Carrot Cake Murder: A Hannah Swensen Mystery (2023) - full transcript

A skeleton found in Lake Eden reveals the true identity of a beloved resident. Despite her fiancé's disapproval, Hannah investigates the murder and enlists her mother's help to uncover the truth and bring the killer to justice. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Down and out...

Yeah, let's jam

It’s gonna be a really
good night.

We’ll close off the whole place
for the party.

Oh, Eugene.

You’ve gone all out.

Hey, nothing but the best
for the Rhodes family.


I owe them.

Are you kidding me?
Come on.

If anything, I owe you.

You’re kidding me?
His father gave me my first job.


True story.

Now I was thinking
we could set up

the birthday cake
right over here.

- Great.
- Oh, perfect.

And, uh... your mother's
favorite is carrot cake, right?

Yours is.

And, uh...

it's a big birthday so,
you know,

we want a big cake
full of candles

'cause we all know
she's turning...





Oh, Norman.

You are such a dear man to want
to celebrate your mother.

It is a rare and
admirable trait.


But there comes a timeless
point in our lives

when numbers are unnecessary.


Carrie does not need
a forest of candles.

No, absolutely not.
You know what? I just...


A little mystery.

Oh. Who doesn’t like
a little mystery, huh?

Oh yeah.

Do you just keep that
in your purse all the time?

So, I will pick up
your mother tomorrow

for our girls’ night out.

Perfect. Thank you so much,

It's three days
before her birthday

so she should be surprised,
right? I think...


Well, I’ll be here an hour
before to help set up.

And we’ll be ready.

Bye Norman.

Bye Mother.

Wow, you really wound
my mother up.

You did it on purpose,
didn’t you?

Ah... maybe a little.

But she’s right.

You’re doing a nice thing,

Oh, we don't get the family
together nearly often enough

and I definitely don't see
Eugene enough, so...

Oh, wow.

Save the Steiner!
Save the Steiner!

Save the Steiner!
Save the Steiner!

Wow, so this is the rally
for the Steiner.

Yeah, I guess so, huh.

Save the Steiner!

Save the Steiner!

Oh, Michelle’s back.

Oh, yeah.
She just got back into town.

She’s looking for a place here
so she can stay here

in between jobs.


Save the Steiner!
Save the Steiner!

Pardon me, I’m coming
through here.

Thank you very much.
Thank you, thank you.

Save the Steiner!

I hear you.

Save the Steiner!

Okay. Alright everybody!
Guess what?

The Steiner lawyer
and the developer

are in court right now.

They never even gave a chance

for local developers
to put in a bid.

Yeah, they wanna tear it down.

We’re trying to save
this building.

Save the Steiner!

I can’t believe they’re gonna
destroy this building.

Well, not if the committee
has their way.

I hope so.
Fingers crossed, right?

I mean, it’s the last Leo
Steiner Building in town.

- Hey.
- Hey you.

I got here just in time
for the fun.

So, what’s the word?

Well, you’re hearing it.

Nobody trusts the developer
Wyatt Avery.

Also, apparently
he’s a lousy tipper.

Save the Steiner!
Save the Steiner!

Everyone, please!
Hi, I’m Diana Graves,

and I represent the committee
to save the Steiner.

That’s your Diana?

Um... yeah.

Well, I don't know if we're
there yet but, um... yeah.

Yeah, that's her.

The court has just issued
an injunction

barring any further work
being done

until they’re able to hear
arguments about

landmark status
for this building.

That hearing will take place
in two weeks.

Nothing can be done here
until then.

Right, Detective Kingston?

Uh, yes.
Absolutely, everybody.

You heard it here, nothing
is getting torn down today.

That means you can all go home.
Thank you so much, everybody.

Great job.

Thank you. Now, please
do come out...

- I'm gonna try get more shots.
- Okay. that you can support
the committee.

That was some rally.

It’s something.

Hey kids.


Party planning?

Shh! It’s a secret party
we’re planning.


Hey Mike.
Uh, excuse me guys.

- Yeah.
- Sure.


- Hey, there she is.
- I got some pretty good shots.

That's Norman's Diana?

I mean, he says they’re not
there yet, but yeah.

So tonight?

I only have leftovers.

Only you can make
that sound good.

I’ll do my best.


We need two dozen
red velvet cookies

for Rhonda Sharf’s Mahjong Club.

Already done.

Thank you.

And, um, I think that’s it
for the custom orders

so we should get the crew
on the regular stock

‘cause I’m working on the
project we don’t talk about.

Oh. Got it.


I just turned around
and you were gone.

Yeah, yeah.
I had to get back to work.

Hi. Oh, no... sorry.

Oh. Uh... Diana,
this is Hannah Swensen.

Hannah, Diana Graves.

I know you by reputation,
of course.

Oh, it’s all good.

And also, I am addicted to your
deconstructed Rocky Road Bars.

True story.

Thank you. Have a seat,
I’ll get you some.

You were so impressive
out there

dealing with the crowd today.

Do you think you’re gonna be
able to save the building?

As long as we can get it
officially landmarked.

Which should’ve been done
a really long time ago.

But Leo Steiner was a
world-famous architect,

it should be easy
to get landmarked?

Normally it would be.


Five Star Renovations
and Equipment

did the 1995 renovation
and it was really shoddy work.


So there is a decent argument
that it damaged

the structure enough that the
building needs to be taken down.

You took the case.

Well, I’ve never met
a hopeless cause.

Mmm, well...


I’ll fight for it.

Speaking of...
I have a brief to write.

Oh, my gosh.

And I have two cavities
in the next 20 minutes.

Right. Yeah. Bye.

I’ll see you tomorrow.

Thank you for the brownies.

Yeah, yeah. Any time.

They're uh.. Rocky Road Bars.

Well, she is...

Genuinely nice.

I was gonna say smart.
And lovely.

Well, good for Norman.

Yes, it is.

Who’s gonna break it to Mom?
I think it should be me.

Just be nice, okay?
And gentle.

Oh wow, those are cool photos.

Thanks. I’m gonna print
some of the best ones

and make a carousel

for the Eden Lake Sentinel’s
Instagram page.

I think it should read,

“Rage in the heartland:
The struggle is real”.

Nice people save
famous old building.

Yeah, see this is why you bake.
There’s no drama.

What? Clearly you have never
botched a carrot cake before.

Neither have you.

Michelle is right.
I don’t botch a cake these day.

There’s a precision to baking.
Proportions have to be exact.

You measure.

When you find
the right combination,

the right proportion...

truth is, you tend
to stick with it.

And I love that certainty.
With baking.

But once in a while...
I really wanna stretch.

Be surprised.

Try my hand at something
completely new.

This is so good.

Um... can I take the rest of
these for work tomorrow?

Oh yeah.
Ooh, not that one.

- Mike...
- What happened there?

That one doesn’t have
seasoning, it’s Moishe’s.

Wait. What?

That’s Moishe’s plate.

Moishe has a plate?

He’s been having
a rough time lately.

Still jealous?

