

Daddy, wait.

Jas, the whole jingbang
is following you.

Daddy is making so many people
follow us because of the property.

He doesn't spare anyone
on the streets either.

Daddy even charges the
garbage collector to collect it.

He charges him 600 rupees a month.


Sir, please drive slowly.
I am feeling scared.

Don't worry, Channo.
I won't let you fall.

If you are feel very scared
then hold on to me tight.

- It will also keep me safe.
- Okay, sir.

Brother-in-law! On road!
She is hugging him on road now!

Uncle, daddy and Channo
cannot this in this house anymore.

And what about your wife?
She too was hugging our tenant.

What will we do about her?

What will we do?
The tenant will take care of it.

- Let him elope with her.
- I will slap you.

Daddy, please don't
tell any of our relatives..

..that I am married
into a crazy family.

What do I tell you, dear?

My relatives already say..

..that only crazy people
would accept your daughter.

One, two, three, four..

"Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Carry on Jatta 2!"

- "Carry on Jatta 2!"
- Daddy! Daddy, wait.

"Carry on Jatta 2!"

"Jatta 2!"

Jas, daddy is still following us.

Meet, we will have to hide.

Jas, they will find us here.

Honey has his play here today.
I am sure no one will come here.

Come with me.

Britishers! Quit India!

I won't!

- Happy, act like a foreigner!
- I won't!

That's Jas's motorcycle.

He must be here somewhere.

Oh God, he has brought your
daughter-in-law to such an isolated place.

It doesn't suit you to say
such things about my daughter-in-law.


He has eloped with your daughter-in-law
to such a beautiful place.

- Is that fine?
- I don't know.


They came here as well.
Hide quickly, Meet.

Jas, they will find us over here.
Let's go somewhere else.

Come with me. Honey!
Dhillon has seen Meet and me together.

What are you saying?
I am your wife. Tell him the truth.

Mr. Dhillon wants Meet's property.

My patriot friends..

..we should first concentrate
getting our country independence.

Brother, this is a very tough
situation for us. What are you doing?

- Everybody is watching.
- Try to understand!

Is this a play?

So my patriot friends,
what you can do is.. can wait behind this red fort.

We will meet after one hour.

No, my patriot brother.
We don't have an hour.

These Englishmen has a
force called Dhillon behind us.

What are you saying?

Meet, first the Moghuls
and then the Englishmen..

They have always hated lovers.

So, we won't let ruin
their revolution, act.

- So patriots..
- Over here.

So patriots, save these two lovers.
I request you, please.

- There they are.
- Oh God!

Tell me, sir.

Don't you have any shame?

You are running away
with my daughter-in-law!

Look, the Dhillon force sent
by the Englishmen is here as well.

Let me go!

How can we let go of you when
you did let go of our daughter-in-law?

Sir, don't you think they have
deviated from the topic of the play?

It might come back
to the point eventually.

What are you doing, daddy?

You are the one who is
wrong and you are blaming us?

Well done. Just because I want
my property, you will do all this?

What else could we do?
You left us no option.

You are siding the Englishmen
for a few pounds? Disgusting.

I regret you being born.

Damn you, you have slathered
my face with saliva.

When can we sit with the Queen?

You want to sit with the Queen now?

Our family is getting ruined here..

..and you are worried
about being with the Queen?

Mr. Dhillon, you will ruin my play.

Then let it get ruined.
You found us a wrong match.

Sir, we should first get him arrested.

Mr. Dhillon,
you better keep Channo in control.

We are in the middle of my play.
S.S.P. is sitting right in front of us.

- Let him!
- Sir!

Sorry, S.S.P.
sir. They are all cheats.

Yes, yes, yes.

Come patriot Goldie, take them away.

These traitors have sold their souls.

They are interrupting
our fight for freedom.

Daddy, what are you doing over here?
Let's go home.

- Everyone is watching us.
- Let them watch!

Police is also here.

They should know that
the boy's family is right..

..and the girl is not good at all.

Why are you publicly
ruining someone's daughter?

Be generous.
Say this and let go of the hand.

"Go Simran!"

"Live your life as you please."

