Carrion (2016) - full transcript

A storm threatens the coast of southern Mexico. A young couple is traveling to a tropical paradise to rekindle the spark in their relationship. Over the next few days, the romantic vacation turns into its opposite: wild love triangle with violent and unexpected end. With the destruction of the storm comes the transformation. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food

with lots of love

to Mrs. TeĆ³fila Luna,
from her dear husband.

He wishes you a very
happy birthday!

Let those bottle caps
make noise!

Good morning!

Good morning!
How are you?

Do you have rooms?

Sure we do.
We have rooms.

So, how much?

Cheap, very cheap.
How long will you stay?

Damn! It's scalding hot!

Hello, how are you?

Hey, man.

I'm looking for Kimba.

- It's King Black.
- No, it's Kimba.

Hey, show respect.

Welcome, brother.
What can I do for you?

I want to rent a surfboard
and get some lessons.

You're in the right place.

- What's your name, girl?
- Manuela.

- What time is better?
- 6:00 am.

- See you at 6:00?
- You got it.

- Great. King Black or Kimba?
- You know it.

But don't leave yet?
Do you guys want a beer?

I brought you a beer.

Thank you.

Nice view, right?

I would love to live
in a place like this.

Please, babe! You wouldn't last
two weeks with these mosquitoes.

King Black!

- What is this?
- That's a badger.

I caught it the other day
in the brush.

Its name is Barney.

- It's a nice animal.
- Very cute.

- And your name?
- I'm King Black... Urity.


Urity is a word in Garifuna,
all blacks speak it in Honduras.

- Like what?
- When I call my mom

I tell her:

- What does that mean?
- It means "How are you, mom?"

And she says:

"I'm fine, and you, son?"

My dream has always
been to reach the border.

Whether illegally
or with a passport.

I'm always struggling
in this life.

Dropping my rhymes
as if suicidal.

No matter what they say,
I keep pushing.

Running from "la migra"
and the "federales."

Those in charge
of catching "illegals."

Dear Father, bless those people

who have sincerely
helped me on my way.

They know I'm from Honduras,
where life is really tough.

Hey, Suave.
The university of the streets.

That was great!

King Black in the house again!

Yeah, one day I'll go
to the city.

I'll record my demo,
become famous.

I have some romantic songs
for this beautiful night.

- You're very talented.
- Thank you.

- He's talented, right?
- Yeah, it was great.

You should have done
some beat boxing.

No, I have no rhythm.

- Hey, man! What's up?
- Get me a beer, dude!

Fucking Chino!

- What is it?
- Wait, wait!

What happened?

There's someone outside.

- Are you serious?
- Yes.

I'll go check.


Good evening!

Is anyone there?

There's no one there.

It can't be, I clearly saw
a shadow moving.

You imagined it, I walked around
and didn't see anyone.


I can't do it if I feel like
someone is watching us.

You're crazy.

How many times must I ask you
not to smoke in the room?

You have no respect.

You don't give a fuck.

There, I put it out.

Don't be mad.

All outstanding electricity
bills should be paid at this address.

You have one hour to pay.

- Good morning.
- Morning.

Want to buy some tamales?

No, thank you, ma'am.
We just had breakfast.

- No? What about you?
- Thank you, no.

- Good day.
- Thank you.

This is were you stand
on the surfboard.

Keep this end always
pointing upwards.

When you catch a wave

grab it my the middle
and jump on.

Try it out, the water
is calm here.

- I just get on?
- More towards the end.

More, more.

- A little more.
- Like this?

- Hey, King Black.
- Try to stand.

- What is that bird called?
- It's a white heron.

They fly in for the season
and then leave.

Okay, bro, start paddling.
When you stand up

put your chest and hands
near the middle, and jump.


- I'll put some here.
- Gross! No, babe.

Take my hand.

- This is really cool, isn't it?
- Amazing.



Have you thought

about what I said?

About what?

You know what, Gabino.

We have to talk.

Do we have to talk right now?

Well, we have to talk

It's important to me.