I gotta go.

But we just made dessert, Mike.

I know, it looks amazing.
But, um... later.



Aww. I can explain.
Mike is just learning, huh?

And I promise you he will
never replace you.

Here you go.

I’ll open some tuna.

I feel so good

Gotta knock on wood


Oh! Isn’t it?

Wait, wait, wait.
Where’s Mom, is she on the way?

To Bimini.

This explains it all.

Well... everyone, I have
an announcement to make.

It seems that our Carrie
decided at the last minute

to take a trip for her birthday.

Eight days, seven nights,
five islands.

But I am sure that I speak
for her when I say

she would be thrilled
to see you here

and that you all came
to celebrate her.

So... thank you very much.


- Norman.
- Yes.

This is so Carrie, isn’t it?

I know, isn’t it?
Here's your...

Thank you.

So great and weird.

Well, that is the last time I
plan a surprise for anyone, ever.

I’m sorry.

Hey guys.

Eugene, Hannah, stop working
this second, please.

The party’s started.
Come on, I’m gonna do a toast.

Let me get a glass.

Hey, wine only for you, Eugene.

Don’t worry, I’m not getting
sick tonight.


Oh, he spent New Year’s Eve
in the ER one time.

Yeah, I didn’t know there was
rye in the office party punch.

It turns out I’m allergic.


Oh, yeah.

Hey, do you remember Mom
let me bring

my, uh, lightsabers
into the hospital room?

You remember?

Yeah, you stood guard.

Aww. I bet.

No one can come in.


I’m gonna do
a little toast here.

Oh, yeah.
Okay. Let me...

Excuse me everyone, can I
have your attention real quick.

Um... I just wanna give a quick
toast to my mother, Carrie

who is the best,
and let's face it,

the only reason you all came
this far to celebrate.

Uh... may she continue
to surprise us.

And, uh... may she stick
around for another...



Uh... for many, many more
birthdays to come

is what I was gonna say.

To Carrie!

To Carrie!


Who is that?

- Um...
- Allow me.

It’s your party, Norman.
You don’t have to do this.

Ah, don’t be silly.
I don’t mind at all.

It’s nice to get some
fresh air anyway.

You are grace under pressure.
You really saved the night.

I think your mom’s acceptance
speech really set the tone.

Right. Well, you know,
she can be...



Hello? Everybody okay?

Hello? Is there anyone here?

What was that? Was that
an explosion?

It sure sounded like one.

Do you have your flashlight?

Oh, look, there’s a light here.


Did you see that?
It’s a light.

Hey, yeah, you're right.
There is someone down there.

Hey is everybody okay?!


Hello? Is there anyone
down there?

what’s that smell?

Ugh, it smells like gunpowder.

Ugh, look at all this smoke.

Yeah, this is definitely
the source of the explosion.

- Wow.
- Careful, careful.

What is that?

Uh... probably the bottom
of the elevator shaft, I think.

No. Norman... what is that?


Well tell Avery this is not
a request, this is a summons.

So... an accident?

Well, we’re not sure.

I mean, there was
explosives there,

there was other stuff
that we told Avery to move

and he didn’t.

I’ll make sure he’s
in first thing tomorrow.


Hannah, you wanna sit down?

No, no, I wanna listen.

We found bone fragments
and remnants of tarp around

what was a body.

Any idea who it was?

Clothes were
partially preserved.

Found this.

Jerry McDowell.

Hey, uh, Mike.

I also wanted to say that
we saw a light downstairs.

Some of the workers’ lights
didn’t blow.

No, no.
It was moving around.

There was definitely someone
down there.

Yeah. For sure.

Okay, thanks.
Well, let’s look into that.

Will do.

Thanks Lonny.

Um... I am probably gonna
be here for a while.

Why don't you and Norman
head out

and then you guys can
come by the station

and sign the statements
tomorrow, okay?

We gotta find out
who that guy is.

Well, I work with some people
that can help with that.

I promise to keep you posted.

Okay. Okay.

- Let’s go, Hannah.
- Yeah.

Bye, thanks.

Do you remember the name
Jerry McDowell?

Jerry McDowell was a thief.

I remember now.

He was never violent,
just a low-rent felon.

He disappeared after
Landry’s Jewelers

was robbed out in Skelton.

That was July 1995.
Wow, my first year on the job.

Everyone assumed he ran off
and never came back.

Do you have any proof
that he did it?

Well, we have it now.

We found an antique brooch
in his pocket.

And here is the inventory
from the Landry job.

Let me see that.

Looks like the brooch was
the most expensive thing

taken that night.

Yeah. He kept it separate,
kept it for himself.

What about everything else
on that list

that was never recovered?

Well, this is quite a list
of missing items.

Everything from a simple
silver necklace to that brooch.

So, yeah.
Where is everything else?

They didn’t find any
other jewelry with the body.

Here. Can you make
three copies for me?

So, did he have an accomplice?

Jerry usually worked
with someone, yeah.

Any... any suspects?

Statute of limitations
has run on that burglary.

The case is closed.

There’s no time limit
on murder charges.

So far there’s nothing
to say it was.

Wait. Are you saying the guy
just fell asleep

in the bottom of
an elevator shaft?

No. But there’s no damage
to the skeleton

that the ME can say happened
before last night.

Now, I talked to the DA about
it first thing this morning.

Without forensics there’s
no way he can bring a case.

We can’t waste time or resources
on a dead end.

Find out what or who caused
that explosion last night.

That’s the case you need
to solve.

What do you mean there’s not
gonna be an investigation?

I think the man was murdered.
What does he think?

That he just slipped and fell
under an elevator

and nobody noticed?

Hannah, I don’t think that,
Ealing doesn’t think that.

He just said the DA
won’t move on it.

There’s nothing to prove
at this point.

What about his family?

I mean, they’re gonna
have questions.

Hannah. I’m the choir.

I also have direct orders.

Okay, I get it. That means
no murder investigation for you.

you can have a cookie.


Now this guy Jerry...

Oh. You’re on a first-name
basis with him now?

He was a human who happened
to be a thief.

That means that he had
a police file.


What? It’s a closed case,
isn’t it?

And I’m a citizen,
I have rights.

I could file an open
records request.

How do you even know about...

Do you have any idea
how long that can take?

- Here you go, hon.
- Thank you.

I do. And it would stink
to have to wait that long.

I take lunch at noon.
Come and get me, I’ll be busy.

You can wait in my office
right next to the stack of files

on the left side of my desk.

Got it. Okay.

I promise I won’t do
anything risky

and I won’t get in your way.

- Oh. It’s for you.
- Thank you.

Here you go.

Hannah? You gotta tell me why.

Because. I bumped into
a skeleton last night

and I have questions.

And Mike... that guy
deserves justice.

And you think so too

because your mouth is doing
that twitch thing.


You wanna know
just as much as I do.

I do.

So if you wanna check it out,
I’m not gonna stop you.

You mean it?

You mean it? You’re not gonna
hold back information

and you’re not gonna scold me?