Let her catch whatever she wants then,
a train or a bus.

I will slap each and everyone of you.

Did you get married
to send her with Jas?

Have you lost your mind, daddy?
What are you saying?

Meet, there is no
father or son over here.

They are traitors and we are patriots.

do you want to free India or not?

Not so soon. We should first
kill our leader using a gun or sticks.

Forget it.

A respectable man
can die by mere taunts.

Sticks won't do him any harm.
Use swords!

Attack! Attack!

Yes, hit me!
Kill me whatever wants to!

S.S.P., you should take
down my complaint right now.

He ran away with my daughter-in-law.

Why does this character
keep calling out to me?

Sir, just like singers interact
with people while singing..

..I think they have started
doing the same in the plays as well.

Okay, okay.

I ran away with my husband.
What crime have I committed?

He is your husband.

Daddy, you have lost your mind.

I am not married to him.
I am married to your son.

And he isn't my son.

- Tony, you tell her, is he my son?
- How do I know? Do a DNA test.

Your sister died
right in front of you.

From where did I get another son?

Brother-in-law, my sister is dead,
but you are still alive.

Get lost.
Why aren't you saying anything?

Can't you tell her who is my son?

Why are you embarrassing
us in front of everyone?

Let's go home and talk. Let's go.

First tell her,
who is my son, he or you?

What are you saying?
We are all your children.

- He too is your child.
- Talk about yourself!

- Why did you run away with Channo?
- Answer him!

Then here you go!
I didn't elope with her.

- But now I will elope with her for sure.
- No!

- Try it!
- No!

- He's a very good actor.
- Yes.

He should act in movies.

If you didn't like us together
then why did you get us married?

- I didn't get you two married!
- What are you saying?

Didn't you go with me
and Honey to Meet's house.. fix Meet's marriage?

I had gone to fix it with Goldie!

Okay then why didn't
Goldie go with you?

You were the one who told
me that if he came along..

..then we will never
be able to fix this marriage.

Enough! Now don't say
that Meet got married to him.

What else? Did she get married to you?

She got married to him and
is now having an affair with him.

Now I get it!

Sir, the noise of
the gate every night..

She must be the one going up and down.

And we were the ones who got defamed.

Characterless Dhillon!

I feel ashamed to call
you my daughter's father-in-law.

- Who's her father-in-law?
- You are.

If you say that again
then I will get you right here.

You think you can get me?

You have a lot to lose.

- Sir..
- Stop your nonsense.

I am regretting going
to your house, daddy.

First of all,
stop addressing me as daddy.

Why? Doesn't Goldie
address you as daddy?

He is bound to say it.
Why should you say it?


It's okay, dear. You can
call him father-in-law instead.

Why would she address
me as father-in-law?

She got married to my tenant.

Daddy, that's what they are
saying too. She is married to Goldie.

She is married to my tenant
and you say she is married to him.

What is wrong with you, daddy?

You say the right things but
you are pointing out to wrong people.

Doesn't he pay you any rent?

He doesn't.

- Goldie, why don't you pay him rent?
- That..

Yes, why don't you, brother?

Don't address your husband as brother!

- Disgusting.
- There you go! Good news.

We are interested in
leaving India before 1947.

Would anyone come forward to talk?

All of us are standing in the front. How
much more ahead do you want us to go?

They are already standing in front.

Think of something
to send them back instead.

First you handle your issues with us.

We want to give you independence and
return to England before the day ends.

- You can attend this lunatic later.
- He too knows, brother-in-law.


- Who did you address as lunatic?
- You. Who else could he say it to?

Damn you!

You can take care of him later.

First you should answer my question.

Why shouldn't she address
you as father-in-law?

That's because she
isn't married to my son.

Okay, then who is she married to?

She is married to him.

Enough, enough, enough.

Now everything will
get cleared in no time.

Where do they sleep at night?

Your daughter sleeps with
Jas and Meet sleeps with Goldie.

- What!
- What!

Mr. Billu, don't hit him with a stick.

- Jas, come on!
- Don't hit him with a stick!

- Stick!
- Someone save this play!

- Stick!
- You still need to pay us!