I know, but we're having
a good time right now.

We can talk some other day.

- When? Now is the time.
- We're here for six days.

We can talk later,
it doesn't have to be now.

- Jump in the water.
- You do it.

You jump in!

- Jump in the water!
- You do it.

- No, there are alligators here.
- Jump in, pussy.

- Do it, there's no danger.
- Fuck off!

- "Fuck off"?
- Shut up, blondie.

That's enough, kid.
Go bother someone else.

I said go bother someone else.

- Go bother your parents.
- Let's just go.

They're kids, who cares?

- She spat on me!
- I saw, but she's a kid.

All right, let's go.

- What's your problem, kid?
- Go on, fuck off!

- Settle down.
- Go!

- Fucking brats.
- Go away, fucker!

Fucking brats, man.

Hold up, babe.


I think we should
make a turn here.

Babe, it's that way.
The lagoon is that way.

It can't be that way.
I hear voices over there.

Listen to the water.

No, it's this way.
Follow me.

Follow me.

- Need help? Can you do it?
- Yes, I got it.


Gabino, I'm sure
it was that way.

This is the wrong way.
I'm sure, Gabino.


Your turn, Gabino.

Best out of three?

I'll go change my clothes.
It's getting cold.

Babe... babe!

Let's go to bed.

Just a few more rounds,
I'm beating these kids.

Take that!

- You're crazy.
- You are so into her!

- No, I'm not.
- Then, why did you come?

- Just admit it.
- Dude...


You are wrong.

- How come?
- Luciana is my friend.

- But you like her!
- I don't.



Have you seen my cell phone


Where did you leave it?

On the table, I think.
I can't remember.

Well done, babe!

Everyone who hasn't
paid their electricity bill

can make the payment
at this address.

You have one hour to pay,
if we send in a collector

you'll be charged
80 pesos in late fees.

Did you see me, babe?

You were great!

It's really hard,
but it's amazing.

- What's that?
- This?

Shit, Manu!
It looks just like me.

You got my six-pack.

- Your six-pack?
- My six-pack.

I miss you.

I was offered a job
in Barcelona.




But I just got tenure
at the institute, Manu.

I want to do something, too.
I don't have a job here.

I have one there,
and you can also find one.

- There are jobs there.
- Damn it.

All our friends are there.

What the fuck?

- Give me your stuff!
- Don't you brats have school?

- I'll take those sandals.
- He's bald!

Give me my hat, brat.

You little shit.

I've told you not to come here!
Go away, you runt.

Go away, do it!

I don't want to see you again!

Dumb nigger!

These brats, man.
What's up with them?

- You OK, bro?
- Yeah, thanks man.

Wow! You all right?

Why don't we go see
the mangrove?

Sure, sounds nice.

Yeah, I know some
beautiful places.

Go ahead, explore!

That path leads to some
beautiful places.

Guys, gather your stuff.
It's time to leave.


How did it go, babe?

I found this.

- It's like a pepper.
- Yeah, a weird fruit.

Eat it, see what happens.

- Should we go, or what?
- You go ahead.

Help your new friend
with the hula-hoop.


This is an
announcement for the general public.

Bad weather is expected soon
due to a forming storm.

We recommend you take
all necessary precautions

and abstain from sailing
in open waters.

Thank you for understanding.

We inform the general public
that a storm is forming.

Bad weather is expected
in the coming days.

We recommend you take
all necessary precautions

and abstain from sailing
in open waters.

Did you see me, babe?
I caught two sick waves.

You're learning, man!

But remember that when
you get on the board

you must bend your knees
and straighten your back.

- It gives you stability.
- Yeah, I did all that.

With a proper wave,
you'd mess it up.

Yeah, sure.

See you.

Did you enjoy your shrimp, babe?


- Can I take these?
- Yes, thank you.

- Anything else?
- No, thanks.

I'm sorry, OK?

That was amazing.

Sorry, babe.

I came too fast.

Babe, will you turn off
the light?

Bye, then. See you.