Yes, I mean it.

But I... I'm curious but I have
to investigate

Wyatt Avery and the explosion,
you know that.

I’m gonna need access
to the crime scene.

And if you keep talking
like that

I’m shutting this whole
thing down.

Oh, you’d better
get used to it.

Because I am just
getting started.

I have to get back to work.

Over here is where the foreman
said he was sure

the blasting caps
were stored securely.

No way anything could happen.

Yeah, right.

But over here is where
the Fire Marshall

found trace evidence
of the caps.

Look at this.

Oh... blasting caps kept
in a cardboard box.

Definitely not secure.

And no evidence of
a locked cabinet

where the caps should’ve
been stored.

Now the question is
what set them off?


An old heater.

Fire Marshall is gonna run
some tests but...

thing's older than dirt.

And if somebody left that
plugged in

anywhere near the blasting caps

That’s the Marshall’s theory.

Well, I think it’s time
we escort Mr. Avery

in for a nice
friendly interview.

- Sure thing.
- Okay.

Hi Mike. Hi Lonny.


It’s been secured and cleared
by engineering, it’s safe.

Did you bring your own gloves?

Yeah, I got them
from my kitchen.

I use them when
I’m peeling chillis.


Same concept, right?

So here it is, this is your,
uh... crime scene.

Did you just do air quotes?

Maybe in my mind, yeah.

You don’t take me seriously
at all, do you?

I got you in here, didn’t I?

Norman called me this morning.

Norman? Calls you
in the morning?

Diana has a whole file on Five
Star Renovations and Equipment.

Oh, the company that did
the ‘95 restoration.

And she said they’re a pretty
shifty bunch

and I think they put
this elevator in.

Okay. Just don’t pick up
anything too heavy,

just be careful.

Got it. I'll be careful.



Hello 1995.

Is that a pager?

Yeah. It’s definitely
worth checking.

Here. Put it right in there.


Just be a little bit
more gentle.

Okay. Okay. Yeah, right.

Hey! Mike.


Let’s see.

Yeah. We might be able to pull
some DNA or some prints off of this.

Here, just open that bag
for me.

Could those be Jerry’s keys?

Could be.

I’ll see if any of the workmen
lost a set of keys too.


Yeah. Good find.

Hey, what's this?

What is that?

I’m not sure.

Maybe a... piece of
fabric or...

or a necklace
from the robbery.

I know.

It’s a belt loop, right?

And then this would be
a wallet chain.

Oh yeah.

I had one of those when
I was 12, it was very hip.

No 12 year olds are hip, Mike.



Okay. Maybe there is something
in this.


Well... Avery says he's got
no idea how it happened.

He was sure everything
was stored correctly.

If it was one of his employees,
he'd file charges himself.

What would he have to gain?
Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Is the building unstable?

Apparently no, it’s okay.

Well, with this accident
there’ll be injunctions

and delays no matter what.

Agreed. And he doesn’t strike
me as being that short-sighted.

And just his luck,

this explosion throws up
a buried corpse.

Yeah. What are the odds?

Hey Michelle.
Any luck finding a house?

No, not yet.
Why, do you want me out?

No, I love having my sister
here with me.

Ooh. For the record, I am not
the one that tore up the pillow.

Mmhmm. Yeah, I figured.

It’s the chaos,
it’s upsetting Moishe.

You know, I’m out
all the time lately

and I’m engaged
to another man.

But we’re working on it.

Well whatever you’re doing
is clearly not working.

What’s all that?

These are the things we found
at the crime scene

and this is the police file
on Jerry.

This is the guy.

Yeah. Jerry McDowell.
Look at that mugshot.

Hmm. So, what now?

I have no idea.
But I’m gonna figure it out.


First, I have to figure out
who Jerry was, right?

Who he knew.
Who he was close to.

Who might’ve wanted to kill him.

What if he was married?

Ooh! I know that one.

Shameless hussy.

Is that a name?

It’s all Vera ever called her.

And who is Vera?

Jerry’s mom.

According to Mrs. Howser,
Vera always blamed “S-H”

for Jerry becoming
a degenerate gambler.

And she was fooling
around on him.

You got all this info
without cookies?

No, we were in The Cookie Jar.

Well, that’s great.

Okay. Oh, it says here
his wife’s name was Julie.

Do you know if
she’s still in town?

I do.

She left town just
after Jerry disappeared

and no one’s heard
from her since.

Wow. Look at this.
Look at this.

She had Jerry declared dead
seven years to the day

from when he disappeared.

You took Hannah Swensen
into that building.

Are you scolding me?

What’s she doing?
Wait, don’t tell me.

She’s what, investigating?
Stop her.

Hannah has got a mind
of her own.

I couldn’t stop her from asking
questions if I wanted to.

You like your job?
Keep her in line.

Who’s this guy?

Travis Gardner.

He and Jerry were arrested
together twice before,

both times for grand theft.

And then there was a robbery.
July 15th, 1995.

The police were convinced
it was Travis and Jerry

working together but they
couldn’t prove it.

Jerry had disappeared
and Travis had an alibi.


It's funny, his face seems
so familiar.


Can I look at your photos
from the Steiner rally?




That’s totally him.

I mean a little heavier,
but definitely the same guy.

I remember this guy.

He was yelling something
about no bid contracts.

So Jerry’s last
known accomplice

is still living in town

and hanging out at
the Steiner Building?

Can you believe
this crazy weather?

Oh, and Lisa... I added raisin
drops to the menu

for the assisted living
delivery tomorrow.

We still need two cakes
for that.

What are you thinking?

What about if we did
the Cocoa Fudge?

Crowd pleaser.

And maybe we do the Scandinavian
Almond Cakes.

It’s lighter.


Oh! Hi Diana.
Free cookies for life for this.

Well that’s not a very good
business plan.


Don’t worry about it.

In there are copies
of everything

I was able to pull
on Five Star.

I knew they were shoddy,
but burying a body?

I was finally able to get

a full list of employees

It’s in the back.

Wow. Okay, well you have no
idea how grateful I am for this.



Hi. Pat. Hello.

Hannah. Hi.

Oh. I’m sorry, I’m just
finishing my lunch.

I can help you in 20 minutes.

I’m so sorry to interrupt
your lunch

but I do just have
one quick question.

How could you find me?

Your assistant loves
my Raisin Drops

and she reminded me how much
you like the Viking Bars.


How can I help you?

Okay. I found these keys
and I just wondered

if you might tell me what
that number on them is.

Is that, like, a serial number?

If these are master keys
that might be the serial number

but if these are just regular
house keys

that’s the bidding number.

What’s that?

The instructions for how to cut
a duplicate, that’s all.

Sorry, Hannah.

Oh, no. That's okay.

I mean, they're 25 years old.
I couldn't expect...

Uh, no. Those keys
aren’t 25 years old.

Why not?

Look here.
Um... you see that?

That's the, um, the WT...
that's the manufacturer.

It stands for World Truman
and they went into business in,

like, 2012.

That means these keys...