Don't do anything to sir.

The actors are doing real actions.

Don't do anything to sir.
You can hurt my leg if you want to.

Hit her.

Listen to me!

Stop! Don't hit.

How is this our fight
for independence?

I don't know, sir.
We weren't born back then.. ?

Right. It must have happened somewhere
that's why they are showing it to us.

- Yes.
- You rascal.


My friends, we revolt
against the British has ended.

To celebrate our victory,
I present to you..

..the beauty queen,
dazzling, young damsel, Kulwati!

[English rap song]

[English rap song]

[English rap song]

"Touch me a little.."

"Come, kiss me a little.."

"Come, hold me a little.."

"Come, a little.."

"Touch me a little.."

"Come, kiss me a little.."

"Come, hold me a little.."

"Come, a little.."

"In this world without You,
my love, I am restless."

"In this world without You,
my love, I am restless."

"Touch me a little.."

"Come, kiss me a little.."

"Come, hold me a little.."

"Come, a little.."

"Touch me a little.."

"Come, kiss me a little.."

"Come, hold me a little.."

"Come, a little.."

"In this world without You,
my love, I am restless."

"In this world without You,
my love, I am restless."

[English rap song]

[English rap song]

Thank you, brother. Thank
you very much. You saved my honor.

Shame on you.

Strangers have beaten
your father black and blue..

..and there you are
dancing like a woman?

I am angrier with Parvati
Kaur than I am with you.

Other mothers give birth to warriors..

..and you gave birth
to a drag queen dancer for me?

Earlier I was adamantly
saying that Jas isn't my son.

Now I will also say that
you aren't my son either.

The illness has taken over his head.

I think I will have to
hit his head with a stick.

- Wait! Wait! Wait!
- Don't!

Wait, please wait.


Do you value going to Canada
more than our friendship?

Not at all.

Meet, you won't take me to Canada if
I tell you that I don't have a family?

Why won't I?

If I tell you that
Mr. Dhillon isn't my father..

..then will you stop loving me?

Why will I stop loving you?

Had you ever thought that you would
have such a crazy family after marriage?

You were better off alone
than having such a family.

There you go.
God has answered your prayers.

I don't have any family.
You are my only family.

You lied to me?

You cheater!

But I cleared everything
before I told you.

I took your permission.
In front of them.


Are you alright?

At this age, children get
new knees for their parents.

And you tried to
break my original knees!

now is this point clear..

..that you are not having
an affair with Channo?

Now do you want it in writing that
I am not having an affair with her?

Fine then can I have
an affair with her?

Such a disgusting brother-in-law
I have. He is neither fair nor dark!

There is no growl or bark!

- I will slap you!
- Sir!

- Shut up!
- Brother-in-law!

- Meet..
- What Meet?

You are a fraud, Jas.

Listen to me.

You first listen to me.

You have been getting
me treated so far..

Now it is my turn to
perform a surgery on you.

- Uncle, don't hit him with this stick.
- Understood!

I too understood!
He has hurt me the most.

I will teach him a lesson.

"Was watching Leone, she stopped it."

"Was watching Leone, she stopped it."

"The floor rocked because
of the commotion!"

"Was watching Leone, she stopped it."

"The floor rocked because
of the commotion!"

"The floor rocked because
of the commotion!"

"You are like the Malibu shot!"

"You are like the Malibu shot!"

"You just freeze the brain."

"The DJ fell.."

"The DJ fell, as your veil slipped."

"The DJ fell.."

"The DJ fell, as your veil slipped."

"Your lips are made
from strawberries."

"Your cheeks whiter than milk."

"Your cheeks whiter than milk."

"Your cheeks whiter than milk."

"The boys dancing with their
girlfriends are also looking at you."

"Are also looking at you."

"I said, are also looking at you."

"Your lips are made
from strawberries."

"Your cheeks whiter than milk."

"The boys dancing with their
girlfriends are also looking at you."

"Are also looking at you."

"Oh the hourglass
shape of your waist!"

"Oh the hourglass shape of your waist,
it seeks attention unwanted."

"The DJ fell.."

"The DJ fell, as your veil slipped."