Paddle this way!
Don't pull to the left!

Wait up, dude!

Come on, this way!

Come on, get up!

Babe, are you OK?

- You broke my surfboard, man!
- Can't you see I almost drowned?

- It's not yours, you don't care!
- I'll pay for it!

- Yes, you will!
- I said I would!

- Enough! Gabino.
- Motherfucker.

Fucking asshole.

That asshole wanted me
to get hurt or something.

- It's over now, babe.
- Wait, let me do this.

Two hundred, four.

- I need to find an ATM.
- Can I come along?

Stay here, I'll go.

Good morning, buy some tamales?

Sure, what flavor are they?


All right, I'll take one.

What's your name, miss?

Manuela. Yours?

You came at a bad time.



What do you want?


The National Weather Service
reports that the tropical storm

has turned into a
category 4 hurricane.

- Ma'am, can we...?
- Shhh!

Be ready for a possible

This makes me nervous.
Shouldn't we leave?

Yeah, no point being here
if it's gonna rain.

Yeah, there's no point.
Let's tell the other guys.

What's up?

I bought that guy a surfboard
so he'll stop nagging me.

I also bought one for me.
It's cool, isn't it?


Babe, I said not to smoke here.
It makes the room stink.

Fuck this.

This is an
announcement for the general public.

We inform you that the army
and emergency services

strongly recommend
to evacuate the area.

The coming storm can cause
damages and floodings.

Schools will serve as temporary
shelters for all evacuees.

A black cell phone and a camera.

- Nothing like that happens here.
- My wallet was also stolen.

- Really?
- Yes, I swear.

- Was something stolen?
- My wallet and cell phone.

- My phone was stolen days ago.
- That can't be.

- Is this a prank?
- Didn't I tell you?

- It'll turn up if we look.
- I told you, I looked.

- Can't we just go?
- We talked about this.

Nothing's gonna happen.

What's your name, miss?


You came at a bad time.

Every so often,
the sandbar closes.

The lagoon is cut off
from the sea.

The fish die.

And everything starts to rot.

You must be careful.

I believe the coming storm
is very special.

The storm comes
to cleanse everything.

It washes away the foul water.

Death comes with the storm.

Do you understand?

- Hi.
- Hello.

Thank you, but no.


Let go of me. Let go!

What were you doing, Manuela?

Where were you?
Fucking that guy, or what?

- Say something, Manuela!
- What the fuck should I say?

Want me to leave?
I'll leave, all right?

So you can fuck your
goddamned nigger!

All I wanted was for us
to be together.

To have fun, like before.

Without your shitty girlfriend
texting you all the time!

The storm is coming.
Everyone says

that guy is dangerous,
and I just want to leave.

You have no idea
what is happening.

About what?

What he's capable of.

Did something happen?

- Tell me what happened.
- I don't want this to blow up.

No, Manu, tell me what happened.

He follows me around.
He tried to touch me.

- The fucker tried to touch you?
- Yes.

It doesn't matter,
let's just leave.

Please, Gabino.

- I'll go talk to him.
- You don't have to defend me!

If he doesn't give it a rest,
I'll beat the shit out of him!

Gabino, don't!

You touching my girl?



Stop it!

What you need here
is balls, not money!


Gabino, are you OK?

- And don't come back!
- Stop it, asshole!

Walk away, pussy!
Don't come back again!

Fuck off!

I told you not to come here.

- Gabino, are you OK?
- Yes, damn it! I'm fine!

We should leave, babe.
Let's leave together.


- It's not working anymore.
- Yes, it is.

How is it working?
It doesn't work anymore.

Let's go, Gabino.

We can do it, love.

We can leave this place.
Let's go, okay?

Let's just go.

Yeah, let's go.

I'll go find a boat
to get us out of here.

Can I have a drag?

I'll be right back.






King Black!

Where is Gabino?

King Black!

I'm sorry.

You did something to him,
didn't you?

No, I didn't.

Yesterday, I saw him
get on a boat and leave.

Manuela, are you
staying or leaving?