These keys are not Jerry’s
and they can’t be the killer’s.

Well where we found them
and how dirty they were,

it’s not likely
it’s the EMS team.

So, maybe the workmen?

Or who sabotaged the building,
if it was sabotaged.

Hey. Good work.

You’re welcome.

Hey, your, uh, witness statement
from the other night...

Oh, yeah. all ready.
Are we having dinner tonight?

Well, it depends on how
the investigation goes.

I might be late.


Remember this moment the next
time I’m working late... please.

Are these Peanut Butter Cookies?

I know my customers.

Hello. Can I help you?

Yes, um...
is this a summons?

Something about collecting
my ex-husband's body?

Julie McDowell.

It's Julianne Carlson now.

And... and please,

tell the Sheriff that I want
nothing to do with this.

I’m Detective Kingston.
Wait right here.

Both the Sheriff and I would
like to speak to you, okay?

I’ll be right back.

Ms. Carlson,
I’m Hannah Swensen.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Thank you, but it was
a long time ago.

Right. Yeah. Of course.
I... I, um...

I'm the one who found his body.

And listen, I’d really like
to help find out

what happened to Jerry.

Why does it matter now?

Honestly, I do not have time
for this and I don’t want it.

It’s not my problem.

I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean
to make things worse.

You didn’t.

Are you late for work?

No, I left a new girl
in charge at my spa.

Oh, wow.
You have a spa here?

No, in Howell.

I left here to get a fresh start

and I don’t want anything to do
with my past, okay?

Well, it’s great that you could
start your own place.

Do you know how rough it was
after Jerry left?

I worked full time
at Pierre’s Salon

and ran a cash register
at night at a mini mart.

I saved up.

I did too.
I have a bakery.

They say chocolate
is good for stress.


Those are very good, thank you.

Oh, yeah.
Not a problem.

Ugh. It was such a big deal
opening my own place.

I was shaking when
I signed the lease.

I had no idea what I was
getting into.

Me too.
I almost panicked.

It must be so tough
to start over.

But I wasn’t starting over.

You have to understand,
I had nothing before.

And I’ve built a life
for myself now.

But whatever happened,
Jerry was no victim.

Okay? I mean, he was a nice
enough guy most of the time.

But he couldn’t keep himself
out of trouble.

Did he deserve to be murdered?

Is that what they’re saying?
The cops think he was murdered?

No, not exactly.

Right. Okay, listen.

You seem like
a very nice woman

and I know that
you’re just trying to help.

But Jerry’s mom is gone,
there is no family left.

Nobody’s been looking for Jerry
for a very, very long time.

You don’t need to do this, okay?

What’s all this?

Well, I went to City Hall
and got the blueprints

for the Steiner Building,

‘cause I thought it would help
me figure out what happened.

And I have a whole file
on Five Star.

- That's a lot of paper.
- So much paper.

Now, um... most investigators
do work with someone.

Well, I would love that, but I
don’t wanna get you in trouble.

It’s okay.

- Wait, really?
- Yeah.


- So... the heist happens.
- Mmhmm.

Then what?

Okay. Then they split up.

And they agreed to meet up
at the Steiner Building.

So Jerry was there waiting
to meet up with his accomplice.

Good. That’s one
very possible scenario.

What’s another one?

Another one?

He could’ve been killed
somewhere else.

And the killer brought his body
to the Steiner Building,

threw it down an elevator shaft
to hide it.


Michelle just got the address
for Travis, the accomplice.

Hey, meet me at
the Chameleon Bistro.

I’m having lunch with Mom
and we can plot a strategy.

Delores must be loving this.

Well, she doesn’t really know
about it yet.

So, what are the odds that
there’s an accidental explosion

in the exact spot that hits
a missing body?

It's like a bullseye too.
Which means...

Either Avery did it and had
incredibly bad luck...

Or whoever killed Jerry
staged the explosion.

But why would they do it?
It’d just expose the body.

Expose the body first.

Right, because of
the new construction

it was eventually going
to be revealed.

So maybe they wanted to get
to it first to... what?

To, um... get it out of
there maybe?

And if that's the case then
you interrupted them, so...

you gotta be careful.

- Okay.
- Okay. See you later.

Hey. Eugene.

Hannah, hey.

Was the Chameleon Bistro open
for business in July of 1995?

No, not yet.

Huh. But you were here
getting it all ready?

Well sure, I’m sure I was.

Yeah. And, um...

did you get a look at
that construction crew

that was working on the Steiner
Building next door?

Five Star Renovation
and Equipment.

No, I had nothing to do
with those guys.


‘Cause someone told me that
you worked as a security guard

at the Steiner for Five Star.

Hannah. Come on, like I had time
to look after that place.

Look, I had my own business
to get up and running.

Right. But, um... did you ever
see, uh, Jerry McDowell?

What? Who?

No. No, I didn’t know that guy.

What about Travis Gardner?

That wasn’t my crowd.

Which crowd?

Both. I heard about
both of them.

Didn’t they both go to jail
or something together?


Your mom’s here.


Look, I’m sorry, okay.
I gotta get back to work.

Right, of course.

Why are my daughters attracted
to detectives?

And not dentists.

Is it the danger, girls?

If so, you have to fight
that urge.

I told her about
our double date stakeout

with you and Mike
and me and Lonny.

Why would you do that?
Look at her, she believes you.

Mother, she is just making
that up.

She’s yanking your chain.

Oh, what am I supposed
to think?

And why are you in the middle
of another murder case

that you are trying
to hide from me?

You are avoiding commitment.

I don’t do that.

I mean, you’re not married yet,
which I do not understand.


It’s just another terrible
example you’ve set for me.

You can sleep on
the porch tonight.

She does make a very
good point.

Why do we never talk about
the wedding?

We talk about the wedding.
We’re talking about it now.

In fact, Michelle and I
are going to a spa

to see if it’s right
for the bridal party.

Party? As in multiple


Can we talk coolers
and dresses?

Well, I... I hadn't really
thought about it.

Ooh, time and money saver.

You can just have
all the bridesmaids

wear the same ugly
bridesmaid dresses

that they made you wear
to their weddings.

Oh, that is diabolical.


So, nothing matches?

Well, I kinda like that.

Oh! Second hand bridesmaids?
Oh Hannah, your priorities.

I’m working on that too.

And now she’s crying.

This is all your fault.

Mother, stop it.

Carry on.

People can see you.

Let it out.

Hello Eden Lake it is time
for weather on the fives.

Enjoy the sunshine today,

because it’s be another wild
weather week.

Temperature drops
throughout the day,

snow and sleet tonight.

Then 20 degrees
warmer tomorrow.

So layer up.


Working on some wiring, huh?

It’s a boat.
Always something to work on.


Can I help you, ma’am?

Are you Travis Gardner?

I am.

What can I do for you?

Well, I was hoping you could
help me solve a riddle.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now

that they found the body
of Jerry McDowell.

Actually, I’m the one
who found him.

I’m sure that must’ve come
as quite a shock to you.

I haven’t thought
about him in years.

They found some jewelry with
his body from the Landry theft.

So now they know for sure
that he was a part of that.

I told the cops back then
I had an alibi.


It’s in the case that you said
you were at the movies

and that you had a movie ticket
stub to prove it.

And I still have the movie
ticket stubs to prove it.

After all these years?

You’re still here asking.

You wanna come in the house
and see them?

No. No, I’m good.

I don’t know what happened
to Jerry.

That’s all I gotta say.


I just got the ME report.

The pant fragments found with
Jerry’s body were blue jeans.

The belt loop we found
was definitely

from a different kind of pants.

They must belong to the killer.

Might. Might belong.

Who else?

We don’t know,
that’s all I’m saying.

You gotta build these cases
piece by piece.

Gardner’s Construction?

You know what Mike,
I’m gonna call you back.

Okay, bye.

Hi. I’m Hannah Swensen.

The cookie lady.

That’s right, that’s me.
You’re Joe Gardner?

Yeah. Dad doesn’t have
a sweet tooth

so I know you’re not here
delivering cookies.

Yes, um... I'm sure you heard
in the news.

I'm the one who found
Jerry McDowell's body.


Well, I wanna figure out
what happened to him.

Dad doesn’t have anything
to do with it.

He did his time back
in the day

and he’s lived a good
life since, okay?

Don’t bother him.

I don’t wanna bother anyone.

Your dad’s lucky to have a son
like you looking out for him.

No more than he did for me.

Dad pretty much raised me
by himself.

I was a handful.

Got into a lotta trouble
but he never bailed.

He was there.

Did everything he could
to keep me in line.

That’s who he is.

These are really good.

Thanks. Thanks.

Um... this is where you grew up?

Uh, no.
Dad bought in ‘96.

He worked hard for it.

I saw him working on his boat.

He loves doing it.

He, uh... he gave me that one
last year.

Rebuilt it himself.

Wow. You must love it.

Yeah, I spend all my free time
on it.

Your dad must be really
proud of you.

I hope so.

You have a lot of people
looking for you.

I got 10 projects going
right now, so...

I get it.

Look, this is a good man.

So, just please,
leave my Dad in peace.

Chances are if something
happened to Jerry in the Steiner

it was an accident.

You see the bottom floor
of that place?

It was a mess even
before the other night.

Five Star was a lousy

Mike said it was...
oh, here we go.


Oh, I'm sorry.
Sorry to startle you.

It’s okay, Eugene.

I’m sorry, I’m just
a little jumpy.

Do you wanna come inside?

Yeah, please.

This weather’s so crazy,

Whoo. Thanks.

I just wanted to apologize
for being so short.

It was a hard time for me back
then getting the place ready,

I was under a lot of pressure.

Of course.

You know, opening up
the place and stuff.


Down there is where
I found his body.

Should’ve never happened.


Look Hannah, I need
to tell you...

Hannah, watch out!

Eugene! Eugene! No!

Oh, no! Oh, Eugene!
Are you okay?


Eugene, I’m getting help.
I’m gonna get help!

It’s gonna be okay!
You’re gonna be okay!

Norman, what did
the doctor say?

Well, they induced a coma

to help the swelling
in his brain subside.

We won’t know anything
for a while.

I’m his emergency contact.

They kept asking about next
of kin and bugging me for

insurance information
before they do any more tests.

Oh. Hey.

What if he has, like,
an insurance card...

No insurance card.

But, oh... would his social
security number help?

Yeah. I mean, it could.
Depending on who the carrier is.

Do you know how
to look up insurance?

Okay. He’s in the Weill Proctor
health care system.

They have a nationwide database,
so that’s good.

Um... Wait a second.
This can’t be right.

Eugene Crenshaw died 50 years
ago in Madison, Wisconsin,

when he was three years old.

No, there must be a mistake.

Maybe there was a typo
when you put in the...

Maybe. Let me just...

No, it's coming up the same.
That's, that's the...


Okay, wait. I better,
um... uh...

I'm gonna go take care
of his hospital bill.

I should just go let
them know...

Norman, are you okay?

I don’t know.

I know I shouldn’t say this,
I mean, the man saved my life.

But... do we even know
who Eugene really is?

He... he's Eugene,
I don't know.

He's... he's been around
all my life.

He comes to Thanksgiving
every year.

He's the one who taught me

how to throw a curveball
for Little League.

He was family.


You know, Dad offered
to invest with him

when he wanted to open up
the restaurant.

But Dad never knew how
he was gonna afford it.

I mean, he was just a super
for some of Dad’s buildings.

Eugene wouldn’t take
Dad’s money.

Do you know if he got a loan
from a bank?

I don’t know. Why?

Well... I was talking to Eugene
earlier and he seemed off.

I found out that he had been
a security guard

at the Steiner Building in 1995
during the construction.

And when I asked him about it,
he lied to me.

So when I was asking
him about that,

and I asked him about Jerry, he
started acting really strange.

And then he followed me
to the Steiner Building.

It was like he was trying
to tell me something.

But then... this happened.

Okay. What are you thinking?

That Eugene isn’t Eugene.

And we don’t really know
who he is.

And maybe we should
tell someone.

I don’t know what happened.

Eugene just sort of yelled
my name

and then the next thing I knew

he was pushing me
out of the way.

Well, I hope he wakes up soon
so I can thank him...

for saving your life.

I hope he wakes up soon too.

I had deputies seal off
the Steiner again

until we know what caused
the collapse. So...

I won’t go back in there.
I promise.


I just think it’s strange.

Jerry dies and all of a sudden
Julianne has enough money

to open up her own spa while
she’s working at a mini mart?

I think the word spa is doing
a lot of work there.

Like, maybe it’s a chintzy
nail parlor.

Oh, there it is.
Oh. Point taken.




It’s Travis
and Julianne.

She was at the Steiner protest.

Why are we whispering?

That’s very interesting.

We should get outta here.

What? You promised me
a manicure.

- I'll paint them myself.
- Hmph!


Turn it upside down.

If it was a pager
it would say hello.

Jerry’s pager?
You got it to work.

I got it to turn on.

Wow, look at this.

So tell me, what do you got?

Okay, well...
she got a photo.

I haven't printed it out yet.

Julianne talking to Travis on
the street outside of her spa.

And when I talked
to Travis’s son,

he was so quick to tell me

how his dad had cleaned up his
life years ago.

Well maybe it depends
on what he means by

"cleaned up" and "years ago".

Right. But he did buy
a house in 1996.

A year after the robbery.

I mean, I’d like to know what
that down payment looked like.

You mean how much of it
was cash?

Yeah, exactly.

Although he would’ve been smart
to sit on his share

for a while, let things
cool down a little bit.

Mike, that is three people
around Jerry

who came into a lot of money after
his death that can’t be explained.

Travis bought a house,
Julianne started her spa,

and Eugene opened
a restaurant.

Does the physical evidence
put any of them at the scene?


Well, that’s what I mean,
then it’s the killer’s.

All we know is that
it's not Jerry's.

That's it. And wait... again.

Alright, well I put
a question mark.

Okay. Speaking of the keys,

did you talk to the EMS team
and the construction crew?

Nobody reported missing keys.

Of course, if I was a killer
I wouldn’t report

the keys missing either,
I would just replace them.

I did a background on
the construction crew

and nobody’s got any ties
to Jerry.

I’m still taking one last shot
at trying to get

some trace evidence off
those keys though.

So... just means that Eugene

is the only wild card.

The pager, that’s what
I wanted to tell you.

The pager stored the last
four numbers that called it.

Three of those numbers
were disconnected.

The last one was Eugene’s,
his landline.

He paged Jerry the night
of July 15th.

Eugene lied.

Yeah. About a lot.

Hey. So... what's the verdict?

Even if Eugene had
a second job,

there is no way he could afford
the restaurant.

This is...

Well if he’d been using
a false identity,

there’s no way he could get
a loan from the bank either.

You’re right.
So who is he?

Oh, ah... I gotta run.

I have to feed Eugene's cat

before my afternoon

You have access to his house?

Yeah, it’s a garage
door opener.

Oh. No. Absolutely not.

Meh. Store bought.


Norman, let’s look first
and then you can feed the cat.

Okay. Uh, well, I do have
to feed the cat.

I mean, it's...

Okay, yeah.
We’ll definitely do it.


Patchy, patchy boo boo.

Norman, I found it!

This is it.

I found it under his desk.

Whoa. What?

Oh, my gosh.

This newspaper clipping,

no ID on the paper
but Hickman High School.

There can’t be
that many of those.


Look at those skinny kids.
So young.

Do you think that’s Eugene?

I think it is.

Oh... a birthday card.
To my favorite uncle.

Love Natalie.

Does any of this make
sense to you?

No. No, it doesn't.
But, uh... it will.

What has she found, Kingston?

My fiancée is staying out
of any active investigation.

She’s running around like some
podcaster interviewing people?

Julianne talked to Hannah
and she wouldn’t talk to us.

I’m telling you right now,
she gets results.

If she gets results then
we should know about it.

Write it up for me.

Is there enough to charge?

No, not yet.

Then stick with the sabotage.
That’s a case we can make.

And if that gets you Jerry’s
killer, we’ll take him.

You really do love this
detective stuff, don’t you?

Well, you're the one putting it
all together.

It's just... it's hard to let
it rest, you know?

I do.

But you’re not gonna hang up
your oven mitts, are you?

No. I love The Cookie Jar.


Hey, when did that burn out?

- Can you...?
- Yeah.


Well, here...

You’re gonna get up on it?


Hannah! Whoa, whoa, wait!


Step down. Step down.
Okay, you alright?


- Um...
- What? Mike?

Just look the other way.

I got a unit on the way.

They’re gonna dust
for fingerprints

and see if any of
your neighbors

have security footage.

What? Hannah, what is it?

When I went to see Travis,

he was working on the wiring
of his boat.

You and Michelle
cannot stay here.

Okay? Don't even try...

No, no.
I’m not gonna argue.

We’ll go to a hotel.


I was thinking about some place
with a serious alarm system,

maybe even a moat.

I do know just the place.

Alright. Now tell me about
this art project of yours.

It’s evidence, Mother.

Of bad taste.
That is cheap polyester.

I should’ve known
to ask her sooner.

With all things fashion.

That was a woman on a budget.

Why do you say woman?

Well, look at the sheen.
Almost a... a teal black.

It's definitely from a woman's
pair of pants.

Oh, in the ‘90s men wore
those hammer pants.

Bright red, peacock, teal,
plum, paisley.

We all did, honey.

Okay, so they could've been
men's pants

but if they were women's...


I mean, maybe she and Travis
were working together?

You know, Jerry’s mom always
thought Julianne

was having an affair
back in the day.

Ooh. And who is Julianne?

So many questions.

We need intel but
she’d see me coming.

We need someone
she’d never suspect.



Can I treat you to a manicure?

Ooh! Ooh.

You need me to go undercover?

Looks like my bodyguard
can’t handle baker’s hours, huh?

You want some coffee?

Yes, please.

Mike, you don’t have
to do this.

The bakery has that fancy alarm
system, remember?


Mike, you know what’s
bugging me?

That sounds like
a trick question.

I mean about the case.

Hmm, shocker.

Seriously. They seem like
three decent people

who have lived good lives
for the last 25 years at least.

Am I bringing up memories
when they don’t deserve it?

Not if one of them’s a killer.

It feels like I’m spinning
in circles

around all three of them.

What if it’s someone
else entirely?

What if I’m missing something?

Then you just step back and
look at it from another angle.

Another angle.
A new angle.

Hey, uh, Lisa.

Could I get the keys to
the Cookie Jar van back?

Of course.

You know what?

Uh, I’m gonna do
the morning deliveries

and then I’m gonna go to WKXN.

So I’m gonna be gone
for most of the morning.

What’s at WKXN?

A different angle.

Whoa, your purse
must weigh a ton.

How many sets do you have?

Well, the house, Herb's
business, Cookie Jar, my truck,

Herb's van... summer cabin.

Oh! Cookie Jar van.

Oh, thank you.

But Eugene was there.
I don’t see him anywhere.

He got there late so he’s not
in the footage but he was there.

And that’s Travis’s son,
Joe, right there.

Girls. Couldn’t you wait
until I’ve had my coffee?

Sorry Mother, but I bribed
a PA at WKXN

and I got the raw footage
from the Steiner protest.

Ooh, good girl. Scoot.

I realize I need to start
with the explosion

and the protest
and work backwards.

All three of our suspects
were at the rally. Why?

Civic duty. Or panic.



The killer knew that the Steiner
Building was coming down.

They would realize that Jerry’s
body was gonna be exposed,

and along with it
probably evidence

that would incriminate them.

Unless they could pulverize
him first.

Oh, you are my most
gruesome child.

But she’s probably right.

Save the Steiner!
Save the Steiner!

Save the Steiner!

Oh my... Julianne
and Travis together?

That’s Julianne?


Where are they coming from?

Well, from the back
of the building.

I mean, there’s an alley
entrance around that corner.

You think they were in
the building together?

Why would they be?

If they wanted to make sure
no one had found

the body they buried.

That’d be a good reason.

And then they blend
into the crowd.

Mmhmm. Except not really.

I just don’t buy
that Julianne set off

that explosion by herself.

But maybe she had a boyfriend
who could.

Huh. Bad fashion
and bad romance.

I can spot both
from a mile away.

I will get your answers today
at the spa, Hannah.

And... I will pick out
the palette

for your bridesmaids'
manicures too.

She’s actually enjoying this.

Should we be worried?



- Hello.
- Hello.

I am desperate for a manicure
but I don’t have much time.

Oh no. You know what?

My girls are all booked
for the next three hours.

But I heard you’re the best.

Are you sure you can’t
squeeze me in?


Alright then.

Is there another business
that you could recommend?

Alright, come on.
Over here.

- Thank you.
- Have a seat.

Thank you.

My nails are a mess.

I will take care of you,
don’t you worry.

I’ve been cleaning out a closet

that I swear is the isle
of bad fashion choices.


It’s like, what are
those cards?

Awkward family photos.

So embarrassing.

Oh please, there are no words.

Definitely a possibility.

At least.

Julianne goes around saying

she doesn’t want anything
to do with her past

and then I see her talking
to Travis outside of her spa.

And she basically came out of
nowhere at that rally with him.

And he knows his way
around construction.


Hannah, maybe we go to Ealing
with this.

No. He already said there’s not
enough evidence.

We are only taking it to him

when I have the entire case
sewn up.


I had hammer pants.
Bright red.

- Ouch.
- Mmhmm.

Okay, I would not have guessed
that was your style

but I am sure that you were
still the hottest thing

in the club.

Well I’m sure that you were
much more tasteful.

Well, I did stick to black,

but they were shiny
parachute pants.

So many zippers.

Oh! Uh... sorry.
It’s fine.

I’m supposed to be at work.

Is everything okay?


Actually, that wasn’t work.

I’ve gotten myself
into a tricky situation.


Oh, I’m sorry.

You know, we have all been
there, Delores

and this table is the vault.

Nothing you say will leave here.

My husband’s business partner.

You know, you would be shocked
how many times I’ve heard that.

Well she didn’t admit to
anything but I could tell.

Miss Julianne definitely knows
her way around an affair.

So did you get any proof?

She owned
parachute pants.

Ooh. I could break her
on the stand.

That is not how
any of this works.

So... what's my
next assignment?

Nothing. Just come home.
Don’t hang around there.

I’ve gotta go get my nails
fixed, Hannah.

This color is horrid.

The sacrifices I am making
for this investigation.

My mother is out of control.

Michelle was just at the bistro
and, uh, she said

the rumor is that they’re gonna
bring Eugene

out of the coma soon.

Wow. Well, one way or another,

that man is going to wake up
to a very different world.

How do you mean?

Check this out.

Chandler Meacham lived
in Bellin, Wisconsin.

I got an address on the house,
did a search on it.

It’s still owned by his
daughter, Natalie Meacham.

The birthday card.

Yeah. Eugene’s her uncle.

You should call her.

Now the phone company
came through.

I pulled LUDs on the last
phone numbers

to call Jerry McDowell’s pager.

One was Vera McDowell.
One was Travis Gardner.

The other was the Pierre Salon,
I think that’s the wife.

She and Travis were
in touch a lot.

Behind Jerry’s back.

Could be.

Anything to narrow this down?

Well, Vera was the only one
to call after midnight

on July 15th.

So, she didn’t know about
Jerry’s death,

but what about the other two?

They could have.

Is there enough
circumstantial evidence

to make up for the forensics?

No, not yet.

Alright. Stay on it.

And Mike, keep Hannah
on a short leash.

So, your Uncle Eugene
is, uh...

Ellis. Uh, not Eugene.

He’s my Uncle Ellis.

He ran off when I was a kid,
the year after my mother died.

Why did he do that?

He was drunk
and had an accident,

a hit and run.

He abandoned his car,
left town

and nobody heard from him again.

You must’ve been so young
when that happened.

How did you know all that?

There was an article about it

in my father’s papers
after he passed.

It was an open and shut case.

The whiskey was all over
the floor of Ellis’s car.

It broke my father’s heart
when Ellis disappeared.

Natalie, that accident could
not have been Eugene’s fault.

He’s horribly allergic to rye,

he couldn’t handle a drop
of whiskey.

Never mind a whole bottle.

Something else happened
that night.

But only Ellis can fill in
the blanks for us.

But... he's in a coma.

It’s been medically
induced and, um,

if you’d be willing to stick
around for a little while,

the doctors are going to
bring him out of it soon.

Having an uncle could
come in handy.

And the Eugene I know,
he’d make a pretty great one.

Do you think she’d give Eugene
a chance?

I don’t know.
I hope so.

Where’s Norman?

I gotta buy that guy a beer
after all that.

Oh, he stayed at the hospital.

He just wants to be there
when Eugene wakes up

so he can talk to him.

- Hey.
- Hmm?

Listen. I think...

I think it's time to step back
from this.


I haven’t nailed it down yet.

We’re close though,
we’re really close.

But it can’t go on like this.

Why not? I mean, it hasn’t
been that long

and it’s a cold case, right?

Mike, I really think
I can solve this.

We got the same three suspects

and nothing puts one ahead
of the other.

I know.

But maybe I should just go over
it all again, you know?

Wait. You’re leaving?

Why didn’t I think
of this before?

Maybe because
it’s a terrible idea.

What are you talking about?


I know exactly how to figure out
who the killer is

and I just need your help.

Okay. So, we’re not gonna
go in, I promise.

We’re just gonna see
if the keys fit.

And basically we’re
just trying to find

their rightful owner, right?

So that’s your story.

They look like house keys.
Don’t they?

Or office keys.

And one is definitely
a top lock.

That’s the point.

Bottom line is whoever these
keys belonged to

is most likely the person who
sabotaged the Steiner Building

and they’re probably
also Jerry’s killer.

Well we can’t say either
of those things for sure.

That’s why we’re doing this.

We have three suspects
and we know where they live

and we know where they work.

Ah. And we can check Eugene’s
house off our list.

Anyway, what’s the harm?

That someone wants to harm you.

Mike... I know you would never
let anything happen to me.

You’re in the hospital.

Hello, Ellis.

Yeah, I know your name
and I’ve heard some stories.

I don’t know if I should
believe them.

I can’t imagine how hard
it must’ve been for you.

Having to hide
who you really are.

Always being afraid
of being found out.

There were years where
you had more time for me

than my own father.

So, I know, that we weren’t
wrong about you.

About who you really are.

Okay, we...

we really need to discuss your
embrace of the criminal life

because I'm a cop and I can't
go rattling around

people's doors
without probable cause.

No, no, you’re right.
You’re right.

It’s dangerous, you should
wait in the car.

- Wait, what?
- Never mind.

These keys don’t work.
Let’s go.

Come on, man.

You owe it to yourself
and to everyone

who has ever called you a friend
to speak up now.

Right now.

What’s going on?

My brother called me
late one night... drunk.

His wife had just passed.

He went out.
Wrapped my car around a tree.

And he hit someone.

He was crazy then.

He had Natalie to raise.

And he couldn’t go to prison
and he couldn’t run.

But I could.

So I did.

He had my car so cops
would just assume.

But I made him promise
that he’d never drink again.

And that he would take care
of that precious little girl.

I left that night.

I ran northwest.

Bought myself a social
security number.

And Eugene Crenshaw was born.


It broke my father’s heart
when you disappeared.

He missed you.

He wouldn’t say a word
against you.

But I never understood how
you could just leave like that.


I understand everything
now, Uncle Ellis.

And you’re not disappearing
on me again.

Why didn’t you just tell us
that you knew Jerry McDowell?

Is he the one who lent you money
for the restaurant?

No, but he knew a loan shark.

And he offered to get me a
birthday present for Natalie.

Jerry was supposed to meet me
on the 16th

but I never heard from him.

Travis dropped it off instead.

I'm sorry.
Natalie, I'm so sorry.

Me too.

Hannah, this is crazy.

I think I found it.
Julianne’s home address.

Oh, that’s Norman.
He says Eugene’s awake.

It’s Travis.

No. No.

We have to.
It’s just the last stop, Mike.


I’m sure one of these keys
is gonna fit that top lock.

- I think we're gonna...
- Now just stop right there.


Where did you get those keys?

They were found in
the Steiner Building.

Near where Jerry’s body
was found.

No. No, that’s not possible.

Will one of these keys
fit that lock?

Yeah. But it's not, uh...

Look, I did my best.

I was trying to make it
better for us.

That’s it, drop the gun.
Drop the gun.

Down. Right now.

Step back.

You don’t need those.
It was me.

What were you gonna say?

Travis Gardner,
you are under arrest

for the murder
of Jerry McDowell.

You have the right
to remain silent.

What were you gonna say?

...can and will be used
against you in a court of law...

I, uh... I did it.

I killed Jerry.

Take him away.

He seemed so surprised
by the keys.

Yeah, he was surprised
we had them.

No, no, he was gonna say
something else.

He was gonna say something

Mike. A word?

So, we've got the pager,

the wallet chain and fabric
for evidence now.

We'll need any pictures
that the sister took. So...

It’s a good thing you kept me
in the loop on this, Mike.

Are those the keys?

Tell me you haven’t let them
out of your sight.

I have not.

You, uh, need my notes too?

No. I’ve already got Mike’s
status reports.

But thank you Miss Swensen.
You did a good thing.

Did I?

You let me think we were
gonna go to the Sheriff together

when we had enough evidence.
- Now, hold on a minute.

You were giving him
status reports?

He found the evidence bag,
he wanted updates.

He’s my boss.

And you two were just...

laughing about me playing
detective this whole time?

No. He just couldn’t have you
running around,

doing all this unsupervised.


Okay, that was not
the right word.

Has he been following us
all afternoon?

Absolutely not.

I sent him a message right
after the text from Norman.


Hannah. We needed help.

He had a gun, any cop would’ve
called for backup.

Of course they would’ve.
You think that’s why I'm upset?

Please, just try to see it
from my perspective, okay?


Don’t. Mike.

Just get a ride from
the deputy, okay?


Lonny told me about
the fireworks last night.

It was a great show.

Just all show.

Wanna tell me what happened
with Mike?


I heard Travis confessed
on the spot.


You don’t buy it.

I just don’t get it.

I mean, I thought the whole
point of these rubber things

on the keys is that you can tell
them apart, right?

You’d have one color
for the top lock,

a different color
for the bottom lock.

Why are they all
the same color?

Okay. Well, maybe he had a set
for his barn

and a different set
for his house.

Maybe he had a bunch
of different keys.

I’m gonna make us some tea.

Who has a bunch of different
sets of keys?

Ten different jobs at once.

Hello? Hello?
Is there anyone here?

Running is not the answer, Joe.

What are you doing here?

You told me about your boat,

Going on a trip?

I don’t have time for this.

How’d you get involved
with the Landry robbery?

What are you talking about?

You wanted to follow
in your dad’s footsteps?

I don’t have to explain
anything to you.

How’d you end up at
the Steiner Building?

Give me the keys.

I’ll give you the keys if
you give me some answers.

We’ve built good lives.

And you ruined everything.

Is that why you tried
to kill me?

Why you tried to electrocute me
at my own house.

I wasn’t trying to kill you.

But I had to stop you
from finding out.

That you killed Jerry.

We got into a fight,
that’s all.

I earned my share of that loot

and Jerry wouldn’t
give it to me.

But I didn’t mean to kill him,

I was just an idiot kid.

You threw him down
an elevator shaft.

You just left him there.

You should’ve stayed
out of this.

You shouldn’t have come here.

If you leave now,

your dad goes to jail
for the rest of his life.

You don’t know it,
do you?

He confessed.

Your dad is gonna spend
the rest of his life in prison

for what you did if you run now.

I didn’t even keep the money.

I left Jerry’s share
on Julie’s porch.

So your dad didn’t know?

He wasn’t a part
of what happened?

No. Absolutely not.

I never even said it out loud
until now.

Look, that night scared
me straight.

My dad never pulled another
job either.

Alright, time to go.

You could’ve called.

I did. I called 911.

Hannah... look, you
were right.

I was. I am.

So this is it?
You know I was right too.



I was just at the hospital
checking on Eugene.

He’s doing much better.

He and Natalie have been
catching up.

Oh, that's... that's so nice.

So, still working there, huh?

Yeah, Joe Gardner
pleaded out to manslaughter.

He told the whole story.

According to Joe,

Travis never even wanted him
to be part of the Landry heist.

Something must’ve gone wrong.

Yeah. Joe got dragged in,

thought he deserved part of
the loot, fought with Jerry.

Says the killing was just an
accident, he panicked and...

hid the body at the bottom
of the elevator shaft.

Yeah, he pretty much told me
the same story on the dock.

I can’t imagine what he was
going through.

He’s lived a good life
for 25 years.

He panicked. I mean, he was
gonna lose everything.

You read the whole thing right.

Except me.

I sort of feel I nailed
that part too.

Not if you think I don’t
respect you or what you can do.

You were stringing me
along, Mike.

You lied to me.

Stringing you along?
Hannah, I was encouraging you.

I was trying to help you.

At the same time I was trying
to save my job.

It was a tough spot.

You didn’t think I could
understand that?

You didn’t trust me
to tell me.

It wasn’t that.

I didn’t wanna disappoint you.

I’m not your child
or your parent.

Can you be my partner?

I asked you to marry me.

That’s not an answer.

Yeah, it is.

Hannah, I understand
that you’re mad.

I’m not mad. Mike.

I'm not mad. I'm...

You’re disappointed.

We’re both wrong.
We’re both right.

And maybe that’s why
we never got around

to actually planning
our wedding.

No, that’s ‘cause you hate
any event

you don’t get to cater yourself.

Fair point.

You know you can’t stay mad
at me for long.

To bake bread correctly you
have to respect each ingredient.

Don’t underestimate the ratio
of yeast to sugar.

Baking bread has always been
my go-to comfort in the kitchen.

When I’m unsure, the simplicity
helps me figure life out.

Bread is only five ingredients.

It’s simple but it’s not easy.

The trick is
kneading the dough.

You stretch it, you work it,
then you stop.

You have to let it rise
on its own.

If you respect the process,

you could end up
with perfection.

To the best detective in town.

Oh wait, do not encourage her.

Me? You were so into it.

I was good, wasn’t I?

You were very into it, Mother.

You get it from me.